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Battleground 3
Mokolé Story

Wednesday, October 11, 2005

Archiver's note: Archive started at 6:24 PM, PST, 10/12/2005 

When we last left our war party of Cliaths, they had finally made it into the Battlegrounds Realm. After a moment of studying the signpost, it was decided to travel down the center path. Hopefully they'll make it to the specific battle they're looking for...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Because this is Combat and combat alone... 3 Log dice. Save them, enjoy them... weild them like a mighty edge at the critical moment that screams "ph34r Regin, B!zN4t

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Heh)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Rawr. I am leet! *not*)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *As the long line of Garou make their way down the path, the sounds of war and battle occuring on every square inch of soil to any given side of the stonework path begins to dull and fade... almost quieting in silent reverence for the brave willing that would give themselves needlessly in dreams of change... change of the wretched past that spawned these equally wretched times.*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she follows the instructions to not stray from the path* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Wishes they could all watch the scene first, just to see, but puts it aside as he leads the way down the path--they'll see enough, he's certain.*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She flanks Lance and Gary, still keeping an eye out for stray bullets that might strike her once more.....Bullets that unless silver, wont do anything but annoy...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((And had 1 suxx on activating the warpaint.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((And now, everyone whose tribe is present and could in any way be descent from the Wyrmbringers... or Wendigo.. Roll Ancestors. PM me the results.))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *follows down behind the others, Blur of the Milky Eye running as strongly as it ever has for him ((3 succ rolled last night))*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((By the way, I've started log 3 minutes ago)) 

Damien Rangore: [MUZBM] (( No Ancestors background here. *C* )) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((I think that's all but the Gnawers (no Ancestors for any of 'em) and Ash...))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Ash don't have Ancestors any way, so it would be ditto even if her great great grandmother was there *G*)

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((The way I figure, there's bound to be Fenrir)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((A Fenrir not in a battle would be like fishing without beer)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((or dynamite)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *the white rock of the Roman road begins to wane away... only appearing it pockets here and there as with each passing step, the pathway becomes a thin strip of compacted earth amid a surface of tall and lush green grass... the kind of rich and soft foliage almost exclusive to the deep, fertile soil of America's breadbasket... The deer run of a trail leads on and curves to the side, the scenery giving way to thick underbrush and lush, wide trees packed closely together, despire their relatively shorter stature of only 40 to 60 feet high.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--here's the battle... Wait until they show. We'll come from behind and bust loose with an Anthem of war to make sure we've got their attention.

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She concentrates while they move along...Throwing up the Resist Pain gift so she doesn't quite feel any of the wounds in the battle to come and can fight better....Following Lance boldly onward*

Damien Rangore: [MUZBM] *Nods to Lance-...Pushing up into Crinos as he moves closer to Ash, seeing as he was directed to stick close to her during the battle*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *chuffs an acknowledgement to Lance, still staying by Ruarc* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The grounds begin to grow ever more familiar to Lance and Ash... and within another minute the trees to each side part to reveal the wide, grassy expanse... Garou and human Indian alike frozen aloft in the air mid-leaps as they stand frozen in time, from the look of it only a few seconds after even breaking into the clearing. There they stand, six trueborns in Crinos, and twenty or more human kinfolk.. tired, weeping, bloody and frightened. A mother still clutches a dead boy to her chest as she runs, despite the fact that the young tyke's head is missing its left half... she hovers in mid-trip, expression almost locked on the warparty as she hovers, mid-trip with eyes blinded by the stinging tears*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] Ws--and remember tokeep the line. The sides give, the front holds. Slacker and me center, Ash and Damien left, Regin and Ruarc right. We want to make a curve so nobody gets behind us.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *slowly paces on with the others, his red-hued Crinos keeping in the back as he looks over the scene in absolute quiet. Painful quiet. Slowly, he unslings the duffle from his back, unzipping the top and pulling out a few books... returning to homid as he begins to turn pages*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *But waits for the others to pass, carefully, so they're arranged in their line like he'd said.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *shifts to crinos as he steps off to the side of the others, slightly away from the flank, but close enough to not be out of range*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She rumbles as her form pushes up into Crinos....Muscles tense as it's clear she's fighting her urge to move and tear into the Garou going after the mother and child*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* Correct me if I'm wrong, Crusher--but I believe all they see at the moment are the six Garou defenders, the wendigo/Uktena. The others ain't visible.*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she relaxes to her breed form as she moves into place along with Ruarc* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *watches silently... refusing to look away from the horrors... the logical part of his mind reminding him that these are not monsters.. there's two sides to every story. the aren't evil villains... for all he knows, their own kinfolk had been recently slaughtered. It can't be a random act of cruelty... but it did happen, and it's his duty as a garou to open his eyes to it*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The scene holds true... trapped in the intimate milisecond. At this moment, no one knows they're being looked at... no visitors to keep a brave face for. It is life they see. Sweat, blood, cloth and tears all floating timeless in the air. A trail of tears stands in the wind behind the woman, like droplets of glass affixed to reality.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Correct... only the Indian half is visible.)) 

Damien Rangore: [MUZBM] *He takes notes on position, who's where and the six true born that are to be their targets. Doing his best to calculate anything that they have in hand as a weapon and who seems to be the leader, if any of them*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((wait.. the europeans aren't visible? are the wendigo/Uktena the ones seeming to be attacking?))

Damien Rangore: [MUZBM] (( *G* DLP then. )) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Ahhh, I thought the "six true borns" ment the European Garou...My bad) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Turns, careful to stay on the path, towards the indians.* WS--When it starts, when they come, we wait for them to pass and come behind them. If it won't start 'til we join, we wait a few minutes, and then we just turn like we are and take them head-on. Still ought to leave them a little more time to escape.

