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Junkyard Moot

 ~Changes in the Wind ~

January 15, 2002

A new chatper has begun as the Junkyard losses there leader in a battle against the Wyrm. 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *appears from the umbra, something she never would have done, once upon a time*

Az Caligari: *Pulls his Harley up to the curb, by the gates, a rumbling can be heard but it quickly quiets as he shuts her down. He dismounts, grabbing his pack from the side bag. He nods to the guardian on duty as he enters and heads for the maze*

Ari Ford: *frowns at some thought, and double checks her backpack again*

Brenda Maier: * she takes the bottle and takes a few deep breaths and slugs him with it hitting him in the arm....*

Steeleyes: *watches..leartning peoples names and faces*

Scratch: *sits near the entrance to the gathering area, not looking like he's making to stay for an extended period of time*

Steeleyes: *spots of the people he was told about..stands up and walks over*

Az Caligari: *Feels a little erked tonight...Pops a beer as he walks through the maze and sips hard*

Graffiti Decorations: guess not.. *more weight shifting in the van*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *yes, there's no mistaking Danni....6'1", 180 lbs, heavily muscled, chestnut hair now long enough to droop over her hazel eyes. Wearing knee-high five-buckle boots, worn jeans, a white tank top, and a Carhart jacket. All bear scorch and singe marks. Her arms, if seen, from fingers to biceps, bear a multitude of tiny, pinprick burn marks*(

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *blinks* Ow! What was that for...

Brenda Maier: *she moans and drops the bottle* I'm going home.....* she heads to the maze* That was to share the experince

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks the new face over with emotionless eyes*

Scratch: *his eyes go quietly to Danni, arms folded across his chest*

Steeleyes: umm miss??*looking at danni adjusting his mirrored sunglasses*

Steeleyes: ive ben told i can present myself to you..

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *smothers a silent yawn, eyeing Steeleyes and Danni*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Follows Brenda* But hunn...*picks up the bottle and follows her* Uhm...I'm gonna be home late tonight...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Mrs. *clipped, short* And who are you?

Ari Ford: *watches Danni a little, trying not to get caught staring*

Az Caligari: *Walks from the shadows of the maze, looking around and sipping beer. *He's an imposing creature to say the least, around 5'8, 170lbs with broad shoulders and a medium but powerful build. His face is rugged and strong, his head and face are cleanly shaved. His obsidian-black eyes dance with a certain mystique. There's something feral, though sad, about him. He's dressed in a tight, black shirt with a red star and black 13 in the middle of it, black leather "Road Warrior- looking pants with built in knee pads and all. He also wears overly large, futuristic-looking black boots, overly large soles hit the ground hard as he walks. All this under an ankle length, black leather, high collered coat. He pulls off the rustic-goth look quite well*

: OOC: Just a note: Fran, Amanda, Lacey, JoDee and Olivia are in attendance.. But since I'll be archive the moot I won't actually be playing them.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((Well, that's it B-fly, you're fired. *L*))

Steeleyes: DD: a slightly taller then normal man(6'1").. though doesnt look it as he walks hunched over. heavily built dressed in the remains of a trench coat ,torn up jeans and old flannel shirt..has a baseball cap on for the NY old duffel bag is across his shoulder with a NY symbol on it as well...scraggly hair cascades down his back..his most suprising feature is that he has on a pair of mirrored sunglasses..((no matter what time it is))

: ooc: Archive started when Danni came in.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((You mean I gotta be Archivebitch or something?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods to Steeleyes* Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross, Adren Ahroun Gnawer. Have you been briefed on the situation here?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((*grin* No, you're just the all purpose generic bitch, Twomoons-p))

Steeleyes: *shakes head*..i saw something goingon last night..and ben told a moots tonight..but more then that no

Az Caligari: (Just a note..Bats has no idea of what's going on, he just felt a need to be here tonight, he's a little freaked)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): (((Okay, I'm blitzing for a few. *Poofs in a cloud of hippy smoke*))

Latisha Sturgis: *Comes out of Wren's car ((Where's the moot going to be?))*

Scratch: *keeps watching quietly, waiting for some indication that things have begun.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Steeleyes, her face grim* We are at war right now. Our Grand Elder fell in battle two nights ago. I'm the replacement. If you stay, you will be expected to fight.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((The moot will be here))

Ari Ford: *finds what she hopes is a good seat*

Az Caligari: *Can almost feel the sadness dripping all around him, chugs his beer and pops another, lighting a smoke and looking around*..hi everyone.

Latisha Sturgis: ((Danke))

Az Caligari: (*Huggles a B-Fly*)

Graffiti Decorations: *coughing again comes from the van then a soft humming*

Steeleyes: i see..*streghtens up* can count on me..oh and thing..*whispers then looks away ashamed*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: (Ritchie would be present, I might fall offline before half of the moot is done.. but both would be present)

Latisha Sturgis: *She sits on the hood of a car, looking about*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods to Steeleyes* Then I trust you know what ta do ta keep yer ass outta sight. The moot will start in about an hour, make yerself comfortable.

Scratch: *makes note..about an hour. Lisa and Vinny should be around by then.*

Ari Ford: *getting comfy...wondering how packed the place will be*

Steeleyes: was kinda hopeing to stay here acually..*smiles* and sure..noproblem. thanks rhya..*backsup and finds a place to sit*

Az Caligari: (*Gets yummily assulted and huggles a bella-p*)

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~A young woman drops out of the umbra next to the CoG Van~ (DD on request)

Simone Miura: Enters the jy, a moot is something important, so she was told, so here she is, makes her way through the maze.

Ari Ford: *smiles and waves to Sydney*

Steeleyes: *settlesonto apile..adjusting his glasses*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *eyes sweep the caern, lighting finally on Scratch. When she catches his eye, she nods for him to come to her*

Scratch: *tilts his head and walks over to the holding van, looking inside*

Scratch: *changes directions to Danni* Yes?

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Ari and waves a bit also~ G-goodevening....whats da good word?

Latisha Sturgis: *her gaze never turns on the holding van. She just looks around at everyone else*

Az Caligari: *ips his beer and shuts his yap, heading for the spot his hearse used to be*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looking at Scratch* When can you meet with me and Jube and Medea?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Hops out of Wrens car, quietly padding into the gathering area*

Simone Miura: She steps out of the maze and looks around.

Ari Ford: *shrugs to Sydney a little* Just waiting for this shindig to get underway... *a small chuckle*

Scratch: Any time you'd like. *said plainly, hands going into his pockets*

Simone Miura: ~Some may say she is an exotic creature, with the mixture of her warm Mediterranean complexion, dark brown hair, European feature of a slim nose and high cheekbones and eyes that speak of the orient not only in their shape but also in color. They are an imperial jade green, a subdued grayish green; an unusual color to say the least. She is slim of build, toned body, graceful without working at it. Perhaps she is a dancer? Her make-up is minimal, if she wears any at all. If one had to guess... they would put her in her late teens or early twenties. -- She is dressed in faded blue jeans, a knit top, a flannel lines denim jacket and hiking boots, her hair is down loose and fall to about the middle of her back.~ ( )

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ((*grabs her long tag to make life simple*))

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *sits not so far away from Ari.. keeping silent watch*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: ((Doh... almost forgot someone))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Tomorrow, then? I don't want to try, tonight. *speaking quietly with Scratch*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **steps from the sweat-lodge, wearing only his leather pants. His upper torso is covered in pictograms of his breed (Metis), Auspice (theurge), Tribe (Uktena), deed name, the rites and gifts he knows))

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): (( the '))' on the end of last post is suposed to be '**' ))

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *nods and waves to Threat*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Why? Yer welcome ta stay, ya know that.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Yup, am i. ~She takes a seat on the ground next to the van and yawns a bit~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *Angeline stiffly walks into the caern's gathering area from the main gate after going through the entire routine with the guards on duty.. Diana rubs her eyes as she crawls out of the cub den, she looks like she hasn't been sleeping well..*

Simone Miura: She stands off to the side, remain on the outer edges of the clearing.

Graffiti Decorations: *soft singing eminates from the van*

Ari Ford: *waves to Diana*

Steeleyes: *looks at all the people..inches back alittle..being the newcomer*

Az Caligari: *Strolls down memory lane, lost in thought as he sips beer and smoke quietly. Sees Danni and waves as he wonders where Dave is. He owes his bro a lot of beers and he came prepared* (Like I said Bats is oblivious to whats going on, he just got back from Canada today)

Sydney Milligan (CoG): (BRB)

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Andrea walks in, sitting by Nic's old van*

Scratch: Garou politics and such. I don't want to be involved. Not my place. And..some other reasons. It's not right and not good that I be here. I'll be out in the bawn making sure no one sneaks up on you.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **nods to Tish as he slipps on the leather shirt/vest & his bracers**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: Diana: Hi hi Ari!*she waves to Ari, offering a happy friendly smile despite the butterflies she feels in her stomach.. tonight's the night all these months of training will pay off*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *spies Az, and nods to him a little, glad to see that David's call is bringing them out of the woodwork. Az might notice that Danni doesn't look like she's slept much, recently, she's rather haggard*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: Tish: *smiles to Threat*

Ari Ford: Come sit with me? *pats the bucket next to her, looking hopefully at Diana*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She pushes herself up slowly and moves over towards the van were they are holding Graffiti, looks about slowly~ I can like talk to him right? ~Not sure who to ask~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: Ang: *she takes a seat by her bow's niche, briefly wondering what's going to happen to her tonight..*

Simone Miura: Look toward 'prison' van and moves over that way.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Sydney> he doesn't exsit to you...* a stern voice, still creepy-calm**

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *glancing to Sydney at her question* No. 

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: DI: *she nods, shifting the weight of her backpack on her shoulder* Sure. *she smiles as she walks over to ari, taking a seat beside her* Well.. tonight's the night.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Looks over at Threat for a moment~ Excuse me, but I have a right to speak with him....~Tilts her head a bit~ Do you wish to stop me? On what grounds?

Az Caligari: *Notices Danni's sleepless look and slowly walks toward her, smiling, arms outstretched* Hey Danni, you look awful, are you okay kiddo?

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Danni for a moment and frowns a little~ Danni-ryha, please, I just wish to give him Gaia's Blessings before all of this...its what I want, he is a friend.

Ari Ford: I know. *she sighs* I'm scared to death. *has her backpack at her feet*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *cocks her head in Sydney's general direction.. then glances at Ari instead, watching her for the moment*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: THAT is NO one's friend... *almost a snarl, even in homid, at Sydney* Stay away from him.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Sydney>> He has renocened he is Garou, take the consaquences if you wish...**strides to the ET car hood slipping on his Trench**

Scratch: Danni>>Garou politics and such. I don't want to be involved. Not my place. And..some other reasons. It's not right and not good that I be here. I'll be out in the bawn making sure no one sneaks up on you.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Az, realizing he doesn't know* Shit...

Steeleyes: *looks over at the van..wonders what happend*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods to Scratch* Thanks, then... I'll catch up with you tomorrow, sometime... ((What time is good for you?))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she smiles a bit* I think you'll do fine Ari. Do you know what tribe you will belong to after this?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Eric walks in from the maze in his usual attire, wearing headphones and jamming to the music, singing to himself* /// *Mike Slips in from the Umbra, looks around and takes a seat on a junkpile away from everyone else*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She frowns a bit at Danni for a moment and shakes her head~ Is that a order ryha? Because if its a request i'm going to ignore it....~She tilts her head~ Please, I don't care what your doing to him, just let me talk to him one last time....I beg you. ~Eyes Pleading~

Graffiti Decorations: *calls out* renounced being garou?! silent striders are anruth.. and they are not garou? i believe that you have mistaken my words for ronin, i will never go ronin, i would never disgrace myself to that level.

Ari Ford: *she nods* I'm Gnawer born, so they tell me. *grins a little* I've been asked to join a pack, if I make it through my rite.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Pats the hood next to her for Threat*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: I don't make requests, not where that filth is concerned. Leave him be, Sydney.

Az Caligari: *Hugs Danni* I haven't been sleeping much either, fuckin' nightmares and shit, where's my bro at?

Scratch: I'll be around...unless I'm dead or Lisa tells me to go away again. ((I'm online pretty much all day))

Simone Miura: Hears Danni and wince slightly.. stops where she is, looking over at the van. Nope she doesn't understand all of this.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she smiles again* So that means that we might be sent on the same Rite then.. they may or may not do that though.

Scratch: *hears Graffiti's comments, then turns to Danni* If you let him out into the city, I'll make sure he never bothers you again.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Eric looks around and heads over to his usual spot by the fire, turning the MP3 player off and slipping off the headphones*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *stands stiffly as Az hugs her, and pushes him away gently, speaking first to Scratch* I'll see you tomorrow, then. *and looks back at Az* David's dead.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Very well ryha, but I formally protest...and I will make it known when the time comes at the moot. ~She turns slowly and walks away towards the CoG Van, not angry at all, just disapointed~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang is just sitting there, looking very withdrawn from what's going on around her*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Mike Sits silently and watches the going ons*

Ari Ford: *brightens a little* They might send us together?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *smiles that rather disturbing smile she can have at Scratch* He'll be released...he just has to make it to the gate, remember?

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **simply ingornes Graffiti...leaning on the hood next to Tish, liting a clove cigg**

Scratch: *starts to head for the gate* I'll be waiting.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *watches Sydney...this isn't the first time the girl has challenged authority...this goes on that mental list she has started to keep*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *lays her head on Threat's shoulder* How are you Beta?

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she nods a yes* They might. They sent the last pack of cubs out together last time.. except for Justin he was sent to his tribal homeland in the umbra while the others went off to kill a pack of Wyrmy things.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Notes Danni's look and raises her hands up a bit~ No worries ryha...k? ~Looks at her hopefully~

Ari Ford: *sighs* I hope they don't send us to the umbra...that place scares me, still.

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *listens to the talk between Ari and Diana*

Az Caligari: *It doesn't seem to regiter as he smirks at her and takes a swig of beer, but the tone of her voice, the look in her eyes brings it home...His face slackens as his jaw drops. His dark eyes widen in shock, tears forming. He drops his beer.*

Simone Miura: Turns her gaze away from the van.. sees Eric, bites her lower lip.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *just turns her eyes from Sydney to Az*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *grips Az's arm, HARD* Buck up, I need you.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Tish>> my health is **as smoke sepps from his nose**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she chuckles a bit* Well.. I feel the opposite actually. I really hope they do send us into the Umbra, I love it there. It's my favorite place to be.. I would love to go back home and watch the Northern Lights from the Umbra..

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: Threat> I'm pretty good. Jonesing for another mission, to keep busy

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Eric sits there, still nodding his head to the songs that were playing, now stuck in his head, smiling and nodding to any who look his way* ///*Mike still just sits there and watches the others*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Watches Danni for a moment, and simply lets it go, knowing it would be out of her place to make any more of this situation, she sighs a bit, she climbs up the side ot the CoG Van and sits down on the top of it, her feet dangling off the edge, she just waits about for the moot to start~ (BRB)

Ari Ford: *looks at Diana in disbelief* Did you know there's somewhere in there called the Realm of Atrocity? What if you stumbled in there by mistake?

Scratch: *finds a seat by the gates*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Tish> I know what you mean...this waiting has drivening me to two packs a day.....

Steeleyes: *rumages in his duffle bag..sighs and closes it..leans back ajusting his mirrored sunglases*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She chuckles and nuzzles him a little* They smell good... but you should cut down... soon we'll have something to do.

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *takes a moment to just lean back and .. relax, maybe take a small nap before the moot begins*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she nods a yes to ari* I know there is such a place in the Umbra.. but there is always a bad spot that you would never want to get into anywhere you go. It's kinda like a really bad neighborhood at night. It may scare you and you'll avoid it at all costs.. but if you get trapped there, you'll do whatever it takes to get back out again.

Az Caligari: *Feels like he's falling into the abyss for an instant, like the world just died, Danni hand and words bring him back. If she can be strong through this, he'll be fucked with a chainsaw if he's gonna break down. He looks to her, his eyes burning, his jaw tight. His voice is gritty and low* Who are we gonna kill, Danni?

Ari Ford: That's not encouraging, Diana.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **rests an arm on Tish's shoulder** I will...when we have something to way or another I must be occupied....

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *a grim smile for Az* Every fucking one of them. Hang tight for the moot, you'll learn more.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: Threat> Beta, can I ask you something... and you be absolutely honest with me?

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She emerges from her van, an expression of concentration on her face as she ponders silently. She's perhaps 30 years old, an average-heighted woman of mixed race, and attractive, if somewhat exotic features. Her hair is red and shoulder-length frizzy shot through with a few threads of gray, beaded, braided, and held back by a black bandanna, framing a somewhat thin, sharply-featured and darkly tanned face. Her frame is thin, tending toward wiry muscle, though the brown calf-length jacket hanging over top is so large it makes her appear tiny. Underneath it, she wears an ash-gray t-shirt, faded camo-patterned pants, and brown boots with red laces. Around her neck is a short, silvery necklace with a charm, and a longer leather thong with a pendant.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *relaxes a bit, seeing Sandy*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Tish> aye...I am truthful to a fault....

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Contiunes to watch all of this quietly, she lays back after a moment, staring up at the sky~

Richard Blackstone: ((has anybody on the list recieved a post from me either today or tomorrow?))

Simone Miura: She pushes herself off the pile of junk, glance toward the van that house Danni, then turns to Eric and walks over toward him.

Shocks-the-Wyrm: (Rich.. nope.. not that I'm aware of)

Richard Blackstone: ((okay...I'm out of it, I meant today or yesterday))

Scratch: ((Nope Rich)) *he nods to anyone who enters at the gate*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: Threat> Good. *nuzzles* Do I disappoint you?

Richard Blackstone: ((alrighty is there a new address that the list e-mails need to go to or what))

Jennifer DeMaris: ~Her eyes scan around the gathering area as she stands there, she shakes her head a bit, and moves quietly over towards the fire barrel, she rather suprised by the large amount of people at the still around at this hour, maybe it has something to do with

Az Caligari: *Nods to Danni, eminating strength with all hi being...and dying inside.* ...He was my brother...I loved him Danni...we'll get the fuckers. **He swallows hard, nods to her and looks around, popping a beer*

Richard Blackstone: ((my computer says they've been sent but I usually get them back))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di:*she shrugs again* I don't know. But, if I wander into the Realm of Atrocities, I think I would try to learn what I could from it before I tried to leave.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Eric turns a little to watch Simone approach, smiling at her* ((Richard> What's yer e-mail? So I can check to see if I did quick))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Az, then turns to gesture to Sandy*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She immediately heads over toward Danni.* (Richard - Are you spelling it right? Or, more specifically, are you spelling it *wrong*? It's, not junkcAErn. *grins* Mira was really tired when she made the list...)

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Tish> well I havent seen you do a damn thing that your suposed to as a PeaceKeeper....simply..yes....

Ari Ford: *shudders a little* I'll avoid it altogether, myself. *then giggles a little* Maybe it's better if we don't go on the same rite.

