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Last Hope

December 22, 2004

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7]  *Looks up to Rane* If we fail tonight it won't matter where you leave might as well bring it with you.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *She shakes her head at cindy and gathers the four items up and heads over to the DoW group, specifically.. Rane*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Glances over to Cassy* We all go if we wish...This mission is important and without the strength of the whole pack, we will not be as strong...*A clawed talon ruffling the cub's ears before she stands...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Crinos, smaller staff in hand with a little red ribbon and a tag for "Theresa". Other then that, 2 slightly modified crossbows, his crinos-sized bow, lotsa arrows, and a 7 dyed into his shoulder fur*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] (That was in ~ps~ *G*)

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] 2moons>> *looks over at him* hey... c'mere...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *she quirks that scarred brow as Janet approaches, replying absently to Cassy* ~ps~ Still...he might be able to make use of it, later on.

Soul(ST Style): [5LFKB] ((Allrightie. As this is going ot be a long scene, we'll get started now, and anyone who's running late can catch up. Before we get really started, I need a volunteer to archive, if I can get one. I can't offer any compensation except my sincere thanks.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Tightens the casing around five bane arrows, smooths down the leather pouch containing the Pandora's Box, her hair braided up off of her neck, leaving the Phoebe's Veil Fetish gleaming on her chest, various other objects placed for easy access.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *There seems to be something really odd about her though. Instead of the brown eyes, her eyes seem to almost have changed color, to a pale pale blue. And her lips hold almost a purpleish tint to it. She's wearing a heavy sweater, but she just.. looks cold*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *amblews on over* ~ht~ yo?

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG] *Exits the Umbra beside Flea's car, reaching in for a few items and ruffling Lil's head*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *Instead of rededicating her hammer, she unhooks it from the manacle around he wrist and chains it to her back in Glabro form as if this burdensome weapon weighed nothing at all*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG] *Stops by Twomoons* Rhya? You want some bane arrows for the bow? *Offering the two he made to the Athro*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] Rane.. I wanted to give these to your son. *she offers the three heavy leather bound journals and the CD case* For safekeeping. Its an accumulation of all my writing. So when he survives.. he'll have something to take with him.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] Yo.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *takes a look around at who all's here* for the record... is anyone here dense enough to _not_ get this? *motions to his new getup* OOC:I'll archive as best as I can

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *Stands and rest her hand on Ranes shoulder* I cannot make the decision for you sister. Though I have left my personal journal and notebook here so that our history won't be forgotten*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] 2moons>> *takes off the necklace she wears with the pennies on it... she has nine left.... she breaks the cord.... and hands him a penny* I think we may need to be sneaky some...

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she kind of halfsmiles at Cassy*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Reaches into her car and snatches the talen Nate made for her*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *she nods to Janet, taking the things* ~ps~ Cassy, offer her my thanks.~

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *Nods to Nate* Thanks...

Soul(ST Style): [5LFKB] ((And in the meantime...)) It's hard to notice, at first, the glow that infiltrates the gathering area. The red light washes out everything, after all, destroying color, detail, shadow, under its hateful glare. But then, it starts to become obvious. The glow of moonlight - pure, untainted moonlight - is filtering into the caern. Not just in one place. No, no less than ten seperate portals are opening, the moonlight from the moonbridges, just for a moment, making it possible to forget the Star.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *after handing a penny to 2moons..... she heads over to the DoW*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *She tumbles back away from rane as the moonbridges open, back toward jason, val and cindy*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG] *Nods* Good luck, Twomoons Rhya. *And he moves to Flea* Lemme help. *Opening the talen for her since she's in Crinos and pains a large Glyph for "Protection" on her chest in blood. Any left over he draws Gnawer, Ahroun and Wolverine around it*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *stands a little taller in the shining moonlight, looking around at those he's fought and died with.. and those he _will_ fight and die with*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *quietly, she sets the books...and her quickly shed armband...inside her van, and shuts the door, so that very few hear the unhappy little whimper from inside*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *Smiles to Janet* Thanks kid...*reaches inside the vans and straps on her Bane Throwing knives. 10 in all, 5 on each arm. Also she tears the necklace from her and hands it to Janet* This is a fragment of my life...carved from the cave of memories by the recorder itself. It is my happy only takes looking into it to see...take it

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *waits for Rane*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *penny...slight nod* Why not...use it. *looking at the bridges with a little worry.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] ((Just for IC notice...Cassy performed her tagalong gift in the caerns heart and now also shares a bond with Rat))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Stands stil as he draws the Glyphs, glanceing towards the shimmers* (2,4,4,7,10=...How many suxx on activation?)

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  2moons>> I got enough to go around...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *looks to Cindy, though most of her attention is now on the opening moonbridges*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she takes it and looks to cassy with a halfsmile* Thank you *she tucks it away next to her heart... letting out a breath.. perhaps its the cold in the air, but she seems to put out the white condensation*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *And quickly, growls wavering* ~gs~Abel is gonna try and get my litters her Nate...Help him for me..Please? *Eyes looking towards her car...Then towards the Moonbridge*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Watches the bridges with all the air of a stalking cat watching a mouse hole.*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG]  *Chuckles* You don't have to even ask Rhya. I will. (( 2 suxx on her activation. ))

Soul(ST Style): [5LFKB]  And then, they start to pour out. Garou - many with silvery coats, though not all by half - step from the moonbridges onto the soil of the gathering area. One after another, they pour out, taking positions like honor guards all around the clearing. And then, he steps out. No tattered clothing, no stench of booze. No, tonight, Albrecht is all king. His crown shines, seeming to catch the moonlight and reflect it even more brightly. He wears a long, fur-trimmed cloak, armor. Solemn Lord, his famous grand klaive, is out, resting easily at his side. Tonight, he is every inch the king. He steps out of the moonbridge, regarding the gathered Garou, then speaks, voice loud, clear. "Have we found our war party?"

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] Rane>> hey... *hands her 4 pennies with a Ragabash glyphs etched through each them* it's a talen... it'll make you invisible for a while... there's enough for your whole pack... I figure we may need to be sneaky for a while...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *Nods slightly* Right over here, Rhya.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *a nod to Cindy, and she hands the talens to her brother and sisters, black eyes resting on Albrecht*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Nods before looking towards the King* ~gs~I think all are here, Rhya...

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *she looks up to jason... then at val, then at albrich. Silently*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J]  *Takes one of the Talens from Rane, but doesn't activate it yet...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *Carries The Hammer of Garm proudly on her shoulder in all its macabre glory as it hums almost unnoticeably with the power infused into it by her packs patron spirit*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] The Dead stand ready, King. *rolls his wrist With Chain-Breaker*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *still has 4 left.... she looks at Val, knows Val has the real deal..... then looks at Janet.... shit, looks at the pennies..... then heads over to Val* hey, Val?

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG] *Bows his head to Albretch when he appears before stepping away from the War Party*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Fastens down the last talen and joins her pack-*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Morningstar comes out...The chain rattling....Head held high and proud and chest swelling, bareing the Glyphs...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] ((Activating TS, and Resist Toxin))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  Cindy?

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ((Lunas' Armor - 4 successes, also resist pain. That's it for now))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] ((5 sux on TS. ))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] (To keep it quick and simple, here are Flea's Gifts: 3 suxx+1 WP for Luna's Armor. 1 sux on Resist Toxin. 3 suxx on Venom Blood. And she wont kick up Silver Claws yet, so look for that later. Also 1 Gnosis dropped to activate Morningstar)

Soul(ST Style): [5LFKB] He nods, then pauses for a moment, seemingly overcome with emotion. Finally, he speaks again. "There are no words to express the sacrifice you all knowingly make. Not only for the Nation. But for Gaia. You travel now to do something that has never been done. To strike a blow that has never been contemplated before now. To possibly win a war fought since the beginning of time. For that is what you do. Never doubt - even for a moment - that all of you have the potential to win this. To strike down the Wyrm in his very home. This night, you travel not to your deaths. No, not to death. But to immortality. You travel to save not only your people - but all life." He drops to one knee, as another moonbridge shimmers open behind him. "Go now, warriors. I am humbled to stand before you. Go now, and may your claws be sharp, and I will see you in the Summer Country at the end of all things."

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] Val>> *quietly, so she doesn't interrupt the king* I handed out my talens that act like Pheobies Veil.... but... what about Janet? She can't use it can she?

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she just stands there, looking at albrich, clearly ready to go. She has nothing but a baton on her, and the fact she just.. looks cold. She occassionally shivers softly, but she dosn't complain.. she looks almost.. serene*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *In front of their eyes, her hair disappears under so many oozing warts, as her skin turns into a dark, cracked armor....two small horns growing from her head and her bottom canines curling back some. and boy does she bad*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *shift to Crinos, activates Trollskin, Resist Pain....waits*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Shakes her head "no" at Cindy and listens to the King. Then takes a last Breath of the Tellurian and makes to go.*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *blink - wait last year...never mind last year* Thank you rhya.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] #Resist Pain#

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, WyrmFoe): [I6C4J] *Heads to the Moonbridge...If Twomoons doesn't take lead, shes the first in*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Garou Walking): [5G9B7] *Shifts to Crinos, and turns back to her septmates one last time...smiling of all thing through her large maw* See you soon...*said in the human toungue and forced out like a dog yacking into a shoe*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] Val>> ~ps~ is there any way to make her unseen if we all need to be? If she's touching you when you activate your fetish will it work for her, too?

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *She a half step behind val. she pauses only to glance back at the caern, before her hand slides into val's fur and she's pulled into the Tellurian*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *She comes forward to take the lead, actually, as she knows the way.*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *snagging point, cause well...he can.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *walking with Val and 2moons*

Soul(ST Style): [5LFKB] ((Dyn2, folks.))

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG] *Watches in silence, petting Lil' Paw*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] ((3 suxx on TX))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] (Just before that) Cindy> She can be disguised like any spirit. We'll help. ((Then, yadda yadda))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Gone DYN 2))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *nods to Val...* ((G2Dyn2))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((1 succ Visage of Fenris. 4 resist toxin. 1 wp to banish the taint... 4 succ Trollskin. Resist Pain))*before their very eyes.. those who look. Lost-Claw becomes the Beast-of-Garm they knew before. ((2 succ ancestors. both into Melee)) Bony protrusions and callous rip from his fur.. and his very presence screams of a warior of Fenris. Howls out to Albrecht with nothing more than respect* ~ht~ we have the easy job! The Others have to stay and live! *and that's a gnosis for Inspiration... Charges with his pack*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *moves out with her packmates, eerily silent, and never once looks back toward the van she has called home*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [8LCPG]  *Shifts to his breed form, letting out a soft howl. Annouceing to the Gaurdians that the War Party is gone. Pride ringing out*


Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. Here are the rules for the scene. Everybody please have a die roller open and ready to go, as part of this will use dice. I have entirely too much to keep track of to mind who has what Gifts active, who's hurt how badly, who's spent how much Rage, and so on and so forth, so that's up to y'all to track, though I will have a general idea. If you have an issue with a ruling, take it up with me later. People WILL die here - anyone who's not ready to lose their character yet can back out now with no IC repercussions. I don't think anyone's archiving yet, so I'd like someone to do that if they could. We also need to keep moving - please keep up the pace as much as humanly possible. And finally, for those of you who won't be coming back, thank you so much for years of good gaming. I appreciate all of you very much, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity. You're all wonderful.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((*Cracks Knuckles*. I just wanted to say this has been an awesome ride people...good luck in case I don't see you all in the Ice Age))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  (In the words of wonderful MTV claymation... "lets get it on")

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((y'all don't get off that easily from me. It's been a long, LONG ride from Silvermoon to here, and while I haven't loved every second of it, the junkyard has been the undisputed highlight. Thank you all... now let's go out with one _fuck_ of a bang that they'll be feeling in Forsaken in years to come))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  (*Nods* Same here as Mike put it *G* He just prolly says it better'n I can *Now ready*)

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *flickflick* ~ps~ Red 5 standing by...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *fingers form a reply* ~PS~ And I brought the map this time.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Turns to Jurg*HT- Well ready to show me a thing or two? It's been a while.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] -ps- at least someone did. Who's got the vial?

