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First Scene - "A Clean Slate"

Note from Ash, the archiver for this scene: First ever JY scene...Could possibly be missing a few posts because everyone was having problems with the chats.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [BW2J6] *Takes his time walking up the street, towards the junkyard's office. He's too dirty, scruffy, and unshaven to be anything but homeless, with dirty brown hair and light brown eyes but a lean, travel-toughened frame. The BDU-pants, suede desert combat boots, and tan t-shirt he's wearing were probably worn in the original Desert Storm, and he carries a large ragged backpack on his back.*

OOC: [7K425] ((Which one of you guys is Ken so I can PM a question and not interupt IC?)) 

The Redneck ST: [62ALC] *Leeson doesn't know too terrible much about this new city just yet, but the directions he has are good enough to find the Hole N'd'Wall and pick out Laurie.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson (PB 1): [9B41Y] ((The Redneck ST is Ken)) 

The Redneck ST: [62ALC] ((*G* That's be me.)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson (PB 1): [9B41Y] *shoulders his way to Laurie, subsuming the animal fury with his Gift, but not bothering to avoid bumping shoulders to reach her* How's it goin Miss Thing? You sure as hell weren't lyin when you said this place reeked. City's pretty bad too. *winks*

The Redneck ST: [62ALC] *Laurie looks up from the bar, curious, then chuckles.* Should have expected to see you runnin' around down here. How you been?

The Redneck ST: [62ALC] ((*G* Ash? You here?)) 

The Redneck ST: [62ALC] ((and brb. buggerin' computer.)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson (PB 1): [9B41Y] *sets his pack at his feet, leaning against the bar* Only way I know how to be, awesome. Added another state to my list of 'Place someone matching my description is wanted in relation to mass murders', and this was my next stop anyways. Think I might relax for a bit.

Mud Bomb: [HPHEE] (Yeah, I'm going to reboot...I can't tell if the chats are being an ass or if it's my comp. I'll hop in in a second

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *She fetches a sigh.* Well, as long as you don't pull any attention here, go for it. I got to keep my head down, understand? You found a place to sleep yet?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] ((Well that was...wacky with the window closing and all)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] Not as of yet, but I can feel what's across the street, so I was gonna make that my next stop before whipping out the Irish Charm to get a crash space from you. .*smirks and winks*

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] ((*G* There's no caern there yet.)) *Chuckles and rubs two fingers together to indicate money.* Crash space here is going to need some of the American charm. But there's places around where you can curl up somewhere for free.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *The girl that slunk into the bar wasn't much to look at, to say the least and worse yet, she stunk worse then wet dog. Brown, tangled hair pulled back into a loose pony tail by a rubber band to clear the face of a supposed 20 somethin year old. Brown eyes the color of mud taking in her surroundings with a slight skittish demeanor. A green army surplus jacket tied around her waist as well as a ratty old backpack slung over her shoulder indicating she had been traveling*

Gath: [IW37] I had the window closing problem too.... how kinky 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] ((Well strike that part then)) *shrugs and pulls his pack up, rifling through it to toss a wallet at her* Okay, how's that for a little favor until I can get something more steady? He aint gonna miss it.

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] ((Like Mira said--these chats are the bastard stepchild of WWGS. *G* In this case, the bastard stepchild who was supposed to already be dead.)) *Laurie looks over that the obviously homeless girl who strayed into the place and holds back another sigh.* Sometimes they just don't understand... *Those bar patrons who aren't backing away from the almost palpable drive to kill radiating off the young woman are backing up from the stench instead--likely once she's away from the door the place is going to empty.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] ((Desc: Slightly taller than average, with a thick and solid build. His dark brown hair with dyed black tips is purposefully arranged in what could best be described as 'a mess', with the tips hanging just above his quicksilver grey, blue flecked eyes. He wears a pair of cut off denim jeans, a lightly faded T-shirt advertising Flogging Molly, and a pair of well worn Chucks bearing pins from multiple bands on the insteps. Bondage cuffs adorn his wrists, and neck and flaked dark red nail polish adorn both middle fingers.))

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *She snaps up the wallet quickly, then holds it behind the bar before she opens it up and looks through it.* Credit cards, three condoms... looks like he was a real ladie's man, this one... but there's enough cash for a few days. You can have the cards if you can get any use out of 'em.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] Nah, you can keep em. *turns his head slightly to peer at the ball of reeking ass that walked in* Maybe you should give the cards to her, buy her a fuckin bath or some perfume....and maybe some Raid.