Simone Miura: Rich> ( It's the same listbot as before.. you can try rejoining the list. there is the sign-up box on the JY Table of Contents page, near the bottom of the page.)

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She nods* All right.

Richard Blackstone: ((yes I'm spelling it wrong...and also I have replied to messages I have recieved...the address I use is

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Sandy* When you have time, I need you to come to the shop and help me dismantle Dave's workshop. There's things in there I don't dare touch without a theurges help.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di:*she chuckles again* May be. We'll see what happens.

Az Caligari: *Lights a smoke and walks to a shadowy corner, noticbly shaken*

Richard Blackstone: ((now has anybody else sent a message out either today or last night and already had it posted???))

Az Caligari: (Pardon my spelling tonight folk, I's tired ;)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Nope, I didn't get anything))

Ari Ford: *she nods* And now we sit and wait.

Steeleyes: ((which yahoo group is the junkyard??))

Simone Miura: Eric> ~jp~ "Hello, Eric.." she says softly, even though he has headphones on.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She nods slowly* I can do that, si. Is there anything that cannot wait until after...immediate concerns are eliminated?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((He took the headphones off before he sat down* ~jp~ Hello Simone.. How are you?

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *tail down, almost draging. the wolf looks...dirty. unkempt, as if it is no longer grooming itsself. ears flat as it pads near a car and lays down head down and pressed to the ground*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *shakes her head* No... I just want it done before I bring Lilly home. She doesn't need to be pawing through stuff. *sighs, combing her hair out of her face* And we need to decide what becomes of the Banebiters, San.

Alexander Goodwill: *He steps through the Velvet Curtain behind a large pile of junk, his eyes closing briefly while he refocus's himself to this side of the world. Afterwards, he makes his way around the pile of junk and into the gathering area silently.*

Alexander Goodwill: *An old military trench coat rests about his large body, helping to prevent the chilly winter wind from reaching his body too much. Looking to be somewhere in his early-thirties at rough estimate, dark green eyes taking in the sight of his surroundings. Medium length dirty blonde hair with small streaks of premature gray hair rests just above his ears while a roughly kept goatee rests along his chin bones, also streaked with spots of gray hair. A thin scar can be seen slipping along the right side of his face, just barely missing the eye socket. *

Az Caligari: *Hits the shadows and quietly cries, in shock and in mourning for his lost brother*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di:*she nods* Yup. There is alot of things involved in a moot. You have the opening howl, the call of the wyld, the cracking of the bone, and so forth.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Steeleyes - Richard >'re on the list. You could always try unsubscribing and then resubscribing, sometimes that helps.)

Jennifer DeMaris: ~She takes a moment, then moves over towards Danni very very slowly, she waits a moment then finally speaks~ Ryha? I aloud to watch the moot? ~Looks about a bit, not really knowing the rules for that~

Simone Miura: (The top one "junkcearn")

Ari Ford: *she nods* Twomoons-rhya was telling me how it went last night.

Richard Blackstone: ((So I'm the only one experiencing this problem...well that really sucks))

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *for no reason, lifts her head and lets out a long, very very pitful, sad, soul wrenching howl. anyone who knows wolfspeek will hear davids name inthe howl.. calling for him. wanting to know where he is*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Jennifer, and nods...* Yeah... Just don' speak outta turn.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She hugs Threat* Why haven't you mentioned it before?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *glances toward Brandy, her own eyes mirroring her grief for a moment before she erases it from her face* Damn wolf...

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *ears perk listening for his return howl.....*

Jennifer DeMaris: Don't speak out of turn got it. Am I aloud to speak at all? ~She glances about at the people here then back at Danni~

Simone Miura: Eric> (Oops missed that) ~jp~ "As alright as I can be. things do not look so well for Danny." she remains standing, not sure if she should sit down with him.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *she walks up to the junkyard gates and waves a greeting to guards on duty there, waiting a moment as they let her in before she walks through the maze on the only safe path she was taught.*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *glances across to the wolfkin, one thing for the garou.. another thing for the poor critter to mourn. and beckons Brandy over* .. here girl.. come here..

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *looks to danni with a lost look. The wolf can't understand why he wont answer*

Scratch: *hears the howl from the gate. He shifts his weight a bit and just goes back to playing guard rat*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *just looks at shocks and lays her head back down. ears flat again*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Nods to Simone* ~jp~ Yeah, I hear that.. caught part of the conversations after I took my headphones off..

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): Tish> Not my place...thats the Alphas job..I voice my consernes to Lash...witch I planed on doing to night actually...** he hugs back, but not to much, he is smokeing a clove**

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *to Jennifer* It depends. There'll be a place for speaking up, you'll know when.

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *pushes up from her seat and walks across to brandy instead*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Another slow nod* You're's not going to be good for a child to get into... *She pauses, considering that last.* The pack did not die with David. I won't let it. *A slight frown, of worry and maybe a little discomfort.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: It is really cool to watch a moot. *she smiles again.. until she hears brandy's sad howl, biting her lower lip for a moment* oh dear..

Steeleyes: *looks around..feeling the sadness*

Jennifer DeMaris: ~Nods slowly to Danni and backs away from her and then moves away quickly, finding a place to sit by herself for the moment~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods agreement with Sandy* Then we need to decide about the alpha situation, don't we? It gets a little weird... *sighs* Can you help me run this thing t'night, San? My brain's goin' a billion different directions...

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She nods and releases him* ALl right. I wish you would come to me directly sometimes though

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang: *she just sighs, waving to lex when she notices him*yo.

Ari Ford: *looks over to the wolf, her smile fading as well, but continues her conversation with Di* This is my first one...

Alexander Goodwill: *His head lifts for a moment when the howl is heard over the sounds of people talking here and there. He pauses there for a moment before continuing on towards the rusted out shell of a hood he normally leans against, settling against it once he does so.*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *just rolls onto her side whineing soflty*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *she finds her way to the gathering area, looking about to see if danny's here, walking over to eric when she spots him*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*keeps control of himself at brandy's howl, doesn't even manage to slip a blink.. still smiling at Simone* ///(Mike)*Looks over at Brandy, tilting his head a little, the looks around at the rest of the gathered for their reactions*

Az Caligari: *The occasional empty beer can clanking off cars can be heard from Az's shadowy corner*

: Moot today? 

Simone Miura: Eric> Her expression is a troubled one, ~jp~ "It all seems so severe.. one wound think this was the yakuza." the only comparison she could think of.

Brandy(BG kin wolf): (umm is davids body visible?)

Richard Blackstone: ((okay now the less important stuff, anybody recently do their own or consider themselves highly intelligent that want to help me with a question on my college application?))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she nods* it's kinda hard to believe i've been here for so long.

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Snoogans))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Hey, just got an email on the list from "Wulfman Jack"...working now.))

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *hunkers down next to the wolf and sighs, threading fingerless-leathergloved hands through Brandy's ragg* .. shhh.. come here girl..

Az Caligari: (Shoot Richard..)

: ((WAIT:: DAVIS'S BODY??!!!!...)) 

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *just looks up and lays her head back as shocks pets her.. whineing*

Alexander Goodwill: *He simply settles himself against the rusted out hood quietly, not speaking to anyone and only nodding to one person, Eric. A new pack of cigarette are dug out of his coat pocket, packing them against the palm of his other hand.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Nods to Simone*~jp~ Yeah, but ya gotta understand, what he did is a very rare thing.. And it isn't taken lightly..

Scratch: ((Yeah. It's on an unlit pyre in the ritual circle)) *remains sitting on a barrel outside the gate, watching the comings and goings, nodding to anyone he knows*

Ari Ford: How long have you been here? *tilting her head at Di, curiously*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles and nods to Kurume and the Lex after spotting him by his hood*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): (oh man. ok)*laying there still.. then lifts her head..sniffing. Something catches it. The wolf starts to pad twords the Pyre. Whineing louder*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *even the creatures need a little comfort, and she plops down on the gound next to Brandy, shifting lupus form, a black-grey wolf with a lengthy scar running up her left flank, disappearing to her belly fur, and nuzzles Brandy quietly*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di:Since before Halloween.

Simone Miura: She finally sits down next to Eric, scooting close.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She tilts her head a little.* I can help tonight. I can at least lead the ritual parts that must be done. *A soft exhalation, almost a dry laugh.* I think that will settle itself tonight in one way or another. Es verdad... *She pauses, and tilts her head to the side showing her throat, and makes an odd little growling, whining sound...sort of an abbreviated wolfish show of submission.* You are Alpha. *Her expression is a bit tired, but she means it quite seriously.*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *oblivious to shocks, and everyone. The wolfs walk gets faster as she goes twords the pyre*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Tooo much blue aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! New color!))

Ari Ford: *blinks at Di, then looks down guiltily*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *she sits down near eric, pulling out and booting up her laptop*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Steps out of the CoGvan, wearing his best dedicated outfit- a clean white tee-shirt, jeans and a gold chain. If you could see his chest hair, he'd look so stereotypically Italian that it wouldn't be funny.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she looks confused for a moment* What's wrong?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Sandy, her eyes showing her sadness at that, for some reason* You're still my beta, then.

Steeleyes: sees more people.. inches further back..feeling WAY outside his place now

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *huffs and trots back to Ari, planting herself in between the girl's legs instead*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Watches Brandy head for the pyre, shaking his head*

Ari Ford: *shrugs uncomfortably* I've been here...maybe a month at most. Less, I think. I just feel like I'm being put ahead of people who've been here longer, worked harder...

Simone Miura: She nods to Eric, ~jp~ "I suppose in a way I understand, but.. I never thought I would know anyone that would... possibly be killed for a mistake."

Ari Ford: *smiles a little, petting Shocks, not realizing it's the woman from before* Hey there...

Alexander Goodwill: *The plastic from around the pack of cigarettes is stuffed back into his coat pocket while he pulls one out and lights it up. His feral green eyes remain on Eric for a moment, providing a soft smile to the man who may or may not be taking the Grand Elders death hard. He barely know's him. Both of his arms then move to cross over his broad chest, leaning there quietly.*

Richard Blackstone: ((Sandy, I had to repost the message from yahoo...I guess if that works it's what I'll have to do))

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Devin waits anxiously in the flat bed truck waiting for justice to be layed on down*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *she merely falls quiet, looking about, still sitting close to Threat*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: Don't worry about it Ari. You've worked very hard to get where you are. If Jason-rhya thinks you're ready to go then you are probably ready to go.

Ari Ford: *mumbled* I wish ~I~ thought I was ready to go...

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She shakes her head a bit.* I'm not fit to lead anyone. You are. *She doesn't look all that happy, either...but resigned.*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *Looking up sniffing at the base of the pyre. Whineing louder paceing*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles at Simone and puts an arm around her shoulders, hugging her with it once* ~jp~ Death is something we deal with, and deal out everyday.. It's waht we're made for.. Even myself.. We kill without regret, without shame, without sorrow.. Some of us even like doing it..

Alexander Goodwill: *HIs feral green eyes move to look towards Steeleyes for a moment, a newer face here. Atleast one he hasn't seen in his short month or so of having belonged to this Sept.*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *wuffles* ~ws~ when you do your Rite of Passage, Ari of the Gnawers, you shall think with your head and heart.. and act thus after.. that way, you will make it, no matter how complicated it might be..

Ari Ford: *realizes who Shocks is now, and blushes a little, but smiles* Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): ((That always works might be worth doing for a while, though definitely keep trying to post through email...sometimes Yahoo just craps out on you.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: We'll talk more about it later, San. *looking around, realizing the caern has filled up*

Richard Blackstone: *wakes in what is left of the car he visously destroyed last night and checks to see if anyone placed there names on his note*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *once her laptop is booted up she quickly opens up a program and starts typing, the result is an odd sounding voice from her laptop.. she still hasn't fiddled with the voice sound yet* eric> "Is there any way to adjust the voice on this?"

Steeleyes: Alexander:*notices the glace..smiles friedly..but seems alittle nervous*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Returns, looking moot-spiffy. Tie-die shirt, jeans, hemp choker*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *paces and then stops, laying down at the foot of the pyre, whineing loudly*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Sits up slowly, pushing heself up with her elbows, and looks about, looks over at Jason~ Evening....

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she smiles again* I think you'll do fine. *she whistles the tune of one of her favorite songs that she is often heard singing, over the hills and far away*

Ari Ford: *nods to Twomoons-rhya, a bit nervously*

Jennifer DeMaris: ~She stands up slowly and makes her way into the maze~

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods at Syd* Game on kids...

Alexander Goodwill: *The faintest of grins touchs the mans broad features at seeing the man's slight nervousness, simply nodding his head again to the man. He takes another drag off of his cigarette, exhaling it into the night air afterwards.*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: ~ws~ you're welcome.. *nuzzles quietly, whilst watching Brandy*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Eric looks over at Simone* Yeah, there's a website address written on the disk.. Just go there and you can download stuff for it.. I just put the basics on the disk for ya

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Kids? ~Looks at him for a long moment~ Got a few before this starts? ~Leaps off the van, moving over to him~ I got a favor to ask....

Richard Blackstone: *he looks around in homid for a while and sees Danni, deciding that an apology is most definately necessary he approaches her*

Simone Miura: She looks up into Eric's eyes, ~jp~ "Right now I wish I never found out about my 'other' family," this is tearing her up inside.. from feeling of anger and outrage to some semblance of understanding of what's going to happen. She want to hate them all, but can she really say they are wrong if this is the way things have be for centeries? the battle of emotion rages on within her.

Steeleyes: *adjusts his mirrored sunglasses..grumbles to himself*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Er Kurume, not Simone *Selfslap*))

Az Caligari: (got the boot, please repost iif need be..Shanks kidz! ;)

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *Quetly lays there at the foot of the pyre, a lump of fur with a tail that lays in the dirt..not moveing just laying there whineing very softly*

Ari Ford: *pets Shocks absently, lost in her own thoughts for a moment*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *A short nod at Danni's comment...yeah, later would have to do...and she walks off to the side to gather up a few things for the Moot Rite.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Sandy* Let's get this show on the road.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Syd>>yeah. Shoot.

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Alright now remember people the Opening Howl and Calling of the Wyld is done IN THE UMBRA...*the whole moot should be in the Umbra actually*))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*His smile fades some as he nods to Simone* ~jp~ I understand.. You found out with the wrong person though.. I'm sorry.. I'll do what I can to show you we have our good qualities too

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *she nods, quickly typing-"speaking"* "Thank you. I'll see what I can do.. maybe I can get this thing to sound like I wanna sound like."

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *she appears from the heaps and sits for the moot*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *eyes closed the wolf sleeps pressed as close to the pyre as she can*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Ah but David believed the cracking of the Bone should be available to kin with grievances)

Richard Blackstone: *He approaches Danni and waits patiently to be recognized*

Alexander Goodwill: *He looks back to Steeleyes again and lifts the cigarette he's smoking from just a little, as if offering the man one. With the man's seeming nervous nature, he's likely new, atleast in his mind.*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (But anyway hes dead LoL...things may change)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: di: *she spots jason and waves nervously to him, although her tone sounds about normal for di.. she just looks like she hasn't slept very well lately* Hi hi Jason-rhya!

Scratch: *remains on guard at the gate...guarding both in and out.*

Az Caligari: *another empty beer can clangs in the shadows, the orange ember of a cigarette can be seen every so often*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Speaks to Jason quietly~

Az Caligari: (brb)

Simone Miura: Eric> ~jp~ "I didn't mean... I... I'm glad I met you.. It's just...," she falls silent.

Steeleyes: *looks at the cig..shakes head no*..umm thanks but i dont smoke..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *waves Richard off...whatever he wants will wait till after the moot*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *remains in her lupusform, halfhidden in the mask of Ari's legs*

Elandra: 13 years old with short black hair, which seems to be growing now, falling over her eyes and slightly down to her shoulders, one blue eye, the other almost gray, and tanned skin from been to much in the sun. Wearing jeans and a deep gray sweater, a necklace, which is a piece of circuit board with the glyph of Luna on it, and a black armband on her right. A Black leather collar hides it end under the sweater. Walks really silently to the gathering*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Sandy's leading the Rite, as the MotR...the Cracking of the Bone will be in the "real world". By the way, since I have'nt done this in a while, anyone got a book and page number on the order of everything for the Moot? I tend to mix shit up.)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Gives Di the universal handsignal for 'hang loose' whilst talking to Syd*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *returns to the gathering dressed in white, white long skirt white long sleeved shirt and I large celtic knot work pendant around her neck her hair undone shows a largeish chuck is missing as she wait in the umbra near David's pyre for the moot to start*

Alexander Goodwill: Are you new here? *He speaks in his deep, almost gruff tone to Steeleyes. He's polite enough to blow the smoke in a different direction then the man once he hears that atleast.*

Az Caligari: (back)

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Kristen>>I got it in my head...))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *both arrive not together and wait in the umbra for the moot to start*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *hurries into the caern*

Steeleyes: ((sandy:page 92 players guide))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Medea, glad to see her*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (*bows* Hey I don't have a character to lead this thing anymore...but my services as ST are open....*looks up page number*)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles at Simone and gives her another one armed hug*~jp~ It's okay.. take a time out from your thoughts and relax for a while.. You don't have to explain yourself to me, and you don't have to apologize to me.. I was pretty strung out after my first change.. I undertsand what you're going through..

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang: *she looks over to bella, waving a hello* hi.

Steeleyes: alex: yea..just arrived feeling outa place you know..((need a DD?))

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *just laying pressed up aganst davids pyre*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Danni, crossing to her and resting a hand on her shoulder, speaking to her quickly and quietly*

Elandra: *Breaths couple of times, thinking on something, then walks closer, looking around, somewhat lost, looking for someone familiar, so ends up near Eric, silently*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *bella looks at ang no smile, just a nod her eye red form crying.. her face pale*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods, speaking to Syd* A'ight peaceout, we got stuff to do. *heads over to Medea* Let's doodis.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Returns from her 'Junked-Caddy-O'-Shtuff' with a brown paper bag in one hand, moving toward the ritual area, and waiting for everyone to gather up in a circle.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *head together with Medea, talking quietly while Sandy a makes ready*

Alexander Goodwill: ((If ya could please. I'll drop mine after this post.)) *Another faint, almost wolfish smirk touchs his broad features as he nods his head.* I understand that feeling. Ive only been here about a month. *He turns to the man, offering a large hand to him.* Alexander "Power-Surge" Goodwill, Homid Fostern Theurge of the Walkers.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She nods slowly at Jason for a moment~ I'm not worried about the spirital bargaining ryha...but if you are willing to teach it then i'm fine with that as well. ~Nods her head at Jason, then she looks about at the others here, waiting~

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Puck is sitting exactly where he's been for two and a half straight days. He has very deep circles under his eyes, having not slept a wink in nearly 72 hours. He los starting to look a little gaunt and is still wearing the bloodied and shredded at the side jersey he wore the first day.. He shakes his head, coming to from zoning out for a while*

Alexander Goodwill: *An old military trench coat rests about his large body, helping to prevent the chilly winter wind from reaching his body too much. Looking to be somewhere in his early-thirties at rough estimate, dark green eyes taking in the sight of his surroundings. Medium length dirty blonde hair with small streaks of premature gray hair rests just above his ears while a roughly kept goatee rests along his chin bones, also streaked with spots of gray hair. A thin scar can be seen slipping along the right side of his face, just barely missing the eye socket. *

Az Caligari: *another beer can hits randon junk*

Richard Blackstone: *Stands behind Danni, still waiting to be acknowledged*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *smiles to Jace, too...glad to have them around her, right now*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: gwen-*sit there smoking just kind of chilling*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Goes with the flow, collecting once she sees others collecting~

Simone Miura: She nods to Eric, leaning into the one arm hug, she doesn't say anything, nor does she relax as her internal battle continues.

