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The First Attack Upon "Boss Hawgg"

Storyteller Note: The first meeting is unavailable. Kyle "Rockstar" Leeson and Montana James travelled to the Sept of the Everfull Cup, in Pennsylvania. There, they were asked to run a shipment of Fianna licquor from a few hours' drive away to the sept, were ambushed, and escaped with the loot.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

(from when first able to get the Archive)

Montana James: [4834M] Another trip on a moonbridge.. and a moment of adjustment when they are through.

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [WB8LX] *The moonbridge shuts behind them both, leaving them on a dirt road in a heavily wooded, rather rural area... if this were a bit more south, they might expect to hear a banjo or guitar in the background somewhere... instead, all they hear is some crap-ass rap playing on Collin's discman as he leaves on ear open for conversation. The car itself, a rusty old el Camino looks like it might not make it off the dirt road.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Sets the bucket down carefully, not about to admit that was his first time through a Bridge, and offers Montana a hand.*

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [WB8LX] *Collin bobs his head a little impatiently with the music* you guys sure you know what you're doing?

Montana James: [4834M] She quirks a brow at the car they are to be using.."hmm.."

Montana James: [4834M] "I know how to drive..." as for the rest she doesn't comment on.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Nods.* Ayup.

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [WB8LX] *Collin shrugs, shakes his head and begins to walk towards one of the unseen houses down a driveway* keys are in the cupholder, maps under the seat... good luck.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Nods.* Thanks. *And heads to the back seat, loading the cargo in carefully in its crate, tying it down so it doesn't move around any, and wiring his small Kitchen Chemistry bundle to a wire running to each door, so if either rear door is opened it'll pull the cord.*

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [WB8LX] ((El camino.. no rear doors. it's a two door PoS car with a bed))

Montana James: [4834M] "thanks," she says to Collin as he leaves. She heads over to the car, looking it over their lives are on the line here and she wants to be sure the thing will run... Not that she really thinks the Suck-his-Thumb would give them a dud of a car. opens the door and get the map, familiarizing herself with the area. and speaking to Lance... "you're the man in charge here."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] ((*G* Aw, shit, they had to throw his plan outta whack...)) *Or at least starts to, before realizing that there are no rear doors. Instead he nods to Montana.* When we stop, bail out on my side--that'll give me the chance to cover for you. Whatever you do... *Once she's in, leans over her lap carefully to affix the wire, running behind the seat and with a little slack so she won't trip it accidentally.* Do NOT open that door... *Chuckles.* and me in charge? I thought you were driving? *Settles in and waits to see if it'll start up.*\

Montana James: [4834M] she puts her hands up hen he leans across her lap to set the wire, "Nothing like the feeling of knowing your rigged to blow up.." she chuckles nervously. "This is your plan Lance, I'm following your lead here. Now you want me to take the same route I did the last time, correct?" she indicate the route on the map and then the spot where she picked up the cop... or about where it was since pinpoiting it on a map isn't exactly and easy thing to do.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Nods.* Then they pull you over, try to run--but don't try too hard... not that I think this thing could outrun a squirrel, but still, you want them to get ahead of us--so if they get alongside and look like they're gonna try knocking us around, hit the brakes. Their best bet is to block the road to stop us, and it'll work. You stop, get out on this side, and I'll cover you until we get to the woods--and then we just boogie on out of here and wait for the road to go boom.

Montana James: [4834M] "Seems simple enough.." course she can't help but think that something is going to go wrong, it too simple. She looks at her door, takes a breath before she turns the key in the ignition.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Pauses, waiting to hear if it'll actually start.* I didn't figure on the best they could offer, seeing as I plan to blow it up, but...

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [VGSRZ] *and the starter groans, strains grinds, whines and bitches before the PMSing car finally turns over.. and -damn- does it sound a lot better than it looks. bigass ol' V8 in that bastard, and from the sounds of it, someone actually did a little maintenance to keep it running*

Montana James: [4834M] The car starts at least.. "well, we've got power.." she chuckles. "ready for this crazy ride?".

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Settles into his seat, trying to relax. It'll be some time, after all, before they reach the spot.*

Montana James: [4834M] She doesn't speak, she watching the road, rear and side mirrors... And she hopes Rubber Duck isn't on this road tonight.

