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Battleground 1
Mokolé Story

September 2005
Archivers note: This is the first trip to Battleground, in late September. 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence enters the gathering area, fading into view from the side* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Sits in the chair that, before he yanked it out of a '54 DeSoto, used to be the driver's seat, waiting for Cali.(

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] **Near the edge of the inner maze, a wolf with a dark grey and black coat fades into view. Most notable of its features is the set of near lyre shaped horns crowning its head.**

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods to the new fellow, looking around the place impatiently.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Evenin' Lance...what's on the menu tonight? *As he lights up a Skydancer* 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She made her way through the maze quietly.....Pausing once she reaches the gathering area to survey those present*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence is standing next to Bernie, while talking to Lance and smoking a cigarette* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] ((Since I'm runnign two scenes tonight, ...and since both of my characters are generally unpleasent to be around... there will be no NPC's tagging along for either party. ALSO... this trip to the battleground may mean PCs involved getting scenelocked for however long it takes them to get back. Keep that in mind before jumping in. *nodnod* If Makato's scene finishes early, I'd like to get in Vic and Kyle's exchange just so I don't have to stress over it later as well *g*))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] ((Oh, crap. *G* Weren't Lance and Cali already on their way out there after that little raid? Screw it, we'll start from here instead.)) Tarence>>Waitin' for Cali to show, and then off to Billings and then Battleground. Or just off to Billings and then Battleground, if she don't hurry the hell up.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Glances at those in the area, his eyes finally land of Tarence. His head droops as he scurries forward beside his packmate.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] The Battleground? What for? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] Want to watch a battle--one involving that Mokole that damn near killed Kyle the other night.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He lays a reassuring hand on Bernies back, but makes it slight...not enough to offend or embarass*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods to Ash and looks around again, thinking.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Whoa...a Mokole? What the hell is he doin' all the way up here? 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *A small chin up to Lance in greeting...Moving to find something to lean again* You guys find out what Tribes need to go to Battleground I take it?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *It is currently Friday night in the clearing... not long ago, Martin "Walks the Walk" Zhukov stormed off after a heated discussion with the kinfolk Mordecai and Makato. Thankfully, the people gathering just missed them.... Overheard, the moon wanes from gibbous toward the half moon.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Shakes his head.* That's what we're going to check. Tarence>>Don't know, but whatever it was really, ~really~ pissed him off. To the point where he just might kill all of us--which, by the way, he most likely can~ do

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence shudders at this*That's fucked up, man.. 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] No worries'll come out right in the long run, Lance. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Chuckles.* With a little luck and a lot of work. The way of the world...

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *A small nod* I'll still go, as offered unless you have enough already...*Figuring they'd rather take those who've been around longer then her over her*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ So that monster from the other day was a Mokole? What is a Mokole, and why wouldnt it be up here?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] I'll join ya', if you'd like a spiritual man...considering you're going into the Umbra and all...*He smiles at this comment, and looks down to Bernie*You wanna' come? *It's less of a question and more of a statement, really...Bernie knows what it means*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~As far as I can remember, Bernie, they're big shiftin' lizards...I mean friggin' big...and there really aren't all that many gators or nothing up here...which doesn't make sense as to why he's here, then.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ Do I have a choice... *eye's Tarence, already defeated.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~Ws~ Well, it wasn't a gator, that I could see... Huge wings and tail and such

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] Bernard>>You aint' heard the old stories? The lizard-shifters, the dinosaurs, Gaia's Memory, the Mokele-mbembe--*and as a dedicated conspiracy theorist, he's definitely heard about the Mokele-mbembe, and the Thunderbird of Arizona, and the cliff-paintings in Missourri, on down to the aborigine drawings of Austrailia and the five-toed llama's on Teotihuacan pottery... even if he aint' got a clue who the fuck the Teotihuacans were.*--the ones we didn't quite kill off to extinction in the War of Rage--THOSE Mokole. And this one don't seem to be any happier than the rest.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~No, Bernie, no you don't...They're big forms, though, tend to like like Dinosaurs or some shit, if I remember correctly. Awfully territorial, those bastards.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Yeah...they're one of the many we pissed off, and they're damn tough, so they got the means to give a good whoopin'.

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Enters from the maze, dressed in ratty BDU's with her pistol strapped to her right leg, and a knife strapped to her left, also is a small pack on her back*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ So... what you want to do is find out what pissed this thing off by going to the Battle Realm in hopes of seeing it first hand?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Stands up, slinging his own pack onto his back.* Wondered if you was gonna come along. Ready to go?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] I take it that's the case...*He looks to Lance for confirmation* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods to Bernard.* First to Billings. I wanna find out which battle to see, or at least get close to it.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ Billings? 

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Nods* All sqaured away....*smiles, excited now* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods to Bernard.* Billings, Montana, and the Sept of Winchester's Legal Action. It's where I did my Rite of Passage.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence shifts up to Crinos, and then after a moment down to Lupus, and stands next to his packmate*~WS~Don't worry about it Bernie...this oughta be fun.

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Shifts to Hispo herself, her pack shifting down with her* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ Just as long as we don't somehow piss off another all powerful being on the way...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Chuckles.* I take it y'all want to come too?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~ You gonna' tell a Theurge 'no' when you're going to an Umbral Realm? 

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Snorts and shows some teeth*WS~ I told him the same thing about Galliards... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Shrugs.* It won't be a problem for me, but they might be needin' you here, and there's no tellin' how long we'll take. Hell, we might spend a week searchin', for all I know.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~ws~Well, I don't think I can talk Tarence out of going, and a few xtra sets of eyes, ears, and claws could be beneficial when you don't know what your getting into.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Shrugs, thinking it over, then nods.* As long as y'all know what you're getting into. Most likely it' going to be a long, boring trip, and we may or may not find what we're looking for--and if we do, then it may or may not be what we ~need~.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Looks to Ash.* And you too? *chuckles.* Who are you, anyway?

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She nods* If you need an extra hand....And I think you were slightly busy when I showed up....Ash Spencer, known as Never-Warns-Twice to the Nation...Half Moon Cliath of the Furies....*Her face as always kept a nuteral blankness*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~Uh-oh...a half-moon...*With this he looks to Bernie*...we're screwed, bud. 

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Watches the party assemble, starting to feel that they may get something out of this trip yet...*

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Chuckles at Tarence* Better tell Marty to hide the Black Fury blow up doll I seen him with.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ What do you mean screwed... You didn't know. The deck's been stacked against us from the start. Besides, I'm a Ragabash... no worries here about following the rules.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] Well met....*Ears kept on the others but disreguarded for now as she bursts up into a black furred war form that slowly melts down into Lupus...Best way should could keep from clenching her jaws....* ~ws~Ready...

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~I guess you're right, Bernie...*He looks to Cali*Are you kiddin'? You just /try/ and take that thing away from him...I had a pack of ice on my nuts for about 6 hours after I tried it.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--Get him some lotion first, next time. *Concentrates a moment, before fading across into the Umbra. This is gonna be a long-ass run.*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Ears cock back but she follows suite into the Umbra...Keeping her mind on the mission stated and not others antics*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence follows suit, waiting for Bernie to go first, though, so he doesn't try to flake out when Tarence can't stop him.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [FGYA0] *Chuckles* He even said it gots them extendable claws for "real effect" whatever that means...sick bastards *chuckles a little more*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Goes Umbral and follows* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] ((*Floats to claim Dyn1...*)) 


--In the Dyn Room-- 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] ((*Flag*)) "What? You can't have this room... this is our room." /// "Do you have a flag?" .....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Sighs--he wasn't really hoping to have the nutcases along, but maybe he'll get some thanks from those that stayed behind...--and starts off. He doesn't know the city too well, and it takes him more time than it would someone more knowledgable to make sure he's skirting around areas that, to put it bluntly, it would be wise to skirt around, but eventually he's out of the city and settling into that easy, space-eating lope that only wolves are truly capable of.*

Cali Scorched Earth (...With life-like Hair): [4NVQN] *Trots up to the rest of the group...that being Lance and Ash*Ash>> No disr'spect maam...just jokin is all...I'm Cali...Bone Gnawer Galliard with a propesity to talk to much...go figure.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence runs along next to Bernie, keeping an even stride with him. If it's at all possible to tell, you can note he's smiling...a long run like the one of a Theurge's greatest loves in life.*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Her ear flicks to show she caught Cali's growls before offering her own as she keeps pace with Lance* ~ws~I've heard worse...Well met, Cali of the Bone Gnawers.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *If the Theurge knows any shortcuts along the umbral paths, Lance is perfectly willing to take them--while he admits second place to no one when it comes to battle he knows where his talents ~don't~ lie--but otherwise it's a ~lot~ of running.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence keeps an open eye for anything that may look like trouble...something he'd catch but less spiritually-inclined others would miss. He tells Lance to adjust the route accordingly when necessary.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--Once we've put some distance behind us, we can try to steal a truck. I don't know about y'all, but I don't have enough for bus-fare, and I can't hitch too well.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~ Hey...couldn't we just hop a friggin' train? Like I used to do back in Detroit to get across town?

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *An ear flicks...Thinking...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--Are are there any trains running there?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~ Hell if I know...we could just find one heading north or west or both and just hop on, and see how far it gets us.

Cali Scorched Earth (...With life-like Hair): [NGSAS] *Thinks*WS~ If I 'member correctly There's a train that runs right through into Indiana....but...after that...I don't know shit.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--At a guess, I'd say any trains would head first for Omaha, and through there to Montana... Or else to DesMoines, then north to Minnesota, then west to Montana....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Snorts in amusement.* Indiana's a good 5 or 600 miles east of here....

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Grunts* ~ws~Any clue how much a bus fare would be for us all? *Worth a shot...If it's not to much, maybe she can aford it....But she doubts it*

Cali Scorched Earth (...With life-like Hair): [NGSAS] *Shrugs* It's the only train I know.... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--For the bus? Probably about 30 or 40 apiece. For the train? About five times that much, likely.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Her ear flicks* ~ws~I can't get us all then...Two at most and best we all stick together......So you're truck stealing idea might be the best bet we have...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--It'll be close to dawn soon--probably by the time we reach a town. Won't be hard to find one by then, and when we're done we'll make sure to leave it where the cops can find it and get it back to the guy.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~I don't like the idea of driving a stolen truck through state-lines, though. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] Tarence>>WS--If it comes to that we'll drive like hell. Get out of sight for a few minutes, hit the Umbra, and let 'em try and figure out where we ran off to on foot. And the truck'll be right there for them to find.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He nods*~WS~I can drive, if that's what you need. Only hope the thing comes with hydraulics...*He wags his tail at this comment*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Cuffs* ~ws~Sounds like a plan and best bet we have unless we all feel like running to this Sept were heading for, which could take awhile....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--I can drive, but thanks. *He's seen the guy ~walk~, and he's fair certain he'd rather do the driving himself....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--Ash>>I've done it, but we ain't got the time. Be two days if we didn't stop at all, there and then back, and by that time that lizard might well pay another visit or two.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Flicks an ear at Lance and rumbles her agreeance* 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He looks to Bernie*~WS~You got any ideas, Bernie? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *And leads them along in view of the Umbral reflection of the highway, heading for the next town. Sometimes you ~got~ to shit where you eat, but if it ain't necessary, ya don't do it.*

Cali Scorched Earth (...With life-like Hair): [NGSAS] *Growls a little at the thought of the lizard and just keeps trudging along...her keener than normal eye site helper her keep aware*