Elandra: *Looks up to Eric* not much...*shrugs somewhat, taking a look around*.. think

Scratch: *eyes scan the street and the buildings*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *tatianna goes and stands near bella lending quiet support*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *when sandy walks over to the circle, di stands, drifting towards that area, angeline carefully gets back up to her feet and stiffly gets into position*

Az Caligari: *Emerges from the shadows, beer in hand, smoke inte other...Looking torn and just plain fucked, but he's trying to look strong, he really is*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *just looks about*

Elandra: *Looks at Bella, and speaks up to Eric* wouldn't we have to move there? *as per aorudn the ritual circle*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles at Simone and kisses her forhead* ~jp~ It'll be okay.. *Looks back at Elandra* ~english~Have a sit and chill.. This is Simone *Gestures with his free hand to Simone* Simone, this is Elandra

Alexander Goodwill: *His feral green eyes move to look towards Shocks when he looks in the pairs direction, taking in the sight of the man and offering a polite nod before turning back to Steeleyes with a polite smile on his broad features.* Have you introduced yourself yet? *Looking towards Danni and then back to him.* I believe that is who you are supposed to do so for the time being.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Alright, all good on things, thanks to everyone's help. *G*)

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **with a vast ritual knowledge...he gets up from the car hood and takes his place**

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *Teigan is a tall (6' 4"),tanned, well muscled young woman in her apparent late teens. She moves with a quick, focused stride and her intense green eyes scan the area thoroughly, very aware of her surroundings. Her golden hair is cropped short and she's wearing a white tank top under a faded green flannel with the sleeves rolled up, revealing a Celtic knotwork tatoo on her left upper arm, the right one containing a dark green tattoo of the Fianna glyph. A dark green sash with white Celtic knotwork is tied around her waist, just under her a raggedy knotted scar across her midriff. In cooler weather, she's seen wearing a battered old brown leather jacket with knotwork and odd buttons decorating it, and underneath this she conceals her klaive. Worn jeans and brown leather boots complete her ensemble, along with a white gold chain from which hangs a claddagh ring.*(PB3, mark of the predator)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *She looks at the sept Garou...not her sept...shes only here for tribal reasons. Feels way out of place*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Heads to the edge of the circle*

Alexander Goodwill: I believe we are close to beginning though sir, so if you will excuse me. Perhaps we could talk afterwards. *And after another brief nod of his head to Steeleyes, he begins to make his way over towards Eric.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Stands and walks over to the gathering, off to the side so he has a clear view and isn't crowded*

Teigan O'Ifearnain: (and Riley's there as well, just not up to multitasking)

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Hadrian is already waiting in the Umbra for the show to get on the road*

Alexander Goodwill: ((*chuckles* Sorry about that. Hard to pay attention with so many peeps about.))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Sandy raises her voice above the din of quiet talk.* All who can, to the Umbra for the beginnings of the Rite proper. Kin are welcome to stay for the Cracking of the Bone, where all of the Sept may speak, and...for the Gathering for the Departed. *So saying, she Steps Sideways.*

Elandra: *Follows Eric, not sure where she ought to stand at right now, so staying near him*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *Ang drifts towards where puck and bella are, softly touching puck's shoulder when she's close enough*

Steeleyes: *nods* yea..she seems..troubled..notlike i blame her...shes just ben shoved to the top of the pile

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods, looking around to make sure the cubs are ready for this...slowly getting his own game face on*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Danni as she takes a step back* All right. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up. *looks over at Twomoons* Sorry.

Ari Ford: *steps sideways*

Simone Miura: Looks up at Elandra when Eric introduces her.. ~jp~ "Hello Elandra," then she realizes she said that in japanese and repeats when she said in English, "Hello, Elandra."

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks over the caern one more time, then steps*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *goes umbra...ends up sitting about where she was anyway*

Alexander Goodwill: *Once he reachs Eric, he turns to listen to what Sandy says and only after a moment or two does reconization settle into his broad features. Shortly after, he draws a small object from within his coat pocket and uses it to slip beyond the Velvet Curtain.*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Goes umbral, Andrea too*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: 8bella stand on the other side of puck standign with him only having left to change for the moot*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Sideways he rides, heading to his own place within the Umbral gathering*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di stares into her pendant and easily sidesteps. ang on the other hand has to look at a sidemirror before she tries to sidestep, it takes her a few moments*

Steeleyes: *nods 8ok talk to you later

Shocks-the-Wyrm: (np *l*) *hears Sandy and follows suite, slipping sideways, merely by concentrating*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *just kin so does not go sideways, mater of fact the wolf does not move. it just lays there back aganst the pyre*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Teigan, and moves over to her slowly~ Mind if I join ya for the moot? ~Offers a small smile~

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Sandy silently and steps sideways*

Elandra: *puzzled look to Simone when she wiggles something, then nods bit when she repeats in enghils what she said, smiles fianlty to her*

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *She takes out a small mirror and steps sideways*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Waiting a moment before the others to sidestep, then she does as well~

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Puck stays in the phsyical, not leaving his post*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): *went umbral as he step away from the hood**

Teigan O'Ifearnain: (or before, that...)* She looks up, expression more than a little moody, but it eases as she smiles to Sydney, tips a nod* Certainly, dear....

Elandra: *Looks up to Eric*

Steeleyes: *removes his glasses((any looking can NOW see why hes called steeleyes..his eyes are iris..just mirrors*..looks into his glasses and sidesteps

Simone Miura: Blinks as people start to disappear, a chill going down her spine.. that's just so damn eerie.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Doesn't go Umbral for Simone's benefit, stays where he is to keep an eye out for wyrmies as well*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *both step sides ways ,Tatianna not leaving bella's side*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *she looks to the simone and offers a friendly smile, fiddling with this voice program she was given*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She nods a bit to Teigan and she remains there quietly at her side, waiting for the moot to begin~

Elandra: *Shrugs when Eric doens sidestepps, looking around, still confused at this*

Alexander Goodwill: *A thick eyebrow archs for a moment at not noticing Eric appearing anywhere near him, glancing about from side to side. In doing so, he spots Gwen and offers a polite nod to her but remains silent.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Concentrates on a nearby carmirror, and side steps to the Umbra*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Straightening slowly, she takes a deep breath.* Who will lead the Howl?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles at Elandra* Go ahead chica, Lex and Gwen are there.. I'm staying ehre with Simone.. I'll do my own version of a howl..

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *She nods to Sydney and crosses her arms, glancing to each and every packmember around before looking on, quiet and content to watch the moot start*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *spots lex and heads over to him and stands near him needing his strength and the comfort she gets form being around him* Hey Lex

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *waiting*

Steeleyes: *steps back from everyone..having gone warform when he went umbral*

Az Caligari: I would, if I were permitted...*quietly*

Elandra: *Nods to Eric, searching in her cloths for the peace of mirrow she was given when taught to sidesteps* seeya later *look sup to Eric, and then sidestpes*

Simone Miura: Gives Eric a grateful smile, crossing her arms over her midsection sort of hugging herself.

Alexander Goodwill: *He offers a friendly enough smile to Gwen once she moves closer to him, leaning in close to whisper something to her very briefly, not wanting to disrupt anything.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Looks around, he'd start the howl if he thought it was his place.. but a more privileged person should*

Richard Blackstone: ((punches self and realizes that he is screwed...with his father out of town he cannot finish the application for his first choice school and the application deadline is tonight))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Stayin' loose, just kinda bouncing on his toes a little, trying not to put too much pressure on himself tonight.*

Ari Ford: *watching everyone...trying to keep up with what's happening*

Elandra: *Looks around, shrugns bit and walks near Gwen, silenlty*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Grins at Elandra, and then at Simone* Besides, someone neeeds to stay and keep an eye out in case anything happens..

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She nods to Az.* Then begin it.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *to crinos with di and ang*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *shifts up to Crinos slowly, in preparation*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: 8gives a nods to Az grate ful he is here she has missed him but now is not the time for happy reunions, mores the pity*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shifts up to Crinos, sucking in a deep breath*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Shifts up to Crinos, taking in a deep breath*

: (Erm...anything interresting going on tonight?)

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *shifts to crinos*

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *A sympathetic look to Bella, though she can't bring herself to smile...perhaps moody for more than one reason, but the expression is only brief and she glances around, ever watchful*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): (Lurker, if ya hurry the moot's happening right now in the Umbra)

Ari Ford: *seeing everyone else shift, she follows suit*

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *And her form flows up into Crinos, awaiting the first howl..*

Az Caligari: *Looks to Sandy and nods...Shifts to his batty spirally-lookin' crinos and howls his ass off! It's more of a screech, but it conveys evey sadness felt by all present*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **shifts to crinos...the sleck blood red fur and the absantce of a tail makes him stand out in this crowd**

Wren: Comes out of the car slowly, running her hand through her hair that's actually let down around her shoulders.

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *lays there, the wolf sleeps. pressed as hard as she can be to the pyre. a small pile of some kind of yellowish goo next to her muzzle*

Elandra: *Breaths following swuit in the shifting to crinos*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: Tat- 8goes crinos and stand near by*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *shifts to Crinos...shes a blackish-grey color but looks quite scruffy*

Alexander Goodwill: *His eyes remaining on Gwen for a lingering moment, as if pushing something at her before he takes a step back from her. Within moments, his body moves through the forms, shifting up into his War Form. His fur the darkest of midnight black with only a few shots of gray through it, showing his age. The way the pelt settles around him clearly shows he was not born to the Glass Walkers orginally.*

Az Caligari: (Again, pardo my spelling tonight folks, I'm dead tired, but sticking it out for the moot)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Makes his way to his own warform, getting ready to make some noise soon*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *shifts crinos*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Joins the howl...*

Steeleyes: *already in crinos..his eyes refecting the umbra sky*

Wren: Sees the bunch of Crinos, and shifts upward herself, with that furless right arm of hers.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *both shifted and howling with all there hearts*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *raises her deep Crinos voice in the howl, pouring all of her anguish into that one sound*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *joins the howl, voice strong*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Closes his eyes, and waits for the weird feeling to come, then sends out a mental howl, shifting up to Crinos as he does* ///(Mike)*Lets out a long mutli-toned howl, adding infelction to the screech*

Alexander Goodwill: *His large black muzzle lifts towards the Umbral sky, letting his own howl join with the others.*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *lays her headed back and puts all her sorrow and anguish to sound and howls to show it*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **joins in with the howl, adding in his resently lost mother and father to his....**

Steeleyes: *raises his head howls with the others*

Elandra: *Takes a deep breath, taking her hands onto her toghether tight and joins in the howl, closing her eyes for the moment*

Ari Ford: *lifts her higher toned voice in a howl, something primal inside her that she didn't know was there singing out*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *lets out a howl along with the others*

Teigan O'Ifearnain: *She tilts her head up, almost wincing at the pain in Danni's howl...her own voice strong, though mournful*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *begins to howl lowly, the tones of sorrow clearly evident*

Wren: Moving into the umbra (cuz her player's telling her to) And she releases her own howl.

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *grrr howl whoo*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She shifts to Crinos as well as everyone begins shifting, waiting for the right moment to start howling, then lets out all her recent tension into that one howl, granted its still pretty weak~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di's voice is very musical as she howls out all of her sorrow and her praise of david's life. ang's howl is very emotional, full of mourning*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She surges up into her own red-furred Crinos form, a wiry shape with ragged fur and a long muzzle, the leather thong and pendant hanging from her neck, and a Fang Dagger hanging at her side on a braided belt of rope. She murmurs in spirit speech a brief incantation to Rat, and joins in the howl, her clear, ringing voice strong with emotion.*

Simone Miura: She watches Eric, growing more use to seeing him in his werewolf form.. more so them others..

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Joins in the howl as well*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *They both add to the howl*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Tears are in his eyes as he opens them slowly, pushing all his will into the mental howl, all his mouning for friends lost over the years and recently*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Tish motions to Wren and Alexi*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *howls until it feels like her throat will burst*

Wren: Still releasing her howl, she moves over to her packmate.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*His howl hits two tones and switches between them, one for stength, the other for prosperity of the Caern*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: Tatianna-*looks over when she hears alexi howl*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Finishes his howl and moves over towards Tish* (( Only here for a few minutes. ))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *The howl raises a power in the Umbral Caern, a prickling of fur or a pressure on the skin the indication of its presence...Sandy stands with her arms out at shoulder level, feeding Gnosis into the ritual and to the totem.*

Az Caligari: *His dark eyes for his lost brother, he drags his screechy howl out for as long as he can, then lets it drift off. In anguish and pain, he bites his lip and stands strong*

Scratch: *can feel the power from the moot where he's sitting..the spiritual energy of the caern. He works hard to keep himself balanced*

Az Caligari: (His dark eyes tear up, that is)

Alexander Goodwill: *His muzzle remains pointed towards the umbral sky, howling for as long as he possibly can before he slowly lets it slip away into nothing. He remains in his Warform though, his almost completely Midnight colored fur shimmering just a little with the Umbral light glinting off of it, even more feral green eyes already beginning to scan about.*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *its been awhile sense this little piece of rabble scum has felt a moot...she kinda likes it*

Ari Ford: *as the others let their voices die, she too allows her voice to fade*

Simone Miura: She blinks the tears from her eyes as she watches him.

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *her howl fades her hands clenched trying to hold it together til her role is through. she can be strong til then8

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*A small, quiet howl escapes his throat, more of a moan than a howl as he feels the power on the real side*

Elandra: *LEts the howl last as long as she can, still with her eyes closed when sha can't hold it more, stays a bit longer with her eyes closed, then opens them, looking around*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *falls silent, a distant look in her lone eye*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *when the howl ends, tears rolls down di's face. ang just becomes quiet again and quickly returns to her birth form*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Lets his howl fade to the distant winds*

Wren: Her howl fades into the night.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **begins to release gnosis to the ritual....he stands on bibdeal, with his muzzle raised even in this form his voice is creepy, but the sarrow and morning is evadint, a slight tone of releasing fustration is also picked up on**

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Abruptly cuts his howl off and looks around at the others*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: gwen_*howls long nad low for david for all the saddness in her hear ta stand nearer to lex*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) She keeps up her howl for as long as she can, one of the last voices to fade out*

Elandra: *rubes here eyes some, then moves from Gwen side to Alexi side, still silent,*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *howling until she is most certainly starving for air. Hers is the last voice to fall silent*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Tish ends the howl, standing strong*

Elandra: *Shifting back to homid, and biting soflty her lips,not wanting to cry*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *and her howl fades with the ending wave*

Steeleyes: *lowers head ending his howl before theothers a newcomer*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *places a hand on Di's shoulder, being that whole rock of stability thing*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Lets his mental howl die, slowly reverting back to homid*

Az Caligari: *Shifts back to homid, for fear of freaking out any of the newbies..Although they just saw him in crinos, he's got issues*

Ari Ford: *shifts back to homid since some of the others are*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *having only heard the occasional barking chain news and stories about this David...she isn't real sorrowful...just sits there watching*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Riley) *was there, sidestepped and howled along with the rest. Not far from Steeleyes though her eyes on are Danni and her expression is unusually solmen, rather odd looking on a woman so used to smiling*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di touches jason's hand, sniffing a bit as she wipes her eyes with her free hand*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **as he hears most die out, his own fades, leaving it at a call to Uktena and Cuckoo...**

Simone Miura: Simone stands up next to Eric, her hand lightly touching his arm.

Wren: She doesn't cry anymore. She has no right to. Sure, she should have done something else to save the guy, but he was more than just an elder to those hit hardest by his loss.

Alexander Goodwill: *His pitch black fur slowly shrinks back into him as he takes his Breed form, clothing melding out from where his fur was only moments ago. He still scans about a little, watching and looking for people looking in his direction after throwing a brief sideways glance to Gwen.*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Glances around at his packmates and the others that he knows*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) And soon as the howl dies, she melts back into her homid form with a soft sigh*

Steeleyes: *looks around at the other metis..shifting down to homid...glad he knows he isnt the only one*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *As the howl begins to slowly die, Sandy waits for Az to be the last to finish before speaking in the Garou Tongue.* The Sept of the Talking Junkyard gathers tonight to strengthen our totems and our Caern. We come together because we stand as one in the face of our enemy, and we come together to mourn our lost. We honor the totems of the strong packs of this Sept - we honor the strength of Stag...we honor the wits of Raccoon...the ferocity of Wolverine...the wisdom of Chimera... *She mentions all the totems of Junkyard packs, save Rat.*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: *reverts forms to homid*

Az Caligari: *He feels very honoured to have started the howl on this night, he stands strong and prouder than he's been in a while*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles at Simone, his eyes red and wet with tears.. laying a hand over hers* ///(mike)*Stays in Crinos, sitting back on his haunches, resting his fisted claws on the ground*

Wren: Slips slowly back into the skin of her birth, covered with the same old dirty green pullover and jeans.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **stays in his breed form, stands on all fours**

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She stands strong, for her packmates, for those around her*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *reverts to homid, blinking a little to hold back the tears that make her eyes shine*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Strokes Perch's feathers at the mention of Chimera, shifting back to homid. Crinos paws ain't exactly comforting*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *Listening to the Mistress of the Rite, a slight smile at mention of Stag, and a respectful not at mention of the other pack totems*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *reverts to her breed form silently, listening to Sandy*

Ari Ford: *watching Sandy, watching the whole process in fascination*

Elandra: *Sighs, hearing silently, respecfull, trying to look alright, lost inside herself**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di, she returns to her breed form, respectfully listening to sandy. silently remembering the first time she came into the umbra.. when david brought her*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Hadrian growls when Wolverine is mentioned but otherwise stays quiet*

Simone Miura: She smiles back, but the turmiol is still her eyes.. not that Eric's not feeling the same.

