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Junkyard Moot

February 9 (10), 2001

***Note: This is as complete an archive as I got, near the end my browser started to act up so some posts were lost.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she looks to Rivka* Holler if ya need anythin', ok? I'm gonna go stand with Dave.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> *sighs* Um... ya... I kinda am... but right now I don't know where the mommy ran off too......

Jo Dee Montgomery: (Back from the boot) *she nods to Max* Of course.. *she can ask him if he has kids later*

Rivka Cross (Extremely pregnant chick): *Nods* I'm gonna sit right here. *Smiles up at danni*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *tosses a rock at Jules' foot*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: so what's going on between you and her? *to Scott*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): MAX>> *shakes his hand* Evening rhya. How've you found the place so far?

: *Beady, red eye glint in curiousity as he watches the interactions from his perch. He slides to the ground, moving closer to investigate the others and the pizza.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she pats Rivka on the shoulder gently and moves to stand with David*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *he crosses the gathering and goes over to Dwid* Do yer thing my man when I raise my hand. *grins*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> Shit... I dunno... nothin far as I know....

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : David> " No prob, bob. I'll rip one out." he grins.

: *Slinks into the shadows once again.*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: well, if there is something between you too, I'll stay away if you want, Scott

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Cole> " It is different." he admits. " But it seems to have less..." he thinks about it. " Less complaining." he grins a bit. " I will speak with these people at the end of the Traef, about our place here."

Jo Dee Montgomery: (will archive the moot and post it on the caern webpage)

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * shifts down to lupis so he can slip into the background*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *A howl rises, very soft by any wolf's standards, and cuts off quickly, before attention can be attracted, noting the presence of the Fostern Skald of the Fenrir.*

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): *the rock bounces off his shoe...not even getting a response other than a shift of the foot*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> No... actually... I'd... kinda like it if you stayed around...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Gracias Jo Dee)

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * a Massive Jet Black Wolf Pads in he stands twice the size of a Normall wolf ( huge Size Merit), his silky black fur shines in light. His muscules ripples, his massive jaws, and brown eyes with a hit of red.. He stands with the grace and beauty of the ancent Legends of the tribe that would not have him ( Pure Breed 4 Black Fury).*

Joshua Puck[Nuwisha w/ Cubs: Joseph (Coyote), Shaun (BG) and Rayanna (Metis)]: *Puck climbs out of Joey's den with three cubs in his arms, one coyote cub with green eyes, waggling his tail and looking around, a smoky-furred Gnawer cub riding his shoulder and sneaking up on the coyote cub and a Metis cub, asleep in Puck's other arm*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Hey Jules!! Wakey wakey!!

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Notes the arrival of Jube. " Good Evening to you, Jublain." he says.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *when in position and when he feels enough attention is one the center he gestures for Dwid (Master of the Howl to come forward)*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: ok, Scott *smiles*

Joshua Puck[Nuwisha w/ Cubs: Joseph (Coyote), Shaun (BG) and Rayanna (Metis)]: *Puck looks a bit downbeat as he sits next to the den, letting the two male cubs wrestle*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *notes Jublain, that one she does NOT know*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): ((JUBES>> You got booted, I figured Jubes woulda come in when Cole was let in...)) MAX>> *nods* Seems so. Less bullshit as well.

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * pads over and sits a few feet back from rivka in a shadowed area*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Seing that things are about to begin, he stands silent.

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): DANNI>> *gesturing to JUBES* This is my packmate, rhya.

Rivka Cross (Extremely pregnant chick): *Glances back at jason and smiles at him, looking pleased to have him at her back*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> *scoots over* You wanna sit?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((OK--*G* Thanks for the ride, DLP)) *Comes out from behind a car, almost done tucking his shirt in, and walks over to the other Get.* Max>>Evenin', Rhya.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *He raises his hand as Dwid's signal*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *nods to Jublain a little, though she sighs at Cole* I wish you wouldn' do that "rhya" stuff.

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : Dwid nods, getting up and putting his beerdown in one practised motion. He then walks forward. Waits for David to do his dropping of the hand thing.

Jo Dee Montgomery: *watches from her seat near the firebarrel*

Joey Dante -lupus form-: *reappears somewheres on high post overlooking the clearing and moot.. yet still just a shadow of a wolf on the junkpiles*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *falls silent, waiting for Dwid*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * wags his tail a little as she smiles*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *shuts up*

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): *is still dozing*

Joshua Puck[Nuwisha w/ Cubs: Joseph (Coyote), Shaun (BG) and Rayanna (Metis)]: *The two male cubs tumble a bit away from Puck, bump into Danni and then bark/yip at her, running back to Puck who chuckles softly, cuddling them and patting them softly*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *nods to Danni.* Evenin', ma'am. Nice change of pace, there. *Stops and pays attention to David.*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *nods silently to DANNI acknowledging she heard him*

Rivka Cross (Extremely pregnant chick): *Rivka is a slender 15 year old with solemn grey eyes and short pale blond hair. Her belly is rounded with third trimester pregnancy. Though of obvious Fang blood, she wears a Get glyph for Hrafn on a necklace. She's dressed casually. (SF PB4, App 4)*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *chuckles softly at Puck's cubs*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *David shifts to Crinos he is seven feet tall, muscular. His back is a mass of burned scar tissue, a massive scar from a klaive swipe is across his chest. In Crinos he retains jean shorts but has a normal of pouches attached to a belt. Around his neck and woven into his maine are a number of talismans and charms..some looking like paperclips and other ordinary items. His fur coloring is a brown-white-black*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : Dwid, shifting to Hispo, sits back. As a hispo, he's odd looking by any standards. His fur has blue streaks in it, and the headit bedecked in piercings. But the howl he lets rip is pure, unwavering, and commanding. A howl that says, " Listen up, fuckheads."

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck quiets the cubs, looking at Dwid*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *drops his clawed hand*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *grabs a stick and pokes Jules*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *sits close to Scott and puts her violin back into her pack*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *shifts up after David...Nine feet of massive black and tan fur-covered muscle, the markings of a Rottweiler. She also has a Rottie's heavy jaw, set against her wolfish head and long fur*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *he joins Dwid's howl*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *howls as best he can in homid*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck clears his throat, shifting to Manabozho, his jersey still on his chest and the headband adjusts slightly. He motions the cubs to look at Dwid*

Kit: *Since Dave told her to follow his lead, she too shifts to Crinos. She is a scrawny, brown furred beastie, with thin white scars criss-crossing her back and thighs*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *throws back her head and howls, the booming sound is going to carry and be the talk of the neighborhood for a while*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *And when David begins, Puck lends his coyote voice into the howl, accented by two tiny howls in his lap, imitating their father*

Joey Dante -lupus form-: *sighs, giving howl from the top of the junkpile*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: As he is just observing these Gnawers, that is all he does. And thinks that this GW Is pretty odd looking. But he saw him do this once at Silvermoon as well.The man Does have a good howl.

Rivka Cross (Extremely pregnant chick): *Just closes her eyes, singing s soft note, as she can't get the breath to howl at this last stage of pregnancy*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *he waits to join the howl until after all the officers have, wondering idly how they detract attention from this howling in the city*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Shifts into Hispo, a short and stocky but amazingly compact dire wolf--like someone had taken one twice his size and squeezed him down--and raises his own muzzle to the skies, giving vent to a howl of pride, hope, and a touch of rage.*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *howls as well still in her homid form*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * shiofts up to his crinos * in crinos jason is Massive far large than most crinos forms ( huge size merit) muscular his body broad sholders beautifull Black fur shines in the light and a beautifull Black mane of hair, he has one sacr on his side and back where a spear could have bee drive through his body, from how he stands there is a grace to his form his black fury blood is obvious in this form he stands a immage of what could be a ledgend in the past is only the black furies were not so blind and killed there males*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (how? In this kind of neightborhood people just don't want to know)

Kit: *throws back her head and joins the howl happily - a surprisingly strong, rich dissonant howl adding to the cacaphony*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : His voice and lungs hold the howl for a long time. In it is every element of the city. The concrete, the smell, despiration, sweat, hunger, and neon. He lets his soul pour out in that howl, Then, he lets it go.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Rayanna finally wakes up and bounds next to Puck, lending her voice to the howl*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * with his massive lugs a deep haunting howl is added to the howl*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *lets her howl fade as Dwid's does....just lowering her gaze to sweep over those assembled...measuring them in her mind*

Sage Walker (KotL): Steps back around the corner seeing the moots about the start.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *eventually stops awaiting for Dwid to bring the others to a close*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck's howl is to the full moon mirroring in his bright green eyes, of mirth, of joyfulness, to teach his cildren, Joseph especially*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Winds down slowly, then abruptly. His piece has been said.*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *And fades off, adding a last yip to accent*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *runs out of breath and stops howling*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * lets his howl fade and watches then he stands almost 10 feet tall a massive crinos form*

Joey Dante -lupus form-: *slowly quietens, one of the few that aren't down in the actual clearing with the others. simply overlooking it all which suits her fine*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *howls for a bit then coughs....* Fuck... shouldn't have quit smoking.....

