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Superbowl "Saturday" in the Yard
 Note: This took place on Saturady because most
people would be watching the Superbowl on Sunday.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Redneck ST: *PacMan's Yeast is sitting in the chair normally reserved for Montana--it's the most comfortable seat there, and nobody has the rank to make him move. On the ground beside him is an old straw hat, and on the other side of the clearing is a television.*

Damien Rangore: *Meanders his way from the maze with hands stuffed in his pockets to keep warm. Pausing to take a look around-...And no, not in the shadows-...They don't cop good feels like everyone assumes. He blinks seeing the Athro around and offers a respectful nod as he moves for his car* Evening, Rhya. What brings you here?

The Redneck ST: *Pacman shrugs.* Superbowl.

Damien Rangore: *He blinks-...Then nods* Ahhh. Never much watched sports. *Smirks, but goes quiet. Gnawers likely hate him enough as is-...He doesn't need to interupt "the game" and get a TV thrown at him. Hrm-..TV. That's a new one for the yard*

The Redneck ST: *And a brand-new TV, too. 23-inch, making it one of the cheaper models, but significantly more than even Gnawers are used to.* Me neither, but this is the big one.

Damien Rangore: *He nods-...Glancing around for anyone else just out of curiousity*

The Redneck ST: *Nobody else so far. Not even the rest of the MWC yet.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *He awaits in the shadows. The shadows do not embrace him. The shadows do not caress his frame. The shadows do not wrap themselves around him, acknowledge him as master, recognize him for one of their own, or cling to him like a jealous lover. In fact, the shadows don't give a shit. They're just shadows.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *A black nose pokes from under her car, sniffing faintly before it ducks back into the shadows...Soon, the scrawny mud colored wolf crawls out with a dirty old, torn bandana that's tied up and held as gently as possible between her teeth. Once out, she pauses to have a look around to those there...Unable to show her disapointment hardly no Gnawers but she does start trotting for Pac-man Rhya*


Damien Rangore: *He watches the Lupus and almost chuckles, but he's eyeing what she's got in her mouth* Hey, Muddy-...Hey Lance-Rhya. *He's starting to get uncomfortable now. They're coming out of the wood work and he's the only Owl Child in sight*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods to Damien--maybe a touch coolly, as may be expected.* Evenin', Mud.

The Redneck ST: *Pacman nods to the two* Y'all ready for the game?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She has a seat near Pac-man, but leaving room for his pack even as her jaws drop the bandana...If it were cleaned up, the colors would be teal and white...* ~ws~Howdy Pac-man Rhya n' Rides-the-Storm-Rhya...N' you too, Damien..*Creepy ass Shadow Lord...And she has no clue about the Owl thing yet or else he might not even got a hello*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): ~ws~Yup! Dunno much 'bout Foot Ball but I've been in on it once or twice...*Meaning the Rite, not the game...* So I just find what the colors and pictures is for makin' bets

The Redneck ST: *Nods.* Most of the homids don't know crap about it either. *Grins.8 They're just more likely to pretend they do.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She moves from the maze...A hat tugged down on her head but it doesn't display any sort of Sports team...Just the word "Byzantine" written across the front in white lettering...Her headphones on, but around her neck and head bobbing. She missed her shit..*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Starts firing up the grill--as usual, with busted-up palletwood rather than gas or charcoal--and then works on cutting up the sheep. It is a sheep, apparently, and judging by the care with which he's skinning it, it's going to end up a nice warm jacket.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): ~ws~That makes me feel better, then *Shifting up into Homid. Tv is a dangerous thing to look at while in Lupus..*

Damien Rangore: *His head turns for the sound of the music and he grins* Ash-...Your back already. So, do I call you Rhya yet or not? *Smirks* Enquiring minds want to know.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Should be safe so far, seeing as it's not on yet.* Yeah, you got a chance of winnin' it. An' if you don't, it still oughta be fun.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She offers a nod to the Gnawers* Evening Rhyas..And apologies for the one I don't know...*Meaning Muddy...She pauses, head tilting at Damien before she surpresses a grin and just nods as she heads towards him, shutting the music off. Soon having a seat beside him* Everything okay while I was gone? *And she's not tearing his nuts off...She must be pleased at what she's seen so far, as serious as she was about that one detail*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): (It's actually in one of the books that has something about tv being mesmorizing to a Lupus or something *L* I just read it myself a few days ago somewhere *G*) *She nods* Yeah. Is e'erone else coming too or they busy?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods slightly to Ash before turning his attention back to the sheep.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((*G* Umbra; Velvet Shadow. Looked it up myself for tonight.))

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Shrugs.* No clue who's coming. *Chuckles.* Those that don't know; well, that's their problem.

Damien Rangore: Fuckin' A right. Congrates then, Rhya. *Chuckles* And yup-...Ruarc challenged me for Beta though so I'm going to let you pick the challenge. Can't very well beat his ass and all that. *Chuckles* Other then that, unless someone did something we told them not to and I don't know about it-...All is fine.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): (I knew it was either one of the Umbra's or GW *L* Didn't think GW since I've not read a lot of it...Mainly just skimmed that one) *She nods then peers towards the other two, voice dropping* They gonna be in on it too?

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Her brows inch up slightly*......Why'd he challenge you?

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Chuckles, although he's not terribly amused.* Doubt they'll want to get involved in a Gnawer Rite, seeing as they follow Owl.

Damien Rangore: *Shrugs* You tell me. Took him off to relay what you said and he sorta did it out of the blue. Your guess is as good as mine and he said he would wait until you got back. *Chuckles* I don't mind, really- ...*Bullshit*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She blinks, eyes narrowing to slits and she scoots so her back is to Damien and Ash. Damn creepy ass bastard following Shadow Lord...And Fury she don't know*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Nods slowly* Alright then...I'll think up a challenge for you both and go from there.....How is everyone else?

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Looks over to Ash and Damien.* Might make it a little pre-game ennertainment, there...

Damien Rangore: *Nods to Ash* Good, last I saw. Not seen Lir and Cries all that much lately. *He chuckles at Pac-Man* I had one idea, but I think it would have gotten me sucker punched so I'll let Ash pick it. Don't think suggesting a snipe hunt as a joke would have worked all too well.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Grins.* I could arrange somethin' like that, actually....

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: Or Roshambo....

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Grunts...That reminds her of something..* Holy sheep shit...They even knew about that back at home...*Shakes her head*

Damien Rangore: *Smirks at Lance* I think that would be as unjust as suggesting combat to him-...*Leaning away so Ash wont hit him to hard*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods.* But everybody will enjoy watchin'.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Nods to Pac-Man* If you wanna do something for em', go for it..Your an Athro..