Laughs-Like-Rain: *watching from withing the shadows behind teh others gathered here*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Riley) *At mention of the packs,she shifts her weight from foot to foot and looks around uncomfortably, wondering where hers is*

Az Caligari: *Wipes his eyes and looks to Sandy, nodding*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Her voice raises* Over all, we honor Rat, who protects this Caern, and gives us strength to defend our Kin, our packs, and our Sept from the Wyrm's creatures. *She takes a handful of...yes...bright orange cheese popcorn from the paper back at her side, and strews the neon-colored kernels on the ground...small, fleeting gray, white, and black rat spirits swarm from all sides to take the offering.* We honor you Rat, with our spirit and our faith this moon. May we guard this place with your aid forever.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Speaks softly to Simone*~jp~ I wish you could go there and experience the howls.. It's a wonderful thing.. *Wipes his eyes, and waits for the others to come back to this side*

Alexander Goodwill: *He would smile at the feeling of attending a Moot again, the first in many many years but instead he remains quiet and watchfull besides Gwen and those others that stands near her.*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: 8stands a bit upset that Sandy has taken her job this month but a bit gratful as she doubts she would make it throught it..*

Ari Ford: *her eyes go wide in astonisment, watching the rats spirits appear*

Elandra: *stil just watches and listnes, sielnt, graping her hands othgehter near her chest*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *watches....feels really awkward*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Watches and listens, silent and unmoving*

Wren: She entwines her hands into each of her packmate's, squeezing them lightly.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *just watches, her face that mask of blankness that she's been practicing the past two days*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *glances to Bella, wondering at first why she's not doing her normal part of the moot, but it clicks and she stays silent, watching*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **steps around his pack memebers, bring them in closer to him and each other, then stands on all fours directly behind them**

Sydney Milligan (CoG): (Player needs sleep baddly, Syd is here NPC like. Sorry Peoples...*waves* *Night*)

Laughs-Like-Rain: *offers a prayer to daves spirit under his breath to watch and protect this caern he worked so hard for*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *smiles at the rats appearance, focusing his mind on the positive memories*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *A large, pale-colored rat stands up on its haunches among the rest, and nods gravely, not to Sandy, but facing away, to the rest of the gathered group, with black, depthlessly solemn eyes...and disappears into the Umbral mist.*.

Elandra: *Takes just a small look around, watching all the ones that are toguether, then looks back at the one talking, blinking several times*

Steeleyes: *watches many packs he thinks*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Riley) *a faint grin at seeing the rats, their presence comforting her and her attention remains on them for a long time*

Elandra: *and Wathces the single rat fade *

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Sticks close to with his pack,watching*

Simone Miura: She too speak softly, ~jp~ "I wish I could too.. just to maybe understand things more."

Az Caligari: *Watches with black, tear stained eyes (his make up is running)*

Ari Ford: *wishes she'd brought a pen and paper to write down all the questions she wants to ask Twomoons-rhya later*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: Gwen-*grins glad the totems have not abounded us*

Shocks-the-Wyrm: (player needs sleep, consider Shocks and StitchMaker stil around *hugs and poofs*)

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Some of the gathered power swirls away into the mists with the rats...the spirit offering to appease the Caern totem...but much of it remains, a tangible presence. Sandy looks up, orange-stained paws not really detracting from her image.* The offering is accepted.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Holds Wren's hand, leaning against Threat, pulling Alexi closer too*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *looks around teh gathered people trying to see if puck showed up*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Doesnt resist and moves closer*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *ANdrea stands near the back, a part of the moot, but new*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *there's a kind of peace in that...David may be gone, but Rat...Rat is still there. For some reason, that comforts her*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): (( Ok guys I cant be on long at all so I ajm sorry))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles and nods to Simone, then looks over at Puck by the pyre*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *tatianna watches alexi be pulled toward the group and looks longing at them*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): (Just to let you know.. Puck did not go over into Umbra with everyone.)

Laughs-Like-Rain: *silently makes his way till he can see daves body and puck standing next to it and coughs quietly*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *comes back to the real world*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Slipping back to the physical realm, his gentle smile disappearing as he focuses on the tasks ahead*

Alexander Goodwill: *He follows suit after a few moments, slipping the small object from his pocket again and using it to slip back through the Curtain diving the worlds, appearing near Eric since he himself didn't move much after entering the Umbra.*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Hadrian takes his big black ass to the realm of flesh*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *and side steps into teh real world*

Ari Ford: *realizes everyone is going back, and steps back herself*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *steps back across...heh wonders why they don't stay in one place, it saves energy...wonders where the food is as well...*

Brandy(BG kin wolf): *Brandy is still laying right were she was. Pressed up aganst the Pyre, eyes closed, ears back, balled up. A little pile of a yellowish goo next to her muzzle and tralining back to her lips*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **waits for his packmates to pss through the guantlet, then follows them......**

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *steps back into the real world, crossing to Twomoons' side*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *steps sides ways and moves to be at puck side*

Elandra: *lietneing to Sandy, closes her eyes again, then opens then and sidesteps to, once more just getting herslef somewhat near Eric. Silent*

Simone Miura: She hopes Eric won't mind having company tonight.. she certainly doesn't want to be alone.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di and ang return to the real world*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): * watches it all just in a Blank sort of stear*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Sidesteps whenever the rest of his pack do*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Late? Of course he ain't late. He was right there all the time....*

Steeleyes: *returns to the real world..putting his glasses back on*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: *Teigan and Riley both step sideways* (Brb)

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Both head real world*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Blinks hard from zoning out as people are coming back*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): * watches it all just in a Blank sort of stare ((damn it))*

Az Caligari: *Follows Sandy and Danni into the 'Real'*

Wren: *Real world once again. She smiles slightly at Tatianna and waves her over...Now isn't a time for longing.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *Tatianna stand near bella but keeps alexi in view after she step back to the gathering*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks around at those present, seeing old faces, new faces...*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *looks ot Puck trying to get his attention without drawing teh attention of others*~nuw~*very quietly* puck

Ari Ford: *takes her seat with her backpack at her feet*

Simone Miura: Simone, jumps a bit when people start reappearing out of thin air... that is so damn spooky.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles as people start showing back up and puts an arm around Simone.. Smiles at Lex and nods to him* Welcome back

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): (( Ok I cant seem to gte a second broser going assume Forgotten is here as well silent in the back))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *Gwen hangs near her pack memeber and stands nearest Lex*

Az Caligari: *Nabs a beer, pops it and sips. Lights a smoke and broods*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She waits for all the Garou to return...and gives a moment for the Kin to join the edges of the circle, near their Garou or tribe.* So begins the Crackin' of the Bone. *In English, her rough accent returns that cleared up during the ritual.* The business of th'Sept should be addressed...and we have much t'do tonight. Who brings forth an issue? *She waits...she could begin herself, but she's really only the mediator here.*

Steeleyes: *steps back ..letting those who have ben here longer be closer*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): (( browser damnit it just woke up))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Concentrates a moment before appearing back in the real world, still in Crinos*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *walks over to were wren motions not usre she should but she wants to stand near alexi*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *stepping forward at Sandy's words* Tha first issue is Devin. *her voice carrying*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Steps forward.* I have an issue to bring forth.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang takes up a place beside puck, still standing as she waits..*

Alexander Goodwill: *Even with having taken back his Homid form, he still seems watchful of anyone looking in his direction, something thats fairly clear. He nods slightly to Eric in return.* Im surprised you did not come with. *He speaks in a voice close to a whisper, offering another nod to Gwen when she steps sideways near them.*

Elandra: *Sits near Eric, silently, listening, looking around*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *waits her turn, arms crossed over her chest*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *She glances to Jason (Wolf) in that 'we need to talk' expression, but doesn't want to bring it up before the sept, so she listens for any other business*

Simone Miura: She leans into Eric, shivering slightly.

Wren: She realeases Tisha's hand to welcome Tatianna to the group....if the pack has a problem with it, they can bring it up with her later.

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Devin is just waiting...waiting waiting waiting*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Looks at the Warder as he speaks*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Lets out a ragged breath, trying to piece his remaining will to pay attention*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): * Nods to tiegan*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *quirks a brow at Jublain*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Waits patiently, the familiar pre-heavy shit knot of tension in his stomach. Absently he strokes his forearm tattoo, a scruffy-lookin' angel leaning on a doctors' staff*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Riley) *Her small scruffy form just slips down into a sort of crouch, listening though her gaze strays absently every so often, looking*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles and nods to gwen and Elandra, then speaks quietly back to Lex* Stayed with the Kin, and keep an eye out incase some Spiral was stupid enough to attack tonight..

Ike Atherton: *Enters, fashionably late as always*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: Tat-*moves to stand near alexi and takes his hand as all eyes are focused else where*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *sits..shifting back into her little gangbanger self. Shes African American, her skin is chocolate brown, and her black hair is done in stylish braids and beads. She wears oversized jeans, sneakers, and a green hooded sweatshirt. Around her left arm is a yellow bandana, a sign of membership in a human gang known as the Lions*

Alexander Goodwill: *No smile graces his own broad features but he nods his head to Eric, a good reason he thinks. He seems more tense then he normally is, remaining silent now as Sept business is being brought forth.*

Elandra: *Smiles faintly back to Eric, staying right there, and looking around again*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Takes Tatianna's hand in his, still watching the Warder*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *One hand wrapped around the pendant hanging from her neck, she studies Danni and Jublain for a moment, as if deliberating, before gesturing to Danni to continue. Rank over position, this time.*

Ike Atherton: ((Everyone just sitting in the clearing or whatnot?))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses for a few moments.* Our Grand Elder, a wise leader to this Varthi, has fallen. Our sept is now without a leader, and we need to have one.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Tish leans against Threat, standing with Pack*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((DLP, then...))

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *lowers her head and tears roll down her cheek*

Wren: Gabs tisha's hand again, needing the support and comfort of her pack.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, takes one step back, and waits for Danni.*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *She turns back, furrowing her brow at mention of the Grand Elder issue, didn't think it would be addressed so quickly after his death, but then this is a time of war...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods to Jublain, despite Sandy...he's right, this needs to come first*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Tip toes into the gathering, in her breed form so she cant innocently whistle*

Elandra: *Looks Jublain directiong, bryshing her nose some and closing her eyes again, breaths and again looks around, listening silently*

Az Caligari: *Sips his beer, smokes his ciggy, and just tries to keep from breaking*

Wren: Smiles slighlty and lowers a hand for Flea to come snuggle under.

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): * lays a Hand on Bella's shoulders* be strong, We must in this time.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Quirks an eyebrow as the 'you first' game begins. Some things may never change*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: *Her attention returns, listening to talk about needing a new Grand Elder....can't honestly think of anyone who could replace their former one, but then it's been a while since she's been here, maybe...*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *looks at tiegan and tries to get her to come to where she stands*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((Don't DLP, Jube)) *she nods* The Warder is right. Leadership must be established. I'm stepping up into teh position. *looking the caern over, the look in her eyes daring anyone to dispute it*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Heads over to Wren, quietly and nuzzles under her hand*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (I so waited too long to post. Grrr. But really, to go with what makes sense...) *She shrugs...spreads her hands...and allows Danni to defer to Jublain. First things first is probably wisest.*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *grins as danni steps up to the position actually appears glad*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Looks back to the center of the circle, listening and hugging Simone once more with one arm* /// (Mike)*Sits there, listening and watching*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): * Nods to Danni as She was to be who he Put forth to Lead*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Puck's eyes look to Danni's and nods to her*

Simone Miura: Listens..

Wren: Her fingers scratch lightly at Flea's ears.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods to Danni.* You have the support of the Warder, Grand Elder.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods her approval at Danni, a faint smile playing across her lips*

Ike Atherton: *Nods to Eric and quietly moves to his car*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *She glances back to Bella, her expression easing some but not entirely and she moves to stand with her*

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Looks at Danni, s small smile/grin on his face*

Alexander Goodwill: *He stands a little behind Eric and Simone, next to Gwen while his arms cross over his broad chest. Feral green eyes focus on the people speaking and just waits.*

Elandra: *Stares to Dani a bit, then around, just confused about what is going on, blinking, new Elder.... lowers her eyes, just listening to what happens next*

Ari Ford: *grins a little, Danni-rhya will be a good Grand Elder*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *reachs and touchs pucks arm*(mt 4suxx)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *looks upward slightly, showing his throat in deference to Danni*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Nods back to Ike with a smile, and then nods to Danni with a smile as well, showing his support for her*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Leans into the scratching, listening...Thinking deeply*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods again* The Wyrmfoe also supports Danni fully.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *Ang gives her approval of Danni, nodding, di.. just silently watches and nods as well*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Anyone has a problem with it, it waits till AFTER the threat to the caern is over. *repeating the part of the Litany they all just heard from Sandy* The Leader may not be challenged during wartime.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Nods her solemn agreement with Danni's claim. But to be thorough...* Does anyone else challenge Danni Cross's claim?

Wren: She leans down, realesing tisha's hand again, and picks up Flea, holding her up and burrowing her face into Flea's fur...listening.

Simone Miura: She glances back at Alexander, nodding to him, then turns her attention back to the current speaker.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *both nod as they name Danni*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Softly chuckles at Danni's statement*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Mother Fu... DLP. *smacks forehead, wry grin*)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Doesn't move or say anything, he doesn't know her, so he'll just go along with the majority's rule, whatever that ends up being*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Don't think anybody can right now. *just states the obviously...loudly, but shes a Gnawer says what she thinks*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *her head perks as they put forth Danni.. if not Dave then Danni is the best choice*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: *Teigan tilts her head in deference to Danni's claim, Riley grins openly at that, probably the only person she would have chosen herself*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **he confirms his and his Packs support of Danni with a slight nod of his Crinos head in her Direction**

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Listens, ears slowly flicker bad...Eyes growing sader*

Elandra: *Loks back up to Danni, then to Sandy, then arround, not really thingking that might happen, mean chalenge Danni, then again looks down, this all to odd.. chossing a new Elder, shakes her head, closing her eyes for a moemnt again*

Steeleyes: *just watches..not knowing stays silent*

Wren: Whispers into Flea's ear, having her in the air...

Alexander Goodwill: *He neither nods nor does he show a disapproving look. He knows nothing of this new woman's deeds and has only heard her name briefly.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *and as no one seems to want to get their ass kicked tonight...she goes on* Now... Devin. *looks to Jublain and Medea* Will one of you state his crimes?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Tilts her head back and rumbles softly*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *lets Threat answer for the pack, feeling no need to be redundant*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): Danni has the support of the Master of the Rite and Gatekeeper as well. *Added last...she is, afterall, Danni's packmate. Don't want to seem to sickeningly overeager. But as there doesn't seem to be any further commentary on the subject...she says nothing, and waits for Danni to continue with the original "first" topic.*

Elandra: *passes a hand thorhg her eyes, then again looks around, watching the goings, and looking to Danni taking care of things*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *being as it's his turn the two guards escort Devin to stand before the Sept...the formerly known Sykgrin Bloodymaw stands proudly since this is after all what HE asked for not the other way around*

Scratch: *remains in the real world at the front gate*

Matthew BlueMoon: *enters the gathering area from the direction of the maze*

Ari Ford: *swallows hard, as the captured Spiral is brought forward*

Elandra: *Looks at Devin been brought*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Jublain, gesturing to him* Go ahead, Jublain.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* Devin Glistening Fang, under the name Sykgrin, consorted with and aided the Wyrm, attacked at least one pack of Garou, and repeatedly raped and tortured the Garou known as Kinsey "Network of Wyld and Weaver". The issue of the Bane-klaive Havaragorn may... mitigate some of these crimes.

Scratch: *remains in the real world at the front gate*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *Ang stares hard at Sykgrin, protectively stepping a bit closer to puck*

Matthew BlueMoon: (moot in the real world or umbra?)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Now watches with attention...a real trial and WHOA....**said under her breath* cool....

Ike Atherton: *And starts gazing up at the stars from the hood of his car. He idly kicks his legs back and forth as he looses attention*

Alexander Goodwill: *A thick eyebrow archs as the man's crimes are spoken, looking down towards Eric and then to Gwen briefly before letting his focus return towards the Warder and Devin.*

Wren: She bristles as her Alpha's mentioned, and her gaze goes cold and angry as she sees the one who did these horrid things to her.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (realworld now)

Scratch: *remains in the real world at the front gate*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Growls at seeing Devin and hearing of his crimes.. there were things no one told him..*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Devin has also been sent to Erebrus, as what is possibly the last true act of Ben Hawking in his right mind, and been cleansed. In addition, he has come to this Varthi of his own will and agreed to stand trial and punishment.

Steeleyes: *watches..even though his rage fills him at seeing the spiral...seems strangely calm*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *gwen takes lex hand hearingthe name of the blade and the "other crimes"*

Az Caligari: *Looks up, gritting his teeth and shaking a bit*

Elandra: *Frowns listneing, puts her hads again toguehter, tight*

Shayla Cole-Mason : *walks into the moot with a bandage on her hand ... takes a seat next to Eric*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) She narrows her eyes at the mention of crimes Devin has committed, a slight growl and flicker of rage in her eyes, arms crossed. This should be good..*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Her lips thin into a hard line, and she stands with her arms crossed, her jacket wrapped like a noble's cloak around her.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *oof. This just got really tough*

Ari Ford: *pales a little at the list of atrocities...damn...*

Alexander Goodwill: *His feral eyes turn towards Gwen, seeming to understand why she suddenly takes his hand and gives it a faint reassuring squeeze. Then she can feel him tense as Devin lists more of his own crimes, his own growl mingling in with Eric's ealier one.*

Matthew BlueMoon: *watches the trial with intrest*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *jaw literally drops*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: ((Got it Alexi! *snugs*))

Elandra: *Looks to Shay, her eyes brightening some at seeing her, waves slighlyt hello to her, staying silent to be respectfull *

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Smiles and nods to Shayla, quirking a brow at the bandage and then looking back to Devin, dropping his arm from Simone's shoulder, and a deep breath to calm himself*

Simone Miura: Remains silent, though she does look up at Eric when he growls.. then her gaze goes back to Jub. there's no doubt in her mind that the world she once knew changed the moment she learn she was kin.. a much more violent world has unfolded before her.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Jaw drops slightly, then snap shut*

Ike Atherton: *Nods to Shay as she enters, and then goes off to spacing out*

Wren: It's a good thing she has the wolf in her arms, but as it is, her fingers grip at Flea's fur. The rage building at the crimes going on anon...and the growl rumbles in her throat, barely restrained.

Az Caligari: *He looks pissed, like he's ready to kill the spiral, which he is....*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *speaks with no pride in his voice...the Glyph of Rebirth having replaced the Scar of the Ravagers on his chest...he's still an ugly bastard...but no longer ugly in a corrupted way*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *quietly* damn.....hes been busy.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *apparently doesn't react to hearing the list of horror's Devin's perpetrated, watching the rest of the sept in silence*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Dave-Rhya and I had previously discussed this matter. Devin's crimes have earned him death, and likely the Rite of Gaia's Vengeful Teeth. But the part which Havaragorn took in his actions, his time in Erebrus, and his willingness to stand trial make a difference, and we had decided on the Rite of the Hunt. He should die for his crimes, but he has been freed from Sykgrin, and deserves to die as Devin Glistening Fang.

