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February 4, 2002

Nate PR: ((Here. This scene is for JY characters going to the Battleground realm only. It is a closed scene and is lethal.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((*Screams and runs like a girl from the lethality...*))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Lethal? In the battlefield? *LOL*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Quietly* Okay, you guys know from your crib notes that what we're looking for specifically is the Battle of Owens' Ford. Stay on the tracks, and be ready to fight to the exit.

Steeleyes: ((acually though the only way to escape the Battlefield WAS to die..*confused look*))

Kinsey Lash : Listens, ears perked.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((So how are we doing this? Are we starting with them traveling to the Battlefield? Having already reached it? Going on random killings? ect ect ect))

Kinsey Lash : ((I thought the same as Steeleyes. But, ya know I haven't read the new and improved Umbra book.))

Nate PR: ((We'll fast forward it once everyone is here and all the things are set.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): For those that don't know what they're getting into, we're heading to the battle Realm of the Umbra. We're looking for information from a specific battle.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **listens...& waits...**

Kinsey Lash : ((Maybe we got it confused with the Atrocity Realm Steeleyes. *Grins, pets*))

Steeleyes: as they go umbra.. shiftsto his warform that of his birth...his mirrored eyes looking at the others

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He nods to what Twomoons says, remaining near the man most of the time and at others, walking a little ways away from the group, all depending on his mood while traveling to the Realm.*

Steeleyes: ((purrs...snuggles with Kinsey ok))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Now if you get killed there, you're going to pop out soemwhere random in the Umbra. Find your way home as quick as you can, becaoming disconnected is a real possibility.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Nods, walking alongside Twomoons with a quiet reverance for the landscape around him, a hand gently lifted to shield his eyes from the perisistant red glare of the bright star in the sky above them...*

Erin Williams: *he nods walking beside twomoons listening carefully.. remining in homid for the moment*

Steeleyes: *nods never haven ben there before*

~Anna: (Mind what you post.. I don't usually edit these things.)

Dylan Ford: *shifting up to Glabro*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too remains in Breed form unless ordered to do otherwise.*((Which someone will need to tell me if he is ordered to do so.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Any questions? *quietly stroking Perch's feathers*

Kinsey Lash : Stays in Lupus, guiding her pack but not necessarily walking infront of them. Listening to Twomoons while taking note of where they're going.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Mutters out quietly when Twomoons pauses after talking about disconnection* If you're lost, or far from home, try bartering Gnosis with the first friendly spirit you come across... if you're lucky, it might even be a Lune.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **sticks to his Alphas Right Flank, shifting to Crinos, keeping to all fours for his lack of a tail**

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Even more feral looking eyes turning to look towards Twomoons, a thick eyebrow arched a little.* So you are saying we are not able to be killed in this Realm?

Latisha Sturgis: *Shifts to Crinos*

Dylan Ford: Twomoons>> Is there anything that I can use silver against, or will it not do any good?

Steeleyes: since i umm..dont know the battle werelooking for.,..what are we looking for?

Kinsey Lash : {ws} "If any Tides member finds themselves lost, call to the pack totem." She advises the others.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Alex>>Yes and no. You can be killed, but if you die, you get rudely ejected from the realm to an unknown place in the Umbra. which has it's own problems.

Latisha Sturgis: ~ht~ Yes Alpha.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Silver? *shrugs* If you're battling a werewofl or fera, the normal rules apply. Again, what we're looking for is called the Battle of Owens' Ford.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *A slight nod of his head to Twomoons. Perhaps he'll have to ask more questions about the Realm while their traveling but none of the one's that come to mind deal with their goal, so it will wait until later.*

Steeleyes: it gonna be marked?

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Looks around at the others* Also, it might be useful to hold on to any weapons you get ahold of while there... I for one wouldn't mind taking a tank back with us. *Grins a bit* They won't cross back into the real world, mind you, but could drastically improve our umbral defense...

Dylan Ford: *pulls out his gun, for now.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Steeleyes>>Again, a yes and no. It'll be marked, but the manner of the markings we need to follow is an unknown.

Kinsey Lash : Chuffs softly, in amusement at Edward.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): Do you know how to drive a tank? *He looks to Edward when he says that, moving with the group of people.*

Steeleyes: *nods looking at Edward*..could fetishes be there as well...War fetishes?

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): Alexander>> *Smirks* Depends on the tank... *It's hard to tell if the know-it-all is joking or not...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Brother better learn to drive....

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Fetishes? Dunno honestly.

Erin Williams: *he blinks looking at edwards and shakes his head slowly then nods to twomoons*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): Steel>> Not that I know of, sorry... There might the the representation of a fetish in a foe's hand... bu from the best of my understanding, they won't be functional to us.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *If he were elsewhere, one would almost expect a glare to come from him but instead a soft chuckle does as well as a smile, his head shaking from side to side.* Hopefully we'll find one of those tanks then. *His hands resting within his coat pockets while they walk.*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **unkown markings eh..? his occult symbolism fucos will come in of the many thoughts turning in his haed as he keeps his sences on the upmost scrutiny **

Steeleyes: *nods..saying nothing more..flexing his clawed hands*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Anything else?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): Nothing of importence-Rhya though perhaps we can speak some more, privately when if we find ourselves able to. *He says while adjusting the duffle bag a little, walking beside him and Edward.*

Erin Williams: *he opens and closes his taped up fists getting edgy and awaiting for battle, focusing on his breathing*

Kinsey Lash : {Ws} "Information we're seeking, -Rhya?" Is sure she knows what it is, just making sure.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: 2moons>> ~HT~ Formations...?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Briefly, the Battle of Owens' Ford. Indepth, information concerning the possible current whereabouts of the Baneklaive.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Threat>>That's why you have your pack.

Nate PR: ((For note, I am going off the original Umbra book here, not the new one. If anyone has a problem with that, voice it now.))

