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Junkyard Moot

June 22, 2001

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *a very slight smirk at the now-homid rat* Do you feel smarter for that?

Shayla Cole-Mason *Beware of the Weaverbitch* : *slides out from behind a tarp hanging over a pipe*

Gabriel Angelfire: *Walks over to Danni.* "I wounder what's gotten into the rat?"

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *waves to Scott as he approaches....looks at the rat, and seeing it's calmed down...a little....she relaxes*

Katie Ann -kin- : It's not going to be like the last one is *pauses* that means your trial period is over.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *chitters at the ratkin*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo remain out of sight in Max's RV at least for now... prays he would be upset she is using his place for safety*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo remain out of sight in Max's RV at least for now... prays he would be upset she is using his place for safety*

Anastasia Gourin: *hanging onto Alexandra tightly*

Dwid-p: (( got booted, am suffering from computer problems, and have to go shopping for beans. don't ak. later all. ))

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *wanders into the junkyard from the street ,walks past the guards with waves and enters the gathering area*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *looks at Danni...* Who cares bout smarter? *crawls out of the car and scratches his dirty wild mass of hair*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks to david* i also learn a good number of rite in my 4 years learing from dark-Shadows, and hanchra, is it Ok if I teach them to belladonna?

Shayla Cole-Mason *Beware of the Weaverbitch* : *nods to Sulia and Clarity*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *rolls her eyes and lets David deal with the overgrown mouse*

Katie Ann -kin- : *snuggles into Jason pulling his arms around her feeling a little intimidated by the sheer numbers gathered*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): Shale-> good evening

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *gives a half assed wave to Shale*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Your knowledge is yours to teach...*shrugs*

: beans......magic beans, had them last weekend. 

Alexi Dimitrov: *Walks into junk yard shortly after Alexa and Anastasia*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *holding anya on one hip ,in her jeans, and a long sweater her hair shorn close and still not looking all that well*

Nick Boston (GW): *a Harley pulls up outside the JY and the driver takes off his helmet and heads in*

Anastasia Gourin: *lays her head aginst Mommy's (Alexa) shoulder and sucks on her shirt collar*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (laters Dwid-p)

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * nods to Poppa dave* I just wanted the elders Ok before i started.

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : Dave>>~rs~ Good for you...HEY you gotta do somethin...*goes back to the car...roots in it for a few minutes and comes out with a hunk of wood shaped kinda like a crossbow...a set of broken industrial strength rubber bands ... and a circular sawblade...he tosses the blade back in the car and walks tword Dave...that crazy look always in his eyes...and shoves the wooden part at Dave* ~rs~ You gotta fix of yer dumbass dogs broke I ate him...but you gotta fix it...

Alexi Dimitrov: *Walks through the maze*

Katie Ann -kin- : *doesn't seem to mind his talking to everyone around them, she's calmed down a great deal since she first arived*

Nick Boston (GW): *heads into the clearing... looking around*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): RS I heard about that. Just be lucky the cub was proven a decieful lier and attacked you first. I'll try to fix it...but only if you don't interrupt the percedings tonight. You let us do our thing...I'll do my damnest to fix yer weapon.

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks intot the gathering under one arm she carries a tub of oats, smiles at those assembled*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *remains on the side lines, quietly contemplating who knows what, arms still folded, face still expressionless*

Alexi Dimitrov: *A man that looks visibly intimidating but acts and speaks witha calm demeanor. He is fairly large, standing around six and a half feet tall and well muscled. His hair is silvery white in color and hangs loosely with bangs falling above his steel blue eyes. His clothing consits of black, scuffed, worked boots, blue jeans, a black shirt and a long black jacket* (( PB 4 // Notable Heritage merit ))

Dredrick Samuelson: *Guesses Dave didn't hear him, and shrugs.* Oh well, I talk to him later. *Yawns and sips his beer, looking around trying to stop where Francisca went.*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo will stay in Max's RV* (gonna stop RPing Jo so I can archive the moot)

Scott Timmons: *introduces Dwid to Fran before he jets... then sits down next to Clar*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): Scott-> hello *smiles* want some cookies? i have two left

Scott Timmons: Clar>> Sure.... *seems almost emotionally drained*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *walks into the gathering slowly spotting Bella and loking for alexi knowing he might be here*

Nick Boston (GW): *spots Sul and heads over to her*

Cracker & Lenore Cross: ooc: Gonna drop these two out, but they will stay and watch the rest of the moot.

Anastasia Gourin: *babbling nonsence to mommy about who knows what*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): Scott-> *offers him the last two cookies, smiling..* (again, Ko ponders using the oracle quote from the matrix))

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *gets a little red faced as he starts chittering at the top of his lungs* ~RS~ I dont FUCKIN CARE bout your STUPID FUCKING doggie SHIT! *sputters as his mind stalls a little* BIG MOMMA DONT fucking CARE bout yer STUPID FUCKING ttttttt THING...*takes a few deep breaths...* or ... something...whatever...just fuckin fix it...*walks back to the car*

Francisca Timmons: *Says her hello's to Dwid when she is introduced to him*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Walks up next to Alexa and looks at her and the baby*

Anastasia Gourin: *hides her face into mommy's shoulder when Alexi comes up to them*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Hello all*smiles at Jason and Katie*

Dredrick Samuelson: *Spots Francisca, grins a little and continues to get drunk.*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *glances sideways at Nick as he approaches her*

Katie Ann -kin- : *waves to Bella from behind the protection of Jason;s arms*

Janete Cross "JC": *finally blinks up at the screech of the rat thing, blinking even more it came from a kind of human hybrid, and shook her head with a sigh*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *Walks up to the gaurd gate, looking at the piece of paper with the address . He talks with the gaurd before being allowed admittence* ((No wyrm, garou, glasswalker, all teh good stuff, I know how it works))

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *reaching one shaking hand out to touch him not sure if this is real* Alexi? Beloved?

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * smiles to bella* i have good new for you, You will have your rite to make your gl;ory, and wisdom your's forever have earned it.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): RS Believe me rat child...she cares about being honored. *takes the broken weapon* Come to me in four days or may take that long for me to repair this. But you distrub the moot...I won't bother.

Scott Timmons: *takes the cookies... giving one to Fran* Clar>> You met my sister, right?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *goes to have a seat alone...taking a few minutes to just let things slide*

Alexi Dimitrov: Its me *Takes her in a hug, mindful of Anastasia*

Francisca Timmons: *she nods to Clarity* Hi.. I'm Scott's sister, Francisca.. *she at least introduce herself to the woman before she goes to talk with Dredrick*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): RS Believe me rat child...she cares about being honored. *takes the broken weapon* Come to me in four days or may take that long for me to repair this. But you distrub the moot...I won't bother.

Anastasia Gourin: *lets out a wimper, clinging tighter to mommy as the man hugs them*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *she walks over and stand with them* hello you too look like you are feeling better...

Nick Boston (GW): Sul>> Heya....

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): Fran-> hello *s* name's Clarity, nice to meet you..... Scott-> i just did *g*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *heads to his place putting the broken weapon in his backpack...he stands before the moot*

Katie Ann -kin- : *she nods at Bella with a big smile*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *Enters the maze after the gaurdians finish up checking him over,makes a few wrong turns but following the sounds of everyone eventually finds the gathering area*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Nick-> hey....*she says in a quiet monotone*

Scott Timmons: Clar>> *nods* OK.... *munches the cookie*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks Anastasia and Alexandra* Whose this? *smiling slightly*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::falls out of his bus again, face first:: Damn...ouch...::rubs his face::

Anastasia Gourin: Mama? *looks up at her*

Francisca Timmons: *takes the cookie from Scott* Thanks.

Nick Boston (GW): Sul>> I figured I'd come.... show my support and all....

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *smiles* Really? Tha tis great *spot alexa and alexi *

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alrighty I see our Caern population has become rather healthy. Good. *nods* Is the Master of the Howl here?

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): Nick-> *she nods...then turns her attentions to Dave*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): ((oh hell....DLP))

Gabriel Angelfire: *Goes and takes a sit next to Danni.*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::walks over to dave, his usual greeting smile:: hiya dave...

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: * walks right up to Sulia smiling* You asked me out to a place like this? Good thing we aren't dateing.

