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The Caribbean Visitor
A Mokolé with a Grudge

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode):: [52CVI]  *bare feet slap on the concrete sidewalk before the gate... and come to a halt*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] Montana>>This is where I'd usually insert a comment about taking pictures, but I don't have a camera, so go right ahead.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] SPirits said I was born under a cresent moon in the summer so I figure I can pick a day I like

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  *bare feet slap on the concrete sidewalk before the gate... and come to a halt*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] Montana>>This is where I'd usually insert a comment about taking pictures, but I don't have a camera, so go right ahead.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] SPirits said I was born under a cresent moon in the summer so I figure I can pick a day I like

Old Man Chopper: [QYO1C]  *Or, actually, snoozes in his chair, book fallen to the floor beside him and feet propped up on the counter.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  *Cocks his head, listening.*

Tarence Jones: [EZB2Y] Anyhow boys...I'm tired...I'll see you guys later...*Tarence makes his way off deeper into the JY, and dissapears*((Getting out of here before it starts. Work tomorrow. Later guys))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Nods, looking at the others* Yeah, go get yourself some leeches. Well, maybe you should see about getting some folks together to make a pack for that.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] I'm packed though for both trips, Probralbly go and study more if you are going hyperion. I scored 3 boxes of ritz behind the walmart, the box got cut with a razor blade.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] Montana>>Second floor, all the way in the back, and Laurie has the key. Just tell her Rockstar said it was alright rather than Kyle.

Tarence Jones: [EZB2Y] ((*POOF!*))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] Gary>>No reason not to go Hyperion. I mean fuck, let's be epic about it.

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *a broken chain drops to the dirt with a slink... the gate slides open. In a few seconds, Chopper's hound comes running into the clearing, tail tucked... droplets of water hitting the dirt behind it... and it continues on past with a loud whimper...*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Being new, she has no clue if that's a normal sound or not, so it's disreguarded* In due time...*Answering the pack thing for Ruarc*

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  *he waves to Tarence seeming to be a bit dazed, off as he snaps his head up looking at the hound*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *watches the hound, eyebrows raising* Well that aint right. Slugger, get behind the seat. *gets up and draws both shotgun and hand cannon*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] Kyle> She nods, takes one more sip from the mason jar, caps it and set it back down.. "Thanks, I appreciate it.. I should be there more then an hour or two, don't want to invade your space."

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] TOld you before though. I ain't a hero. I'll do what needs to be done to keep Gaia from exploding and the Wyrm fucking over my kin, but I ain't looking to be sung about for ages. WHen I'm gone I'm just gone.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] That ain't a good sign... *Moves over towards where Montana and Kyle are sitting as he shifts to Crinos, then down to Hispo.* WS--Somethin' comin'.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  *ANd then turns, of course, to face the maze.*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Watches the dog and then looks to the others, mainly the ahrouns. *

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  What the fuck!?! *Put on a set of what looks like brass knuckles and stands up tall looking towards the gate*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] she doesn't have to be told twice.. she moves behind the seat.. damn it she doesn't have her gun with her.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] Gary>>Later. If the shit hits the fan, grab Montana and get the fuck out. *pops his neck, shifting up to Glabro, the sheer audacity and unshakable confidance of Rockstar spreading outwards to others. as he watches where the dog came from* ((Activating Gift: Inspiration))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  *bare feet slap the dirt... drawing ever closer to the clearing.* ((Recommended soundtrack: Static X- Bled for Days *g*))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  *Crouches, hair rising in almost a crest almost his spine.*

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he shifts up toGlabro, seeing as everyone else is ready for a rumble, he pulls his knife from his boot sheath*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (Crusher>>Mmmmm....One of my favorites *G*) *Others are all up in arms...Therefore, she slowly takes on her black furred war form......Watching the others, unsure but guessing something bad is about to happen*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  Better if Lance does it he's already wounded

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Anyone already archiving- 2 pizza dice for tonight's scene.))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Follows the Ahrouns in shifting to Glabro, letting them step up as he just simply gets ready himself

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  Gary>>Lance is an Ahroun, he can't call on the aid of the spirits like you can in order to hide the Kin. Don't argue.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  *moves to stand at the front of the gathered Garou, sometimes, it's good to have a psychopath on your side*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *He's a tall man of obvious Caribbean decent, easily topping six feet in height with broad shoulders blatantly the result of effort, not genes. Black hair twisted in dredlocks and adorned in carved beads of bone and rock tops his head and frames a face of almost perfect male features. Small scars of both battle and art adorn his cheeks and forehead, amid a varied array of brass piercings. Downward his chest is adorned with ritual glyphs and the traces of old wounds across incredibly chisled muscle and chestnut skin. A knit red sash hangs across his shoulder and onto his back, tied to the handle of what is likely a large wrapped blade. His pants seem to be made of sewn canvas, or some other coarse and weathered material, and beneath them he bares no shoes.*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She crouches in a ready three point stance...Ears cocked forward as she just waits...Resist Pain kicking in, just in case.....*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] Oh shit! Not that fucker again... *Steps back,almost tripping over the thing he was using as a seat, eyes wide and shifting to crinos and settles into a crouch*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Now would normally be his time to slip to the side, to let the flamboyant ones take up the thing's attention while he works for a knockdown or a hamstring, but not with what he's protecting at the moment. Instead he stays where he is, tensed and ready to spring.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] Who the fuck is this guy?

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  *he glances towards Ruarc at his reaction, spinning his knife so he can be more on the defense and activates Resist Pain*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *looks at the man* Afraid you came in at a tense time, friend. Perhaps you should introduce yourself before actions that cannot be taken back are taken in the heat of the moment.

