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Shitmonkeys 1

(Date Unknown)
Archiver's note: This is the first real raid against the Shitmonkeys 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] When I talk to him Lance I'll ask. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Slacker>> Lemme know the answer, willya? I'm beginning to wonder. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Oh I will. I'll see if I can get the meaning of life and the winning lotto numbers from him too while I'm at it

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Regin>>They're weak little bastards, but apparently they don't even hang around to fight unless they outnumber ya three or four to one.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Slacker>>If you need to know the meaning of life.... 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *thinks a bit, for a long bit, before replying* Well this will prove interesting indeed. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Regin>> By all means, come along if you want. It ought to be fun. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Takes a drag off of his rollie and looks at his gym bag on his right shoulder* ~SS~ Telling you no sense of humor at all

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>> Okay, explain your plan to me now. Because I still don't get how we're going to get them to engage us, and then not run.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *grins in a rather lop-sided fashion* I think I shall. 

Stench ”Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] * He comes into the JY and heads towards the gathering area* Well guess who's coming to dinner?!

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] So when are we leaving 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Gary>> Well, usually Ahrouns explain their plans before they leave. I dunno how pussies do it, but that's how we roll at least.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *looks to the new entrant* Hello. Who's the special guest? 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Yo Stench, I dunno that chick, but chick I dunno that's Stench. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* Sure... One of us who wasn't there beforehand kinda wanders out to where we killed the Pig-thing—as if they'd heard about it and wanted to check it out. If that doesn't draw them, they can do a little bit of searching, but if, as we're suspecting, it's an important place for 'em, they're almost guaranteed to be there. *Uses a finger to make a dot on the ground.* Seeing as their tactic is bring in a shitload of numbers, it'll draw a whole bunch of them looking for action. When that happens, our volunteer runs like a little bitch, but not too fast. When they reach this point, *makes another dot.* Between the tree and those four headstones that make a half-ass barrier to kinda funnel them *a line and a circle to indicate both of them.* Then I'll join them. If there's way too many we keep running and draw them off. The rest of you wait here *another line and a dot.* where those fallen headstones were. If there are too many then we keep going and take on any that pull

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *smiles* Oh I enlisted some help for tonight. I will call him when we leave to take down the shitmonkeys.

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] You can smell him before you see him on a bad day. He's only about 6 foot, and painfully average in almost everything, build and looks. He is a white male with short messy sort of spiked out brown hair. He'd blend in if it wasn't for the obviouse fact that he's a bum, and a punk. Adorned in dirty torn clothes consisting of a leather jacket with various pins, combat boots, blue jeans, an 'Adicts' shirt, and a bowler on perched atop his head.(pure breed Silent Strider)- (( He's not so smelly tonight, he washed up yesterday...still a little stinky though))

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] too far ahead of the others. And you guys wreak havoc or follow and harass--that's your call, there. If there aren't too many, and it'll take a ~lot~ to be too many, then you fall on them from the rear and we turn and take them from the other direction. But not until after they pass this little choke-point here--*grins.* Because that's where I'm setting up the bombs.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] So like a half assed Thermopyles Pass? 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *shrugs.* Never heard of it. 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *waits until Lance is done explaining the battle plan before introducing herself to Stench* My name's Regin True-Paw.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Small group held off a larger invading group by using a choke point. But what if they just decide to flank you?

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] I don't think it'll take long before they start running, but with the headstones on one side, the tree on another, us on a third, and you guys on a fourth, we'll be able to make with the wholesale slaughter before they manage to get away.

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] Regin>> I'm Tracks by Tongue, just call me Stench. 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *nods to Stench* Okay. *looks to Lance & Kyle, since they're the tacticians* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Chuckles.* If that happens, then the whole plan goes to shit--but if we get flanked, then we make our way to you and vice versa, and we get the hell outta Dodge and sorta clean up around the edges as we go.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Okay, suggestion. *walks over* Why don't we flank them? Once they hit you and our bait at the choke point, one or two of us come in from their rear flanks. *makes two more dots* All we need is to make sure our bait makes enough noise and we can circle in Lupus. They aren't likely to notice us I don't think if they chase the rabbit.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] That way, they can't flank all of us. If it all goes to hell, we can just bolt in seperate directions, and since they rely so heavily on numbers, they'd have to split up alot to go after us individually. We'll figure out a retreat point to run to now if that happens. We all break up, run off and hit the retreat point.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Well, that's what you'll be waiting for here *points to the other line and dot again.*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *nods* 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U]Alright, sounds good to me. Who's gonna be bait? While I bet Slacker can run the fastest from any danger, I dunno if we can count on him to pull off the most important job.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny: [2DKQ] *Nods.* We'll use the open fields, then. Lupus will give us the advantage of speed, and we'll split off--all in the same general direction, but seperated. If you lose yours, you go to someone else, and the two of you can fall on the ones chasing him. Likewise if the rest of us do.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods. It seems he's not about to say so, but obviously he agrees.* Stench? You up to it?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *nods* Lance>> And if it comes to it, me and you go back to back and call the rest to us, give the others an extra 30 seconds of running before we just run like hell in any general direction.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods to Rockstar.* True. But the idea, at least, is that any group chasing one of us ends up facing two or three. Then we run again, and see how many we can kill before they figure it out--but that's if the plan goes all to shit.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Sure I'll be the bait. 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] Lance>> I get to be the lil dangly on the hook? Well alright, just put in a good word with the kin girly from last night, lie shamelessly. *smirks*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *beaten to volunteering* 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Just wait, get attacked. Attack Back. Not rocket science but I'll see if I can manage

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Which hopefully it won't. Always nice to have an idea of what to do if it does. *takes the multiple wallet chains on his pants and jacket and clicks them together to make a chain whip* Alright, I'm ready.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Chuckles.* Stench>> To make you sound good? We'll have to. Poor girl... *Looks around.* Everybody ready?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Slacker>> You aren't the bait. Because you already screwed it up. The bait is going to wait, get chased, makes lots of noise, run, and lead em into a trap.