Alexander Goodwill: *He doesn't even notice his Tribemate entering into the Moot, his attention completely on this Devin and the Warder now. One bright side of things, somewhat...neither Eric nor Shayla saw anything. *

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *she fist clench and squeeze she wants blood for david and Devins will do for now*

Elandra: *Looks back at Jub and DEvin, listening*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **no sound or movement comes from him as he watches and listens to the 'trial'.....**

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: So be it. *nods*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: (Teigan) *She nods at mention of that Rite, glancing to Jublain and making a mental note to speak to him soon.*/(Riley) *She stares at the one on trial, listening though increasingly fading into the background for now*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She is surprisingly uneffected*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Takes one step forward, hoping to be acknowledged*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Lets Wren squeeze all she wants, still listening*

Shayla Cole-Mason : *looks at the trial ... sighs and grumbles *

Justin "Sparky": *Is here, on the CoGvan, just like he has been all along*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *Gwen nods to her alpha and listens shocked at his list of crimes*

Az Caligari: *Slyly pulls the pistol from the holster on his back, he looks desperate and in need of blood. He's still in shock*

Matthew BlueMoon: *just continues to watch and listen*

Simone Miura: Simone step back a bit places her hand on the small of Eric's back.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Keeps his eyes on Devin, keepig himself in check, his hands clenched tightly into fists at his sides*///(Mike)*Sitting there, watching and listening*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *a slight frown at hearing of the isnt death he doesnt want it's this manner where he will end up fighting other Gaian Garou...and quite possibly killing the entire hunting pack...*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (for those not familiar with punishment rites...Vengeful teeth is for full born traitors to Gaia, The hunt is for real fuckups but they die with some vestage of honor.)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Twomoons for a moment, gesturing him to wait for a bit longer*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((*G* Thanks Mira.. Was about to look it up for myself..))

Justin "Sparky": *Looks to twomoons, wondering what he's thinking.*

Ike Atherton: (*Kicks comp*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods, curling his fingers slightly in patient wait*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: The Hunt will be carried out tonight. *raising her voice again* We have one more punishment to be carried out tonight. ((Somebody ping Graffitti's player)

Elandra: ((grrr.. have to go for a moment be back.. Ela still there, near ERic and shay))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Squirms slightly in Wrens arms*

Alexander Goodwill: *A faint frown slips up along his own features at hearing what the punishment will be. Not that he disagree's but with the man's list of crimes, the Hunting Pack will indeed need to be potent.*

Az Caligari: *Loads the pistol and clocks it*

Wren: (done)

Jason Wolf ( Fianna,Guardian, Alpha of R-O-M): (( Ok I am gonna have to be off soon its a long drive to work))

Laughs-Like-Rain: *looks across the clearing to Jublain to see if hes going to bring anything else up*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: (Done it..)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Relaxes some as they move on, and at Simone's touch, knowing what he'll do now*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes briefly to concentrate on what she'll need for the rite, mentally preparing.*

Wren: She squats down and sets Flea down...scratchin' her ears...and stands up again.

Ari Ford: *hugs her knees, watching silently*

Graffiti Decorations: ((here))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Looks up at Wren and whines...Ears flatening against her head*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Tish's only reaction is to take a deep breath. Her eyes and face are completely emotionless. Her stance is tall and strong*

Wren: Smiles very lightly and picks Flea up again....Then closes off those residual pack feelings....

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She puts a hand on Wren's back and on Threat's back as well*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Golden brown eyes watch the gathering, tounge pokeing out...Those actually paying attention can tell she biteing down on it*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Bring Danny ~Graffiti Decorations~ out. *nodding to some NPC Guardians to bring the prisoner from the van*

Simone Miura: At hearing another trial is to be brought forward her finger curl up and grip the back of Eric's jacket/shirt.

Shayla Cole-Mason : ((so its the record .. at the appropriate time Shayla will announce has made Cliath in the eyes of the Glasswalkers. etc .. not sure how long I'll be online))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *Ang stiffens hearing that there is going to be another punishment.. but there's more than just her involved in that*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Puts an arm around Simone's waist, she's going to need comforting now*

Devin Glistening Fang/Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Devin gets taken off elsewhere to await the time of the Hunt*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *gwen wonders what danny boy did this time*

Shayla Cole-Mason : ((announces Elandra has made Cliath even))

Graffiti Decorations: *he is pulled out of the van in his blood staind green shirt, he doesn't resist at all, an indiffrent look on his features*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at the van as Danny is pulled out, watching curiously*

Ike Atherton: *Arches a brow seeing Danny*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **he steps in closer as the subject of Danny is now being taken up, he shifts down to Glabro**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume looks up, kinda in shock.. what did danny do?!*

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: *Teigan seems eager at mention of the Hunt, though turning her attention to other matters, not familiar with Danny, but she listens anyway. Riley's snuck out for the time being, to wherever she makes her home*

Az Caligari: (Bats is holding a gun, for those that know him, they know he hates guns)

Justin "Sparky": *Watches Devin go and then turns as Danny is brought in.*

Simone Miura: Without a second thought she leans into Eric, after release her grip on his jacket.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Squeezes Simone gently with his arm in a hug, watching Danny*

Matthew BlueMoon: *writes on the notepad real quick* what's his crime? *then taps the closest person to him to hand them the note*

Alexander Goodwill: *He remains standing behind Eric, Simone, and Shayla now, next to Gwen. His body tense and rigged at the moment, feral green eyes remaining focused on the central area.*

Wren: She takes a deep breath and finishes shutting off all those channels of any sort of feelings for her former pack mate.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Closes her feral eyes tightly, thinking...Listening*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Blinks after zoning out again, rubbing his back*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: By his own hand, Danny has declared himself Anruth. He has renounced all ties to pack, sept, and Garou nation. *pauses a moment to gather herself* Before his death, David Lost'n Found passed sentence. The Anruth is to be released. If he makes it to the gate of the yard, he can go.

Simone Miura: Her gaze follows Danny as he's brought in, she doesn't want to see this, she really doesn't.

Ike Atherton: *Stands up slowly and moves to Shay and Eric and such*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She only watches*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang just kinda looks at danny as he's brought out, huh?!?? what did the kid do this time?*

Shayla Cole-Mason : *tries to flasgh a reassuring smile to Lex .. its .. something*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **stands there...staring with that creepy Uktena stare at Danny, his hands are wraped around his bracers...**

Alexander Goodwill: *His hand slips out of Gwens now that the man's crimes have been spoken, his features seeming to almost become set in stone while his arms once again becomed crossed over his broad chest.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Turns her head and presses it against Wrens shoulder....Pondering exactly WHAT is so bad about hoping from Caern to Caern...Did it and got here*

Ike Atherton: *Growls slightly hearing the punishment*

Simone Miura: She takes a ragged breath as tears well up in her eyes, then spill over ther lashes and roll down her cheeks.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Doesn't know what to think of the punishment for Danny, just holds Simone in a tight hug, to comfort her and keep her from doing anything unappropriate*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((There...when it's time for the Hunt I'll drag Devin back out))

Graffiti Decorations: *he coughs a bit* if i may ask for a formal trial, and i speak to a truth catcher.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looking at everyone present* This punishment will be carried out once his bond with the pack Ethereal Tides has been broken.

Laughs-Like-Rain: *snapos out of a daze as if he was concentrating on osmething else* ANGEL>>*quietly* i wasnt paying attention whats danny's punishment?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Looks around for the Truthcatchers.. then raises his hand* If permitted, I will act as Temporary Truthcatcher..

Elandra: ((back)) *Watches and listnes, giving Shya and Eric a quetionig look about Danny's punishment*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *snarls and walks forward when a Truthcatcher is asked for* ~HT~ I am Truthcatcher...*well this is new*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di is just silently watching all of this, taking in what she can and waiting for the chance to go out on her rite of passage.. whatever it might be*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): There is a Truthcatcher here.

Graffiti Decorations: *glances to sandy* at the time i only wished to leave my pack and sept, i did not wish to become ronin. i would not disgrace my tribe nor myself to the dispicable level.

Justin "Sparky": *He draws in the ground a little with his foot, still paying attention- he's not looking at what he's drawing, though it's a crude version of the CoG glyph*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: He used the word Anruth, San. He wishes to be bound to no sept. His crime is that he chose this break during wartime. Essentially, he's deserting.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang:laughs>*quietly* if he makes it to the gates he can leave.. if not..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *is suprised at Hadrian, but...hey, better him than her*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *points a claw at Danny and snarls* ~HT~ Silence your tounge until told to speak Auvirthi Vándr scum...

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Lowers his hand and nods to Jublain, quirking a brow.. Hadrian's Trutchcatcher.. greeeeat..*

Elandra: *Looks from Jub to Danny*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *apperantly chokes on something..perhaps his tongue when he hears that hadrian is a truthcatcher and coughs and gagas and actually looks like hes trying to do it quietly and that it WAS accidnetal he just got surprised**

Simone Miura: Reality hits her hard.. in her culture honor is not something to spite.. ... ... ... ... .. ... She leans heavily into Eric, she doesn't crumble, she remain as strong as she can.

Alexander Goodwill: *And for a faint moment, those near him can hear a faint growl from deeper within his throat and then he's silent again, arms remaining across his chest.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Mentally running his mind through what now is probably a waste of breath, but getting ready to do it anyway*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Keeps a hold of Simone, supporting her, keeping her close*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She nods shortly at Danni's explanation.* He chooses a poor time to show his true colors. *She looks quite content with that sentence.*

Graffiti Decorations: *still holding that indiffrent look at hardian then back to danni, knowing he now holds a snowball's chance in hell*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *she winces slightly when she hears hadrian's annoucement that he is truthcatcher... damn she is so fucking dead if he delivers the punishment for that damn mission..*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *turns to Danny* ~HT~ If you lie...I will kill you you understand?

Elandra: *Confused*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **still standing there, waiting in Glabro, with his hands wraped around the bracers...**

Teigan O'Ifearnain/Riley McPherson: *She just shakes her head at hearing of the foolish actions of Graffiti Decorations, but he chose this fate....looking on expressionlessly*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Tatianna Kurakova: *gwen step closer to lex, her shoulder touch his side*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper): *Puck starts looking for Rose*

Ike Atherton: *Looks at Hadrian blankly. Just stares at the man from behind Eric and Shay*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *folds her arms across her chest...this is one punishment she will see carried out...if for no other reason than that David deemed it necessary*

Graffiti Decorations: *he nods* understood.

Steeleyes: *watches...learning who is who in the sept*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Looks around for anyone who ISN'T surprised at Hadrian announcing himself Truthcather, then whispers to Simone, translating every word Hadrian says, to her*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *Starts to wlak forward silently not interupting just getting closer so he can hear and see better*

Justin "Sparky": *He purses his lips and steeples his fingers, listening to the "trial." What a lovely society this is.*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Standing just a step behind Threat*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *activates the Gift learned only this morning and snarls at Danny* ~HT~ Did you or did you not declare yourself Anruth?

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Remains silent, save a few small whimpers heard...Muffled against Wrens shoulder*

Evelyn Converse: She listens, but doesn't say anything, doesn't do anything. She just sits there quietly.

Ari Ford: *blinks a little...the guy that was running around naked that night is a Truthcatcher? When did that happen?*

Az Caligari: *Az looks crazed with grief, he's furious and it shows on him*

Graffiti Decorations: i did. but not in sound mind nor body. anger had clouded my judgment (truth)

Graffiti Decorations: ((anger and and pain))

Simone Miura: Nods as Eric translates for her.

Elandra: *Doesn't know Hadrian much, so she doens't really know how he is, so ain't surpriced, keeps looking around and listening, confused still-

Wren: She doesn't know Hadrian well enough to be surprised to find out he's a Truthcatcher...and she pets her wolf friend.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *watches...*

Evelyn Converse: Not that she understands anything that's going on, mind you.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Lets out a soft wheeze, not liking this turn of events*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Watches and listens, interested, finally shifting down to homid*

Ike Atherton: *Steps back away from the group slowly shifting up to his breed form. His giant crions form looking like a giant mutt of callico colors*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Danny>>~HT~ That is your foolish mistake you will pay for admit your crime you are guilty I find no fault in the punishment handed down previously...and so it stands...if you manage to leave this Sept alive you are free to punishment will come to those who slay you...*spits on Danny and then turns away*

Az Caligari: *He stares at Gaffiti with cold black eyes, the eyes of death.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Okay so Hadrians a Truthcatcher. Booyah for him.*

Wren: She draws in a deep deep breath...and closes her eyes.

Graffiti Decorations: *is spat on then looks to danni* as i figured as such, i request this appealed to my tribe, and judged by my don.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **waits for them to let Danny lose**

Alexander Goodwill: *He doesn't move closer nor farther away from Gwen when she slides closer to him, keeping his arms crossed over his chest, feral green eyes seeming to dance with his inner rage slightly.*

Elandra: *Blinks at Hadrian, looking to Danny, then bakc to Hadirtan, finally to Eric, and back to them*

Ike Atherton: *And loud rumble of a growl comes out as this new dick-head spits on Danny*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *kuru sits there, watching. she is holding her laptop very tightly to her*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *wrinkles her nose at Danny* Your right to request anything has long since expired. Judgement is passed.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Keeps his face expressionless now, looks over at Kurume*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ~HT~ Your crime is against THIS SEPT not your are judged by THIS SEPT and not your at least a smattering of honor at your last hour...

Laughs-Like-Rain: *steps forward into teh little clearing in teh center of teh crowd* ALL>>i have a metter that needs to be looked at i think.

Ike Atherton: *Gets ready*

Graffiti Decorations: no.. i was not present to have my behalf told when david-ryha.. *shuts his eyes* passed judgement.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Hadrian, then looks to Laughs* You will wait.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Growls and hops from Wrens arms, wuffing out towards Danni* ~ws~Rhya, may I claim something? *Wow, the little mutt finnaly spoke up*

Ike Atherton: *And the rage starts to roll off of him*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She looks directly at Danny.* Your rights in this Sept have ended. Leave now. And quickly.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ~HT~ You have just told your half and admitted your more prattling...

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *kuru just looks upset, there really is no other way to clearing describe what she feels right now.. she's just about on the verge of crying*

Elandra: *Shrugs looking to Danny... then around*

Wren: Lets Flea go, hoping the little one doesn't get herself in trouble.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Blinks as Laughs interrupts, and glances around at the others*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>of course danni. just call my name when youre ready. *Steps back*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She turns her back on the trial*

Shayla Cole-Mason : *looks around*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Ike, a warning look as she hears the growl and feels the Rage...Still silent, but tenses, not willing to let anything disrupt this moot*

Graffiti Decorations: hardrian>>and you know nothing of glasswalkers. your justice is out of date by glasswalkers standards.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Thinks Danny better get some happy feet and good running shoes on*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *STands at the edges and watches, ready.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Gets ready to hold onto Simone and keep her from getting hurt by trying to help Danny*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Laughs and Flea* Graffiti Decorations will be removed from the pack Ethereal Tides, as will Cindy Ramirez for her support of him.

Simone Miura: She wants to say something but promised she wouldn''t.. it wouldn't help.. deep down she knows that.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *And he can't help it... yes, there is a laugh at Danny's words. A short one, though....*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (well David had communicated with the Don, and Brandon wanted Big house to have silver bullets and a gun...but sense the character is dead...communication never went further then that)

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *looks at danny with sad disappointed eyes.*

Wren: Her anger and frustration builds inside...and she wishes that her former pack mate would just shut up and go.

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>okay... my matters not involving danni.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **those are the words, his rights in this step have ended.........**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang just shakes her head, looking away from danny and over to puck for a moment*

Az Caligari: (brb)

Ike Atherton: *Lifts his towering head to look at Medea he huffs and waits. He turns his head back to watch*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck looks wearily to Ang*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Big House did want to do justice his way though)

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Hackles raise up and she wuffs again* ~ws~I support him...*Takes in a deep breath and bites her tounge again, but shes detirmend*

Elandra: *Blinks lesitneing to Danny, and again looks to Shay*

Alexander Goodwill: *He remains completely silent and still all during this new trail except for the few growls that have faintly escaped his lips.*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (But my character is dead and died before relaying ouch)

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): ** he luanches a dart at Danny's head**

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: I believe there is a matter involving a punishment for Hadrian, as well? *looks to Medea to see if that's right*

Wren: And she closes her eyes in a silent wince at Flea...a very small whimper in the back of her throat.

Simone Miura: She bites her lips so hard it starts to bleed.

Graffiti Decorations: danni>>and do you find it funny that the only other witness to the crime had supported me through this knowing of the depth of her own disgrace? it was because during that time, i was nearly killed by my alpha for no crime at all.. none. then in a fit of idiotic human emotions and pain, if it wasn't for cindy kinsey would have watched me die without a second thought. i declared myself such.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She puts an arm around Wren, squeezing her for support, her expression never changing*

Ari Ford: *waiting*

Ike Atherton: *Watches, taking note of everyone.*

Justin "Sparky": *He continues to watch- wondering why he didn't know about the open truthcatcher position.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *snarls at Danny* And in so declaring, you will live AND die by the consequences of your choice.

Wren: The whimper is broken with a growl, then back to a whimper...she needs to get her mind off all of this...and she takes a deep breath..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *this is SO not the night to push this woman*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di just looks distracted, she's disturbed by the danny issue but she's pondering her own fate in her RoP..*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): ((: 9,10,6,9,6, , dex (quick)+athletics))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Really wishes he had a cigarette now, but pushes the thought back and holds simone close*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Keeps her rage in, bad for an Ahroun to frenzy at a moot...Being she half ignored, grunts* ~ws~I wish to leave, or try to leave, as well....

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shrugs at Danni* Nothing that can't be dealt with later. *shoots Hadrian a look* He was disrespectful, but that's nothing new. Unless Jublain has something to say to him, I withdraw my complaint. For the good of the sept.

Kinsey Lash : ((*Runs in* SORRY I'm LATE!))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Specifics on that?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((Guys, can we hold actual combat, I'm kinda pressed for time tonight...))

Justin "Sparky": *Looks to Danni- wondering what she's thinking right now. Upset because she's the one running this instead of Dave... perhaps.*

Graffiti Decorations: *he shakes his head* then this sept is truely ran by rabid garou.. i will not.. *thunk as he is hit by the dart not seeing it comming*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (dropped PM)

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Merely stands there, arms crossing*

Wren: She grits her teeth as Flea makes her declaration....and the near silent whimper turns breifly into something audible as she keeps her eyes closed.

Simone Miura: Eric> ~jp~ "I should not have come...." she whispers.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Shrugs.* I have no complaints to bring against Hadrian.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Standing, waiting much to do tonight. Hopefully he remembers everything*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>before we proceed with dannis punishment can i speak. ive been thinking about it and i beleive it might actually have some bearing.

Elandra: *Blinks, watching Danny been hited*

Evelyn Converse: She's cold and silent.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: kuru: *if she could scream "RUN" at danny she would..*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Medea>>~HT~ If you will agree my punishment will be a severe beating at your hands...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Medea and Jublain, then looks to Laughs* Make it quick...

