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Shitmonkeys 3
Construction Site, Second Raid

Friday, September  2, 2005
Archiver's Note: This is the second Shitmonkey raid, at a construction site 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [YVI82] *shifts up to crinos form, preparing*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Growls to himself--he hadn't intended to let loose with that until they were on their way, seeing nothing but their distraction, but he forgot to order that and it shouldn't be much trouble anyway. Hurls one of the bombs, quickly switching hands with the other one.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((*and adds one an "*" at the beginning of that there post of mine*))

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] *And any innocence she might project under normal circumstances fades when taps into the unbridled rage boiling just below the surface until now. The green shimmer in her eyes all to visible now as she scans her area for anything to kill*((+2 percep))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *as soon as they're through, breaks to the left, after Vic... shifts slowly to Crinos and drops to all fours, sticking to the shadows in the hopes that his gift and natural abilities'll keep him halfway hidden until he can charge a flank*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *The bucket rises high into the air and smacks into the ground in front of the building. It doesn't simply shred when it hits, but the pressure and impact is more than enough to rupture it, and it bounces twice, spraying fuel out through a large rip in the side. Lance's small bundle likewise hits the ground, bounces twice, and does nothing. And for a few more seconds, it does nothing as the Shitmonkeys pour out of the building, uttering high-pitched screeches and curses and the occasional yelp of pain. And then it goes off. And damn, does it go off. Bodies fly, the doorway collapses into rubble under the impact of the explosives, and the flames spread among the splattered diesel.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *when the blast occurs, she reactively averts her gaze from the sudden brightness, but hearing the yelps of pain causes her to wag her stumpy tail*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *Even that isn't quite enough to dampen the flood. There's maybe half a hundred of the things, and more coming, boiling out of doorways and windows and gaping holes in the walls, waving fists and kitchen knives and chunks of pipe.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *stalks forward, hunkered low and still cutting further left, the muscled beast's for little more than a smudge in the corner of the eye... a place where the pavement grows fuzzy.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [YVI82] (( Ug, I am gonna be lame and drop out before anything starts. Thanks Ken for lettign me hop on but, I got a lil worn out and drank a lil to much. I don't wanna drop out during the fight . You guys have a good fight, I'll prolly be on tommorow))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *she stalks toward the tide of shit monkies, staying right, snarlling a challange*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] Back... Keep the line. *Hurls the second bomb, the timer free to click away its 10 seconds now that his thumb isn't pressed against it.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *not as fast as the hispo form, Alexi continues charging after Vic, grimacing more than a little at the tide that flows*

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] *strides right twords the shitmonkies, and now perhaps it's understood why he isn't wearing shoes. Before, his tsubo slippers shifted with him, now however his crinos feet, and more importantly the sharp claws on them, are out in the open*

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] *Decides against the gun...dumb idea anyway, and blows to Crinos* Regin>>GS- Stay close to me...don't get seperated..

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *stops, taking a couple steps backward & makes damn certain not to look at the shiney blast point*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *Something thumps and bangs inside the building, before towering forms can be seen making their way out. And then Lance's second charge rips apart the night, spraying bodies into the air like tiddlywinks. Apparently Formula 409 works after all.* ((Damn--and if someone's archiving I'd appreciate it.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *The flames in the diesel grow--in fact, they grow too fast, and spread out into the bare dirt as the flames start to take shape--warriors, soldiers, centurions. Columns of fire, licks of flame, towers of sparks. They race enthusiastically into the fray, before they even reach the Garou.* ((and they're close enought hat anyone shooting or throwing can reach them--so if you're doing either, gimme an attack roll, and then everyone gimme init.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Sniffs twice, then grunts.* Shoulda used lemon-scented....

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] ((I'll do it ))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *and since her forum currently lacks opposable thumbs... init 14*

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] *Snarls as she meets the first wave of shit-monkies with claw and fang* GS- DIE YOU SHITMONKIES!!!!...((hehe...12 on init))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((17))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((OK, I thought Cali had a gun. everyone else's init, then.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((init 12))

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] ((Claw>>3,10,5,4 (1 success) Damage>>1,4,9,8,2, 5,1,9,9 (4 successes))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((14))

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] ((Errr...DLP then...yeah...she's not using the gun))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((*sigh* 11))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((Lemme think. 16))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Alright... the shitmonkeys aren't slowing down. Three will attack Cali and Regin, since they're somewhat close and don't have much room. They have more room for Makato and Lance, because of the ten feet seperation, so four are attacking each of them. Alexi has two on him, since a bunch of the others don't even see him, ad Vicente has one. Alexi and Regin, declare for me.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((I'm blowing a Rage to shift to Hispo, dividing my pool three ways, all bites, and spending 2 Rage for extra actions.))

