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Those Present at the Beginning

Bellow are the peolpe that put their lives on the line to make Chopper's Junkyard a Caern. Honor them for what they did, as they have indeed given us something to cherish, protect and fight for.

The Rite

  • David ~Lost'n Found~

  • Sandy Blue Canary
  • Terabintha
  • Races Chases Chocolate
  • Gigabyte
  • Growls-at-Ticks
  • Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirits
  • Overbear Sunstreak
  • Caul Wyten
  • Sage "Brush" Walker
  • Raluka "Lucky" Strike
  • Robin Hood
  • Metal Whispers
  • Joshua Puck Laughs-At-Himself
  • Mike Turnbill "Runs-with-Ghosts"
  • Jules Grant
  • Annis MacNicol

The Defenders

  • Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross

  • Angel Hopkins
  • Rei
  • Yamamoto Tatsumaru
  • "Mad" Max Mayorga
  • Grim Tooth Claw Wyrm
  • Jack Bennett
  • Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer
  • Blossom
  • Gaia's Inferno of Justice (totem)
  • Evad "Paintball" McMasters
  • Arron tears-for-the-dying (lost in the battle)
  • Petbe Speaker-of-Souls

Chopper's Junkyard: Caern Building Scene

November 4, 2000.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Danni>>Nope...feels pretty damn good actually...ya may feel a lil strange when it ends...thats just your mind re-adjusting to not seeing Distance in a differant way...*holds up the Quill pen*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *once in the 'yard, is moving her paws anxiously, claws tapping on the ground in anticipation... looking around*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts to Homid, he is in his late teens maybe seven teen, his has rattie brown hair, a blue and brown eye, and has cloths piled on top of each other*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *half growls at Angel* If you ain' got a gun, I want you outta here. I don't wanna have ta worry about protectin you when tha shit hits tha fan.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Danni>>everyone can fight...I got a weapon she can use...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she sighs at Jules and closes her left eye* If ya write somethin nasty on my forehead, Jules, I'm gonna be pissed.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he takes out his Glock and cocks it* Gaia i love Silver..

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: I can fuckin' fight.. Danni. ~frowns~.. aint going to do much shit out in the streets.. if something stirrs up here.. 'sides.. you wouldn't have time tryin' ta protect me..

Rei (curious raven): *yawns*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Danni>>I wont...*takes the Quill and enscribes the Eye of Ra over her left tingles abit as the magic goes off* ((Corrospondence 1 Perfect Sight...its Jules version of the Iteration X Procedure Targeting Computation...until the effect ends *tomorrow* Danni will see things as they corrospond to distance and will see how all things are Relative in space thus giving her the ability to attack and defend quite easily...System wise her Brawl Melee Firearms and Dodge diffs are now naturally 4 for the rest of the night))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~grabs the pack and starts to jump down the tower of cars~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her alertness -normally- bordering on paranoia, now stretched by tense nerves... she jumps and whips around at the sound of a gun being loaded, staring at Growls*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Cool....

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *quietly stands, sniffing the air*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she grumbles at Angel*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~walks among them now, looks at Jules~ what the hell?

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *steps back* good...and finally I need yer arms legs and stomach...*looks at her Pattern of Life seeing her strengths* ((Whats Danni's Phys stats?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sits quietly, glancing around every so often.(Sage)

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~mutters~.. betta with a blade than a pop pea shooter that attracts more than just the bad fellas but the coppers too..

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): OB>>and who the fuck are you old man?

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *simply stares at Growls for a few moments, regaining her normal heart rate... Gaia... huffs and looks away*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *pays little attention to Yamamoto*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~smiles to Angel and walk over to Jules and Danni~

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *waits* Danni>>Come on arms stomach and legs...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she frowns at Growls* He's tha rite master from Silvermoon. Tha bear. Be nice.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Tala>>hey dont trip.. its ok...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *feeling very self-conscious now* Jules...this is silly... *holding out first one scarred arm to him, then the other*

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *looks at growls* overbear sunstreak.. ritemaster for silvermoon and elder gurahl

Rei (curious raven): *tilts her head at the mention of the Gaijin's Court*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~still atop her mustang.. she just.. watches the happenings and preparations, they would have to struggle with her to get her off the premises that she wanted to help protect~

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Danni>>your with us on the rite right...

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~nods to Growls~ hey John ~watching Danni and Jules~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *nods to Growls, slightly shakily* ws~ ya, thanks... *sees Danni... bounds up to her energetically, glancing at Jules* ws~ Danni! Hey! Dave's not here yet? You know how he means ta set up us helpin' wit da rite? He jus' gonna explain it all when he gets 'ere?

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): OB>>thats cool.. no trip here... never met a bear i didnt and well never met one so your cool...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *first to Growls* No, I'm leadin' tha protectors. *which wasn't official till she said it, but...anybody gonna argue with her? Then, to Tala* No, Tala, I dunno. Ya gotta wait fer him on tha magic shit.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Yama>>sup Starfox64

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *A smile cracks acost his face* what is your name young one? *looking to growls*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Cringes hearing OB's rank and position. Figures she'll be reprimanded later. Wondrs what a gurahl is.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *quickly paints various Runes Heiroglyphs etc etc on her arms stomach and legs it again tingles* ((PM coming))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *acknowledges Danni... thinks, speaking mostly to herself* ws~ ya... thought so... won'er if we all have ta be in crinos... prolly... or maybe...

Rei (curious raven): *clacks her beak shut in a yawn*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~Growls~ just stopping by for the show, and to help out if needed. Plus I need a trans for a '76 duce and a quarter ~smiles~

Morg ST II: *a lone figure wanders past the outside of the junkyard... then pauses, hearing quite a few individuals inside... *

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~narrows her gaze on da raven, wondering if it's another one of those freakish talking shifter of birds~

Morg ST II: *can't make out any specific words or voices... just that there are quite a few people inside*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Danni>>I dont like tha sound of that.. but *sighs* i know i can stop you.. here take my Glock the clip has silver.. *he holds out a Colt Anaconda (.44 magnum)* i can uses it any who..

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks at the Gun* Give the gun to the kin girl *motions to Angel as he finishes his work on Danni*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *swivels her ears around eagerly, watching anxiously for Dave to arrive*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she shakes her head at Growls* I don' use guns. They don' fit too good in my hands when I go Crinos. *she pats the huge hammer leaning against her leg* This is all I need.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Danni>>*whispered so she can only hear* And actually...Im in charge of the defense...Dave put me and Dwid in charge...and Dwid left with Temu to get healing that leaves me...but we both know noone will listen to what I have to say...

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Steps out of his Van, Dressed it all black attire, his dreads tied back and Black and Red war paint covering his face, holstered at his left hip, a S&W; .44mag, and in his left hand a Large Macauitl(PM for Details.)*

Morg ST: (( By the way, Morg ST II is legit. 'eg' Here we gooooo...))

Rei (curious raven): *flaps her wings then folds them back up*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~checks his own weapons~ why not?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC OK for all those helping your role was already explained. You have been fasting for the last 24 hours in preparation and have been ritually cleansed. It was explained what you needed to know you will give up and channel your Gnosis towards David when he gives the word...)

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *sees Max come out of his van* Good...Hey Max...*digs in the duffel bag and tosses a silk wrapped thing to him* Catch...I know you know how to use that....*after being unwrapped its the Pattern Klaive that Jules still is protecting*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): OB>> I be Growls-at-Ticks Fostern thurgy to the Bone Gnawers and Little John to the HOOD and the Guardian round here..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *a half smirk at Jules, murmuring back to him* You'll come in handy, they won' be expectin' you. Just don' get inta no friendly fire, ok?

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Walks to Jules* You ready for a war....*A sadistic grin on Max's war painted face.*

Morg ST II: *smirks hearing the numerous voices inside... then the kin dogs starts barking and growling at him... and he walks away calmly...*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *warily directs her gaze up toward Yamamoto, shrinking away from him slightly* ws~ who are YOU?

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *mummers to Danni after a smirk* I know im handy...thats why im the only one in the Umbra...cuz just me against whatever forces the Wyrm can summon? not a contest...*winks and steps back* Anyways time for me to do my thing...*heads behind a wall of junk*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *appears frokm the Umbra he looks around* Would the rites assitants follow me to the Heart and the defenders organize yourselves to best defend us.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *her head comes up, hearing the kin dogs start up* Growls, you wanna go check that out? S'probably just some street wino, but...

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~Jules~ what are you doing?

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Max>>Im always ready...stay out of the Umbra...*raises his voice* All of ya...stay outta the Mirror Lands...

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Danni>>no your not going to shift thats not good at all...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *looks around to see who will be helping defend...lesse...there's her...Growls...Jules in the Umbra....

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sits in te garden. Once she sees David she stands and wits.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *flicks an ear, hearing the kin dogs bark... must be more arrivals.*

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *nods to growls* then I am proud to call you my cousin little john

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~quirks a brow.. pushing up from the top of her mustang and jumps from top to top of the junkpiles without waiting for Jule's orders to be carried out.. to see what the dogs were on about~

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~looks at Max and chuckles~ great

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *looking to Growls* You know it'll come down to shifting. It'll come down to hand fighting, at the worst. *grimly*

Rei (curious raven): *watches with intrest*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Is Races and Gigs coming, otherwise I'l bring them in with Caul))

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *Looks up at david holding a HUGE battleaxe in his one hand* im ready.. brought a small extra of gnosiss with me

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Danni>>your the banebiter

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Yamamoto>>Im bout ta get dressed and prepare my own spells for this silly little thing...*heads behind the wall and gets dressed in his Hermetic Robes...paints the Eye of Ra on his own eye...puts the second Pattern Klaive at his belt sash...the Scepter of Ra in his left hand the rapier hilt in the bag and the Inferno's Jewel around his neck...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *smirks at Growls, and hefts the hammer over her shoulder, trotting toward the maze to see what was riling the dogs*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *eagerly hangs on Dave's words, holding her not quite impressive form straight and tall... shifts to Hispo, a larger, furrier, meaner, and uglier version of her lupus self. Follows Dave...*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he doesn't speak or banter...his eyes suggest hes probably totally in spiritual focus...he walks into the cave, made by a truck trailer hidden under a heep of junk....he enters and beckons the rites assistants to follow*

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *OB hefts the axe onto his sholder and goes with david*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Danni>>*holds the gun out* just take it... it hurts like hell...

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : *He walks in from the darkness wearing jeans and a black t-shirt and some old dirty boots,carrying a large club that he is using as a walking stick, he appears to be barely human with the wide eyes of a psychotic awaiting his medication and a wicked grin on his face like he is a partner to death. He is very muscular and thick limbed making his appearance even more evil App:0*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *sighs and grabs the gun out of Growls hand* Hey girl! *shouts to Angel* take this ... *tosses it over to her*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Looks at Yama, doesn't speak. He's ready to go to war. He grabs the PK and sets it under a junked car.* I'll use it when this old boy breaks. *Grins looking at the Macauitl.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : *He approaches the edge of the Junkyard eyes darting about looking for someone, or something*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): (DLP)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): Oh fine. *takes the gun from Growls before she goes, and tucks it into the back of her jeans*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage stands and enters the cave letting OB go first.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: DLP *grin*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): that works...

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~hmmph.. no noise from the dogs.. she turned back the way she came, jumping from hood to hood back to the gathering of the clearing once more~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *the hulking furball with long, wicked looking claws and long, not so clean teeth enters the "cave"*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((so is the Rite of Open Caern goin down tonight as scheduled?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *inside the "cave" fused somehow to a rock that juts up is the Heart is prepared maybe even glowing slightly...but the spiritual feeling is anticipation. The glyphs inside the trailor speak of the Cearn, it seems a focal point for many potential urban spirits*

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *nods softly to sage. OB's mind totaly on the hear and now*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Yes)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *investigating the outer fence, staying in the junkyard shadows...seeing nothing at the moment* Hunh.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts down to Hispo, his is a hulking mutt mix of Pitt bull and Dobermann and a pintch of wolf, all with a blue and brown eye*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Shifts up to Glabro and careful studies the Junkyard, waiting.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((someone fill me in, I thought we were in a junkyard, not a cave...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((No, Danni, you see me at the edge of the Junkyard about to enter))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks around* Well people...see ya at the victory party...*and with that he chants and the air around him warps and ripples...seeming to swallow him up...and he then stands in the Umbra...Inferno beside him*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): (( Ok i'll play it as they are.)) A very thin woman steps out of the umbra, followed by Races and Gigs.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>>((and the Moonbridge?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *looks around with solemn reverence for what could be the beginning of a new caern*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (The Heart...or where the heart will be is inside a cave in the Junkyard...the cave though is actually a truck trailer hidden inside a heep of junk cars and forms a artificial cave like niche)

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~either Jules had a good throw or she had the perfect catch, her hand either way smacked on the gun that was hurled to her.. throwing a grin to Jules~.. thanx.. ~checking it out in one go but leaves the safety catch on.. stuffing it into the front of her bloodsmeared pants~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: *grin* Ok, Grim. IC: *stepping from the shadows, a massive woman with an even bigger hammer slung across her shoulder* Who goes.

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~get ready for a fight and reaches in his pack~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((*G* Coolies, thanks Poppa))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (The moonbridge in time will open into the cave's mouth)

Morg ST II: *the kin dogs have calmed now and the person is gone*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): They all catch a glance of David, and follow behind.

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *OB looks around. Nods to david and takes a place around the heart. He mutters something*~SS~go, protect the kids. You do nt belong here tonight

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Takes the Macauitl up with both hands, and prepares himself.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : *Squints at Danni a moment* Well, I spose that'd be me *Grins at her* Grim Tooth Claw Wyrm, ain't I seen you around the other place?

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): ((ok then i can do it later...))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she nods a little...thinking she's seen him* You come ta help Dave, t'night?

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul , Races and Gigs enter the cave.

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~jumping back to his food with the pack~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *tilts her head, trying to pick up on OB's words in spirit speech... after all, it's probably important... -everything's- important.*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *in the Umbra he looks around...sending Inferno to cover the rear to be closest to where the rite will actually go down...sends a mental command to the Beast he has been feeding at his house and soon after a 7' tall naked man with the head of a Bull appears holding the now useless Talisman*

Rei (curious raven): *watches the activity of the junkyard*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : *Nods* Dave tole me to let my Alpha Geirolf know that the Bared Fangs would be a welcome addition to the defenses

Morg ST: (( Ok. For those who do not know. 1, if your not lethal, put it in your tag. And 2, Morg ST II is legit. Oh, and 3, fuck the Bozos. 'g' ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage sits quitely, slightly nervous with all the others showing.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *looks at the riteshelpers*(Though we have two...I'll assume all 13 are here)* Tonight we shall try to create a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. Between the umbra and the earth. A sacred place where we may touch both. For a Garou's home is in both worlds. As well as many of our bete brothers. Come sunrise we may have what we desire...or we may have death.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((lmgao, and technically there is a pack of SF that should be here whether dave lets em or they want to or not.... they follow Wyvern, but far as I know they ain't heard about this tonight))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul nods to David and the others and has a seat. Mind obviously elsewhere.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she nods to Grim* Get yer ass in here then. They're startin'.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *watches and listens to David soberly, all willing to lose her life for this...*

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): ((heads up on this. I may have to take off mid rite ok.. RL is comming up on me.))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Is prepared to protect his "Home" with all he's got. Though he wishes Scoot, and Dwid were here.*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~takes out 2 silver blades and tests the sights on his glocks~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : ((oh goddamn I wish jack was here to help with the Rite, that would be the bomb))

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *nods softly at davids words* motherbear bless us all we might see morning.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *sends the Bygone to stand beside him the massive Minotour from Roman myth obeying quietly...this was the pact after all...with another mental summons the other two Spirits Wyldlings these show up alongside him...these he sends to the other sides of the JY to guard and then...he waits*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ : *Nods to Danni and walks into the JY takin in an eyeful*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *as she returns to the other protectors, she blinks slightly, getting used to this Sight thing Jules put on her...but she sees how it will be an advantage*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *speaks softly, looking at the ground... still only Cliath, after all...* gs~ Gaia bless us that this place sees morning as a Caern...