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [VGSRZ] *once on pavement, it's hard to resist the urge to just open up and see what the engine can do before they blow it all to hell and back... but the trip is rather uneventful, for the most part. An incident with nearly hitting a deer leaves some nice skidmarks on the road (and possibly elsewhere), the radio only comes in very staticy when it comes in at all, and the whole damn thing smells like beer, whiskey and cigarettes.. yeah, it's gonna be a long, slow ride*

Montana James: [4834M] "If those cops find us...." she ponders, "There's a leak, informant, traitor whatever you want to call it among the Sept. How else would they know there a shipment of honey on the road? Then again they could be watching the drivers, but still how would they know who the drivers are?"

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Shit... they've finally got a vehicle they can ~fit~ a deer into, and it has to be the one they're gonna blow up....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Nods.* They have to have a mole somewhere. Someone killed the kinfolk, after all...

Montana James: [4834M] "Can't exactly tell that to Sucks-His-Thumb without proof. I wouldn't think a lot of folks would know that the honey was being transported.." she briefly glances at Lance before her gaze returns to the road.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Shakes his head.* I think he'd whip my ass for saying it, but he's got to know. I just hope... *shrugs.*

Montana James: [4834M] "I wonder if anyone brought the question up." she continues to drive.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Shakes his head.* Among those who knew? No idea, I'm afraid... *Settles back in his seat, relaxing.*

Montana James: [4834M] (Okay) she check the rearview, "I suppose we'll fine out if there's a mole, soon enough. How could a mole get so deep within a tribe though?"

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Shrugs.* That I don't know... but I'd guess the reason they're not just all going nuts about it is because Sucks-his-Thumb doesn't want anybody asking that question....

Montana James: [4834M] She simply nods on anwser.

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [VGSRZ] *some movement in the rearview draws Montana's attention.. no headlights, and nothing directly behind her. but there was some definate movement... unless she's just getting antsy and imagining things in the dark*

Montana James: [4834M] She checks the side mirrors and back to the rearview..."Keep your eyes open." she says quietly to Lance.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (It is a good day to blow shit up): [1YKT0] *Nods. He's consider adjusting his own mirror so he can see, but some drivers never use the right mirror and don't care where it's aimed and some use it a lot, and he doesn't know which Montana is. Instead he tries to at least act relaxed.*

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [SOMAJ] *for several more minutes, there's nothing but them and the open road.. almost a long enough pause for them to relax again... but sure enough, there's more movement back there*

Rabid ST (South Pennsylvania Death Ride): [SOMAJ] *there it is... in the distance he can see the slivers of moonlight reflecting off the glass of a windhshield and the outline of cop lights on top of a car approaching slowly with no headlights*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods, smiling.* No cop would get away with no headlights... In fact, they'd keep 'em on so you can't see the lightbar on top. Those got to be the ones... They're supposed to catch us, so drive normal....

Montana James: [138K5] "They know we're here.." she says to Lance as she spies the glint of light off the cop car..

Montana James: [138K5] "Maybe I should drive slower then normal.." she chuckles.

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *apparently getting that close was an accident as the car lets some distance come between them, fading from sight again.. but they were most definately back there*

Montana James: [138K5] "Something seems off.. Why are they backing off?"

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods, thinking.* They're waiting for the right spot... How far are we from where they tried last time, you think?

Montana James: [138K5] She looks for the next mile marker.. to gauge the distance. Mile markers being something you can't help but glance at when your driving a truck.

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *actually, they've already passed the previous ambush spot*

Montana James: [138K5] She frowns and as she sees the mile marker, "We passed it... maybe that's why they backed off."

Montana James: [138K5] (That'll teach me to play when I'm exhausted) "Shit, I didn't think of this until just now... We didn't cover that back to make it look like we had any cargo."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Shrugs.* No problem. They'll probably assume we didn't leave the stuff in the open, and I doubt they were close enough to get that good a look with the taillights anyway...