Kinsey Lash : {ws} "Gotcha -Rhya." Still padding along in Lupus though everyone elseis towering over her. Perfectly at ease.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ooc: Since I haven't read the orginal one in a while, no real complaints for me oh ST. :)

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **at that he directs Tish to the middle behind Lash, Dylan to the Left flank of Lash and Erin to the rear...him self staying at her Right Flank**

Steeleyes: follows the others...looking around

Erin Williams: *he hears the command from Threat and drops back away from twomoons taking up the rear still in homid form*

Latisha Sturgis: *She moves to where Beta directs, eyes open and alert*

Kinsey Lash : Oh, she's so important. She gets her head kicked in first. Just how she likes it. It's great to be Alpha. {ws} "Remember, to stick close Tides."

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Grunts to himself, shifting to Hispo to make the journey a bit easier on him...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Looks everything over once more before quietly talking to the pigeon on his shoulder* ~ss~ Perch, whenever you're know where we're going...

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too has stayed in Homid though with so many taking forms that are better suited to traveling, he finds himself beginning to lag behind a little.* ((*sighs* brb, continue though))

Nate PR: *the spirit begins to work the moonbridge that leads to the Realm, the path becoming clearly lit to all of the Garou in the Umbral night*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Slips into Hispo, dedicated goodies being absorbed or reshaping themselves to fit*

Dylan Ford: *sticks close to his pack, keeping up with them.*

Erin Williams: *as he to finds himself lagging behind at some points and others, and conceeds to a brisk jog to remain close to the ET*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((back))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *is there and has been while player was eating dinner*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too has taken to jogging but even with that its hard to remain with the four footed Garou. A faint frown slips to his features before finally giving in. His form begins to shift and manipulate itself until he's a rather large wolf, his pelt the darkest of black except for a few faint streaks of grey hair, clearly not that of a "true born" Walker.*

Steeleyes: *walks keeping up with the others...staying in warform*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *softly* ~ss~ Thank you Perch...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Leading the happy group to the moonbridge. Oh the joy of being Alpha*

Erin Williams: *he starts to huff as this starts to take more of a toll on him and he continues to jog though seriously lagging as he takes to removing the tape from around his wrists and dropping it along his way.. after he finishes pulling it off.. then his form wavers and shifts slowly through the forms to crinos and comes to the hulking dire wolf form and he pads up to quickly resume his place taking up the rear of ET*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He still remains near Twomoons, traveling on whatever side Edward isn't doing so. All of his belongings having become a part of him when he took to his Lupus form.*

Nate PR: ((Ok...if there's no arguments, this is where we'll fast forward.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((Fastforward away))

Nate PR: *the journey along the moonbridge is quick and uneventful. At the end, the pack finds themselves surrounded by a deep, grey mist. It's almost raining but not quite, and seeing anything is completely impossible, except for the muddy road that they emerge upon*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((*Watches the fastforward with glee... especailly the part where Hadrian gets angry at Alex and yells like an angry chipmunk...*))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *remains at the back of the gathering in his birth form...big black monster guarding their backs*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((*LMAO*))

Steeleyes: *seeing nothing.. strains to hear anything*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *His black muzzle lifts upwards once their surroundings change, taking deep lung fulls of the air as if trying to catch some sort of scent. He remains on the road though, pacing a little.*

Kinsey Lash : Tries not to snort the water when she's sniffing around.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *grunts and reminds himself that he really needs to go quest for that Gift soon*

Erin Williams: *the dire wolf glances around then sniffs at the air trying to take in any scent*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Shifts up to Glabro, figuring it'll be worth getting tired keeping pace if it means he has his pad and pen ready the second they get within eyeshot of the battle...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Tests the footing a little, sniffing around to see where or what this path is that he needs to follow to the battle*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **peirs around...looking for the sign post......**

Nate PR: *sure enough, Threat soon finds the Signpost, about 50 feet up the muddy road. The place smells, well, like a battlefield. There are other tracks...Crinos Garou the mud around the Signpost.*

Kinsey Lash : Heads over to gather up some other Garou scents so they can follow.

Latisha Sturgis (Ghetto Booted): ((Back)) *Still with pack, in crinos*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ALL>> ~HT~ The Signpost will direct us....**points to with a Crinos paw**

Erin Williams: *he returns back to his homid form rubbing his nose with his hand and glances around staying in the assigned formation*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Feral green eyes move towards Threat when he speaks, his wolf head bobbing up and down slightly though he doesn't responde. Instead, he lets his form slide upwards, a hulking, hairy man standing where the wolf was a moment ago, taking to his Glabro form now and moving in Threats direction.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Eyes the tracks... Odds are, just some other friendly travelers, passed through or passing. Still, there's some concern to be kept...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *looks at the prints, apparently they're not the only ones looking for something, looks over the signpost to see of Owens' Ford leaps out at him or what*

Steeleyes: *looks around.. sniffing the air.. trying to find any clues*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **keeps his pack in formation.....peirs at the sign post looking for Owens' Ford**

Dylan Ford: *keeping with the pack*

Nate PR: *there are several arrows on the Signpost. They read as follows: Vicksburg, Berlin, Averinsa, Holland Wood, Owens' Ford, and Retreat*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too looks over the sign once getting closer to it and the crinos prints on the ground near it. Yes, likely other visitors to the Realm, he thinks to himself. He begins to pay more attention to the gray mists surrounding them though, not because he's expecting anything but more because he's rather fascinated at the moment.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Glances at the tracks, seeing which direction they go... and what signs point that way*

Kinsey Lash : Keeps lower to the ground, in Lupus to keep an eye on the surrounding area's.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *chuffs* ~ws~ Thisaway. *starts moving slowly down the path to Owens' Ford, making sure he stays on the path*

Steeleyes: *follows..keeping an eye open*

Nate PR: *the tracks are leading in the same direction they need to go*

Latisha Sturgis (Ghetto Booted): *Keeps watching around them*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **makes note of the direction of the Retreat sign...then points out Owens's Ford Direction...**~HT~ we seek what is that way...