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Bows his head and says quietly* Gaia help us, for we need you more than ever tonight.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *waits until those riteshelpers are assembled* There are 13 of us. Besides me the Ritesmaster. Each one of you represent a moon of the year. A sacred number. Now we begin...*begins chanting an ancient ritual in the Garou tongue...he shifts to Crinos so that he doesn't slip with one syabllil...from the instructions before the riteshelpers know that now is when they transfer the Gnosis*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he gives a howl and Speaks*~ss~I call to you... Trash Heap heal their Wounds, Lost Dogs Rage their hearts, Coon give them speed, Rat make it be...

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *lights a cig and hands a small flask of some alcoholic beverage or another to the Minotour passing it back and forth*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Watches the area from the shadows of a scrap pile*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((we PM how much Gnosis pts we have?))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~she might be just a kin, but she was ready to fight to protect.. whether Danni liked it or not~

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~actives the more powerful aspect of his trinket and begins to blur and fade~

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): *ob closes his eyes. Giveing of his gnosis freely. Drawing the stored gnosis from the axe.. he to gives of this. Holdig none back now. His right knee starts to leak blood thru the deerskin pants*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Yes please)

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *even tho he doesnt hear the other blessings he takes a swig* Lets fuckin waste these cocksmokers...*passes the flask back to the Minotour...who grunts in a bovine manner*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *setting the hammer down, leaning against her leg, she shifts up to standing around seven feet tall, her white tank top skin tight over her bulky muscles*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((everyone?))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>No just the ritehelpers))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (well Dwid you can bring in your wyrmies any time for the defenders)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Minotaur? are there some new books I ain't seen yet?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *After the prayer?, Max raises his head. His eyes calm yet fiery.* Lets do this......

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>the Minotour is from the Dead Magic book...the Roman and Greek Bygones and spirits still exsist actually...unlike the other Bygones))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *picking up the hammer, held in two hands, she waits*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul falls into a deep meditation. Relaxing enough for the transfer to begin. Sage follows everyones steps and relaxes into meditaton.e

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): ((spuds is ligit on that stuff. its all in the books))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *for those outside chanting can be heard vaguely...but somewhere much like a flaregun the wyrm awakens...perhaps it is it's loathing of anything that may strengthen the wyld or Gaia, perhaps it merely wishes to corrupt something once so pure...either way the wyrm is awakened by the uttering of the rite*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *belches quietly still waiting*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Shifts up to breed form his big gnarled club weaving threateningly in front of him*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he sits in Hispo in a meditaion state channeling his Gnosis*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Shifts up to Crinos, ready and activates the gift Steel Fur* (Rolling now, he spent a Willpower.)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~now a mere shadow among shadows (What evil lurks in the heart of men, the Shadow knows)~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *standing in Hispo, muzzle pointing skywards, utmost concentration*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks at the Minotour* Where's that club I made ya? *the Minotour shrugs and looks innocent* *hands the Bygone the Pattern Klaive and draws the rapier hilt from the bag activating the Holy Sword* idiot...*the Minotour shrugs and takes the Klaive holding it easily*

Rei (curious raven): *preens her wing feathers*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *Dave takes up the Gnosis...his body seems to jolt...he utters forcefully the chant that brings the large flow of Gnosis to be controlled David glows with blue fire....and the fire seems to track through the lines of given Gnosis making each ritehelper glow, though alittle paler then turn...and the glyphs flare green and to life as the ritual begins*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Roll on Steel Fur-3,2,7,4,10,5,10,9,7=5 added dice on all Soak rolls for the remainder of the Scene))

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Flips out both of the metal razors, waiting for the wyrm*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *takes a look around...and shifts further up into Crinos...standing over nine feet tall, with the black and tan markings of a Rottweiler, as well as the heavy jaw, though with a wolf's head. Her tank top and jeans remain, in this form*

Morg ST: (( well thank you David. My BSDs didn't know a rite was going on just yet. But who looks a gift horse in the mouth, eh? ))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~quietly notes each one nearby shifting forms.. sliding her hand over the 44. in her pants and grips it.. quite unused to having such a weapon.. but she would have to learn someday.. even if this wasn't the right moment for quick lessons~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *picking the hood of a car nearby, she rakes her claws along it...activating Razor Claws*

Morg ST: (( must use die roller for anything. ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max's black Crinos fur has now taken on a Silvery color.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (it says in the book uttering even a line of the ritual draws the wyrm's presense or awareness like a hawk on a fieldmouse)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (I did.)

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): ((OH ARG! sorry morg.. david.. i have to run.. i will TRY to be back.. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Slips stealthily through the shadows of the junkyard waiting to surprise the foes of the newly forming Caern*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: There is no roll for Razor Claws.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *yawns and taps the blade of quintessance on the Umbral ground talking to the Minotour* Man I hate waiting...*the Minotour nods and grunts something in old ass Latin Jules snorting in response* Please I dont wanna hear you bitch about having to wait on the one of the Greek Isles for hundreds of years...please no whining

Da Shooter's Chars: (here I am peeps )

Morg ST: (( "pats heads" just a post guys, I know you did. 'eg' ))

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Shifts up to Glabro*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (I leave the rest to you Morg wyrm wise)

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): ((I have given morg permision to NPC OB if he neads.. rembeing the passive lethal clause))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): ((shit we're a big light in the darkness saying come get me im here))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((rolled Stealth on wwrollerMorg 3,6,5,10,5,4,7,4,5,1))

Da Shooter's Chars: *the Ahroun is ready to do her work. the Raggie can take place on the rite and make someone free to fight. a bird flies high up, observing*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~actives a gift and wacth the scene down belows, unseen~

Overbear Sunstreak~burns all it touches~(as requested by ST. Passive Lethal.): ***gone***

Rei (curious raven): ((or a bullseye on a buck heh heh)) *stretches her wings*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((activates luna's armor, rolling))

Da Shooter's Chars: ( arrgh, cant do it too much multitask... )

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Jack's claws scrap across each razor (Activating Ravor Claws)*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *Jules still in the Umbra alone with the two Wyldlings Inferno and the Minotour of myth wait patiently...Jules and the Bygone trading sips from a flask...* Dude ya slobbered on my booze! *whaps the bull man in the shoulder* dick...*wipes the slobber off and takes a swig*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *something seems wrong...suddenly the euphoria all breifly felt from the giving of their Gnosis is taken over by pain...David himself while still chanting is grimacing in pain.....the ritual takes one HL from each ritesperformer to make up for the lack of Gnosis*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Snarls, and looks around the Junkyard for anything unusual* (Rolling Per.+Alert. to see if he picks up on anything.)

Morg ST: (( also remember, it takes 2 rounds in homid to get from the gate entrance, to where the rite is taking place. 1 if in Lupus style. The maze is there for a reason. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *grips her hammer in her clawed hands, waiting...the hammer is perfectly sized for the Crinos*

Da Shooter's Chars: *Lucy and Mike arrive to join the rite if its not too late... adding their gnosis to the flow*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Shooter it was assumed you were there from the start...)

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): They wince slightly, but their mind stays focused

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Per+Alert roll=10,5,10,6,9,7,5,= 4 suxx on Diff 7, you can raise the Diff if you'd like but i think 7 is good.)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *holds back a yelp and cringes... stays silent*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Shifts up to Crions. The razors still in Jack's hands*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~restless, spins on heel on top of the mustang in the gathering area and heads for the gate, taking a leap on each hood on the way.. going junkpile wise~

Morg ST: ( no wyrm. yet. )

Da Shooter's Chars: ( so add a corax to the troupe giving gnosis, dave. I will play my ahroun on the fight, okay ? )

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *well at least Jules and his allies think theyre to the side hidden by a gift waits the Oldest Cliath...he couldnt really care less about a new caern...or these Garou...he cares about his son...and his son alone*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he calls his Familiar spirit for added Gnosis*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Luna's Armor roll 3,10,2,1,9,5,7, one wp was spent check the roller))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~takes out the rifle, and sights through the scope~

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Does Max pick up on anything...Unusual Morg?)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she wolf-frowns, spotting Angel heading away....damn girl is gonna get herself killed*

Morg ST: ( no wyrm, yet. And you can't pick up anything from the streets if you are in the Rite area. Too far away. Also, who is there by the rite, and who is by the gate? or where ever? ))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *bike drives up to the gates*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he fat pack rat by Growls and adds his gnosis*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the energies pull as somehow Dave inverts them at the Guantlet in his first attempt to effect the change needed...and then he rests but still chants...for a brief few minutes the Gnosis goes back to their pocessors...*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((*is a rite participant*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *is at the edge of the gathering area, near one of the paths into the maze*

Rei (curious raven): *stays where she is at & watches from her vantage point*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~well now.. hey.. she only took the nearest route to her watch-out post.. the highest junkpile there was in that junkstreet.. squatting down on her heels and listened to the oddities of the cranking vehicles of the dead machines she gotten used to the past few weeks~

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *hops off the bike, taking her sawed-off shotgun and moving in* oh, time for a dirty job...

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~the scope follows ANGEL as long as it can~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *just so you know technically the ritesmaster can attempt the umbral change once every hour...because his body can't handle the pure amount of Gnosis for long periods. The periods of "rest" while they might be much shorter Realtime will mean one hour gametime.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((gate Morg))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Is near the Maze entrance aswell.*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Is deeply hidden in the shadows at the end of a different path's end, near the rite*)

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *takes position near the gates, shifting Glabro*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm† -]|Bared Fangs|[- §Ahroun§ |Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Tosses his club aside thinking it will only get in the way and he would be better off using his Gaia given claws and teeth* C'mon Croc, don't let me down

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~isn't so far from the gate, but well situated on the highest point in the yard~

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *the Minotour finishes the flask and hands it back...Jules takes a sip and frowns* and not only did ya slobber into my booze ya bogarded it....oi...*tosses the flask away and lights another cig* Dont even think about bummin my smokes either stinky...

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *The huge Silvery furred crinos looks at Danni.* ~GS~ You ready Danni, cuz when they attack it's gonna be intense....

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *prepares the sawed-off gun for a single blast... knowing it can knock back a crinos nicely. and waits*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *feels itchy for a cigar once he hears about smokes but quickly drops it from his thoughts as he stays alert for the bad guys*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ Tatsu took the highest point to hmmmmmm

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *nods her furry head to Max...her black fur blends nicely with the night* ~gs~ I'm ready.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>Jules and the Minotour are in the Umbra))

Rei (curious raven): ((well i dont know, i can always top that chaz heh heh))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((*swats Yama*))

Morg ST: (( Send In The Clowns ))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~thanks his contacts on the street and elsewhere for the sniper rifle~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((alright forget that part then my bad, just feels itchy so the player lit a smoke for him lol))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~pulls back the safety, clicking and loading .. quietly.. waiting~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Grinds his foot on in the dirt gettin ready to charge*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Tightens his grip on the Macauitl, and awaits the ensueing battle.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *By now the ritesmaster and aids feel the Gnosis bonding them all...David keeps chanting while he rests before the next feel an internal rythme...something within you feels a discover yourselves wanting to hit the ground or do something...something to acknowledge this rythm...*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *the Minotour feeling the time nearing takes the Pattern Klaive and cuts a thin diagonal line on his bare hairy chest anointing his sharper than shit horns with the blood and doing a bull man kinda roar...Jules raises the Hermetics eyebrow and shakes his head* oi...

Rei (curious raven): *caws to peirce & add to the tension*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Waits silently*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~looks over at Angel, just a shadow with a sniper rifle~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *raises the hammer a bit...her nostrils flaring to scent the night air*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he sits in Hispo in a meditaion state channeling his Gnosis*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *tilts her head in curiousity of this new sensation... involuntarity starts tapping her left front paw, nails clicking on the ground*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~sees nothing .. yet~

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *breath in... and out... damn, this is a very good time to start smoking... naw...*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts to Homid, he is in his late teens maybe seven teen, his has rattie brown hair, a blue and brown eye, and has cloths piled on top of each other*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Fuck this *Jules says and floats a foot or so off the ground reclining on air* wake me when they get here...*the Minotour nods and waits patiently*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *The tension is getting to him, He looks around once more, then starts down the path through the Maze, slowly.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC Yes Sage you could chant...some parts David does are repetative...

Morg ST II: *a beat up old pickup comes tearing down the street and rounds a corner and slams into the JY gate, going through it and crashing into the start of the maze.. 4 men pile out of the truck, toting shotguns and pistols... the bestway to describe the men would be "white trash"*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts down to lupus, his is a mutt mix of Pitt bull and Dobermann and a pintch of wolf, all with a blue and brown eye*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Waits hidden at the end of the maze*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the rythm grows...its even and strong like a heartbeat...and well timed with David's chants whose heartbeat? Maybe it's your own...maybe not..*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *raises the double-barreled and fires both barrels at once*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *her head comes up, hearing the crash, and with a growl, starts through the maze* ~gs~ We're in it now.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he stays in his Meditation as the shifts forms*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Quick OOC, whats the new Intitiative roll?)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Leaps toward the the white trash as they pile out of the truck, claws wide spending a gnosis* Come on Gaia's Claws, lets tear these fuckers a new ass ((Spends a gnosis for Inspiration))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Was already walking towards the gate, and after hearing the crash stops dead in his tracks.* Their here....

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~it might have been enough with the rendering of the gate, but she gave a holler all the same.. like she was asked to do~.. MAAAAX! ~rolling out of sight from her top view for the moment~

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( 3 succ with a will sawed-off covering a wide area )

Morg ST: (( your init + 1 die added in ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((dex + wits + 1d10= init))


Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~his sight trained on a patch of darkness, waiting~

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *HEars the crash and waits for them*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage begins to quietly chant. Feeling the energy and excitement.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((you don't roll dex and wits you just add the scores to a die ten))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *mentally accepts this new rhythm... notices, not by looking, but just now sensing, her paw tapping... acknowledges this and does it more firmly, increasing the sound*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts to Hispo, his is a hulking mutt mix of Pitt bull and Dobermann and a pintch of wolf, all with a blue and brown eye*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *the Minotour quirks its head up its bovine ears flapping and it pokes a lightly dozing Jules in the forehead grunting and pointing south...Jules zips up* yeah i heard it they come...*stands and waits*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( dumb me. SPIRIT OF THE FRAY )

Rei (curious raven): *flies over towards the sound of the crashing*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Max's Initiative-11)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((rolled a 5 so I got 13 on init))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~turns his rifle at the gate "no style just bust in, great" and aim at one~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Spending three rage for extra actions))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Got a 9 on Init.