Cali Scorched Earth3: [TO2YM] ((2 Rage 1 WP. Splitting first action for a claw slash, and bite to the head)) *With a fiersome snarl she meets the fray with claw and fang*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((Using Visage of Fenris, spending a rage to pelt into & bite 'em))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((*G* Oh yeah. Cali too.))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *she kicks in Visage of Fenris & comes barrelling down at the shit-monkey tide, roaring a defiant anthem of war*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ~ht~ aahshit. OOC:well.. about the best thing to declare is to dive behind some debris while they're following and hopefully blindside one as soon as they step around the corner (1 rage), so as not to be seen by the rest of the masses.

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *once she barrels into them, she chomps at the nearest* ((Forgot to add that part))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((And don't forget people, STUNT))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Describe it and describe it well. If the post is impressive, I'll tell you to throw a die or even two on the roll ((if you make the whole room go ~damn....~ then you get three.) If the action succeeds, you get either a Rage for one die, or a WP for two.))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((2 Rage for extra actions, splitting three ways. Deceptive Wind first to get behind the four while hitting one, then Tornado Kick twice))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] *stares at the four advancing on him, bearing a definate resemblence to the fire spirits fighting the horde. In a blur of fur and silk he launches himself forwards, one paw crashing into the ground a few inches away from the lead shitmonkey, the rest of Makato continuing forwards and then upwards, the handplant spinning him up and over his enemies. As he lands his other paw lashes out, clawing across the Shitmonkies back. Without even a pause, he fluidly spins, bringing his left leg in a blindingly fast upwards kick at the back of a second, launching into the air after shredding it with his rear claws. Again, using the momentum of the previous manuever, the Kailindorani jumps with his other leg, revovling again and landing with a clawed axe kick on the back of a third shitmonkey, all three attacks done before the first enemy feels his claws on its back*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *Earth raises in three runs, off to the right--looking sort of like the lumps you would see in a Bugs Bunny cartoon as the long-eared little bastard tunnels somewhere, except they remain side-by-side in perfect formation, making a sweep behind the Garou and the raft, in between them and the truck, and head for the far side of the building site.*

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((2 damage, 6 damage, 6 damage, all aggro. And I'll refill my Rage pool.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *The smeared outline of Vicente pauses as the green glint of feral eyes stares forward from the incoherence of his form, locking onto the little imp that seems to have marked him his target. A deep rumbling issues from his throat... as it seeps across the earth and spreads to all earth, though, it proves not to be a growl of any sort... but laughter. Laughter at such innocence of evil.* ~ws~ You mean to catch me, ape? *The shadowed form hunkers, spine bowing deeply as his claws dig in to the ground beneath... eyes narrow and a trail begins to form. A wake for reddish-brown hue, lingering in the air moments past both arrival and departure of its source...* ~ws~ Too slow, imp... *the hispo chortles as it leaps, arcing through the air.. passing not only by the foul cretin, but twisting agilely to pass mere inches from its side... golden eyes locking on its as he effortlessly moves beyond... his target isn't the monkey, oh no...* (con't)

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *As the wake fades from the monkey's side, the smear upon the earth draws nearer to the rubble behind... red-tinged jaws widening with his approach. A deep snarl forms in the back of his throat, and darkness begins to form... leaking out of the corners of his mouth, accumulating in his jaws, like some inner thing of wickedness, emerging gleefully for sport... With a sudden howl, though, the sphere launches forward, as though riding the air as the sound itself cuts it, exploding like a black ink amid the flames and the creatures ahead. Fire doesn't need to see to burn. The monkies, on the other hand...*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((A lot of fluff for just taking a movement action and using Shroud *L*))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *She kicks in Visage of Fenris & comes barrelling down at the shit-monkey tide, roaring a defiant anthem of war. once she barrels into them, she chomps at the nearest with her great jaws. Ears flattened against her massive head & nostrils flaring, this imposing beast of savage nobility snaps at one of the monkies, latching onto it like a pitbull on steriods. With its head gripped in her muscular jaws, she starts trashing her head from side to side. With each thrash she gives a great tug. She does this process until the shit monkey's head is ripped off with a wet, tearing sound* ((Meshing declare into fluff post. Results: Gift: 2 successes, Attack: 4 successes, Damage: 5 successes))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Growls in frustration--dammit, he wanted to hold a line, not charge--but moves along with the others to keep a united front--and moves quickly, powerful legs hurling his half-ton of weight into the mass of them as heavy jaws clamp onto a shoulder and rip--and before they're more than loosened shutting down again with tremendous power into a midsection, ripping out flesh and bone, and again to crush the entire chest of a creature that strayed too close, jaws snapping and fur flashing like the head of a striking snake, all in a quick flurry of movement. Not as impressive as Makato's maneuver, certainly, but terrifyingly effective against these lesser foes.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((1 successes out of the 2. And out of that single roll it didn't add damage. And I'll regain the Rage, since I didn't spend any of the latter *G*))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((That's easily worth two dice.))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((And the successes from the Gift reduces the enemy's Initiative by 1))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((Adding them two in with the second two attacks.... 5 agg, a miss, and 6 agg. And since one of those stunt rolls failed, I can't get any Rage off that one--but I'll take a Rage off the second one.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Cali, your action--and go ahead with yours, Alexi, since you're only 1 behind her.))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *glances over his shoulder as the two halfpint terdling shitmonkeys clatter and clamber over the ground behind him, The shimmering blur of his jet-black fur slowly fading as he's been spotted... in the corner of his vision, spies a stack of girders that might conceal his form if he stays low enough, ears lay back as he pushes forward with all he can for speed.. just has to make it behind the girders so he can launch a counterattack without giving away his position too much. With the slimy bastards hot on his black-furred heels, he's not gonna have time to lay patiently in ambush... Instead his attack's going to have to be very rapid if he wants to get them down before they can call for help. Pale yellow eyes narrow.. this is either gonna work out amazingly, or horribly.. only one way to find out. With a soft hiss of quickly expelled air, he propels himself past the girders, leaping for the part of the wall reinforced by a heavy beam on the outside, seeming to freeze in midair for just