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ps~ Rane.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *walking in silence.... not thinking.... just walking..... right, left, right, left......*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((I think Rob would have given it to Rane))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Thanks much. Just forgot to mention it. *s* And without further ado...)) The moonbridge travel goes quickly, as they usually do. However, as they grow closer, the bridge grows...Darker, more frayed, as pieces of it hang off into everlasting darkness. As they grow closer, the blackness of the Umbral night is washed out - replaced by a rising gray mist, a thick, choking, vaguely alkaline fog that burns the nose and makes it hard to breathe. The moonbridge leads directly through an Ancorhead, slicing through the pustule on the face of reality like a knife. Eventually, the feeling of moonbridge under the feet - something like walking on a grassy path - is replaced by a harder feeling - cobblestones under the feet. The fog rises up suddenly, enshrouding everything behind a wall of gray mist. The Garou warband can see each other - but just barely.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Following up along Val...Quietly* ~ps~Just wanted to thank you guys before we marched to meet our death then Ancestors...Thanks for givin me a chance as a Dog of War...I'm prouder then I've ever been...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] ((Yes, Rane has the vial))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] Cassy>>*grins sadistically* watch and learn, padawan. You're gonna learn how a fenrir dies. twice. *looks over to Rane and Val* you two keep close.. I got oathes to uphold and neither of you is allowed to die without me playing hero first. got it?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  ~ps~ Stay close.... *as the fog closes in*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *her fingers run through val's fur again, so she dosn't get lost*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] ~ps~ You already died for me once. You're not allowed to again.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] Jurg> ~HT~ We'll do what we can.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *And at some point during the trip Cassy breaks into song...the selection for this night is a sweet little diddy from Metallica...Hero of the Day. She sings beatifully and loud...Every can't help but feel completely motivated as rage begins to surge through them* ((EVERYONE adds 3 dice to any brawl roll, once per turn))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Keeps one ear sharply turned back to listen to Janet's every move and feels for any relinquishing of the hackle-touch.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~ps~ there's no thank yous for being a dog of war... you're a Dog because you earned it. Nothing less.. I'm proud to stand beside each and every one of you. Jublain would be proud.. Hadrian would smile.. Cole would be shitfaced with envy. *drops to three limbs and keeps close to his packmates... and an ear on Val*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Flea is eeriely calm...Albiet hackles raised...Something about her suggests she's seen something like this...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ Tighten up. Keep Rane in sight.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Nods barely visibly and makes frequent visual checks on Rane.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] And then, the fog starts to disappear, slowly burned away. It's not as if what's left behind is much better, and before long, the Garou rapidly find themselves preferring the foul-smelling fog. The sky is grey - not cloudy, simply...grey, an endless steel expanse hanging above the heads of the war party. The Garou have, apparently, stepped into a central square. A fountain, which geysers foul-smelling, clotted blood high into the air from a statue that's not even remotely human, some sort of tentacled...THING. The buildings above stretch high into the sky, but they are...WRong. The angles are incorrect, not conforming to any sort of sane geometry. They join at impossible angles. Here, an expanse where there should be wall gives way to blank nothingness. There, it looks as if one could literally fall into the wall. Catwalks of rusty, dank metal stretch between the buildings, empty for the moment, torches with sickly green fire lit along their length.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *shifts up to crinos somewhere along the way*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *she swallows softly, the ice cold spit in her mouth freezing the bile in her throat as she eyes the area*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Though the hackles rise on her neck, she isn't as suprised by this as others...after all, wolverines gifts come at a price*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The buildings don't seem to correspond to any human architecture, making their purpose impossible to guess. Cobblestoned streets stretch in all different directions, whirling madly off into the distance. On a hill, one can see an enormous castle, the likes of which the human world has never seen, and below it, what appears to be a mosque combined with a cathedral, with stained-glass windows depicting blasphemous tentacled monstrosities bursting from the earth, devouring humans, Garou, any living thing.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *bow ready, arrow in* ~ps~ Val, which way?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Keeps moving, Morningstar rattling lightly....Keeping near Val and Rane both...Perferably infront of Rane to keep others to form somewhat of a circle around the Theurge*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *spoken softly* ~ht~ now you all know what spawns Wolverine's rage...

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *looks around... yep.... welcome to hell*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *for once, isn't chafing at the protection. Her duty tonight is important*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *her telescopic baton snaps out reflexively.. and she keeps walking*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *In true galliard fashion she is able to recite from memory the lyrics of this Ape band, completely in the high tongue, though she keeps her voice down for now, not knowing if suprise is key*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ *quietly* I've never been in this part. I'd say the big building.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Nods her agreeance with Val..*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Softly to Rane* ~HT~ Ask the vial to show you. You never know.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ Sounds like a plan. Get your masks on.

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Sounds fill the air - shrieks of agony, almost incomprehensible in its magnitude, pierce the air. Insane titters rebound off the walls from all directions, and moans more suitable to the bedroom erupt seemingly at random. Still, no living - or unliving, or moving - thing appears. No army of Banes awaits to tear the invaders into pieces.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *flattens her ears to her head in an attempt to block out the sound*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *looking at the vial, held in one clawed hand, to see if there's any guidance there*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she flinches, softly at the high pitched noises, but keeps moving*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Before the others, so they can see the difference and know it's her; she changes appearance from herself to a magnificently horriffic Bane, not unlike the Queen Mother of Alien.* ~HT~ It's still me, everyone.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *With the Hammer of Garm vibrating in her hand, calling out for the blood of the wyrm it can feel is near by, she growls through her tune...she too has a vow to keep, and destiny, it would not without a sense of irony in this case*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *glances to the frost from Janet's mouth.. looks to Kjede Brytter and siphons the last of his spiritual energy into it... The final Iron Hammer to be borne into Malfeas instantly freezes the air about the head. Frost forms from the weapon, air chilling at it's pass. The wolves of the Berskr armor collect their own mass of frost, resembling the Fimbul wolves of legend*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Looks at the Bane she's following...If she were in homid, she'd chuckle...Clever...And who's to say banes don't tear each others to peices?*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  Val>> I always knew your true appearance would be revealed in time...*snicker, then continues with the song*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *tosses his hair and makes himself look...well, kinda like a headcrab. But not.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Pats Cassy on the shoulder- and still feels like a hand doing it.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] can't help it... * ew... *she shrugs and keeps going*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The vial seems to pulse with an inner light when held in the direction of the castle.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *doesn't shange her appearance with the others... she just waits for orders..... silent*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Growls her own song...Some might think she made it up just for this moment if they'd never heard it....Deadlights...Pox Eclipse is growled lowly...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  ~ps~ Tell them this way, Cassy. *heading in the diredction of the castle*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Rests a paw on Jurgs shoulder, when Kjede-Brytters powers is felt* HT- this is the day, that Bone Gnawers and Fenrir will once again fight and die side by side in battle like our ancestors. This is the culmination of everything we've tried to work for brother...*smiles through her teeth*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  *She motions for the war party to follow Rane* HT- This way...we have a scent.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] Cassy>>~ht~ not nearly as shocking as Dogs of War and Lonewolves, though.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  HT- In the end...we all bleed the same. But don't worry bro...I'll watch your back just in case. *snickers*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Glides through and immediately gains altitude, circling overhead.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *glances at Jurg/LC when Cassy talks to him.... she wanders toward him as they walk again, looking at him*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ps~ Diamond up...*scuttling forward like a good headcrab should*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *doesn't glance back at Cindy. Rane and Val are his foccuses*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Falls into formation instantly.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Or, at least, that's where Rane THINKS she's heading. Wandering into the streets reveals before long that, in fact, there is no rhyme or reason to them whatsoever. Trying to focus on the path just leads to a sensation behind the eyes, a rising desire to laugh madly. The buildings are becoming more defined, however - gothic buttresses soar into the air, twisted, mad gargoyles spewing dark green, burning fluid into the streets at entirely random intervals. The Garou walk for perhaps fifteen minutes, and then they start to hear the first sounds of life. Wings. Not bird wings - oh, no. Buzzing wings like those of wasps.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Same here...she keeps in close proximity to Rane on her left shoulder*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she seems to completely understand, and falls into a proper position*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *keeping an eye on her packmates... she does glance at Jurg... then decides against whatever she was considering... and heads back to where she was, still silent*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Straps her hammer back on her back has she glances around warily, hearing the infernal sounds of life. She retrieves 4 knives...two in each clawed hand, and activates the spirits within them.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Keeps overhead, trying to get a glimpse of anything they might need a warning of.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *At the sound, her hands spasm in their grip on Morningstar....Some will see her claws, from her fingers and slowly to the tips, grow into silver...(1suxx)*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Checks Rane's position for quick reference before looking up.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *lets her sword appear at her hip and draws it*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *vial in one hand, and Vedergallning in the other*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *bad memory of a kegger long, long ago...*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  *raises Chain-Breaker a bit.. prepared to hurl*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  A tittering whisper rings out, its direction impossible to tell. "They come here. Wolf-children. They think we can't smell them through their silly disguises." Mockingly tittering laughter rings out all around the Garou, the numbers and directions impossible to tell. Even Tell finds it impossible - he sees nothing except fog, and the higher he goes, the more he realizes - if he looks down, he will go mad. If his eye tries to take in this hellish city, even for a moment, his mind will shatter into a thousand fragments, making even the most insane Black Spiral Dancer look like the very picture of sanity.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] (( I don't suppose there is anything that can be considered as "Trash" in these streets is there?))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  ((just Cindy *snickers and prods Ryan*))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she tries to put the whispering out of her head and just plows ahead forward, heading - or attempting to head in the direction Rane has chosen*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *growls* ~ht~ come on down here, cock-juggler, and get a better smell. start with my ass.

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  ((Not really, no. Mostly just the green fluid running down the streets.))

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Lowers quickly, keeping eyes forward until he's passing by buildings again, staying above the pack but just trying to keep his eyes open. Even starting to get a picture of the cityscape hurts his head, but they need all the warning he can give them.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Lowers quickly, keeping eyes forward until he's passing by buildings again, staying above the pack but just trying to keep his eyes open. Even starting to get a picture of the cityscape hurts his head, but they need all the warning he can give them.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *ears flat to her head... just following the person in front of her, trying not to look around too much*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *steady on, fucking assholes. She hears this shit in her dreams on a good day*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Her ears are up...But she keeps her gaze forward...Careful not to touch any of the green stuff...She remembers the Ravengers well enough...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *silent and moving forward semi-erraticly, slowing down to make sure he's going in the right direction before zipping forward*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  More buzzing, and now, a disturbing and entirely obscene bubbling noise, coming from the pipes above that feed into the gargoyles. More tittering laughter. "They think to come when we are weak. But we are never weak here. The Duke rides the streets now, and he smells the daughter of Pegasus."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Flips her tail once to let Janet know she's going to pick up the pace, and goes after Twomoons.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *She jogs along side val, moving with her*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ Duke, duke, duke, duke of earl, earl, earl...

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  ~HT~ damnit, Val!

