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Shitmonkeys 2

(Date Unknown)
Archiver's note: This is before that last one--a scouting trip to the same location.
Anna's note: I deleted "Yam Yam's" posts as well as related posts. 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Takes out his water bottle and sips, screwing the cap on and placing it back in the duffle on his shoulder.... a meaningful action to the more mystically knowledgable. He eyes Makato again, an eyebrow raising above the black lens of his small sunglasses as he observes the change*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *smiles at Collin's expression* Before I left to come back home, I was Makato Windblooded. *effortlessly and blindingly fast he goes through the forms to Lupus, the silk becoming streaks of color in his blue-white fur, waiting for the rest to assume a more mobile shape as well before running off and leading them to the construction site*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Seems almost in awe of how strange Makato looks, himself not looking to different, just a bit more,neat. He shifts down to lupus, an ugly homid makes an ugly lupus, though his reddish copper fur is less mangy in this realm.* WT- You are an intersting garou.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *and a bit slowly, follows suit to Lupus, without really looking more muscular than before, his bone structure's a bit more deep chested and broad shouldered... almost like a pygmy hispo. And sure enough, with this much black fur showing, storm clouds do seem to ripple and swirl within the silky coat. It's nothing major...but there's definately something moe to him than simple breeding*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *shifts to lupus as well, the thin man forming into an equally angular wolf of reddish-brown hue. A band of black fur streaks across his chest from shoulder to hip* ~ws~ You'll have to lead, Rides-the-Storm... I'm still unfamiliar with the landscape. *As though there was a question to begin with*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *The trip doesn't take long, despite a quick detour around the police station, crowded with lazy-looking weaver-spirits that may very well be tainted or even twisted by the Wyrm's influence, a simple reflection of the cops' corruption in the real world. Soon enough they're approaching the site. it's set in somewhat of a valley, with a high board fence topped with barbed wire and warning signs all around it.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *STays up by the front, but lets Makato lead the way, seeing as he actually knows where it is.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *stays near the middle-back of the group* 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *pulls up short once they reach the fence* ~ws~ This is the place. I'm incapable of being stealthy in the Umbra, for obvious reasons, so if someone is going to go in first, it should not be me unless we cross the Guantlet again.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He takes up tow, following the others, for various reasons* 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ~ws~ I can blur *shrugs slightly* 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] WS- I can go take a look. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Shakes his head.* WS--The Banes running around here, if its attracted so many fomori, must be a horde--ad what we do know about the shitmonkeys is they like force of numbers. Be much safer to cross on the other side, but I want a look. *Moves along the fence, looking for a hole or gap he can see through, and for a spot to Reach without being noticed.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *nods* ~ws~ But if the Wyrm has turned this into a blight, the Guantlet will be weaker at least and easier to cross.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] WS--Small consolation... *Peers through a knothole, then steps back.* Have a look. I'd say we're going physical.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *pads over and peeks through the knothole* 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *concentrates for a moment* 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *and with more effort than a more practiced ragabash would need, his fur shimmers and blurs just the slightest amount* ((1 succ))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *It might be a blight. The webs of the buildings are changed, somehow--not fading or thinning as they would be if it was simply collapsing, but twisted. There are even, apparently, a few saplings on the other side, and these too are starting to twist as their spirits change, the trees trembling slightly as if in pain. A few banes, things that look like nasty little hoofed crows, roam around, but in the shadow of the buildings can be seen movement that is almost certainly more of them.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *steps back so others can look and nods* ~ws~ Agreed. 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *follows suit to take a peak... frowning to himself at the sight of the crow-banes* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] WS--This should work... *Moving to a spot between two piles of concrete chunks, broken two-by-fours, and ripped plastic sheeting. He concentrates first, Peering across the Gauntlet to make sure there aren't any witnesses, then shifts to Homid before fading back across the Gauntlet.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *follows Lance and does the same, but stays in Lupus, wanting the sharpened senses as soon as he crosses over*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He shifts to his breed form and follows suit. stepping sideways by Lance* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Vicente's eyes narrow at the sight, then shift to the side, taking notice of the other Garou's poor use of the Blur. He snorts, rustling as he shakes out his fur... much of the color seeming to disappear with it* (Blur, 3 sux after WP)