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *loosk around* Okay, so Slackers the bait 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *nods* 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Why not. What else am I going to do tonight 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *laughs* Noise I can do. 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *chuckles a bit* Seems like I wasn't the only one considering volunteering. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Looks at Gary, then just shrugs.* You had all day to come up with one--but hey, maybe next time. *Stands and somewhat carefully shoulders the pack.*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] Alright, I'm bait again, I am gettign confused. I'll have to make a very quick stop to get the help I found earlier.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Slacker>> Probably not a damn thing worth mentioning, but you're not gonna fuck up the one job we need done. Stinky there's a Strider, if he can't act as bait well enough we're all in trouble.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Last time I checked it fell into your Auspice to play General. My plan with trapping all of us in a blaze to fight them was shot down remember

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Slacker>> You're going to wait with Rockstar and Regin. Attack if he says attack, run if he says run. And save the bitching for later--you'll need to be quiet.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Blow me like you love me champ 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] If we weren't about to go into battle, I would. So am I carjacking someone again, or do we have to walk?

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Stench>>Yup. You're just going to check out the place, get the scent, all that good stuff. Be a little clumsy, but not too obvious about it. If that doesn't pull them, head this way *gestures on the crude map* but not too far--I'll trust to your judgment on how far you can go and still be close enough to the ambush site.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *studies the makeshift map of plans one more time* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] It's less than an hour's run. If we take a car, then we either have to come back to it or we leave the thing behind to attract attention.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] So are we taking care of the other side too or is that not in the plan

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *nods* I think I can get em to go after me, I aint to big and burly looking so they may think I'm a good target.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny: [K2DKQ] That ain't in the plan. If whatever's there comes to this side after us, we'll deal with it then, but best to keep it simple--you know, so it ain't rocket science--and deal with one enemy at a time.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Fuckin walkin. Oi. *turns and walks out* 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Fine let's go and get this over with I have a Date with Jessica Alba later.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *nods to the others, then heads out with Kyle*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Ignores Slacker.* Come on, folks. Soonest begun, soonest done, and all that shit. *And heads for the gate*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Heads out jogging to the grave yard* 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] Rockstar>> Nothing wrong with walking man. *goes with the group* 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *And the group moves along. To those used to riding the bus or the train or their thumb, it's a fairly long trip, but eventually they reach the highway and the Historical Marker indicating the old Civil War prison.*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Looks over his shoulder still just jogging along* ~SS~ Lovely scenery ain't it Bob.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Looks it over, speaking quietly.* Alright... True-Paw, Slacker, y'all follow Rockstar and get into position. Stench, you come with me while I lay the bombs and you can see where the tripwire's at.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *she looks over the marker when they reach it. She looks to Lance when he speaks & then nods*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Nods* 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] You got it bossman. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *takes a glance around and then cycles through his shapes to settle on Lupus, all black and red fur, glancing back at the other two before bounding off to position*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *starts off following Kyle, shifting till she gets to the wiry, dark gray wolf form* 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Shifts himself up to glabro pulling the hood up over his head*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *shifts down to his jackallike lupus form as he follows Lance* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods and moves forward himself, aiming for the chokepoint. He stays in Homid, since he'll need it to do his own dirty-work.*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] -SS- You with us great flame spirit? 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((For those that ain't got a dice-roller, here's the one I prefer— And everybody gimme a Dex + Stealth.))

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *The spirit can't hear him, seeing as its in the Umbra, but Stench can still feel the powerful spirits' presence.*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((3 successes)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Uno)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((0)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] (( 1 success, the great Silent Strider )) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((and 4 suxx here....)) *The first bomb has the tripwire ready, and he lays it out between the tree and the tombstone, making sure Stench can see the line. The other two he sets nearby--rather than use a timer, he puts them close enough so the first bomb will set them off.*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *Eyes very carefully whats going on. He does not want a severe case of head explodey*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *And everyone moves along silently, or close enough to it... Except Slacker, who steps on a try twig that snaps loudly in the still night. There's some kind of noise of movement up ahead.*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Freezes, wishing he dared mutter an order to the others to do the same.* 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *the loud snap of the twig just causes her facial muscles to twitch, but she keeps following Kyle, to one side & behind him*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *see's Lance stop, and does the same, listening* 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *figures...stops behind a large statue memorial, waiting for the other two and chuffing quietly* ~ws~ When it starts, go to whatever warform you prefer and let loose with the loudest Anthem of War you got.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Still following Kyle and finds his own spot to wait*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *reaches Kyle, looks to Slacker then back to Kyle. She indicates in the affirmative with her body language*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (0) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Nods* 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((4 successes.)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((2 successes)) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *The slight wind sings through the tripwire he's still holding taut, but otherwise there's almost no sound from him.*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *Her deformity is quite obvious in this form. She has the short, stubby tail of a Rottwieller*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *And the plan has officially gone all to shit... Gary manages not to step on anymore twigs, but as he tries to walk over a fallen tombstone his rear paw slips in the gravel that used to be concrete and with a fairly loud ~scrooch~ of rock sliding against rock it slides off onto the ground--a loud noise in the tense silence. The stirring, obviously something coming to check out the sound, gives way to a high-pitched cry, as if someone kicked a Smurf in the ass, and soon the cry is repeated from dozens of throats.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ~ws~ FUCK! Chase em back to the other two! Herd the fuckers! *melts up into Hispo, turns the corner of the memorial and charges right ahead, belting out the Anthem of War and circling to try and start the herding tactic, hoping to scare them into running where he wants*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] forward. Wether they wanted him to be bait or not he's the bait now* ((In Glabro BTW))