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Ears flick at the name used...Ear flicks* ~gs~Let him come, cowards...I'll be the first to meet him in battle...*Growled lowly..*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] ~ps~ We msut remain together!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *And there's a hint of pride in knowing something here recognizes, and obviously dislikes Pegasus enough to mention it.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ I'm not leaving, just picking up the pace.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  *growls and picks his own pace up as well, but doesn't pass Rane*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Picks up the pace, keeping at Val's flank...Left side...Those near her feel her Rage growing at an eeriely fast rate...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] There's definitely more burbling coming from the pipes, an obscene, nauseating sound, something out of the sewers. And the stench to go with it, now. The smell of raw sewage washes over the marching warband, and the greenish liquid flowing from the mouths of the gargoyles is starting to THICKEN. Rather than splashing to the ground, it...Plops, a sound that could turn the stomach of the strongest-willed.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Fuck secrecy now, her loud, resounding voice starts screaming out the lyrics that will put the fire into even the weakest of Garou hearts, Pantera...then Rage Against the Slipknot* ((Remember...+3 to any one brawl roll per turn, and yes...those dice can be split up between rage and extended actions))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *puts one hand over her muzzle.... ugh... god*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] Oh that's probably not good... *she murmers to herself, watching the plopping*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *doesn't remember ~that~ from the kegger...headshake, muffled gahk...movin' right along, picking up the pace a bit*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Tell hears it just a moment too late. And then, the buzzing is whipping past him, and his wings erupt in agony as they're more or less sheared off, blood pulsing into the air in a geyser.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *well yes.. that _does_ turn his stomach a bit. He's not the strongest willed Garou.. and while Wolverine has granted visions of worse.. actually living it has an effect. His gift of the Bearskin prevents him from pause, at least*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] ~gs~Keep away from the green sludge...You think any is going to fall on you, make -sure- to move as quick as yer body will allow...*Growled to the war party for what few may not know..*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Coughs, and chokes down her own vomit...yet continues to sing, hoping the own rancid smell of her flesh will continue to help blot out that of the vile wyrminess before her*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *still completely silent, no sound from her footsteps, from any movement she makes*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *roars and lets the hammer fly for the swarm, leaving trails of icy frost in it's wake... knowing full well the hammer will reappear in his hand in a split second*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *As blood rains down from Tell, her head snaps up with a rage filled snarl....Prepared for battle, as always....Praying someone grabs the Corax should he fall*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Caws, trying to re-establish his flight before he realize he's got no wings to steady or adjust. It's only about half a second after that that he's unconscious, falling rather quickly towards the grou9nd.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *looks up when the others do, readying her sword*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] ~ps~Rane! Grab Tell and try healing him! But don't leave the circle unless you have too

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *oh hey, catching the corax.. seomthing she can actually do... she eyes the sky, manuvering under him*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ Cover me. *zips to try and catch the loony Corax*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *With a howl...she cries havok, and sends four of her bane knives (just like bane arrows) screaming toward the swarm*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *waits, the Hrafn will be caught and brought to her. Remaining in the circle is more important*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Pulls a bane arrow with which to cover Twomoons*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Does not break the formation for any reason...her heart going out to Tells, yet he is only the first of many casualties this night, and she knows that*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Snarls, eyes darting around as others attack the swarm of...Things....Making sure this "Duke" isnt chargeing down on them...*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *seeing jason move as well, she goes low, letting him go high- so if he misses she's got him*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Anyone who wants to catch him can without a roll.)) The plopping from the pipes is definitely increasing in tempo - green sludge is starting to build up. And...Oh, Gaia. It's MOVING, The sludge is moving. Not quivering like it should, disgustingly enough, but moving. Taking on form. Each pile is building itself up - they're forming what appear to be pigs that come up to the Crinos knee at the shoulder, with tusks caked in dried feces, blood, toxic waste, and gaia knows what else. They have eight eyes or so each, though this varies, and the eyes are shifting position anyway, as the things seem to be constantly melting.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *With a cry of war, she's moving for the forming Pigs closest to her...Trying to remain an angle of the circle...But it does leave a bit of an opening*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *growls as KjedeBrytter makes no contact... and reappears in his fist. Steps to the fore of the DoW formation. Rane will not be touched*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  *Bares her claws...her mouth frothing as she waits the onlsaught* HT- COME TO ME...Let me take you home...*Resumes her song*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *who needs a mitt? One shot to heal him on the run, dropping the disguise* ~ht~ assholes and elbows...*hauling ass and healing on the run* Flea, cassy, rearguard...

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *she covers jason's back as theybolt*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. No combat rounds yet. The new spirits are fairly weak and easy to dispatch, but there are LOTS of them. For every minute or so the Garou spend, consider...Oh, fifty or so to be formed and advancing up the street from behind the Garou.))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ((TM Fix bird 1 1 2 3 3 3 6 6 10 TM two more 7 8 - Diff is Tells' Rage + 2 ))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *she experimentially tries breathing on one.. cause well - they're goo, and she's icey cold*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Does as instructed and holds the rear with Flea as they take off down the streets*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *with targets now visible.. begins hurling Kjede Brytter as soon as he reforms in claw.. each throw leaving trails of frost, each strike a pounding of ice and iron*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Swings Morningstar with a arch of black blood to connect on one of the pigs before leaping back at Twomoons orders....Though she merely trades places with LC in the circle around Rane...Allowing him to move up and take Val's flank and one angle of the circle...Turning to face the on comming spirits*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~HT~ Come on, follow Twomoons and make speed. Fight through to go forward. *Claws begin to drip black ichor to inflict maximum pain.* ((Visceral agony))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Cassy's knives streak off into nothingness - and then strike home. SOMETHING is pinned to a nearby ledge that goes up at an impossible angle with a squeal. As it kicks out its death throes, whatever foul magic was keeping it unseen dissipates. A locust, as if imagined by a serial killer, hangs there transfixed like a butterfly. It squeals, a blackish fluid dripping down the wall, and falling INTO the wall, as if a corner of masonry is drinking it. The thing is all scythes, whirling blades, bone saws, and bony knives - and some of those weapons are wet with blood.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Her tune is muffled as she takes chunks from her foes, her maw dripping with vile flesh and ichor coating her body, though she picks up where she left off, rallying her companions*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Her tune is muffled as she takes chunks from her foes, her maw dripping with vile flesh and ichor coating her body, though she picks up where she left off, rallying her companions*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((Rage is 3, so that's 3 suxx))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *spins and backpedals two steps to lob Tell at Rane* ~Ht~ Catch and strap him to something - he's still got eyes. *firing his bow only enough to keep their path clear*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  All Janet gets for her trouble is a faceful of the thing's smell, which IMMEDIATELY causes her to start vomiting in an extremely painful, wrenching fashion. The foul little creatures are easy enough to kill, but where one dies, three seem to take its place. The only way out is forward - up. The horde behind them would strip the flesh from bone of any who lingered.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *some how taking custody of the injured Hrafn*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Pox Eclipse is still howled out as she works on the spirits...She fights with the fury of most Fenrir....Morningstar making a high arch of black ichor with each strike she hits.....Hands still glowing from the silvery claws that fuel her Rage*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Oh, and anyone biting them needs to soak 2 aggravated damage, PLUS has four or five turns where they can do nothing but move as they vomit.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Cassy will grab any who fall and drag them back to their feet, urging them foward as she holds the rear with her packmate*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Even with Resist Toxin?))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *owowow that hurt and was a really really bad idea. she struggles with herself to get control of herself*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Reaches back and lifts Janet under one arm for a temporary boost away from the horde as she goes. VERY careful with the claws.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *works on fighting the pig things*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Standing by Cassy, turns now and again to slay a bane or three as they follow from behind...Keeping the Bane's from the War Party*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *gets picked up and hauled away from the evil scent... thank the mother*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((You don't take the damage, but you do vomit. It's the taste that triggers the vomiting more than anything.)) There's something up ahead. A gate, made of wrought iron twisted in bizarre patterns, covered with vicious spikes, those along the top covered with impaled - and still moving, and living - bodies.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ ...we're goin' in and we're going in full throttle...*firing an arrow ahead of them on the fly*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *growls and surges forward a little faster* ~HT~ MOVE IT! *throwing Kjede rapidly for things as they form ahead of them. Trusting in Cassy and Flea to cover the rear*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  ~gs~Break the gate, don't try going over it...*Glances at Jurg, checking on him...Then Rane...Then moves to cover Cassy*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] And the pigs are...Combining. A wave of horrific sludge, raw sewage, toxic waste, and other, more unmentionable things, washes towards the Garou, covering the street. The gate ahead is truly the only way out.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *She wretches violently, like an intestinal hiroshima vomit pretty much coats everyone in front of her since she makes no attempt to hold it back.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  anyone else get the feeling of being hurded? *she taps val to put her on her feet and bolts right along*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *recatches Kjede Brytter and storms ahead of the others to smash the gate's lock or barring with the powerful fetish in a massive overhead blow*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Sets Janet on her feet, but keeps one hand on her for this running and being herded part.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Gets thrown, grunting as he's far from healty at the moment.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The gate groans for a moment, then bursts open. Ahead, a garden stretches, the grass dead and dying. A massive hedge maze rises in the distance, and, further, the cathedral. The castle is close, just behind the cathedral.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ Yes, but if they're herding us to our destination, I ain't bitchin'. *switches to a normal voice* ~ht~ Jurg, aim for the gate! *putting on a little more speed to try and knock the gate down with some Cleaving Hoof or two*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Morningstar starts targeting those pulling together...Dispatching them before their power can grow...Still covering Cassy...Standing against the chargeing army of Banes infront of her Sheild Sister*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ((belay the CH if it's not necessary))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *It's several seconds before she is able to steel herself against the wretching, and she immediatly continues singing loudly, deciding it's time for Garms Hammer to taste the blood of the wyrm. Unsheathing it from her back it almost sings as is meets with glee any who would dare stand against this most powerful of weapons*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *flexes his right claws.. Pyrestarter erupts into flames ((2 succ.. and three rounds then the ouch)).. reaching out to hopefully burn away the hedges*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Grunts* ~gs~Cassy, we can't kill them all...Only slow em down....If you want to catch up before they break past us, go ahead....*Still crushing the banes...Letting them drop until their brethern march over them...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  As Jurg's hand approaches the hedge, he realizes something - he can't bring himself to do it. In fact, as his hand grows closer to the hedge, he realizes he's not reaching for the hedge - he's reaching for his own face. Destruction of the hedge is tantamount to suicide, he just knows it.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *The venom ceases to drip from her claws.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] And the wave strikes the walls...And washes back. Even where it should flood through the gate, a wall of horrifying toxins, it simply...Breaks and washes back.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Growls to Flea*HT- Our job is to hold this line sister...we keep up as best we can, but they will not get through us...*She is still moving foward as best she can while fighting off the pursuants.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *jerks his hand back in a fist...* Val, Hippy! hit the fore! *turns to stand at the gates and provide hammer support for Cassy and Flea*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Squeaks--he's not capable of much more--trying to get free of the grasp; he can't do shit like this...*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *A toothy grin on her maw to Cassy...Still continuing the masacure...*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *looks around, waiting for orders*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *Tell is deposited on her shoulder as soon as she's certain he's concious, and she keeps moving*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Her appearance reverts to her own and flames of clear blue-white form on her claws.* ((Flames of Hestia))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Tries not to cast a glance back to the gate as Kjede-Brytter whips past her....Howling her furry as she keeps the hold*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The streets...Vanish, as the Garou step into the garden. Fog suddenly swells, obliterating the mad city behind them. A wall of nothingness stretches forth, a grey void, unbroken by anything save fog.

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Clings tight, looking all around as he tries like hell to do his job, unable to kick in what little protection he has while he's still touching one of the Garou.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~HT~ Dogs of War! *grunts and hurls Kjede again, plowing it for a slime on Cassy* Pull back to the Gates!

