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Battleground 2
Mokolé Story

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Note from Archiver: After the group shift (mostly) to lupus & takes off, following Gary (6:46 PM, PST, 10/11/2005) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The penumbral streets are almost totally devoid of life, only the tiny tail lights of a single white van off in the distance, and no other traffic to speak of. Raccoon spirits bustle through the shadowy refuse of the real world... rats and scab birds skittering about the decaying webs that span randomly across the decrepid landscape as they run off toward the ever-nearing moonpath*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Moves along at a steady lope, muscles working smoothly under the almost-scrawny-looking hide.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *barely takes notice of the usual matters... he's been in this city long enough to be pretty familiar with most things that go on... finding his traveling companions much more worthy of attention as he continues to trudge near the middle, off to the side*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Keeps himself a few paces in front as he runs. Keeping moving towards their goal*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she makes sure to follow Gary & not stray* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *as they run they come through the shadowy remnants of a poorly maintained city park... now a strip mall in the tellurian, but the echoes of dead apple trees still linger among the playscape. At the sight of nine charging garou, a pair of scraglings shreik and take flight off to the left.... another gnat-like bane panicking and taking flight off into the sky. Definately numbers -not- to be fucked with....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Resists the urge to veer off after them--yeah, he could take 'em and catch up, but they'll have enough fighting and then some soon enough.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ We'll come back and play with them later.*Said as he's racing towards the moon bridge*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she too focuses her will to resist the compulsion to give chase, whether they be Garou instincts or that of wolf-mind will have to left to a later time of mental debate*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She makes note that she may be making a trip back when they return...Keeping with the others as they rush on for the moonbridge...Still, he notes kept on everyone*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence keeps up with the bunch, the scrawny-looking, bright yellow lupus running along near his pack.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ~ws~ follow the yellow-fur lup... follow the yellow fur lup.. follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick roa.. er, lup.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *across the park, and around the old cattle auction house... now several miles from the yard, the moonpath can barely be made out touching down on the sidewalk... raising up into the sky at a steep angle. The nearly transparent surface seems to have the cracks and gaps of sidewalk itself as it rises up beyond sight's ability to follow, into the clouds*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Snorts in amusement.* WS--If the fuckin' lollipop gang shows up, they die. Them little bastards have ~got~ to be fomori...

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *His coat is actually a mix between brown and black with fur missing from parts of it replaced by both scars and burns*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] ((I really need to type up a more thorough description of Regin's forms...)) *she focuses on following, though the banter is amusing*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *was referring to Tarence, actually. but yeah. Stares ahead at the moonpath and the steep angle.. wondering for a moment if short lupus claws can get enough traction on it*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Second star to the right and straight on til morning. *Takes off up the moon path*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *growls in semblance of a dirtbike downshifting when he finally hits the angle, naturally lowering his body a little for a decreased center of gravity... just in case these things are made to drop wolves off*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Moves at a descent pace, keeping up with everyone and staying with his pack. The squirrel sits , casually gripping one of his horns as the travel.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The concrete-looking haze of the barely visible moonpath seems to climb up at what may be over a 45 degree angle... practically climbing claw over claw were one to guess at the difficulty of it. Of course, the theurges know otherwise... and likely don't bother to slow...*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Bounds and leaps onto the path, keeping up still as muscles work under the dark coat. Still, the shadow is seen from time to time as they move onward*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~Just remember Alexi, I can probably find one who will do it to you for the same, low low price...

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *once she hears Gary's directions & she feels the path beneath her own sturdy paws, she seems to be in good spirits. tonight's her moon (& that of every philodox the world over), she's on a quest that looks promising in bringing glory (& maybe some honor & wisdom to boot), & she feels like she's a part of something*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence doesn't even slow down for the angle, and only laughs as well as a wolf can at Alexi*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Tarence>>~ws~ oh we don't wanna play the 'what can I get someone else to do?' game.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Hangs back a little bit--he's been on these before and knows about that deceptive tilt, but he doesn't want to run into someone else.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *An ear flicks at Alexi...If she were in Homid, she wouldn't have been able to hide the amused look at the sound and action of the Shadow Lord....Up the angle just ahead of the two in the rear who she glances back too to check on....Then her gaze turns forward once more*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *as they climb atop the surface of the path, it's almost as though reality shifts... the path, you see, is perfectly level... it's the world behind you that's sloped. The asphalt of Kansas City climbs high into the peripherals of lupine vision as they begin to barrel forward on the concrete walkway... the clouds and the stars lying dead ahead.... the ground slowly creeping away behind them.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *once he realizes he's not gonna slide, picks his pace back up once more... looking over the side slightly as they run*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ You fall off cause you're fucking around you can find your own way back.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He simply runs along with his pack, seeming quite smug* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Gary>>~ws~ I'll bring souvenirs if I do. *and tries not to look too awed by the world turning sideways. he's seen -some- freaky things since his change, sure.. but this ain't one of them. His body language betrays his attempt at concealment*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *ANd keeps on moving across the moon paths.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *footfall after footfall, the world grows ever distant... it is, perhaps, a blessing that the lupus gaze doesn't rest so easily on one's feet. The clouds come forward like a curtain of chill, sweeping along the moonpath and across them as they run through their surface at almost a perpendicular angle. Across the other side, a blanket of snow lies back behind them... open patches of city to be seen between the gray and pillowy surface that slowly slinks away as well.... a keen eye kight spot the junkyard, now the size of a dime on the ground at best...* ((If your character has enver been on a moonpath, roll willpower dif 5 to avoid freaking out a bit. If they don't like heights (your call), it's dif 7 due to the transluscent footing. No need to post your roll... just react accordingly))

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she follows Gary & stays onto the path. She's heard stories & so views the delicate pathway as a priceless lifeline*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Takes the path in pleasent stride... slinking off to run along the edge... his own eyes well suited for such travels, the clacking of his claws softly mark the rightmost of the nearly invisible moonpath... for any who understand his posturing*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *plus the height is a little disconcerting* 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *but she figures that so long as she focuses on following Gary, she should be fine* 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *His hackles rise the further up they get. Not absolutely going apeshit but his body shows he's slightly uncomfortable, to say the least. Something still driving him even through the discomfort as he glances down at the path every now and then-...Must be paranoia*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence falls back a bit towards Vicente*~WS~ I take it this ain't your first rodeo? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Keeps up the pace, moving along and watching the others in case someone falters.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ((ALl that come to mind is the TIck talking to sewer urchin "Wow! You're cool down here!!))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *And as Damien's hackles start rising, that's his cue--little as it can be seen. But he runs along with confidence--an almost visible aura of his own strong will and determination, extending to--and through--each of his companions.* ((Burnin' off a point of Gnosis for Inspiration.))