Montana James: [138K5] "Still should of put something in the back, when they get closer they see into the back.. Slow down? I can do that..." which she does, a bit.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods.* Possibly, but I don't think it'll stop them. If this stuff is as valuable as Kyle says, they'll be more than willing to make a try for what we can fit here. *Taps the bucket.*

Montana James: [138K5] "It's valuable... Of that I have no doubt. Kyle can be an ass but he isn't a liar." keeping as alert as she can, on the road before her and the views in the mirrors.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods. He'll be changing his mind about that soon enough, but for the moment at least he's in agreement.*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *and it's a damn good thing she does.. because shortly after taking her foot off the gas, she's forced to slam on the brake and make a controlled fishtail that bounces them off the interstate then back on, narrowly avoiding where a rusty old chevy launches from behind a spot cleared out in the treeline of the median, usually for cops running radar*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *no sooner does the truck pass them than the cop car behind guns the engine and kicks on the highbeams... narrowly missing the truck as well, which nearly goes up on two tires with a handbrake turn from hell*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Holds onto the--oh, hell, there's no O-shit bar....* ((so the cop-car's ahead of them?))

Montana James: [138K5] Thanks the gods she knows how to handle herself behind the wheel, course that doesn't stop her from cursing as she gets the car under control.. "Should of figured there'd be back up this time!! Time for a little cat and mouse before they win their prize." A small part of her enjoying the adrenaline rush, maybe? What has Kyle done to her....

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] ((nope, both are behind, but the cop car's closin' real damn fast))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Chuckles.* We don't want to actually escape.... *Partly watching the road, partly watching Montana... sorry, but excited women are fun to watch.*

Montana James: [138K5] "I know, I know... but we can't just hand them what they think we're carrying." she speeds up some not to much she doesn't want to loose then after all.

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *doesn't look like losing them is going to be much of an option.. the cop car revs louder, using the reinforced ram bar to bounce slightly into the El Camino. The truck behind begins picking up speed as well, a bit more slowly, but it's gaining*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] Dammit, they can't actually be plannin' to knock us off the road...

Montana James: [138K5] "They might...." she pauses, "But if they do that they loose the honey too. Could they know of your plan already??"

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *didn't seem to be a high speet PIT maneuver so much as a bump, possibly to unnerve them or buy time for the truck to catch up.. which it's still steadily doing*

Montana James: [138K5] Holding firm to the wheel to keep from loosing control when they are hit.. "Sonofabitch..."\

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Shakes his head.* If they knew we were carryin' this they wouldn't come anywhere near us. *A rifle shot into one wheel would make them crash and doubtless blow the bucket, but he decides that now is ~not~ a good time to mention that part.... Hell, he told her it might be dangerous.* Too light a hit anyway. Wait until they come up alongside before you slow down.

Montana James: [138K5] She well aware of being a ticking time bomb, but she can't think about that or she might panic. She concentrates on driving.\

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *in the distance another set of headlights approach.... a big fuckin' set. The cop car gives another tap, causing the car to lurch more than a little uncomfortably.. and the rust-red pickup continues to gain, nearly on the back of the cop car now*

Montana James: [138K5] "I don't like this... two cars... I can keep from being boxed in, unless a thrid one shows up.. then that would be difficult to do." excited, as Lance put it, yeah she's on an adenaline rush right now.

Montana James: [138K5] "Oh shit... Play chicken with a mack truck anyone? You better hold on I may have to avoid on coming traffic." Then she mutters, "That better not be Rubber Duck."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods.* You can do it. *Damned if he doesn't believe she can.* After all, all we have to do is get pulled over.

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *using the slipstream off the cop car, the pickup swerves around the two, pulling up alongside. A chick who might, under other circumstances be attractive, hangs partially out the window with what looks like a cross between a tazer and a rifle. A mangled hand anchors her in by the belt... and the semi approaches still*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *multiple airhorns begin blasting and the woman takes aim for Montana... the cop car immediately behind prevents an immediate stop*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Leans forward, ready to try to block... yeah, that means he'll fuck up his hand, but tryin' anyway.*

Montana James: [138K5] "i don't know if the vehicle comign toward us is part of this group chasing us.... but I'm gonna use it." seeing as the pick up that was behind them is now coming up along side. "By us a little time and maybe get rid of the pick up." Anyother time she might be panicking, right now she determinded to get this job done. She palns to keep the her side of the road and make the pickup swerve to avoid the on coming traffic.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Or leans to the side, anyway.*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *Lance doesn't quite do the job of blocking the incoming with something as easily shrug-offable as his arm... nope, instead he manages to catch it in the shoulder. The weapon bangs with the sound of gunpowder and compressed air.. the two barbs explode out and into the Camino's window, nearly taking off Montana's eyelashes... and Lance gets the shock of his life. no, not the electricity, the silver tips that bore deeply into his shoulder and anchor.. and then comes the juice. The driver of the truck tries to nudge Montana's ride off the road*

Montana James: [138K5] She's gonna try to get the pickup to swerve, even if it means she bumps the pickup herself. she can't hit her breaks, being rear-ended could mean blowing up..