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): ((he was let lose..Threat took the action, called dart throw to the head 3 suxx....str+2 the damge if the dart talen works))

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Ears flaten back and tail tucks...Ignored...Falls back on her haunches and sighs, feral head lowering in a silent bow*

Ari Ford: *so much going on*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ~jp~ Want me to cover your eyes and ears? *Whispers to Simone*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *for some reason the dart misses Danny (yes using ST power)*

Kinsey Lash : Is standing somewhere, presumably with her pack.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): ((**humphs**))

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>my matter is with Hadrian. i do not beleive he should be a truthcatcher for this sept. i would challenge him myself but i do not beleive he would pick a challenge fitting for the position. Hadrian has time and time again proven himself to be out of control and unwilling to listen to others opinions. he is also not impartial as a TC should be. ((more coming))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *looks at Flea**whispered* Yer Gnawer, don't be a numbnuts. You don't like it you don't make a show. *said really low* Just leave in the middle of the night.

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((on a side not before he started speaking he glanced at DANNI and used a GIFT. althugh none of yall can tell))

Elandra: *Frowns, movinb somewhat closer to Shay*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Sighs, hoping Laughs dosen't dig himself in this time*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shrugs at Hadrian* Perhaps.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *whispered* Don't end up dead like this numbnuts.

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Looks at Linda and nods...Head lowering back in that silent bow, praying to Gaia to please let no Gaian Garou die this night...*

Alexander Goodwill: ((And Lex will remain and watch but not involved himself in any way shape or form. As for now though, im heading out. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((What gift was used and how is it supposed to effect Danni?))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang pats puck lightly on his shoulder for a moment*

Matthew BlueMoon: *watches as the trial gets more intresting*

Ike Atherton: ((BRB))

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>not 24 hours ago Hadrian broke my jaw because he was unwilling to listen to the truth out of hte mouth of someone else. i bleive a truthcatcher is supposed to be someone who will be willing to FAIRLY and IMPARTIALLY judge the crimes of someone and find a SUITABLE punishment. i think many will agree that Hadrian is not able to perform ANY f these tasks.

Simone Miura: She shakes her head, no. She is determinded to see this through no matt how much it tears her apart. through she does turn into Eric's embrace, watching Danny from the corner of her eye.

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((Danni>>i mean Graffity the OTHER danni. and the specifics have been told to an ST as for now im just posting that i used teh gift))

Graffiti Decorations: *the dart misses and he kinda ducks slightly which interupts his words and he just looks down*

Kinsey Lash : Grunts.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Later Jon))

Shayla Cole-Mason : ((ooc apology .. due to mostly ooc stupidity Rose the TC stepped down / Hadrian challenged her and Hadrian gained the spot .. I now have to go to bed ... and apologize for not playing the PC to her potential and probably other things))

Alexander Goodwill: ((Peace *poofs*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: (*grin* Too many Danni/y's)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): (Geez, Dave, you can't spell or type at all. *Smirks* It's DannY you're referring to, DannI is the GE)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts.* You claim him unsuited to the burden he bears and yet you will not challenge him? *Looks around.* Since when do the appointments of a Garou sept have to pass review by the Nuwisha?

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Xocapelli's touch was used...saw the roll...turned to good luck, so here and there as violence unfolks against Danny...he'll have some good luck)

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Suddenly she growls and gestures to some of the (NPC) Guardians, at Danny.* Take him out if he won't leave...killing him would be a waste, but don't be gentle.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Laughs, your opinion is duly noted, but at the moment there isn't shit to be done about it. There's more important things to do tonight.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *snarls at Laughs and bares his claws but hearing what he did last night he moves quickly to stand behind Jublain should the idiot insult him again into frenzy*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *A soft croak, Laughs may understand the weight Puck is doing in this* Jublain, he is following David's edicts that only Garou can hold positions in this sept.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Twomoons, it's his turn*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Jublain>>no of course they dont and i dont challenge him cause i lack teh faith to beleive he would choose an FAIR and and impartial challenge if i have to i WILL challenge him to get him to drop teh position.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Still standing, waiting quietly*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (hummm if Sandy orders Guardians escort him out...that is good luck, Danny will be very lucky and live...but is perminantly exiled from the sept)

Elandra: (*Loosk to Snady, then to Danny, closes her eyes a second, glad Danny wont' get killed*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): Where his crimes have been great, *((more))

Shayla Cole-Mason : ((Shayla will announce Elandra is a Cliath and allow Eric to make the pack announcement when the times come .. Shay remains ic)))

Ari Ford: *oh crap...Danni-rhya is looking at Twomoons-rhya*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Head snaps up and ears perk...Maybe the sept...Isnt as brutal?*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (It's more "beat him out",. but nobody's doing anything like chasing him down... *shrug*)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* A fair edict. Laughs>>Then you have no say in the matter. Your ability to goad Garou into Frenzy may be a source of pride for you, but I view it as foolishness.

Elandra: *Thenopens her eyes loong Hadrian direction*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *knowing GRAFFITI willhave no idea why laughs looks at hms and smiles nodding his head*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Well even if beatup up to all hell...the gift would still work...he did get out alive...)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods his agreement to the NPC Guardians.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Fuck wait one.))*He draws a deep breath as he begins* I step forward, to ask mercy for Devin Glisteningfang. *Pauses to wait for the outraged to be quiet* Where his crimes have been great, there must be a punishment. I ask that we look upon his body, where we may see for our own eyes, the glyph of Rebirth. I ask the he take a new name and a new auspice, and walk among the septs, taking comfort where he can, and aiding where he may. I have witnessed his prowess in battle, and any hunt may result in deaths of septmates, as well as him. I plead, that he be allowed to finish his life as he was born, a warrior for gaia-not falling surrounded by bodies of his fellows. Instead, speaking of his own crimes, warning others against the path that he walked. *Steps back and waits, knowing that most likely, he'll be shunted to the side*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *snorts and shakes her head...Some part of her deep down was craving the hunt, and her expression shows she's not happy to be denied her prey, but stays silent anyway, waiting for her turn to speak*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Night MJ))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (*nods* Not dead, or incapacitated, but bruised, a bit broken, the like. *quiets OOC*)

Elandra: ((night Shay-p))

Graffiti Decorations: *he nods back to laughs*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Jublain>>*sighs* fine. youre right my opinion does not matter. you will have to learn for yourself that this is a bad decision. im not going to interfere anymore. *steps back. hey he tried*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (I think I'll let Danny go with the Guardian RP....hes alive but battered and outside the sept confines...thus the Nuwisha gift worked...rather well)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((G'night, MJ)) *sighs a little at Twomoons, he just HAD to go and make this shit complicated*

Kinsey Lash : Growls under her breath. She can't believe Danny and Devin are to walk free..

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks to laughs, glad he's still in one piece*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Twomoons, surprised*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Danny is already outside)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Grimacing slightly that he had to go and make this shit complicated...*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): Danny > *The Guardians smack, shove, kick, punch, and even, if necessary, throw Danny toward the gates of the Sept.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Blinks at Jason, surprised, and not happy.. frowns and looks over at Kinsey*

Evelyn Converse: She watches as Danny is shoved past, and stays silent...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Jublain for his opinion*

Kinsey Lash : ((Gone blue)) No, she's not happy. She looks very far from it. Her gaze turning to an icy glare at Twomoons.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *One of the Guardians even makes an attempt to slam Danny's head into somethign unyielding and metallic...but thanks to dumb luck, he misses...and Danny goes sprawling out into the street, at least still alive.* (Thanks to the luck-gift.)

Laughs-Like-Rain: *dissapears into the maze and makes his way to where he wants to go*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *Shifts her front paws, silently thanking Gaia for the merical*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *her philodox instincts are screaming for her to speak...her common sense screaming to just smile and nod and keep low...she looks confused*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((I missed the second part of Twomoons' post...))

Graffiti Decorations: *he is shove beaten and thrown out of the caern, holding his side but not wasting any time, he runs to his vw bus which was parked and climbs inside, fumbling with the keys and turns it over and floors it, getting the hell away as fast as the damn thing can take him*

Simone Miura: Only when Danny is finally out of sight does she bury her face in Eric's shoulder, her hand gripping the from of his shirt and jacket.

Wren: Her hand moves to Kinsey's arm, silent support.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *IS standing, completely calm, fixated on a point in the middle*

Justin "Sparky": *He folds his hands, and watches Twomoons... but he's right. Sparky stands, still next to the CoGvan, ready to speak with his Alpha, looking for any signs as to what he should do.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Sighs and holds Simone, running his fingers through her hair, watching and listening to what's going to happen with Devin*

Elandra: ((*sighs* I gotto to go.... so as everyone who has gone Ela will stay here untill the moot ends... ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *With his straining and activity, Puck lets a grunt as he lacks the strength to keep himself sitting up, whumping over to the side, still concious, but barely*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *Sandy shakes her head at Twomoons.* He's reborn...he's still guilty. He's cleansed, but it just gives him the right t'die a Garou 'stead of Wyrmspawn. He must die for his crimes. *She doesn't look exactly thrilled by this, but determined.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel: *And remains silent and will do as told...Just leave in the middle of the night...Soft toothy grin as she watches* (Gotta go...Laters all)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *stands up as if in trance, walking to the clearing literally warring with herself*

Elandra: ((*shrugs* guess Shay speak of her been cliath now and stuff... don't think you need me IC, *g* night))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *The gate-guard is given orders to never give Danny access again...and the Garou guardians may well kill him if he tries.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Later Elandra-p))(Mike)*Watches, very interested, was not expecting the moot to turn out like it has*

Simone Miura: She is eeriely quiet, but Eric and feel her shaking.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **strides away from the 'Elders' squable, shifting down to Homid, a calm face and genral feeling about him...**

Laughs-Like-Rain: *walks back in to teh clearing a grin on his face till he sees puck then he raises an eyebrow and heads taht way*

Wren: (I'm heading off...Wren IC..yadda yadda... night all)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods agreement with Sandy, looking to Twomoons* I believe it is also HIS wish that he die, isn't it?

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *tries to wake Puck, she take his weak body in her arm and goes umbral with him*

: WOW a lot of Shifters here WHO IS THE ST? 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses, thinking.* I suppose the question is... which crimes are those of Glistening-Fang, and which are those of Sykgrin? I am no Godi, I cannot answer.

Kinsey Lash : Sneers softly, nodding her head in agreement with Sandy. And she thinks she should be allowed to kill him, at least. Like, right now.. tear out that fuckers throat. Isn't even aware of Wren's grip.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ~jp~ It's okay, he's alive at least.. *Whispers to Simone, running his fingers through her hair still, not sure whather to be happy for her benefit, or angry for his own*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *sets her jaw, walking over to Twomoons to lend him support*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((*Raises hand* ST))

Simone Miura: (and=can)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: ALL FUCKING RIGHT! I have no biz'ness speaking right? Aint one of ya? Well, I'm philodox. You all saying Fenrir boy there aint impartial? If allowed I'll challenge him...probably loose. But anyway...I don't know any of you. I don't give a rat's ass personally about any of you! But I'll be truthcatcha cuz I sick of this bullshit before me. And I'm rabble scum from the hood...and this makes me sick!

Ari Ford: *her own nerves are beginning to eat at her...wishes they could just get to the part concerning her and be done with it*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shakes her head at Danni, speaking up* It was his wish to be punished. *sighs*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): ((There's a few STs around, lurker. Get a handle and we can talk in PMs if you like instead of interrupting IC.))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Tries to get up, rubbing his shoulder softly*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *quietly* I do not think, any follower of Unicorn wishes to die with Gaian blood on his claws.

Mr.Nice: ((Sorry))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang gives puck a hug*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *literally yelled that, is standing up, breathing heavy*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *looks at linda with a raised eyebrow talking PUCKS place sitting next to dave so that there is someone on vigil still in pucks place*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Twomoons again, silently agreeing with him- but to agree with him openly would make it all too obvious that he's taken Twomoon's teachings to heart.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *actually chuckles a little at Linda's outburst....but nods* If you wanna challenge Hadrian, it'll be arranged.

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *tends to puck the way too tired nuwisha*

Simone Miura: Eric> ~jp~ "What kind of life will he have now.. the pack was his family and they turned on him.. all of them except one." her words are muffled.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *blinks now face darkening with embarresment* Ummm OK...*sits back down*

Kinsey Lash : "I think he should be killed for his crimes. He should be reborn through death." Lifts her chin a bit, scowling. Her words quiet however, speaking of Devin of course.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *nods in agreement with the little spit fire gal*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: As for Devin. *looking to Jube and Medea, they've dealt with him longer* Some folks here want him dead. *doesn't have to look at Kinsey to know who she means* And some have asked mercy. *nods to Twomoons* What do you two say, who have faced him in battle? Does he deserve to be let go?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Pats Simone's head gently* Shhh ~jp~ We'll talk about it later.. okay *Whispers to her*

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((nevermind)) *takes a seat next to puck handing him a bag of beef jerky weather he wants it or not* eat it or not but youre atleast gonna have it.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): *sighs and bows his head takeing a drag from a clove as he hears Lash has gotten into the squable**

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shrugs* I think he should be sent far away from here. Taken to a distant place and left.

Ari Ford: *fidgets with her backpack*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *sinks knowing another garou who will suffer tha same fate if and when he returns* is their no redemption..

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *he's said what he must. Now for the harshest part, more waiting. He takes it all rather well though, his fingers barely moving as he traces his tattoo*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Medea, and looks to Jube*

Justin "Sparky": *He licks his lips, wondering if he could challenge Hadrian as well- but doesn't want to have to deal with trial by combat... which is what he assumes the Fenrir would choose.*

Simone Miura: She nods to Eric.. blocking out everything happening around her, or tries to... berating herself for feeling like a lost child, she hates that feeling.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Nods his head in agreement with Kinsey, and glances at Gwen, knowing what she means.. hopefully that'll be different*

Laughs-Like-Rain: DANNI>>i will challenge hadrian as well. i cant take the position but i can challenge to get him to leave it to someone else.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di is just waiting to be sent out on her Rite of Passage, she wants to go through it more than ever now that Grandfather has passed.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, thinking.* I think that his crimes and the guilt for them is to be shared with the Pigsticker. But that leaves plenty for him. In addition, there is what he referred to as an addiction to the blade--if it finds its way into his hands again this Varthi is in some very deep shit. *Sighs, thinking.* Yet, he ~is~ a powerful warrior, and I do now know how far the effects of Erebrus' cleansing run.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks over at Jublain, curiously...She didn't think about the addiction to the blade*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods in agreement with Medea.* In a different place or with a different Sept, he will have a chance to prove his intent and worth.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Gimme a straight answer, Jube. Can you, in good conscience, let him go, knowing what he knows about our caern?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Speaks up* How about letting him "Run the Gaunlet".. Same punishment as Danny.. If he makes it out alive, he's free?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *sihg and know this trial is a foretelling..she looks over at eric but he has his hand full with simone*

Kinsey Lash : Curls her fist at her side at Jublain's words, one can almost see her veins pumping heated blood and pulsating along her tensed neck. Waves of rage bubbling beneath the surface. She feels so cheated.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *looks morally offended* You dude...*says loudly* I don't need some damn babysitter. I didn't ask for fucking help. If I wrote a check my body can't cash thats MY problem. *all attitude*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *snorts at Laughs* ~HT~ I accept no challenge from a Coyote...I do not waste time...*looks to Linda* If you challenge I accept...Truthcatchers must be strong willed when it comes to delievering punishment and possibly sentancing their brothers and sisters to death or such I will not test your prowess in battle as it has no basis here...but instead your strength of will be a staredown...

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **begins to chant lowly** death, death, death, death, death, death, death...............................

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks to Laughs and Hadrian both* If the two a you don't shut up, I'm gagging you both! *a half snarl* Linda has challenged, it will be taken care of. Let it drop at that.

Kinsey Lash : "How about the fact he bested all out betters in the rescue attempt of me? He let them go. He could have killed every single one of them." She replies to Eric, a little more curtly than she wanted to. But her anger is great on this particular topic. "He'd get through the gauntlet."

Laughs-Like-Rain: Linda>>if youre a street punk then you know the theory of having a back up plan. im challenging him for personal reasons as well. he broke my jaw. im just a fail-safe.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *has not reacted to anything*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: And YOU as well! *levelling a glare at Threat*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *nods looking embarressed again...really does expect someone to beat her ass* Oh OK. *sits down again*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Looks at Kinsey and nods, he hadn't thought about that*

Simone Miura: Tenses when Eric mentions Danny's punishment.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses, thinking.* No, I cannot. At least, not with that blade out there and whole.

Laughs-Like-Rain: Danni>>huh? i didnt even hear hadrian say something. anyway im still challenging if lindas fail but ill wait to see teh results of hers before formally issuing mine.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Laughs>>Actually Hadrian did say he would not accept a Nuwisha's challenge...))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *glares at Laughs like he has given her the greatest insult...he generally said "I don't think you can handle it so I'm here to whipe up after you"...sorry how she saw it*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She glares at those speaking out of turn, remembering each for Renown losses.*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **the chanting fades out....nothing left on his face other then that calm-creepy striaghtness**

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Falls thoughtful, still running his fingers through Simone's hair, waits to see what is finally decided*

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((Linda>>understandable laughs doenst have alot of tact))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *she nods to Jublain and Medea both* Alright. If someplace can be found to dump him, I'm thinking far from here, umbrally, something like that, do it. Somewhere his chances of making it back are pretty much nonexistant, all right?

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods slightly* If he is to die, then we need something more than the Hunt. He's a better warrior than I am, and that's saying something. *no arrogance there, just honesty*

Simone Miura: Eric> ~jp~ "Maybe I should go... the level of tension is high and if anything happens ... well.. I'n not garou." she peeks up at him as she whispers.

Kinsey Lash : Fuck renown. That asshole raped and tortured her, not to mention got her pregnant. She'll be damned to the Wyrm if he just walks out of her. Nevermind about all his crimes against the Sept and Gaia as well. Reborn her ass, only way to be reborn is through death and dead, Devin aint.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Makes a mental note that theres a head that needs her pipe...glares at Laughs, doesn't stop either*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **puffs on his clove...doing and saying nothing...till apointed to of course**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di is just waiting for the post-trial debate to end.. it's been over an hour now..*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* He'll find his way back. But before then, for better or worse, the issue of Havaragorn will be finished. ((Laughs>>was that for me?))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Looks down at Simone and whispers to her* ~jp~ Nothing will happen to you.. I will protect you.

Laughs-Like-Rain: jublain>>((Was what for you??))