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *he blooms up to crinos to perfectly accent and mingle with his packmate's howl, dischordance making the two seem like 10. Behind the two of them in the Penumbra is a very large angry Wolverine Incarna...their Totem.*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Shifts slowly down to Homid, smiling down at his yipping and sqabbling cubs, glad for the moments he can spend with them*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Now the statements made that the howl, the reafirmation of the litany...lets say they kinda do it...but the veil and Protection of the Cearn were stressed before others...ones like Garou shall not mate Garou seemed said but ignored...general impressions here...and I'm glossing over this part because once SM tried to RP it out and it took three hours)

Jo Dee Montgomery: *goes deaf from all the howling... just kidding*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : Afterhe finishes, he sits back in hispo. His favorite warform. One day, he'll figure out how to getsome drums and shit in here for this. Make it more tribal. Ah well.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *pats Scott on the back as he coughs* Are you alright, Scott?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she drops to all fours, content to stay Crinos tonight...*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Watches the JY Varthi take place. Interested in this cerimony. So far, it follows tradition.

Rivka Cross (Extremely pregnant chick): *Sighs - one more week, one more week*

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): *slept through that too...thats how tired he really is*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> Ya.... *coughs again and smirks* Smokin'll kill ya... *chuckles*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *smiles then turns to watch David do his thing*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * his massive form leans on some junk pile to the back of the group also content to stay in crinos for now*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Arianna goes back to sleep, snuggling into Puck's leg, while the two energetic male cubs scamper around the clearing near Puck, sniffing at and yipping/barking at everyone*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *seems to lay herself down at David's feet....her head up, ears alert, watching everyone else*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *stands again* GS Tonight we shall honor our totems and reafirm our new Caern's connection to the spirit world. Our sept saddly lacks a Caller of the Wyld. So for this night I shall bare the responsibity of the ritual.

Nicole Blackhorse: *arrives a bit late, but slips in through the maze to the gathering after being let in through the gates by the Guardians*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *reverts to Homid to listen, staying close by Jubes and Vogel*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *when one of Puck's cubs comes close, she gently swats the little thing down with one paw, and a wolfish chuckle*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : He trots next to Jules, and sits on his haunches. Considers lifting his leg and pissing on him for fun, but doresn't want his cock burned off,so he controls the inner demon.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Joseph, the coyote cub, yips at Danni's treatment, then gets his brother and they begin nipping at Danni's paw*.. Puck just chuckles softly*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *quietly listens... standing to stretch her back some*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she nuzzles and wrestles with the cubs, keeping them occupied and quiet*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *he takes something out and throws it on the firebarrel...the fire flares up unnaturally*

Nicole Blackhorse: *quietly takes seat on one of the wrecked cars, somewheres in the background of everyone else*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Admits that this Traef is going much more smoothly. More together. Not with a bunch of Snide coffeehouse types on the sidelines. He actually seems to be enjoying this a bit.

Jo Dee Montgomery: *blinks at the flare of the fire and backs away some*

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): ((*L*))

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *doesn't notice Nicole*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *After a while, the two cubs trot back to Puck and tug at his jersey playfully*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *lays quietly again, but ever watchful*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *His voice grows strong and the demeanor he seems to have..that mysterious call to power, only appears truly when hes a ritualmaster in his rightful element* GS Great Rat....tonight this sept calls you forth in gratitude for your protection of this holy site. We give forth offering to reafirm your service and to know you are honored here. *sprinkles grain over the fire*...the air crackles with tension as a white rat appears for a brief moment and accepts the offering*

Nicole Blackhorse: *watches*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * stand a little closer watching david*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *checks in with the gate warder and starts to go through to the moot*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *watches David amazed*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *The cubs finally notice the goings on and scamper UP Puck's Jersey, cowering in fear a bit, Joseph sticks his head out of the neck of the jersey after a bit, his father's braveness coming out in him*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *energies mount as the Cearn's spirit now seems to reconnect the roots of the holy sight into the umbra...the feel of the Caern...usually masked by ritual is felt tonight*

Sage Walker (KotL): Grins watching David.

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Ok, the Rat thing catches his attention. But remembersthat the Gnawers follow Rat. Hmmm.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *also watches Dave*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *wonders something... glances at Beth* #Scent of True Form#

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Shaun sticks his head out too as the feeling washes over the caern*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * closes his eyes and feels the umbra forces sometimes he feels so diconnected so loost now stanind felling at ease as the connection is being made again*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *comes into the cearn area and glances around amazed at all the new faces.. he sees David.. and smirks* first lesson Mac.. *he starts to move his way to the front to watch his new teacher at work*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *wonders silently if they have any other Totems to call here*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *closes her eyes, just feeling*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): GS We also give honorable mention to Cockroach, Coyote, Fenris..*and goes down the list of the tribes represented in the sept population but because these totems aren't protecting the Caern as rat does no offering need be given*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *watches David... then glances around the area, glad to see so many have shown up*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Being no theurge, he pauses guiltily, wondering if he should have brought an offering.*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods his headat the respect given to Fenris. Glad that it was done so.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Joseph yips at the mention of Coyote. Puck does his best to keep the two awake cubs quiet*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): GS Rat accepts our offerings and is pleased. He will serve this Caern. Now the honoring of the spirits if completed. *sits down at his place* Now is the Cracking of the Bone, Joshua Puck as Truthcatcher persiding if needed.

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : Grins atCockroach's mention. he's just riding the vibe right now.

Jo Dee Montgomery: *listens but doesn't understand a single word of GS*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *while the praises of the Totems are being made, Cole turns here in the heart of the Caern and gives a nod of thanks and gratitude to Wolverine, who sits behind them*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck chuckles and waves, right now it looks like he's a three-headed monster, with the two cubs with thier head out of the neck of Puck's jersey, ears and eyes alert*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *moves slightly closer to David as he sits*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Who will speak first? And them that dishonors by interrupting the speaker will be expelled from the moot.

Jo Dee Montgomery: *chuckles at Puck*

Nicole Blackhorse: *not understanding the tongue, she settles in for watching anyways*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * gives his silent heartfelt praise to Bear who still has ties to jason *

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *still watching*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *remembers their are kin and shifts to Galbro...sense kin could have grievences he repeats this is the cracking of the Bone and grievences and business can be expressed*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): Anyone? Anyone at all? Just let your friendly neighborhood Nuwisha do the job..

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Knows that this is the longestpart of Sm's ritual. He stands steady, hoping these Urban Garou would settle their problems quickly.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *satisified with his postion he crouches down to one knee pushing back a stray lock of blonde hair back behind his ear*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks around* Anyone? If not I shall call Max Vogel of the Get of Fenris to speak.

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~ : Looks around. Loves a good Jerry Springerscene.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *raises her head to look around, trying to think if she's heard of any problems lately*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *smiles and nods at Dave for making the announcement in english*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *nods to Max* You may speak now. There will be time for grievences and other things after he has his say.

Nicole Blackhorse: *no problems but her own - sliding off from the car after noting where Puck was sitting and head s that way through a mingle of different faces she's never seen before.. treading quietly. not so willing to disturb the moot*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (David is speaking in english now)

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: He moves to the centre of the gathering.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances around his brown eyes wary.. then they fall on BETH and he gives her a brief nod*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *noticing someone moving through the crowd...ah, Nikki...that'll ease Scott's mind, some*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *her attention now on Max*

Nicole Blackhorse: *settles down next to Puck, quietly paying a faint hint of a halfhearted smile, then turns her attention to the moot*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *notices Tony and waves, then points to Scott and mouths 'this is him' and smiles*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: " For those that do not know me, know me now. I am Max Vogel. son of Bors and Erce. Son of Ceowulf, son of Eadbehrt, son of Hrothgar. I am Vismann Forsetti of the Hand of Tyr. And I have come to speak of a few things. One of which is my presence here, and what itmeans to all of you. "

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): DD: *a young man of 16 or 17 years wanders in... and though he's on his own at such a young age, he seems to be doing well enough... he has green eyes and his black hair is a mess, he also has the beginnings of a goatee on his chin... he's now sporting platinum hoop earrings in both ears... he's wearing a pair of not-too-old baggy jeans and a black, leather biker jacket over a blue Superman t-shirt... around his neck is an old iron cross, and a vampire fang hanging from a leather string... the rest of his possesions are carried in a beat up old backpack...*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Activates ToG just in case, and quiets the cubs down, getting them into his lap and hands them a piece of his jersey to tug on*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *whuffs softly and lays her chin on David's knee*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *smirks and nods in approval*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Smiles to Nikki, the cubs look her over*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *David still shows concern seeing a few other Get but remembers Cole from the septs infancy he watches*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *blinks at the set of titles.. his eyes confused*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * steps back into the shadows a bit hating the Sons of Tyr there blood, there beatings there mistreatment, and things his life just got shitty*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: " I have recently returned from my home in Germany. There, the Varthi in the Black Forestis under assault. The battle was furious, and it continous. I returned to tell my tale of battle to those of Silver Moon. While my Shield Brothers of the Fenrir gladdened at my return, I saw that nothing had changed with SM itself...."