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Winces. Roshambo is not a good thing.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Wachs Damien's arm* No talking about gentalia the first five minutes of me being here...Especially your own...It just shows your a cocky bastard...*She's in awful good humor, even if she's still sort of blank*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *shrugs.* I'm not gonna step into a pack's matter like that--especially not an Owl pack. *whether it disgusts him or Owl will be offended, he doesn't make clear.* But if you're handin' the challenge over to me, I got an idea to run, certainly.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): Why cantcha whoop his ass? He's done better'n me in a leech hunt so that aint no excuse. That and have you seen Fianna fight? They're insane *Keeping her back to the two, but just throwing in her input as an Ahroun even though she just embarassed herself more then she knows*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She nods* I'd rather actually have someone outside the pack set it up if Damien isn't going to pick...Just no hooty hooing, please...*Her jaw twitches..*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods.* I figure we can avoid usin' that call...

Damien Rangore: *He smirks towards Muddy* Oh really? I'll keep that in mind next time then. Didn't figure him for a fighter-...I just figured if I said to first blood or something he would call unjust.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *chuckles, tossing chunks of meat over the fire.* Somebody wanna find the channel?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): Yup. He done better'n me when we chased down some leeches at that place the Thundercougarfalconbird took us too. If it says anything, he got glory n' I didn't...He can fight *She just wants to see a fight...Sue her*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Nods to Pac-Man* You call it if Ruarc shows up...If not, Damien can do combat with him later on or whatever they decide on...*She's just curious as to why the challenge was issued in the first place...*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods.* Well, this will be a test of intelligence--valuable quality in a Beta, yeah? So it'll take a while. Likely a whole night.

Damien Rangore: *Chuckles at Muddy* I'll keep that in mind then.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Nods* Yup. I'd rather them think with their heads instead of testosterone..

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *Grins but says nothing else. If she's around when that happens, she's taking bets*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods.* I can set 'er up when he shows.

Montana James: Montana stroll on into the area, several bags of superbowl snack food in her hands and dressed a bit differently then normal.. faded blue jeans, white T-shirt with a denim jacket over it, cowboy boot replace her usual work boots and her ball cap is replaces with a cowboy hat.

Damien Rangore: *He grins on the outside-...But Gaia forbid he loose or Ash'll be the blame. His ego is to big and knowing the Gnawers, it could be a set up. But he isn't about to say jack when a Fostern hands it over to an Athro. That's bad juju*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Her jaw twitches again...So she tugs the hat down more*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Smiles as Montana walks in, mutton sizzling pleasantly on the grill.* Evenin', Montana. *And back to cutting, so he can finish up and wash off the blood.*

Montana James: "Hmm, maybe I bought too much snack food. Hey, everyone." she says as she set the bag on the hood of a car.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): Among Garou? doubt it.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She offers a wave to Montana, currently seated beside Pac-man with a bandana that would be teal and white if it wasn't dirty as all hell*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): (*Kicks that to Muddy*)

Montana James: She'll be living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next month or so with all the money she dished out this month, but she isn't going to complain.

Montana James: She looks over at Pac-Man, "You're probably right. I don't think we've actually met sir, but I do know who you are.' she glances at Lance briefly and back to Pac-Man.. "I'm Montana James, kinfolk to the Silent Striders."

Damien Rangore: *Getting the challenge off mind, his voice lowers a notch as he murmurs to Ash* So-...Do I keep my nut sack for honoring my word? *Chuckles* Told you I wouldn't disapoint and go against me word of honor-...

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Grins to Montana.* Heard of ya.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Finally enough food hacked out of the sheep and the skin rolled up and set aside in the cold, Lance goes to wash his hands.*

Montana James: Pac-Man> "hopefully I was painted in a good light, so to speak." she chuckles.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Nods* You do...*And she almost sounds surprised at that...But she dances away from that subject, seeing there is no call for tearing him apart* Help your kin settle in?

Christine: Christine is observing from among the junk piles.

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: *the crinos slowly drags itself out of its car home, the hood of the car bending under his waeight. even in this form his robes remain, and so does his mask. Crouching apon the hood he looks down apon the gathering area, yawning.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods to William as he steps out.* Evenin', Will.

Montana James: Pac-Man> She looks toward the TV, "Yeah, it's mine. for my place, but Lance mentioned he was looking for one to watch the game, I had one so..." she smiles a little.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Looks up to the wierd guy.* What's with the mask, kid?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Chuckles.* Don't let her fool you, Rhya. She'll prob'ly be livin' on bologna an' pintos for a week for us.

Damien Rangore: Not -my- Kin that way. But she's helping out with something you might wanna deligate at the time-...While I go take care of something else. *Because Ash might be to hard. He hops up, nodding to Will* Hey, when you got a second-...Can I speak to you?

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Grunts...Damien wants all the fun and he's asigning her to do a Lords job? Her jaw tenses* Switch places...You talk, I walk...

Christine: She very quietly comes out of the shadows, not saying anything to anyone but will wave to anyone that notices her.

Montana James: She just gives Lance a brief smile.

Damien Rangore: *Frowns* Fine-....No pain making though. Unless it's called for. *Grumbled as he finally steps towards Pac-Man, hands sinking into his pockets more for warmth then any lethal suggestion* Hey Rhya, either before the game or after, can I talk to you since it looks like two of the ranking Gnawers are present?

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Chuckles slightly, as if something's muttering to him, and turns to nods to Christine, although he doesn't say anything--then chuckles at Lance's comment.*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods.* We got time before th'game.

Christine: Pac-man does get a tiny smile with the wave.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((Extra note--I just decided which team will win by taking a ten-sided Die. I said "Seattle" and rolled it. Then I said "Pittsburgh" and rolled it. The higher roll won, and the difference or closeness of the rolls determined whether it's a close game or a turkey-shoot. *G* So I don't want nobody tellin' me "They wouldn't have lost!"))

Damien Rangore: Great. *He grins, having a seat near Pac-Man* We wanted to get you and at least Lance in the same spot to tell you something just to keep less bad blood between us. Or as much as possible. I know everyone knows Owl's request of us, just as everyone else. Ash and I both also know the importance of not insulting a Totem, like when Ash stopped Ruarc from doing something that could have been insulting towards Rat, joke or not. Or so I heard. But either way, we wanted to let the Gnawers as a whole know we arn't going to be running around and catching Rat's children. We settled on mice bought from a pet shop and the occasional rabbit to keep him appeased. I don't know a lot on the rodent family, but I know there is a difference between mice and rats. We just wanted to point out you don't have to worry about us grabbing Rat's kids up and anyone who does in the pack and gets caught, better hope I deal with them instead of Ash. But on a side note, I wanted to check and make sure mice wouldn't offend you guys as well. If it does, that can stop too, Rhya.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((And with that, everyone participating in the Rite, please gimme a Int + Ath roll.))