Cali Scorched Earth (...With life-like Hair): [NGSAS] *Growls a little at the thought of the lizard and just keeps trudging along...her keener than normal eye site helper her keep aware*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~WS~ Nope, nothing off hand... 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *the highway is dark under the fading light of the half moon... as well as lonely. As they near, a single white van roars off into the distance toward the City proper... but no other signs of life on the cracked asphalt*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *It may be a couple hours, but he figures they're bound to come across a town fairly soon--keeps moving along the highway--not on it, of course, but keeping it in view--as he lopes along.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence still seems happy as a lark as they run along* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *It's not even an hour before the first 'town' begins to creep upon them... barely noticable in the umbra due to its young age, but it looks like a few hundred people must manage a living here, where the gas stations at a highway intersection and the workers who ran them slowly outcropped into a community.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~Looks like a prime truck stop location... 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ~ws~ I'll take point. That's it ahead, right? *Although he doesnt seem to run faster, he shoot sahead of the others, a small squirrel sitting atop his head and holding on to his horns.* (Swift flight)

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~ You're the man, your shit. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] WS--I meant something more along the lines of a van or a pickup... Semis catch a lot of attention and they're hard to drive, but with the few of us a car would do... *Moves to one of the gas-station buildings and pause a moment to force his senses to the other side of the Gauntlet, looking to see how busy it is, how many prospective 'clients' are around--and how many of them are, by some lucky chance, leaving the engine running.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] ((*G* DLP on the action.)) Go for it.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She watches Bernie take off before glancing at the others....* 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Watches with some amusement as Bernie "does his thing"* WS~ Anyone up for a road trip?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~Ash>> Don't worry about it...he's a No-Moon, and this is his game...he'll get one for us. 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *Time has no meaning to the world of truckers. The inside of the gas station is brightly lit, several men of oversized proportions perusing day-old hot dogs and hot, greasey donuts. In the lot, three trucks are lined by the extra-tall pumps, and two six more are lined side to side in the vacant lot, lights on park. Only two cars of the normal type, a sedan and a minivan, can be seen at the pumps*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *A flick of her ear is her only reply to Tarence. More curious about the squirel but she can only guess it's a spirit or the like.....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] Tarence>>WS--When he gets one, is he going to wait for us to all pile in, or meet us down the road?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~He'll meet us down the road...that's how he usually does it...less chance of us all getting seen...let's keep moving for now.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods.* WS--Pick the spot, then. *And keeps moving.*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Trudges down the road with the rest of them...still watching the area. Wierd shit has been known to happen at truck stops*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence takes the lead at this, and runs a good three hundred yards or so down the road, and stops in the ditch on the side of the highway, out of sight.*~WS~ This oughta work...let's go ahead and cross while the coast is clear, that way we can all just jump in.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Keeps pace with the others...Trusting in them for the time being...Gnawers in the city is like the best tour guide one can have...And probably tatctic planners too when it comes to these things*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Cocks her head at Tarence*WS~ Not that it matters now but, Bernie ~can~ drive right? 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Contemplates what to do for a second, glancing over the minivan and the sedan...*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence sighs as much as a wolf can*~WS~Yes, Bernie can drive...he doesn't /have/ drive, but he can drive.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ~WS~It does him good to do things on his own, though. 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *As Tarence expertly explains the ability dot system and his packamte's sheet to the others, a third car rolls into the station... a two-door coupe, but not the fast kind. Inside, a man can be seen negotiating with the teller for the oversized bathroom key for his whining daughter*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ((I meant "drive" as in...get-up-and-go...ya' ass. *G* )) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *He fades slightly from veiw and steps back sideways, glancing into the minivan's side windows...

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ((He'd at least shift to glabro before doing that...)) 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence shifts up to Crinos, and then down to Homid, waiting a few more moments to step sideways*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Shifts to homid in a prone position before stepping back across* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *the passenger windows don't properly open, instead tilting outward at the back to make ventilation... though the front driver's window remains open... and the cab is entirely empty. Father lugging what must be an alternator with a key on it to the back door, daughter in tow. Mother chiding the six year old son for touching teh baked goods...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Snaps easily to his breed form, waiting for Tarence' signal.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence steps sideways, making sure if any are slow about it they'll still make it in time.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Quickly moves to the sedan instead, deeming it a better target...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Forces his senses across the Gauntlet first, looking about to make sure nobody will see the homeless people popping out of midair, and then fades across himself.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] (slaps forehead... dlp stays at the van) *quickly opens the door and moves thru to behind the driver's seat.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Once across Tarence hunkers down in the ditch, keeping still in the tall grass*Bernie knows to only drive about a fifth of a mile and stop...we've done this a few times to many..*He speaks in a whisper, and smiles to the others*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She slowly melts up into Homid before fading across when Lance does, taking it is safe too* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *perhaps too late, as others have already crossed, Lance can see in the ditch a tall, ogrish man of nearly six and a half feet passed out in the moist grime of the ditch grass.... pool of vomit by his mouth, a dozen miller cans scattered about, keys laying a few inches from his hand... and a single size 14 shoe missing.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence blinks as he see's the man, and whispers again*Son of a bitch...never had this happen before...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Passed out is fine. Even still thoroughly wasted would be workable, although not good. It's good enough to slip through.

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Looks...and cringes at the smell* Holy shit...he smells like he took a bath in a shit house *said in a whisper*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *Bernie slides into the van with no trouble.... aside from the felt roof's silent tear as his horns shear off the fabric behind him.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods.* Well, if Bernard can't get one, we can grab his. By the look of it he ain't up to drivin' anywhere for a few days anyway.

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Once they're all across she moves to take his keys, and go through his wallet if there is one...*Yes...she is shameless as most gnawers are*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Grimaces at the sight....Watching the man to make sure he is indeed passed out before looking off towards the direction Bernie should be comming from*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *As Cali begins to search the guy, Tarence shifts up to Glabro, and moves a little closer to him. He wants to make sure the guy get's put back out if he comes to*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Nods to Tarence...she'd of done it herself, but it's good to have a extra set* ((Does she find anything on him?))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Sits in the back passenger area of the minivan, all buckled in, awaiting the driver of the van to come back.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *4 dollars and a coupon for 35 cents off his next 20 ounce or larger-sized bag of Funions.*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Smiles brightly and whispers as she pockets the loot* Score....thanks mister...*winks as she melts back away, careful not to disturb him anymore than she already has*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence stays next to him, minding the smell for safety's sake* 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He looks to Cali, and whispers*You smoke? 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *After nearly an eternity, the family manages to hustle its way back across the pavement to the van...*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *A glance...Watching the Gnawers...Well, be Gnawers....Then her eyes go back in the direction in search of their "getaway car"...*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Nods and pulls out a half crushed soft pack of Lucky Strikes* Why...want one?*also said in a whisper*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Upon seeing the family coming out, shifts to lupus and sits there looking pathetic like he usually does.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He declines, and whispers back*Nah...what do you say to us using that dough to get another pack soon...this is gonna' be a long trip...I'll smoke whatever you buy.

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Nods and whispers back* Sounds right by me, but I don't wanna take off and have Bernie show up with the wheels. Best we do it somewhere down the road aways

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *the father opens his door and sits down, putting the keys in the ignition as the mother walks around to open the side door and let the kids in.... greeted by the sight of a horned wolf wearing a seat-belt, she screams loudly, grabbing her children... the father turns to see what the commotion is..* JESUS FUCK!.... *and the four scatter,,, car chiming the reminder to take the keys from the ignition or close the damn door....*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence listens for a moment*That's the cue...he oughta' be here shortly... 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Odd thing's always "Jesus fuck..."...who the hell came up with that? 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Her head perks as she hears the distant but startled screams of the human family* WS~ I really hope your boy know what he's doin *looks a little concerned now*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] He does...he just likes to have a little fun while at it...don't worry about it. 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Gives them a hurt look as they bolt, then shifts to glabro again, closing the passenger door and jumping in the front, and trying to figure out how to drive the vehicle from what little he'd watched of the others doing it...* Hmm...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Listens impatiently.* 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Unstraps the velcro holder keeping her glock in the holster. Just in case* I aint sittin in the middle neither...I call a window seat

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Oh yeah? Well as soon as he get's here he's gettin' out of the driver's seat...when I said he can drive...I meant 'kind of'...

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *With a rev of the engine, Bernard "peels" out of the gas station at a raging 25 miles per hour and heads down the road toward where he hopes they'll be, looking out the windows as he does.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *from the far side of the parking lot, the family huddle together an look on as their van pulls away... posed almost as thoguh they were looking at the Statue of Liberty's head in the beach sand.....* Honey.... was it... was it scowling?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] Shotgun. 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Slowly growing impatient herself....And her jaw clenches a bit at Tarence's "kind of"........If Bernie crashes the stolen car.......*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He stands, motioning at Bernie as he see's the light*It's go time. 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Looks back up the road with growing concern* That doesn't make me feel better about this Jonesy

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He makes his way across to the other lane, ready to push Bernie out of the drivers seat at the earliest possible moment*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] You sound like a mother...worry worry worry... 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Crouches on a knee, ready to run to the passenger door of what appears now to be a van*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Let's the others go on ahead, both to bring up the rear and to make sure he gets shotgun.*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She gets ready...Uncaring where she ends up so long as she's in the car....And no ones touching her..*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Upon seeing the others, he quickly pulls over and gives up the driver's seat to whoever... and gets in the back.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence jumps in the driver's seat, and waits only a moment for the others to pile in* 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Immediately slides into the very back and secures a window seat* Load and Go 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] (*L* The seranwrap one or something? *Cackles*) *Bolts to get in as quickly as possible...Careful of Bernie bolting back into the van as well*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Come on, Lance! Move it or get left! 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] Bernie>> sir are slicker'n oiled up hooker...nice wheels never doubted you for a moment *Said convincingly enough*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *Seating 7 according to the owner's manual, the Dodge Caravan seats 6 comfortable, and 5 in pleasant style... The tank is even full, to boot.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Already shutting the door, once the others are in.* Hit it.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Gets comfy, as there should be no touching of the Fury..Buckling up in case it's needed.....* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *sigh* It's alright either way. Personally, I was thinking it would be the transport vehicle for some agent of the wyrm... Was pretty surprised I didn't stumble onto one.

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence steps on it, the van having never been put in park for as soon as Bernie's foot was off the brake, Tarence's was on it. He drives off at a blurring 40mph, and increases speed as fast as the thing will move*

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Calls from the back* We should stop in a little while for more smokes and some...*checks the coupon*..funyons. Courtesy of Marv back there *who knows if thats his real name*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *they cruise on out, beyond the state line... not so much as a flashing light in the mirror*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He smiles at the silence on the road...wether it's Tarence's luck, driving skill, or Pack Totem smashing the crap out of anything that tries to follow...who knows?))

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Her gaze settles outside the window for the time.....Face blank and not really looking like she's going to start a conversation*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] So...*After a long silence* about them Lions? *Looking to the others in the rear-view* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Converse, hell--he's gonna sleep.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Sleeps...* 

Cali Scorched Earth : [KOL0V] *Except for making occasional suggestions about the music on the radio and subjecting the others to her second hand smoke, she stays pretty manageable thruought the trip*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence and Cali probably converse quietly as the others sleep, while they drive toward Montana.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *They stop somewhere near the Montana border, and buy that pack of cigarettes, take a bathroom break for any who need it, and continue on*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] ((Hmm.... let's all have a willpower roll, dif 5... it's gonna be a twelve hour drive or more, so let's see who can take bad company well *g*))

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Yup, eventually she curls up and naps....And hopefully no one touches her....Because she doesn't like being touched, damnit.....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Surprisingly enough, he ~does~ understand how indoor bathrooms work.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ((Serious? *G* )) 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] (4,6,7,9,1, 8=3 suxx *G* But she has the Short Fuse flaw, but doubt it applies here....) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] ))o((*G* 6 Suxx. He don't give a damn if they all kill each other; he's got some sleep to catch up on.))