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *reverts when Lance does, and likewise forces his way across the gauntlet. slowly.* 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Slides across in Lupus as well... confident enough that any who might spy him won't be the type to squirm at the sight...*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *The Gauntet is somewhat light--certainly not what they'd find out in the middle of the forests, much less a caern, but lighter than it should be in the middle of the city. It may not be a Blight yet, but they're certainly working on it.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *And entrance is somwhat easy from here--he climbs up onto one of the piles, looking over carefully, then grasps the wire, careful to space his hands between the barbs, and hops over.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *once in the realm of flesh again, the obvious signs of his heritage gone but the feeling of them remaining, he sniffs at the air and ground, looking for the signature stench of the shitmonkies*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And a Dex + Athletics roll from everyone, diff 8. Diff 6 for Makato, because of the Balance Gift.))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((4,10.9. two succ)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *on his part, he makes a series of short hops, from pile to the tip of the fence and then sommersaulting off it to land easily on all fours* ((5 successes))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *follows after Makato... he may not be fancy or amazing, but he doesn't trip and bust his face, either*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((And holy fuck, these dice hate me...)) *And as he hops over, the cuff of his pants catches on a jagged chunk of two-by-four. He almost tumbles, thrown off-balance, the wire gouging at him before he lands on the ground on the other side with a thump, a clenched-teeth grunt, and the unmistakeable sound of breaking bone.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *cringes inwardly at Lance's thump, looking quickly for cover in case it draws attention*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * Gets over without much trouble. * 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Dragging himself close to the wall, into its shadow, and concentrating a moment to shift to Glabro.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *visibly winces and looks at Lance with concern, at the same time cocking an ear and sniffing the air to see if the sound is drawing anything to them*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *They're in luck, apparently--there's some movement in one of the buildings, but it has a.. regular look to it, and as they watch it continues. Not a response to an alarm or intrusion, for certain.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *glances at Vicente's superiorly blurred form... and in lieu of Lance's grace, cancels his own to try again*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He moves off to the side, using one of the piles as mild cover before slipping back to homid. Blurred or not, no need for extra risks. After the others have all croseed over, he hops one foot onto a block of concrete and moonsaults over the wires, landing in a hard crouch... wincing slightly.. not as soft as he'd intended..* ((1 suc))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Shakes his head, deciding not to speak. And grunts in frustration as he can't force his body into Glabro. Damned if this is just not his day. Instead his body almost bursts into the form as he channels his Rage, the broken leg straightening out in moments.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *grunts to himself as the gift fails to activate... tries one more time, refusing to look weaker than he is in front of these guys.*((and wp on third try. 3 succ, finally))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Gazes across the lot at the building, keeping an eye out as Rides-the-Storm heals....*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *looks at Lance, flipping his tail and ears and gesturing with his head, the Lupus body launguage equivilant of "What's the plan?" or "Lead on."*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Finally stands, nearly 400 pounds of pissed-off, and takes a look around for himself before gesturing to the building.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Leads off, figuring if anybody should have to bear the brunt of an attack it should be him, keeping to cover as best he can.*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And another roll--Dex + Stealth, diff 6)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((2 succ)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Failure)) *some things just don't lead to good sneaking, and a grey furred wolf with bright blue and violet forelegs is one of them*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((3 suxx. *G* Finally, didn't fuck it up...)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( 1 success)) * Damn near trips over himself, master of sneaking he is not. * 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((3 succ, +3 dif to be seen)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *keeps ducked low as he follows a bit behind Makato... he's no ninja, but at least he has the right idea*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Takes the lead up with Lance, at least... to those that can see him. A small smirk drifts across his lips... glad to be in his element*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((ack. they got 3 suxx out of three dice...)) *Perhaps Lance should have stopped to explain such a physical matter to the metaphysical sage, but the truth is this just ain't their day. They're barely started out when there's a high-pitched holler. A patter of running feet, and the sound of something unlatching.*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Grunts.* WS--Ragsputin and Eyes-without-form, to the left. Flank 'em.

