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Scouting of an
Abandoned Construction Site

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Wanders into the clearing, grinning cheerfully and carrying a styrofoam cooler.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * Enters the clearing, looks to Lance* Beer run?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Naw, fishin'. *Chuckles.* Safern' stealin' beer. *Sets the cooler down next to the firebarrel, looking around for something he can use for tinder.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Gunk's on the way too, Greg aint answered yet)) *steps out of the shower room, dressed quite differantly than usual. A pair of baggy peasant's pants, thick tsubo style sandals and a pair of leather straps around his wrists with long bluish-violet silk swatches attached to them. He puts a dark blue silk sash around his waist as he steps out, smiling and nodding to Lance as he finishes sets the knot just right*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *and Collin too now that he sees him*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Gunk is here! And let everybody in unison go " god damnit!" ))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((God dammit!))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Nods to Makato, still looking around.* Evenin'.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Blinks a few times at Makato's attire* Kung fu?

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] Collin>>Close. *turns to Lance* The lady of the winds and her sisters located two of the construction sites they told us about yesterday.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Nods.* They did? Niiice... *Opens the cooler for a second, checks to make sure the ice is still holding, and stands.* Can you show me where?

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *looks between the two* So, whats my position for the game then?

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *smirks and gestures to his clothing* That's why I got all dressed up. There's just one question first. I spoke today with Cali Scorched Earth, has she told you of the other shape the shitmonkies assume in battle?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Shakes his head.* I don' think she's mentioned it to me, naw. Collin>>Come along if you want--this is gonna be a scouting trip, unless we come across an opportunity we can't afford to miss.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *nods* Well I can sneak aroun alright mosta the time. Sides that, if something happens the more the better.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] She told me that they are capable of assuming a warform as large as ours, covered in a kind of natural spiked armor that bears poison, regenerates faster than we do, and is generally difficult to kill without powerful weapons.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He's a young man, early 20's, athletically built, with the lightly bronzed complexion of hispanic

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] She also said that fire was the best way to deal with them. So before we go, which would we be best to get the aid of, a fire spirit, or a water spirit? The latter might be able to give us some protection against the poison, and these are near the river, but the former might be the offensive edge we'll need.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Waitwaitwait... Gunk's here? ....god damnit.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Makato>> We should get some molotovs then, could be helpfull like.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He's a young man, early 20's, athletically built, with the lightly bronzed complexion of hispanic origin. His clothing is well-worn but stylish, both pants and jacket of black denim, with leather hiking boots. Small black shades sit high on the bridge of his nose regardless of the time of day, and a cigarette hangs from the corner of his lower lip. Handsome as his is, he bears an air of arrogance that soaks into everything beyond the tinted glass of his shades.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( thank you, its good to be hated *G* ))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Sorry about the delay--and the repeated post, Collin. My ISP sucks the fat greenish drippy one.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He walks into the clearing from the southern passageway, preceded a few moments by the squeeking noise of a rusty van door sliding shut... apparently he spent the night, well... close.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] (( (Other than the previously stated wardrobe change) DD:Raven haired and equally black eyed, Makato is tall and slim of build, wearing faded denim jeans and a tanktop. His hands are covered in tiny scars, and a few more light ones adorn his chest and even one on his face. He looks unexplicably strange, not just from the mixture of his Asian and Anglo blood, but something not quite quantifiable, a feeling of a breeze at the edge of the senses.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] For this trip I'd summon neither--it'll just be to take a look, and we don't want to call in favors for the little stuff and then wonder why they don't wanna help when we really need 'em. Otherwise... I'd guess fire'd be better.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He's best described as a love child of Johnny Rotten and Prince Charles. Fairly tall, early twenties, short red hair that is quite dirty and greasy, the start of a beard covers his lowwer face, a silver colored ring is through his left nostril. His green eyes have a determined look, or maybe its a crazy look. You may have seen him on the street screaming about the evils of the church. He's dressed in brown pants, converse sneakers, a black hooded sweatshirtwith an inverted cross spraypainted on, and a grey business jacket. Everything looks like it was from the thrift store and rolled around in a landfill. He carries with him a blue duffel bag. His voice is gravelly, slightly high, and has a Northern English inflection.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Wait, wait! I wanna be cool too!!))*A scruffy, wiry bastard. His hair is a dirty blond, his eyes a lighter brown. No feature particularily calls for praise, but he's generally tall, rugged, and lean, with most of his 170 centered in his chest and shoulders. He usually wears a T-shirt, BDU pants that were originally worn in Operation Desert Storm (yeah, the first one) and suede desert-combat boots from the same source, that originally belonged to his father. *

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Lance>> Discussing your "shitmonkies", I take it? *He nods in the direction of Collin* The Fianna you mentioned?