Montana James: [8YOZ7] (got the archive but missed the very beginning.)

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] *SHifts up to glabro and hitting over 7 feet in the process*

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  *Her nostrils inhale softly...Unsure of the yard, but sensing for Wyrm in the man....* (Sense Wyrm...Need a roll? *G*)

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Starts to shake a little as he seems to slip into a daze, stareing at that monster. Just seems to be half out of it, claws clenching at his sides*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *Cocks his head to the side as he watches everyone get uppity. His form grow to hispo over a period of a few seconds. *

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *deep brown eyes shift from person to person... glabro to glabro... crinos to crinos. His eyes settle on Ruarc, thick lips curling into a sadistic grin* Abo funshoná, ami sigui... í awor abo yora. *red cloth slides off his back of its own volition, revealing a wide, immense blade of what could possibly be stone... though its edge glints a matte gleam that's to most unmistakable..*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Roll it, Ash...))

Montana James: [8YOZ7] Stays hidden... doesn't like it but stay put.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Tenses as the blade comes out, and settles his weight over his haunches, ready to spring.*

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (6,1,10)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *at the sign of a weapon, Kyle's also up in Crinos, the shotgun brought up with the hammer pulled back* ~HT~ I don't know if you can understand me friend, but concidering the other reactions around here, it might be best if you put that away for now.

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Snaps out of is as the vile mans words spew out. He leans his head back releases a howl. One to warn everyone of this enemy, this monster. Takes a slow step towards him that starts to pick up speed towards him. He's not gonna run this time, this time he's not alone. *

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  *he tosses the blade to the ground, shifting up to his warform as his quaterstaff undedicates into his hands*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  Fucking come here and can' even speak the language.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Waits just a moment, until Ruarc's even with him, and leaps forward himself, bursting out with a snarl--not an Anthem of War, this time.* WS--Ruarc, you dopey shit!

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Init from those planning on attacking in the same 3 seconds as Ruarc....))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Ear ears flatten to her skull in obvious confusion.....Head snapping towards Ruarc as her nostrils flare again......*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Err... that is if he doesn't stop for Lance :P ))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (And obviously holding action this turn due to her confusion unless she can yell something *G* Can roll Init for that)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *takes a step back as the others attack...the only thing dumb enough to come in here like this would be a Wyrm Howler, and they never come alone, so while his Tribemate and Lance leap forward, he looks around the heaps for signs of others*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((ugh. 7)) *And with the pain in his shoulder still distracting him, his timing's off. He ends up trailing behind Ruarc, but damned if he's gonna let another Garou attack the menacing silver-wielding figure alone.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((If Ruarc tries to get by and continue his charge, roll init to take any action. If he stops, then we're still in freeform. *g*))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8] *A low growl eminates from his throat as he fades from view.* ((activates BoME))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((He's not trying to stop Ruarc. Just that dumb as he is to charge, Lance is gonna back him up and see if he can avoid getting the guy killed.))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Slides to a stop, crouched down and growls low at the intruder. * WS/garou> He's an enemy! He'll kill us all! *Glances to Lucien * That roar, during the leech hunt. It was him!

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  *And skids to a halt when Ruarc stops, snarling again in frustration.*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (Init 9 *G*)

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] ((He has his reasons you know :p ))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  And he got led back here. Fucking hell. *Shifts up to Crinos* ~HT~ Sometimes I fucking hate this shit

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((*G* Yeah, ~I~ know...))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (Or, if unneeded) *Her ears still flat to her skull..* ~gs~Ruarc...Smells of taint....*Her confusion apparent*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *obviously not interested in the confusion among them, he takes a step forward with a sly grin* Abo traishoná bo ruman.... Abo trese webu ruina.... í awor abo muri....

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  *he still holds a defensive position nodding slightly at Ruarc, eyes narrowed at the intruder.*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((He's on init 8 and planning to continue approaching at a walk. Anyone planning to do something about it with higher than that can go...))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5]  *His head snaps back at Ash, shakeing his head no, ears down and eyes wide. For the moment he forgets the very scary man. *

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] ((Spending a Gnosis for Persuasion)) ~HT~ Everyone calm down for the moment. Tainted or not, he's got balls to come in here alone, which I doubt and he is bearing silver. *takes a breath and reverts to homid, still holding the shotgun up and addressing the man with all the force of his conciderable personality behind it* Look my man, no need for blood to be spilled just yet. If it's a fight you want, surely you'll get one for we're not the kind to back down from one, but is it not better to know the name of those whom you would shed blood with? Let us have a moment of discussion, and then if it's inevitable the bloodshed can begin.((Charisma 4, Subterfuge 3, Persuasion, Pure Breed, blah blah))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  ~HT~ Don't think he speaks English at all

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  Gary>>The tone is just as important as the words. *keeps his eyes on the man, and the gun*

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  Growling is mostly what she hears.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR]  *Waits Watching the stranger and crouches down a bit in his Crino form*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Her hackles slick back a bit at Kyle's silver tounge...But her partially confused gaze remains between Ruarc and the non-english speaking intruder*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *The man pauses, regarding Kyle. He takes a breath, head tilting in thought.* ........... BWROOOOK! *The air snaps loudly as his head lurches forward with the sudden vocal outburst... Kyle shotgun shredding to flak in his hands*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Black lips draw back from massive fangs in a smile, an oddly human gesture for the pony-sized wolf. Hopes the guy ain't an agent of the Wyrm, because he's starting to like him.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *blinks and looks at his hand....then snarls as he expands back into his warform* ~HT~ Drop this motherfucker! *switches hands on the Raging Bull and brings it up to drill the man*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] *And that's offenssive enough for Gary he leaps past Kyle and attempts to tackle the stranger with his large crinos Frame*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Snaps back to the man, he cant worry about what Ash said right now. He's thinking again at least, waiting for an ahroun to make the first attack*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Ash is on 13... anyone faster chime in. Roll it, Ash... and everyone else repost init, or roll if you haven't...))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] ((On 13 Base of 7))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((7))