Erin Williams: *he awaits for ET to start moving so he can keep in his formation*

Kinsey Lash : Leads her back that way, sticking behind the higher rankings.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ws~ Eddie....gimme a rough count on how many other happy campers are going our way...

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Frowns a bit* ~ht~ I hope our corrupted friends didn't get the same idea we did...

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He adjusts something within his larger coat for a moment before nodding to what Threat and Twomoons says, moving to follow near Twomoons.*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ~HT~ Tides...keep the tracks, we may need to pull someone back onto them....

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((*is having problems concentrating for some reason* Ya'll dont need Hadrian anyways...))*was never there*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Counting tracks... That perception plus investigation, or is it limited to just the tracking secondary skill?))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Now the words from Edward cause a slight frown to slip to his hairy, broad features and he lets himself reach out into his surroundings, trying to sense for the presence of the Great Corrupter.*

Nate PR: ((I'll let you do per + invest, Crusher))

Dylan Ford: *stays on the tracks.*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Would think if they had tracking, it would lower the diff but a per and invest would work.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Score... "Edward counting bumps in the road: 10,10,2,4,8"))

Nate PR: ((Sure Threat. Yes Alex..all over.)) *Edward is able to make out five distinct sets of tracks in the mud*

Erin Williams: *he nods but just allows the others to deal with it as he continues to follow up the rear of the pack*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *A rather large scowl flows along his features, a growl being heard deeper within his throat.* ~ht~ The Great Corrupter is strong here...*And his form slowly molds up into his hulking, warform, pitch black fur glistening with wetness.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Glances to the others* Five went this way... same direction we're headed. *Doesn't look to pleased...* Maybe we should make a side-trip to Iraq... grab some assault rifles...

Kinsey Lash : A slight look to Alexander at his growling words, huffs softly and takes a more keen interest in the area. Overly sensitive eyes and nose helping.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Shakes his head* ~ht~ Negative. If this group can't hack 5, we don't need to be here. *Course if one of 'ems Havaragorn, all bets are off*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Doesn't quite sigh as he gets more good news from Alex, but he does seem a little more...alert as he leads the group*

Erin Williams: *he frowns deeply hearing the words* perhaps they did think the same as us.. can you detect how old the tracks are?

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Grumbles slightly* ~ht~ Sure, but we could certainly hack five better with assault rifles... I for one don't know mother's touch.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *His large head nods slightly in agreement with Twomoons comment. Nine Garou against five, a few loses are possible but thats the way of the world. He tries to remain on the muddy track, snorting lung fulls of air, attempting to catch scents other then their own.*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ~ht~ And by the time we get these rifles, find a way back onto the tracks and then our way back to Owen Ford, they may be gone. If their here, their here for a reason.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **with all this sniffing, if any who didn't catch it before, Threat has no sent**

Erin Williams: *he shrugs softly*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Shrugs* Can't tell for sure.. this place doesn't follow the same rules as earth. If I had to make a guess, I'd say a couple days at most. That doesn't mean they're not still here, though.

Latisha Sturgis (Ghetto Booted): *Mentally prepares herself for being one of the few casualties*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ We'll grab toys on the way out Eddie. *Starts sniffing to see if there's an ambush coming, stopping every 100 feet or so*

Erin Williams: *nods to edward* perhaps... we have a spy in the junkyard. alerted them to this action.

Nate PR: *the track stays quiet. As the pack walks, the mist begins to rise, though the rain doesn't really stop. It is near sunrise in the English countryside as they walk along the road.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ If there was a spy, we'd be against some overwhelming force. 5's not what I call overwhelming, y'know?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too sniffs as they continue to move, every so often reaching out to sense if the presence of the Great Corrupter is closer or more stronger then it was before. He remains silent now though, feral eyes constently darting about.*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **in formation, on the track, he raises his head for a moment after a great period of looking at the tracks** ~HT~ Rahzoreg, is one of them.....

Steeleyes: *continues following..every once and whilelooks behind.. in case any follow*

Erin Williams: *he glances around slowly* it is a well known trick twomoon's ryha.. to hide your numbers.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Rubs gently on his earring, keeping Translator's ear activated so he can hear any chatter within a hundred feet... Far from a sure-fire, bur every advantage helps*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *A gentle sigh* ~ht~ fuck me harder. Fire up the gifts, group...

Latisha Sturgis (Ghetto Booted): *Activates MoF and RT*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ~ht~Rahzoreg? *His head turns briefly when Threat says that, clearly not knowing who he's talking about.*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **prepares Shroud**

Steeleyes: *begins sharpening his claws..feeling his rage fill him*.(Razor claws)

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: Spiral Shaman, Beta to Ben when he was of them...

Kinsey Lash : Fires up no gifts.. cause she doesn't have any to help out.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Shifts up to Crinos, that being the most the bookworm can really offer at the moment...*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Fires up Lunas' Armor (2 succ) and Resist Pain*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Having no gifts that would help in this, he lets himself fall back just a touch, allowing the more combat trained Garou to pull in front of him.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *starts moving with a little more reassurance* ~ht~ I know We're closer...

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *A deep, rumbling growl remains in his throat when Threat says that, his large muzzle nodding slightly for a moment. He keeps reaching out for the presence of the Wyrm every couple of minutes, trying to sense any changes as their surroundings change.*

Erin Williams: *having no gifts to fire up he just keeps on walking muttering*

Kinsey Lash : Flows up to her Crinos form.

Nate PR: *the sounds of a camp can be heard shortly by Edward. The road itself is starting to look rutted and is strewn with several very dead humans*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Feral eyes move over the dead corpses, wolfish head tilting some at their manner of garb. Dark ages...well Twomoons Rhya did say any battle.*

Erin Williams: *he looks at the bodies and snorts* ((any weapons?))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Starts looking around, trying to gain more information then what he previously had*

Steeleyes: looks at the bodies..

