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Junkyard Moot

October 4, 2002

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *the Don takes a celery of the caterer's rushing over to place a jar of peanut butter on the table next to of the Don's palate quirks...*

Mac McKnight: *emerges into the clearing, looking around...and actually blinks a little when he doesn't see Andy* 

Charlotte Ostin: ((Has been for a while, as far as I know. *Peers at Lex-p for confirmation*)) 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *lumbers over to Danni* hey boss 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : ((Jerm>>I missed yer question...repost for me)) 

Cindy Ramirez: *looks at Mac*

Cassy Nix: *Sitting on the coggie van with her scetch pad and some pencils* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *HE sits down on his pack car hood and grins. So manny thing have happenned untill this day. And to think a few months back he was almost going to get killed. Today he is here.*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Nods* ~ws~Thanks, your Highness *Almost a wink crosses her. Or perhapes it was a trick of the light? Moves to an isolated spot, and ears flick back as she sit a spell to rest*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Jub's van--now the pack van, actually--settles slightly on its springs as Jublain fades into it from the Umbra.*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He slips in from beyond the Velvet Shadow, entering into the physical realm near the edge of the gathering area. He's dressed much like he normally is except for a medium sized sack that hangs off of a rope belt at his waist.*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *A leather suede coat covers his large form, normally hanging most of the way open to keep him from getting to warm. Looking to be somewhere in his early-to-mid thirties at rough estimate, dark green eyes taking in the sight of his surroundings. Medium length dirty blonde hair with small streaks of premature gray hair rests just above his ears while a roughly kept goatee rests along his chin bones, also streaked with spots of gray hair. A thin scar can be seen slipping along the right side of his face, just barely missing the eye socket. *

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Heya, Steel... *still examining what's in the little box* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Jublain's current home is a van--vans, really. Two of them are pushed together, and after a little work with a cutting torch have been welded together into one home. One side has been stripped of paint and repainted into a mural. One side of this and most of the background is a large battle--Garou fighting mages. Three Garou are tearing down something that looks like a mythological tank, one is racing towards a human who's launching a fireball at it, more are racing through a hail of lightning bolts, while another stands atop a hill in Crinos, obviously in supplication to the spirits--from a Sturm over him speeds a lightning bolt towards a man in long robes with a perfect "oh SHIIIIIT!!" expression on his face. To the right of this is a manor of some kind--a dark-looking thing, its lawn cut into darker and lighter squares like a chessboard. On one side are the black pieces--a King and Queen, Rooks and Bishops and Knights--some of them have faces, ones that might be recognized...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ... from Silver Moon or other places, and one of the Bishops has the face of Don Marconi, the old corrupt Don of Necropolis. On the other side, five Garou in Crinos are tearing through the pieces there, smashing pawns and Knights and a Rook to pieces, heedless of the squares or rules. The painting is reasonably good--the work of a man who isn't especially skilled but put a lot of time into it. On the door is a bumper sticker which reads "WELCOME TO SHIT CREEK--sorry, we're all out of paddles."*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *looks* what yea got boss? 

Morgan Black: *looks at this don person. smiles hesitantly, and then takes a crab thingy, taking tiny bites, eating like...a bird* 

Mac McKnight: *he spots Cindy, but heads over toward Danni, a slightly worried expression on his face* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: ((Nevermind. :p ))

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *waves to Mac* 

Kylie Wallace: * she cracks her neck and proceeds to rub it *

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Not quite sure yet... *chuckles a bit* 

Charlotte Ostin: ((Hrrm. Well, I was told she was approved. She's a GW, Ragabash. Deedname Gaia's Conniving Retribution.)) 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Peers at Dylan, eyeing the wolf* 

Mac McKnight: *directs a wave toward Jere with a small smile*

Cassy Nix: *Smiles and waves casually to Dove* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ok*flops down next to her* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *taking his peanut butter jar and a small handful of celery stalks the Don heads to Danni* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she chuckles a little, finally realizing what it is she holds, and glances over at Marty, shaking her head a little* I'm pretty sure my doc'll say this isn't on my diet...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at everybody in the place and smiles to Charlie.* I want you to know that i love you with all my heart. 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *scans the food table* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : ((Yeah yer approved just a lil fumble...)) 

Mac McKnight: *ok, Miss Danni seems rather busy...he glances around, doesn't see Twomoons...still doesn't see Andy...his eyes fall on Cindy again, and he heads that way*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): ((Charlotte Ostin was approved a while back, when Spuds was having comp problems. Im not sure why it wasn't put onto the approved list.))

Charlie Stone: (It's ST's call on your character Charlotte-p.)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *POints to the Don with his Thumb.* With what OUr Elder has braught tonight. I am sure that What he is eating isnt on half of the septs diet.

Charlotte Ostin: ((Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.)) 

Edward Morgan (TC): *Walks over, eying the crab cakes- wondering if the Don will throat him if he just grabs the tray and runs... Still, he smiles at the thought as he gets his busted tin cup for a drink of water, plugging the rifle-hole with his finger as he fills it*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Cracks an eye to peek at the food table. Is mighty hungry, so stands and pads over. Puts her front paws on the table, dispite their dirty, and eyes what food there is. Mainly something small like a samich*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles at Marty, then looks to Steel with a grin* You don't touch this, it's mine. *then looks to the Don* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Edward>>*glasses...actual glasses have been put out along with the coffee machine, numerous pitchers of purified water, soda, wine etc etc*

Bob ~Spills-Hot-Coffee-on-the-Wyrm~: *scratches himself in a linear, vertical motion... years of experience behind each stroke...* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *enters from the maze, whistly cheerfully and gloriously out of tune as always, tossing an apple in the air and then catching it as she heads toward her pack*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Danni>>*offers a peanut butter slathered celery stalk* Care to partake? 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: DD: An extremely petite (4'6") woman of indeterminate age. Her boyish figure would place her in her early teens, but those grey-green eyes seem to carry a wry wisdom beyond those years. Tangled sandy curls with reddish highlights are barely kept in place by a worn baseball cap, hard to tell what color it is anymore. Her facial features are sharp and foxlike, and her large mouth almost always quirks in a grin. Over whatever she's wearing is her ever-present multicolored patchwork jacket which reaches down to her knees. She usually also has on an oversized T-shirt, extremely frayed blue jeans, faded red sneakers which look a size too big, and burgundy knitted fingerless gloves over her leather ones.

Dylan ~Loiters in the Umbra~: *he shuffles back a bit sticking closer to a not-so-active little section of the GA, peering up over at the table of goodies, but deciding against it for now*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *no sandwiches just finger snack foods* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *looks at the box*..what is it? 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *His gaze rests on those gathered, remaining near the edge of the gathering area for a good few minutes. Good sized crowd... He remains standing there, simply watching from a distance.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Charlie.* Would you like something to drink?*He gets up slowly.* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Umbra, pacing, umbra* 

Charlie Stone: Charlie smiles at Martin, "I know Martin, I love you too," sitting down next to him.

Morgan Black: *finishes the crab thingy, and goes over to the drinks. she picks up a glass and stares at it for a long moment, moving it slightly in the light* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *turns to look at the Don..havening never seen him before* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *Jere nods to Ed as he helps himself to some cold-cuts* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Finally steps out of his van and into the gathering area, smiling broadly. At one point in time he was probably handsome. Despite standing at 4'11", he's covered with a disturbing amount of muscle; muscle that could, at one point in time, have been found exciting. But those days are long past, and now he looks like he's served hard time as a scratching post. His left eye, rather than matching the fierce blue of his right, glares an opaque, unblinking white, and his left ear is simply gone, replaced by a mass of scar tissue. Come to think of it, quite a bit of him is replaced with a mass of scar tissue. At least three scars run down his face; the neckline of his T-shirt exposes part of a wound where some Garou nearly bit off his frigging shoulder on one side and where he was almost split in two on the other; four parallel scars mark his right forearm; and the observant may notice that one side of his chest isn't moving as he breathes. The rest of him....

Kylie Wallace: * she decides to get up and move feeling a bit stiff and she ventures over to the table with the fancy set up and looks it over* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shakes her head at the Don* Nah... Don' like celery even when my stomach's not all messed up. *chuckles* 

Edward Morgan (TC): *Notices the expensive bounty, tenatively walking over and taking a bottle of purified water. With a look of hesitation, he nods once to himself and unscrews it... pouring it into his busted tin cup, plugging the rifle hole in the side with his finger as he fills it*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins at Steel* Mine. *and nods to her other packmate* Hey, Riley! 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ....covered by a white T-shirt, black jeans and cowboy boots (and in colder weather, black leather jacket) and a straw hat that has hopefully seen better days, doesn't reveal any scars, but rest assured there are some there too. Around his waist is a belt--much like a weight belt, a wide band of thick leather with a ram's-head buckle. ((App 1, pack page at ))*

Mac McKnight: *approaching Cindy* Have you seen Andy? 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Danni>>*shrugs and takes a bite then after swallowing* While I wish all my duties here tonight are joyous I do have the punishment of one Dr. Evan Miller to attend to if you don't mind.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She glances around, and whistles softly* Pretty good-sized crowd, even fer a moot......*smirks and waves to Steel and Danni, increasing her pace to catch up* Heya, guys....

Charlie Stone: Martin> "Some milk is it's available, if not juice is fine."

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: Danni: have a BOX..whats IN it.. 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *Eyes widen for a brief moment at seeing the Don among the large crew of people, along with the large table of food-stuff and well dressed Kin. His gaze moves elsewhere, looking to see if the rest of the Don's Pack has gathered tonight as well.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at Sal* What'd he do? He's set ta face a TC fer us, too, unless stuff's been solved an no one's told me. Which I wouldn't be suprised about...

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: hey short stuff 

Elisa Apsara: *Circling from above, she keeps watch in the air a few more moments before descending, landing out of view. Not long after, the click of her heels against the ground gives her away as she steps around the corner from a junked pile, looking around*

Cassy Nix: *Most of the faces are still unknown to her, and she suddenly feels a little out of place sitting there on the coggie van roughly scetching the scene that lay before her*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Nods to Kylie, The Jackal eyeing the table from her front paws. Cranes her neck, sniffing at a crab cake* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Cheesecake, Steel. And the BEST cheesecake you can get in this city, trust me. *grins at him* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Danni>>He involved himself in another Tribe's matters and flagrantly disrespected two Garou of higher Rank while reflecting badly upon the Tribe.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Nods to Charlie as he goes to the drinks and gathers 2 glasses filling one with some milk. The other he considers for the moment and goes for the wine.*

Dove Äase Larden: (Gonna go with one character.. Dove is here.. just being quiet tonight.)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *pokes Steel when she reaches his side, then takes a huge bite from the apple* Hey yourself, what've I missed? 

Morgan Black: *sugary soda...mmm. pours herself a glass proudly, because she knew how to do it, and sips, turning to look at the growing crowd again. she grins and waves happily at jublain*

Edward Morgan (TC): Jere>> *Sips his water, munching on a hearty handful of crab cakes as he steps over toward Jeremiah* Good to see the Walkers let Kin hob-nob too.. *grins broadly, munching expensive food like he's never tasted it before*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *perks up, staring at the box* Cheesecake? 

Charlotte Ostin: She approaches the Junkyard gate, her lips pressed into a thin line. Looks up and down the fence, searching past it with her eyes, for someone, anyone.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods a bit to the Don* we ARE talkin' about tha same incident. 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *sniffs at the cheesecake..inches his HUGE snout closer*.mmmmmmmmm....//riley..dannis got cheesecake.. 

Elisa Apsara: A short woman in her mid twenties of barely more than five feet in height, her coal black shoulder length hair and dusky skin revealing her Hindi heritage. Large dark eyes dominating an oval shaped face glance around intently at everything, as if afraid of missing even one small detail and she walks at a brisk, businesslike pace. Her black professional clothing is obviously of designer cut; a shiny leather coat that flows to her knees, sleeveless silk blouse, and glossy black pants, hugging her hips and thighs closely and flaring out over her Italian leather boots. Both ears are pierced, containing a single diamond stud each, and the shiny Rolex on her wrist along with a thin silver necklace make up the rest of her jewelry. Over one shoulder held by a strap is a black leather laptop case.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smirks at Riley* Mine! 

Kylie Wallace: * she doesn't partake in anything on the table ..she just t hinks it looks strange in a place such as this but she's known not much about glasswalker ways and stricks it up to a learning lesson for the eve*

Morgan Black: *when she sees elisa, she caws (even though she's in homid), and goes over to her, careful not to spill her soda* 

Elisa Apsara: *A pleased smile as she spots Morgan, was hoping that she'd be attending* Hallo, dear, enjoying yourself? *heading that way* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *swats Steel very lightly* Get back! Mine! *grinning*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Ed- Uh, yeah. *smiles, though it looks as if he grew up on food like this* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *nods and takes another bite of peanut butter celery* It seems so. If your Truthcatcher would not mind I would like to handle it myself. Make an example since I expect every Glass Walker to keep their noses from the buisness of other Tribes.

Cindy Ramirez: *seems to be spacing out..... them blinks and notices Mac's talking to her* Hmm? Oh sorry... I was zoning,,,,, 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *helps himself to some cavier* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Hands Charlie the glass of milk kissing her at the same time and grins taking a sip of his wine.* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Hears the word Cheese and lumbers towards Steel, sniffing.....Damn near drooling* ~gs~Cheese?! WHERE?! 

Morgan Black: *another sip of soda, showing her the glass*yep! i'm glad you're here though, because there's alot of people here. *like a puppy, she keeps close to elisa*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Well, that'd be great, Sal, but I still need a TC ta figure out what tha hell actually happened, 'cause SOMEone is lyin' about tha whole thing. *looking over to Eddie* Unless you've already been consulted?

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *rubs his nose*..HT you cant guard it 24/7 *smirks and grins at Riley* right shortstuff 

Charlie Stone: Pulls her legs up onto the car and crosses them, waiting for Martin to come back.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *at Danni's 'mine', she effects a whimper and moving her hand as though to wipe away a tear* Oh, I see how it is.....*smirks, shakes her head though her gaze lingers on the box* Eh, we'll find some other cheesecake to massacre, right Steel?

Mac McKnight: *frowns a bit at Cindy* I said, have you seen Andy? 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Tonight the shirt is missing, to reveal enough scars to coat six people pretty thoroughly, and each marked with paint. Havaragorn's marks, a bright orange red, make a slash fully an inch wide across his stomach and another across his chest, as well as a puckered mark over his kidney. A nasty slash high on his right side--the wound that almost killed him twice--is marked in black, and several curved burn-lines--lines that would make a spiral if they were complete--are marked with green. Others are marked in much the same manner--red for the wounds of silver; black for the claws of other Garou; and green, including the mass of scar tissue that was his left ear, for those scars caused by the taint of the Wyrm itself. An incredibly lifelike tattoo runs up each arm--a ball-and-chain on his right with the spiked ball, points beading with blood, on his shoulder; and wicked-looking spiked armor on his left.*

Cindy Ramirez: Mac>> Not since I been here.... why? 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): OOC First off Tom Potter will be here for the moot, but I fail horribly when trying to play two in the same room at once so...Linda it is...until maybe the revel.)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles at Steel* No, not if you get up and raid tha fridge in tha middle of tha night again. 

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Nephi* want one? * she motins towards the cake she is about to chomp on* 

Edward Morgan (TC): Jere>> *Sticking two cakes in his mouth at once, making it slightly impossible to close it all the way as he chews, he takes a few more swigs from the tin cup and finally looks satisfied* Oh... you guys do spreads like this often? Or is this a special occasion for the Don?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Mkaes his way in quietly, heading over to Kylie*

Mac McKnight: *truly worried now, he glances around again, still not finding Andy* She said she'd meet me here... 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *His features seeming fairly monotone, much like they have been as he listens and watchs the various interactions. He moves enough to let himself stand near something to lean against, hands crossing over his broad chest.*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Danni>>I already have found the truth in the matter. It seems a member of your Tribe was warned not to touch a Kinfolk of the Get of Fenris. He did and while he may not have had the intentions they thought the Fenrir took exception and punished him according to their Tribe's ways. Mr. Miller interjected and tried to stop them with no authority to do such then proceeded to tell them where to stick it. He freely admitted this to me.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Jace! 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Kisses Charlie handing her glass of milk and drinks of his. Looks to all those gathered and is impressed at the attendance.*

Cindy Ramirez: Mac>> When was she s'posed to be here? 

Elisa Apsara: *She nods and glances to the soda, her thermos already out...what, you thought she would drink anything besides coffee?* Aye, there tends to be a fair turnout for a moot, even more so this time perhaps but there's time yet for folks to show up. Have you managed to talk to anyone yet?

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: Flea: HT :Danni does...but shes noit sharein*smirks*//Danni: HT that wasnt was yer kid*grins* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Danni>>I didn't do it... 

Edward Morgan (TC): Danni>> Eh? I don't think so, Rhya... maybe it was brought to Linda? 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Hey Kylie...what's news? 

Charlie Stone: (that was too bright.) She smiles returning his kiss and taking the glas of milk from him. "Thanks, hun."