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie is a woman of perhaps fourty-five, looking a bit careworn but still quite attractive, and while the bar isn't quite spotless, it's far cleaner than Mud Bomb. Laurie looks over at the young woman and sighs.* Hey, girl. C'mon over here.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She ducked her head...She was used to that, if not being chased off....Already starting to back up back towards the door in a nervous motion..*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Her attention snaps to Laura and she nods, slowly heading that way. Doing her best to weasel through the remaining crowd without bumping anyone or worse*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] *leans over and mutters to Laurie* You know, I could cause a reasonable distraction for the rest of the normal patrons for a couple extra days on the house...

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *One fellow--actually a big, burly guy--makes a near-dive for the door as soon as Mud Bomb is past it, then as she backs towards the doorway again he backs up so quick it looks like he's trying to do some kind of dance, and he stands against the wall, turning red.*

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie shakes her head, speaking quietly.* Wait about three minutes and you won't need to. *And as soon as Mud Bomb is clear of the door, Big n' Burly is out, and looking to get drunk--very drunk--somewhere, anywhere else. There are five other patrons, and they follow suit with varying degrees of speed.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She stops near the bar, head hunkering down a bit with that soleful "I didn't mean too" look...Kyle does get a look over as her brow furrows at something but her attention quickly returns to Laurie*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [8H9ZY] *shrugs and puts his pack on the ground between his feet again, sitting down on a stool this time and fishing out a cigarette* Skittish, isnt she?

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie shrugs and turns to the girl.* I get the feeling I should know you--what's your name, kid?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson : [4SFW5] ((And again, a random browser closing...)) 

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] ((Wierd... it ain't done that to me yet.)) 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Her eyes darted around as she remembered something...She can't very well go by her actual name..She offers a tiny smile to Laurie as she answers quietly* Go by Muddy on the streets, ma'am....

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] (Mines not closing, thankfully...Just being extreamly slow with loading the page) 

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie nods.* Muddy... Interesting enough name, I suppose. You realize I'm not gonna make another cent tonight, Muddy?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson : [4SFW5] Really, you aren't? Free drinks! *reaches over the counter to grab himself a beer* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Her head lowers down more as she nods slowly*...M' sorry Ma'am...Din' mean to....I can leave if you want...

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *And another homeless person, just to make things more interesting. Lance is considerably cleaner than Mud Bomb, and while he hardly smells pleasant his scent isn't even noticeable in the smallish room that Mud Bomb is currently fumigating, but all the same he's too dirty, scruffy, and unshaven to be anything but homeless. The desert BDU pants and tan t-shirt he wears look to be old enough to have been in Iraq--the first time around--as well as the suede desert combat boots, and he wears a ratty old backpack on his back.*

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie tries to glare and fails, chuckling slightly.* That's coming out of your rent, kid. Naw, Muddy, it's a bit late now. They won't be back. What are you doing here anyway?

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *opens the door slightly and looks--noticing there are only two people at the bar and one of them's considerably grungier than him, he steps inside, fumbling in one pocket to see if he's got enough change for a beer, or maybe even something to eat.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson : [4SFW5] *notes the next stinkball, and just lights a second cigarette to help cover the combined odor as he cracks open the beer* Yeah yeah yeah. Money-grubbing bitch. *winks again as he takes a pull, lookin no older than 20 at best*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She pushed the smile up again, still speaking quietly...* I caught wind 'his was an okay place to stay fer a lil while...

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *she snorts.* You can sleep outside... *she nods to Muddy.* Yeah, I don't mind helping people out, from time to time. But you got to come by after closin' time or during the day. Those guys are idiots, but if they don't drink I don't eat. And if I don't have enough to eat and pay the taxes, I can't help nobody. *Looks up as the door opens and sighs.* Dammit...

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson : [4SFW5] *smirks* Welcome to Soup Kitchen night at the good ole Hole in Da Wall. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She nods...Used to sleeping outside the majority of the time..Sheepishly answering* Understood, Ma'am....I'll only come durin' those times from now on...*Stealing a small glance towards who got the "Dammit"...*

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Shrugs.* I just figured to buy a beer is all. Was tryin' to get somehere else tonight, but the old bastard wouldn't let me in.