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Holds up a clawed hand, touching his ear and indicating sounds of life ahead. He whispers in High Tongue* Sounds like an encampment..

Kinsey Lash : While everyone is studying the bodies, she keeps her senses on their surroundings.

Nate PR: *swords and broken long bows adorn the rather...peasant..looking humans*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *That's enough for a haltage and some whispers* ~ht~ Can you make out what they're saying?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He pauses as well when Edward whispers that, looking briefly towards the man and then around their surroundings in depth.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Listens quietly, trying to pick out sentences...*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **piers off for any fires...**

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((be back in a few, need to reboot.))

Erin Williams: *he pauses looking over the bodies and simply shakes his head deciding to stick to his fists then awaits to see their actions*

Nate PR: *the smell of a campfire can be made out. The stench of death is pretty prevailent on the morning wind as well*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Glances back to the others* ~whispers in HT~ It's emphemera from the battle... they're waiting to make a stand against Hvaragorn...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *His snout kinda wrinkles at the stinkypoo death smell*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Nods*~ht~ just like the vision...They're about to get their asses stomped.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: *inhales deeply, the smell of old death familiar and strangly relaxing**

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Sighs, slipping down to Glabro and getting his notetaking utensils ready* If anyone knows Fatal flaw, I'd love a little help picking weaknesses from his battle-stances...

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((back))*Not normally one to winch at the stench of death but this is quite a lot, snorting slightly as if to dislodge the scent from his nose.*

Erin Williams: *he nods slightly and cracks his knuckles rolling his neck*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ not in my repitoire.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Feral green eyes move towards Edward at the mention of that Gift, black fur definitly wet now. He says nothing though about knowing it.*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **keeps pack formation, listening, watching & waiting**

Nate PR: *a raven comes flying overhead from the direction of the camp*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ I need a sneaky fucker up front, now....

Kinsey Lash : Growls softly at the sight of a raven.

Erin Williams: *he looks up into the sky at the raven shielding his eyes from the raising sun* either a scout, or an informant for the other side.. or just a bird.

Nate PR: ((Sure Dylan))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He looks upwards when spotting the raven, his head tilting a little to one side briefly.* ~ht~ Do you know if this Fallen you mentioned was Fallen from a Tribe, Threat?

Steeleyes: *aint says nothing*&

Nate PR: *the raven wheels around them, then starts down into a nearby tree*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **Pads up front, directing Erin to take Lash's Right flank & Tish to keep an eye out on the rear**

Erin Williams: *he continues to watch the bird reamining in formation* okay, someone needs to go kill that bird, and quick.

Kinsey Lash : {ht} "I don't think any sneaky scout would help -Rhya. The bird is probably eyes for someone else, we're all spotted." Quietly.

Erin Williams: *he nods to threat and comes up beside lash's flank, without a thought he reaches out to stroke the wolf's fur*

Kinsey Lash : Is no longer a wolf, is a big ugly Crinos.

Nate PR: ((Rahz is not from another tribe.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Pulls the taser gently from his pocket, wondering if he could hit the bird with the darts...* If it's just part of the setting, no harm done. If it's a corax, he just might get pissed at getting dumped from the realm... if it's a Scout, like the Lord gift, then we should at least blind our foe..

Erin Williams: ((oh yeah.. well he still runs his finger through her fur))

Latisha Sturgis: ((AGAIN! Argh!))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ True dat. Sitting here isn't going to help us all that much though...*shakes the mist from his fur and starts moving towards the camp*

Erin Williams: edward>>it needs to be dead, and quick regaurdless of what it is, it's a jeporday.

Kinsey Lash : Follows Twomoons, checking to see her pack is together.

Nate PR: *the bird changes into a thin, almost frail looking, black haired, naked man, sitting on the tree* Thee's not supposed to be here....

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ~ht~ If its a Corax, it would have said something. *He looks towards Edward and the weapon he pulls from his pocket, nodding slightly. *

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Grunts* We could, uh... ask it? *Thinks to himself... ~A corax would answer rather than get shot... a normal raven wouldn't react to the mutterings unless frightened... a scout bird would retreat at being spotted and threatened... Not a bad plan~.*

Latisha Sturgis: *Follows as directed, still in crinos*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ~HT~ No he was a spiral born.....

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He would laugh if it wasn't for the smell of death, feral green eyes moving to look back to the woman now sitting in the tree.*((Im assuming her accent is from the time era.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Blinks at the naked guy* And thee should hide thine polearm from the sight of damsels... *frowns a bit at the spying corax*

Nate PR: ((Corax is a man.))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Everyone keeps saying that. Good gaia, what is so damned important to be hiding it this heavily*

Steeleyes: *mirrored eyes look over at the man...cocks head to the side*

Nate PR: *the corax just laughs at Edward's comment* Come ta die, have ye?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((My bad))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **takes up rear, as changing pack fromation atm would only cuase more confussion**

Erin Williams: *he follows behind kinsey looking up at the now naked man and doesn't speak it's not his place*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *watching the front and side arcs while Eddie chats amiably with the naked guy in the tree*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He moves towards Edward now when he turns to speak with the naked man, staying near Edward. One person speaking at a time though he looks towards Twomoons to see if they should question the Eye of Gaia or not.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Seeing his alpha take a passive position to the conversation, he shrugs and speaks* Man>> Nay, noble sir of scant claddings... We've come to observe to further our education.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *makes a couple pawmarks in the ground, eddie would know it as 'keep talking', while whispering* ~ht~ Watch yerselves

Dylan Ford: (later all *hugs Mel and Bek*)

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Converses slightly absently, keeping good attention to what his fetish picks up*

Nate PR: Observe? *he laughs almost madly* Ye have come just in time then. For tis the Wyrm heself, made flesh I do say, that walks the field this day.