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She's gotten used to the moon path after the last trip...Running onward steadily...Ready to shoulder bump anyone who gets slow due to freaking out...If anyone actually turns to run, Lance can catch them or let them go...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *As the purple haze of the penumbral sky begins to crack and give way, the stars become more and more apparent in the sky... even the highest most clouds of ice beginning to pass them by. Long, thick fans of web shoot off at strange angles in the distance in several places, almost mirroring their own path but with its mocking taint of weaver.... it shoots off in several directions like a crystaline rope bridge. Off ahead, a tiny stormcloud, possibly no bigger than a wolf itself, seems to shim back and forth in their path... as if pacing... a few hundred bounds ahead.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ((Yay! Free suxx for everybody!!!)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he keeps pace with his pack, not even unnerved by the sighs, probally not his first trip... after all he is probally the eldest of the entire lot of Garou*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *doesn't seem too freaked out.. it's unfamiliar ground, for sure.. and maybe if he were just a little less of a ShadowLord he'd be bothered.. but as is, he's able to handle it. The wisecracks slow for the timebeing, though*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Heads along the path slowing down as he gets to about 10 bounds of it*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *the red-coated lupus snorts in reply to Tarence* ~ws~ I've been all the way out to the middle umbra and back before... a near realm is child's play....

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *perks his head up at the sight of the stormcloud... a slow smile spreading through his posture*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ God I love this place *Seems to be enjoying himself immensly*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~Good stuff. *And he picks up speed to catch back up with his pack, slowing as Gary does as they approach the cloud*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she slows down upon noticing Gary slowing, her ears & nose alert. even the stump that is her tail is in an alert posture*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Continues to keep pace, nothing seems to phase the metis as he moves forward*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence picks his way through the others, toward the front where Gary is, but staying a bit behind him, allowing him to take the lead post with the spirit*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He becomes a bit more resolved when the Gift is kicked up. Relaxing a bit and at least not looking down so much-...Golden eyes go to the storm cloud, then he steals a glance upward. The shadow still hovering above him as they move on-....Gaze focusing on the cloud*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *the cloud stops its flitting a moment... the closer inspection revealing its surface to be almost like that of a boiling stew... actual objects of various material churning to the surface and back in again, from leaves to stones to metal and fur. It flickers to and fro as it begins to circle the massive wolfpack* ~ss~ Dark moon, yesyes... easy for little wolves to get lost, yesyes... *it pauses a moment... drifting a few inches from side to side almost hypnotically... its attention seemed transfixed on Martin*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Stops about 5 bounds aways from the thing and sits down* ~SS~ How's it going Child of the Wyld?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Waits again, still standing.* 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *golden eyes narrow a bit in annoyance... why do they always do that?* ~ws~ shoo fly... don't bother me.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He sit's next to Gary, ready to pipe up if needed. He casts a glance toward Martin as the thing flits about the Galliard*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *when it seems the group's going to be stopping, she stops & waits beside Ash* 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She pauses as the group does...A quick check on everyone before she focus' on the roiling cloud of Wyldness...*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *okay, that's definately not one of Grandfather's..* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Nods~ Darkmoon yes. Lost may become, though if guided the path will be clear, and if guided through a quicker path unknown extra toll will be paid

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *it halts outright in the air at the silvermaned wolf's reply... flitting back up to Gary* ~ss~ Goes well, yesyes.... feeling gracious to gaia's babies... yesyes... maybe take them someplace?

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ((Was in SS)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Not just standing, in fact, but slightly crouched. He doesn't know much about spirits; he'll be the first to admit--but among the more obvious of facts is that Wyldlings are nuts.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he stops looking at Martin* ~ws~ Maybe its checking out your junk... and never seen such small genatils before.

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she is equal parts cautious (they are umbral travelling & it's no safer than the tellurian) & equally curious*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~SS~ Have you walked through the Battlegrounds? 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *glances over his shoulder to Lucien* ~ws~ Nah man... wyldlings are totally herms... I bet it's hot for my mighty package...

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence's posture shows his appreciation of Luke's comment, and bobs his head lightly, as if agreeing with the comment*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~Trust me, Marty...not something you want to come in direct contact with for very long...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ~ss~ Battleground? So young to be fighting so much, yesyes... *it drifts ever closer to the theurge's face... floating almost as though dirfitn in the umbral breeze* But I know a shortcut, yesyes.... much faster... yes. *the color of its surface shimmers purple and pink a moment at it speaks its last sentence.. then returns to its dark grays and blues*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] WS--What, Wyldlings like the money-shot? 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~SS~ If this shortcut walks a path unfamiliar and save the wolves time then as said I'll give you a bonus for your time.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *snorts to Tarence* Not again... 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ I'll tell you more about it later, Lance... 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *the surface of the could becomes sharp, like harsh static... then settles again* ~ss~ A deal, then?

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She waits patiently while the Theurge deals with their...Friend, she supposes....* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~SS~ A deal yes 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she will never think of porn the same again...* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Let's hope the payment is only gnosis this time...*As Tarence scratches one of his ears with a hind leg, his bright yellow fur sent shaking*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~Looks a Tarence* ~WS~ Came prepared brought the Gym bag.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] WS--If you've got a story involving herm spirits and the money shot, then thanks but no thanks--really, you ~don't~ have to.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ~ss~ Follow quickly, pups of gaia... very, very quickly... *the spirit flits from side to side several times... arcing around the group to look at Martin again... then around to Ash... then back to Martin... then flies off down the moonpath at a quick pace...*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *His eyes shift about a bit*~WS~ I don't think you understand....but forget it... 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Follow the Wyldling. *Takes off after it* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *And follows after the group.* 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Oddly, she doesn't seem disturbed by the spirit one bit....Getting ready to take off and fast if need be*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Somebody end up taking one for the team? 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence takes off as the spirit leads on, but only after Gary, and he makes his way back toward his pack.* ~WS~ It's not at all like that, Lance...was just gonna' offer a useful tidbit of info, but nevermind then...

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *takes off following Gary & the spirit, still preferring to be in about the middle of the group* 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *takes off as well... both he and his pack perhaps representing among the peak of garou performance... their presence in the middle almost forcing a faster gait among the slower of the garou... the wolfish pressure to keep with the pack...*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~I'm freakin' yellow, Gary! Do you /need/ any more clarification? 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *ANd he's running and again and doesn't seem to be winded at all. Probrably due to never having had a car*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Scampers to his feet, having laid down during the proceedings. He hurries to keep pace with the other garou... worried more of his endurance than his speed...*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Moves after the others, moving to match their pace* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Runs along smoothly, ears perked.* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] WS--If I've gotten myself into that kind of situation, then I doubt any advice beyond "damn, man, just go spank your soldier!" will help....

