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The First Trip To 'Club BlaQness'

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *A tumble within the junk...Someone grabbed something near the bottom they weren't suppose to....An irritable growl and she stalks into the gathering area*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Wanders into the small clearing himself, looking around.*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Mordecai is a tall man, of decent build and confident demeanor, who otherwise would be somewhat good-looking. His hair hangs on either side of his face in braids--the traditional ~peyot~ of the Jewish warrior, for those few who have considered the prospect of such a thing, but also a typical modern Jewish hairstyle--but any reasonably close look reveals that it's not just for style. The left side of his face is just ~nasty~, ridged with scar tissue, carved by lines as if from burning acid, from nose to ear and chin to forehead, causing his lips to curve slightly upwards on the left side in what looks somewhat like a sly smile. A black eyepatch covers his left eye--and if he'll leave the ruin of his face uncovered and yet cover up that eye, then whatever's under that patch must be horrid indeed. Many Garou--and probably any Get of Fenris--will recognize him as the Kinfolk who killed one man with his bare hands and another with a sword, somewhere north of Minneapolis.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Morde get's a once over as she moves to her claimed car to sit upon and fume...*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to the woman, but she reeks, she's probably Garou, and she's obviously pissed.... no, he'll just leave this one alone, thank you very much.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *She sat and glanced around, then tilts her head as she watches Mordecai...Stinky, likely Garou, obviously pissed...And she doesn't seem to socialable at the moment...But at least she's studying the man in curiousity*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Has a seat himself somewhere, thinking.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Social pair, arnt they?*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Yeah, fascinating. Should have brought some food, or perhaps a book. Instead he tries to give no indication that he's been stared at for the past several minutes.*

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *comes into the clearing, obviously fresh from the shower, stretching and rubbing at some of the deeper scars on his hands*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Her eyes lift to Makato as he wanders in...Head tilting a touch more to the side as she reguards him*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to the newcomer.* Good evening, Makato.

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *nods to the pair* Good evening to you as well, Mordecai.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Offers a nod to Mak* Evenin'...

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *smiles to Mud* Good evening miss. *goes to his truck, digging out his canteen and taking a drink*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *She offers a wry grin before falling back into silence.....A small look up towards Luna, head cocking a bit...*

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *glances at the other two* Rather unusually quiet.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Grunts..* Yeah...N' boring....Where is everyone?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* I thought there would more people here tonight, in truth.

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] ((I know at least three of those lurkers are not caused by my opening another browser. Get IC or go away.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] (One may be by my weird windows opening..But yeah, not all me)

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] Muddy>>Tending to their own needs perhaps? *turns to Mordecai and smiles* There have been more Garou here in the last few weeks than there has been in over 15 years you realize.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *She just nods...*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* True. *chuckles.* I guess somethings are easier to get used to than one would imagine.

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *pulls out a rag and some big black rocks, placing them down on the hood of his pickup and polishing them one at a time* It is nice to have other Garou around, perhaps things can be turned in this city for the better. When I was young, it was only the Midwest Connection, myself, my grandfather and whatever two students he currently had in residence. Wyrm and Weaver would run rampant, with my grandfather rousing to defeat any severely overpowering threat like multiple packs of Spirals, but many smaller battles went unfought.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] **Near the edge of the inner maze, a wolf with a dark grey and black coat fades into view. Most notable of its features is the set of near lyre shaped horns crowning its head.**

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods, thinking.* Like this stuff with the... shitmonkeys?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *struts in, drinking a warm Orange Crush with a forced smile.... cause it sucks*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *The wolf pads out into the area where people are gathered and lies down to listen.*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Comes walking from the street, giving the old man a nod as he's let in. He walks the pathway, taking his time and whistling a tune. Once he gets near the exit of the path and to the open area he stops and straightens his clothes out then walks into the gathering area with a smile *

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] Well, no. The shitmonkies were ignored because that place has been Wyrm tainted as far as anyone can tell, and the shitmonkies never left it. It used to be that they never left the boundries of the prison itself. My grandfather would have his students use that place as a sparring ground at times, to teach us to be alert of our surroundings even in the heat of battle, but rarely were any of us attacked.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] DD> The fair skinned young man gives his suroundings a quick once over, a smile warm to any and all willing to accept it. His bright green eyes seem full of life and always willing to make eye contact. His rusty red hair hangs to his shoulders, its styled but not overly so. He wears baggy carpenter jeans and a black Flogging Molly t-shirt, both having seen much better days with a decent pair of black airwalks. A nearly new denim jacket and green canvas duffel finish up his wardrobe. He stands straight, perhaps a little proud but still his manners seem to say he's at ease. (With a color change)

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* So by the sound of it, the place has grown?

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *nods to Bernard and Martin with a smile* Hello, distraction. Next time warn me, for I almost laughed and ruined my own hiding place.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the night is like any other... save for two dimly visible spotlights roving slowly in circles across the surface of the gray night clouds*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Thrusts a finger at Makato, the now sideways can spraying sticky orange everywhere* HEY! ...did I NOT say just a week prior that I was an awesome distraction... did I not? *Looks to Bernard for back-up... despite his not having been there at the time*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* I see.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *Blinks...Whoa...Lots of new folks...Now just silent and watching the others*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *He smiles to Mordecai and gives a bit of a nod* Good evening. *Then looks to the others here keeping the smile up and nodding to any willing to meet his stare. Standing away from everyone, just seeming to be enjoying being around others. *

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *A little shy of six feet, but broad enough in frame to make him qualify as a "big man", probably tipping the scales over 200lbs. Knife-cropped hair and a similarly kept beard of brown and copper-mixed hair, though the occassional strand of black and white seems to line each lock. His pants look to be urban camo, though probably not military issue since they aren't tucked into the black boots loosely tied beneath them. Small nicks of missing leather giving peeks at the steel caps beneath the severely worn toes of his boots, though the rest of the shoes appear to be in good condition. Regardless of the weather, he wears a brown leather bomber jacket, fingerless gloves on each hand, and a pair of brass knuckles in the left... just in case. Underneath his jacket is a solid black shirt with block white writing on it. With close inspection, it states "Freebasing at an 8th grade level." Across his back is a large olive green backpack hanging by one strap. (App 2)*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to Ruarc, listening to the conversations.*

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] Martin>>Yes you did, and it was for the better, for I did learn some things.

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] ((DD: Raven haired and equally black eyed, Makato is tall and slim of build, wearing faded denim jeans and a tanktop. His hands are covered in tiny scars, and a few more light ones adorn his chest and even one on his face. He looks unexplicably strange, not just from the mixture of his Asian and Anglo blood, but something not quite quantifiable, a feeling of a breeze at the edge of the senses.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Tonight's scene, for those attending, has the potential for lethality and player death... but only at the hands of incredulous rolls or really dumb mistakes... the scene will be taking place outside the junkyard, meaning there is no mandatory participation. The potential for late hours is good, but periodic exits for tired parties will be protvided, with low penalties to final xp/renown. Late-comers may be accepted with at least marginal excuses... *g*))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] DD: What could be seen of the young woman's face behind stray strands of greasy brow hair indicated she was likely in her mid twenties. In apperances, atleast. Said hair was the color of mud and fell down to her back in a tangled mane and over shaggy bangs infront of eyes virtually the same color. She was dressed in a old concert shirt that had to be found in a trash bin or at Goodwill. The torn, faded once black shirt was now grey and sported a faded picture of an Alice in Chain's cd cover. Her blue jeans werent any better with holes and faded, but they looked comfy and slightly loose on the skinny runt that stood only 5'4, but clearly in physical shape to take care of herself. Also a pair of old ratty sneakers completed her clothing as well as an over sized army surplus jacket in colder weather. She is, however, repulsive to the breathing. The scent of a wild animal escorting her reguardless of batheing App2, Animal Musk Flaw

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((And, of course, unless someone who isn't me volunteers to log, there simply won't be one... otherwise I would take forever to respond to everything. *g*))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] So... what's the verdict on the jar? Was it worth it? *said as he walks to one of the three plastic shopping carts currently overflowing with warm pepsi products... cracking a Mountain Dew*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] (Crusher>>Got ya covered since I've been IC *G*)

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Sighs* ~WS~ Well... I guess so. When you've got someone around like me, a corpse could be more of a distraction.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Slowely he looks to each person, seeming rather happy as some sort of business seems to be going on. Curious about what it is of course, he moves alittle closer to hear better *

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [4D7QK] *She watches Bernard quietly...Mainly due to her own curiousity at seeing him in Lupus...*

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] *nods and starts polishing another stone, the one he puts down snapping onto the hood of its own accord* Oh yes, most definately. The solution is in the Umbra, but the time is not yet right. And the jars are almost certainly being used to entrap and control the spirits and memories of those who did not die honored. I think I have a solution, but I need to do a few more readings, and speak with Uncle Pacman on my theories. If I'm right, then we could possibly turn the army of shitmonkies against whoever is controlling them, and grant them peace.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Ooh... that sounds cool. Not just cool.... movie cool. You keep me in the loop on that, eh?

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] I will. Meanwhile, try to break as few as possible, and try to capture as many as possible on any further raids.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Shitmonkies, he couldn't have heard that right. Now very curious, he watches them and listens, tilting his head ever so slightly. The smile has faded to more of a playful grin, still in a good mood it would seem.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((For the longest time I have wracked my brain for some sort of standardized bribe for scene-loggers.... we should discuss this sometime, as I think it'd make the task more pleasurable... anything from a bonus XP *which may be a bit excessive* to just outright giving them a pool of Pizza dice to drop around during the scene... 2, 3, 5.. whatever.))

Makato Stands To The End: [C4AHH] And we will need to procure silk. Alot of it. To keep the jars in.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*L* Crusher>>If I'm around, I log just about every scene I'm in *G* Free of charge, so to speak...And anyone can still smack me at the begining of a scene and go "Yo, archiving?" *Chuckles*)

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((The old way was an extra XP, but to be honest I like the idea of some kind of Archive Dice better. I'll think on it--but Ash, yeah, youl

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((The old way was an extra XP, but to be honest I like the idea of some kind of Archive Dice better. I'll think on it--but Ash, yeah, you'll get somethin' for helpin' out.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Um... okay... that may be a little bit beyond my department... unless you want me to knock a fabric store over... come to think of it, I guess they'd never see it coming... right? *looks off to the side in thought, absently stroking the handle of the absurdly proportioned revolver in his jacket*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Well that was some ghey browser closing for no reason action.))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] In this case, I think theft may be an acceptable route to take.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Makato>~WS~ So... those jars you found are controlling these spirits, or are they just making them able to move around more? That graveyard wasn't under this prison I hear you keep talking about, was it?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] Silk? I don't know how difficult that will be to find, but I may be able to get at least some....