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *nods to Lance* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Offers quietly as he stands by in homid, thin fingers pushed into the surface of the page to mark it* ...Pottawatomie. I could tell immediately they were from the Three Fires council... but I'm almost certain these are Pottawwatomie. That would make this anywhere between 1836 and 1868...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Nods to Vicente. Closest he'd have guessed was Choctaw, but not too terribly concerned. Concentrating on the tactics, on the fact that he'll have to cover Slacker a bit, on hoping he did the right thing by allowing the Ragabash free liscense... on anything but those tears suspended in midair, no matter how his attention keeps coming back to them.*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Hackles raised...It's clear she's ready to cut loose....But she flicks an ear to Lance in acknowledgement*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *cautiously moves about the area in his blurred status.. placing himself between the fleeing woman and the location apparent pursuers would approach from.. *

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *looks... stares. his eyes widen for a moment as he assesses the implications...* 

Damien Rangore: [MUZBM] *He notes Ash's tension likely beyond that of everyone else-...Just hoping she stays in line like the plan*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Growls low.* WS--Come on, you fed bastards, an' come get 'em... let's see if ~we~ can make it cost you....

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *launches back to the others, nearly plowing into the line as his gift drops... his voice gruffly making the english.. hoping their watchers won't understand it* TCFB. Here.

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *eyes focused on the still scene before her. just waiting on the word from the lead...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--this battle? Fuck... Then how the hell come we can't see 'em?

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *He sighs, closing the book again and placing it back in the duffle... zipping it shut once more* That would explain what Wendigo were doing in Missouri... they were forced out of Michigan after siding with the other side in the War of 1812... sought refuge with their cousins in the Osage river area... until forced out into Oklahoma a few decades later. They were the Middle Fire of the Three Fires Council... the negotiators and peacekeepers of the many Tribes... much like Middle Brother Croatan was to Uktena and Wendigo. *slowly returns to Crinos and leans low to stretch his back... a strange tenseness and cold filling his muscles*

Archiver's note: ((Posts made in response to a miscommunication were deleted as requested to help move the read along.)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* Ditch that, then.)) WS--This fucking battle?

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Looks off at the scene... eyes scanning the horror as he mutters a reply to Lance* ...It means one of us is a part of this... it's waiting for us.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--one of ~us~ is a part of this battle? Didn't you say 1830-something?

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *eyes still on the scene* -ht- I would not be surprised if there were Fenrir involved... 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Glances at Vic, puzzled...Teeth gnashing as she looks back...Eyes locked on the woman with the dead child....*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Takes note of the Turtle Amulet on one of the Warrior's chest... eye raised, never thinking he'd get a chance to see one of the lost Middle Brother's most potent fetishes.* Osage were of the Uktena... so it could be me. *Looks back over to the pair of Shadow Lords and Regin* ...or it equally could well be them...

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] ...or Ruarc as well... 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *remains blurred as he continues to eye the area. Shrugs at Vic's suggestion. It's entirely possible*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] ~ht~Then what do we do about that? *Ears placing back against his skull as he looks to Vicente*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((*Greedily chugs coffee during the build up... forming the caffiene high needed to run three packs of NPCs at once *g**))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--Vicente>>If we stand with them.... will they allow it?

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *grunts* -ht- I say we do what we came here to do, regardless of whose tribe & ancestors were here...

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*Is already boinging in place in anticipation and caffine high...Got started a lil early*) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Grumbles as, despite his efforts, he can't seem to get the concentration he needs to form a more effective Blur... He looks back at Lance* I don't know. It will depend on whether they realize the side you stand on and are willing to accept it. The Wendigo are fierce and proud... perhaps more like the Fenrir than either tribe would admit.

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *clears her throat, or the equivalant thereof... though amused by Vic's comment* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Nods.* WS--We'll have to try, then. Same line. Everyone keep heads and tails down. Head towards them, then stop when I do, turn round where your at, and be ready to face the packs. Got it?

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Grunts to Lance, eager to get going...Something normally found in a Philodox and more an Ahroun present in the Fury...*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she drops down on all fours, staying in position & nods to Lance... she doesn't have to worry about the tail part*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *he nods quietly... the duffle on his shoulder sudden;y fading away into a dark band across the red-hued crinos's chest...*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] ~ht~Alright-....*He remains in Crinos though-...Tail low, ears back and head tilted down just the slightest*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Her tail tucks...But still, her hackles remain raised no matter how much she tries to force them down...Waiting to move forward with the others*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *remains in position between the escaping and the iminent incoming.. expecting a possible flanking*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *And once they're ready he moves, leaping off the path--and heads for the group, making sure to keep his ears up and his head down, and his tail down to indicate no aggression, and hoping the other homids remember.* WS--Be ready; they come!

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Leaps in after Lance, keeping up as he moves after the other Ahroun. The none agressive posture kept*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she moves when the signal is given. she can't do anything about her... um.. stub, but she does keep her head low & her ears alert*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Moves with Lance...Moving quickly for the group as her eyes flicker towards where the on comming should be....Claws flexing as she shows she's ready for them as they head for the group that hopefully knows they arnt here to harm, but to protect*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Rehashing the layout: The Battleground path bisects the large clearing (about 80 yards long) in the deciduous forest. From the far right, 6 Wendigo and 20 kinfolk or so are just emrging from the treeline... scattered out between 10 to 30 yards from you. The others will likely be coming from behind them, in the trees. To the left is another 40 yards of open space (the other half of the clearing) which the Indians seem to be running for... Putting you all, and the path, in the way.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--Slacker, Ruarc, Regin, go right! The rest, left! *And follows suit to the left, making sure there's plenty of room to to run through.*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *heads in the right with Slacker & Ruarc* 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Swerves to the left on the order....Keeping pace with Lance and Damien as they split in half to form two groups*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Bolts to the left, keeping his eyes out for both anything the Wendigo might pull on the group as well as the European Garou to come*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The scene remains frozen, it seems, for a few seconds still as the first steps off the path are taken. But in a moment, all that comes to an end as the wails and screams suddenly overtake them... a wave of sound trapped in mid-life washing over them as the warcries of braves and the ever nearing howls of the Wyrmbringers draw in from the distant treeline. The broken line of Pure Ones suddenly falters, kinfolk panicking and the Braves raising alarm as the warparty suddenly materializes in their path.... the kin begin to pause and circle... precious seconds and distance from their assailants lost with each moment. Vicente is notably not with the group.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Keeps moving, around the group.* WS--Move quickly--they come!

