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A Trip to the Sept of Everfull Cup
Kyle Introduces Montana to the Fianna

Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Alright... )) *The drive is fairly uneventful--start off early and get out of the city before the traffic really hits, listen to Rubber Duck bitching to Pig-Pen over the CB about how some wierd flood wiped out the highway and he had a three-hour detour and was late for his delivery ~again~... And then long hours, out of the hills and into the flatlands of Missourri, across into Illinois, Indiana, Ohio... Hours and hours of just-plain flat.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((Let's do this!)) *directs Montana to the campgrounds she can park the truck at, and then with her riding his Hispo form he takes her the to the Sept of the Everfull Flask, a Caern of Plenty with an almost all Fianna population*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *slepts most of the least during the day. Even for a Garou, Kyle is almost strictly nocturnal*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Once they get across the border into Pennsylvania it's at least wooded, and they start to get into the low hills leading up to the Appalachians. The Sept itself sits on a private reserve, supposedly by some rich asshole who keeps it to hunt there, and it isn't long before a growl directs Kyle to halt.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] she follows Kyle direction to the campgrounds, parks, kicks him out of her truck so she can change. He did suggest she wear a dress and sandals and she found a dress and sandals.. It pale green, the style is rather old but the dress itselfis in good condition other then a small tear in the sleeve that she tried to mend, did mend. the dress is snug over her torso, she was obviously a little smaller when she bought the dress years ago and the hem end just at her knees. She hops out of the truck secures it and off the go on their hike and the run later when they are far enough out into the wood. She didn't like the idea, but was convince to would be faster and they could leave sooner too.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *stops at the growl, and as is protocol, he lets loose a Howl of Introduction, naming himself and that he has a Kinfolk guest*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] WS--Rockstar again? Last I heard you were leaving town with the cops lookin' for you. Well, you've reached the place--you know the way, right?

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] The howl makes her wince a bit, I mean she right there and her ears ring for a short time.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *As it turns out, he does, and it isn't much further--at least by wolf-standards--onward, perhaps another two miles. The lake isn't very large, little more than a pond really, but there are a few well-built cabins of the 'hunting-lodge' style nearby, circled around a large fire-space that currently has logs set up in it but no fire.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Piggy back ride on a werewolf, no one would believe her. She doesn't believe it and she will not tell anyone about it.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ~ws~ Please, cops won't ever catch me. I'm so slick I jump in the water and not get wet. *heads on in, stopping to let Montana off and revert to homid* Sorry bout the howl.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] she takes in the scenery and tries to spot land marks so that she many find her way back alone.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She straightens her clothing out... a bit self conscious about them, she hasn't worn a dress in about eight years. "It's only my hearing..." she smirks.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *A young lady steps out of one of the buildings and heads for the group--one he remembers from his last stay there.* Rockstar.... *Nor does Alessa seem particularily pleased to see Montana.* And a Kinfolk guest. I didn't think you'd be back.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Great jealous girlfriend... she thinks to herself at the not so friendly greeting. "Montana James." she offers the other woman.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *grins* Hello Alessa. Why wouldn't I be back?

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *It could be, or that they don't like guests that aren't of their tribe--Lance has mentioned to her before that some places are touchy about that--or that they had someone they were going to bully him into marrying or that they can see the Strider in her. Either way, she's a least polite, and shakes Montana's hand.* Allessa. You're a bit early, but that's not a problem.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Too many details she has to remember, but they pop into her head eventually. She shakes Alessa hand, "Nice to meet you ma'am."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] Oh, something about running out without telling anyone... *A man, and older man still wearing a suit steps in.* Hate going outside to use the damn cell, but rules are bloody rules... And you. *He grins when he sees Rockstar.* Damned if you didn't show at the right time. *Nods to Montana.* Sucks-the-thumb, Warder and Ahroun, Fianna.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Alessa smiles warmly, seeming to remember her manners, and takes a step back as the Warder speaks.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Well, I had to get back to the big evil city to kill more Wyrmspawn. *nods to the Warder* -rhya. What do you mean by 'right time'?

