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Ravagers Epic, Act III: The Weaver

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Foreshadowing, July 20, 2003
The Don's Daughter, August 8, 2003

Foreshadowing, July 20, 2003

The Templar of the Devouring God ran through the dark empty streets of Necropolis, smiling as they reached the mark that  denotes the beginning of the Junkyard's territory and pausing to catch their breath. There was no need to discuss plans, no need to state the tactics that have been practiced again and again. Their master's time would begin tonight, but the first casualties of the Apocalypse would fall under their claws.

After the momentary rest the pack ran across the street and into an alleyway, unaware just yet that in the moment they paused they instantly went from hunters to hunted. The first one reached the alleyway's darkness a few feet ahead of his packmates and caused them to pull up short as he came flying back out with his chest caved in, landing in a heap and twitching with small electrical arcs running across his skin, blood seeping from his ears and maw.

With a growl the rest of the pack assumed their warforms, the streets too deserted for anyone to notice them. The Hunter stepped out of the alleyway, his right fist still crackling with electricity and said one word in a deadly monotone. "Surrender."

The remaining three snarled and prepared their battle Gifts, ready to charge the lone figure. Lights from parked cars ignite to flood the street with a cold sterile halogen glow, figures in black suits and shades stepping out of the believed deserted vehicles. The dozen or so figures mirror The Hunter and speak in the same monotone. "Surrender."

In answer to the command one of the pack lifts his heavy sniper rifle and fires off a shot at The Hunter, taking him right between the eyes and the entire pack howls with glee as he falls over. The howl is cut short as they watch the neat hole extend pseudopods to the nearby dumpster, absorbing the metal and drawing it into the wound to seal it in a matter of seconds. The Templars are silent as The Hunter stands again, awestruck at the foe coming back to life within moments. The Hunter speaks again, echoed by the dozen Men in Black surrounding the pack.

10 minutes later, the streets are clean. No blood, no bodies, no casings. Nothing to speak of the vicious battle that occured. In the Umbra, The Hunter stands on a thick strand of the Pattern Web watching the two figures beneath him become interred into the great Web of Stasis. In life they served the Father of Destruction, but in death they will serve Order, as all in this city soon will. Two of the Spirals escaped calcification this time, but the Web will wait for them. The Hunter turns his gaze to the center of the city, the cradle of the Weaver's power. Seeing through the eyes  of his uncountable brothers and sisters, here and everywhere the Web reaches. The Onesong roars inside his mind, and the small part of him that is still Garou causes his flesh to smile. Order will prevail, and The Hunter's mission is clear. He turns twords the anamoly in the city and speaks the words that heralded the defeat of The Templars.  "Exterminate//Obliterate//ANNHILATE."

The Don's Daughter, August 8, 2003

With a sigh, Constance Moltolano hung up the cellular phone and placed it on the seat beside her in the black Mercedes. She reached up a delicate hand to pinch the bridge of her nose, trying to stave off the headache brought about by too much stress and too little sleep. Hearing the news, travelling from Rome all the way to this Gaia forsaken city. Her brother out with his pack doing only Cockroach knows what, and her little sister to close to term to be able to travel so far. This was certainly not a good time for the family, she mused. The Random Interrupts getting uppity, the Wiseguys losing power across the globe, her mother dying 6 months ago and now this. She wanted her husband, her children, but more than anything, she wanted her father. To hear his calm voice re-assure her, to see him smile and watch the years melt away. Seeing him lying there with that, that ~thing~ in his chest, not alive but not dead either. It took all her will not to weep, and while she believes fervently that Dustin can and will fix it, she can't help but think of how old her father is. He's lucky to be as old as he is, being a Garou, but to lose him would crush the family for good. She won't cry tho, she was always the strongest of the three siblings, and she certainly won't cry in the backseat of this car.

Her thoughts are interrupted as the driver curses in Italian and slams on the breaks, Constance is thrown forward and then back again as the car comes to an abrupt halt with a crunching sound. Dazed, she hears the driver and other bodyguard step out of the car and run to the back, she opens her eyes and looks around. The hood of the car is  crushed, the windshield shattered and as she turns around she sees a large firgure lying prone on the ground. Her two bodyguards are bent over the figure, rolling him over, and both back up in horror at once. The figure stands and turns, lit by the red glare of the tail lights. Constance gasps in horror as she sees the gash on the man's head extend metallic fillaments and seal itself within a second.

The two bodyguards are fast, and well trained, both Garou, but they have no chance. The Hunter whips his foot upwards and slams his heel into one's jaw with such force that muscles, ligaments, tendons and spinal column tear and snap instantly, only the skin keeping his head from flying off. Copper lines glow across his skin as he slams his open palm into the chest of the other, who's in mid change to Crinos, crushing his chest and frying his heart with a bolt of lightning. Constance leaps into the front seat, heart beating wildly with fear, trying to start the engine again. The engine sputters and whines but refuses to turn over, and as the second Garou hits the groun, The Hunter is there tearing the driver side door off with his bare hands and pulling Constance out. She screams and kicks, crying in terror.

The Hunter smiles coldly and electricity pulses through his hand into her body, she jerks and shakes in his grip before falling unconcious. "Subdue//Capture//Submit." Are the last words she hears, but her last thoughts are not of her attacker, but rather her father, standing over her and smiling when she was a child, telling her that he would always be there for her, no matter what.

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