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Follows the spirit taking note of his suroundings this being a different path than the other two he had plotted out, but if it's quicker and it saves time it's will be his new one*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *resumes his run with the others* Gary>>~ws~ he got moneyshotted by a spirit? damn that stuff stains...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *the wylding is decidedly fast compared to even the gait of the lupus... it arcs off ahead down the path... stopping on occassion to let them regain some ground before doing so again and again*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *skids to a halt a moment, redmaned head arcing to look back behind them....*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He shakes his lupine head at Alexi's comment*~WS~ Shouldn't have even opened my damn mouth...

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ God I love this place. 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she focuses on following Gary, & in turn the spirit, currently putting her faith in reaching their destination in the two of them*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Tarence>>~ws~ if some spirit were blowing it's load at me, I'd keep my mouth shut -real- tight. and hold my nose, too. *breathing heavily with the exertion of this marathon*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Sooner we get there sooner we can beat some shadows and you all can get back to The Realm

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *A large black furred wolf comes running up the moonpath from behind the others looking rather annoyed. Trying to keep them in sight. *

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *The red wolf throws his head back in a Howl of Introduction aimed backward down the path... then snorts and takes off to catch up with the others....*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence remains silent at this, not daring to press the current topic further.* 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *He just keeps following, putting faith in his pack's ability to get them out of any trouble that could possibly arise.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Her head swings back at Vic's howl....Noting the wolf in the distance heading after them...A quick look to Lance, checking since he's further behind and might be able to see better..Knowing the Ahroun will take care of any problem on their heels, hopefully*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Slows a little bit so the newcomer will catch up with him first--just in case.* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He shoots a glance over his shoulder toward Ruarc, and then focuses on the wyldling again, watching it dart to and fro along the path*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *A return howl of intro, once he gets close enough to stop a moment to give it. *. 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she turns an ear back towards Vic's howl, keeping her eyes on Gary* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Spred out a bit to let him catch up. 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Long Running. If your character's Lupus Stamina is less than 6, roll Stamina+Athletics for each point less. The Dif begins at 4. If the roll fails, take an unsoakable lethal from fatigue that won't heal until you rest, and your following fatigue rolls are +1 dif, cumulative. If you fail twice in a row (not total), you must spend a willpower or rage to continue, and your dif raises by 2, not one, for the second failure.))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ((Well I'm good. Like I said lots of walking)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Last chance for late comers... follow Ruarc or go home *g* In three minutes, this scene is officially closed to new players. If you join, be sure you can do this again tomorrow night for the second half. We'll go no later than midnight CST -tops- for tonight's portion.))

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *has no problems keeping up* 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *the running is pushing the limits of her durability, but she's a Get & she's not going to complain. after hearing Gary, she does slow a bit (no doubt with others) to help the straggler catch up*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *cruises along with the others... well trained to move, despite his weaker build*

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Soon catches up with the rest, trailing just behind Raurc. Her short size keeping her from maintaing the same kind of pace*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *seems completely unphased... running along next to Lucien, endurance not yet even come to question*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She's moving forward, no problem what so ever....* 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *when Ruarc & Cali catch up, she finds herself suddenly filled with pride. this gathering is more like a war party than a (psuedo)pack*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Keeps movin' right along, speeding up with ease once the two stragglers are 'picked up'.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *The scrawny, yellow lupus' size is deceiving, and perhaps the last trip worked out any rusted spots he may have had...he sails smoothly along, not seeming bothered by the run in the slightest*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he keeps up the pace with ease, He lets out a wolf-yawn and a slight huff, seeming to be a bit impatient*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Lopes onward, keeping up for the time being as they follow the Wyldling. Shadow over head still keeping pace with the black furred Lupus*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Since it seems to have come up, I'll treat a botch as though it's a second failed roll... Spend a Rage or WP to keep going without stopping to rest a few hours, take a lethal, and all endurance checks between now and resting are +2 dif, cumulative with any other penalties you pick up later.))

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *once the two are part of the group, she moves on to her middle-ish spot near Ash* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Soon falls into step with Regin, being only slightly bigger in her hispor form than the others in their lupus forms*Regs>> WS- Thought I was gonna miss this...

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Welcome to the party. Make sure to keep your paws on the track at all times and thank you for traveling Wyld Airlines

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The Wyldling seems to have less patience for the newcomers... its brief charges up the path continuing as they slow... It circles in the air a few times.. irritated, before continuing on in the distance*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ I'd offer peanuts, but there's been enough cracks about nuts so far... 

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Does fine at first and starts getting a bit winded but not to the point of passing out. Once he catches up he can't help but let out a huff* ~ws~> Ha, Thought you'd leave the fianna bahind eh? *Said to know one really but seems to choose to keep pace with Ash or something else he knows. *

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] (( Crusher>>If you mean Damien's roll, it's actually 1 suxx. My ass is just to lazy to put the diff in the box because I'm bad for forgetting to change it next roll. ))

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she brushes her shoulder against Cali in friendly greeting, her nub of a tail wiggling* -ws- I'm glad you can join.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((My mistake.. that wasn't a botch at the dif 4 it was supposed to be.)) 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] Ruarc>>WS- didn't see you stoppin to wait fer my tiny little ass... 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Cuffs a greeting to Cali and Ruarc....Ash near the back, appearing to be keeping track of everyones physical condition, their place and all that*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Tarence>>~ws~ better than enough nuts in cracks... *looks again to Damien's shadow*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence hops a bit in greeting to the two as they arrive. He runs along toward the head of the Weasal group, maintaining a position in the center of the path, so those toward the back have another point to judge where to run at*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] ws Cali> Had to book it before I lost sight, besides, your view could have been worse! 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Although feeling the ache in her muscles she actually does quite well in keeping pace as long as she maintains her larger form*WS- Shit...I'd have gotten my Galliard membership card revoked if'n I missed this here event