Latisha Sturgis: ((Bye babe *hugs*))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He remains near Edward unless ordered to do differently. He doesn't think anyone should be alone at the moment, specially since their are Spirals present somewhere. He does try to reach out to sense the presence of the Great Corrupter again, feral eyes on the naked man.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Oh. Wonderful.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Raises a brow at the man* And thine is a possessor of great knowledge of this foe? Prithee, tell me all you know of him... *Edward quickly betrays himself as an ex-RenFair geek...*

Nate PR: Nay. Tis knowledge with a price, lest ye want ta venture ta see with thine own little eyes.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Looks at the man rather pointedly* And with the sky for thine equine, you still travel not to watch from your the safety of such a lofty position? I, for one, shall be travelling further to watch from the earth.

Steeleyes: ((does a header into the keyboard...sorry gang.. falling asleep))

Erin Williams: *he looks up at the man then around the scene carefully growing impatient*

Kinsey Lash : ((Sorry. Got booted. Missed Dylan's stats.))

Nate PR: *he laughs again* Then the Lord of the Dark shall have ye soul ta feast upon tonight. Beware brave lupines, for Havaragorn heself is coming. *about then Edward catches the to arms yell at the camp...and everyone else hears the howl of a creature that can only be one of pure and utter corruption and evil*

Erin Williams: *he snarls hearing the howls and close his fists tightly getting ready* i believe my friends. that it is that time.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ Shit on me...Motor but stay on the path.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He looks sideways at Edward again for a moment...He himself should have offered something but by the time he's got his throat shifted so he can speak comfortably in the homid tongue, the howl interupts him. Another growl erupts from within his throat, dark form crouching down onto all fours, feral eyes scanning about.*

Latisha Sturgis: *She shudders, but steels herself*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **stays in pack fromation...waits or follows**

Kinsey Lash : Her fur bristles.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *The only thing that keeps him from freaking is that he's heard this before....that and leaders don't break and run. Period*

Erin Williams: *he awaits for twomoons command*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Shakes his head at the man* So long as my feet remain stead on this trail, his evils cannot touch me... Suit yourself, my lofty friend... *Looks to the others, indicating it's beginning. He takes up his pen and paper and moves closer along the trail to observe and take notes on Hvaragorn's skills and style...*

Nate PR: *the howl came from through the trees towards the camp. There are other howls now as the Gaians start to move across the unseen field to meet Havaragorn and his pack*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Trotting down the trail at a good clip, looking for a decent vantage point*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He mentally reminds himself that this isn't the Earthly realm anymore and that these people aren't "acutally" here, the Litany running through his mind. He tries to keep an eye out for the people that made the ealier tracks though as well.*

Erin Williams: *he keeps his postion at kinsey's flank and what a nice flank it is hehehe. shakes his head and focuses his eyes staying clear looking for those who have treaded here earlier*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ Alex, any sign of the other 5?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Are there oh mighty ST?))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **stays in formation...but still trying to get the best vantage point he can...**

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *After letting his vocal cords shift back to normal, his wolvish head shaking from side to side slightly.* ~ht~ Not yet. You watch fight. I watch for Spirals. *Even when speaking in the Garou language, its not so easy to make it sound "homid".*

Nate PR: *as the pack moves up the trail to observe the fight, they see a pack of Spirals meeting the Silver Fangs in the middle of an already carnage strewn battlefield. Leading the Spirals is a 15 foot tall crinos who's form is hidden amidst a cloud of greenish flame. When his claws rend through the air, it seems like the very fabric of reality is rent assunder. The Fang alpha doesn't stand a chance.*

Nate PR: *no sign of the other 5...though there is a Spiral fighting alongside his alpha. And that Spiral is wielding a weapon that looks an awful lot like the Jagged Blade itself*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *chuffs to the green-looking guy* ~ht~ Havaragorn.

Erin Williams: *he stops immediately his blood boiling now just watching the battle, his rage radiating off him like raidation*

Kinsey Lash : Lopes in Crinos, keeping alert and always checking to see if the pack's alright.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *He whispers silently, writing down every detail his keen eyes detect (Perception 4)* ~ht~ Remember, this battle is long past. Their lives already are lost...

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Since he's not paying a ton of attention to the fight itself, the man fighting alongside the towering monster isn't noticed. He instead is keeping a constent watch about them, to their sides and behind them. Their watching the front after all while paying attention to the fight.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Frowns at the second Spiral* Jason-rhya, do you remember him from your vision? If not... we'd better be ready for the end of the fight. If he's real, the trail- and us, will become visible to him when it's over...

Latisha Sturgis: *Follows, eyes alert, keeping and eye out more around them than on the battle ahead*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **keeps his sences outwardly, and his mind to waht the others are doing**

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Kicking the mental recorder into high gear again* ~ht~ yes...he was there as well.

Nate PR: *those paying attention all of the sudden hear a twig crack in the woods 'behind' the pack, on the opposite side of the road*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *flicking his tail back and forth a bit, looking for that forbidden knowledge that he's been warned about*

Latisha Sturgis: *Her attention immediately goes toward the snap*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He lets out a loud growl of warning to those paying attention to the fight itself, feral green eyes snapping towards the sound of the twig cracking.* ~ht~ Something behind us. *Crouching low to the ground, eyes not only scanning the area that the twig snapped but also from side to side of it. Spirals can be crafty little buggers.*

Erin Williams: *he doesn't hear the "twig" he's lost in the carnage before him.. and actually takes a step out of formation twords the battlefield, it calling to him*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *The twig snap sends him into a quick 90 degree right turn, watching the flank. The fight he's seen before* ~ht~ keep watching the fight Eddie.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Turns at Alex's warning, taser ready* We can watch this as many times as we need to... What's over there?

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Nods to Jason, turning back to observing the battle. He keeps the taser out, though...*

Kinsey Lash : Warns Erin when he starts to stray.. {ht} "Back Ahroun.."