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ((2 suxx)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] ((Even if I added a +2 dif for her, she'd have made it... Lucky her. *g* Standard check... only 1 suc needed.))

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence has a harder time than anyone...but that's probably because he's driving, and worried about some kind of crazy chase.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ((3suxx)) *he doesnt care much what others do. Just sits there trying to get sleep, knowing there will be a time when he wont get the luxury.*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *No one touches her...No one looses any valuable body parts....Were happy* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [58ZFN] *The smaller trees Tornado alley give way to towering pines and redwoods as the car cruises the roadways of Montana, most of the road now slightly sunken in comparison to the shoulder, layers of leaves and compost froming a thick mat across the unpaved landscape of trees and emerald foliage...*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] See? this is nice... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *He's seen it. Still asleep.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *Some time after, they begin to close on the city limits....* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Manages to fall asleep herself...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Finally wakes up, wishing he could afford a cup of coffee... or anything, for that matter.* I'd say we just head to the Macy's there and leave the van. They won't let it set there for long before someone checks it out, and once they do the police will be able to return it.

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Shrugs* I aint worried much about them seein me...I've been dead for over a year now. *Grins*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] More than that, for me--but this way those folks'll get their van back.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Grunts.....At least refreshed despite she slept in a car....* 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He nods, and pulls into the lot*Alright...everybody out... 

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Stretches a little in the back* Well...I got 4 bucks on some smokes or some snacks if yah'll want it...*Smokes obviously being up there on the priority list*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Wakes up slowly and looks around.* Where do we go from here?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Hops out, grabbing his pack and stretching.* Only about three miles from here.

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Hops out and stretches* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] Well... I can't exactly walk around in the open. How do I get there umbrally?

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Steps out, stretching....Glancing around before digging in her pocket to hand over some of the money she has on her, which isn't much but it'll add to the four bucks...At most, ten dollars* Get everyone food...

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] It's cool Bernie...we'll ask a spirit. 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Glances at Lance to see if he knows the way they need to head....Yeah, Bernie walking around would be a definant no no...*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *As he get's out, it takes him a long moment to straighten up to his full height, joints cracking as he does so.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Straps on her pack, making sure to hide the gun and knife in there as well before walking around on the streets*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods.* Well, let's get out of sight first, and then we can pop into the Umbra... Bernard, if you can get in with the rearview, we'll meet you up... *Looks around.* In that alley over there.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *Of course, it being around noon saturday at a Macy's, Bernie may well ahve to forego any stretching before he sidesteps...*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] ((Indeed...)) *Moves forward in the van to use the rearview mirror and steps sideways before stretching.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Alright...who's goin' in to buy and or steal stuff? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Shrugs.* How about we stop by the Sept first, and then we'll worry about food?

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] Whatever you say...but damn I'm hungry...*Placing a hand on his stomach as he moves toward the alley, leaving the van un-locked and the keys stashed under the seat, where the cops are sure to find them*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Shrugs* Cool by me man...*gives Ash her money back* He's right though...we should get to the sept 'fore someone 'round here gets the heeby jeebies with all us bein 'round each other and calls the cops.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods.* Wel, we can pick some up on the way, but this here is a bit out of our budget....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *And starts heading for the alleyway, hoping that if anyone's hanging out there they'll see him and decide to go elsewhere.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *heads out behind Lance, lettin him find their way around seein as she's never been her before*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She nods, replacing the money in her pocket...Waiting for Lance to lead on as she keeps her eyes around them...Alleyway moved for*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *He spent most of his time here in the Sept, learning the things that any cub is expected to know before they hopped into the ratty old pickup for their trip to Mexico and his Rite of Passage, but he at least remembers the general location of things--first, though, he takes a good look around in the alleyway--some homeless guy seeing them disappear might be bad; some security camera getting it on tape ~would~ be bad.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *small down alleys doubling as streets, a mother with her son -does- take note of Lance far down the way and takes her boy by the hand, turning to move a block over on their way to Macy's... leaving them otherwise alone, but still in the sunshine between the relatively low buildings*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Grunts, not liking this, and looks for some corner, or spot behind a dumpster, a bit more secluded.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *A number of dumpsters do rest a bit further in, giving decent cover if so desired..*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Checks behind the one furthest to the rear--or to the middle, if both ends are open, and again makes damn certain there's nobody--and no cameras--to see him before he starts looking for something--a piece of glass, a busted compact, whatever--to aid his trip across the Gauntlet.*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Eyes kept peeled.....Jaw setting as Lance goes about making sure their cover isn't blown....Eyes kept on the streets and for anyone brave enough to wander by*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence breaks out with his small busted mirror out of his bag* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Stuffs her glock back in the holster and uses her knife as a surface before stepping sideways with the rest*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *The coast looks clear enough, the entire state of Montana having little use for security cameras... across the gauntlet, the Penumbra is equally cleaner and more pleasent than that of Kansas and Missouri*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence steps as others do, and once hitting the Umbra, shifts back down to Lupus, and moves to join his packmate.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Shifts to hispo in the umbra, her entire harness, pack and weapons included, shifting with her*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *The last to fade across likely, but she gets there....Glancing to Lance and prepared to take a needed form that shows they may have a bit to go*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Gestures for the others to go first and keeps a lookout, in hopes that his Rage will continue to freak out any prospective onlooker, then fades across himself. Once across, he leads off towards the poorer part of town, and the near-abandoned park that the Sept of Winchester's Legal Action protects. Being in the Umbra, it would be reasonably safe to howl his introduction, but he doesn't know what else may be listening in such a crowded area, so instead he moves to one of the glyph-marked fenceposts and waits for one of the usual spirits to pass by and announce his presence to the Sept.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Squirrel-spirits move along the branches, and eyes peering at them from other shadows indicate the presence of racoons--a lot of them, which is only reasonable since this is the caern's totem. And, of course, rats. They cant' see which one leaves, but soon enough a guardian approaches. A dirty, old, and none-too-clean-smelling guardian.* WS--Who are you?

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Lets Lance make the first introductions since this is his neck of the woods...kinda*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She lets the Gnawers deal with their own tribe....Arms folding as she waits for the process of getting them in to be fullfilled*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Lance nods to the old man.* You remember me, Lynches-Yankees. *Gestures to the others.* This is Knows-when-to-Get-His-Spiritual-Ass-Moving, of the Bone Gnawers. Scorched-Earth of the Bone Gnawers. Observes-from-Afar of the Bone Gnawers. And Never-Warns-Twice of the Black Furies.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Lynches-Yankees nods to each of them, both hands involuntarily moving to cover his groin as he eyes Ash with a touch of suspicion.* Good to meet you folks... what brings you out this way?

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Nods and continues to watch silently. silently as her growling stomach will allow*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *She keeps her smirk mental....Just keeping her face blank as she nods to Lynches* 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *He nods lightly in return, standing next to Bernie.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *He just stands there, listening to the exchange.* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] To visit--and to exchange stories. Mostly stories about the Mokole and the Second War of Rage.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Lynches-Yankees shrugs.* Nasty shit to hear stories about, but why the hell not? Come on in, folks. Oh, an' you--*looks to Ash.* I dunno how y'all expect fellers to act around t'home, but any of 'em offend you here, you need t'take it up with somebody else 'stead of castratin' 'em or somethin', got it?

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Just a tilt of her head at Lynches* I'll keep that in mind....*And hopefully follow it, seeing as she's a guest*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Snickers at that and heads on into the caern proper with the rest of 'em*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence follows along as well, sticking close to Bernie. He stays as silent as usual when on someone else's turf. He's a Theurge, not an Ahroun, and knows when to keep his damn mouth shut.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Lynches-Yankees nods.* Good. *And leads them off towards the center of the park. There's a small shack that once held restrooms, although by the look of it that was some time ago. Instead he uses the mirror over the shattered sink to fade back into the physical world, then waits for the others before heading to a small hollow near the river.* Welcome to the Sept of Winchester's Legal Action. Make y'selves t'home.

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Slips back across and shifts back to homid* 

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence follows suit, but stays in wolf form with Bernie* 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] (*Snickers*) *Follows the others...Home....Okay.....Just.....Does what everyone else does, so long as it isn't way out there, so as not to offend the stinky ones..*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [N53G5] *Steps across, also shifting to lupus. Takes in as much of the sept as he can as he does so.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Immediatly finds herself the 'fridge and looks around, makin herself at home* Howdy folks...Names Cali...I was wonderin if yah'll might have something my friends and I could snack on...we're pretty hungry...*whips out the 4 bucks* We'll pitch in what we can

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *The four bucks disappear with distinct rapidity, but it doesn't take long for food to arrive. Food that tastes strongly of 'possum; and if it still had the fur it would bear tire-marks, but no need to tell 'em that.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence gives the others a thumbs up at the arrival of the food, plastering a thankful smile on his face. Bernie would recognize it as the same one he uses to pretend like he's amused by Marty's antics, just so he doesn't get pummeled*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Folks gather around for what's actually a fairly typical night of exchanging stories, doubting stories, fighting over doubted stories, betting on who will win the fights over doubted stories, fighting over the bets... Cruder, coarser, and poorer than other tribes, but actually fairly typical for any Sept of Garou.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Digs right in and enjoy's every bit of it...greatful to feed the hungry fat kid she's convinced lives in her stomach*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence tucks in as well. He may not like it, but he sure as hell isn't complaining, or letting the other Gnawers of the Sept know that*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Lance, on the other hand, digs in with relish. Yeah, it's greasy and a bit gamey, but it's greasy and gamey in a different, far more fulfilling way than the greasey and gamey O'Tolley's burgers he's been stuck eating the last few days. He shares his own stories too, as the night progresses, although he's not much of a storyteller; about his first Change and subsequent near-annihilation by a swat-team, about the Shit-monkeys and a boast about the pig-critter he took down single-handedly, and about his operation to blow up a fomori's car and his harrowing trip through the woods, wounded near to death, with a piece of silver dart lodged in his shoulder preventing him from shifting or healing.*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Makes sure both he and Bernie steer clear of the story of Detroit, and the Leech Hunt* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *She also chimes in with her own stories in between refills, like the time Rockstar knocked the nazi get right outta his boots, using the sound effects and all, and even about how they defeated a tidal wave of shit monkeys...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *As he night revels on, Wisdom-of-the-Winebarrel steps in, beginning his own tale of what now is often called 'The War of Shame'.... Unsurprisingly, it mimics what many may have already learned in History class... of the lies and betrayal that slowly ate away at the Indian nations, and forced both kinfolk and Garou alike into the deserts of the West. Among the tales, unfortunately, no story of Mokole travels the air*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence chimes in himself, always being the friendly type, and tries to trade any stories he can as well*((I've got 4 dice to it, so...what the hell))

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] ((or not)) 

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Frowns....Please tell her -someone- knows the answer of what they seek....And that this trip wasn't a waste of time.....*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Now sits and listens...recording her own notes, mental, or otherwise.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Waste of time, hell. If only all his assignments could be this fun. But much as he'd rather not, he brings it up.* And the others? The cats and crows and lizards?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] [Wisdom] "The ravens flew teh skies over all the battlefields, the ravens of the pure lands sharing their secrets with the Indians, and those of the settlers taking their prizes back to the allies of Grandfather Thunder... but as for the others, none were seen save a single Pumonca, perhaps then the last of his kind.... *Yeah... dead end.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *He thinks* In those days? I suppose the Shadder lords... the Get... and the Fianna, oh the Fianna were like locusts... the Gnawers and the Iron Riders, too, I think. Hell, there may've been more... but I can tell you for certain the others.