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] a moment as clawed feet dig innefectively for purchase upon the wood, then pushing off with all his might... the beam shatters beneath the force, exploding in a shower of splinters as the top of the beam topples inward behind his no-longer-there-form, cracking loudly in his own ears, but not making a dent in the din of combat of the much louder garou. His spine rotates in midair as he launches back at the two assailants, revelling momentarily in the look of surprise upon their faces, using one claw to brace himself against the stack of girders with a screech of Keratin on metal, leaving shallow rviulets in the metal as his right claw swings down with all the force a relatively skinny crinos can muster, plowing with a full-arced swing that's geared to rip the head completely off the little bastard in an explosion of ichor and glory, possibly the mistake of one inexperienced in combat, and possibly the overexuberance of youth. Fire rips into the night sky from elsewhere in the yard,

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] briefly illuminating his snarling visage in dancing shadow, freezing a snapshot of Death into the eyes of his targets before the impending end. ((to be continued on the rage action.. which is pretty much where the hit's gonna be))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *The group cuts a swath through the horde, as one stumbles forward, cripples by Makato's slash and two drop nearly cut in half. Another one falls, nearly shredded, under Regin's fangs, and two more lie crushed under the force of Lance's jaws. Inky, impenetrable blackness surrounds the left flank, where Vicente may or may not be--after all, it's full of inky blackness, so it's kinda hard to tell.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [2TE0Y] *Although small for a Crinos she easily towars over these impish monsters. The fire from the bomb causing the eerie green shimmer behind her wolvish eyes to flare like balefire with previously untapped rage as she snarls her defiance in a thunderous howl that needs not the assistance of a gift to make all those around her feel the stir of some primal echo in their chest as they rage on. Even a couple of the shit monkies realize the futility of their existance in the face such raw power and take a step back, but to little to late. With a lunge as if being shot from a cannon she jams her large talon like claws into the head of one unlucky assailant, forcing it's eyes to explode from it's face like projectiles under to much pressure. With her claws turning whatevers in that head into pudding she uses her momentum to carry her over the first victim of her wrath, and into the second which she bites into the face of, her teeth crushing down on the fodder like some horribley nightmarish scene

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((And with that... I am humbled.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Fuckin' beautiful Cali*G* You got too much time on your hands, but when we get to Rage actions, take three on that swing.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [2TE0Y] ((Claw>>5,5,2,8,6, 1,9 (2 successes) Damage>>4,9,5,6,3, 10,8,6,10 = 6 agg))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] *Makato looks at the Fire Elementals assaulting the hundreds of shitmonkies, grinning and almost shaking his head. He told the King a dozen, and the king showed up with a dozen dozen. He spots the leader of the Fire Elementals laughing and swinging a scimitar like arm through the shitmonkies three at a time. Makato joins his brother in his laugh as he shifts down to homid in the space of a heartbeat, grabbing the last "healthy" shitmonkey in range and beginning to spin, leaning back and once more assuming Crinos, aiming carefully and letting the Shitmonkey go. The spirit blooded Stargazer yells out,* ~HT~ KING! Incoming! *and the Flame King hears it, turning as he lops another Wyrmspawn's head off whlie waiting on the incoming missle. His Materialized body contracts into a circle of flames, almost like a circus' Terrifying Fiery Ring, one that the shitmonkey plunges right through. It may have been 'flesh' and ichor before it entered, but all the exits the ring is charred skin and bone*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Nabbad a'tall. 2 dice on this one.))

