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Junkyard Moot

March 5, 2004

Note: First part is Edward Speaking via the Caern mailing list. - The following part is what I got when I finally got on-line.

OOC: Wow, that was some long archive... *g* I hope this hasn't all been said already and was just absent from the records.. that'd suck. But, assuming it hasn't: This occured in that mystic time between the beginning of the moot and the open floor.. a time that only magic bending of space-time forged with ST mojo can create. *g*

IC: "Alright, before we get down to open discussion, I've got some announcements to make... First of all, as most of you know by now, the ratkin are gone, and they left us the parting gift of a good majority of our maze being left in disarray. In truth, this is a bit of a blessing in disguise. Nearly every facet of enemies we have has some experience with the layout of the maze by now, and there's no better time for us to rebuild, and rearrange our defenses.

Lay-out aside, I want new traps and new designs to give us a better advantage in all-out-combat.. odds are attacks on the caern will be a different game than we're used to.. what with the strange events going on all over the globe right now, and the Apocolypse growing near, the chances of a full-scale war with veil-shattering tactics being launched upon us is far greater than before. That means we may need to be ready to defend ourselves at a time when there's no longer any police to answer to. Honeysuckle *motions to the young woman* has made some excellent drafts, and copies can be gotten from either myself, her or Cap if you want to put your two-cents or submit any suggestions.

We're going to be in need of more supplies, both for traps and weapons, now. Another advantage of the reorganization is that while we move our junkpiles we can keep an eye out for valuable resources that used to be buried too deep to access. Quality steel, spark plugs, rebar, o-rings and a number of other items are on the list of things we want to find. Anyone who can take Crinos is asked to help with the brute labor, but no one is under order. If you don't -want- to help, then I don't -want- you helping. Sign-up list and schedule is at the front shack. When you report for your first shift, you'll be getting a crash course in what is and isn't useful.

Anyone skilled in assembling firearms, welding, or mechanics is asked to add their name to a list as well, if they have time to volunteer to our firearms project. Any donations to help buy gun parts would be greatly appreciated. We'll be trying to assemble most on our own to make the money go farther.

Also, anyone who believes themselves to be 'Teacher' material in any form of combat is asked to come foreward as well. I'm going to try a hand at setting up some weekly, informal lessons to promote better combat effectiveness. Val, with your permission, I'd like the maze reorganization to include a much larger training area than we used to have. If you'd be interested in these lessons, tell me that as well.. so I can get an idea of the amount of demand we have. Mind you, I ~strongly~ encourage most members not already combat-skilled attend at least one category.

Also Val, I'd like to see about the addition of a large tree to the center of the gathering area. I'm thinking Live Oak, but any other suggestions are welcome. In my years here, we've had a number of sniper and spy incidents involving the openness of the gathering area, and a tree would definately help cover our heads as well as give a better vantage point for spirits and scouts. Live oaks tend to have shallow root systems, so it won't get into pipes and sewers much, and also tend to have broad branches that make for good climbing.. that's what we're looking for if someone can think of something better. Jeremiah, if you know anyone in the zoning commission, I'd like to get our hands on a permit for the tree without actually having anyone from the city set foot inside the Sept.. if that means bribes or favors, so be it. We've already had to move around the piping and wires illegally to build that nest, so it'd be best to avoid officials as much as possible, be it for this, or them knocking on our door later asking where that oak came from.  As for getting the tree itself, there are talens that take root and grow to maturity fairly quickly.. I imagine one of those will work.

That's all for now... so if anyone else has some issues to blah blah...*and the rest of the moot resumes as per memory.*


Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Glaring at Leon, looking back to Anja..... she'd never have treated him this way...*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Sitting in her chair with her pack, thinking about something* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *Edward calls on Flea* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *she watches leon, Anja reading all of the poltiics, absently braiding a strand of her hair*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (was here the whole time, yep, just really, really quiet)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *glancing at Swante, from time to time* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Simply watches, waiting patiently* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *waiting for the word from on high* 

Meredith Turner: [VAWMY] *Slightly leans on Cassy as they all talk. Every now and then, sipping her drink, and snuggling down in the leather jacket*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Nods* ~gs~Thanks Rhya....Mainly what I wanted to point out was...If we all remember I was part of the Seeing Eye Dog pack...Linda was a Truth Catcher for some time...*Glances around* And to me...She didn't need to shift that much for the job*Would raise a brow if she were in homid probably* Also, what Brad said is right....When shit gets outta hand here...Say a frenzy....Not only does a pack handle it but others jump in as well....Helped Linda all the time...*Nods again* Others know this, it's every day stuff...Were a Sept and we act as one...We help each other....Now, they always was two Truthcatchers...Cause usually one wasnt around....*Shrugs* Thats just me since my former packmate and Alpha was one of the former Truthcatchers...*Crouches back down*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *And, still worried about her health, watches Rane as much as the moot.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [B0I7U] *Looks aside at Janet braiding her hair and speaks quietly* Want some binding for that?

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Gladly offers Mere her shoulder as she leans back and watches, albeit with a distant interest at best*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *is here...ben here the whole time((waves hand))

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *shrugs* I have no objection to the idea of two Truthcatchers. I am simply pointing out one of the flaws. As I said, I am willing to do as my elders wish.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *And waits patiently while Flea speaks.* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *subtly gets Ed's attention and points to Cap, who's patiently waiting to say something*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *looks up to Val and nods murmering softly back to her* sure

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Finally snaps out of her trance...stands up, gently so that Mere has time to move, then makes her way foward and waits to be recognized*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Listening and certianly does not like the idea of the shadow lord being a truthcatcher.

Meredith Turner: [VAWMY] *Accepts Cass's shoulder, just watching* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Shrugs at Anja...Would point out half the Sept doesnt trust her but then she'd throw it in her face....Just people will being giveing the Lord shit and grief over it, no matter what....For once Flea is nice and doesnt point this out*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Finally says something* Flea is correct, there are good and sufficient reasons to have two truthcatchers. It is a risk, however I presume that as Garou we are accustomed to such a thing. *Checks to see if anyone else wants to add something*

Meredith Turner: [VAWMY] *And about falls over when she moves. Regains her composure and smirks*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] ((Guys, just go ahead and post. *s* Assume Edward calls on everybody in an orderly fashion. It's simpler for everyone's sanity that way.))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *tilts her head, wondering what Cassy has to contribute*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Jus' this last moot, th'Grand Elder acted as Truthcatcher, an' had someone else deal out th'punishment--it's not somethin' that ain't been done a'fore, an' this by an Elder. But more concernin' t'me is the ind'vidual in th'position. Four times m'self I've had t'deal with 'er sayin' things 'bout me what ain't true--one of them times even after I'd took th'matter to a Truthcatcher t'clear m'name. That's jus' what I know about; but when y'add in whatever I didn't hear or didn't catch--an' I ain't no politician, ain't even much of a talker I'm afraid, so there's likely somethin' here or there said right in front of me I didn't notice--an' add in whatever she said 'bout other folks, an' it comes out to a disturbin' picture. I f'one would feel a whole lot better 'bout th'situation ifn' there was a second Truthcatcher we could choose, t'make sure things come out th'way they're s'posed to.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Pulls a strand from her pocket, incidentally the same that holds her circled braid firmly. Softly shiny black embriodery floss.* Hold that end and I can wind it in for you.

Meredith Turner: [VAWMY] *However tenses slightly and straightens up when Cap steps foreward to speak. She listens intently to his EVERY word*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *arms crosed.. just watching the group* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She nods slightly and holds the end, offering the braid to val*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *listening to Cap, face blank* 

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: [5EK2T] *Stands up and steps forward, waiting to be called on...When she is, she growls quietly* ~ws~It seems some arnt comfortable with either or takeing the position. Why not hold a vote or contest of thier knowledge to silence any thought and keep one truthcatcher being as, it seems some want this, others dont want that? *Addressing Edward...New Moon speaking here...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *puts her hand on Brad's shoulder for balance, and hops down off the car trunk while everyone debates*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Winds the floss around Janet's braid like a pro, having done this so much for herself for a long time. Freakishly (for her) not minding crossing into personal spaces either.*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She nods in agreement, hearing Cap.