Nicole Blackhorse: *smiles somewhat, taking the metis cub and pets it into her lap.. something to distract her from seeking over the clearing, yet still listening to the speaker of the moot*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *she moves to lean against one of the junked cars in the area... massaging her lower back a bit as she listens*

Sage Walker (KotL): remember meeting max before.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *raises her head to note where Jo Dee moved to, then lays her chin back down on David's knee*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *steps up into the clearing*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *steps up behind jo dee* ~wispers~ did i miss anything importent?

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *figuring this guy for a windbag he moves to the junked car next to JO DEE and leans against it listening to the speaker*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *The two cubs tug at Nikki's shirt now while Puck listens intently*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: " Outraged at this lack of unity, of petty squables and deceit, I heard of this Varthi in the Scab. Where the battles against Vandr Menskr and Jormangundr will be fought in earnest. So, I chose to throw my lot in here, where I maybe useful. Now..." he adds.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *a very very soft growl rumbles through her, noting a stranger moving up next to Jo Dee...and she raises to a sitting position again, to watch him*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *just pays attention to Max not taking note of anything else.. his foucus entirely on this moot*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *turns and look at Alexi and in a low voice* No not yet... quiet and listen now.. *grin* --- *smiles at Tony*

Nicole Blackhorse: *frowns slight at the cubs, wrestling them away from her shirt, letting them have the ball of a time chewing at her hand instead, ignoring the sharp canines pups have*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *nods and gives a brief smirk to Jo then returns his foucs back to the moot*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *pulls up a lawn chair and offers it to jo dee before sitting down in the snow*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: "...I wish to assure all of you that the Fenrir DO NOt have any intentions of taking over here. " he grins slightly. "So any fears that this is a spearheadof a Fenri takeover, is pointless. I can assure you of my help, and those of my comerades." he nods to Jublian, and Cole. " We will...aid you, as Fenri can. Do you have any questions to ask of me?"

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * stears at the Son of Tyr and listens though he belives nothing of his want for unity*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *quircks her brow at the smirk and wonder if that was suppose to be more in the nature of a grin... or is he just doesn't like her her*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Max* There are just the three of you?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *her gaze goes to Max, carefully neutral...this was David's call, she'll abide by it*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: (( Fenri? A single Fenrir? * kicks comp * ))

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *The pups nip at Nikki's hand for a bit, but then gang up and pounce on Rayanna again, the three sqabbling now in Nikki's lap*

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: *cough slight on top of her pile at Max* -ws- where do you intend of staying.. accomadations still in the Get Lodge at SM?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Puck raises a brow as if to ask...that was all true?*

Jo Dee Montgomery: ( quircks=quirks) ---- *smiles at Alexi* thanks... *she sits down in the chair*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Joey> " I will stay here. It will not be my first time in the field. But we are still welcome by the Fenrir at SM. So we may go there from time to time."

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Shrugs to Dave and nods*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: Max>>*his voice is low at first with unassurance* i have a question.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Sits up a little straighter.* WS--If I may interrupt, Rhya?

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *looks at JOEY, then Max*

Nicole Blackhorse: *ack! *wrestles the two males down from the sleepy metis cub, finding a ball of twine in her pocket and tosses it a short distance off.. maybe that would distract them*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances to david unsure if he even has a right to question*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Tony* Ask.

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: Shrugs. He's gonna go to a nudie bar when this is done. Considers dragging the Fenrir along,for amusement value.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *looks at Scott and smiles then looks back at Max and the others*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods to Tony. He also nods to Jube.

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: -ws- .. here? as in the Scar? or the shelters? or in the yard in one of the junked cars?

Jo Dee Montgomery: *glances at tony*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Waits until Joey's question is answered first.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *nods agreement with Joey's question, she too would like to know where the Fenrir are going to be lurking*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Joey> " I'm...not truely sure yet." he shrugs.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Clears his throat* I have a question... In the unlikely event that someone of this sept is involved in an.. altercation against you or your brothers... How would you go about resolving it?

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *crosses his fingers murmuring*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *smiles at Beth... then watches the Fenris... hmm.. maybe they're not all insane like he heard*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: max>>*he coughs clearing his throat* i'm sorry if i seem ignorant.. but i must apologize in advance.. i've only been awakened to our kind for about a week now.. but.. *clears his throat* from what i have studied today... about our history.. the fenrir.. don't they hate the city? i mean... those of us who has adapted to the glass jungle?

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Puck> " The Fenrir way." he answers. " And by the ways of the laws of this Varthi." he adds.

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: *closes her question, allowing others to ask*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *looks back and forth, wanting to open his mouth but doesn't. So far it's going almost as expected*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *"the Fenrir way"? idly thinks that doesn't sound promising*

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * supresses his growl at the "fenris ways" coment*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Nods, agreeing at least in part with the answer, though he did say "The Fenrir way" first..*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Tony> " Your "history" ?" he says. " Perhaps you have noticed, that not all you will be taught about history is true, ja? Such as Fenrir being nothing but Psychotic bloody murderors? " he grins slightly. " Well, we are. But against a common enemy. Not those we live with."

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): *is still...snoozing away*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *waits for the others to finish asking their questions*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *The three cubs are still squabbling a bit in Nikki's lap, but it seems theyr'e finally tiring out like their sister; content to look around the caern curled up in her lap after a while.*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: max>>*blinks and nods* i haven't the slightest idea to the accuracy of our archives..... *backs down satisfied with his answer then speaks again* and what way is the fenrir way of dealing with alercations? sorry i'm just courios.

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *seems fascinated by Max "Heimwächter" and watchs with goofy "look its santa" smile*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): WS--By the Fenrir way, he means to settle it through combat--honorably, so that all may know the victor. And the Dogs of War will probably be staying at the Lodge of the Fenrir.

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Tony> " Swiftly." and the ice in his voice tells that, while the Fenrir are willing to fight and die for this place, they are still Fenrir, and not to be tested lightly.

Nicole Blackhorse: *mutters under breath* .. good.. rascals should.. slleep.. *petting each one in turn with her torn hand*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *blinks at Jublain and nods resting against the car mummering to himself* remind me ta never get into an altercation den.

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * sighs seeing they are no different from the rest always in if a fight is the only way*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Beth>> I'll be right back... *goes over to Jules and shakes him gently* hey guy...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Chuckles slightly.* WS--The Fenrir do not believe in killing our allies. We wish for such combats to be an event with strenghtens both parties while resolving a dispute.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *since Tony seems to be no threat to Jo Dee, she finally settles back down to the ground, in a rather sphinx-like position, head up, watchful*

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: ~Goes to the JY gates, Get's allowed in and makes his way to the clearing.~

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * stears at max now as he seem to be almost tring to say we will do as we please fuck you if you dont like it we beat you*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Clears his throat again* If I could make a comment on that... I understand your need for swift justice, but perhaps you, David, the warder, and I should have a meeting in a bit to discuss this matter a bit more.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *nods at that and bites his tounge.. that's all he's gonna vinture this evening*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *a small wolfish chuckle, her eyes landing on Cole...they may not like killing allies, but damned if he didn't come really close when she challenged him*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: ok, Scott *continues to watch the questioning*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods at Jublains words. " Yet, this is hypothetical. I do not forsee an "altercation" taking place here. I am of the Hand of Tyr. And Finding the truth in a situation is my blood. No Fenrir here will fight unjustly. Or, I myself will answer for it."