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Shrugs.* Mice ain't a problem for us--Mouse is a diff'nt totem.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): (5,3,10,8 *G*)

Ruarc Brónach: *Comes walking in, glancing around. Giving a friendly smile to all*

Montana James: Montana doesn't know anything about the rite and she isn't garou so she's just there to watch the game.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods to Ruarc, holding back a chuckle.* Made it just in time... *Stands up and looks around.* Alright, ever'body who's in, gather 'round.

Christine: Christine sorta knows about the rite, but she's kin so she's there to just observe; out of curiosity.

Damien Rangore: *He nods* Alright then. We just wanted to point that out and make sure mice wouldn't be included. Also-...If we do catch someone going against the word, we'll let you guys have him for punishment against his honor if Ash actually leaves him whole. *Subtly hinting it might just be one person they are concerned about using rats* Everyone in the pack knows this and anyone stupid enough to go against it isn't wise enough to follow Owl in the first place. *Grins* But other then that, I'll let you guys watch your game. *Nods, standing once more*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): (Will-p get booted?)

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods.* Be right kind of you.

Ruarc Brónach: *Blinks at Pac-Man, just nods. A nod to all, smiling as always. Stepping into the gathering area proper*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((think so. I caught him when he was STin' a scene, so he might be in an' out.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She grins, already near Pac-man and waiting..To bad the Fianna didn't show up in time for the challenge, unless Pac-man makes it quick*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((So far I got Lance, Mudbomb, and Ruarc. Anybody else gonna venture a guess?))

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): (And 8,3,6,9 for Ash *C*)

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((Alright... gimme a sec to dole 'em out.))

Montana James: (Seattle by 2 touchdowns. *chuckle* Just kidding.)

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: ((Sorry, am multitasking, lost track of time, I may have mised a post above.))

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((Does William have a guess for the game?))

Montana James: Since her chair is currently occupied, she hops up on to the hood of a car, boot heels hooked onto the bumper.

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: ((Since this is his first time watching football, probobly not))

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Pac-Man passes the hat to Lance first, as the highest ranking besides Ash--and as a Gnawer and non-Owl-Follower, he definitely goes before her. *

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Drops a worn sharpening stone in to the hat.* I think it's gonna be Seattle, 10-7, and I think tonight we ought to look for information that'll help us find that shit in Pangea. *And passes the hat on to Mud Bomb.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She takes the hat with a grin* Seattle on a 17-14, n' I reckon to lay it on dealing with the leeches *She nods, reluctantly passing the hat off to Damien if he wants it. Unaware there is another Fostern in the midst*

Montana James: She can't help but smiles at Lance's suggestion.

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: *He makes his way slowly down the pile on all fours, crawling up apon the hood of another car to watch with curiosity to what is going on*

Damien Rangore: *His head tilts and he takes the hat from Muddy, digging in his pocket for change to put in the hat. Unfamiliar with the ritual* Steelers, 24-21 and for information on Pangea as well. *Hands the hat off to Ash*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *As they speak and pass the hat, Pac'Man is muttering in the Spirit tongue, calling the spirits to attend in a language that comes from his mouth in a way that speech simply cannot do, explaining the bonds that demand the spirits aid him and thanking them in advance for their help.*

Christine: Watching fascinated. Most of her attention on Pac-Man because of the strange language he's speaking.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Leeches and Pangea, toughy...She digs in her pocket as well to remove a small, round and flat stone she had an idea for after giving it to Lir...But she puts it in the hat* Seattle, 55-52 *Nods, handing the rat to Ruarc*

Damien Rangore: *He stands quietly, now just watching and wondering "what the fuck?" He can only guess whoever wins the bet or the closest one gets the junk in the hat or something. But what's it got to do with Pangea or leeches?*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *It almost gives you a headache to hear him speak. Something like watching a brick float in midair or planes flying backwards or a heterosexual Shadow Lord or those drawings where the water flows uphill to a waterfall and back uphill again or the stairs going at all angles. Most of those sounds, it should be impossible to make. Quite a few of them, it should be impossible to ~hear~.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): (And add in there on leeches *L* I suck at multitasking..)

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((And what's her suggestion?))

Christine: Feeling dizzy after a bit she looks away and rubs her ears.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((*G* Cool.)) *Pacman nods, finally wrapping up his little speech. Takes the hat and sets it on the ground next to him.* Ruarc, how 'bout you... better yet--Mudbomb, how 'bout you turn on the game, and we'll see how it turns out?

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods, grabbing his messkit out of his pack and two steaks off the fire.* Help y'selves, folks. *And flips the others again, before heading over to the hood Montana's sitting on.*

Ruarc Br�nach: *Takes the head, reaching into a pocket and pulls out a box of matches and some T-lite candles, about 4 in all. Cheap and useful in some cases.* Seattle, 24-21. I was gonna say some fun leach hunting, but the gathering information for Pangea would be more useful. *Glances around, unsure then holds it out to Will*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): ((*G* My Bad. Yeah, they get Ruarc's bet too.))

Ruarc Br�nach: (Bah okay hands it to Pac-Man, i hate getting booted)

Montana James: She scoots over to give Lance some room to sit with her.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She grins, hopping up to start first by pushing the button that says on...It might take her a few minutes, but she finds the big bulky dudes in jerseys throwing a funky ball around before she heads for food. Whatever was in her little bundle that went into the hat is yet to be seen*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Smiles at the kickoff, muttering something in Montana's ear.*

Montana James: She leans a little closer to listen.

Damien Rangore: *This is getting eerie and his stomach just did a backwards back flip, if that makes since-...It don't to him. He holds off on getting any food, letting the Gnawers eat first while he waits for his stomach to calm. This isn't normal betting, it seems*

Montana James: She chuckles and whispers a reply.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *And right from the kickoff, Lance has pretty much lost. Seattle wins the coin toss, and elects to recieve. Good choice, because they take the bugger ~all~ the way back, for a touchdown in the first 20 seconds of the game.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She's a happy little bitch. Food and a good Rite going. She watches the game, not really understanding but she can take hints by colors and such*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Pittsburgh almost duplicates their feat, for a good 50 yards of return, but finally kicks for three. And the entire game goes like that. If the bet had been the score at halftime, Damien would have won, with the Steelers in the lead 24-21.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Smiles to Montana.* It worked. *And watches the game. He's lost already, but he'll see whether it's the leeches or the trip.*

Montana James: She smiles a bit, watching the game and eating the steak. Yelling a time or two about a bad call the refs makes, or what she thinks were bad calls.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She watches in silence...It's to be known she isn't a sports fan, but she eventually picks up on tactics and what not...*

Ruarc Brónach: *Doesn't really seem to care about the game. Instead he opts to dig into the washer and produces the bottle of Jim Beam he started the other night. * Who wan'ts some? Hmm? Anyone? Muddy?