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max like the others, doesn't run towards the entrance. Instead he stops and waits in the Maze, knowing they'll have to come through sooner or later.*

Morg ST II: *one of the men gets hit by Janie's shot, and it slows him down but doesn't stop him*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Is not waiting just so ya know))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Like=Unlike *Sheepish Grin.*)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *waits around a sharp bend in her chosen path, hammer ready to swing down atop something's head*

Morg ST II: *all the men that can file into the maze*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the energies gather again, though each ritehelper's connection now with the rite they feel their own Gnosis now pooling back towards and into David. His chant changes again as he begins reciting the words to control the Gnosis flow of such large proportions. His will and rite's skill turns the Gnosis like a spear at the Guauntlet once again striving to weaken it in a perminant fashion so that a Cearn can be built the Heartbeat grows erratic and strained....quicker, the thrust doesn't impale the Guauntlet...for a brief horrid instant the Gnosis wavers...all the riteshelpers feel pain...but then David regains control..the Gnosis slides back to you so he can rest...he goes back to the in between chant*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~rolls somewhere else to a lower ledge, gunning in on an aim on one of the "other" fellas down in the yard in line of her sight~

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~( Init= 15)~

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( 6 lkethal on each barrel, MORG )

Rei (curious raven): *lands on some metal protrusion that she has not clue what it is & watches*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *backs up pumping a Rage to Autocrinos*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((we lose another health level?))

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): ((16 on Initiavtive))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Inform me when any of the "Hillbillies" run up onto Max.)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the heartbeat rythm slows again...but is strong..David is sweating*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~tags the last guy in the maze (head shot/aimed/4 suxx; silver)~

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts to Homid and Screams in pain falling to his knees*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (No...only if a say felt pain but luckily had no dmg that time)

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Waits hidden near the end of the maze. Knowing they'll come*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Raises the Macauitl, and awaits the enemy.* ~GS~ Confront and Destroy!!!!!!!!

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *hearing the scream...dammit, who was that?*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): ((Yeah, Por Favor tell me when Dregs of the Gene pool get to the end, or to Jack)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he focases back*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (OOc: Max is in the middle of the Maze, on the beaten path.)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *cringes again, the tapping of her paw becoming frantic. Whimpers softly, more in fright than in pain... doesn't even flick an ear as Growls screams, focusing above all*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((oh I'll kill em before that happens, lmgao... er die trying, lmgao))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the glyphs are burning with a blue fire around the ritualists...three glyphs burn the brightest, one of the cityfather, one of the rat, and one of the cockroach*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *waiting*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((everyone hasn't even posted init yet...))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her claws clicking against the ground slows once again... along with her breathing*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he lays down on the ground and taps his cheast to the heart beat*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *in the Norther part of the Umbra Gaia's Inferno of Justice hears the Wyrm's call and answers it with his own the massive Fire Elemental roaring and granting his Children his blessing....Max alone of the defenders hears this Anthem of War and Rage and feels his own blood burn in response*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Repost: Max Initiative-11)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Jules, Whats that do for Max?)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *breathes deeper, tapping stronger, feeling the might of the gnosis*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Danni's init was 9

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *as she moves she wills her fur to metal*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(repost...init=15)~

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~scowls and squeezes the trigger at one of the guys down there~

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): ((Repost Initiative: Rolled 9, so 17))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: (mutters.. 5)

Rei (curious raven): ((Init: 8)) *waits for the right moment to deliver a special delivery in the face of one of the "party crashers"*

Morg ST II: ((OK, change)) *janies shot downs one of the men as he's exiting the truck*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max rage grows and the Crinos beast grins.* ~GS~ Thank you Inferno

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((okay first I don't think the people waiting need to roll init, the guy usin spirit of the fray goes first of course...))

Morg ST II: ((OK, the highest I saw was Jack at 17... anyone higher?))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( 5 added to soak, +1 diff to dex )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *It seems the presense of three different totems have been drawn but they are still least thats how it feels through the connection*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((thank you))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(hit the last guy entering the maze in the head with called shot 4 suxx, silver)~

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): ((*G* thats a first, to bad Jack's waiting))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( spirit of the fray )

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((spirit of the fray is higher bro))

Morg ST II: ((I already posted that Janie's shot downed one of the guys... so next is init))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC Just for your info...had not OB but in 15 Gnosis, the woulds suffered would have been unless I other wounds should result...but everyone is down 1 HL ritewise..)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her spirits (as in... good humor... not actual spirits *s*) rise as she senses, vaguely, the totems... reminded of days long past... and rat spirits*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max the uses the gift Create Element to create a Fire on a part of the beaten path infront of him.* ((Roll-4,2,3,9= 1 succ)) *The fire isn't big but neither is the beaten path.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC Now of course if the wyrmies get through we are fucked.)

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((*doesnt have the damned chart nearby.. suxx on angel's fire was = 4,3,9,5, at least 1 suxx adn silver))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((heh...strangely...Im remember what it says under the Icarus Wings Talisman in Dead magic..."Dont Botch...Icarus Botched"))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: OOC whee...

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *his Pack rat Climbs on his cheast and looks around at the rite*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((LOL, Spuds))

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Still waiting*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((LOL @ David))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Max won't let them get through, he's actually closer to the clearing than the entrance but he is on the beaten path.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: *wonders why people are beating the path... what did the path ever do to them?* *grin* Sorry, had a fit of silliness, there.

Rei (curious raven): ((heh heh heh))

Morg ST II: ((OK, I Janie's done, i guy down... then Jack, but I believe he's waiting... so Yama you're turn... you're going for a called shot to the head, how many sux did you have?))

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Looks back, watching the entrance to the rite, then back to waiting, back to being motionless*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *in the Umbra Inferno bellows out his Anthem of Rage again...and on the other side the Minotour bellows out his own war cry...Jules just waves a hand in front of his face* Dont do that again stinky...geezus...*the Minotour hears the enemy again and opens his mouth to bellow...but after a withering look from Jules claps it shut*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((LOL Jules bringing humor to a fighting scene.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(4 suxx on attack roll)~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *You can feel the connection strongly now...the heartbeat hard to you are all one being. The more perceptive of you feel the totems seem to be talking to each other*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((okay, I weaseled my way here))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((MAx>>Hee hee ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC In the Umbra the totems are playing a poker game to see which one gets the Cearn. LoL Thats why it takes hours.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *starts tapping her right paw now as well, alternating left and right... tries to focus even more, no small task... straining to listen to the totems*

Rei (curious raven): ((i KNEW! okay i win the pot *lol*))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he taps his chest all zoned out*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): ((Um, Yamamoto, where's your rool on the site? You aint useing WW?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((LOL *is strangely reminded of that Dogs Playing Poker painting*))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *He frowns slightly as the Fire goes out, and looks down the beaten path, seeing if anyone is coming.*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *is there to fight Wyrmies and yell out "GWAR!" and stuff*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (No a rat, a cockroach and a city father are playing poker....)

Morg ST II: *Yama's shot downs another and the other 2 are in the maze... mostly hidden from sight now...*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Go City father!))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ was using dice..can use roller

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((heh ... (Cockroach):I'll raise two packs and a Ronin...(Cityfather):I see your Ronin and raise you a Lost Cub...(Rat):I see yer raises and piss in your eye you stinking bastards!))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *has taken her place around a sharp bend in one of the maze paths, hammer at the ready*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Waits at the end of the maze*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((come on cochroach, then I can sing "La coocooracha la coocooracha ya no puedo caminar" lmgao))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: *LMAO @ Jules*

Rei (curious raven): ((Rat, cause id eat the cockroach))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((*now is strangely reminded of those "walks into a bar" jokes... you know... "a rat, a cockroach, and a city father walk into a bar"* I think I'm in a weird mood.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~scans the area for more targets~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (You do realize rats eat cockroaches right?)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Is standin on the beaten path, he's gonna make sure NO-ONE gets past him.* ~GS~ Come on you pieces of shit....*Snarls.*

Morg ST II: ((OK, who's hiding in the maze?))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((And so I said to the Rat, that's not my totem, that's my wife!))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((My attack? spent three rage for extra actions don't forget... so that's four))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((ROTFL @ Spuds))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~bites lip. slowly moving away and tries follow the line of others.. that are in the maze, keeping herself amongst the junk~

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((*after wiping the rat piss off* (Cockroach): I got a full house (Cityfather):*snort* I got a full city...(Gator):I got a royal flush (Rat):Where did the lizard come from? anyway I got 12 aces! *the other look funny at Rat* What no seriously look 12 I did NOT cheat! ))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((ROTFL @ Evad! ow, my sides...))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((I just got here. I'm sorry I am late, but there was nothing I could do. Can I get an update on the people fighting the Wyrm?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Hiding in the maze!

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Isn't hidden, is making sure he's seen.*

Jack Bennett (Creepy Urban Legend Type BG): *Jack is hidden in shadows toward the end of the maze. Where all the entrances to the rite area are. Hidden, and has a clear view of the rite area entrance*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *is in the Umbra*

Rei (curious raven): ((*lmao*thats why id root for Rat)) *watches from her perch*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul seems to rock slightly, keeping the rythem of the group.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((*cannot comprehend people having an OOC beef with GW players... some people just have no sense of humor, I guess*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the chant changes again as Dave stands up from his kneeling position...the Gnosis is drawn into the Metis again. The heartbeat like rythm increases in tempo. David chants the controlling words again and aims the Gnosis like a spear at the effect is beginning to be felt. He channels it until it becomes painful for him again and then it ebbs back to the other ritualists while David takes the resting posture and chant again...the heartbeat rythm is irregular and then steadies out and slows down again*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( back ))

Morg ST II: ((OK, Grim, you can attack one of the guys, but since he's partly in the maze and running, spend 1 turn to catch up*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Lowers the Macauitl, figuring that the "Goons" were already taken out by all the Protectors near the JY entrance.*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ lol@Spuds

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *is umm... here* ((like I said, I'm not sure what is going on))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her front paws unprobably keep the irregular tempo, left and right alternating... Tala not even seeming to notice, her gaze distant, and pointed slightly upwards*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Bah sadly the GW people most got beef with *beside my cream filled hostess ass* dont even fuckin play anymore...*shrug* ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *those perceptive enough may realize the rhythm is David's own heart*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((AH AM I LATE?))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( BRB )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Yes...Morg...find a way to get the newcomers in...what do they have to do..wait to rounds/turns whatever?)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he taps his chest to the beating of his heart a calming beat*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ Blossom hell no got some people for you to kill

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Yes. They must describe themselves arriving at the gate. No "insta" arrivals.))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *Evad grumbles as he heads to the gate* Stupid no good goddamn motherfricking bastards...

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~sneaks up in the pile of junk~(Stealth3)

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *steps in many belts of ammo hanging off him*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Waits for any "Goons" that got away.* ((Any of them make it to where Max is on the path?))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((dlp))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she snickers very softly at something, then settles in to wait more*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *enters threw the gates*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((SSSSSWEEet attack roll, and by 3rd ed rules ever extra suxx over first adds to a die to damage and spent a wp so... 1,7,8,6,8,6,8,10,8, ... 7 suxx + 1 wp is 8 suxx so add 7 to damage roll, I think he is toast but will roll damage if youwant... which claws is strenght +2 right?))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((we usin 3rd rules right? not just for init?))

Morg ST II: *one of the men rounds the corner and sees Max... and fires his shot gun at the beast... ((only 3 dmg tho... non agg))*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( No. Just Intit. Not enough peeps in circulation for that. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((alright, so roll damage?))

Morg ST II: *a humvee tears around a corner and toward the gate... trying to run Evad over*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *one of the totem glyphs on the walls darken down to the dim glow of all the others...the city father totem has darkened*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((doesn't do 3rd ed. only for init of which I've just learnt *L*))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): SHIT! *leaps out of way, heading into the junkyard shifting to Glabro (spends a rage)*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Soak roll- 6,10,9,5,4,5,4,9,4,3,7=5 levels soaked.)) *Gets shot, and snarls.* ~GS~ Stupid moron. *He charges raising the Macauitl* (Spending 1 rage)

Morg ST II: ((Grim>> Damn, good shot... ya, roll dmg))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((damage strenght plus 2 rolled..... 1,6,7,7,7,4,8,3,9,3,3..... 5 suxx outstanding))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *another engine sound...she can hear it, more trouble*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( for the new arrivals. Use the die roller. if you don't want to RP lethal, put it in your tag.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~sweeps the sight around looking for more targets~

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((wishes he coulda used those other seven dice))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *leaps up onto a car then a higher one until he gets to the top of the maze walls and runs his way towords were hes sappouse to be curseing under his breath and pulling free a shotgun from his trench*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: (((Cityfather):Okay ya know what you and the rat can argue this one out...i need a bath after the piss shower...(Cockroach) Okay man see ya later...we gotta do this for those Walker people later...(Rat) Dats right ya stinking bastich get da fuck outta here!))

Rei (curious raven): ((what about those that for some odd reason CANT use the dice roller *punts said dice roller*))

Morg ST II: *the humvee comes to a stop and 5 Fomori pile out...* ((OK, I need to know who is in say, 10 feet of the gate))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((alrighty should i roll athletics or is it a matter of turns until i get there?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Attack Roll-2,10,7,8,4,5,7,3=4 suxx. Dodge or not?)) *Swings the Macauitl with force, aiming for the "Goons" head.*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( then someone esle must. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((chased a bad guy into the maze))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Rei>>Then PM the dice and diff to someone who can I would guess))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((LOL)) *squints in concentration and... trying to puzzle out... something's different*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((ack.. is about in that damned 10 feet of gate ))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *Evad is just within the gate, scratching his claws on a nearby rock ((Razor Claws))*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Is probably about thirty feet into the path, though it might be closer as a straight shot. The path curves and twists.

