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Construction Site
Chrome Teeth and Orange Fur

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((Assuming they get the travel arrangments down... We're gonna freeform all of this, because it's past 3 AM. I didn't expect to start so late; partly my fault, partly just havin' to work Saturdays... shit happens.)) *The construction site is on the west end of town, one of those government projects that started, failed (although not before a few folks got a whole shitload of cash out of it) and then lay abandoned for the last ten years or so. Around it is a board fence, festooned with "no tresspassing" signs and spraypainted messages alluding to the penis size of various artists, what various women are known or willing to do, and a few racial epithets to top it off. Not by any means a pretty place.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): ((Rahr...))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he parks his car a few blocks away, obviously not wanting the sound of the engine to announce his presence, grabbing a dufflebag from the trunk before he makes his way towards the site*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *having gotten the kick out of the rev, cut and coast maneuver, Marty and Tarence likely arrive early and park close. When the otehrs draw near, they might be able to spot the Galliard busy at work with a fat sharpie, adding a few choice limericks here and there...*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): ~lv~ ...damn it.. what could I possibly rhyme with 'Nantuckett'? ...*scowls as he hits writer's block*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Shifty to Glabro as soon as he can. Ducking into alleyway if need be or what have you, holding the mace close to his body as he heads with Lucien to meet up with the others.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence is busy with a spray-can, tagging some gang logo onto the boards* Heh...they gonna' be shit-confused...Detroit tags in Kansas City...

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Climbs off the bike, waiting for the others to gather around.* I've got two bombs--one we'll use for a distraction, the other I'll lob into the hole. I dunno if they got jars in it, but that's where the tunnel leading to wherever them things lead is, so far as I know, and what I got ought to be enough to collapse it, and like the building on top of it. We'll go around to the right to get in--it'll mean crossing a bit of site, but it also means they won't see us coming in one-by-one.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): Man, fuck it...*Apparently he doesn't realize what he's just done...or he isn't showing it.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): Martin>>Worms in a bucket.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *the high-pitched squeek of marker on paint* ..there..once...was..a...fella..named...Lance.....'s...pants....

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he nods to the group as he arrives, obviously having shifted up to Glabro, as he's sporting his 'rugged' look*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Snorts.* Asshole... *Chuckles.* Hurry that up an' let's go.

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Smirks watching Martin and his work, glancing to Lance every few seconds.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Pauses mid-limerick as the others arrive, capping the marker with a disappointed shrug. The glabro Marty turns and looks at the construction site and back to Lance* ~lv~ Your call, Fostern... s'your party, and I'm not 'bout to play too many cooks...

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence hits Glabro as well...but remains the scrawniest of all present.* Yeah yeah, your show.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Coyly stands by the fence.... listening attentively to Lance. Only after a moment's silence can the high-pitched squeeks of marker be heard form behind him*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Sighs and leads the way. It's not too far, and he slips through first, looking around carefully before he unslings the pack, digs out two small bundles, then puts it back on and shifts to Crinos.* HS--Martin, you take one of these--when you first see one of the buggers, just flick that lever and throw it way the hell that way.

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *As normal, he's the odd man out in a sense. He just watches, listens...Waiting. Curious to use his new toy. *

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Takes the chem bomb and nods... only shifting up to Crinos after Lance does. With a moments pause, the glyphs and marking on his jacket and skin begin to shift and swirl as well... trailing in the air behind him. After he departs from the outer fence, a quick eye might read...." But she drove off in trucks, just to make a few bucks, and left 'im with naught but his hand to romance..."*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence takes the bomb from Marty* Stop giving him these,'s not safe...

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): ((Haha!))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Pouts in crinos, but doesn't exactly argue with the logic*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): ((and if anyone's gonna be Archive Bitch, lemme know.))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): ((*G* Asshole.))