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [QVMKK] *helps Ari down.... then looks at Nephi* why's that nessesary? They both want it... we can have two... no reason to pit them against each other *shrugs*

Michael Stevens {ST}: [EPWR0] ((hate to do it, but I gotta crash. early shift in the mornng. I'll read the archive as soon as it's up))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Nods to Cap...* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *looks over at Cap* So, then, you would have the right to pick or choose your own Truthcatcher, based on who you thought would provide a favorable verdict? The very idea seems resonant with dishonor. *shrugs* I repeat - I have no issue with having two Truthcatchers. But only if both are allowed to do their jobs.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((*Sniff* Bye Greg)) 

Meredith Turner: [VAWMY] (Night Greg!) 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] ((*pouts* G'night, Greg!)) 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She quietly lets Val bind her braid... still listening to the garou*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Did I say favorable, ma'am? Sorry, y'all, make that five. 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [QVMKK] ((Greg>> psh... wuss :P Night))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: [5EK2T] *To Brad* ~ws~The lady *Nods towards Anja with sleek ears* Speaks of Rhya Ari haveing flaws....Yet I am senseing a very strong distrust towards her haveing the position....A vote or challenge should settle it, or I should hope...

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *When it's her turn* Obviously this decision isn't gonna be up to me, but I just wanted to point Cap already has, that there have been a number of times that she has acted in ways that are underhanded and in the best interests of her and her pack, no one elses. When Jurg and Jublain ripped off the Docs arms and beat each other with em. They were very...very wrong for that. But I just thought I'd mention the fact that Anja would have had Jurg SATIRED for being a stupid ass. Not just that, but the DON himself had to come and over rule her because her judgement was WAY out of line and unfair. Soon after that she joined the Lone Wolves, the same pack that waited until Jublain rhya was away before making a gripe about the incident in the first place. This is all fact...not just some conspiracy. Later...Anja offered of her own willingness to track down the hillbilly's for my boys *nods to Cap*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (night Greg)

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *shrugs* You either accuse me of being so dishonorable that my judgements could not be trusted, or would seek another for a favorable verdict. Either you insult the honor of your better, or you seek advantage. Which is it, Rountree?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] (Night Greg) 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] She would have you believe though that she was used by my packmates, then tossed away when we had no use for her. A lie...*looks at Anja then back to the sept* Make your decisions...but be smart about it. *and she's done*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *sighs and rolls her eyes....all they had to do was shut up, and let them BOTH do it....but no, they had to start the sniping*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Mildly* This is going to be such a fun banestomp. I can tell already. *Sighing at Cassy's claims*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods.* Th'first. An' I done said why.

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *To Val* Perceptions. Just remember why you're fighting *said softly, offering her a gentel smile*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Shrugs and walks over to the challenge circle* 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *shakes his head.*.. 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *looks over at Cassy* That is an interesting version of events. *looks back at Cap* You question my honor? Then you are wiser than all the spirits and the Garou Nation put together? I earned my Rank, Rountree, and one cannot be a Philodox without one's honor being known. By questioning my honor, you show a lack of personal honor. I grow weary of your insults, and will speak of this matter later. *looks around* I am willing to accept Ari's compromise, on the condition that the accused or accuseds are not able to pick their own judge. Such is inherently unjust.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *bites her tongue, literally, to keep from adding to the arguements*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *OKay, that works...ambles on back and grabs coffee* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *moves nearer Swante* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Janet> *Nods* I'll remind myself. 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *She's made her point...makes her way back to her pack and has a seat. As long as the words out...tis all that matters*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Anja>> or maybe the TC could both work together on verdicts..... that way everyone's assured fair treatmant....

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She nods her head softly to val and glances back to the garou again*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Whenever you're ready, rhya. *Looks to Edward.* But I object to th'condition, rhya.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Looks to Edward* I object too. 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] If she weren't so damn shy she might step forward to say something.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Looks at Edward* ~gs~I object...*Gives no reason why.....But it's plain she has one...*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *shrugs at Cindy* Perhaps that would be best. Then cliaths who lack honor and rabid dogs can be satisfied.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Anja>> *nods* just have the people face both of you together.... then you both come up with a punishment you can agree on..... then no one could say they got screwed cause the TC didn't like them....

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Glances towards Anja* ~gs~Yuf...I am no "Rabid dog", nor Honorless Cliath...Do not state me as one again for objecting as I may feel right.....*It's obvious shes slowly loosing her pateints with the Lord...A RARE thing with Flea*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *she sighs, she really doesn't want to point out to Anja that no one likes her*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Leans forward and wonders.. do so many people really not like Anja?*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She frowns as Anja insults the sept members and is getting away with it.

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *shrugs at Cindy* Then let it be so, should my elders deem it such. Such is perfectly acceptable to me. As long as justice is done.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Stands up and says what everyone else is thinking alread* See...she calls us names cause she doesn't get her way. No one even wants her here...No one even likes her cept for her pack. No one trusts her...Why would she even be considered for this?

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *None of it is lost on her.... she pulls her feet up on the couch, chin resting on her knees as they're drawn to her chest*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: [5EK2T] *Blinks as Anja openly insults the Sept...Glances around to see if anything is done...No wonder no one likes her*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *finally coming to rest next to Swante* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Rubs his temples slightly* Guys. Enough. 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Not happy himself, but he at least tries to wipe his face blank. Rank does, after all, have its priviledges.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *ok, they're her tribe, and she loves them, but tact is NOT their strong suit*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *looks to TM* 

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *Puts a hand on Rane's arm, but doesn't say anything while there are things being discussed.*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She looks to Cassy, she frowns. even -she-... Anja may not be her best friend.. but that was a little too far*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Shut up, Nikki..... Just keep your goddamned mouth shut.... you won't help her by throwing a fit...*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *glances over at Cassy* 'Us'? No. I do not insult the members of this sept. I am confident that, even if they do not like me, they can recognize my talents. I am the one being insulted here, Cassy-yuf. You question my honor. Rountree questions my honor. Is it any wonder, then, that I respond likewise?

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] * she was ever the pillar of TACT. HAHA. What a joke. It had to be said one way or the other.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Ahem.. Come on Cassy, ~some~ of us want her here so much we invited her to join our pack.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Looks at Twomoons* ~gs~I hate to say it Rhya...But to put it more nicely then Cassy as no one else will...*Deep breath* No one trusts her....It's a sad thing among Garou but...*Shrugs* It's just something thats happened.....And now she's asking for something that's obviously going to upset and even scare other Sept Members....Anja's effort and all is appriciated but...*Waves her hand* When so many are against it...Rhya, it's just not a good idea....I'm no Elder, but I am a Fostern in a Adren Rank challenge...*Glances at Anja* But getting called a Rabid Dog and Honorless Cliath is too much for her to get away with, even if she was yer packmate...

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] I ~said~, enough. 

Jeremiah Seymore: [2I4Z9] *yawns* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] she tilts her head at Anja's comment.. Says she didn't insult the sept, claim other insulted her, then says she did so in return. "You just admitted you insulted the sept members." barely a whisper.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *watching Twomoons, now* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *dark eyes go to Honeysuckle, a slight frown crossing her face...and then she looks to Cap...trying to will him to keep her silent*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Looks to Anja* I don't question your Honor Anja-yuf. Because your actions have been well documented. As have mine. Even I have lost honor due to my actions yet Mother Rat still finds me worth of the Rank I posses. Do not deny that past judgements on your part were grossly out of proportion to the crime, or else the Don of the city himself would not have had to step in and fix your mistake.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Fuck them. Fuck all of them. They can leave. Go somewhere new. Somewhere that they can just be happy.....*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Stands...Silent now....*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Now, since the sept as whole can't decide, the Council is going to decide later tonight. ((Since Crusher's not here)) I've heard a lot of wisdom, and I've heard a lot of foolishness. Personally, I'm going to take it under advisement.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *puts a comforting arm around Nikki.... reassuring her* 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *And when Twomoons speaks again.* Quiet, Cassy, hold up a minute. *Puts a hand on Honeysuckle's shoulder--ready to pull her back if she says something that'll mean trouble.*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She bites her tounge hard enough to bleed. she already opneed her mouth at the last moot and promised she wouldn't do it again*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *resists the urge to respond to Cassy, though it takes quite a bit of her iron self-control...She falls silent, looking over at Twomoons*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *dark eyes fix on Cassy next* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Didn't think anyone would of heard her.. but Rane's glare says otherwise, she doesn't move though, just gets really, really nervous.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Has a seat once more, obviously not pleased that every decision being made tonight is made by packmates of Anja's...*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Wipes her eye with a fingertip and sniffs amusedly, adding quietly* Gee, we all liked Hadrian so much as TC...