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(is on the highest tower of cars aiming at gate crashers)~

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~the newer arrivals attracted her human senses.. the others.. were already chased.. no sport there.. heading back to the gate~

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *as the HUmmer enters, she turns to it, concentrating*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he keeps the beat and taps his chest*

Rei (curious raven): *watches from her perch*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Damage roll-6,8,10,9,5,2,2,10,7,8,4,5,3,6= 8 levels of bashing damage.)) *The Macauitl smashes onto the goons head, hard. Delivering a killing blow.*

Clarissa (*BG*): *slips in through the gates, curious to the goings-on, but not overly so.**she stands at around 5'6", with a malnutritioned figure. Her hair is dirty red and extremely curly, but cut sloppily and close to her head. She has wide, watery vermillion eyes and pallid skin, a few sparse freckles dotting her high cheekbones and broad jaw. She's dressed in an oversized grey sweatshirt, worn, ripped jeans, and a pair of falling-apart Converses. A backpack rests on her shoulders.*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~takes aim at the first one out the hummer~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Clarrisa, you do not just "appear' through the gates. A pitched battle is going on there. ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Morg II> I'd say i killed the Goon that shot Max, but it's your call hit him with 4 suxx and got 8 suxx on damage roll.))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((one action to chase, one action to claw... still got two actions to go this round))

Clarissa (*BG*): ((Sorry... didn't realize that..))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Humm Clarissa...wyrm creatures are attacking...BG's and friends are defending...and you aren't curious what the hell is going on? casual RP tonight I'm have stumbled upon the SL of the Cearn creation ritual)

Rei (curious raven): *flies towards the hummer*

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~visibly winces at Clarissa's unfortunate arrival through the gates.. hollering at her to get the fuck outta here NOW~

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((blossome is heading for the battle))

Clarissa (*BG*): ((Whatever. I'll go. Wasn't aware this was a preplanned scene. *poof*))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Isn't near the Entrance.*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *sees the formori, and leaps for them* GWAR!

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Yo8u can join will get descent reknown...if your nonlethal...I'm sorry. Its your choice...)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: (init= 14)

Morg ST II: *the 1st Fomori to exit the Humvee sprays a strange flamethrower around, Angel, Evad, and Janie are with with a semi liquid balefire, take 2 agg, unsoakable, and -1 HL per turn until fire is extinguished*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": ( yeah, just make a good entrance. Its all good. ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Catches a glipse of the stones, and realizes that they are getting closer. Never really losing her concentration.(Sage)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Yama, you went... and you said your init was 15 earlier))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~sighs of relief as the girl disappears.. now training an aim in one of the junkheads down below in the maze by the gates, slowly squeezing the trigger~ (2 suxx, silver)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ for the ones getting out of the hummer, its a new round right?

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *After killing the Goon that ran up on him, he turns and starts running towards the clearing.* ((I'd take about 1 round, because Max was in the Middle of the Maze.))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ARGH! *drops to a roll to extinguish the fire, then comes up into acroch and shifts to Crinos, before he springs at some Formoi*

Rei (curious raven): ((well then which Morg doth i let know to do my dice rolling for me? plan on doing an eyepluck move))

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ((dlp. ugh)) ~she wasnt fast enough plus the girl had distracted her, being scalded in the damned flame and muffled out a cry staggering back into the junk~

Morg ST II: Max>> *the man drops... your weapon imbedded in his head*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *waits, halfway through the maze....she won't get any further from David than that*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((everyone needs to chill and let the storyteller keep up, and no the first round has to be finished before the next round starts))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Evad, its like Napalm. You can't just "drop, rol, and come up fighting." It will continue to burn. ))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( huh, Morg... I can not DODGE ? )

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ cool let me know when the next round starts then

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((oh, well nevermid then.)) *sheds as much clothing as he can trying to get away from the fire, before shifting to Crinos*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *from the ritual trailier..ahem...I mean cave David makes another attempt...he draws the Gnosis back into himself...and once again the heartbeat rythm gets faster quicker. The Gnosis spear he forms is almost visable to the other ritualists by now...David seems to attack a wall, the guantlet as he chants the difficult phrases in the Garou tongue that let him control the large volumn of Gnosis at all. This time the effect spreads like a ripple finially the effects on the Guaunlet begin to be felt outside the cave. Nearby defenders can feel the energies stirring. The rythm grows more erratic...unable to keep the thrust up David rests again. The Gnosis slides back through the connections*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *his heart slows and he taping slows*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she feels it...something changing...oh come on, Dave, it has to be working...*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her front paws still keeping the beat, they become erratic as the rhythm does... Tala feels a surge of adrenaline as she feels the new effects... maybe now-? No. The tempo slides back to normal, and she concentrates again, more determined than ever*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( 2 succ ) *jumps out of the way of the flamethrower, to a covered position*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~aiming at the first guy out the hummer~

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): aul tkes a deep breathe as the gnosis returns, and Feeling the gauntlet ripple

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((when you dodge, don't you have to get more suxx than the attack Janie?))

Morg ST II: Grim>> *the man screams in agony... then turns and fires his shotgun at your chest* ((4 Sux, no dmg... %@# roller))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *He finally reaches the end of the Maze, and the clearing. He stops and turns positioning himself so he can ambush any other "Goons" that make it through the Guards at the JY entrance.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((got 11 to soak anywho Morg so I probly wouldn't have felt it))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((only slowing a bit... but just IN CASE the server dies, we go to$/chat/room1 ))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he taps to the pules of Gaia... The pack rat sucks in fill of Gnosis*

Morg ST II: *the other Fomori pile out of the hummer holding what look to be fang daggers*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *David isn't looking good any more...every vein and muscle is showing through his fur...every chord of muscle more the Gnosis is being drawn from him to do this, his eyes and mind are lost to the task at hand*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she can hear them...near the gate....her black-furred ears pricked as she waits in her hiding place, clawed hands gripping her hammer*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *leaps at the first Formi tearing into iy, unless someone has already gotten it, then Evad goes for one of the others*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *points her clawed fingers to the hummer, to where she knows its the FUEL TANK ( [heat metal])*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Anybody happen to know that Stats on a Pattern Klaive?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage smirks feeling the changes, and concentrates even harder for the next attempt.

Morg ST II: *very quickly the other four file into the maze, the one with the bale fire holding everyone else at bay...* ((FYI: it has a 30 ft range))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( Evad, I have SoTF so INIT is mine ) ~gs~ fire in the hole !

Angel ~Gnawer kin~: ~she would be the one that wasnt fast enough in the mess.. burning under twists of agony against the side of the junkpath, yet refusing to scream, fingers finding the hammer of the gun she was using and squeezed off aimlessly at the formori that showered her~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( nope But useing too much Weaver Tech will interfere with the Rite. It will increase the difficulty. ))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *Goes after one of the others then*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Waits at the end of the Maze, hidden and ready to ambush any Fomori that make it that far.*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(tags a hummer goon in the head 6 suxx on roller)~

Morg ST II: ((Max>> diff 6 to hit damg = str+4))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Haven't used it yet, Jules gave him one before the Rite started and i was just wondering what the Stats were.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *ah, they're entering the maze now...she presses herself against a wall of junk...they'll pass her before they see her*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( well forget all the heat metal thing, looks like the st missed it )

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): (FUcking Power) *Still waits to ambush at the end of the Maze, near Max*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *calls upon her Rage and goes after the fomori*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Thank you, Morg II))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( spending 3 rage )

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *the rat Familiar sinks into his chest*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Raises the Macauitl, hearing their footsteps getting closer.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((still has two actions left in the first round, just inside the maze so the fomor would come up behind me as I finish off this guy if All of their actions took place in the first round))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Watching Max waiting for him to move first. He does have the better attack advantage* (Sorry bout that. Parents are having a party and the power in my room kept shorting. Good thing I have some electric skill *grumbles*)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *He rests getting weaker now with each passing try...but to give the guy credit hes been at it for 4-5 hours now. Its hard to keep track of time in the thrall of the ritual...he chants only pausing to breath.*

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: * he shows up looking like he always does at the gate, and late for the party...*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Well who Evad got to tacck, he was using claws and the attack roll was 4,7,7,4,1,5,4,10,1))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((attack even))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Steadies and waits, Macauitl raised.* ~MS to Jack~ Get ready, they're coming for us. *Sadistic grin on his Crinos face.*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Jack grins back at Max razor claws extended* ~MS~ I'm always ready *a matching grin*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((turn two started yet blossom come in now?))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *his eyes open and he sits up looking at David*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Morg still with us?))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( I think we lost our ST )

Rei (curious raven): ((that's not good))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): The chant keeps going and Sage and Caul are into it.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Jack's dark grey crions form hidding well in the shadows. The top hat and the coat are still covering Jack*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *Once gain he yells, yes shouts and yells the ritual words that guide the Gnosis...he takes it into himself once again glowing brightly with each try. This time the spear forms very visable for all the other ritualists to see, the heartbeat like a rythm, the Gnosis channeled into an almost cystraline spear. David strikes at the Guantlet again...the ripples are greater this time. They might even be visable in the Guantlet but wouldn't really effect the battles there. Those nearby the ritual trailer..err cave now definately feel a change as the energies swirl out from the ritual center a moonlight now settles on the center clearing around the cave*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Nope hes here))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((no he's still there))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (He'll be back, he just got booted.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( we're discussing tactics. 'eg' ))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( *sigh* )

Morg ST II: *the fomori file into the maze and the fist one reaches....... Danni... it snarls and swings the fang dagger* ((2 Dmg non agg, but you'll lose 1 HL per turn until cleansed, or unless you have resist toxin, immune to Wyrm emenations))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Morg 2>>She can dodge ya know))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( so who's da main ST so I can ask when Arron gets to come in and get the shit kicked outta him?))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((they woulda run into me first unless me and my guy went past Danni and I still have two actions left in the first round))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *her adrenaline pumps, and her paws tap and eyes glow with zeal... this could be IT*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he stands up feeling the surge of power blow past him*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((or unless there is more than one way through the maze))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she doesn't even try to dodge, but steps into the stab, swinging her hammer at the creatures head full force* (4,10,3,8,10,7,4,7,3)

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( I am. You are in now. ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Still waiting at the end of the Maze, getting impatient.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: There's more than one path, Grim.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the powere ebb again David staggers and kneels..and the Gnosis ebbs back through the connection...hes visably thinner, tired....but he keeps chanting stubbornly*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: *rushes after the Fomori* ( 3 rage spent )

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he shifts up to Crinos, his hulking mass of mutt mixed beast*

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: ((oh no))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): Max> ~MS~ Wait for it

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Morg 2>>Danni;s diff for Brawl Dodge Firearms and Melee is a natural 4 from a spell Jules hit her with earlier...the hammer deals agg))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((good, means I ain't gotta worry about bein attacked from behind waiting on my first round actions to get finished))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((i hate to continue bitching but am i in combat reach yet?))

Morg ST II: *the Fomori with the flamethrower grins and pulls something from his pocket... a small bicycle horn... he holds it out and honks it*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Janie> How much Rage have you spent, you should be running out very soon.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (9 Blossom> Yes.))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *feels the gnosis ebbing... but no disappointment felt, she knows it's closer than ever now...*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Begins to really get excited as the situation seems to have peaked. Sage rises to herfeet in the energy, Caul remains seated not loosing concentation.

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~tags a fomori in the head /aimed-call shot/6 suxx on att/ 6 0n dam to head)

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( should I roll initiative?))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((so you want an intitive roll then?))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( first time I spent rage, Max. pay attention to YOUR playing. thank you )

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Waits for it, he really wants to bust another head open.*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( yes ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Mad, I only seen Janie use three that ain't ever got used yet... I mean they were declared but have yet to be resolved))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he rests physically feeling dizzy but concentrates on the ritual...must regain energy...was almost there last time...he could feel it. On the wall the cockroach glyph dims to the same glow as the others. The rat glyph glows brightly*

Morg ST II: Danni>> *the fomori gets slammed in the head and drops... semmingly unconsious*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he starts to chant what he remembers from the last time he saw this Rite, Takeing as much Gnosis as he can a channaling it into David*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((is paying attention to everyone's actions, lmgao))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Play nice guys ))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( Mad is insinuating I am claiming infinite Rage... *snort* )

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Okay what is the Revised version of Initivate?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage keeps chanting, knowing this next time might do it. Stomps her feet to the bat., trying to encourage the situation.

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( I am playing nice. mad was the one coming out of his polay to drop ooc veiled "hints". )

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *with a snarl, she smashes downward with the hammer again, intending to crush the life out of it for certain*(1,8,2,5,2,4,6,4,1)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((so does that mean I get to finish off my guy and find another dancing partner now Morg? so I can make it to round two ))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( and again, I have SoTF. but I guess it does not matter. )

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: (init is 19)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Um no i siad "How much Rage have you spent" I never said you've used infinite rage, i must've got your's and someone else's posts mixed up. I apologize.))

Morg ST II: Danni>> *eh, with a still target that's good enough.. SPLAT*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Janie, the first round hasn't ended, your SotF hasn't come into play again yet))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( *see's this is as bad as games spuds ran with OOC schtuff, so he grabs SPuds and the two ST's and takles em to smoke a joint..I mean, talk in private *))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((nah max, she just posted it a second time cuz she wanted to make sure Morg knew *G*))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Beat-not bat))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *his muscles tence and vein out*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( "bubblebubblebubble" "snort...chuff!...COUGH! Cough!cough!" ))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( I have 16 for initiative this round..))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *her hiding place given away, she steps into the path, howling a challenge in her booming Crinos voice*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((*L* Good one Gunk))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((and that brings me to my next lesson "Don't do drugs"))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((if 3erd is dex+wits+1D10 then i have 15))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((initaivte is 27))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Here's Danni's war howl and Howls with her, like he's calling the Goons on.*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((No wait))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((That would mean your dex + wits is at least 17 Evad, you better add that up again))

Morg ST II: ((holy shit Evad... good init))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: ((*snort , snort, snort,wipes his noes *wow thats good, oh hey weed too, awesome! by the way...I'm god....))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *while resting and chanting David notices rats glyph and beings scratching a larger one into the ground in front of the Heartstone*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Here's=Hears)) ((Initiative-11))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( 27??? christ. "hands him his flag and goes off over a cliff." 'g' ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: beings=begins

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( No my peoples, do drugs, do not let the drugs do you!))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((I misunderstood what Int was, it is: 8... Stinkin' dieroller rolled a botch))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Gunk>>No I am are the show))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((it ain't a botch Evad, you just add the one to the 8 your init is 9))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((i vote ooc comments about drug cultur stop until this sl is over))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( that possible?))