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Bernard>>From what I can tell and theorize, the jars are a means of containment. A way to stop the spirits from passing on. A chain that binds them to the world of flesh, for they've never been in the land of spirits as far as I know. The graveyard we went to was a new place for them, the prison I speak of is an old Civil War prison near the furthermost boundries of the city, a place that has been a Blight long before the human residents there died. It too has a graveyard, a large one, and that is where the shitmonkies and gorillas originate from.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Eyes going large for a moment hearing Gorillas. What is going on here? One must think to himself. He sits where he can to listen, watching them. Thinking shitmonkeys and gorillas don't make the best subject for a story or song*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *His eyes lock on the roving spotlights up in the sky* Shit.... oh yeah.... *his smile widens into a BROAD, tusky grin*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Watches Martin look to the spotlights then turns slightly to see them also, wondering what they mean but lets is slip his interest trying to pick up more on this strange talk *

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Her gaze follows the others upward...Frown drooping more...It was clear if they could, her ears would slick back...But alas, human bodies arnt equiped with good body language...Or in her opinion, at least....*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Glances at the spotlights himself, but shrugs--probably a store opening or something.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *eyes shift back to Bernard* You know what tonight is, right? *does a little jig in place, spilling more warm soda about*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Makato>~Ws~ Wait, so you're saying these monkies are from the Civil War? I'll assume that was some time ago. That means, in order for the spirits to still be here, those jars had to be made back then, right? Do you think that whoever made the jars is controlling the monkies, or is it someone who discovered the jars properties and is using them now... *Trails off as his head turns to look at Martin slowly*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *glances up at the spotlights, not anything new, probably that club he heard about reopening after the shootings inside, goes back to polishing the magnets*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Bernard>>I assume the latter. That it was something done by the guards or master of the prison as a further torture to the prisoners, but the former would not surprise me either. The Wyrm knows not time in the way we do. This could be the culmination of a long standing plot to spread corruption.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She frowns and slowly looks back down....Watching and listening to the others....Feeling slightly out of place, still...*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Martin> ~WS~ Time to start planning a distraction for our almost certain retreat?

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Slowely he rises again, steping towards the group. * Excuse me? Could I just ask what this...interesting talk of shitmonkeys? Also something about Gorillas is all about? I just arrived last night...oh, pardon me I'm Ruarc Brónach, child of stag, just setting out in the world and keeper of tales as are most of my tribe. *Smiling rarly friendly like to any one who answer him*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shakes his head.* It could be, but it seems to me the timing's wrong for that... If Jormangundr were planning this for more than a century, why would it wish its plan to come to fruition just now, when there are people around to put a stop to it?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Exuberance halts, drooping into a pout and glare at Bernard* .........NOOOooooo. ... ... ... At least... I don't think so, no. *takes a swig of soda and grimaces, feeling his teeth rotting away* Nah, bro... that club's opening back up under new management... read the papers bro... Club "BlaQueness"... we're totally going, man... total Probie-vamp bait. *grins again, insults rolling off like water*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Mordecai>>Who can say what the Wyrm does in its madness. Perhaps by stopping it we will initiate something far worse. Wheels within wheels.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* The StraitRazor is open again already, with the same name.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] Makato>>It could be... although my assumption would be that if the Garou have a part in this plan, it would likely have somethng to do with... well, with going somewhere and killing everything that moves, to be blunt.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((*coughs* Is if I even KNOW what you're talking about.... *points to self* Been here, what, two weeks? Different club.))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *looks at the Fianna* It is abit long and complicated to explain in such a manner that would fully sate your curiousity I'm afraid.

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *Tarence walks into the gathering area, from deeper in the JY* What's up, fella's?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* Sorry. Kyle already managed to shoot up a club; thought that was the one you meant.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to Tarence.* Good evening, Tarence.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *spins, looking at Terance with those wild, crazy eyes* TERANCE! .......gothclubopeningtonight.....*eyes still wide with glee*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Mordecai>>What makes you believe the Wyrm is ignorant in that the Garou have multiple tactics available to them? Either way, attempting to think along the lines of the Wyrm is dangerous, so let's both stop.

Tarence Jones: [B912O] Evenin' Mordecai...*Looks around for any grub he may have brought, and then spots Martin*Heya' Martin. What's goin' on tonight? *He makes his way toward him, shoving his fists into his pockets, and leaning back slightly on his pelvis.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Blinks...Brow furrowing...But she remains silent*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Looking to Makato with a sad expression * Oh...pity. *Seems to let it slide off his shoulders quickly. He steps back away from the group to continue listening. But now watches the over excited Martin*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *Tarence raises an eyebrow, and then does something very un-Theurgeish...he reaches into his bag, and with a flip, the sawed-off pistol grip pump spins into his hand*What're we still standin' around here for then? Git, Marty.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *nods to Tarence* Good evening Tarence. *finishes polishing the last magnet, putting them all away back in his pickup*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *raises an eyebrow* What exactly do you need a gun for to go to a club?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Chuckles.* True enough.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Martin> ~ws~ Well... I guess it couldn't hurt to go... Not like there's much else to do just yet. We've probably got a good chance of surviving anyway, at least... *Looks over at Terrance from his spot on the ground.*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] The ladies need a soldier, Makato...I ain't ever been one to let 'em down...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Tarence>> Get your club clothes... we're gonna bag all the freebies we can, tonight. *Looks over at the others* Come on, guys... Fight the Wyrm wherever it...ehrm... drinks liquid cocaines? *Raises a goading eyebrow, alreagy loading the sawed-off break action from his backpack*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *Finally notices Bernie*'Ey, Bernie! You finally got out o' the room, huh? Good to see you runnin' with us again, bro.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Tarence>>Afraid I don't quite get that. If you're going to get laid, what need have you for that gun?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *snorts* It's not like we're gonna claw 'em up on the dance floor, Mak.... who knows if we're gonna bag 'em at their haven, in the alleys, on the shitter.... gotta be a good boyscout and load up.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin, explain what you mean please?

Tarence Jones: [B912O] It's a Gnawer thing, wouldn't understand...*He offers him a devilish grin, and loads the pump-action*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *shrugs to Makato.* I'm afraid I haven't a clue either.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Looks at the guns being waved around wondering if he just walked into a real bad place. *

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Oh, leech hunt. Could have just said so. Actually, I haven't fought a real leech in a long time. Hell the ease and nostalgia alone is worth looking stupid.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Makato>> Okay... here's the deal... a lot of Leech 'cubs'.. after their first change, go through this probationary 'I wish I was in an Anne Rice novel' phase... and goth clubs are where you go to nip this little daisies in the bud... *nods sagely*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin>>Actually you'd be surprised. If I can find it, I'll show you the old marked map my grandfather had that held major gathering areas for Leeches.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Another blink....Likely somewhere she can't go....Damn smell....*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Thrusts yet another finger at Makato* Now THAT is what I'm talking about. This boy has the right attitude... come on, y'all... let's play dress up, eh? Now who needs help looking like they really hate their parents? *eyes the crowd for volunteers*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shudders. No, he'll leave the tearing things apart to the Garou. He's had more than enough of that.*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin>>I would need help fitting in at a bar, definately.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] I'm willing to have a little fun and maybe find a song in all this if your willing to have me *Flashes a grin at Martin, thinking this could be at least a little bit interesting*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *For those who haven't met him yet, Tarence is a young african-american kid of about 19. He wears a backwards black hat, with a pair of shades on top. An old, worn-out bomber jacket covers a white wife-beater. A patch of a torn Nazi-flag is worn over his right breast. A pair of faded, torn jeans top a set of tattered, out-of-date Nikes. A single strap pack sit's over his shoulder, and straps across his chest*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Mordecai>>Why not come along? Leeches are good challenges for Kinfolk. I'll make sure you don't get killed.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Tarence> ~ws~ Yeah... I "finally" left the room... *sigh* It's not like anyone failed to notice to take me anywhere, and can we not talk about running. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Hmm... alright... let's do the obvious ones first... You there... *points at Mud Bomb as he digs through his Backpack of Wonton Wyrm Clobbery (tm)* Okay... you'll need this... *tosses her a pack of clove cigarettes* ..for the smell... and this... *tosses a roll of black electrical tape* ..for a costume. Eh... just put 'X's on the pink parts, m'kay? And start smokin'... Who else? *eyes continue roving*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] Fighting? I'm no warrior, I'm afraid...

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *walks over to Mordecai and whispers quietly*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin>>Me.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *chuckles at Ruarc, obviously quoting something.* Put out the candle light - let your goblets shine instead.... Scorn the voice of singers - let your jugs sing for you.... Since you will not find wine, song, or company in the grave - let this, O fools, be your reward for all your labors.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] No, Mort... but you're both hot, and tragically scarred... total angst-bait. That is, if you're willing... Now you... *looks to Ruarc* Can you dress yourself, or ya need a hand?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Pauses, obviously not liking this idea, but nods to Makato.* I'm afraid I'll need some kind of weapon, then--they tend to frown on them at the university, so I rarely carry one, and I don't have claws.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She catches what's thrown to her, blinking at it then giving Martin a questioning look*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] Martin> ~WS~ What do you want me to do with these? *Eyes his horns.*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *Tarence will look at Makato as if he's crazy should he turn his analyzing eyes on Tarence. He reaches into his bag, and pulls out a roll of duct tape, and begins tearing off long strips, and placing them patch-work style onto his wife-beater.*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Mordecai>>I can provide you with that. Do you know how to use Butterfly Swords as a pair, or should I just give you the single? *walks over to the pickup*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Gets out a spiked dog collar and black leather vest... tossing them in Makato's direction* Keep the pants... they're good... Oh, and go grab any thin-linked chain you can find...

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *A wide grin crosses his face looking to Mordecai. * Hey, pretty good for this little outing.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin>>And do what with it? *catching the clothing and putting them on after a glance at the dog collar*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] Alright boys...I'ma show you how ta' get your shine on, tonight...*He grins to Mordecai*We'll take care of ya', Mordecai.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ...Hmm... or you could go in drag, Mak... your call. *tilts his head, pondering the thought* Bernie, you might wanna go her your fake bat wings and leather... you'll be going as Satan, as per usual... don't forget the red undereyes....

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shakes his head.* I've never trained with eastern weapons, but I learned on a sabre, so if this butterfly sword is somewhat close it should do nicely.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Takes his duffle bag and starts searching through it. Taking out some black cargos with a black tank top and pulls out a few pieces of jewlery* I think iI can dress myself

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He then pulls out a bottle of black nail-polish, half empty, and begins doing his nails*Dumb Leeches...they never see this shit comin'...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Here's to hoping this is as fun as when Kyle's around...Stands to move closer to the group...But remaining silent..Talking really doesn't seem the Ahroun's stronge point as of lately*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Continues tossing more and more collar-like bands to Makato... wrist... bicep... bicep... belt* Put it on the collar, bro... You'll be going as Febreeze here's pet. *nods in Mud Bomb's direction... pausing at the absence of taped toplessness* Eh.... are you a homid-born?