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *Well crap on a stick. Her ears turn this way & that, trying to hone in on where the calls are originating*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Runs full blast towards the noise making as much noise as possible while he's at it*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *shifts up to hispo, looks to team leader Lance for guidance* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods, hearing Rockstar's call. He's call out a different order, but what Rockstar' doin' is fine, so he holds his spot, hooking the wire up and backing away, whispering* It's up to them now. Stay with me and be ready to jump in to help them if they need it.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *takes off bolting, generally heading in the same direction Kyle is, but doing so in a wide circling fashion, adding her own snarling War Anthem*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *It's not far to get to them--more than thirty are racing for the source of the sound--meaning they're aware of what's there or there are just so damned many of them that they can spare that much to check out one intruder* ((Alright... Rockstar, True-Paw, and Slacker, all of y'all gimme a Cha + Performance, diff 6. Since they outnumber you, it'll need 6 suxx between the three of you to make them flee; 8 to make them flee in the direction you want.))

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (2) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Lets out a roar in glabro followed by* Who's goin'n chicken hunt'n we's going chicken hunting

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *skids to a halt and growls as his Anthem fades, letting them get a real good look at his Dire Wolf shape and size by the moonlight. With hackles raised and tail bushed out, he doesn't just look like the mythical beast of Celtic lore, he IS that beast. He crouches down and then springs forward again, charging right at the ground with a second howl tearing from his throat, one of promise, of challenge, of slaughter. A headstone gets in his path and he just charges through it, his muscular shoulder shattering the stone and giving the shitmonkies a good idea of what's about to happen to them* ((Activating Persuasion))

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Rockstar, your roll on the Cha + Exp?) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((5 successes from me. Grr bitch, I'm scary.)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Which brings the group to a total of 10 suxx. since only 8 were needed...)) *Holy crap, this is textbook, here. Upon seeing an actually determined enemy to the side, the motley collection of Shit-Monkeys races off to the side themselves, allowing the three Garou to slip neatly behind them and continue harrying them towards the chokepoint*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Shifts up to crinos while he's charging them. Nothing really impressive his fur is an array of colors*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Ducks back further, making sure he's out of the blast radius, and with the force of his own Rage he bursts into Hispo, a dire wolf fully 5 feet at the shoulder and just as lean and rugged as his Homid form*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *backs up to stand to the side of Lance and crouches down* 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *Went from flankers, to bait, to heelers. She harries the shit monkies, snapping & snarling at their heels. Spittle flying to spatter on the ground or her coat*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *charges up behind the stragglers, grabbing them in his jaws, twisting and hurling them up and behind him as he continues to spearhead the herding tactic*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Howls as he chases after the little things trying to herd the stragglers growling and biting*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *And then, it hits. Three of them make it over the tripwire by pure luck. Two more actually manage to see it and jump over it, but the next one isn't quite quick enough and the Gifts Rat taught to Lance stand him in good stead--the double-blast (apparently the third bomb was a dud) rips apart the night, sending parts of Shitmonkey flying everywhere. Of course, all that noise is also bound to attract attention.*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((and init, folks.)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (10 Total) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((10)). 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((14)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((13)) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((17...)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Alright--Kyle an' Slacker, tell me whacha gonna do.)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((2 Rage for extra actions, autoshift to Crinos, two claw attacks for normal action)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Stench, whacha doin'?)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (Spending 1 rage, Splitting my first dice pool, attack, attack, attack))

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((All three Claw Attacks)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((Gonna lounge and bite whatever shitmonkey is closest to him)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((attacking three separate ones BTW if they are close enough))

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Nodnod* Regin? 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((Spending a Rage for an extra action, leaping atop the nearest shit monkey. 2nd action would be biting the thing & getting a hold of its neck with her jaws & pulling it down to theground. Unless you decide it's all one action))

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((oi my init was 15 not 13, god has been awhile)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Meanwhile, each Garou has about three of the critters looking to pound on him--some with bare fists and some with an assortment of knives, pipes, rusty wrenches... apparently, whatever they can get their filthy little hands on*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((You're close enough, you don't need an extra action to get to it.)) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Literally leaps into the fray, powerful legs carrying him easily over the charred ground to land quite cheerfully in the midst of the creatures, jaws and fangs flying. Two of them fall back, bleeding like hell, while the other falls down, completely savaged*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] *Gets down low and pounces foreward to catch one of the three bastards in his jaws and chomp down like it's a free burger* ((miss))

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((lamey lame lame)) *The mouthfull of air makes him realize why he isn't an ahroun* 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *the muscles in Regin's limbs bunch as in one moment she crouches then springs & lauches herself forward at the straggler, emitting a great roaring-snarl while she's mid-air. When she lands on it, her jaws go for the neck* ((2 successes on attack, 3 successes on damage))

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *They'd flee, but there's nowhere for them to go. Instead a rain of blows falls upon the attackers--stabbing knives, fists, pipes, even one with a 40-oz beer-bottle.* ((and since I'm too lazy to roll out what comes out to about 15 friggin' rolls... Each Garou soak 4 Lethal, 4 Bashing, then 5 Lethal))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((I take a total of 2 L and 1 B, and now I gotta frickin reroll my attacks. *mutter*)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((3 lethal taken total)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((negative 3 health levels)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((Ouch)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((3L 3B 4L wee)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((3/3/2)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((You don't coutn 1's in damage or soak rolls--although you're at –1 now.)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((1s don't count on soak, so ya really took 3B, 3B, 3L)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((oh ok, thanks)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((3L, 2B, 3L)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Well he still aint dead, not unless he takes another HL.)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((But he is back in his breed form, unless he uses Rage to try and revive himself.)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((*nod* At the same as Stench... Unless my math is wrong)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((Just spend 1 rage?)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((No, you roll it diff 8. And don't botch.)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((Wait a minute... *thinks the dicebot needs a seperate soak option*)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Each suxx brings back one HL, but you come up in Frenzy.)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((Alright, I will try)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((Only took 3 lethal then.)) 