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *drifts off into a fantasy world that involves the kirk vs spock music noding his head left and right to the tune in his head*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *Holds his hand up..he will speak and doesn't desire to be interrupted* We will accept your offer of help protecting this Caern. However, remember you are guests here. We have our ways, and our kinfolk are not your kinfolk. It is not your right to do with our kinfolk as you please. Respect them and know they are not yours...treat them as such and all will go well. If you all act however as Max Vorgel showed today ALL will go well. But you are guests here. If things don't go well at a future time you would be asked to leave.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods his assent.* WS--Understood and agreed, Rhya.

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: *Enters the clearing* Ay, um, somebody forget to tell me there's a party?

Nicole Blackhorse: *looks up at Kale* .. party? .. it's a moot..

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *idle rubs the large hicki on his neck and hmmms to himself idly drawing runes in the snow with his foot*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods to Joshua. " Ja. For I must learn of your rules." he then turns to all present. " This is a new alliance. And it will take time to learn to trust one another. To be willing to lay a life down for one another, will take more. For now, I will do what I can to learn from your people of your ways. " he nods. " I will make mistakes. But it will not be followed by a Nuke like response. " he grins a bit. " Paitience. We will learn from one another."

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: Nicole>> Oh, that explains it, thanks.

Jason Wolf ( Adopted Fianna ( PB 4 BF): * stears at Max still unsure about his..true intentions but not willing to let anger overcome him*

Nicole Blackhorse: *mutters under her breath* .. hopefully better than some others..

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods to David> " I..understand about the kin situation David." wondering why he's so concerned about Fenrir beating kin. He's neverseen it here. " And if you tell us to go, we will. My oath on this."

Jo Dee Montgomery: *Jo Dee raises her hand wishing to ask something*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Nods at Jo Dee.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Nods to Max, liking his willing to agree with David and the preaching of unity and such*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances up and to BETH again seeing what she's doing*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *nods* Good then it is settled for now. Does anyone have a different issue to bring up over the cracking of the Bone? *calls for silence with his hand*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *The cubs finally settle down, curling up against eachother and sleeping*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Waits silently--nothing here, of course.*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: He walks over to Jo Dee, wishing to hear what she had to ask.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *she is sitting, watching everyone, and waiting for Scott to return*

Cole Jäeger(Cry Havoc, and let slip The Dogs of War): *is silent*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *softly* ~gs~ Dave... I don't know if this is a good place to bring it up...but Rivka wanted to ask something. ((and the player got booted, so I guess Danni will do it))

Nicole Blackhorse: *fine. now she was stuck in pups.. silencing with a low sigh, prefering to pet Rayanna on the head softly*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *looks back down at the runes he made in the snow and yawns covering his mouth*

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: *hops up on a car and listens to Poppa Dave*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Looks to Nicole* ~MS~ I'll take those into the den if you want..

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Yes? *looks at Danni, you realize in Rivka's name you just got the floor attention of the Cracking of the Bone.*

Jo Dee Montgomery: May I ask something of Mr. Vogel before we continue Poppa Dave

Nicole Blackhorse: *just shakes her head at Puck* .. no need *whispers*

Jo Dee Montgomery: (dlp)

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances up hearing dave and turns a curious look to Danni*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *waits for Jo to speak before she continues*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Nods to Nikki* ~MS~ If you're sure.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Jo Dee**considers* This will be the last question for the Get tonight. Curious ones can seek them out later to talk.

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: He slowly, very, very slowly, creps over to the keg. Pours a beer, then goes to its back down.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): (or, DLP *grin*) *sitting up, giving herself a shake* ~gs~ Rivka has asked that she be given a rite of passage. To be fully Gnawer. To renounce the Fangs. *looking over the caern at those who can understand her, waiting for a reaction*

Nicole Blackhorse: *sighs* -ms- yeah i'm sure.. gotta get used to young ones anyways.. soon..

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Looks to Jo Dee.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *gives up on tryin to wake Jules and sits next to Beth again*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Nods to Nicole, and scoots over, wrapping an arm around her shoulder for comfort*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( who is stealing my letters? *kicks Ryan.* Bastard! Murder! ))

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *blinks not fully understanding the concept of this but from a princess to a paupor.. why would one wanna do that he wonders..shrugs and mutters lowly* i still have alot of studyin ta do.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *smiles at Scott as he sits down*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *speaks quietly to Max so as not t interupt the moot* I just wanted to ask... will you mates, kin or family be coming out here to visit..? If they will then will they to follow the set laws of this Sept.? Also... If you and the other do have such visitors then they should be introduced to the warder and guardians as soon as possible.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *Looks at Rivka has that holy shit look on his face* Have you told your tribe yet you are renouncing them?

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): ((Oww! *kicks Brian back*))

Jo Dee Montgomery: (umm make that out loud or quietly... whichever will fit the scene)

Nicole Blackhorse: *halfheartedly smiles, settling in puck's arm*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: His face twitches slightly, as if he'd been slapped. Then, " I cannot speak for the other Fenrir, for I do not know if they have family. But if they do, then the laws of this place apply. noy have a family, or relatives." he admits quietly, but straightens. " If anyone wishes to ask me anything else, or Cole and Jublain, speak with us later."

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *Rivka gives her answer (I have no idea whether she's told them or not, but I'm guessing not) and indicates that after her baby is born, she would like to become Gnawer*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: Grins for Rivka. She has a family here. Good for her.

Loki..~DayWalker~: A large Black Man rounds a corner, he is dressed in a ripped t and jeans, he has no hair, and a solom look on his face, he carries a sawed off shotgun, and a katana* Am i miising a party?

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( * Ow!* ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Long ago we said you were always welcome among us. Your life circumstances, being a lost cub found and cared for by us for one...have made your life hard. There is a place among the Gnawers for you.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): ooc: *looks at Loki* least he spelled katana right.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks around* Is there anything else?

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): ((*G* Now quit kickin me!))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *Rivka nods and returns to sitting quietly...Danni herself beams proudly as a Crinos possibly can*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): (*kicks Ryan*)

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: (Loki.. you would be stopped at the Gates by the Guardians.. questioned about name, rank, and the whole introduction, had sense wyrm on ya, and scent of true form.. none can just walk in.. without having been cleared at the gates.. i'm sorry)

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( plots ))

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances at Loki.. and takes a double take at the weapons.. getting nervious.. his color paled.. he keeps his eye on the man*

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: (( And those weapons are in plain sight? ))

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): ((*tickles Kari into submission*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (I am Sorry Loki one thing that won't be tolerated tonight when we are RPing a moot is the random attack junk. Whatever you intend will be ignored)

Loki..~DayWalker~: ((ooc Hey I dont feel good, Ive got the flu, cut me some slack!!))

Jo Dee Montgomery: *Jo Dee will quietly apologise to Max, as she notice his reaction to her question*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( not to mention your a "Blade" ripoff. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *settles back down to her place, watching*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: ((dlp))

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( not to mention your a "Blade" ripoff. ))

Loki..~DayWalker~: *looking around the place* Who said I used the gates...Im not here to fight, I want help

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Jo> (( We'll Rp it later. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): In that case I would like to announce that the cubs Kit and Bethany of the Gnawer tribe have completed their RoP. *Kssandra, Mistress of the Rite steps forward and marks them in the manner of ritual as them who have successfully gained admittance into a tribe..yadda yadda yadda...hate NPCing people who aren't here*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (blade frightens me terribuly)

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: (Gates are the only way in right now Loki.. either you RP it out.. or find yourself being ignored)

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( why did I repeat that? Crap! *kicks Ryan again.* ))

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Raises his hand* David, I have something.. Sorry.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* Well, shotguns are OK in GA [*G* I'm NOT joking, just can't carry them to a bank, school, church, or political event], but Katanas? Uh-uh.))

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): ((*breaks Brian's leg* Now stop that!!))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *after the cubs are recognised David acknowledges Puck to speak*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: ((yeah shotguns are legit here too in DE... well the lower half of the state.. but not sawed off shotties.. and katana's.. heh.. their illegal here.. ya havta get a special permit to own one))

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *smiles at Beth*

Kale 'speedy delivery' Amoroso *BG*: (( Yeah I do get out much, and people have concealed weapons, namely, not sawwed off shotguns, and katana's. . ))

Jo Dee Montgomery: Max>> (that's ok with me..*grin*)

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *is marked by Ksandra*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *smiles at Beth.. happy for her.. then gazes back at the snow*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( desists. By the way, the wind is blowing hell bent for leather outside. Just in case I go "piif!" ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Joshua you may speak.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *smiles at Scott*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Stands after giving Nicole a compassionate squeeze* David... sept members.. As everyone knows, or may not no.. Nikki here is pregnant, from Scott... Now, a little bit ago Scott was willing to be with Nicole and help for the cubs but now he has left her... I think that Scott should still support the cub he has produced, whether he wants the cub and Nicole or not.. It's just the right thing to do.. Nicole should not have to raise the child on her own with no help.