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( *sniff* I just thought since I dunno the new person he'd wanna see what my character looks like, I'm a sad panda...))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] It would just be a matter of asking if they would like to accompany us, not like a Theurge performing a summoning or binding ritual. However, neither is fine if you think it best. If we get poisoned or wounded, I can send out a call of succor to the water spirits of the river.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Vicente>> *laughs* Not likely.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Naw--he ain't Fianna, he's just nuts.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Lance>> Nuts?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Friggin' thing... I'm havin' to restart my router every fifth post or so...)) *Nods.* There might be a few who'd like to see it, but I dunno if a water elemental could leave the river--if it really hits the fan, we'll head south, along the river, and when we lose them we can take care of wounds or poison.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *turns and looks at Vicente and nods with a gentle wave, the colorful silk trailing along with the gesture, definately distracting to the eye* Hello.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Ah... *walks to the faucet, unslinging a dufflebag and taking out a bottle of water, kneeling by the faucet to fill it*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Makato>> Hello. *watches the water fill the bottle*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Vicente>>Workin' on a quick scoutin' trip, though, if you wanna tag along.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] I just need one last thing and I'll be ready. *walks over to the broken truck, rummaging in his bag and taking out a pair of tonfa, the ends capped in highly polished steel. These go into the sash around Makato's waist, and damned does he look almost alien*

Montana James: [LP3DB] (lurking for the moment)

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Lance>> Sure... I could lend a hand. *screws the cap on and walks back to the bag*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Lance>> Sure... I could lend a hand. *screws the cap on and walks back to the bag*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((That is, until Vicente is gone :P ))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *ponders on what tribe Vicente is, wondering if he may be the Lord people were talking about.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Nods, digging through his pack until he comes up with a scrap of paper that used to hold O'Tolley's fries and a stub of pencil. Scratches out a quick note and leaves it on top of the styrofoam cooler, then stands and nods to the others.* Everybody ready?

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *It might take a moment, buried beneath the shades and hispanic features, but as his neck cranes left,

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Damn notepad adding linebreaks...)) *It might take a moment, buried beneath the shades and hispanic features, but as his neck cranes left, the struggling light from the shack strikes the shadows on his features just right... and for just long enough for the unpleasent sensation to sink in.* ~Pure Breed:Uktena 2~

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] I suppose I am.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *shoulders the bag* Of course.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] Does anyone have transportation, or are we running through the Umbra?

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *steps into the clearing with a slight yawn*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *This guy could easily pass for your average piece of 5'11" street trash. He's either not shaven in weeks, or there's just some grease smudged on his chin. kinda hard to tell which, considering his age. Eighteen if you check his ID, sixteen if you were just guessing. sweat-tangled black hair hangs over his forehead; at least the lengths that escape the cheap rubberbanded ponytail that barely reaches the collar of his black Hanes T-shirt. With the warm weather, he's low-riding some cutoff urban cammoes, revealing just his skinny calves and the waistband of some boxers that read "Afraid of the Dark?". Miraculously, underneath the dirt and grime of his old-ass hightops can be seen the number "23". It's amazing someone hasn't tried to steal the original release air jordans yet. Colored contact lenses give his cynical eyes a shade of yellow easily recognizable to Gaia's chosen guardians (or to lifetime alcoholics), bringing an odd contrast to the youthful smirk that seems to dance with some

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] joke the rest of the world just hasn't caught onto yet.. ((blahblah, skinny str 2, app2, Cha4, Goodolboy, PB3 Shadowlord, blahblah))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] I figured through the Umbra. We can take a look at that side while we're at it.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *nods and gestures twords Alexi* Perhaps the Shadow Lord would care to join us as well?

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *nods back to Makato* evenin' folks. and sure... where we going?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Manages to supress a shudder, and shrugs.* Ragsputin>>Up for a scoutin' trip?

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *grumbles something under his breath*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Vecente>> So, you new here too mate?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Abandoned construction site... A couple of spirits have seen shitmonkeys there.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] Lance>>sure, why not? *grins overpleasantly to Collin* how was your trip?