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie looks at the new fellow.* The junkyard? 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] ((And again)) 

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Pauses, then nods.* There were some folks I was hoping to meet there. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She just watches the new stranger quietly..Becoming a silent, yet smelly, statue as she watches the strangers in curiousity*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] *cocks an eyebrow* Who would you meet in a dump at night? 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] I mean, I really don't think that place has, or has need of, a nighttime housekeeping or janitor service, yanno?

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Chuckles.* Folks like me an' you. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] *stops with the bottle halfway to his mouth* Think you might wanna clarify the whole 'me an' you' part of that statement soldier boy.

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Nods.* You do, huh? Then that would probably be a good thing to ask for. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] Pretty sure I just did. *places the bottle on the bar, but keeps his fingers on the neck* 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She watches between Kyle and Lance.....Brow furrowing at the thought processes going on but she listens closely*

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] *Laurie watches the exchange somewhat nervously, but the observant may notice she keeps a hand under the bar out of sight.*

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Shrugs.* Didn't sound like it. *Looks to Laurie, but keeps an eye on the punk just in case.* You know the old guy there?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] *smiles and leans back somewhat* Oh but I think you want to tell me, otherwise you'd have never brought it up in the first place. Now we could go through the usual cock measuring fandango that this is obviously leading up to, but really, since you do want to further explain that particular phrase deep down, why not skip the anger it'll cause my friend here and just say it. *and here comes that Irish Charm, the voice that speaks nothing but the truth and would make the Devil weep at only having a silver tounge* ((Using Persuasion, call for the roll if ya want))

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] I don't know who your friend is, buddy, but let's just say that breeding shows, sometimes. Although I'd venture a pretty safe guess you're of a different tribe.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Grunts at something softly...Taking a step back away from the bar....Just in case....Another nervous glance towards the Fianna, then to the other scruffy stranger*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] See, that was easy wasn't it? Now, as many televangelists have said on many occasions, the truth shall set you free. So let's lay it all on the table so to speak here and now. Me, you and 'Muddy' here who's about as inconspicuous as a fucking train in a nursery. Deal?

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Gestures towards the bartender with his head.* Little pitchers have big ears, buddy.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She blinks at Kyle...Clearly confused by some of the words, or maybe just the metaphor given*

The Redneck ST2: [NM8J7] I'm Gnawer kinfolk, so let's not have any more comments about my big anything, hmm? *Lifts the hand--which just happens to be holding a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun that's quite capable of cutting a Crinos Garou in two.* And while we're at it--let's keep it friendly?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] Laurie? Oh she knows, trust me she knows. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] I am bein friendly, take a valium. 

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Resists the urge to comment on that big damn gun.* Fair enough... Name's Lance Kilkenny. They call me Rides-the-Storm.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Eyes the shot gun....Taking another step or two back with a frown.....It's clear she gets the point, if not more so then the other two....But she is glad to be near family..The Kinfolk statement having caused a smile until the shotgun was shown*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] *raises his bottle* They call me Rockstar, and by they I mean the Fianna. But for the rest of the world, it's Kyle. And unless you're a really unlucky Walker, I'll go ahead and take the leap of faith in that you're one of the Omegas, which makes me feel a damn sight better about this city already.

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Shrugs.* I'm a new arrival here, so I can't tell you much about who's here. *Looks to the mudball.* An' you?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Shrugs* Names Mud Bomb, of the Gnawers 

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Nods.* Well, nice to meet ya, Mudbomb. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [F9CXD] ((God dammit, here comes another storm, which means my DSL is gonna go plop again. Rather than fight it, I'm gonna try to get the backup dialup workin, but if I can't I'll just be back once the storm ends))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] (*Kicks the chats in the nuts*) *Grins slightly* You to.... 

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Shrugs.* I get the idea you're new here too. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She nods* Yessir...Jus' got inta town... 

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Nods.* Me too. One of my Pa's friends sent me down this way. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Nods, glanceing at Laurie a second before speaking again* Was tol' I might be able ta help out aroun'...