Joey Dante *lupus warder on watchpost*: (Sorry dude.. but that fence is 10 foot high with barbed wire at the top.. you can't jump that fence without breaking the veil.. I'm just following room riules in here like everyone else)

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): (Yes, this IS a Nuwisha giving this speech. *G*)

Jo Dee Montgomery: *she listens to the announcements and is happy for Rivka*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *wolfish frown, and she sits up, eyeing Scott...that's not the story he gave her*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *gestures Scott to come forward* Is this true?

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *blinks and blinks again gazing to scott with a bit of a heated expression then looks back down at the snow. a tinge of blood starts seeping from his mouth*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Puck>> Wait... what?? Left her???

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *looks at scott*

Nicole Blackhorse: *blinks at Puck* .. I.. no.. he didn't leave me.. I.. left.. him.. *trails off*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Looks to Nicole, if she wants to give her story*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *and again she hasn't a clue what is being said, but still listens*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): (*Faceplants* And THIS is Puck jumping to conclusions again.)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Cole>>MS--A Grand Elder with some Honor? I think we need to re-think what's been said about the Gnawers and the Auvarthi...

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *stands... walking toward the front*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *listens* So you Nicole Blackhorse was the one who left the protection and providence of Scott, the child's father?

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *watches Scott and wonders what's gonna happen*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *And Puck looks like he just wants to dig a hole and bury himself alive*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Listens to this Varthi business. Looks at this Scott, and sees the man who was talking to someone with his name earlier.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *glaring daggers at Puck*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *drawing herself up taller, even sitting she's imposing, lending a bit of moral support to Scott*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Bring a hand to his forehead* I... I... aye-yi-yi...

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Puck>> Well??

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: He nudges Jules, " You might wanna wake up for this. Scott is in the Hopper." he grins.

Nicole Blackhorse: . I left him.. because he doesnt want a child.. he's only doing all this to be 'nice' to me. he wants me happy.. but how can I be happy when being under a constant pressure knowing he doesn't want a mate?

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *is very interested in what's going on*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): I would suggest Nicole, you allow this young and willing Garou time to do what is right by you. But if you will not accept him, the sept will provide for you and your child as best we can.

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Hmmm.

Cole Jäeger: *a slightly shocked nod to JUBES as he watches this discussion...strange though how Kin are an equal part here*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *just continues to gaze down at the snow at his feet blood starts to seep through his lips and dribbles down his chin*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *looks back to max heimwachter*

Jules Grant (Booted...yet again): *mumbles and bats Dwid away* goway lemmelone

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *wonders idly what Jules would do if she padded over and slurped him in the ear*

Nicole Blackhorse: I cannot accept him when he has eyes for another.. first it was for Danni.. then for Beth.. how would I be 'happy' if he's bedding with another? leading me into false security? .. no.. I'd rather provide for myself and my unborn in that case.. and none should force another to be together for the sake of a child..

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: Lights a smoke, gives Scotta shake of his head. Grinning, the evil looking fucker doesn't have to say a thing. Scott KNOWS what Dwid is thinking. ~Rubbers, boyo.~

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck sighs, sitting and burying his head in shame...* ~Apache~ Way to go you dickhead... There's a good catcher of truth.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Puck>> I'm waiting....

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *winces and ducks her head...goddamn, does EVERYbody know about that?*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses, listening.*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *wipes the blood from his chin on his slevee*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Ws--If I may speak, Rhya?

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *mutters* kids havin kids.. *shakes his head*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Nicole, you respect his feelings but matters are later you will be needing support and care. Dispite your characteristic Human pride. *it isn't an insult, half a compliment* Allow Scott to help you. If not him accept the aid of the sept. But these matters are between you two...and are personal. Such shouldn't have been needed to be brought before a moot. *looks at the highly embarrased Joshua* Jumping to conclusions doesn't speak well of your wisdom. (-2 temp wisdom).

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Nikki>> Regardless of how I felt... I would have protected you and cared for you and the child for as long as you needed....

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((DLP, if the solution has already been made))

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *takes out a small pad of paper and a pen writing on it* buy rubbers *starts to put it away then pulls it back up* and dictaphone

Percheck...: *walks up to the fron gates* (( an middle aged man, grey hair, close cut beard...Dressed in casual clothes, and a leather jacket. Wolf like eyes, and features*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: Dwid didn't, but he sure as shit does not. "Incest?" he mutters, grinning.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Somewhere in his sitting you can see a nod* Yes, sir.

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): Dave>> Before we move on Rhya... I demand an appology or a challenge for honor will follow...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *nods to Scott* It is your right. *looks at Joshua*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *growls softly at Scott...wanting him to just go sit*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( now even)) He leaves Jules sleep. He'd put his coat on him like a blanket, but it'd might catch flame.

Nicole Blackhorse: Regardless of how you feel Scott.. I cannot.. I know how you feel.. you can't hide it from me.. and I can't live with that. knowing that one day.. you would turn aways sooner or later..

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): Sorry, Scott.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *watches Scott and listens to everything said about his situation*

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: Now THIS is more like it. He half grins. A challenge? His first Varthu here? This place Does have promise. A little action is good for the soul.

Percheck...: *walks to the front gates*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *she leans forward a bit rubbing her lower back*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Mutters* Maybe I'm not just a good Truthcatcher after all.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Scott to see if thats enough for him*

Percheck...: *wonders why no gards stop him*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *wipes a bit more blood from his chin and glances over to JO seeing her back hurting.. then glances back down at the snow*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *eyes Jo Dee again, and whuffs softly to get her friend's attention...even in Crinos, her eyes asking if Jo is all right*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): (Perchek, there's a locked gate in the first place. The Guardians are BEHIND the gate)

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( the gards don't. The Guards do. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Some RP the guardians for Percheck...I'm really bogged down with running a moot here)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: max>>to true max-ryha *huge smile* (charisma 4 friendly if wondering)

Percheck...: (guards that is, boy my spelling is off tonight))

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Softly, head down and looking at the dirt* Scott, if you still feel like kicking my ass I don't mind.. I feel like doing it to myself already.

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: (( that was a posted thought, not spoken Alexi-p. If your Empathy is high rnough, you might guesss what he's thinking, though. ))

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: guardian: percheck>> hold it there pops whats your bussness(sp) here? *sense wyrm sense true form*

Dwid Fericus (GW/GA/UP) ~nyar!~: (( 'g' mine too. ))

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (sorry delete that post)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (speed reading all the posts)

Percheck...: ((nevermind, I dont want to come in anymore, You dont seem to want anyone new anyway))

Max "Heimwächter" Vogel GoF PB-3: (( s'ok. ))

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): (Perchek, it's not that.. Number one we're in the middle of a moot, number two, there has to be SOME security so not just everyone can get in.. It's an IC thing, not OOC..)

Joey Dante -Caern Warder-: (it's not the question of not wanting new gamers in the room, it's the question of being able to cope with all the posts in the middle of a moot Perschek)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: A broad shouldered 179 pound 16 y/o standing at 5,10 his eyes which are covered by red tinted granny glasses are missing something they seem oddly empty. fair sized muscles bulge on his arms and chest ((str 3)). a harmonica with a Celtic cross carved into it hangs by a leather cord around his neck but is never played anymore. he wears a pair of fingerless gloves, a "padded" black sweater with white lettering that reads: I Shot JFK, and dark cargos under a black full length brown fur lined hooded trench coat with a picture of a red and yellow pill on the back his feet are covered by a large pair of moccasins that leave hoof prints in the snow. his head has been shaved bald and his hood is always up to keep it warm his left ear looks like its healed after being torn to ribbons and is very scarred (charisma 4 friendly app2)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Scott is that acceptable to you?

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *snorts* I guess that'll have to do.... just watch yourself next time... and get yer facts straight...

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Still looking down*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: Standing about 5'5 appearing to wiegh about 110lbs, he seems slightly taller as he stands up strait; his head held high. His gleaming bright blond hair, shines with revived vitality. His deep distant brown eyes shimmer brightly with regained hope, always on alert for possible trouble, nesteled within a nice clean clear bright complexion. A small scar shows clearly on the right side of his face. His full lips always curled into a tiny smirk of bemusement adding to his charm. His black Nike shirt he is adorned with compliments, his new baggy cargo pants that hangs loosely off his bony waist. New pair of Nikes is straped onto his large feet. Carrying himself with a hint of pride.. and self worth.. many can notice the change in him almost instantly.