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((I'll get the WP I spent on Resist Pain back, 5 successes on the throw.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *The circle of earth continues--now two wide, building what's obviously a levee atop the earlier layer of three runs. Meanwhile the horde of shitmonkeys eases, then falls back--then falls apart as the creatures, fleeing the elementals, are assailed by the wind elementals form in front of the Garou. Anyone who thinks elementals of air weak should see this--wind smashes like a gigantic fist through the ranks, knocking them down and aside, and in another place a dust-devil rises up, then grows to more than 30 feet high, picking up the creatures and spinning them, around to smash against each other like so many dried leaves as they race through the horde. A few manage to land blows, but the rest are running for their lives--this is simply too much for them to take.*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *But now the others are visible. Huge creatures, still hunched over and still taller than any of the Garou present, running through the crowd and completely uncaring of any allies the smash aside or underfoot. The Fire elementals slash their way through to them, but likely won't be able to catch up, and the whirlwinds pass them over, unable to lift the behemoths up.*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Unless you're using any Rage actions to dodge--Cali, soak 4 Lethal, then 3 Lethal. Makato, 3 Lethal. Lance 4 lethal and 3 Bashing, and Regin 4 Bashing then 3 Lethal.)

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *One bread knife, a wicked-looking thing, manages to cut through his fur, leaving a patch of fur on the ground and a thin red line in his shoulder--Lance simply snarls, infuriated at missing such a simple shot, and whirls, powerful jaws crushing the third hapless shitmonkey in his grip, fangs punching through the fragile ribcage like a fingernail crushing an ant as he rips his head to the side, loosening his grip only slightly to let the creature rip loose from his fangs as he hurls it into the horde, muscles rippling beneath the scruffy fur of the beast's huge shoulders.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Bares his fangs in a grin, suddenly more cheerful--now ~these~ things are more like it... The movement's almost casual as he swings his huge head to the right, clamping onto the leg of one creature that didn't quite flee fast enough and ripping it loose, ignoring the creature as it lays and bleeds.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *With one lifeless shitmonkey still dangling from her maw like unfinished prey, and another dead under the grasp of her powerfully lethal claws she wheels around toward Regs, the spin causing the evil little fucker in her mouth to fall apart in several places, and the one in her claw to swing outward as she cocks her massive arm back and throws it with the full momentum of her weight at another little bastard only a few feet away*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Add a die to it, and roll Dex + Athletics, diff 7))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((and taking the rage bonus for that action's success))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((And if you got any Rage left, Makato, go on with it before the gorillas arrive.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] (( Throw>>7,9,6,1,1 + WP = 1 sux))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Bares his fangs in a grin, suddenly more cheerful--now ~these~ things are more like it... The movement's almost casual as he swings his huge head to the right, clamping onto the leg of one creature that didn't quite flee fast enough and ripping it loose, ignoring the creature as it lays and bleeds.*

Makato Stands To The End: [M1MF4] ((I used it to dodge, remember?))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((couldn't remember if you'd spent 2 or three. After Cali's we'll go to init, and now that we've got the hang of this it ought to go a little smoother.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *The throw is immediatly followed with another spin that sends her leg flying out this time as her claws sing through the air on the their way toward another wide eye'd shit monkey that only has enough time to blink before his face is taken off in a spray of black ichor*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Eh, pop one on that. Roll 'er out, and then everybody gimme an init.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((14))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((12 init))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *Apparnetly these things are rarer, and they spread out as they see the group and charge. One of them steps on a fleeing shitmonkey and literally squashes it to paste--it doesn't even slow down.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Jerks her head toward the larger kin of these demonish creatures*GS>> Those are shit-gorilla's folks...the fun starts now...*said in an uncharacteristically commanding voice*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Stupid browser. Init 12))

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((How many are there?))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Alright, mechanics, and we'll try to hurry with it and get to the fun stuff. There are six of the Gorillas. One of them is charging at Regin, aiming a punch. A second for Cali, obviously about to swing with claws. Two are converging on Makato, both with claws ready, and likewise two on Lance. Nothing on vicente, because they can't see him, and nothing on Alexi, since he's out of sight. It'll take Alexi an action to get back to the battle. Alexi, Makato, Cali, declare.))