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he follows the others pulling his shotgun from his duffel, shifting to Crinos as others are already doing so, luckly the trigger guard is already removed for these type of situations*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence shifts up to Crinos as well, still remaining smaller than the other Crinos, as he sneaks along beside the others, bomb in hand.*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Shifts, probably the last to do so. Gripping the Mace in one hand with a grin.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Keeps the other one for himself and concentrates for a few moments, the markins on his own body seeming to vibrate. They don't shift and swirl like Martin's do, but they do trail behind him in the same manner when he moves. He looks around to make sure the others are ready, then leads out, moving along the right side of the grounds, past the one-story buildings that probably would have been five-floor walk-ups when they were done.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *What starts as a big man proves to be an even bigger crinos. If he's not blatantly the largest of the crew, he rivals any takers. Unfortunately, his glistening silver pelt doesn't keep him as well hidden as a brown leather jacket would have. Thank Gaia he's covered in paint.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence grins his now giant, chrome grin...that's right...the little bastard had the damn grill dedicated.*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Can't help but shake his head, stilling with that grin seeing Tarence's teeth. Giving a thumbs up to him*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): ((And I botched my talen activation, 'cause I'm a damn Gnosis whore and don't feel like spending the point to activate it...*Smashes something.*))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Sighs again, speaking quietly.* When they hit us, Martin and Tarence, you go right, Ruarc and Lucien, you go left. They should be close to this corner, but give it a few seconds after y'all's bomb goes off before we hit 'em.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): ((Oooh.... OK, I know what to make of it.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Grunts in assent. Normally, he'd be in hispo for this... but he has no intention to bite down on a 'shit-'anything...*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he rests the barrel of the shotgun on his shoulder bobing his head to Lance, moving so he doesn't have to barrel down folks while going left*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): *Stays in Crinos himself, since it's kind of hard to throw anything with Hispo paws.* HT--We we do hit them, we need to get close, quick, so I can get this puppy inside.... *And they're there, digging at the base of one of the buildings. Perhaps three dozen of them, maybe four, as the group of Garou comes around the corner.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence runs with the others, hoping the little bastards will see them before they get too close so he can throw his little present. Once they do...* YO BITCHES!!!...FETCH!!!*And he hurls the bomb with his puny strength as far as he can in the direction indicated.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *continues on in silence... beginning to take long, drawn breaths... preparing his lungs for the anthemn once their concealment is broken...*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Keeps near Lucien, just not in his line of fire. Keeping to his right. Both clawed hands gripping the mace, wincing a little at Tarence when he tosses the bomb. *

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): The bomb sails over them--in fact, it might well have sailed right out of the construction yard, with a Crinos arm behind it, except Lance didn't put that much time on it. It is well out of sight, however, by the time those few seconds run up and it explodes. But as he yells, the patterns across his corn-rowed Crinos form, which until then had remained stubbornly still, suddenly glow a vibrant orange, pulsing with his heartbeat. The sound of footsteps, fading away, does indicate that some are going towards the sound of the explosion--but those in sight give a wordless, shrieking howl and charge straight for the group.... not for the group, really; for Tarence.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): WHAT THE FUCK!!! *Stark this!? He grins that huge chrome grin from before, and shifts down to Hispo as they charge. Are growls at them savagely, giving barks of warning as they near, and as soon as they get close...he bolts. Not really running away, just staying a few paces ahead of them, leading them on in the opposite direction of Lance's line of travel, leading them away from the others.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Growls as the side of his vision catches the gnostical mishap... with a beat, his breathing shifts and he begins to belt out the Song of Mockery as he cuts forward and to the right, his yips and howls carrying a supernatural bearing of insult... though not easily discernable even to garou ears, something in there seems to refer to them 'throwing themselves'*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he slightly snorts not having fully expecting that Tarence would be the one to stand out, but moves left as previously indicated, keeping his shotgun at ready to blast down any groups he might come across*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): ((*G* Just be lucky it wasn't a double-botch or it'd last a week or two. )) *Shitmonkeys can't understand the Garou tongue--which, they'll discover later, is extremely fortunate. This may be why they more or less ignore Martin as they surge past him, intent on reaching Tarence... Apparently not to kill him. Dirty and stained loincloths fall to the ground behind them, and several have also dropped the pipes and rusty knives they were carrying as weapons. Several do swing pipes or stab pieces of jagged wood or steel at Martin as they pass by, but as they're going past.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Begins to close in, ready to tear into the monkies with his claws the moment he draws close enough. He's not been hit by one yet, so he's anxious to see how much of a punch they pack. To his chagrin, though, the Call of the Wyld issues for somewhat hollow...* ((That was soooo close to a quintuple botch...*eeps*))

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Moves, just a step behind Lucien. Letting him start with the shotgun. Keeping an eye on those he can. *

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): HT--Hit em. *And races forward, just a few more yards, before he hurls the bomb.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence laughs as much as a Hispo can as he begins running in circles around the shit- monkies, and then darting off once more. If they lose interest, he catches one from behind, bowling it over as he slams into it, only to turn and race off in another direction after dropping it.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny (''Hey, lady, your corpses wasn't wearin' no orange!!''): Oh, they're not losing interest, although the other Garou should be starting on the stragglers. The bomb goes off, this time not only with that huge flat, atonal, world-silencing KA-WHAM, but the roaring sound of concrete breaking and falling, steel beams crashing to the ground, as the building collapses and Lance is just as quickly in Hispo, giving chase along with the others.* HT--Keep running! For the love of the Rat God, KEEP RUNNING!