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Legs unfolding, she stands, taking the bare two steps to get to Anja's side, hand taking hers*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Never knew Hade really...She wouldn't know* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] she jumps when Cap puts his hand on her shoulder, doesn't move away or say anything.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *she nods to Twomoons, confident which way this'll go*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *murmered softly to val* I need more coffee *getting up and leaving the immediate circle, heading for coffee*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *dark eyes fall next on Valerie, a silent snarl quirking her lip*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *squeezes Nikki's hand absently, looking over at Twomoons* I ask to speak, once more, to make my case uninterrupted, so that the Council may take my words into consideration.

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [50YM6] Leon silently sneers as Nikki takes Anja's hand. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Eyes Val and just sighs....Gaia....Please help me.....A Shadow Lord no one trusts includeing me wants to be TC and I have to lead a hostil Get and Fury on a banestomp....They are getting more hostile as we speak Gaia....*

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *Moves in what he hopes is an inconspicuous manner, in front of Rane to block her view--and her path, if it really hits the fan--to Val.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Nods at Janet* I think we all need more prozac. 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] shakes head.. 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *offers a cup toward val with a raised brow*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Seems to be handling this all pretty calmly despite her bluntness. For the moment she keeps her trap shut and is contented to sip her flask, which...helps take the edge off*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Now then, Cassy, Anja. For both of you to continue your arguement after I had called for silence not once, but twice, shows poor judgement upon the part of you both, and makes you lesser within the eyes of the Nation, and in the eyes of the Mother. (( -1, Wisdom, -1 honor ))

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Yes, thanks Janet. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((Hang on. Anyone remember the renown hit for speaking out of turn? *cannot find his book atm*))

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Wonder if the doc will let his packmate speak of keep her quiet as an 'elder' after saying it was enough on this subject.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *quirks a brow as the taller kin blocks Valerie from her view, and she can't help but smirk slightly at Swante*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] (Think it was -2 of either Honor or Wisdom...Pretty sure Honor...Not possitive can look)

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She brings val a cup.. then pauses... setting a cup down by jas's seat as he speaks.. then moving back to get her own. she glances over to leon, perhaps pondering offering him some. but... still certian he and nikki have banned her from speaking to them or something in her vaugely parinoid mind, thinks better of it, and just sips her coffee, leaning against the nearest leanable object*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (oops too slow on my post there.)

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] ((Just checked. -1 Honor.)) 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *sighs and settles back down next to Brad, hand resting on her ever-so-faintly rounded stomach*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *quietly* We'll discuss it, Anja.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Nods respectfully to TM and holds up her flask* I'm sorry rhya... 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Quietly* Thanks Janet. *Looks into it to see how much of the dissolved solids from the bottom got into it.*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *nods, once, tightly controlled and absolutely silent* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Watching the Doc and tilts her head.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Squeezing her hand, head resting on her shoulder*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *And stays ready to pull Honeysuckle back if that odd look comes out to an odd comment.*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [50YM6] Remembering a time when Nikki rushed to his defense, Leon sneers once more. So much wasted kindness.

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *A good mix. she is, after all a coffee connosuire... * *now actually watching.. niki and anja.. a pause.. noting nikki draped over the shadowlord*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Does not appear to be in the best of moods, currently* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Nope she doesn't say anything, but she will talk to Cap after the moot.

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [50YM6] Frowning in distaste, Leon moves through the crowd to stand next to Janet, nodding silently to her.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *murmurs softly to Swante, for his ears alone* 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *She watches him, head raising from Anja's shoulder, a look of guilt crossing her face*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ~Eddie calls for whoever's next~ 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *arms crossed.. watching still saying nothing* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *blinks as leon joins her... a few things clicking.. a weak halfsmile at him and a nod.. she looks dissapointed back to the proceedings*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *doesn't say a single word...Waits to be dismissed, then steps back once she is, face absolutely and utterly expressionless*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *looks around to see if anyone else wants to step up* 

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *Sighs slightly, steps back to Rane's side.* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Sits up neatly in the presence of Leon and greets him with a moment's eye contact.*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [50YM6] Leon nods to Valerie. He'd be more polite if he wasn't burning inside.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Lights a cigarette, and inhales deeply, feeling better about having stated her case*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Steps back. He doesn't have anything to bring up.* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *gives Swante a small smile* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *Silently offers Leon a cup of coffee* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] um... *raises her hand a bit* 

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [50YM6] Nodding to Janet, he quietly thanks her and takes it, sipping it slowly.

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *Smiles and brushes his fingertips on Rane's cheek, then looks to the gathering curiously.*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Just watching...* 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Has been there the whole time, standing silently behind Valerie, unmoving, and expressionless.*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Steps a little closer to Cap, not that he's finished.

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She looks up to the perch about tenish feet in the air.. where she left her drawing supplies*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Looks back* Holy shit Vash, you scared me.

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] * A rather well built woman, olive skin, brown eyes, and very black hair makes her presence known for the first time during the moot* I am Hestia, Athro theurge of the Black Furies. I am here to deliver Pegasus' judgement. Mowgli, charach of the Furies. Step forward.

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She jumps slightly just noticing Vash as well.. a sheepish lowering of her head at the suprise*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *frown sa little and sits up, what the hell?*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *steps back, sitting on the edge of the couch...She's still absolutely expressionless, a statue of ice and alabaster*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *looks at the newcomer* 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Manages a stoney smile and even lays a supportive hand on Vals shoulder, sensing the rage being supressed inside her. though she continues to remain silent while waiting for the others to finish speaking

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *blinks hearing the bf and taps val on the shoulder and gives her a "WTF??" look*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Aw shit. Looks around to see who the hell snuck in while he wasn't looking*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Blinks at Hestia........Did she miss something?* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *her head snaps over to Hestia* the fuck?? *hands Elizabeth toward Anja and Nikki, letting one of them take her* hold her for a sec....

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *........interesting........* 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Sitting too, all but drug along as she refuses to let go of her hand.... her voice barely a whisper* Hey.... *Fingers of her free hand tracing Anja's jawline*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Stands at immediate attention and respectful stance looking toward Hestia*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *And at the appearance of her own pack sister she stands straighter, proudly displaying her noble lineage*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((whew! i made it! better late than never)) *both have been there. Rabbie's been with her packmates, Howling sticking by Val... you guys just didn't notice them until now*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Blinking, automatically taking the baby* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Hearing the stranger's intro, her eyes go wide and she grasps Cap's arm absently.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((Pack Sister = Tribe bad)) 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Stands very still for a long moment, eyes closed, taking in a deep, slow breath, and just as slowly letting it out.* Cindy, step back. *He's surprised to find he's calm... calm and smiling might be more impressive, but at least he's calm. His eyes open, and with careful hands he reaches down and unbuckles the belt, made from a seatbelt, that holds the handcrafted pistol on his left hip and the handmade whip on his right, and hands them both to Honeysuckle. Then slowly--lest his legs shake--he takes a single step forward.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *heads over to Cap's side, keeping her eyes on Hestia*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Appears with an apologetic look at Cap* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *oook, she's officially confused as shit* Cap...? 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Sorry Ken that Im quite late)) *Howling-Sky, lupus form, postures herself to show respect & deferance towards Hestia. Rabbie merely watches, glancing briefly to Brad & Ari*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *stays where she is.... for now... next to Honey...* 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *blinks watching Cap* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *quirks that scarred brow* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *looks -utterly- confused* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Blinks.....Looking between the Fury and Cap....Dur huh?*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Stands up at this sudden interruption, and looks around, her gaze Falling on Val then floating to Cap when he steps up.* Wha-?

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She takes the belt and whip from Cap.