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((3 Rage for extra actions, two Moving Wind dodges, gonna try to get em to hit each other with the dodges too with a stunt))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *Hears the commands and orders in the background.. with a flash of his ears in that direction, decides he's more needed there than with his paltry one target left... With a spitted curse to the miniscule thing,Alexi's paw rips out to clutch the thing's face with a chittering squeal of pain.. giving no time for an exchange of blows, the Lord goes to three limbs, hauling ass towards the inky blackness Vic so kindly granted them...grinding the monkey's head into the ground with that clutching paw all the way, leaving a gory streak of blood and gunk through the dirt on his path for the safety of the bigass shadow; grinding his enemy into nothingness of gravel and roadrash* ((1 rage spent. not even sure how that main action'd work. pool split for grapple and move?))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((Pretty much just gonna move around some, but remain the 20-some-odd yards out he already is and just use Shroud again.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((Splitting two ways--one for a Tackle, one for a bite to the throat (or head, really). 3 Rage))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((And Regin, go 'head and Declare yours too.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((2 Rage...1WP) *Her eyes narrow at the comming attack, and she kneels down for a second, her eyes flickering toward her nearby surrounding as she concentrates her next movements. With precise timing only the supernaturally blessed can pull off she lunges off the ground in the second before the fucker can claw her. The claws on her right foot trusting downward in the maneuver peircing the area above his sternum and raking downward among the sounds of tearing of flesh and crack bone as her full weight is used to launch her further off it's splayed chest and straight at the one charging Regin, her open jaws howling macabre battle anthem that shakes the shards of glass on the ground. There's no illusions now as to who the galliard of the group is now* ((Saving rage actions for the second gorilla))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((*G* Nice, but I only wanted the declare...))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Oh...well...she's gonna lunge off the ground and claw his chest basically))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((In appearance they're similar to the Shit-Monkeys--thus their similar name--but their appearance, as the name suggests, bring the image of a gorilla to mind, especially with their over-long and heavily-muscled arms. They stand at around 10 feet tall, although if one were to actually straighten out it would probably reach more than 12 or 13.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((ANd it'll be a split. Dex + Brawl for the bite, Dex + Athletics for the throw.))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *Letting her Rage fuel her actions, she lunges at another shit monkey. Like a steel trap her fangs latch upon a limb like a steel trap with a fierce snap that crunches bone. She readjusts her iron grip on the shit monkey. In a fit of violent, rageful dismemberment, she wildly thrashes her head & upper body side to side until the shit monkey is sent soaring into the air, trailing viscera & ichor from its severed appendage & apparrantly aimed at one of the gorillas* ((Forgot to change the difficulty back to default. Attack: 1 success, Damage: 4 successes))

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((And no successes on the stunt roll. Heh))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *It seems like a useless endeavor to hurl that scrap of a creature at this massive thing, but the Garou's strength is such that the once-living projectile slams into the thing, causing it to wince slightly as it charges forwars.*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Rag, Makato, Cali, go for it.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] ((Nice... 6 suxx would put the thing at diff 12 to stay up, so it's down, and with 8 dice I'm just gonna grab the auto-suxx to keep his balance. Bite is +2 diff for the called shot, -2 diff for a downed opponent...3 suxx--and only 2 got through soak...))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Her eyes narrow at the comming attack, and she kneels down for a second, her feral gaze flickering toward her nearby surrounding as she concentrates her next movements. With precise timing only the supernaturally blessed can pull off she lunges off the ground in the second before the fucker can claw her. The claws on her right foot trusting downward in the maneuver peircing the area above his sternum and raking downward among the sounds of tearing of flesh and crack bone as her full weight is used to launch her further off it's splayed chest and straight at the one charging Regin, her open jaws howling macabre battle anthem that shakes the shards of glass on the ground. There's no illusions now as to who the galliard of the group is now*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((I'm dodging, so I need their attacks rolls.)) *as the two converge on him, he grabs the end of each peice of silk that's attached to his wrist in the opposite hand, apparently having some Kailindo trick up his sleeve*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Take a die on that, Cali, and roll 'er.))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((3 suxx and 1 suxx))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((*coughs* 13))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Sorry, Vic, though you were jsut keeping Shroud up. Yeah, you go too.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *The warwolf spins from afar, golden eyes fixing on the monsters overrunning the Garou line. With a curse under his breath, claws scrap into concrete once more as he bolts back toward his allies. Behind the translucent sheen of his razor-sharp fangs, the darkness begins to brew once more... With each pawbeat on the earth beneath him, he can feel it dragging on him more- the weight... resting on his shoulders, hanging off his ankles. Two shots left.. and the last must be saved for just that. The bastards.. making him tap his energy so deeply.* ~ws~... the FUCKING bastards... *The resentment builds inside him, bubbling out in a froth of darkness from the corners of his mouth once more. With a roar of hatred and disdain, his sin pours forth into the air... blacking out the sky and the stars as a cloud of smokey-black ebon slides serpentinely out... lurking above them all.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Claw Rake>>4,1,4,4,2 ,7 +wp=1 sux, Claw leap>>9,8,1,9 = 2 sux))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((Shroud again, with the intent of leveling the darkness in a blanket -STARTING- from 7 feet high and rising, effectively cutting off the sight of anyone taller than a homid or quadruped Garou... and forcing anything else to suffer awkward discomfort in attempt to circumnavigate it.))