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] Don't suppose anyone has a knife or something I could borrow? *Ducking down behind what ever he can to change clothes, perhaps a bit shy or just being polite, who knows.*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] I am -not- going in drag, thank you. *reaches into his bag, pulling out a silk and leather sheathed Butterfly Sword, the usual string and ribbon dyed sky blue, handing it to Mordecai*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *starts strapping on the collars, not exactly feeling confidant about this, but trusting those who seem to know better*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *A grimace at the question..Unsure if it was directed to her...Shakes her head slowly at Martin, indicating she isn't*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Ruarc>>I have that one's twin if you need it. *gestures to the sword he gave to Mordecai*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He looks to Makato* Why the hell not? *As he pulls a long, black skirt out of his bag, and slips it over his jeans*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Tarence>>Because the last time I did, I swore it would be the last time I did.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Takes it carefully--a bigass knife is a bigass knife to him, but he knows that some cultures treat them with far more reverence and he doesn't want to offend--and takes a step away from the others before drawing the blade and whipping through the series of parries, stances, and slashes known as the Persian Manual, getting quickly used to the shorter length and lighter weight. After a few moments he sheathes the blade again and removes his jacket, looking for a way to fit the sheath to it without making a bulge.* Ahh, this should do nicely. Thank you.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] *Looks at the sword and lets a small laugh out* How would I sneak that in? Though if you don't plan on using it, might be useful.

Tarence Jones: [B912O] Suit yourself...I kinda' like it every now and then...Like Ed Wood, ya' know?

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Mordecai>>You're welcome. It's been awhile since I've used it, so the edge should be quite sharp.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Butterfly Swords are Jacket concealable. They're basically just overgrown bowie knives. Short, fat, made for quick slashes and chops and to be used in pairs.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Mud>> *Sighs a moment...* Okay... what you need to do here is go around the corner, take off any clothes you have here *indicates his belt level* and up, and put these... *starts making large black X's of tape for her* Over your teets. Then, once you've done that, I want you to hold one of these lit in your hand at all times... *indicates the cloves* It'll hide your scent... don;t worry when once goes out. Just take out a new one and hold it in your hand, and a guy will come light it for you. You'll be staying with Makato, so he can do all the talking for you... *knows better than to suggest switching the role of collar... hopefully no one will notice the incongruence*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] Hmm I need some black lipstick...Not something I carry around sadly. *Frowning just a bit as he wets his hair with some water. *

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Ruarc>>I do not plan on using it. *takes it out of the duffel, this one's tassel colored black with sparks of silver shot through it*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [2N8KQ] Oh, lovely. *Smiles with a nod to Makato as he sets it atop his bag as he finishes dressing*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Fits the sheathe somehow ((*G* I don't have a clue, but Mordecai's bright enough to figure it out)) to the jacket, putting it back on and running a hand down his side to make sure there aren't any teltale lumps, bulges or obvious "damn, that's a big knife" shapes.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *gets out black lipstick, nail polish, mouse, and even cans of hair-steak... apparently these boys do this a lot...* I've got products for the brave... *sets them on the table*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *digs around in his bag some more, finally coming up with a thin, long chain weighted at both ends, showing it to Martin* Will this do?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Blinks...He's joking, right?....Oh...He's not....She huffs and nods, taking the tape and shuffling for the maze...Monkies...Sheesh....But at least she knows Makato and wont be to paranoid...It takes a few minutes before the Gnawer exits the maze and tosses her shirt under her car...Moving back to take one of the cloves*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ((*coughs* Hair-stReak...))

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He offers some black lip-stick to Ruarc after putting some on himself, and then begins applying eye make-up*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Shifts to Homid. He stands about 5’11” 180lbs. and has black hair and brown eyes. His features are rather nondescript with the exception of the horns sticking out thru his hair, and he wears a worn old t-shirts and jeans. He looks to Martin for help here.* You know I don't have any other clothes.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Mak>> *Laughs at the manriki* Sure... why the fuck not. That's hilarious. *nods, enjoying the opportunity to sneak another weapon in*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *As long as they don't expect him to wear any lipstick...*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *looks at the straps, figuring out to put the chain through the metal rings on the chest and neck straps, threading it through until it hangs to just under waist level*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Digs through the make up and starts paining his nails and doing a crowish look, his pale skin making the white base really unneeded* If our grandfathers knew how this leech hunt was turning out, they'd die know what we are doing. Oh well, makes things more interesting

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((And i do have to say that the electrical tape over the nipples bit does seem to be the popular Goth Chick fashion statement recently. At least in Central Florida.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *sighs* Bernie... you do too have a costume. Stop repressing and go get it,,, *thrusts a finger in the direction of the motel* And be quick about it...

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Them's some wierd folks... How do they get that stuff off?))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] (Seen suspenders as the only thing worn with tape holding them to the nipples. Its rather odd at first. ))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Ken>>Usually with someone else's teeth.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ((Ken>> Usually with Spuds' teeth.))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Crusher>>Excuse me, didn't you say the other night you fucked a goth chick recently yourself?))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((from what I hear, that's hardly an accomplishment...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *...First fuckers mouth that comes near anything, taped or untaped, is loosing their teeth...'Nuff said...She's Ahroun and even if it does sting like a bitch, she'll be the one taking it off...* (*Snickers*)

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ((Nope. Goth free many months. Probably a year. Maybe. *holds up his little commemorative Goth-bangers-anon necklaces... with a little herpie virus in a 'No' sign*))

Tarence Jones: [B912O] ((I hope he didn't...too sick to come in to work, but not sick enough to deny some pasty-chick a few simple pleasures? *G* ))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] So... who's left? Everyone armed and half-assedly-dressed?

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Dammit now I gotta set up a damn soundtrack for this. Heh.)) *walks over to Muddy and holds out the free end of the chain* I believe the purpose is for you to hold this.

Tarence Jones: [B912O] ((Damn double-posting...))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods, still wearing the suit he teaches class in.*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Is there a mailing list for the game?))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((yup. ))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Grunts* Not armed as in weapon armed....*Takes the chain from Makato and nods...Holding it and feeling...Humiliated, to say the least*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Thanks much))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Okay, so here's the deal... you don't need to look for them.... they'll probably be some of the only ones who will give you the time of day, and best yet... they won't even notice it. Odds are, they'll find us extra-hot for some reason... so, with the exception of clove-pipe here, *thumbs to Mud* be a bit suspect of anyone who comes a flirtin'... these get ups can get hot, so try to check for cold hands when possible. Other than that, keep an eye on at least TWO other groups at all times... visual barkin' chain for when we need to ditch or give chase. Savvy?

Tarence Jones: [B912O] Nobody worry about any of this gettin' around...we know how to keep our mouths shut about this kind of thing...*Then looks hesitantly to Martin...their Galliard and bonefied Shit-Talker*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] Two other groups? How many groups will we be in, and who will be in each group?

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *After Tarence finishes getting all dolled up, he tapes the sawed off to the side of his leg, under the heavy black dress*Booyah, baby...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Okay... next order of business is just that, Mort. I want you to be solo, but within earshot of these two *motions to Mak and Mud* at all times... you're gonna be one of our best bets... the beast makes for a good fuck, but a bad pet.. so they'll come to you for a keeper. Tarence, you'll be with New guy *thumbs to Ruarc*, and Bernie'll stick with Lucien. I'll be roving solo... as is my best element. *grins*.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *his approach can be heard even before he enters the junkyard. The roar of the hemi engine of his rebuilt 1950 Mercury Monticaire fills the air as he parks the car next to the junkyard*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Man I feel bad for how long I actually did this kinda shit (without the vampire hunting). It's...bringing back too many memories.))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Martin>>I think you may need to explain in more detail exactly what Mud Bomb here should do once we get inside. I cannot imagine her having been in many clubs at all, much less goth clubs.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* And yet, I feel rather good about the fact that I've never done this kinda shit...)) *Nods, wondering just how friggin' ferschnicket he is to be going along with this.* Understood.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods, offering Makato a grin in thanks...She has no clue...Or why she has to wear tape on her female glands....*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (...I'm just embarassed I wear black clothes half the time and still don't do this shit...*L*)

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *He nods* Yeah... that's good... look aroudn like you have no idea what's going on... *rummages through his bag, getting out a long sheet of wax-paper with little candy dots on it* Here... stick this halfway in your pocket.... You and Mak here are gonna be playing guard for Mort... since you're already gender-paired, only the ballsiest would start talking to you... or another pair with a slave. That's another common leech set-up, so watch them.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Walks towards Terence as he tries to find a way to put that Butterfly sword on his person. Finaly he gives up and stuffs it down the back of his jeans and under the tank top with a black dress shirt around his waist to cover the bulges. Turns to Terence and grins a bit* Names Ruarc

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He nods to Ruarc*What's up, friend? Name's Tarence Jones..."Knows-When-To-Get-His-Spiritual-Ass-Moving", Cliath Theurge of the Gnawers, Weasel...all that good stuff...*Offers a hand*...careful my polish...still dryin'...

Tarence Jones: [B912O] ((Why do I feel like I'm going to have a /horrible/ time picturing Bernie as anyone else other than Eeyor? *G* ))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Lane>>I have the same visual.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ((Because you are the Disniest motherfucker I know *nodnod*))

Tarence Jones: [B912O] ((That's friggin' awesome...but somewhat disturbing if you picture Eeyor in Crinos form...*Ponders* ))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *With a warm friendly laugh he carfully shakes Terence's offered hand *Well, if you want the whole intro, then its Ruarc Brónach Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen, Cliath Galliard of the Fianna.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Muddy>>I think what he means is we're going to stay close enough to Mordecai to see him, but far enough away to draw our own bait. We'll find somewhere to sit I think and keep an eye out. One of the bars perhaps.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Oh...Candy!...She takes it and stuffs it in her pocket as instructed....Must not nibble...She just nods*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he makes his way into the clear, already decked out with his hair slicked back although obsucured by the fact he's wearing a fedora, black leather pants, longsleeve fishnet shirt and of course leather spiked choker complete with a chain leash.*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods. He's bait. Yeah, he's definitely nuts now...*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He smiles to Ruarc*Good to meet ya' then, Roo...((How's /that/ for Whiney and the Pooh, bitch!))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *nods to Ruarc on the other side of the clearing* I am Makato Stands To The End, Makato Windblooded that was. Stargazer, Half-Moon. *perhaps the first time he's actually revealed his Auspice*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Looks like Lucien sold his soul again... *smirks, nodding to his packmate* Alright... anyone with a car raise your hand with a number of fingers for your free seats... this ain't dedicated, so we're going conventional. Other than that, let's get the show on the road... we want as many marks as possible, so when you bag a sure thing, get either my or Bernie and Luke's attention... we'll check 'em, and then you can bag 'em any way you see fit. Feel free to tap out any back-up you want. No self-respecting 'Elder' would set foot here, so don't sweat the threat level....