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Nods.* I just wanted to wander a little bit. See the world, I guess. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She grins, nodding in understanding* Been doin' that myself...Well, not the worl' but wanderin'....Til I find a place ta settle down, 'least

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] Well, I guess from Montana to Colorado to Kansas doesn't much count as "the world" either, but it's a figure of speech.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Nods* Suppose not....*She isn't even sure how big the world even is...She just knows Gaia's there is all*

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] *Considers asking for a beer, but Laurie hasn't put the shotgun away yet, and he changes his mind.*

Lance "Rdes-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [IZVP1] ((Gonna give it a few minutes more to see if Spuds'll make it back on.)) 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] (Alright *Nods*) 

The Redneck ST: [ASRCJ] *Laurie sighs and puts away the shotgun back under the bar.* You said you wanted to meet folks down at the 'yard? Tell old man Chopper that Laurie said to let you in. And make sure not to give the dogs any trouble.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She glances at Laurie, then to Lance curiously* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Nods, stepping back from the bar. Obviously, they've outworn their welcome.* Uh... Thanks, ma'am. *Gestures to Mud Bomb to follow him and heads for the door.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Looks back at Laurie, offering an apologetic, if sheepish smile* Sorry 'gin, Ma'am.....*Turning to quickly hurry after Lance*

The Redneck ST: [ASRCJ] *As they leave, Laurie fetches a heavy sigh and gets out the cleaning-bucket. It's a warm night out, and Chopper is apparently still at the office. Whether he's asleep or not is hard to tell, because as they approach the dogs set to such a racket that if he wasn't before he's definitely awake now.* You again? I done told you we're closed. I don't have any change, I don't have any food, and I don't have any work, and you're about the fourteenth person to ask for each of 'em today, so bugger off!

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She twitches at the barking...But remains silent as Ol' Man Chopper hollers out at them.....She hefts her pack a bit, letting Lance do the talking*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Grunts. Enough is enough.* I don't give a damn about your money, your food, your work, or your manners! Laurie said you were to let us in.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She peers towards the old man...Seeing if he's going to let them in or not....Her feet are tired and she'd like to rest soon*

The Redneck ST: [ASRCJ] *Chopper gets out of the office and walks over to the gate.* Then get in, and hurry--and watch your tongue, boy. I ain't no Fang kin, and all you need to do is keep on like you are to make sure you don't find a meal in the whole damn city. *Closes the gate behind them.* Follow the left fork, then the right fork with the busted windshield, then the right fork again. There's a building there with a shower--you ~might~ want to use it.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Walks in without another word, following the directions the old bastard gave them.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She quickly slips in...Grunting at the shower suggestion....Keeping her mouth shut and not voicing her aggitation though*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] Nice people around here.... 

The Redneck ST: [ASRCJ] *The path winds on for a few hundred feet before opening up into a clearing. Cars are piled somewhat high around it, ensuring privacy, and in a few of these spaces have been dug under or into the piles. A firebarrel stands at the center, with a stack of broken pallets nearby, but it being the middle of August nobody has lit the fire up for weeks.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *She smirked at that..* Well..I've seen worse....'Least he let us in....*Following the pathes along behind him*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Snorts.* I've seen Garou that were worse. That outranked me. Seen a lot of free-spoken kinfolk, but damn.... *Looks around, thinking.* ((and in another 10 minutes or so i got t'be gone.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Snorts.* I've seen Garou that were worse. That outranked me. Seen a lot of free-spoken kinfolk, but damn.... *Looks around, thinking.* ((and in another 10 minutes or so i got t'be gone.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Nods* Better'n the Shadow Lords n' Fangs 'least....*Glanceing around before looking back to Lance* (Alright)

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Nods.* Haven't had to deal with them, but I've heard the stories. 

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [HIGE3] *Shakes her head* Trust me...Ya dun wanna...We get to stay here tonight? *Already starting to unshoulder the ratty backpack*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [YXNID] *Nods.* Yeah. Tilghman told me there was space to sleep here... which is good, because I can't afford anywhere else. *Sets down his own backpack, then shifts to Crinos after a careful look around, then to Hispo, and crawls into one of the holes.* ((And I'll see ya t'morrow. 'Nite, ma'am.))

The Redneck ST: [ASRCJ] *Thus does the day pass, and the first visitors to what may be a pivotal site in the coming battles for Gaia. And perhaps, the beginning of a legacy.*

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