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *When she and Cassy are finally backed up to the gate...Should the banes vanish as well, she turns and races forward*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *snarls as the fires on his claw implode with powerful force. Tries not to ask what just happened.. in the end, it doesn't matter if he understands. Only that he protects his shield-sisters*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] There's nothing beyond the gate. No Banes, no mad city - simply the endless gray of the fog, stretching up into infinity and down into oblivion.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *pauses and holds up the beating of the bush* ~ht~ Rane, give us a bearing.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *She looks up, trying to get her bearings*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] *holds the vial higher, a beacon in the fog*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The hedges are...Bizarre. Plants, yes. But they writhe and twist maddeningly, their motion never-ending. Flowers spring to life, but instead of being beautiful, they're twisted monstrosities, screaming from tiny mouths before they wilt and fall to the ground in a rain of petals made of teeth.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Moves to take her place at an angle infront of Rane, flanking Val* ~gs~City and banes vanished....How do we get through the maze?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ We'll see what Rane can show us.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *grunts* ~ht~ instinct? I don't want to know what this place does to the man-mind.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  ~ps~You okay, Beast of Garm? *Having noticed what Pyrestater did*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ Toss Tell up.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] Flea>>*nods* ~ht~ already healed. Val did me that favor.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Looks at Twomoons* ~gs~No, I can jump....I can bounce high...*Not wanting to risk something snatching the bird*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] As the Garou all turn to regard the maze, Rane feels a soft tap on her shoulder. She feels SOMETHING tugging at her mind. She wants to - NEEDS to - step into the maze. Not far. Just a little ways. There's something there she needs to see. She just knows it.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ doi it.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4]  *just a bit...not too far, her pack is right there....she steps*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Crouches and leaps up, going impossibly high....* (Hares Leap used. Want a roll?)

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *no less than a step behind Rane. He'll not leave her again*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] Dammit, this is what he's here for... Without further ado, he pushes himself off of Rane's shoulder, struggling for a little altitude.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Turns one ear to Jurg*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *With her hammer singing it's deadly song, she pulls back, holding the line next to her packmates, and pressing onward Screaming her lyrics*Pentex sucks Pentex sucks They drain the lifeforce of my tribe Pentex sucks! Fomori suck Fomori suck They roll around in toxic bins All Fomori suck!...(The Wyrm is bleeding but night is falling)&ldots; Black Spiral Dancers suck&ldots; Black Spiral Dancers suck&ldots; Those wyrm-tainted bastard Children&ldots; Black Spirals SUCK

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] And she practically walks into a short little pudgy bald man. Short for a human, even - barely five feet tall, he's a pudgy little man. His eyes are sunken in his head, and absolutely mad, pits of pure insanity. He wears long robes of black, shot through with hypnotizing purple threads, and gestures at Rane, voice almost kindly, though quite hysterical. "Kneel, my child, and kiss the ring of Doge Klypse." He extends his hand, and his "ring" looks more like a growth, a purple, squirming tumor with foul spindles of flesh sticking off at random. And Rane finds herself doing so. She sinks to her knees, her lips moving forward to make contact with the hideous thing...

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] OOC:YEEES! Slipknot!

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  ((No roll for Hare's Leap. But I do need a Willpower roll, difficulty 9.))

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((Tell still in sight?))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  (1,2,5,5,8,9,10=1 suxx)

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] Uh...another bright red glaring mistake.....*said, watching rane* Rane! Remember the time when your son first walked! You were so proud, and swante was so scared, but he wouldn't admit it! And the time you caught him reading at two am! He begged you to let him stay up to finish the chapter

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *burns with Rage.. no one makes his alpha kneel but him. Snarls with deep fury, hurling Kjede Brytter for the short man's wrist*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] If I had my way&ldots;If I had my way&ldots;I'd rend them all, ripped and torn&ldots;All that sucks dies!...(Sweet smell bleeding glow is melting me)...*Although right there with the group, she can't see Rane just yet, or her heart would cry out in fury*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Flea leaps...And she sees. THe maze. And, for a moment, she realizes it's nothing that any mortal mind was meant to see. Her mind shatters, fragmenting into a million pieces. Her will asserts itself, and she's able to keep some sense of identity, but the madness is overwhelming. ((-1 die from all mental rolls and initiative checks.))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *looks over at Rane when Janet yells* ~ht~ shit, Rane!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Sweeps Flames of Hestia toward Rane to burn anything Wyrm thing they can touch.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *clearly, trying to bring rane back to reality*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Coninues watching their backs, though the cries for her packmate ignite a fire within her and she fights the urge to break task and rally to her Alpha...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Everybody can see Rane. She's right there in front of everyone. *g*)) And Rane's lips brush the short little man's ring...And her mind shatteres, exploding into a million jagged shards. If Flea just went a little mad, Rane just went completely insane. Her mind is overwhelmed by a flood of pure madness - a cavalcade of images, nothing sane, nothing right, nothing sticking to gether. She can't process anything - the proud Get slips to the floor in the fetal position as her mind implodes in on itself, alternating between laughing, sobbing, shrieking in horror, and blank stares.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Falls back down...Normally, the strong warrior's knees would bend as shocks...But they buckle and she hits her knees, letting loose a cry...It's mixed with Rage, grief...And tainted with insanity...Morningstar gripped tightly....Her eyes close before she takes several breaths...Eyes snapping open and she slowly stands....Eyes wavering from Rage..To something else...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *oh....fuck.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The little man pulls his hand back at EXACTLY the proper time. Through some coincidence, crazy as it might seem, Jurg's hammer misses, smashing into the hedges and rebounding with a clang. The little man then turns and walks into the hedges, whistling a merry tune.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *And the bond holding her to Rane surges with a chaos the likes of which she has never felt, and for an instant...she loses control, howling in agony for her packmate, and the pain of the insanity she can feel...*Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [69QO4] ((And on that note, folks, I gotta head to bed. Soul's got control of Rane, Greg, send the archive to the addy I gave you. G'night, ya'll, it's been fun!))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~HT~ Get the vial!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Night Kari!))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] ~ht~Get the viel! *Taking a few stumbling steps for her Alpha....Slowly regaining from the falter...But not fully*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((G'night Kari))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (Night Kari!)

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she bolts for rane, the smallest of them all, sliding to her side*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Rane will not let ANYONE take the vial. Anyone who tries is likely to get a claw in the stomach. It's clutched to her chest, clearly the only thing anchoring her even remotely to this universe.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Glances at Cassy....Fear rising in her eyes before it snaps back to Rage* ~gs~Twomoons, knock her out...*He was always good at that...*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she bends over rane.. her ice cold hands pressing to her fur, whispering in her ear, trying to pull her back to reality, not sure if a garou has anything to heal this*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *howls with agony* ~HT~ RAAAAAAAAANE! *rushes over to hoist his packmate with his right arm.. Kjede reappearing in his left*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  ~ht~ Fuck!! *doesn't get in the DoW's way*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Maddened with Rage but gaining control over her emotions she forces herself to keep keep fighting...she will avenge their deaths...on her blood she swore to avenge them...and on her blood she will live up to that oath, or die trying* HT- I bring my Hammer into battle&ldots;Shifting into Crinos&ldots;I slay Wyrmfoe&ldots;Then I step sideways&ldots;You can't see me for I hide within the Umbra!!!

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The Theurge simply lies there gibbering, unable to form a coherent word, a whimpering, shrieking, laughing, sobbing mess. And still the maze stretches out before the Garou, as if waiting to claim another victim.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *and gets a claw to his chest when he tries to touch his alpha.... grits his teeth and lurches back a step from the wound that rips callous free*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *quietly* ~ht~ Back off everyone. Make sure she can walk before I gotta knock her out. Flea, you see a path?

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she slips away from rane, unable to do any good*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Blinks at Twomoons...The image flashing in her eyes and she cackles....Like a mad Dancer, shaking....Then her eyes slip closed....Her head slowly shaking as the laughter dies...Whatever she saw....It was shattering...Not as bad as Rane...But it did it's job on the strong willed Full Moon*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Just to warn people - we're about to enter into the Extraordinarily Lethal portion of the evening. It's nothing personal to those who get knocked off. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew before the next little leg of the scene begins.))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~ht~ damnit, Rane.. we don't have time for this! *looks around* Hippy.. KO her. We've got to keep moving.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ Someone see if the vial shows the way still. *Trying to see through Rane's fingers.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Hearing the maddened cackle of her packmates she takes control, fighting her way to the front of the formation* HT- Follow Me...I can get us through...let GO!!!!

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Circles low overhead, keeping and eye out for threates more than anything else.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *She holds the hammer of garm tightly in her grasp...singing and leading at the same time*HT- Gaia has shown me the way...*Turns to LC* You and me up front...we need to clear a path....*Turns to Flea...knowing she's not well, but can't do anything about that* need to remember who you are, and take up the rear...can you do that?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Focusing her will...Eyes open again* ~gs~Someone will need to carry Rane...*Twitching, she glances at Cindy...It's hard to tell if she's asking, or if it's her crazy thoughts making her look at Cindy...Maybe she thinks she's someone else*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] Flea>> ~ht~ I will, if you want...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *well, since Rane doesn't look like she's walking....*~ht~ This gonna hurt you more than me...*and simply drilling her in the temple*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Blinks at Cassy....Nodding quickly...Quietly* ~gs~Kill me...If I do anything....Bad....*Eyes pleading....*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Blinks at Cassy....Nodding quickly...Quietly* ~gs~Kill me...If I do anything....Bad....*Eyes pleading....*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The Theurge goes limp suddenly. Still the maze stretches ahead. Somewhere, in the distance, metal scrapes on metal.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Waits for Rane to be securely in Cindy's arms, and nods to her*HT- This is your chance Cindy...*turns and begins...leading the group through the maze*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *nods to Flea, heading over to Rane* ~ht~ what should I do with the vial?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  ~gs~Give it to Val...*Then she turns to watch...Nothingness.....Unable to walk for a moment....Before she turns to follow...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  TM>> You and Val stay close to Rane...this is going to get ugly...I can feel it...

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *takes Rane and holds the now homid Rane over her shoulder... sword in her free hand... she nods to Cassy*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The maze is silent, oddly contemplative, as Cassy leads the Garou through it. No sign of the little robed man. The Garou weave through the twisting, insane hedges for what seems like hours...And then, they step into a square area of the maze, a sort of clearing. And in the middle, plain as day, is a spherical metal chamber. An airlock-style door leads inside the sphere, and pulsating, colored light can be seen from inside.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ps~ reform. Cindy in the middle. Val, Janet - flank. *falling to rear-security.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *grunts and steps to Cassy's side* Take what you will of me, Sister. *settles the skull mask tightly upon his face*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *makes sure Val gets the vial*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Oh, and incidentally, Rane will absolutely not release hold of the vial, even in unconciousness.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Reaches out to take the vial silently.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ((Oh! *L* DLP))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ Let Rqane hang on to it.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Quietly prayed as she walks behind them* ~gs~Wolverine...Guide me true...

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *she goes to flank silently*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] ((ok, nevermind that then)) ~ht~ She won't let go of the vial..... I'll keep her with me... as long as I have her, and she has it... it'll be safe.....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Takes her place at the flanking position.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Growls to Jurg as she picks up her lyrics again*HT- We fall together this time my equals.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  Cassy>>see you in Vallhalla.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *When she reaches the square and sees the mark she is relieved that Gaia has not failed her yet...this place of such insanity and isolation playing tricks on even her*Val>>HT- There's our mark.!!!

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Circles a few feet overhead.* Hell, we only got one life apiece, let's go....

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  Tell>>Speak for yourself.

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  *Cautiously approaches the airlock, wary of an ambush* We should form up around the airlock...

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] Cindy>>you have one chance to redeem your broken oaths... if we're to be overrun. remove Rane's throat. We leave no one to be taken prisoner in this place.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ Let's do it now.