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] ((16 here))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  ((14))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *The crinos Gary's leap is met with a single hand, slapping into his cheek and shoving him off to the left... hand just resting on the hilt of his sword as he bats the Crinos aside with the free arm...* ((Lucien then Kyle...))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [6SZTR] ((If it rerolling init or for those who rolled init the first time it was brought up))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *Where he stands, Lucien hears a voice.* ~ws~Something seems wrong. Ruarc seems of the wyrm.

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (*G* No action on my part)

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he's already in motion the end of his staff tapping the ground as he crouches foward, rushing in for a sweep* (splitting for a sweep and strike, 2 Rage)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *leaps forward with a snarl, looking like he's going to claw at the man's face, but instead he aims the barrel of his hand cannon at the sword wielding hand* ~HT~ Tit for tat fucker. *and then the resounding sound of the gunshot rings out and reverberates off the piles of junk as the massive bullet seeks to blow the hand off the enemy* ((One shot, 2 Rage))

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he pulls the staff up too quick missing his target (fail) as he quickly readjusts his grip thrusting the end of the staff into the man's chest ((5 suxx))*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Damage, Luc?))

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  ((3 bashing))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *The man slaps the first staff blow aside, catching the second just as it punches into his stomach... with less than impressive effect. but Rockstar's blast does its work... blowing the hand clean off his wrist... and the amused look on the carribean's face turns cold...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Who else is before 8?))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  ((AFK for a few but used my action already))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((I'm at 7. Go for it.))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *air swells in his lungs once more... and his anger issues forth... bending far foreward as a blast of hot air streams across the gathering area in the form of an inhuman roar... the very earth shaking as his anger billows forth* ((Everyone get out your handy Delerium charts... Willpowers of 8 act as 3, 7 as 2, 6 and lower as effectively 0... meaning crap thyself and run into solid walls trying to get away... if you can even walk or open your eyes...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Due to Kyle's use of Inspiration, everyone is at +1 WP... lucky you.))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *How....Embarassing.......Turns and begins running...Head long into cars, trash, broken tiolets, couches with springs jutting out, maybe even Kyle's washing machine.....*

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (Er...Hold post while I grab Delirum Chart then *G* Likely the same, but..)

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] (Aww man not again) *Turns and scrambles over anyone near him as he starts to run away from this man once more*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  ((We coulda been at +2...*looks at Ken* BUT))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] WS--Shhhiiiiiit... *He must have been poisoned or doped or something, because no fucking ~way~ does what he's seeing actually exist. His charge comes to a screeching halt, and he backs away, shaking his head and trying to clear his mind--at least to the point where he ain't frickin' hallucinating.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *turns and leaps with the power of Salmon, up and away, no thoughts, just the primal instinct of "RUN"*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] (don't have my books, I'm between homes willpower7 with the +1 so I'm assuming....) she hidden and will remain there, curled up in a tight little ball barely breathing..

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((Somebody already busted it out. *G* But no +1 for Kyle.))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  ((^ acts as a Zero or a 1?))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] ((6 even))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *No... Kyle isn't that lucky... as the others turn to run, a fear beyond comprehension daring to stop their very hearts from beating as it sinks so deep... the man lunges after Kyle... taking him by the scruff and slamming him into the dirt as he panics desperately, eyes not even open.... and in their cowardess... they all leave him behind....*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM]  ((Acts as a minimum of 1 for everyone but me, since it doesn't affect me.))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [ISLRM] *claws at the ground, growling in fear as he tries to escape*

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he blinks for the time the scream echos out as he breaks into a run right past the man , not letting a silly thing like junkpiles or wrecked cars get in his way*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *And after recovering from being swatted asside he looks at the thing blinks twice and then falls back and faints*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nope. Ain't happening. Just ain't frickin' happening. Backs up towards the couch Montana's hidden behind, just in case there's something out there that he can still handle with.. whatever the hell just happened to him. But as certain as he is that he's looking at something that doesn't exist, he ain't comin' any closer to it.*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (Yup, pretty much the same...) *Resume crashing through stuff wildly in our flight of terror....And it was a sad day for Gaia's warriors*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((3 (Willpower 8 after the bonus) means 'Disbelief'... hiding in a corner and rocking back and forth, unable to believe it's real and waiting for it all to pass. 2 (WP 7) is Panic... running as hard and fast as you can, regardless of danger in your path. 1 (WP 6 and lower) is Catatonic fear... hardly able to do anything past lie in a huddled heap and sob, waiting to be killed. Thanks to Kyle, though, you are allowed to run instead of await death. *g* Extra perk... one night only))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  ((Says that Willpower 1 is catatonic fear, curling up in a ball and wimpering or fainting))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8] *The invisible Hispo crumples up into a ball on the ground, BoME deactivating if it requires concentration.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  ((WHere's the Get with wearing the Bear SHirt at??))

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (That's if you were looking, right?)