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *Well....A good thing for her Tribe not being mentioned....But that could mean the end of the adventure on her behalf when the others take off for Battlegrounds*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *sighs and shakes his head* Those poor fera... it was a great time of shame when the Silver Fangs led the nations against them. Most of them, little known fact anymore, can't even step sideways like you and I... trapped on the earth as packs came at them form teh umbra, and retreated just as easily... having total control over teh when and where of everthing. *shakes his head solemnly*

Tarence Jones: [Y6LH0] *Tarence blinks at this, and looks to Lance* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods, thinking.* You remember any of the battles around the area down there? We're plannin' to take a look at Battleground--never been there before--and that would be a damn good one to see. *Almost slaps his forehead. Of course... that ~thing~ the bastard did... probably nobody would remember it...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *He names off a few of the battles involving the plains people... such as the Wichita... perhaps a place to start, should they reach teh Battleground successfully. Thank Gaia all Galliards are blessed with good memories*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Nods.* Hell, that's where we'll start.... I passed through there once, I think, but cain't really remember shit about it... *And goes back to his food, letting someone else make their try.

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Looks to the senior Galliard* Rhya...there were many great wrongs done to both sides during the great war. Wouldn't you say that it was survival of the fittest in a world where territorial and dominance disputes where just how you got things done. We came out on was ugly, but that's the way it happened.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *He nods* You could say that, young girl.... but then if we were truly more fit to rule this land, why was the Wyrm cowed by the Pure Ones until we drove them to near extinction? *Gives her a 'Socrates' nod, letting her think on it as he goes for another mug of moonshien*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *And ~does~ slap his forehead this time. There ~most~ definitely needs to be a trip to Atrocity here....*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Shrugs* Right, but couldn't you also argue that their own effectiveness at keeping the wyrm at bay was wavering because of the uprise of the weaver at that time? Making the weaver overlooked culprit in this matter with its expansion into the west not the wyrm?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] *heads back, offering to pass th mug around* There was little Weaver troubles to speak of, either... what brought the Wyrm strength was the death of Gaia's defenders at the hands of her defenders.... Until the others came, this land remained as pure and true as the times before the Wyrm's great schizm...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] ...for without the aid of the Garou of the east, the expansion could have never succeeded...

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Nods, choosing to ponder that thought a little more, vowing to research this matter more fully*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Two.): [C8IMD] *Sits back and relaxes. He's ready to head out now, but the others probably won't be quite so eager to leave so soon.... except the Fury, and screw her.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST- Double Deuce): [58ZFN] But, children, that is also the past... and it's easy to say what's right and wrong when one has all of history and what's to come laying before them. Who's to say you or I would not have done the same in the shoes of our ancestors. Now, you all have a long journey ahead... eat, sleep, and enjoy the fire... but these old bones need rest, I'm afraid... *hands off the rest of his whiskey and turns back toward the bawn*

Ash Spencer: [5G1GD] *You try being an impatient, direct partially psycho chick and see how eager you want to leave when something doesn't please you....Having sat silent the whole time*

Cali Scorched Earth (Connection Problems): [JTT2A] *Nods* Goodnight rhya...*and with that she finds a nice place to settle down for the night, shifting down to lupus and curling up next to her pack

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Dawn rises over the horizon of Montana.... slowly striking the eyes of the sleeping visitors as they lay on the soft, lush grass of the bawn*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *And keeps right the hell on sleeping, 'til at least mid day. After all, they were up late as hell last night, and Garou are nocturnal. Once he does get up, though, he dedicates himself to seeing what kind of food he can gather. No tellin' how long they'll be.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Her glimmering green lupus eyes open to the soft day break and she yawns and stretches before before being jolted by the creature in her stomach. With a wolvish grimace she moves off in search of food*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence wakes up, and slowly get's up to all fours, still in Lupus, and looks about groggily*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *At least she might dispell some of the rumors of "What the Furies are like when they wake up"...For the most part, she's quiet and remains seated in the grass while waiting for the rest to wake up after she wakes up herself....*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The grounds are dense with wildlife compared to the city... and any with the urge for natural game can easily find a meal. As for then rummagings of human products, though, it takes a good while longer.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] *Sleeps a little ways out from the rest, waking as he hears others stirring. He gets up and trots over to where Tarence stands.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Food was hunted and caught, eventually...But by noon or later, she was eager to leave and get on with their little adventure*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] Tarence>> ~ws~ Did you find anything out? 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He looks sleepily at Bernard*~WS~Sleep well? 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Being that it's noon she would have long since found a rabbit to munch on and is now most likely bullshittin with any garou that can stand to listen*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He casts his eyes to Lance*~WS~I recall Lance being told something about Wichita, or something...maybe that was useful.

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *When she sees the others starting to move about, she makes her way in that direction, also anxious to get on with the mission at hand*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *With no time to actually store meat, he'll down what he can--after both eating his fill and seeing if anyone in the Sept is willing to exchange fresh meat for preserved, he looks to the Theurges, and a way to Battleground.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] ~Ws~ Is well defined as not being asailed by an army of insects? Because if that's the case, I'm not sure if the scale goes low enough...

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Given that one would have to dedicate food, or possess a Magpie's Swag/Whole Gymbag to take food into the Penumbra, I can only assume Garou either don't have to eat in the umbra, or have some sort of gnositic meal alternatives....))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He invites Bernard to follow, as he trots after Lance, going to check with the Sept Theurges to see if there is a known Moon Path nearby that leads to the Battleground*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He also wants a general description of anything that's known to lie on the Moon Path, such as landmarks or crossroads.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] ((*G* They do--a point of Gnosis a day--but that ain't cheap. Although I thought putting food into dedicated pockets/backpacks/etc. would work.))

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (By one of the stories I've read in the begining of a book, it sounds like they can hunt some sort of meal in the Umbra...*Chuckles* I could be totally wrong though) *The black furred Lupus follows after the Gnawers....Silent and eager....She's never been to Battlegrounds and it's sure to be an adventure...As well as helpful to keep the Mokole from playing "Godzilla Smash" on their asses...Hopefully...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *One of the younger Theurges informs Tarence that the local penumbra is relatively clear around here, though if the moonpath they take heads north, they should watch out for the Banes that haunt the lumber mills and fur farms up toward the border. All-in-all, though, nothing that could give their numbers much trouble before they breach the Near Umbra....*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Follows suit, having shifted up to hispo for their journey to Battlegrounds, herself only having heard stories about...this being her first actual time there*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He thanks the Theurge, and turns to Lance*~WS~ I'm good to go if you are. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *Nods--food-storage was a wash, but at least he's got a full belly.* WS--Everybody eat up? Ain't no O'Tolley's out there.

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Shifts to Hispo as the only indication she's ready to move out..* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Nods*ws~ I reckon I'm about as ready as ever. 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Would have eaten something before mid-day* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *Nods and fades into the Umbra, waiting for the others to catch up.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Slips thru herself and follows in suit* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence slips through as well, and shifts up to Hispo once across* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Fades across....Awaiting the others before looking to Lance, who seems to be leader...Unsure if any Cresent Moon will take over...Unsure on at least one of the groups given Auspice...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *the warm sun sits central in the sky, its rays a welcomed sensation as they cleave thrrough the clouds, and give heat to bare skin amid the cool breeze of the day. No time like the present, it could seem*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] *Having eaten earlier, he just sidesteps, following Lance and Tarence across.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Once they're all across, he looks to them*~WS~Considering the face that Luna's wearing currently, this won't be as safe a trip as we could have hoped for, but it shouldn't be too rough. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *In the Penumbra, on the other hand, the world is almost perfect contrast... the same soil and trees sit about in each direction, but the sky now the dim of night once more, with only the orange backdropped haze of the memory of Helios glowing overhead, and a dim red hue joining unwelcomed from the Red Star....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *Stays in Lupus and moves off towards the Moonpath, ready to let Tarence break trail if he needs to.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *A flick of her ear to give the afirmative to Tarence....Then again, Luna's face really wasn't showing at the time...Absently she wondered if they'd have to wait for night fall but she never voiced the question*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Her eyes flicker as she uses her keen night vision to look out for any baddies* ws~What kind of bad guys we talkin about Jonesy?

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((It should be noted that it is technically always nighttime in the Penumbra... with only absent ambient light offered by Helios during the day. Otherwise, if Moonpaths required nighttime, they'd disappear underfoot during your days-long treks *g*))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] *Sighs* ~WS~ Hmmm, not ideal. How does that not surprise me. When is anything ever ideal?

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Heh, always wondered the day/night thing due to that *G* Noted) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~We do this fast, and we be safe...I doubt we get through this uneventfully...*He looks to Cali*Banes, Wyldlings, Weaver crap...the usual nasties.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((*nods* Been reading a lot lately.,.. didn't even know that myself until preparing for this *g* Be prepared for a more by-the-book trip than any may have before experienced *L*))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~If everyone's ready, let's do this...*He turns, and begins making his way North, slowly at first, while they are still within the safety of the Caern*~WS~Once we hit those mills the other Cresent was talking about, it's off and running.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] WS--We'll deal with them when we can, then--in the meantime, we've no time to lose--after this trip we'll need another, and between then we have the leeches and shitmonkeys to deal with.

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Snorts as she moves*ws~ Great...Banes and Wyldlings and Weaver crap...oh my.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] ((Oh, and archiving still)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *And once Tarence moves up to break trail, Lance falls back.* If they come, keep going, and I'll act as rear-guard.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence looks over his shoulder*~WS~ I've got the wrong pack totem for you to be telling me that, Lance...

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((3 pizza/archive dice tonight.... plus any leftover from last half (Which I believe was 2, and untouched by anyone). Okay... who's going to be the leader on this? This -is- actually important, as there is a diceroll involved in guiding the group.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] WS--What's your pack totem? 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((*Raises hand* Yo)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] ((*G* Lance is letting Tarence guide, since he knows the path, but I was figurin' him for the leader-guy.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] ((*G* Lance, I mean.)) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Noted *G*) *She follows along in silence...Alert and keeping an ear, eye and nose out for danger as they move along*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ Weasel, Lance...Weasal's our man... 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] *Stays at pace with the others, looking about warily for any ambush as they go.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] WS--So you can't show fear... And you think there's nothing brave about exposing your back to an enemy and trusting an unknown quantity to keep you from getting killed? We don't have time for bane-hunting, Tarence.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Ahead, cutting down from the sky and into a distance treeline, a faint road of silverly light arcs down trough the orange and star-scattered sky... the distant plumes of billowing smoke appear to be much further on. Looks like the first bit of luck has already blessed them....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~All I'm sayin' is I've got certain obligations, Lance. I'll know the difference between fear and smarts, but we'll have to wait and see when the time comes.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *Sighs as he runs. This is why he wanted to go alone....* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence twitches an ear in the direction of the path*~WS~There it is...not too far in is when we'll have to make it quick.