Nicole Blackhorse: *sighs, shifting slight under the mess of 3 sleeping cubs in her lap, lowering her face from any eventuell glare from a Scott*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): ((I gotta run... C YA!!!))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Is there anything else....or...*grins* may we move onto the stories and songs?

Jo Dee Montgomery: *she looks toward Danni and gives her a reassuring grin.... that she is fine*

Scott Timmons (GW/UL Beta/GiT): *just glancesa t Nikki... then goes back to his spot*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Isolates himself even from Nikki, letting himself be burdened by his own shame.*

Nicole Blackhorse: ((Ciao Ryan!))

Bethany Ann DeJesus: ((bye, Ryan!))

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: ((catch ya late ryan))

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *slowly creeps up neer puck*

: Laterz Loki. *laughs*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (bye ryan)

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): (Seeya Ryan.)

Cole Jäeger: *perks up a bit at mention of stories and, this took a lot less bullshit to get through than a Silvermoon Moot*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Gonna have to go soon--Assume Jub stays through the moot and shows his respects. I'll be in tomorrow night, so we can backtrack if anyone wants to talk to him.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *settles back down*

Nicole Blackhorse: *swallows a sigh.. shifting slight the three pups to Puck's lap and slowly rises.. sweeping one gaze over the others and simply leaves*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Just sits alone, his head in his hands*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she sighs a bit and pads over to Puck, nuzzling his arm*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *watches Nicole leave then gazes back down at the snow kicking at it slightly*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Now the one thing this sept be missing is an official talesinger...I say we make the brew available and the food...and whoever has a good story gets the floor.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *sits down next to Puck and tries to put her massive head in his lap*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *takes out a bottle of Whiskey hes been hiding and grins*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *wipes his chin again and spits out spit filled with blood*

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Well, Danni has to fight for room with three sleeping pups and his own arms..*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): WS--I have a story, if I may speak, Rhya.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *snorts at David's wasn't as well hidden as he thought*

Cole Jäeger: *clears his throat slightly* DAVID>> If there's no one else who'd like to go first, I have a tale to tell.

Cole Jäeger: ((DLP...thought Jubes left.))

Kale `speedy delivery` Amoroso *BG*: ((back))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *nods to the Get...hell it's probably all blood and guts but what the hell..people will notice Chips and stuff are set out at back tables etc*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles and steps forward, shifting to Glabro.* Tonight I tell a tale--a long tale, and not an old tale, but one which I was told as a young cub.. Tonight's tale is of Skelf Oiled-Blade

Kale `speedy delivery` Amoroso *BG*: *He gets a beer* david>> Seems I missed mosto the fun.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Y'see, Skelf was alpha of his pack. Oiled-Blade wasn't a name given to him like most--his pack was called the Pack of the Oiled Blade, and his devotion was so fierce that he took the pack's name as his own. Everyone knew that when they offended the Oiled Blade, they offended Skelf, and that if they were owed a debt by the Oiled Blade, they were owed a debt by Skelf. So even though this wasn't the way things were normally done, noone made any issue about it. *Chuckles.* 'Sides, we don't bother with laws 'bout simple things like that, long as you're not makin' yourself a deed name that claims you done things you didn't.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): An' his pack knew that he'd lay his life down for them in an instant--an' they'd do the same. Every pack has a bond, but Skelf Oiled-Blade's devotion was the stuff of legends. When he said to go and see what the thing was and defeat it, the entire pack grabbed their weapons, and they left within a half-hour of getting the news

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): They ran. *smiles.* Skelf wasn't the largest in his pack, an' he wasn't the swiftest, but he was for sure the toughest. It took a LOT to knock down Skelf Oiled-Blade. Some say that it wasn't even his own strength that kept him going when by all accounts he should have died--they say it was his devotion to his pack that kept him alive--when nothing else could, the knowledge that the Oiled Blades needed him kept him goin'. An' he always kept goin'. The pack ran, struggling to keep up, for days on end without a single pause.

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Puck dosen't make a move for the food, just sitting there, Danni nest to him, pups in his lap, and competely embarrased*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Finally they did pause. They came across the trail of a deer, dragged it down, ate, and slept. They didn't feast on it, because to eat too heavily before a large battle is dangerous--*chuckles.* We learned that from the tale of Glaston Bear-Belly, a Garou of a different tribe--but they ate well, and they rested. When Helios next brought light to the world, Skelf awakened his pack and they travelled the short distance to the village.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *nods.* Wal, it was Twitch-ear that seen it first--she was a lupus, an' bein' near the town made her uncomfortable already. When her Gaia-granted Gifts were working, nothing could escape her notice. She barked out a warning to Sour-claw, but she wasn't quick enough.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): It was just a little shake to the ground, a little noise of stones rattlin' against each other--but Twich-ear knew that no animal makes such a noise. Sour-claw jumped to the side, but he was a big warrior, strong and unstoppable but slow, an' he moved too slow. The thing bust out of the ground, jumping out of it like a fish might jump out of the water, with Sour-claw in its jaws.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Well *low voice but things are becomming rapidly more causual* Those three Get are allowed into the sept. Cubs kit and Bethany got recognized. Joshua called out Scott for neglecting Nicole and it turned out Nicole left Scott. And Rivka the Fang asked for formal acceptence into the Gnawer tribe.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): No-one screamed--it ain't the way of the Fenrir to give vent to terror--but all fell silent for a moment--then Twich-ear lept forward, an' Skelf Oiled-Blade was at her side. Twitch-ear ripped at the thing with her teeth, but all she managed to do was tear away slime that choked her mouth and nostrils.

Joey Dante -Caern Warder-: ((*sighs* consider Joey there for the remainder of the moot.. player is tired.. no wonder at 6am.. *huggles all* g'night))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The thing was like some kind of eel--maybe a mutated worm, maybe a miniature version of the Midgard Serpent itself. But it had some kind of teeth--that we know, because with what looked like a small twitch, Sour-claw--solid, strong, unstoppable--was cut in two, one leg falling a long, long way back down as Skelf thrust a taloned fist deep into the creature's side, a powerful blow that only make a slight scratch.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Then the rest of the pack lept in--two dozen strong, but as the thing writhed and flailed, a terrible truth came to them--no matter how powerfully they tore at the creature's hide, they did little more than tear into the thick slime that surrounded it. But the Thunderwyrm was not so inneffective--three it killed just by rolling onto them, and another was swallowed up in those massive jaws. They were causing it harm--there was a tear from Skelf Oiled-Blade and another from Thow Axe-thrower, but it was obvious the creature was going to win.

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): *Dade shuffles in. He is a scrawny kid, about 5'8" and thin to the point of skin and bones. A grey winter wool cap is pulled low over his head, covering his sandy blonde hair. A few bangs fall down over his dull green eyes, surrounded by dark rings, his left eye is black and blue. Dried crusted blood rests just below his nostrils. He has that wornout pretty boy look. He wears a rainbow bead choker around his neck, and a faded orange tight baby tee that ends above his navel, and a pair of worn grey cargo pants held up by a black canvas belt. He's wearing a pair of black Converse All stars, also weathered.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): They fought on--for what seemed like hourse they threw themselves at the thing, only to bounce or slide off the slick grease that covered it. Twitch-ear backed up and used the powerful legs of the Hispo form, leaping at the thing and sinking her fangs into the slash already made by Skelf. The thing whipped to one side in pain and tossed her aside--and then it turned like a snake and the head--as big as a car, maybe bigger--came down at a dizzying speed, headed straight for the offender. And Skelf couldn't let that happen

Joshua Puck[w/Cubs, Joseph, Shaun, and Rayanna): *Sighs and smiles to Danni a bit.. He then puts the cubs in the den and just sits in the shadows, eating a bit, abut not realy int he mood right now.. * (I hafta go... See y'all later!)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *nuzzles her head into David's lap whether he wants it there or not*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The pack of the Oiled Blade was in a battle which it would surely lose, and Skelf Oiled-Blade--the one whos devotion to his pack was so fierce that he took their names as his own--could not watch another packmate see death. As the mouth big enough to engulf two, maybe three Garou in the full Crinos came down, Skelf Oiled-Blade leapt up.