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Too bad Trace or Mikey isn't here. They'd have loved this.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shrugs.* I have room for myself and another three.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *He blinks at the Roo comment and shrugs with a grin as he plays with his hair a bit putting on a silvish cross and a few rings*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Just to state herself...* Mud Bomb, or Muddy if ya'll want...Cliath Ahroun of the Gnawers...*The last a given*

Tarence Jones: [B912O] *He laughs at this*Alright! You being a Galliard, Roo, I guess you get to be the real-talker...

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((silvish?))

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Muddy>>I think you might need a false name for tonight's activities. *thinks* Violet, perhaps?

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Nods to Makato, offering a hand to him * Oh a Stargazer, very happy to meet you.

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *shakes Ruarc's hand with his own scarred one* Then you would likely be the first of your Tribe to be so.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *with a not to Terence* Maybe I can remember some bad movie lines. *Looks back to Makato* I have no right to judge on other Garou, or so I figure.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to Mudbomb.* It would probably help to have a human name to use anyway, for dealings outside the Nation.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Her head tilts at Mak and she nods* Fair 'nuff...*Least she was warned before hand. Violet...Violet...You're a flower, Muddy...*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Only one hand... short of their own ride... crap* Tarence>> Short on seats, bro... Hotwire. *nods at him, putting the Theurge on logistics duty*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Martin>> You know we can cram three more in when Bernie is in the car.... four if someone wants the trunk...

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Finally returning, still looking downtrodden, but now in costume. He's now wearing a set of black high heels and fishnet stockings up to his high riding shorts. His midrift showing tanktop is a bright red, and a pair of small black batlike wings adorn his back. Atop his head is a large red headband in attempts to "hold" his "custom" made horns in place. On his lips is black lipstick and his eyes are lined in red. Yeah, he looks like he enjoys this costume...*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Marvels at Bernie's total absence of enthusiasm at anything.... man.. he was born for this gig.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *....Poor stranger, which would be Bernie....Thinking he has it worse then her*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Mutters under his breath in some foreign language, Bernie's appearance making him forget the irony of the reeking one being named after a flower.*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *blinks at Bernie, muttering something in Chinese to himself*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Stares at Bernard a moment before turning trying to hold in a laugh. readjusting the sword thing poking him in the back.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Oh, right... I almost forgot.... costume... *gets out a black marker and draws two lines on his forehead..... upside down cross.* All set. *claps once, getting jazzed up.*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *And hearing Makato do the same, he grins and chuckles.*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Hah! Okay then Otis.))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] Wish I had a top hat...don't know why. *Frowns to himself, just idly talking to himself*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] ((Heh, Martin is Otis, Mordecai is Tiny, Muddy is Baby, Lucien can be Rufus. All we need is Captain Spalding, Grandma, and Mother Firefly.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Checks his bag* No top hat... sorry... Tarence? *sees if he has one, then looks over the crowd one last time* Shit.... we forgot to stick someone in 'The Crow' make-up... ah well... hindsight's 20/20. *slings his bag back on, making a slow walk for the maze... giving them all ample time for a last spot-check before following*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Is actauly doing the crow thing since that was a untaken sterio type, chuckles to himself a bit*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((I'm scared to ask why...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*Cackles..* Was going to make a Crow comment but bit back on it...) *Waits for Mak to lead on...*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *gestures for Muddy to lead the way, smiling slightly and shaking his head*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Or she can lead...Slouched, she follows along...Holding onto her...Leash....*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Lets Terence lead him as he has no clue where they are going, but that doesn't bother him too much *

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Have we lost Tarence? That's two unresponded posts... and no more nick on the list...))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Heads for his car, cursing himself for a dozen different kinds of idiot.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he unhooks his leash for the time being making his way back to his car*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] Muddy>>I believe the idea is that I am your slave, so you should probably act more...arrogant. Like a Silver Fang of humans.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Might have--he ain't on my AIM...))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Starts moving towards the maze to follow Martin. Fighting to take each step. You can almost see the small raincloud over his head as he leaves.**

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Mord>> Follow Lucien... he knows the way.. remember, two blocks off, minimum.... *said as he slides into the trunk of their car, latching the thing behind him.*

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] ((Just a heads up, I'm having some connection problems))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods..* Kay...Just don't whoop my ass fer it later...*Saying "C'mon bitch, lick my boots" probably isn't the smartest thing to say to a Gazer...But if that's what it takes*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] *gets into Mord's car with Muddy and Ruorc*

Makato Stands To The End : [H8OT6] I won't.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods, climbs in, and fires up the car, waiting for Lucien to pull out.*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Just follows where he is instructed to go. *

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] ((So what's the ride issue?))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((They'll be fine with the two cars, it looks.... so no worries. Get a move on))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((Did it again dammit))

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] *Tarence leads Ruarc to Lucien's car, piling in the back*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he fires off the engine* Now remember Berine to try to react if someone tires licking you... *and with that he heads off in the direction of the club*

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] Oh, and Roo...just call me Ebony for tonight...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *And after everyone's loaded up... with vehicle seating arrangements mattering none-the-least, they embark for the dreaded... Club BlaQueness..... behind them, under a rock on the table in the clearing is a note saying just the same "At Club BlaQueness... come in costume for free Glory." And they roll out...* ((Dynamic 1, everyone))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ((*Gone2Dyn1*))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*Shuffles yonder*)


--Club BlaQueness/Dyn1--

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [JU68R] ((Color test))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((*Claims*))

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] ((Are we...are we dead?))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((So the plan is we come in guns a-blazing in the name of the UPEO wa Macho? Correct me if I got it all wrong...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Note: If I get slow, it's due to archiving but that's usually not an issue *G* Just a warning ahead of time)

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Damn, I missed them last couple posts--Bernard, I can send you another invite, or you can just apply for it yourself-- ))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] ((It's cool. I found it.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Kickass.))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] ((No, Lucien, this time we just wait outside, and the moment somebody leaves the building, we shot them with a comet to the forehead.))

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] ((BEWARE THE COMET!!!))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Your all more insane OOC then IC.....How very amusing))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Rocks fall; everybody dies.))

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] (( have /no/ idea...))

Tarence Jones: [YDKDZ] (("You can't beat me!" "Why not?" *Rocks fall* "/That's/ why!"))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Ruarc>>I cackle...Anyone who cackles OOC is off their rocker *G*)

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((I have to wonder if any of you are from the old GW game. ))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((No, if you're good and proper Psions, you teleport The Colony into the club and blame it on Divis Mal. Come on now, pay attention. That's what got France blown up remember.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Hell, you shoulda seen JY-Con... Anyway, we're all in cars?))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Okay... welcome to the ACTUAL SCENE, everyone. For the two of you scene-logging, if you intend to continue logging, I want you to make a note or set a counter somewhere nearby for 3 Pizza dice. Pizza dice are, basically, signs of blatant ST favor. They can be added to any ability test you take tonight. This can be done either one at a time, or all-at-once. They're yours to use, abuse or lose.))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Mudbomb> I believe you, friend of mine does. Its so creepy *Twitches*))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((OoooOooo me likes these pizza dice things))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] ((I spend 2 motes!!! 2 MOTES!!! I was never there.))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Silly Sidearel ))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Homing in on the base of the spotlights, the club can be seen to be thriving, the streets lined with the cars of college and not-so-college aged 'rebels'... Thankfully, though, no line has seemed to accumulate at the door.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Aye aye, Crusher *G* I'll make sure to note it if and when I use em')

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Oh hell... Hopes like hell none of his students are there, but pulls in to wherever Lucien goes to park.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Peers out the window...Nose twitching once as her nostrils flare.....Oh boy....Lots a people looks like by the cars.....Just waits to hop out*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he parks a rather good distance away, obviously not wanting his car to get fucked up cuz some was getting pelt with faries, he moves to the trunk to let Martin out and pulls a fur trimmed longcoat out, putting it on now as it would of obviously gotten too hot wearing it all the time*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Steps out himself, carefully and looking around him.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *pops the trunk and climbs out, swinging around and leaning over at the side mirror to make sure his costume didn't get smeared...*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *gestures to Muddy* Light one of those nasty cigarettes, and give me a second one and the lighter.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Steps out of the car and looks around before standing next to Terence, just not too close. He's heard of really odd things from places like this*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods and does as told, without being clumbsy....Handing one off to Makato...Her own just held in her hand*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *waits for them to park, lighting the clove and almost gagging right away, opening the door and holding it for Muddy as he watches those going in*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *He looks the groups over* Alright... Mud and Makato... you first. We'll wait about three minutes, then send Luke and Bernie... then Mort... and then the rest of us. Good luck... *grins*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods, waiting.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *A deep breath and nods before giving Makato a quick apologetic look before tugging the chain* C'mon....*Heading for the door...Making her face at least blank...*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *nods with a smile to Muddy* Lead the way....Mistress. *smirks, at least its amusing*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] *sits perched at the front of a short wooden stool at the door, a small podium to his side. He looks bored.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he bundles up his chair putting it in a coat pocket, while pulling out a cigarette case and lighting up a cigarello that lies within*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *slouches slightly, but is still too tall to do it much without being obvious, making his own face blank as he follows along at the end of the chain*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Reminder... we'll be using for the roller, for those not aware.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *lights up a circinus, leaning against a wall in boredom*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Yup...Her "bitch" is taller then her...Must be a pretty mean......Whatever she's suppose to be...The front door moved through...Trying to go by the bouncer..Already expecting to be stopped*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] *leaps off the stool at tiger-readiness, towering a good five feet over the sidewalk.* Whoa whoa whoa! *shoots forth an open palm with lightning speed* old are you two?

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *answers for both of them* Twenty-two, and my Mistress is Twenty-one.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She flinched defensively.....Unsure what to say....Makato allowed to talk as she grips the chain*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Man+Subter, dif 4...))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((Don't even have Subterfuge.))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((He's only lying about Muddy tho, he actually is 22))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((It's a talent, so you can roll your raw Manipulation at no difficulty penalty.))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((Yet amazingly, I still got 2 successes))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* Then again, telling the guy she's four probably wouldn't go over too well either...))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((I dunno Ken, there are such things as Lolita Goths. *snicker*))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] *Straightens up, eyes narrowing on the pair... smugly. Slowly, he reaches toward the podium.. ready for any sudden actions on their part. With a jerk, he rips off four drink tickets and hands them to the pair* BUT... after those... you have to pay for 'em... *waves them in, dismissively*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She takes the tickets without a word...Moving to pass by with a tug to Makato's leash*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *snatches the tickets from the bouncer's hand faster than the man has probably ever seen, placing them in the vest pocket* Understood. I'll carry them for you Mistress Violet. *waits for her to tug him along inside*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((DLP))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Alright... go Luke, Bernie...