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *as the first comes at him, he waits for the last second before melting into Glabro, in fact his arm goes right over that of the Shit-Gorilla, and with a spin and grunt, Makato pulls with the silk, which is now yanking against the arm of the Shit-monkey to aim it's claws at the second one. When the second one swings, Makato ducks down, shifting to homid and bringing his arm up to put the silk band around it's elbow, pulling backwards to do the same, essentially having the two claw each other through their own momentum*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Not bad idea a'tall. Take a die an' roll 'er out.)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Dodged both)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Tell me if I got a stunt die so I can get a Rage point back)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Hmm... Spuds, make that split rolls--Dex + Kailindo, diff 8 to actually redirect an attack, and add two dice to it.))

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Okay, lemme roll it, I'll add one to each and put a WP into the first)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((NP)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((3 sux. Goes without saying- no rage or anything else from him this turn.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Damage>>10,8,2,5,7, 7,10,10,8= 7agg for the chest rake)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((3 successes on the first, 1 success on the second, and I'll get 2 Rage back)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Regin, gimme your action.)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((repost))*Hears the commands and orders in the background.. with a flash of his ears in that direction, decides he's more needed there than with his paltry one target left... With a spitted curse to the miniscule thing, Alexi's paw rips out to clutch the thing's face with a chittering squeal of pain.. giving no time for an exchange of blows, the Lord goes to three limbs, hauling ass towards the inky blackness Vic so kindly granted them... smashing the monkey's head into the ground with that clutching paw all the way, leaving a gory streak of blood and gunk through the dirt on his path for the safety of the bigass shadow; grinding his enemy into nothingness of gravel and roadrash* C'mere!

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((oi. lesse... split action for grapple and run... dex 3, brawl 1, 2 stunt, -2 split...damn. failure))*that certainly didn't work right... whips about to face the fucker again, pissed off that it evaded his grasp*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((ah shit.. rolled wrong. str+brawl, not dex)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((heh.. not meant to be. still failed)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((Heh. That's becuase you're rolling for a garou & not a kindred. *chuckle* J/K, it really shouldn't matter to a dice bot eh?))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *While cut somewhat, the creatures are certainly not down. With a gutteral roar from the pain in its chest, the creature Cassy attacked makes a massive swing at her. Regin's finally reaches her, likewise throwing a rather ponderous but terribly powerful punch, and the gorilla that Lance didn't knock down tries a shot at him.* ((If you got dodges, post 'em and roll 'em.))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Cassy huh? I wish...haha)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((*G* Somethin' like that.)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *While her hard-flung projectile of shit only stung the ape, she waits until it's close enough, crouching lower & lower to the ground. Muscles bunch & twitch, ready for action and bracing for impact. Suddenly she's an airborn burst of gray fur, leaping just outside its attack & yet towards the ape. And as she flies pasts the large, fecal formori, she lashes out with a Leaping Rake attack.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Skitters to the side, letting out a yip of amusement at the clumsy shot.* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Cali Dodge>>2,5,10,6,7, 3 = 3 sux)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((Or not dodge at all. 0 successes on the dodge roll)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((Regin--Gonna dodge/block the punch, or just grit your teeth and take it?)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((OK. Jussa sec.)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((and hanged if you didn't come out lucky. Soak 4 Bashing. Then take a die and roll our your Leaping Rake.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Resists the urge to snap at the heavy, ponderous arm as it flies past him, instead darting towards the creature that just got up, working to put it in between himself and the other. Heavy as those powerful jaws of his may be, the gigantic wolf moves like a cat, flowing to the side and then in to sink fangs

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((1st Rage)) *turns to the lightly wounded one, again mirroring the laugh of his fiery brother as he leaps forward, still in homid, lashing out with a foot to the chest. At the last second he pulls it in and twists, shifting to Crinos and swiping his claws across it's side, landing in a skidding crouch behind it* ((Deceptive Wind))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *A third run passes over the wall made around the area, building it to more than 12 feet and cutting the truck and Montana off from view, and a column of water fires up into the air from somewhere behind one of the buildings.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((Wow. I got a success on the stunt die. 2 successes on the athletics for leaping rake, & the attack itself 1 successes. Damage: 3 successes))