Morg ST II: *OK, the one fomori is still spraying balefire at the gate for about 30 ft... the other 3 fomori now hit the clearing* ((I appologize if I miss any posts, I'm trying my damnest to keep up))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( *sighs again* )

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((No, it is 8.... I just rolled a 1. Before it would be 7.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( agrees. ))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *evad would be attcking the bale Fire spouting Fomori*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((no 27 is not possible Arron, I think Evad was goin on second edition initiative))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): (( Init 12))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((init 15))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Morg, can I kill this guy so I can roll init for round two?))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((No I simply misunderstood how to calculate revised Edition Int.. I understand it now... so yes I'm studip ley's finish the SL please?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *As soon as a Fomori appears into the Clearing, Max swings the Macauitl at his head.* ((6,5,8,7,10,10,8,4, =6 suxx without re-rolling 10's)) *The hit is damn good, as it slams into 1 of the Formori* ((Max also spent a Rage pt.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: (19)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((LOL@ Evad, I was tryin to help ya out man))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *David finishes the glyph and it begins glowing on the ground. Somewhere a spirit of rat has waited a long time for this*

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( sorry. I just lost all ability of having fun on this. so before I ruin it all, I am gone OOC, janie may be NPC'ed if you need another ahroun, )

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *his eyes glow a light green as he chants, channeling Gnosis through himself and into David*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( do not forget. If you were poisoned, it is REALLY messing your system up. 1 pt per round. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((lousy fookin init rolls, I go on ten))

Janie "Whipsnake" Boyer: ( *bampho* )

Rei (curious raven): ((hmm methinks im forgotten))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Damage roll-9,6,6,2,10,9,10,2,7,8,9,10,8,1,8= 11 levels of Bashing damage.)) *Max's hit connects, and quite well.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *with a roar, she charges after another fomor* ((somebody else pick which one she gets to))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Jack slices the razor claws across the neck of another fomori (3,7,7,3,4,3,2,)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~(the flamethrower fomori is shot to the head for 6 dam and scored 6 suxx on the hit)~

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Max hit the firt Fomori that reached the Clearing in the head with 6 suxx on the Attack roll, and 11 suxx on the Damage roll.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (9 Yamato, are you useing the die roller? ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (First)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ yes I am

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Damage : 3,8,5,8,7,3,3,7,3,5,= 4 Agg Damage))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: * Will shift to crinos as he's running to attack the fomori sprayin the damn hoes,8,9,7,2,4,2* ((guessin next round I'll be able to attack *shrugs and takes another hit*))

Morg ST II: Max>> *yes, you hit definately connects... knocking its head clean off*

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: * a nice all white crinos with pink eyes, and burn scars on his arm*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~takes aim on another one~

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((hey mort when fireing a gun with 3 shot burst do you roll the shots sepritly or as a singal attack?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Grins watching another Wyrm scum fall under his blow, and looks at the Formori that Jack is confronting.* ~GS~ You ain't getting away.

Rei (curious raven): ((*decides to stick to the backburner*))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Blossom>>All at once ya add 3 dice to your attack and +1 diff))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": A 10 ft by 10 ft hole opens up in the ground near the ritual. About 20 ft away. Out of it pours a dense, thick and foul smoke.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((I believe blossom it's a single roll but you get to add so many dice to the attack roll... but not used to firearms))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((*also sits by the back burner*))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((This is his Rage action.)) *Max raises the Macauitl again and swings it at the Formori Jack is fighting.*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Looks at the hole and the smoke* OH SHIT!!!

Morg ST II: ((OK, what was y'all's inits again?))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *Umbral wise Jules gets pissed off at the fact that the Wyrm was just playin with him not planning on attacking and sits down focusing his magic through the Guantlet to strike at Static Reality*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ Blossom one attack but you get more dice on it hmmmm + 2 I think

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Int 8))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: ((16))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Max's was 11, but this attack was his Rage action.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ~gs~NO! *something is after the rite folk...Dave is back there.....she dashes for the smoke she sees rising*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ SO IS HE DEAD? AND IT WAS 19

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he gathers up the Gnosis again stands and strains as he says the words once again...the spear forms undenuably there and throbbing with energy. The new Gnosis added Dave can't seem to pull into the spear so it crackles around barely contained. He thrusts it at the Guauntlet shouting out the ritual words. This time the ripple is like a distortion on goes the cave the Guauntlet at last perminantly lowers....and the energys swirl outwards....the glow from the cave is so bright it blinds those inside. The energy matrix swirls out effecting the Guantlet throughout the Junkyard. On the Umbral side the effects are felt to an even greater degree. Even the humans on the very edge of the Bawn area toss in their sleep....knowing on some instinctual level something has changed...the spear seems meld into a Gnosis ball in Dave's hand....Dave staggers to the Heartstone. He places his hand on it and it takes the Gnosis and glows...and Mother Rat now sits (con)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ((mine was 12))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((sorry booted and my init is 15))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Out of the hole comes 8 horrendous looking Garou. Almost all are in Crinos. 4 of them are carrying a barrel between them, or 2 barrels total.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Int. 15 for this round))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((10))

Rei (curious raven): ((i dont remember, someone will have to roll it for me since i cant use the dice bot...was going to eyepluck but looks like the bakemono are dropping like flies))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Max attack roll-6,8,5,10,4,6,3,8= 5 suxx without reroll of 10)) *Max's macauitl hits the next Foromi in the head.*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( anyone in the fray with the formor must roll wits.alt diff 7 to notice the smoke,. You are in a firefight, remember?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *eyes are ablaze with confidance, faith, and zeal, staring distantly upwards... front paws -still- keeping time. The thick, foul smoke reaches her sensitive Hispo nose. Her only reaction a frightening (Intim2) snarl, baring long, sharp, wicked teeth... her eyes stay as blank as ever*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((was in a different part of maze, I notice smoke automatically or do I still need to roll?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: on the Heartstone and the spirit itself draws too glyphs there.....her own glyph...and streetwise. The ritualists that helped David find themselves released but drained of Gnosis....and David staggers and collapses*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Max>>Hold on somethin special is gonna happen to the last two fomor))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Damage roll-3,9,3,2,7,7,1,1,9,7,2,5,=3 levels of Bashing damage + whatever Jack dealt to him.))

Morg ST II: ((OK, looks like Yama and Jules are going at the same time... I know Jules' action, Yama how many sux on that head shot? 6?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul opens her eyes, looking very drained. Glances to Davidtomake sure he' ok.

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~00c~ yes

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: I noticed the smoke, barely.

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Jam Tech 4 succ. )) Everything with in 40 ft jams solid. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *the glyphs fade but the Heartstone still glows...David is in Crinos and crumpled in a heep before the Heartstone.*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Notices the smoke.* Fuck!! *Burns 2 Rage to make it aroud the hole blocking the entrance* (1,8,3,9,8)

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sees him fall and rushes to him.

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he overflows with gnosis, body twitching and puleing.. He is breathing hard and fast*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Sorry Jules, can't go back on it. *Sigh.*)) *The macauitl smashes the fomori in the head, hard.* ((Max doesn't notice the smoke, he's too intent on dropping the fomori.))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC Just so everyone knows the ritual was successful but what we got out of it was a level one Cearn of Streetwise under rat as the totem)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *she snaps back to reality, only adjusting a little... still very dazed, with a not quite present look in her eyes... paws finally still. Looks around. It has been done... but still... far from over. Spots Dave down and rushes over to him, though unsure of what to do* gs~ Dave! Dave... hey... Dave... you... we did it. Dave.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Max>>Right but some of us didnt get actions yet dude...))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": The lareg female, the one carrying a long, black loking sword raises up high, and slices her claws down. But nothing happens.

Morg ST II: ((OK, what's the dmg Yama?)) *the fomori next to Max and the one that no one is attacking both roar in agony as their chests explode outward*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Evad is still stuck in midflight at the Formi spewing balefire. *shrugs*))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( never mind that roll to shift, crinos is my breed form, doh.))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage sits down in a plop. Feeling completely out of it.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he out cold...alive but unconscious...he looks very thin and very frail. The ritual took more then Gnosis from him*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((rolling since I don't get an answer... notice smoke : 6,3,2,2,7,7, not fighting anyone in a diff part of maze than the fomor, if notice smoke charges to it as quickly as possible))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *targeting the biggest Spiral to come out of the hole. That's her prey*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": The rest eithe rpull nasty loking klaives, or a devil whip. They are intent on killing everything here.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *hovers over David, looking down at him*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ 6 silver to the head

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>It was diff ya notice it))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((uh so do i get to act or are they all dead? im lost becuase no ones acting in turn))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Spirit of the Fray )) Two of the BSDs see Danni coming, and go for her.

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Um, well then let Morg II handle when Max attacks. *Grin.*))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Stands inbetween the Rite entrance and the smoky hole*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~holds his other actions~

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Max>>eh theyre dead anyways...Jules made em go boom in concert *L*))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Wraps her arms around David ,Ten looks to The others. "I'm drained for gnosis, we're gona need to get him some help."

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he just lies there not showing any sign of awakening*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Two others see Jack, and go for him. (( Spirit of the Fray )) (( Gotta love a warpack 'g' ))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((T Notice the Smoke: 10,10,7,7,10,))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he stands in Crinos looking of into space zones out Gnosis flowing off him like steam*

Morg ST II: Yama>> *the fomori's head snaps back but beore it drops... the balefire pack explodes, covering a 40 ft radius in balefire...*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *looks around at the others in the "cave"* gs~ So we all staying in here? Or all but one, ta stay wit Dave... we go to fight?

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *in the Umbra he kinda blinks as the Caern is created and grins* Mission accomplished...*Inferno roars out cuz well he's an angry kinda guy...the Minotour...picks his nose**

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *After hitting the Fomori, Max then notices the black hole, and the BSD's.* ~GS~ Oh shit......*He dives for the car that he put the Pattern Klaive under and tosses the Macauitl.*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((wtf ill just go ahead and post and take the things people throw at me)) *leaps down off the wall fireing a burst with his shotgun into a freash formori* to hit:7,6,9,10,8,3,5=5 sux

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *growls you know the ritual is over...the connection is severed like a blow...but it didn't hurt you*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *stopping in her tracks, she raises a rallying cry to the other defenders, readying the hammer, swinging for a shot to the nearest BSD's ribs when they reach her*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Evad>>Ow...*points to the Balefire explosion* yer fucked))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~smiles "damn I'm good" kisses the rifle and scans for more targets~

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Blossom>>There arent any fomor left ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ((got 10,8,3,3,8,5,2,4,4 on that attack))

Rei (curious raven): *circles overhead, watching as the gaijin take out the bakemono one by one*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((then a freash bsd heh limoney freash if you plz))

Morg ST II: ((dmg on explosion is 4 agg... same balefire effects*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": One of the BSDs in front of Danni burns 4 points of Rage. It activates Silver Claws, then goes for her. The other burns 3, but has no Silver Claws. It goes for her as well. (( roll coming up.))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Yeah, I know... here I ahve been waiting since like what, round one to d8 this?)) *gets cought into the brunt of the explosion*

Morg ST II: ((4 if you were at the edge... which if you were closer for some reason, PM me))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: *Uses Create Element on one of the BSD's on Danni to create fire on it, rolling gnosis spend one wp rolled.... 7,2,3,3,10,5, ....... 3 cubic feet of fire on the BSD))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Blossom>>Got pine scented))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *looks around more exasperatedly, drained but still devoted* gs~ Well folks? Are we -all- stayin' in here?

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Looks down at David. "Yeah, we're all fine. Your our concern right now."

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( It will take everyone 1 round to get to the hole that is not already near enough. The Maze. ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Unwraps the Pattern Klaive and looks at the BSD's, mentally adding up the odds. Then stands, ready to kill.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *David is out cold he hasn't said anything*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage stands and walks over, "Can I help." wanting to assist.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): Morg> ((I assume they're running toward him? So if this is possiable this is what happens) *Jack waits for the right moment for the two attackers. Burning another2 rage (2 left) Jack rakes the Razor claws across both of there eyes, hopwfully blinding them, atleast with blood (1st Attck: 4,6,6,9,7,8,3,10, ) (Second: 2,5,3,2,7,2,5,7, )

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((8 damnage))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Thought you posted a growl. Sorry))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((8+2 damnage for explosive rounds))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *stalks to the entrance of the "cave"* gs~ 'less anyone thinks there's somet'in' wrong wit it, I'm goin' out there.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *curses in the Umbra...* Inferno go Static and help...

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he turns and looks at the enterance*~ss~play time...

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~turns his scope and the BSDs~

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Looks at Growls, "If you have the gnosis get over hear."

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Lets out a War Cry and runs at the Biggest BSD, hopefully thats the leader.*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *Jules meanwhile focuses on the link between him and Danni...and re-weaves her Pattern through it* ((PM coming))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *The lightening of the sky is seen...false dawn comes*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *bares sharp, wicked teeth at Growls... a grin?* ss~ 'bout time...

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": The first slash connects with Danni, doing deviststing damage. (( 7 pts.)) (9 Silver Claws. ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Here-not hear))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): (Dmg 1: 2,1,5,1,1,6,2,2,10,6,3,5,7,2,8, 2 Agg, Dmg 2: 3,6,9,6,10,9,3,8,1,2,2, 5 Agg ) (Oh, only burned 1 rage, sorry)

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( is it a new round, is the guy with the hoes dead?))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *screams and fdalls to the ground, trying to put the fbalefire out*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Everyone from the ritual remember you are already down 1HL AG)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): Sage>>*he chitters at you*~ss~Play time....

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Max Initiation roll- 18))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> One goes flying back, his eyes are trn out. The other attacks you.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ok sorry as one message: jumps down from the wall of trashed cars fireing a burst at a close bsd from his shotgun 7,6,9,10,8,3,5 5 sux 10 explostion damnage))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *thrashes her tail impatiently* (to Growls) ss~ The hell you talkin' 'bout, man? Are we joinin' the party? We gots friends out there...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *with a snarl that is almost...gleeful?...she meets the attack, seemingly finding renewed strength from somewhere....her hammer swinging for the ribs* ((Repost of this roll, in case you didn't see it the first time: 10,8,3,3,8,5,2,4,4))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ss-"David needs your help. Those of us that don't have at are drained." (Sage)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Tell me when i may act.))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Err? Evad should be a melting puddle of goo...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((and what about the one that got flamed with my Create Element?))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he looks at Tala* ~ss~Playtime....

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *looks at Sage, then back to Growls* ss~ You still have gnosis?

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((*Waits for the massive amount of damage coming*))

Morg ST II: ((OK, everyone hit by the explosion, I appologize, it was brought to my attention that an explosion would cause much more damage than I guessed... gimme one second to work this out))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Danni> The other attacks from the 1 BSd that attacked you. It missed with one, but the other two connected. Total of 8 not including the original one.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *just lies there drained in more ways then one the very perceptive see white hairs showing on his muzzle that were never their before*

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he rubs his head*~ss~playtime... playtime.... *Packrat spirit jumps out of Growls and darts out of sight*

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): *is apprently dead*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul stays with David.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((and attract the authorities and firefighters no doubt))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( evryone, you must wait for the attack to finish. the round. You cannot "suddenly " be there. I will tell you when you arrive.))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Everyone who was in the rite> Jack no blocks the doorway from a the BSD's currently about to get reamed))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((and Morg, I used Create element to set fire to one of the BSD's attacking Danni))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Danni> You do crush in the skull of the one with silver claws. (( that was your dmg roll, right? ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max appoarches the Biggest BSD, female of Male it makes not differance.* ~GS~ Fight me wyrm. *Snarls and Raises the Pattern Klaive.* ((Max's Initiation-18))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he falls to his knees and takes a deep breath* did it work...

Morg ST II: ((I am sorry, but it looks like the damage from the explosion was actually 12 agg...))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((realy wants to see his attack from the last initive pass respounded to))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Grim> Last I saw, you were fighting the Formor. I may be mistaken, but that Gift needs to be in the area of the attackers. ))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *whips head around, eyes seeking the spirit* gs~ What? The? Hell? *slowly turns back, looks down again at David... and to Growls* gs~ It did, buddy, but it ain't over... people still dyin'... hopef'lly, not our people.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *growls its clear it worked...two glyphs glow on the Heartstone and the Guantlet feels far less...David is unconcious in front of the Heartstone*

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Grim>>You were getting to round you can do that))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): (*chuckle* Damn, Morg, I forget what the hell I rolled.. Yeah, we'll call it damage.) *in enough pain, the hammer slips from her grasp....but she snarls, whirling to face the second attacker*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((um, I was fighting the fomor before the hummer ever arrived and that battle has long since be done and moved on to a BSD battle, I'm only on my second round))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Blossom>>Ya gotta get to the Clearing first...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((okay))

Morg ST II: ((OK, still got one fomori the Danni was going to attack, but didn't))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage looks at Growls. " Yes, but your spirit friend took off."