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ~ht~ Not sure. Something though. *He sniffs again, the growl remaining deep within his throat.* ~ht~ Watch fight someone. May not have second chance.

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: *taps Erin with a paw, to get him out of the Battle drawn, as there might be one to there other side he needs to pay attention to**

Erin Williams: *he grits his teeth together still watching the battle kinsey's words unaffecting him as he takes another step twords the battlefield*

Nate PR: *standing on the rise amongst the trees is Rahzoreg and strapped to his back is the Jagged Blade. Four other not-so-fake looking Spiral crinoses are standing there as well, observing the Gaians. Once he sees they are spotted, Rahz lets out a Cry of the Whipporwhil and turns to run. And the Gaians can imagine who the Cry calls....*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Alex>>~ht Eddies' got it...Circle up around Eddie, Make sure he's not bothered by any rude sunzabitches...

Erin Williams: *he blinks coming out of his own little world and looks down to threat*

Erin Williams: *he hears the cry and snarls shifting his vocal cords and lets out a howl of challenge*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *snarls, slightly*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He begins to do as Twomoons orders but at spotting the Spirals, he lets out a throaty growl. No one's described the Jagged Blade to him, so the sight of it doesn't effect him...yet. He takes a step forward, trying to get to the side of Edward incase they turn around.*~ht~ Twomoons. We follow or stay?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ Fighting withdrawl. Get a chunk of him *Meaning Rahzoreg* if we can.

Erin Williams: *he stands firm hearing twomoons.. awaiting the call from his temporary alpha*

Nate PR: *Rahzoreg glares at the Gaians, then sneers as the Umbral reflection of Havargorn makes his way up from the field, his pack now dealing with the Fangs.*

~Anna: (brb)

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Looks at the monster as he approaches* You... uh... you guys don't think he can cross onto the path, do you? He seems to be coming this way... *Continues scribbling, using every last moment to get details* I mean, they're not supposed to be able to hurt you on the path... they're not supposed to be able to even see it... touch it... *Grows more and more concerned as he approaches* Oh shit...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Snarling and getting all kinds of rude to Rahzoreg. Hopefully that'll keep his attention whilst someone takes a chunk from him*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Eddie>>~ht~ He heard homebitch, right?

Erin Williams: *he watches and lets out another challenge howl*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He too looks towards the side when Edward says that, the hackles of his inner wolf rising in both fear and anger. Oh shit... He can't help but to back up some on the path, for a moment the pack of Spirals forgotten only briefly.* ~ht~ If he can't see us why he coming?

Nate PR: ((Distance to the real Rahz is about 15 meters. Not far at all. Not rolling for combat...I don't have that much time. *G* Just be reasonable.))

Latisha Sturgis: *She moves, a bit antsy, but stays in formation, merely looking to Kinsey for orders*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): Jason>> ((Assuming Havar continues to appraoch))... Yeah... I think we need to book it. *Caps the pen and shoves the booklet back in the nearest dedicated bag* ...Now.

Erin Williams: *he hears edward and turns seeing hargrove come and snarls* FUCK!! *without a second thought he steps from the path and into the battlefield as hargrove approaches*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: *doesn't wait for Lash* ~HT~ Tides...attack....

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *As he backs up, he makes sure its closer to Twomoons. Even with the fear written clearly in his feral eyes, he wont break and run...atleast not yet, he hopes. A slight nod of his head to Twomoons, a growl within his throat to show he's ready.*

Kinsey Lash : {ht} "Tides, flank him." She takes lead and goes for the fur gnarl on the ugly dude, Rahzoreg.

Kinsey Lash : Well, Erin and Threat are both gonna get their asses kicked later.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((Basically, he's already stated the main target at this point is Rahz. So he's going to be marginally suicidal and play distraction, and hope someone gets a chunk of Rahz. Soon as that happens, he'll call for an all-out retreat))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Grabs on to Erin as he steps off, yanking roughly* No, if you get off you can't get back on until they're all dead... Somehow, I doubt big-boy's going down...

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **strides forward Luanching two nasty looking darts at Rahz** ((pain darrts, x2 damage following round))

Latisha Sturgis: *Follows Alpha, flanking the nasties*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *He's shown Twomoons he's ready. He throws himself forward while Twomoons tries to play distraction with the man, trying to claw at the man. Oh Gaia please let it be true that he can't die here...*

Nate PR: *the four other Spirals move to intercept anyone coming for Rahzoreg. One of the trees near Edward's erupts in a gout of balefire that rises from the ground, instantly incinerating the tree*

Erin Williams: *gets yanked back by edward and stands there hearing the call he nods to edward and moves to assist his "pack" though he's all out of formation*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *lowly* ~ht~ Eddie, get ready to get a sample. *snarling and drooling to keep Rahz occupied with his seeming badassness*

Erin Williams: *he burns rage to assume crinos and launches himself at the same target tish is attacking*

Nate PR: ((Ok. We're going to go pseudocombat here. Everyone back up just a bit.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Yelps, startled by the sudden burst* Well, my job's done... *Shifts up to Crinos, turning to the flesh-Spirals* Rhya, shall I?

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((*Has Lex begin to walks backwards, doing the moonwalk.*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((*rewinds*))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **heads stright for Rah...luaching a dart every few strides**

Kinsey Lash : Can't believe her Beta is using fucking darts. She's going to ram them where Helios doesn't shine. Attacks one of those that intercepts the pack. Hoping to make a gap so another one can get to the real problem, Rahz.

Kinsey Lash : ((*waits*))

Erin Williams: ((*chills*))

~Anna: (back)

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((*Starts handing out bet slips.* Alright ladies and gentlemen. Want to hear the bets placed.))