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] ((faliure)) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((OK... It'll make for a worse scar, but otherwise you're fine. Just out cold and bleeding everywhere.))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *even as the rocks and cans and blades make small nicks and bruises, the Dire Wolf leaps forward, growing and changing into Crinos right as it lands, claws speared through a pair of of the shitmonkies and buried in the earth. With a roar he yanks upwards with his arms, sending the two shitmonkies and clods of grass and dirt into the air ending up staring at the third facing him with a killer's grin* ((Each of the two gets 6 agg from the claw attacks))

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Small they may be. Weak they may be, but damned if the buggers ain't got the numbers, and with the element of surprise gone those numbers are able to take their toll in a serious manner. Lance barely winces with a fist in the snout and a pipe alongside his ribs, and Rockstar does no worse except a nasty knife wound in one flank, but Regin is wounded badly and a knife in the throat forces Stench into his homid form, out cold.*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *The two go up... and they do come down, some 30 feet away, but they don't get up again after that.*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Fortunately, Stench planned ahead. In the midst of the mass of small creatures rises a colum of blame, roaring blue-white and resolving into the image of a broad-chested warrior, wearing loincloth of red flame and wielding a stone-looking ax of blinding white. One swing coats one of the Shitmonkeys in flame, and others jump or fall away, burned by contact with the spirit that casts a bright light over the entire scene.*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((Blows a willpower to change his action)) *Slacker leaps over to where Stench is and tears into one of the ones attacking Stench He swings at one with his claws and misses, turns to another and swings at the next one his claws ripping into it bathing him in it's fowl blood as he lets out a sadistic laugh (6 agg). He turns to the next and rips his claws into it giving it a healthy blow across the chest. (3 agg) He snarls again. Dispite his constant bitching He's oddly enjoying this* ~HT~ Bring it!!!

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((and Rage actions.)) *Lance wastes no time.* WS--Regin! Get 'im out of here! *And moves to Stench himself, who came into the fray beside him, gripping the man around the waist with his jaws.* ((Jaw Lock... just around the waist instead of the neck, and no 'force downwards into submission' bit.))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *his right hand lashes forward, claws tearing into and grasping hold of the shitmonkey in front of him, and then lifting him up as the Fianna leaps, rearing the hand holding the shitmonkey back as far as his limbs reach, claws tightening into a fist around the Wyrmspawn's innards as it's brought forward in an 'All or Nothing' style haymaker. The fist and Wyrmspawn slam into a fancy stone statue standing as guardian to a grave, the crunching of the shitmonkey only rivalled by the sound of the statue cracking at the base and falling forward, almost crushing Slacker's feet and falling on the heads of the shitmonkies in front of him*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *A huge Crinos fist splatters shitmonkey all over the statue, sending it crashing. The one that Slacker wounded staggers right into its path--and it ain't gettin' up. The other one manages to dodge aside, but he's too far from Stench to do any harm.*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *enraged, the sting of pain pisses her off to no end. with a terrible snarl she bursts to her breed form & works on tearing the shit monkey she was working on apart before heading over to get Stench*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((Second Rage...)) *With the helpless Garou firmly in his grasp, powerful legs lift him clear of the conflict and then some, several yards away to where he can set Stench down safely in the grass.*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *And with a snarl, he whirls again and heads to the fray, keeping between the crowd and the unconscious Stench.*

Stench “Tracks by Tongue”: [VH4J6] * bleeds* 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Alright. Gimme init one more time.)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] ((16)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Pfff, I go last)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (16) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((*G* Maybe not. The fire-spirit has 8, and he's attacking.)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Rockstar, what are you doin'?)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((He still beat me, I got 6. Gonna blow 2 more Rage for extra actions, 1 for ignoring wound penalties for the round, and attacking twice again, once by huring the statue at a group of em, once by clawing the last one that was on Stench))

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Ooo, actually I got 7. Woo)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Works for me. The shitmonkeys are apparently getting the fuck outta Dodge--especially seeing as how out of more than 30 there's maybe 10 left. Regin and Slacker, whacha doon?))

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((and 2 Rage)) *Jaws snap and fangs flash everywhere again, tearing through flesh and bone as Lance brings another two down, mangled beyond ability to live, and mauls a third.*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *upon hearing Lance, she hurries over & takes Stench. she slings him over her shoulders & fireman carries him to safety. She slashes & bites at any foe that stupid enough to block her way. some she simply barrels over*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *He leaps at the ones that were originally going to attack him and laughs. His claws tearing into one of them hitting the flesh of its chest hard again (3 agg). He snarls as he turns to the next one. And misses completely as he over estimates it\rquote s place and swings to high slipping on the grass and snarls in pure fury*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Regin has no trouble getting to Stench, but over the hill she can see more coming. A fucking ~lot~ more, enough that it's painfully obvious the Garou aren't going to be taking the place over tonight.