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8] ((Well, if we are being allowed to run, then dlp and he bolts, otherwise, action stands...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Yes... you get to run, and no... this is not visual. EVERYONE, Montana included, is hit. She just happens to have enough WP to not slice herself up on everything trying to get away while everyone else runs for the city, leaving Kyle to be beaten to death...))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((So... by all means, post your way out of the junkyard... because it has been successfully taken.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Stays where he is--later he'll simply be happy not to be pissing himself--crouched down and whining low, waiting for whatever the fuck it is to work its way out of his system--it's got to be something, because there's no fucking ~way~ what he's seeing is actually standing in front of him.*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] ((DLP)) *Takes off bolting into the JY and instinctively just seems to vanish from sight going to the safest place he knows*

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (Okay.)

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (*L* I bet they don't have enough sense to shift down and do they have to run -out- of the JY as in they keep running til they can't no more or can they hide within?)

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] ((What is the durration?))

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *appears through the Umbra at the gate, his eyes narrowed and a scowl on his face. The last vestiges of his Umbral reflection flitter away as errant breezes as he observes the Garou running. Then he's running himself, twords the clearing, hopping up and over the junkpiles with immaculate balance and an uncountable amount of tiny partial shifts, leaping at the end and landing in a crouch in front of the intruder in homid just as Kyle's lights go out. He says nothing, merely begins an impressive series of movements known as the Storm Dance, and perhaps for him the storm actually does gather, certainly the force of his kata cannot alone generate enough wind to ruffle the dreadlocks of the Carribean man. The final kick makes bits of glass tinkle as he slowly lowers his foot and growls out an Anthem of War from a homid throat*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Out of the JY itself should be enough... just a major change in scenery, and the notable absence of the guy who nearly caused your heart to explode...))

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he slips through some loose boards in the wooden fence having hit Lupus for speed at some point, softly whinning as he glances in the general direction of the clearing*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *If she has her senses, she hits lupus and bolts over the fence to flee across the streets for the allyways.....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Oh, good. At least the hallucination's changed to a kung-fu movie. He'd prefer a western, but anything's an improvement...*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Shifts to homid once he smashed through the fence and wanders the streets for a few minutes, unsure what just happened...then just sits on the side walk, dazed and lost. Once again he's been struck by what ever that man did. Nearly comes to tears a moment before gathering himself and looking around*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *standing over the bloody heap of Kyle, dark brown eyes look up at Makato as the pressed flesh of his wrist seals together once more.... a deep rumbling in his throat, eyes narrowing at the anthem..*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] Hasn't moved, will not move and damned if she won't have ringing in her ears for the next few days after all the roars happening around her.

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  *A panting Lupus peeks from the shadows of the ally....Unsure as she finally starts processing thought again.....Blinks....Did she just run from a guy yelling "bork?" or something?...When she's sure no one is watching, save maybe the others, she shifts up to Homid....*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2]  *easily shifts up into Crinos, gesturing with a paw for the man to come test his mettle*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  ((Flee before the fury of the Swedish Chef!!))

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM]  *Circles above unseen in the skies above*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] ((HAH! Sweedish Chef. Ken, that reference is Awesome.))

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *Bolts off, still in hispo leaping the fence and running until he feels safe enough, then hides somewhere.*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (*Cackles*)

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (And what's it take for them to return to the yard? *G*)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *The carribean steps slowly forward, stretching his wrists as his eyes narrow with a callous smirk* Funshona o muri.... AWOR! *the last syllable causing the scrap beneath Makato's feet to erupt, blowing outward from beneath him...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI]  ((Yes, they can begin to filter back in, and no that was not garou-specific. Everyone listening in was hit.))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Her eyes narrow as she begins marching back across the street...No "bork"ing son of a bitch is going to make her run like a scared cub...Er...Again*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Looks around the umbra as he gets his bearings* What the fuck is going on and why the fuck am I here?

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *After collecting himself, he gets up and heads for the hole he made. Shifting to hispo once inside the yard. Being made to run once more is too much for him.*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *From Crinos to Glabro in less time than it takes the man to finish his words of power, a spin and backflip puts the Kailindorani out of danger, the handspring launching his again Crinos form twords the man, running up his chest and kicking off the back of his head, turning in midair and landing with one foot crashing into the Carribean's spine with enough force to cause a sonic boom*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] ((Says you forget everythign you say until Willpower 7))

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Looks at Ash since they probably went about the same way seeing how they where all positioned. Not saying anything to her*

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B]  *he wiggles back into the yard and bolts back to the clearing like its nobody's business ((activated Elk Tooth necklace))*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM]  ((Everything you saw even))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Dammit, he's seen this one before... was it Killer Hillz? At least the chicks with the Bellz of Death were good-lookin'...*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((*G* And yes, that is an actual kung-fu movie, a horrible one but with one of my favorite lines ever: "I'm going to make you like a cat that lost all nine of its lives!"))

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (Okay, then she doesn't remember...*Chuckles*)

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM]  ~RS~ My god this place is gettimg more insane by the second.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *Blinks as he comes out of the fear...* Wasn't I in the yard... *Heads back quickly*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  *Looks around and figures he was sleep walking again and gets his bearings*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *She had been asleep until...Whatever was that scared her to run like a scalded dog.....Slowly shuffling back for the yard with a gulp as she slips through the gate...Unsure what the hell is going on*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *he slides forward, feet dragging two lines in the dirt, and turns to look over his shoulder.... apparently not having it... footfalls erupt like machinegun fire as he blasts across the intervening space at the speed of a motorcycle, sword spinning off his shoulder and shredding a torrent through the air faster than the eye can track... prowess beyond anything even garou can comprehend...*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM]  ~RS~ Weapon profficency "IMPRESSIVE STANCE" (To every one Else) Kaaw kaaaw *Ruffle* Kaaw

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  *She weaves back through the maze...Unaware of what's going on....Windshield....Left....Left again....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((Quick reference. WP 1 is catatonic fear. WP 2 is panicked flight. WP 3 is "this ain't real". WP 4 is berserk attack. 5 is Terrorized flight (like Panicked, but you've got enough sense to close doors behind you, jump into a car, etc.). 6 is conciliatory--trying to negotiate... i.e., beg. 7 is controlled fear, where you still remain in control of your actions--although you're still scared shitless. at 7, you'll remember it, but you'll rationalize it as something else. Same for 8, which is Curiosity. At 9 or 10 you remember it clearly--9 is Bloodlust, where you up an' go huntin', and 10 is the famous "Nerves of steel/brain of Jell-O" reaction.))