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Now you're just bein' sick, Rags... 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Just follows the spirit keeping pace with it figuring the others witth space out as need be to make sure everyone keeps up*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Tarence>>~ws~ Im not the one that brought up spiritual moneyshots... 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] * He doesn't seem phased at all. Whether from his earlier trip here, or from his time at his own sept, he just plods on with his pack.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ I ain't even said the word since we started, yet you've said it about three times now...something we oughta' know, Rags?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *Ahead the wyldling suddenly stops... and the reason may seem apparent to the eyes of the theurges and spiritually knowledgable. Off to the right... the wide crystaline fan of the weaver's webs cuts off past the moonpath askew to its own course... jutting up and over by at least 50 meters. The Wylding pauses... giving the wolves a few seconds to close distance... then suddenly its surface boils rapidly as it begins to circle in place over and over again.... With a loud eruption of noise, the ephemeral air between the bridge at web shatters like plate glass... revealing a stonework bridge barely a meter wide connecting the two.... leading onto the surface of the web...*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Whatever's casting the shadow is a good bit above him, casting it when it hits just the right lighting. A bird by the looks of it, when one can actually catch it within eye sight*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~SS~ Nice. Very cool Wyld Child 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Ah hell...*As he looks ahead to the tangle of webs* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *hackles raise slightly at sight of the 'shortcut'.... while perhaps a clever strategy, to the spirit's credit and knowledge... its quite the risk... Now in the market of a dozen garou strong, they are -still- Cliaths.. and the weaver was enver one to skimp on numbers*

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Perks her head to try and get a better view of what's happening ahead. Not understanding what she sees competely* Tarence>> Hey Jonesy...what is that?

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~SS~Way to show it who's boss, friend... 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she wtaches the spirit do its thing, being surprised at its capabilities. she'll follow Gary through if he choses to do so*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Ws--So it IS true... *Keeps at the rear.* 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *bares a toothy grin* ~ws~ Soooo... jealous of that... 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Her head lifts in silent cheering of the Wydling...A quick glance back to check on Lance and Vic as she prepares to keep moving along with the others...Aware they're likely going to end up single file or close to it*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Seems the Weaver's tried to cut off the path...our little Wyldling just made us a course through it, though.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ ANd we have a path. *COntinues following the spirit*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *without pausing fo deliberation... the cloud is already darting across the stone bridge and onto the surface of the web... two pattern spiders can be seen skittering up along its wider length, patching and reinforcing it here and there...*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *and onward she goes a following* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Nods though the answer doesn't seem to satisfy her growing concern as her hackles start to rise* I ever mention I fuckin hate spiders?

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence moves to the fore of the Weasal group, leading the last half of the bunch through after Gary*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Now's not the time, Cali...keep movin', and it'll all be cool... 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ I soooooo need to learn that...... 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Keeps his gaze on the spiders-....Moving across the bridge with the others. His shadow caster soon finding itself closer to the group and the Lord then before*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Tarence>>~ws~ yeah... that I've heard stories *snickers, then glances to the form of the shadow near Damien once more.. bowing his head with a degree of respect that seems far removed from submissive. more of from an older brother to a younger.. just in time to catch the sight of the wyldling exploding things* ~ws~ ooh. pretty.

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ((bah. slowed response)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Coughs slightly as the move forward, but stays with the group.* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Not ever having any intention of stopping she finds no problem following the advice though her supernaturally keen sense of nightvision is working overtime trying to pick out possible unsean dangers*((Wolf Sight))

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ((Yeah, I was lost for a second there... *G* )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The pattern spiders seem to completely ignore the massive throng of Garou, their numbers now akin to a war party, let alone recon trip... The web seems wide compared to the barely visible moonpath.. though as their feet set foot on the crystaline surfaces, the warm sensation of stability that moonpath gave is gone... replacing it with an uneasy sensation deep in the bowels of each of them*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Ugh. Keeps that Gift running; making no sign that it's not doing much for him.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Her eyes finally go to the spirit following Damien...Making sure it gets comfortably across with the rest of them....Spiders noted and getting a wary glance now and again...She's never delt with one in battle, but she can only guess what one could do*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ I'll take that as Marty's makin' up lies again...*He says, glancing over his shoulder at the Galliard*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *falters briefly in his step at the change in sensation from the different paths.. shakes it off and proceeds*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *just follow Gary... they'll be through this soon enough* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *Grimaces a bit*WS>> I knew I shouldn't of eatin that can of spam this mornin. 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he pauses momentairly as he steps onto the stone path, but keeps moving not wanting to slow down the wolf-chain*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] ~ws~ I am a pillar of wisdom.... *nods sagely with his wolfish head, seeming less weirded out than most... though few may even notice the clawprints he leaves on the web's surface*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ You want to be REALLY freaked out? I'll show you some really bad stuff later if you want to go. Gotta do this though first.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ The shortcut is probably worth it...*The uneasiness of the sensation showing even in the Theurge's movements*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Grunts and keeps moving along, rumbling* ~ws~Everything'll be alright, just a short cut. *Inspiration kicked up as he boldly keeps pace*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Watches the wylding work on the webs. Having no clue if theres any plans set in motion or what have you. Is most happy with himself for catching up with the others. The sensation causing him to look around more and then staring at the spiders but seeing nothings bothering them, he's happy enough now. Just hoping for a great story out of this. *

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Another long running roll... making hour 7. No rest for the wicked...)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *with the bolstering of both Damien and Lance, Alexi's posture becomes much more determined and calmed.. hackles lowering and the queasiness abating to a tingle he can put out of the fore of his mind*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] ((For folks with Stamina less than 6 or for everybody?)) 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] (Crusher>>The ones with Stamina 6+ have to make this one or are we free of all the long running rolls?)

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *continues trudging along like a champ* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [2YSY8] *has either found a good pace for herself, or is driven by the uneasiness of being on the web. Either way she shows no signs of fatigue, and actually looks brisk.*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] ((Heh. We asked the same question ^_^)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Hour 7 means if your stamina is less than 7 in Lupus form, you must now roll Stamina+Athletics, dif 4 + any penalties for previously failed rolls))