Cassy Nix: *Lost in her work. Taking only a brief moment now and again to look up and snap another mental image before returning to the drawing in front of her* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at the Don* See, they'd told Alexi a long time ago ta stay away from her. I was told that they, specifically Hadrian, continued the punishment on another occasion.

Charlotte Ostin: Folds her arms over, not at all pleased. "Excuse me?" She calls out, in a clear, feminine tone. Staring through the gate, waiting, impatiently. 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Ed- Usually the higher ups get stuff like this, though I suppose often enough. 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *silent for a few moments with scarfing down the apple, and glancing around at folks with a curious gaze, not having seen a few of the newer faces*

Kylie Wallace: * she hears Flea and hopes she's not anywhere near that cheese and looks around the table franticly just to be sure * 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *sees Martin and flea and heads over smiling* OOC Syd has a valid RL reason for not being able to attend. Thus NPC. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks at Steel and looks at Danni with puppy eyes* ~gs~Grand Elder has.....Cheese? 

Morgan Black: *shakes her head, looking around with big eyes. her movements are even more birdlike tonight because she's nervous, sort of twitchy looking.*not yet. i had fun last night with the fenrir. they're so nice. you shoulda stayed. *grins*

Charlie Stone: (Dove is sitting on top of the Coggie van, out of the way)

Elisa Apsara: *She glances around, nodding to Jublain and co...and a smile at spotting Martin, waving to him* 

Bob ~Spills-Hot-Coffee-on-the-Wyrm~: Charlotte>> EH? Wha? *A gruff voice emits from the guard house, a fat body leaning up shortly afterward from the "alert" position of on its backside...*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Finally fades out of the umbra. She is the antithesis of when she first arrived. She's dressed in a simple, yet sleek green dress, accented with rhinestones around the collar. Her hair's even done up all lady like."

Mac McKnight: She said she'd be here tonight... I'm a little late... You don't think she left, do you? *looking back to Cindy, he's really worried* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Danni>>That I do not know about. If Mr. Miller proceeded to lie as well then you can punish him for that. I wish only to have him for his disrespect and reflecting badly upon the Tribe.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at the food bread* Wow....can we munch on that now? 

Cassy Nix: (Gonna be in and out of this scene but Cassy is next to dove drawing what she sees) 

Charlie Stone: Waves to Linda as she takes a sip of her milk.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Charlie.* Pleasure.*Winks and grins. Drink of his own glass and smiles to linda.* MS: dont say a word about getting married Charlie doesnt know!

Kylie Wallace: * she turns to nod to Jason as she is staning near the buffet table* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *looks over at AJ with a ...confused look*..Danni: hey boss..whats up with AJ? 

Elisa Apsara: *She's less twitchy than a corvid born but those tendencies tend to surface, especially when there's more people to watch* Really, what did I miss? And I apologise, but I had an early meeting to prepare for, wasn't my choice.

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Huffs, pondering if she is the only one with no pack. Humps and feels like a diffrent type of animal...* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : Linda>>*One of the caterers says* Yes but don't fill up on it. There's steak and chicken for the main course when the matings are done

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *sighs a bit and shakes her head* I have a feelin' it's all just gonna be tangled up, so... *shrugs, then looks to Flea* No, I have cheesecake, which isn't the same thing. *then smirks at Steel* Lilly doesn't like pastrami, I know damn good an' well who cleaned us out.

Cindy Ramirez: Mac>> *looks at her watch* Moot's starting in 10 minutes... it can't start without her... if she don't show, there'll be plenty of people lookin for her... it'll be OK Max...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at martin* You make one comment about me and Spike and our activities and I'll MS Spill the beans maybe. *coy smirk**outwardly shakes her fist in a mock way*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Heads to the fire first, and warms his hands.* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smiles and seing Elisa he grins.* Ravens luck be with me this night. This is gonna be the most interesting Moot i have ever attended.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances over to see Andy arrive, and smiles a bit, then looks back to Steel* Our little girl's growin' up. 

Charlotte Ostin: When her eyes fall on Bob she lets the disgust overcome her features, just for an instant. "Sorry to bother you." Though she doesn't sound very sincere about that. "I'm looking for a meeting, and I'm late. Is it held here?" Voice a little more quiet so it doesn't carry to far to the public ear.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *at Andy's entrance, she raises an eyebrow, surprised* Whoa, what's with the occassion, hon? *unless someone in the pack already told her*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Finally laps up a crab cake with a pink, long tounge...No etiquette reflects at all in The Jackal* 

Mac McKnight: *and forgets whatever it was he was about to say as Andy appears...and for once, the man is truly speechless* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Kylie>>So how's work treating you, oh Doc Do-a-lot? 

Charlie Stone: Hears the carterers, quirks a brow.. "Matings?"

Morgan Black: *her speech pattern mimics the corax language as well, pausing in odd places to remember not to caw and click, but use her mouth. she finishes the soda quickly and fidgits with the glass*we played. jurg tried to squish me. *smiles and holds the glass out to her*do you mind if i perch on you?

Charlotte Ostin: Her hair is a light blonde, golden, falling just below her shoulders. Tanned skin, from hot summers, a darkening bronze and her eyes are sharp, bright with colour of royal blue. Facial features are high and regal, without makeup, a large pleasant mouth shaped like a wide cupids bow is a main feature. She's attractive - ~sexy~ actually, long legs, shapely curves and athletic tones. Appears to be about 20, and is 5'8" in height. She wears black pants, hip hugging and a white shirt that hints of a white bra beneath. It's stylish, yet casual. Her shoes, though she'd prefer a heel, is without and casual. ooc: app 4, specialty sexy.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *looks around, more unsure of herself than she's ever been in her life. Even though she looks arond, she doesn't see anything, too nervous*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *heaps a plate anyway but manages a thanks to the caterer....and then settles with the pack...Flea gets her plate of cheese while Linda munches on some pigs in a blanket*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: HT: yea..seems maners now*grins* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Tail tucks and slinks away from Danni. Moves to Linda, big grin* ~ps~Question... 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Marty digs in his pockets and takes out a dark feather wich he stick behind his left ear and grins.*

Mac McKnight: *finally gives himself a shake and heads over to Andy, smiling softly at her* You 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He slips a cigarette out from his coat pocket, twirling the unlit cigarette around idly between his fingers. His gaze remains on the large crowd though his thoughts are not exactly in the here and now.*

Bob ~Spills-Hot-Coffee-on-the-Wyrm~: Charlotte>> Sorry little girl, Yard's closed... and so is the office across the street... *There's no finality to his voice... he looks at her expectantly*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Cheese Flea? *grins* I think caterers is Walker kin...she said I could have some off the table.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quietly, to Steel and Riley* Andy and Mac are bein' mated t'night. 

Elisa Apsara: Morgan> *arches an eyebrow at that, tilts her head birdlike* Jurg tried to squish you? He does know we're easily breakable, right? And of course you can...I tend to arrive in corvid and stay that way...but there might be more to see from the ground this time.

Cindy Ramirez: *sees Andy's there now so Mac won't have a stroke... she reclines on the windshield and looks at the stars* 

Kylie Wallace: * she shurggs as Nephi doesn't answer her and does a double take at Andy* Oh wow....Jason...oh not much ...just reall exhausted tonight

Elisa Apsara: Morgan> *arches an eyebrow at that, tilts her head birdlike* Jurg tried to squish you? He does know we're easily breakable, right? And of course you can...I tend to arrive in corvid and stay that way...but there might be more to see from the ground this time.

Cindy Ramirez: *sees Andy's there now so Mac won't have a stroke... she reclines on the windshield and looks at the stars* 

Kylie Wallace: * she shurggs as Nephi doesn't answer her and does a double take at Andy* Oh wow....Jason...oh not much ...just reall exhausted tonight 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Charlie and grins.* Yeah the Don is announccing tonight the joinning of Mac Mcknight and another. Forgot the name. Rather fun dont you think.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Blushes and smiles at Mac, her voice soft and shy* Hi...... 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *smiles when he sees Andy and heads to hand the peanut butter jar back to the caterers...getting himself a glass of wine* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: Danni:*nods*HT got it..this mean we cant tease her? 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Blinks and looks at Kylie. Tilts her head, haveing missed if she was spoken to* 

Charlotte Ostin: Scoffs slightly at being called girl, biting back retorts. After a calmed breath. "Is it really? A pity. I'm one of the Walkers." Her arms remain folded, a heavy black jacket folded over one arm.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She just looks at Andy with a warm though slightly envious grin, glancing up to Danni with a suprrised nod* Really? Wow...and here, I didn't get the chance to pick up a present or somethin...I'll make it up to 'em. Congrats, Andy!

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Kylie>>That's what happens when you don't get enough sexercise. *Nods sagely* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Not t'night, Steelie. *smiles a bit and leans her head against him* 

Morgan Black: i wanted to see what was on the table...needed hands for it. *after handing elisa her glass, she shifts to corvid and flutters up to her shoulder, close up to her neck.*~cor~jurg was play squishing. *cackles*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smirks, pokes Steel* Of course we can tease her...just later, leave her be for now. 

Mac McKnight: You're beautiful... *slipping an arm around Andy's waist* 

Charlie Stone: Blinks at Martin, "Mac and Andy are mates..Boy am I out of the loop."

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Takes the cheese, craming it in her mouth* ~ps~No, would..It reflect badly on the pack if I were to make Fostern before you do?

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: HT so that means yer giveing her away boss?*smirks at Riley*..yea..go wif on the honeymoon *grins* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances over at Marty and quirks a brow...thinking that Charlie's gonna kill him* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Nods to Charlie.* YEah that why we are all like this. Big special night you know. Its gonna be real fun.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *just chuckles at Steel and Riley, then looks over toward Andy* Yo, Andy! Get this show in tha road for me, will ya? Everybody umbral!

Cindy Ramirez: *sighs softly* 

Bob ~Spills-Hot-Coffee-on-the-Wyrm~: *The old man frowns slightly, sticking his bloated unshaven face against the chain-links and looking to either side for evidence of life on the street* Gaia, kid... get some tact... *He goes across the whole gift-scanning routine and the jangling, greasey keys come out, along with a few crumpled pron shop coupons which fall to the dirt... he unlocks the gate at lets her in*

Elisa Apsara: *letting Morgan get comfy before reaching up her free hand to scritch* ~cor~ Play, I'm sure they wouldn't have meant any harm, but be careful anyway? They don't know their own strength sometimes, and 'play squishing' could accidentally turn into the real thing.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *She kisses Mac on the cheek briefly* You're wonderful... I have to go start this party... I'll....see you soon....*She looks around and waves everyone umbral*

Kylie Wallace: Jason> uhh yeah...we can't all be like you and have a wonderful mate.* she does seem distracted and looks at Nephi* Oh hey ..just wanted to know if you wanted one of those cakes?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): (( pr0n! *G*)) *Nods, blitzing through the Gauntlet* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods as Danni speaks, concentrates for a moment, then fades (along with any packmates whose players haven't shown up yet) into the Umbra.*

Charlie Stone: Speaks quietly to Martin, "Are you still planning to announce.. well.. us being mates?" she doesn't want to take the lime light from Mac and Andy.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at the Don and thinks. Smiles to Charlie.* We are going to open the moot and be right back. 

Dylan ~Loiters in the Umbra~: *his head kinda jerks up, outta some zombie-like trance, yunno like folks that have been watching TV hours on end and easily sidesteps*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He snaps out of whatever daze he was in when the Grand Elder yells that out. After a deep breath, he slides the cigarette back into the pack and slips beyond the Velvet Shadow with the aid of something taken from his coat pocket.*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *fades umbral* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *snickers, almost drops the beer she was slipping out of her jacket* Yeah, I think they'd REALLY go for that one Steel....though we should get 'em somethin', ya think?

Morgan Black: haah. ~votm~i'm fine. 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Winks to Charlie.* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *sidesteps with the rest* 

Mac McKnight: *nods and steps back from Andy, moving to find a seat and wait for the return of the Garou* 

Charlotte Ostin: She slips on her jacket, doing up the buttons before she dares past him. Hardly looks the man in the eye, but is very aware of his movements, almost paranoid. "Your most gracious.." Barely holding the sarcasm.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *steps sideways*

Cassy Nix: *Steps Sideways* 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Nods to Kylie, then shakes her furry head as its Umbra time* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *goes umbral* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she sighs a bit, watching the others go umbral, then looks around, finding herself alone with the kin* 

Kylie Wallace: * she doesn't say anything else and just slips into the metting place as directed by the others* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Fades umbral again, fighting to regain her composure. She waits until everyone who can gets there* 

Morgan Black: *waits to see if elisa goes umbral...if so, she'll go with her, of course* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Slips on his pair of mirror shades kisses Charlie quickly and walks backwards into the umbra with a small salute to her and a wide grin.*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Waiting in the Umbra, a small leather sack in his Crinos hand* 

Elisa Apsara: *nods to Morgan, scritches a little more* If you want to see the beginning of the moot, we can...but best to keep our distance for such. 

Charlie Stone: Smiles a little at Martin as she fades across to the umbra.

Elisa Apsara: *And yep, steps sideways...once she makes sure she's a good few paces away* 

Bob ~Spills-Hot-Coffee-on-the-Wyrm~: Thanks sweet-cheeks... *He hocks a yellow-tinged wad onto the junk beside him, apparently a favor spot as indiacted by teh calcified remains of half a dozen other such shots. Locking the gate behind her, a wolfish looking dog pads out, gruffing at her once and then heading at a human's pace through the maze... Behind them, Bob grunts as he decends to one knee, picking up a few stray pieces of paper he dropped...*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Once across, simply folds his arms and stands, Keeping Kylie directly at his left side while the rest of his pack stays...well, wherever*

Morgan Black: ~cor~i'll do whatever you're doing. you've done this before...*she's jittery, but the scritching is helping her nerves* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Slips Umbra, standing by Linda in Crinos and wearing all her tokens of her Totem* 

Cindy Ramirez: *she reclines there for a moment.... letting most of the people go before her....... then sighs and fades away* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Umm even through preguant I think Danni can's just shifting thats the issue) 

Charlie Stone: "He's up to something." she say to no one in particular.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Once in the umbra he feels his heart pounding like a hammer. Looks to Linda.* MS: Oh god this is such gonna be a suprise for Charlie. IF i survive she might kill me still.*Grins.*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *looks around, then, she shifts to Crinos, and lets out a POWERFUL howl.... as if she's letting out all her nervous energy now*

Cassy Nix: *Slides into the group next to Twomoons* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *sits, looks at the non-umbral folks* So, how are yeh? 

Charlotte Ostin: Mutters something about foul atrocities littering the earth as she follows the mutt through the maze. 

Elisa Apsara: *once Umbral, she shifts to corvid and picks a good perch, flapping up to it and getting settled, watching quietly*

Kylie Wallace: * she stands near Jason and watches the others and yawns once again and blinks a few times* 

Edward Morgan (TC): *Keeps his spot somewhat near Twomoons as he gets ready to step over* Jere>> I'll tell ya what happens later, 'kay bro? *Grins and fades away...*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Slinks her way through the crowd, to Roland. Takes her place by his right side* 

Mac McKnight: *runs a hand through his spikey hair, making it even more spiked, and nods to everyone present* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *raises his crinos head and howls with his packmate* 

Morgan Black: *like a shadow, follows elisa to a close perch, and shifts her weight from one foot to the other, trying to keep quiet* 

Charlie Stone: "Hey Jere.. Long time no see. How ya been?"

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *Lets out his own howl...very quiet...a foundation for the younger Garou to build upon* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *is here. has been here. Got ganked umbral with Jubs* OOC; 

Kylie Wallace: * she clears her throat and does the shift and lets out a howl doesn't sound strong but is still a solid howl* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((*grin* The vertigo of crossing makes her sick to her stomach. Just a character quirk. She's able to cross, if she wants, she just doesn't want))

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He shifts up to Crinos, his pitch black fur sprouting all over and add's his howl to everyone else's.* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *nods to Ed* Charlie- I've been fine, you? 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Shifts to Hispo--the tattoo on his left shoulder... grows, and shifts, until it still fits that shoulder in his Hispo form, like spiked barding for a wolf. Without taking time to make note of it, he lifts his muzzle to the sky and gives vent to his own howl--eagerness, pride, and, as always, a taste for battle.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *MotH Leads off, then Steel, and somewhere in there a fairly exuberant tenor howls it out...damned if he's gonna show up the GE*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Shifts to Crinos....shes a well built Garou, her fur is a chocolate brown and usually looks alittle scruffy. A necklass of beertabs is around her neck. She Howls strongly with the rest*

Charlie Stone: "Hey Mac, Congrats."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As all shift to Howl. His shifts to Lupus and Howls out. Specialy since he he had scream it would have been something like. Oh my Gaia i cant believe i am really doing this. i have gone completly crazy and mad. But it just comes out as a simple Awoooooowooooooowoooooo*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Bellows out a roar along side the howl, eyes showing acknowlagement to Nep* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she shifts to Crinos, a small Crinos with patchwork-like fur, and lets out a howl along with the rest*

Charlotte Ostin: Walks into the gathering area, still in the real world. Looking around cautiously. 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing around at the kin with a small smirk* So, this is what ya'll do while we're...occupied? 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *shifts to hispo, stretching his body as his throat opens for a powerful howl... what he lacks in beauty, he makes up for in sheer force and strength*

Cindy Ramirez: *howls softly in homid... not really feeling into it* 

Charlie Stone: Jere> "Been working a lot..but things are good."