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] A set of metal stairs, rusty and rickety, lead up to the airlock door, which is, in stark contrast to the stairs, perfeclty maintained - apparently, the Wyrmlings are horrified at the thought of anything escaping. Long cables extend from the sphere into the earth, crackling with what looks like electricity.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Stops near the group....Eyes darting around....* ~gs~Do it..I'll get anything that tries to stop you...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *switching out his bow for Galahad, mostly walking backwards just in case*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *places himself between Flea and Val*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((make that Cassy and Val))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  And as Cassy, being in the lead, approaches the airlock, she realizes two things. First, the airlock is an illusion - a mirage. Second, so is the ground. She has time to contemplate it for just a moment as she's suddenly sliding down an incline that's sickeningly reminscent of an antlion's burrow...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~PS~ If we look like Vortices, they'll be scared and confused.

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Oh, crap... Shifts to Crinos, chasing acter Cassy.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((*G* AFter....))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *nods to LC* ~HT~ OK, Jurg...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Reaches with a flaming hand after Cassy*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ They weren't before.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~ps~ CASSY!

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  HOMID, CASSY!! *No way in hell is he gonna be able to haul a Crinos Garou around...*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Blinks, seeing Tell move for his packmate that vanished* ~ps~Cassy, hit homid and prey Tell can drag you out!

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Gets swept off gaurd, and as she growls, and digs the long claws jutting out from the horrific maw of her hammer into the ground*((Roll?))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *crouching a bit, holding Rane and trying not to be a target*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  ((Init 8. *G* Except he'll chase her in if he has to.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  ((Dexterity again. But Cassy loses init. this round.))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she stumbles backwards, and holds the flank*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *She looks at the ground, thinking......What if it spreads and they all crash into.....Darkness...Hackles rising, she watches the ground...Ears alert...*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *And even now she continues to Sing* Cycle of life and death supposedly&ldots;goes round and round yet it stops with me&ldots;Glorious hunter of my faith I have sinned&ldots;Killers are quiet like the breath of the wind!!!

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *switches Galahad and Bow again, loading and looking up, mostly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Init 14 Dex fail.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((And the last was to Cassy. Sorry, too slow.)) Tell is probably the one to see it, all things considered, the horror that lies on the bottom of the pit. Or glimpses of it, rather. Something like an enormous crab, judging by the pincers, except its hide is covered in thorny reddish carapace. Though, to be fair, the others probably don't notice because they're rather distracted by the fact that the hedge walls have suddenly sprouted vines that are lashing out with screaming mouths, hungry for blood.

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((Tell Dexterity (-2, 1 WP) 1 3 8--1 suxx))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Val, make a Dex + Athletics roll, this one at difficulty 9, please.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((did you want Cassy to make a roll? Dex+Ath?))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *oh fuck again-shoot the mouth and switch yet a-freakin-gain* ~ht~ grab a vine and ~pull~!

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *She lets a vine wrap around the end of her baton and yanks*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((One success with that WP))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((No need. Tell caught her.)) The rather awkward-looking bird-thing snags Cassy's hand, keeping her from plunging lower, but not quite able to haul her up out of the pit. One of the claws explodes from the sand, snapping at Cassy, barely scraping her thick hide. ((Soak a mighty ONE damage.)) Meanwhile, the Garou around the pit have to deal with the vines. The horrible little vines. Dozens of them, lashing out at all angles. ((Okay. After this post, we'll go into combat for a few rounds.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Val barely manages to keep from tumbling into the pit, but at least she does so.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *holding the position... doesn't have time to pray that Cassy gets pulled free...Trying to block and parry the vines as quickly as he can. Can't destroy it.. yet has to defend his suicide mates*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *staying in the middle of the group.... swinging her sword at any vines that manage to get close to her*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Grows as the thorny vine scrapes her thick hide, leaving only a small welt, but nothing more.* Tells>>BS- I always knew you'd be good for something...*struggles against the chaos to climb out...digging her hammer into the wall for support*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Moves to smash the vines with her newly fueled Rage...Snarling*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. Here's how this will go. Roll initiative. The vines and thing in the pit will go last, at least this round(next round, the pit-thing rolls regular initiative). Go in init order. Attacks against the vines are at +2 difficulty because there are so many of them whipping around and they're such a small target.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Oh, and post straight through to damage in all cases. None of the critters are taking any sort of defensive action.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((27))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ((22.))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] ((yuck. a whole 7))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Init 10))

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((Init 9))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] ((init 13))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay, feel free to fire the results away as necessary. Cassy, Twomoons, Cindy, Val, Tell, Janet. We'll fit Flea in there as appropriate.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (Init 21 with the -1)

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (Sorry for delay *S*)

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((init 18. Die roller stalled))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  ((Cassy...using Create Element on the Crab. 2 rage))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Create Element takes a Gnosis, so you can't spend Rage in the same turn.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (2 Rage here, no split on normal action..)

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *Splitting normal action twice. 2 rage. going after Cassy, Flea and TM*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. Roll on through. Init is only for resolution order this time. *s* Straight through to damage, since nobody's defending on their side.))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] * a whole 1 bashing as she lets a vine wrap around her baton and rips it through with a soft growl of intensity*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *slashes at the vines with her sword* ((to hit: 7,10,8,2,2 (3 successes) /// damage: 8,8,10,7,8, 4,3,8,4,5, 7 (7 successes)))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((6,8,7>> 3 sux on Create Fire on the Crab))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Twomoons doth whiff mightily. Twice.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Okay on the Rage thing...forgot about that...just spending one gnosis))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Swings Morningstar...Connection solidly with one of the vines* (2 suxx with a diff of 9...6 agg, then 1 agg from the venom)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((3 successes to hit.)) *Claws sweep through the vines with Flames of Hestia.* ((Damage 0 from claws))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Cindy cleaves through a few of the vines in one mighty stroke, getting doused in a foul-smelling fluid that looks an awful lot like blood. Janet, for her part, finds that the vines are MUCH stronger than she is. Flea's strike smashes through many of the strands of vines, and it looks as if half of them are rather weak suddenly. The other half continue their assault unabated, though al ittle the worse for the wear from Val's flames..

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Still hauling for all he's worth, ragged and torn wings flailing at the air.*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Remember you all have 3 dice to add to any brawl roll per turn, and they can be split between rage actions too))*Snarls at the crab*HT- Suck on this bitch....*Belts out another verse* Filling the shadows with forms of my own&ldots; Raised by humans of Gaia I was born...Stalking the world in dissarray...Killers are quiet when they seek the end game!!!

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *roars and swings with Kjede... the frosty trails whishing about him.. the first makes forceful impact, slamming into a vine with frigid might* ((9 agg)) *the second strike doesn't fair even nearly as well.. with his rage, it's equal to his first strike... the second rage barely manages to tap a vine* ((5 agg))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  *Helps as best she can to get out of that pit*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((make that, 9 agg, 0 agg, rage 1 9 agg, rage 2 5 agg))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The thing at the bottom of the pit seems singularly unimpressed, as the flame burns for a moment, then is smothered by the shifting sand of the pit. As Jurg's hammer strikes home, suddenly, fully half of the vines fall dead. The other half, however, simply lash out...((Did I miss anybody?))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~hT~ anyone else get the feeling killing it would be bad?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ Nope.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she pauses in her fighting, trying to remember the description of the thing they are supposed to be helping*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  ((Anybody save any dice for defense?))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~Ht~ I did.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (We roll rage now as well? If so, just drop my two actions so not to slow down)

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((damnit. nope.. no defense here))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ((Not I said the fly))

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] ((nope))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Fuck defense...hehe. she's being hauled through the air))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ((Nyet defense! Nope.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  (Or could use the two Rage as defense *G*)

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] ((yup, I -2 on my first roll))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *She looks down at the Crab, and growls...seeing that her effort have been for nothing. Incidently she can speak this things language, and she does so with fury*BS- Next time...You won't be so luck wyrm spawn!!!...

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Heh. Okay. Twomoons, soak 4 damage, aggravated. Jurg, soak 5. Both of you only soak with natural soak from Stamina.)) The vines are suddenly, viciously, assaulting the Garou, worming their way into any orifice they can find, thorns extending as soon as they find meat, ripping, tearing. And in the pit, the claw snaps shut around Cassy again, scraping that thick hide...((Two damage.)) However, Cassy and Tell realize something probably a little too late. First, Tell's Crinos form is rather too weak to lift a Crinos-form Garou. Second, plunging a hammer into the side of a sandy pit is not necessarily a good way to maintain one's position. The two are suddenly plunging into the pit again, down towards the creature that lives within...

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Still raging over the madness inflicted on her packmates she is true to the DoW motto of Trash Talking whenever possible, and she continues this toward the Crab* BS>> This place will fall by our're master will wither and die because of will wither and die. That is if I don't put my fist through that shell of yours first!!!!

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ((soaked 4))

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Keeps struggling, shoving like hell at the air--no damn way is he letting go.* HOMID, DAMMIT!

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Soaked it)) *As she is drug down she yells at the Corax* BS- LET GO OF ME!!!!! You're just draggin yourself down...*Turns back to the crab. Descending toward her fate*BS- Now it's just you and me and my hammer...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ht~ I fucking HATE kudzu!

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] We HAVE to keep Moving! *she shouts over the ruckus, pointing to rane's pulsing vial... *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~HT~ Haul onward! *Trying to see any kind of way over there, which is hard with the vines poking eyes, etc.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *roars as a vine slams into the eyesocket of his skull-mask and a blur of blood gushes down the side of his head... the dull yellow pulsing within now visible without the optical cover.* ~ht~ Cassy! get out and move it!

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] *Howls in song as she ready's herself* Reflection beckons a portal shard&ldots;Spiritual quest I must stay on guard&ldots;Stepping sideways&ldots;between worlds I shift&ldots;Killers are quiet when they're born with the gift!!!

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Hollers out to whoever can help.* SOME FUCKIN' HELP HERE!!

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. No more combat rounds for the moment. Mike, PM incoming.))

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((If she can shift to glabro she will. I know she is grabbed around the waste by that claw, but if she can shift she's doing it*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO] ((Delay that post))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *Watches down at her packmate....Twitching as if she's thinking of jumping down there*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  ((Shifting is fine.))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *rumbles at another transfer felt across Garm-hammer's bond... She better get out of there alive.. she better*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  ~ps~Cassy..If I jump down there, can you shift to Galbro? I'll try jumping out with you on my back...

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Tell struggles, but even as Cassy melts down to a smaller form, the weak Corax just can't pull it up. Cassy's head sinks below the sand, but she never stops singing. Muffled sounds of combat erupt from what must certainly be some sort of cavern below, and geysers of sand explode. A giant crab claw launches high into the air, spiralling onto the ground. And still Cassy is singing. Still more sounds of combat, then the singing is interrupted for a moment by a yelp of pain. And then another. The last thing anyone hears from the pit before silence is Cassy, singing. Bubbly, yes. Weak, yes. But it's there, until it gradually fades into nothingness.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *Okay, so missing vines is bad.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Makes a caw that sounds more like a snarl than anythine else, letting go over her hand once it's clear that the cause is hopeless, circling above the thing for any sign of her return.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *Roars and hurls Kjede Brytter for the pit with all his might, throwing up a howl for another fallen packmate*

Cassy Nix (DoW, Dead Girl Walking): [P5RRO]  ((*Takes a bow and cracks another beer*))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Roars...Pure Rage tainted with greif* ~gs~Cassssssy!

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *dammit.... she bows her head a bit...*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she dosn't hesitate, she keep smoving, doding the vines... pushing cindy to keep moving... *

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The clearing is more or less silent now, as the vines suddenly lose interest in prey that fights back, strands of them plunging into the pit through the sand.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Go Mike! Hail Cassy!)) ~HT~ Go now if we can!