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] ((Ahh, there we go. Rockstar, your turn.)) 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Rather than swing the ax, the huge warrior of fire simply lunges forward, slamming a body of pure flame through the few remaining of the Shitmonkeys, to send them bouncing or falling away, screaming*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *lands next to the statue and grabs it, claws digging into the stone. With a growing growl he spins once before lauching the thing sideways at the ones near Slacker, then as he continues to turn he lashes down with his right paw stretched out as far as it'll go to spear the last shitmonkey that took down Stench to the ground*

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Kyle's thrust misses, but the critter's nearly shredded in Lance's jaws a moment later, so that works out well enough. And more voices—a holy assload of them--can be heard over the hill*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *The last one, already horridly burnt by the fire-spirit's rampage, goes down to Lance's fangs, and he looks around quickly.* WS--Time to get the fuck outta Dodge, folks. Let's move.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *growls and leaps over to land next to Slacker, roughly pulling him to his feet* ~HT~ Move ass fuckup! *and then melting down back into Hispo, Rockstar starts to do the same*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Follows behind the group, ready to handle attacks.* WS--put a mile or two behind us, and then into the Umbra.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Gets up from the ground* ~HT~ More on the way.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ~WS~ Can't bring Stench with us through a guantlet this damn thick. You all go, I'll grab him and run in Homid back using Hide the Wolf.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Looks at Kyle* ~HT~ You can't. I can 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *Seeing that more are coming, Regin emits a challanging snarl at the shit monkies. She'll put up no resistance when Kyle takes Stench*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *or Gary* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((*G* Not unless you got some Gift I dunno about you can't...)) WS--Shut up, Slacker. Rockstar, do what you got to

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *once a couple miles have passed he stops and shifts to homid, his paltry wounds already healed and suddenly with his Rage bottled up tight* Shut the fuck up, you aren't doing shit after what just happened. *motions for Regin to give him Stench, and once he has him he runs off twords the yard*

Lance ”Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny: [K2DKQ] *Heads to the 'yard himself, stepping out of the Umbra and heading straight for the shower*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *SHifts to homid* Fuck off Fianna 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Heads off towards the yard* 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *once Kyle has Stench, she looks to the others & heads into the umbra with them. she arrives at the junkyard, emerging from the umbra & in homid form. her wounds seemingly to have healed by now*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *it takes Rockstar longer than the others to get there, since he's in Homid, sticks to alleyways and avoids well lit areas, but eventually he gets through the door and calls for the old man, even as he carries Stench in to the clearing and lays him down on top of whatever's available*

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *does a head count once Kyle arrives* Well that was interesting. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Reaches into his bag and pulls out some top and rolls himself up a cigarette lighting it up when he's done*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Which turns out to be the backseat that Lance used to use as a chair, laid out to set the guy on.*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *the first thing he does once Stench is laid down is light a cigarette, the second is to draw his sawed off shotgun and check to see if it's loaded, the breech popping the shell out for Kyle to catch and put back in, turning to look at Slacker as he closes the barrel* Okay. Let's all discuss something. Like what reason I'm gonna need to have to not put the fuckup's balls into the ground.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Shrugs.* Go ahead. 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *looks over at Stench* Does his wounds need treated? 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] You got a problem challenge me if not shut the hell up

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Grunts and stands.* Your fuckin' invitation just got accepted, fuckup. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Didn't hear no reason. *click, aim, BANG* ((Init?)) 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((Yeah, we better, I think.)) 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] ((DD: Her long, wavy brunette hair frames her narrow face and her bright blue eyes stand out as if they were the only source of color in a dark, grey world. A black leather “Members Only” jacket adds defenition to her already athletic shoulders and torso. A pair of low cut jeans only highlight her curvy hips, all the way down the steel towed knee high shit kickers on her feet))

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] (14) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Init it is then)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((8)) 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *By this time she's pretty much learned her way through the maze, so getting to the GA a little quicker after hearing the gun fire isn't so much a problem*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((4 successes)) 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *With a slice of pizza in one hand and her gun in the other, she quickly makes the decision to move away from the two maniacs with loaded guns to a safer position next to an older more sturdy busted up car* What's goin on here? *she says mostly to herself *

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] ((3 Suxx)) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Rollin damage)) 

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *looks to Cali* Long story short, we lost the element of surprise because he's as stealthy as a female cat in heat.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U]] ((Well that screwed me on the dice, 3 lethal)) 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Gets blasted in the side and blown back against a car hitting the ground hard*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] That's enough shootin', Rockstar. Slacker, if you want people to challenge or shut the fuck up, then just say so and we'll get in line. Until then, use your fucking brain.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Nods thoughtfully as she struggles to take a bite of the pizza without getting it all over her* That'll do it...

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *nods* Yeah. Though it could happen to anybody really. Anyways, I'm Regin True-Paw. ((And the dicebot was wasn't nice when it came to the stealth roll))

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Steadies himself back up and tries to shift to glabro failing*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *flips the breech open, the smoking shell flying out and quickly replaced by a fresh one* Not to mention fuckhead, this aint no Sept, there's no Caern, no Master of the Challenge, no Elders and no Truthcatchers. There's the basic law of the land, mob justice and might makes right. I've taken alot of mouth out of you because hell I thought you'd at least be able to overcome that by being worthwhile in battle, but your dumbass almost got Stench killed and totally fucked up our plan and any chance of using that kind of tactic again. ~Fuck~ you are worthless. *holsters the shotgun and kicks the washing machine he usually sits on a few times before lighting a second cigarette and sitting down*

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Works the piping hot pizza around in a vane attempt at remaining unscathed, before swallowing a piece of hot cheese and paying the price for it as it works it way down* Ahhh...ahhhh....*fans her mouth* owyowy...

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Shrugs, just glad to be cleaned up at the moment, and heads back into the shed to see if any of that bundle of food is left.*

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Finally shifts up to glabro* Yeah I fucked up being stealthy. Don't act like I wasn't right there fighting with you in there and don't act like I didn't kill any of them.