Mac McKnight: *grins* Thanks, Charlie. 

Dylan ~Loiters in the Umbra~: *he decides to shift up to his lankey ass Crinos form as he joins in the Howl* 

Elisa Apsara: *Watching all the shifting and howling, glancing to Morgan with a nudge* ~cor~ That is why I like to find an out of the way perch...unless you'd rather be deafened...

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Danni- *relaxes on the couch* Pretty much. *s* 

Morgan Black: *caws quietly....can't help it.* 

Ratkin raiding party: *Once the troupe are umbral, a handful of crinos figures creep out of the junk and move quickly to the tables... paying little heed to the kinfolk, they pick one up and bolt for the maze...*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Lets out a high pitched howl, probally raiseing above all the howls of "force", "power" and "strength"...* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlie- *nods* Yeah, me too. 

Charlie Stone: Danni> "Yeah we chat.. don't think we could get away with a orgy.." she chuckle, obviously joking.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): OOC Someone archiving? 

Morgan Black: ~cor~oh no, all that howling that close up would scare the shit outta me...literally. *giggles* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow as the rats take off with a table...then smirks a bit. Let the Don deal with it* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Howls and howls until she cain't howl no more... or until the howl ends.....* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): It only takes a minute, if it's done right, Charlie. *grins* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *stops and waits for the Moot Rite* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Howls...* 

Charlie Stone: Jere> "Gotta pay them bills.."

Mac McKnight: *just waiting for Andy to return* 

Elisa Apsara: *a soft but amused caw, bobing her head* ~cor~ That too, so why endanger ourselves when we have the good eyesight to watch from a doesn't get really interesting until later, as it is.

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *His own howl slowly begins to die down as well, waiting for everyone else's to do so before making any move to step forward.* 

Cindy Ramirez: *stops howling* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *letting her howl trail off at the appropriate time, and shifting down from Crinos almost immediately* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *goes quiet it must be the excitement but Linda is almost always Crinos at moots* 

Charlotte Ostin: Watches Crinos take off with a table, eyes wider in disbelief. And they wonder why.. Shakes her head, clearing her throat to address the others there. "Excuse me? I'm Charlotte Ostin, also known as Gaia's Conniving Retribution. Cliath, No Moon of the Glass Walkers.. I was told.. there's a .. moot here?" Looks very uncertain about that as she looks around the empty area.

Charlie Stone: (Archiving.. yes, yes) She laughs at Danni.. "If you like a quicky.."

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlie- Yup. *watches the ratkin steal the table* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Lets his own die off, making an effort not to gasp for breath.* 

Dylan ~Loiters in the Umbra~: *cuts off his howl quickly* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Sits in lupus next to Linda.*MS: Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god! 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Lets it fade out* 

Charlotte Ostin: Looks a little startled at Danni saying her nick name, Charlie, unaware there is another in the area. 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : ((Dont wanna be a dick but I'm REAL friggin sick and barely able to be concious so let's try to zip this along for the Don to do his thing so I can bugger off ))

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Let's it end, shifting her weight* 

Justin "Sparky" (Yes, Sparky): *And there he is, meditating on the hood of the CoGvan. Yes, he's still with us, even after some time.* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing at Charlotte, and stands up* That's right. They're umbral, doin' tha moot rites, at tha moment. *doesn't offer any info on who she is...yet...*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlotte- Yeah, they're in the umbra. 

Charlotte Ostin: But quickly catches on that the other woman is called Charlie, gives a tight smile to her and Jeremiah. 

Charlie Stone: Waves to Charlotte.. lets Danni do the talking.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS *marriage song goes through martin's head.* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *forces enough extra umph into his howl to hide Jubs' one-lungedness and the possible wheeze that follows. Cuts his off after a couple more seconds*

Morgan Black: *cackles and nods, watching all the furry people* 

Kylie Wallace: * she shifts back down after the howl is done for her and stands there * 

Justin "Sparky" (Yes, Sparky): *Yeah, and howling. He's in the Umbra with the rest of the Sept doing the howling. Yeah.* 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He lumbers forward once everyone's howl has died down, clearly beginning the Moot Rite. He remains in his pitch black Crinos form. His dark gaze sweeps over those gathered for the Moot this evening. His deep, gruff voice speaks out as one clawed hand slips into the small sack at his side. * We have gathered ourselves together to pay our respects to both this Caern and to Rat who watchs over it and us. I ask for those that wish to pay such respect to step forward and form the Eternal Circle. *He waits for such to happen, his feral gaze peering out from behind the black wolfish muzzle*

Charlotte Ostin: Nods slowly. "Right... Well, I should be going there then?" Looks at Danni, wondering who these people are. "The Glass Walkers, they're here.. right?" Quite nerved in the junkyard.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Linda.* MS: Stop IT Stop ! Stop it! i said stop! Stop it Linda!. stop I! STOP! 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *steps it forward, taking a knee* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she shifts her weight from foot to foot, glancing to the new Master of the Rite, though every so often also looking to Andy and her getup, a small proud smile on her face*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : *steps forward* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *lowers head ending howl* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *gets up and steps forward...this should be cool*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Recites the Litany. There.* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Some of 'em are here. *shrugs to Charlotte* Ya might wanna stay this side, so ya don' interrupt, you bein' unknown an' all. 

Elisa Apsara: *She preens unhurriedly, watching those below, and how Morgan reacts to what happens..* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *chews his fingernails, waiting for the garou to come back* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Makes fun of the litany. and dear God. he makes it sound ridiculous as well.* 

Morgan Black: *her head cocked to one side, she watches and listens attentively, taking it all in, calm now because there's stuff going on to distract her* 

Mac McKnight: *if he's nervous, he's done a good job of hiding that he knows that Andy's here, he's ok* 

Charlie Stone: Charlotte> "Hi.. Im Charlotte Stone, Gnawer kin.. Most just ccall me Charlie."

Kylie Wallace: * she steps forward and offers Alexander a smile.... good to see him in the position* 

Charlotte Ostin: Clears her throat a little, nodding. "Good idea.." Folds her arms again, frame hidden by her heavy jacket. "You.. don't mind do you?" Is much aware she's a lowly rank Cliath and is still uncertain on these people.

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He watchs, making a mental note of those that step forward and those that dont. He begins to speak after it seems that all those that are going to step forward have done so. * We thank you Rat for blessing this Caern and we offer of ourselves in order to further help you do so. *With that he tosses out one handful of greasy looking cheese popcorn into the middle of the circle and then a second and third handful at each side of the first. *

Elisa Apsara: *a satisfied rumble while continuing to preen...good, at least the young one's being observant, there'll be time enough for questions later* 

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Waits. And waits* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlotte- *stands* I', Jeremiah Seymore, Glass Walker kin. 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: I'm

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smirks* I have no mind. I'm tha village idiot.

Charlotte Ostin: Smiles a little to Charlie. "A pleasure, Miss Stone." 

Morgan Black: *watch first, interrogate without mercy later. heh.* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she does step forward and contribute, insert that at the proper time* 

Charlie Stone: Chuckles at Danni.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Linda.*MS: we going back to the real world to make announcements?

Charlotte Ostin: Unfolds her arms to extend a hand towards Jeremiah, a lot more pleased to hear someone of her Tribe, even if it's a kin. And, relieved. "Oh, it's a pleasure Seymore. For a minute there I thought I was alone.." Gives a slight chuckle, traces of nerves beneath.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Quietly slips a few kernels of Cheesycorn out of his pocket for the rats...personal contribution, like* 

Charlotte Ostin: "That's... unfortunate." Said carefully, to Danni.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smirks a bit at Charlotte, who STILL hasn't given her name...this is going to be amusing* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlotte- *shakes her hand* Pleased to meet you. ((Need a desc?)) 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (The Big Dog) : ((Having just hurled that's my cue...Jon'll take over the Don for me and do the matings...the punishment for Evan and thingf or Jerm will be done over the list...see ya'll later))

Charlotte Ostin: ((? Charlotte gave her title?)) 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *The powers that usually are only perceptable to Garou become enhanced as a precuror to the protective totem's answer...fur actually raises off the back of the neck umbrally...rat spirits seem to rejoice, and even normal side an errie feeling of power is felt. Then the ghostly white rat, taller than a Garou appears standing over the offering. It looks at Lex appraisingly...and then accepts the nods approvel and stands their errie for a's shrewd black eyes looking at the assemply...then the hoard of rat spirits descends on the popcorn offering accepting it. The spirit lingers for a moment and then put's it's clawed hands together in a prayer like stance, nods and fades away*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): ((Feel better Spuds)) 

Charlie Stone: (Feel better soon, Spuds.)

Elisa Apsara: *a slight shudder as she watches the rite below, and those rat spirits....untensing as they fade away* 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): ((Go rest up man. I shall handle the death sent...I mean the weddings. :) ))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((Just get wasted and pretend that's why you're hurling. Worst comes to worst, you won't remember how bad it sucked...))

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Throws out her offerings too* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): ((Lates spudsman)) 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Dude, go sleep!)) 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Damn Spuds that sucks....go to sleep)

Morgan Black: *doesn't tense up at watching the rat spirits. in fact, she looks more interested, leaning forward a little* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): (Night Spuds...) 

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at the spirit with awe and gazes at it intensely and then the gaze lowers with the absence of the spirit* 

Mac McKnight: *quietly waiting, he glances around, not quite sure what exactly's going to happen tonight...never having been part of a Garou/kin pairing before...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( We want a rested ST. Go rest Spuds. We do not need more talking with the BIG white phone to god.)) 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *Jeremiah has short, very dark brown hair, with trademark soulless green eyes. His is 20ish, and has a thin, white scar running across his throat. His clothes are expensive, yet terribly modest in his attempt to cover up his bulgy muscles with them. He is wearing a pair of trendy jeans, with a white dress shirt with its collar undone and sleeves rolled up. With that he as a preppy leather jacket. He's the epitome of preppiness.... *

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Steps out of the Umbra, in his bulky Crinos form* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *gives a brief thanks to Rat..being packs totem as well*

Elisa Apsara: *Morgan's new, so she understands her wanting to watch more closely...returning to her preening once the rat spirits fade, waiting for the next part* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *having stood forward she helped by giving some Gnosis to the Caern...she rejoins her pack now...once rat is gone* 

Kylie Wallace: ( night spuds) 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Danni- Why haven't you gone umbral? 

Charlie Stone: Sips her milk.

Charlotte Ostin: Stands nearby Jeremiah, keeping closer to him than anyone else in the area. Gone quiet now that people are introduced. 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): ((Will open a window for the Don shortly.)) *He doesn't move an inch as the Caern Totem arrives, the feeling of the power inside of the Rite making his body go numb for a moment. Gaia he never thought he'd feel something like this... His head bows in return to the powerful Totem before he collects himself enough to speak. He then looks to each gathered Pack, offering a thanks to each one for the Deeds they have done for the Sept and lastly he go's through the Tribal Totems represented in the Sept, honoring each one by name as well. *

Justin "Sparky" (Yes, Sparky): *Ahh, donating Gnosis... let's do some of that too...*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She watches the rite with interest, and the rat spirits with the usual fascination, a smile when her totem is mentioned and honored* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Briefly contemplates putting a leash on the little bastards who leave early* 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Follows Roland out, takeing the Rite is over. Besides..Her Tribal Totem will not be stated and she does not court a totem at the moment*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Jere* Because I don' wanna be hurlin' through tha rest a tha moot? 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((Martin>>Talkin' to Earle O-Rourke on the big white porcelain phone?))

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Danni- Why, the trip to the umbra givr you car-sickness or something? *s* 

Edward Morgan (TC): ((A nice man lives under my toilet. His name is Ralph. He's fun to talk to- I can do it for hours... it's just a bitch to get his attention.)) 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Somethin' like that. *smirks at Jere* Just think my kid doesn' appreciate tha finer nuances a tha spirit world. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Watches Rolly...And then the Strider...Fade...Getting curious...Maybe something is up...* 

Morgan Black: *whispers to elisa, sounding odd, since it's in ravenspeak*~cor~so now what happens?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *a nod of acknowledgement when Chimera and Unicorn are mentioned* 

Kylie Wallace: * she wiats to hear her totem as well as the packs and closes her eyes to send a silent message to both* 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *And then he takes step back after honoring each of the Pack and Tribal Totem's represented, his first Moot Rite now being done.*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Danni- I see. 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): ((New window))

Charlotte Ostin: Stays quiet, having a good and careful look around. 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *hopes the Banebiters are doing right by the spirits...since she can't be there to watch over them* 

Elisa Apsara: Morgan> *returns the volume in kind* ~cor~ Almost time for the Cracking of the Bone, when they get down to business...that won't be in the umbra though, so we'll have to step back in a moment. *getting up from her comfy perch, ready*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Crouches, near where the Cracking of the Bone normally takes place and grips the small leather bag he carries* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlotte- So, what brings you to Necropolis? 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *With the completiong of the Moot Rite* ~Now~, we return to the physical lands for the Cracking of the Bone. 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Still listenning he is nervous and looks over cafenatted.* MS: Oh my god! This isnt happenning. I am getting married. I hope. Linda you think she'll say yes. tell me she'll say yes. She has to say yes. Oh god. If she says no. Oh shit. I am so in trouble. She is going to say no! i can feel it Oh Man.*Starts to whine softly.*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *A scowl etchs itself into his features when people begin to leave before he was finished...a rumbling growl deep within his throat. He then looks to the higher Ranking Garou, having no say on what part is next.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *The large wolverine-spirit standing behind Jurg and Jublain grunts at the acknowledgement of the watchers of tribe and pack.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Once the Moot Rite is over, she grins to her packmates and sidesteps when they're ready* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *rumbles lowly as Fenris is mentioned, standing a bit taller once the hispo-sized wolverine shows behind he and Jubs* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *After giving doubly proper respect to Rat and the other totrems, once the rite is done.... she flips back* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *And from the look on his face, a few people are gonna get swatted before the night's done* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods, leans againt Jurg's shoulder to Open the Ways, and fades again across the Gauntlet before shifting back to Homid.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *drags her packmate back flipside* MS Wedding song. 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Almosts walks backwards into the real world. But then he remembers he shifted to lupus. He should shift again.* 

Justin "Sparky" (Yes, Sparky): ((Eep... uhm... Sparky is here, and during the Cracking of the Bone he has something to say. I posted it to the list earlier today, and I need to get going- but I'll be arond more now! I promise!))

Cassy Nix: *Side steps once more and moves back to her vantage point on the coggie van* 

Charlie Stone: Finishes off her glass of milk setting the glass down next to her.

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *glances about as the garou return, sits again* 

Elisa Apsara: *a slight nudge to Morgan, hopping off from her perch and swooping down...sidesteps* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Takes his usual Heisman-Trophy position as he heads back across to the physical* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steps back with his packmates..appearing next to Danni* 

Dylan ~Loiters in the Umbra~: *seeing several folks going back to the real world he decides to do the same* 

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to the others and follows as she slips* 

Charlotte Ostin: Stands more upright and alert as Garou fade into reality. 

Morgan Black: *her stomach grumbles at the mention of bones cracking, and fidgits, waiting for elisa to sidestep before she does* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *yoinks back to the physical, shifting to homid* 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He slips back into the physical realm once Twomoons say's that, the feeling the Rite left in him still being felt. More then enough to ignore the insult by the younger Garou for the time being...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *as the others start to return, she moves to step up on the junk pile that she usually stands on, making her tower over the others more than usual*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *glancing around the area once they sidestep, she moves quickly alongside Steel, increasing her pace to keep up* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Walks slowly now looking even more nervous yet happy but affraid. yet joyfull. Basicaly he is a freaking mess.* 

Mac McKnight: *smiles as Andy reappears, and stands up* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *still thinks Charlie is gonna kill Marty* 

Morgan Black: *does the same, flying out of the umbra and circling for the right sort of perch* 

Cindy Ramirez: *returns to the real world and back to the car she was on* 

Elisa Apsara: *Elisa did sidesteps...and how reverts to homid, brushing off her jacket* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *sits Martin down with the pack...guiding him like he was a child**meanwhile is mentally tormenting him* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *The Don slips back into the physical as well, hands smoothing out his clothing for a moment and wiping out some various peices of dirt that had collected on him.*

Charlie Stone: Watches as people start to appear in the 'real' world.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Stands with her pack, waiting for...Rites of Accord* 

Morgan Black: *lands on elisa, wrinkling her jacket because she's so antsy* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *nods to the two Hrafn, dusting off a shoulder in case Morgan or Elisa want to perch.* 

Kylie Wallace: * she steps to a parked car and climbs on the hood and plops down and yawns and looks exhausted but is determind to see this moot through* 

Edward Morgan (TC): *Returns to the real world, smiling, then looking around confused* Where's my cup? I could have sworn I left it on... ... ...where'd the table go?!