Mista Woof: *A scraggely looking dog, that looks to be a cross between austrelian sheperd and wolf pads carfully into the junkyard from a hole freshly dug under the fence. He bears nothing but a cord of hemp with three small gears tied to it. One made of brass, of iron and the other of stainless steel.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Skelf wore the Crinos himself, and his legs threw him into the air quickly--so quickly that as the thing clamped huge teeth-like plates together to rend him in two, he slipped past them--almost. The searing pain that was supposed to cover his waist instead flooded one leg, and his foot fell out of the thing's mouth like the excess noodle on a strand of spaghetti. Screaming in Rage as her alpha willingly took the death that was due to her, Twitch-ear threw herself again at the thing, her wounds forgotten as she bore the Bear Shirt.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *starts over twords David*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles.* Skelf had expected to be embraced by death--the end to pain, the end to the hurt in his leg and the searing agony of his packmates' death, played inside his head over and over. But Fenris is not so kind when there is work to be done, and Skelf found himself very much alive--and inside the Thunderwyrm's gullet, where there was no layer of thick skin or the horrid slime coating. Ignoring his wound, he tore with teeth and claws at flesh wherever he could contact it.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And now he caused harm. Now blood flowed wherever his claws touched. *Smiles.* And they touched ~everywhere~. The Thunderwyrm writhed in agony, its attackers outside forgotten, as this new assailant tore at it from inside. Twitch-ear, still thinking her alpha dead, strove onward, slicing into the slime and finally into the flesh, tearing away shreds.

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *moves around the clearing to davids side*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The others, given energy by the sight of Twitch-ear's ferocity, renewed their attack, leaping onto the thing heedless of their own safety and tearing and rending. While Skelf tore from the inside, the Oiled Blade tore from the outside.

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: ((bye puck bye blackie))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *listens to the Get...shit they like long epic stories*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *accepts Alexi near David, but Tony gets a baleful glare from those hazel eyes...damn, up close, she seems even bigger*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): As everything in his vision and his smell and his taste became blood, Skelf Oiled-Blade almost lost himself to Frenzy--but he fought off the wearing of the Bear-Shirt and continued to rend, moving to the center--if it has blood, it has a heart, and this is the destination which Skel Oiled-Blade sought.

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): *drags a half-smoked Marlboro, shuffling around, kickingover a few cans*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And he found it--the great thumping that echoed in his skull led him to the heart--a huge muscle, larger than he himself--and without thought for his own life, his claws bit deep into the largest chamber.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles.* Now, there was a difference--Now the thing issued some kind of scream, a scream of desperation, and thrashed about even more wildly than before. As for Skelf Oiled-Blade, even the huge lungs of his Crinos form could only sustain him through so much action, and he needed to breathe. Tearing wildly, he strove to cut his way out. This round of thrashing threw off the others, and as Twitch-ear, lost in the Bear Shirt, roused herself from the ground to leap again, the others paused an instant, knowing that something had happened.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The creature thrashed about, then straightened out, pointing straight up to Luna as if asking forgiveness for the crimes against Her sister. With enough still in the ground to keep it standing, at least 50 feet stood outside of the ground, like the trunk of a massive tree. Then, like a tree, it crashed to the ground with an impact that knocked them all off their feet and smashed Twitch-ear against a rock hard enough to loose her from the Frenzy

Kale `speedy delivery` Amoroso *BG*: Dave>> *downs his beer* Well damn, I guess thats good, maybe I shoulda asked about a pack, oh well, guess it's time to drink the beers ay? heh.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And a things flew--rocks, trees, pieces of concrete, cars. Thrown by the impact, they scattered like a fleeing army, and a few of the Oiled Blade were knocked down by the pieces. But when the dust cleared, the Thunderwyrm lay motionless--except for one moving lump on the top.

Mista Woof: *Sniffs the air and walks slowly deeper through the mounds of junk*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *nods to Danni and moves to the other side of david and kneels down next to him* if your still offerin.. i would like to be taught by ya.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And again it was Twitch-ear, the one who would replace Sour-claw as Beta of the Oiled Blade, who was first there, tearing at the slime and flesh that imprisoned her alpha.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The others soon joined her, and with their effort Skelf thrust his muzzle through a slit in the muscle and mucus, cleared his nostrils of gore like a whale, and took a lungful of Gaia's breath. Now renewed, the Pack of the Oiled Blade pulled their alpha out of the creature's hide, and they gathered to regroup, clean themselves from the thing's foul taint, and lick their wounds before setting to the task of cleaning up the evidence.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The Thunderwyrm was hacked into pieces--a most unpleasant job--and buried in the tunnels from which it came. Spirit's Voice, the old Godi, cleansed the area--a task that took almost a moon, even with the pack's help--and then the pack of the Oiled Blade returned victorious to their own Sept. Even with one rear foot gone Skelf kept up with his packmate--although they no longer grunted and strained to exhaustion to keep up, he did not slow them down. His foot was brought back as well, in hopes that a healer could repair the wound, but the wound's contact with the creature's foul taint and the time gap made that impossible.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Dade Lang...this is a Caern...and especially on a night of the moot..the gates are locked and secure...please RP getting in)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Frowns.* That was Skelf Oiled-Blade's last great battle. With his foot missing, he could no longer lead his pack, and rather than wear the Ice shirt he went to the city where he knew Jorgunmandr's servants dwelled, and threw himself into a battle that he knew he could not win. He did not, but that night there was wailing and the death-songs in the halls of the undead, as they whispered with fear of the monster that took so much to kill.

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): *plops down on an old back carseat bench, and pulls out a twist off beer cap, and a little plastic bag*

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): (OOPS!! MY bad! DIdn't know this was a caern!)

Mista Woof: *Sticks his nose in the dirt for a momment, the gears on his collar scrape against the ground as he does*

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): (DLP all those) *wanders to the chainlink fence, bending down examining where it meets the ground* fuckin hell..what's there to steal in the dump? cars?

Jo Dee Montgomery: *listens to the tale*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Waits, looking around.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (It's used as the urban Caern)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *rowls softly and nudges David, still with her head in his lap*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Thank you Jublain. Bethany a newly made Gnawer Claith a beleive has a story to tell.

Cole Jäeger: *looks about to see if anyone at all was paying attention to Jubes' story*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *whuffs approval of Jublain's story*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *claps a bit for Jub's tale, it's only polite*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: david>>*wanders over to you on the other side of danni and kneels* ifin yer still offern.. i would like ta study under ya.

Mista Woof: *Pads softly over the Jublain and l sniffs his/her hand tentivly*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *only knows one story and its way to disterbing to tell so he just remains silent looking up at david once and awiel*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: it's my turn? not sure how much to tell really...

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *gives a clap for Jub's story*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *growls very slightly at Tony, baring just a hint of fang*

*****(lost some posts here browser was acting up)*****

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles and squats down, letting the wolf sniff his legs or body if she wants.* Evenin', there.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *glances to danni nerviously and stands heading away*

Dade Lang (16 year old Strung-out Rainbow): *decides its too much of a hassle* ahhh fuckit.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Do your best...*nods to Bethany*

Mista Woof: *Sniffs downs Jublains leg then plops down on the ground next to him. Head raised as if expecting to get scratched*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *chuckles and scratches her ears, then steps back, letting Bethany have the floor.*

*****(lost some posts here browser was acting up, again)*****

Cole Jäeger: *quiets to hear Bethany's tale, apprasing the rookie*

Mista Woof: *Seems happy about the attention and follows Jublain as he steps back wanting more scratching*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (mista wolf is old school jy yall dig? *shoots self*)

Kale `speedy delivery` Amoroso *BG*: (( Lets everyone walk in during amoot, a sacred garou right, just walk on in everyone))

Mista Woof: ((I dug under the fence, I mentioned that)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (oh then theres two mista woofs)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): ooc: Booted... *grumbles*

Jules Grant: *is still asleep*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: uhmm, ok... Two weeks ago, David told me I was ready to receive my Rite of Passage. He gave me a list of things to get and bring to him. I didn't have a very hard time getting the stuff from the police station as the cop was only interested in staring at my chest. So I got the stuff from there and escaped. *digs the mug and pencil out from her backpack and puts them near her*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *lays back in the snow*

Kale `speedy delivery` Amoroso *BG*: (( Okay dig under the fence and the JY kin dog packs tear you apart. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (slaps ignore on Mista wolf to get on with the moot)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((And I've got to hit the road. It's midnight, I stay with my folks through college and they don't approve of me staying up all hours of the night--*G* and I was in bed at 3 or later all this week--and I'm too disgusted by the farce in the caern to stay up and probably get into a huge cyber-brawl. Gonna hit the sack. IC, Jublain scratches Mista Wolf's ears and listens to the tales, joins in the Revel, and generally pays his respects.))

Mista Woof: ((Sorry didn't know this was as well fortified as the blasted Gangrel Park, if you want me to leave I will)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((OK, doesn't scratch mista then. My bad.))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (It's not but we are in the middle of a moot SL,and there are defenses)

Mista Woof: ((All you people are so grouchy, Ill be on my way then. Sorry for the interruption))

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: cough cough cough

Jules Grant: ((Jublain>>Your watching that debacle in Silvermoon too?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *listens to Bethany*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *groans softly and just plops down in the snow somewhere*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Yup. Fixed like a Florida recount, I tell ya. Shoulda seen the moot last night. But that's enough--don't mean to start up anything here, and if anyone disagrees, PLEASE talk to me privately about it. But later, though--I have to hit the road.))