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Cali Rake>> 6,10,4,2,10, 4, 1, 8 = 3 sux)) 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *RAge 2>>In a second claw attack she rakes down the things legs as she sails past and hits the ground with a roll*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((2 bashing and it's ass is on the ground...I'll wait for you before I do my last Rage action))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *Lances opponent staggers back, bleeding heavily from the side, while Regin's and Cali's advance, the claws sliding off the thick slime on their bodies. Makato's winces as claws tear through it, and under the force of the sweep it falls flat on its backside.*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((Rage 2>> 8,1,3,7,1, 7 = 1 sux...Leap rake Damage= 4 agg...Rage 2 claw Damage= 6 agg))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *The creature tries to back up, but Lance doesn't give it that opportunity, pressing the attack as instead of the midsection it's covering with one hand he leaps forward, fangs sliding like razors through the flesh under its arm.*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((3rd Rage)) *leaps straight upwards...and keeps going up, sailing through the darkness of Vicente's Shroud, carried by his sister of the winds. For a moment, he hangs in the sky, arms at his side, silk fluttering in his slow spin, and then he turns facing the ground and plummeting to the earth. The wind is behind him now, pushing him with greater speed, through the Shroud and back into sight. Just above the Gorilla's head he sommersaults, his leg lashing out with such force now behind it as to cause a sonic boom upon it's impact with the Wyrmspawn's forehead* ((Tornado Kick, aimed at the head))

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *The second rake of Cali's is more effective as the creature staggers, blood mixing with the slime over its body to produce a thoroughly disgusting mix. Lance's staggers again as he rips away a good portion of its ribcage, and falls flat on is face, the flow of blood halting as the heart pushing it stops beating.*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((7 agg to the head)) 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] Makato's opponent falls as well, perhaps half an instant later than Lance's, it's face shredded and ruined. And before another one can strike Regin, a jet of water fully two feet wide strikes it, driving it back and away from the Garou.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *A second, and then a third fountain of water shoots up from the ground, and water begins to pool around their feet, impossibly quick, until within moments they're standing ankle deep.*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *A second, and then a third fountain of water shoots up from the ground, and water begins to pool around their feet, impossibly quick, until within moments they're standing ankle deep.*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *looks down and around at the water, then yells out* ~HT~ Get to the raft! *melts down into Hispo and starts running for the raft*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Roll away from the wounded bad guy and crouches below the jet of water, scanning everything for a new target and watching the growing puddle*GS- This is part of the plan I hope...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Grunts and moves.* WS--everybody on the thing! Shifting with the force of Rage to Lupus, and darting for the raft.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *initially she's a little startled by the water, then thankful then startled again as the pool fills* -GS- Guys! I think it's time we pulled out!

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *she turns & dashes for the raft, shifting to lupus in the process* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *farther from the battle than any of the others, he snorts and charges back once more... the agile hispo bounding through the water at incredible speed as he makes for the raft with the others*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Shifts to glabro on hearing the command and begins clearing out, gun drawn, making sure everyones stracks are covered*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] ((haha...stracks=backs...don't even ask)) 

Montana James: [RVD8J] Up[on hearing the rush of water, Montana wheels the truck around she start down river. 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *leaps twords the raft, landing on it in Glabro and holding his hand out to catch any others*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *at the call, snarls.. forgetting dragging the little punk.. just sprints for the raft, dragging it along to bounce on the ground beside him. If it comes to some lightning, knows he can take it better than the others.. but that doesn't mean he wants to get hit anyway*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] ((er.. make that forget -killing- the thing... but dragging anyway.)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *when she gets close enough to the raft, she stage dives onto it* 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *perhaps one of the last to reach the raft, being that even in lupus now her small stature keeps her from being quite as quick as the rest*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *As the others climb onto the raft, the water continues to rise. By the time they're all on the thing, it's more than waist-high--and over the top of the wood. There's simply too much weight on the thing. The Gorillas left standing, meanwhile, are trying futilely to climb the wall, and the flame-spirits have already dematerialized, simply winking out of existance.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Leaps onto the raft easily, bursting back to Homid with ease--although he doesn't exactly land gracefully, he at least doesn't break his nose on the logs.*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *pulls Cali on, and then hops off, shifting to Crinos, pretty sure that of all the Garou he's the safest in the water*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((*G* Ditch the too much weight part. When I started typing that nobody was in a small form.)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] ((Heh)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *moves behind the raft and starts pushing it out of the construction yard, swimming once the water gets high enough*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *takes instantly back to homid, his own weight reduced to a meager quarter or less of its previous...*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *And it continues to rise--6 feet, 8, 10, until it's a full 14 feet high, and starting to slop over the edges of the round levee.*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Actually, make that *pushes it twords the river* instead)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Points at the wall.* Makato>>Get on! When that thng breaks.... 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *legs splayed out as she keeps her balance on the raft, she looks about, watching as the water rises*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *leaps onto the raft, leaving the little monkey to drown. reverts to homid and begins paddling water with his arms*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ~HT~ We need propulsion, I'll be fine. 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Watches in lupus, her keep wolf eyes no different from her homid form as they glint off the now dying fire, and the rising water*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Okay, now that it's been explained to me better, forget the change, pushin it out of the construction yard))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *stands firmly upright atop the raft, balance on the verge of inhuman.... his eyes caste out over the scene, gazing out over the water in utter awe... *