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Sits beside Roland* 

Charlie Stone: "Martin?" she now looks a bit worried.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at the Don, assuming he wants to go first* Folks, we got a guest speaker t'night... 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Stands near her pack, and... Mac* 

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *Lex slips off to the rust covered hood he normally leans against and go's silent for the time being, memories called up from the Moot Rite and the feelings it carried.* ((Just gonna concentrate on the Don for now, this window will close but Lex will remain and do something if its needed.))

Elisa Apsara: *Homid now, she's in no need of a perch, but smiles to Jublain at the offer anyway, heading over there since she guesses Morgan will take to the offer*

Cassy Nix: *Curls her knees to her chest and watches as the moot proceeds* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *settles*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *standing next to Danni..looking around the yard..* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles slightly and clears his own shoulder.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she looks to the Don as Danni mentions a guest speaker...glanced at him before but didn't get a good look..remedying that now* 

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death": *Waits, twitching softly with Rage, or is it just impatients* 

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Ed- Ratkin ran off with it. 

Morgan Black: *oo oo! she excitedly goes over to jublain to perch, cawing and then cutting it off abruptly, embarassed* 

Mac McKnight: *gives Andy a smile* 

Edward Morgan (TC): *scrunches his face, knowing he's never going to see that cup again...* 

Charlie Stone: Glances up when Danni announces a guess speaker.. but not really paying attention cause she worried about Martin.

Elisa Apsara: *A soft chuckle at Morgan's enthusiasm, trailing off as she nods respectfully to the Don*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to the Don* Sal, if ya wanna start first? 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *He too takes note of the table missing, a flicker of a frown slipping to his features. Its not greatly importent though, the real food having yet to be brought out until after the core of the Moot. A friendly smile slipping to his features within moments when Danni speaks, nodding his head slightly.*

Charlotte Ostin: Watches the unknown Garou, silently. 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:BRB 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Nips Roland on the arm with a "Nah nah" look. Yawns wide, leting out a whine and jaws snap shut. Nearly tired from the long trip it took to get here on time*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *chuckles slightly, scritching the raven's shoulder for a moment before putting all his attention to the Don.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks around and dis in his pockets and grabs at something keeping his hand in the pocket.*MS: You do realize Boss that i am expecting help and Support! STOP THAT DARN SONG! ARGH!

Morgan Black: *opens her beak slightly in a raven-grin at jurg, doing a little happydance before settling on jube finally* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *crossing her arms, she just lingers close to her pack, poking Steel every so often but otherwise behaving herself, darting grins to Andy*

Elisa Apsara: *glancing at Martin and arching an eyebrow. he she turns her attention to the Don again, curious* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smirks a bit, watching Marty* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *Grabs Mac's hand, looking at the Don* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS *mentally you hear Linda mimic all the embarrassing remarks you've made about Linda and Spike for the past week....:"payback is a bitch" goes on*

Charlie Stone: "Martin, what did you do.. eat ten pound of sugar or something?" she says quietly to him.

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): Thank you Danni. *The polite and friendly smile still on his features, showing his respect for the Grand Elder. The man speaks with practiced ease, clearly used to speaking in front of large groups.* I have a number of announcments to make here tonight, two of which bring me great joy and pleasure to announce.

Don Moltolano (via e-mail): *before performing the mating ceremonies the Don deals with the punishment of Evan Miller...the young Walker is called forth and with James Santiara standing behind him the Don recites the charge*

You, Mr Miller, have behaved in such a way as to reflect badly upon all of us. You have interjected yourself in Tribal matters not your own. You have disrespected the Rank and positions of Garou of this Sept, which you are not a member of, and finally you have acted in a way unbecoming of a Ranked Glass Walker. Your actions re unwise and dishonorable and you shall be punished in the standard way of the Tribe.

*at this point the Don draws a silenced .45 and pumps three rounds into Evan...1 in each knee and one center mass. Not life threatening but very well may scar*  ((Evan loses 3 Wisdom and 3 Honor))

*During the mating of Marty and Charlie, Marty is fully recognized as a Cliath Garou again* 

*And finally at the end of everything* 

Many here have made jokes about the Don of the Glass Walkers being the Don of the mortal mafia as well. In this case I do not mind because it happens to be true. And each Don needs a Consigliari, an advisor, legal counsel and a person to serve as his eyes, ears and voice when he is not around. I have so chosen my Consigliari, and that person is Jeremiah Seymore. He may be only a Kinfolk but I have seen him work day in and out with nothing but efficiency. He may not be popular here but that only serves that things told him will not be colored but be the honest truth.

This does not mean he has Rank, however I fully expect each of you to treat him as you would me. If he does something wrong I wish to be told about it but also I wish to be told if he does something right. As for the mortal side of things, well that's for me and Mr. Seymore to discuss in private.

*and that as they say ... is that* 

Mac McKnight: *squeezes Andy's hand a bit, stepping closer to her, watching the Don* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *watches the Don..doesnt move from the multiple pokes from Riley* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Linda and consider at the moment would she be good to have a kid tortur her. He banishes the idea. Letting a kid specialy one with a mind like his would be dangerous with Linda.*

Charlie Stone: Half listening to the Don.. keeping her eye on Martin.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *after a bit, she cuts that out, more interested in what's going to happen than her usual hobby of tormenting Steel* 

Kylie Wallace: * she give the Don a respectable amount of attention even though sleep is calling her and she even pinches herself in the hand to jolt herself away* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *His gaze moves towards Mac and Andy first, one hand raising slightly to motion them to step forward.* Andrea Jenkins and Mac McKnight, please step forward. *One pair at a time...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at the Don and winces then smiles to Charlie.* Uhm yes everything is just fine. a little too fast an unprepared but fine.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS *song turns into Martin and charlie sitting in a tree..KISSING...first comes.... 

Elisa Apsara: (*snickers* Linda's evil...) 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *She glaces at Mac and smiles, stepping forward with him* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *nudges Kylie, slipping her a small cup of coffee* 

Cassy Nix: *Fiddles with her pencil watching the Don.* 

Mac McKnight: *moving forward with Andy* 

Morgan Black: ((*lmao*so evil, but funny as hell)) 

Cindy Ramirez: *just watching the stars* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smiles, watching her packmate* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Martin embarassed the shit out of Linda before this) 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Linda his face turns white and is full of dread. He is silent and speechless.* 

Charlie Stone: Gives Martin a very confused look.. she'll ask him what he means, later.

Elisa Apsara: *Lifting the thermos once again to her lips, she glances to Andrea and Mac with detached interest, glancing up every so often to Morgan* 

Cassy Nix: *Reopens her pad and begins once again to document this occasion with pictures rather than words.* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *grins watching AJ* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:back. BIC:*looks over at Jubs' shoulder as Morgan perches on it even though he offered first. gives a her jokingly mock-hurt "what the fuck?" look. grins a moment and foccuses on the matters being announced*

Kylie Wallace: * she gives Jason a look of...ohhh your a god....but i'll never admit it and takes the cup of coffee* 

Morgan Black: *watches this 'marriage' thing. how wierd.* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *grinning and unable to stay still, she shifts her weight from one foot to the other constantly....happy for Andy, and glad she didn't miss the moot*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): I am pleased to announce that these two have made it known that they wish to become Mated. *He smiles rather warmly to the pair.* Do you accept Mac McKnight as your Mate, Andrea?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Jubs>>~ps~ hey bro... still sayin' you wouldn't bang a hrafn? 

Charlie Stone: Tries to pay attention to the Don and his announcements.

Charlotte Ostin: Looks from Andrea to Mac, smiling a little. 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *She takes a deep breath, swallows hard and nods.* Yes, I do. 

Morgan Black: *hides behind jube and cackles quietly when jurg gives the glare, planning to switch shoulders later.*((gah, i get your names mixed up, damnit...)) 

Mac McKnight: *looks to Andy...* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:who doesn't? *G* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *He gives Andrea the still warm smile, looking next to Mac after Andrea says that.* And do you accept Andrea Jenkins as your Mate, Mac?

Elisa Apsara: *A soft smirk at noting Jurg's look to Morgan, shaking her head softly before taking another sip, one hand reaching up to tuck a coal black strand of hair back*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks a bit surprised at the two thinking dam they work fast and then sips her cup* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Sits all serious Ahroun like while her packmates Mind Banter* 

Mac McKnight: I do, with all my heart. *quietly, eyes locked with Andy's* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *POlitely says nothing, but does crinkle his face into a smile* 

Charlie Stone: Smiles at Andy and Mac.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--Hell, I don't even know if that's allowed.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *looks at Mac, and smiles widely, squeezing his hand*

Cassy Nix: *Smiles to herself. Pooring a little extra effort into this drawing...maybe a wedding gift...even though they didn't know her.* 

Morgan Black: *preens jublain's hair while she listens to the ceremony*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ ain't no rules for gettin' layed. umm. well, okay there's a few. but if Mere were up for it I could overlook rule number one a time or two. *definately joking*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Watches, not exactly cheerful.* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): ((Im just stepping in as the Don tonight, Dave-p. Spuds went to bed sick, so im not sure.)) *The smile becomes a little wider, nodding his head to the pair.* Then after the Cracking of the Bone we will hold the proper ceremonies to make the Mating proper underneath Gaia. *He nods to the pair of them, looking next to Martin.* Next I wish to call Martin Kurst and Charlie Stone to step forward.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--Never even heard of it happenin' before. 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Takes in a deep breath and steps forward and smiles to Charlie.* 

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *grins to Mac again, doing her damnedest not to giggle* 

Elisa Apsara: *She turns to look at Martin and Charlie when they are announce, raising an eyebrow and more interest payed than to Andy and Mac, if possible* 

Charlie Stone: She blinks at the Don.. Not sure if she heard him right or not.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *yeah, Charlie's gonna beat Marty later* 

Cassy Nix: *Flips to a blank page* 

Charlotte Ostin: Looks to the other Charlotte, Charlie. 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ this from the guy who was tryin' to nail a bastet in the amazon? If you'd known she were one, it woulda been almost as bad as DB

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smirks at Martin when he and Charlie are called forward, giving a thumbs up...surprised, but happy for them as well* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS *song stops* Go get em tiger. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Looks at Charlie and does feel somewhat more cheerful.* Ps--holy shit, he didn't tell her.....

Charlie Stone: A sheepish grin touches her lips.. "Martin?" All eyes on her and she want's to disappear.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Murmurs to his packmatews* He's dead. 

Kylie Wallace: * she watches Charlie and then looks at Martin thinking this wasn't planned by both parites and makes an oo face* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *grins* ~ps~ this night's gonna be great.... 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Proceed to make sure his gun in his back is unloaded. Doesnt want Charlie going at him with that just yet.* 

Morgan Black: *whispers in jublain's ear*~votm~didn't she know she was his mate?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--If I knew she was a Bastet I wouldn't have tried to screw her.... 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS She'll say yes I predict but you are so dead later. *amusement* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smiles to Charlie.* Come on up love. I need to ask you something 

Cindy Ramirez: *just sits there* 

Cassy Nix: *Not knowing the pair but feeling the tension and realizing that she isn't the only one she whispers to herself* shiiit.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ beside the point. 

Mac McKnight: *grins back at Andy and slips his arm around her, watching the other couple now...* 

Elisa Apsara: *Taking in Charlie's reaction, she smirks a little, hiding it behind another sip of coffee....glancing to Martin with an amused gaze* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Gives a hoot and hollar for Marty* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Gives a big ol' shit-eating grin and speak quietly to Morgan.* I don't b'lieve so...

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *blinks at the other couple* Uh oh.... 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she chuckles softly, watching with unabashed interest* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles a bit at the pair, shaking her head...she'd kill Marty, if she were Charlie* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *yes a Crinos does the whoop whoop whoop Arsenio Hall impression* 

Charlie Stone: She glances around.. getting redder by the second.. "Okay.." she slides off the car to follows Martin.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *pulls a bottle of Jim Beam black from his jacket, holds it out to Jubs* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As she steps up he looks at Charlie.* Trust me. This was all planned in advance.*Yeah right.* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Takes off the cap and has a swig, then passes the bottle back--hey, gotta toast the happy couple...*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *He contains the chuckle that wish's to come out at the hooting and hollaring coming from somewhere within the crowd of people, his gaze remaining on Martin and Chalie. He speaks in the same warm tone he did for Andrea and Mac, repeating himself mostly.* These two have also shown their wish's to become Mated to one another. *He says to the gathering before looking back to the pair.*

Charlie Stone: Chuckles nervously.. raising her hand up to hide her face a bit.

Morgan Black: *snorts*~votm, whisper~homids are weird. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Does the whoop with Linda, shakeing a fist in the air and stamping her feet in a good redneck still pep rally thing...Just in Crinos*

Elisa Apsara: (*sigh, brb*) 

Mac McKnight: *quietly, to Andy* At least we both knew... 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods to Morgan. The fact that he's pretty damn wierd himself only proves the point.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *settles down now* 

Morgan Black: ~votm~hey...fill a capful for me, eh? 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Kneels in front of Charlie and takes out his hand holding a small box in his hand as well. small white velvet box.* 

Charlie Stone: "And you forgot to tell me about it?" she say softly.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *nods a bit to Mac, squeezing his hand* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Holds the cap for Jurg to fill.* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *His gaze first go's to Martin.* Martin Kurst, do you accept, Charlie Stone as your Mate? *His gaze resting on the man's face, the warm smile still remaining on his own.*

Elisa Apsara: *She glances to Morgan at mention of a capful, a click or two heard before she watches Martin again...glancing to the box* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): ((*L* DLP)) 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Points at Twomoons.* He said he was going to call you.*Looking at her and smiles.* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *grins wider..watching the two* 

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Crinos maw becomes less tense, watching Flea and her packmate cheer on their wedding packmate. Looks at Nep and nods*

Charlie Stone: She was going to look at the Don until Martin kneelt down and her jaw drops.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Yep. Slipped Marty's mind totally. When you're getting married, don't forget to ask the bride. Duoble checks to make sure there's no Furies descending with the fire in their eyes and loooong fingernails*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *takes a swig of the JB. grins at Morgan... had already planned on letting the hrafn in on the drinking. Pulls out the bottom quarter of a plastic cup, pours a bit in and sets it on his shoulder, taking a step closer so the raven can drink from her perch.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smiles to Charlie.* My Tribe Elder is gonna ask us both the same question. But i also wanted to ask you.*Openning the box.* Will you Marry me?

Kylie Wallace: * she just shakes her hand thinking about the whole thing and wonders who far Charlie's foot is gonna be up Martin's arse for embarassing her in front of everyone when there alone*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *A muted laugh at something, though she quiets at seeing Martin kneel...holding the long-forgotted beer still, moving it back and forth, from one hand to another and back*

Charlie Stone: Doesn't look toward Twomoons.. her gaze is locked on Martin.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *chuckles and hands back the cap.* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *snickers a little as Marty tries to get Jace in on oh man...* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *offers the bottle to Elisa* 

Morgan Black: *doesn't look at elisa, she knows there's disapproval there. cackles quietly and dances from one foot to the other waiting for the drink* 

Morgan Black: *leans over and has a sip, shaking her head at how strong it is*awk....hrrr. *drinks again* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( and yes this is an eventfull night.)) 

Kylie Wallace: * she then nudges Jason and whispers* For shame on you man * she snickers* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *He simply smiles still at the current events. Having wanted to wait so as to not hold up the other parts of the Cracking of the Bone but he wouldn't interupt this. His arms cross over his chest, watching the pair.*

Morgan Black: ~cor~and this is bad because...? 

Elisa Apsara: *She nods to Jurg...taking a hesitant sip so as not to be rude. A slight cough after, whatever it is probably too strong for her* 

Elisa Apsara: *in that coughing* ~cor~ Not bad, just thought you wanted to stay alert for the moot... 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Charlie and waits frozen fearring. trying to stay calm with a loving smile.* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Murmurs very softly* She's gonna plant her foot in his ass so far, I'm gonna have to be careful not to break her ankle along with his jaw...

Mac McKnight: *just holding Andy, watching* 

Charlie Stone: She covers her mouth with her hand..""Oh my gawd, Martin..." she can't help but glance up at some of those watching them.. Looking back down at him and nods.. "Yes.. I'll marry you."

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Whispers.* Morgan>>They're going to spend the rest of their lives together, and he didn't even ask her. She's going to kick his ass in a legendary manner...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *well, that went much better than the last marriage proposal she saw/was a part of* 

Cassy Nix: *Listens for the collective sigh of those gathered* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS See...thats why I knew I could torment you dude. It was a shoe in...but duck the shoe thrown at your head later. 

Elisa Apsara: *A glance up at Jublain's works and a slight smirk*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:Jim beam black... bit smoother taste than your run of the mill JD. still a bourbon, but a little bit sweeter. just barely. BIC:*takes the bottle back, getting another swig and keeps it passing between Jubs and himself*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *grins wider when Charlie says yes, poking Steel again at that* 

Morgan Black: *drinks a little more and then looks at elisa, tilting her head to the side*~cor~can just shift to be alert anyway. i'm fiiine, stop worryin. *looks at martin and charlie, a little jealous*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *He puts the ring to her hand. The ring is made of white gold. woven in manny celtic knots. each hole covered by a diamond. Small ones. But diamonds.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Damn shame Marty just gave up his Booty Priveliges. A guy really should get laid on his wedding night* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Glances at Linda, a grin spreading* ~ps~Should we chant "Kick his ass, kick his ass, kick that shoe right up his ass"? 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *And he hugs Charlie with a kiss looking at the Don.* Sorry for the hold up. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Takes another swig himself--the event isn't cheering him up like it would for others. In fact, it looks like it's a real friggin' downer.*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *leans into Mac, grinning, her head spinning* 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *smirks looking down*..PS..just wait short stuff 

Charlie Stone: She'll do her killing later, in private. She certainly wasn't expecting a ring.. her hand is visibly shaking when he slips it on her finger.