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he gives Bernie an extra little nudge as he makes his way for the door, taking a long drag*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Stubles forward at the nudge, but quickly gets his footing back. Approaches the door along side him.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] ((Stumbles))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The inside of the club is... well... rather disappointing to anyone who knows better. Fortunately, Makato and Mud Bomb probably don't. Amid an overcrowding of tall wooden tables and stools, a dancefloor of easily twelve feet in any direction marks the center of the sprawl... amidst the pulsing spotlights and rolling vanilla smoke, a cacaphony sounds from an underpowered speaker system overhead...* ......"Bela Lugosi IS Dead..."

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] Whoa, guys... cool outfits... *rips off two tickets for each... and an extra for Bernard, with a wink, and nods them inside from his stool vantage point*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Ooooookay......Without twitching, she leads Makato onward...Unsure as hell where to go save some place to sit where they got a view of the place...*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *stops when Muddy does, looking around and waiting on her to lead the way*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *And once they're in, heads along the street himself, up to the bouncer and the door, taking his time.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Forces a smile at the bouncer as he recieves his tickets and proceeds inside.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *leans in, whispering...well okay 'Club Whispering' to her* We should probably get a drink with those tickets, at least to hold so we don't look as out of place.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he tucks his tickets into the brim of his hat and moves inside*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *continues right after with* Listen for what the first female you hear at the bar orders, and then order the same thing for both of us.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Shoulder to shoulder on the dance floor, confused adolescents sort of 'bounce and sway' in place, not actually really moving any limbs... throbbing like a stroke-ward sock-hop as the music pulses. The corners of the club are packed, fewer patrons in the middle stretches between them. Plush red stools like each of the three bars, two on the walls and one somewhat askew in a corner. Three quarter of the seats are full, though there doesn't seem to be terribly much talking going on between strangers. Many disappointed faces abounds...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods to Makato and ambles for the bar...Chain gripped tightly as her ears stay alert for what to get for them. Eyeing the slowly dwindling clove in her hand. Smelly thing that it was, she'd have to eventually replace it*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] *holds a hand at Mordecai and stands* ID?

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *And how fortunate that the guy actually does have ID. Hands over his liscense--and being 34, that at least shouldn't be a problem.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer]*blandly tears off two tickets and thumbs him inside... staring off in desolance for a few seconds, then pausing and raising an eye at the closing door* ...Professor Goldstein? ...........nah......

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Onto a bar stool she goes...Trying not to look like a vulture as best as possible...Ears picking up for drink names before she'll get the attention of the 'tender*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Steps inside, heading first to the bar for a beer.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *As they move around near the doorway, he whispers something to Luke as he surveys the club.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *doesn't sit, but rather stands next to her, facing away from the bar*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Nods and slaps Ruarc on the shoulder* That's us, then.... (Polishing over Tarence's absence) *heads to the door*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he winks to Bernie* Alrighty big-boy want to grab a table while I get the drinks or do you want to do that?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Per+Alert, dif 5... more successes equal better disguise drink...))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] Right then,*Grins a bit as they head up with Martin and going rather straight faced as they get up to the door relaxing and trying to look a bit bored*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (2,5,8,8=3 suxx)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((From the sound of it, the 'Black Death' is the local specialty...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] You guys got ID? *stands slowly*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Stares at Luke for a second, eyelids half closed.* I'll go find a table. Something light please...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She wants for the appropriate time to get the bar tender over. Handing off two of the tickets* Gimme two of the Black Death.....*A quick glance to her "bitch" and around, then back*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *continues to watch the crowd with a blank face, noting the entrances of the others and keeping their positions in mind*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The scrawny guy behind the bar nods, a shaved head, nose stud and black tee apparently being his expression of goth-hood...* Two BD's... *takes the tickets and gets back to the bottle of pre-mix*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Meanwhile, simply settles against the bar with his drink, looking appropriately sophisiticated.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Looks the guy over, clicking his tongue* Yes. *reaches over and grabs a long pull of drink tickets and keeps walking, snapping to Ruarc to follow*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he nods, tugging on the brim of his hat making a rather indirect path towards the bar, moving as if he's eyeing for the best piece of candy, but more to gague reactions to his presence*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Looks to Martin, since he's leading before getting a slow smile coming to his lips, giving the Bar Tender a slow once over. Looking as if he's looking at something he likes...wants maybe? Then jumps and follows Martin closely, slipping by the bouncer if need be. *

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She waited patiently...Hey, least she's getting...Well, not fed....But she does have that candy...No Muddy, not now....She keeps from looking around to draw suspecion...Instead watching the guy behind the bar...Blank expression and all*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Marcelo the Bouncer] *blinks, mouth open as if to protest, but just sort of sits back down, moping...*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Glances around the club looking for either a opening table or stools to sit on.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *guesses at close to the middle of his pull of tickets, ripping and handing them to Ruarc* Let's get after it...

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Takes his part of the tickets, still grinning of course, damn its odd, always smilling. * Right, lets have a bit of fun.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Everyone trying to play 'spot the leech', roll Perception + Vampire Lore, dif 6... Perception + Wyrm Lore, dif 8... or Perception + Occult, dif 9.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* And seeing as he's got none of the above, he's going to stand around and hope there's actually something he can do if the shit hits the fan...))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((Just those looking for leeches, or everyone? If the latter, then I botched.))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((2005-09-17 02:43:02 Ruarc rolls 3 dice to Spot the leech! (Diff 9) 5,6,10 (1 success))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Lady in Black] *a gaunt woman in a thin silk night-gown slides through the crowd, slinking up beside Mordecai with a thin smile on her thinner lips* ~club whisper~ Wow... cool scars... where did you get them done?

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] ((Per+Wyrmlore 6,3,6,10 (1 success)))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *as he's not the best spotter figures that Bernard is watching him and those around for reactions as he makes it to the bar he looks over the selection making sure that they have everything for the drinks he has in mind*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Smiles.* I got a discount deal, you could say. I'm afraid I didn't catch the fellow's name. *His throat, yes. His name, no.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *stands there with drink in hand, watching Mordecai from across the club*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Walks down towards the third bar, towards the other end of the club giving Martin a nod as he goes to look around a bit and sees the man with the woman around him. Making his way towards them, trying to pick up words.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *When the drink is given...She takes a sip as she turns slightly on the stole to glance about...Not staring but getting a feel for where folks are*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Lady in Black] *slides into the stool next to him* D'you mind? *nods to the bartender for another drink* I think it looks so cool... I'm totally into scarification and amputation and stuff... *her eyes glimmer* Have you ever tried hanging off hooks?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *nods back to Ruarc, his eyes apparently spending most of their time elsewhere... he slips backward and moves into the dancefloor...*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shakes his head, still smiling.* Not at all. *Do leeches drink? Besides the usual, at least? Dammit, he should have thought to ask...* And that I've never tried before, although it certainly sounds interesting. *Smiles wider.* forgive me for saying so, but you look rather.. unmarred, for someone into such interests--have you tried it?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Almost on cue of Martin's arrival, the music changes... Type O Negative- Christian Woman. Everyone on the floor stops to get their barings to the new song... and then resume bobbing in place once again*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he orders a Green Dragon and a King beer, forking over his two tickets and makes his way towards Bernard*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Lady in Black] *thin hand to her flat chest* Me? Oh no... I might think it's hot, but most guys want all woman. *laughs lightly, slender hand taking the deep hued glass of red wine offered by the bartender*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *takes a sip of the drink and leans in to talk to Muddy again* I don't think we're very good bait.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* Well, you're certainly that.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods to Makato as her eyes roam...Unsure what to do since they fail at being good...Whatever they are possing as*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *coyishly slaps a hand across hi bicep* Oh! Flirt.... *takes a long drink from the glass, licking her lips afterward*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Steps up next to the woman on the mans right, pulling out a ticket and gets himself a ground zero. Giving a smile to the girl, looking her over a few times before his drink arrives still listening to the convo*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] Take out another of those cigarettes, see if anyone will come light it.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith: [S3U8G] *Glances around the room again, looking for Lucien. Waits for him to approach before leaning in to grab his drink and say something to him.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he slides the beer over to Bernard as he sits down, removing his hat* So anything? *he lights up another cigarello*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods and sets the drink on the bar....Getting the pack of cloves out to fiddle with slowly as she tugs one out...Hair draping into her face*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *At the sight of an unlit cigarette, no less than four people fumble quickly for their competively hardcore chrome designer zippos....*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Shrugs, still smiling warmly.* My lips get ahead of my mind sometimes, I'm afraid. *And actually remembers to tense his arm slightly--there's not much muscle there to touch, but at least it will hopefully feel like something resembling the typical rock-hard bicep.... Damn, this is almost like being in college again.... Takes a drink of his own beer, then another, finishing it off, and looks curiously at the red wine she's drinking.... Couldn't really be that obvious, but... Turns to the bartender.* Let me try one of what she's having.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Makato finds his ankle tapped with her sneaker as she gets the clove out...If he turns, her eyes go across the bar....Not at the bar tender, but she means him....She caught something, maybe....Now her drink getting downed slowly so she can order another*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The bartender nods, and eventually returns with another wine glass... taking Mord's secod ticket*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Ugh...Must not be one tracked minded...She leans towards the first one to get the clover lit, murmuring* Thanks...*No flirtatious wink or anything as she leans back to continue with the drink emptying*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *turns his head, locking on the bartender once he picks up the visual cues from Muddy, which also allows him to pretend to ignore the four zippos around him*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Touches his lips to the... stuff... trying to hide his trepidation and act like it's simply something he hasn't tasted before.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he glances to the second bar sipping his drink, nodding slowly as he takes another long drag, keeping an eye on the 'out of place' guy for now*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Her drink emptied...She tries catching the bar tenders attention for another drink....Casually trying to catch a peek of the tattoo to murmur* Nice tattoo....*It was ment to get Mak's attention more then anything...And maybe strike up something as she curiously gazes*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Apparently satisfied with the taste, he takes a sip, then sets his glass down next to hers.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *and of course, he looks at the tattoo*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he exhales a stream of smoke glancing towards Bernard* By the by where's Marty?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Mak>> Int+Occult, dif- 9... Wyrm Lore- 8, Vamp Lore- 6... /// Mord>> Per + Alert, dif 7))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Where is Marty, indeed....*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Murmers to himself a bit, bumping into the one as he gets no reaction* Oh, excuse me love. *Stopping a moment when she turns to look* Eyes like the night, sets my heart ablaze...Do I dare, would you care to....Please Mistress, just a dance? One little dance? *looking to the guy as he grins slightly, trying to steal 'his' girl it would seem *

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Lucien> I'm not sure. Probably where he can get the most attention. *Glances towards the dance floor*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The man scowls and stands* Hey pal... I suggest you get lost... *his eyes narrow*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Luc+Ber>> Per+Alert, dif 8))

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((Woo 1 sux))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he slowly turns his head towards the dance floor, expecting a big hole to be around Martin as he tries to blend in*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((Success! well one at least))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] Hey buddy. No disrespect, I just wanted to know if the lady would like to dance. No reason to treat them like their your property you know. *Hands up and stepping back * Hey, let me make it up to you, I'll buy you a drink, just let the lady speak for herself, alright?