Regin True-Paw (I hate SBC): [POC38] *goes over to Stench, pulling some random object she can use as a makeshift chair. there she pulls vigil over Stench, at least until he regains consciousness* ((And that's what Regin will be doing. I'm going to be heading off to bed))

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] and I did my best to cover stench when he went down getting them damn things off him.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Unless you wanna get hurt a hell of a lot more, shut the fuck up. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Easy, Kyle. Slacker>> It was a simple plan. Plenty of ways to get the hell out, plenty of little safety factors. All you had to do was stop moving when the guy you were following stopped. You don't know to quit movin' around when you make a noise?

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] Like I said I fucked up. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *reaches down and pulls a warm beer from where he stashed the rest of the case inside the washing machine, ignoring the horrible taste and temperature and just chugging it*

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *When the conflict seems to have resolved itself she puts her gun away and hops up on the hood of a nearby car, listening and eating*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] That's a good start. Now there's three things you need to understand. First is that you almost got some of us killed, so we're pissed. If you don't like that, too bad--that's fuckin' life. Second is that you owe Stench some apology, because you damn near made him take the celestial dirt-nap. Third is that you might want to learn what the hell you're doing so you don't keep fuckin' it up until you ~do~ manage to get somebody killed. And fourth, you need to quit runnin' your yap about our plans, because it seems the best adjustment we can make to them is to keep you out of 'em.

Anna~: [TF5VM] The rumbling of a truck is heard before the Mack is actually seen. And probably woke old man Chopper up to boot. The driver wastes no time, the rig's turned off and she hopes out of the cab with a small brown bag in her hand. Locking up the truck and headed to the gate.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] I'm fucking working on it 

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Chopper opens up the gate.* Careful. There was a gunshot in there a couple minutes ago--I get the feelin' they ain'thappy.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* Well, one out of four is a decent start. 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Turns her head at the sound of the large rumbling engine at the gates, and leans back on an elbow watching with idle curiousity* Somes hear...*She says just loud enough that anyone not talking at the time might hear her*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] And the next time you use my Tribe as an epithet, I'm gonna fucking tear your lungs out and use them as earmuffs, and I mean that as literally as anyone ever has in the history of exsistance.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* That'd be Montana. 

Montana James: [TF5VM] She hands the brown bag to Chopper as she steps inside... “My guess is, it has something to do with the cemetery”

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] Well, I'll ask about it later--hey, thanks. *Closes the gate before checking the bag.* 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] You make the plans I'll follow them. I fucked up sneaking around the graveyard. I won't keep moving next time. I'll apologize to stench for almost getting him killed. Like I said I fucked up. Don't know what else I can do

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Nods matter of factly as if she has any clue who Montana is* Ohh...ok 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] You aint heard me -once- make some crack about the Gnawers, or call you urrah or Omega or dogfucker or any of the usual shit you'd hear out of other Tribes, or hell even other Fianna. So I'll be damned to the deepest darkest Hell if I let you pull the Tribe card.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods, at least slightly mollified.* 

Montana James: [TF5VM] “I'll get a paper in the morning see what was found and whatnot., it it was new worthy.” There some fresh veggies in the bag, a bit bruised and banged up but still etible. “think it safe to head back there?”

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *looks at Kyle* Actually you're right. I was pissed. You haven't tried to do that though I've been expecting it, it still hasn't come. I apologize. Honestly.

The Redneck ST: [1CND0] *Chopper pauses a minute, head cocked* Well, no more gunshots, no snarls loud enough to be heard from here, and the dogs haven't come running out here scared as hell, so yeah, probably.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Finishes her dinner and wipes her hands on her jeans* So yah'll had some fun tonight I 'spose?

Montana James: [A78OH] “I might be running back myself if it not all calm back there.” she chuckles and head on into the yard, following the direction she got the night before.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] In theory. Set up a little ambush. *Glances at Slacker, but since he's owned up to the fault he apparently doesn't see a need to rub it in.* Didn't work exactly like I'd planned.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Looks up as Montana walks in and smiles.* Thought I'd heard that truck. Nice to see ya.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Lets himself shift back down to homid once the wound has healed and pulls off the sweatshirt and the t-shirt looking at them* These are fucked. Need to get some new ones

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *grunts as the only verbal acceptance of the apology he's probably willing to give right now and then like Lance, drops it. The stories that are told of the deed will bring as much punishment as is needed* Lance>> We were damn lucky they scared easily enough to be herded like that.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Follows his gaze to Slacker...having deduced as much so far then bringing it back to bare on him* Bummer...*lights a smoke* did I hear right that the smelly kid got hurt?

Montana James: [A78OH] Into the clearing she steps, Designer clothes, who can afford them and in this neighborhood? Yeah, right. Steel-toed boots, cut-off jean shorts, tank top and a ball cap... Of course what\rquote s in the clothes can make or break the view, and the view is not bad at all. Montana is tall woman, with long dark brown hair that frames a pretty face, nice feminine curves and legs that look great in cut off jean shorts. She is not rail thin, in fact it’s fairly obvious she works for a living, subtle defined muscles in the arms, legs and abdomen... You’re thinking Fenrir, right? Maybe, maybe not. (purebred, strider)

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Montana>> Hey, hear it here first. Stench took it hard, but he'll live. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *lights up another rollie and takes a drag off of it* 

Montana James: [A78OH] “Evening, Lance. I heard a little something myself. guess y'all were out in the cemetery tonight?” 