Elisa Apsara: *ugh, going to need a lot of coffee to get that taste out* ~cor~ Aye, 'tis true....just pay attention and I won't have to quiz you later. *a slight smirk...she was kidding, right? and if she feels at all wistful when watching Martin and Charlie, it doesn't show*

Morgan Black: *whispers back*~votm~what a goof! 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *tosses his right hand up in the air in the metalhead salute/devil horns/horned-god sign as Charlie says yes to Martin* DUDE! SCORE!

Elisa Apsara: *And...staring at the shiny diamonds, a lot. Ooh, shinies...* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grins, or at least tries to.* He'll pay for it. 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *clears his throat and quiets back down, especially once he catches the expression on Jubs' face.* 

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): *His smile broadens a little more at that, nodding his head approvingly.* I hardly see the need for you both to announce your acceptence of Mating one another. *His tone warm.* I will attend to your ceremony as well after the Cracking of the Bone. *And then he gives Danni a nod, stepping backwards some.* Thank you for allowing me to speak, Danni. ((As Spuds said, the other parts will be dealt with through email. The Mating ceremonies, if those involved are in agreement, can happen without RPing if you wish. PM me if thats fine with you so it wont disrupt the IC scene.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *decorum, what decorum? Let's out a whoop/howl* Ayoooh! Charlie! Andy! *ok, they're her girls, she's happy for them* 

Cassy Nix: *Says to herself in response to Jurg* Not likely

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *discreetly makes his way into the CoGgievan for a few minutes, before coming back out with a few items behind his back* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *whoops again* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Grins to Charlie.* Uhmm i guess were done.*Smiles to her and kisses her.* 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Dances on her paws and yips for Marty* ~ws~Whoo! Get laid and make babies! 

Charlotte Ostin: Shifts her weight a little restlessly, glancing from one new face to the other. 

Morgan Black: ~cor~har. i don't forget things! hah! *drinks a little more and then preens jublain's hair a little* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *chuckles and whoops as well* Congrats, you guys! 

Charlie Stone: Charlie's going to be a nice shade of red for sometime.. "Thank you Don Moltolano."

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Does her redneck stomp whoop whoop for Marty* 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods and grins when Charlie and Martin sit back down...then quiets and looks to see what else the Cracking of the Bone holds*

Elisa Apsara: *arching an eyebrow, Spock-like* ~cor~ We shall see...*dun dun dun...* 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *gives everyone a moment to shout/whoop/throw rice/whatever, then raises her voice* Ok now... Back ta tha nitty gritty part, ya'll. We'll party later. This is tha Crackin' of tha Bone. Looks like Eddie's presidin' t'night as TC, so whoever's got a beef, speak up. ONE AT A TIME.

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): I wish you all the best of luck. *He smiles warmly, his own presents for the couple's can wait until the ceremony.* Congratulations. *And then he backs up fully, his part of the Cracking of the Bone being complete.*

Mac McKnight: *grins at Andy, hugging her close with one arm* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *reaches into the back pocket of his jeans, pulling out an old-ass wallet that's pretty much empty. Reaches into one of the folds and pulls out a small shiny gold foil square. grins as the wallet gets put back away. palms whatever it was and watches for Marty's retreat*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Waits for the challenge.* 

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Hand goes up, twitching* 

Charlie Stone: Return martin's kiss... and hug...------ Riley> "thank you."

Morgan Black: *snorts and sticks out her tongue at elisa, cackling quietly, looking quite pleased with herself at the moment.* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As he follows the proceedings he stays close to Charlie. He smiles proudly. Any one trying to read his mind can see him making mental notes at hiding every possible sharp or slicing item in the area when he gets home.*

Don Salvatore Moltolano (Take 2): ((*Slips back into his Lex suit* Anyone needs the Don, just toss me a PM.)) 

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: and a LOUD howl with whoops go off.. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Snorts.* Jurg>>He ain't gonna need that for another month or so... 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *and as soon as Martin's back is turned, frisbee-throws an unopened condom at the Walker's back. when ya don't got rice to throw, make do..*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Jubs>>its the thought that counts. 

Cindy Ramirez: *sighs a bit* 

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Steps up* 

Charlie Stone: Moves back over to the pack car with Martin.. poking him in the ribs..

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *then quiets as the serious part starts*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Roland. *nods to him, he was first*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *listens to the cracking of the bone.... nono, not that one. Technically Martin's honeymoon hasn't started.*

Elisa Apsara: *She merely smirks back to Morgan, and watching everyone else celebrate. And as things calm down, she looks to Twomoons when he steps up*

Morgan Black: *ooh, shiney! she watches it fall, wings spreading, and then changing her mind. too many people around...she looks at jurg quizzically*~votm~what was that?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Waits for Roland*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *the grin still present, though she forces herself to behave for the rest of the moot, shutting up and leaning back again*

Charlie Stone: Chuckling seeing what Jurg threw at Martin..

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Morgan>>*speaks softly enough to not interrupt official stuff* condom. I'll explain later.

Edward Morgan (TC): *Looks up, his attention surfaced. He stands and wipes his hands off, seriousness of duty on his face as he looks about*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Waits to see if anyone else is stepping forward.*

Elisa Apsara: *She gives Jurg and Morgan and odd look but doesn't comment, wanting to listen to the rest*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Stands and grumps* ~ht~I wish to Challange, or Step up, for the position of Den Father

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As he gets poked in the ribs he bulks and then the unoppenned condom hits him he laughs. he looks to Charlie and grins.*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Watches Roland, curious*

Charlie Stone: When they are not in the lime light, she does finally take a llook at the ring Martin gave her.

Morgan Black: *nods at jurg and quiets down, not wanting to miss anything*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *refills Morgan's cup, taking another good swig himself*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at Roland, that surprises her* All right... *glancing around* Is anyone else wantin' ta speak up fer tha position?

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: Charlotte- *leans over to Charlotte when Roland speaks in HT* Psst, what's he saying?

Elisa Apsara: *and..glancing to Charlie's ring every so often, the shiny diamonds drawing her attention though she tries to focus and listen*

Morgan Black: *has another sip, keeping her eye on the clearing.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *With Roland's Challange, looks up* ~gs~Thank you Gaia..And Luna...And Great Trash Heap...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Ps--Easy on the cup, Jurg. Hrafn are fragile.

Charlie Stone: Softly to Martin, "You'll have to save that for later." meaning the unopened condom.

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steps forward as a challange is made..looks around for any that would challange it*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Jubs>>~ps~ not like I'm gonna smash it against her forehead, bro...

Cindy Ramirez: ((BRB))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--She's half-smashed already.

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *Lex has remained leaned against the rust covered hood, having dug out finally snapped a little out of his daze like state. A smile had creeped to his features a little as he listened to the Mating announcements.*((brb))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ oh. right. well..... 'least she can shift an' clear it out if she needs to. I'll hold off until party time.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smirks to Charlie and looks at the condom. Whispers.* Knowing jurg. I am wondering if it has been in combat itself. If it has survived and that too. It has to be plated armor.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *feels like saying "Bueller...Bueller..."* No one else?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--plus, she weighs in at mebbe 2 pounds. Ever try to drink a bucket of whiskey biggern' your head?

Charlotte Ostin: Glances to Jeremiah, leaning to whisper softly to him. "He wants to be Denfather."

Morgan Black: *has to hold on a little tighter to keep from just falling off of jurg's shoulder*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Waits, arms crossed across his chest*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *gives Jubs a look similar to Fun-boy from the Crow gives that little brat kid.* ~ps~ did you honestly just ask ME that? fuckin' right I have. *grins* but I see yer point.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she listens dutifully, though not with as much interest as during the mating announcements. Glancing around to see who steps up next*

Charlie Stone: Charlie pick the condom up and tucks it into her pocket... chuckling. "You're a sneaky little shit, you know that." speaking quietly to Martin.

Morgan Black: ~votm, mumbling and a bit blurry sounding....~whazzgoinon? nobody's talkin in english, damnit.

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *nods to Charlotte*

Elisa Apsara: *She keeps a concerned eye on Morgan, just in case...*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *looks over to Morgan* shift to homid for a minute. it'll clean ya out.

Charlotte Ostin: Smiles gently to Jeremiah and turns her attentions back to the Moot.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Charlie and grins.* I am THE Raggabash.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *and since no one seems to want it, but Roland* Tell ya what. Word may not a gotten around about Sparky steppin' down yet. Give it a week, we'll see if anyone else steps up, if not, it's yers. If they do, there'll have ta be challenges.

Elisa Apsara: *about to say something...but nods to Jurg, glancing to Morgan* (lv) As he said...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smirks at Marty at that comment, a soft singsong voice* Are not...*but not loud enough to disrupt what's going on*

Charlotte Ostin: Glances to Martin momentarily, looking him over. Folds her arms a little more firmly, turning to look at Roland and Danni.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS *lv* Still a moot.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS shhhh

Kylie Wallace: ( player is fadeing but Kylie will stay....need rite of accomplishment for wisdom..pleaseeeee.... night everyone poofs)

Morgan Black: ~votm~okies. put me on the ground, willya? i'll make an ass of myself otherwise.

Charlie Stone: "Just wait Martin.. I'll get you back." she smirks.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Goes quiet worried but then smiles looking at Charlie.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Ears lower and jaws go lack....A week, she can take a week alone.....Just a week more and then she can get some help...*

Charlie Stone: Goes quiet.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *drains the cup from his shoulder using his teeth to tilt it up and empty it. Reaches out to Jubs' shoulder to pick Morgan up, kneeling to set her down between he and Jubs. safe-fuckin' spot to be in*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Slowly nods and steps back, crouching again beside Nep*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Sets the raven down gently and continues to watch the moot.*

.: (How does one go about getting a garou started in here?)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((*G* Pack init. Let's Jurg set her down.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Next victim? *glancing to Jace, since he seemed to step up*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *in either event, Morgan gets set down as Jurg and Jubs once again flaunt their pack init and spirit of the fray*

Elisa Apsara: *watching Morgan being set down, she paces over..was practically at their side anyway, but deciding to keep closer tabs on the younger one*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *He digs out a cigarette from within his coat pocket, slipping the butt of it between his lips and lighting it up. His gaze still resting on the Cracking of the Bone but his mind doesn't seem entirely in it at the moment, having no business himself yet.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *folding his arms, muttering to Roland* Don' go nowhere....*raises his voice* I wish to call this, miserable excuse for a Fianna who and that sorry Faster-then-Leech...For their disrespectful actions during the Moot rite, let them be punished.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D):, character creation section outlines all, right down to submission forms. And for future reference...the chat Admin is real jumpy due to lurkers abusing the games...he does random sweeps and bumps the tagless...even if OOC be safe and get a tag.)

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Snorts and leans on Roland, watching now. Wanted to actually see the War Monger get Denfather*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *a sheepish grin and nods to Danni, the smile fading as she just watches and tries not to fidget too much*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): ((*ahem* "Who calls himself Roland"))

Morgan Black: *shifts to homid, a bit slowly. staggers and leans against her two men and grins like a goof, but is sober again*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *sighs a bit and nods to Jace then Eddie* Have at it.

.: (Linda > Thanks *nod nod* I am tagged, but just with a dot *S* Will check the sight, ta muchly)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ heh. I think we been claimed.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *scratches head.....must have thought rat was too cool to notice anything*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Waits, sitting where she is unless called up*

Elisa Apsara: *A slight smirk and shake of her head, watching the procedings again...a slight chirp or two*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): ((*kicks her browser into submission*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Watches now, surprised.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (I'm one of the STs...e-mail me at if you have further questions)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Ps--Likely. Hell, we're the only Fenrir here.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks and looks at Twomoons, then at Rolly and that Strider. Scratches her head, then shrugs....*

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Stepped AFK... what's up again?))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *she blinks and glances to Roland and Nephi...*

Morgan Black: *adjusts her shiney glasses at the end of her nose, and sighs, eyes darting from person to person, waiting for the next interesting bit.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ as usual.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): ((Roland and Nephi were accused of ditching the Moot Rite early))

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Remains calm, standing back up*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *takes a seat, for a bit, she can watch just as easily from here as she can standing*

Morgan Black: *giggles at the chirp*~cor~oh, i can like them both, can't i?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *He looks to the gethering with a grin ment for a person who has just been told you are now the richest man in the world. Or congratulation. You just won the nobel prize for the funniest man in the world. Or watching itchy and scratchy on the simpsons.*

Elisa Apsara: *a slight smirk, and a few clicks back to Morgan though quiet, not going to be disruptive*

Charlie Stone: Listening to the moot, at least what is spoken in English.

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *leans on Mac, smiling, just... watching the goings on*

Edward Morgan (TC): *Coughs, pointing the ground in front of him to the pair* Step up kids... and tell me straight, Did or didn't ya, and why?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Thinks slowly of something. Eyes slide to Linda* ~ps~None of my buisness...But, didnt Hadrian leave the same time last Moot that Rolly did? Right before the packs and Totems were honored? *Hell, knows nothing of a Moot Rite. But how far does it go? Hmmmm, such a detailed memory for the Recon pack*

Mac McKnight: *watching the happenings, resting his chin atop Andy's head*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ hey bro... got a bet for ya. If I get more bets in my favor then you gotta get more shit-faced than a salad-tossin' lord sometime nex' week, forget about everything and just enjoy yerself... if you get more bets in yer favor.. eh. name yer price.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS I don't think so....maybe he had arrangements before hand though...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Ps--Deal.

Morgan Black: *giggles behind her hand and whispers*three, actually. i like sean too. *blinks, realizing she said that in english. whoops.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *watches, sips, tries to look at least somewhat interested*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *His arms stay crossed, listening and watching this part closely. Wondering himself why they insulted the Rite by leaving early.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Wiats patiently, arms folded*

Elisa Apsara: *a slight twitch to her mouth, her look mild but those dark eyes glinting in amusement*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Tries not to chuckles, and watches the trial.

Cindy Ramirez: ((back... had to let dog out))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Listens to the Link and looks to Linda and Flea.*MS: Trust me Girls. Hadrian will screw up one day. And i swear our pack will be down his throat like a ravenous wolves we are.

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Makes his way up infront of Eddie, arms folding* ~ht~I am no Druid, so I do not know the Moot Rite. But, when a Spirit Materializes, and accepts what is offered, is the Rite not then over? *Said calmly and straight, no emotion*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *even she has to wince a bit at that, Roland really doesn't know the rites? Cripes...*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *raises an eyebrow at Morgan. shrugs and looks back to the stuff* ~ps~ so what ya want if you win the bet-vote?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *a strange glance to Roland...shakes her head, he should know better. Taking another swig of the beer before setting the bottle down*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Pads after Roland, ears perked and stops infront of Ed* ~ws~I followed my Alpha out of the Umbra *Cocks her head*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--Diapers. Two weeks.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS We have better things to do than worry about Hadrian. Maybe that cub he adopted will keep him busy enough that he stays out of our hair.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--And trust me, you ~don't~ get used to the smell.

Charlie Stone: Cuddles up with Martin or as cuddled up as one can get in public.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *spits at Rolands' feet at the explanation*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ oh that's HARDLY even... you're a sick fucker.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks* ~ps~No, seriously....Even if Hadrian did have something to do, should he not be punished? Nothing on the Fenrir, just stateing....Could have sworn he left after Momma Rat vanished....And no one said a thing. Roland, might even have a reason why he left early *Shrugs*

Morgan Black: *relaxes because the boys didn't say anything. *~cor~what are they talking about now? they all seem to be having half conversations, or else wolfspeak. i gotta learn to understand that language...*sighs*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Puts an arm arround Charlie and grins Looking around and give a thumbs up to Andy and Mac.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--One week, then.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS I don't think he left Flea. He couldn't have he was TC for the Cracking of the Bone that night.

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: ((*Blinks* Moot Rite a rite every character need? *L* J/k)) *Eye looks at Twomoons, yet he remains calm. Could state what few rites he has learned if it helps*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Charlie whispering and blinking.*

Mac McKnight: *chuckles a bit and nods to Martin*

Elisa Apsara: *nods to Morgan, ventures a few clicks back before sipping her coffee* ~cor~ As do I...though am going to get a teacher for that soon, hopefully....

Morgan Black: ooooh...if you learn, teach me! *looks at elisa*i'll give you something for it.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Grunts* ~ps~...Could have sworn he left dearing Moot Rite....*Watches Roland and shakes her head. Knows the penalty is Wisdom lost minor like, but still...*

Charlotte Ostin: Shifts her weight again, her legs beginning to get sore.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ Still harsh, but I guess you loosening up's about as much of a sacrifice. deal.