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *She shakes her head slowly.* It must be death, or full trust... Dumping him off somewhere will not prevent his return, and if we do not trust him, then we gotta assume he will.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *decides she is not up for this and waves to eric and disappears through the umbra*

Justin "Sparky": *he plays with his fingers a little, watching the deliberations.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, thinking.* And his crimes against Gaia are one thing. What of his crimes against Kinsey? And she's the last in a long list.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods* THen the issue of Devin is CLOSED. *glaring all around* Twomoons, I believe you had something else you wanted to announce? And then we'll figure out challenges and shit... *combs her hair back from her face with a sigh*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((DLP))

Justin "Sparky": *Announce? Really? This should be good.*

Kinsey Lash : Nods at Jublain's words. Yeah, what about her. Her jaw clenches. So angry she feels like she's going to explode or cry. Her eyes dart between the Elders, nostrils flaring gently.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Raises his hand now that the issue is closed, waits patiently for the next to be resolved, just wants to let it be known he has something to bring up as well*

Simone Miura: She smiles a little bit and nods, in a way she glad not to leave cause she doesn't want to be alone. but on the other hand the tension is getting to her.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* Can y'all trust him? I find it difficult. ((The MS message, about the words of an ill-bred street dog or something along that line.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *waits, patiently, as the elders debate the matter, silently praying for his brother's punishment to be merciful as well as just*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *kuru puts her laptop away and uneasily rises to her feet.. she exits the gathering area, heading for home..*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((DLP as well))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Yer not helpin', Jube...

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *holds up a hand* I have an announcement as well, Grand Elder. What I spoke to you about earlier.

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((whoops no jub thats not for you that was a pm to puck..ummmm my bad))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods to Danni.* I know. But you asked my opinion, and I gave it.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *a nod* Yes. Diana, and Ari, have both been patiently awaiting their Rites of Passage during this time. I believe they are fit to withstand any trial we see fit for them.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): It must be final. You must see that. Half-measures, either way, won't solve this... Though yer right, Kinsey has rights here when it comes to the punishment... *She looks over at Kinsey at that moment, realizing how close she is to the edge...*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck grits his teeth and sits up*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di immediately looks up again, looking towards jason with a soft smile. finally! this is the moment she's been waiting for for all these months.*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *bella helps him sit up and holds on to himtrying to be as not obvious about it*

Kinsey Lash : Seems to swallow some of that Rage when Sandy agree's with Jublain, actually letting out a soft breath. Body no longer trembling. Though she remains quiet still, waiting to be addressed.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *stares angerly at Laughs with a single minded intensity*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang:*she looks to puck, concerned*

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((okay yall Laughs dissapears to do something but ive just been offered hot brownies and ice cream on top so ill be back in 10 minutes))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Ok... *sighs* Executive decision here. Devin is a great warrior as far as skill goes. I can attest to that much, I got the scars to prove it. He has IRREPERABLY harmed members of this sept. Yes, he's repented, all that happy horseshit. But you NEVER leave an enemy behind you, no matter how sorry he is. Devin dies, and we'll hope that his spirit can come back another time to make amends for the wrongs in this life.

Ari Ford: *on pins and needles*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* Sounds good.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Sighs with relief and agreement with the decision, looks over at Kinsey with a small smirk*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: The issue is CLOSED. C-L-O-S-E-D. Twomoons, yer cubs?

Kinsey Lash : Clears her throat, obviously has something she wants to say on the matter.

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **still listening, he walks around, finds his dart, slips it back into his bracer...then stands to Lash's right flank, smoking a clove cigg**

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *raises her hand* Danni-rhya, I suggest we take extreme measures. If there's a Hunt, he'll probably kill sept members. If he is to be executed, I suggest something more extreme. *falls silent*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): *A deep breath.* we hunt? Or another death?

Kinsey Lash : Glances to Eric, her anger fading away rather rapidly with Danni's declaration.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *looks confused the GE didn't say how he is to die*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Medea* I'll leave it to you, then, Medea, to see to his execution.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Runs his fingers through Simone's hair some more, watching and listening, waiting for Danni to ask for other matters*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Stands just slightly behind Kinsey and Threat*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di stands, waiting to hear what she must do for her Rite*

Simone Miura: Hears Danni's decision.. does comment one way or the other...

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((back))

Justin "Sparky": *He smiles to Diana. Unable to come up with a "good luck" signal, he just smiles to her.*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *steps back into the clearing and looks around*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *gives one last dark look at Laughs...but now is looking at the moot again...too interested to waste time on angry looks at a Nuwisha*

Simone Miura: )(does=doesn't) ----Takes comfort in that little gesture from Eric.. her her sily hair slips though his fingers.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods once* I'll need silver. And lots of it.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di offers a quick smile to justin before looking back towards jason and danni*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (10 minutes 'til crash time for this player. Up for work in 5 hours.)

Laughs-Like-Rain: MEDEA>>i can get you all teh silver youll need.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Sits there, quiet, nodding his head to himself in approval of everything so far*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: Talk to Vincent. *mouth twists at that name* I think he's got it runnin' out his ass.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (I have permission to NPC Sandy for rites as needed)

Ari Ford: *stands up a little, since this seems to be the part where she's involved*

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: *stays with puck and leave when he does honors david ,will be here icyada yada*

Simone Miura: (sily=silky)

Belladonna Cellura ~ROM~fianna: (nite nite all*huggles to all*)

: (Hey all! Azzy-p here...Sorry kidz, got called away on RL stuff, and now I MUST get some sleep, 12 hour work days suck!..Az will chill out and go back to his and Miyuki's apartment to rest, he needs sleep as much as I do...Night all!, take care of you's! *hugs*)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang sits down beside puck, wincing slightly*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Night Nicole! You got my PM about the pack right? If not I'll send it again quick))

Ari Ford: *offering Diana an encouraging smile*

Simone Miura: (Nite, Bella-p and Sandy-p)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods* I'll see what I can do. *glances over at Laughs and shrugs* We'll see.

Matthew BlueMoon: (brb) ic *is till watching everything thats going on*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((*Picks up the dropped PM* Sorry.. *Hands it to Nicole*))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di looks over to ari and returns the smile. ok, the annoucement's been made now.. what does she have to do?*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Medea>>i have it here if you need it.

Kinsey Lash : Glances over her shoulder to her pack then back to the proceedings.

Simone Miura: (Nite Bats)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *a nod* My reccomendations for the cubs, are thus: There is a P.O.W. bracelet, in a pawnshop across the city. Ari must retrieve the bracelet, without purchasing it. Diana loves the Umbra, and so I would send her to the Bone Gnawer homeland, to learn a story of your tribes' history.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *nods to Kinsey*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di smiles a bit at the task jason's recommending*

Ari Ford: *she blinks a little...that's it? That doesn't sound too hard...though...without purchasing it...hmmm.... Her brow creases in thought*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (Goodnight, all. Sandy is NPCed as Mira sees fit. She *also*, after everything, picks up Brandy, the wolfkin, from where she's unconscious near the pyre, and takes her back to her van. Now I'm for bed, though. Goodnight.)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *glances over at Laughs* A weapon?

Justin "Sparky": *He listens to the tasks he reccomends, and nods a litle*

Laughs-Like-Rain: Medea>>*ticks off on his fingers* about 32 silver tipped wooden stakes 5 peices of sharpened silver duct taped to poles to serve as spears and a 12 foot loog with silver tipped prongs and a handful of clatrops tipped with silver.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Night Sandy-p))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to the cubs* You heard the man, girls.

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((12 foot log))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shrugs* A spear should do. I can shorten it to make it a stabbing weapon. Bring me one.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Listens to Twomoons, thinking.*

Simone Miura: Start to relax some now that the tension level has gone down.

Laughs-Like-Rain: Medea>>will do ill bring a spare too just in case it breaks or is taked away. *walks off into teh maze to go to teh trap with the spears*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di smiles brightly and respectfully to both danni and jason* Yes Danni-rhya. *she lifts up her mirror pendent and stares into it, disappearing almost instantly into the umbra*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods once, then looks back at Danni*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Raises his hand now that the RoPs have been passed out*

Ari Ford: *she smiles and nods to Twomoons, and walks into the maze, shouldering her back pack, thinking hard*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ((alrighty, how am i to do the umbral quest for the gnawer homeland?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *chuckles a little at Eric* One more thing, then I SWEAR ya can talk. Medea?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nods stepping back until a little later in the show*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles at Danni and nods, lowering his hand*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Looks to Medea for her announcement*

Simone Miura: Looks up at Eric as he is about to speak.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang remains beside puck, hoping he'll be alright*

Matthew BlueMoon: (ok back)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Danni, clearing her throat...Speaks carefully, ritualistically* I wish to become greater in the eyes of my people, and offer my deeds as proof of my worth. I hereby give notice that I shall challenge for Adren.

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR): (*pops back in before sleeping* I can run the Umbral Quest scene, if y'like. Got tomorrow night free.)

Steeleyes: ((bitchslaps his puter...and i bet i missed all the fun too:-( ))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles at Simone as he continues to run his fingers through her hair like an addict, but doesn't say anything*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, watching.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Medea* We'll settle things formally tomorrow, then, Medea. Jace?

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Nods in approval to Medea.. She deserves it*

Steeleyes: *watches..geussing its wrapping up*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *nods at Danni, stepping back, waiting for the delivery of her weapon*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *steps back into teh clearing holding two long spear like objects each with a piece of jagged sharpened silver secured to each end and walks over to MEDEA*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Formally* Danni>>I give similar notice, that my actions and words have graced me with the opportunity to challenge for the Adren rank.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *a small chuckle* Ya'll are tryin' ta kill me... Noted, and I'll deal with you t'morrow, too. *looks to Eric* Ok, you next.

Justin "Sparky": *He smiles at his packmate's challenges*

Simone Miura: Smiles back at Eric, still remaining quiet.

Laughs-Like-Rain: *goes off to check on something*

Laughs-Like-Rain: *err hands medea teh spears THEN goes off to check on something*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *A nod, and then he steps back next to his packmates*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *grins proudly at her packmate as she takes the spear...Shifts up into Crinos, then channels her Rage for a moment...She slashes her claws through the pole, far enough that she's not touching silver, but close enough to make it little more than a vicious knife*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles and nods in approval to Twomoons and then looks at Danni* Two things.. One, I request a Rite of Accomplishment, in return, since I know the Rite myself, I will perform it for any who ask it of me.. Second, I declare that the pack, Concrete Wolves has been formed.. Shayla as Alpha, Myself as Beta.. Gwen, Lex, Ike, and Elandra are the other members..

Matthew BlueMoon: *watches the challange*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Eric, managing a small smile...another pack, that's good*

Kinsey Lash : Raises her hand, she has something to say too.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *wonders when she should remind them of her challenge for TC...wonders why she opened her big mouth...well at least she won't get her ass kicked*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Smiles, finished, running his fingers through Simone's hair*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks around for the next person who wishes to speak*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang just sits there, pondering. the whole scouting mission thing has been bugging her for sometime.. she slowly rises back to her feet, she wants this done and over with*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang: danni>I have a matter that I would like to address.

Steeleyes: *looks like he wants to say something but waits*

Simone Miura: Smiles at Eric, she at least know a pack is something important and is glad he is in one.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *nods to Angeline*

Kinsey Lash : Waiting to be addressed. Of course she has something to say.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *waits silently in Crinos, either for the Moot to end, or to be released for her grim duty*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck looks to Angeline*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: *looks over to Medea and gives her a little nod...if she wants to go now, she can, or she can wait till after*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Eric)*Grins at Simone* ///(Mike)*Finally moves, shifting in his seat to lay down, getting comfortable, watching a listening still*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((Guys, I'm fading fast...))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *she stands and looks at Danni...she don't open that big mouth this time...just points to Hadrain and gives a questioning look*

Simone Miura: Uncurling her finger from Eric's jacket and shirt, then slips her arms around his waist.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (I can NPC you too...I have all night)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((*huggles Mira* You are a doll, hon.))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((*Does the cabbage-patch* Go Mira, Go Mira, It's yer birfday, not fer real real, just fer play play))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ang: *she takes a deep breathe* I was taken before the previous Truthcatcher Rose on charges of disobeying the Wyrmfoe's orders during wartime. I had willfully disobeyed the order she had given myself and the late laura Walback to not engage the enemy under any circumstances and I involved the Nuwisha Joshua Puck in that scouting mission to the Hive as well. The order was broken when 2 Spirals assaulted Puck and almost killed him and claimed Puck's Fang Dagger. It was my fault that he was almost killed. I have yet to recieve judgement for my actions and I would like to take responsibility for them now.

Kinsey Lash : "I seek the Rite Of Acomplishment for the deeds I've done most recently." She speaks up when it's her turn. "And I wish to see the departed Anruth (Danny) and Cindy ~insert last name here~ stripped from my pack for their disgrace. I also seek for the Master Of Rite to bind Survives-Atrocities to my pack, Etheral Tides."

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: ((*bows out in favor of the Might ST* Good night guys... I don't think I messed this up TOO badly...ugh...))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *And Angeline's words remind him of being brought before TC Rose as well.. waits to bring it up though.. Kinsey had raised her hand*

Steeleyes: *listens..does have something to say..but doesnt invole rank..or pack just sits watching*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Ya did fine Danni-p!! Nighters!))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (OK ignore the tag...I'm really Danni and Sandy too)

Steeleyes: ((night Danni-p))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((Nighters Danni-p...))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross: #gone#

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((*Salutes Mira* Will do Head Hancho ST type lady!))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Linda: Ummm you want this challenge for TC before or after other stuff?

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((I think you did well Danni-p. *s* G'night.)) *listens silently, stretching, testing the heft of her makeshift weapon*

Simone Miura: (nite Danni=p)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang stands almost at attention, waiting for something to be done*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (OK no more people PM be unless it has something to do with this moot)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods and waits for Hadrian.*

Matthew BlueMoon: *is just sitting by the fire barrel watching and listening to everything thats going on*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks from danni to hadrian to medea to jublain, waiting*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **stands to Lash's right flank, chain smoking clove ciggs**

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Nods to Kinsey to let her know he will perform the RoA for her*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *gets up and moves forward again* ~HT~ Trial first...this one has been waiting too long ...challenge immediately following ... *stalks over to Angeline* ~HT~ Lie and I will kill you...understand?

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Danni: We have before us now...the trails of some. Truthcatcher Hadrian, you challenged from Rose...recite the cases please.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Danni steps back letting Hadrian do his charming thing*

Kinsey Lash : Nods to Eric with a slight smile. She's done shit loads of stuff the past few weeks. If she wasn't a Theurge maybe she could have even gone up rank. Damn the moon phase she was born under! No no, not really.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: hadrian>I understand, rhya. *she remains at her stance of attention*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Standing with Kinsey*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((ToG active)) Angeline>>~HT~ Did you indeed disobey a direct order from the Wyrmfoe NOT to engage the enemy?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck lowers his head*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: hadrian>Yes I did rhya.

Simone Miura: Grins a bit when she see Eric is going to be rather busy. with this Rite thingy.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *stands silently, impassively...Glances over at Twomoons for a moment*

Steeleyes: *listens..havent ben in a warsept before*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Sorry peeps logic dictated if Hadrian already ran two trails, he should finish up tonight before the challenges)

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *He's pretty much got his mask of rock on at the moment. Part of him does want to go and comfort Devin as well as Medea, but, such is not the role destiny would have him play.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ~HT~ You admit your guilt...during times of relative peace this would be a minor crime as not all things go as planned on the battlefield...but during a time of war this is such a minor punishment during times of peace which is a major one during times of war will be implemented...your judgement is the Rite of last from this moon to the do not wish to follow orders of the leaders you will know what it is like to be alone...

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Understandable Mira, I agree))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.... Whaddaya know, the bastard can think after all...*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: hadrian>I have one more thing to say to you, Rhya.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck shakes his head and stands up, very weakly, letting the pyre back him up.. He croaks out* Angeline.... Was not alone. She may have called me in but it was I that fumbled and caused the violation of the rules in the first place.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Blinks at hearing Hadrian, guess he doesn't have the ugly tree stuck up his ass tonight*

Matthew BlueMoon: (np)

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Angeline>>~HT~ Then speak and do such quickly...

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Puck>>~ht~ I am well aware...and you are next...

Ike Atherton: ((And I'm back)) *Suddenly walks back in from the garden*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *watches...*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck closes his weary eyes and nods, leaning heavily on the pyre just to stay standing*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: hadrian>If ever given the option of letting a packmate fall to the Wyrm as well as a Gaian fetish or to obey orders to not do anything, ever again, I would do the same thing over again. I would gladly and blindly disobey those orders. *she looks to hadrian and nods to indicate that she is done*

: *He looks to Hadrian and ponders a challenge... but it would be counterproductive in wartime. He should have been here when the other one stepped down... Dammit... could have done something for the sept. He tooks away to the firebarrel.*

Justn "Sparky": *He looks to Hadrian and ponders a challenge... but it would be counterproductive in wartime. He should have been here when the other one stepped down... Dammit... could have done something for the sept. He tooks away to the firebarrel.*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck looks to Danni for a bit, wating Hadrian's words*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *The newcomer feels even more justified in challenging the only she can actually pull his off*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Leans against an old car and watches.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Angeline>>~HT~ It is understood...*turns next to Puck* ~HT~ You have already admitted your guilt...and by your actions you have caused a Garou to act dishonorably...but you are not Garou and as such I cannot punish you as I would a Garou...but I will go along the same lines as I did with are to be ostracised but in a differant form...from this moon to the next you are barred from this Varthi...perhaps with your time away from the Garou you will learn to leave the buisness of our hunts to ourselves and maybe learn some respect for our ways...*he glances at the pyre* Your punishment begins when the body of the fallen is ashes...*and it seems he has a heart too...he then turns to Eric* ~HT~ Eric Mason is next...

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Nods to Hadrian and takes a step forward, putting Simone behind him protectively* Yes-rhya..

Kinsey Lash : She watches, looking to those speaking in turn.

Justn "Sparky": *He glances to the newcomer and smiles a little, with a wave*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck looks to the ground, slowly sliding down into a sitting position with a sigh*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Just stands with pack*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : Eric>>~HT~ I have already heard your testimony as you stated it to the previous you wish to change or modify anything? ((MJ FWD me all those emails with Eric's testimony in it))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *she looks to puck again, well, this is going to be interesting, hell is going to be knocking at the door come the Friday and she gets to sit at home.. wonderful.. which means, she violates another law of the litany in the process*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Angeline>>Actually no ... she isnt barred from the the Rite...))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Gotcha))*Shakes his head* No-rhya.. My testimony stands..

Simone Miura: Gets moved behind Eric.. she whispers to him, ~jp~ "I think maybe ai should go.. mind if I stay at your place tonight?"

Steeleyes: *steps forward* rhya..not to inturpt but..doesnt seem a little harsh to banish one fromthe sept during times of war...being alone would be a greater chace the transgressor would fall to the Wyrm

Steeleyes: ((sorry about the late post..stupis puter))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Standing with his packmates, the ocassional shift of position to let them know that yes, he is still alive*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Sandy would do the rites needed)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Holds a hand up, and smiles at Simone over his shoulder quickly for her to wait just a few till hadrian is done with him*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **has becomed helplessly bored, thow it only shows in his chian smokeing and shifting his wieght from time to time**

Ike Atherton: *Shakes his crions head to wake himself up and moves toward the group slowly*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ((spuds>*blinks* alrighty. *nods* brain must be very fried. )) *Ang waits around for the rite* ((and i better get to bed. night all. *waves*))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *just points a claw at Steeleyes* ~HT~ Shut up. *back to Eric* ~HT~ What you did was foolish but not will learn to stop whining like a freshly whelped cub when important matters are being discussed by your Elders...word will spread of your whining...((Lose 1 Honor 2 Wisdom)) *and with that he turns back and retakes his spot*

Justn "Sparky": ((*waves* Must.. sleep... classes... beginning... everything... going... black...))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Sighs as Hadrian backhands Steel's well thought out commentary*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((*L* Damn, and Wisdom is what he needed the RoA for, figures *chuckle*))*Nods to Hadrian* Thank you-rhya. *Though he doesn't remember whining, oh well.. it's done and over with, he'll deal with it*

Simone Miura: Just nods to Eric.. winces a bit cause she interrupt when she shouldn't have.