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Right now we just want to see how manyand where, so we can see what we're gonna do about it.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] Before we go, *turns to Vincente* I am Makato Stands To The End, Half Moon of the Stargazers. It's not very good to head out to possible battle without knowing the names of who you go with.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Alexi>> Trip? *confused as all hell*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] OOC:less than a week into the game and Im apparently already getting chars confused Collin>>er.. nevermind. thought someone mentioned you heading off to some sept for a few days.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] OOC;aaand the part to Collin was BIC

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Introduction is it? Right then, Collin riles the blood, galliard of the great, the mighty, the profound..bone gnawers.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] Collin>> I am. /// Makato>> Vincente. Vicente Chavez. They call me "Eyes-Without-Form".... *he smirks* You may have heard of me.... *Of course, as the case may be- you may not have.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Thats cool, Kyle went on a trip , may have meant him))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *nods to Collin* Nice to meet you. I'll see you on the other side then. *looks down into the caps of the tonfa, and slowly fades across the Guantlet*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] Alexi>>Different one. He ain't the Fianna.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *dusts his hands off and takes a slight bow towards those who haven't gotten his introduction yet* Alexi Nicholai, Beyond-the-Grave. Ragabash of the Lords.. or just call me Ragsputin. it's a running joke.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Concentrates for a moment, then fades across himself.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] Lance>>aah. okay.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] Alexi>> Not unless you're plotting to ship me off somewhere without me knowwing.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Draws a small mirror from the side pouch of his bag and fades along as well*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *and if he looked funny in the 'real' world, it's infinitely worse in the Umbra. His skin is pale as alabaster, and his hair and eyes are a bluish white color. To add to it, a series of light breezes constantly whirls lazily about him, making the silk attached to his wrists flip and flutter constantly*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *concentrates a bit, and with some effort he steps sideways with the help of a cars wide mirror.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] Collin>>Aubdabee via Fedex... I'll let you know after it's happened. *grins and steps over to the trunk of a Gran Torino, quickly yanking off the cammo shorts to put on a pair of black jeans and switching his shirt for an identical looking black Tshirt. Just on the grounds that they're dedicated... and takes a few moments of staring into a mirror before he can join the others on the umbral side*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *After he enters to the other side just drops his jaw at Makato*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Doesn't look strange at all in the Umbra. Less run-down and, for lack of a better word, scruffy, but just as lean and rugged as in the physical world. He shifts to Crinos, then to Lupus, waiting for the others.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *once across, he takes a few seconds to catch his bearings. Tends to not venture to this side as often as he should... his breeding really stands out now, shoulders and chest looking just a -little- bit deeper, the darkening on his chin's just a little more prevalent... and if he didn't look Shadowlordish enough before, his hair seems to ocassionally ripple as if barely visible stormclouds rush across the shiny surface*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *points at Makato* okay, now -that-'s a cool effect.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Dyn room, scout folk.))

Anna~: [LP3DB] (knew it was gonna happen, got summoned.. If some one can take up the archiving, that would be great. If not, that's okay too.)

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Takes out his water bottle and sips, screwing the cap on and placing it back in the duffle on his shoulder.... a meaningful action to the more mystically knowledgable. He eyes Makato again, an eyebrow raising above the black lens of his small sunglasses as he observes the change*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *smiles at Collin's expression* Before I left to come back home, I was Makato Windblooded. *effortlessly and blindingly fast he goes through the forms to Lupus, the silk becoming streaks of color in his blue-white fur, waiting for the rest to assume a more mobile shape as well before running off and leading them to the construction site*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((*Gone2Dyn1))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Seems almost in awe of how strange Makato looks, himself not looking to different, just a bit more,neat. He shifts down to lupus, an ugly homid makes an ugly lupus, though his reddish copper fur is less mangy in this realm.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((dyn))


--Dynamic Room 1--

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Seems almost in awe of how strange Makato looks, himself not looking to different, just a bit more,neat. He shifts down to lupus, an ugly homid makes an ugly lupus, though his reddish copper fur is less mangy in this realm.* WT- You are an intersting garou.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *and a bit slowly, follows suit to Lupus, without really looking more muscular than before, his bone structure's a bit more deep chested and broad shouldered... almost like a pygmy hispo. And sure enough, with this much black fur showing, storm clouds do seem to ripple and swirl within the silky coat. It's nothing major...but there's definately something moe to him than simple breeding*


Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *growls* HT - It will be done.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((14))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((11))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((Alright... Alexi, you first, then. Declare for me.))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *The creatures are splitting somewhat--they have no organization, just their blinding hate and desire to kill--heading for the visible group.*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((and you too, Collin))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *hopefully hidden still with Blur up, going to wait until two of the pigs are taken and one's on Lance, then just a senseless combat-inexperienced charge for the flank to try and chomp a bite out*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And Makato..))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((1 Rage for extra action, splitting for a Moving Breeze dodge and then The Hurricane afterwards on whichever attacks him.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( ARe they close enough to attack? I'm going to spend 2 rage, 1 to get close enough to the one nearest myself and Makato, 1 split dice for a claw and bite, and the regular attack for a claw. ))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((*G* You can only split your first action, but they'll be close enough by the time its his turn that he won't have to use an action to get to 'em.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Lance is going to try and leap over the center one and turn for a hamstring maneuver, and spending 3 Rage for actions. Vincent?))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Sorry, I'll spend 2 rage, and my action will be claw and a bite.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Vicente plans on letting the three pass him, then baring after the rearmost and hamstringing it. 1 Rage.))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And my bad. As far as the charging--one's attacking Collin, one Lance, and one Makato.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Aw man, I was supposed to help the gazerboy, well, these damn piggies didn't get the memo))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Actually, my bad... no Rage.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Think Vicente and Lance roll first))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((And sorry about the delays, folks--I'm getting lashed by the north edge of Katrina over here, and my ISP craps itself whenever I get an inch of friggin' rain. Vicente's waiting will put him after Makato, then, so it's Lance's shot...)) *Snarls, moving into the group with a fluid grace and then launching himself into the air. The half-ton of muscle and fang sails over the creature's back, where he lands lightly behind it and whirls to slash into its back leg with his fangs.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((I'm holding my action to dodge first, so I go when they go))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Oops.. forgot to tack on the -2 for rear, Dif 6. Man, though... when that turn comes.. -what- a hamstring. *g*))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((*G* Yeah, that'll be a nice one. Go for it, Vicente.))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *Blood trickles from the wound--Lance has caused the creature no real damage, but what he aimed for he succeeded in, and the creature staggers, one dragging to the side.*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((An' go ahead and gimme yours, Collin and Alexi.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( 1 success on the claw attack, and a nice big wiff for the bite))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((Roll through an' post 'er.))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((3 succ on a bite from the side))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Vicente turns slowly, trying to calm himself as the battle approaches.... god, why couldn't they have just snuck in.. ~The thundering hooves grow louder.~ He stands perfectly still, just a few feet to the side the the leftmost's path... He said it was recon.. What part of this is recon? ~The ground beneath him shakes.~ I hate this. I think I might hate -him-. I wish I could have done this alone. ~The thunder climaxes, pitch rising with every inch more... and from the corner of his eye the smeared form of the creature charging headlong. With a twisted sneer on his face he darts forward, matching its pace... three knuckles pop between hoofbeats... and SLAM... His left claw buries into the creatures leg at the apogee of it's kick... and with that he darts backward, keeping clear of the rest.* ((5 agg))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((only 2 succ on damage. Lethal))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Roll an extra die for that attack, Vicente, and then roll it again for the damage if it succeeds. *G* I use stunt dice.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( 2 damage....and I suck)) * He lunges at the beast with an outstretched claw, barely connecting, and turns his head but just can't stretch far enough to make contacts with his fangs*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((that was frickin' wierd.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Sweet... though no extra successes. *g*))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((The action itself succeeded, though, so take a point of Rage.))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *Like the other, there's only a trickle of blood from the creature's leg, but Vicente's maneuver obviously had an effect as the creature almost falls, leg dragging.*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The pig that Lance injured whirls to face him--or tries, at least, but the wily, rugged Hispo moves easily to keep behind him. The other would slash at Vicente, but Alexi is a closer target. Still staggering, it rips upwars with those vicious lower teeth, but its balance is too far off and it misses. The last, uninjured, charges at Mikato, jerking its head upwards to impale him with both tushes.* ((A miss on the one against Ragsputin an' 2 suxx on Makato's.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *blinks slowly as the Skullpig charges, and at the last second he moves in a blur, shrinking down to Glabro and spinning to the side, effortlessly bypassing the tusks. And as they pass, his hands lash out, grasping the tusks and turning, using it's own strength as extra momentum as he rises back up into Crinos, spinning it around twice before lifting and letting it fly into the other Skullpig now attacking Alexi* ((6 success dodge))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((I'll need another roll, Dex + Ath diff 8, to hit the one pig with the other....))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((*Blinks and golfclaps* ...badass.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Failed to hit the second pig, but 3 successes on the throw, so it goes 18 meters away, rolling damage))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( ... maaaaaaaaaaan ))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((6 lethal damage))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Rage actions. First one in order, becuse they're spendin' it too.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Well they declare first then if they're spending it))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Snarls, as much a warning for the others to leave his along as it is a result of his action--nearly dancing to stay behind the bastard, he lance into it again, heavy jaws seeking past the flank to tear at its abdomen.*(