Bethany Ann DeJesus: After that I had to get a vampire's fang... I've been attacked by a vampire before at the burnt out apartments so I decided to go there and waited for one to show up. Eventually a couple came along. The guy was a vampire, so I attacked him with a 2x4. I got plenty of teeth from him. Musta surprised him. Unfortunately the woman died. I burned the evidence of the vampire. *shows everyone the fang on her necklace*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *reaches across David with one massive paw...and very calmly pushes Alexi over*

Cole Jäeger: *he listens to BETH's tale, at least glad she got a real RoP, not the bullshit "foot race" RoP's like that Silent Strider at Silver Moon got*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: I then went to look for David's watch which he hid for me to find. I kinda made a fool of myself barking at one of the JY dogs until I realised he could understand wolf speak. I finally convinced him that David had put his watch on the dog's collar and brought the watch back to David.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *grins* Eye but it taught you how to communicate with our wolfkin didn't it Bethany. *grins*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *watches the moot from afar*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: I also had to get a box of canned goods. That was easy enough though... the manager at the local convenience store had some cans that had peeled off labels and let me take them. *takes her box and puts the cans and the mug and pencil inside it*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (booted repost pms if any)

Mista Woof: ((Ok doing this again legally just forget I was ever here the first time)

Mista Woof: *A scraggely looking dog, that looks to be a cross between austrelian sheperd and wolf pads carfully towards the gate of the junkyard. He bears nothing but a cord of hemp with three small gears tied to it. One made of brass, of iron and the other of stainless steel.*

Mista Woof: *He smells the air near the gate then puts a paw against it and wimpers a little*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (A security looking person (NPC Guardian) looks you over and uses scent of the true form and sense wyrm)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *reaches across David again with her massive paw, and pushes Alexi over*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *sits closer to Danni.*

Mista Woof: *Gives a low bark of greeting to the Guardian then paw at the gate again*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *falls back agian* oh... life is grand *just stays there in the snow looking up at monster danni*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *the guard reaches down as if to pet the dog through the fense* *lowvoice* What is your name, tribe, rank...and your purpose for coming. Be aware this is the night of a moot.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *nuzzles David*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *whuff-chuckles at Alexi*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *GONE*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *grins at David's comment* The last part was the hardest... I had to get a bandana and switchblade from a local gang. I met up with a gang walking the streets in the bad part of town and not wanting to fight again, I convinced one of the gang members to bring tme to a party with him. He gave me his bandana to show to others that I was his. Once we got to the party all he had on his mind was sex. Not wanting to sleep with him, I picked a fight with a woman at the party. We fought for a bit and then she went off to get her boyfriend. Before she came back I pickpocketed someone to get their switchblade and then went off to the bathroom and slipped into the umbra. *takes the bandana and the switchblade from her pack and puts them into the box, then brings the box over to David* Here is all the stuff that I got and haven't given you yet, David.

Jules Grant: *is still out like a fucking light*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: *nuzzles snow*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *Takes it laughing* You did well.

Mista Woof: *Gives a few barks that only a garou would understand*"Me be the Woof, son of the wonderous Paw the Hound, he be from a bit farther south then this. Ild be the lowlyest rank of the so called lowlyest tribe, but I gots good blood in me, as bone gnawers go"

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *finally...finally...shifts back down to homid, her head still in David's lap, chuckling at Alexi* You'll frostbite yer nose.

Bethany Ann DeJesus: Thanks, David... I wanted to be an accepted member of our tribe. *smiles happily that she completed it and was complimented by David*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *she sits alone, but then she is getting use to that*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *looks over to Jo* Jo?

Cole Jäeger: BETH>> *he quietly inquires* What auspice are you Bethany?

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *off back further from the moot watching the entire thing unfold wipes another drip of blood from his lip his distant brown eyes survaying all those present*

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *to Cole* I am a Galliard.

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: beth>>sing "the roof is on fire"!

Cole Jäeger: BETH>> You got a deed name yet, Galliard?

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *rae at Alexi then turns to Cole* No, I have not earned one yet, sir.

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *wonders if anybody would notice if he slipped away*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *gets up...moving to stand over Alexi...and calmy dumps a handful of snow on his head, grinning*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *looks over at Danni* hmm? Yeah, danni?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *looking over to Jo* You ok, hon? You wanna come with with us? *nodding to herself and David*

Jo Dee Montgomery: *chuckles at Danni's antics*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: im so leaveing *stands and pulls his hood up after brushing snow off his poor bald head*

Cole Jäeger: *he looks to DAVID* DAVID>> I may just be a guest, but after hearing the tale of her Rite of Passage, I think a fitting name to sing of her later deeds might be..."Thieving-Smile"...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): Anyone else for storys...if not...Revel time!

Mista Woof: *Sniffs into the air again waits for the guardians responce*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *just watches*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Cole**considering* It is fitting.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *ah, the revel...this is her part...*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (after getting your tribe and whatnot you are allowed in)

Alexi Dimitrov : *Walks up to the gate and asks to be let in for the moot....If he's not to late*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: or better yet "wont-sing-old school"

Mista Woof: (ah 'k)*Pads towards the sounds of people and the smells of fire, not likeing all this cold*

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: (GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT *slaps alexi repedidly*)

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *looks at Alexi C.* I'm not really in the mood for singing, but I may play my violin some if no one minds *grins*

Mista Woof: *Once he reaches the main gathering heads stright the the fire and lays as close as possible next to it*

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *groans while standing and whipes off his butt and glances around to everyone again with a slight shrug and decides he should be going*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): SS Use the spirit then.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): ooc: Actually, ya'll... I hate to do this, but I'm about to drop... I think I'm gonna have to go to bed.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): MS=SS

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Me too honestly...we can say the revel happens...Danni leads the hunt and it's successful...the Caern is recharged)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: is it this month pappa david?

Jo Dee Montgomery: Danni>> Three...err... four, *pats her tummy* is a bit of a crowd don't you think?

Alexi Dimitrov : Alexi > (( Geez! Harrased ic an ooc now! Damn gnawers....really don't the Fangs. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *she tilts her head at Jo Dee, a little puzzled* Three or four?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): *looks at Alexi* Another to go. (more like 2-3 weeks RL time)

Alexi Calhoon Nothing-But-Trouble: ((GET OUT to many alexis in shadows bar and silver moon already copying bastwitches)

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *walks over to BETH and hands her a piece of paper then starts heading out*

Cole Jäeger: ((Sure thing...Cole would participate in the Revel and donate Gnosis and stuff....))

Bethany Ann DeJesus: *takes the paper from Tony and looks at it*

Jo Dee Montgomery: Danni>> Nevermind.. *she grins and chuckles* You go spend time with your mate.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (OK overall this was a good moot session...)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): *grins a little* I'll see ya tomorrow, Jo, don' let Luce get away.

Alexi Dimitrov : (( Hey...just be glad i'm not a Vladimir or Nicolai! ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): (*grin* This moot went WAY smoother than anything SM ever did...)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (But Cole for flavor the Gnawer revel was rock tunes and alot of beer and shit...then they went off hunting some spirit in the umbra...)

Mista Woof: **Decides that even though the fire is nice and hot it still doesnt get rid of the iches. He stands up and looks around for a potential back scratcher. With full doggie charm, tail wagging he approches Jo*

Jules Grant: *sleeps through it all*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (I wasn't there what the hell happened with theres?)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): (go check out the Umbra room, the tail end is still there)

Cole Jäeger: ((*LMAO* DAVE>> Ok...Hell, Cole coulda hauled out his electric guitar and played Metallica's "Of Wolf and Man" to get everybody rarin' to go. *G*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): ooc: Anyway, night ya'll.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Wyrmfoe restored): #gone#

Mista Woof: *Sniffs at Jo;s hand*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (maybe you did Gnawers like that do GW)

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *shoves his hands deeply into his pockets and steps out the gate slipping to the streets*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE, Yes I am here this moot HA!): (Cole what happened at SM...the tail end there doesn't really tell me.)

Tony McCloude ~Mac~: *gone*

Cole Jäeger: ((Dave>> *nodnod* Persuasion, Call of the Wyld, Inspiration...all kinds of powerful music stuff..) *poof*

Jo Dee Montgomery: (here ends the archive) ---- *she looks down at the "dog" (Mista) and pets it*


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