Alexi Nicholai 'Ragsputin': [SCD6] ((lost window. back)) *drops into lupus at the holler, causing a slight pause before he can follow Eye's flanking*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He grumbles and straightens up, not wanting to get bumped into by Garou or Fomor alike... With a hint of irritation: * ~lv~ Why don't you guys just pull back... "Ragsputin" *pauses, apparently unfond of the name* and I could go on ahead... while they're distracted.

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] WS--Because we don't know what's there yet. *Stops where he's at, crouched down, waiting to see what their reaction is.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *perks and moves slightly away from the others, closing his eyes and taking a few deep breaths to collect himself before staring straight ahead, ready for the enemy's charge* ((Activating Resist Pain))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He shifts from homid to lupus while he has the chance. Incase they decide a tactical retreat is needed*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *Vincente can debate it if he wants.. Alex ups his pace a bit, moving around for some cover he can charge a flank from*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Grumbles, perhaps a little louder than would be polite, as he turns and paces off to the left, hands in his pockets... There wouldn't have to be any damn fighting if people didn't fuck up so often.........*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *chuffs quickly to Collin and Lance* ~ws~ If one of the larger ones comes out, I'll grab it and hold it for you to attack it. I'll make a call when I do, and until then I'll keep it distracted and as harmless as I can.

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *The escape continues, but apparently they had an extra something to cover their retreat. A hideous grunting, squealing sound issues from the building, and a clatter of hooves. At least three of them.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Laxidaisically begins to shift, so far drawing into Glabro...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Grins, Rage forcing him into Hispo.* WS--I've seen these things. I want one. If we have to retreat, then Makato and I hold the rear.

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Laxidaisically begins to shift, so far drawing into Glabro...* 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Grins, Rage forcing him into Hispo.* WS--I've seen these things. I want one. If we have to retreat, then Makato and I hold the rear.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *keeps silent at the squealing and hooves, but posture displays joy... when paired with his eyes rolling skyward it makes for a nice sarcasm*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *snarls at the sounds, shifting to Crinos in a flash of silk and explosive growth, hands held lazily behind his back now*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *uses his rage to shift to war form* 

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *And there are three. Nasty? You ain't seen the half of it. Pigs, perhaps the size of young cows, with tushes near to a foot long. A flat, dead white, with apparently no skin over the top of their heads, leaving their skulls exposed. And reeking like half a million run-over possums... They stop a moment, sniffing the air, and charge.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *places himself right in one's path, still with hands lightly clasped behind his back, looking for all the world as if he was being charged by nothing more threatening than a bunny*

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] *Moves slightly to the side, growling cheerfully.* WS--the one in the center is mine... Collin, help Makato...

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *A sharp intake of breath as he whispers to himself* ....skull pigs? ...*He pushes to shift again, this time a bit more seriously... He draws into Crinos... a form short of what he wanted, but better than Glabro, nonetheless...*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((Alright... everybody, init.)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((12)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *growls quickly at Collin* ~HT~ I'll keep their attention, you make the kills. 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((gah! init 8)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((7, for a total of 15 in Crinos)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *growls* HT - It will be done. 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((14)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((11)) 

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((Alright... Alexi, you first, then. Declare for me.)) 

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *The creatures are splitting somewhat--they have no organization, just their blinding hate and desire to kill--heading for the visible group.*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((and you too, Collin)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *hopefully hidden still with Blur up, going to wait until two of the pigs are taken and one's on Lance, then just a senseless combat-inexperienced charge for the flank to try and chomp a bite out*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And Makato..)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((1 Rage for extra action, splitting for a Moving Breeze dodge and then The Hurricane afterwards on whichever attacks him.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( ARe they close enough to attack? I'm going to spend 2 rage, 1 to get close enough to the one nearest myself and Makato, 1 split dice for a claw and bite, and the regular attack for a claw. ))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((*G* You can only split your first action, but they'll be close enough by the time its his turn that he won't have to use an action to get to 'em.))

