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History of the Talking Junkyard Caern

The Origins of the Caern of the Talking Junkyard

For countless years the Bone Gnawers in the City of Necropolis had only one sept to turn to. At Silver Moon they eked out an existence by being tolerated on the edge of sept life there. In time the Gnawer populations in Necropolis grew. They even received some success in integrating into the life at Silver Moon by gaining minor sept positions. A sense of security was felt within the ranks of a tribe that has never felt any. But this brief golden time at Silver Moon was not to last. It all began with the totems of Silver Moon. Twister and Wyvern were wyld totems and disliked things of the weaver. The Bone Gnawers watched as little by little the sept became more and more hostile towards the Glass Walker sept members. In time greater paranoia grew and the Walkers left Silver Moon having grown tired of being treated as outsiders. The Gnawers wondered if this sept, seemingly so against those of the city would eventually turn on them too.

Certain higher ranks among the tribe discussed options. Better to prepare for the worst then to be caught off guard. If Silver Moon was going all buggy about the Glass Walkers who knows how little a thing could turn the residents against the Gnawers. After all Gnawers were usually the first to get shit upon. The higher ranks knew though for the Gnawers to survive without Silver Moon, they needed another option. They must have a Gnosis source, a Caern. David Lost'n Found, a higher-ranking tribe member was then on the verge of being Master of the Rite. He decided to use this position to train himself in a little performed and difficult rite... the Rite of Caern creation. In time he learned it and secretly the Gnawers began scouring the city for a likely site to try to build this Caern. Also because it was known how dangerous the rite was, the Gnawers also formed secret alliances with some at Silver Moon and the displaced Walkers so they could protect the great ritual and undertaking.

In time the Junkyard was chosen. The alliances were called in so that the ritualists would have protection and so the potential newborn Caern would have protectors in general. When the moon was right, and all were brought together, after a half-year of planning and whispered rumors, David Lost'n Found along with 13 other brave ritualists began the rite of Caern creation. The wyrm attacked, the defenders fought, the ritualists channeled their Gnosis. When dawn came the enemy lay dead, losses were minimal, and the heartbeat of a newborn Caern was felt within the city.

A sept of Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers (mostly urban Primitives), and a minority or others formed the core of a sept. The Caern was that of Streetwise and protected by Rat as a totem. It was named the Caern of the Talking Junkyard. The Gnawers and persecuted urban Garou (some other fera) had finally made a true home.

Now the sept struggles to survive in a hostile urban environment. But where most folk turn away from the scab, the members of the Sept of the Talking Junkyard embrace it and survive.

Various Archived Scenes

Here you'll find various archives. More then likely you will find an archive of moots held for the Caern of the Talking Junkyard, provided I am able to do the archiving. Perhaps even some story lines will be archive and posted... Anyway if someone happen to arcive a scene and wants to share it with the others of the sept, just e-mail it to me and I can add it here or send me the URL where it is located and I will add a link.

The Begining...

So begins a New Chapter...

A New Year for the Talking Junkyard

The Junkyard Caern Survives Another Year!

The Apocalyse played out in the JY game before the split to two different games.

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