Nick Boston (GW): ((*wonders why Clar nodded* *LOL*))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *walks out from her den*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Nick-> *she nods...then turns her attentions to Dave*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: ~ A young fair skinned man in his early 20's maybe late teens. Not overly good looking, but not ugly either,very plain. Bright red and black short spiked hair, sort of a checkerboard design, blue eyes. He's a little under average hieght, thin and lanky. He's wearing baggy black loos fitting jeans, a pair of airwalk shoes, a Sytem of a Down shirt, red and black flannel shirt tied around his waste, a necklace with a crescent moon that appears to be made from computer chips, and pair of wire framed glasses. He carries around a briefcase with an anarchy logo on it.~

Francisca Timmons: she chuckles* Nice to meet you too Clarity... Umm.. if you'll excuse me... I got a beer waiting for me..

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *looks at Remy, then back to Dave*

Dredrick Samuelson: *Is sitting on his car, drinking like a crazed drunk.*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *dd: an 18 yr old lady with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a black sweatshirt, slightly baggy jeans, green sneakers and red gloves. Around her neck she has a vampire fang hanging from a leather cord and another necklace with a Celtic knot. She is carrying a large black backpack which holds her violin and a bunch of odds and ends. (app 4 captivating)* ((

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *it taken in a hug and weeps tears of joy* This is daughter... our daughter if you still want us...

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *doesnt respond to Dave...twitching slightly as he makes it to the remnants of the car...muttering to himself flipping from rat speech to spirit speech to english mid word at times...*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *smiles and nods at Fran*

Sandy Blue Canary (Gatekeeper): *Five months pregnant now and showing it under the baggy gray-white shirt she wears, she joins the Moot gathering. Her hair is drawn back into a short, feathered ponytail, and colored feathers dangle from her shirt as well. Otherwise, the baggy camo pants and workboots with red laces are the same as she always wears.*

Scott Timmons: *watches Fran walk away... then watches Dave...*

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks down at the ring on her left hand and hopes jason doesn't plan to embarse her like Gage did Bella*

Nick Boston (GW): *looks at Remy*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Jason you can do the rite later....Danni yes)

Alexi Dimitrov: O...Our daughter? *Smiles*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla plays an un-amped fetish red electric guitar ("Science Fiction" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show)*

Janete Cross "JC": *quietly observes Giggles from the rest on her pile, studying him almost*

Nick Boston (GW): DD: *A handsome man, in his early 20's, with dusty blond hair and a goatee. He rides in on a vintage Harley, wearing a black, leather jacket... he looks around, radiating confidence.* ((

Francisca Timmons: *she goes over to Dredrick* Are you gonna drink all the beer by yourself?

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Rose saunters in from the umbra*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( very good just wanted to know if I was just tell me when to))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *calms everyone down with a gesture of his of his talents is body language...being able to say paragraphs in a look...he nods to bethany and with one hand gestures she take the floor* Welcome Master of the Howl.

Janete Cross "JC": *she's roughly 18, standing a good short height of the average female, wearing black jeans, sneakers and top, grey eyes and mouseybrown shoulderlong hair, a tatt on her right shoulder,*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::looks around at all the people, thinking it's a moot:: how come nobody told me about this, damnit!?

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *looks back at Nick, being this guys looking at him*

Dredrick Samuelson: *Grins at Francisca.* Possibly, why you want one?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It was announced on the list Duo)

Nick Boston (GW): Remy>> *offers a hand* Hi.... I'm Nick... a friend of Sul's....

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *DD: Rose is an attractive 19 year old lady (3 app/ 4 cha) with blue eyes and medium length blond hair. Rose wears a short blue dress, boots and rose-colored John Lennon type glasses. A celtic knot ring is on her left hand. She speaks with a southern US accent. She enters an area testing the ground with her white cane. She walks with as much grace as is possible towards where she is going.* (Character homepage is at ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It's assumed it spreads through all Garou communication channels)

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth walks over to stand by David where she shifts to Crinos and starts the howl*

Anastasia Gourin: *wiggles her fingers twards the diaper bag, knowning her most prized stuffed wolf is hidden inside it*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *shifts and howls with the others*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *just stands there, dead silent*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * shifts to crinos to join the howl*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *stands and shifts to crinose, howling with the others*

Nick Boston (GW): *stays in homid... but joins the howl*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Pm me your e-mail...I'll fix that problem...but assume your character new about it)

Katie Ann -kin- : *snuggles into Jason's Crinos form*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::shifts up to crinos to join the howl::

Janete Cross "JC": *distracted, just watches the others in silence*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: Nick>> *shakes his hand* Remy, friend of hers too, um, better be quite though. I think the moots starting,just hoep its better then the last walker moot.

Scott Timmons: *looks over toward Sul*

Sandy Blue Canary (Gatekeeper): *Folds her arms over her stomach and homid, more of a tonal yell than anything.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Joins Bethany in the howl shifting to Crinos*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *half-heartedly joins the howl, not bothering to shift*

Anastasia Gourin: *her bottom lip sticks out and starts to quiver with all the howling*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla shifts to lupus and howls complementing Beth's howl... Rose shifts to Crinos and howls*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *joins in the howl, is fairly tone deaf*

Francisca Timmons: Dredrick> You did offer me a beer a little while ago... *grins, that mischievous grin of hers again*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *eventually, she joins in...shifting to crinos, and belting out a loud, but very short howl....then she reverts to homid....*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *twitches a few more times...then for once gets a coherant thought in his head...standing kinda stock still for a moment as Big Momma puts an idea in his mind...he grins and rummages around in the car...taking out a partly eaten and partly decomposed human forearm (hand included) and walking closer to the gathering of Garou...*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Blinks* Well...we have a child now. *Smiles and kisses her* And a sister

Scott Timmons: *doesn't howl.... just watches Sul.... knowing what's coming up soon*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Ok Duo you have been sent an invitation to it)

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *unzips the bag and hands Anya the stuffed wolf holds her close patting her comfortingly tell her it will be done soon*

Francisca Timmons: *winces slightly at the howling*

Dredrick Samuelson: *Shifts to Hispo, howls very quickly and shifts back to homid. Not one for the howling bit.*

Anastasia Gourin: *shoves the stuffed wolf's ear into her mouth and sucks on it for comfort, clinging tightly onto Mommy*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Is to wrapped up in Alexa and Anastasia to even notice the howls of the others*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::clenches his fists as he howls louder, rage filling inside of him::

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *kisses him in return* just a daughter to us...ANYA>> this is daddy....

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *starts twitching and shaking at the sound of the fear mostly at the sound...but then again fear is just another fuel for the Rage of this one...he snarls having a veritable epileptic seizure as the howl goes on*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *waits for Bethany to end the keeps going*

Dredrick Samuelson: *After he shifts back to homid, he tosses Francisca a beer and offers her a seat on his car.*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *Clar ends her contribution to the opening howl, and shifts to homid, then sits back down next to Scott*

Anastasia Gourin: *blinks her large brown eyes and looks over Alexi* Daddy?

Nick Boston (GW): *stops howling*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *continues the howl until it looks like all have joined then closes it then starts on the affirmation of the litany stressing the important parts, but glossing over others*

Scott Timmons: *just watches Sul... not making a sound*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *just stands there...waiting*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *silently watches, after the howl*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * stops the howl and shifts down*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::still in crinos, he stops his howling, silently going over the litany with beth::

Katie Ann -kin- : *smiles up at Jason*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smles* Thats right. Daddy *Smiles*

Francisca Timmons: *she catches the beer and sit next to Dredrick... opens the beer and drinks half of it down... right off*

Sandy Blue Canary (Gatekeeper): *Listens silently to the recitation of the Litany...expression flickering a few times as certain things are glossed over.*

Anastasia Gourin: *looks at him with a rather serious expression* Dake, Dake?

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla stops her howling and shifts to homid... she walks over and sits next to Clarity... Rose stops howling and shifts down to lupus then pads over to Bella*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *shifts to homid and end the howl*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *stops and shifts down...sense kin need to understand the cracking of the Bone he remains in Homid*

Alexi Dimitrov: Dake? *Glances at Alexa*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Yes anya this is daddy.... we will get Jake...soon.

Dredrick Samuelson: *Laughs as Francisca drinks like more of a man than he does.* Damn girl, slow down. So how you been, staying out of trouble?

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Jake is her half brother...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at the talking towards the back..he doesn't mind mummering but gestures for them to keep it down and at least to pretend to pay attention*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *finishes the affirmation of the litany and shifts to homid to sit and watch the fool*

Francisca Timmons: *she's not looking forward the this challenge her brother's gonna be in*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::is enraptured in the speaking, going over the litany point for point in ws::

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *when Bethany is done he nods to Bella* Now is the Opening of the Sky.