Nate PR: ((Ok. We'll start from everyone on the road, Havaragorn approaching. You post your action once per turn, then allow me to respond. I think you know how this works. And begin turn 1))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Ten says by some fluke of the dice-roller Nate has to pull a plot-ending punch *g*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((tree hunnert says Twomoons gets his shit handed to him!))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Is this before or after Ed saying he's coming and packing up?))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Clipping out the necessary orders as he advances* ~ht~ Make a hole so we can get a chunk of knifeboy, then we bolt. Eddie, leapfrog if you gotta.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Turn 1)) *Lex throws himself up the middle towards Rahz while Twomoons was attempting to distract him. He lets his inner wolf fuel his speed, trying to dodge around anything to get at the Alpha.*((2 Rage spent. Want dice pools?))

Kinsey Lash : Once Twomoons gives the word she orders her pack to flank and attack the nasty approaching.

Erin Williams: *he is pulled back from stepping to the dead hargrove and he turns around shifting to crinos and bursts twords rahz* ((burning 4 rage))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ((turn 1, spend 1 rage, throw biteing dart at Rah from Right flank))

Latisha Sturgis: ((Turn 1, attack, no rage))

Nate PR: ((We can say after, Crusher)) *the one of the large Spirals moves to intercept Alex, two flank Rahz's right side, one on the left. Havargorn is one turn away from hand to hand, coming for Eddie and Jason, his eyes locked on the Jason for some reason*

Nate PR: ((Sure Threat))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((He's impressed by Twomoons' dedication, attention to detail, and good looks, right? Right?)) *Not really paying attention to Havaragorn-a possibly fatal mistake, but he's a little busy with Rahz at the moment, keeping him distracted*

Nate PR: ((Everyone who just posted a rage expenditure and such, go ahead and type out what your char does.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Snarls* ~ht~ Run Jace! *Time is limited with bad-ass coming for them, meaning shit needs to get done. Eddie charges forward, using the larger form of Jason as a springboard to launch himself over Raz's defenders...* ((Spending 2 rage. Remember guys, we get 1 back every turn, right?))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ((only rage action)) *luantches another biteing dart at Rah*

Nate PR: ((1 extra Rage at the beginning of battle and frenzy diffs are a -2))

Erin Williams: *with his four rage he pushes aside those that try to stop him from Rahz closing the distance.. if any rage is left over for an attack he goes to yank the weapon from rahz's back to prevent him from using it*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Does that add onto permanent Rage? Meaning with Lex's 5, he would have 6?))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Rage actions will be 1 hamstring in Raz, and the other for a Pure-defense turn. *As it seems to have a different name in every damn book...*))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((No rage spends this round. Next round? You damn betcha.))

Nate PR: ((Nope, don't get around Alex.)) *Threat's dart finds home in Rahz's arm. The Theurge snarls and pulls it away*

Erin Williams: ((and what's the diff for a person who has the beserker merit also?))

Nate PR: ((Uh..if you have the berserker merit, you're prolly frenzying by now))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Alex>> Nah, that's a point of temp rage regained at the beginning of each turn. YOur overall rating doesn't change...*Hoping he's not stepping on toes, as Nate has total say on the Realm rules*))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Oh yeah...he's frutrasted. His inner wolf raging within him, this is his first battle for the Sept and he'll be damned if he doesn't do anything. He tries with the first Rage action to get around the large Spiral in front of him again instead of attacking.*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((Alright, wasn't positive on how it was worded. Got it.))

Nate PR: ((I know I'm missing what some people did and for that I apologize. I'm getting really tired over here. *G* Let's go to the next turn, unless there's something that absolutely must be resolved this turn. Again, I sincerely apologize.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Did Ed not make it over the defenses? *He was using Jason as a springboard to leap over the others in his original action*))

Erin Williams: ((nate uhh i guess it frenzy this turn, but i mean he did try to rip the weapon from rhaz's back or whatever to prevent him from using it))

Nate PR: ((Yeah Ed did. The ones going to hamstring him on the right got blocked. Threat's first dart missed. Alex is intercepted as well.))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ((turn 2)) **spends 1 rage & 1 gnosis. Activates create element: fire, target Raz**

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((2nd turn. Another 2 Rage down the tube. Once again trying to get past the Spiral in front of him and get to Rhaz with all three actions, attacking if he gets there.))

Nate PR: ((Erin couldn't get to Rahz's back last turn.))

Latisha Sturgis: *Turn 2, attack again... not like there's any major effect... unless it's TO Tish*

Erin Williams: ((even with 4 rage spent?))

Erin Williams: ((blah nm sorry))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((2nd turn, spending 1 rage to bolt. Can threat spend rage and gnosis at the same time?))

Kinsey Lash : ~Is on slash and hack mode while player goes to bathe kids- BRB~

Erin Williams: ((turn 2)) *and he's lost it this turn, he lets out a hellish howl as the grips of his rage throw him into a frenzy and he starts to go beserk* ((leave it up to nate on whom or what))

Nate PR: *the large Spiral fighting Alex swings his claws into Alex's chest, knocking him backwards and into a tree.*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Another 2 Rage)) *Snarls, trying again with brutal persistance this time...* ((Hamstring, Fur gnarl, Hamstring... no defense. If the other Spirals turn around to come after him, it'll be worth the wound to have their backs to the pack.))

Nate PR: ((Ok guys...I'm open to say I've pretty much lost control of this and don't know how to resolve it...*sighs*))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((We're all suddenly killed by a balefire blast from Havaragorn... tossing us into the near umbra and sending us packing back for the JY.))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Even if the spirals get taken out by the same blast, they're tossed somewhere random as well... Battle over. *shrugs*))

Nate PR: ((Is everyone open to Edward's idea?))

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ooc: Dont matter to me.

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Well, since we're obviously not supposed to surround and kill Raz here..*g* Seems like our best option.))

Latisha Sturgis: ((oh sure *G*))

Erin Williams: ((i'm down with it))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ((*Nods* Works for me.))