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Heads back towards the yard confused, taking him a good deal longer than it took him to leave. He shakes his head a few times trying to snap back to reality*

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] (Ruarc saved by the bad man *L*) *Comes back shaking his head out, wondering what put the hole in the fence. Makes his way back to the gathering area*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *turns, shrinking down again into Homid, the blade tearing open a wound on his chest and pulsing blood across the Carribean's face, but as if he didn't even feel it Mak grabs the outstreched arm and turns with the Carribean's force, shifting back up into Crinos to let loose with a throw into one of the junkpiles full of jagged glass and metal*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((But by the nature of the power, people at WP 7 and 8 acted as if -5 on the delerium chart... and people at 6 were at -6... 5 were -8 and so on.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *Shuffles...Rubbing her eyes with a snuffle* Man....The fuck happened with me endin' up out there with such a bad dream.....

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] *Circles above fight well out of sight and well out of mind*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *While Makato may not feel the pain of the wound flowing blood down his chest, he does know it's there, and so his attacks cease, instead standing and waiting for another attack to take advantage of*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *the man arcs gently in the air, bare feel slamming into the jagged scrap and thrusting off again, a wake of blood, glass and earth left behind as he erupts forward in another assault, blade dragging behind him with the obvious intention of taking the Stargazer down with one blow...*

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  (*And will let Crusher decide when folks can get back to the gathering area while I run AFK for a second*)

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5]  (*agrees with Ash and goes to grab a drink*)

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((You can post entering the GA now... but just take it easy beyond that... considering the raw force of unimaginable fear he just inflicted on you, I might think the cahracters would be rather loathe to actually try to lay a finger on the guy. They can, however, watch the quick end about to take place...))

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *And once again, the Stargazer melts down into homid, this time taking a smaller graze along his forearm as he ducks down to grab a leg, shifting into Crinos again and scraping the Carribean's face across the earth before hurling him into the same junkheap. Makato is good, but he can't keep it up forever...yet the grin on his maw says he doesn't have to*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Shimmers back into existance fromt he umbra* Holy fuck

Ruarc Brónach ~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~: [487A5] *Gets to the gathering area and freezes. *What in the hell? *Watching Makato and the evil man. Twitching slightly, shaking his head out *

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She pauses at the edge of the gathering area...Body locking off....Brain shutting down...For all purposes, her blank expression could have melted into what could be considered awe*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *As the man tumbles backward through the air, their eyes meet for a moment... the throw fading into a moonsault in a single rotation... and the Makato barely catch it in time... the blade cutting forward through the air... the carribean anticipating the throw long in advance of his charge...*+

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he stands at the edge of the clearing, having already shifted to Hispo, watching the two fight... ready to pounce if he needs to*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *Tries peering around everyone....Squirming her short, smelly form to see* S'matter, s'matter? What's goin' on? *Blinks......The hell?*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *As he returns to the area, he stays as far from the battle as possible, acting his deed name and watching events transpire.*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] ~RS~ THis is soooooooo not what i thought I was going to see tonight.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *grins and jumps, landing on the blade and making it spin, jumping off the tiny bit of contact he had and spinning to lash a Crinos foot out. His heel slams into the blade's hilt and sends it flying right back where it came from. The Carribean not the only one capable of thinking ahead it seems*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2]  *lifts his maw to the sky and howls* ~HT~ Now sister! Show this intruder what happens to those who attack our kin!

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (No he expected to see naked girls dancing in the yard.)

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2]  ((No, that's why Kyle expected.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((Naw, not with Kyle's whiskey almost gone...))

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (Sorry, sleep deprived mind at work here. *s*)

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (*chuckle*)

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] (Ofcourse) *QUietly like he's got to keep himself entertained at least* ~Votm~ ((Little bat guy from Anastasia) I'll give her a yah, and a wah, and a hiyah, and then I'll kick here sir!

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *Still midair and turned forward once more, the agile hand lashes out and slaps the top of the blade as it returns, spinning it almost in place and taking hold of the handle once more... teeth bared in a snarl as the game suddenly changes for the unimaginably worse... the air ruptures in all directions, a heavy wingbeat wiping across the entirity of the gathering area as the 40 foot long beast extends from the flesh of the man... the sudden expansion thrusting the dragon's open maw inches from Makato and still racing foreward. the bleak sight of the sky is blocked out by the gargantuan reptile.. wingspan alone nearly wider than the gathering area itself.... jaws large enough to fit the entire garou between them... and tail reaching out nearly fifteen feet and ending in a vicious club that bats a ford off the top of a scrap pile errantly, sending it cascading to the ground in a righteous cacaphony...*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] ~RS~ Smack my ass and call me a THai Girl if that's what I think it is I'm gonna be one of the super cool kids for sure!