Alexi Dimitrov: Alexa > Oh... Can I uh...Hold her? *His attnetion split between the moot and*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *snuggles close ot Alexi and holds Anya truly happy for the first time ina long time*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::stops, also waiting for the fool::

Anastasia Gourin: *tunrs between them wraping her arms around Alexi's neck*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It isn't that certain things are glossed over...just some litany points are stressed above others...veil and Caern violation are tops)

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *hands over anya to alexi*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Holds Alexa and watches the moot*

Dredrick Samuelson: ((Be back in about 5-10mins))

Alexi Dimitrov: *Holds onto Anya with one arm*

Francisca Timmons: Dredrick> *she chuckles* I need the drink... *slightly buzzed cause she drank the beer so fast* ...No didn't stay out of trouble to well.. I nearly got my butt kicked by five white guys...

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks to the center calling the winds to bless the caern, she draws some of the oats from her tub and set it on the ground*

Anastasia Gourin: *her stuffed wolf is shoved back into her mouth and she lays her head aginst Alexi's shoulder*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *silently...watching the few of her guardians that are here, making mental notes*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *calms down a little as the howl ends...crouches down off to the side...seeing a few of the dogs remain in warform he takes his own clutching the severed human arm in one hand as he crouches low...watching*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Rose scratches herself and listens to the others... most may notice that it is obvious she is blind*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * with Katie with him he walks and stands beside danni*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::still in crinos, he watches intently, the moonlight reflecting in his blue eyes and silver coat::

Katie Ann -kin- : *slips her fingers, between Jason's and watches Poppa intently*

Katie Ann -kin- : *walks with Jason uncertian as to what is going on*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *looks to Scott for a moment....then back to Dave*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Oh great and Venerable Rat spirit we children of Gaia as brother and sister come and ask for you blessing and guidance. Accpect this token as symbol of our respect.

Scott Timmons: *still watching Sul*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *smiles over at Scott then goes back to watching Bella*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::listens to bella intently::

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla places the guitar over her back... Rose settles down and listens to the moot*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *notices Scott watching her....finally....she meets his eyes and stares at him for a moment....her face void of any emotion...then her focus returns to Dave and the others...*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks to where she left the oat the last moot*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *hisses lightly at Bella...*

Francisca Timmons: *she looks over at her brother and notices him watching someone intently.. follows his gaze to Sulia... and figures that is who the challenge is with*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *nods a little to Jason and Katie*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He bows his head when the totem is called*

Scott Timmons: *finally turns away from Sul*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * nods to Danni and stands to her left with katie and just watches holding katie*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::calms in respect for the rat spirit::

Janete Cross "JC": *swings her gaze towards Unca Cracker once more and slips abit, tugging back her legs again to herself*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Great and Venerable Rat spirit show your favor and grant your guidance through the coming month.

Katie Ann -kin- : *watches silently, bowing her head as Poppa does*

Nick Boston (GW): *glances at Scott for a moment... then away*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *goes and sits near Scott since he seems to be too distracted to notice her*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *looks over at Sulia, then to Scott...she pats his back a bit in a friendly manner*

Scott Timmons: *looks at Beth* oh hey... sup?

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: Sulia>> *pokes you* Um, whatsup with whats going down?

Francisca Timmons: *she finishes off the second half of her beer just as quickly ahd she did the first half... thinking about get falling down drunk*

((Note: A post from Bethany to Scott that I some how manage to cut off, sorry Beth-p))

Bethany to Scott:  how've you been? *smiles at Scott and leans her head on him*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *hisses again his long tail smacking into a discarded soda can half wishing and half expecting BMR to show up personally to eat the impudent dog*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Remy-> *glances sideways at the other Walker* what's going down? *she says quietly, in a flat tone* as far as?

Scott Timmons: *motions for Fran to come over for a second*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *smiles as she see how quickly Anya took to Alexi*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *silent, watching*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The moot rite is successful the white ghostly rat appears and accepts the looks at the Caern's eyes ever then fades its very appearance a sign of the continued totem's contentment*

Francisca Timmons: *sees the chick with Scott and figures she must be Beth*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: Sulia>> Your opponent, thats whats going down. *nods* Then we'll go to a bar and get real trashed and I may let you take advantage of me, btu probably not.

Anastasia Gourin: *stays quiet seeming somehow to understand she needs to, keeing her head in daddy's neck and watching the big people*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at his daughter and his mate as the Rat totem fades*

Francisca Timmons: *she hopes off the car and goes over to Scott and company*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Remy-> *nods, then shrugs half heartedly*

Scott Timmons: Beth>> I've been........................... alright...

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla goes to sit about a foot from Sulia... Rose shifts up to homid and continues to listen*

Dredrick Samuleson: ((Back)) *Watches whoever's talking, occasionally looking at Francisca.*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *smiles relieves* Thank you Great Rat spirit and my gaia blessing be upon us all..*bows to David and stand with Jason and kaite*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: are you sure you're alright? what's going on?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): And Rat shall continue to favor this Caern with protection. Thus is the totem honored. Now...for the Cracking of the Bone. Our Truthcatcher Rose shall know truth from falsehood. So allow no lies to be told before the sept. I know of a matter before we even open the ground to others...Sulia of the Walkers has grievance with Scott and a challenge was issued. *gestures for them to come, I see Gab aint here...we lets pretend he does his Master of the Challenge duties decently in an NPC fashion**

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *looks to Shale, but doesn't say anything*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *hugs alexi closer*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *hisses in dissapointment*

Nick Boston (GW): *looks at Sul*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *with her name mentioned, she walks foreward, gaze fixed upon whatever is ahead of her, and nothing else....clad in all black, and wearing a numb expression, her heavy boots dig into the earth as she moves...and though her eyes are tired, within them is a deep rage*

Scott Timmons: *stands*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Rose finds her way to David and activates Truth of Gaia and waits*

Scott Timmons: *walks to the circle*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *watches Sulia and Scott*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *takes a banner out from his case, taps Clarity to help him unfold it*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *crosses her massive arm over her chest...clearly not happy, though she does and says nothing*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *blinks at Remy and his banner, but she helps anyway*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): What are the terms of this challenge?

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *looks over to fran and beth with worry*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::looks over at danni, wondering why she's unhappy::

Francisca Timmons: *looks toward Dave then to sul and Scott.... then turns to Beth* Hi.. I'm Scott's sister Francisca. *she whispers to Beth*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Holds Alexa in one arm and Anastasia in the other. A proud smile on his face as he watches the precedings*

Janete Cross "JC": (janete remains through out the moot, but me, I'm too tired.. *huggles and poofs*)

Anastasia Gourin: *offers her wolf to Daddy, just in case he wants to nibble on it's other ear*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Is pissed of that Francisca got jumped, and is now plotting how to take the bastards out.* Motha' Fuckers...*Growls and finishes off his beer.*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *looks at Fran and smiles* Hi, I'm Beth, Scott's girlfriend... nice to meet you...

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *Unfolds the banner along with clarity, holds up one end and hopefully she'll hold up the other. It reads 'Sulia 4ever' .*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles and nibbles on the other ear of the wolf*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *she removes her trenchcoat, and tosses it carelessly aside...strapped to her waist is a very intimidating looking knife, intricately crafted, and polished,..she looks to Dave* Scott and i will duel with melee weapons...*she indicates her knife* no gifts will be used.....all forms are acceptable....we will duel until a wound of severity is dealt...the loser will bear the scar of that wound forever....

Nick Boston (GW): *sees Remy's banner and frowns a little.... this isn't a matter that should be taken lightly...*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: ((last post was whispered))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Remy and shakes his head...he gestures they take it is inappropriate even by Gnawer standards (-1 wisdom Remy)*

Clarity "Steel Smile" Kaatje ~soul healer~ (GW): *looks at Remy's least he's enthusiastic*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *quirks a brow at Remy, marking him as a face to remember*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Notes Remy's banner and shakes his head.* Dumb....

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *looks up as she hears Sulia's comments... she hadn't realized things had gotten this bad between them*

Francisca Timmons: *A young woman, with oblivious signs of Latino blood running through her veins what with her lightly tan skin, long black hair, dark brown eyes. She is rather petite, dressed in loose fitting jeans, a black mini-tee shirt and combat boot upon her feet --- She seems familiar in away... as she and her brother share a few similarities in their features*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *even Sulia raises an eyebrow at Remy*

Katie Ann -kin- : *wonders what caused the challange to begin with, however she isn't about to ask*

Francisca Timmons: (oops meant to PM that to Beth)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Wound of severity.....*confers with the MoC* That is a grey aware it is in our judgement then and you will abide by the outcome when we choose to end this challenge.