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Slacker and Ruarc] *The two Crinos nod in quick assent and make for the right... the Fianna seeming ready for battle.. eyes waiting to spot one of his own tribe to focus his rage on. Slacker sticks close by... intended to help all he can in battle, but even moreso to standby with the healing...*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She sees the falter and pushes forward to gain more ground around the group of Pure Ones to get around to the on comming Europeans.....Knowing that precious time lost could mean the death of them and their failing...And she wont witness what she saw last time without a fight*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she urges Slacker & Ruarc to keep moving right, though they probably don't need much in the way of goading, to make room for the fleeing Kin*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *The War-Graffitti already leaving patterns behind him in the air as he runs--and identifying him as a Bone Gnawer about as clearly as anything can.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] OH FUCK! *Pauses midstride, looking around as he finds himself among the Wendigo... clothing replaced by tanned leather and bnoe vest... a turtle amulet hanging around his neck* Shitshitshit... Um... *hits crinos once more* ~ht~ They're allies!!! Move on! *Begins to run again... heading to meet up with the others*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *breaks into a four-limbed sprint, praying his gift keeps the pure ones from seeing him as he moves to circle and guard*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Looking back at where Vicente stands.. the shadows of the past apparently oblivious to the change in the Garou's face and size, they run on again... around and through any of the warparty in their path. The howls an yips of the coming garou warparty grow ever louder... and ever closer. Nearly to the treeline...*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Swiftly dodges any Pure One, kin and Garou to get past them. Reflexes sharp like a cats as he speeds towards the rear of the Pure One party and to form the line as the howls are heard. Taking in an lung full of air to help sound the Anthem of War*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *And once they're past, back to the right.* WS--To me!

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *once the Pure Ones & their kin pass, she heads over to Lance when he calls* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Slacker and Ruarc close in with Lance once more... as the kinfolk continue on, the five braves, along with Vicente, hold back and form up with the new garou... No, they aren't more men to command... but they are no fools, and know well the advantage of allies holding together*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She moves into position where instructed....Eyes burning with Rage and will for the battle....None of her ancestors were present for this, but still she stands to fight...To help make right what was done wrong....Hackles raised, claws ready....She waits for the European War Party to break the treeline and meet the claws and teeth of their decendance and their childrens great grandchildren's allies....Hackles rised, lips pulled back to display viscious fangs...Eyes sharp as an eagles and filled with Rage*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *turns to keep an eye on the fleeing kinfolk... still expecting a flank* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Growls over his shoulder.* Three packs come. *Looks back towards where they'll be coming from, so as not to give the appearance of ordering them.* WS--Vicente, call for succor!

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *once she has caught up to the rest, she stays in position by Ruarc, eyeing the treeline eagerly* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *No... there's no need for such artful strategy in a massacre... a fact that slowly sinks in as the European garou begin to break the treeline... one by one, the Crinos and Hispo forms emerge into the grasslands and slow to regroup, seeing their quarry making a stand. One pack.... Fangs... another pack... Fianna... and third... Fenrir... and a stray Shadow Lord, from the looks of it. In total, perhaps fifteen... and none look to bear the classic signs of inexperience any could hope for. These are children of war, born in war and raised in war, and come for Glory in death. More fierce to consider than that, though, is the unfortunate fact that both Fangs and Fianna alike are renown for their heavy count of Klaives per capita...*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Blinks at Lance... he's no Galliard... he barely knows the call, which shows rapidly on his expression as his gaze casts to the ground and wide eyes scour his own memory somewhere among the blades...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Growls.* WS--Fucking Klaives... *Bursts into an Anthem of War.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *locks his eyes on the lone Lord when he emerges.. knowing in his heart that he must be the most dangerous fucker out there if he looks to be alone*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *He belts the Anthem along with Lance-...By far no Galliard, but he can let out a long roar if he wants*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *adds her own voice to the Anthem of War* 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She doesn't waste her breath on the call....She's no Galliard and she gets ready to leap...Knowing the first Klaive to peg any of them is going to take more then one person down....Still, she seems willing enough to die....Not true death, true...But death in a sense*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Begins the Call of Succor... putting everything he has into recalling it... but he falters just a few syllable in. Growling in anxious frustration... he tries again*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *rushes a wide circle to try and break into the treeline to get behind the 'lord and others*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *With another breath, he belts out the Call of Succor... howl carrying high into the sky and into the woods for all to hear... even with his all thrown into it... without the practice of skill of a Galliard, it's little more than the whine of a puppy in desperate search o its mother... no numbers, no status or strategy embedded in its tones*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((And with that, folks... Init *g*)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((12)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((14)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((12)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((This will be FIXED init... as in, one roll that will stick for the entire fight. If you roll a 3 or less, you may reroll until you don't... simply so no one feels like a nerf toy *g*))