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *The scraggly Theurge keeps up with the best of the best, running along as smooth as ever*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *The Ahroun Lord seems to be doing just fine with keeping up and without strain to his muscles* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *ANd he's keeping pace fine with the wyldling and seems to be enjoying every minute of it*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Slows a bit to reserve some energy, just keeps pressing on otherwise* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ and you wondered why I prefer it out here. 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ((btw, that was 1 roll for each point beneath {6,7}-(stam+athletics)?)) 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *it seems now that the long period of time that they've been going seems to start affecting her, but it's not enough to cause her to start lagging*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *The Fury still shows no signs of complications....Her Stamina built up and she's a decent runner, by all means....Keeping pace and keeping her eye out for anyone absolutely about to collapse*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] ((Alexi--Just Sta. If it's five, you roll at hour six and at hour seven. If it's four, you roll at hours five, six, and seven. If it's six, you only roll at hour seven. If it's seven or higher, you don't have to roll yet.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *As they race along, the web grows wider and wider... now easily five meters across, and set like a broad net with thick knots where each rope meets. The out edges of the web are thick like bridge cables, and prismatically reflect the red light of anthelios, and the silvery light of Pheobe's realm, now almost directly overhead like a brilliant balloon. Off far behind them, to any that look back, earth can be seen as a distant blue marble with clouds of gray... and the other planets drawn above them in a line, defying the conventions of science as they sit orderly in the sky like racked billiards.... The thickness of pattern spiders grow, as the bridge itself can be seen to have large holes and gaps appearing, looking as though giant holes have been punched through it*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he lets out yet another wolf yawn, not even looking a bit tired out, but obviously not used to traveling so slowly*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *doesn't look back... better that way, probably. Foccuses on where he's going and avoiding those massive holes in the webbing*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *so long as she can keep up, she doesn't let her spirits flag* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence hops playfully over the holes, as if in a game of hop-skotch, or four squares played with a big yellow ball*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Nimbly avoid the holes as best as possible without slowing the pace....Listening for Gary at any sign they may be getting closer*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Keeps pace and starts to glance around, trying to absorb the scene as much as possible.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Keeps moving, ears perked for those damnable spiders.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The wyldling slows and begins to shift from side to side... careening in the garou's path as it assesses the situation ahead. Far up... larger clouds of similar make can be seen cruising across the web surface... flicking through it suddenly at random intervals. Each intersection sends a gentle shiver through the web at the garou's feet, a loud explosion barely reaching their ears as chunks of web and crystal fly off into the obscurity of umbral space. Spiders skitter past, amost knocking into some of the cliaths as they rush to repair the webs... a trio of Hunter spiders drop down from a higher web off ahead, trailing by a snigle strand each...*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Gets a renewed sense of energy as he starts keeping pace once more, even moving up a bit. Watching Tarence bounce along*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~WS~ Well we were making good time. By the way these things are going to look at us as if we are building material for their web. Fair warning.

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ~ws~ oh, now that's pleasant... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] ((Which direction?)) 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *grits her teeth* -ws- Wonderful... Just wonderful... 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] ~WS~ Uh-oh...*As he see's the Hunter Spiders dropping down.* 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Flicks an ear at Gary...Preparing to do battle at a drop of a dime....Or run like hell if the Theurges do....A wary eye kept out as she observes the group over again with a quick check back to Lance and Vic*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *A glance up-...Then ahead-....Still following boldly as he prepares for the worse* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Shifts from Lupus to Crinos* ~HT~ Don't attack unless they take an agressive action. No need to end up in a fight we don't need right now. Try and save out energy for the real battle. ~SS~ What's the chances Wyld Child of you convincing your brothers to drop some itsy bitsy spiders off the water spout?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((Clarification: Right now the garou are traveling on a straight path ahead. about 200 meters ahead, the conflict is occuring. Above them, another web crosses over them at about a 20 degree angle to parrallel... almost going the same direction, but not quite. About 75 meters up, where the top path crosses over theirs, three hunter spiders are lowering themselves onto your path. There are no intersections.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] ((How wide is the path?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((75 meters up ahead, that is...)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((About 6 meters wide... or nearly 20 feet.)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *as he spots the spiders he shifts up to Hispo, wanting to be ready just incase*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Takes a crouched position while talking to the wyldling keeping his eye on the hunter spiders*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Pushes up to Hispo...A glance back to Lance...Then to Damien..Those the two Ahrouns she knows of....Heavy jaws prepared to fight if it comes down to it, but she's wise not to take an agressive action on the initiative against the Hunter Spiders...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ~ss~ They will fight without asking, yesyes... *its surface bubbles and pops like a thick stew...* ...but pay little heed to us or our safety, nonono...

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she holds off on shifting... for now* 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He glances up, then calls up to Gary* ~ws~Can a strong wind knock these guys off? May be able to convince something to happen-....

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *opts to maintain the speed of lupus over a battle form... odds are fighting won't be the best answer*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence shifts up to Hispo as well, and drops back near Lucien* ~WS~ Time to shine...

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Shifts to hispo as well. Just watching the theurgs and an eye on the ahrouns as well* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~SS~ If it looks bad you want us to step in? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] WS--Thos of you in front--when they drop, charge forward as quick as you can to be past them, then turn. That way we can attack them from two fronts and more of us can engage in the battle.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Looks at Damien* ~HT~ YOu can try it but I think the WYldlings ahead are ready to punt them off the web themselves.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *One of the wyld spirits arcs off... cutting across two of the webs the spiders lower themselves by... another slams into one of the falling... sending it off past the web and tumbling into the distance... The largest of the spirits turns and makes for the third... its massive cloud englufing the spider and suddenly spitting it out once more, the gem-cut arachnid launched down into the web at incredible force, its now stark-yellow body impacting the webs with a hard tremor. The show, impressive as it was, may have been fo naught, though... as five more spiders lower on the other side of the conflict ahead, and a large entity built like a giant cut gemstone begins to hover around the edge of the upper path and draw near the fray*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *A flick of his ear to Gary. Best to let the Wyldlings try if they can-...He knows his debt for asking favors and if there is an easier way around it, good. He also flicks an ear to Lance, catching the other Ahroun's growls*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *looks back at Lance* ~HT~ Give it a minute. You may very well be glad you did.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] WS--When they drop upon us, Slacker. If they don't, don't worry about it. 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Her ears flick back as she watches the conflict...Resisting her own urges to join the fray*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ~HT~ Time to bolt and do it quick in between the waves cause with them out numberes they are probrably gonna try to drop the whole web. *Takes off*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Watches the spectale with a lazy stare as he keeps pace.* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *the wolf's golden eyes narrow at sight of teh Statis Vector* ~ws~ It's lost... we must find another way, and quickly...