Edward Morgan (TC): So you left thinking it was over? *sighs, rubbing the back of his neck* I understand you are both still young, and I believe on some level, ignorance IS an excuse. Still, that kind of disrespect can cost us all in terms of spirit relations and totem respect. Both of you will suffer a loss of honor- and that will be the last of it so long as it doesn't happen again. I would appreciate it if you both visited the Master of the Rites, Alexander-yuf, to be refamiliarized with Sept rites and traditions... understand?

Elisa Apsara: *a shake of her head to Morgan, very definite..keeping her tone barely audible, a few clicks and such is all, and only to those that are close to her can hear it, such as Morgan* ~cor~ No need, I would teach you willingly...

Charlie Stone: Smiles at Martin.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *shurgs at Flea clearly doesn't remember what her packmate thinks she does*

Morgan Black: *huge grin on her face. she loves this place, everyone's so cool. looks over her shoulders at jurg and jube and grins, then at the weird goings on in front of her*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Blinks at Charlie and Grins. Looks at the sky and put a hand on his mouth just before he screams.*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *Gaze going to each of the Garou, tucking their face's away for later use at hearing that from Edward.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *In his Link all is heard.* .............................................

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods, hearing Eddie pronounce judgement, and stands back up* Next?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods slowly at Eddie's decree, stretches a bit and continues watching...has no business to bring up herself*

Elisa Apsara: *A smile to Morgan, though she glances around to see who's going to bring up what next*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steps forward*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *grunts nearly inaudibly*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *blinks as Steel steps forward, raising an eyebrow*

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Systems-wise: That's -2 temporary honor))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *ANd here, Jublain steps forward to bring his charge against Evan Miller--but since the character isn't here, I'll do that later or over the mailing list.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Steel, who stepped forward next*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Moves back to his spot, sitting*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *listens, hiding his boredom*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((unless you wait to get RoA AFTER the cracking of the bone..player confused))

Morgan Black: *watches raptly as people get bitched at and punished here and there. woah. these people save up their gripes, don't*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Slinks behind Roland, ears flicked back*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Kicks back and watches at this point, really wishing he could track down Whoever claims to have been Rolands' tutor and flaying their miserable hide to park next to Rolands'. Frickin' metis has ~no~ excuse to not know what Garou society is about*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((It's usually in there, but it technically can happen anytime. However, the moot's the only time enough folks are gathered to witness it.))

Elisa Apsara: *glancing around quietly, watching everyone, listening to the quiet comments at her side though says nothing herself, here to watch*

Andrea Jenkins (MotH, scared to death): *bites her lip, leaning agasint Mac, watching*

Cindy Ramirez: *glances at Flea.... then back at the others*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: HT i wish to be recognized for the Glory of my actions towards the defence of this sept

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins a bit at Steel, and does the RoA for him herself*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smirks at Steel and gives a thumbs up, guessing it'd be the RoA again*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Yeah, she's been around. Just has been really quiet and subtle, that's it.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *Steps forward for his own RoA (glory) when the time comes with everyone else* OOC:since I'm sure there's plenty of mass-RoAs to be done

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *notices Val... wondering why he hadn't noticed her before... nods to her from where he is sitting* ((:p ))

Mac McKnight: *grinning about something as he watches the moot*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Gets ready to step up for a Rite of Accomplisment herself*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *nods grinning..steps back*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smiles at the rites being performed.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *RoA, Honor category*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Go ahead and post about the RoAs, or we'll be here all night. *grin*))

Morgan Black: *even though she doesn't understand what's being said most of the time, she still stares hard at whomever is speaking, as if memorizing the tones, or trying to discern something from the words*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda steps forward for an RoA, for Honor, she mentioned that shes regained it (after her frenzy loss) by dutifully reconning and acompanying the Fenrir on a similiar recon that involved ratkin in hopes that her tribal afiliation would ease relations...she got rewarded honor for that)

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Ponders is she can leave now, no longer haveing any buisness here...Then again, dosent feel like getting shot or something*

Elisa Apsara: *A slight smile as she watches Morgan indirectly, glad the young one is paying attention*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Steps up for a Wisdom one...Then waits till its over, shyly looking for a chance to speak*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Steps Forward as well and looks at teh Don and then to Danni.* This is not as much as request for a rite of accomplishement but more for reinstatement.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *watching the rites being done with a slight wistful smile, needing to get out more herself..*

Charlie Stone: She looks at Martin and smiles.. then she blinks as she realizes, technically she his wife now.

Cindy Ramirez: *just watches*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *glory was for killing this and that. three golem incidents, some fun at a Bone Gnazi sept, etc etc. The obvious for those who pay attention to the chit-chat of the formality of the rite*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *and once the RoAs have all been spoken for, she looks at Flea curiously*

Elisa Apsara: *Glancing to Flea as she seems about to say something, looks on and sips from her thermos...wondering if there's much more left to the moot*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Danni and waits.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Speaks up over Wisdon and Honor for recent intersept dealings.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Can't speak for the whole reinstatement thing, Marty, gonna have to wait for Spuds on that one))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *When Danni looks at her, takes in a deep breath and speaks quietly* ~gs~I'd like to challange for Fostern Rank, Momma Steamroller....

Morgan Black: *whispers to elisa*what's in the thingy? *points to the thermos*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she nods a bit to Flea* Are you intendin' ta challenge me, Flea, er someone else?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *sidewise smirk from Linda...she so utterly would be Fostern by now if she hadn't lost it in a frenzy*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *raises an eyebrow hearing Flea..was gonna wait himself til after the moots over*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): *The Don nods his head at Martin's comment, looking at the man, neither smiling nor frowning this time.* We'll speak of that in private, Mr.Kurst. ((Like Danni-p said, I can't decide that without discussing it with others.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Ears flick up slowly* ~gs~You...

Morgan Black: *head perks up when people speak in a language she understands. ooh, a challenge...she looks at danni and then the one that spoke before...flea. neat!*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ oh pleasechallengeDannipleasechallengeDannipleaasechallengeDanni... notmenotmenotme.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Steps back down and sits with Charlie again still with a smile.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((DLP. Misread my file while kid was on my lap in the screen))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ YES! spared one.

Elisa Apsara: *She tilts the thermos to Morgan, so she can get a whiff...strong, black, coffee* (lv) It's what keeps me from being so knackered that I'd fly into walls at times...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): I'm not doing challenges fer a while, Flea. *a small smirk* Safer that way. But feel free ta pick someone else. You're due.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): (*Snickers, was thinking of haveing Flea challange Jürg to see if anyones jaws would drop* Heh...Gnawer challangeing Fenrir for rank...Scary thought *Cackles*)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grins.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smiles as Flea gets to challenge for rank, good for her*

Charlie Stone: Slips her hand in to Martin's when he rejoins her.

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((umm flea-p..steel acually asked Jurg what he would think if he challanged him*HEH*))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:heh... 'cause that'd NEVER happen............

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks and looks over the crowd...Ummm....Fostern Ahrouns....Dun dun dun* ~gs~Then...Jürg Rhya, as he is the only one I see....

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ fuuuuuuuuuck.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): (*Snickers and falls over*)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Kisses Charlie watching the proceedings.*

Elisa Apsara: *a slight smile at mention of rank, for more than one reaons though she'll get to that later..*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grins wider.*

Morgan Black: whuh. *shakes her head at the coffee*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *sighs and scratches his chin slightly, steps forward*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at Jurg* You acceptin'?

Elisa Apsara: *smirks at Morgan, chuckles*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at Jurg*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *strokes his chin thoughtfully, hiding a smile that his only packmates can see reflected in his eyes*

Edward Morgan (TC): Flea>> *coughs* I'll give ya a proper ahroun challenge if you need it, Flea... *smiles to Jurg* I don't think we need to bother the Fenrir...and Philo or not, I should be able to appease ya.

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Bites his tounge. Looks at the Fenrir, then back. Feels sorry for the Gnawer about now, she was a good warrior. Looks at the leather sack he brought and then at Flea. Drops it by Nephi, might not need it after all*

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): ((Player is fading fast here peeps, so im gonna bow out. Lex will remain and does the Don. Ceremonies are held after the core part of the Moot.))

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Cocks an eyebrow over Gnawer vs Get*

Charlie Stone: Returns the kiss and whispers.

Morgan Black: *giggles*coffee's more bitter, though. leaves me more thirsty.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Well it's Fleas Linda remains silent*

Elisa Apsara: *a soft shrug and smirk, arching an eyebrow* (lv) To each their own...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Actually, ya'll, I'm fadin' pretty fast myself... Gonna have to bail. *grumbles about wanting her body back so she doesn't fall asleep at this ungodly early hour*))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (ditto, going to close this window, and Elisa's soon)

Charlie Stone: (Night Jon)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *puts on his best sollemn, somber look* Danni>>if she really wants to go through with a challenge to a Fenrir. *looks to Flea* Keep in mind that a Fenrir challenge is not gonna be easy, an' there's a real good chance you won't survive it. I won't make it easy on you because yer a gnawer, that'd be insultin' both of us. Withdraw your challenge now if ya want.. If not. *scratches his chin* I'll let ya know the terms by the end of the moot.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Will NPC Danni as needed...go to bed hun)

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Waits silently, noding slowly to Eddie but waiting to see if Jürg excepts or declines*

Charlie Stone: (Night to everyone leaving)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((git you some sleep, ma'am.))

Alexander Goodwill (MotR): ((*Waves and poofs*))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Nods to Jürg* ~gs~Survival of the fittest....I take it....

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((*Waves a fond farewell to those going*))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ damnit... I suck at this challenge-decidin' shit. Took me a fuckin' week to think of the Metis'

Mac McKnight: ((Figure Mac stays with Andy till the end of the moot))

Morgan Black: *watches jurg and flea with interest now*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((G'night!))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): #gone#

Elisa Apsara: (leaving as well, too zoned to keep up...Elisa stays to watch the rest, at Morgan's side)

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Flea is screwed, makes his mind up now about that*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( night to all those leaving))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *nods* then I, Jürgen Kreigzeug, Beast-of-Garm, Modi of the Dogs of War and Skyddman of the Fenrir, Child of Wolverine and son of none... Accept your challenge. ~ps~ fuckfuckfuck.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--You'll do fine.

Morgan Black: ((nite to the sleepyheads!))

Morgan Black: *grins at jurg*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Leans toward Twomoons* ~ps~ Five dollars on Flea to make it.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ who the fuck's the challenge supposed to be for anyway? the one who decides it? or the one who does it? geh.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:g'night, everyone leaving.

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *smirks watching..*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at everybody and turns to Linda.* a beer and a hot dog that both of them has this rigged.

Elisa Apsara: (nighters...)

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *quirks an eyebrow, before scratching his ear* ~ps~ Double mocha latte says she don't.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): (Night those leavein) *Nods to Jürg, still quiet as a mouse*

Edward Morgan (TC): *Steps around the edge of the group to Jurg, tapping him gently on the arm. He offers a small pouch to him...* ~lv~ Please consider these... he's just a claith...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Twitch of one brow and a nod* Twomoons~ps~ You're on.

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Whispers to Nep* ~ht~Bottle of Jack she dosent make it

Edward Morgan (TC): ((he=she... if the numerous typos don't show it, my keyboard ain't the best..))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *glances quizzically at Edward and the proferred pouch.*~quietly~ huh? what's that?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): ((*wonders how long it'll be before coffee becomes the Lone Wolves' legal tender*))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Snorts to Roland. Has no intrest in the item, more haveing to count on a Gnawer to win the item for her*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Naw....Jurg's reaction was alittle too honest...he was surprised.

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Coffee beans look like cowrie shells which are legal tender on some islands, so ...))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: (More=Nore)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Rage blazes white-hot in his one eye as he hears Martin's comment and he shifts to Crinos without even realizing it.* HT--What did you say?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Nods to Linda. Whispers.* Your right. Then i put a beer that Momma wolf kicks him at least once in the nuts.

Morgan Black: *fidgits with the pin on her lapel, and looks at jube*so what happens next then? is this the fun part?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Swallows at Marty. Rigged? Snorts, is going to put her life on the line just to make Rank...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS What are you doing Martin?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *looks at what's in the pouch, then back to Edward, stepping back to his normal place as he accepted Flea's challenge and its onto the next matters* Ed>>the fuck're you thinkin'? I'm gonna make it hard, not simply kill her myself. *shakes his head*

Morgan Black: *jumps out of her skin when jube shifts to crinos, and shifts to corvid, flapping away from him hastily, landing on jurg and squishing up next to his cheek*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Jublain and smiles.* I am merely mention as is necessary to prove the idiocy of myself. As i am only and truly to be known as a complete buffon. I live and thrive to be what everybody disregards and loath. I am impressed that my words are listened. mere words from a fool. The Fool of a moot.*And grins with a small laugh.*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steps forwrd again* Ht i was gonna wait til after thr moot..BUT since Flea said summin first..and i dont want to give Jurg rrhya to big of a headache..*turns to Edward Morgan*Rhya..i challange you to be recognized the Rank of Fostern

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *reaches up to scritch Morgan's neck, glances to Martin with a raised eyebrow* ~ps~ what'd he say?

Charlie Stone: She missed something.. seeing some rage surfacing.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Growls.* HT--Some things are not meant to fool with. Such an accusation is one of them. Think before you speak, Fool.

Morgan Black: *makes scared cheeping noises, she couldn't understand what jube said, it was all growls.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): PS--He offered to bet five bucks it was a rigged challenge.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Linda.* I do my job. I am the moot fool and it is expected of me to do stupid things. IF i werent would i be respectfull to my postition. I doubt it. Heck none should even regard my stupidity.

Edward Morgan (TC): Jurg>> I've watched far more experienced die in accidents... just keep it in mind.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS I'd apologize Martin...he thinks you questioned his honor. And Jurgs cool usually unlike Hadrian.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *looks to Steel and grunts.* ~ps~ all that thought and effort into his challenge an' he goes to the Philo instead. Looks like he thought it'd be too hard, after all. Challenge the guy who wants to make the challenges easy. go figure.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Quietly* Jublain-yuf...he reminds us ~why~ we must think, before we speak. Incurring the wrath of ones' elders is never a trifle, and a thought before a word can right many things. If we may continue?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Hears the bird he just scared the shit out of, and with an effort he forces himself back into his Homid form.*

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Watches Steel and nearly chuckles. That one takes the "easier" way, while the she wolf takes what might be death. Ironic, it seems*

Edward Morgan (TC): *Nods to Steel* Accepted... we'll settle it at the end of the moot. *Smiles reassuringly* /// *He turns and looks at Jublain, taking half a step forward... Moots are NOT the place for that behaviour...*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Ed>>*shrugs* shit happens. *looks over at Martin, holds up a closed fist, as if threatening. then just raises the middle finger.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grunts.* He very nearly proved it by a physical example, Twomoons. Some things even a no-moon cannot do. *Steps back and strokes the raven's head, speaking quietly.* Didn't mean to scare you.

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *nods stepping back*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): MS Future note don't make fun of Fenrir when they are accepting challenges...and we'll make bets later.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ~ps~ thanks, bro.... I'll even it up with him later. should be fun.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Nods his agreement with Jube, but says nothing, letting those who have something else to say do so*

Morgan Black: *blinks, feeling a little better since jurg's petting her and jube's shifted down at least. she keeps close to his face, watching jube from under jurg's chin*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Bows to Twomoons and kneels to Jublain.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Leans back on her elbow and looks under some cars toward her 'den'*

Morgan Black: *cheeps softly and nibbles on jube's fingers, fluffing up*~votm~i don't even what to know what that was about.

Charlie Stone: Just watching and listening.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Jurg.* Rhya. WE should continue are fighting techniques. I still havent perfected the art of cushionning your Blows with my face. Learnning from the best fighters will probably help me survive longer at them or actualy teach me to dodge.

Charlotte Ostin: Sighs softly to herself, finally leaning against the thing, sofa? Jeremiah is sitting on.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *whispers to Morgan* the fool tried to say I was rigging the challenge to be easy for Flea.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles lightly, ignoring Martin, and speaks quietly.* Yeah ya do. *Turns his attention to the proceedings.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): martin>>oh believe me. we will.. got a few lessons in mind for you. *actually... grins smugly.*

Morgan Black: *blinks*~votm~well, at least he suits his title then. damn. even a coyote wouldn't say that...*snorts*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *watches yet another Get temper-tantrum*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Charlie.* Remind me to make a will for the next trainning i have with Jurg. If i survive You can kill me after for doing it.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Morgan>>not without runnin' away real fast first. *keeps his eyes on the proceedings*

Morgan Black: *preens her slick black feathers while listening to what's going on, more tense now, just in case something like that happens again...*

Charlie Stone: Quirks a brow at Martin and Jurg.

Valerie Karydikrotos: ~ps~ I love the Get. I really do. They make me happy when I watch them. Never boring.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Danni: Is there anything else?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Tense...Then closes her eyes, thinking....Slowly relaxing and finally grins softly*

Charlie Stone: "That's not funny Martin."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Gulps and sits down next to Charlie.*Sorry.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Scratches his back* ~ps~ One would think you admired them, and wanted to have a child with one of their kin. Not that you would, of course.