Matthew BlueMoon: *seeing things winding down he gets up and heads of to get some sleep* (night all im off to bed as well)

Steeleyes: *bows head and backs down..*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Danni would guide Angeline to the ritual circle and do the Ostricism rite...Puck not being Garou I guess will be guided out the gate when David's body is ashes*

Ike Atherton: *Cracks his neck many times twisting his head both ways. He moves to his usual car and sits down. A loud creak comes from the rusty shokes as the huge furry form puts his weight on it*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *oh wait let me read description of the ritual...*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *stretches, waiting for the moot to end*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Turns to Simone, smiling again* ~jp~ Of course you can.. you can stay as long and ofetn as you want.. Don't even bother asking me, just make yourself at home.. *Said quietly so as not to interrupt anything*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck looks to tired to even offer token resistance to Hadrian's punishment*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Eric'll still perform any Rites of Accomplishment needed, even Jubs *G* Though I fergot about ya didn't ya Jub))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *pretty much revise that Sandy comes forward and gestures the sept to form a circle...and then calls out to Gaia "I have no such, sister". Others in turn are made to do this...then Angeline is lead out the gate and promptly ignored*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Rite of Ostracism...12 Garou circle the punished and say "Of all of Gaia's children I have no such brother/sister" then they turn their backs on the Garou and that Garou like ceases to exsist...))

Wren: *is doing whatever is appropriate until her player rebalances*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Thanx I'm tired...timewise we will not RP that out completely*

Simone Miura: She smiles at Eric, ~jp~ "thank you."

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *figure all acomplishment rites are done in a similiar fashion...please e-mail me updated reknown to

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Grins at Simone* ~jp~ You are most welcome..

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Danni: Is there anything else...or may we procede to the Truthcatcher challenge?

: *what happened to puck??* 

Laughs-Like-Rain: *walks back into teh clearing*

Ike Atherton: *His large black-tipped crions back paw comes up to scratch his ear. After a bit of this he ubruptly stops realising what he's doing. He yawns and shakes his head a bit opening his eyes somewhat larger for a split second*

Steeleyes: *slowly backs out..and heads off into the streets.((player doing header into keyboard...night folks))

Laughs-Like-Rain: *looking around to see whats going on and what he missed*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (Banned from the Caern for a month...)

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Barred from the Caern for a month))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (But out of respect for David he gets to attend the gathering for the departed...more or less)

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Turns back to look at the center, and thinks if he has anything else to bring up.. Would challenge Hadrian, but he has been surprised by the fairness the Get showed, shrugs having nothing to bring up*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((In stereo no less))

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Having nothing to bring up, rolls over and tries to get some sleep*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods and waits.*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: *Nods with a smile to Ike*

Wren: (i want to slee-eep... I want to slee-eep...*singing out of her boredom and disappears*)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Danni: Then we shall hold the challenge and end the Cracking of the Bone with the Gathering of the departed for David.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (go to one stops you.)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (This is archived)

Wren: (Heh, I know. *G* I just don't want to leave...*sighs*)

Simone Miura: Remains close to Eric.

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: (Mike)*Rolls back over and sits up hearing Danni, ready to take part in the gathering*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Linda steps forward and looks uncertain...but she approaches Hadrian*

Simone Miura: Simone will leave when she has too.

Laughs-Like-Rain: ((scratch that yall i have to go its late and i have stuff to do))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *glances around for a moment, then starts for the prisoner, hefting her weapon*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Okay, I need to get some sleep as well.. Eric participates in the Gathering of the Departed, and then if nothing else is required of him, heads home with Simone to get some sleep))

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: Danni: *she nods letting Medea go*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *A nod. Hadrians' proven himself able thus far, but there must be no doubt that he's more then capable of doing as the job demands*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Leaves for a minute, stepping into his van.*

Simone Miura: (nite Eric-p) Simone leave with Eric.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *shakes his mane out and stands on all fours waiting for Linda to approach and the staredown to begin*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Looks to Danni himself, wanting to go with his packmate*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (OK spare others should be FF past the challenge and RP it out over ICQ or something just posting results in the morning?)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Crosses his arms, some energy getting into him just from the flushness of being banned from a place he's been so involved with*

Eric Mason & Mike Conley: ((Alrighty, I'm out all. Night! PLay nice! *BAMPH*))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Sounds good to me))

Kinsey Lash : Stands around, watching, listening.. being quite like a good little Claith.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Steps back out carrying a shield and an ax.*

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Just with Pack*

Wren: Goes lupus and pads over to Tisha and curls up in her lap.

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *The gathering for the departed is held umbral...where the pyre should be...burning things in reality? Veil? I think everyone has more intelligence then that. Everyone surroundes the Prye...Sandy leads the rite as is her duty as packmate and ritesmaster followed a close second by Danni...and the howls of morning carry David's soul into the umbra*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck joins in the rite, saving the rest of his energy for it*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((That's one of the reasons Jublain wanted a 'controlled burn' permit from the city... *G*)) *Jublain lays both ax and shield on the pyre next to David.* HT--We will see you again. *And stands back as the pyre is lit.*

Wren: (oh, that too...)

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: *Then after that the stories and songs, probably sad things about David..(player ego at work here) and later the revel, it probably takes more for the Garou to work themselves up but if anything drinking is more rampant, and so are the excesses due to stress and grieve...if anyone has stories or something...send it to the ends this moot*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **does his part, adding in what he is allowed to of his ritual know how**

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Joins in the mourning for David*

Kinsey Lash : Joins the Rite, of course.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *gathered by the Pyre, wrapping an arm around Wren and the other around Kinsey&

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Puck leaves a bottle of a clear liquid and his medicine pouch for Dave*

Linda ~Hits-heads-with-pipe~: (RP out the rite at your leisure)

Ike Atherton: *Joins the rite*

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): (( latters all, 14 hours in here ICly is a bit much...I'm off to work...oooohh

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Embalming? That kinda does sound fun...))

Wren: (It's better than nothing *G*))

Threat-Seeker (Taint of Suspicion): **he lingers around the crean for the full entireity of the Moot....then disappears soon afterwards into the sweatlodge for a quick stent, and of to crash at Lash's place**

Kinsey Lash : ((See yah's to all who's leaving.))

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: ((Bye people leaving))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): *Well, Puck gets kicked out after Dave's ashes have been spread*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Has a seat by the fire, looking around.* Kinsey>>Tol' you I was goin' to tell that story 'bout Skelf Oiled-blade, didn't I?

Kinsey Lash : She nods, walking over to sit lay down in Lupus by the Warder. Ears pricked to listen.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *walks back into the gathering area, reverting to Homid from her monstrous war-form as she does* He is gone.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, thinking for a minute.* Tonight I tell a tale--a long tale, and not an old tale, but one which I was told as a young cub.. Tonight's tale is of Skelf Oiled-Blade

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses.* Gone as in finished, or escaped?

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *She goes to be with her Alpha, laying against her in lupus*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *shrugs* Gone as in dead. I performed my duties. He died with honor.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): (Well, I've got no reason to be here for about a month.)

Kinsey Lash : Flicks an ear, looking to Medea.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, thinking.*

Lupus Wren: Snugs with her pack

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Hadrian and Linda do their staredown...and Linda loses...horribly turning away from the big black Get at the first snarl...Hadrian lopes over twords Jublain and rests on his 4 limbs*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods to Hadrian.* Evenin', brother. You done well.

Kinsey Lash : Has clearing the Alpha posture with her pack surrounded and snuggled into her Lupus form. Her attention going back to Jublain, waiting patiently for the story.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *just grunts and remains impersonating a statue*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Chuckles, thinking.* Where was I.... Aw, yeah. The beginning.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Y'see, Skelf was alpha of his pack. Oiled-Blade wasn't a name given to him like most--his pack was called the Pack of the Oiled Blade, and his devotion was so fierce that he took the pack's name as his own. Everyone knew that when they offended the Oiled Blade, they offended Skelf, and that if they were owed a debt by the Oiled Blade, they were owed a debt by Skelf. So even though this wasn't the way things were normally done, noone made any issue about it. *Chuckles.* 'Sides, we don't bother with laws 'bout simple things like that, long as you're not makin' yourself a deed name that claims you done things you didn't.

Lupus Wren: Places her paws over the top of Tisha's head and starts grooming her.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): They ran. *smiles.* Skelf wasn't the largest in his pack, an' he wasn't the swiftest, but he was for sure the toughest. It took a LOT to knock down Skelf Oiled-Blade. Some say that it wasn't even his own strength that kept him going when by all accounts he should have died--they say it was his devotion to his pack that kept him alive--when nothing else could, the knowledge that the Oiled Blades needed him kept him goin'. An' he always kept goin'. The pack ran, struggling to keep up, for days on end without a single pause.

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *chuffs softly, leaning into the grooming*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks around once* I go to prepare for the Revel. *steps out of the gathering area...Before too long, she'll come back and take any Garou who are in the mood on one hell of a Revel through the Umbra, howling wildly, allowing them to release all their tension*((But I gotta get to sleep. *s* G'night all.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *A time later, Twomoons returns to the gathering area, bleeding from a new wound on his chest*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Finally they did pause. They came across the trail of a deer, dragged it down, ate, and slept. They didn't feast on it, because to eat too heavily before a large battle is dangerous--*chuckles.* We learned that from the tale of Glaston Bear-Belly, a Garou of a different tribe--but they ate well, and they rested. When Helios next brought light to the world, Skelf awakened his pack and they travelled the short distance to the village.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha Vigil-Keeper ~Booted~): ~(GONE, like, extinct, baby)~

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Wasn't too long 'fore they reached the village, an' when they were more than a mile off they could smell it in the air. horrid smell, a smel that literally spoke to their wolf's-noses of death and distruction and heartbreak. But mainly death.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Skelf was no fool, so he had the others spread out a bit. They advanced closer, braving the stench by continuing to smell the horrid thing, trying to find out anything elsethey could. Silently they stepped forward, and they saw what had happened quickly--something had tore everything up. houses, roads, cars... people. I won't make you sick with the details, but it was bad. They say Sour-claw, another strong Modi, lost his stomach.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): It also didn't take long to find the tunnel. The Shield Brothers of Adders are known to use them, so that was their first thought--and those foul things are a difficult battle, the power of Gaia's own warriors turned against her. But what they were prepared to see and what they saw were two very different things.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *nods.* Wal, it was Twitch-ear that seen it first--she was a lupus, an' bein' near the town made her uncomfortable already. When her Gaia-granted Gifts were working, nothing could escape her notice. She barked out a warning to Sour-claw, but she wasn't quick enough.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): It was just a little shake to the ground, a little noise of stones rattlin' against each other--but Twich-ear knew that no animal makes such a noise. Sour-claw jumped to the side, but he was a big warrior, strong and unstoppable but slow, an' he moved too slow. The thing bust out of the ground, jumping out of it like a fish might jump out of the water, with Sour-claw in its jaws.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): No-one screamed--it ain't the way of the Fenrir to give vent to terror--but all fell silent for a moment--then Twich-ear lept forward, an' Skelf Oiled-Blade was at her side. Twitch-ear ripped at the thing with her teeth, but all she managed to do was tear away slime that choked her mouth and nostrils.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Steps out of his van*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The thing was like some kind of eel--maybe a mutated worm, maybe a miniature version of the Midgard Serpent itself. But it had some kind of teeth--that we know, because with what looked like a small twitch, Sour-claw--solid, strong, unstoppable--was cut in two, one leg falling a long, long way back down as Skelf thrust a taloned fist deep into the creature's side, a powerful blow that only make a slight scratch.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Listens to Jub tell a story, focusing for a moment on something other then the so-so night this has been so far*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Then the rest of the pack lept in--two dozen strong, but as the thing writhed and flailed, a terrible truth came to them--no matter how powerfully they tore at the creature's hide, they did little more than tear into the thick slime that surrounded it. But the Thunderwyrm was not so inneffective--three it killed just by rolling onto them, and another was swallowed up in those massive jaws. They were causing it harm--there was a tear from Skelf Oiled-Blade and another from Thow Axe-thrower, but it was obvious the creature was going to win.

Kinsey Lash : ((BRB))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): They fought on--for what seemed like hours they threw themselves at the thing, only to bounce or slide off the slick grease that covered it. Twitch-ear backed up and used the powerful legs of the Hispo form, leaping at the thing and sinking her fangs into the slash already made by Skelf. The thing whipped to one side in pain and tossed her aside--and then it turned like a snake and the head--as big as a car, maybe bigger--came down at a dizzying speed, headed straight for the offender. And Skelf couldn't let that happen

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *chuffs softly for Alexi to join them, listening to the story intently*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The pack of the Oiled Blade was in a battle which it would surely lose, and Skelf Oiled-Blade--the one whos devotion to his pack was so fierce that he took their names as his own--could not watch another packmate see death. As the mouth big enough to engulf two, maybe three Garou in the full Crinos came down, Skelf Oiled-Blade leapt up.

Lupus Wren: Grooms and listens.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Skelf wore the Crinos himself, and his legs threw him into the air quickly--so quickly that as the thing clamped huge teeth-like plates together to rend him in two, he slipped past them--almost. The searing pain that was supposed to cover his waist instead flooded one leg, and his foot fell out of the thing's mouth like the excess noodle on a strand of spaghetti. Screaming in Rage as her alpha willingly took the death that was due to her, Twitch-ear threw herself again at the thing, her wounds forgotten as she bore the Bear Shirt.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Walks over to his pack and sits down. listening to the Warder*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles.* Skelf had expected to be embraced by death--the end to pain, the end to the hurt in his leg and the searing agony of his packmates' death, played inside his head over and over. But Fenris is not so kind when there is work to be done, and Skelf found himself very much alive--and inside the Thunderwyrm's gullet, where there was no layer of thick skin or the horrid slime coating. Ignoring his wound, he tore with teeth and claws at flesh wherever he could contact it.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And now he caused harm. Now blood flowed wherever his claws touched. *Smiles.* And they touched ~everywhere~. The Thunderwyrm writhed in agony, its attackers outside forgotten, as this new assailant tore at it from inside. Twitch-ear, still thinking her alpha dead, strove onward, slicing into the slime and finally into the flesh, tearing away shreds.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *So that's where Hadrian got the idea...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The others, given energy by the sight of Twitch-ear's ferocity, renewed their attack, leaping onto the thing heedless of their own safety and tearing and rending. While Skelf tore from the inside, the Oiled Blade tore from the outside.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): As everything in his vision and his smell and his taste became blood, Skelf Oiled-Blade almost lost himself to Frenzy--but he fought off the wearing of the Bear-Shirt and continued to rend, moving to the center--if it has blood, it has a heart, and this is the destination which Skel Oiled-Blade sought.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *grunts quietly yup that's where he got the idea*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And he found it--the great thumping that echoed in his skull led him to the heart--a huge muscle, larger than he himself--and without thought for his own life, his claws bit deep into the largest chamber.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles.* Now, there was a difference--Now the thing issued some kind of scream, a scream of desperation, and thrashed about even more wildly than before. As for Skelf Oiled-Blade, even the huge lungs of his Crinos form could only sustain him through so much action, and he needed to breathe. Tearing wildly, he strove to cut his way out. This round of thrashing threw off the others, and as Twitch-ear, lost in the Bear Shirt, roused herself from the ground to leap again, the others paused an instant, knowing that something had happened.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The creature thrashed about, then straightened out, pointing straight up to Luna as if asking forgiveness for the crimes against Her sister. With enough still in the ground to keep it standing, at least 50 feet stood outside of the ground, like the trunk of a massive tree. Then, like a tree, it crashed to the ground with an impact that knocked them all off their feet and smashed Twitch-ear against a rock hard enough to loose her from the Frenzy

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And a things flew--rocks, trees, pieces of concrete, cars. Thrown by the impact, they scattered like a fleeing army, and a few of the Oiled Blade were knocked down by the pieces. But when the dust cleared, the Thunderwyrm lay motionless--except for one moving lump on the top.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): And again it was Twitch-ear, the one who would replace Sour-claw as Beta and then Skelf as alpha of the Oiled Blades, who was first there, tearing at the slime and flesh that imprisoned her alpha.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The others soon joined her, and with their effort Skelf thrust his muzzle through a slit in the muscle and mucus, cleared his nostrils of gore like a whale, and took a lungful of Gaia's breath. Now renewed, the Pack of the Oiled Blade pulled their alpha out of the creature's hide, and they gathered to regroup, clean themselves from the thing's foul taint, and lick their wounds before setting to the task of cleaning up the evidence.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): The Thunderwyrm was hacked into pieces--a most unpleasant job--and buried in the tunnels from which it came. Spirit's Voice, the old Godi, cleansed the area--a task that took almost a moon, even with the pack's help--and then the pack of the Oiled Blade returned victorious to their own Sept. Even with one rear foot gone Skelf kept up with his packmate--although they no longer grunted and strained to exhaustion to keep up, he did not slow them down. His foot was brought back as well, in hopes that a healer could repair the wound, but the wound's contact with the creature's foul taint and the time gap made that impossible.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Frowns.* That was Skelf Oiled-Blade's last great battle. With his foot missing, he could no longer lead his pack, and rather than wear the Ice shirt he went to the city where he knew Jorgunmandr's servants dwelled, and threw himself into a battle that he knew he could not win. He did not, but that night there was wailing and the death-songs in the halls of the undead, as they whispered with fear of the monster that took so much to kill.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Smiles.* They whisper still, it is said, even after all these years, of Skelf Oiled-Blade, of the Fenrir.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Listens to the story with the others of his pack*

Kinsey Lash : ((Back.. *G*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Mental note..if there's a thunderwyrm in the area, chuck some Get at its' throat*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((*L@Auggy* ))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* Them mental notes keep reminding me of the "Notes to Self" on Dirty Work...))

Lupus Wren: (*LOL*) She moves to cleaning Kinsey.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: (( I love that movie ))

Latisha Sturgis and Andrea Jenkins: *Lays down, thumping her tail, pleased at the story*

Kinsey Lash : {ws} "Wren, I'm clean.." A slight shrug off of the other wolf.

Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ((*giggles*))

Lupus Wren: She whimpers lightly, she was only doing it for the affection, but resorts herself to placing her head on her paws.

Alexi Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~ -Guardian-: *Looks at his pack in lupus and feels kind of out of place in his homid form.*

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