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Follows Slackers exacmple and bolts. * 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Moves forward...Pushing as fast as her Hispo form will allow, but not plowing into anyone...Nudging them if they arnt moving fast enough but all the while keeping herself third from the rear*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *and follows Gary at full speed* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence takes off at Slacker's word, leading the last half of the pack, sprinting toward the conflict ahead*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *and the word of the temporary 'leader', breaks into a sprint* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Glares down that the Stasis Vector with rising hackles as she turns on the afterburners and puts on her game face*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ((at, not and)) 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He charges forward in a quick lope. Following the word of the Theurge ahead as they all make a break for it*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *shrugs and barrels along with the group... sticking in lupus for now*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *and boom bolts into a sprint, not bothering to shift back down to Lupus for speed*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *growls angrily and follows quickly as he can, now at the rear...* 

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Darts forward, still not seeming to be worried, but ready to change direction at a moment's notice.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Gits his scruffy ass movin'.* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *As the geomid lowers and the pack proceeds... their paths begin to draw closer, but with enough speed they may well get past it before it reaches the web... That is, until Gary up in the lead suddenly reverts to homid... as does each member of the fron ot fe wolfpack as they pass through some border unknown... one by one reverting to breed form...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] ((*each member of the front of the wolfpack... that should read *g*)) 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Shouts* Keep moving. 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *skids to a halt... growling as he digs his claws in to keep back from whatever line it is ahead of him....*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Shifts down to homid but keeps running* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Nobody would do that willingly, and he knows there's a half-moon Gift that'll do that... Snarls.* WS--Keep moving and shoot on the way! *Keeps moving himself, charging forward--and when the effect hits him as well, his hand is reaching for the knife at his side before it even ~is~ a hand.*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she doesn't inquire why Gary shifts, & keeps moving when he tells the group to do so, but she is surprised when she finds herself in Crinos. though confused, she persists in following Slacker*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Comes to the screeching halt, her claws scraping the ground as she does so before reaching the point where the vangaurd shifted to breed form* WS- Aww shit...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *continues on... now laughing loudly as he reaches homid* Oh man... and they say -I'm- nuts... HA! *draws the large pistol from his jacket as he races after them...*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Listens to Slacker and pushes on ahead, comming back to his homid form. Trying to keep running but he's doesn't look all that 'fit'. Trying to just focus on the person ahead*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Now standing next to Martin* We should either keep moving are start gettin ready to lay down some cover for those that still are while we're able...yah think?

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He blasts through the barrier, and reaches into his bag, flipping out the sawed-off shotgun, carrying it one hand, still running through*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Or Bernard, or Cali. He ceded leadership of this part, and the Alpha said move. Dammit, the pack's gonna ~move~. He'll be damned if any of 'em are gonna die on ~his~ watch.*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He lopes, oddly falling back a bit near Ash but keeps on moving. Winceing when he hits Homid and trusting the Fury to have her weapon with her-...Crinos, yeah he can throw down-...Breedform? Big nadda*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Sighs visibly as he shifts to Crinos, not even waiting to hit whatever barrier is there, and charges forward again crouching on all fours as he does.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *realizes he has a distinct lack of weaponry in homid form... fuckit. Continues to charge in homid, pumping legs and arms with all his might*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Doesn't pull out a gun, but he's got a set of brass knuckles on each hand as he continues to sprint through*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he keeps moving foward, giving a slight hop as he crosses the boundry as an attempt to make sure he doesn't loose stride of his pace as he shifts to Homid*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Sighs and growls, charging after Martin*WS- You ~are~ fuckin nutty...*Shifting to homid she immediatly draws her gun, and makes sure it's well loaded as she tries to keep up, but her short legs hindering her somewhat in this form* ((Short Flaw...-2 to pursuit rolls))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *The spirits seem to be on the retreat, not willing to get within a stone's throw of teh Vector as it cruises a half dozen meters over the surface of the web, pattern spiders and hunter spiders scouring the web... beginning to pick out any inperfections as they start to reweave. The trained eye might see the severed arm of a crinos, still clutching its sword inside its crystaline encasement, suddenly cast off and throw into the depths as new webs shoot across its place. With all the activity, it will be a challenge just not to bump into the spirits, let alone avoid attack range.*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she lopes along on all fours, still following Gary* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] Let's do this shit, Weasel! 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She shoots up Resist Pain as she's shifting to Homid...As she goes, the marking on her arm shifts before a rather large, double headed axe is in her arms...Having enough strength just to weild it as she moves on ward*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *He curses a long string in spanish as his form begins to blur... normally he'd use the Shroud to pass through this, but with the others in the way,,,*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Keeps knife ready, close on the tail of those lagging and ready to slash at anything which attacks him--or anything else for that matter.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ((have they already been 'spotted' for the sake of using Blur of the Milky Eye?)) 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] Try to avoid them. Don't attack the web. Right now they are busy working on repairing it. You shoot it they go after you.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] (( They have not)) 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *well she doesn't have to worry about shooting at them, but she does keep in mind not to attack. Which is good. being on all fours does help with the whole equilibruim issue*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *curses inwardly as the gift fails him for the time being* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *As their footsteps near, the pattern spiders continue their repairs... but that is not the job of Hunter Spiders.... after only a few more meters, all five suddenly turn and adjust their posture... and array of serrated, bladed, and electrically chaged limbs covering their sides...*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Just continues to huff it, no doubt having to work twice as hard to keep up with them, though seemingly pushing through the pain with no complaints.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Oh they are so fucked......Pushing onward as fast as humanly possible* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *this is SUCH a bad idea* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence cocks the sawed-off pistol grip pump, and charges forward, staying even with the rest of his pack...Theurge or no, he loves a good scrap*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He glances up at the bird-....Then his eyes flicker towards the Hunter Spiders as he keeps moving*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Glances up at the Hunters and really begins to worry* Hopefully this is one'o those times when as long as we acti invisible, maybe they'll let us go...*Not said very convincingly*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *well crap on a shingle...* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] 5 to 13. Odds are in our favor. Just have to get past then they've on Guard duty.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *He speaks as quietly as he can to Luke while running, speaking between breaths*We...bringin' in...our back-up..?

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Grunts* Damien, if you can do something or have your friend do something, now would be the time.....I don't have a good feeling...*Panting slightly between words*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *Numbered at five, not even the Hunter Spiders could stand shoulder to shoulder on the 6 meter path... let alone leave room to be passed. The Statis Vector hovers along past the group, taking a position beyond the first two spiders, and nearer the last three*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] that thing's makin' me think of ID4.... *looks to the theurges* is this doable? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Shoot the fucking... thing! *It was when they passed it that this shit happened.....*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] Crap, me without ....anything. *Glad he's not out front, waiting to see what happens* 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he shakes his head* Unless we need to... 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Doesn't have to be told twice...she raises her glock, and for all the good ammo she knows she's just wastin she opens up on the Stasis Vector? ((It was the Stasis Vector we're shootin right?))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] Can to far to go back. Looks like we fight this one out.