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *Brave as Makato might be, even he has an Holy Shit reaction to the change, placing a foot on the dragon's jaw and launching himself backwards to give him time to think*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *OK, whoever slipped the LSD into his food really needs to find a new dealer, because this is some baaaaad shit...*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *Lightning shreds the sky in a brilliant clap, striking the back of teh creature as four elementals materialize and give flight high toward the clouds, arcing their blasts downward at the mythic beast. With a rumbling snarl, it turns in the air, ending short the Stargazer's deathblow and taking flight after them... form shimmering into transparent nothingness as it gives chase into the sky,..*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Blink, blink, Blank Anime stare, Blink, jaw drop*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] (that's not what I expected) Montana is still swhere she was when this all began.. the roar the sounds of fighting things being smash, glass shattering... her mind take her back to a time she wishes she could forget... a bithday present noe one would want to get.

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Blinks.......And again....And again*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *Blinks...It's the Wyrm! A soft, nervous growl echoing behind everyone she's peeking around from*

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8] *His normally droopy eyes are wide as he looks up at the beast both before and after it takes to the sky...*

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he crouches down as a car goes flying as he watches from the ground, finding it a bit hard to process it all at once*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *with clouds thick overhead, the flashing beyond sight begin to dissipate into the distance... leaving the garou in the gathering area amid an air of unnatural, unnerving silence*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Shifts to homid, simply remaining on hands-and-knees for a moment before he stands and walks--staggers, really--on shaking legs around the couch he was crouched in front of to where Montana, fortunately, still is. Breathes a sigh of relief to see her there and touches her shoulder.* Are you alright? *He certainly isn't. Every muscle still trembles, and cold sweat beads his forehead.*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] ~RS~ One of the super cool kids for sure ...... awe fuck. Damnit this is just going to cause problems and with my luck they are all going to get uppity and want to go hunting other shifters

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] ....Good gaia. *looks around not sure what to say, or even sure what he saw. *

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] Kyle! *Yelped before she squirms through everyone to truck for the Fianna...Crouching to place a hand on him to try healing* (Rage?).

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *grunts with a smile as he melts back into homid, putting a hand to try and staunch the blood flowing still from his chest as he climbs down from the junkpile and into the clearing, shaking his head to clear the blood loss and stop himself from stumbling*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] *Lands and perches as high as he can in Corvid form to witness what the Garou do next*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] *Kyle is in bad shape... were he human, he'd be long dead... With bare human hands, he was beaten savagely beyond the ability of even a garou to stay standing. Thankfully, though, in a few hours he may once again be conscious... assuming it was only fists that did it.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [U1TFO] *is fuckin hurtin* ((Rage is 5, Crusher'll have to give a description of how badly hurt Kyle is))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] (6,10,5,2,6 on MT. Dropping the Gnosis and used my 2 Pizza dice *G*) *Her hand turns a soft blue as she lets out a homid whimper....Rockstar can't die, cause well, he's fuckin' Rockstar...*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] This is not a good night for Lance, for when he touches Montana she comes up swinging... "never again." she mutters.

Ash Spencer: [34THX]  *Blinks and shakes her head*.....Anyone else as confused as me and asking "what the -fuck-"?

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((He's taken over 15 bashing health levels.. placing him at overflowed incap in lethal, and just beyond enough to be "dead". Fortunately, he never got the additional deathblow of lethal it would take to kill him permanently. But the guy had a whole lot of time to work him over... weak stomachs would not want to look at him.))

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] *Cocks his head to the side and takes a step to the right as he watches them all recover*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Holds up a hand slowely as a response to Ash. Looks towards Kyle and those helping him then to Makato* All a nightmare. A living nightmare.

Bernard “Observes from Afar” Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8]  *Moves out into the area tenatively Ash>> ~WS~ I'm with you there...

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Uses MT on KYle to help him stabalize* Okay what the fuck is going on? WHat the fuck was that? *Points at the sky as he heads over to Makato Next*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *takes off what remains of his now torn wifebeater and ties up the wound on his forearm, holding his arm against his shredded chest and thinking*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  *Checks over Makato again using MT and then Bandading up what he couldn't heal right off the bat*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] Whoa... *He knows why, and he doesn't back up. He's faster than her, and the first punch he manages to brush aside--but he's not that much faster, and she's stronger than she looks, as he discovers when she fetches him a clout over the cheekbone that's going to blacken quite prettily by morning and a flailing blow across the chest that probably won't bruise but still knocks a little air out of him. Instead he takes another step closer, wrapping both arms around her and speaking quietly in her ear.* It's me, Montana; it's Lance. You're safe now...

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [U1TFO]  *is still fucked up* ((And I'm killin this window, since aint no way he'll heal before I head off to sleep))

Lucien "Open Arms Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): [P5L2B] *he concentrates shifting to Glabro, still a bit edgy after that scene, who wouldn't be*

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] [Lady fo the Winds] *the air near the staggering Makato coalesces and hardens... a female form beginning to take shape by his side*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] (6,7,1+1wp=2 suxx...Making it 7 she's healed thus far and down 2 Gnosis) *Another whine as she tries healing again...* C'mon Kyle! Get the fuck up! *Unsure what happened...So she can't give much more plea then that*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *steps back from Gary* No. I will heal on my own in a few days. Save your gifts for others.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Eyes go a little wider as the woman appears next to Makato. * Interesting

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2]  *bows his head to the spirit coalescing next to him* We made it in time sister. I take it he's chasing the others still?