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((Lance is going to try and leap over the center one and turn for a hamstring maneuver, and spending 3 Rage for actions. Vincent?))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Sorry, I'll spend 2 rage, and my action will be claw and a bite.)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Vicente plans on letting the three pass him, then baring after the rearmost and hamstringing it. 1 Rage.))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((And my bad. As far as the charging--one's attacking Collin, one Lance, and one Makato.)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Aw man, I was supposed to help the gazerboy, well, these damn piggies didn't get the memo))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Actually, my bad... no Rage.)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Think Vicente and Lance roll first)) 

Lance "Rides-the-Storm" Kilkenny (Laggin'....): [JWBLB] ((And sorry about the delays, folks--I'm getting lashed by the north edge of Katrina over here, and my ISP craps itself whenever I get an inch of friggin' rain. Vicente's waiting will put him after Makato, then, so it's Lance's shot...)) *Snarls, moving into the group with a fluid grace and then launching himself into the air. The half-ton of muscle and fang sails over the creature's back, where he lands lightly behind it and whirls to slash into its back leg with his fangs.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((I'm holding my action to dodge first, so I go when they go)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Oops.. forgot to tack on the -2 for rear, Dif 6. Man, though... when that turn comes.. -what- a hamstring. *g*))

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((*G* Yeah, that'll be a nice one. Go for it, Vicente.)) 

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] *Blood trickles from the wound--Lance has caused the creature no real damage, but what he aimed for he succeeded in, and the creature staggers, one dragging to the side.*

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((An' go ahead and gimme yours, Collin and Alexi.)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( 1 success on the claw attack, and a nice big wiff for the bite)) 

The Redneck ST: [UVPV6] ((Roll through an' post 'er.)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((3 succ on a bite from the side)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Vicente turns slowly, trying to calm himself as the battle approaches.... god, why couldn't they have just snuck in.. ~The thundering hooves grow louder.~ He stands perfectly still, just a few feet to the side the the leftmost's path... He said it was recon.. What part of this is recon? ~The ground beneath him shakes.~ I hate this. I think I might hate -him-. I wish I could have done this alone. ~The thunder climaxes, pitch rising with every inch more... and from the corner of his eye the smeared form of the creature charging headlong. With a twisted sneer on his face he darts forward, matching its pace... three knuckles pop between hoofbeats... and SLAM... His left claw buries into the creatures leg at the apogee of it's kick... and with that he darts backward, keeping clear of the rest.* ((5 agg))

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((only 2 succ on damage. Lethal)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Roll an extra die for that attack, Vicente, and then roll it again for the damage if it succeeds. *G* I use stunt dice.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( 2 damage....and I suck)) * He lunges at the beast with an outstretched claw, barely connecting, and turns his head but just can't stretch far enough to make contacts with his fangs*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((that was frickin' wierd.)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Sweet... though no extra successes. *g*)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((The action itself succeeded, though, so take a point of Rage.)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *Like the other, there's only a trickle of blood from the creature's leg, but Vicente's maneuver obviously had an effect as the creature almost falls, leg dragging.*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The pig that Lance injured whirls to face him--or tries, at least, but the wily, rugged Hispo moves easily to keep behind him. The other would slash at Vicente, but Alexi is a closer target. Still staggering, it rips upwars with those vicious lower teeth, but its balance is too far off and it misses. The last, uninjured, charges at Mikato, jerking its head upwards to impale him with both tushes.* ((A miss on the one against Ragsputin an' 2 suxx on Makato's.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *blinks slowly as the Skullpig charges, and at the last second he moves in a blur, shrinking down to Glabro and spinning to the side, effortlessly bypassing the tusks. And as they pass, his hands lash out, grasping the tusks and turning, using it's own strength as extra momentum as he rises back up into Crinos, spinning it around twice before lifting and letting it fly into the other Skullpig now attacking Alexi* ((6 success dodge))

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((I'll need another roll, Dex + Ath diff 8, to hit the one pig with the other....)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((*Blinks and golfclaps* ...badass.)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( ... maaaaaaaaaaan )) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((6 lethal damage)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Rage actions. First one in order, becuse they're spendin' it too.)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Well they declare first then if they're spending it)) 

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Snarls, as much a warning for the others to leave his along as it is a result of his action--nearly dancing to stay behind the bastard, he lance into it again, heavy jaws seeking past the flank to tear at its abdomen.*(