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] ((Zhao Huangmei and Mark Richter have also been here. My bad.))

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *doesn't move, just watches, silent...She does move a little closer to Nikki, however*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Comes forward a little to assist if neeed, though she's not entirely sure of the situation.*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *both the Walker & the Fury watch Cap's approach with curiousity & confusion. Rabbie prods Brad & Ari & speaks so softly* Any idea as to this?

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Leaning closer, whispering something to her* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Watching the Woman and Cap.. hands shaking.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *shakes her head to Rabbie...she has no clue what's going on*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Bristles and shifts to crinos*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *She takes a slight step backward to address the sept at large* My apologies. For those who were unaware, he *nods to Cap* has been hiding from his born tribe for many years. He, being Fostern at the time, dishonored himself and a cub of our tribe with their ruttings. If anyone here wishes to speak out as to why he should not be returned to his true sept for execution, speak now.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((*idly hopes everything for the RC Fly-in is ready...* Hmm maybe I'll get to try out flying an RC plane...)) *Rabbie nods to Ari then resumes watching. Howling-Sky looks to Vash, Val, Cap & then to Hestia*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Steps forward* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *eyes wide...execution* Because you can't have him, that's why! *blurts out before she thinks, then blushes*

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [8ELPK] Rabbie>> *shakes his head.... no clue*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *she leans into Nikki for a moment, then stands* He cannot be taken for execution.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie steps forward as Flea does so, waiting for the Athro Fury to acknowledge her*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Woah.... She looks over to Hestia. She doesn't know what any of that means, exactally, but it doesn't sound good...*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *she claps her hand to her forhead, and then immediatly raises her hand*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Her hard, cold gaze settles on Cap. She barely knows this Urrah, and personally couldn't care less about his fate. She remains resolute*

Michael Stevens (Insomnia sucks): [EWKEG] OOC:back until alcohol helps me sleep 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Hestia>> you bet I got somethin ta say about that.... 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky seems to be thinking then suddenly gets an expression of sudden understanding*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Honeysuckle step forward... hell.. she steps to Cap's side.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Stands up, though...she has no idea what she's gonna say...all she can do at this point is just stand in shock, gazing at Cap for some kind of defense, anything...*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] ~HT~ He's our Warder! He's made up for anything he did a hundred times over!

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Bristled slightly* ~gs~That's our Warder Rhya and the best damn one I seen so far....I dont know nothing about no ruttin' but Execution?....You said yer a Theurge, yes Rhya?.....Isnt that a bit....Extream?

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *shifts to Crinos and steps to Cap's side, keeping low, but providing any support he can*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Eyes widen at Cap, then she goes neutrally cool* 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [8ELPK] *stands* you ain't taking him nowhere long as I'm standin.... 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *interesting turn of events...she watches silently* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Waiting to speak or trying to find her voice so she can speak.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie looks to Ari, Georgia & Flea then to Hestia* If I may speak Hestia-rhya. As has been stated before, Cap is our Warder. I understand that the Litany forbides the mating of garou with another garou. Punishment I can understand but even I must agree that execution seems a bit extreme. In these trying times, we can use every hand we have for the Apocalypse

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *puts a hand on Brad's arm, shaking her head at him..that's not the tack to take here*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Turns her eyes to Brad for a moment* 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky looks to at Val then to all the poeple who are standing up for the Warder's defense*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She kinda gives Rabbie a strange look. they didn't say that when Jubes and jason and the Don were sent to their death. but well... keeps her hand raised*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] Very well. I'm certain that ~one~ of you can tell me why there is a reason that Mowgli should escape justice even further? *The slightest accent on 'one'*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *steps forward..but says nothing..yet* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *mutters under his breath*~ht~ can have my uncle when ya pry 'im from my cold dead fingers...

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Gives Valerie the most subtle of shoulder squeezes as she watches the other dishonorable Urrah of this sept trying to plead for his life. Cooly, and stealthy she reaches behind her and pulls the hammer back on both of her 45's. already knowing who's side she's on.*

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [8ELPK] *glances at Ari.... but what's said is said... he pops his neck*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] ~HT~ I'll fight you for him! 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky merely observes* 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Clenches her jaw, actively supressing the rage that is kept barely at bay. It is unapparent who she is more pissed at...Hestia, or Cap. She's just pissed in general*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *takes one step forward* I will speak for him, if you will listen. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Motions to Rabbie* ~gs~That is one reason, Rhya....And Execution is too extreme...If not....Take me, he does more good for this Sept and for the comeing times...*Folds her arms....Eyes on the Fury that she never seen til she stepped forward....God, now they wanna kill the Warder too*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Nods subtly at Vash and Honovi* 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] i agree punishment should be done.. but..execution is a bit far.. 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Honeysuckle set Cap's belt and whip down on the ground and step toward Hestia, shaking like a leave in a wind storm. "M-may I-I s-speak?"

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling's amber eyes drifts up to Val's* 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Can't help smiling at the show of support, although under the circumstances it fades rather quickly.* I was put away from my tribe for m'crime. Pegasus turned 'er back on me an' took the Gifts she taught me. It took me about 22 years before y'all let me have a Rite of Passage, an' about 37 'fore y'all let me challenge for Fostern, an' I lost all them 37 years too. I fled for my life, friendless an' alone, until I could find somebody t'take me in. What do you plan t'add t'that, Rhya?

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] Leon snarls, and speaks up again. "And now we're expected to give up even more warriors, now on the eve of the Apocalypse. Let's just continue to cut off our fingers until we can no longer hold a sword."

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Hestia>> he's our Warder.. and our *indicates the FMT* Alpha... he's Rat's child now.... Pegasus has no claim on him...

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] Because he's not your Mowgli anymore. *holds her chin up* He's Cap Rountree, alpha of the Foggy Mountain Throwdown, and Warder to the sept of the Talking Junkyard. He's already proven himself a thousand times here, and never done anything untoward. *smirks just faintly* Besides, if you kill 'im, he won't learn nuthin'.

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *pinches the bridge of her nose. keeping her hand raised. dosn't expect to be called on really. at least this time she didn't just open her mouth. cause you know -no- one will like what she has to say*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *Hestia looks the crowd over one time, nodding to the other two Furies, before finally addressing Anja* Speak, then.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] * a faint smile directed at Cindy as they speak the same*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Starts to remember that Acacia had been sent into exile at..oh shit, Blacktop Swamp!*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *picks up Cap's belt.... holding it.... keeping the gun close... just in case...*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie looks to Anja when Hestia allocates her to speak. Howling, on the other hand, watches*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She's aware of everyone else speaking but does look at anyone be Hetia right now.... she want's to flee but doesn't (willpower spend to stay where she is.)

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] ((Haha...Acacia is a very dead kinfolk...)) 

Swante Taggart (STAT): [DRWMN] *Watches, muttering.* Crikey.... 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Waits for the Lord to speak....* 

Michael Stevens (Insomnia sucks): [EWKEG] *remains quietly seated off to the side, saying nothing either way*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *looks at Anja...* 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Nods respectfully to her superior*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Or else Acacia is a horrible wyrm creature now. Oh wait, he WAS *L*))