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She shakes her head at Ruarc...Giving him a funny look like she's afraid he'll poison her..But she's soon watching the tv again*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Thousands of fans--millions, around the country and even around the world, cheering, shouting in rage or lamenting almost in tears, all unknowing that a pinch of the energy they're expelling is going to fuel a Rite to guide creatures they don't even believe in to other cretures they don't believe in. By the time the game ends in overtime--a field goal from Seattle to cement the game at 52-49--the hat has a slight glow to those spiritually aware.* Hat's yours, Ash.

Montana James: She jumps off the car to celebrate when Seattle scores a touchdown, even though they are loosing... What would she be like if she were actually a fan of football.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Just watches, laughing occasionally.*

Montana James: (Or was that the other way around?)

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((*G* It was a close game, so likely there was plenty of time where Seattle was losing too.))

Montana James: Someone had to be overly animated during the game...

Montana James: (Cool. *s*)

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She blinks, nodding as she slowly reaches for the hat...Already planning on giving everyone their stuff back but it may be obvious she isn't to sure what's going on with the hat*

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *shrugs.* Hat's yours, Stuff's yours. Put 'er on and go get 'em.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Speaks quietly to Montana.* We'll be after 'em real soon. I'll be back soon's we're done.

Ruarc Brónach: *A confused look to Muddy, figuring she's gonna be like the others. Has himself a shot but thats it. Smiles to Ash when she wins*

Damien Rangore: *Grunts* Ash, you fucking beat me at everything. *Watching the hat curiously*

Montana James: She's wired by the end of the game. Looking at Pac-Man and over to Ash and back to Lance. "Guess I'll be seeing you later."

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She nods, quietly emptying the contents into her Byzantine hat which she removed before setting the straw one on. Placing the black ballcap on the hood of her car as her head tilts*

Ruarc Brónach: *Glances away a moment, ash in a straw hat is amusing*

Montana James: With everyone looking at the hat ash has... she leans in as if to say someing quietly to him, a cowboy hat hides somethings nicely.

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *Stands as well, shuffling closer to Lance however but watching..Clearly excited even if the Fury is confused on the significants*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Smiles.* I was hopin' for that. See you when I get back?

Montana James: She smiles, "Probably.. I'll be cleaning up. If I'm not out here I'll in your place."

Damien Rangore: *Turns his head, coughing into his hand along with the word "Pimpin'" at Ash. Then he looks back with a grin* Lead the way.

Christine: Christine was silent through out the game, though she did help herself to some of the food.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods, squeezing her hand before he stands and steps back.* You brought the TV and a whole buncha food--ought to let somebody else clean up. We'll be back pretty soon.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *Her head turns, squinting at something before she starts wandering forward...To everyone else, it looks like she's seeing something but the Bone Gnawers likely know better*

Ruarc Brónach: *Oh why did Damien after say that. A chuckle is let loose that turns into a sudden cough* I'm set...when ever.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Chuckles.* Ash>>Wanna wait up on us? *Digs open his backpack, grabbing what looks like a roll of bloodsoaked-and-caked cloth.*

Montana James: she squeezes his hand back, "Not many kin around to do the clean up.. besides I've got energy to burn."

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *She waits for Lance to "lead"...Her, at least...Weary of the Owl Followers but if they can win the Rite, must be an okay sign*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Chuckles, trying not to laugh harder, and mutters something in her ear before he steps back and starts wrapping the bandages around himself--yes, over his clothes.*

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She nods, pausing for Lance* Of course, yuf...*But she's looking back at whatever she's seeing, almost marveling. Fingers twitching in anticipation...Leeches being near or almost on top of her list of enemies..*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *It doesn't take too long before the bandages are on--and then fall apart in a cloud of shredded cloth and clotted blood. Rather nasty, but some Talens are.*

Montana James: "True..." not voicing the rest of her thought.

Damien Rangore: *He watches Lance with the bandages. He hasn't asked Lir if she can make one for him yet, but he's definantly going to try before the Pangea trip*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): What is that? *Head tilting at the Bloody Bandage that just went poof*

Montana James: "Good hunting.. ya'll."

Damien Rangore: Ready when you all are. *Grins*

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: *Curious by the game, his eyes still stay fixed on the screen.*

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): Cool *She grins and goes quiet, waiting for Ash and Lance to lead off...Ash only cause she's got the hat*

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: *Even with it over.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Looks up at William.* You comin'? Montana>>We'll be back right quick.

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((*G* It a closed scene going on or it okay for Cries to show up?))

Montana James: She nods to Lance waiting until they departed to start cleaning up.

Ash Spencer (11th Hour): *She nods, making sure everyone else is before she turns to start following what she's being shown...The anticipation and thrill of the hunt definantly sensed on this one*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((*G* Ever'body welcome; drag on in. Game's over, but the fun part's startin'.))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((Kickass)) *He parts the gauntlet, stepping out in his Lupus form and glancing around*

William ''Guards the Savage Way'' Bernhard: *He grabs his bow and arrows, shifting down to homid and follows.*

Christine: Christine already started to clean up a little bit.

Damien Rangore: *He moves to follow Ash, barely catching Cries in time before smirking* Shift up and follow us, Bro-...Gonna go kick the shit out of some leeches it looks like it.

Pac-Man's Yeast (MwC Alpha): *Nods to the folks and disappears into the Umbra.*

Ruarc Brónach: *A nod and smile to Cries, following Damien and Ash. *

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods to Mudbomb and heads along with them.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He blinks, shifting up before jogging to catch up with his packmates. Leech hunting caught, but he has no clue why Ash is in that hat*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((And hunt folks, head on off to the Dyn room.))

Mud Bomb (Gnawer): *Follows off with em'*

Christine: Christine helps Montana clean up. (however, I'm closing this window.)

Montana James: And clean up she does.. leaving the TV on while she does.



The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The flame retreats--once she's in view of the next gap, that's where that white flame is. She doesn't really need the guide out of the maze, true, but that's how the Rite goes. And then quite a bit of walking, as the white blaze leads them across the city, towards the river.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She's following what she sees with the determination of a videogame blood hound with a cheat code...Her walk kept decently slow enough for the others to keep up but it's clear if she could, she'd slip the leech and take off running*

Damien Rangore: *He stays close behind Ash as both her Beta and as an Ahroun. Letting her get the location or what looks to be it before he'll put a hand on her shoulder to slow her to let Lance step in for any form of plans if he wants, seeing as when it comes to Leeches Ash sorta has that whole one track mind thing going. And he wants to test out pack manuevers again*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Six people, some of them obviously homeless, walking down the street. Not a signt to reassure, especially considering what they are. There are folks who actually pull up onto the sidewalk on the far side of the street to avoid them, and at least one woman tells her husband that night that she was certain they would have killed her as soon as look at her. Eventually, however, they reach the river side of the city, and the flame is dancing in an outflow pipe.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He follows along quietly. Never really getting to tired of the walking but he is curious when they got such a big break. He isn't to savvy on the other Tribe's Rites*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She stops near the pipe, glancing back to let the others catch up or anything else they'd like to do before she climbs up to follow the White Rabbit..Er..Flame*

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: *Stays with the group, his qiver hidden under the folds of his robes, and his bow unstring and wrapped in cloth.*

Damien Rangore: *A hand clasps on Ash's shoulder before she can run off* Whoa, slow down there Rhya. We just gonna wander in and kill or we going to think? They've had silver the past two times-...Remember?