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence stays a few moments longer than the others, if need be, to assure that the shit- monkies are still under the structure when it comes down, and then he b-lines it after the others, running as fast as Hispo form will allow, his eyes darting up and down, watching both his step and looking out for anything trying to crash down on him.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Snaps into hispo as well, amidst his claw-packed trampling of a few monkies. He's just the kind of idiot to actually stop and look back to see the crumbling building.... and THEN he books like Pam Anderson's lonely and just got her herpies cured....*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Growls lightly, as nothing seems to happen from a moment of concentraition. The bomb making him blink once or twice after just slamming the mace into the first few shit monkeys he gets near and takes off running as Lance yells. Breaking out in a run after Lance. *

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): ~HT~ Holy shit! *as he moves to get moving his body melding and shifting into the smaller and swifter Lupus form sprinting at top speed, sure as hell not wanting to get caught up in that*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Not many fall with the building--the rest are still chasing Tarence. A few more articles of clothing fall to the ground behind the small crowd, and more weapons. But their strength is in the mass horde attack, and for Garou catching up from behind they're nothing but child's play. Lance leaps, huge paws slamming into one's back and crushing it beneath his half-ton of weight before heavy jaws flash down like the head of a striking snake and sever its neck with almost surgical neatness, and like a flash he's among the group, jaws snapping left and right as fast as he possibly can.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence continues leading them around, allowing the Hispo and Lupus forms of his fellows to catch them from behind, or on their flanks, jumping and hopping like a cub in amusement.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *spins to turn once more... moving to line up just behind the theurge and barrel forward... hardly even swiping at the monkies as much as simply running them over. The pony-sized wolf charges through the lot, the weight of a small car, and claws that cut flesh like paper....*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Once he catches up with some the shitmonkies, he seems to take great joy out of testing the mace. Happy when it doesn't bend or break. Aiming for heads and cavinging a chest or two in. A claw rake with the free hand from time as well. *

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *They don't even dodge away from Martin. Those that he hits get up as best they can and keep running as best they can. Those he misses completely igmore him. but the three dozen is down to two dozen in perhaps three seconds. Then down to a dozen, with half of that unable to run but trying to anyway.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Passes up the theurge, chortling gleefully as he turns sharply and circles around back to make another pass over them.... sweet Gaia, we need to find a way to do this on purpose next time...*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Lance leaps for the last one, but turns aside almost comically so he doesn't slam into Martin, who manages to savage the thing while Lance is still in mid-air. And finally, both this little piece of Gaia and Tarence's virginity are safe from the scourge of shitmonkeys.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence shifts back up to Homid as soon as it's over, and immediately falls to the ground, clutching his sides* Holy...holy...holy shit!...That was fucking awesome, yo!

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *comes to a slow stop after they seem, to be dispatched, hispo head flinging about curiously* ~ws~ Did anyone notice any fall to pieces? Did we get any jars with that?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Snorts, shifting to homid and spitting.* I need to get some cheap-ass whiskey to take with me on these outings... This one is gonna make it into the fuckin' Silver Record, I swear...

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Stays in Crinos a few moments longer, as if expecting something to show up but when nothing happens, he finally shift to homid. Grinning, looking at the mace before glancing around* That was easy enough.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Shakes his head.* I didn't manage to get close enough to see if they had any jars there, but I think we stopped 'em before they reached the bodies. We're still gonna have to think it over on how to permanently stop this. *chuckles.* have to ask Montana, likely, the woman's a helluva lot smartern' me. But remember what we were tryin' at the old war memorial.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): *Tarence finally get's up, but still clutches his sides, half from the pains of running, and half from laughing.* I gotta' figure out how to do that again!

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he shifts back to homid sighing as he slips the shotty back into the duffle on his back* Marty has a point there... valid for once.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Just sort of 'looks' at Lance quizzically on the issue, rather out-of- the-loop on most of these matters* ~ws~ Well, unless we have a thirty second job left to do, we'd better get scarce before the cops come...

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: Ruarc>>It's different when they've got fighting on their minds.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods.* Let's get the hell out, then. I wanna clean up.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *bobs his head as he starts to jog back to his vehicle*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): Yeah...let's book. *As Tarence begins to sprint toward the bikes.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Got ya', bitch!")): ((Out of the three fights Tarence has been in, now...he has hardly lifted a finger.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *snaps back to Glabro mid-stride as he near the fence and then the bikes hidden away not far beyond...*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): ((As well it should be, Theurge *g*))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: And off to the bikes. ((and feel free to head back to the JY.))