Morgan Black: ~whispered votm~so what's next? when do we get to the fun bits?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Morgan>>real soon.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Pounds Twomoons' foot with her hand good humoredly* ~ps~ If you ever tell, I'll tell everyone the really lurid tales.

Charlotte Ostin: Waiting, patiently, for things to continue and be over.

Charlie Stone: "I'd like to keep you in my life for a long time." she speaks quietly to Martin.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((*G* Twomoons--they already offered to find her one.))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Danni: If thats all there is then I glady announce that the Cracking of the Bone is over. We'll have the mating ceremonies and then the stories and songs....Sal, The Don has kindly provided tables of food, chicken, and our dinner for well as drink.

Morgan Black: ~votm~goodie.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Grins to Charlie.* You just have to keep calling me back and i will always come.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (I figure we FF on the mating ceremonies because I don't want to ST it)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((I think Spuds is gonna do it on mail.)) *Gets out his contraption and sets it up to play.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Pats Vals' shoulder in a fatherly manner* ~ps~ You don't know the really lurid tales.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Swallows and just kinda stands there*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Yep, Jub really did, that jerk. *L*))

Valerie Karydikrotos: Twomoons> ~ps~ If I made one up, no one would disbelieve.

Charlie Stone: Linda> (Fine by me.)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((players..crashing...face..hitting keyboard...night folks..ed-p just post to the group the challange...night folks))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( same here))

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Steel>> Before you go, pick if you think Flea will succeed... it's part of the challenge.))

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Nite Steel))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (OK, switching characters....I have a Galliard to use)

Charlie Stone: she smiles at Martin, "Good." she winks.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Nods, speaking in the clear* Val>>2 mocha lattes. It's Stories and songs time.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((*G* And she accused him of doing cruel things to her obcesse--er, admiring kinfolk...)) *Fires up a tune, thinking.* Goin' to be a little match later on--me an' Jurg, if folks want to lay bets in advance.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As the ceremonies are done he holds Charlie in his arms and grins.*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((Ed..yes..she will..i believe she is a strong ahroun and will pass any challange set to her))

Morgan Black: *whistles*~votm~gosh. who do i bet on?

Roland "Banshee Screaming Death*: *Stands and moves to Flea, leather sack in hand. Slaps her on the shoulders* ~ht~Have something for you, if you make your challange *And, does other Garouly stuff. HOPEFULLY not screwing up again*

Edward Morgan (TC): ((*Nods* You'll have your challenge waiting on the list in a few. We'll do it whenever ya have the time *g*))

Valerie Karydikrotos: Ooh, boy. Stories, songs, pot and an, wait, that was a flashback to the moot I saw at a Child of Gaia Sept.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Nudges Val* Jube wins, you bake brownies.

Charlie Stone: Snuggles in Martin arms.

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((no prob...night all))

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *Tom nervously approaches Jublian* Errrrrr.....Hi Jublian names Tom....Skeeter, Cliath Galliard Gnawer. I recognize that you are primary storyteller....but...errr...I have a story tonight. Would I be....errr....interfering if I told it?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Lets the bets settle as he picks up the tune, a little bit faster.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods to Tom.* Naw, go for it. Let's hear what you got. Oh, an' me an' Jurg are gonna beat the shit out of each other in a few--you can put a bet down on it if you want.

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *Tom would have asked that before you really got into the music*

Morgan Black: *bobs her head to the tune surpressing the urge to warble along to it. not everyone can appreciate raven singing.*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *nods and grins...the short scrawny geek stands in the middle and clears his throat*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks at Rolly and nods, tilting her head. Actually glade the Fianna didnt go apeshit on the Warder. Sits, contemplateing that mater. Fianna, do, after all do things diffrently. Has heard their Metis can at times be treated like shit. Shakes her head some, thinking more*

Morgan Black: *watches the boy, black eye blinking once. very attentive when someone's about to tell a story. so long as she can understand the speech, damnit...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Slows down the tune a bit and quiets it, ready to set a slight tune for the other galliard's story.*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: Oh here me noble sept for this is a tale to behold. This is a story about sacrifice, adaptation, and of overcoming adversity. All know how the Lupus breed suffers. How the great forests have shrank, and how humans have killed or harmed our wolfkin. And how there are less Lupus born these days then ages of old. Why this tale reminds me of Eoxar issue 49 where Atllious did a similiar sacrifice to save the Kirllian world. Ahem, but I digress.

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *Tom remarkably looses all tremor and hesitation when he speaks...*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Excuses himself to the CoGgievan for some reason or another...gotta get a clean shirt, yeah....*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *removes his jacket, wearing a black T-shirt with the Punisher logo on the front and the words "I pissed on Deathbringer and all I got was this lousy shirt" in dried blood-stains on the back. Lets his physique be shown for the betting*

Morgan Black: *just about to ask what the hell an eoxar is, but keeps quiet because he's continuing the story*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Ears tilt forward to listen to Tom...*

Morgan Black: *moves with jurg so he can get his jacket off*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Holds up a discarded toilet paper tube like a telescope for inspecting Jurg*

Charlie Stone: Kinda of listening to the tale.. actually she's more interested in snuggling with her mate.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *reaches up and scratches Morgan some more*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: The hero of this tale is our very own Twomoons, Children of Gaia, Warder of the sept of the Talking Junkyard. Eight long years years ago our own Twomoons was a mere Claith fresh from his Rite of Passage. He was the guest of the High Tress sept, traveling and learning as we Claith do. Though our Twommoons like many of us have lessons to learn. In a fit of youthful pride Twomoons insulted the Athro Lupus if this sept. Of course he quickly understood the error of his ways. The elders of this sept in their wisdom sent our young hero to live as a wolf for two that he may better understand his Lupus brethren.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Currently snuggling with Charlie he grins softly. and whispers.*

Morgan Black: *fluffls up and mutters contentedly*

Charlie Stone: -- Meanwhile Dove is sitting up on top of the CoGgie van, watching and listening to the goings on.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Swivels the telescope/tolet paper tube directly to Tom in surprise and listens*

Morgan Black: ((*lol@val*cute.))

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: It was about mid-January when he ventured to become a wolf has his elders bid. By the time February came he had learned to hunt and survive. Low and behold this young adventurious Garou finds the tracks of a pack of fellow wolves. Luckily kinfolk. It had been a hard winter for them, he trailed them and watched a failed deer hunt...and the Alpha of the pack die from a deer hoof to the head. It is known wisdom that only the fittest survive in the wilds, but these are family. Twomoons out of compassion brought a kill to the pack. And with this gesture the pack over several weeks accepted him.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Tonight the shirt is missing, to reveal enough scars to coat six people pretty thoroughly, and each marked with paint. Havaragorn's marks, a bright orange red, make a slash fully an inch wide across his stomach and another across his chest, as well as a puckered mark over his kidney. A nasty slash high on his right side--the wound that almost killed him twice--is marked in black, and several curved burn-lines--lines that would make a spiral if they were complete--are marked with green. Others are marked in much the same manner--red for the wounds of silver; black for the claws of other Garou; and green, including the mass of scar tissue that was his left ear, for those scars caused by the taint of the Wyrm itself. An incredibly lifelike tattoo runs up each arm--a ball-and-chain on his right with the spiked ball, points beading with blood, on his shoulder; and wicked-looking spiked armor on his left.*

Charlie Stone: She blinks at Martin.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *And yes, he does come out with a fresh shirt. Bart simpson in cammies, writing on the chalkboard: "I will not tell the General that his wife doesn't know how to suck cock. Nor will I offer her helpful suggestions in public."*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Does a glance-over of Jublain and makes mental notes of the odds before looking back at Tom.*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: Spring came to the land and to the souls of it's creatures. Twomoons overcoming his innate aversion to the Lupus form had learned his lessons well. Following the call of instinct he fought for the privelige to mate with the Alpha female. Several months went by and she gave birth to 4 living kin wolves and one trueborn. Twomoons played the protective provider until the cubs were settled. But then nature took it's course and the pack eventually chased him off. But then it is not our distiny to be wolves or man...but both.

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Challenge is on the list...))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Snuggling with Charlie he chuckles.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks at Tom...Pondering if its a toe licker story or one with a moral*

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Any idea when you'll be doing Flea's, Jurg?))

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: Our Warder learned the lessons of the Athro he offended and was forgiven. And he made the noble sacrificing of aiding the Lupus line of Garou. Very few of us, due to or human upbringings, or perhaps discomfort with the Lupus form...very few of us Homids could make the sacrifice Twomoons did. For this we should honor him.

Charlie Stone: She chuckles softly at Martin.. and gives him a kiss that would curl his toes.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Manges not to blush excessively*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *bows and walks back toward the food....his story ended...*

Morgan Black: *mimicks the sound of a large crowd cheering for tom*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:when I'll be doing it? hell, I'm not running it *G* I'm just making it. I'll post it to the list

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Being kissed by CHarlie he attempts to concentrate. he think os applauding to Tom. But his mind plays trick as he hugs her instead.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Tosses the toiletpaper tube into the air and applauds Tom's story*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *Tom manages a slight grin to see the story was liked*

Edward Morgan (TC): ((Gonna restart. BRB))

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *But still grins and claps when Tom finishes*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Sleazy: Telling your own sex-conquest stories... honorable: someone else tellin' 'em for ya in front of a large group. go figure *grins*

Charlotte Ostin: ~character stays for the moot, players going~

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods.* Not too bad a'tall. Not bad. *Picks up the tune a bit, thinking.* Some heavy shit.... *Plays faster.*

Morgan Black: *giggles at jurg*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *scritches Morgan in time with Jubs' music. Grins, knowing what's coming*

Morgan Black: *whistles for jub, dancing a little on jurg's shoulder, wings out*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Finally quits pretending he's just playing around and really cranks that sucker--he's had time to get used to the odd instrument, and damn he's good. In a few moments he begins to sing in a surprisingly pleasant voice.*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *looks at Jurg* Errrr.....thats not how I meant the story to be...err...taken.

Morgan Black: *leans into the scritching*~votm~this is bliss.

Charlie Stone: Continues to kiss Martin, because she can..... then lets him up for air, grinning at him.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Tom>>*nods* I know. *grins* I'm just fucked up.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Gasps and almosts falls backwards.* I can breath!

Morgan Black: *quiets when jub begins singing. her head cocks to the side, making a hrmmm sound*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: Oh OK. *grins*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Fighting laughter, she pretends to cough*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The DoW went down to th'Junkyard, they was lookin for some blood to spill.//It was after 9; it was drinkin' time and they was eager to make a kill.//When they came across this Charach who hit on Jubs kin and some walker Doc //Hadrian jumped on a pinto trunk an' said "Charach, lemme tell ya what..//I guess you didn' know it, but you hit on Jubs' kin, Jurg saw it, too...//now if you care to stand right there, we'll beat the shit outta you.//Now you got a couple scars, charach, but give the DoW their due//it was mighty bold, but we're gonna grab hold and turn ya into goo."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *taps a thumb on his chain and a closed fist on his chest, keeping a rythm to himself at the song*

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: *He listens to the song*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *elbows Val*

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *listens to the stories and song impassionately*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Charach, dip down 'tween your legs an' kiss your ass goodbye,//Don't know what you been smokin' but it must've got you high,//If you're lucky maybe we'll just rip off both your nuts,//Or maybe we'll re-dec'rate with your guts....

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: (OK....I'm going to go head to bed...Linda got her RoA, Tom embarassed the heck out of Twomoons...mission acomplished)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ((all of this to the tune of "The Devil went down to Ga", btw))

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Explodes into wheezing giggles*

Morgan Black: ((hah, that's what i thought...))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The Dogs all went to Crinos an' they readied to attack,//The doc stepped in the middle an' he started givin' flack.//And when Hade gave the signal, they all started with a bound,//They gathered on the charach an' commenced to smack him down...//The monkey doc was knocked aside an' we don't care where he fell,//'Cause when you cross the Dogs of War, you can kiss your ass farewell!

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): ((unless Jubs changed that))

Charlie Stone: She nudges Martin she he does in fact fall.. she tumbles over with him.. chuckling, cause she didn't mean to go with him.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *blushing a little more, trying to maintain the, uhm, cool demeanor...*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Nite Mira))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Here we come, Charach--run, boy, run!//Dogs' in the house of the talkin' junk.//Think you can mack our kinfok here,//But we'll make your ass into a long red smear...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Rumble and tumbles on the ground and grins.* Werent we supposed to wait untill we get back home?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): ((Night Mira...))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((Nope, same tune.))

Tom Potter ~Skeeter~: (Anna I'll leave it to your best judgement of when to stop archiving)

Charlie Stone: (Night Mira)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The charach, he just bled an' tried to get back to his feet,//An' Jurg said "boy, you better stick to playin' with yore meat.//Now, you just go on your own way, but don't forget this night,//'Cause if you cross our path again, we won't be so polite."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:don't stop archiving yet *G* we got a fight to do. it'll go quick, don't worry

Charlie Stone: Mira> ( No prob)

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Quietly, still giggling* I wanna mack some kinfolk too.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *.......Keeps herself from explodeing with laughter...Just sitting there and watching...*

Morgan Black: *laughs*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Here we come, Charach--run, boy, run!//Dogs' in the house of the talkin' junk.//Think you can mack our kinfok here,//But we'll make your ass into a long red smear... *Plays yet faster--and he's makin' that thing ~talk~--before he ends with a flourish.*

Charlie Stone: Jurg> ( Oh I'm not stopping.. I was planning to get the fight in.. *S*)

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *smirks* You got Kinfolk macking you, last time I checked.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles.* The other story can wait 'til we're done. Jurg, you ready?

Morgan Black: *whistles and cheers for jub*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Hey Twomoons rhya? *Blinks innocently* What's mackin'?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((*G* One more story in after that. A good one.))

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Val>>Soemday I'll tell you, right after you learn all about the birds and the bees.

Valerie Karydikrotos: No, seriously, what is it? I honestly don't know. Is it just checking someone out or what?

Charlie Stone: (okie dokie)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *grins and moves Morgan from his shoulder to something adequate for perching. Pulls his jacket back on. grins* this is gonna be bloody. *heads with Jubs for the spar*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Kisses Charlie with a grin.* So what now.*Seing she standing on top of him.*

Morgan Black: *looks for another perch for the fight...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grins and heads over to the practice circle.* Anyone who bet on us, let us know. We got a bet goin' on the bettin'.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Val>>About 75% of what happened at the Silver Dollar was macking.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((We already rolled it out, gonna quick-fire it.))

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *raises his hand* Hey Jube, if you win, Val's baking brownies.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Jublain and Jurgen, both smiling, step into the circle. The two packmates look almost nothing alike--Jurg stands a higher than six feet tall, while Jublain is dwarfed by his opponnent at less than five feet tall; Jurg's hair is hair-spunked into spikes while Jublain's is pulled back into a traditional warrior's braid; and both of Jurg's eyes are a fierce blue while one of Jublain's eyes glares a blind, opaque white. Both show strongly the blood of Fenris, however, and each is covered with the muscles--and the scars--of a warrior.*

Morgan Black: *stays put where she was placed, finding that just fine. she cheers again for them*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *As if on cue, the two shift simultaneously--Jublain to Crinos, Jurg to Hispo. Jurg's Hispo form is easily the size of a pony. Patches of missing or white fur mark several scars, and his jaws and shoulders are heavy and powerful, as befits the Dire Wolf. Jublain's Crinos form is tiny in comparison--standing at maybe six feet even and weighing in at 450, he's a compact mass of muscle and fur. His fur is also split and lined by scars, many more than Jurg. Over his left shoulder and arm is a plate of armor--wicked-looking armor, of steel with spikes.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Val>>so you bettin' on me?

Charlie Stone: sits across Martin's waiste and pins his hands down on the ground, "Didn't you want ot watch Jurg and Jublain fight?"