Montana James: [138K5] Not exactly the way the plan was to go... her eyes go wide when she hear the "shot" and feels them pass her face and impact into Lance. She's bump off the road into the side gravel....

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *Montana manages to bump the truck gently enough to push it slightly, but the driver of it is -damned- good and manages to swerve back without flying off into the ditch... though the distance placed between them snaps the lines running to Lance, fortunately killing the voltage. Unfortunately for the driver of the truck, swerving back onto the road was a BAD idea. The oncoming semi blares it's horns, airbrakes squeal and the trailer, a large refrigerated unit, begins to jackknife... Montana might be able to bounce off the side of the road and back on without blowing them up to avoid the trailer. The truck, on the other hand, doesn't quite find that option*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Grunts, only keeping conscious by an effort of will, forcing frame and flesh into the Glabro form--and immediately becomes consious of a ~very~ intense pain in his shoulder as his body starts to recover from the effects of the electricity.* Silver! *The word ~is~ a snarl, huge hand gripping the door of the El-Camino.*

Montana James: [138K5] Swerve she does, using her strength and will to keep then alive and prays the driver of the semi is alright, since it's pretty obvious it wasn't part of the 'bad guys' group of cars."

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *the woman hanging out the window of the pickup quickly gets back inside as the driver tries to stop.. and he woulda, too, as the truck spins to it's side and slams against the grill of the poor Duck's truck... stopping for just a hair's instant before the massive rig's momentum rolls it over the chevy with a screaming of metal and brakes.... leaving a fine green mist hanging in the air beneath the tires as the pickup is ground into metal hamburger and screeched against concrete. The trailer swings around to block the entire highway and begins toppling*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *aah shit... Montana doesn't make it, the trailer slams into the back of the little 'camino, sending it into a stomach-churning spin that flips them off the road... unfortunately, the cop car doesn't do a whole lot better, sliding under the trailer itself and shearing it's top off, as well as forcing the front axle to pound the ground and shatter, skidding it forwards in a shower of sparks*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] Stop! Time to run! *The words, slurred through his too-large canines and hoarse with pain, sound more like a growl than ever, and he's almost panting through his teeth as one wound heals and another grows worse, blood almost ~pouring~ out of his shoulder.*

Montana James: [138K5] (Rubber Duck is never going to drive that road again.) They get tagged byt the trailer and send into a spin, she hits her head on the side window, but isn't knocked out, but damn if she isn't going to have one hell of a headache and bruises when this is over, if they don't blow up first.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *His head smashes into the windshield, starring it nicely and splitting the skin, which already starts to close up as the wound in his shoulder grows still worse.*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *and the car bounces against a tree, finally stopping. Smoking wreckage is all they can see of the interstate*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Pops open his car door and grabs Montana--mostly so that the half-dazed woman doesn't forget and open her door--that would be bad, very bad--and helps her out the car.*

Montana James: [138K5] Gets drug out of the car by lance, too dazed to really see too much of the aftermath on the road.. But coherent enough to know they have to get out of there and fast.. stumbling to get her footing when shes out of the car.. "Go!" she says to Lance, in fact pushinging him a little to get him moving before her.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Half-carries her to the treeline and a few feet further, coating her quite thoroughly in the process with the blood pouring from his shoulder--and as soon as they're mostly out of sight he bursts into action, nearly flying into his Hispo form, a heavy-shouldered, deep-chested, massive-jawed wolf easily the size of a small horse.* Get on. *The words are almost unintelligible, obviously forced out with great effort and some pain.*

Rabid ST (fuzz bustin'): [X4J0G] *moments after they reach the treeline, Lance's toys do their job, sending a gout of fire and shrapnel into the sky with a deafening boom*

Montana James: [138K5] She doesn't argue, she knows they gotta get out of there and she know he's in pain.. she climbs up on his back... If worse comes to worse she can drop off and he can go on without her.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Hhmph... somebody opened the door....* Tight! *Oh, he'll be ~drained~ for the next few days... But he moves--and damned fast, covering ground like it's nothing.*

Montana James: [138K5] She holds on tight... and that adrenaline high of her doesn't fade away just yet.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *His pace grows more and more ragged, blood flying in his slipstream until nearly the entire left side of Montana is dripping with it, for perhaps six seconds--more than a quarter-mile--before he slows and finally shudders to a halt. Not even waiting for her to climb off he drops back into Homid, head hanging, on his hands and knees, panting like a forty-something housewife at her first James Bond movie, with his left arm trembling and his shoulder just absolutely ~trashed~.* Got to... rest...