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: Hmm, they can be a pain if you let them it you like an ocean. *Shrugs before following Lucien.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *tears off into the night... at a medium pace*


--Back at the yard--

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *coasts the bike through the gate and into the maze to hide it*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): *The sounds of the twin bikes screaming in the night approach as Tarence and Marty return to the yard.*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): *Tarence stashes his own along with Marty's, and then leaps on the Galliards back* I do the work, mr. badass, and you have to carry me.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Climbs off the bike and heads straight into the Maze where he has a small stash of supplies kept, for a Rite of Cleansing. Living long enough on the streets teaches you that being clean is a privelige, and it's one he doesn't plan on giving up. After that, now neat and clean, he heads into the small clearing, frowning slightly as he sees there's nobody there.*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *the roar of his Hemi engine is heard as his vehicle approaches,yada yada yada, he makes his way into the clearing*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Follows Lucien, smiling a bit as he heads right for some of the left over food, grabbing a few spring rolls and a soda this time. * Anyone thirsty?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Shakes his head.* Naw, I'm good.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): Damn I still got a jonesing... *he moves to pull his cell from his messager bag that he's now carrying with him, he slightly frowns* Suck its too late...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Grunts along, thankful to be in glabro as he totes the cocky packmate... and irate that the packmate ALSO chose to be in glabro for the ride* Mmm... I smell cold chinese... that's the best kind...

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Shrugs.* I figgered it'd be a bit more difficult than that. Guess I didn't take Tarence's animal magnetism into account...

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: (Damn color *C*) *Sticks an egg roll half in his mouth before chewing it and letting the whole thing vanish into his mouth and is gone. Opening the coke before glancing around*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *snickers at Lance's comment as he makes for the beer*

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): *He swings his legs lightly to make it even harder on the Galliard, and dismounts once they hit the clearing, dusting his hands off lightly* Well, that was fun...and I didn't even get dirty. *As he flashes his chrome teeth...which make him look dirty enough as is, as he heads to the washing machine to toss Marty a beer.* Nice ride.

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Catches as the spry Theurge passes him up. He cracks it open and swigs* That's what they all say...

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): Really? You get a lot of that when a man has you on bottom?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: Tarence>>Just makes you the most recent in his long list of conquests.

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he glances towards Martin as he scrolls through his phone* Thats just cuz they know you'll hit them if they say otherwise Marty

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): He didn't conquest nothin'...I forced his bitch ass.

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Shakes his head before giving a good laugh. Sipping the soda before he draws too much attention to himself.*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): It's always important they think it's their idea, boys.. remember that. *Swigs* Hope i didn't leave ya at all saddle-sore, Terry-baby... *calmly turns and lights up a cigarette, taking a sharp inhale* Ho yeah....

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): *Tarence finishes his beer in a few, large pours, and crushes it, tossing it aside.* Well, I gotta' scram...need to find Pac-man...he's got something I want...*As he slams his fist into his other palm.* Night losers.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): Not at all, bitch...*As Tarence rubs his hands together real quick to get them good and warm...and then kicks Marty in the ass, before dashing off into the piles of junk.*

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: See ya, jaws. *Murmerig a bit with a grin, eating another spring roll*

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Just lets him run... looking back in the scrap and picking up an old, fried alternator. Long after he's gone from sight... he gives a hefty heave over the top of the junkpiles, still in glabro*

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he gives his packmate a slight wave as he looks over his phone, muttering* Man I really need to clear this thing out, all these are from D-town, too long a drive

Lucien "Open Arms, Closed Fist" Cassel (TCFB): *he moves to wander off into the maze, still looking at the phone as he does* ((And I'm out for the night))

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): *BAM!* AH! SON OF A...

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *flops back on the buick, chugging his beer* I don't how how you can trust those things... seems like a lot of important stuff to store in somethign that can't catch a 9-milly...

Ruarc ~Remembers the Echoes of the Fallen~: *Gives a wave to Lucien as he heads off* And one by one they leave. *Chuckles a bit, taking another bite of roll*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Shrugs, settling into the chair that used to be the driver's seat to a '54 DeSoto* Anyway, we got a busy friggin' agenda. We got the leeches, we got the lizard, we got the shitmonkies. And I have the friggin' gators that Slacker sold me into freein'.

Tarence Jones ((TCFB "Who da' man? Hm?")): ((I'm out too...hit me up on MSN or AIM if you need anything...still have a scene going on elsewhere.))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): ((Night guys. I'll probably be off soon, too... but might as well stick stick in case there's anything left to be said *g*))

Martin "Walks-the-Walk" Zhukov ((TCFB)): *Looks over at Lance* Whoa... okay, I know about the gators and monkies... but what are the other two?

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