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He pauses when Damien slows Ash, looking between the Ahrouns*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Oh, ~seven~ nutty, scary guys, one of 'em in robes like a monk and a mask. THAT'll reassure 'em. Onward the trail leads, although Ash is the only one able to see the flame--this time into the nasy-ass tunnels, coated with slime and stink and water that it's best not to think on. Uphill, downhill, left and right and right again with no discernable pattern.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: Let's find where they are, and figure what to do when we see the ground.

Ruarc Brónach: *Just walks with hands tucked into his pockets, watching Ash and Damien. *

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: *Grunts..* I kinda don't have no clue where it's leading me just yet Damien or I would stop to plan...*Maybe* But it looks like were going in a bit blind...I would assume it would be a bit like last time, so unless you or Lance have any bright ideas...Just take em' out, don't let em' get away and beward of the crocagators *Nods before she scrambles up to follow her lead...*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Muddy: *She waits for Lance and follows in, letting everyone else decide...She's just there for the hunt and to help*

Damien Rangore: *Nods before following in after Ash*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He waits for the others, hanging in near the back. He'll let the true warriors have the first share while he does his Galliard thing before moving in. So in case of tight spaces, he doesn't need to be in the way howling and holding the others up*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Further, even, perhaps an hour of walking, before they come to an area with a few dim lights--apparently, some but not all of these leeches can see in the dark. The flame sits at the edge of this open space--maybe a holding tank, maybe a pumping station, who knows?*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((There are 6 leeches in there, and three ghouled gators. Tough buggers. ))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *Along the way, he relays it through the line of people there are six leeches and three ghouled gators that seem pretty mean. How he knows is anyones guess, but anyone who's done battle with him before and he's pulled that trick knows he usually isn't wrong*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She pauses as they near the lights, glancing back at Lance...Showing he can either step up as the ranking Ahroun, or she can continue*

Damien Rangore: *He gets a head count, already assuming Cries will hang in the back for a few seconds to get an Anthem of War out. He lets Lance call it but he's hoping at least the split into two's or threes to cover an equal number of leeches*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Nods and steps up.* When we come in, they'll put the gators 'tween us. Me an' Will an' Muddy'll take care of the gators, and y'all three go for the leeches. Move quick with it an' try an' get 'em all--there won't be another Superbowl 'til next January.

Ruarc Brónach: *Glances back at Cries, since they never have talked about who should be doing the Galliard duties. Since cries just seems to assume it should be him. No matter, the Fianna enjoy taking on Leaches. The Gators he could do without. *

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *Nods and glances at her guys* Remember to try and keep up with the others for a quicker slaughter...Pack tactics can help bring them down faster...Cries I'm guessing is going to take an Anthem..So you two keep up *Meaning Damien and Ruarc...Now waiting to move in, quietly shifting to Crinos should the tunnle permit* / Muddy: *She grins and nods, shifting down to Hispo as everyone feels a bit more inspired on the task* (Blowing a Gnosis for Inspiration for Muddy and 1 WP to Resist Pain for Ash)

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He shrugs at Ruarc. It's what he's always done and he aint heard the Fianna putting out no Call of the Wyld yet*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *There is indeed room for a shift to Crinos, and everyone's mind fills with purpose and righteous anger, fueled by both Mudbomb and Lance's use of Inspiration.*

Damien Rangore: *He takes on Crinos as well, kicking up Resist Pain. Muddy has his other trick covered so he doesn't waste the energy when it could go to waste*

Ruarc Brónach: *Shifts to Crinos as well, waiting for the cue.*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Shifts to Crinos, then Hispo, before he takes the time to kick up Inspiration himself.* WS--Ready? *And charges foward.*


Damien Rangore: *He lunges forward on Lance's charge, moving to keep up with an over anxious Fury who has left him in the dust enough already*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She's right behind Lance, pushing herself forward even after Cries yelp...Barreling for the leeches with a savage glint in her eye as she prepares to tear them apart as quickly as possible, even if they don't deserve it* / Muddy: *With a snarl of glee, she bounds right after Lance and keeps her eyes open for the gators the Other Creepy Shadow Lord mentioned*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Yeah, that didn't do so good.)) *These things... ~WERE~ alligators. Now... unnaturally thick and roughened skin and scales cover their shoulders and backs, along with a ridge of bone to protect from blows. Wickedly sharp bone spurs protrude from each side of their tails, but worst is the spike-spurs that protrude from each leg--a good five or six feet, with a flap of skin stretching from front-leg to back-leg to halfway down the tail, letting them glide on a deliberate collision-course with the Garou.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((and everybody gimme init.))

Ruarc Brónach: *Can't help but wonder what's taking Cries so long. Charging off after Ash and Damien once they do, following their lead like a good packmate*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((25))

Ruarc Brónach: (13)

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((16))

Damien Rangore: (( Going on Pack Init with Ash. *C* ))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (16 as well *G*)

Ruarc Brónach: (ohs heh) 

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((Sorry, 15. Finger slipped *S*))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((13 init for the leeches, 17 for the gators.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (15 for Muddy)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Alright... The leeches are racing for the two exits--one of which seems to be an office, while the other leads off into the greater tunnels.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Ash's first action is to get Rend up *Chuckles* Which costs a Rage, so only 1 spent for extra actions *G* I sent the write up on it today but can give you the basics since it'll effect everyone who also sees it)