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She blinks at the deedname, trying not to chuckle, "Nice to meet you, Sucks-the-Thumb." she managaes not to laugh but the humor is in her eyes. "I'm Montana James, Kinfolk of the Silent Strider."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Nods.* Well, it ain't much of a party without the booze, and the idiot who was supposed to bring it just went and got so wasted he wouldn't be able to drive ten feet. Too much for a moonbridge to carry it through, and his car's still workin--you remember how to drive, right?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *nods* Yeah I can drive...*smirks* But you know Warder-rhya, Montana here is a professional driver.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Montana>>See, I told you we'd find an adventure.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She waits... yep, she knew Kyle would say that. "I drive for a living is what Kyle means."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *He chuckles.* It's an old story, kid; wasn't my fault. *Nods to the both of them.* Professional? *Grins.* Last professional drive I saw on the road almost knocked me off the road, but I assume you wouldn't have mentioned if if she wasn't pretty good.... you think you're up to a trip like that?

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Driving can be an adventure... but I'm wondering what it is you've just gotten me into."

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She nods and smiles at the Warder, "I don't think i could say no even if I wanted too."

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *smirks at the Warder* Well she drives better than I do, that's for damn sure.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Nods.* It's only about two hour's drive... *Grins.* One if you got a lead-foot. We can open up a bridge, have you there in ten minutes. Kyle, it's a kinfolk, so smack him, take the keys, and go.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Where is he? *grins*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She smirks at Kyle, "Now I really can't say no.. I have to make sure Kyle remembers that little fact."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] That you cain't say no? Hell, it's burned into my memory. Kyle>>Outside of Pittsburgh. The bridge'll take you near to his backyard.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] That was taken the wrong way, but she doesn't correct it.. the guy is the Warder after all and she's a visiting kinfolk of another tribe.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Alright. *grins at Montana* Ready to go?

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Pittsburgh? That's a long way." they did say a matter of minutes right?

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] Lemme to talk to Stands-With-a-Fifth, abd she can open it up. *Which he does. And she does, without much argument. Light flashes, a line of light opening to a flat pane, to a tube with the other end fading off somewhere in the Umbral reaches it travels through, all shimmering silver.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Montana>>Not by moonbridge. *takes her hand* You'll want to hold on and not leg go until we're through. *heads for the bridge, waving to the others with a grin* I shall return with the life blood we all require to last the night.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Oh man I'm in an episode of Stargate. she blinks looking at the silvery path way.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *And it's quick... They step on, take about three jumps, and then it's opening up at the other end and they're on light grass looking at the city skyline.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Oh my god.." she mutters and grips his hand tightly as they head for the moonbridge.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Steps, not jumps.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She has a death grip on Kyle hand as they travel and the second they are out if it, she takes a deep breath, as if coming up out of water.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *shakes his head once they're through and out* Gah, always makes my head spin.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The kinfolk's easy to find. in fact, he's in the backyard, draped over the hammock he was probably trying to crawl into when he passed out.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *walks over to the hammock, and grabs the Kin by the hair, lifting his head up* Keys asshole.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "It's got more then my head spinning." and then she realizes she still holding his hand.... she releases it a little to quickly.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Just check his pockets or the car."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] Quiiiche? Real man donn' eat no fuck-ck-ckin quiche..... *Fortunately, the keys are next to his hand, laying in the grass. Very fortunate, but he probably has no idea--he's beyond wasted.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Montana>>He's supposed to get a smack too as a reminder not to do this again.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *bends down to get the keys and tosses em to Montana, then to guarentee the poor guy has one hell of a hangover, Kyle gives him a shot to the forehead before heading on around to the front of the house*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "He's not goignt o remember the smack." she spies the keys and goes to pick them up. "You wanted Keys?" she holds them up.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Either way they get the keys. And the car's a nice one. A mustang, pretty new, and by the sound of it when Montana turns the key, with a little more under the hood than Ford put there.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "You're cruel, Kyle." she shakes her head and heads toward the car, unlocking the driver's door.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *looks hurt* I am not cruel. I could have stripped him naked and stuck him in the tree. That woulda been cruel.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (Catches up..) she grins when she hears the engine, 'It's been worked on."

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *gets it the car* But if he was just bringing whiskey or regular moonshine, the Warder wouldn't have given a damn. That Sept has 6 differant stills. He's probably carrying spirit brew, or Stag forbid, honey for the magic meads. That's real important, and for him to lose it like that is bad. That honey is hard to get from what I know, and the Wyrm would love to get some and corrupt it or get some to find the flowers they come from to corrupt those.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Okay.. I'll leave a knot on your head and see how you feel."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* Or duct-taped him to a crane or somethin'....)) *And the transmission is running smooth, with a damn nice ratio on it--the kind of car you have to be careful when you start if moving because if you try to peel rubber you'll peel the whole rear tires. It's only a few minutes before they're on the highway and rollin'.*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The bottles, packed with cotton into crates, are on the back floorboards.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Okay okay, I get it.. He screwed up in a big way... We headed straight back?"