Scott Timmons: Whatever, let's get this bullshit over with... *walks to the circle without the knife... like it matters*

Anastasia Gourin: *keeps ahold of the toy's leg, and watches the two people*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *Frowns and puts the banner away.*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Dave-> *she nods* very well

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * aslo mental note the remy guy with the sing as a trouble maker*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Are the terms agreed to then? *looks at Scott*

Nick Boston (GW): *shakes his head at Remy... this Walker has a LOT to learn*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla frowns not liking friends fighting... Rose stays where she is doing her TC duty*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Raises an eyebrow as Scott walks to the challenge circle weaponless.* Hey you want a weapon?

Scott Timmons: *already headed for the circle* Ya

Francisca Timmons: Beth> Nice to meet you.. I only wish it had be at a better time.. *whispered*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *reaches up and tickles anya belly*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): you have a weapon?

Anastasia Gourin: *squirms and giggles*

Scott Timmons: Dave>> Nope... *still headed for the circle*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *frowns slightly as she watches Scott prepare to fight without a weapon but knows he can take care of himself and doesn't worry too much*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Your....decision. *watches...disturbed...looks to the MoC but the master's Scott's choice*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *looks puzzled as Scott doesn't accept a's his choice...*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): We'll permit you time to get one Scott...and I'm sure someone here could provide you with one...

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *she heads toward the circle*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Looks at Francisca, then back to Scott.* He gonna be ok without a weapon?

Scott Timmons: Dave>> *stands in the circle* I'm ready...

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *concerned and says a prayer for Scott*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla walks over to David*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *enters the circle, and takes her vicious looking knife into her right hand, squeezes the hilt a moment, then relaxes*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The MoC gives the signal for them to begin once they are both in the circle* Go.

Katie Ann -kin- : *turns hiding her face into Jason, she just can't bring herself to watch this, Scott is going to get slaughtered*

Nick Boston (GW): *wonders what Scott is doing*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *not pleased...not pleased at all, and it rolls off her in waves...*

Scott Timmons: *once the MotC says go... he just opens his arms*

Francisca Timmons: Dredrick> I hope so.. *there is so much she still doesn't know about her brother*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *whispers back to Fran* me, too... wish I had known what was happening before I got here... maybe it wouldn't have been as much of a shock

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * watchs holding katie so she does not have to watch thinking he knows what scott is doing*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *grins unlike the dogs is very pleased at this new devolpment...inching closer to the circle and tearing off a bite from the arm*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *closes her eyes and tries not to watch what is gonna happen*

Francisca Timmons: *at Scott action she get up to her feet.. total shock on her face*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *once given the signal, Sulia's face instantly turns into nothing but pure anger, rage pouring from her as her steel blue eyes blaze with malice....she begins to circle Scott, thinking he's planning something...*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *her focus on her mate and her child*

Scott Timmons: *just stands still... arms open... waiting to get hit*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks to edge of the circle*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): Beth, hold her. *doesn't look, just points atn Francisca*

Anastasia Gourin: *watches the two people curiously, having no idea of what's really going on*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *looks around at all teh cpouples and everyone all grim and seriouse....they need a a xanex, definitely*

Nick Boston (GW): *watches Scott... in disbelief*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Seems enthralled with the ritual combat taking place*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David is right outside the circle with the's clear they won't let this go lethal*

Katie Ann -kin- : *shutters, curling tighter into Jason, the silence seems defening*

Scott Timmons: *meets Fran's eyes... wanting her to stay put*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *she watches Scott, then in a quick burst, burning rage for speed, she rushes Scott, once within range, she slams her fist into his nose*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *hears Danni and opens her eyes to see Fran standing... reaches out to pull her back down to a sitting position... tries not to look at the fight, not sure she could watch Scott allow himself to get hurt*

Scott Timmons: *rocks back.... nose bloody... then straightens up... resuming his stance*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *stares at Scott*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Hops up with Francisca, following her.* Whatever happen you don't interfere, you got that.....You'll be in some serious trouble if you try to save your bro, so just stay here and watch no matter how bad it gets.

Francisca Timmons: *she hasn't moved toward the circle, but she wants to.... when she meets Scott's eyes... her expression is one of "what the hell are you doing?"*

Scott Timmons: *stays still... his eyes never wavering from his sister*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *plays with the wolf trying to distract anya*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *whispers to Fran* I don't understand what he's doing either, but this is something that he must feel he needs to do

Francisca Timmons: Dredrick> ~she speaks in spanish cause that is her natural language* I know... but he's gonna get himself killed. ----*and gets pulled back down to a sitting position my Beth*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * watches this hearing Danni growl knowing Scott is proving a Point but a dangerous one*

Nick Boston (GW): Remy>> *frowns* Dude... shut up.... *watches Scott and Sul...*

Anastasia Gourin: *eaisly distracted as he wolf starts dancing in mid air*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Doesn't understand spanish one damn bit.* Wha? Speak english so I can undertsand you kid.

Katie Ann -kin- : *shivers, when the woman yells*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): i'll make you fight...*she spits and rushes him, exploding into her crinos form, she collides with Scott, grabbing his head in a clawed hand, and slamming him, face first, straight into the ground*

Scott Timmons: *hits the ground.... then slowly gets back to his feet............. and resumes his stance*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *one moment tense and the next she relaxs and watches*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : ~rs~ WOOOOO!! FUCK HIS SHIT UP!

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *steps forward now...not entering the circle, but...oooh, damn...*

Francisca Timmons: *she keep her eyes on her brother.. wincing when he gets hit.. as if she herself got hit*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *MoC and Dave watch...they are in Crinos but not entering the cirlce...they are there to stop it if they must...*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *winces as Sulia goes nuts on Scott... holds onto Fran to hold Fran back as well as to stop herself from trying to do something stupid*

Nick Boston (GW): *winces.... damn.... Scott's gonna feel that tomorrow*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks at danni moving closer wishing sula would see what scott is proving*

Dredrick Samuleson: *The mindspeak totally freaks him out.* Alright whoever just pulled that "Talk in your head shit" knock it off. *Takes a seat next to Francisca.* If he gets her seriously, there are healers here that will take care of him.....

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *she grabs Scott's shirt collar and lifts him from the ground...with a blood curtling roar that echoes through the caern, she screams her hatred and anger, and throws Scott into the ground again, sending his body scraping across the hard ground....she follows the boy, shaking crazily*

Katie Ann -kin- : *move with Jason keeping her face hidden*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *those close to Shayla will note she is watching with no expression on her face, showing no emotion*

Scott Timmons: *tumbles across the circle..... hurt.... but gets up*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *looks at the wierd chittering, see's giggle's, looks back towards the fight* No banners...but, I think I'm gonna be sick.

Francisca Timmons: Dredrick> I...I said I know... I wasnt going to interrupt. he's gonna get himself killed... *said low* ---- Beth> He's crazy..

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *dances the wolf and soflty the songs of her childhood in russian*

Anastasia Gourin: *her lip begins to quiver with the howl*

Nick Boston (GW): *hopes Sul can contol her anger enough to not kill Scott*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Nods.* Alright, I'm just making sure *Puts an arm around her for comfort, or he tries to atleast.*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *flinchs and rubs a scar on her arm*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *speaks quietly to Fran* I don't think it's so much that he's crazy, but that he thinks he's invincible * tries not to watch the gruesome fight, but can't turn away*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (MoC and Dave seem to dance axiously on there feet trying to access when to stop rights when one or the other has a wound that can her words...but it can't go lethal*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * mutters under his breath* jesus christ sulia you made you point see his....let it go for christ stake

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *walks toward Scott, ears laid back, hackles raised.....blade clutched tightly, mouth gaped open*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *inches closer and closer to the circle...slavering now at the scent of fresh blood the long ass tail whipping back and forth*

Scott Timmons: *stands there.... meets Sul's eyes.... and opens his arms again... baring his chest*


Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla watches the American Garou Gladiators, still with no expression or emotion showing*

Francisca Timmons: *she doesn't stop Dredrick from putting his arm around her... but her attention is on her brother and sul* --- Beth> He was alway a tough kid... .. he so damn stubborn.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: Booted.

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: (( SO shocking, smithville you say? Can't one of the rank five mokoles go eat it?))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (This is a moot and some lurker yelling isn't go bother SM with that...)