Damien Rangore: (( *G* First action split twice. Fur Gnarling two of the leeches to get it started. Spending 2 Rage for extra actions. ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Yeah, I seen it. So activating Rend, and 1 Rage for actions. Got it. *G* the rest of y'all?))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((Normal to try Call of the Wyld again. Spending 1 Rage for extra actions *S*))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((got it. Ruarc?))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((And the gators are trying to intercept--which is their job, after all. One heading for Lance, one for Muddy and William ((*G* Who seems to've forgotten us..)), and one for the pack.))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Launches himself forward, his new Gifts granting him a speed beyond even that of Garou, his form a blur as he dives under the gliding gator, ripping at its belly as he tries to slip beneath its charge* ((Splitting three ways. One dodge, two bites. 3 Rage for actions))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (For when it's needed, Muddy'll split for two bites on the gator and spend 2 Rage)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The gator's blow misses, but Lance's first snap does as well, and the second draws barely a trickle of blood.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Guiding itself by those flaps of skin and motions of its tail, the second charges straight into Ash, slamming at her with its blunted snout. * ((4 suxx, tackle. Dodge/blocking?))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Nope *G*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The third tries the same stunt for Mudbomb--whether they've been trained for it or simply know to do it naturally is unknown, but it seems to be a favored starting tactic.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (And Muddy isn't dodging either *Chuckles*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Ugh.. ~they~ get decent rolls, we get jack shit. *G* Then again, both have faced these gators before, they shoulda known... Ash soak 9 Bashing; Mud soak 10, both make an Dex + Ath roll, diff 10)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Ash soaked 3 *Thank you Resist Pain* And Muddy soaked 2 *Winces*)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (2 suxx for Ash to stay up...Holding off on Muddy since it was bashing Damage, know it lapses into lethal but they go unconscious but I can roll Rage)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Alright--you can try to Rage-Revive for Muddy, if you want.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (2 suxx on her Rage, which brings her to crippled but frenzy and battle scar *G*)

Damien Rangore: (( Oh shit. *L* Not good. ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((And Muddy is up and in Frenzy. *G* Fortunately, William doesn't need to be close, so the only target is the gator. Ash's pack, go 'head and post an' roll 'em.))

Ruarc Brónach: (*SNerks*)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (9,7,4,2,6, 9,9,4,8=6 suxx on Rend...Six turn she has it *Cackles*)

Damien Rangore: (( 1 suxx to Fur Gnarl the first leech, 2 suxx on the second. Want Damage or they dodging? )) *He manages not to get gator slammed and leaps, claws flashing across the torso of one of the leeches before it can flee while he turns, clawing another groove into the next*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((5 suxx on Call of the Wyld. Going to rally his allies)) *There he is. He tosses his head back again, letting loose a rattling howl that lifts the spirits and boils the Rage of those on Gaia's side. He lets the battle cry echo before he gets ready to move in and help his pack mates*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((The first does.)) *Doesn't seem to be anybody's day. Damien's first attack should have barely hit, but instead it misses by a fraction of an inch as the creature ducks aside, screaming. The other, however, hits solidly.* ((Go 'head an' roll damage))

Damien Rangore: (( 5 agg. ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Fury and desperation echoes throughout the small clearing, clouding the minds of each Garou with Rage and filling them with resolve, feeding Rage into them like an IV.* ((everyone gets 2 Rage this turn, and 1 Rage/turn after that.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (It Rage we can directly use this turn or to be spent as normal? *G*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The other, however, sends the thing sprawling. It doesn't bleed, unnatural thing that it is, but its chest is rent and torn from where Damien's claws scrabbled away flesh and bone.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* You can't elect to spend more Rage this turn, if that's what you're asking.))

Ruarc Brónach: ( Hitting Damien's target for the furgnarl though it doesn't help with only 1 sux. 8,3,9,4,9, 4,5 (3 successes) to hit. ) *Fallows up behind Damien, claw moving in the path that Damien just missed, for the leaches gut*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*Nods* Was just checking *G*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Roll through))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((And Muddy and William, go with yours.))

Ruarc Brónach: (9,6,7,6,1, 2,3,10,7 (5 successes) damage)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*G* And since Muddy has no wound Pens now, can keep the rolls I did earlier *L* 6 suxx on the first bite, 3 on the second) *The gator collided with her with a rather sick crunch and spray of blood, downing the Lupus born Gnawer for a flat second before she burst into Crinos, jaws snapping wildly in a fit of Rage at the thing*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Roll through, he's done with his actions.)) *The other leech falls in similiar condition--they ain't dead, these two, but they sure ain't happy.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (7 and 5 agg for Muddy's bites)

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: *Arrow ready he lifts his bow in cocentration of his target, his eye under the mask show only complete focus apon his target as he suddenly lets fly of the large spearlike arrow. It streaks through the area causing an slight echo as it makes its quick strike apon Ash's target.*(2,2,3,5,7,7,8,9=5 suxx's to hit)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Go ahead an' roll damage, William. And any Rage this round?))

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: ((Ya, one rage, to reload his bow for next round))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* I don't go for that one action to load, one to fire crap. It takes longern' that to work a bolt-action, and they don't make that an extra action. If you spent a rage, you can fire again.))

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: (2,3,3,4,6,6,7,7,8,9=6suxx's dmg)

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: ((Ohh, sweet, I'll fire again then.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Between Ash's teeth and William's bow, the thing's put down in short order. It shakes, then jus lays still.. like it's dead. Which is how it should lay, because they killed its ass.. ((Gimme a sec for the leech actions.)

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: *and yet another arrow is pulled drawn and fired at the same target, his rage builds but it seems only momentariily as his concentration stays in check.*(2,3,3,3,4,4,4,6=4 suxx's)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Actually, no I don't. They're all running, holding actions to dodge.)) The leeches continue to scatter. The two Damien and Ruarc put down are trying to get up as the pain overloads the circuits of their body. The oldest, ugliest, and strongest-lookign one ducks into the office, followed by another, and the other two are racing as hard as they can run for the other exit.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* The dead one? You can do that, but it's kind of a waste of time.. .))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*G* Muddy and Will killed one and Ash still has her's if I'm not mistaken *Nodnod* I thought Will hit Ash's last time but may be me mixed up *C* But there is still two gators up I think)

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Snarls, leaping to the side to dodge that spiked tail, tearing into the gator as heavy, powerful jaws snap as quickly as any snake's. ((And killed it, plus about 7 agg...)) By the time he's done he's nearly torn the thing in half.*

William ''Guards the Savage Way''Bernhard: ((I got that post late. If the one he was attacking is dead, just move it over to the other))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*G* Make that one then *L*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((and everyone else with their Rage actions--*G* Since Lance was 9 points ahead of the rest, and only 1 point difference among the others. Mudbomb, you'll need 2 suxx on a WP roll (alrready have one because of Lance's Inspiration) to attack the gator instead of another Garou.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (4 suxx to claw, 5 agg to Mr. Crocagator on Ash's Rage action) *She got hit almost as hard as Muddy and bones crunched and blood sprayed from her mouth...But she managed to still stand...Her claws now dug into the gator and with a yank through...Her claws slice cleaner then should ever be possible as she snarls in Rage* (And rolling Muddy's Will)

Damien Rangore: (( Damien need to use one Rage to go after the leeches or can I just roll two attacks? *G* ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((You can catch up without wasting an action, yeah.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Muddy's will roll 7,8,7,7,7, 1 *G*)

