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Theo the Ratkin Tells a Tale

March 2, 2003

Theo MacLloyd: * Raises his voice and walks out out to where anyone who wishes can hear * Let ye all be gatherin' round en listen good, me boiyos. Fer here I be telling the tale oerf the most imfamous oerfen the shifters, them Squirrelkin!

Theo MacLloyd: * Seems to look into himself for a second, then his eyes light up with an intense fire * In the beginnin' there be ouer mother, ye all be knowen her, she be called Gawia. Nowen she be fearin' one oerf her creat'ins morin anythin' and be callin' em humeans. Well, she be seein' that they be needin guidaince so she gathered up all oerf them wisest and strongest humeans and she be giften 'em she be. * Nods lookin' from listener to listener in tur

Theo MacLloyd: Now ya' see, she be makin' 'em be close to each oerf em a differ't animeals and be giv'in each oerf em a diffr'nt task. * points to the nearest wolf* Now these here 'nes be given that there task to be prertectin' them humeans. Bearfolk, Maey Gawia prertect 'er souls, * A tear runs down his cheak* they be heal'rs oven this here place. * Points at himself*

Theo MacLloyd: We rats, well, we be there to be doin' the most impertant job oerf all, why keepin' them there humeans in line ifen them there wolves be takin er break as they us'ally be doin'. Keep 'em froem ev'r be gettin' out oerf hand, * his face takes on a look of anger and contempt * and that be gettin me to the mawst devil'sh createres to be ev'r gift'd by oeur lady, them there Squirelkin.

Theo MacLloyd:  They be thar ta be guardin' them there treesures Gawia be havin' here. Now I wouldn't be knowen wherein they be goin' wrong, but seems ta me that somewheres long the line, they be gettin' oerbserssed within their treesure keepin and they be goin' mad me lads. Ya see, they be makin a pact within that there Weavor for some reason awie wouldnt be knowen, but maye berst guess would be they be gettin moere ovfen that there treesure froerm it. Sawmethin' bout trappin that there Wearm in its web they be helpin with, that they be.* Looks around suspiciously * I awlser be herin that they be playin' boerth sides en makin' a pact with that there Wearm as well after it be losen its good judgement, arrrggh.

Theo MacLloyd:  * Gets a smug expression on his face * Well, ifen anyone 'ould see thru 'ere eaval schemes, it 'ould be us here rats, dont ya know, but we 'ouldn't do nothin' werthout aerny proof now. Well ya see what 'appen was them there Squirrelkin traitors, they kerpt hoardin' aernd horadin them there treesures they be gettin' till they be gettin worried 'bout anyen gettin thems paws awn 'em. They even be believin' that them humeens would be gettin' at 'em, so deivious creetures they be, they got their most dastardly idea ev'r.

Theo MacLloyd:  *Pointing at the nearest Garou with his left thumb* Now ya see, them there wolves, they be might proud of 'emselves, and them meelicious Squirrelkin knew it. Now ya may not be thinkin' so, but it be those squirrel at put that there idee in them wolves 'eads 'at they be serperior to us oerther shifters, they did. Be a right shame that they be takin' that there bait so easy 'nd forgetin' what they be 'ere foers.

Theo MacLloyd: So ya see then the wolves 'cided to be rulin' oerver ev'ryon. They be thinkin' they be bertter 'en all oerf us and the humeens. * Shakes his head on disillusion.* Well that be one wrong idee if ya be askin' me. Ouer lads knew it then and we start'd preparin' forin the werst. Them Squirrelkin knew what they be doin' that they do, and they w're whisp'rin in those wolves ears. Makin' 'em wild'r more feerocious t'ard those that might be findin their treesure.

Theo MacLloyd:  Finally, they let loose 'eir final plan, lads! They let them wolves offin' their leash ta reek havoc oern us 'in the humeens. In that there chawos, them squirrelkin * spits on the ground in disgust * moved their treesure toin that there Awmbra. * Shakes his finger as he says* Now we PieRats, we be seein' em doin' it am be knowern their scheme, so we be followin' 'em. We be tryin' to be tellin' ouer baerds 'bout that there scheme, but they be too busy with theor tryin' ta deal with them there wolves to listen. * His eyes get teary again, and he sobs* Poeor lads, ifen they be knowen that there be Squirrelkin 'hind them wolves, they'd been doin' theor negotorating a wee bit diff'ernt I'd be 'uspectin, but awlas, byin the time they be seein' those deabolic squirrelkins' plots, it be too late.

Theo MacLloyd: Moerst oerf oeur bards be los'in thar lives, and the rest oerf 'em be cursin' them there wolves 'stead ofen them squirrelkin. Nowen that be 'bout the last straw foer'in us PieRats, so we be deciden to take back oeur vengence on those squirreldevirls oeusrselves. We be followin 'em into that there Awmbra, and we been fight'n em there eorver since. * Nods and bows showing that his story is at an end.*

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