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Heh you left a handprint on my face and I kinda liked it. *turns around in the front seat, checking one of the bottles*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Yep. Straight back.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "If you're not careit might be a bullet hole next time." she smirks, what is the draw that bad boys have on women? "Straight back it is."

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((*waits for Anna to catch up*))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "Shit... I knew you'd be trouble the moment I met you." eyes the lights in the rearview mirror and that foot of hers turn to lead as she pull the seat belt across her and buckles it.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* Exactly what I was thinkin'.... even if I was too polite to say it.))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Alright... Anna, gimme a Dex + Drive roll, diff 7))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (yeah yeah slow typist and archiving too.)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Don't let them catch us, no matter what. *puts the lap belt on, but not the shoulder belt, taking out his hogleg revolver and checking the load* We're carrying enough honey that the Sept will probably give you this car when we get back.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (two success)

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She doesn't have time to contemplate what Kyle says about the honey and the car, She just knows she can't get caught. "I'm so gonna kill you if we live through this."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Dang. I figgered if he beat you by two then he'd have it, and he got four.)) *Montana's fast enough with the pedal, and the Mustang responds like a dream, engine screaming as it hurls itself down the road, but this police car is a nice one--a very nice one, even if it looks a bit old, and it's definitely got a little extra under the hood as well. Montana's slip to the left isn't quick enough, and it manages to pull up alongside her, a short but rather fat man in white screaming through the open window.* Pull over, bitch!!

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((Who's side, hers or Kyle's?))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Montana's--he's pulling into the left lane... which is a bit dangerous, considering it's a two-lane road. And both of you gimme a Wits + Driving roll, diff 8.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (4,2,5,10,3, 9 (2 successes)) Obviously she isn't going to slow down and pull over, infact she speeds up.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((2 sux))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *mutters and rolls the window down, preparing to slide halfway out and shoot the cop, or better yet, his radio antennae*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((He's not trying to force her off the road or hit your car... in fact he's being careful not to cause you to wreck. He may not know ~what's~ in there, but he knows you've got something valuable. And Montana, another Driving roll, Dex + Drive diff 7, to pull ahead of him. 2 suxx more than him and you pull ahead; if he gets 2 suxx more than he'll be able to get ahead of you.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (1,8,9,7,9, 10 (4 successes))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Keep it straight, try not to hit a bump. *lets the belt slide off and slips out of the car, sitting on the door as he aims the Taurus at the big CB antennae on the trunk* ((Spending one round aiming))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *Between Montana's skill and the responsiveness of this ~incredible~ car, they're easily able to pull ahead. The cop-car swings slightly towards the two of you, but Montana doesn't flinch and it swings away, struggling a moment to stay in control and losing quite a bit of ground before he tucks in behind her. Somebody in the back seat, however, is leaning out the window with a pistol.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She doesn't nod, "Got it." doing her damnest to keep the car moving straight and bump free.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((It'll be a diff 9 shot--you're in a fast-moving vehicle, aiming at another fast-moving vehicle--at a spot on it narrower than your finger, and since you're in front of the car now, the body of the car is covering most of it. But Montana keeps the car steady enough that he can draw a good bead. Montana, gimme another driving roll to contest, and Kyle, go ahead and fire off your shot.))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] Shit, head down! *shifts his aim to the guy in the backseat with the gun, thumbing back the hammer and pulling the trigger with a thunderous booming sound coming from the hand cannon*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((Actually, flipped targets to the guy, I'll lose the die from aiming))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] She not liking the glimpses she's catching int the rearview mirror.. "Whatever you're gonna do you better do it now."