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *Looks at Mud* He'll be fine he needs to rest though he's taken a beating and since Makato want's no part of help he picks up kyle and lays him in the back of a 57 Ford and bandages up the wounds a bit*

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG]  (PUt a * inbetween Beating and and))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] [Lady] ....I never thought I would witness it again... *she gazes off into the sky a moment before returning her eyes to Makato* When the city was young, before I even knew strength... *she almost stammers, at a strange loss for words* ...he's awakened. My poor boy... *reaches out to touch Makato's wounds with a look of a mother reaching for the corpse of her child.*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] Lance's voice and words don't register right away.. she's struggling against him for severl moments before she come out of the past and into the here and now.. Tears in her eyes but she doesn't sob.. "L...lance.." she says just his name as she stops struggling.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3]  Easy.... *Strokes her hair with one hand.* You're safe now, Montana, it's alright...

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *removes his arm so she can touch the wound on his chest* He looked like a Zhong Lung, but more....rough. Less graceful and certainly less diplomatic.

Gary "Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time" Allens: [SJKG] *ANd once he's got him bandaged up he walks out grabs the bottle of liquer he left there and takes a long hard swig and heads back to the car*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *She watches Gary as the bloodied hand is removed from Kyle with a twitch....She bites her lip and finally notices the weirdness still happening....Remaining as is for now*

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] *Just watches the new lady spirit and Makato*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] *She watches Gary as the bloodied hand is removed from Kyle with a twitch....She bites her lip and finally notices the weirdness still happening....Remaining as is for now*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04]  *walks towards Makato, eyeing the spirit lady * Are... you alright? What did you call that thing?

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] And he obviously wasn't from over there by his human appearance. *leans back against his pickup's hood, his gift holding back the pain...for now*

Montana James: [8YOZ7] A little too close for her own comfort.. "I'm okay.. what happen.. are you alright?" she begins to look around. She blinks when she sees Makato and the spirit.. she seen something like that before, so her gaze moves on to the other and finally on Kyle blood form...

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] [Lady] *the wounds from the blade dissipate, but not entirely... thin scars still linger which only time can heal.* ...He is like them, but not the same... the truths of the world are different beyond the sunrise, and he is your enemy, true and certain... and he is just in his hatred. *She looks skyward once more...a wince in her eye and a tear rolling down her cheek as she senses a spirit already fallen* I will go and lead him further, until he is exhausted or I have no strength left. You must be careful, child... for his strength is beyond what any of us can do for you now... *and with the gentle passing of the breeze she fades before any can ask more of her*

Montana James: [8YOZ7]  (Or not since Kyle was moved.)

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods, taking a small step back and loosening his hold to where she can step away without any trouble.* I'm fine. By the sound of it Kyle will be alright in the morning. And I ain't sure what happened... I think I was doped or something...

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *looks to Ruarc* I will be fine, I have suffered far worse wounds. *in fact, it looks like the wound on his chest will become just another of the many scars on Makato* I called it a Zhong Lung, one of our cousins from the East. Dragon shifters. But as I said, that one was ... very differant. Do not take my assumptions as truth just yet.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO]  *She stands...Slinking to go wash her hand off....*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *nods to the spirit* Thank you sister. *then turns his attention back to the Garou, stretching out the partially healed wound slightly*

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Watches the spirit leave and then nods to Makato* Well arn't you the hero of the day. *Smiles some, a little shaky and turns to go and sit down. Still not sure what went on. *

Montana James: [8YOZ7] She does move away slightly.. "Where is he?" she want to see for herself that he'll be alright... Just as she had with Lance and the silver lodged in his shoulder.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] No, I am no hero. I just heard of the trouble and came to defend my home and family. I was lucky to stall as long as I did before the true saviors arrived to draw it away. *looks over at Lance* I suggest that everyone who can sleeps elsewhere for as long as this man is our enemy. All of us in one place is too tempting if he wishes to destroy us.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): [5L7RO] (*G* And closing this window off)

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Frowns...* Got an apartment but it really isn't that big but I might be able to take one other to crash there.....*Still confused, but going with the flow...*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Gather here, for our greatest strength is our numbers and coordination, but do not sleep here.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *looks at Makato and gives a slight nod. The galliard not feeling up to par to think up anything for a story* It's gonna be one of those hard to sleep nights again.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *And drops his arms if she steps away that far.* They set him down in the truck over there, I think, that old Chevy. It ain't pretty, but he'll heal up by mornin'. Makato>>You're saying that thing was ~real~? ... yeah, I think that's about the best idea we can do so far. And then we need to do some figuring.... She said it's hatred is just? I dunno if I can say I sympathize or not, but either way we need to find a way to kill it or convince it to leave us be.

Arthur Simmons: [EYCOM] *the bird continues to just watch staying out of sight* ((ANd the play goes to crash have along day and another possible 14 hour shift. Have fun kiddies))

Crusher-of-Cities (ST mode): [52CVI] ((Logs can certainly stop here if they haven't already... that's all they see of the very bad man for tonight... and good luck thinking your way out of this one *g* Night all.)).

Ash Spencer: [34THX] (Night Crusher! *G* Thanks)

Bernard "Observes from Afar" Smith (TCFB): [HOHI8] *sighs heavily* Lucien>> ~ws~ Are you happy now... You were right. Well, I'm going to get some sleep and try to process all this. I'll talk get any info left from this discussion from you later. *With that, Bernard fades into the Umbra and heads out.* (Gone)

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Lance>>*gestures to his own blood covered frame* It was real alright. It's hatred is just, for if it is akin to the Zhong Lung, if it is the Sunset Lands version of them, then it's race was slaughtered by the Garou in the War of Rage. That is justified hatred. We can not kill it, and I doubt it will listen to reason. We must find another way.