Nate PR: ((Alright. Everyone play along. Again, I apologize for my ineptitude here.)) *suddenly, another blast of balefire shouts from the earth, engulfing Edward, Alex, and one of the Spirals. Their bodies are vaporized instantly by the intense heat, leaving only an afterglow to those that are watching. By this time, Jason notes Havaragorn standing behind him. Rahzoreg, meanwhile, takes on the form not unlike a shadow and sinks into the soil of the Realm*

Erin Williams: *the frenzying erin turns on the next thing closest to him since rhaz dissappeared*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *Caught in mid-pounce upon the larger Spiral in front of him, his frustration momentarly being heard in a howl of anger and rage...and then its gone, as is his body, the blast of balefire destroying him completely.*

Latisha Sturgis: ((Ew... that might not be good.... Erin was attacking near Tish, right?))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Running. A damn good idea when there's a 15-foot tall spiral wreathed in balefire who thinks you're his prison ho. *

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Edward growls from the opposite end of the fray* ~Ht~ I think I might have.. *His jovial proclaimation is cut short as yellow eyes dialate int pinpoints... Edward is consumed... and gone*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Running. A damn good idea when there's a 15-foot tall spiral wreathed in balefire who thinks you're his prison ho. *

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Edward growls from the opposite end of the fray* ~Ht~ I think I might have.. *His jovial proclaimation is cut short as yellow eyes dialate int pinpoints... Edward is consumed... and gone*

Kinsey Lash : Is really not up with whatever the hell is going on. But tries to get Tish out the way of a frenzing Erin.

Nate PR: ((Erin, choose either Tish or Kinsey)) *it takes Havaragorn less than a pace to catch Jason. That's when those claws enter Jason's body. At first, he feels just like he's been impaled...then he feels his insides being sucked into oblivion. Anyone watching basically sees Jason's body sucked dry, the husk falling to the ground*

Latisha Sturgis: *Also tries to get Tish out of the way of a frenzying Erin... since that would mean real death*

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ((*Gives Edward a high-five in the after life and starts hanging with a bunch of dead peeps.*))

Erin Williams: (( *rolls and gets kinsey*))

Latisha Sturgis: *Or, change that to try and get Kinsey out of the way, same reason*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): ~ht~ Retre-*splortch, slurk, fwoop*

Kinsey Lash : Tries to defend herself, in that case.

Nate PR: *and then Erin doesn't have the chance to frenzy on the others as another gout of green flame consumes Latisha and Kinsey. The other Spirals are running for their lives by now*

Latisha Sturgis: *Fire... lots of... oh hey... thisis interesting... poofs*))

Erin Williams: *he snarls like a rabid wolf looking for it's next target, foam drooling from his mouth*

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): *Grumbles* Well shit on me... *Heads back to the Junkyard, knowing he's little chance of finding the Battleground when Perch is watching Jason's ass...*

Kinsey Lash : MmmMmm, crispy critters.

Nate PR: *just before Rahz slips away, Threat is almost able to grab the hilt of the Jagged Blade on Rahz's back. And when his claws go to grasp it, the corruption that fills the blade rushes into the Uktena, almost to the point of possessing him.*

Nate PR: ((Which should leave Threat, Erin, and Havaragorn, am I correct?))

Erin Williams: ((yeap))

Edward Morgan (Bootcatcher): ((Gone... Night guys. *Poofs so they don't bother wasting time with responses*))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **casts shroud, spending willpower for full 30'x30' x30' inky blakness...**

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *meanwhile, elsewhere in the Umbra* Gaia...can I go home now? Brenda's gonna be really unhappy with me if I don't show up tonight, and...well, I would like some good lovin' sometime.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *And even elsewhere in the Umbra, he simply lays there, not moving, a gash in his chest from the "real" Spiral. No...he doesn't want to move right now...he'll be fine right here. Maybe in a few hours...*

Nate PR: ((All who 'die' find themselves pretty much whole in the Penumbra near the JY, just for time's sake)) *Havaragorn turns his eyes on Threat for a moment, then lets the Uktena do as he wishes. The eyes then focus on Erin*

Erin Williams: *as the frenzying garou's eyes turn to havaragorn.. and he snarls and starts to charge the huge beast*

Nate PR: ((Alex>> No, those are real. You get to keep those. *G*)) *Havaragorn just sneers and snarls. His claws rip across Erin once the unfortunate is in range...and Erin meets a similar fate as Jason, the life literally sucked from him into the deep recesses of the space between realities*

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **sighs deeply as Erin charges Havargorn...knowing quit well why the best doesn't come for him...**

Erin Williams: ((dun dun dun, another one bites the dust))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *sitting up slowly* That's the second time that fuckers' killed'd think I'da learned the first time, but noooo....

Alexander Goodwill (CW): ooc: Woo doggy. Anyways, im gone peeps. Good scene. :)

Erin Williams: *he opens his eyes shaking his head slowly and rubs it.. what had happened? *he stands and glances around realising where he's at he starts back for the junkyard*

Nate PR: *Havaragorn waits* ~ht~ Come out, Shadow....your destiny is mine now.

Alexander Goodwill (CW): *poof*

Nate PR: *the monster keeps waiting...*

~Anna: ~ends script~

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **as threat deals with some mental mayham**

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: **bolts from the inky blackness in the direction the signpost sayed the Retreat path was**

~Anna: (or is it not over yet?)

Nate PR: ~ht~ I know where you use in hiding, shadow. Come where you belong...

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ((I have to get out of here...))

Nate PR: *Havaragorn lets Threat go, laughing as the Uktena runs for his life* ((Now the scene is over. I'll to go the JY for about 10 minutes to answer questions.))

Nate PR: ((Gone to JY))

Threat-Seeker ~Tides Beta~: ** holding on to his free will as dearly as one who has imatated a BSD before can, he ingores the Monster....use the Battleground 'physics to his advatage to get the hell out and away**

~Anna: ~ok... end script now~

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