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *folds his arms, his good mood officially shot to hell* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] *nods slight agreement with Swante*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *nods* I am Anja Stormbringer, Fostern Philodox of the Shadow Lords, and Judge of Doom. I will not pretend to like the Warder. I will not pretend that he is my friend, for he is not. But an execution would be a travesty. First, consider the imminence of the Apocalypse. Anthelios grows closer in the heavens each day, and more of the ancient prophecies come to pass. The Heralds have awakened, and two have died. The Apocalypse is at hand, and you cannot deprive the Nation of a warrior at this time. Second, consider his contributions. Since his crime, he has proven to be a responsible member of Garou society. He is mated to Kin now, not any Garou. He has become an intergral member of this sept. He leads a pack that this sept could not function without, and he leads them well. He builds the defenses of the sept, and it is he that I trust to keep us all safe. Finally, consider case law. Certainly, he should be punished, but there is ample precedent for avoiding execution in these *M*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Cracks her crinos knuckles, just itching to break some dyke that isn't Cindy*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Her look of rage eventually fades into a look of confusion and exhaustion as she stumbles back to her chair and sits heavily in it.* This isn't happening...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ : [SPO28] ((Guys, I gotta bail.... Rane'll step up for an RoA for Honor)) 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] ((*faceplants*)) 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *subtly keeps one hand on Cap's gun butt* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Nods in approval at Anja's form of defense* 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie listens to Anja's words, then looks to Hestia concerned gaze. Howling-Sky does the same but she's clearly lacking any displays of emotion at the moment*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Night Kari)) 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Anja is the last person she'd of thought would speak up for someone.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Although she sits she keeps her hand securely on the hilt of her large Kris...waiting.*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Nighters Kari)) 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Okay, Anja's been taking notes from him, or something...* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *smiles a bit at Anja.... she'll have to thank her later...* 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] (Night Kari!) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Glances inadvertently at the hood ornament* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] circumstances. Storm-Hammer, a great Ahroun of my own tribe, had indiscretions with another Garou, but was merely given the Satire Rite after he slew a dozen powerful Banes singlehandedly and saved the life of the Margrave at that time. Consider also the case of Shiny Buttons, born to a different name as Philodox to the Bone Gnawers, who mated with another Garou in a moment of ill-advised passion, but was given the chance to redeem himself by undergoing the Rite of Renunciation, and died a heroic Theurge.

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She'll step back to Cap's side, picking up the items she set on the ground there.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky nudges Val briefly with her snout* 

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [8YO9D] *~*~*gone*~*~* 

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *She's listening, but only through half-lidded eyes, probably in some spiritual communion*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Watches....waits* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *crouches on his haunches, Chainsmoker settling on his thighs though doesn't yet have his hands on 'er*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Looks at Honovi, away from the hood ornament and gives her a quarter-shrug. Thinks it's one good idea.*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] So, by all means, punish the Warder. But to execute him would be murder, and we are not murderers here, none of us. We are Garou, and we do not do things for vengeance. We act in the name of justice. *steps back without another word, sitting*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (Oops, Okay, missed the fact they Cindy pick it up.)

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling dips her head in a nod, once then resumes watching Anja state her case to Hestia-rhya*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Waits, listening in flat shock.*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Looks longingly at the "chunker"*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *opens one eye to look down at Val. knowing she's up to something*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Hand in Anja's again, quietly protective*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *takes Nikki's hand...She leans over and whispers to Nikki*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *There's a slight nod* These stories are known. *A fairly long pause* And my elder concurs. However, she states that one way or another, the life of Mowgli must end.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] * she prolly just saved a lot of blood from being shed...she still doesn't trust her. Yet she watches Hestia with interest*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Smiling up at her, leaning to kiss her cheek* 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] Hestia: rhya.. has it not in one way..ended?...he is not called Mowgli anymore.. but Captain Rountree

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She steps forward yet again.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *okay... now the hands rest on Chainsmoker, showing one of his excessively rare signs of aggression as his ears lay back and hackles raise at Hestia's words, edging right up against Cap*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *her hand lowers eyeing val...* 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie looks from Anja to the Athro Fury. she does not want the sept to loose another Warder so soon*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Hestia>> it already has..... years ago.... that person died..... the person you see is Cap "Rising South" Rountree, Cliath Bone Gnawer Galliard, Alpha of the Foggy Mountain Throwdown, Warder to the Sept of the Talking Junkyard..... we don't know no Mowgli... that person isn't here...

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Quietly to Hestia* ~gs~There is no longer a Mowgli.....Only Cap Rountree of the Bone Gnawers....

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *looks back at Hestia* Then let him renounce, like Shiny Buttons who came before him. Let the life of the one you know as Mowgli end, and let the life of Cap Rountree go with it. Let him take on a new name, a new aspect, a new life. Do not let vengeance and bloodthirst overwhelm your love for justice.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Releases the safety on one of her sidearms and unholsters it...sliding it into the front pocket of her sweatshirt.*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] Not to the followers of Pegasus. To her children, he is and always has been Mowgli, a charach who fled from his punishment and continues to do so.

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Squats by Wields, getting ready to cut loose on the Furies.* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Gives Cap, whether she means to or not, a look of distaste* 

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] ((hehe, everyone replied along the same line))

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Regardless of judgement this is her brother. She watches the FMT for their reactions...hoping silently that they let Cap reclaim his honor by accepting his punishment*

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] Leon reaches inside his jacket to check the action on his pistol. Zhao picks up his flute, ready to play if needed.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky glances to Vash upon hearing movement from her tribal sister*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Rat provides... *to no one in particular, but Cap moreso than no one else*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Hestia>> how can Mowgli die in your eyes without hurting the person who is our Alpha?

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *falls silent...She can do nothing else for the Warder. She takes Nikki's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Looks to Cap* bout you tell us your side of the she right? *says this loudly so that everyone else can hear*

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *Another long pause before looking at Cap* You have one final choice to make in this life, Mowgli. Choose what new face of Luna you will follow, unto the end of your days.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Her movements are subtle yet noticeable, though to anyone other than her two sisters it is impossible to know her intentions.*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Squeezing back. None of them deserve her. Her least of all*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Lets out a long breath he didn't realize he was holding, and nods.* The... Crescent Moon, Rhya.

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] she going to be heard, damnit. (wp spend) "Mowgli died the day Pegasus, turn his back in him. B'fore y'stands Cap Rountree, born t'the Bone Gnawers. An honored member and Warder of this Sept." she not one to make speeches.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *both Rabbie & Howling look to the Warder* 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Honeysuckle>>Thanks... but it's done... 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Moves to one side ever so slightly to allow Vash room if she needs it to maneuver.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *nods slightly as his faith is upheld, though continues to eye the furies.. expecting some sort of castrato-laser to kick in*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky follows Val's footsteps* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (curses my server.)

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *quietly slips her arm around Nikki's waist, pulling Nikki closer, though she never takes her eyes from Hestia and Cap*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *her eyes flicker to vash, to val to Howl. noting the movements... they are up to something. clueless, truthfully - but up to something*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Meets looks with Wields and narrows her eyes, giving the hood ornament a glance*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Arms folded waiting for a responce from Cap* what she says the truth?

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She nods to Cap and steps back.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods to Cassy.* It is. 

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] *The barest acknowledgement to Honeysuckle, before addressing the sept at large again* So be it. I will return upon the next crescent moon, that I may bear witness to the end of a life, and the beginning of another. *a slight nod to Eddie before she sidesteps and is gone*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Leaning into her, sighing softly*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *looks to twomoons.. witha "help? maybe? should I worry?" look... cause they are up to something*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Never does she take her hand off her gun, though scan back and forth, as if trying to prioritize, eventually coming to a rest on the FMT*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *meets Val's gaze... narrows his own eyes, flares his nostrils and gives the Miata a glance*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Blinks....Almost wanting to ask who the hell let her in.....Looks over at Cap with a sympathetic look...Just glade he's alive....But, hell...That would have been one dead fury it appears*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *when the Athro Fury departs, Rabbie exhales a heavy sigh of relief & mutters a thanks to not loosing another Warder. Howling-Sky, on the other hand, doesn't appear to be concerned*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Remains watchful, as this is when the shit is most likely to hit the fan* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *leans over and elbows Val slightly* 

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] "I'm tired of Garou from other Septs ordering the deaths of our elders!"

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] ((oops, that's Leon, btw)) 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Looks at Cap, and softly shakes her head in amazement at his confession, then without another word she returns to her chair, obviously disappointed*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] ((*G* It's a Yugo now.)) *And now he shakes, although at least it's slight, and steps back, reachng a trembling hand to Cindy for his belt.*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *To Leon* *She shrugs at him.. opening her mouth,. then closing it firmly.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Gives Wields a knowing, superior smirk* 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Looks to Lean* He's no Elder 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She's not surprise she wasn't acknowledged by the Fury elder.. she was ignored when she stepped forward the first time.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Twomoons> What. 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *steps up to Cap and hands him his belt... speaking softly* how'd they find you?

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *quietly* Can you settle 'em down a little? 

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] "He's the Warder. Close enough for me."