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *Seeething with fury, he redoubles his efforts against the vines.. making his way to Val, heedless of blood and pain as the vines tear at him*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Flea is the last one to leave the side of the pit...Watching for Cassy to come back...Before moving on, holding back a small whine...*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *gets pushed by Janet, moving*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *no mourning, no nothing. maybe a slightly clenched jaw* ~ht~ forward.

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Some of the vines seek to imbed themselves in Jurg - rather painfully, since they go for any orifice they can find - but for the most part, they're feeding in the pit, and so they're easy enough to snap. Before long, the clearing is still and silent again. Rane's vial is pulsing - pointing in another direction, practically the opposite direction from where Cassy was headed.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Swipeing at the banes now and again...Steadily takes up Cassy's singing....No where near as good as the Galliard...But she feels the need too*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (*Switches Banes to vines*)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~HT~ This way. *Points where Rane's vial indicates. And moves on; no time to think about Cassy no matter how much, not when all life hangs in the balance.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *there is no longer fear.. no longer pain.. only reighteous hate, rage and fury. This is what he was meant for.* ~Ht~ you died as any Fenrir would dare to dream, Shield-Sister! may you find feast in the halls of Fenris! *throws his head back and begins snarling "Primal Concrete Sledge"... it lacks the Galliard's oomph, but it does for a war anthem*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Caws harshly again, rejoining the group as he shifts to Corvid.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she claspss the peice of jewlery under her sweater, but keeps moving*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *snarls ferally as another vine imbeds itself for locations unwanted, ripping it free with a bellow.. charges to catch with the rest of the pack... not straying more than a few feet from Valerie now*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *staying in the middle of the group*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Takes up her place again...Trying to keep her head as high as possible*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *eyebrow quirk*~ps~ Someone whack the vial, maybe it's on the fritz.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  Flea and Jurg>> ~HT~ *softly* she fought well...

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Here and there, the warparty has to stop and fight off some hungry vines - some with thorns, some with mouths, other with the heads of screaming infants. But eventually, they emerge into a courtyard. Ahead, an open drawbridge. To the right, the Cathedral. Though that is not its name, that is what comes to mind. A temple. A black trail begins outside, leading through a fog-shrouded doorway, the line seeming to shift even as the Garou watch. With a start, they realize to their right is the center of the religion of the hated enemies of the Nation. This is the Black Spiral Labyrinth. Ahead, the castle yawns ominously, an insane mixture of architectural styles from all periods, and some that never were.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *just growls at Cindy's words... it might be a sensitive issue.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~PS~ Or the Vortex got moved.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Nods to Cindy* ~gs~Yes...She did...*Hiding the grief in her eyes as best as she can...It slowly turning into that extreamly strong Rage...*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Activates the fetish he wears around his neck as he flies, wreathing his body in flame as he circles perhaps a dozen feet above the Garou.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~PS~ I dreamed I was here once, and became an Athro Spiral. Don't let it happen.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ps~ New plan?

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC]  ~ht~ if y'all got any ideas, spit 'em out soon. *cracks his neck with the agitation of raw rage. Looks to Flea meaningfully*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The vial's pulsing seems to be getting stronger, and it seems to indicate that the castle is the proper direction. However, a rather chilling sound rings out from inside the Temple. A whining, buzzing howl, almost painful to hear. The Symphony of the Abyss.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ~PS~ Keep trying...((*Waves at Jamie.*))

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] Keep going! *she drags cindy toward the castle*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *looks to see if Janet is herding her the right way* ~HT~ Val? Which way?

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Roars, switching Morningstar to her off hand...Claws flexing on the other* ~gs~Come die, Bastards! *Keeping her place though...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ht~ Follow the vial and feets don't fail me now. *swapping and loading the bow up with a pair of Bane Arrows* ~ht~ Go...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Points the direction the vial seems to point.*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *snarling rythmically.. a war chant to loose himself in.* What you'd kill to see... Brings out the god in me...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Does the tail-swing for Janet and speeds up, Flames of Hestia at full force.*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *staying in the middle of the group... moving where they move*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ht~ Move it guys, I don't whatever's in there wnats to exchange the time of day...

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Twenty. No less than twenty Black Spiral Dancers pour out of the temple, a horde of snapping maws, flashing claws, flapping patagia. Here and there, some breathe out gouts of Balefire. The horde of monsters pour at the Garou, loping at them with that mocking howl pouring from twenty mouths, all at a slightly different place. Ahead, the sound of metal on metal is growing stronger, and something glowing lambent green is streaking downwards at a very high speed.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *remains at Val's flank as the charge continues* Come and be with me... live my twisted dream! Broken Bones and Flesh... Time for primal concrete sledge! *chanting, over and over in a slurring, less than coherent snarl*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *They can see those already--keeps his eyes out for the ambush...*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *ducks down in the middle of the group*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Snarls, raceing to meet the Spirals head on...Silver claws flashing as she prepares to become a whirlwind of Rage*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Okay. It's late, but we're going to switch to combat for those who are sticking around to fight the Spirals for a VERY short period of time - no longer than two to three rounds.))

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] Protect the flank! *Hurls Kjede Brytter for the mass.. but he's not leaving Val's side. The end result is the important thing*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *launches thwo Bane arrows into the mass* ~ps~ Janet, they're playin' your song...

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  And suddenly, a group of tentacles - massive pink things - burst into existence around Jurg's feet, punching through the cobblestone with an explosion of grit. They surround the Fenrir, lashing out at him, four of them.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *She smirked back at jason* -ps- we'll keep going.. Cindy MOVE... *she pushes her forward*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ Cindy, which way? *he's definitely not sticking around. Not that killing spirals isn't on his to-do list, it's just a little lower on the list than usual*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Number one priority, like tunnel vision almost- their objective. While killing Spirals is so tempting, the Vortex must receive the Heart-* ~HT~ Jurg, come!

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] At the same time - as if matters need to be made any worse - the glowing green thing streaking down from the sky hits the porticullis ahead, landing on top. A monster in twisted steel armor, a horned helm on his head. A massive sword hangs at one side, the other empty except for razor-clawed gauntlets. He sits astride a winged horse crafted from rusty steel, such a horrid imitation of Pegasus it can only be intended in mockery. It howls a challenge, sword pointing directly at...Val.

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *nearly crushes forward with his momentum as the tentacles wrap about his feet... raises his hand for Kjede Brytter.. his right claws lashing downwards for a tentacle, followed by the Hammer.. singing through the air with nonstop howls of hate*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] ~ps~Beast of Garm, take care of the tentacles....I'll cover the flank...*Stopping at the rear as they move on....Snarling at the on comming Spirals...She'll hold em off as best she can or die trying*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Actually, nix the combat on the Spirals. Stick cinematic for the moment.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  Skata ston tafo sou *in garou-accented Greek*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Aw shit....That has to be that Duke fella.....The first Spirals within her reach find themselves slashed with deadly silver backed by brute strength....Swinging not once...Not twice...But three times before her Rage even kicks in...*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~HT~ no *roars and crashes the hammer for a tentacle* shit! *quickly drops for the spiked shins to impale one.. or at least make it regret grabbing him*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The first Spiral slams into Flea and is rather nicely gutted, falling down into a pile of his own entrails as he's cleaved nearly in half. But even as he goes down, a second and a third vault over his corpse, their own claws flashing.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *the ones that look toward Cindy for guidance... see only empty space..... she, and Rane, are nowhere to be seen*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((BTW, translation: "I shit on your grave."))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Backpedaling and firing arrows as he goes* ~ht~ Yo Val, this bully fuckin' witcha?

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *grabs for another of the tentacles as the pink thing crushes against his skull with enough force to Goo a human.. Jurg stumbles slightly, grasping for a tentacle to keep from falling.. and once more, his claw erupts into flame*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Roars her challenge as the two come...They'll find she's one hard to wound bitch with the combination of her own Fortitude, the talen from Of Mice and Men and Luna's Armor...She takes the blows without dodgeing before her Rage pushes her to shred at them...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] *Driving thought, as it MUST be, despite the Duke...VORTEX! And she continues onward, keeping the vial in view.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~HT~ Ignore him unless he attacks.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *the vial is with Cindy and Rane............. wherever they are*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *indeed pauses at the roar... to be slung to the ground by the tentacles..*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Keeps watching. He's frickin' useless down there anyway, but maybe he'll see another chance to act--and possibly succeed this time....*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  *At the booming voice, she falters a bit....The Spirals will get a blow or three in during that period...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Assuming Cindy and Rane are with the pack?))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ht~ Val, only you could take the fun outta Malfeas

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The tentacles whip against Jurg, slamming him with force enough to crush a cement wall into powder. The Black Spiral Dancers continue pouring over the corpses of their fallen, but Flea realizes something - it's a distraction, the frontal assault. More are circling around behind her, talons glowing with wicked Balefire. And finally, the armored Duke leaps down from the ramparts, crashing into the drawbridge, sword drawn, extended, pointed at Val, hissing in a hate-filled voice* No Black Fury will despoil the sacred fortress.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Her eyes only widen a little at Twomoons' apparently sanity-challenged joke.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Put quotes around that last bit, please, starting with "No...". And Rane is. Cindy is sort of nowhere to be seen at the moment.)) Twomoons' arrows are helping Jurg - they seem to be seeking the tentacles, and doing some major damage.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Snarls as she's circled and like a rabid animal...She leaps forward to crash through as many as possible* ~gs~VAL! RUN!

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Dives down behind the circling Spirals in hopes of distracting them a touch, using Voice of the Mimic to give out the fearsom Anthem of War that he has heard Cassy use.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~PS~ Someone get behind him. I'll get the vial to you. GO.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Well shit, let's try aiming for the tentacles and see what happens*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((DLP if Cindy's not there. Is the Duke in fromt of them now?))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] He's standing smack in the middle of the drawbridge, and he's approximately the size of two Crinos put together.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((Correction: Rane is also gone.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ~PS~ Where's Rane?

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] *grunts... chunks of what passes for ground turn to dust as his form plows into it, leaving an imprint.. chunks of bone fly from his death-mask and his eye shines with a redness... Whatever.. however many.. are inside of him.. every single one of them has no desire to die like this. As one, the host, the virus and the Fenrir scream out* Elliminate! *slashes a claw through oneo f the tentacles* Annihilate *Kjede Brytter's slashing end comes cleaving through two* Errradicate! *and with the final tentacle clutched in his jaws, the spiked knee comes raking across with the force of mortal peril. Bleeding and broken in many places, the Dog of War rises again*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *wiggles tail and foot* ~ps~ Somewhere. Cindy's packing her - talen?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  ((Does the Duke seem to be Spiral or Spirit?))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The Black Spiral Dancers take advantage of even the slightest lapse in Flea's defense. To her credit, she's got a stack of corpses in front of her - four or five have fallen to her. The others are circling her like jackals, though, darting in with vicious claw swipes, leaving agonizing wounds that seethe with balefire. The tentacles are sliced by Twomoons' arrows, and Jurg finishes them off. They are ripped apart, falling flopping to the ground.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *janet is still clinging to.. something.. and running*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Next target* ~ht~ Flea! This way! *sailing arrows into the dancer group*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *As the wounds split across her form, the Spirals will find the blood on them burning them deeply as the Venom coursing through her does it's job...She's getting battered by the gang style beating, but her Rage isnt faltering as she keeps slashing....Skilled enough to slash sometimes as mean as three times before he Rage is put through to attack even more....*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (Many, even..)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Coooool!)) *Her hand lifts the Pandora's Box Fetish out of the leather pouch at her side* Duke> ~SS~ All I ask is that you kneel before me so that you may worship She Who Redeemed the Devourer of Worlds. *Opens the Fetish and activates*

Jürgen Lost-Claw Beast-of-Garm (Dog of War): [UNUIC] ~ht~ FLEEEA! Hold them off! Jublain, Set me a beer next to Gretta! *quaking with rage* Wolverine, Garm.. I'm your weapon. Use me!