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((Okay, now that it's been FULLY described to me)) *gets them to the edge and then pulls himself up, shifting to homid before his feet touch wood and standing with ease*

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] *And yet the water keeps rising--now slopping over the edges here and there, now moving in dribbles and trickles that in moments turn to streamlets and then gullies as the raft starts to move slowly towards one end of the wall... And then, with a roar, the whole side gives. Water flows over the abandoned lots, through deserted parking lots, taking down trees and shut-down factories and fences along the way, and the raft atop it, moving perhaps faster than a raft ever has before.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *rises up to his knees, raising an eyebrow* yeah.. this is a new one on me. 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] Yark! *definately not expecting the sudden swift movement upon water* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] Hold on...... 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Slips a little as the raft gets rifled foward, though when she finally digs in she howls in victory of their escape*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *smiles happily as the raft begins to move, not even coming close to losing his balance, watching what's left of the Blight be consumed by the water*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *jumps a second before the raft crashes apart, treading water lightly as he gets back to the surface and grinning at Lance* It worked.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *gets dunked.... not good memories with this river. For a few seconds, flails madly to keep above water before rationale kicks in and he slows his movements to tread*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Yelps helplessly as she gets tossed into the big Missouri, hitting the water with a slap and a yelp before she is able to right herself and shift to glabro...* Shit howdy that was some ride...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Nods, treading water easily himself as he looks around to make sure nobody's drowning.* We were lucky. We owe your kin much.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *gazes over the missouri river as the raft coasts back to a more 'natural' speed, feet still planted squarely as before* ...That went quite smoothly, I'd say...

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *and paddles towards shore once they're uncermoniously dumped into the calmer river* 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *once out of the water, the first thing she does is shake her fur all out* 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] They helped for their own well being as much as to aid us. 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Swims toward shore as her remaining wounds heal, shifting to lupus again when she reaches the bank...shaking off her pelt furiously until air dried and puffy, then shifting back to homid...completely dry.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] True. But there's still more to do. *Steps up onto shore, looking around, then grins.* I got one of the bastards, though.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *hops gently forward just prior the the raft's demise, calmly treading water and taking off his shoes at the same time,,, then checking to make sure everyone's got their water wings before heading calmly for shore*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] ((Sorry... eyes gettin' all blurry *g*)) 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *shakes the water out of her fur a couple of more times... just to be sure* 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *pulls himself out of the water, doing the same as the rest in terms of drying off* Lance>>Indeed. We'll have to scout the other locations as well.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *drags himself onto the shore, letting his hair out of the ponytail to dry.. giving him a bit of a soaked-dog look as it hangs over his eyes, ears, neck, etc. Aside from a couple of shivers due to the night air, doesn't react to the dampness*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] ((*cues up Afroman for Mikey*)) 

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Mananges to wrangle her matted hair into a ponytail*Told yah those thing's was of em got me pretty nice on the hip..

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *wuffs* -ws- Well that was fun. 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] *shakes out his denim jacket, but otherwise content to be wet until they get back to the yard* ...and let's hope those future scoutings look more like this endeavor than the last...

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Nods.* And we were lucky... Nobody hurt at all. *Slicks the water off of him, but holds off on going to Lupus until they're back and he's sure there's no one around. Looks around and chuckles.* Now, where's our ride...?

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *looks about, sniffing the air* 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [8ZZY] *pulls a thoroughly soaked pack of cigarettes from his pocket.. sticks one in his lips, not even bothering to light it, and just rolls the filter around with his tongue and teeth*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *shrugs.* Cali>>I took a little cut. but I meant actually hurt, not them little cuts.

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] Vic>>I do not think my kin will join together for every assault we make. The Stone Lord seemed to be concerned about the shitmonkies' expansion, but the others are not likely to do what they did tonight unless they were in danger, as they were tonight.

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *only looks a might battered, but that's because she isn't dry* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [YUM3M] I'll look... *slips away, his outline still diffusing into the scenery behind him as he walks...*

Cali Scorched Earth: [14AY0] *Light a smoke from the pack that she so conveniently sealed in sandwhich bag before this all started and offers one to the rest of the folks* Ahh...nothin like a vict'ry smoke.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [G6YBB] *Shakes his head.* I don't smoke. 

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *declines the cigarette* No thank you. 

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *shakes her head as well* 

The Redneck ST: [F73U9] ((And since Anna got kicked again, looks like...)) *Eventually the truck does show up, and in the back of an open truck, soaking wet, it's a cold ride back to the 'yard.*

Regin True-Paw: [X4MMH] *hops into the bed of the truck, sparing Montana from having to endure the stench of wet wolf*

Makato Stands To The End: [GJ3QW] *does the same, in a much better mood than earlier* 

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