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Glances at the three Furies as he snaps the belt back around his hips.* Don't know.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] ((*G* she nodded to Honey)) 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *smiles softly, resting her head against Nikki's, watching the moot quietly*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Doesn't bother smirking toward wields, or anyone for that matter, just glares with those hollow blue eyes that radiate a murderous like cold. She makes no attempt to hide her movements as she reholsters her gun*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie heads back to stand with her pack. Howling-Sky glances to Cap with an indifferent gaze then to Vash & finally resting her amber-eyed gaze upon Val & TM*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Wields> *Goes back to homid* We gotta make sure they don' get Cap when no one's lookin'.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *looks from the Yugo back to Val.... and just strokes Chainsmoker securely. Like linus with his blanket*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *saying something quietly to her* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> *also glances at the furies... then back to him* They didn't know, did they?

Hestia (NPC Fury): [E80JG] ((*slaughters this window* Anyone else asks me to multitask tonight, I'mma smack 'em.))

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Twomoons> Sorry, but he did what he did to one of our cubs. I'm not going to tell them to back off.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *shrugs, obviously having no clue.* 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *mumbles to val* I'm going to bed before I say somthing stupid. * a nod to jas and to leon.. *

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Idly flicks some ice off the hood ornament* 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *clears his throat... stands on his hind legs and up on tip toes.... and does a very very obvious and exaggerated head count.. first the three furies. then all the gnawers. Does a mental comparison of numbers, brings CHainsmoker back up into his claws and stares directly at Val while speaking to Ga* done.

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Janet> You take care. I'll go with you to your place if you want. 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] ((how'd Val create ice in 50+ degree weather? *G*)) 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *smiles at Nikki, not bothering to whisper* And I love you. *looks over at Georgia* They will not come for him until the appointed time. That is not the way the Rite works, and an Athro would not dishonor themselves by lying like that anyway. He will be safe until the turning of the moon.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Instead of reaching for her flask she slides open the Van door and removes a black bottle with a Skull and Cross Bones on the front. She drinks from this bottle generously. Shudder, twitch, twitch, belch. The liquid itself has a slightly greenish tinge to it.*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Can she faint now? No not yet... Honeysuckle starts to moved back toward the FMT van.....

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She nods slightly then motions to the moot* finish, I'll see you tomorrow.

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Wields> You gonna be with 'im always? 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Anja>> Maybe safe from that chick.... but maybe not from some eager oppourtunist.... *looks at Vash*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Then it wasn't ice. It was creamer)) 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Puts a hand on Honeysuckle's shoulder, but lets her go if she wants.*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Anja> I wasn't talkin' 'bout the visitin' Furies.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Ga>>~ht~ always. An' it's still a Gnawer sept.... not fury. any of 'em attack Cap, they ain't havin' 'nuff lef' to bury.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *the GW takes a look about, hoping that there wont be unnecissary bloodshed tonight*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Tenses and takes half a step foward at the mere mention of her tribe dishonoring themselves by coming after him before the appointed time.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Good night then Janet. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Okay...looks like there's a few other things to be done now. Anyone else got something to bring up?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] ((Val>> eeeewwwww!!!)) 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *shrugs again* If any try to intervene and take justice into their own hands, then they will taste my klaive. The decision has been made, and none shall question it. *looks over at Cap for a moment, studying him, before looking back at Nikki, quite obviously done with the conversation*

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] *She holds up a hand to cindy as if she was going to say somthing, and just hurries to the enterance before she gets herself slaughtered*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Wields Plastic Death, you ~will~ stop pointing that thing at me immediately.

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Nope she stops when Cap touches her. Feeling lighthead as she does.. she leans into Cap's side so she doesn't fall over.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Sneers at Cindy* I would not waste even one bullet on your charach alpha. His time will come...

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *looking back to her, speaking quietly* C'n we go home soon?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *nods at Anja's words* that's good enough for me.... *looks at Vash again..... then turns away from her.... heading back over to Nikki to take her baby* I got somethin I wanted to say....

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling glances to Vash then to TM & the new GE. she steps forward & when she's acknolwedged she speaks* -ws- My story of Jublain is not yet done. I am hoping by next moot I will tell it.

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Glares at Vash with special irritation*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Eddie nods to Cindy* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *A little nod to Howling* Cool. 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *nods at Nikki* Of course we can. As soon as I return from the challenge. It should not take longer than a few minutes.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *flat out ignores Val* OOC:'course, he didn't have chainsmoker aimed at her. Just held in his hands ready to crank it up. can't aim and crank in the same position accurately.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling nods then returns to plant herself beside Val* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((*L* @ Janet!)) 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *And for once...she doesn't even attempt to stand in his defence.* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *holds her baby* I just wanted to innerduce someone to y'all... *indicates her daughter* this is Elizabeth Arizona Payton-Ramirez.... my daughter *smiles*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Hands Elizabeth back to Cindy with a smile* 

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] Trying to cover up his anger at overhearing Nikki, Leon turns to Janet. "Janet, you know how to fire a gun?"

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Close enough. *g* But DLP to Wields)) 

Janet Santos -Hush Hush, whisper who dares- : [TM0TW] ((Shhhhhh@Val! Nite all))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Wraps an arm around Honeysuckle, hand on the butt of his Pistol.*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *As if they could intimidate her. Her gaze almost welcomes any attempt by them to harm one of her sisters. With a snort, seeing no real threat, she stands down and continues to hover over Valerie-rhya*

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *lights up a smoke* 

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] ((DLP, Leon instead shoots Anja. IN THE FACE. j/k))

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] It's good to see yr again Cindy. *Turning to shut out sight of Wields partially*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *just shakes his head..* what did i return to 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie sighs inwardly* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Wants to tell them all to shut up, but doesn't, she remains silent.

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] ((Hey, that's not called for!)) *pays just the barest minimum amount of attention she can to Cindy so she won't get in trouble...Her attention is almost entirely focused on Nikki at the moment*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *quietly* Vash, nicely done back there. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Mutters to Steel* A clusterfuck of epic proportions. *Raises his voice a bit* Anyone else?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *she has the 4 month old dolled up, wearing a little red dress, white tights, shiney black shoes, and one of those headbands with the bows in it*

Screams-Rat's-Litany, Plum-Wine Song, & Walker-in-Darkness: [5K0XM] ((Since Amado isn't here, I'm the new master of the uncalled for.))

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Nods and sighs* I am trying to work on my anger...*It may come out humorous but she is deadly serious*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Hey Cindy, ya done good there. She looks like you. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Grunts at Steel with a grin* ~gs~...Welcome home dude....

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *She's quiet... head still on Anja's shoulder, fingers laced with hers, watching everything but Leon*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling-Sky looks to at Vash* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((yr=her))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] OOC:its not uncalled for until Soul refuses to dignify it with a response *G*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [46GBH] *Lights a smoke and appears to be getting sufficiently smashed on whatever unholy concotion it is that she is drinking from*

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Hand on her stomach again, sighing, eyes flickering to Leon finally*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *smiles a bit..... then heads over to her pack, carrying the baby*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] ((*G* It'd take a lot of response to dignify that one...)) 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Eddie looks around a bit* Going once... 

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *to himself, mostly* wow... who coulda seen that one coming? *slowly exhales a plume of smoke*

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] *chuckles now if i can just get that pack ida going.. we can relaly mess thing sup*chuckles to himself*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *both the GW & the Fury look to the GE*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Pats Wields on the shoulder* They backed off fer now. 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *then Howling looks to Val & nudges her again with a grunt*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *holding her baby, hanging around her pack.... she moves over to Cap so he can get a look at Elizabeth*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Ga>>~ht~ I ain't relaxin'. Don't like the way they look. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Eddie looks around*, get the kegs. 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Yes Honovi? 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((RoA's and so forth, if you've got 'em, do 'em now. I think Sparky's got one for Glory, but since he had to playt designated sober...))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Looks down that the baby with a smile, but quickly, before returning his attention to the Furies.*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Wields> They can' help that part. *Grins* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *when the time comes, she goes up for an RoA for Glory* ((Not Honor like I posted on the list. Circumstances obviously intervened. *g*))

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *slips off the trunk of the car and heads for the coffee.. making sure to go around the furies so as not to get in between them and the carpetbaggers*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *grunts a single word* -ws- Pack?