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Init 16. )) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((but.. Tarence is bright yellow and foamy already...)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Aw. But it's Nerf or nothing)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (13 *G*) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (And real quick..Is Battlegrounds the one where they gain a Rage each turn? *L* I may be thinking of another Realm or something but just want to have it noted)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((It is... All frenzy checks are at -2 dif, and 1 rage automatically regained per turn.)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Nice *G* *Waits*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Ooh, nice... And it's a Galliard moon?)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((I thought it was Philo? Or did we stay in the thing for that long?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Here's the PERMANENT Battle Order. Know it, love it... always keep an eye on it. I'll repost it every turn. Fang Pack 23, Shadow Lord 22, Ruarc 17, Damien 16, Fianna Pack 15, Lance 14, Fenrir Pack 14, Ash 13, Vic 13, Gary 12, Regin 12))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Alexi... init?)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Were all gonna dieeeeeee *L* Noted) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Well this'll be interesting)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((I posted it a while back. 12)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((unless Im smoking crack and only pretended to post it *shrugs* which is a distinct possibility))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Fang Pack 23, Shadow Lord 22, Ruarc 17, Wendigo 17, Damien 16, Fianna Pack 15, Lance 14, Fenrir Pack 14, Ash 13, Vic 13, Alexi 12, Gary 12, Regin 12))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Yeah you posted it awhile back)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (We gonna declare or just post? *L*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((I'm fairly sure I just missed it... and guessed that I did. *g* Alright... sucks to declaring. It only slows things down. When it's your turn.. just go. Don;t forget to declare Rage expenditures and if you split.)) *Pausing a moment as they take sight of the other European garou that now stand in their way, with uniform speed and instinct the Silver Fangs charge forward in a wedge formation, blades drawing. Of the five, three wield Klaives, and the Alpha a Grand. The fifth seems to be fine with just his claws.* [Fang Alpha] *snarls* ~ht~ Know your place, mongrels.. or find it on the ground! *They charge... but it will take the Junkyard garou themselves to finish closing the gap*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The Shadow Lord grins mescheiviously, hands sliding into the depths of the long cloak that wraps around even his jet black crinos form, and breaks hard to the right... looking to swing around to the group's flank but otherwise only runs*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] WS--Then let us see what pure blood looks like upon the grass, inbred! Are we to take orders from someone who's likely sired more mules than a prize jackass? *Oh, he'll pay for that, but if he can get one or two into Frenzy; maybe get them to drop a Klaive, perhaps make them drop that even-more-deadly pack cohesion....*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Ruarc] *With a snarl... Ruarc desperately desires to draw in on the Fianna... despite the two Klaives seen among them as well... but he holds for Lance's orders. It of course sinks into his mind as no surprise that above all others, Garou who own Klaives would desire most to gain glory in battle with other Garou... given the incredible edge they hold*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *And of course, if they concentrate on him, then it may allow others to their flanks...*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she needs no witty retort, she's here for a purpose & she's not going to let some fallen, silver-pelted brat who deflowered his sister bother her*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Two of the Wendigo draw back a short leap, letting loose an arrow from each of their Crinos-scale bows... the light over the field darkens as a hail of arrows rains down over the Fianna pack... wounding several of them as the remaining three charge headlong, looking to close on the same pack with their spears and claws*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Next Damien... then the Fianna... then Lance. Right now only the Fangs have closed to a reachable combat distance for Lance. The Lord has closed close enough for Damien and Alexi, as well.*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Spending 3 Rage, split normal action for Leaping Rake. 4,6,10,5,8 to jump at Diff 3 unless ST deams it higher. 6,7,1,4 to claw. )) *He knows death awaits him under the Shadow Lord's cloak-...Maybe he sucks at orders, or maybe he just wants the Lord to play his cards so everyone can see he is also a threat-...Or maybe to stop him before he gets to the Pure Ones-...A crouch and he sails through the air, claws poised to swipe the Lord breaking off*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Lord] *Unfurled from the Shadow Lord's cloak is a long blade of jet black steel... still made with the definitive design of a klaive, despite its slender blade and lack of silver. With a grin, he takes a slight edge to the side, hacking the claw aside (Soak 6 agg, not silver) and spinning on his heel, aiming to take the other Garou's head off with a spinning cleave... but through some miracle of luck, shave an inch of hair off the other Lord's mane as he cuts too high*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Soaked 1. )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The Fianna are still kneeling with buckler's high as their opening comes... several pierced lightly with arrows, they seem little worse for wear despite that as they barrel down the line and to the left of the Fangs... apparently accepting the Wendigo's challenge and sword and spear meet....* ((Lance acts now... Both the Fangs and the Fianna are in range to close for Melee. Next is the Fenrir, then Ash and Vic...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Damien's claw comes clean off, the hand from the elbow up flying severl yards beyond both Shadow Lords as Damien lands...* ((The most damage a limb can take is 3... so note 3 agg and roll to frenzy at dif 4...))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((3 Rage,. one bite.)) *Normally he'd charge forward, teeth slashing and tearing at everything that comes close enough--too risky for this, and can't leave his position. Instead he snarls in frustration as the first one to move breaks the line, and leaps perhaps three feet forward, fangs seeking the nearest Fang's belly.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Ugh. 9 dice, and 3 friggin' suxx.)) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( 10,2,8,5,7, 9. Deffinant Frenzy I think. *C* )) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* you can spend a WP to hold it off, but that means spending the rest of your turn standing there thinking "don't, don't, don't..... while you get sliced to ribbons...))