Montana James: [138K5] She tumbles to the ground, only now realizing she soaked with blood.... Lance's blood.. she gets to her feet, ignoring the pain in her own head and moving over to Lance.. She helps him to sit on the ground, she know garou and silver don't mix well.. "I gotta get this silver out, so the bleeding will stop." She's thankful her father taught her some first aid.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Sit, hell. Half-sits, half lays against a tree.* Can feel it... bugger's in a bone... And it won't hurt any more like this... *There are two small darts. One can be seen--at least partly, since it's still bleeding fairly badly. The other's buried somewhere in the pretty-much mangled mess of his shoulder.* Sorry 'bout... the mess...

Montana James: [138K5] "I can get this one out," indicating the one she can still see... "The other one, I don't know if I can get that one out without doing more harm then good." she doesn't comment on the 'mess'..

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods, glad he took his pack with him, although he was thinking they might have to camp a night, not perform surgery on him* Alright... Get that--that one... and then after it heals up a little, you'll have to... have to probe for the other one, I think.... *Yes, probe... sounds like it'll be almost as much fun for her as it is for him.*

Montana James: [138K5] She nods though she isn't looking forward to this, she know she has to to it to keep him from bleeding to death... judging by the amount of his blood on her. She takes his pack off od him as carefully as she can and looking inside for the things she'll need... namely a flashlight and knife to begin with.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Slides out of the pack as much as he can--which, unfortunately, isn't much, making its removal an almost major effort. The knife is in there--a Bowie-looking thing bearing the name K-Bar--and a small stamped "Made in Pakistan" that isn't found on actual K-Bar Fighting Knives. There's no flashlight, but there is a book of matches and a Bic lighter that's nearly empty. Plus a field jacket of the same desert-camo, the tin mess-kit, a small bag with a couple scraps of beef jerky in it--the processed kind that tastes about like chewing spicy plastic--a small ball of string, a few of the bandages Montana gave him sometime in the past, and a few other items of the assorted junk that a man with no money and few needs might carry.*

Montana James: [138K5] She takes a deep breath after laying out the bandages, matches, lighter and knife. She fairly certian she can manage with out direct light for the first one... the second barb she'll be doing by feel alone. " Think you can sit still for this? It's going to hurt like hell."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods.* Got a stick?

Montana James: [138K5] "I'll get one.." she tenderly touches his cheek before she stands up to get a stick... breaking a branch, or part of one from a tree and taking it back and handing it to Lance.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Smiles, then takes a deep breath, jams the stick into his teeth with his free hand, takes a tight hold of his belt so he doesn't end up hitting her out of reflex or thrashing around or something, and nods.*

Montana James: [138K5] She doesn't have anything to sterilize the blade other then fire so she'll use the lighter at the tip of the blade and wiping it clean with one of the bandages, making a mental not to get some first aid kits for everyone.... She then inspect the first barb, finding the best place for her to cut his flesh to remove it. She pauses to look him in the eyes for a moment before she bring the knife up to make that cut or cuts and removes the piece of silver.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *It'll be a story to tell, at least. The first one's easy--a quick pluck and the dart, the flesh apparently somehow burned away from it while still being able to bleed profusely, is in her hand--small, sharp, and wickedly barbed. The second, on the other hand, is the problem. Probing for it with the tip of a knife that's simply not made for medical work is difficult, but once she finds it and actually manages to get her fingers on it, all she gets is almost cut. Prying with the knife certainly gets results--his entire body tenses 'til cords stand out on every muscle, his back arches in a manner eerily reminiscent of a woman pushing her chest into a man's hand, and cold sweat beads out all over his body as a strangled groan pushes past the stick splintering in his jaws--but it doesn't actually move the dart any. He was right: that sucker's lodged in a bone, and it ain't comin' out.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *And just to add a note of frustration, the lighter ~is~ almost out. It takes about four tries to actually get a flame out of it, and three more to get one that will actually heat the blade.*

Montana James: [138K5] Beads of sweat form on her forehead as she tries to get the second barb out, "Sonofa....." she mutters when she fails to remove the second barb.. "I don't think I can get this one out.."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *He nods... at least once she doesn't have the knife in him anymore... and takes what's left of the stick out of his mouth.* Let me rest... a moment... and then we'll find some water... You need to clean up, and I... think I'm going to need a drink. *Gives her a strained smile.* I know I need a d... a drink... but I'll need... water, too.