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *she readies the weapon, reverting to homid the closer she gets* i am crumbled king of angels destroy........the end......*she ragabash says, and brings the blade heavily down onto Scott's chest, carving a long slash down the center...((again, non-lethal challenge so she's not killing him))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It's actually there territory)

Dredrick Samuleson: ((Thats great lurk, let the woods-p's deal with it.)) *Sips his beer, and offers it to Francisca, not really bothered by the fight too much, hell he's seen and been in worse.*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *watches the blade and the blood*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *starts to say something but stops as Scott gets slashed*

Scott Timmons: *gets sliced... and goes down... then slowly gets to his feet again.... in case she's not done*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *At that moment the MoC and Dave are in there...the MoC saying the challenge is won...though he looks at Scott funny when he says that...Sulia is winner..they seperate Scott and Sulia*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * touches katies shoulder so she knows it is over now*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *watches Sulia...if the woman even twitches wrong, she's gonna be in a world a hurt*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *room is made for Shay to come in and heal...they are just making sure Sulia won't rage and loose control and will honor the end of the challenge*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *rushes to Scott*

Francisca Timmons: *she knows it non-lethal, but still... she tries to get to her feet but Beth has a hold of her and Dredrick has his arm around her so she remain seated*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( have to agree there healing will make it not must heal by his own healing))

Anastasia Gourin: *begins to babble softly at Daddy, trying to mimic his russian words*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *moves to support Scott with one arm*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : ((I'd say that's a collapsed Lung too *nod*))

Katie Ann -kin- : *tenses, wanting to move into the gathering fray and try to help*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *shayla walks forward .. sets bones, etc. then heals scott for 5 suxx ... a scar is left on his chest however .. *

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *frowns...very dissapointed noone died...spits and goes back to sit on the side...munching on monkey meat*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Looks at Francisca, then to Scott.* Good, it's over. *Finishes off his 3rd beer.*

Scott Timmons: *gently pushes Danni's arm away... determined to do this on his own...*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Holds onto Alexa a little tighter and tickles Anastasia*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *eventually, she turns away and turns her eyes to the ground, then covers her face with her hand...trying desperately to fight tears that she wishes would never come...*.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *murmurs something very quietly to Scott*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : ((Shayla>>Cant heal him with MT or it wont scar up...))

Scott Timmons: *won't let Shale or anyone else heal him anyway...*

Francisca Timmons: *she takes the beer from Dredrick, but doesn't drink it.. yet.. watching her brother... *

Anastasia Gourin: *wiggles around, trying to free herself of the tickling hand*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *watches as Scott move off and then returns to Jason's side lean a head on his shoulder, wishing Gage was here*

Nick Boston (GW): *goes up to Sul's side*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): (heals what she can then .. is tat ok?)

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * holds katie and rest a comforting hand on Belladonna*

Scott Timmons: *doesn't look at Danni.... he just slowly... carefully goes back over to Beth and Fran*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): (cancel action then )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Is this challenge matter settled then? *looks at Scott and Sulia*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *smiles at Alexi her face showing how very happy she is that he is here and safe.*

Katie Ann -kin- : *shutters at the sight of all the blood,*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *looks to Nick, eyes red, and welling with tears, though she'd fighting hard to keep them from falling...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *lets Scott go, then looks back toward Sulia*

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : ((SHayla>>Any MT would heal the scar first ... its how it works...has to heal naturally...))

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: SUlia>> *walks up to you* Um, I think we should probably go now.

Nick Boston (GW): Sul>> It's OK.... it's over... *hugs her*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Then Scott is treated medically only and it heals naturally...ouch for Scott)

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *without looking to Dave, she responds* it is and forever...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Good.

Scott Timmons: ((Jesus...... pants?? Does that make any sense?))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *watches Scott walk over to her and Fran and tries not to cry*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Thank you for your IP...I'll be more then happy to send it to Conrad for you...I'm so glad you cared lurk to send the very best)

Dredrick Samuleson: *Dredrick takes his arm around Francisca shoulder off her, not sure how Scott would react to that one.* You ok? *Looking right at Scott.*

: Jesus pants you? 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): (( Oh, how I LOVE summer vacations...))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): there any other matters to bring before the sept at the Cracking of the Bone?

Scott Timmons: *just sits... seeming to have trouble breathing*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: (( And on that note please use birth control, it can not be stressed enough...))

Katie Ann -kin- : (( do you ever get the feeling we are dealing with an immature crowd?))

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks over at David and Danni*

Anastasia Gourin: Daddy? *looks up at him curious*

Alexi Dimitrov: I....*Thinks about whether he should or not*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *looks at Alexi and wonders what he is going to say*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *does a little pacing, rolling her head on her shoulders, the joints popping softly*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at Anastasia then looks over towards Poppa David* I wish to challange Danni Cross for rank among the Garou!

Francisca Timmons: (you know that kinda stuff makes archiving difficult)

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla looks at Sulia* Is honor satisfied, Sis?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Whoever has issues to bring before the sept bring them forward now. (Jason go ahead)

Scott Timmons: *trying to catch his breath.... seeming to be hyperventalating*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (or wait Alexi brought something up) A rank challenge only?

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): * glances to Shale, looking as if she's about to explode....she responds with only a slight nod*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *her head comes up, and she blinks at Alexi, surprised....of all the things he could have challenged for...she did not expect rank*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Nods to Poppa David* That is correct

Nick Boston (GW): *puts an arm around Sul*

Katie Ann -kin- : *silently begs that this challange doesn't include blood shed*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *gently puts an arm around Scott* Can I get you some Tylenol or something? *not sure of what else to say*

Francisca Timmons: Scott? *she not medically inclinded, but she doesn't like the way he is breathing*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Danni* Do you accept his rank challenge? *just steps aside it's between them two*

Scott Timmons: *doubles over.... not able to fully breathe.... gasping for btreath*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *blinks at Alexi again, still surprised, and barely hears David* Huh? I accept.

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks over at Danni, wondeing if she will accept the challenge*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): Scott>> ~ws~ are you ok? you know i can heal you anytime you wish...

Anastasia Gourin: *tugs on daddy's hair*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *looks to Alexi scared starts to shake*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): Nick-> i need a drink....i'll talk to you later *she takes his arm off of her, grabs her trenchcoat and begins to walk away as her emotions return...but she will not let anyone see this....not ever*

Scott Timmons: can't......*gasp gasp gasp*....... breath.......................

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks to Scott* i don't like this at all...

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla goes over to Scott after getting her med bag* If I can't heal you, I'm gonna at least bandage your wounds

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: *Remy follows Sulia*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::walks over to scott, placing his hands on scott's chest:: hold still, this wont hurt...::activate's mother's touch, burning gnosis::

Nick Boston (GW): *frowns.... knowing Sull is just gonna get drunk again....... but makes no attempt to stop her*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at Anastasia when she tugs on his hair and hands her over to Alexa*

Katie Ann -kin- : *breaks away from Jason moving over twards Scott, she pulls off her shirt (bra underneith) And holds it aginst his chest *

Scott Timmons: *pushes Duo away* No........ won't......... scar...............

Anastasia Gourin: *wimpers and wiggles her fingers at him* daddy

Francisca Timmons: Shit! Scott... Need a doctor here! *she knees down beside him .. and has no idea what to do*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *checks the wooud listening for a sucking sound, to see if air isn enterin his chest cavity*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: oh, shit *looks around for someone to help Scott* someone please help Scott *finally starts to cry*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks at Alexa* Hey...It'll be ok. *Kisses her cheek* Everything will be fine. I promise

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she knows Shale is there to take care of Scott...she turns her mind firmly to other things, namely Alexi*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *thoughtfully looking him over, pursing her lips slightly*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::his hands thrown back:: YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING DIE, SCOTT!!

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *take Anya and looks after Alexi worried , she just got him back*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Waves over Jason and Katie and Bella* Please take care of her

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Scott* Shift to Crinos boy..wounds knit internally first...when it aint so bad inside shift back to Homid...the skin outa still scar.

Giggles ~Eater of Dumb Cubs~ : *looks at Scott...and starts laughing* ~RS~ Dumb fuckin dog...dont even know how to shift

Katie Ann -kin- : *busy trying to put light pressure onto Scott's wound with her shirt, doesn't notice Alexi*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * walks with katie as she walks over taking off his large shirt and handing it to katie to wear now*

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla checks Scott over fully and bandages him as well as doing whatever he'll allow her to do for the pain*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): *heads out of the caern, regardless of Remy following her...disappears into the same darkness she had come from, to drink tonight's memories away...* ((hehe Remy's gonna have to take her home :p)) ((GONE))

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Shayla we need to get the air out if his chest cavity..*pulls her pack off and search it for a valve to help him*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Takes off his jacket and walks over towards Danni. On his right bicep is the glyph of the Silver Fangs and on his left are the glpyhs of his family bloodling and Russia*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sees that Alexi and Danni can work out the challenge on there own*

Dredrick Samuleson: ((Thanks to the stupid yelling lurk the chats went beserk on me, so could someone please fill me in with a possible PM, and have we finished the Cracking of the Bone yet? If not I'd like to speak.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *tilts her head at Alexi, then* All right, here's my terms. Combat... *smiles a little, he had to know she'd pick that* No gifts, any weapon of my choice.