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *cocks his head slightly, then bends in to whisper to Muddy again* I see it, and he's definately a target. Use what Gaia gave you against him, force him to want you above all else.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The man with Ruarc pauses... looking between him and the girl* ...screw it. Take her. *turns and heads for the stairs in a huff*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Oh boy...Just a brief, small nod to indicate she heard Makato...Alright...Flirting....Hows that done again...Oh yeah...She'll wait for buddy to get her drink to her, then she'll try*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Watches the guy leave then looks to the two ladies* Forgive me, I did not mean to intrude in such fashion. I had no idea he'd leave in such a huff. Would you two care to dance?

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((1 point Botch))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he nudges Martin, a bit hard in hopes to spill his beer nodding towards the stairs*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The more attractive of the two edges closer* Sure... why not? *offers him a hand, while the other gets up and dashes after prince charming...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] Mud>> *strangely enough, the bartender doesn't seem to return.... instead opening the far door and walking out into the club*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Takes the girls hand, giving it a kiss on the knuckle then watches the other run after the man grunting ever so softly * Who where your two friends? Seems I upset them. *Looks over his shoulder to see how close everyone else is *

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Smiles a touch wider.* Would it be too trite to say I haven't seen you here before? Or anywhere else around, for that matter.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Looks at Luke, almost annoyed..., then looks towards the stairs*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Lady in Black] Even if you said it aga- *she pauses, a light buzzing coming from the tiny handbag at her side* Oh... hold that thought... *digs around for her pager*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She frowns and glances at Makato...*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *gestures to Muddy to follow the bartender, already moving to do the same*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Up she goes...Last ticket stuck in her pocket before moving quietly*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *on the stairway up, tucked along the wall in the rearmost corner of the club, a man in a cheap suit ascends briskly with a young woman in tow. The Bartender seems to be a few steps behind now. The man in the suit pauses midway, turning aboutface and ushering the other two to go back down... GO BACK DOWN....*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* Of course. *and starts cursing himself for a fool again as Mudbomb and Makato leave. Wasn't he supposed to be in contact with them?*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Lady in Black] Uhum... sorry, I have to take this... *leaves the wine and gets up, glancing to the stairs, then heading for the second bar on the other side of the club*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *steps in front of Muddy, going right up after the Bartender, fully prepared to remove whatever's in their path by tossing it off the stairs if it tries to stop him*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods.* Don't worry about it. *Watches the rest of the club, trying to hide his nervousness. Dammit, he was an idiot to come out here....*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The three on the stairs are heading down again rapidly... the young woman in middle almost tripping over her own feet... should Makato still want to stay on the stairs, let alone go up, he is definately about to make a scene...*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *mutters to Muddy as he gets past her* Go back and watch Mordecai. I can handle this myself. *unties the bottom part of the chain in a simple motion, letting it flip through the rings until he's free of the leash*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he frowns as Bernard's grip is good and just bitch slaps the beer out of his hand letting its contents and glass fly wherever they may land* Whoops you spilt you beer and I already used up my tickets... why not hit up the bar for a new one? *nodding towards the second bar*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Watches Makato (I'm I right to think Ruarc is pretty close?) STopping with the girl, still holding her hand* hello hello, looks like somthing might be going down. *Said to the woman of course*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Finally catches on. Feigns irritation and gets up to move to the 2nd Bar for a drink.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *forces a deer in headlights motion and then looks as if he's about to turn and go down, tripping on his own feet and falling twords the staggering girl in the middle*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Girl 1] *Eyes Makato and the people on the stairs nervously* I think I'm gonna go home... *tries to slip her hand free of Ruarc's...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods and turns, moving away....Morde....The scarred dude....Makato-less, she finds a seat near the Kin...Just a small look that's not even a glance to show she's still there as she settles to watch her surroundings*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Just nods to the girl letting her be on her way. * Sleep well my dear.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Girl 1] Thanks... *scurries off toward the opposite end of the club*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he downs the rest of his drink and slips his hat back on making his way towards the second bar, moving quickly after Bernie*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *looks rather bummed as it seems the girl dropped him, finishes off his drink and starts looking around for another mark*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Bartender] *moves with uncanny reflexes to try and catch Makato before he impacts*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *turns, seemingly to try and catch his own balance, arms waving as he slips just under the bartender's grasp, with an errant elbow 'accidentally' hitting the bartender in the side of his ribs* ((Deceptive Wind *snicker*))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Cheap suit] *suddenly just shoves the girl into Makato, turning and grabbing the now pained bartender by the wrist as he dashes up the stairs, skipping every other step in his bounds*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *balance that was never truly lost easily regained, he catches the girl and sits her down on the stairs, if the others are watching, they'll come help her. He bounds up the stairs just as fast, calling out* Are you okay? I'm totally sorry about that! *in the best valley boy accent he can manage*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he picks up his pace, slightly frowning as he moves at a light jog towards the second bar... or at least near it*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She'll find her own target...Watching those around her as she keeps an ear open for any trouble Makato might get into*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *assumes the other Garou have that side handled, running up the stairs still, calling out his empty apologies as he follows his own prey*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Blinks...Glancing at Morde....Something tells her this -aint- good....Watching the folks filing out...Guessing it's her job to get the Kin to safety if need be*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Who's actually falling down the stairs at this point?))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Walks towards Martin, weaving through dancers if need be till he gets Martins attention and nods towards firedoor that had just opened with many folks slipping in. Including one much nicer suited man, starts heading towards the group, looking each over as if trying to choose one to dance with .*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he slows as he reaches the bar moving for the fire exit*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Makato enters to darkened room to the sounds of heavy footsteps and muffled screams* ((Per+Alert, dif 7 due to darkness...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She motions for Morde....Standing to follow....Go where the sheep go....*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] ((2 successes)) *his eyes change in a heartbeat, the canine green much better suited for the darkness*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *blinks, multiple times, placing his hands behind him in a ready position as he watches*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods to Mudbomb, getting up from the bar and heading to the fire-door.*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Watches the others heading for the fire door and decides to play tag along, couldn't hurt after all*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She gets close to Morde....If the others are moving for the door as well, she puts the scarred one between herself and them....Alert now*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *stretches, undoing all the straps and pocketing them* I'll get us through the roof. *opens, or breaks the window if it's sealed shut, and hops out on the roof*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *And keeps on movin'.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Sorry... waiting on something in PMs right now... taking these actions in order of entry.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((My bad.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Nah... delay's my fault. I didn't describe the other side well enough, and caused some confusion to backtrack over... almost there now, though))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *As Ruarc, Mud and Mord head for the door, they can see the back of Lucien not far ahead... in a moment, they all file through... finding themselves in a wide garage, parking spaces lined with black vehicles baring tinted windows. Ahead, the garage door is open and a tail light disappears to the left*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *..leaving the garage in perfect silence... that is, until a portion of ceiling explodes downward... the Gazer culprit landing in a cloud of dust, a bloody Martin dropping in soon after...*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Moves along with the others, knowing that if there's some kind of ambush he's likely to miss it wandering on his own.*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *lands in a crouch, the dust of the roofing material making him cough a few times and ruin the almost perfect ninja like image*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] To those in Garage> I have a tail on the vehicle leaving.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((Ack! That is in Garou speach...))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] That's my boy... *pats the semi-visible Bernie on the back* :Let's get 'im... they're like sardines now...

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he almost considers bolting after the vehicle, but rationalizes for a moment moving to see if any of the vehicles are unlocked/checking for hide-a-keys*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*L* Okay, just so I'm not confused...So a part of the garge roof just fell in, right? *G*)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Eh... luck die.))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] ((Yeah a little confused myself))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Yes... Makato just drop-kicked in from the garage roof, and Martin hopped down the hole he made.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((6))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((*slaps* No.))

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Jumps back, looking around quickly.* Dammit!

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Gotcha *L* Wasn't totally sure) *She watches the two coming down from the roof with a twitch before quickly looking around for reactions....Bernie said he has a lead...So what do they do now? They're in a garge full of sheep and maybe leeches...That seem to be wanting to get the fuck out of Dodge...Tick tock, tick tock...*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] That was pretty cool. *Grinning watchig makato*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Bernard appears out of the air and looks to Lucien* We need to move quick. Tiny is on that thing.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Walks deeper in, perusing the cars* Whoa... leech rent-a-car... can't vouch for the taste in color... *pauses at a black Buick LeSabre* ....or make.

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *stands up and brushes himself off* We have lost the element of surprise, and from what I saw above, their numbers have been cut. Perhaps pursuit would not be a wise option. They are sure to go somewhere where the advantage is theirs and not ours.

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] At the very least, this is where Mordecai's participation should end. If you all are going to chase after the remainder, I'll escort him back to Chopper's.

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] Someone will tell me what actually happened when you guys return, right?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She glances at Morde, stepping to let him go to Makato....She would have offered to take him back, but she doesn't want to miss the fun*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *sniffs and turns back to the group* Assuming it's in-city... but this nose *taps the aforementioned nose* willing to bet that rich prick's hideout is in Lawrence.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She grunts at Martin* Not sure what that means but if'n were goin', we better get movin if ya'll gotta plan

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Well... We can either persue all the way now, or we can find out where they go and hope that it isnt temporary. Personaly, if I thought there would be someone following me, the last place I would go is my home.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] I'm up for a bit more fun and don't worry Mr. Goldshtein, I'd be more then willing to tell you a tale later. *Smileing waiting to hear whats going to happen*

Makato Stands To The End: [MB7AR] *lets the others decide, waiting to escort Mordecai back* ((And I gotta crash))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *he shakes his head* This is how the young ones work... did you see how many he had with him? He's got to be breaking their veil... I bet he doesn't have a choice... *This IS Martin's field of specialty, of course...*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods and heads on back with Makato.* ((*G* Glad I could help, y'all...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Night guys.. and worry not... this doesn't even remote resemble the good part *g*))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Night Spuds, and Ken if yer going *G*)

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Listens to Martin and then nods* What should we do... *He seems abnormally proactive for some reason.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he sighs elbowing in the window of an SUV moving to hotwire the thing* So we gonna move out now and try to intercept or let them regroup?

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Turns and looks for Lucien, already grinning in expectation*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Well, seems he ain't got much choice on it. *G* Although I was halfway hopin' to get into a little combat))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] SHOTGUN! *dashes for the SUV*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((He can still come... unless someone would blatantly stop him...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Moving to get in the SUV with Lucien. Perferably hopping in the back* Lets go, folks....Times getting wasted where they're getting to the gone...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Mud'll watch him unless Mak totally says no he has to go home *L*)

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((.... Yeah, why the hell not.)) *Climbs in, still cursing himself for six different kinds of dumbass.*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *Climbs into the SUV with the others when they do * You're loving this more then any one else i think * Speaking to Martin over his shoulder*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Upon seeing Martin's reaction, he moves around to the back passenger side of the vehicle Lucien is trying to wire and tries to bust in the window to open the door.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] Ruarc>> You don't know the half of it *bares a toothy grin as he turns, getting the sawed off out of his bag and passing it back to Mordecai* Yo... here's an equalizer... (Break-action, sawed off 12 gauge... old.)