Montana James: [138K5] She chuckles a little, "I think I need more then one drink." she can at least bandage him up to slow the bleeding down. "You rest, I'm goign to look around... I won't wander too far."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods.* You got that gun? Oh... *Turns faintly pink--he'd probably be turning beet red with the blood rushing to his face, but there just ain't that much to spare.* Your head?

Montana James: [138K5] "I have it.." she reaches back behind her and brings it foreward to show him, then tucks it back into the waiste of her jeans. Bring her free hand up to the side of her head, "I'm fine, just a bruise.." and a throbing headache, but she isn't going to tell him that.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods and leans his head back against the tree, smiling as he tries to keep his eyes open.* Good... Not your... job to get hurt. *Oh, wait 'til the blood-loss and pain-delerium ~really~ hits...*

Montana James: [138K5] "Keep talking Lance while I look around, so I know where you are..." and she moves out among the trees lookign for a path, a stream something, anything to get them to a source of water.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Nods, wracking his brain.* Wish I had more... than a jacket and--and a blanket... I thought we... might have to spend a nigh... but I planned on having fur... *Fortunately, water isn't too far off--perhaps a quarter-mile. Unfortunately, with the adrenaline wearing off Montana's starting to feel like someone used the inside of her skull for a nuclear testing ground. Blood pounds in her ears, her balance seems somehow off, and the sound of water takes a full minute to register in her mind before she's able to look that way and find the stream. Doubtless Lance thinks she actually kept him talking so it would keep him conscious, but it's likely that without him making noise she wouldn't be able to locate him again.*

Montana James: [138K5] She notes the direction of the running water and then listens for Lance's voice to head back toward him... when she does get back, he'll likely notices that she too is in some pain as well.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] Sit down... please... We got plenty of time...

Montana James: [138K5] "I'll sit after we get you some water.. You up for a short walk?"

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Shakes his head.* You can barely stand up. Just for a few minutes.

Montana James: [138K5] "If I sit neither one of us will be moving anytime soon. the stream is just that way." she point in the direction she just came from.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Sighs, seeing as either she simply can't be convinced or he can't actually convince her while trying not to scream. Reaches behind him, pushing himself up slightly with gritted teeth, and uses the tree to haul himself to his feet, left arm hanging uselessly. He stands a moment, leaning his good shoulder against it as he tries to catch his breath, and looks for the next nearest tree to move to.*

Montana James: [138K5] She nods, and gathers up the things she took out of his pack, putting them back before moving over to him so he can lean on her... "Come on, we can both rest in a few minutes."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *And seeing as he really can't even walk, he ends up leaning on her pretty heavily through the long, long quarter-mile down to the stream, teeth clenched the whole way. The stream isn't large, about a foot deep and four wide, but it's enough to wash and dip water out of--but first, he drops to his stomach and sucks up water as if he hasn't had a drop in weeks.*

Montana James: [138K5] It takes quite a bit of effort on her part to not just stop and pass out, stronger of will then your average person, one might say. she kneels down by the waters edge to take a drink herself. She'll get him settle as comfortably as she can when he's finishes drinking.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Finally filled--at least until his system absorbs the water--he pulls himself further into the stream, literally yelping as cold water touches torn flesh, then sighing in relief as his shoulder numbs. It takes a little time to wash off the blood, and this set of clothes is probably ruined, but he feels signicantly better when he climbs up onto the bank.* I'll get the fire started, if you want to wash up...