Anastasia Gourin: *wiggles her fingers holding her arms out twards Alexi with a panicked look* Daddy !!

Alexi Dimitrov: Danni > What are your terms for the challenge, Danni-rhya?

Shayla Cole-Mason///Rose Layton (blind JY TC): *Shayla helps Bella*

Scott Timmons: *pushes everyone away....* Back.......... back away.............. *concentrates..... through the pain...... slowly shifting to crinos*

Remy O'Conner *Claith/GW*: (( All the way home, skipping first second and third, oh yeah!))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (No the Cracking of the Bone isn't finished...Sulia won the challenge against Scott without killing him, Danni got challenged for rank by Alexi...)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *murmurs to one of the NPC guardians to run to her shop and fetch some things*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Alexi~Russian~swear to me...

Katie Ann -kin- : *glares at Scott and shoves his arm back out of the way, pressing her shirt aginst the wound*

Alexi Dimitrov: (( *Boots his lasy post befor she names the terms* )) *Nods to her* Understood

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::mutters something about pride and ignorance::

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *looks thoughtfull at him still* The first to get knocked out of the circle?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): there any other thing to bring before the Cracking of the Bone (OK Jason do your thing)

Alexi Dimitrov: *Nods again*

Francisca Timmons: *she moves out of Shayla and Bella's way as they take care of Scott*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *is very upset as she watches Scott shift... is trying to keep herself from having a nervous breakdown or something*

Anastasia Gourin: *wimpers and hides her face in Mommy's neck*

Scott Timmons: *makes it to crinos..... and with a grunt and a sharp pain the lung fills again.... and he collapses*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): Dave>> i have a question.....

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *shortly, the NPC guardian brings back two HUGE ass splitting mauls... ((really big sledge hammers)) These two appear to be sized for Crinos hands, though a big human can still weild one. The haft of one is well worn, the other looks fairly new*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( ok delet my PM dabve)) * Jason steps forward* Yes I wish to have all hear and take note of the deed and actions of Belladonna for this sept, her pack and Gaia, and be Recognized for them.

Katie Ann -kin- : *takes advantage of Scott passing out to press a little harder aginst the wound with her hands*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks at her choice of weapons*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Steps back, away from Scott. Again wrapping his arm around Francisca to comfort her.* He'll be alright, he shifted, he'll be healed in a matter of minutes.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smiles a little at Alexi* This is what I choose. You wanna do this now, er wait till it's quieter in here?

Scott Timmons: *reverts to homid since he's out cold... his breathing returned to normal*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Turns his head and listens to Jason*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( thought I was su[posed to say it now or shold it wait for the challange))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *sits near Scott shaking and crying as she mumbles incoherently*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Ummm you guys are going to challenge now? In that case Jason's will wait...or can you wait on the challenge?)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: Jason, go now, the challenge can wait a moment.

Alexi Dimitrov: Shall we wait until after the honoring of Belladonna?

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *hold her daughter close and rocks her* daddy will be fine , daddy will be okay...shhhhh

Francisca Timmons: *she takes Beth hand and gently squeezes it... need the comfort as much as Beth does... watching Scott*

Dredrick Samuleson: ((Cracking of the Bone is still going, correct??))

Katie Ann -kin- : * remains extreamly calm now, not affected by the site of the blood, But she is going to do what she can to stop the bleeding, and she wont' take no for an answer*

Nick Boston (GW): *quietly heads out....*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( ok then i shall do this now then))* looks to david and respectfiully nods steping to the front of the group and begins the Rite of ccomplishment for Belladonna*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sees that the challenge will wait a bit* Procede Jason.

Anastasia Gourin: *huge aligator sized tears streak down her face, rocking with mommy*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Yes)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *nods to Alexi* I got a couple announcements I need ta make, too, so lets wait just a minute. *sets the hammers down, heads on the ground, resting her hands on each haft almost lovingly*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *squeezes Fran's hand a little after she realizes what it is... she looks up at Fran, crying but not speaking*

Francisca Timmons: *she gives Dredrick a bit of a grin... though is obvoius she is still worried.... her expression changes a bit... as she put up a fascet of toughness up*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * stands and looks to All around* For those who dont Knowme I am Jason Wolf Homid Ahroun Adren of the Fiannia Tribe. Belladonna Child of Stag step Forward to the center of this Moot * very serious*

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks at Shayla, pusihing back her fear* You know bandaging him up won't keep it from scaring *her hands holding the soaked shirt aginst the wound*

Scott Timmons: Katie>> *she feels a hand touch hers... when she looks up Scott's looking at her* Thank you........

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks at Scott, really fighting the panic now* You keep quiet, we'll get you bandaged up.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *waiting, watching*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *watches scott and stop her searching... stand as she hears ner name being spoken*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *looks down at Scott startled to hear him speak... lets go of Fran's hand so she can kneel beside Scott*

Dredrick Samuleson: *Returns the grin, and sips another new beer.* I see your put your "tough face" back on. *Arms still around her, in the back of his mind he wonders if Scott cares.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sits back watching Scott* Remember to shift to Homid when you feel your internals challenge conditions it must scar.

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * stands and Wait for belladonna to come stand before everyone*

Francisca Timmons: Beth> He'll be ok... he's too stubborn to let this beat him.. *she grins a bit seeing just how much Beth cares about her brother... she is glad for that*

Scott Timmons: *can't resist a chuckle when Katie gives him an order... but he stays quiet... letting her do her thing... looking over at Beth and Fran*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *walks to where jason stands calmly*

Katie Ann -kin- : *her medical know how stops at knowing to put pressure on a bleeding wound, she looks to Beth and Fran to do the bandaging, she won't move her hands till they are ready to start*

Scott Timmons: ((Dave>> When his lung filled... he passed out and reverted))

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *watches bella be called for recognition*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::even though he's probly the best one to heal scott, he sits back and watches katie::

Shayla/// Rose: *Shayla checks Scott to see if he still needs bandaging*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *leans over to say something quietly to Alexi*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Oh)

Alexi Dimitrov: *Watches Bella's Rite of Accomplashment but isn't paying much attention. Thoughts of the challenge race through his mind*

Anastasia Gourin: *cuddles into Mommy, tears still rolling down her little cheeks*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Glances at Danni as she speaks*

Scott Timmons: *oh ya... it was silver... he's cut pretty bad*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *cuddles her child*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): ((sul's blade wasn't silver))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *helps Scott to a sitting position if he's healed enough to do so without too much pain*

Francisca Timmons: *though she wants to be at Scott's side... she doesn't come between him and Beth.. she just keeps her eyes on them* ---- *she turns to Dredrick and takes his beer from him and takes a healthy swig from it*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (DLP reguarding Scott)*sees Scott seems to have enough care...shakes his head*

Scott Timmons: ((oh... thought it was.... oh well... regardless.... he's hurt... needs band-aid))

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::still thinking about how he's the best healer in the sept, probably...but tries not to get too arrogant:::

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *standing near Jason but her eyes stray to Scott...*

Sulia Sees-Through-Shadows (the end is the beginning is the end): ((*chuckle* no prob...))

Alexi Dimitrov: *Listens to Danni and doesn't so much as nod*

Shayla/// Rose: *Shayla pulls out some bandages and ointments and starts to bandage him in silence*

Katie Ann -kin- : Beth>> you need to have him lying down, now could you get some bandages big ones and several gauze pads.

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Shay>. i think he still need some aide...*tosses her pack to shay*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Listens to Danni and doesn't so much as nod*

Scott Timmons: *assuming he gets bandaged and all that... he sits up with Beth's help*

Anastasia Gourin: *curls into mommy*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *smiles proudly at Katie*

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks at Shayla* thank you *removeing her hands when it becomes necessary*

Alexi Dimitrov: (( *Pulls a Covert Ops. style booting to the double post* ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Umm Jason your doing bella's rite right?)

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks On belladonna* I have called you forward, you will now take responsabilty for all your actions, and they are, besting a Sprit that was slowly killing me, and turning it into a talon for gaia's use, Ending a treat to gaia a group of Bsd's and Wyrm tainted mortals which you lead the hint on with out Harm to any Garou, beating Minions of the Wyrm not only on that Hunt but on the rescure of Nikki. Unselfishly healing Member of this sept who are not of your pack countless time the number which I have seen is 10, as up untill I called you name you seeked to Help scott. You won a honorable challange for the alpha of our pack and Should much Honor by aiding the bested and making him beta. I dentifing area of the WQyrm, you neverending Good advies to all, and You protection of all here Kin garou or otherwise, for all these action an far more that go unseen I stand here to have all here, and all of Gaia's to Honor you, give you your glory, and and your WQisdom you have earned,

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *gently holds Scott after he is bandaged*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): Dave>> i have a quick question, if you have time....