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *it doesn't take him long at all as he climbs into the driver's seat buckling up and glancing at the position of everyone* Right.. and with that he peels out of the Garage at least knowing he has to turn left*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods, smiling.* Thank you.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *The Ahroun grins....To bad Kyle and wasn't around for this...Fingers flexing in anticipation*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Winds whips through the cab as they blaze down the road.... following the directions of Martin and Bernard... the streets are empty on the late night, and a surreal quiet sits in the air alongside the breeze as they try to make up lost time....*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Kyle and Lance, even *L*)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((I was haping to have them here for this too... *pouts*))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [2KEYC] *actauly thinks to buckle up just in case. Looking this way and that mumbling something about midnight winds and hell on wheels*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((*G* I think Lance is currently bleeding like hell...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *They merge onto the highway... coming to pass car after car... still no sign of their prey, beyond the spiritual tones in the recesses of Bernard's mind...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] I hope this thing doesn't have a governer *he mutters to himself as he hits the gas once they hit the highway*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Eerie calm...Despite her excitment...But grinning like a loon none the less*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Leans forward a bit to look at the speedomitor and leans back looking a little wide eyed.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *looks back around from his seat* Who's got guns?

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] In two exits... A country road heading south I think...

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he nods to Bernie and breaks into song* I'm walkin on sunshine, whoa-oh-oh! I'm walkin on sunshine, whoa-OH-oh! And don' it feel good! HEY!

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] Don't even know how to use a gun to be truthful. *Shrugs a bit as he looks to Lucien, cringing at the song. *

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Smiles.* It seems I do...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Twitches at Lucien as she asnwers Marty* Unarmed...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *tosses a box of shells back to Mord* Sounds like you'll be aiming for tires, then... *unlocks his door, looking to Luc* When we get to the first, get me next to it, then keep going.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Martin>> Just tell me when to PIT... *he moves to take the exit, not showing any sighs of slowing down* oh and folks be ready to move around if we hit any turns....

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] *Nods and makes sure the gun's loaded. He's not an expert with it, and he certainly doesn't display the skill he did with the sword, but at least he knows which end the bullet comes out of.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *They hit the exit... the advisory sign recommending a safe turning speed of 20 miles per hour....*

Mordecai Goldshtein (1 Glory): [M7NUM] ((Dammit. BRB; gotta reboot.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She glances at Morde* If for some reason shit goes horribly wrong and we have to retreat, stick close to me...Something happens to me, go with someone else but make sure you get back so Makato don't kick my ass *A grin...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Get ready to lean folks! *he takes his foot off the gas, ready to hit the emergency brake over the actual breaks*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] Oh my. *Doing as told, leaning. Eyes narrowing not liking this at all. *

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Quickly pops halfway out the broken window, sitting on the door and holding tight as he leans out as far as possible to fight the roll...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Aw shit......Leans as instructed in the appropriate direction*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Bernard sighs loudly.* Why does it seem like everytime I get in a vehicle, it ends in some type of chase...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Snickers at Bernie* So long as their aint cops, I'm fine with it....

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *as they rip around the cloverleaf ramp, the passangers on the right of the vehicle can draw their attention to the billowing white smoke on the asphalt left behind them... then they can feel the rock... the suv finishing onto the country road on only its left wheels before slamming back to the ground again... now tearing off due south...*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *slides back in, looking to Lucien with a grin* ...20 miles per hour? assssssss......

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *In the far, far distance of the flat dusty road... tail lights.. several, clumped together and kicking up their own trail of dust...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Hooooyea! *as he slams the gas to the floor once all four wheels are back on the ground*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((Frickin' computer)) *Hangs on tight to the Oshit-bar.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] ...this is it, guys... *his voice growing in excitement, boots now perched on the plush seat beneath them as he sits ready...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She smirks.....Watching now in eagerness*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Bernard just looks ahead at the headlights, a look of concern on his face.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Alright I count five vehicles... Marty's got the rear one... so that leaves four for us... decide how we wanna take care of them fast....

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Gets ready, leaning a tad out his own window.*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] If you stop the lead one, won't it be in the way of the others?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Grunts* One a peice? Just get me and Mordecai two together if you can.... 

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Rubs his hands together, watching ahead of them. Mumbling something to himself before reaching back to the blade that he got to borrow*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Do you think we somehow knock out the front car? 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the distance continues to close... now only a dozen meters to the rear car.* 

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Grins and hops up into his window again, swinging a leg out...*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] If we can get to it. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Grunts* Quick...Unarmed folks get to use natural weapons or fight dirty human style til those with weapons can get to em?

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] I could try to PIT the lead car... but thats kinda risky... plus getting past the others *he pulls to the left ready to ram the rear car to give Marty access*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Dex+Drive...)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((10,8,9,3,4, 10,4; 4 suxx)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The SUV revs hard and lurches for the rear car... slamming into the left rear fender*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((P Diddy would TOO be impressed)): [CFZ8K] *Grins, giving a final salute to Luc as he kicks his last leg out, launching off the side of the car and twisting through the air, form exploding into crinos and burying a claw into the roof of the SUV... the other driver appears to panic, as the vehicle swears suddenly from side to side and cascades into the woods alongside the road, and off into the obscure darkness behind you...*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Readies the shotgun.* Next car or front car?! 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *A squirrel is now sitting shotgun...* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *That answers her question.....Tensing as she waits to see if they go for the front to slow the others or one by one* Who's next if Mordecai can't hit the front one?

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] We all gonna be taken turns doing that? *Watching the entire scene unfold before him *

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he hits the gas again* I'm gonna try to get the head car... if anyone wants me to get close so they can go roof surfing give a yell, but don't wait too long!

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *getting to the front will be quite a task on the thin county dirt road... two tires would definately have to hit grass to try to get around them...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She has Kin-sitting duty...She'll let the others decide....Seeing as she's going to have to make sure Morde get's out of this in one peice*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Looks back at Mud Bomb with a bit of a grin* You going or should I go next?

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Tiny!!! *Bernard sees quite happily surprised at seeing the squirrel.* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Smirks at Ruarc* After ya....*A glance to Morde and nods her afirmative to what she said*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Tiny] *dashes around from the passenger's seat, sitting on Bernard's shoulder instead... beady eyes blinking at the others*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Chuckles.* What, you want me to go? 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Smirks* Nah....Again, need to getcha back in one peice so Makato don't kick my ass all over the 'yard...

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Watches the little creature running about, smiling before leaning up to Lucien* I feel brave, get me up to the next car. *Putting the butterfly sword down drops the various jelwery he's wearing after of course slipping off the seat belt and rolling the window down*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he nods, jerking to the appropriate side ready to ram once more* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Luc>> Dex+Drive, Ruarc>> Dex+Athle, dif 8)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((2 suxx)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the SUV accelerates last second, dodging Lucien's attempt to ram it, but not able to distance itself far enough to avoid Ruarc's leap... unlike the previous, though, it manages to stay on course...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Unfortunately, ahead yellow signs indicated a sharp right.... and advise going no faster than 35mph...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he pulls the car completely to the other side of the dirt road hitting the gas to try to pass this car* Alrighty... I think we should make attempts to blow out the tires of the next two... or at least the driver.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Dex+Drive, dif 8 if you want to stay on their tails)) 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *She nods* When they do blow...They'll swerve, right? If not, what's the plan after Mordecai gets them? I don't wanna hit the ground with the car going this fast unless I have to

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Shiiit... *he moves to hit the breaks slowing down to 50, probally even a bit slower, as he barely made the last turn and theres someone who can't regenerate in the car*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Shrugs and tucks the sheathed sword into his belt once it's apparent that Ruarc's not taking it with him. ((DLP if he takes it with))* I'll get the tire. *Not their brightest move, handing the gun to the guy with jack-shit for depth-perception, but...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Dif 6)) 

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *His form quickly bulges up into crinos, his weight crushing down on the top of the SUV as with his feet and one hand claws, digs into the metal and the other comes crashing down onto the windshield infront of the driver. *

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((Man I should of stayed fast as I got 4 suxx at diff 8, 5 at 6)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *The first two cars make it around the turn with no difficultly... but three suddenly spins out, rolling onto its side and screaching across the dirt road... and the claw-obscured fourth driver slams right into him... launching both vehicles into the treeline alongside the road...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Ruarc>> Dex+Athletics)) 

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Trys to jump off the about to strike SUV to safty. Leaping down off the back into the grass if at all possible*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Watches the third and grunts* Fuck...Anyone else can get that one? 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Shakes his head, waiting to get in range of the next one.* 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he makes the turn with easy but looses distances in turn for saftety, but damn if he wont try as he slams on the gas the second he's out of the turn*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Eeerg... Something tells me not even many leeches are going to survive that..., and if they do, that guy can probably handle them. I can't fight 1 on 1 worth a shit.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Site 2] *Once they roll to a stop, it doesn't take long for the men inside to spring to action... though perhaps not entirely as expected. They pile and crawl out quickly, only three moving forward to meet the garou head-on, the other five running like children deeper into the woods....* ((Init))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Grunts again as she peers back towards the front....Hoping someone gets the third that's already out of the vehicle*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Guys, I got to go AFK...I may not be back...If I'm not, my utmost apologies) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((No worries... easy fight, so I'm sure they'll manage *g*)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Ahead, the road begins to curl to the right again.... another advisory sign... 40mph* ((dif 6 or 8, speed depending))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] [Site 2] *There are three charging... one is a bald man with a sawed-off shotgun, another is a young man with a pair of pistols, and the last is a very thin woman with a short sword. All three intend to attack this turn.... but Ruarc reacts far faster...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Fuckit.... hold it together baby... *he revs the engine going to take the turn a high speed* ((3 suxx))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Lucien closes on the second vehicle after the curve, but the tail lights of the first is down all but a distant red glimmer beyond it.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Damn... doesn't look like we'll be able to catch the last one... 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] Get what we can, then, I guess. 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] I guess that will have to do... 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Sorry) *Grunts* If I get this one can you speed up and get the last one? They get away, they can get their buddies....And they know what some of us look like I'm sure

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Doubtful... they didn't loose any speed on the turns it seems and they have quite a head start... all we could do is see where they stop at this rate...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Nods* We'll, better tell me now if you want me to jump this last one....*She didn't have a seat belt on to begin with, but ready to move*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] You think they'll stop with someone on their tail that wrecked five other cars?