Montana James: [A78OH] She nods to Kyle, “Glad, he'll be all right.” 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods to Cali and gestures to Stench, stretched out unconscious on the backseat of a car.* He'll be alright, I think. Kyle>> I know. Figgered to leave it to your judgement whether to carry on with it or try somethin' else. If it hadn't worked me an' Stench could have covered your retreat.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Slightly taller than average, with a thick and solid build. His dark brown hair with dyed black tips is purposefully arranged in what could best be described as 'a mess', with the tips hanging just above his quicksilver grey, blue flecked eyes. He wears a pair of cut off denim jeans, a lightly faded T-shirt advertising Flogging Molly, and a pair of well worn Chucks bearing pins from multiple bands on the insteps. Bondage cuffs adorn his wrists, and neck and flaked dark red nail polish adorn both middle fingers. (Pure Breed - Fianna) ))

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] You heard it from where you were at? *Grins* Did a better job on them things than I though. 'Specially since the third was a dud.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] ((Save that he's shirtless, wearing a multiple stud, chain and safety pin clad leather jacket and covered in gook and nastiness))

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *A scruffy, wiry bastard. His hair is a dirty blond, his eyes a lighter brown. No feature particularily calls for praise, but he's generally tall and lean, with most of his 170 centered in his chest and shoulders. He usually wears a T-shirt, BDU pants that were originally worn in Operation Desert Storm (yeah, the first one) and suede desert-combat boots from the same source, that originally belonged to his father*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Actually clean, on the other hand, although his clothes aren't.* 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>>Well they ran from me last time, decided to see if they'd remember and run again. That or I was gonna just plow through to you two and ditch.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *He's a pretty good sized man about 6'3” little over 200lbs.He’s got a surprisingly good build to him really and looks about 19. a pair of torn jeans, one work boot, a combat boot, and a beat up Scud the Disposable Assasin Hat on backwards..His short brown hair pokes out the front of it of his green eyes have a kind of sheen over them. He's got a beat up Black and blue ADIDAS Gym bag over his right shoulder.*

Montana James: [A78OH] Lance>> ”The after math.. cops all over the place from what I heard. I wasn't close enough to see the happening. didn't seen no body bags when I did pass the cemetery.”

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Kyle>> Those charges did a nice job on 'em though, I think... I think what we're gonna have to do is find out where else they hang around and kinda trim around the edges a mite. Cut down on the numbers before we make another major assault.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Montana>> It'll probably be blamed on vandalism or some shit. They'll focus on the broken statue most probably.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Looks at the Gym bag* ~SS~ I know, I Know. Yes I know.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Yeah and so did that spirit. I'm guessing that was the special friend Stench was talking about. We all better hope and pray it got out okay and isn't pissed at us for leaving it behind.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *chuckles.* I think they'll worry a bit more about the bomb-craters.... 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Damn...this bunch doesn't waste know time gettin down to business.* Well...glad he'll be ok...maybe someone should clean 'im up 'fore he comes too?

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* We ought to gather up a little something for it, for Stench to kinda bring along next time he sees it.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>> He can have that leech's spinal column I still got. That should count for something for a fire spirit you'd think.

Montana James: [A78OH] She looks over at Kyle, “That's pretty much what I said. Kids getting there jollies.” He's at least not shooting her his charming smile tonight.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* Probably ought to help. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *Takes a drag off his rollie thinking* 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>> We need to know more about those shits. And we need better than just claw and fang to deal with more than that size group. And amazingly I just found out about a frickin assault rifle toting gang nearby. See where I'm headed with this line of thought?

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Her eyes start to float around the GA again...just kinda imagining the place before turning back to the group* Hey yah'll if were gonna be staying here for a while, you think we oughta try and make this place a little *takes a drag from her smoke* Like move some of these cars outta the way, give us somemore space in here?

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *turns to look at Cali* And who the hell are you anyways? 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] The leech will work. Could also offer him wood, paper, candles, incense, anything that burns actually would be a good offering to it for its help

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Cali>> We ought to check with Chopper before we start moving stuff around--it's his place, after all. Kyle>> Well, let's go one better. A gang with assault rifles doesn't just have good guns, it's got people to use 'em.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Turns back to Kyle having already pegged him as a fullmoon during his arguement* Cali ~Scorched Earth~ Weston, Galliard Gnawer...who the hell are you? *smile*

Montana James: [A78OH] Grumpy garou, better to just listen.. 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>> That it does. I'll have to see if suckering them into taking on the shitmonkies is feasible. Think of a way to arrange it somehow.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods, grinning.* Extremely ~disposable~ people to use them. Shouldn't be impossible to lead one of 'em to the other.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *takes a drag off his Rollie* 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Cali>> Well if we're being all fancy, Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson, Fianna Ahroun, son of Doyle 'Debris' O'Lees, Fianna Ahroun, grandson of Patrick 'Whipcrack' O'Lees, Fianna Ahroun and so on and so forth. Rockstar or Kyle's fine with me.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>>Impossible no, but it depends on how well infested this gang is with leeches. 

Montana James: [A78OH] *Leeches again&ldots; hmm..* 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* True enough. Either way, we'll need to know more about both groups. I'll try and quiz the Midwest Connection next time they stop by.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Takes another drag and exhales* Wish i could remember my dad...*said with a humorous grunt* Nice to meet yah.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *slams his fist into the top of the washing machine and grabs another warm beer from inside it* FUCK if I only I knew how to teach the rest of you that Gift.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Grins.* And I'll have to make more of those bombs. I was rather happy with them.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Takes another drag* What gift? 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Cali>> Me too, never met the bastard actually. He's all into that committing acts of terrorism to free the Emerald Isle and whatnot. Ditto.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Shrugs.* I'm probably too Ragey for it anyway. But a good Theurge could probably get some work on that too. Cali>>I remember at least that far back--Pa died in a standoff with the feds. Blew up. Matter of fact, I'm officially dead, too--still got my own obituary around here somewhere.

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] What spirit taught it to you? 

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Laughs softly* Me my obituary in my pack... 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] It's called Hide the Wolf. *thinks for a second before shrugging* Fuck it. The Garou that gave me my Rite of Passage was one old ass Garou. He was Ronin once, and no I don't know what he did to get exiled, but he did enough great shit to get accepted back into the Tribe. When he realized I wasn't ever gonna leave the cities he taught me a Gift he learned as a Ronin. It pretty much hides your predator side, makes it so the humans can't sense you as a big furry death machine. But he also made it quite clear that if I tried to teach it to someone else, the spirits would rip my ass apart for trying and I never knew what spirit taught it to him.