Montana James: [138K5] "I can get the fire... You rest." she says as she takes her shoes off. All she wants to do is sleep off this headache, but she also knows that she really shouldn't sleep after a blow to the head that one one she took.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Smiles and starts gathering up leaves and whatever twigs are within reach. His teeth are already chattering, and she's thinner so it'll likely be worse for her. Digs through the pack, wiping his hands dry on the field jacket, before getting out the matches... six break or burn out before he finally realizes his shaking fingers can't hold the flame even close to steady and he simply drops the eight one--since the seventh he couldn't even get lit--onto the small pile. It's not a particularily good spot for a fire, but it's a little heat--and more importantly for their morale, light--and he sits back a bit, looking for more twigs.*

Montana James: [138K5] She sets her shoes and gun by his pack, "I'm going to barrow your jacket." which she takes out of the pack.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Smiles.* I can't get into it anyway... *His own boots are soaked, but he'll try and take them off later. Instead he grabs the few more twigs that are within reach and puts them on the small blaze before it can go out.*

Montana James: [138K5] She stop what she was doing long enough to help gather some more leaves and twig along with some dead branches..

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *And hitches himself to the other side of the fire, wrapping the blanket around his own shivering frame, then grins at her.* Not our best date...

Montana James: [138K5] Once the fire is going enought hat it won't just flicker out she goes bac to the stream, keeping her back to Lance when she removes her t-shirt to wash it out... then uses it to wash the blood off her upper body... Several sharp intakes of breath escape her.. the water's cold and so is the breeze.

Montana James: [138K5] She chuckles, "it's a date that won't be forgotten."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Groans slightly with the movement, but hitches himself around again, so his back is to her, and watches the fire. He does look around when the cold water makes her gasp, but turns back quickly, turning about as red as he can.*

Montana James: [138K5] She pulls the jacket on before removing her jeans and unmentionable to washing the rest of the blood off of her, then washing out her clothes as best she can. Zipping and buttoning up the field jacket before she movs over to the fire, shivering long before she get there.. Hanging up her clothes or at the very least propping them up on stick close to the fire to dry.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Peels off the blanket and drops it over her.* I'm not bare-legged.

Montana James: [138K5] "No, but you're soaking wet.."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Smiles.* I'll live. Besides, I'll dry quicker like this. *But if he moves any closer to the fire he'll be sitting in it.*

Montana James: [138K5] "Just don't sit in the fire.." nodding to said fire and just how close he is to it at the moment. " I should have brought my pack too.. I knew w'd be in the woods over night."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Shrugs, then winces as it wakes up the few nerves in his shoulder that had quit screaming for the moment.* That'd do it even quicker... But I expected to have fur... the jacket and blanket would have been more than enough for you, and if I could walk I could have made some kind of shelter... *Shakes his head.* Somebody knew... Nobody'd try to knock out the driver in a car barrelling down the road if they wanted the cargo... *Sighs.* I'm sorry; I never should have got you into this.

Montana James: [138K5] "I'd find something for shelter, but I think I would get myself lost if I tried.." closing her eyes for a moment as the pounding intrudes on her thoughts again. "You didn't get me involved, I was already involved.... If someone is to take that blame it sould be Kyle." she chuckles, "He's the one that got me to drive the other car."

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Smiles.* Well, we'll blame him for the time bein', at least. But I should have thought of it. Your head any better?

Montana James: [138K5] She has a nice bruise on the side of her head, to include a lump... "I'll be fine in the morning. I servived a broken jaw." she smirks. wrapping the blanket around her and sitting close to the fire. She may not verbally admit she's cold, but her skin gives her away with the 'goose flesh'...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *If he was somebody else--Kyle, maybe... probably--this would be the time to slide a little closer, put an arm around her... But he ain't, and it just isn't his style. Instead he puts a little more wood on the fire, sliding back a little bit once at least the front of his clothes are dry, his own shivers finally starting to subside.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *And smiles.* That doesn't exactly mean it's fun.

Montana James: [138K5] "True... but I'll be fine.." her jeans would be the last to get dried, but the other light stuff (unmentionalbles) would dry rather quickly and she would put them back on.. However she'd fall asleep long before her jeans would be dried... likely leaning agains Lance's side.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [CX11W] *Eventually falls asleep himself, after lying down carefully--to not wake her up and to not twitch his shoulder again--and pulling the blanket over both of them. With the nerves in his mangled shoulder reduced from screaming to a raw, insistent throbbing, it's going to be a long, difficult night, and at the same time he's surprisingly comfortable.*

Montana James: [138K5] She stays curled up close to him, not an unusual reaction when it's cold out.. Shared body warmth, a survival tactic. Sleeps intil morning when they need to be on the move again.....

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