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Continues running with the group* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her ears cock back at the smoke....But she follows, being no Theurge herself* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Her eyes zero in on the distant moonpath* Rock and Roll. 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As the base of the moonpath, the light strikes ground in a broadened arc... Roots, dirt, moss and foliage seem to climb and draw up into the light, giving the surface of the moonbeam itself the look and texture of silver grass and forest ground. The incline looks incredibly steep, if they truly will be running for days upon it.... nearly 45 degrees.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] *Keeps on bringing up the rear, ready to help the others if it's needed.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Continues keeping a steady pace with the group, not trying to over exert herself.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence leads the way onto the Moon Path without hesitation, still trotting along at an easy pace.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] *Continues alongside Tarence, rolling his eyes at the exchange between the two but keeping his attention focused on the road ahead.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As they set paw on the path... it seems almost as though the path doesn't rise, but instead the earth now behind them is the crooked terrain... indeed each step feels level and sure, as soft and effortless as running on a glacier... As they climb, however, and the ground grows further and further away, they can see the path beneath them begin to grow indistinct as well... instincts pull shoulders closer and closer together as it takes actual scrutiny to confirm there's more beneath each footfall than the thousand foot plummet to the slanted earth below.....*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Anyone who hasn't been on a late-cycle eak oonpath before, by your own best guess... roll Willpower dif 4 to not freak out just a little. *g* Obviously, if you have reason to hate heights, that dif would increase to 6. I leave that matter entirely up to each player's discretion.))

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Slowly slides into a position near the front of the group, using her almost supernatural sense of sight to help keep them from skydiving into oblivion*(( Wolf Sight: Perc+2))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((That got a bit jumbled during editing... *"late-cycle moonpath")) 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] ((7,2,6,5,6, 3 = 3 sux)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence looks as if nothing is the matter as far as the heights are concerned, perhaps reassuring the others that this is normal*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] ((4 suxx)) *Too much mountain-running and climbing in Idaho and Western Montana--can't say it's nothing compared to some of the eyebrow trails he's ran; at least he could ~see~ those-but at least they were good training.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (So I feel all special...3,2,4,10,2, 6 *G*) *Nope...Not budging from our fearless trek onward*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Cali also seems undaunted by the extreme heights, and continues to move at a pretty rapid pace*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Hell, I BEEN ready): [5TIV4] WS--Nothing to it... *Well, not quite, but his uneasiness doesn't show, and fades away as he gets used to the rather unusual sensation.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Thankfully, perhaps, the four-footed posture of the lupus and the higher-tilt of their gaze gives a strong added measure o comfort as they race onward, clouds forming a blanket of cotton and snow miles beneath them.... were a homid to run so blindly, they might trick themselves into falling... Ahead now, the sky begins to break and wear... the hues of orange opening into blacks and purples, dim marbles marking the realms of the Planetary incaerna, and a larger boulder in the sky marking Pheobe's watchful eye. Senses like time and distance begin to blur... have they been at it for minutes or hours? Those who went to high school may have to fight the urge to recall the many miles the atmosphere encompasses....*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [I442X] (4,6,4,6,8 (5 successes)) *Not phased in the slightest, he takes up pace behind Tarence again and watches for anything unusual.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Keeps moving--the only time that matters to him is time to arrive and time to stop. He'll know the one when it comes and his body will tell him the other.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *She does her best not to focus on time....It didn't matter...All that mattered was getting there....Keeping her pace steady as they move onward so as not to tire out to quickly and burn all her energy from the meal she caught back in the physical realm not long before they left*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He knows best not to worry on will come when it comes, and in the meantime there is nothing to do but press on, and hope for the best. As he runs he looks down to the fading moon path beneath his feet.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Its hard to keep her eyes from roaming as the awe of what she's witnessing overtakes her...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Though the path itself may be hard to see, with their wolf senses, it takes no difficulty to spot the churning cloud that seems to be floating toward them from the reaches of space... larger than a crinos, and amid its surface a roiling cloud of dust, chunks of metal and lightning of ever-changing colors.... mmore disturbing than the fact that it can be seen coming from directly underfoot, where the hardly-visible trail makes no pretense of obscuring vision, or the fact that it seems to be headed their way with strong intent...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Keep moving, I got this little guy... *Shifts to Hispo as he runs and adopts a slightly lagged gait, as if he were limping a little.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Her eyes narrow as the fur on her neck stands up*WS~ Jonesy...what is that mean cloud of nastiness headed our way?

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her pace slows as she moves to take up the rear and prepare leaping back to help Lance if the Ahroun has gotten in over his head...Otherwise, she keeps moving*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Upon seeing the thing Tarence runs on a bit further, and then stops*~WS~A guide, probably...Wyldling...and a big one...we do not want to piss it off...

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Grunts* ~ws~If that's the case...No, we don't....*Eyes kept on the Wyldling...* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Stops as well, continuously watching the approaching spirit*WS~ And how do I avoid pissing it off again?

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence stands at the fore of the group, awaiting for the Wyldling to approach* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Stay quiet, for starters... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Sighs as everyone does exactly the opposite of "keep moving" and stops behind them all.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *the cloud arcs onto the shadow of the trail... but not, it would seem, on the side of the path the Garou are on.... from best guess, it's an easy 4 meters in diameter, enough to make the largest of Fenrir look like a cub... amid its boiling surface, rocks, soil, grass, fur, gemstones and mayhaps even the glimmer of.....precious metals... can be seen amid the shocks of primal energy. As it slows to a halt, the air suddenly draws inward, sucking itself into the form of a tiny old man... grinning a broad, three-toothed grin as his walkingsitck taps on the underside of the trail... pacing towards them as though some sinister reflection on a lake surface...*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence remains motionless*~SS~ Hey old-timer. How are things? 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Watches intently at this bizarre occurance...* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Teeth widen at the sound of spirit tongue... Theurges always ripe with the vastest of gnosis...* ~ss~ So many of you out.... so late... so dark....... the paths they shine dim... and dimmer still... *he slinks forward, step by step... dancing softly and spryly beneath them from the other side of the moonpath* You all so young... so soooooooft...... so tender. Needs a guide, methinks? Needs a guardian, methinks.... Needs help, yessss? *his words hiss serpentine through the wide gaps of the miser's teeth, standing a mere five foot shadow beneath them all...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Not a clue what the hell they're saying, but damned if it don't sound like this guy's about three AR-15's short of a militia... Keeps watching, ready for--he hopes--anything.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Thou shalt not make Gollum jokes...Er....Just watches in silence...Unmoving save the faintest movement of eyes as she keeps a look out*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~SS~ Well, that's a generous offer you've brought to the table, old timer, and a few good observations as well...but I think we'll be fine as we are, if you don't mind. Just looking to get off of this trail asap.

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Looks at Tarence*WS~ Why is he smilin like that...*looks back down at the crooked smile on the geezers face with apprehension*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~This is kind of sensitive, just...please be silent for a moment. 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Nods and shuts her mouth, watching with tension* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *he tilts his head* ~ss~ Young young young... *with a cackle, he leans over... looking at Ash very intently... very, very intently.. before his features shift and twist, placing his face on the side of the head toward Tarence once more* ~ss~ Learning first... life second... of course, of course... When learning becomes life, you'll call me... and maybe... *begins to sing* Juuust... maaaaaaybeeeee..... I'll come. *Grins again* I'll be.... close. *cackles loudly once more... suddenly gravity taking hold again and taking the old man off into a tumble... hurtling from the path and downward into the stars... eyes turning to red pinpoints as his flesh erupts and freezes all at once, leaving a cloud of red ice shimmering off into the distance...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *off in the far distance....* ...................heh heeeeee.......... 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *The faintest tilt of her head...Seeming to have no problem with the intent look she's getting...Eyes watching in curiousity&

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence shakes his head lightly*~WS~ Let's go...*He takes off again, leading the group*...he's going to stay close, and may help us if we get in trouble...well, actually, he will, because I know what to offer him.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Explosives? *Takes the opportunity to shift back to Lupus, and continues to bring up the rear.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Stands there, eying his packmate and watching the spirit depart.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Darts after Tarence again, grumbling to himself.* 

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] *Takes off again and grumbles* WS~ He didn't look none to friendly...and spirit or no spirit...I know a creepy stalker laugh when I hear one. *keeps her eyes extra alert now*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Once more she's moving with the group at a long Hispo lope....Ears pushed forward once more to catch any sounds she might need to be aware of*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence leads on, running along in Hispo form, being quite aware of his surroundings as they move.*

Cali Scorched Earth (Locked and Cocked): [TA2M4] ((Yah know what guys...somethin just came up and I have to go. I'm sorry...I'll try to make it back if I can.))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *They trek on for some time... long enough for their conscious minsd to begin to run out of anything to think about beyond their slowly fading muscles and the incredible duration they've endured up to now....* ((Sta+Athletics, dif 4 for lupus, 6 for hispo, 8 for anything else... which I don't think applies here.))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((No prob, bro... if you can't make it back, then we'll do the time warp Dance and Cali headed home after Montana, and is good to go IC whenever.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((That sucks. 8 dice, diff 4, and only 2 suxx))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((3 suxx)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Well, thankfully in the WoD, as opposed to Trinity or Exalted, rarely is more than 1 suc needed.... *g*))

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Laters, Mike *Waves* *Natters* 10,6,1,1,7, 1,1,2,5=Failure) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Oops...forgot form bonus on Stamina...but oh well...3 suxx ought to do it. *G* )) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *He continues to tred on, grumbling about it far more than his lupus body shows his fatigue.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Despite the need to as her leg muscles scream out, she keeps moving forward so as to keep up with the others...She'll rest later....For now, she just keeps moving*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Need to rest, even *G*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *as they race onward across the sky and through the stars, all sight of earth behind them has bcome little more than a blue-hued marble in the sky, tinged with a light of orange and red. The realms of the planets look to stand completely out of order, not placed in ever-growing stretches out into the dark, but instead scattering in a long line throughout the sky, seemingly perpendicular to the earth itself. The path they run on cuts downward slightly, leaning away from the planets and Pheobe, instead heading toward the blue, gray and purple hued expanse that the stars seem to lay upon...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((And roll again... *g* We'll continue this a few times, so keep the roller handy.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Ahh, now they're getting somewhere....* WS--Just a little further on, folks.

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (1,8,3,10,6, 4,2,9,7=4 suxx this time *G*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((*G* 5 suxx)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] (3 successes) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Failure...*Frowns*...spend a wp point to continue?)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((*Grumbles*Should have just left the extra dice off...)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence gnashes his teeth at one point, biting against the fire that has sprung up within his legs, and continues on...knowing it may be much worse if they stop.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((If you fail a roll, you take one level of Lethal damage (which doesn't heal until you stop to rest), and the diff goes up by one. If you fail two in a roll you also have to spend either a Rage or a WP to keep running, and the diff goes up by 2))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Cool, thanks.)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *No mercy from the sky... as they run on and on... the planets pass overhead at what to some might be an torturously slow pace.....* ((And roll again *efg*))

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Er, 3 suxx *L* Slightly tired and forgot the +1 diff) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (4,8,10,1,5, 6,9,7,9=4 suxx *Cackle*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((ugh. 2 in a row, not in a roll... and 5 suxx again.)) *Keeps running easily, the wiry, rugged wolf having no problems in the slightest.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] ((2 successes)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((1 suxx...jeez...)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *The metis keeps pace, noticing the trouble of some of the others. Shakes his head as he continues on.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence seems bolstered by the fortitude of those who follow, and he presses on, ignoring the pain in his legs, and refusing to stop.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The path begins to curve upward again, the only real evidence of the change in slope being the morale-shattering sight of the planets above shifting forward once more... now above and ahead in the distance instead of being off behind them as before..... though same may have noticed long before, it's apparent to all now that the texture of the moonpath is that of cold, solid stone... no evidence of Montana to be felt.*((Per+Alert, dif 6 for the average Lupus... 8 for anything else. After that.... another stamina+athle roll *g*))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((Crap... Double-botched the Per + Alert roll, 4 suxx on the Long Run.))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((1 suxx on the Perception...and another fucking failure on the Sta + Athletics...with 8 dice!!!))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((*Frowns*My good electronic juju must only be for Exalted when it comes to the DR...))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod) -> Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [GWOAW] *If Lance is right... the arc this path is taking is beginning to point them toward the Red Star, Anthelios.... what the hell is this kid doing? He knew he shouldn't have let some kid whose second ball hasn't even dropped lead them...*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (9,3,7,5,10=2 suxx pn the Perception/Alertness roll, 8,10,3,1,4, 10,10,7,5=4 suxx on Stamina/Athletics)

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] ((Failed P/A 2 for S/A)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--You sure about this path, Tarence?