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *yelps and his testicles nearly pull up entirely inside his body as the damned thing turns on him at his charge... if there was time to react, he'd be trying to catch his breath at how fast that happened*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Rage Action 0: Be quiet and semi-invisible... *nodnod*)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Yeah, hold off on Lance's post a sec. The one thrown was tossed at the other but not quite accurate enough. it's scrambling back to its feet. The one that Lance attacked is going to go for him, while the other is going to jump for Collin.))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((Lance, obviously enough, is making a bite attack.)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( My rage action will be to dodge the attack. )) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Crap, and I forgot--Lance, Alexi, and Vicente--each soak 1 agg. These buggers taste like a mouth fulla Comet.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((I'll go for Binding Wind on the one attacking Collin)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((That's why Vicente purposefully ~clawed~... He's a smart cookie.)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((My bad. no agg for you, then.)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((And since I go before it)) *with hands back behind his back, he rushes forwards, crouching low and lashing out with his paw, grasping for the shoulder joint of the Skullpig and then rolling on the ground, forcing it face first into the ground with it's leg held up to the side and his foot in its shoulder socket*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *and doesn't even shut his mouth as the burning on his tongue begins, choking back a yelp*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] ((and now, since Alexi-p will catch up when he finishes more beer... )) *Snarls, as much a warning for the others to leave his alone as it is a result of his action--nearly dancing to stay behind the bastard, he lance into it again, heavy jaws seeking past the flank to tear at its abdomen.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((It's held with 5 sux, failure on damage tho)) *barks at Collin* ~HT~ Now! Gut it! 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((what abotu me and beer?)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] If I change my dodge action do I get a penalty to change the action? Or can I roll a bite to the beasts underbelly as per normal?))

Montana James: [DU5JL] (lurks) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((a WP and +1 diff--but it'll be -2 diff for the immobilized opponent, so you'll better than balance out.))

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Changing actions is +1 dif, unless aborting to a defensive action.)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((No WP in Rev... at least, not in my book.)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Alright, nevermind the WP then. I was tryin' to look that bugger up.)) 

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( okay got it. and rollin - 4 success to hit, 5 agg to damage )) * He cruches low and thrusts himself at the prone skullpig, biting deep into its softs belly*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( soaked the 1 agg from the bite)) *Almost chokes on the vile fluid that is the beasts blood*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *It's not the creature's blood, so much as simply its skin. It's very, very tough skin, that doesn't seem to react to Collin's attack. Were they a pack, one of them would be scraping that natural armor away so the other could attack, but without the spiritual attunement a pack grants, that's beyond them.

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((ah, skin, bah)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The creature Lance was attacking, left alone at his request, whirls clumsily and catches him with a slashing blow that glances along his shoulder, drawing a thin line of blood.* ((and everyone who put more than 1 Rage, fire 'em off now.))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Don't think anyone else blew more than one Rage)) 

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Growls, slipping to the side again as the fangs draw a line of fire across him, and snaps again, powerful jaws digging again into its flank. The heavens open up, far above, and the angels sing, "YOU'RE my daddy, Lance!" as his fangs tear impossibly deep, burying nearly his entire head into the creature's midsection.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] ((claw attack to the skullpiggy, gonna roll it . 5 agg for damage, again.)) He roars in frustration rearing back his right arms and slashing violently at the beast, cursing at himself and the creature for the seeming futile efforts*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *And in a blur of motion he moves further behind it, now at the other side, fangs slashing.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( I blew 2)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((oh yeah, Collin did blow two Rage.)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *This blow severs the spine, and the creature collapses, dead.* 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *Collin does better this time, drawing a fairly deep wound into the creature.* ((Next round... And let's just finish 'em off. *G* we been rollin' this out for what, 2 hours, 2 and a half? freeform it.))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] * He puts his foot on the beast, slams his claws into each side, and then he screams out bloody murder as he pulls with all his might*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The downed pig tries to wriggle loose--but shaken, wounded, and its joints bent at quite the wrong angles in the monk's grip, it remains held fast.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *with Lance's command (and the fact that the bugger's dead), rushes for the one Makato hurled, burning rage to shift to Crinos, foaming spittle flying from his maw as he dives for the thing claws-first*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Hallefuckinluljiah already)) *shrinks down to Glabro, spying some rebar that was meant to be a wall, and maintaining his hold on the Skullpig he spins it around, once more shifting into Crinos at the last second for added strength and momentum, letting loose for the pig to fly spinning into the rebar pikes and the cement wall*