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> You pretty much take out the one. Th eother claws you 3 times, doing 5

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( have no fear if ya;ll die there's a pack of like 17 werebears that all know rite of the death bear, the look for suicide victims to save usually, but people protecting a caern may get saved...))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Ok, the only people that i knew where in the Clearing was Danni, Max and Jack. I wasn't aware that anyone else was there.))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((i was told i was there and since then have been ignroed by the sts))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *looks around for david* shit... I knew this was a bad idea... *he stands up to fast getting dizzy and walls over to David*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Still waiting for an attack and damage roll from the BSD attack, but no rush.))

Rei (curious raven): *circles above, cawing a dirge of death, observing what is happening below*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((mort 2 told me i was in the clearing))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~takes AIM at a BSD in the claering~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *is unconscious in Chrinos...alive...seemingly uninjured but, hes thin...thinner then hes ever been. White hairs are on his mussle*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Is standing infront of the Biggest BSD awaiting it's action.*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": The other 4 are moving towards the Caern. Carrying the barrels. Grinning like mad. (( That is what they are in pause, doing.))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((DLP, Max is moving after the 4 BSD's with the barrels. I thought they were all fighting.))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>>*he puts his hand on him and uses Mother's Touch*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Ok, DLP then since I didn't see Max as there. Max> She has SotF.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (OK Growls by rage is 4)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *eyes follow Growls and rest on David* gs~ I'd hardly say that... we got a Caern... now we gotta defend... and Dave... *with more concern in her tone than confidence...* Dave'll survive. Dave can survive a lot...

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((should i just leave? it cant be that hard to acknowlage me iv seen other sts do it))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Ok, Max's initiative of 18, and he's spending 3 rage.))

Morg ST II: ((oops, mis counted heh... Fomori are gone))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Growls and burns another rage one to rack the Razor claws across the BSD's chest, hopefully deep enough to spill some guts. and the other to, at the same time, rake the other set of claws across the throat* (Roll one 5,6,3,5,6,10,2,2 = 3 success) (Roll 2 4,4,3,9,7,7,4,4 = 3 success)

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Blossom>>Dude calm down...okay neither Morg nor Morg2 have done this kinda big huge scale thing before...its hard ta keep me))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( even the fomori with the hoes?))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): ((: 9,7,3,7,10,3,5, ))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~( next init is 17)~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *growls softly* gs~ I can't help feelin' I'm lettin' other peeps down by not rushin' out there... we hasta fight too... *looks to the entrance/exit*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((alright im sorry im sure it is but comeon 51 minutes since i was told ok you can act iv been sitting here waiting and gently reminding like a retard))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Blosom(( You were by the gate, not the clearing. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Nor have I...its why I enlisted the help of a wyrm ST...believe me doing the math for the Gnosis and tallying successes while still making my ritual posts sound cool was hard)

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( I mean hose.... damnit...I knew the spelling looked off))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((then wouldn't BLasom get hit in the explosion?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Go ahead Morg, You BSD gets first attack. Max spent 3 rage.))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): (( Dmg 1: 3,2,9,6,9,7,3,3,9,6,3,8 = 7 Agg Dmg, Dmg 2: 9,5,9,6,4,9,5,4,5,8,4,6, = 6 Agg Dmg. Bye Bye))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((listen mort i started in for the clearing awiel ago and then after doing what was nessiarcy mort 2 said i was there))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage scoots to thedoor and realizes at crap load of stuff is going on. "Oh fuck" She tries ss with her plants just outside the door. " Please my glade children, I have not asked you for a thing, but todayI ask for your assistance. You can see we have created a new haen for you. Please may i draw some energy from you."

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC When this is all over I want one of you STs to stay so I can wright done the dmg done to the landscape)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Blossom>> It's MORG not Mort *Sigh.*))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Actually yeah Blossom say he'd take 5 from the explosion...))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((i might if i existed but in this little world i aprently dont))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Int is 18))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((David you decide if that works, please.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> He snarls in pain, but soaks one of the attacks. (( took the other 3. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((okay blossom, you aren't the only person here but you seem to be the only one whining, get over it))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (it works)

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Grim>>Hey dont get nasty ))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: ((*plays violin*))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he takes a deep breath*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": BLosom> (( ok, I misse it then. ))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((grim>>im the only one being totaly ignored fuck for brians its called a conection))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *with the mother touches he begins to revive...he blinks and sits up painfully* GS It....worked?

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *Tala, the Hispo furball, follows Sage. Glances up at her as she asks for gnosis... hopefully this means we can go and fight...*

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Blossom>>Dont you get nasty either))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((I'm not getting nasty, I understand how hard it is to run a massive story, online is even harder, but Blossom obviously doesn't and the posts he/she keeps puttin up are only becoming more of a distraction))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: What round are we on? *grin* Does it matter?

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((Blossom, I have only participated in one round of action so go fuck your own brains))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *whips around at David speaks* gs~ Dave!!! *trots nearer to him* it did, Dave, it did... but they's still fightin' out there...

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Awaits the Female BSD's attack.* ((If your busy, which i know you are Morg, I can wait just tell me when she attacks Max.))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Grim>>Right but as you arent one of the STs ya have no place ta call anyone a whiner...cuz then yer whining about him whining and it just gets stupid from just let Morg and Morg 2 handle it and wait fer yer turn))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((were on round 4 a.f.b. afb stands for after fucking blossom-p))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *looks out of the cave mouth...tries to get up but is too weak* GS Fuck...I aint going to be much good.

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): She quietly concentrates and feels the gifts be passed on. She looks a bit better ss "Thank you all. I will watch over you as always." and heads back to Call And Growls, and David.

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Danni>>Still the first round of the new combat...))

Evad "Paintball" McMasters (SW Ver 2.0): ((Well hey, I never evenb got achance to do anything I just got killed and that was it. Blossom you are doing good.))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ill just leave injoy you sl))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs||Hell ya I'm lethal, just try and kill me|: ((well there you go blossom they are on round four you are on round one and I am on round two so you don't have to feel lonely))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Max> She suddenly hurls a bolt of grren lightnening at you. (( Balefire )) : 6,2,10,8,1,8,10,: 9,3, to hit.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Jack blinks at the BSD not being dead, drawing and arm back and slams all off the razor claws into the skull of the BSD* (( Attack: 7,8,8,4,9,6,10,2, = 6 success))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: somebody let me know when the second round is here, ok?

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((*Yawns and watches Mad TV*))

: ((bleh..too late to bring in Azzy..aint it?))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Basil>>You knew it was a lethal SL...if ya didnt want that at happen Morg said numerous times put Non Lethal in yer tag life sucks characters die but theirs always more characters to be made))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *moves to David's side* gs~ Oh no, no, Dave, you can't go out there. You -way- more drained than the rest of us. We not wantin' you dead, man...

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ next round yet?

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( *plays that violin a little louder* why caaant weee beee friends, why cant weee be friends! ))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Danni>>I will..cuz then Iget to act again ... so we're all waitin just chill out and think about like i dunno happy things))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Thats 5 suxx, correct?)) *Max tries to Side-Step the balefire.* ((Rolling for Dodge now.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Blossum> If you are in the clearing, do something. Cause if you don't, it's still the 1st round going with me in it. Give me a break. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (It was going so well too. Blossom you arrived late...believe me STs go insane after awhile. But it isn't like your character is getting nothing you of this. I am noting you are here, you will get the reknown...which I should say is alot. And Xp. So please calm down.)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>>*he is still shaky* yeah ant that the truth...

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Gets to David wiith enough energy fo an attempt on MT. (Can someone roll for me webtv sucks) ((Int 3 med 2)))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Dmg from SkullFingering 1,2,5,10,5,8,4,8,6,1,8,3,5,9,2, = 5 Dmg))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> (( its not your turn yet. Wait till next round. Init again. ))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Sage 10,2,3,4,7, ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Dodge roll-6,8,10,2,3,4,7,9,6,7= 7 suxx without re-rolling the 10)) *Max dodges the Balefire, and slashes at the BSD with the Pattern Klaive.*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((volunteers to roll for Sage))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((just so I know which ST do I pm about the smoking hole? and how many more turns till I get there?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ((Init 16))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((nevermind!))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Me. As soon as Me and MAx are done, we begin next round. ))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((*Smacks head* Sorry Morg. Knew I forgot something ((Int 14))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Grim>>That would be Morg))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( well shit...okay, I need to make a new character, damnit and he was kinda nifty too)) *well poor arron went to attack that fomori, and got there, then it went boom, and Arron is now a mutated albino crinos...with a few more eyes arms, or just a pool of ooze*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Thank you Jack. dave got2))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Attack roll-8,10,2,3,4,7,9,6,9= 6 suxx, Dodge or not?))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((that would be morg? LMGAO thanks for clearing that up Gaia's inferno... lmgao))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((HEY im realy sorry that was realy immature i hope that it can be forgiven one day by the sts whom i realize are up to there eyes in it))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Dave-p, you want a repost?))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ cool init 17

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": JAck> (( they have SotF. Wait for your beating. 'eg' ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul lets Dave revive and stands and prepares incase of the worst.

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: *lies there dead, where are those 17 werebears man*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((ummm... booted, methinks?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *under their admininstrations he gets up and has some strength back...he pulls out his Fangdagger* GS Thankyou. You can go out there if you wish...but if the wyrm beats through their lines...we are the last defense. *you have a feeling you couldn't pull Dave away from the stone unless you knocked him out again...power burns in his eyes...though certainly doesn't show in his weakened body*

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Blossom>>Its okay dude just stress is high and all that))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ok so um signal me when i can act *trys to sqeez back in*))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((nevermind again! Hee.))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (plus does anyone realize this scene has lasted 3 hours? Thats a long time)

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( *goes to get a CS to make a metis BG*))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Blossom> (( next round, ok? ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((um.... it's okay blossom, I woulda pmed you back but there are two blossom's here now....))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((I guess your not dodging Morg. Damage roll-9,5,2,1,2,6,6,9,6,9,9=6 levels of damage, Silver do it's unsoakable unless you have Silver Tolerance, and if so soak away. *Grin.*)) *Max's hit connect and tears into the BSD's chest*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((oh ya and everyone else to sorry))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Do=So))

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: ((Poppa>> mind if I make a BG?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *nods to David* gs~ Okay... but if da Wyrm -does- beat through their lines... that means theys all dead... right? So if'n I go out there now, maybe they's not havin' to die? ((*feels like smacking her char... gonna git yerself killed, damnit*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (OK who got toasted? I want to record the names)

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( She has Silver Tolerance. 'eg' ))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): Morg Repost> *Jack blinks at the BSD not being dead, drawing and arm back and slams all off the razor claws into the skull of the BSD* (( Attack: 7,8,8,4,9,6,10,2, = 6 success))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Max also has 3 rage actions before the next round starts.))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Feel free Arron)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>>*he is still shaking* wwhat happens wwwhhen you have way to to much Gnosis in yyyou

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Shit!))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((morg>>ok i got 15 agian))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Jack>>No dude its not next round yet slow down stop posting and let Morg and Max finish okay?))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": However, she dies anyways. (( friggin die roller. )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *nods* As I said if you feel you must...go. *leans against the wall...he wants to go out there...Danni...but the Heart must be defended....closes his eyes*

Morg ST II: *the other 2 BSD's carrying the barrel work their way to the caern heart*


Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul looks around the trailer for some sort of weapon.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Dmg 3,7,5,1,10,6,9,5,6,8,4,3,9,2,5, = 6 Agg Damg))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Cool, now for the Rage actions...Are the BSD's with barrels still moving towards the Caern Heart?))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((JACK>>WAIT FOR YOUR TURN!))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( All my peeps have SotF except one. That being the one Morg II has.))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Wait...i have Rage actions before the next round goes.)

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: (( Poppa>> Arron died, but nobody I believe saw him come in, and balefire woiulda distorted the kid real bad...))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Growls wouldn't have too much Gnosis...he wasn't performing the would have been drained. Under normal circumstances you can't have more then your perm...excess just gets can't be contained...the only ritual that allows you to handle alot is the one Dave just performed...and he needed 13 other Garou as suppliers and storage batteries between attempts)

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((OCC Sorry Bout the untimlyness of the first post. Hit Send instead of Update))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Everyone entering the Gathering area sees a bunch of nasty looking garou. One is attacking danni, the othe ris attacking Jack, who either waits his turn, or gets smashed by a passing asteriod. 'g'

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((OKAY ST(s)... Tala's heading to the battle from the "cave"... how many turns, ect.? will be patient))

Denae Frost: :: a young woman appears in the shadows. You don't know her yet you wonder about her. She wars a short black dress and knee high black boots, her trench coat over all of this. Her black hair comes to the middle of her back and flows behind her as she walks. Her firey red eyes scan her surroundings and you can sense her fear and cautioiusness::

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max uses his unspent Rage to bolt over to the 2 remaining BSD's.* ((He used 2 for catching up to them, and has 1 left.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Max. (( she's dead. You gonna attack the corpse? ))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Sorry Morg, will wait here untill told to unshut-up *G*))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Denae, big battle, Caern creation, they don't know you and they won't even notice you))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((EVERYONE>>Wait for Morg's first actions! THEN post according to your Initative score...))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Why? She's dead.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Max> (( Ok.)) Morg II he's yours.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *she was hurting....and all she knows now is that she's not.......* ((Thank you, Jules.... *grin*))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((*feels like audience member at a movie yelling "don't go into the woods!" But alas, tis useless, and Tala goes...*)) *Tala nods to David and the others in the "cave", and turns to dash out... hopefully in time to help*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Did Danni just die?)

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>>you have any gnosis left?

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( ok, unless you have SotF, you wait till I give you the high sign. If you have it, let me know. ))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ok so am i in the clearing?))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Blossom> (( yes ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: I can access some...*nods* I kept my familiars reserves out of it. *closes his eyes and transfers the five Gnosis he keeps in the rat to himself...he looks better*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Morg II> My 1 rage action from the last scene should go before this next round, is that ok with you?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: no, Danni just got her hairy ass healed. *grin*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *runs at a barrle bsd fireing a burst from his Striker Automatic into it howling a battle cry in french* 9,3,2,10,10,3,6, 4 sux 10 damnage explosive ammo

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((No SoTF, will wait to roll... but someone tell me the roll again for revised Init?))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Max>>for ease sake concider it was spent running to where you are now))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Told you I was tired)) Sage shifts to crinos, when she ralizes the gardens in danger.