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Flea is without a doubt doing all she can...More so then ever.....At Twomoons cry, she gets a crazy gleam in her eyes that would make Steel's look like a mental persons....She keeps slashing* ~gs~Get Val to safty! *Not bellowing in a few moments she's going to try and break the line...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The next bit happens so quickly, yet so slowly. It's as if still frames are passing before those who are watching. The tentacles flop bonelessly as they lie there, severed. The ground begins to rumble. And then, it explodes, and Jurg is gone. No, not gone, onlookers realize mere moments later. Not gone at all. He's carried ten stories into the air into the chomping, bleeding maw of a Thunderwyrm. No, not a Thunderwyrm - this makes other Thunderwyrms look like nightcrawlers. This is the mother of Thunderwyrms, and its massive maw clamps down on Jurg's chest, shaking him like a rag doll, a dozen teeth, each the size of a minivan, all ripping at him, tearing at him.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *The tragedy, or maybe theblessing of it, is, she doesn;t even see Jurg die, focused as she is on the Duke.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *See's Jurg get taken up....May his Rage be true....She's next afterwards...*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *oh shit. Hopefully he remembers to dive...please let the fucker dive...backing up more* ~ht~ Workin on that...

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2]  *Climbs as rapidly as he can, trying to reach Jurg's level.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Jurg is borne aloft for only a moment, and then, the teeth, those massive teeth, crush him. He's torn asunder in mere moments,but even as he's dismembered, he continues to fight, as he vanishes down the throat of the mighty monster. And then, he vanishes from sight. And as Flea takes a moment - even a moment - to look at Jurg, the Black Spiral Dancers spring at her almost in unison. A dozen claws flash, a dozen maws snap.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *She dosn't stay to watch her friends die. she crouches, and bolts*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ps~ DammitJANET!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((10,5,7,5,10, 9,1))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *She's rent, black blood splashing on all those attacking her....She may have a lot of stamina, Wolverines Rage and the might of many of the greatest Warriors....But any looking at her see her vanish under the onslaught...Claws whirling as best as possible...*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] -ps- I am on cindy's trail, just keep fighting!

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Janet, dragging...Something...Makes a break for it. Right past the armored monster on the drawbridge. Almost casually, it brings its clawed gauntlet down, raking Janet's back, slicing her open. The wound is deep - glistening bone and fat can be seen under the suddenly flowing blood - but she's alive. In a lot of pain, but alive.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *a yelp, she rolls under the beast, trying to stumble to her feet and keep moving*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Here, a Black Spiral Dancer is knocked backwards, neck broken, body reverting to a wolf-shape even as it goes. There, one is torn nearly in half by sizzling silver claws. Here, one is disemboweled by a kick from clawed feet. Five more die under Flea's onslaught...But the others simply press on, trying their damndest to rip the brave Ahroun asunder.

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The spirit on the bridge keeps its focus on Val, striding forward. It stumbles, as the box opens, its image shivering, wavering, shifting, being dragged towards the box...And then, the box is rather suddenly exploding in Val's hands, knocking the Black Fury backward. The balefire wreathing the monster is dimmed, but still not vanishing, as it strides forward, sword already rising for the killing blow.

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Nothing here... *Makes some distance before the bugger falls, back to the battle.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Sorry. Was afk for relative visiting at a bad time.))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *She rededicates Morningstar....If she falls....They wont have her...Never.....Nearly on her knees..* ~gs~Twomoo...*A sickly rip, indicating she likely doesn't have a throat any more to speak....Clawing on her way down to the ground...Gaia couldn't save her now...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Rolls to try to avoid the sword.*

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] *Oh shit. Fleas' on her own for 3 seconds while he spins and loads up three of the Bane arrows to launch into it with, y'know...a prayer.*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] (*G* Think Flea is circled)

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The arrows strike home, and the thing, this avatar of hatred, this monstrosity, pauses its sword in mid-swing, a blow that almost certainly would have bisected Val. Instead, it turns baleful eyes on Twomoons, raising his sword in challenge.

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Dives again, bursting into Crinos. Not one chance in hell he'll be able to get her out of that, but if there's half a chance... Stays ready to drop the Fetish's effect just before grabbing her.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  And then, Janet and her invisible escort are into the castle. They emerge into an empty square. A path stretches on ahead, long, sparking cables stretching down its length. Light is visible on the far end.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW]  *Rolls up to leap at the Duke's back teeth and claws foremost, Flames of Hestia in full burst.*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she looks around, trying to keep pace with her invisable friends*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [XPAMW] ((Not the Duke's back teeth, the Duke's back, (COMMA) teeth first...))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Flea, down on the ground, eyes already dimming, has a chance to see Tell diving in. Tell, for his part, has a chance to see that Flea died a hero - Black Spiral Dancer corpses are thick around her, shredded by the Ahroun's amazing combat prowess. However, he also has time to notice that seven or eight of them are still alive and well, and all of them looking at the glowing dive bomber...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  *Bow...sword. Sword beats bow at this range* ~ps~ Val, go. Don't look back. *dropping the bow and bringing Galahad to the fore*

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD] *Tell sees her move likely for the last time as she enters a Frenzy...But even with that, she's likely torn down by the masses...Trying to roar her defiance and hatred until she is no more...*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Shiiiiiit.... Pull out, pull out!! Angles his wings, beak slightly open--if he had teeth they'd be gritted, and if he had lips they'd be peeled back--with the effort, seeking the safety of altitude again.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The vial pulls the group down the path. It's glowing even more brightly now, as they approach it. And then, there it is. The airlock. Real this time, as any sort of examination will show. Now, all they have to do is get both doors open at the same time, then feed the Vortex...

'Twomoons': [DH8YH]  ~ht~ C'mon Prettyboy...*whistles a couple times*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The sword slices downward, and not even the mighty fetish can withstand the blow from Duke Steel's sword. It explodes, the explosion more or less vaporizing Twomoons where he stands. The mighty Maeljin avatar staggers from the force of the explosion. It's weak - probably as weak as an Incarna can get - and getting weaker by the moment. But it's not dead yet, as Val finds in a moment. It reaches around behind itself with unnatural ease, clawed gauntlet clamping down on her skull. A vicious jerk snaps Val's neck and very nearly severs her head, even as the Maeljin teeters, teeters, and begins to fall...

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [F4211] ((Back from an unexpected reconnect.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] Tell manages to pull up with only a light scrape, thanks to Flea's last burst of heroics. And then, the pack falls on her, shredding her body until nothing remains.

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF] *she bolts up the stairs, shuddering, murmering a prayer under her breath.... knowing wendigo is with her, she grips the one side of the doors*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] The airlock door is easy enough to open - a spinning handle on the front opens it fairly easily. It's getting the second open that proves to be the trick. The two doors are designed to not be opened at the same time. It will have to be forced, or all is for naught.

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ~ht~ I'mma put your head next to Gramp-*not even a whiff of smoke, last cigarette, or time-stop for a soliloquy on the tragedy of it all*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  Cindy - one... two... three!

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *invisably moves to the other door, examining it for a sec*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *Crap, nobody left, and somebody still needs a distraction. Stays low, away from the direction Janet took. He can't speak the High Tongue, but thanks to the Gift Cassy taught him he knows the Wolf Tongue, and he uses Beast Speech now.* WS--Hey, Chancre-Drips!! Soon as I get the reinforcements we're gonna tear your heads off and use your tongues for shit-paper!!

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [F4211]  *Simply falls, flesh and Fetishes, talens, and tokens of a lifetime well lived.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  The door must be forced. It's the only way. A similar spinning handle, but locked entirely into place until the first airlock door is shut. Even a Vortex couldn't break through this encasing, a sphere of some black metal.

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *then shifts to crinos..... waits for Janet's count..... then twists and YANKS!!* ((rolling WP for Feat of Strength: 3,7,5,3,2 ))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Cindy and Janet both push at it...And they realize something truly horrible, something truly unfair. They simply don't possess the strength. The two of them working together simply can't force it, even if they pushed on it until doomsday - which may be sooner than everyone expected, all things considered. But, for a moment, Janet and Cindy both hear a soft voice, though it seems to be speaking to the Kin. Its voice is soft, chill, the winter wind across an empty plain. "You have served well, daughter of the Garou. Now there is one more task you must perform. Allow me to use your strength."

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  I am yours Wendigo, take me as you need me! *she calls out to the spirit*

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH] *keeps pushing... then gets an idea* #Open Seal#

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  And then, Cindy sees it. Janet never feels the next bit - Grandfather Wendigo may be cruel, but he is not heartless to those willing to sacrifice all. Her skin bursts, flapping to the ground like a popped balloon. Standing in her place suddenly is a ten-foot-tall creature, a tremendously furry beast with cloven hooves. It looks at Cindy and speaks in a low voice, even as the room begins to freeze around them. "Push one more time, little wolf."

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *blinks and looks at Wendigo* ~ht~ thanks, Janet..... *then nods to the spirit and PUSHES*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  With the combined strength of the Avatar of Wendigo and Cindy, the door bursts inward. A rush of air sucks everyone into the main chamber - And there it is. A glowing orb, a whirling vortex of color, light, sound. Except dim, as cables extend from it in all directions. It pulses slowly, and then, Rane is crawling forward, vial extended in her hand...

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  ~ht~ c'mon, Rane..... *scoops her up and runs toward the vortex*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  *is wendigo's flesh-puppet*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  Rane needs no help from Cindy. Her flesh is already dissolving into protoplasm as she presses the vial into the center of the Vortex...And then, there's a flare of light. Even Tell, outside, sees it, an explosion of colors, all colors, colors that don't even exist except in mad fantasies or daydreams, a riot of sounds, the smell of flowers, of pine, of sex, of decay, of raw meat, of perfume and nectar and shit and a thousand other things besides. And then, the Vortex is expanding, even the heart of Malfeas unable to contain the ancient spirit's raw might, especially coupled with the potency of the Heart of Flux. It expands like a nuclear blast. Cindy is the first caught - she has a moment, just one moment, of pure peace. Bliss, as she sees the infinite universe stretched out before her, and it all makes SENSE. None of it is confusing - it just IS. The secrets of reality are laid bare before her, and it is good, she realizes, for just a moment. And then, her bones are turned to silver,

Cindy Ramirez (xxxploit me): [35MPH]  *dies with a smile on her face*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] and she's boiling from within, but the pain doesn't even faze her. She dies in peace, in the knowledge that there really is a plan for everyone in the universe. Tell, outside, has slightly longer to consider ithe implications of what's about to happen, but only by a few seconds. He's overwhelmed by the same joy, that same peace, for a moment, and then his body falls to the ground, too horrifically mutated to even support itself. The Black Spiral Dancers die in screaming agony, and even the Temple Obscura, heart of the Black Spiral, cannot stand before the power of change. The chain reaction would be truly amazing to behold, were there any who could see it and live. Change meets entropy, and change wins, as it always must. And then, Malfeas is exploding, dissolving, changing, mutating. Banes are reborn, destroyed, recreated, then even they too dissolve under the power of raw chaos. Malfeas, for one moment, is nothing but pure, joyous change. And then, even that is gone - not nothingness

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *They need to hear of this--it's his job, his duty given by Gaia and Raven themselves. Beats for altitude, looking for the best view.*

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] *At least for a few moments.*

Mike : [B5NU] ((Haha...nice try Ken.))