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *yelps and his testicles nearly pull up entirely inside his body as the damned thing turns on him at his charge... if there was time to react, he'd be trying to catch his breath at how fast that happened*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Rage Action 0: Be quiet and semi-invisible... *nodnod*))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Yeah, hold off on Lance's post a sec. The one thrown was tossed at the other but not quite accurate enough. it's scrambling back to its feet. The one that Lance attacked is going to go for him, while the other is going to jump for Collin.))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((Lance, obviously enough, is making a bite attack.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( My rage action will be to dodge the attack. ))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Crap, and I forgot--Lance, Alexi, and Vicente--each soak 1 agg. These buggers taste like a mouth fulla Comet.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((I'll go for Binding Wind on the one attacking Collin))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((That's why Vicente purposefully ~clawed~... He's a smart cookie.))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((My bad. no agg for you, then.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((And since I go before it)) *with hands back behind his back, he rushes forwards, crouching low and lashing out with his paw, grasping for the shoulder joint of the Skullpig and then rolling on the ground, forcing it face first into the ground with it's leg held up to the side and his foot in its shoulder socket*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *and doesn't even shut his mouth as the burning on his tongue begins, choking back a yelp*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((and now, since Alexi-p will catch up when he finishes more beer... )) *Snarls, as much a warning for the others to leave his alone as it is a result of his action--nearly dancing to stay behind the bastard, he lance into it again, heavy jaws seeking past the flank to tear at its abdomen.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((It's held with 5 sux, failure on damage tho)) *barks at Collin* ~HT~ Now! Gut it!

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((what abotu me and beer?))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] If I change my dodge action do I get a penalty to change the action? Or can I roll a bite to the beasts underbelly as per normal?))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((a WP and +1 diff--but it'll be -2 diff for the immobilized opponent, so you'll better than balance out.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Changing actions is +1 dif, unless aborting to a defensive action.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((No WP in Rev... at least, not in my book.))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Alright, nevermind the WP then. I was tryin' to look that bugger up.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( okay got it. and rollin - 4 success to hit, 5 agg to damage )) * He cruches low and thrusts himself at the prone skullpig, biting deep into its softs belly*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( soaked the 1 agg from the bite)) *Almost chokes on the vile fluid that is the beasts blood*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *It's not the creature's blood, so much as simply its skin. It's very, very tough skin, that doesn't seem to react to Collin's attack. Were they a pack, one of them would be scraping that natural armor away so the other could attack, but without the spiritual attunement a pack grants, that's beyond them.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((ah, skin, bah))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The creature Lance was attacking, left alone at his request, whirls clumsily and catches him with a slashing blow that glances along his shoulder, drawing a thin line of blood.* ((and everyone who put more than 1 Rage, fire 'em off now.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Don't think anyone else blew more than one Rage))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Growls, slipping to the side again as the fangs draw a line of fire across him, and snaps again, powerful jaws digging again into its flank. The heavens open up, far above, and the angels sing, "YOU'RE my daddy, Lance!" as his fangs tear impossibly deep, burying nearly his entire head into the creature's midsection.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((claw attack to the skullpiggy, gonna roll it . 5 agg for damage, again.)) He roars in frustration rearing back his right arms and slashing violently at the beast, cursing at himself and the creature for the seeming futile efforts*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *And in a blur of motion he moves further behind it, now at the other side, fangs slashing.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( I blew 2))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((oh yeah, Collin did blow two Rage.))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *This blow severs the spine, and the creature collapses, dead.*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *Collin does better this time, drawing a fairly deep wound into the creature.* ((Next round... And let's just finish 'em off. *G* we been rollin' this out for what, 2 hours, 2 and a half? freeform it.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He puts his foot on the beast, slams his claws into each side, and then he screams out bloody murder as he pulls with all his might*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The downed pig tries to wriggle loose--but shaken, wounded, and its joints bent at quite the wrong angles in the monk's grip, it remains held fast.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *with Lance's command (and the fact that the bugger's dead), rushes for the one Makato hurled, burning rage to shift to Crinos, foaming spittle flying from his maw as he dives for the thing claws-first*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Hallefuckinluljiah already)) *shrinks down to Glabro, spying some rebar that was meant to be a wall, and maintaining his hold on the Skullpig he spins it around, once more shifting into Crinos at the last second for added strength and momentum, letting loose for the pig to fly spinning into the rebar pikes and the cement wall*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Hurls himself at the one that isn't held down, joining Vicente as he lashes into its shoulder, giving the other Garou a shot at the flank.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Walks (Yes, walks) back into the fray, sidestepping just in time to avoid being run into by one of his companions. As they pile upon the remaining two, he sighs lightly, darting in and raking out the tendons from its other hind leg.... Darting out from the skirmish again, he turns to check on the status of the other*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The spinning doesn't help... the rebar does. By rights, it should run the thing through a dozen times, but damned if these things aren't tough, and all but one of the six pieces that it lands on bend beneath its weight, the fifth running through it's already injured abdomen.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Yells at the impaled pig the high tongue equivelant of "my balls your chin" *