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *walks silently to be near to her Mate, never wanting to be far from him again*

Francisca Timmons: *if Fran is needed to help in the bandaging she'd help*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks around* any Who wish to dispute My claims of Glory, and Wisdom that beladdonna has shown may Speak Now

Katie Ann -kin- : *once the bandaging is done, she puts on Jason's shirt and moves closer to him*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smiles a little at Alexandra's child*

Anastasia Gourin: *holds out one arm and wiggles her fingers twards Alexi, tears still streaming down her face*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I will not dispute it.

Shayla/// Rose: *Shayla and Rose at about the same time both say they don't dispute the honor for Bella*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to Buewolf...theres time later*

Scott Timmons: Jason>> I do.... *slowly gets up*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::shuts his mouth, knowing full concequence for speaking out of place from his past experiences with the fangs::

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth is too involved with Scott right now to listen to anyone else*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *looks around blushing a bit*

Katie Ann -kin- : *blinks at Scott, with a frown, but the panic has finaly taken hold of her enough she doesn't say anything*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * stears at scott * then speak.

Alexi Dimitrov: *Gently wipes away Anastasia's tears and takes her and Alexa in his arms until the Challenge takes place*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *looks to Scott*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *watches Scott*

Anastasia Gourin: *tries to cuddle aginst both of them now wedged firmly between the two*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Scott...curious, he has lot of energy for having his lung almost carved out*

Shayla/// Rose: *Shayla coldly stares at Scott*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::yawns a bit, bearing his teeth, as he's still in crinos::

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *smiles at Danni, her head tilts wonder what Scott could say?*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Brother?

Shayla/// Rose: *Rose listens and sighs*

Francisca Timmons: *quirks her brow at Scott, but says nothing.. and will sit down next to Dredrick*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth looks confused as she tries to figure out what Scott might say*

Scott Timmons: *once he's standing* I do dispute your claim... for one reason... it's not enough.... Bella and I have a blood bond... she is like a sister to me... and I would not be who I am today if not for her.... she deserves the credit you give her and more... for that reason I dispute your claim.... she's due much more than that... *looks at Bella*

Scott Timmons: *now leans against Fran and/or Beth*

Katie Ann -kin- : *sits down, and rubs her hands in the dirt trying to wipe all the blood off them*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smirks just slightly at Scott...mostly because she half expected him to say something like that*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *smiles as she realizes that Scott is not against Bella being honored*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *a few tears run down her cheek as she smiles at her brother*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks to scott* Then By all mean before we formally acknowledge her deeds add to them brother all may speak on her behalf.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *stands near Scott to support him*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): While your sentiment is honorable you have deeds to add before the sept beyond this blood bond...which will significant between the two of has little to do the sept's recognition of her deeds and actions. Have you anything by tradional recognition accounts to add? Her healing of you was noted.

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *smiles at scott and leans her head on Alexi strong arm, adoring the feeling of his warmth so close*

Francisca Timmons: *sees Scott need a little help so she stands up next to him her arm around his waist to help support him without really looking like she is supportin him*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): ( I was posting that but dave beat me to it * sniffle*))

Anastasia Gourin: *looks between the two of them* -russian- Duice?

((Note: My browser went nutso on me about this time and I was booted a few times as well... So some post might be missing here and there. Sorry guys and gals.))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *isn't being a prick...he winks at Scott liking the nobility of the moment but beyond strong commitment is there really anything to add...he has to get down to the business of it*

Scott Timmons: Jason>> Well.... for starters.... when she went to help me save Nikki... she didn't even know Nikki... she went for one reason.... me.... she's healed my sorry ass I don't know how many times.... and consistantly displays acts of selflessness... *catches his breath*... OK... I think I'm done... *nods*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * Nods to Scott* Those action then are Added to her list Of action * looks to see if anyone else wants to add deed or if he may finish the rite*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *looks at Anya* very good sweet heart..*grabs her bottle and hands it to her*

Scott Timmons: I guess I don;t have anything else... *blinks a couple times... light headed... maybe he shouldn't have stood up so soon*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *grins* But Scott that was already covered in what Jason said. Believe wasn't missed. I do believe we can in good conscious recognize the glory wisdom and honor bestowed upon Bella as a sept. *nods*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at Anastasia* ~Russian~ Three now *Hugs them both*

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks up at Jason and mouths her words, too panicked and frightened to say them* She helped take care of us both when we were sick, and healed you.

Anastasia Gourin: *shoves her bottle into her mouth and begins drinking*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alright I believe Danni and Alexi will rank challenge? Here and now?

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( leave it to the GE to steal the Fire of the person doing the rite :^P))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *grins at Bella but the moot must go on*

Katie Ann -kin- : *resumes rubbing her hands in the dirt trying to get the blood off*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks at Danni to see if she is ready*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I'm sorry Jason...thought you were done)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *glances at Alexi* Now?

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * looks to katie* you did very good there with scott thank you for helping him

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *smiles at Jason and walks to scott and kisses his cheek*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): (( its all good was just messin with yeah))

Katie Ann -kin- : *her voice all squeeky* He should be ok

Alexi Dimitrov: *Nods to Danni and looks at Alexa and Anastasia*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *hefts the well-worn hammer over her shoulder, stepping into the circle, offering the other newer hammer to Alexi*

Anastasia Gourin: *has a firm handfull of Daddy's hair*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * holds katie Close* you did good love

Scott Timmons: *leaning on Beth and Fran... he hugs Bella*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *looks to David* The terms are no gifts, any form, and only a maul for a weapon. First one out of the circle loses.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Congratulates Bella on her accomplishment... stays near Scott for the rest of the night* ((gotta go to bed))

Katie Ann -kin- : Not that it helped much *leans back into her pulling his around around her*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he nods* Alright...*the MoC takes his watchful position* Terms noted.

Francisca Timmons: (back from the boot)

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks at Danni* Be right there... *Looks at Alexa and motions to Anastasia*

Scott Timmons: ((night NJ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): You may enter the circle.

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * smiles hold katie* It helped.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Rose makes her way to Bella and hugs her* you deserved that

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *hugs him back gently*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *rolls her head on her shoulders a little, swinging the hammer a few times with practiced ease, loosening up*

Katie Ann -kin- : doubt it *lays her head aginst his upper arm*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *tries to pry anya's hand from her fathers hair*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * just Laughs she knows it helped even if she does not want to say*

Shayla/// Rose: ((goodnight all!))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: ((goodnight everyone))

Anastasia Gourin: *not the eaisest task but it's eventually done, she tosses the bottle and wiggles both outstreched hands twards him*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Beth>> thank you..

Katie Ann -kin- : *her attention falls on the circle and Alexi*

Shayla/// Rose: *Rose leaves with Bella when she goes... Shayla manages a smile, waves to those she knows, grabs her guitar and other stuff then goes home via the umbra*

Francisca Timmons: (Good night NJ) --- (might have missed some posts for the archive) --- Congratulations Bella.

Alexi Dimitrov: *Takes a deep breath and walks into the challenge circle, picking up the Maul in both hands. "This is gonna be fun" he tells himself with a hell of a lot more then a hint of sarcasm*

Scott Timmons: *looks at Katie*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *tries to comfort her daughter, picks up her bottle*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (If you missed the lurker posts Butterfly don't worry...those are to be missed)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smiles at Alexi, and he'll realize that for her, this IS going to be fun*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The MoC gives them the signal to begin*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::watches, waiting for the mauls to start smacking into flesh, knowing it's gonna hurt::

Anastasia Gourin: *them aligator sized tears start back up again, almost as though on command, starting intently at Daddy*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks at the smile and Danni's face and he can feel the rage start to burn through his veins*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Fran>> thank you , your brother and his flair for the dramatic bout gave me a heart attack...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she steps back as much as the circle allows from Alexi, and gets her maul up in a two-handed stance, waiting... ((and spending two rage when she DOES move))*

Katie Ann -kin- : *her attention on the challange, she doesn't notice Scott's glance*

Scott Timmons: *chuckles at Bella... caoughing a little when he does*

Jason Wolf (( guardian, Fiannia, and R-O-M)): * watches Know from watching Danni her strenght's now he gets to see where Alexi strenghts are*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Anya>> it will be alright sweetness..

Alexi Dimitrov: (( two rage )) *Bursts into crinos and lunges forward, thrusting the head of the maul forward*

: I edited those griant posts out already, but my browers is acting funny so I missing some posts.. sorry..)