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Glances up, murmuring* If you would, Storm Shadow-....*Hopefully persuading the spirit to try knocking the spiders from the path* (( Up to the ST, of course. Trying to get him to use Create Wind. *G* But I doubt it'll have any effect. ))

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *nods with a grunt* -ht- Right. I'm all for distracting the spiders while they're shooting... 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] ((*G* Well, there's spiders and there's some unidentifiable thing, so most likely "the fucking... thing!" is the vector...))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *sighs* Ready to battle loosing odds and die, everyone? *grins mischeviously as he cocks back the hammer on the ludicrously oversized revolver in his hands... the cylinder, aside from having a second barrel in center, looking to hold nine rounds of heavy calibre*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *And remembering that sword that flew off into space, bound into the web, he looks around desperately for any kind of weapon.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *She's not a trained fighter, but she sure as shit aint afraid to die, and certainly not from a fucking spider*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Glances to the side as he moves forward at a slower pace* Can see a moon bridge right beneath us of to the right and a good 30 meters down. Tantric Skydiving anyone?

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *He growls at the group* Are you insane?! You think a gun will bring down one of the most powerful jaggling servents at the Weaver's disposal? Do you have ANY idea what will happen when a human body is hit by one of those things? *thrusts a gesture at teh Hunter Spider's electrically charged limbs...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Cower if you want, Uktena! Slacker, your call! 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Vic>>I'd rather not find out.. if anyone's got better ideas? *and follows Gary's gaze. aw hell*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence follows Gary's gaze*Beats the hell out of this! 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *flicks an ear at Vicente, then swivels an ear to Slacker* Eh? 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Speaks up* The drop could kill some of us...If I can make a suggestion, we should turn back....I'm all for a fight, but my guess is anyone actually gets hit by one of these, they arnt getting back up.....Were on a mission....

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Glares at Vincente* No shit asshole...but until we find another way out, this is the best I got in my "human form"

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Looks to Slacker, listening. * If there is another way out, then by all means lets take it. This is not a fight we are gonna win and its not worth dieing for.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] Better odds on the jump than the spiders. Damien, what's the chance your friend can get us down there?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *Takes a deep breath, as though about to say something, but pauses as Gary makes another indication... eying the distant spiders to see if they're holding their ground*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *moves to glance below* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *And actually turns his back to the spiders, and to the group, crouching slightly with the knife ready--if the damnable things come close enough for the knife he'll definitely know it, and in the meantime there's another side to guard.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Growls in retort to Cali* Well maaybe if someone had the brains to keep tabs on our bridge-building buddy, instead of barreling headlong into this shitstorm... we wouldn't BE in human form!

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] I'm really not sure he can. *Called up to Gary* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Vic>>Shut it, Uktena.. yell blame later and work on getting out of this -now-. 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *ears lay back & she growls deep* -ht- Just shut it! Now isn't the time to be arguing! We'll find a way out of this dilemma... one way or another *looks to Gary & Damien*

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Doesn't answer him. He's right, and arguing is only gonna make things worse...* Well...if jumpin is our only option...*looks down and is apprehensive* Then fuck it...lets go.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] Actually I got a better idea *Reaches into his gym bag* The wonders of modern medicine. *ANd pulls out a roll of duct tape* Have him take the other end of this down to the bridge. I'll make the jump down there and tied it off on the other end I should be able to get enough distance from the Vector to shift before I hit.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] Won't break unless I tear it on purpose. 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Looks to Gary* You actually think you can -make- that jump in homid? *snorts* Gimme the damn tape, if that's the plan....

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *LOoks at the Duct tape* ~SS~ Gonna owe you big time for this alex

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *eyes go a little wide at Gary's first comment, but resume normal size with his following statement. she nods*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Then do it and hurry! *Still watching the backtrail.* 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *He eyes Gary's duck tape-....Not sure but again, he looks up to the stormcrow. Hoping the Theurge is sure about his tape*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Grunts* Gary, ask the crow since your the Theurge and hurry with whatever it is your planning....*Axe gripped as she waits for this plan to form*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *At first they held their position... but as the repairs continue to progress, the Hunter spiders begin to shuffle forward a few feet at a time.. closing now to about 20 meters*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] Think it'd be good that anybody with guns keeps those things busy? *Pointing to the Hunter Spiders, but speaking to no one in particular.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] ((Just waiting on my diff)) 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Curses and moves to the front of the pack, ready to start shootin* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] If they come any closer, open fire--but don't expect much. 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *glares at Gary pointedly, holding his hand out* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Grunts* Like shootin godamn BB's... 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] Shit...I gotta' wait longer anyhow...won't do shit with this thing at this kinda' range...*Pointing to the sawed-off barrel*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she shifts uneasily as the spiders draw nearer* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Someone decide something and fast, will ya? 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Looks back at the others...getting more impatient. Then returning her gaze to the hunters as she takes a couple steps foward even more, seperating herself a little from the pack should she start pulling the trigger.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *ANd he leaps rather than ask the storm crow he keeps the duct tape around his wrist as he falls and his aim for the moon path as he nears impact*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Clasping his hands above his head as he jumps off*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *He stands there hunched over in Crinos, Glancing back and forth amongst his packmates, waiting for a signal for what they'll do.*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Leans over to watch Slacker fall, hoping for the best. Knowing right now he's pretty useless in all this* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *ANd at the last minute he shifts into crinos right before impact*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Watches Gary leap down. Nodding to the others seeing the Theurge take Crinos instead of all out splatting*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *is a bit relieved when Gary successfully makes the jump* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] Whoa...*Seeing the Theurge make the jump*...that be jacked... 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *He hits the ground hard in crinos with a thunk. Luckily the tape is wrapped around the web and his wrist giving them a way down cause it looks like he hit hard.*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she then looks to the others* -ht- I have an idea... I'd like to see those in homid form go next... Unless Gary yerlls or someone else pipes up with a better idea...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *Winces, though still grinning a bit. He looks back at the shuffling spiders... sighing a bit. He had a good plan. Ah well... them's the breaks. Odds are they'll be gone before they get here.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] Those with no heat go first, in case these things run up 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Whoever--just ~go!~ 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Nods with Regin* Those homid and without weapon, get moving.....Careful down.... 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Aah fuckit! *and goes for the tape* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Waits for the others to go first...holding her ground while hoping it won't come to a confrontation* I'll stay and cover yah'll...go!