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Hurls himself at the one that isn't held down, joining Vicente as he lashes into its shoulder, giving the other Garou a shot at the flank.*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Walks (Yes, walks) back into the fray, sidestepping just in time to avoid being run into by one of his companions. As they pile upon the remaining two, he sighs lightly, darting in and raking out the tendons from its other hind leg.... Darting out from the skirmish again, he turns to check on the status of the other*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *The spinning doesn't help... the rebar does. By rights, it should run the thing through a dozen times, but damned if these things aren't tough, and all but one of the six pieces that it lands on bend beneath its weight, the fifth running through it's already injured abdomen.*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] *Yells at the impaled pig the high tongue equivelant of "my balls your chin" * 

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Fangs bared now in a grin, he dives around to the side again, nearly burying himself in the creature's midsection.*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *melts into Hispo, crouching and leaping upwards, bounding off a cement pipe, then shrinking to Lupus to carom off a pillar, spinning as he plummets twords the impaled Skullpig, and lashing out with one leg, once more effortlessly shifting into Crinos to drive the skull of the pig deep into the wall, through it and into the ground* ((Tornado Kick))

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Is the aftermath gonna be archived at all? I'm going to get some sleep before I gotta go into work tommorow. I guess Collin will just go off after they leave or go to bed, that okay with everyone?))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((All good)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *with all the bonafied ass-kickers leaping to finish the downed pigs off, backs up a few steps and begins puking voluntarily... trying to get whatever he swallowed out of his system*

Collin "Riles-the-Blood": [4S53N] (( Its been fun, thanks to everyone for being patient, I need to relearn alot of the game mechanics. G'nite all ))

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *With the creature already hamstrung, dispatching it is no trouble, and he looks around at the others, covered in blood and les-mentionable substances.*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] ((Happens to all of us. 'Nite, man.)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] ((night, Collin)) 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] ((Is it's puny head crushed?)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((Night, man...)) 

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *That's enough to take care of the last one. The skull cracks, the head hangs at clearly the wrong angle, and if it ain't dead it will be in seconds*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *lands in homid and turns to the others* We should move quickly. We have no idea how they move between here and the other places, and the commotion is sure to at least attract the attention of those Banes.

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *nods his agreement* ~ht~ let's scootch. 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *Vicente nods, stepping forward to make his location a bit more obvious to them* Let's be quick... if they have reinforcements elsewhere, they've no doubtedly been alerted as well. We should aim to be homeward in under three and a half minutes.

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Nods.* HT--we'll have to see what was up another time, but at least we know there were few enough here that they fled. That's something to think on. *Heads to the fence, but rather than leap it he stands in front of it, bracing his legs.* HT--On, up, and over, folks.

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *runs to the fence, shifting to Glabro and cupping his hands to provide a boost for the others to get over it, this time with no one breaking anything*

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *chuckles at Lance* I'll help you over last. 

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *Snorts, amused.* HT--I'm going to hear about this for awhile, aren't I? 

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *smiles* Happens to the best of us. 

Lance "Rides-thje-Storm" Kilkenny: [FPS97] *And once the others are over, he shifts to Homid and lets Makato help him over the fence.*

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *sprints towards Lance, reverting to homid and bouncing off a pile onto his shoulders and over the fence.. it may not be graceful, but it works*

The Redneck ST2: [1QVEU] *From there, into the Umbra and back on home.* ((Go ahead an' fade to the JY, folks.)) 

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] *He nods with a light sigh and darts for the fence, leaping high into a twisting foreward flip and clearing the fence without so much as brusing it...* ((4 Sux...))

Makato Stands To The End: [TT72Y] *pushes upwards on Lance's foot, letting him clear the barbed wire easily, then crouches, his legs shifting and expanding, and vaulting over himself in a single and simple leap, landing in homid and using the caps of his tonfa to Sidestep once more, hitting Lupus and leading the group back to the yard*

Vicente "Eyes-Without-Form" Chavez: [ZWTPP] ((*Gone2JY*)) 

Alexi 'Ragsputin' Nicholai: [HY7MX] *for the sake of not being redundant, follows suit with stepping sideways, shifting and running* ((gone to junkyard))

The Redneck ST: [C6OO] And thus ends the archive------------------- 

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