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( *L* Better to ride the Frenzy and hopefully go after the Lord still I think. Or anything he can get his hands on that hopefully isn't the Junkyard characters. ))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*Cough* Hand...*Cackles and ducks, shuts up now*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Alpha Fang] *With their wedge formation, it's of course the leader that charges closest... a good two meters ahead of the next two. As Lance dives in, with a single step he closes... stepping into the bite and bringing the Grand Klaive in an upward arc... cleaving the Gnawer open from genitals to jaw before the bite can even land... killing him instantly.* ((Stop Hit maneuver... 8 silver agg. You can roll Rage to remain active and heal, and automatically enter frenzy should you succeed, if memory serves. Regardless, Lances's done until Rage Actions))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Sudden image of the hag-thing from "Army of Darkness". ... "Into the Battleground with the filthy barstards; into the Battleground with 'em!" *Takes a bite of bread.*))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (I just got an image of when Flea got gelded by the same manuver *Twitch*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* That was quick. Yeah, lemme roll Rage.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Though entirely Klaiveless, the Fenrir seem to have no lack of confidence despite the matter.... they begin to charge, eyes especially set on the Metis Regin and the others in teh center fray... no interest in joining ranks with either Lord to the right or Fianna to the left. Three of the five wash over with a sudden eruption of thick, warty skin that overtakes their gray coats and forms a thick hide..

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Nope. Failed the roll.)) *Doesn't just fall down dead, but falls down literally split in two, his talons becoming fingers as they dig deep into the rich black earth.*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Splitting for two bite attacks, going for a Fenrir if she can reach them...2 Rage...First Bite: 1 suxx. Second Bite: 3 suxx...Mars Rising Merit saved for Damage) *They arnt doing so good....She moves for the Fenrir...Klaiveless they may be, but they are likely just as deadly....Her jaws flashing twice into the one she hopefully catches to maul open*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Oh shit... less than two seconds and already this? Vicente quickly pulls back a few yards, launching his Shroud at the center Fangs... Unfortunately, under the faux light of Helios, the blanket that spews forth is little more than 10 feet wide... just enough to encapsule teh lead Fang and perhaps one or two of his followers at the edges*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Going for one with or without Troll Skin up?)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Without *G*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *As Ash closes in, one of the Fenrir takes an extra stride forward to meet her, scarred and tattooed, black horns jutting from his crinos forehead, though apparently chopped off after a few inches. Her jaws close on him unresisted* ((Go through to damage))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (7 and 5 agg) *Her blows land, ment to rend men and Garou alike in a gout of pain....Rage not even kicked in, but she seems to be blessed as a warrior of Gaia*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Don't forget--Gary has the warpaint too.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The metis is torn savagely by both blows, but still.. just barely, has the strength to stand. With groping claws, she reaches for Ash...* ((Did she split to, or intend to use a Rage to Dodge?))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (No dodge) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The metis, inches from death, wraps up around Ash... arms and legs interlocking and holding her tight... Her packmate, instinctively swinging around her back to complete the manuever... Metis Shield. He buries his Fang Dagger into Ash's back... though thank Gaia, there is no added bite.* ((Soak 6 Agg))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Alexi, Gary and Regin now... then Rage actions)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Soaked 4 *G*) *Just snarls as she gets stabbed in the back by the Fenrir....At least she plans to hopefully tear the one holding her's throat along to death with her*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *Damien frenzying adds a whole new level of difficulty to this.. fortunately, he's on the other side of the Lord... Burns one of his precious rage as he lashes out, trying to strike from the concealment of his blur as he darts in... Claws slashing upwards from the ground in a strike intending to take the Lord's sword arm off at the shoulder.. hopefully, at least.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Ruarc] *Growls in anger as he sees Lance go down, swinging around to the side of teh Fang wedge and making a leap at one of the Nobles... meeting a similar, if less deadly fate. Th klaive buries deep into the Fianna, but Ruarc still has some fight left in him.. claw swinging out and maiming the Fang lightly in return...*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *she holds her position beside Ruarc, but then she lets the inner fires of Rage fill her every fiber. she lunges at the nearest Fenrir foe with a sort of claw/claw/bite maneuver. This is no time to apologize for attacking a renowned tribal warrior* ((Spending 1 Rage to be able to do a bite. But first, splitting to do 2 claw attacks. Claw 1: Er... nevermind, that was a botch. Shoulda used one of those LOG dice. Heh))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((yeah.. the lords have definately seen better days)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Well that's one better than my times 3 *chuckle*)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Oh... my... god... The roller seems to side with the Wyrmbringers, it would seem...)) *Perhaps through maddening skill or outright luck, the other Lord's natural movements take him a half step out of Alexi's path... the ragabash instead barreling into his Frenzying kin...only a minor bruise, perhaps... but it might be enough to become a target as well.. not to mention placing them both in a precarious stance...* ((-2 dice from each of your next actions))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((Crapola)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*Winces* Poor Alexi and Regin..*L* I agree with Crusher..The Roller is on their side...)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *As Regin leaps, she almost flies into the waiting hand of the Fenrir alpha... caught by the throat and hoisted high...* ((Lose the rest of your actions this turn...))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Maybe the group were not meant to change what happened...)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Weee!!!)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Gary] *Seeing the two Lord's plight, Gary cuts hard to the right and tackles Alexi out of Damien's path... not about to leave -two- comrades to be knifed in the back at once...* ((Reflexive Dex+Athle, dif 6 to roll back to your feet, Alexi.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Rage actions... same order as init... Fang Pack 23, Shadow Lord 22, Ruarc 17, Wendigo 17, Damien 16, Fianna Pack 15, Lance 14, Fenrir Pack 14, Ash 13, Vic 13, Alexi 12, Gary 12, Regin 12))))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* I'll take care of mine in advance.)) *Lays where he is. After all, the poor bastard's dead.*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((1 succ, including the botch result))*slammed by Gary, barely managing to roll with the impact and scramble for purchase*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((The poor bastard *chuckle*)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Regin>> SOL *g*)) *And Ruarc's head comes clean off, flying high for all to see as the Fang bearing the symbols of the Philodox leaps past him... calws sliding a trough through the grass as his spectacular momentum comes to a halt. Behind him, the headless body falls, slumping into a bloody homid form.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* Well, he just got opened up like a ShadderLord kinfolk's legs...))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Weee!!!!!)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] ((*Used Gnosis this turn...*)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Spread all over the friggin' field. Got more grass inside him than a CoG Philodox...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Fang Ragabash] *Steps out from the darkness, eyes narrowed on the other Trickster in Wendigo garb... He pitches his Klaive through the air, burying it in Vicente's chest as he charges and leaps high... clawed foot arcing past the Uktena's head and bringing his own talons down on the Garou's back as he lands...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The Fang Beta emerges in almost perfect unison... his Klaive flying like a dart into Vicente's neck, leaving the Garou's head hanging slightly lopsided before returning to Homid and falling... he leaps forward, grabbing the swords from the corpse before it even hits the ground*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Lord] *Grins wickedly and leaps backward with full force and supernatural distance.... well aware the others won't be able to close the same...* ((Go Frenzy Damien *g*))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Let's go Damien! Leg's go!)) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Do we do all Rage actions at once or just one? )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *To the far left, A Fianna falls... but so have two of the Wendigo. Additional arrows fly into the group, but seem to be of too little potentcy to make a decided difference*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Go ahead and do them all... given that there's no one else involved with you guys on the right))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Is dead* 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *is held* 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( 4,5,3,10,10, 1,2 first Claw. 6,10,1,6,10, 7,10 on second claw. 7,7,10,4,10, 5,9 on third. That roller hates me, I swear it. *L* )) *One arm gone, the other comes into play as he whirls-...Seeing solid red and plowing into Gary just as Alex regains his footing. If he'd have hit the Lord, he may have cut him to bits-...But, woe is the poor heroic Bone Gnawer*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Roll through to damage.. Gary dodge 4 sux from the first claw, but that's all the actions he had left))