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *looks impressed* Sweet least we know who send out on the grocerie runs now...

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance >> That's the point of the Gift. It hides your Rage, all of it, so that nothing can feel it until you use it or shift.

Montana James: [A78OH] What kind of extended family does she have. she remains quiet, look round her for find something she could sit on, finding nothing nearby she just crouches down... listening.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* Cali>> First change, I charged an entrenched SWAT team... Not my brightest move. Kyle>> There's one a little like that, I can learn when I've got enough rank. And a ragabash Gift I might try and pick up.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] That's how I got so close to those leeches without them realizing what I was until it was way too late.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Chuckles slightly as Montana squats down and, with a few moments concentration, shifts to Crinos. In that state it's a simple matter to open the door to the '54 Desoto that the back seat came out of--the one Stench is currently reclining on—and it's just as easy to remove the front seat with one quick yank. Then he simply carries it over and sets it next to where Montana's hunkered down, shifting back to Homid as he heads back to the fire.* I've got to find me something to eat tomorrow, and maybe get a few more mixing-materials.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Then again....*turns and looks at Montana, looking at her hard but definately not in the way he was last night. Now it's much more in the Garou Warrior calculating his assests way*

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *snickers* Bet a few of them are still havin nightmares about it too...assuming anyone lived...*snickers again, but way more icely this time*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] I didn't even get an obituary. Just a single line in the paper “Also the attendant, Kyle Leeson, was proclaimed dead in the explosion.” Bitches.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Cali;>> Well, the Delerium hit 'em, but before that they salted me down with lead. I woke up about halfway to where they were at in a puddle of my own blood. From what I could figure out most of 'em couldn't even remember why they ran like hell, so they just reported that they'd searched the place and found both our bodies there so there wouldn't be any questions.

Montana James: [A78OH] When Lance shifts Montana stands up. she might know he wouldn't intentionally hurt her, she hopes.. but she is still not competely use to seeing a werewolf. She clears her throat, when he shift back to homid, “Thanks. ---all the food gone already?”

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Kyle>>I made the front page... Of course, that's because my pa blew up the police station before they came out to the farm, but...

Cali “Sorched~Earth”: [CI4WB] *Blinks...having just remembered something* Oh yeah...I just remembered...I brought a few bucks with me, figured we could just make a pot or somethin and get food with it * a few bucks...ha! more like a gangsta roll. at least $300 dollars she probably stole* Dunno why I saved this up...*shrugs* but I can't let fam go hungry...

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Montana>>I think there's some left. But I'm gonna try and find something I can make a good-sized meal out of... might see if I can steal some fishing gear somewhere and see if there's anything worth wasting time on in the river. *Chuckles.* If there ain't, then the riverbank's as good a place to waste time on a hot day as any.

Montana James: [A78OH] She didn't notice Kyle looking at her. 

Gary ”Slacker~Takes~His~Own~Sweet~Ass~Time” Allens: [W5FCL] *heads off into the junkyard to find a place to sleep*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] We don't have anywhere to store anything but imperishable dried goods. That's money better spent on just plain takeout for now.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] ((*G* Keep the Curse in mind, folks... saving money is just about impossible for Gnawers. Getting it's difficult, but saving it is even worse. that's why Gnawers tend to be careless bastards who spend everything they get--they know it'll be gone in the next couple days anyway.))

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Shrugs.* There's decent dry food too--or at least edible. 

Montana James: [A78OH] She nods to Lance, “I've done that many times. haven't heard how the fishing is in this area though.”

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Go take one look at that river, and all the shit spewing only Stag knows what into it and tell me you wanna eat something that comes out of it.

Montana James: [A78OH] “There's places outside the city to fish.” she says to Kyle. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods and actually 'ooh's, properly amazed at the Gnawer holding a wad of cash.* What'd you do, bury it? Montana>> But I'll come up with somethin'. Worst comes to worst, I'll head out of town a ways and liberate a few of some poor guy's chickens or somethin'.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] Kyle*Chuckles.* You eat what comes out of the supermarket, don't you? Besides, I eat what I can find. It ain't pretty, and it don't always taste good, but give it three or four days without and dirt from the ground would taste good.

Montana James: [A78OH] “I'll drop some goods off when I can..” she just now sits in the car seat Lance tore out of a car moments ago.

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] Lance>> Yeah but like most Fianna, we've fucked up our system enough with bad bathtub gin that we could drink toxic waste and be alright.

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Nods.* It'd sure come in handy. I'll find a way to pay you back. *Looks around and yawns.* And I hate to run, but I'm gonna get me some sleep.... Goodnight, y'all.

Montana James: [A78OH] Another nod to Lance, “Good night.” 

Montana James: [A78OH] (night, Ken) 

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] See ya Lance. Good shit tonight. We'll get em again. 

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] *Heads into the shed. the shower runs for a good long while, and he comes out in Crinos, carrying his clothes, now sopping wet, in one hand. The fur at least protects decency as he hangs them up to dry, and then with a slight effort he shifts to Hispo, heads to his usual spot in front of the junkpile, and curls up on the ground to try and sleep*

Kyle 'Rockstar' Leeson: [WMB2U] *looks at the other two* You know, normally I'd probably be expected to make a joke about one Fianna and two chicks, but I'm too damn ragged. *leans back and lights another cigarette*

Lance “Rides-the-Storm” Kilkenny:[K2DKQ] (('Nite, ma'am.)) WS--Damn straight. *Another bone-cracking yawn, and he closes his eyes*

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