Montana James: [8YOZ7] She nods to Lance, touching his arm before she steps away and goes to see Kyle.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] (Sleep well Crusher ^_^))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She listens and watches Makato...Figuring he must be the Gazer she keeps hearing about*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] Montana>>Just a sec. *Unslings the pack from his back and digs through one of the pockets a moment before pulling out a ragged but clean hankerchief and extending it to her.* Makato>>Well, if we can't fight it and we can't negotiate with it... Then we'll have to trick it somehow. Either make it ~think~ we can kill it, which I'm beginning to doubt is likely considering his success here, or shift its attention somewhere else.

Montana James: [8YOZ7] She takes the handkerchief, "thanks." she says softly... once she a bit away from everyone, she dabs the tears from her eyes.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Lance>>Or atone for the sins of our ancestors. It took every ounce of my skill and no small part of my will to fight him off as long as I did, and still I barely stalled him enough. No trick will make him think we can kill him, for he knows now we cannot. When I arrived, most of you were running in the other direction. We must soothe his rage somehow. That, is our quandry.

Montana James: [8YOZ7] though they are saying not to remain in the yard, Montana will stay close to Kyle until he wakes up.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Were my grandfather here, then perhaps the path of violence would be one we could take. But with just us? It would be suicide.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Sits quietly to himself. Not looking at one, not smiling. Just thinking*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods, hanging his head as he realizes that even if he wasn't running like hell, he certainly didn't do any fighting.* If he'll care, or if he'll think we ~can~ atone for them. I know my history, but how to you atone for something most of the Garou nation did over, what, a millenium or two?

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *shrugs slightly* The Battleground perhaps. Go to the battle during the War of Rage that took place here in what would become this city, and fight our ancestors. There are sayings over there that say fighting the past is a way to change one's karma.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods, thinking.* When do we leave?

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Looks over at Makato, thinking thats an interesting idea for another problem. *

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] -We- don't. First, we will have to find what Tribes were here during that time, which is no small task. Then those Tribemembers go and atone. The Stargazers were not one of those Tribes sadly, and I will stay to defend whoever does not go as best I can.

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She grimaces before speaking again* I can go, if you need an extra hand....*Slowly letting things sink in*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((*G* Not gonna be that simple, Ruarc...))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] Do you think he'll confine his revenge to those tribes?

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] *crosses his scarred arms across his chest* Probably not, but to truly atone for the sins of the past, one must have something to atone for.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] ((I know but he doesn't :P))

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Shakes her head* Wouldn't that just leave the Pure Ones then? The War of Rage was a long time ago and from what someone told me the other night, there is just one Uktena around....

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *shakes his head.* From what I hear, the Pure Ones got along with them--although you oguht to talk to Vic before takin' my word on that. But we killed more of them when we came through in the frontier days.

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *Nods* Another idea...He didn't look like he was exactly from around here, but he was moving pretty fast.....Who's to say he isn't after the Tribe's from where he's from?

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] I also suggest that any who run across him simply run. As hard and as fast as you can to a populated area. I would guess that he must respect the Veil as much as us.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] (('nother 15 minutes or so, and I need to git gone.))

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Ash>>I do not look like I am from around here, yet here I was born and raised.

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Lets out a sigh leaning against the nearest possible thing. Feeling useless in all this*

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She nods* Point taken....*She glances up to the sky...* I'm going to go home and try sleeping...*Yeah, like that's going to happen....*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods.* I'll try and remember what I've heard in the stories... I suppose we'll need to talk to a Galliard, but with a problem this serious I'd really prefer to get on the trail as soon as we possibly can--like tomorrow, if we can do it.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] I will find Uncle Pacman and see what he knows.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] It seems I will also have to curtail my training for now. *sighs slightly*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods.* Too bad there ain't a Galliard in the pack, but it'll still be a lot of help. I don't know many folks in the city myself, but I can ask a few.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] Lance>>The only other Garou who has been here longer than Uncle my grandfather.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] And I do not think any of us, especially me, travelling across the ocean to admit a weakness will get anything but a laugh and perhaps a beating.

Ash Spencer: [34THX] *She turns to wander back for the streets...* (Night all *Waves*)

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Snorts hearing talk of a galliard. Looks around the place before sighing just a bit*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods to Makato.* I'll ask him if I have to--I'm the Ahroun; if anybody's got to have their ass beat into the mud, that's my duty and right. *No hint of humor there at all--he obviously believes that exactly as he said it.* But yeah, it'd certainly be best to check with Pacman's Yeast first.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] It was a rhetorical statement, Lance. None of us are going to pay a visit to my grandfather. We will think on this more.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods.* Of course--but it would be best if we were on our way as soon as possible; I do mean tomorrow, if we can. Every day we wait might mean someone killed, and while I'm in favor of the idea of calm deliberation, I'm not willing to die for it and I'm sure not willing to sacrifice someone else for it.

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] For now, I think I will find my own rest in the Umbra. *nods to Ruarc and Lance and then sidesteps*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] *Nods.* Gonna do the same myself, I think. *Looks around, thinking.*

Makato Stands To The End: [1ULN2] ((Snooze time))

Ruarc Brónach ~~Remembers-the-Echoes-of-the-Fallen~~: [VJS04] *Just gives a nod to Lance as he gets up to leave himself. muttering something about galliards not knowing about EVERYTHING. *

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny: [5F2T3] ((G'night, ever'body.)) *Heads over to where Montana's standing her little vigil to talk to her for a few moments, and then heads out to find himself a place to sleep.*

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