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* Good idea. diff 7 to hit him. probably should be diff 8, for partial cover ~and~ moving, but he's a ~whole~ lot easier target than that antennae.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (drive+dex, diff 7 right? ---- 6,4,10,9,8, 3 (3 successes))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The man shooting is so fat it's a wonder any of him can fit out the window, but what is there makes a fine target. His own shot blows in the back window--and the windshield, coming within perhaps two inches of Montana's head; so close she can feel the wind as it passes (and make a WP roll, Montana, not to flinch.)).*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Montana>>Yup. and you matched him in suxx, so you don't gain any distance, but he doesn't catch up any either. Kyle, roll damage on that hoglaig.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (willpower 9,6,2,2,2, 3 (2 successes??))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((5 damage))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((1 suxx, but enough.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (whew) Keeping her wits about her for the moment, she'll loose them later.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The fat man screams, sliding back into the car and losing his gun as blood sprays into the car's slipstream. But the guy's still back there, and now the Mustang's windshield is starred with cracks.* ((Alright--Montana, another contested roll--this one's Dex + Drive, diff 8. Kyle, whacha doon?))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (grrr.. dex+drive, diff8 --- 8,2,2,2,8, 6 (2 successes)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((I'm gonna spend a Rage point, normal action is a shot at the hood.)) *grins and shifts his aim to the grill, putting a .454 into it*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* This is a different round, so you don't need a Rage for it. That one's diff 6, so roll through))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((No I'm doin a Rage for a second shot afterwards))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((5 damage))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Alright. *G* Then you got one this round too.))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The .454 slug does nicely on the grill--and on whatever's behind it, leaving a ~very~ unsightly mess on the road behind them and a round of cursing that can be heard even from inside the Mustang--the entire car jolts with the impact.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *and almost immediately after the first bullet slams into the engine of the cop car, Kyle draws a bead on the driver, closing one eye with his tounge poking from the side of his smiling mouth. He draws the hammer back with his thumb and fires, the flare from the muzzle flash illuminating that killer's grin for a minute just as the bullet screams for the driver's blood* ((Shooting the driver))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Throw an extra die on tht an' roll 'er.))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((4 damage and I'll get my Rage point back))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Montana has no intention of stopping or slowing down... they were shooting... damn near hit her...

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *There's quite a bit of blood in there now, and the car wheels off onto a side road--obviously, the drivers know this area fairly well. Sparks are now flying from under the car, and they've slowed down by this point so far that they barely avoid getting rear-ended by an 18-wheeler coming behind them--considering Montana's speed, she'll still leave that one in the dust. The blue lights shut off, and after a few seconds they're into the woods where the headlights can't be seen.*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Montana, gimme one more roll, diff 6, to keep it under control with your vision impaired by the windshield until y'all get back to a saner speed.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *squeezes back into the car, putting his belt on and reloading the three spent shells, still grinning* Montana>>Not exactly what I had in mind for an adventure, but I'll take it.

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (dex+drive -- 10,4,2,10,8, 5 (3 successes))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *The rest of the trip is fairly uneventfull, and two men are waiting to help carry the stuff... one of whom almost cries when he sees the smashed window and broken windshield.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] "This is the kind of thing you take all your dates on? Not that we're on a date.."

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *gets out first, walking around to the driver's side and offering his hand. He remembers his first gunfight before he changed, and he expects Montana to have at least the shakes from the adrenaline dump*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] *smirks* No, just the girls I really like.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] *And then it's back through the path, into the clearing where the sept holds their gatherings, and Montana gets to see your basic Fianna party.*

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* Which means I don't know enough about the fianna parties to run it, and nothing more of interest is gonna happen. *G* Feel free to still discuss until Montana goes back to her truck to sleep or whatever.*

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] Damn it had to step away.. I had something planned when they arrived at the parking lot. *chuckle*)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((Do it now, we can still play, Ken's just not gonna run anything))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (Okay....) Montana gets out of the car walks over to Kyle... drawing her right arm back as if to punch him, reaches out with her left hand grabs his shirt, yanks him forward giving him a kiss to rival a kiss from a Fianna kin. Releases him and starts to turn away.... but she didn't turn away, she bring her fist around to punch Kyle in the jaw. (want me to roll this?) after the punch she shakes her hand and turns to walk away... actually following the guys there to help carry the goods.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [BNI0P] ((Nah, no need to roll)) *is stunned enough that he doesn't see it coming, stumbling back and rubbing his jaw* Damn.....damn. I like her.

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((Yeah. *G* I' m not sayin' y'all got to quit, just that I dunno enough about Fianna parties to run the rest, so assume there's a lot of drinking, a lot of dancing, a few couples 'retiring for the evening' without making any secret of it or even bothering to get completely out of sight. Montana is at least partially hailed as a hero, though.))

The Redneck ST: [D39O0] ((*G* Lucky bastard.))

Montana James (retroactive scene): [75NE8] (It's all good, Ken. Thanks for the scene!)

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