Damien Rangore: (( 2 and 3 suxx to hit the big ugly one. )) *He snarls, leaping to follow for the office as his claws swing for the ugly fucker. Coward rumbled in the Garou touch as he moves to stop em'*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Yeah, that pretty much lets her do what she wants.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((The big ugly one is already in the office. *G* ~him~ you'll need to waste an action to get to, because he's inside.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Muddy: *Able to discern who is who in the red haze, she snarls and her Crinos form is lumbering for the fleeing leeches that Damien isn't dealing with...Moving to close ground and prepare to bite* (Up to you if it takes one, both or none of her Rage actions *G*)

Damien Rangore: (( *L* Okay. One of the Rage spent to go after him, one attack stands. ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Damien opens the door by the simple method of slamming one massive shoulder into it. Pieces fly everywhere, and one of the younger leeches is trying futilely to hide behind a wooden table with a sheet of paper pinned to it. The mean one is nowhere to be found.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He growls, moving for the ones about to hit the tunnle. Brittle claws flashing into one(2suxx) as he lets loose a snarl of fury to let them know their nights are up*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((One Rage, Mud.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The little bastard is ~slick~--and lucky to boot--and as Cries' claws sing down, the critter ducks to the right, talons ripping its shirt but not touching its skin.*

Damien Rangore: (( *G* Alright. If he's not there, gonna try intimidating the younger one. He'll bother with the paper later. *C* I need any roll? )) *He slams into the office, golden eyes flickering around. He sees the younger one, but he wants to know where the other went. He roars towards the leech, making his best human vocals of "Where" as getting Is and He out would be difficult*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The leech points to the door with a trembling hand.* S-slipped out...

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Muddy: 5 suxx to claw the leech Cries isn't after *G*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((1 suxx)) *As Cries' opponent ducks right, Muddy's ducks left... just not fast enough.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (8 agg) Muddy: *Cries might have missed his...But she doesn't...Claws slamming into the bastard with the force of a hurricane behind it....Her jaws opened into a Rage filled snarl as she does so*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Dead? Shit, there ain't anything ~left~ of it. This would be gory, but before Mudbomb's talons are even finished ripping through the thing, it's exploded into a cloud of dust and bone, clattering to the ground at her feet.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*G* Would that finish up the round?)

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((I believe so. Anybody else got Rage to blow?))

Damien Rangore: (( None here. *G* Waiting for a new round or to go freely. ))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((Nope *G*))

Ruarc Brónach: (Waiting for next round)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (No more from my two *C*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Not much left, but everyone go 'head an' gimme init.))

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: ((27))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Muddy: 11, Ash's Pack: 15)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* And we lost William again.. He plunks an arrow somewhere, I figger.))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*L*)

Ruarc Brónach: (Pack Init)

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Charges forward, striking the next one at the side with jaws flashing again. Let Ash sate her bloodlust on the leeches, he's got this bastid taken care of.* ((Split 3 bites, 2 Rage))

Ruarc Brónach: (He botches and shoots Muddy in the ass!)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (I wouldn't fuck with Muddy right now...Muddy's scaring me...She's getting killer rolls..."You wont like me when I'm angry!" *G*)

Ruarc Brónach: (I know, why it's amusing to me)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (So...One leech left that's open and one in the office, yeah? Just checking before I call any targets)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((3, 5, and 6 agg, on top of the 5 Ash did...)) *And like the one before, Lance tears it apart, ending up holding a chunk of spine in his jaws.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((He's backing off and letting the Ahroun have the leech he missed *L* Retreating to the office where Damien is))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((There were six. Muddy killed one. Cries and Muddy are chasing the second. The third and fourth are horridly wounded, the fifth is in the office, and the sixth is nowhere to be found.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Go for it, y'all.))

Ruarc Brónach: (2 Rage, first attack split two ways to finish off the two him and Damien wounded, Least I think they are both still alive)

Damien Rangore: *He steps closer to the leech, playing up every ounce of intimidation- ...Snarling brokenly with a growled voice* His-...Name-...Now-...*Looking at the door that was pointed at only briefly. Long talons flexed, but he isn't striking yet* You'll talk-...And-...I might make it fast. If not, you'll live for a few days before I finish-...

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *Peers around the corner, into the office where Damien is*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Blow a WP for that speech.)) *Talk? To a lupine? ~this~ guy's got an overrated opinion of himself. Death or death doesn't sound like a good deal to him, so he darts for the door instead.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Yeah, those two are still alive... since they can't do shit, though, ruarc' got 'em.))

Ruarc Brónach: (1st 3,4,2,7,4 (1 success) 2nd 7,9,3,6 (3 successes) *Slashes out at the leaches, giving a bit of a snarl but he can't help but grin. (They gonna try anything or just do damage?)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (Muddy: 3 suxx to claw the remaining leech, blowing 2 Rage. 4 suxx to claw one of the downed ones for Ash) Ash: *She moves forward, claws tearing into one of the downed bastards as cleanly as she had the gator..So clean, it'll be lucky if the bastard isn't cut clean in half* / Muddy: *Let the Lord skulk off...She'll finish him...Claws swinging at the remaining leech, snarling and ready in case he ducks or doesn't die first hit*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Roll through.))

Damien Rangore: (( *G* Can he move to stop him? ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Ruarc manages to kill one. Between Ruarc and Ash, the other one's more than dead.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Dex + Brawl to grab him, if that's what you've got in mind...))

Ruarc Brónach: (2 samage the first, 4 damage the second)

Ruarc Brónach: (Or not needed heh)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (7 agg agg for Muddy, 4 for Ash *G* Anyone watching has +3 dice used against them next time Ash intimidates them *C* Up to the ST if it goes beyond this scene, since the book just says the next intimidation on any who saw it)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Might wanna tell us what she's doing that looks so intimidating, then....))

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*L* Ah. Thought she got her attack through *Chuckles* NM then)

Damien Rangore: (( 2,2,10,5,7, 5. )) *His reflexes are up to par. In a blur, he moves to grab the bastard with a snarl. Not about to let him out that easy and lips pulling back over fangs as he resists just crushing the fucker's skull*

Damien Rangore: (( Even forgot a die. *L* ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *There are things Leeches can do with the blood they steal... Unfortunately, they don't do this one a damn bit of good. Grabbed up in one huge paw, he immediately tries to sink his teeth into Damien's hand.* ((roll for Frenzy.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((and soak 3 agg))

Damien Rangore: (( 9,7,2,6,7. Half moon out if I'm not mistaken which makes the diff 6. And soaked 4. He able to blow a WP to keep the Frenzy in check? ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((He can, but that means he spends a round not moving, concentrating on not losing control...))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *Rumbles, ready to either move in and help his packmate or get the hell out of the way if he looses control*

Damien Rangore: (( *G* 1 WP then. )) *He sees red, but he's keeping the Rage down. The dead leech wont be able to tell them shit and without names, he can't go right to someone. He has to keep in control for now*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Staying absolutely still, however, is a bad way to stay safe. This time the little bastard takes his time, finding the right vein--and pumping more blood into his efforts.* ((Think I got the rule right on an immobilized opponent. Soak 9 agg, either way.))