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((BLossom>>NO! wait for your turn to attack))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((add your dex score to your wits score then add what you roll on one die))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": ( Please Post if you have SotF. If not, you wait. ))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>> you shouldn't have taken it in so fast... its bad on the bones...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *looks out of the cave to see whats going on...false dawn giving way to true dawn....*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((*Shrug* Ok, new round. Max Initiative- 18))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((oops i was actuly putting out the message on the board so i could post it asap when they gave me the go ahead i must have pressed send))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Jeebus, I rolled a 10!))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *looks at Growls doesn't say anything*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Jules Init:20))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Tala's init=16))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Danni> The one still standing in front of you attacks again.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): (( Had a 16 Init))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Initiative 8+8(1d10)=16))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Aren't the BSD dead yet...shit how many are left?)

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Int 12))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((wait, no, that one's wrong...))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Dave>>4 i on Danni two with a barrell and one more))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Ok, I'm seeing it like this, BSD's, Jules, Max, Tala/Danni/andGrim((All of you go at the same time.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~17~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( well, all but 2 ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: OOC Can anyone make a stab at describing the scene near the "cave" but outside it for me?

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((forgot the Hispo Dex. Tala's init=18))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( er, 3 ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ((Blowing a rage, and has Razor Claws active)) *with a vicious snarl, she slashes at her remaining opponent twice, going for stomach and throat* (first attack: 6,8,8,1,10,5,2,1,2) (Second attack:5,10,2,6,4,4,7,10,4)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Jack's after Tala, Danni, and Grim. Blossom what'd you get?)

Morg ST II: *the 2 BSD's set their barrel down and turn to snarl at Max, then Inferno appears behind them*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((alright but Mad 1. you ain't the ST and 2. I'm heading for the smoking hole... lmgao.. still))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((9))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): I would go fight but i dont think i can shift or rage...

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((And I go with Jules))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( ok. Hmm.)) The one in front of Danni, suddenly goes bug shit in frenzy, and tears out her own throat.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((So I'm after Jules?))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( 4 down ))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: *appears behind the barrel carrying Spirals a 15' Crinos wreathed in flames...he roars and slams his toyota sized fists into the backs of their heads*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> The one left in front of you attacks. SotF

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): David>> I would go fight but i dont think i can shift or rage...

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Ok, DLP it's looking like this BSD's, Jules, Max, Tala, Yama, Danni, Jack.))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ yes Tala and I after you

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul finding nothing sits down. All the people in here, is making this place warm.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *nods to Growls* And I could be pushed over by someone blowing on me. *is really weak*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Looks at the 2 BSD's and Grins seeing his Totem appear behind them* ~GS~ Die fuckers. *He dives forward Slashing at the bigger one with his PK, leaving the other for Inferno.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: *snickers* She killed herself? Damn, I know Danni ain't pretty, but shit!

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((MAx>>Hold on Jules goes first...theyre both already dead))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Attack roll-6,1,8,8,7,2,8,3,= 4 suxx, Are you going to try and Dodge?)

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *does his arcane spell in the Umbra grinning manically*

Arron tears-for-the-dying *GW*: *lies there dead a bubbly ooze thang *

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": ((8,5,5,8,2,10,10,8,2, 8,7)) for the 1st attack. ((10,3,8,5,5,8,2,10,10, 9,6,3)) for the 2nd. These are to hit ))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((79 min))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((okay I don't wanna beat a dead horse or anything but the only thing I have done since the white trash crashed the gate is make one swipe with my claws))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((OK, Delete all posts about Max attacking. Sorry *Sheepish Grin.*))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Looks at David "Sit down and save your strength. If they happen to get in here we'll need it."(Caul)

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Blossom>>They know your there...but yer almost dead last to act this round Init wise))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *arriving at the fight scene, lunges for the nearest BSD* ((STs choice)) ((bite roll: 3 suxx, dam=7 unless there is a roll..?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *nods* But I'l worried about D...well everything.

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Grim>>*points to above post* you too ))

Morg ST II: *Inferno crushes one BSD... then swings at the other but it doesn't affect him... then he clutches his chest... and topples... ((Burn 1 WP)) but knocks over the barrel before he drops...*

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((almost dead you dont say hmm well im glad one person told me))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Guys, SotF is active on my attacks. After which, you can go through your init rolls, and go wild. The next person who bitched to me about how their not doing shit goes into ignore. ))

Growls-at-Ticks(Little John, Zero Tolerance): *he lays down on the ground and falls asleep*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Oi))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Max>>Get the bareel...))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((DLP too then... thought Max did his action so... nevermind))

Morg ST II: ((the BSD topples that is))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> (( er, are you dodging? ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Ok now it's my turn)) *Max dives at the one that hurt Inferno.* ((Attack roll-6,1,8,8,7,2,8,3,=4 suxx, You dodging or not?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((what is the diff for a damage roll?))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Max>>None of em hurt Inferno...theyre dead they dropped the barrel tho ... GET THE BARREL))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( 6 ))

Morg ST II: ((Max>> Inferno isn't hurt... the BSD's are dead, but the barrel is spilled))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: ((Tala>>6 ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sage heads out the entrance to check on the garden first, then the pack members.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ok so im being ignored for real now? well fine *supresses rage* i had it comeing i sappouse my aplogies still stand))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((so... no attackers left?))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Though Morg II said 1 hurt inferno and the other one toppled over *Sigh* It's late for me. Sorry again and DLP)) *Max grabs the barrel and sets it upright.*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Yeah, sure Dodge Roll 6,4,8,4,8,6,3,10,2 5 success))

Morg ST II: ((barrel had no lid... some of it spilled regardless... the chems begin to eat into the ground, and the foul scent of wyrm taint is super strong. It moves fast, and disolves whatever it touches.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *looks at Growls* So what should be name this place...Just the Cearn of the Junkyard?

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Jack> You dodge one, but the othe rgets you square. (( 6 dmg. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *left without an opponent, she stands, her great chest heaving....* ~gs~ Cleanse....that......filth.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((how did the barrel keep it in?))

Morg ST II: ((Max prevented it all from spilling... but 1/3 to 1/2 of it did))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Ok, NOW you al can attack. In order please. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *sees the barrels spill he knows the implications...screams no and hobbles out of the Cave*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Snarls.* Oh shit *Knows he needs to get rid of this shit, and Fast!*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *pants from the run to the scene* Danni> gs~ I know the Rite of Cleansin'...

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((what enemies are left?))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Still charging towards the smoking hole Morg ST "Send in the Clowns"*

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: *sees the liquid spill...grins...digs his claws into the ground the liquid spilled on and runs a quick circle before with his tremendous strength he LIFTS the chunk of earth up and tosses it into the hole* ((heheh yah))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Soak 10,9,2,4,4,6,3 = 3, total Dmg - 4)) *Jack bleeds, a lot still ready to kill though*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((dlp...))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": There is only 1 BSD left in front of Jack. He knows he's screwed. But grins, hearing the chems spill, " Our Caern, now.'

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *he manages to get to the clearing...hes weak...staggering but a stubborn mule...*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Follows Gaia's lead and picks up the Full barrel, slowly carrying it towards the hole.* ~GS~ Dave I'm dumping this shit.

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Inferno just planted the nastyest wyrm tainted palnt he could. And the stuff ignights instantly, burning even deeper. ))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Looks at the BSD* I dont think so.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *David draws a cirlce around the spill desperate...looks at those who might still have Gnosis* GS Help me cleanse...hurry.

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( who is attacking the last BSD first? ))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": (Gaia= Inferno.)

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sprints to the barrel, knowing they have to contain the spill.(Sage)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ Morg me or Tala

: ((Morg>> too late to bring in Azzy...mind if he shows up after this last Spiral bites it?))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): ((Hey Morg, tell me when Jack can go nuts, don't wanna go out turn no more. Makes me feel stupid*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Jack went, Max takes the barrel... BSD still alive? So my turn?))

Jet: *Jet slinks into the area. His body is sleek and quick. His eyes are deep dark brown, his black hair is neatly combed. His skin is fair and smooth. He seems a little bit shy, and keeps giving people small, polite smiles. His clothing is completely black, consisting of a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. There is a pendant with a strange glyph hanging about his neck. He stands 5'7''. Now and again, he can be heard humming softly to himself. (Charisma 2, Appearance 3)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Stops, he doesn't dump the shit instead he sets it down and looks at Dave.* Do we cleanse this shit or dump it down their hole?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ~gs~ I have gnosis. *she's only spent one point the entire fight...she walks to David, leaving the remaining BSD for someone else to deal with*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *sees the stuff is burning now...tries using create element water...maybe to dilute it at least...2suxx...2 cubic feet of water dump on it*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~( 4 on att and 7 on Dam to the head silver)~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Tala and Yama. Go ahead.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((ya well can i play now?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Caul sits in the cave, justnot feeling up to par. Sage gets over to David and begins to help him dig the circle around the spill.

Jet: ((who here is a BSD? ))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: I swear Inferno is an idiot....*chants sweating in the Umbra...focuses on the Pattern of the chem...and atomizes it...or tries to...*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *lunges for the BSD by Jack* ((bite roll: 3 suxx... it dodges, or do Dam roll?))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Thanx to David, the stuff now is spreading quickly, and gaining mass.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Jet, this is a Story, the BSD's are NPC's))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((BSD is an NPC))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: *realizes he's an idiot...and has no clue what to do...this thinking thing is beyond him*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( everyone can attack it. Its not moving. ))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: *snarls and slams his fist into the BSD* (there its dead)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ defers his roll to Tala go ahead Tala

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max has the full barrel, it's behind him and he ain't letting anyone near it.*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((3 suxx on bite, 3 agg damage))

Jet: ((ok)) *Jet looks about at all the fighting and killing of Black Spirals, and decides to leave quickly*

*poodle of malfiormed ick and may have been a person* AKA Arron tears-for-the-dying: (( fun

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS Shit...*begins a rite of cleansing....desperate...*4suxx*

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Kicks the dead BSD* Bastard *spits blood*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((A poodle of malformed ick? Jeez... poodles are ugly 'nuff anyway))

*poodle of malfiormed ick and may have been a person* AKA Arron tears-for-the-dying: (( its so ickly its not a puddle itsa poodle.....))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: hmmm ya basterd *walks past jack* ((this is assuming morgs riegn is over))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *the chem ignites in silver fire and atomizes nicely*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *rips strands of flesh off the BSD, and spits the bits and blood in the BSD's face*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ now his shot, missing Tala and hitting the BSD~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Tala> (9 soaked it. however, it's Venom blood explodes into your mouth. ))

Gaia's Inferno of Justice: *Goes back to the Umbra*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((you know that part in Monty Python's quest for the Holy Grail where Lancelot is charging the Castle and the two guards are watching him and he's like running but not moving then suddenly he is there... *EG*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): *kneeling near David, still in Crinos, chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath..and though everyone must have seen her take wounds...not one is visible now*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~7 agg to his spit in face~

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Yama> (( you do know that Jam Tech was in effect , right? ))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): (( LOL@ poodle boy))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *sees the toxin nuetralized...hes shaking like a newborn...he looks at the devastation...ummm STS please describe dmg*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *growls in frustration, not having dealt the damage she'd like... after she spits, a sensation of a lit firecracker goes off in her mouth... she roars in pain, shaking her head like a rabid dog* ((how many health levels down?))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((could someone tell me if im being officaly ignored so i can atleast leave if i am))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ MORG ST I know it had a range of 0 ft. and I am at least 80 ft. away

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((So is the barrel full of shit atomized too, or was that just the stuff that got spilled?))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ not by me Blossom

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): ((Blossom ,I don't think so. Just so much going on has to be difficult to keep track of.))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Shifts down to Homid. The Ratty button-up even more ratty*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Not by be Blossom)

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Tala> (( 3 agg ))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ 40 ft.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Max>>YEah all of it))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: heh i love my totem *fires a round off into the air*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *staggers up....seeing Danni is OK...he moves like hes injured but hes not....only severely Str1 in Crinos right now...really bad*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((3 agg... agg can't be soaked, right?))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: david>>*walks up and stands beside him looking over the grounds with him* hmmm .....looks like my forhead when i was 12

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS Who needs...healing.

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Shifts down to check on things. Looks at Max and nods, then looks for Jules

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Yama> (( ok, my bad, whats the dmg? )) Blossom> (( if you want to be ignored, go ahead. But you'll lose out on some nice renown. You may still get an attack in. ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ~gs~ Dave...? *her head hanging from sheer weariness....she just wants to know that he's ok, and that it worked*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Watches as the barrel full of shit gets destroyed and sighs. It's over and he survived, without a scratch none the less* ((It's true Max didn't take any Damage *Grin.*))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ 7 silver agg to his head

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *the air ripples and twists...and Jules pops in from the Umbra whole hearty tho looking pale and weak as hell yet grinning* Well that was ... interesting...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS I'm alive.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *sees Yama..kneels down rage?*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks at Dave* Hey dave whats up? I felt the Caern kick in...good job *smirks and walks over to him and Danni grinning* now its time to party...

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Well the last Spiral dies with a grin on his face. Also, the shot causes more Venom blood to splash on Tala. (( sorry bro. ))

Morg ST II: ((Dave>> quick damage report, the front gate is busted, a wrecked pickup and a humvee are just inside, but both were blown up, the whole front area, 40 ft radius needs cleansed from being douced in balefire...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((ditto Max))*Walks to David's side offering him support of a big nasty looking Crinos' arm* GS~ Ya gonna be okay boss?

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((crap! Can I soak?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *Dave looks....bad, not injured...I mean literally hes thin...tottering...weak*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Shifts to Homid, the Pattern Klaive still in his hand.* We survived......and we have an Urban Caern now.

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Grins seeing Jules. "Good job guys."

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( 7 points of flying agg.))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( I dunno. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Looks over the damage* GS~ I know tha Rite o' cleansin' if ya need me ta get to work boss

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((7+ the 3 before... can I soak agg?!))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS Need time to rest...but we need to...clear the dead wyrmies...cleanse...the area, honor...our dead, hide dmg...fix it.

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Smiles*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks at Dave* Ya weak or outta Juice? *can blow a little of his own Juice still*

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ DAVID not ther up in a tower of cars perfectly fine

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): ooc: Guys, I gotta bail.. Assume Danni will help with the clean up, etc.

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": The last BSd falls over dead. Now, it's venom blood is turned off.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Banebiter): #gone#

Morg ST II: ((Also, Danni needs cleansed... the cut the Fomori gave her has been festering and she loses 1 HL per turn))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Looks David over* Boss, yer gonna need some rest, I know the Rite o' cleansin and Gatherin for tha departed, I can handle it

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *nods to Grim* GS Cleanse where....balefire touched. Take wyrmy dead to the Umbra...out of Cearn though...burn them.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Somebody. Is aggravated damage soakable?))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( you soaked once already. Does anyone know if he/she can soak again? I'm a little shaky on this one.))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((I'm sure you can soak it.)) *Looks around, then walks to Sage's side.* Well we survived, I'm sure Dwid and Scott will be happy to know that.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((booted agian))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Hears David Shifting up to Crions and grabs one of the crions BSD bodies and starts moving* David> Where you want it?

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((I have not soaked yet. I have not rolled...))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *shakes head* GS I still have Gnosis...dmg too bad to handle alone for anyone. *goes over to his mate...cleasing and heals her*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Thought that was healed already...... okay wavy lines Grim performs Rite of Cleansin on Danni wavy lines end))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Can I do one soak roll for the 10 agg?))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ the new dam can be soaked

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( Tala> yes, you can soak it then. Roll for the dmg. ))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *shrugs off all the ammo he brought and tosses it into a car shell* now the boreing part heh?