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her ears cock back as she squints...Slowing now and stopping...She needs to rest and it looks like their designated leader does as well* ~ws~Which way? It looks like the paths may cross up ahead....

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence get's his words out, but it's forced...the normally hardy Hispo seems to be a bit weak...perhaps not having done this sort of thing in a while*'s a crossroads...a lot of times their...good...we'll stop there for a bit.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ It's called a Lunae...and often times are guarded by'll be safe there... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Crossroads? The way this sucker's goin' don't look good at ~all~.... *Not ready to rest either, but he let Tarence break trail, and if he's going to let the kid lead, then might as well let him lead...*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence forces the last leg of this portion of the journey into himself, leading the group to the Crossroads.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Keeps ready--there's nowhere else to go on this friggin' path anyway, until they get to the crossroads....*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Grunts and moves onward...Forcing her aching legs to keep up with the others* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As they draw nearer and nearer, the light of the realm ahead begins to resemble more of a sphere... centered on some indefinate point mid-trail. Already, glowing lights can be seen flitting about the outskirts, roaming and orbitting like electrons to an atom. The light of the trail seems to strengthen once more as they get to the domain's border, looking more like the moonpaths many would see on the gibbous or full moon.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He jerks his snout in the direction of the lights*~WS~There...the lunes... 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Just trails along in the group, not paying attention to much but the path itself.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *the intersecting roads seem to merge into one another... forming a broad disc upon which they all have ample room to disperse out and lie down or rest. At the edges of the saucer, moonlight shines on soft reaches of soil, lush with plantlife that seems to spill out onto the silvery floor, trickling streams and babbling brookes moving in and out of the platform and into the fauna that seems to stretch out vastless into the light once more... beyond sight. Truly, it could boggle the mortal mind... for no such ring of life could be seen on the way in, but once might challenge it could go for hundreds of meters or more before the shine of the silver moonlight becomes too bright to see past..*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Upon entering the sphere, Tarence moves but a short way in before laying down, breathing somewhat heavily*~WS~I haven't been this tired in...well, ever...

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Don't wander...stay close...leaving this area could get you lost real quick... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Instinctively raises his nose to scent the wind for game before he remembers that there's no game and no wind to scent it on.* WS--Get some rest. I'll wake someone when I tire. *And sits on his haunches, ears cocked.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Taking it's safe, she follows Tarence....Sitting slowly to pant softly and rest* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Were this a video game, the entire party would walk off six paces in a random direction.... just WAITING to give you some piddly opinion of a shallow glimpse at their own personal trials and tribulations... and, fo course, a chance to flirt with Lulu. This, however, is not a video game.... most blatantly apparent because someone just farted. At the far corner of the disc, a tall, thin man in tribal apparell can be seen leaning against a tree, wooden spear leaned on his shoulder as he sleeps. A narrow serpent of green and orange draps across his feet, white and yellow feathered wings folded at its side*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ Many times you can meet travelers at these crossroads...*As he casts his eye toward the man sleeping.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her ears fold back as her gaze follows to the sleeping figure....* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--We'll meet the fellow when he wakes, then. In the meantime, everyone get some sleep. We'll need it, I think. *And looks over the group, trying to pick out who was least winded so he knows who to wake for the next watch.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Oh yes, that's reassuring....Go to sleep with some freak with a funky pet snake nearby...She curls up, tossing her tail over her nose....Eyes kept on the stranger until he either wakes up or she falls asleep first*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Do not let us sleep long, here we are safe, but the path ahead only get's dimmer and more dangerous the longer we wait.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *He's dark skinned, though certainly not african. Leather and cloth wraps his limbs at the joints, and bright red and orange feathers for decorative ornaments in his hair and on his shoulders. He wears no shoes of any sort. The spear bares glyphs of blood and pain, and for the more educated, Mosquito. Thick oil paints red, yellow and green on his skin... some sort of arcane treatment in their arrangement. His left hand is also ornately scarred from palm to elbow. From the look of it, though, he may not be much older than the group average... late teens to early twenties.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((We'll assume it may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to have everyone all smiling and happy again... less if they'll settle for 'most everyone' smiling an happy. It's up to them how long they stay...))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((It's gonna' be /most/ everyone anyhow...Bernard is here. *G* )) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (*Snickers* She'll sleep until Lance wakes her up, so it's up to him) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Keeps watch for about two hours, making sure to not only watch the sleeping fellow, before he nudges Bernard awake.* WS--give it about two hours, then wake Tarence--he knows these paths; he'll know if we should start then or if we can afford a little more rest.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Midway through the second watch, the man stirs awake... though the winged serpent seems to remain in slumber.... perhaps for the best, considering the small rodent hidden in the tufts of Bernard's wolfish mane. He stands and stretches, before gathering a few brances from a nearby shrub and sits back, chewing on the leaves absently by the handful.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Shakes his head in acknowledgement and gets up.* ~Ws~ Alright, I'll take it from here. Enjoy your rest.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Okay... all lethal is healed, and Athletics difficulties reset to 4. *plays FF7 tent music* Good work, everyone.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And has been curled up and asleep for a good hour by the time the fellow wakes up.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Horned head sits at an angle as he glances at the man curiously, but he doesn't leave his post.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Arounds the time Bernard should be waking them, the man stands once more... serpent fluttering awake slowly, stretching its wings and taking up into the air, floating beside him.. wings beating far too sparsely to be the source of its flight* Oi... myule... do yu aave ony tahlens to trade? *he spits a mouthful of green off into the brush as he discards the rest of his handful of leaves*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Ears cock and he sits up as someone speaks.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence remains asleep, so far undisturbed by the others* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Grunts as she sits up...Blinking bleary like towards the stranger...* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] *Moves to wake Tarence* ~Ws~ Hey, not to mess with your sleeping, but... this guy wants to trade something...

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He yawns hugely, the large Hispo jaws stretching wide, and then snapping shut softly, as he looks around, and then to the stranger*~WS~Hm, trade?

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *brown eyes shift from person to person as they begin to stir... mouth still chewing what, from the strong scent of it, must be mint leaves*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence stands, and then shifts up to Crinos, and shortly afterwards into homid, as he looks sleepy eyed at the stranger*You want to trade somethin' you say? *Tarence has always been one for liking to converse with people on somewhat the same footing*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((I woulda guessed coca. *G* Then again, I got no idea what the stuff smells like.)) *No talens to trade, so he simply stretches, watching the others.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *He tilts his head a bit... the thin, wirey man standing about six foot tall...* Ai... if yu got ony tahlens tu be troidin'... *shifts a bit from side to side, giving the group a good look-over* Oi know thuh pahts 'ere well.... on got tahlens tu troid uh moi own....

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] Unfortunately, friend, neither have I...but I can make 'em. 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *He sniffs a bit, eyes shiftign still* Yu don't ahve onythin' ot oll.... Oi cun tell.... Ne'er moind den.... *frowns as he slings a small leather pack over one shoulder*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Shrugs.* WS--let's get going, then. 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] As I said, I don't have any now...that doesn't mean I won't have anything at some point in the future, if you're willing to meet up some other time, of course.

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Grunts her agreeance with Lance...* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The man continues to the rightmost path... notably not the same as your own, which lies ahead. He turns and looks back at the group with a nod* Oi'll give yu uan free bit uf advoise.... whun yu get tu tha nixt roilm... don' luck dahn.... *he gives a cocky, sidelong grin as his form melts into that of a lupus, fur a solid reddish brown, streaked with the same glyphs of oil paint as his human skin was... and with a growl he and the snake disperse down the moonpath...*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence frowns lightly*You heard him...don't look down when we hit the realm ahead...*He shifts back down, this time all the way to Lupus, after Crinos*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Not a particularily good sign... Nods to Tarence.* WS--Break trail. *And takes up the rear again.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *She remains in Hispo...Standing and stretching her legs before preparing to follow onward*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *After a good quick stretch, Tarence takes the lead again, running as before*~WS~ The moon is getting even becomes more dangerous, so be wary.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Of course, that may be easier said then done... as they emerge from the other side of the Lunae, the strong glow of the path beneath them fades once more... but this time, continues to fade on... leaving claws clacking softly on what looks to be open air.... even with the closest of staring, and the most intent of glares, the edges of the path seem little more than a faint ripple, like heat off a car's hood... and at the very edge and edge alone... Don't look down, indeed...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Follows along the others. Yeah, this ain't much fun....*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her ears flatten...Keeping her eyes on the one infront of her as they move on....Never looking down and clearly not to comfortable with the slim path they are on*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The running resumes... the only saving grace against the monotoniy of it all being the strange and enticin scenery of the Near Umbra's skies.... as well as any hidden recesses of instict that might bolster the desire to keep with the pack. The Planets seem to be behind them now, not terribly far but far enough that another trick of elevation shouldn't move them once more. The texture of tha path seems to be changing under foot... becoming less smooth, and of varied quality... sometimes like dirt, sometimes like stone, and even at odd moments like wood or mud...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Keeps on bringin' up the rear, ears cocked.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [VG75Z] ((Oi... I'm going to have to drop out here... I've already probably irritated him enough as is. I wanted to stay for more, but not going to happen. Night all))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence runs along without seems he means a number of things when he refers to himself as a 'spiritual man', and running along a Moon Path seems something he must have done a hundred times. He runs in Lupus, his eyes barely noting the path at his feet, but set further up the road, keeping an eye for ambushes and other such nasties*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Later Andrew...*Is all awone!*)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((No problem... Bernie's quite enough as is... and with all his flaws he may not even do anything were you still here to play him *L*. Night man..))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *In the peripherals of Tarence's vision, he can see another sphere coming up at them from below... looking as though the moonpath will be taking them right over it..,..*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Just a small warning, I have around only an hour myself *Chuckles* I'll try hanging in as much as possible but need sleep soon) *She continues following in silence...Still not looking down even as the texture under her paws seems to change*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *What begins as a mild breeze in the faces of them all begins to pick up as they draw closer... erratic winds whipping in random gusts, from random directions each time.... frighteningly enough.. the surface of the sphere seems oddly familiar... almost identical to the first one that came at them as they began their journey the previous day or two... but were that the case, this spirit isn't just big... it's immense... perhaps hundreds of miles wide or larger....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Keep moving.... *Shifts to Hispo again. This is ~not~ a good sign...*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Intresting...Keeps pace with the others as her eyes remain on the sphere....Doubting it's the same one, but you never know...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((*chuckles* We'll try our best to finish here depneding on who can stick it out... I doubt many could try to continue this tomorrow afternoon, and while this may take them a week or more, I doubt two weeks is likely..))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ That things enough to rip us apart...we have to get past it, or run back until it's gone...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((*G* Got neither, so no chance for Lance.))

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (9,8 using just Intelligence, seeing as she has no Occult) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Heh, I may be able to, depending what time *G*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((Any chance of using our Garou Lore at a higher diff?))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((I totally FUBARed my roll...*Shakes head*)) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Ah *L* Well damn...*G* So no go for Ash either) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((*whistles* I suppose... but it'd be hella abstract.. like, dif 10 kinda abstract.))