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( 6 agg each. )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Both blows maim the Gnawer horribly... but he manages to keep his feet through the onslaught* ((He takes 6 total...))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((guess that just leaves Ash and me)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((No actions left in the Fenrir.. checked to make sure TS uses a gnosis, so disregard roll. If you have any actions, you can try to break free, Ash... And then Alexi goes))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*G* Can she still bite the one holding her or do I still have to spend an action, then bite?)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Action to try and break free, then bite)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Alright, what's the roll? One Rage will go to that then) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Str+Brawl - wound penalties aganist the Fenrir's smae. Optionally, you can use Dex... but as a garou.. prolly not a good trade *g*))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Strength then *G* And she has Resist Pain up, kicked it up before they even got to the battle *Nods and rolls*)

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*Natters* 6,3,1,7,5, 5,3,1,9 to break free) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((And against a failed roll, she's free *g*)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Woot! 1 suxx to bite, 5 agg) *With an enraged snarl, she flexes her arms out and squirms...Freeing herself to latch onto the Fenrir's throat hopefully before jerking her head back*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Rockin)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *with his precious rage, rushes to cover the ground to catch up to the Big badass Lord, to close for combat next time* ~ht~ I cannot defeat you.. but I can't stand idly by.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *and the metis goes down... little show of concern from any of the other Fenrir's eyes as her crinos corpse hits earth and fails to revive*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((If there are no others... NEW TURN! Whee!)) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Go Ash! *G* And damn-...We made it to another turn. *G* )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Fang Pack 23, Shadow Lord 22, Wendigo 17, Damien 16, Fianna Pack 15, Fenrir Pack 14, Ash 13, Alexi 12, Gary 12, Regin 12))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Hot diggity!)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((who's still alive?)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*Scratches none existant nuts...* *G*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((What's Damien's Rage rating?)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((*raises hand* Me! Me-me! Ooo! Pick me!)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Ash, Damien, Alex, Gary and Regin) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( 5.*Baaaad feeling Direct The Storm is suddenly involved* )) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Right now, all those listed above are still alive-alive. On the other side, 1 Fianna and 1 Fenrir are down. On yours:Lance, Ruarc, Vic, 2 Wendigo, Damien in frenzy and Gary nearly dead.))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((*starts singing "I will survive."*)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((*sigh* I knew that was gonna happen)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((*Gives Damien a Gold Star*)) *Still with the remains of his Hare's leap between them, all Alexi sees on the Lord's behalf is his gaze move beyond Alexi's shoulder... and a silvery shimmer in his eyes as he grins* ((Damien's new target is Alexi...))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((heh.. at least I spent the rage last turn to haul ass)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The Fangs now split, intent on simply sweeping up what dregs of combatants remain. Three head to meet the Wendgio archers... and two turn to join the Fenrir* ((Go Damien. He'll have to spend an action to close on Alexi, who used a rage to move last turn))

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Any roll he can use to try and shake Frenzy, or the Gift prevent it? If not, he'll haul ass after Alex. ))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Back with Ash and the Fenrir, the Galliard Beta can be seen sweeping through the center of the pack, brandishing his claws as he barrels at Ash with a flurry of strikes..* (( He's splitting for 3... Defending?))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Not until the stimulus that caused the Frenzy is over.))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Basically until we're done "dying" like the Cliaths we are eh? *chuckle*)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Going to try for a block with a split action of block/claw...Two Rage this round...4,9,7,8+1WP used) *She whirls when she sees the Fenrir moving from the corner of her eye...Own claws coming up to hopefully block the ones bareling for her*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((You can only begin to roll to end a frenzy -after- the triggering event (in this case, battle) is over...))