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ TALA soak the 1st 3 and then the 2nd 7 then

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((One question though, did I take the first 3 dam?))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((agg damage is soakable by Garou, only silver agg damage is not, barring special circumstances of course))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((okay... two rolls then...))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Garou can soak all damage cept silver and balefire))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Looks at Max, "Yep, but I think I'm gonna sleep for afew days". shakes her head

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": (( ok, I'm sorrry if I was unable to get to everybody. Its really hard for a first time ST with this many folks. However, it was Rped fairly. Anyone who doubts your Caern creation can kiss my ass. ))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((3 suxx on first soak roll))

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): *slinks his way in, growling softly..whether to the fact he's late as hell, or to the fact he can smell wyrm taint is anybody's guess*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *stops Dave...* She's fine...I healed her rest...

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((can't soak balefire? where is that written? not arguin just wanna know))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS Out of Cearn...umbra...burn them.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((2 suxx on second roll... shit... am I dead?))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>Its Wyrm Toxin...unsoakable...also direct mystic Pattern Damage is always unsoakable by anythin but thats Mage))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Grins.* You in worse condition than I am, and I did all the fighting. My Vans over their. *Points to it.* You can crash there for a few if you'd like.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((id give you an 9 out of ten on account of you got everything but me))

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Grim> (( pg 149 . Botw II ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Uses his leadership skills ((tryin to be important))* C'mon folks, party is over, time for the clean up then get on with the second party

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Tala> (( no, but your hurting something fierce. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS....Hide dmg...fix gate...*staggers*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((The first 3 dam is cancelled, right? So then I take 5 dam? So I'm at -6?))

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): ((Grim>> Believe that's book O da Wyrm))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~ooc~ TALA no but you are mauled with agg so you're out for a long time unless someone heals you

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): She laughs. "Thanks, but not yet. We got work to do."

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((don't remember no talk about direct mystic pattern damage in any of my werewolf books Jules... lmgao))

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *looks at grim raising an eyebrow*.......righ...... *walks off and starts tideying*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: Thats it...*has alot more stength than it looks and grabs David dragging him away* Cmon yer gettin some sleep

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Tries to get David to sit down* Anyone else know tha rite o' cleansin?

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((righ=right))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>its in Mage Revised...dont worry about it *chuckle*))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Looks around seeing how much of this place was fucked up, surprised that not alot was.* (He hasn't seen the front entrance yet.)

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~a shadow moves swiftly down the towers of cars, hopping over the maze effectlessly~

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Nods to David and starts taking the first of the corpses Umbraly down the road*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *looks at Grim* You cleanse Ill take care of Dave and then heal the wounded...*his leadership is not to be denied at this point*

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Walks up toDavid, You sit. he gate wil be fixed." Looks at Azzy and waves..

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *waves Sage away* Go clean up ill deal with David...

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): Sage>> *nods, half shaking his head*(WS) I missed all the action again? damn...anything for me to do here?

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Nods to Jules* Good deal, *Sets about cleansing the areas that have yet to be cleansed of wyrm spunk* Anyone got a clue on workin on da gate over there? Some o' you folks get those toasted wyrm cars into the piles of cars and try an make em look natural

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : Enters...

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((right... at -6 then.)) *she shakes off the effects of the poison in her mouth and shudders with relief. Then Yama shoots the killing blow... but... splash, and sizzle goes Tala... she yelps a piercing, high pitched cry of pain as the toxic blood sears her skin. The pain is too much and her legs give out underneath her...*

Jerard Watts: *crawls out from under a car and looks around*

Jerard Watts: that was......loud

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Sets the PK down, and starts to drag the BSD's to the center of the clearing.*

Morg ST "Send In The Clowns": Tala> (( fortunately, here comes my mage. 'g' he's dynomight on healing. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((and why is that Jules? you ain't no leader Grim's ever heard of... lmgao I got a leadership of 3 and a charisma of 3))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *drags Dave to the edge of the caern heart and sits him down* now sit...and relax...for i smack ya *grins*

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *she whimpers pitifully, a ragged, bloody mess of a Hispo... shifts down to lupus*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *sits sort of dazed...finially remembers to shift sees the cars* GS Maybe...drag those inside and add them to the Junk.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Grim>>Heh Jules has Charisma 3...and enough Dream to equal Leadership 5 right now...))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~moving quickly to Tala, becoming more visible as he does~ damn

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Is Rite O cleansin the balefire area, walkin widdershins with a stick and all that*

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : Seeing he is toolate to defend this place, he makes his way through the maze. Ok, he sees the fire going. he make his way around that as well, looking to heal people.

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: ((hmmmmmm..... to go IC or not to))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: GS Someone help Tala.....*weak but even know his mind knows what to do*

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( * decides to get out pom poms* Go go infeeerno!))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *A scrawny red-brown female canine. She is about the same size and form as a German shepard, but is a solid color, not the mottled pattern of an alsatian. Her claws and, though not readily visible, her teeth, are noticably sharper than the average dog's, making them appear almost as if they were filed. Collapsed in a furry, bloody mess...*

: (Does anyone want a copy of this scene?)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((well I don't see ya leadin, I done called out some orders... lmgao))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~shoulders the rifle and knees next to TALA~

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((*waves... wants a copy*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *Jules David is sitting where you put him*

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": ((Bring Dwid in...)) *After rounding up all the BSD, Fomori, and Skinhead bodies, he takes them Umbra with him.*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *sits next to Dave and hands him a cigarette* Smoke...relax...

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: david>>how can you stand that kind of stuff sarcastic kooky threats belong in episodes of friends not in gaias army

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): *shakes his furred head* (WS) I only know I can touch wyrm things without getting hurt (Immune to Wyrm Emnations)

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : Moves right over to the lupus, " Ok hua. I am going to heal you. Don't move." he says, pulling out a crap load of herbs and salves he and the others help make all day.

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( okay almost done with a BG, ready ta play, oh another ahroun , yes I know, and metis...well his deformity aint fairy wings so be happy))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Thanks a million Morg, it was great! Can't imagine the difficulty, either... *praise, adoration, ect.*))

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: ((color test))

Jerard Watts: .......ahem............

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((At least Tala's rage is only 2...))

Jack Bennett (Booted BG): *Appears back in the area. Grabs another corpse and goes Umbra via the razor blades' shiney surface*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *gives anyone that comes near Dave and him a nasty ass withering look*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Good job Morg)) *Grunts as he finishes the RoC, looks around* Someone wanna help me with the gate? *Walks towards the Gate*

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *stalks into the JY, moving silently down the pathways towards the center, his face STILL bruised a bit from the last run in, his shotgun on a sling and a sword in one hand and a knife in the other*

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : (( "grins" )) He begins to examine the burns. ' Tainted.' he sighs. He then begins to take out a few items that will work. He spreads the salve over Tala, letting it's cool touch flow over the lupus.

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Uses Create Element, and starts a fire on the dead bodies.* Burn you Wyrm scum. *Watches the bodies burn, a grin on his still war painted face.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((anyone else who was playing even still here sides David Jules Blossom myself and the STs?))

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *blinks at the touch of the salve, very slightly concious... she gives a soft whimper, but not one of pain, more of relief*

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( anybody knwo of any 2 point or two 1 point flaws, or any good fun ones? ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((and Mad Max.... sorry *G*))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~looks at Temu and stands~

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: *works away*

Jerard Watts: .......

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): "Hmm, You can probably get rid of that barrel then, It had some nasty stuff in there." Shrugs. "I'm not telling you that you have too." grins, not wanting a rhya to be insulted.

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *pulls a flask from his robes and takes a sip handing it to Dave* Drink...relax...

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((and Tala)) *Heaves the Gate into an upright position and examines the damage to the hinges *

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : ( 5 succ.) (( Life-3 )) He then raises his hands over his head, and in Maori, summons on the power of his Medicine to heal you.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *closes her eyes, not feeling like moving much...*

Jerard Watts: ((fear of cloudy days))

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): Sage>> *grins*(WS) no problem...anywhere particular ya want it? ((quick note, Wyrm Lore 4...from past experience *cough*))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *After the fire dwindles out and Max knows that the Wyrm scum has been burned to ashes, he steps back into the "Real" world.*

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((Addicted to Erg Cola!))

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *starts looking at each person more carefully and his eyes stop on JERADS back, the kid on saktes stabbed into Averys memory* ggggrrrrrrr......

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((5 succ? That = to 5 health levels?))

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): (and also..*chuckle* where is it?)

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((tala.>Thats 10 HLs healed))

Jerard Watts: *dosnt help*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (OK reknown...and I will repost this over the lists tomorrow: Me: Ridiculious amount of Reknown...half I'll never use because I don't want to advance that fast, riteshelpers: Glory4 Honor2 wisdom3 (temporary) defenders: glory5 honor3 Xp: all here recieve the full eight.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((Jeebus!))

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( No thanks Spuds!))

*Archiver*: (Tala is the only one that wants a copy of the scene?.... PM me your e-mail addy and I'll send it to you)

Jerard Watts: *whips around to face avery* AH

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Seeing Max reappear motions to the burned up vehicles* Can ya push em somewhere inconspicous like?

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Sees Temu, and heads to see what they brought.

B-L-O-S-S-O-M: ((im not spuds))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~Tala~ sorry did know he was like that

Scott Timmons (GW/PotUL Beta)[OBNC]: *stands near Temu... holding a bag of herbs, etc. for him*

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : "Whakaora tënei kurï !" he calls out.

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( 8 exp!... can I use it for my new character, since Arron got toasted andf melted in the line of duty? haha)

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((coolies dave, thanks, and the Bared Fangs have allies in the Gnawer Caern right?))

Jerard Watts: avery>>WHAAAAT

Shdnkknweh *a.k.a. the name of arrons icky malformed bubbly corpse*: (( I was talking to spuds....not you))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (I'm adjusting the reknown to be generous to defenders even though they didn't participate in the rite...but if you killed a ridculous number of wyrm beasties...and that reknown goes over what I gave out...don't add them together..take one or the other)

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): Shows Azzy the barrel in the clearing."Some where safe." grins

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *snarls and throws the knife at Jerad*(dex4 +athletics3......diff6.... damnit.....1,4,6,9,2,9,1......1 suxx)

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Looks at Grim, and sighs* Yea i guess. *Shifts back up to Crinos.*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Still works vehemently on the front gates*

Jerard Watts: RAAAAAAAGHHHHH *clutches the knife handle* HE STABBED ME

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : (( nice, no backlash. for once. 'g' ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (those that were NPC'd well they get no Xp. And reknown wise...if they left for nonlethal purposes nothing. NPCs...maybe half.

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *spins a giant circle and slashes at JERAD with his sword* RAAAAGGGHH!!!!!!

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *opens her eyes -wide- as Temu calls out... almost not believing so much pain gone so fast... she rolls so her belly rests on the ground. Flexes her muscles some... perfect! Looks up... and it's Temu! Grins, stands, and licks his face (or hand, if he's standing). She says, though he can't understand* ws~ Thank you! Thank you thankyou! Ham! *jumps about, joyous*

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): *chuckles, shifting up to his ugly arse homid form (sign O wolf), trudging over to the barrel* (WS) lesse...somewhere safe

Rei (curious raven): ((well i guess i better check up...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: *Looks out at the scream and notices the knife sticking in Gerard* I do believe we got our first violation of the norm Sept laws about attacking on holy ground here

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: (Yeah Jules has earned a deedname)

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : He gets licked, " Ok, ok hua." he grins, although hes a bit tense. Doing THAT kind of healing is pretty vulgar. But, nothing hits him. (( thank gaia. ))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Jerard that is))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: *luckily doesnt see the thing with Avery and Jarred as he and David are off in a seculded spot...cuz if he did...Avery would be one dead puppy*

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *kicks JERAD to the ground and shoves the shotgun in his face* PAYBACKS A BITCH AINT IT!!!!?

: ((Damnit I got booted. How much EXP does Jack get))

Jules Grant /GW Kin/ "Hell's Gaze" {OBNC}: ((yay))

Jerard Watts: *his gut is sliced open and he falls backwords* SRRRAGRRAAAAGAAAHHH

Temu "Täone Tohunga " Morrison (Ukt Kin & Urban DS) : He sees Scott and Sage. Scott> " Thank you. Do you see anyone else here that needs my help?" he grins to Sage.

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((Icly I would do something about the fight but oocly I gotta go, it's past my bedtime or some shit.... lmgao))

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: ((this is justice in its purest form peeps..... Jerad beat up Avery severly a few nights back and robbed him of a very valuble family heirloom)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *Tala steps back, and shifts to homid... to thank him more in a way he can understand, of course*

Rei (curious raven): ((It FINALLY got done, bout bloody time...))

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((ya but we wouldn't know anything about that now would we Avery?))

Sage Walker (UL) / Caul Wyten (UM): laughs knowing you don't see Azzy much in homid. Looks at Scott and waves.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: *An uneasy girl in her late teens. Her hair is an eye-catching red, but not all that bright, if only because it could use a good washing. She wears torn and beat up jeans, frayed at the bottom, and a too-large flannel shirt in no better condition. She glances at all the people anxiously with her sienna brown eyes. Though right now... much to happy to be alive to seem anxious.*

Jerard Watts: gaia plz forgive me *shifts to crinos and slams his claws into averys hands*

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: *snarls his eyes firery with rage* my grandfathers knife.....where is it? *gun still trained on Jerad*

Grim Tooth †Claw Wyrm|Bared Fangs|: ((sides, the law of the Sept is the law of the Sept, you got a problem with someone here you have to take it to a truthcatcher, as soon as one is appointed...... lmgao))

Yamamoto Tatsumaru ~†Blood Calls to Blood†~: ~TALA~ well damn you look better now

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~: *is too weak to care...rat spirits flock here now in droves...* I call this....*blinks* Its steetwise I feel it. Cearn of the Talking Junkyard. *blinks* Is that.....foolish sounding?

Jerard Watts: ((jerard left it with you before he ran off))

"Mad" Max Mayorga (GW/UP) "Urban Legend": *Max struggles but does get the cars pushed into the JY maze.* ~GS~ Their....*Shifts back down to homid and walks into the clearing.* ((This is crazy, Max who is challenging for Adren right now Via email will be able to challenge for Athro soon. Guess i shouldn't have waited so long to challenge for Adren because i have lots of Renown built up now.))

Avery Squeaks ~resentfully BG~: ((no you wouldnt but it would all come out anyhow since the other cearn knows..... or at least someone there does...))

Rei (curious raven): *lands after everything is over & yawns & stretches out her tired wings*

Azreal (Late Ragabash, GW lupus CF): *grins, side-stepping with barrel by looking into it's reflection*(assuming I can...head's fried hehehe)

*Archiver*: ~~~~~~~~end archive~~~~~~~~


NOTE: Evad "Paintball" McMasters did NOT die in the above scene. So says the Storyteller of the scene. It was human error and so was amended.

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