Valerie Karydikrotos: Mackin' involves crushing someone nut? *Considers the rest* Yeah, I can make hella brownies.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Charlie.*I am thinking they might actualy like seing you kick my ass actualy.*Grins.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Jurg> I haven't made my bet yet, but I will now. I'm betting on Jublain, because I always bet on the more scarred Get.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Jublain sets aside Morningstar, that infamous Ball-and-Chain, and Jurg likewise sets his hammer aside before they both activate their Gifts. Jurgen pauses in supplication to the spirits and gains an immunity to poison, then supernaturally steels himself against the pain he is sure to experience. Jublain steels himself as well, then scrapes the talons of his right hand across the ground. Sparks fly as the claws, already sharper than any steel, grow sharper still. Next he activates the Gift of the Fold-Trolls--his thick fur seperates into tufts and clumps, seperated by a multitude of thick callousses and warts. After another moment of concentration and a focus of the Rage all Garou carry, the fierce blue of his right eye darkens and his left eye goes from an opaque white to an opaque black as his blood turns to a black, acidic bile.*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Val>>Not 75% of what you did.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *The two circle for a moment, then leap at each other. Jurg is a touch quicker and his jaws clamp around Jublain's arm--a chancy shot, but it works. Blood--a thick, black, acidic bile--sprays, but Jurg's Gifts protect him from the poison and what lands on him does nothing, although what lands on the ground sizzles and etches small holes in the asphalt. In a flurry of movement, he snaps twice more, but both times his fangs scrape harmlessly across the warts and callousses of Jublain's hide.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *With a growl, Jublain responds. His first slash slices viciously into Jurg's chest, spraying blood. The second, almost a backhand blow, criss-crosses the first slash, cutting deep. Jublain's jaws dart forward to deliver the death-blow, but at the last moment he pulls back and whips up with a clenched fist instead. The blow misses.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Watches the fight*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Jurg should be down at this point, but in a splendid display of consciousness he lunges forward and clamps onto Jublain's arm again. This time the armor of the Fold-Trolls fails him, and Jublain's hand is a mangled pulp, missing several fingers. Jublain, in response, lunges forward, and his fangs rip out Jurg's throat.*

Morgan Black: *takes to the sky, circling over the two of them, watching from above.*

Charlie Stone: She grins at Martin, "I can do that." Letting him up so he can watch the fight.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Jurg almost falls, but his Rage keeps him alive and not only the mess that was his throat but the deeper of the two slashes close up in an instant as Jublain plants a solid kick to the Dire Wolf's chest. Jurg almost falls again, but in his Frenzy he clamps his jaws on Jublain's shoulder--again, the sharp fangs fail to puncture Jublain's thickened hide. Jublain tries another kick, trying to put Jurg down without drawing more blood, but Jurg barely feels it. Jurg clamps his jaws onto Jublain's shoulder again, and this time pierces the armor of callousses and warts--thick black blood sprays again, and Jublain almost falls before his own Rage saves him from death and part of the wound closes up.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Lost now to Frenzy himself, Jublain tears into Jurg in a flurry of snapping teeth. The first bite does nothing, but the second rips deep into Jurg's hide, and he collapses as Twomoons rushes in to heal like a referee in Wrasslin' rushing to make the count and Jublain crouches, trembling and struggling to throw off the blood-lust. Both are bleeding everywhere, and Jublain's in little better shape than Jurg--but Jublain is standing.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Sit abck up and grins looking at Both warriors taking in note the movements. stufying the techniques. there dirty tricks. the basis of ass whooping. To better try and survive it latter.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Jublain helps Twomoons drag Jurg away from the circle and to somewhere comfortable, grimacing as he realizes not all of his fingers are present, then walks over to the fire. The Gift which allowed him to keep going despite his wounds ends abruptly, and he collapses. Twomoons does his part there as well, taking the time and effort to pick up Jublain's three fingers from the circle and reattach them.*

Morgan Black: *caws noisily, hungrily*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Pointys at Val* Hah! You're making brownies...*boogies over to make with the healing goodness*

Charlie Stone: Winces at the brutallity of that fight.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Blinks* Fuck...

Cindy Ramirez: ((back from hideous boot... is the moot over?))

Morgan Black: ~votm~aww, you're re attaching those fingers? *cackles in a gallows humor sort of way, and flies over towards jublain*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks. Ouch....Visous...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): ((This is the songs and tales part. Jublain's got a tale to tell too. *G* The hit of the party.))

Charlie Stone: Cindy> (Games and Stories happening right now)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *half opens his eyes after the healing, his pupils rolled back in his head and refusing to focus. half-raises his right hand in the metalhead salute and gurgles some blood down his chin before collapsing back into the exhaustion of post-frenzy without a single word*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Morgan>>Yes, and they'll do far better on his fist thenm they will as ammo for you.

Cindy Ramirez: *gets up and heads over near Flea*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *Jurg's shoulder is obviously mis-healed, a disgusting bulge very visible beneath the skin where the two halves of bone grew too fast and overlapped each other*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Grunts.* Better fight than I thought it'd be... Thanks.

Morgan Black: *circles over jub and then goes back over jurg and twomoons*~votm~bah, they're tasty! but i think they will do better on his hand, he can't scratch my neck without em. *laughs and then dives for the ground, shifting as she gets fairly close, landing on her feet and running a little with the momentum*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Watching the remains of...The fight...Blink blink...Looks at her fingers...Likes her fingers...Then looks at Jürg....Daaamn...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Charlie.*Damn i am impressed. I swear. These guys get better every time they fight. I must say. They are the warriors. And as would a certain Lupus say it. I am a skinny fuck.

Morgan Black: *jogs over to jub and stops in front of him*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Hey, are these brownies supposed to be regular or "High octane"?

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *grimaces slightly* Jurg....come see me tomorrow. We're gonna have to rebreak your shoulder.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles and watches the bird.* Sorry, but I need 'em.

Charlie Stone: "They are good at what they do."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): OOC:*G* was a close fuckin' fight dice-wise. Jubs ended up incapactitated and Jurg one below Incap on the second bite of the second round, just before Jurg got his attacks in *G* there WILL be a rematch at another moot.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Val>>Regular and then kick in some high octane ones for you, cause you're the only one who can handle 'em.

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> .... hi DenMomma...

Valerie Karydikrotos: Twomoons> That's no fun. I don't get much good out of it if I'm not watching you guys get stoned and having a good laugh at you all.

Charlie Stone: "Think we could sneak out, unnoticed?" She ask Martin quietly.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Smirks to Charlie.* I might have to ask. you saw what happenned to the other 2 who left early in a ritual.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Blinks and looks at Cindy* ~gs~Howdy *Grins*

Morgan Black: *grins at jub wickedly*kiss to the winner! *gives him a noisy kiss on his cheek and giggles*

Charlie Stone: "Well... what are you waiting for?" she grins, "ask."

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> How are ya?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles and turns red.* Thankee, ma'am.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *SMiles and looks to Charlie.* Aye aye Captain.*Walks to twomooons.* Excuse for interupting. when possible may i ahev a word with Rhya Twomoons?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Cackles* ~gs~Nervous....*Cindy would have no doubt seen her challange Jürg for the Rank of Fostern not long before....Even Ahrouns can admit they are nervous*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *actually looks rather peaceful when post-frenzied and covered in blood, Quietest he's been in months*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Stands up, not bothering yet to wipe off the blood.*

Morgan Black: i finally found out what a kiss was. hah. and i made a fenrir blush! good day for me! haah! *does a little happydance*another story next, right?

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Wondering where she can score some nice mild-flavored pot*

Charlie Stone: Sitting up on the pack car again waiting for Martin.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Marty>>Yeah, shoot. Val's trying to figure out where she can score some doobage.

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> *nods* considerin who you challenged... I can understand that.....

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles.* Yeah. *Looks around for a moment and gathers his thoughts before beginning.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Nods to Twomoons.*I sugest she trys talking to the local dealers. But it might be hard with the Renegade garous still busting the organized crime. As for myself. I would ask permission to leave early this night to perform certain important task wich one involves having my ass kicked.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Yeah, Martin. I need to do some baking.

Morgan Black: *sits down crosslegged and looks up at jub, waiting*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Nods* Granted, Marty. *Looks to Jube for storytime*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *And while he gathers his thoughts, activates Persuasion and Visage of Fenris, to make up for the slight wounds he still has, before beginning.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Nods and tilts her head to Cin* ~gs~Did ya need somethin?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Salutes Twomoons and immitate the good soldier walking to a court martial as he goes to Charlie.* We are free to go.

Morgan Black: *applauds and grins at jurg*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Among any Garou, the transition from Cliath to fostern is an important step. No longer is one a child, little more than a cub. Fostern is an old word, and in the Garou tongue it means brother--and so the Fostern is. Perhaps an older brother to some, or a younger brother to others, but a shield-brother, allowed and expected to share in the responsibilities of his pack, his tribe, his Varthi, and the Garou Nation as a whole. Some months back, Jurgen Kreigzug took this step.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): It was I he issued challenge to, and for some few nights I spoke to the elders of my tribe within my dreams. When I sent him to Bloody River, they were waiting for him. He was welcomed, as worthy visitors are to a Varthi of the Fenrir, and given place to sleep. And sleep he did... *smiles.* until about three hours before the dawning.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The matter of Jurg's awakening was simple--spring water is cold, Jurg was warm. The two met abruptly, and Jurg awoke, coughing and sputtering, to the yipping of a Rotogar and the sound of running feet. Enraged, Jurg put foot to trail and gave chase. This was the first part of the challenge.

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> Um... no.... just... wanted to say hey... and just... see what's up... y'know... with... all the cubs.....

Charlie Stone: She hops off the car, waves to Twomoons, "Thank you." Nudges Martin toward the maze, and she playfully kick Martin in the butt and they go.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The Rotogar had distance, and was no fool. The scent-trail wound through the woods, upon dry rocks and wet mud, through brambles that Jurg had to force his way through and among high rocks he had to leap. It came to the river, and Jurg crossed--but the Rotogar had not. Instead, he had swum upstream and came to dry ground on the same bank while Jurg followed a false trail. It was some miles before he found his mistake, and he had been running from sun-down to sun-up when he returned to the river and found the trail again. This time, it lead to a groove in the sand--where a canoe had been beached.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Listens to story time...*

Morgan Black: *mutters a few new words to herself, memorizing them and their meanings. varthi. fostern, cliath. so much to learn today.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Jurgen followed again, running with the effortless stride that is the mark of all wolves--and missed the trail again. This time the wily old battle-trickster had Reached across the Gauntlet, leaving the canoe to break up in the rapids some miles further. But at the point he was supposed to reach, another elder waited as a guide.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *HE chuckles as he get kick.*Oye hey! Carefull not that hard.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): He spared his word-hoarde, and pointed a path for the Cliath to follow. Eager for the proving--and for some retribution--Jurgen followed the Moon path as the ground of the Penumbra fell away beneath him and he wandered into unfamiliar territory. The young prover hesitated not, but followed thescant trace he could find. The webs of the Weaver grew thicker, and dirty with the taint of Jormangundr, before the path ended in an alley.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): And such an alley--imagine the dirtiest, most weaver-tainted scab to ever desecrate the face of gaia--this place was worse by far. Jurgen's Rage is high and he suffers the Curse hard, but the monkeys of this place--spirits, if one were to look close enough--didnt' even look up as he entered the crowd. Smokestacks belched filth into the already darkened skies and the spirits walked numbly from work to home. Scattered diners where the patrons ate greasy food dotted the streets along with cheap apartments that were only a step away from falling--or burning--down.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Nods to Cindy* ~gs~Most are fine...*Nods again*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Bewildered, the young prover walked the streets in search of sign, and it was thus that he came to the sight of Scrags--minions of Jormangundr who roam the spirit world... and who patrol the Scar. They caught sight of him and he of they, and they knew him for what he was. The spirits that had crowded the street scattered as the two met in the middle, but there were a full six of them--challenge enough for an entire pack. They did not kill him--in the Scar realm there are worse things, and Jurgen found himself bound and thrown into a truck, then carried to a mill.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *slowly shakes out the cobwebs, sitting up as Jubs tells the story. a slow grin spreads, despite the wounds and pain*

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> *blinks* .... most?

Charlie Stone: "Well I did have to kick your butt for what you did tonight.." she chuckles, disappearing into the maze with Martin.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( gone))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The mill made cloth, like one might see in the physical realm, but those in the physical realm are not made of spirits--they were fed into the machines at one end, and at the other poured the webs of the Weaver that calcify the world--oh, the day will come when the sons of Fenris rampage through that horrid place like the Vikings of old and put those mills to a halt they will not recover from... but until then, they work, day and night, to still the world's entire. Jurg was taken to such a place and expected to work.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The horror of this realm drains the will, and the young prover had found himself working the machines for two hours before he realized what he was doing. The first instinct--as it should be--was to tear the place down and let the blood spill. But a warrior of the Fenrir must be not only strong, but resolute. The spirits forced to work beside him had given up, resigned to their fate--such people, be they ape, Garou, or spirit, deserve nothing less than what they get, and when the young prover destroyed the machinery he fought alone.

Morgan Black: *moves to sit next to jurg, patting his hand*

Charlie Stone: *gone*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): At first he fought alone. A Fenrir--and a Modi of the Fenrir, especially--is to inspire those around him to battle, almost as much so as a Skald, and as Jurgen fought alone against the two creatures that came to halt his destruction of the Weaver's prison, two of the worker-spirits joined him. They fell, but they fell with honor, and I hope to someday learn their names and pay them respect.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The machinery was broken, but not beyond repair, and with the Gifts of the spirits Jurg set fire to the building as he bulled-rushed his way past his guards. The mill was a firetrap--not even minutes later fire was tonguing the air from every small window and gap in the boards, and moments after that fire was racing along the webbing that the foul building was spraying into the Umbra. With the Webbing gone, the young prover was able to Reach, and found himself in a Glen. From there he returned to The Bloody River Varthi.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): The No-Moon awaited him there, to see if he had escaped the Scar, and proclaimed Jurgen proved by fire and battle and his own wits. Only one thing remained....

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Nods....Has been to Scar...Not a fun place. Looks at Cin* ~gs~Still one I aint met, heard he was good but had problems

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): Two warriors of the Bloody River, Modis both, stood in a clearing and armed themselves with silver. Knowing the price of his rank, Jurgen stepped among them and they attacked. For one Garou, even Eldre, to stand before two armed with silver may be an impossible task, and Jurgen did not. But the two attacked fiercely, gave pain as freely as apes give money and deciet, and tested his stamina and his strength of will mightily. Jurgen survived the test--not all Modi do--and the scars were decorated, on chest and hip and ear and jaw. These are marks to wear proudly, as few are so honored to gain them.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): We thank the Fenrir of Bloody River, as should you all. We thank the Battle-trickster who tested him, as should you all--and we even thank the realm of Scar for making our warriors strong. We will destroy it, clear the obscenity from gaia with fire and iron and the talon, but as its last denizen breathes his last we shall thank them for our strength. So should you all.

Cindy Ramirez: Flea>> ...... oh..... oh OK.... how's um... how's... Sydney doing?

Morgan Black: *blinks*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *grins* Hella story, Jube. It's only bragging if you tell it about yourself...*shakes his head, still smiling*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Hear hear. *Raises the recaptured toiletpaper tube like a goblet* Here's to a guy who can still tell a good story after taking that much damage.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *rubs lightly at the scar across his eye with a grin. looks down at his hand as Morgan pats it, whispers* I'm fine. really. *keeps his ears on the tale... this being the first of his Jubs has told*

Morgan Black: *applauds with hands this time*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Chuckles.* I tell 'em about m'self too. What comes of bein' the pack Skald. Thanks, though.

Morgan Black: *grins at jurg*

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): Galliards are allowed to brag about themselves. *relaxes with some Gatorade* an' Jurg gotta sec?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Nods.* sure. What's it about?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): Jubs>>great shit, bro. *grins from ear to ear* ~ps~ thanks for fudgin' over the embarassin parts.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): (Player has to split, night all and sorry)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *slowly stands as TM asks for he and Jubs. pulls the miraculously unshattered bottle of JB from his jacket, handing it to Morgan* be back soon. *and heads to Jubs' left side, limping a little and giving a nice blood-stream from his shoulder and chest. shifts to glabro*

Dove Äase Larsen: Still sitting up on the Coggie van.. rather quiet tonight.

Morgan Black: *preens her fingernail, waiting to see what's next*

Morgan Black: *takes the bottle and grins from ear to ear, holding it up to the light to look at the shiny liquid*mmmmm.

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Indicates Jurg* We're going to have to re-break that shoulder, so I can set it properly. I got a few tricks up my sleeve, keep Frenzy at bay. But how many folks you think it'll take?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: DD- Ben certainly doesn't look like the threat he has been to both sides of the war...he's small and a little scrawny no big muscles or tough frame and no fluid grace...he's wearing a pair of dirty ripped at the knee jeans, a sweatshirt and the remains of a blanket tucked into it's neck and pinned at his shoulder...the left side of the blanket and arm of the shirt have been either burned or torn away and that arm is covered in a black stinky nasty looking bandage...occasionally a Crinos tail pokes out from under the makeshift serape and the palms of Ben's hands look like the paws of a Crinos...and finally his shadow no matter his form is in Crinos and moves of it's own will...

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *enters...whee*

Morgan Black: *with her tongue poking out of her lips, she industriously works the cap off of the bottle. takes some doing, since jurg capped it tight, most likely*

Dove Äase Larsen: Hears Moony, "Ouch"

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (let the games begin): *shrugs* we can wait until the rest of me heals and I can just have Jubs crack it for me... or I can just bite my lip now. don't need no one to hold me down.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Hi Ben.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Moot, hell--I just wanna drink some mead.): *Shrugs.* Don't rightly know... Get four just in case?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *waves* Hey val...

Dove Äase Larsen: "Hi Jeremiah... Val.."

'Twomoons' Maier (Warderdude): *Considers* Val to backstop me, and Ben...just in case?

Jeremiah ~GW kin~: *waves to Dove* Good evening.

~end archive~


Via E-mail:

  • Sparky makes it know throught the proper channels that he is surrendering the office of Denfather. He apologizes for his failure in the position and lets it be known that he will still be around... moreso than he has been lately. Then he goes over to the CoGvan and meditates.

  • Dr. evan miller makes it known he would like to be considered for the position.

  • Twomoons is especially verbose on the subject: "Hell no."

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