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] (Dude, that's the worse botch I think I've ever seen on a low dice pool like that *L*)

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((You have no idea how well electronic DRs usually work for me...that was just...ugh...)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((Ouch. Nevermind, then...)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence skids to a stop*~WS~No way...everyone back the way we came or it'll rip us to pieces.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Moves to the side of the path.* WS--Get past me, then, and move!

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *A cuff...But she turns to follow Tarence* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence squeezes past, and begins running in the opposite direction. After a moment his ears perk up as if in sudden realization*~SS~Hey, Old-Timer! *He shouts in spirit speech, hoping the small Wyldling is still around.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He continues sprinting along, looking about for the smaller spirit* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Stays in Hispo, still bringing up the rear. Close.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *the winds pick up... knocking some of the smaller lupus an inch or two to each side with every gust.... in the distance they can hear the screams of the innocent, the cries of the mourning, the hateful rages of battle, the laughter of children, the songs of birds, the screaching wheels of traffic, and the hymns of a gospel choir...* ((Roll 1 die, dif 10 - your own gnosis, Tarence.))

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Got it dead on)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] (( 6 )) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Pure insanity... Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing, his own pa was insane. On the other hand, he wants no part of that shit a'tall right now. Keeps right on movin'.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((In theory, anyone with a decent gnosis can also make this roll... though only 1 person needs to get a success to still have his attention...))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *tap tap tap.... cane and footfalls from ahead and beneath them* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *No go for her...Letting Tarence call him as they move* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence almost jumps for joy*~SS~ Okay Old-Timer, that was a good laugh...I'll take you up on your offer, and fork over payment, if you can get us past that thing! *He says, as he looks back at the giant thing.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *the upside down man walks down the path* N' whatterya gittin' so upset about, young young? Needin's the helpin's, neh? Heh heeeee!

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *He leans forward, tripping over his worn, decayed shoes and onto their side of the path with a stumble, picking himself up off all fours and to his feet again.* M'kay, kiddo... but it'll cost ya... cost ya more, since ye thought you were so hot....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *He would probably find this amusing, if he could understand a word of it. Handy Gift to have, that would be.....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~SS~It wasn't that I was thinking I was so hot it's just...well, we were in a little hurry, trying to get through before the paths got too thin. But it's alright, I'll make your long as you see us through.

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The air thickens and tingles with the exchange of gnosis... and the old man cackles... an almost wicked, evil laugh as the smoke and dust issues forth from his clothes, swirling out into a cloud of pure chaos once again... Before they have time to complain... th cloud envelopes them all, taking them up off their feet and spinning them through the darkness before setting foot on hidden trail once again... and the spirit is gone. Off in the distance... the giant sphere can be seen boiling beneath the path... the only question now being if they're really on the other side, or just turned in place again...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Checks the path beneath them for scent.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Lance finds no hint of their own scent... meaning they haven't been here yet, thank gaia... Tarence, however, seems a bit out of place... his fur seeming to be colored a stark yellow....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ That's the only problem with them...sometimes they can't be trusted. 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Her hackles rise* ~ws~Need to get moving.....*To either of the two "leaders" to show they need a plan or they need to start running*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Nods, holding back an amused snort.* WS--He carried us past it. Let's go.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Almost as if on cue, Tarence takes off once more*~WS~ Only one way to find out! 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Brings up the rear, with a soft "say nothing" to Ash as she passes.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *as they run once more, time stretches on... the erratic texture of the moonpath changing once more... this time to the feeling of dust, dirt and gristle... puffs of silver powder raising with each footfall on the invisible road... in the far reaches of space in all directions, the sounds of jets, gunfire, cannons and battlecries...*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *Takes off after Tarence* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ We're getting closer... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--This is the place... *Shifts back to Lupus, suddenly cheerful. Now THIS is an Ahroun's land.. Had he the time he'd stay a while--fight alongside Crazy Horse as he outsmarted Fetterman, with the Athenians against the Persians and the forces of Hannibal against the Romans; raid the British Isles alongside the Vikings or the Tuscarora's wars against the Catawba... Oh, such a place....*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols): [VS8G7] *She remains silent....Ears cocking forward* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *far ahead, still takign hours to draw close, they can see the membrane of another giant sphere... much larger than anything they've seen thus far, save perhaps Earth and Pheobe... inside, open plains strewn with tanks and helicopters... and beyond it even more microscopic figures charging headlong for each other's throats....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ I hated having to fork that stuff over...but it sure as hell beat adding Gaia knows how much time on to the trip while going back.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Goes faster, visibly eager. Here are the battles of the Chinese warlords that prompted Kai Feng and Sun Tzu to put what they had learned to paper, the battles of Toranaga and Ishido over the Japanese Shogunate, the strategies of Lee and Hood and Vegetius and Saxius and Leaves-the-Bow and Brings-Them-Through....* WS--Your sacrifice will not soon be forgotten.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~ Neither will my original denial of his aid, unfortunately...*Is still completely oblivious*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *as they draw closer and closer, the shimmering membrane between Realm and umbra causes a glint in the moonpath, once again illuminating what can be seen as a trail of silvery bone as it connects to the wall. Once they step through, they will be officially in the Battleground. Now would be a good time to strategize....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Calms himself with a little effort.* WS--I don't know if we'll have to fight any battles or not to get to the one we want, or if we'll have to fight in that one too. If we get into one, follow my lead. *And now that they're at the place, he moves to the front again.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *He looks to Lance*~WS~ This is your game, now. There ought to be some way of finding our way around to the right battle, though, once inside. Not sure, though.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Nods.* WS--If it's a path or road or something, make sure to stay on it. I'll fight a dozen battles if we have to, but we need to hurry.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Alright then...let's stay close, and don't lose sight of each out for explosions, too...I figure that's the biggest danger...not to mention mention some large caliber machine guns*And he shifts up to Hispo after a few moments*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Shifts to Hispo himself--he feels better in that form anyway, and it may be necessary--before he heads out again, leading the way.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Remains in Hispo, following close* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Let's do this, then... 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The strange sensation of passing through the membrane comes... not quite likethe gauntlet, but similar... almost like being in the heart of a potent caern... but smoother, more watery... On the other size their entrance is heralded by a ground-shaking explosion as mortar fire lands a few meters from the edge of a stone roman road before them... ahead it leads to a tall signpost before splitting in three different directions... Off the road to every side, it looks like WWII france...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And again has to restrain himself, actually swerving slightly on the trail before he reminds himself he can ~not~ leap into the middle of this battle. Instead he runs quickly to the signpost.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence stays close on Lance's heels, being sure to stay next to Ash as well, keeping an eye out for anyone foolish enough to draw near.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Trots close to Lance...Alert* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The signpost is tall and regal, white marble and limestone, with romanesque writing... despite its english characters. Off in various directions it points to various battles.... The Beach of Normandy; Hadrian's Wall, Bunker Hill; Stewart's Bridge; The Sacking of Rome; Jim vs. Veronica: The Remote Control, pt III; Egoth's Cave; Silver Pack vs. Claws of Manji; Raid of the Shitmonkies; Storming of Baghdad; and Retreat.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Everyone who hasn't, Willpower dif 8...)) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ((Just 1)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Growls softly, thinking.* France, Ireland, Boston... dunno... Italy... I don't see it happening in a cave--Mokole are too damn big anyway...Claws of Manji sounds like a Garou pack, not Mokole... That leaves us Stewart's Bridge, or Retreat... Or the Remote one might be somewhere in the Midwest, and get us closer to the battle we want--this realm has ~all~ battles in it, so these can't be the only ones... *There are three paths, correct? not one for each name?*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Many of the signs point in the same direction as others... implying numerous other crossroads ahead in any given direction*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] (8,4,3,10,5, 8=3 suxx) 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~I think we should take the one that get's us more in the general location of the battle we're looking for...*He ducks lightly as an explosion goes off nearby*...seems the best way to do it!

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Stewart's Bridge lies in the same direction as Hadrian's wall, but then again, Bunker Hill and Normandy do as well.... it may seem there is no system of organization to the realm... at least nothing obvious thus far.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--That's my guess. I never heard of Stewart's Bridge or Retreat... The Remote one will lead us to modern battles and Bunker Hill to the Revolutionary War... I figure we should head towards Bunker Hill and see what we get from there.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence doesn't respond, but instead just looks jumpy, clearly not comfortable around all of these mortar shells*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((So Bunker Hill, Stewart's Bridge, Hadrian's Wall, and Normandy are one path?)) *Gestures to that path.* WS--Human wars. We'll leave that one be, then.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Bares his fangs in a cheerful grin at the other Garou, his own confidence extending around him like an aura. Surely, in such a lovely place as this, they're not nervous?* ((Kickin' in Inspiration.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--It's a long shot, but the Remote battle just ~screams~ 'midwest' to me, and that's where we've got to go. Let's take that one.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Sounds good to me...HEY, KNOCK IT OFF!*He howls in the direction of the mortar fire, as opposed to ducking with caution*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Sighs. Amusing as it is, Tarence's little problem just might make them a new target... well, can't be helped now. Starts off along the signpost advertising "Jim vs. Veronica; The Remote Control, pt. III"*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence follows as well, bolstered by the Ahroun's courage.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Almost on cue, the air issues the zipper-like sound of whizzing bullets flying past, a distance man on one side of the path laying down suppressive fire at a bunker off to the other... Ash's shoulder suddenly bursts with a puff of crimson...* ((Soak 3L))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Crouches lower, but keeps moving.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] (9,6,5,7,3, 1,4=3 suxx) *Her ears flatten as her head swings towards the sound of the shot with a soft snarl....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence laughs as much as a wolf can...he seems more at ease with battle then most Theurges, once he's dived into it.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *they crouch and press on... the scernery around them suddenly cutting away and fading into a thick forest.... Gauls and Roman soldiers locked in melee combat.... far, far ahead the path winds to the left and meets a nother dirt trail, with a wooden signpost sitting askew... probably about 200 yards off.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *That's the spot they're looking for, although he does take a look at the battle on the way. Once he's at the new signpost, he takes a good look.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Battle of Bayden Hill, Zulu vs. Afrikanaar, Battle of Hei Fei, Pickett's Charge, Lawrence vs. Milkman, Napolean's Sacking of Moscow, Retreat..... in addition to the previous signs that led them here*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((*G* Lawrence vs. Milkman?)) *Dammit... Never heard of Bayden Hill... Zulu's and Afrikaanars is the wrong friggin' continent and so's Hei Fei... Picket's Charge was Gettysburg... Moscow? Hell no... Have to be Bayden Hill, wherever the hell that is...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And barring interruptions, he moves on towards Bayden Hill.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence shakes his wolfish head*~WS~Bayden Hill ain't me. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Shit... Then it'll have to be Picket's Charge; at least it's on the right continent... *And that way instead.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Almost as if prophetically destined, the will of the Garou call out, and the Battleground heeds their quest. At the top of the pillar it reads "Bleaching Touch of Sonnak vs. Pack of the Falcon's Claw"..... left.....*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] ~WS~Bleaching Touch, huh...that doesn't sound pleasant...*Says the now-blond black wolf*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Oooh... Hope that was the bugger's name. Sure sounds like one, at least--let's hit it.