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((*G* Can Cries step in yet?))

Damien Rangore: (( Soaked 4, putting him at -5. ))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Go for it.))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *He's got the vein now--huge vein, with a Crinos heart behind it, spraying blood into his face and he's able to actually forget his current situation, draining blood away as fast as he can.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((1 suxx to Hamstring the fucker)) *He snarls, dropping down and reaching outh to slash at the back of the bastards knee. Wanting to point out to just kill the damn thing but kind of hard when your packmates getting his throat torn out*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She's stomping for the office...Fuck letting the fucker talk...She's gonna tear it in half before it kills her Beta*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *It's the vein in his arm, not his throat. either way, he doesn't react to the damage... in fact, he kinda can't. Dude's mind is gone.*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Blood does things to a leech's mind. Garou blood is worse, and he's in full-blown Frenzy. Won't even feel it when they rip his head off.... which was his goal when he tried it.*

Ruarc Brónach: (*Wonders when Ruarc can take rage actions*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* Why, go right ahead., if there's anything left to kill.))

Ruarc Brónach: (Well was just curious, he's pretty much running for the office to see whats up which will take one rage and still give him a rage to act yes?)

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((*C* Want us to roll tearing him apart since Cries isn't going to mess around any more?))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((Three Garou on a leech? Naw, I'd say he's dead. Damien's arm is about mangled, but nothing permanent.))

Damien Rangore: *As Cries gives up, so does he and his jaws snap down on the fuckers head. He doesn't even feel the pain thanks to his gift, but it's the fact the fucker drank his blood that's got him pissed off*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He lets Damien get a blow in before his claws sweep in hopes to finish if the Ahroun can't. Ears flattened to his skull and looking fairly annoyed*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): Hell, it probably drank a quart; its eyes wild, it's throat working like something in a porno--and then a shitload of rotting flesh.*

Ruarc Brónach: (*Groans at the porno idea*)

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: (*Snickers*)

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((*G* A leech can drink 3 points (about 3 pints) of blood in a turn. For Garou, the blood is twice as potent, so his 3 points was 6... and each raises the diff to resist Frenzy by 1, so after the first round it was guaranteed.....))

Damien Rangore: *He gags, jaws unclamping as he looks towards the door* ~ht~Other one supposidly went that way-...Doubt you'll catch him. Note on the desk, I think. *A large hand holding his arm where the leech bit him*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Still in Hispo, searching for a trail--which, due to the wonders of Obfuscation, he misses completely.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: *Muddy's calming down after she figures out she aint got no more to kill...Ash moves for the door indicated...Sniffing with a soft rumble*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *His ears remain flat to his skull, eyeing the wound* ~ht~You should get cleaned and healed. Nasty wound you took *He moves for the note, if there is one like stated*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Oh, the trail's there... The problem is, Ash's mind registers it, tells her there's nothing there, and moves right on. Obfuscation can be a real ~bitch~ to deal with.*

Ruarc Brónach: *Glances around, giving a bit of a sigh. Who know why. Glancing around before shifting down to Glabro. Waiting for the rest to come out of the office. *

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *There's a sheet of paper there, at least.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He leans down, inspecting it for writing or the like. Keeping an ear out for the others*

Damien Rangore: *Just a growl and he moves to exit the office to let the others sniff around. He'll wait for them to try as he works to keep any more blood from gushing out of his arm*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She growls, stepping back* ~gs~He got away...No clue where he went...

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *Writing, indeed.....* I assume I address the blue-haired fellow? I must say I am grateful for your elimination of my rivals on the north side, and quite amused by telling your contacts exactly what information they will give you--I suppose I shouldn't say so, but if you've gotten down here you've discovered too much already, and I couldn't resist seeing the look on your face--but gratitude only extends so far. I am willing to let you be as long as you let me alone, even to cede portions of territory where I will not tresspass, but I am quite naturally unwilling to forfeit my life to appease your primitive superstitions. Should you continue your campaign, I can promise that not only will you suffer but you will not suffer alone. *The note--creased and slightly wrinkled; it's obviously been written some time beforehand--is signed "M. B. ... "Moe".*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The bleeding stops easily enough, although it may start again if he shifts to Homid.*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He shifts down to Galbro, carefully picking the note up by the corner* Rhyas *Holding it for them, eyes narrowed to show he found no amusment in the letter*

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: WS--Well, if there's nothing else here let's give it a quick look for whatever inf'mation we can get, and then get the hell out of here while we can still backtrack ourselves.

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: *Steps up to take a look at the letter, then grunts.* We might have some use of it. At the least this might be his scent. Let's pack it up and study it at home.

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She nods to Lance, moving to take a look at the note before grunting* ~gs~Lets tear the place apart...Fucker likely didn't leave any hints but we can try...

Lance ''Rides-the-Storm'' Kilkenny: WS--Quick. If we ain't able to backtrack ourselves to leave we're gonna have some ~serious~ trouble.

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Muddy: *Not entering the office, she eyes Damien as if considering something...Slowly, she moves forward to place a hand on his wound...He may be a bastard of Owl, but she's still follows Momma..And she don't like seeing a Garou bleedin' near where leeches can find it* (1,8,9 and a Will thrown in on the first try. 6,1,5 on the second)

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *Nods and being in a more mandible form, he quickly searches anything that could hold notes. Planning to just grab anything to take with them that he can carry that might be of some use*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *There's a cardboard box that held trowels, that will serve admirably.*

Damien Rangore: *Grunts, at first about to recoil but he lets her do her think. Nodding when she's finish* ~ht~Thanks, Muddy-..*Not the happiest of campers, but he's sincer*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: *He grabs that and after a quick peek inside to just check, he shows he's got what he'll carry to compare with the others. Now ready to go*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Muddy: *Just a small nod...The rest he's on his own with...She's tired and her breathing feels a bit labored...Having yet to inspect her new found collapsed lung but she senses it now that her Rage has calmed*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *Steps from the office once they have what they can grab...Moving to get ready to leave when everyone else is*

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): *The trip out is somewhat more difficult--Lance, due simply to taking a form with a more sensitive nose, leads the way, but he pays for it by puking three times on the way out, as the other smells more effectively assail his senses.*

Ash Spencer / Mud Bomb: Ash: *She lets Lance be the brave one, following close behind after serveying the wounded or whats left of wounds...*

Cries-Thunder's-Roar: ((And I need to scram *C* He'll hand over the box to the others to read and stay for a Cleansing and all that *G* Player needs to go))

The Redneck ST (''Hey, Lady--your ghouls wasn't wearin' no orange!''): ((And off to the 'yard, everyone...))

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