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] Better to go with the safer option and just hit this last one... *obviously a bit wary of running into some unknow leech trap once more, he moves for a PIT on the 2nd SUV*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Options... They are near their hideout and think it is secure enough to defend. Second, they are going to try to lose us and double back. Three, they are buying time thinking of a plan.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Dex+drive)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] I agree with Lucien. At this distance, we could totally lose that last SUV... 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Grunts...* I say we get em' any way....But that's ya'lls choice and if you do, get Mordecai back in one peice or you deal with me first then Makato...*Chuckles as she gets ready to launch for the next car...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((1 suxx)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the second SUV manages to keep its direction after the hard impact of Lucien's PIT attempt....*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] Get a little alongside it and I can hit a tire. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Waits until after the impact before shoving herself off and out the window, popping Crinos hopefully before she lands...If she makes it*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Dex+Athle, dif 8)) 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (That sucks...Failed *L*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Mud falls short... the crinos ricochetting off the dirt road and tumbling to a slow and painful stop...* ((Soak 7 bashing))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (2,10,4,1,1, 6=2 suxx) *She lands to tumble, roll and finally land on her chest with a pained grunt to allow some blood to fall from her mouth.....It's not the little Ahroun's night....Crinos form working to mend the wound as she lays there for a few seconds to get her senses straight....*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he pulls off to the side a bit getting about a meter or two distance between the other car, trying to keep even speed so Mord can try to blow out the tires*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *as her vision clears, Mud is left with the tragic knowledge that by the time she reaches anywhere, it'll all be over... leaving her with the options of uproad, downroad, homeward, or sitting patiently...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Road...Road....Which way....Squinting off at the vanishing tail lights of the car she had been in and the one she ment to hop on....Which are likely quickly vanishing...She doubts, even if she shifted to hispo, that she could catch up with the first car....Her ears swerve, listening as she sits up*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((*G* Roll for the shot?)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] Awwww hell... *Looks to see if there is another turn ahead. If not, he moves to go out the window, leaving Tiny in the SUV.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Thanks to it being a shotgun, base dif to hit... 2 damage needed to blow the tire)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((2 suxx to hit, 2 lethal.)) *Squeezes off his shot, focusing so intently that a bump bruises the hell out of his ribs and he doesn't even notice, and to his great luck, even with his crappy depth-perception the tire blows--immediately he begins reloading, letting Lucian and Bernard decide whether to stop and take care of these or chase the last one.*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((Can we even see the other one now?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Ahead, there is no sign of another car... either now too far along, or driving without their lights on...*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *At the sound of the gun going off, her form shifts to Hispo....Taking off as quick as her still mildly wounded form will allow*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he taps his breaks and moves to attempt the PIT once more ((3 suxx))*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *amazingly, the SUV manages to keep control, but they know what's happening.. coasting to a quick stop at the side of the road...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *...that is, until Lucien's ram bowls them over...* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (2 suxx to regenerate a HL while she runs...ST call how much she's already healed *G*) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *And as soon as the car's stopped he's out, one of Makato's butterfly swords in his left hand and the shotgun in his right.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((It'll all be gone before she's anywhere near the scene... even at success only every-other turn, she'd be fine in a fraction of a minute... it will take several to get there.))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Lets a rage fill howl echo out from him, the general feeling from it is "Die!"*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*G* Gotcha....*Goes autopiolet mode*) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Only waiting for the car to slow and not waiting for the car to come to a complete stop, Bernard leaps from the car shifting to Crinos instantly as he does, heading for the downed vehicle.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the side doors swing open upwards, two people trying to climb out as two more try to get out via the trunk hatch... none have managed to draw their arms yet... or if they have, they're lost beneath their feet*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((init?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Indeed)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((Last :P )) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he hits the emergency brake and turns, letting the SUV slide back into a 180 and he hits the brights*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((18)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((nabbad... 14)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Balls to declaring... let's get this done. *g* Luke, then Vamp 1, then Mord, then baddies 2-4, then Bern.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *The hispo haults in her running with a whine.....Ears perking to listen for any sounds of yelping off behind her, muscles bunching as she prepares to launch herself on back down the road and pump her speed up with Rage*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he tumbles out of the car as it slides blackwards a bit more, his body growing and expanding as he shifts to Hispo (blowing rage) as he starts to sprint towards the wrecked car lunging with his maw open at the first baddie he sees*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Due to the nature of the terrain (and the fact people are climbing out of shit), Lucien will only be able to aim for simultaneous action at best if he delays... otherwise, he'd still have to cross too much space to pre-empt them...))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((ugh just gonna close in then, 2 rage)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((The dice have no love for Vampires tonight...)) *Out ot the back a man swings into the open, 9mm pistol erupting in a surreal spray of automatic fire before it's quickly exhausted...* ((1 sux on Bernie, 1 on Mord... aborting a dodge?))

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((Was plannin' to split for a parry and a jab--can I abort the first split?))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((nah 10,8,7,1,7 (3 successes to soak) Unless it's silver...)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((To the best of my understanding, if you're beaten in init, you have to abort your entire dicepool to a defense. Split pools is the advantage of the quick and quick alone...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((0 on Bernie)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((crap... Well, if he dumps the whole dice-pool, then he'll have nothin' for the other two, so he's gonna grit his teeth and hope....))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((1 Lethal, soakable dif 8)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((and soaked 1)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((*G* 2Lethal, though--the 1's don't count.)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Mord is next... he can go straight through to damage. This guy's got no dice left.)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((Is he the only one reachable?)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Missed that... damn roller needs a damage/soak button... *g* yay! I wounded the kinfolk. Now there'll be drama later *wink* Go. ))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((He could in theory try to run around him into the open trunk door, or try to leap onto the side of the car and aim down... but the latter would require one of his split actions))

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((*G* Naw, he'll go for what's reachable. first split for the 'pistol-jab', second being held for a parry with the sword.)) *Charges forward, barely noticing the bullet that cuts through his expensive suit-jacket and draws a hot line across his shoulder, jamming the muzzle of the shotgun into the pit of the shooter's stomach and squeezing the trigger, arm tensed and shoulder bleeding and the right side of his lips curled in a smile to match the left side and holy shit is he ~enjoying~ this?*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((ack... 4 Lethal... or 2 Bashing, if it's a leech.)) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *he stumbles back from the force, but doesn't look terribly phased...* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *No sounds of pain...The hispo continues on up the road to find the others* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((*chuckles* Sorry, Ash,.... correct. No sounds. That was still in the air the whole time... still is, really *g*))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *the remaining three clambor out of the van... but all seem to have lost their weapons... Oooh... this is awkward.*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *And immediately lets the empty shotgun fall, reaching for the other sword.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*L* S'okay *G*) 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Go Bernie, then rage actions... nobody has dice pools, so go straight to damage)) 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((In another few minutes I got to get gone--it's almost 7:30 AM over here. *G* and between Bernie and the Rage, it's not likely that Mord will have anything to do, and it'll be a good long while before he gets the chance to anyway....))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Yeah... this is a mop-up... *g* Little do they know, the real action is elsewhere...))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (*L* Mud'll off to heal Morde up *Chuckles* I may have to get going soon...Same time here)

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Having already closed some of the distance between himself and the toppled SUV before and seeing no need to hurry, Bernard moves slow and delibrately towards the wyrm servants, a deep growl in his throat. His 9ft tall body silohetted against the headlights of the SUV. The only things visible, his glowing eyes and the crown of horns atop his head.* As he approaches the man that Mordecai unloaded into, a clawed hand rakes backwards across the man's body. 4 dmg* Well, this is... *He continues past the man to one of the guys that just climbed out of the vehicle and opens his maw, clamping down on his shoulder and thrashing his head 3 dmg.* what I get...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((We're now, hopefully, in the last 10 minutes...)) 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] ((Oi... Hell, I don't know if those damage pools are right, but I'm pretty sure that if anything, they are short. I'm done ))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *Both of Barnard's targets go down, pain far exceeding their ability to stand...* 

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((Oh, cool...)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *the sound of the car creaking slightly as his massive hispo form moves atop the vehicle moving for those still standing as he makes a quick snap at one (4 agg) and manages to do a gator style body chomp (7 agg) to the other (if there is indeed another standing)*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *And death abounds... all are fallen, and easily given a deathblow* 

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] *in the far, far distance a roar cuts across the countryside.... no mere exhalation... but an embodiment of hatred and pain immesurable... impossible from the lungs of human nor garou alike.... birds take flight and scatter into the air, and the very earth rumbles with its baratone.... Deep in your chest, you can feel the foreboding sink in, as though death itself raced toward you from a distance by far too close...*

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] *Looks up, sheathing one sword and snapping up the shotgun.* Gentlemen? I believe that's our cue to vacate the premises...

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Oh shit..Oh shit...Oh shit.....Turns back with the sinking feeling she's fucked up and someone back there got hurt.....Oh shit*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Er, admine that *L* I thought it just said human...DLP) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he shifts to Lupus padding over to the SUV, dragging out his coat, which he tossed off earlier, hitting Homid and quickly putting on the coat and closing it as his other clothes not being dedicated got ripped apart*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Wipes his muzzle with his arm and looks to Mordecai.* Yeah, most likely.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Are they going back the way they came?)) 

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] *he nods climbing back into the idling car waiting for the others to get in before he heads back to pick up the others, then back to the club to pick up cars*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] *Still galloping up the road to find the others....Ears alert as she runs...Likely to meet up with them and hopefully not getting ran over*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] On the route back, there is no Ruarc... * 

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith2: [67037] *Shifts back to homid and gets in the car with Lucien. He helps with whatever needs done to gather the others and get home safely.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Taking over everyone to fast forwad *g*)) *Instead, they find the wolf wandering almost all the way back at the highway onramp... eyes wide and bloodshot... and above all, quiet.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (2,1,9,4,9 to heal Morde with Mothers Touch, dropped a Gnosis and the remaining 2 Pizza dice) *When the car comes to her, hopefully they stop for her to hop in. Wounded kin getting healed quickly by the now homid Gnawer....Who, when they get home, politely asks if someone can bring her her shirt.....Can't walk around topless...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [7ECIK] ((Good work, everyone... once again, you have adeptly illustrated the different between starting vampire and ghoul PCs and starting Garou in combat. Funny that. *g* Rewards will be on the list tomorrow... low in renown, but heavy in XP for the sake of the raw hour count alone. For the love of god, all.. sleep well.))

Mordecai "The Hebrew Hammer" Goldshtein: [G4D46] ((Later, y'all. Time for me to hit the sack...)) 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer) : [5HX1D] (Can I getta amen for Brotha Crusha....Cause it's nearly 8 *L* Thanks for the scene Crusher *G* Night all, I'll be on MSN a lil while longer before hitting the hay)

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel: [VQ241] ((*Poofs to finish watch AC*)) 

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [AYLWD] *Just ride back to choppers shaking and not 'looking' at anyone or thing*

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