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence stands firm next to his packmates, facing the Hunter Spiders, ready if they decide to charge*

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Alright-....Just like monkey bars, on duct tape-....Leans down to grab hold of the tape and drop his form to start climbing down as quickly as possible*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *The tapes is slapped around the edge of the path as slacker rolls off the side and is hanging their by it which draws the thing damn taunt*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Watches the two Lords, then glances to the others. Not rededicating her axe just yet as she watches between the spiders and those climbing down*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she stands watch while folks go down the duct tape line* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *hangs down over the edge of the bridge, hooking his legs over the top of the tape and crawling down it upside down to get a little more speed than just hand over hand*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Sighs as he takes his turn down the duct tape when able, not liking being this useless* 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *she'll wait at the last possible moment to go, unless encouraged to do so before hand* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Grumbles* Nobody ever fucking listens to me... *he calmly plants a hand on the lip of the web and does a momentary handstand, holding himself up by one arm as he glares at the others, then tips off with a push, spinning like a corckscrew twice in the air before landing in a soft crouch in crinos... reaching an arm down to yank Gary up by the mane*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Stands by, waiting for his homid packmates to go before him.* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [YNQ3G] *Well shit...with so many people standing watch there just so happens to be room on the tape, and she wastes no time hittin the line and slidin her way down* See yah'll on the flip side...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] Come on--the rest of ya.... 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *seeing that everyone without a weapon in homid has made their way down, decides to take his turn, climbing down it like a rope*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She waits for the others to get down on the tape before rededicating her labrys and nodding quickly to Lance before she to starts down...*

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *shifts up to Crinos once he's down, seeing as how everyone else is able to at that range*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *Stands by at the end with the rest of his pack, most likely... revolver draw... he just sort of points it in the general direction of the encroaching spiders as they repairs edge them ever nearer. The barrel tilts up and his thumb presses down on the top as he mouths the words* ....bang.... .... ....bang,

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence shoves the shotgun in his bag, and removes the single strap bag. He tosses one end of the strap over the line, and pushes off the bridge once the others are out of the way, zipping down the line of duct tape at an incredible speed...once nearing the bottom he shifts up to Crinos, and lands with a thud upon the lower moon path*

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Once down he looks around and shifts hispo ready to run if need be or fight, watching the path above for the others to come down or the spiders to follow*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *looks to Lance* -ht- I would like for you to go before me. I can watch this end 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ~ht~ stop debating it like furry brits and just get down here! 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *COmes to as he's picked up* ~HT~ Fucking OUCH

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Once below, he shifts down to Lupus. Looking up to watch the others* ~ws~Hurry up already! 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Crouches down still holding on to the duct tape* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *After allowing his large Crinos form to take the brunt of the impact, he shifts back down to Hispo.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *Nods and slides down himself, letting to at about ten feet to shift to Crinos--and as soon as he thuds heavily to the ground, shifting down to hispo and moving to one side, crouched with his hackles up and his ears laid back.*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Looks to Martin.* ~HT~ Go already... 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *Sits in crinos as they slide down, taking the opportunity to let the bruises beneath the fur on his ankles as wrist mend... though doesn't touch them. He wouldn't dare let anyone know it was anything but effortless.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *Frowns... realizing he's being forced next more because of his mannerisms than his human form... With a sigh he hooks an elbow on the tape and braces the arm to his chest, locking ankles and sliding down with a whistle....*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [5AL0O] *he shifts to Lupus as he gets onto the lower path* 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *She to finds herself in Lupus once at the bottom....Moving to sit and wait for the rest with ears cocked back slightly*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Seeing the rest of his pack gone, he grapples the tape with his Crinos arms looped and attempts to slide down.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence makes his way toward Lucien when he hit's the bottom, looking toward Martin as he arrives for him to join them. Then he looks back up to where Bernie is.*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *when Bernard goes, she hopes that the tape will hold him. if it does hold, she'll quickly follow him down once he's reached the bottom*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *With the last of the group across in relative ease, the Hunter spiders can be seen at the top, a hissing vibroblade slicing the tape off the web with a clean sweep before scurrying off once more to attend to the lesser spirits. The Vector hums off with them. From their new perspective, all eyes can see a second Vector hovering beneath the web with a pair of spiders as well... directly beneath their previous position. They too begin to move off*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Looks around and gets his barings.* ~HT~ No guide Know where we are though. *Waits for the last person to get down and then tears the tape. The roll itself not looking any smaller as he tucks it in his bag*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [R53LS] *shifts to lupus with a snort, pacing over to the rearmost of the group once again*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): [HYZTP] *sighs and scratches himself a moment* Just had to get that out of the way while I still had the mobility... *drops down to lupus with a snap once more*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence shifts down to Lupus once they're all across, and shakes out his bright yellow fur*

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *though she may land hard, she's relieved that everyone made it safely (or relatively so)* -ht- Fenris thought that now was not an honorable time to die...

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] Regin>>~ht~ while running from the enemy? usually not... *glances at Martin* for once the psycho's got the right idea.. *scratches a few times and drops to all fours, looking to Gary* so now where?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [C0MV7] *shifts back down to Lupus.* WS--Let's go, then. 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Flicks an ear* ~ws~Just get us to the Realm, Slacker...Perferably in one peice.....*Standing to take up her position as third of the rear after doing a quck sweep of everyones condition*

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] *Drops back to lupus quickly and waits for them to continue.* 

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *SHifts down to Lupus* ~WS~ No one is dying but we do have to keep moving. The Wyldling still cut some time off out trip.

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *with some concentration she shifts to lupus* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *shifts down to lupus and paces a little, readying for more running* 

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Is fine and dandy if a bit put out...obviously a little dissapointed at there being no fight, but probably well aware that that wouldn't have been one that he fully enjoyed.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6MO7H] *Takes off running again down the path* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] *bolts off* 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *Stretches before standing-...The Lupus looking ready for more traveling* 

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Trots past slacker to look around as he shifts to lupus * WS> Good job. Saved our tails. 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [EDZLK] *And with that they begin their run once more... the sight of the webs and the fray edging off into the umbral haze....* ((And that's it for tonight... we'll try to start around the same time tomorrow to resume our journey. Gladly enough, I think we did make it about halfway...))

Tarence Jones ((TCFB)): [2QM5N] *Tarence takes off as Slacker does* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL Pb3): [9XUMT] ((groovadelic and hotdamn. Thanks, Crusher)) 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] *and she too lopes off, following Gary* 

Damien Rangore: [JYE58] *And off he goes* 

Bernard ?Observes from Afar? Smith (TCFB): [9NR08] ((Sweet! Night all.)) 

Ruarc: [ODU2R] *Or just follows slacker, staying in about the middle of the group, Trying to pay attention around them * 

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): [J4T9W] *Lopes off after Slacker* 

Regin True-Paw: [ARXIP] ((Man this is a fairly lengthy log ^_^)) 

End Log 9:50 PM, PST 

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