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The Wound that Nearly Killed--Twice
Written by Ken "The Redneck" Abbott

* * *

Wal... You see, it was back in... August, I think. Middle of the rainy season, an' we was stayin' inside most of the time. The Balaam had the advantage the whole way, an' they knew the land--we nailed quite a few, but we took it easy durin' the rainy season when we couldn't track much. *Chuckles.* 'Specially since I'd found me this little senorita to spend the time with.

One of them nights, the rain quit--it does that for a little while sometimes, an' everyone was gettin' restless. There was... 9 of us back then--Big Gun an' Axehead had died in an ambush--an' we headed out to see what we could run acrosst. We run a good 10 miles--an' in the jungle, 10 miles is a helluva long way, sometimes--'fore we caught us a scent. Apes, an' gun-metal amongst it.

We back-tracked 'em down to the river, where they had a boat. Ol' Foot-in-your-ass fired it up an' headed towards the village with it, while the rest of us tracked 'em down. When we found 'em we almost stopped to laugh. Three idiots wanderin' through the jungle with assault rifles. Hell, one of 'em was wearing ~tennis shoes~. One of 'em was carryin' three or four monkeys they'd shot, but they looked to be studyin' the ground. Laughs-Last circled around and found what they were trailing. Jaguar tracks.

With just three of 'em, we were figgerin' on a little entertainment, so we got into position an' raced for the kill. *chuckles.* By the time I caught up they was done, an' we started lookin' to see if there was anything to bring back to the village with us. Them folks were real kind-like to us, even if they didn't know we was Garou, an' they'd like a few cook-pots or a little salt or somethin'.

Well, we seemed to have nailed someone else's fun for the entertainment. I figger there was maybe a dozen of 'em, but things were goin' on a little quick an' active an' they wouldn't exactly stand still so I could count. I know there was enough that I was facin' two of 'em, an' when they come out of the brush the rest of us leapt quick enough to the attack. One of 'em ran straight for me--I think he was figgerin' to take my head off with his paw when I shifted, but when I take the Wolf-shirt my head don't go up that high, so he missed. I dived straight in an' tore him up through the middle, but the other one nailed me with a slash that cut up my side pretty good.

The other one fell an' he wasn't goin' anywhere anytime soon, not with his innards a few yards away, so I turned to face the other one. He stepped back an' I jumped in quick; cut up his arm an' tore out a chunk of his laig. Fangs-sink-deep come up alongside me, an' he decided to get the hell outta Dodge. Turns out we only killed about 4 of 'em--once they seen they were gonna get hurt they decided to try their luck another day--but all of us made it through alright. *Chuckles.* That was a little more along the lines of what were thinkin' of for action, an' we took what we could find off the apes an' headed home.

Well, These folks were pretty much peaceful-type folks, so we didn't tell 'em what we done, just put up our bag of goodies to hand out the next day, an' they all went home. *Smiles.* That little senorita was waitin' for me when I got to my hut.

She was upset about somethin'--I found out what later--an' we set down in my hammock some, talkin'. Now, ol' Foot-in-your-ass had made a habit of irritatin' folks--like any good Rotogar, but he pulled his weight an' then some--an' he figgered he'd have a little fun an' see what we was doin'. *Chuckles.* He got him an eyeful, alright. Seems she was on that raid, y'see, an' it was her cousin or brother or mate or somethin' that I'd opened up from neck to nuts. I figger she wasn't the one that cut up my side, else her arm would be tore up some, but she seen it happen. So back in that hammock, one thing went to another, an' once our shirts was off she seen that cut.

Them hammocks can hold two people just fine. *chuckles.* A little cramped, but that didn't bother us none at all. But when she hit Crinos, or whatever the cat's war-form is called, that sucker broke an' dropped us both on the ground *Turns a touch red.* She was... kinda straddlin' me, you see, an' when she shifted up she cut deep first thing. I probably wouldn't've made it, 'cept that ol' Foot-in-your-ass was watchin'.

He busted in right through the wall, an' both of us couldn't help but hear it. But he didn't stop there--she lifted her muzzle an' let out some kinda roar that brung both the Fenrir an' a shitload of Balaam, an' about the same time Foot-in-your-ass hit her hard. Folks in Crinos came runnin' in from all over, an' for awhile we had us a merry little mess. But them that take on the Fenrir either know better or should, an' we sent them that could off runnin'. Never did figger out if that little senorita lived or not, but she didn't come back. We left 'em the goodies we'd took off them apes and headed out. *chuckles.* I thanked Foot-in-your-ass all proper-like for savin' my life, an' then I beat his ass for watchin' me.

* * *

Told by Hjarta-Villtnur, Jublain Wade.  Dólg-dvergr, Defeator of Ragnorak, Skyddman Skald to the Fenrir, member of  the Dogs of War and Child of Wolverine, Warder to the Talking Junkyard Varthi

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