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Alright. )) *Gary "forgotten", he moves after Alex with a roar of fury* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Soak 4 then 6 from the two remaining attacks)) *Of course, once again the edge of pack tactics overwhelms.. as the series of shallow attacks proves to be little more than an attempt to berate her.. giving the Theurge another attempt to bring his Fang Dagger to bear on her back...*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *at least Damien kept the clue with his roar...continues running for the 'lord. he's got a plan. it's a dumb one, but it's a plan. Rage burnt again as he hauls ass on all fours... hoping Damien's one less limb might slow him down*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((err. sorry. jumped the gun there.. ignore me)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Soaked 4 and 2, putting her at -6 *Thank you Resist Pain*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *This time he takes no chances, gnosis burning through the weapon as it sinks into her back... ((6 again))

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Soaked 3, putting her at -8...1 suxx on Rage...*G* She make it?) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Salright... again, they've got their own half of the field to play on *g*)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Er, -9...Never mind *L*) *The Fang Dagger bites deep and even her Rage can't save her...Dropping with only one victory under her belt and melting into a bloody Homid form...Oddly, an eagle skelaton that would be the nations bird on her shirt, whats left of it*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *And the Alpha of the Fenrir pack tosses Regin to the ground... intending to finish it himself as he barrels after her...* ((And the night is coming to an end... so let's wrap this up without rolls real quick-like...))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((on to freeform?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Yep...)) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((In that case, I'm going to go ahead & post)) *she gets to her feet & faces the Fenrir when she's flung to the ground. she gazes upon the warrior with great respect & with no regret in her eyes. Deep down, she's honored, really* -ht- I have no regrets! *she roars as she charges to meet the Fenrir. she chooses to die like a warrior, standing & ready for battle, than to be cowering on the ground. she fuels her being with the heart's fire of Rage & leaps at him to strike with fang & claw. she doesn't think about if she'll succeed or not, only in dying fighting*

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *rushes ahead, muscles burning as he tries to make psycho-damien wear his own down slightly to put them on more even footing, eyes on the shadowlord as he tries to buy seconds before he's overtaken from behind, in true shadowlord fashion* SL>>~ht~ this mistake will haunt us in future generations. -your- fuckup. -our- burden. *and with that said, leaps to rebound off of a tree and back at the incoming Damien. This is gonna hurt. a lot. a whooole freakin' lot*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((I've come to the conclusion that the NPC Wyrmbringers were really, frickin, huge rocks. *G*))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *The Fenrir alpha bears down on Regin in return... a decade or more of experience on her, and as many as three ranks as well... But for a few seconds, the space between them becomes nothing but brutality. With the bolstering effects of his Troll's Skin, however, even her unresisted blows can barely seem to make it through... and by the end, she lies fallen to the earth... the Alpha's forearm torn open and shoulder bloodied, but only injuries that further feul his passion for combat as he leads the pack after the kinfolk with a triumphant roar...*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Alexi collides with the Ahroun knocking him back as claws come up to swipe at the Lord-...The Ahroun gone within the Frenzy, only knowing some how Alexi is the enemy now*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Maiming! Wee!)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Yeah...Cause they fell and everyones either dead or gonna be *G*) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((And how *G*)) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( *Switches Lord to Ragabash so it makes more sense* *G* )) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *snarls in pain as the claws rip into him, trying his damnedest to pin the remaining arm with both of his.. he's not the strongest of garou, after all.. and apparently not the brightest at times either, as that only alleviates the threat of claws, and not jaws. At least he puts up a valliant effort against the ahroun* ((one arm or not, with dex 3, brawl 1 and stam 5 in this form, it's gonna be a pretty obvious resolution))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *As the last two lords battle one another, and the Gnawer theurge lie barely able to crawl on the earth... the ground suddenly shakes and trembles... flocks of birds scattering to the winds in flight from whatever horror it is that cmoes from the depths of the woods.... and in the last dying vestiges of light that moves through the cliath's eyes... they can see a dark skinned man with a red cloth-wrapped sword across his back charged forth from the woods... with a snarl, the massive weapons swings from off his shoulder and goes flying through the air into the lead Fang.. burying deep. And then, the last blade comes down... and the rest of the battle is lost to history as the final garou from the junkyard fades into the Near umbra. There, waiting for them, the rest of the war party... sitting by and talking, looking over to see the final members return. Beneath them the moonpath is stronger in color and glows a warm silvery color... fully visible beneath their feet.*

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Fangs come down to finish Alexi until the battle finishes-...Warping and fading them back into the near Umbra where there is many blinks of confusion*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *Only a few meters up the path... Martin of Thundercougarfalconbird sits indian-style on the top of the cab of a large military fuel truck, painted the tans of Desert camo. Just ahead of it, a hummer of similar paint. Tarence sits behind the oversized jeep's steering wheel, and Lucien behind the trucks. With a toothy grin, he looks back at the last comers* I said I'd get you back fast, didn't I?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Grunts, now in Homid.* I fucking ~hate~ silver.

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (And I take it these didn't count for Battlescars, correct? Aka, Ruarc still has a head, Damien his arm etc?)

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Grunts at Lance* I hate backstabbers.....You did good though....*Glances up at Martin, blinking*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *No one can see any signs of damage upon them... though all feel incredibly drained from the ejection... (-2 temp gnosis if you've still got it *g*) Beyond that, only clothing is damaged*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *gives her own grunt as she shifts down to lupus* -ws- Next time, remind me to wait until I'm /not/ a Cliath to come here.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* Well, minus his one.)) *snorts.* I got opened up like a nine-year-old ass at the Neverland Ranch.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *He grunts in agreement to Regin* I doubt it helped that my involvement replaced what may well have been an Athro as well... judging by the Croatan fetish around his neck. Those are treasures of immense importance for any lesser rank than that to hold...