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Hrm......Ready to follow if the Gnawers think that's it* 

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence takes off after Lance, as before.* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And off he goes, hurrying.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *as they travel, the underbrush grows thick and the air gets hot... the treetops draw nearer the ground, and the whoops of braves can be heard in the distance...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Picks up the speed a bit, ears open.*

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence follows suit, his eyes and ears casting about for any danger as they run* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Rushes after the others, ears folding up* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *far ahead, another signpost can be seen, but what the Garou's eyes search for can be found just to the left as the trees open up into a lush green field, looking to be something of southern missouri...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Stops first, letting eyes and ears and nose take in all he can.* WS-Remember, we don't interfere this time. Unless we get all the tribes involved--and I hope "Falcon's Claw" doesn't mean the Fangs were in on it--then it won't help, and it may screw things up.

Tarence Jones (TCFB): [RTYNL] *Tarence says nothing, as a sort of silent agreement* 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Flicks an ear in silent agreement* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As Lance's words ring out, the body of a crinos appears from thin air, stumbling away from the path with a wicked wound across his back, before slumping to the ground and falling into the form of a homid brave. More and more Indians materialize as they pass out of the space the path would occupy in their world, and flee into the field ahead of them.... behind them, they can hear the howls of teh Anthem of War.... regal and pristine in their resonance...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Shit. It's Fangs, alright. Nobody else could belt out a howl at the top of their lungs in the middle of a battle for their lives and ~still~ sound like they got a stick up their ass up to the tonsils. Wait until they show, and we'll follow them.

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Crouches low and waits* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Several of the braves turn to make another stand as the older men, women and children dart past them... all kinfolk by their breeding, though an older garou seems to be among them in crinos, ushering them deeper. Then, with a rush of air as the lot materialize, they're upon them... three packs in all, together in running down what could barely afford a single pack of Wendigo. Spears and arrows let loose, but without the spiritual punch of fetish or talen, they make little effect on the wall of noble Fangs heading the trio... to one side, Fianna and Bone Gnawers, and to the other a Shadow Lord amid a pack of Fenrir...*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Watches in silence...Waiting for Lance's que...Unsure if they'll follow or if they're holding off...None of her Tribe noted....A good thing, at most*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Keeps watching, looking to see if one or more of the packs continue past growling quietly.* WS--Do nothing......

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Decorating belts are shell necklaces, scalps and tribal fetishes, and several of the Wyrmbringer warriors bare numerous scars of battle... perhaps now seeing it for themselves, they can better understand that the men, women and children being flayed alive before their eyes is not just some battle... but a greater part of a giant whole. a series of greviences numerous enough to be dubbed 'The War of Shame'... with half a nation to answer for it....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Hair rises until it's standing on end from neck to tail and he's uttering a low, continuous growl.* WS--Do nothing.... *Oh, he'll ~definitely~ be involved in hitting the flank in this battle... but he's got to see what part Sonnak plays in it.* WS--Nothing yet....

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *a drum beats loudly as the furthest of the kinfolk cry out in panic.... bringing their deerbone club down on the hide drum as hard as they can... whether for warning, retreat or reinforcement... it's too hard to say, but the response it draws is deinfately tangible.... a man of familiar appearance, and frighteningly enough age, comes bolting through the distant trees, unslinging the red-wrapped blade on his back as he charges... eyes wide and crimson*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--That's him. And he saw them all... By the Rat God, ~us~ all...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *The crest of hackles lays back down again, and although he doesn't back up, with the battle being completely seperate from his vantage point, he clearly wants to. He can't pretend it was a hallucination this time, nor does he have his concern for Montana to cover the shock, and he remembers only too well the crippling fear, even overriding the shame of watching and doing nothing while the man nearly killed one of his allies.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *One cleave and the homid leaps toward the near-score of Garou, the Galliard of the Fangs bereft of his crinos head as he slumps down and into homid once more... the blade goes flying at a second, a brilliant eruption of silvery light as it strikes Luna's guard, and drives through into the Ahroun's torso. He falters at the knee, but Rage revives him... but only in time to lay under the foot of the massive beast that quickly replaces the large man.... 40 feet long, with a tail like a spike mace, and standing two stories at the shoulder... giant wings raised high into the sky as the massive dragon rears its maw in fury. He has their attention now....*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *She watches...Near unblinking and silent....Every muscle tensed nearly* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And he does back up a step now, completely unaware that the horrified growl has been replaced by a low whine deep in his throat.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The fifteen or more remaining garou pause and falter... two of the Bone Gnawers spin as the fox's spirit takes hold.... tails tucked as they flee as though the Wyrm itself ate their heels. High Tongue begins to bark steady orders, trying to rally the army of Garou into a formation... quickly dubbing the beast as a minion of the Wyrm himself, and more important than the petty savages. The massive clawed hand of the dragon reaches out, taking hold of the now comparatively small blade buried in the Fang's corpse, and with the lightest touch it suddenly swells and expands, growing upward to ten feet in length with a handle to meet the creature's new size. In the same gesture, the earthen green talons shift in hue... turning into a soft glistening metallic sheen.... silver in color. With a deep breath he issues forth his callenge, an antiquated-sounding variant of the Garou's own howl.... and suddenly their trepidation takes hold...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The garou scatter in flight, screams and wails, some loosing sense of mind enough to even hold shape as their homid forms flee into the sharp and cutting underbrush.... the panic to flee tugs like a contagion at even the real Garou's hearts as they sit on the battleground path... as panicked faces and fearful wails of succor fill the air, the manifestations fleeing back in the direction of the path.... beast the size of a semi taking wing behind them with a heavy gust of wind and giving chase... not hatefully, not predetary... but gleefully... claws outstretched and maw gaping wide as it swoops low... its own target fadign away as it leaps through the space the trail holds... the dragon now arcing on the same course... For the very physical trio.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] WS--Move! MOVE!!!! *And as soon as they're on their way--the very fucking ~instant~--his ass is makin' a trail.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Oh shit...Order or no, she's turning and running as fast as her ass can move* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Able to overcome the sudden instinct to flee outright, he has the moment to make a rational decision on what to do... in the 1 and 1/4 second before the dragon arrives...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Which is to get the fuck out of Dodge--at least with his friggin' mind intact. He moves behind the others, putting his own Hispo frame between them and the... well, the dragon.* WS--Down the trail! *Can he follow them into a different battle? Hell, can he come onto the path? They'll jump into another battle if they have to, and at least there'll be enough targets to distract him.....*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Practically on Lance's ass and pushing onward....Godzilla -aint- happy and she doesn't want to be near it when it aint*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As they dart out of the way and down the trail, the dragon swoops down on their previous position, fading out of reality and in again as he breaches the other side of the trail... wings beating and carrying him after the garou on the other side of teh forest,,, the battle taking over the neighboring scenery and replacing it with its own... in the distance, the wings drop down suddenly... a howl of agony erupts, and it takes to the sky again... veering left. It's no longer even a battle... he's just killing them as they run... one at a time,*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((*G* Lance is making sure to be behind them. No need to push him out of the way, but if she don't hurry the fuck up he'll be climbing onto her back.))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *In the distance of the other side, the tribal garou and kinfolk gathering their fallen and their dead... howling to Gaia, Wendigo and Turtle to accept them into their breasts.... The sight and smell of it all has become sickening now... the troves of blood in the garou body soaking richly into the air*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *Stops a moment, with the dragon way the fuck out of sight--lots easier to pull off that 'bravery' shit in circumstances like that..* WS--Go on ahead. *Takes a deep breath, then steps off the path, bursting into a Dirge for the Fallen. It's not a Rite, and from the Ahroun it's not even the eulogy a Galliard could manage, but at least it's heartfelt--not out in the field where the other Garou are still being slaughtered, but among the slaughtered Pure Ones and Kinfolk; some small gesture of sympathy and remorse.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] (*L* Works here as I planned on being in bed over two hours ago) *She pauses as well....Belting out as well...She came to "atone"....She will, even if it means getting her ass kicked*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *amid the howls and the suffering, the dragon turns in the air again... taking sight of the singing Gnawer... pelts don't lie, and that isn't a Pure One howling in the distance,,,, As he stands in the grassy field, he can see no sign of the trail or his allies... Lance is alone amid the death and gore, and the breeze of wingbeats draws upon him...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *The howl winds down and he takes a breath, half-disgusted with himself for figuring it would make a difference, when he feels a strong wind from directly above and realizes he is in deep, deep shit. Looks up at the creature, guaging his distance back to the path.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *And his second surprise. Now he's ~really~ in deep shit. But he holds where he's at--running now would just mean an attack from the air on the run. Waits until the dragon dives to try and dodge the attack and cover some distance while it recovers.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The path is gone... apparently as insubstantial to Lance as it was to the others on the field... even as he runs back to grope for its safety, he comes to the side of a mulberry bush he knows was to the path's left, not right where he stepped off to........... not good.*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *The mokole comes down, tilting the massive sword back as he swats aimlessly at the garou, bringing the Crinos to the earth in tattered ruin ((7 silver agg)) before lopping the blade down to cut Lance's homid form in two.... then turning again to find the rest of the Wyrmbringers... no rage, no gnosis and no effort spent on the kill beyond a few wingbeats from his path....*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *From down the path behind Ashm voices can be heard... human voices, speaking English...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *It's a good strategy--one that reduced his chances from absolutely nothing to about one in ten, but unfortuneatly, Lance ain't got that one. The Hispo's dodge to the side just ain't quick enough to dodge ten feet of swinging blade, and he's sliced open like a condor in a windmill.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Her ears flick, trying to pick up the words* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *From the sound of it, a half dozen or more.... and as they draw closer, the company can be heard to be mixed wolf, human and high tongue... they seem to be discussing the names of battles, and some sort of upcoming strategy for the Sonnak massacre...*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *Lance awakens, at first seeming to float ni air, but upon closer inspection he's on a moonpath... now nearly invisible if not completely so. Ahead is what looks like the Lunae they stopped at before.. and his flesh seems fine, other than his now being in homid, and the vast damage to his clothing,.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Her ears flatten and spring back up as she crouches in confusion....Listening intently*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *They're getting close now... so close that she must either get off the path as Lance did, or she will be seen for certain. Their current debate is whether or not they should enter and try to change the outcome of this battle... for even though many Wendigo died, more Wyrmbringers fell... and trying to change that might only make things worse. They seem to be working toward an agreement to watch it first before deciding...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] *At least the clothing's dedicated, else he'd be replacing something every time he got wounded. Hitches the pack higher on his shoulders, then pauses, thinking.* So it's true.... *It can't have been instant, so either they'll be waiting at the Lunae or they've already given him up for dead and gone home and he can pick up their scent there. Heads for the Lunae.*

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *Her only guess is they are one of the Pure Ones and something else tells her they likely arnt to "Wyrmbringer" friendly.....She turns, stepping back off the path...Away from another approaching danger*

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As he draws inside, he finds both Tarence and Bernie waiting for him..,. Tarence baring a sheepish expression... apparently both fell off the path at some point and met a similar demise in various conflicts.* ((Who else had to bail?))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-It Park, Take Three): [3DAD6] ((Cali)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *As she steps off, she can hear the howls of the last of the garou dying in the distance... and just as suddenly as the path before her faded away, the entire realm seems to fluctuate and fade as well... and once again she's standing on a vacant moonpath,,, Lance in the far distance at the entrance to what looks to be the Lunae they encountered before...* ((That was easier than I thought *L*))

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] ((Where did Cali leave at?)) 

Ash Spencer (Kill Your Idols) : [IOP46] *She blinks in confusion....Loping after Lance...Well, at least her ass isn't kicked* 

Crusher-of-Cities (Kneel Before Zod): [GWOAW] *All collected once again, the group departs from the Lunae and heads homeward... fully aware that the real dangers are still ahead of them...*

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