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Val, your Galliard wants you to say something. 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Ga>>~ht~ if we string lights around the van, Val'ry won't be able to git near without goin' blind *nods*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Nods at Honovi* Get Twomoons and yourself to the ritual circle. 

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *pours up a cup-o-sludge, adding plenty of sugar and lighting a fresh smoke off the previous one*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Smiles to Honovi* Congradulations Sister...*She's obviously a female of few words, and any compliment from her is defenitally earned*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *looks around at the rest of the Throwdown* they won't try nothin right now, guys.... they know better... if they did, they're own tribe'd come down on 'em...... and Anja.. and no one wants that *smirks*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling stands on all fours & chuffs at Val. then trots on over to TM & tugs on his pantleg* -ws- Come.

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Mebbe put mens aftershave all over like repellent. 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] she frowns a little seeing the baby is here during a moot, but she does look at the child and gently touches her cheek.

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Bows his head* Yes Mistress Alpha Dumpybutt. 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods to his pack.* Ease up, y'all. 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling will glance over to Vash & wag her tail in thanks*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Michael> Be sure to get some of the sludge. that's the best part. 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] ~ht~ set a trap? use Georgia as bait *nods* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Honey>> *the baby's sleeping... she doesn't even stir when Honey touches her cheek..... Cin looks at Honey and smiles* You wanna hold her?

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Okay Cap. 

Steeleyes*IN Crinos*: [4FVNN] ((*kathuds)) 

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Hey! *Smacks Wields lightly* 

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *holds up the cup in silent toast to Val, honoring her advice by taking a swig and audibly chewing the overly sugarred coffee*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *grumbles at Cap's order and sits back down at his feet*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Night Scott)) *Clasps Vash's arm momentarily in a proper warrior-sisters' grip, then walks to the ritual circle*

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She shakes her head, " Not right now." she still shaking from stepping forward and does not want to take a change her strength will give out suddenly.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Is a bit taken when she is grabbed, resisting her initial instinct to break Vals arm. Though soon it is obvious what is happening and she can't help but smile.* Steel rhya will be disappointed. *deadpan*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] So, you two. Ready to do this? 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((DLP))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Wields>> Hey, c'n you do me a favor an' shift down? I don' want you to scare 'Lizabeth if she wakes up....

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((*Gave Vash a shocked chuckle for her cracking a funny before she went*.))

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *once inside the ritual circle, Howling looks to Val & nods*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Nods a little* Yeah. 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] ((Folks, unless anyone has a real objection, I'd like to just fast-forward through the time between the people leaving on the challenge and when they get back, since it'd only be a few minutes anyway, and the challenge is already resolved OOCly. Anybody have an issue with that?))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] *shifts to Glabro... which really isn't even neanderthalic on Wields*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Steps back* Valerie rhya...I am honored that you would consider me for your pack. But the suggestion of an All ahroun pack has been mentioned by Steel rhya, and I promised him I would consider. I hope you understand if I don't accept your offer just yet. *bows her head respectfully*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Waits and watches, holding Honeysuckle up in case she does start to fall.* Thank you.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] ((No problem with me a'tall.)) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((I think that's a good idea Soul. Continuity will still be intact. *Nod*)) 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] OOC:Sounds good to me 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((I have no objections)) 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] ((no problem here)) 

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Talks quietly to Wields* ..bait it with your nuts. 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] *Even she can only stomach so much of the green liquid before she starts to wrectch. Activating Resist toxing in the process, and making her way to the FMT van, albeit unsteadily* what you were keeping from all of us fer so this what you were trying to hide from the Shadow Lord and Hrafn kin?

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] (( I have not probs with that))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods.* Reckoned ifn' they found out, it wouldn't even come to a moot--jus' a couple of packs sent down here t'take care of it.

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] ((Okay. Hitting the fast forward button, then.)) *all those on the challenge go, then return...Anja walks back in. Her clothing is intact, and she seems perfectly fine, though she's got a nasty cut across her throat. Caliban is nowhere to be seen*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Moving it back a sec)) Vash> I understand. Besides, this way we'd be represented more widespread, and Steel's not bad for a guy. ((Now back to the circle *G*))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] (Soul>>Sounds good *Nods*) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie continues to watch the proceedings* 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Of course, she freaks out. Did anyone ~really~ expect her not to?*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> You know you can count on us, Cap.... we won't let nothin happen to you...

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((And jumping to the return.)) 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] (No objection here) She gives Cap a soft smile, and has no thought of stepping away from him, because he is indeed holding her up.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Ga>>nuh-uh... too cold. *and keeps watching the furies*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods to Cindy.* An' y'all proved it, too. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((Jump to the return, and then smoosh the pack thing in)) 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] *comes in behind Anja... with Rabbie* ((*G* Rabbie, went, BTW *G* Brad chose her))

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Nods* It will take much consideration, though believe me sister, he is at a disadvantage...*was that a grin?*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Shimmers back into the Umbra from the challenge with a mere few scratches and goo on her.....MorningStar slung over her shoulder*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *smiles, crossing over to Nikki* Hello again, darling. Sorry it took so long.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Oh? *G* Mkay)) *er make that Rabbie departs with her packmate, Brad, then returns with Brad & THEN resumes watching the proceedings*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> we're family, right *smiles softly*.... that's what family does... didja see all the people that stood up to defend you?

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] Wields> Then with a pair o' workboots an' bad haircuts. Oh...hey, I dress like that...

Lost-Claw: [MLC3Z] *doesn't come back with the rest of the groups. Pretty much left as soon as the fight was done*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] Ga>>an tits...just stop shaving. 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] *Nods and considers, then looks back up to him* Yah're family cap, but....damn...this is big. *lights a smoke* I hope you'll do the right thing for yourself and your pack and accept whatever decision is made...*pained expression.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Val cleansed people too before they came back)) *Walks in with one extra large bane arrow left*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods, smiling.* Yeah, I did. 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] What ~happened~?!?! *Eyes huge, pinned on the slash*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Cassy>>From th'sound of it, it was decided already. Renunciation.

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] An' breathmints. 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] Nikki>> *as he passes* she kicked some major ass... that's what happened *smiles a bit... then heads to the fridge for a beer*

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] *smirks into his cup at Cassy's question to Cap. well hto damn, someone remembered*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] *Nods and looks down* Yeah...seems that way. *looks back up to him* Damnit Cap...I wish you would have included some of us sooner...we maybe could've done...something.

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] "What is a renun..renun.. that punishment." she asks quietly, she doesn't know what it is.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Well.... yeah.... of course she did. She's fantastic.... But hurt. Which is never good*

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] Oh, this? *gestures at it* Nothing. A trifle. You should see the other guy. *was that a JOKE? Okay, not a good one, but still. Maybe she got hit in the head, too. She smiles at Nikki and leans in to kiss her*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Twomoons> That went well. 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods.* I kep' it to m'pack, is all... th'more people know, th'more risk.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Rabbie follows her packmate, Brad* 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Walks in with Rane. Aside from few cuts and bruises they both appear to be alright* LC>> How'd you do bro?

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Head tilting up a little for the kiss* You make me crazy. 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((DLP...And so it begins))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *looks over at Anja when she makes a joke..... and smiles brightly* good one!

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] *Walks in with Rane. Aside from few cuts and bruises they both appear to be alright* LC>> How'd you do bro?

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Val>>I see that yeah. What happened to "Don't bring any ammo back?" 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Honeysuckle>>It means as far as anyone's concerned, I'm dead. I pick a new name, start off as somethin' else, an' as far as th'Garou are concerned, ever'thing that was done before was done by some dead guy--good an' bad.

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *smiles* Do I? How? 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Gawks opened mawed as Anja makes a joke* 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Ran out of banes before I ran out of ammo. So sue me. Some of them got broken anyway.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> what about th' pack? Yer still gonna lead us, right?

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] *gets a beer.... then heads over toward Anja, waiting to say something*

Michael Stevens: [6LVTU] OOC:okay... Jaegermeister is gone... time for bed. I hope. 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She nods to Cap's explanation.. he won't die that's what she was worried about.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] ((DLP)) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *and Rabbie still follows Brad like a shadow* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Bunk. Last chance to back out if you don't want a naughty Child of Gaia in your pack.