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Fangs bared now in a grin, he dives around to the side again, nearly burying himself in the creature's midsection.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *melts into Hispo, crouching and leaping upwards, bounding off a cement pipe, then shrinking to Lupus to carom off a pillar, spinning as he plummets twords the impaled Skullpig, and lashing out with one leg, once more effortlessly shifting into Crinos to drive the skull of the pig deep into the wall, through it and into the ground* ((Tornado Kick))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Is the aftermath gonna be archived at all? I'm going to get some sleep before I gotta go into work tommorow. I guess Collin will just go off after they leave or go to bed, that okay with everyone?))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((All good))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *with all the bonafied ass-kickers leaping to finish the downed pigs off, backs up a few steps and begins puking voluntarily... trying to get whatever he swallowed out of his system*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Its been fun, thanks to everyone for being patient, I need to relearn alot of the game mechanics. G'nite all ))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *With the creature already hamstrung, dispatching it is no trouble, and he looks around at the others, covered in blood and les-mentionable substances.*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Happens to all of us. 'Nite, man.))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((night, Collin))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Is it's puny head crushed?))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Night, man...))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *That's enough to take care of the last one. The skull cracks, the head hangs at clearly the wrong angle, and if it ain't dead it will be in seconds*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *lands in homid and turns to the others* We should move quickly. We have no idea how they move between here and the other places, and the commotion is sure to at least attract the attention of those Banes.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *nods his agreement* ~ht~ let's scootch.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Vicente nods, stepping forward to make his location a bit more obvious to them* Let's be quick... if they have reinforcements elsewhere, they've no doubtedly been alerted as well. We should aim to be homeward in under three and a half minutes.

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Nods.* HT--we'll have to see what was up another time, but at least we know there were few enough here that they fled. That's something to think on. *Heads to the fence, but rather than leap it he stands in front of it, bracing his legs.* HT--On, up, and over, folks.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *runs to the fence, shifting to Glabro and cupping his hands to provide a boost for the others to get over it, this time with no one breaking anything*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *chuckles at Lance* I'll help you over last.

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Snorts, amused.* HT--I'm going to hear about this for awhile, aren't I?

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *smiles* Happens to the best of us.

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *And once the others are over, he shifts to Homid and lets Makato help him over the fence.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *sprints towards Lance, reverting to homid and bouncing off a pile onto his shoulders and over the fence.. it may not be graceful, but it works*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *From there, into the Umbra and back on home.* ((Go ahead an' fade to the JY, folks.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He nods with a light sigh and darts for the fence, leaping high into a twisting foreward flip and clearing the fence without so much as brusing it...* ((4 Sux...))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *pushes upwards on Lance's foot, letting him clear the barbed wire easily, then crouches, his legs shifting and expanding, and vaulting over himself in a single and simple leap, landing in homid and using the caps of his tonfa to Sidestep once more, hitting Lupus and leading the group back to the yard*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((*Gone2JY*))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *for the sake of not being redundant, follows suit with stepping sideways, shifting and running* ((gone to junkyard))

The Redneck ST: [C6OO] And thus ends the archive-------------------

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