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *one set of claws drawn back to make for a dying strike... until the world fades. At which point Alexi takes several moments to collect himself.. a long, awkward pause before he speaks* Damien>>~ht~ you better now? *sweat absolutely soaking his fur*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *A glance to the Lords...Winceing....Damien having shown he's at least deadly in frenzy and likely on Alexi and Gary's bad sides now....Standing, she glances at the Thundercougarfalconbird pack*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *looks about then to the others* -ws- Well? What next? 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Nods.* A Croatan fetish? And the three fires--weren't these guys the middle fire?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] Regin>>Now to Loosian. And a gator-spirit.

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Grunts-...Wiggling his fingers on the arm that's now there again* ~ht~Yeah-...*Rite of Contrition might be a good idea, soon*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *dips her wolf head in a nod* 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Heh)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *He nods in assent to Lance* The peacekeepers of the three. The tribal structure of the Three Fires was very similar to the three Pure One Tribes... unsurprisingly, guessing at where they likely got the idea. The Middle Fire was the embodiment of Honor and Law... the other two being Glory and War; and Wisdom and Lore.

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *exhales quickly in relief, disentangling any armbar attempts he was futiley making and rising to his feet. Extends a claw to help Damien up*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *He raises an eye to Lance* Why travel so far? Doesn't anyone know summoning? If you can draw out an INcaerna with such a simple Rite, surely one could summon such a spirit to Kansas...

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *With a grunt,he takes the clawed hand to haul himself up with. Glancing around to the others* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] [Martin] *Frowns, still sitting backwards atop the truck* ...conversations we could be having AS WE DRIVE, people....

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] *without a word, she leaps into the vehicle* -ws- Agreed. 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *Her head tilts at Vic* Yeah, but can anyone around actually summon him? I mean...Wont it take a lot of effort on the Cressent Moon's behalf?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] Vicente>>If that'll work better. *shrugs.8 I make no pretense at being a Theurge.

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] *She grunts and moves towards the Mart-Man Mobile....Getting in* 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] *reverts to homid and heads for the Humvee* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] *Shrugs as he climbs onto the trucktop.. his stellar sense of balance making it an obvious choice opposed to a seat in the hummer* Better check with the Theurges, of course, but I'd trade a rough ten minutes for a long three days any time...

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Shifts back down to Homid, moving towards their means of transportation to hop in and, well, brood*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* Minimum hour to summon, but otherwise....)) *Nods and heads for the Hummer.* We'll give it a shot, then. If we could talk to Turtle it would certainly be worth the effort, but so far as I remember that's not an option.

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] Just out of curiosity.. anyone got a cigarette? I figured there'd be no sense in binding a pack to bring with me. Boy was I wrong.

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Logging while talking to boyfriend on phone)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] *And with the moonpaths now under the sway of the Gibbous moon, the drive back is both fast and safe... taking only a fraction of the time as getting there...* ((And now you can feel free to continue conversing here or in the Junkyard. Renown and XP will be sent to the list tomorrow evening, most likely.. or saturday at worst if I decide to do a long review of the logs first. If you want me to recall any renown-pertainent details I might miss involving your or other characters, feel free to ping or e-mail me. ))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* The summoning tomorrow, then?)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [HCVW] ((Ah... didn't know it specified a time. If it doesn't, I think the default is 5 min per level of Rite))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] Alexi>>It makes a huge amount of difference. And shit, I gave you three packs before we left.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((*L* Man... talk about power-week... yeah, if they want to do the summoning tomorrow, I can be on... though preferably early evening, so I can go do some irresponsible weekend-y things *g*))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((Rite of Summoning does. 1 hour, and then -1 diff for every extra hour spent on it. Min diff 3, but I figure if someone gets ridiculous with it it shouldn't be hard to demand a few Stamina rolls.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] ((*G* And I might be wrong, but I think it's normally 10 per level. and yeah--just needs Lance and a Theurge, and we can hit it.))

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((So they're heading back to Junkyard?)) 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (*G* It's actually -1 diff I think for every hour spent....But I could be wrong seeing as I havn't effectively played a Theurge in a while)

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] Lance>>yeah.. I didn't wanna lose 'em. *settles in to stare out the window on the ride back. Productive night? yes. positive night? no.*

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (And I wont be here tomorrow but I'm glad we got this part done at least *G*) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Looks over at Alexi.* It was worse last time. Did you see the lizard show up?

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] Lance>>yeah. 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] Lance>>or rather, I saw the shadow of Godzilla blot out the sun before tokyo crumpled.

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Me too.)) *she sits, keeping quiet while listening to the others talk & plan* 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((This... was frickin awesome!)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Jur-Ass-Has-Had-it Park, again.): [N2KJV] *Nods.* Then they were still fightin' you and not working on the kinfolk when he came into the fight?

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Agreed *G* Very awesome, Crusher...We did good for a buncha Cliaths, in my opinion *G* And heading back to the yard)

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] *Lance's questioning gets a darker look-...But he's staring any where but towards the others* 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((And I'm going to end the archive now. If folks don't mind)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [RK400] ((Yep.... home again, home again.. jiggity jig. *L* Night folks... and thanks for participating in my madness *g*))

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] Lance>>... uhm. *blinks* yeah. yeah, they were. *glances to Damien* more or less. 

Ash Spencer (Laid To Rest): [8ZC56] (Night Crusher! *Hops*) 

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Nighters!)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((night, Crusher. thanks again for running it)) 

Alexi Nicholai (SL PB 3): [EETC3] ((and back to the JY ***Poof***)) 

Damien Rangore : [4SLIX] (( Night Crusher, and thanks for the great scene. *G* )) *Keeps quiet and from blinking in surprise*

Regin True-Paw: [1MR14] ((Logging has ended. I'll be emailing & posting the archive whilest lurking in the JY room)) 

End of Archive 

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