Tell "Too-Fast" Sackett: [1RYC2] ((*G* hadn't gotten that second post.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  , not oblivion, no, but formlessness - POTENTIAL. Somewhere, far beyond comprehension of human, Garou, spirit, somewhere in the farthest reaches of the universe, a force more powerful than can be comprehended, the primal force of entropy itself, shrieks in agony, as its very heart is torn out from its beating chest, the hate that filled it replaced for a moment - just a moment - with joy. The Wyrm plucks its own heart out and flings it free, as its bindings fray...Snap. Coils so titanic that no words can do them justice flex for the first time in the eons since the Sundering, and even in the physical world, the stars, the earth, shake with the fury. All of reality trembles for one cosmic moment, as one of its key truths is redefined. And then, it is moving, emerging from its hoary gulf at the end of reality, plunging towards the heart of the Tellurian, towards Gaia itself. The end game is nigh. The Apocalypse may have just been decided here, for better or for worse, but the battle is

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF]  not over yet. The sacrifices of the brave Garou and Kin and Fera here will make all of them legends, should the Tellurian survive the final battle, but that last battle has yet to be decided. The Red Star blinks out for a moment, just a moment, then flares to life again as the Wyrm hurtles towards Earth, driving the tattered remnants of its shattered armies towards the Final Battle. The end is now truly upon us. There is nothing left but war. And no one left to fight but the Garou.

Valerie 'Rolling Blackout' Karydikrotos: [F4211]  ((My admiration and applause for the Bard, our ST.))

Soul(ST Style)2: [364BF] ((And that, as they say, is that. Thank you folks so much. I can't tell you how happy I am with how that went. I really, truly appreciate every last one of you. Thank you for your contributions to the game over the years, and thank you especially for being here tonight. Not quite the last scene of the game, but one of the biggest. Thank you all for making it something to remember.))

Rabid Greg (choke it on the way down): [UNUIC] *cheers and raises a beer mug to Soul*

Kissed by Wendigo : [DETPF]  ((*and the crowd.. goes... wild*))

'Twomoons': [DH8YH] ((*Makes a little oooo face*))

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DoW, No One Here Gets Out Alive): [VPUXD]  (*Applaudes* Very -VERY- good...*Probably the one of the best Scenes I've ever been in*)

--back in the junkyard--

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] *heads into the clearing... carrying Needletooth* 

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] ~ws~Good Evening, Grand Elder Rhya...The War Party has left, yes? 

 Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Nods to Kayla.* Evenin'. 

 Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] Misty>>Ayup.

'Graffiti' Almarez: [N54J] *finally shifts to Glabro so he can unlock the damn thing and open the door, scuttling into the maze for a few minutes*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] ((*puts on ST hat for a minute*)) For a moment - perhaps thirty seconds, perhaps a bit longer - the Red Star simply...Winks out. It flares back into existence, of course, but for a blessed few seconds, the hateful glare is gone.

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Instead of going to the STAT tent she heads to the FMT porch...why exactly, she can't explain* Any word yet?

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Stands quickly, making sure not to dump Honeysuckle off the arm of the chair, stepping down off his porch.*

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] *heads to the STAT tent.... getting some water*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] Kayla>>*Points up at the sky.* 

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Turns her head to the sky...and during that thirty seconds...that gloriously short period of time, she feels...truely if the war has been won.*

'Graffiti' Almarez: [N54J] *looks up from...uh...whatever he's doing in the maze...* 

Honeysuckle: [ET2RB] When the red glare of the star winks out she looks up at the sky.. then squints her eyes as the glare returns.

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] *looks up.... hmmm* 

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] Robert>> Bloody Hell...*Stands in Awe*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *His eyes slide upward then his head drops in a quiet sob. Both sadness and hope mixed together. Like when someone laughs at a funeral*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] Looks t'me like they done it... 

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] *Her head lifts, gazeing in awe* ~ws~Praise the fallen...*Then her head tilts as the glare comes back*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] ((*takes off ST hat for the second-to-last time*)) *kisses Cait's cheek, speaking quietly and smiling a little* See?

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *She's actually holding her breath...a rare smile creasing her face.* My god... 

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] *spots Kayla and heads over to her*

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] *Looking up, breath held* 

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *He stands quietly, swiping his face with the back of his sleeve and moves to where The Wall is to carve Flea's name in-...But it isn't his place to carve anyone elses unless asked*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Nods.* We won't know what they done for a good long while, but ifn' they could do that... *Gestures toward the sky again, even though Anthelios has reappeared* then they sure's hell done somethin'.....

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] *Keeps watch on the sky* 

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *And the unthinkable happens...she is left speechless...and tears stream down her face freely...*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] *quietly* They did it, baby... 

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] *standing by Kayla.... looking up.... she slips an arm around her packmate's waist, just being there..... also speechless*

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] Yeah.... *Letting the breath out slowly leaning her head back and closing her eyes*

Honeysuckle: [ET2RB] She mutters something, likely a prayer, in a foreign language. 

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *Nods to Rob, obviously trying to hide his tears as he carves the Lupus' name next to the other fallen Dogs of War*

'Graffiti' Almarez: [N54J] *scuttles back in* 

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] Heather> *Dully* They aren't coming back, are they?

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] ((Why am I reminded of the end scene in Independence Day, or Armagedon? *L*))

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] *Keeps watching, praying and holding her breath....Hopeing the star blinks out a second time and forever......Breath eventually comming out...She can't hold it til The Final Battle...*

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Smiles at her packmate, and nods softly* The war aint over yet, but maybe...just maybe...*and again...this galliard doesn't have the words* God damn...*wipes her tears*

Sonia Sanchez: [K7R62] Kayla>> *nods* ya, we still got work to do....... 

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Nods and with a rather disturbing speed he cuts out the names of the Dogs of War pack, all in a group. The Lone Wolves he leaves for someone more fitted to honor a pack he never was or wanted to be close to, and the bird he can't even remember the name of.*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK]  *shrugs at Cait* Maybe they are...*it's hollow, and they likely both know it, but she tries, at least*

Honeysuckle: [ET2RB] Her muttering goes on for about five minutes or so.

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] *Nodding, sniffling as she makes no effort to stop tears* Yeah...

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *She was never close to any of them maybe Twomoons who always managed to find something wrong in her flawless reports, but again...a smile creases her face and she turns to Robert* Yah know mate...I've heard great things about that stew of yours...maybe a small celebration is called for? *she can already hear the cheers, and the ooohs and awwes from the tent city folk*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *Quietly* We should put a glyph for Legend for em', if there is one-...*Smiles slowly and turns. Rolling his shoulders before taking the weight of responsiblity to heart*

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] Nate>> God damn right there's'll show you...*with her K-bar she carves the glyph neatly into the dirt, for him to use as a template*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Nods.* HT--Sounds like an idear. Git out th'drum, an' we'll git 'er started. *Shifts back to Homid.* Let someone else do for th'Lone Wolves. An' somebody oughter git th'raven's name an' put 'er down--he went with 'em, an' that'd mean he's a goner too.

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *Nods to Kayla and with a proud smile-...He places the Glyph along with the others under Flea's name. Also under Cassy's unless Rob does it first*

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Nods...and for some reason, feels as if it's her duty now...despite the seperation between her pack and theirs* I'll honor the Lone Wolves...and that bird...Too-Fast I believe...*wow...she does pay more attention than people give her credit for*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] *Sadly she can't use Rite of the Echoing Howl...She'd have to do it where they fell. Hopefully, that place is no more*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ]  *Nods to Kayla.* Have at it. Nate>>All of 'em. Kayla, make sure it's dee-notin' a status an' not th'Rank.

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Dutifully...though it's not her specialty, she begins carving in the names of the Lone Wolves on the Wall...each one with the glyph of Legend underneath it...for the actions of this evening were truely that*

'Graffiti' Almarez: [N54J] *hunkers down a little...they all scared him*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT): [CTMDE]  *just sips her water silently*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] ((*would just like to point out real quick that at least one Lone Wolf is still quite alive*)) *smiles at Cait, a little sadly* It'll be okay. Didn't I tell you?

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *Marks the Glyph proudly along with each of the newly fallen Dogs of War. He steps back when he's finished* You guys died the most proudest of death. Each of your lives will be sung until the end or forever.

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] *Heads to the Cooler to lug out the drum himself, hooking up the hose and turning on the pump if it's still necessary before ducking behind the brick-grill to turn on the gas.*

Mike Stevens: [S0RYY] *steps in from the maze, sunglasses on to hide his eyes... despite the freezing cold, he's wearing no coat. just boots, leather pants and a sleeveless black Tshirt. Burn-welts mark his arms and neck from the forge. An expression on his face so unnaturally rigid and contained that he might explode at any moment. A cigarette butt sits clenched between his teeth, forgotten amidst their grinding*

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Nods toward the carvings on the wall, making sure not to shadow the others, but to rightfully display their names in a place of overwhelming renown above all others, and knowing full well that the Lone Wolves are still very much alive in Anja*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] *Quietly shifts up to Homid...Watching in silence...She feels almost out of place...She barely knew any of her fallen Sept Mates*

Honeysuckle: [ET2RB] Sees robert getting ready to cook, she gets up, and goes to help with food preperations... not bothering to get some shoes on first.

Sonia Sanchez (STAT): [CTMDE] ((and Sparky... where ever he is *G*))

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *When she's done she looks to Robert* Can I help cut veggies or somethin rhya? To be honest is about all I'm good for

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] (And Howling *G*)

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0]  ((Yeah Yeah...and All those folks...))

Honeysuckle: [ET2RB] Tilts her head to listen to robert's whisper.

Mike Stevens: [S0RYY] ((yeah yeah.. the DoW still got Cole and Sean. But that's only because they never had time to track and beat 'em down))

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ]  *WRaps an arm around Honeysuckle's waist and whispers to her.*

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] *Head shaking a little, her eyes open and she stands, stretching* I still say it fucking sucks. *Stomping over to the pot that TM made coffee in last night, and setting about making a pot, her mood seeming to have gone from nothing to nearly enraged in moments*

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ] Nate--Be right handy ifn' you could find a hand-truck, so's when we're done we can haul this out t'them folks out there. *Gestures to the tent-city with an arm.*

Mike Stevens: [S0RYY] *doesn't nod to or acknowledge anyone... just heads to where the names are being carved*

Misty "Paws Painted Red": [HLN9T] (*Cackles at Greg*) *Shifts her weight, folding her arms over her chest. Ignoring the cold from the deep green tank top she wears....*

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] *stands up rapidly, following after Cait* Well...We won, didn't we?

Graffiti' Almarez: [N54J]  *just quietly...there...not really sure where to go or what to do with this one*

Caitlin Darcy ~highwire~ (these bastards need lives): [8V5EP] Heather> No. They got beat. There's a difference.

Robert E. "Patriarch" Lee (GE): [NQ0RQ]  *Just keeps working, trying not to really think.*

Nate "Of Mice and Men": [IA7] *Nods* I'll see what I can do. *Turning and vanishing off*

Mike Stevens: [S0RYY] *feels along the carvings for just a moment. Reaches to his back pocket, pulling out a small circle of metal, engraved with the image of a raven outflying the sun's rays. Without a word, uses the butt of his knife to hammer it to the tree with a single nail. Without a word, heads to Rane's van*

Sonia Sanchez (STAT): [CTMDE]  *just stands there.... sipping her water*

Kayla Marks (STAT): [N9UI0] *Nods and Looks at Sonia* Why don't you help that one there *nods to Nate* and find us a truck...*sits down with her knife next to the water pump and goes about peeling potatoes.* God damned if they didn't do it...

Sonia Sanchez (STAT): [CTMDE]  KAyla>> *blinks, she was spacing out* hmm? I'm sorry ma'am, what now? A truck?

Heather Payton(Bad Influence): [V35FK] *shrugs at Cait* I dunno, darlin'. If they did what they might've just done, then they just saved the whole universe. I think we can mark that in our column.


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