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Grinning, blushing ever so slightly* Lots'a ways. *Reaching for her hand*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] ((And I thought you had good taste Greg...Jaeger? Yeccch.))

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] ((*wrinkles nose* eeeeeewwwww)) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling looks to TM* 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((backtrack. Sparky's RoA was in Honor)) 

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods to Cindy.* Ifn' y'all want me. Cap Rountree of the Foggy Mountain Throwdown's goin' t'be dead soon. Whoever I am after that... I'm goin' t'have t'come an' ask.

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *smiles* Something to talk about, then. *starts for the exit, then pauses, looking over at Brad* What?

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] OOC:night all... BIC:*and like he said... Cap's now got a 24/7 shadow. Blur of the Milky eye on every now and then to throw things off*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Too late. Sparky's already in. You might as well be too. 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((I've tried Jaeger once...don't remember what it tastes like...))

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> well... who's gonna be Alpha when you come ask?

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] ((Sounds to me like time to talk to Earl O'Rourke on the big white phone....))

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Guess they're going. Or not. Her head tilts as she looks at Brad, trying to remember exactally why she was attracted to him*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Moves to Twomoons, crinos smileing if she ever could* ~gs~Killed all the banes....Cleansed the place.....Rhya....

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((Dr Pepper with alcohol. = jage)) But Sparky's a nice one. 

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] OOC:what? the only way you can empty out a Jaeger bottle to use for a flask during a bachelor party (going to The Cheetah, Ken) is to drink it dry first. and if you want to gripe about my taste, may I point out this unopened bottle of Johnny Walker Blue sitting on my kitchen counter? *G*

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((Like Cough Syrup...chilled cough syrup....*shudders*))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Wields, I reckon. He's been in th'pack longest. 

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] (Night again Greg!) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Ah... no wonder I liked it. I like Dr. Pepper *g*)) *Howling looks back & forth from TM & Val*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Nods to Flea* Sweeeeet. I'mma talk it over with the folks who were following you guys, and I'll make an announcement from there.

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((*Finger* Don't tease me asshole)) 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] Anja>> *smiles, and saltes her with his beer* it was an honor to fight with you..... thank you.....

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): [FLXJ3] OOC:chilled nothin'. drinkin' it warm. Anyway... enough about my dead taste buds... Night all ***gone***

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Sparky's got his naughty side I'm sure. 

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [21R4A] Zhao lifts the decorated flute to his lips and begins to play a soft, peaceful song, settling everyone's hearts and driving fear away.

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Heading toward the circle* No he doesn't Dove's child was conceived via the Rite of Partho.

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] *And now that she has done her duty she disappears into the compound* ((Gonna head out myself yah'll. Night))

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *That was it. He's a nice guy. Aren't many of those around.....*

Georgia Hooper: [GF96Z] *Walks in back of the FMT van to relax* 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> *blinks... Wields the Alpha.... that's.... scary...*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *reverts to homid... of all the Furies, she doesn't look no where near Mediteranean decent. on first impression you'd probably think she'd either be an Uktena (cause of that creepy stare of hers) or a Wendigo (cause she is Native American)*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Salutes Twomoon and meanders for Cassy* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *nods at Brad* Of course. Best of luck with your challenge. *looks back at Nikki, smiling at her* Did you want to stay longer? Or were you ready to go home?

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] *Nods to Val and Hinovi* Good night sisters...*And that's pretty much all she says before shimmering into the umbra and, well, disappearing.*

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Er last post was about Howling)) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Parthenogenesis. And I'm still working on it. *Turns to Howling-Sky* It's a Rite project of mine.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Or not...* (Night Mike!) 

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] ((She would have said goodnight to Flea before leaving)) 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((Night all)) 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *SO ready to go.... tugging at her hand in answer* 

Vash ~Deaths Icey Gaze~ (BF PB3): [HFWOU] ((Window is now closed)) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Good night Vash. ((Nite Mike)) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling quickly blurts out to Vash* Good night. *then looks to TM & Val once inside the ritual circle*

Cassy Nix (DoW): [DV9BS] (( G'night Ashe, Val, Auggy, Ken and John boy)) 

Brad Mullins (ULS Beta): [CKHT1] *drapes a friendly arm around Rabbie's shoulders* 

Anja Stormbringer |ST| : [H94CK] *chuckles, then looks over at Val and Twomoons* Good night, my friends. *heads out with Nikki*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((heh)) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling looks to Val* Aah. Okay. *smiles a but, the first time since Hestia showed up, in her eyes is a look of relief*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *Starts with Howling-Sky in the circle, stepping into the Umbra to do it.*

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Night Anja 

Zhao "Plum-Wine-Song" Huangmei: [21R4A] ((Nite all)) 

Nikki Warner ~darkest dreaming~: [ZW6JR] *Eyes flickering to Leon once more before they leave*

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] Later Anja. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Slips into the umbra* 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Good night Mary-Ellen *chuckle*)) *Rabbie looks to Brad & eeps*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] g'night Anja..... an' thank you.... 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling goes umbral as well*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *Waves night to Cassy before settleing to watch thing*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Looks around, still half in shock.* 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Mkay)) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Well heck. She'll do the ritual anyway..and remind me to update the sheet.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] ((fastforward the ritual bit?)) 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((I just need pack name & totem)) 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] Finally finding her strength again and stands a little striaghter, wraps her arm around Cap and gives him a tight hug.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((And Howling has 2 points in Totem, BTW)) 

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] *After the ritual she goes to the Kudzu- beloved Kudzu who doesn't send her on banestomps with people who don't like her. Kudzu, who doesn't talk much and is always there, but can't get you pregnant...Naaah* ((Night all))

Valerie Karydikrotos: [7TG5V] ((Gone))

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] ((Nighters *will be going soon too*))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Kisses her forehead and whispers.* I knew you'd be there for me.

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Finally, after the ritual, comes out with the first actual smile that's been on his face in...well, about a month.*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] *staying near the FMT* 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] She nods, "I promised I would be." she whispers.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods and smiles.* You did. 

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling follows TM. she glances over to Cap with a slightly apologetic gaze then quickly looks back to TM*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma): [345A5] *She waits too see if she is needed any time before quietly shifting to Homid to go patrol.....As she passes Cap, she gives him a sage nod...She still has faith in him...Slips into the maze* (Night ya'll! *Waves and poofs*)

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] *Leans back, grabbing some coffee and looking around* Honovi...Val tell you about all the folks you just pissed off?

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] "Y'won't have to worry so must 'bout it after that renunciantion thing." still whispering and still has her arms around Cap.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *shakes her head* No. Nor do I care at the moment. I'm just glad that there's finally an ending for the Tale of Mowgli. If they got a problem with my loyalties to my tribe they can piss off or take it up with Pegasus. *said matter-of-factly*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Nods.* Shouldn't have t'worry 'bout it a'tall, lessn' that one still wants t'take matters int'her own hands.

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> so what's your name gonna be? Do you know?

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Shakes his head.* Ain't decided yet.

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] "Just don't pick 'Herman'.." an attempt at a little humor. 

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> how 'bout... Skip? Skippy? Sonny..... Scooter! *chuckles*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *Chuckles.* Don' much like th'sound of that anyways.

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Scooter? 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ] Honovi>>Not that, I mean with the pack thing.

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Howling blinks, then shakes her head* Nope. Was unware that pack ties should offend anyone else. Besides, it's not my fault that you guys asked first *grins*

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> *G* ya.... Scooter... Scooter Pumpernickel... *laughs*

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] Cindy>>Uh... No 

Honeysuckle: [ISCBE] raises a brow at Cindy suggestion. 

'Twomoons' Maier: [809PZ]  Well, basically...ever heard of an aspect of the Wyrm called Green Dragon?

Cindy Payton-Ramirez (with baby): [CYSKO] Cap>> Awwww *G* yer no fun....

Rabbie & Howling-Sky (the late): [R3YP0] *Honovi shakes her head* ((*sure player knows. player has Book of the Wyrm 2nd edition. player has an NPC pack whose totem is Green Dragon*))

Cap "Rising South" Rountree: [8U9JC] *chuckles.* sometimes.

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