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The site is still alive, if just by a thread. Actually I will be linking to other sites for one or two game, more if people ask me nicely to add other links here.

~Cearn of the Talking Junkyard~

Update: (02/13/06) The Junkyard game has been restarted, in a manner of speaking. The game takes place in Chopper's Junkyard like the old game, but it is a whole new game; none of the old characters are being play in the New Junkyard game. If you are interested follow this link to the game's current website.

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Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

~Werewolf: The Ice Age~

The Caern of the Talking Junkyard Game no longer exists, least not as it was in the White Wolf chatrooms. Players and characters have been split up into two different game on different sites. If you are interested in playing in the continuation game follow this link.

The continuation game, Werewolf: The New Ice Age, is just that a continuation of the JY Game, however, it is not "things as usual." The continuation game takes the characters of the JY game (old and new characters) into the Apocalypse and on into Post-Apocalypse. The game will continue to use the "Old" World of Darkness Books.

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