Anastasia Gourin: *turns half climbing over Alexa's shoulder, trying to hide her face*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *smiles at scott*

Scott Timmons: Bella>> Ask Katie to come here for a minute....

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *as she spins out of the way of the maul, someone might see a smirk, as though Alexi just played right into her hands....the lunge passes by her ribcage, actually brushing the fabric of her tank top...and her own maul comes slamming down on Alexi's foremost Crinos foot, knowing that all his weight is on that foot and he can't dodge*

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ::amazed by danni's move::

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: *grin* Does anybody know how LONG I've waited to use that particular move in a fight...? Hell, I designed these challenge terms, just to get that ONE move in!!! *giggle*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Katie>> please come here katie..

Alexi Dimitrov: *The maul slams down on the top of his foot and he howls in Rage*

Katie Ann -kin- : *looks at Bella, then at jason sliping out of his arms to find out what his alpha wants*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Growls and swings the maul across like a giant baseball bat*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: *may have to find Alexi-p and kiss him*

Francisca Timmons: *she grins and chuckles at Bella* He had me holding my breath.. *she grins at Scott.. her tough as nail expression still on her face**

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *winces* Oh...thats gunna hurt.

Alexi Dimitrov: (( *Rubs his foot* I think I know! ))

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *tries to quiet her daughter and herself, trying to convince herself will all be fine..

Duo Bluewolf (Guardian): ((good god, the thought of a fight with those things just baffles my mind..i use them a lot, i chop wood lol....ouch!!))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *still in homid, she drops straight down, kicking at the back of his knee...which isn't going to do much damage, but should piss him off*

Anastasia Gourin: *curls down into Mommy's arms resting her head, on her shoulder keeping an eye on Daddy*

Scott Timmons: *once Katie's close* Hey... I just wanted to thank you... for helping me... tho I don't know why you did as much as of an ass as I am to you.... but I appreciate it...

Alexi Dimitrov: *His leg collapses through the kick and he falls back with it, barely managing to swing the maul right down towards Danni*

Katie Ann -kin- : You were hurt *a matter of fact answer, even though the panic is setting in*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *rest a hand on katies shoulder* I am so very proud of you did very well.

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *can't help but watch*

Katie Ann -kin- : *she hides behind bella quickly* thank you ma'am *squeeks out*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *rest a hand on katies shoulder* I am so very proud of you did very well.

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *can't help but watch*

Katie Ann -kin- : *she hides behind bella quickly* thank you ma'am *squeeks out*

Francisca Timmons: (grrrrrrr.. booted again)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): Shit! *lying prone, she can't move in time and Alexi's hammer catches her left shoulder with a sickening crunch, her left arm hanging limp now* Mother fucker! *she rolls to the side, getting to her feet, but she's pale now, with pain*

Francisca Timmons: *she'll sit with Scott* (if he's still here)

Anastasia Gourin: *offers mommy her bottle and watches daddy*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Rolls to his feet and stands up. The pain in his foot and brings forth more Rage*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *gasps a bit for Alexi*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *watches concerned...*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: Katie you can go sit with jason if ya like..

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *takes the brief respite to shift up to Glabro, able to weild the heavy maul in one hand that way*

Katie Ann -kin- : (( Jason was booted, so she will stay with Bella ))

Alexi Dimitrov: (( Risking 3 rage )) *Snarls and rushes forwards, swings low with the maul in an attempt to knock her off her feet*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *put her arm around her* or you can stya here with me...*smiles*

Katie Ann -kin- : *nods silently shivering*

Francisca Timmons: *she watches the challenge as she sips her third beer*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *manages to get her own maul in the way, barely, but Alexi's hits with such force that it numbs her right hand and she loses her grip on the hammer*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *holds Anya tight*

Anastasia Gourin: *tangles her fingers into Mommy's hair, her eyes still on Daddy*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Flows through the swing and swings the maul over head and down towards Danni's midsection*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *her only recourse then is to dive out of the way, and she lands heavily on her injured shoulder, cursing loudly...he's got her on the run, now*

Black (Bull Dawg/ Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *Timberland boots splash in a puddle of stagnant water pooled in the pockmarked ashphalt og the Necropolitan streets. A leather belt kept his pants hanging just below his waist. A black wife beater wrapped about his barrel chest and despite the fact that it was midnight, the street punk still wore shades like it was high noon. A skull rag clung tightly to his bald head. A single gold medallion hung from his neck, jostling as he ran up and down the meandering alleyways, the sounds of sirens in the distance pushing past being tired, sending adrenaline through his veins. He skidded to a stop just outside the lot of the junkyard, leaning against the rough, brick wall of an old tenament building. He lets out a laugh of exhiliration; a short, barking chuckle. The fucking pigs had it coming. Something had been wrong about them from point one. He didn't know how he knew so, but he did. That didn't change shit though. He needed a place to lay low. His eyes dart to the junkyard....*

Francisca Timmons: *she see Dredrick disappeared... wonders where he went... then turn back to the fight*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (NO SLs accepted during a moot SL)

Duo Bluewolf (guardian): ::gasps, alexi's gonna win...::

Alexi Dimitrov: *Keeps moving through the swing and swings it down towards Dannis legs*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *watches alexi battle very well*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *winces...out of the circle? ones going to leave the circle with killed legs...he begins discussing it with the MoC*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *rolls yet again, to get out of the way, still grinding bone fragments in that left shoulder....and though she can't see it, she's getting very near the circle boundary*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *with her eyes never leaving her mate she trys to untangle anya's hand from her hair, pulls the wolf and trys to get her to play with it..*

Anastasia Gourin: *her hand is eaisly sliped from the short hair and she grabs teh wolf huging it tightly*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Roars and forces the maul across the ground like a push broom*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *her breath leaves her lungs in a whoosh as she gets the head of the hammer right in her ribcage....and the force nudges her those last few inches to cross the circle line*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *sighs seeing that alexi has won*

Duo Bluewolf (guardian): ::claps his crinos paws for alexi and roars::

Anastasia Gourin: *shakes the stuffed wolf, trying to figure out why it won't dance in the air for her now*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *When she crosses the MoC is there ending the challenge..and will physically restrain if someone is too raged to listen*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Drops the maul and looks at Danni, his eyes have the slightest red tint to them*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *is ready to dodge again, despite the torture in her shoulder, and then realizes that Alexi has stopped....and it must be over. Panting, she collapses back on the ground, a half smile coming across her Glabro face*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He pushes away from the building, leaving bloody prints on the wall. It was all over his hands, tacky and covered with clumps of hair. He didn't know which was worse, having the incriminating stuff on his hands or the way he found his self snarling and growling like an animal every time he inhaled the coppery scent to deeply. He staggers to a puddle of dirty water and dips his hands into it, rubbing vigorously. Slowly, it becomes darker, more ruddy in color. He rubs away most of it but not all. He stares into the swirling liquid, at his reflection and then, past that. He saw the beast, the thing he had become. A terror with canines, a walking blur of fangs,claws and death. He stands quickly and moves across the desolate street, heading to the front gates. Unconsciously, instinctively, he sniffs at the air, sensing that something was amiss. The old lady all those years ago had told him he was Gaia's toughest warrior, a full moon.... Then, he had wondered what she had meant.*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *howls for AlexI*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Stays in crinos to let the dust in his foot heal*

Anastasia Gourin: *holds her hand out twards Daddy wiggling her fingers*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks around and looks from Danni,to Poppa David to the MotC*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *grumbles softly, not daring to move her shoulder now...shit that hurts...but her eyes rest on Alexi, pleased*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David enters the circle to heal the combatants*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *walks to the edge of the circle a smile on her face*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The MoC declares Alexi the winner*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *quietly, to Alexi* ~gs~ Just remember that first blow, Alexi. Had I hit your skull, and not your foot, not even Crinos form would have saved you. Remember. Homid doesn't mean weaker.

Alexi Dimitrov: *Shifts down to homid, wearing nothing but pants since they were the only things dedicated*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Looks down at the foot and grins, looking at Danni* Either way....not the prettiest of scars. *nods to Danni*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He rattles the front gate, looking over his shoulder as the sounds of sirens in the distance reach him. His breath came in ragged gasps as he turned back to the gate.* "Hey!" *He shouts in a rough, utilitarian growl. He knew what it meant to be a warrior. It meant surviving to fight again and again. He knew how to do that.*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *looks over her mate proudly smiles glad he was not hurt worse*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He uses MT on them...I could roll but probably he'd be able to heal you up to bruised level or close*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *chuckles a little, and sits up slowly...even with healing, her shoulder is going to be tender for a bit*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at his mate and daughter and reaches a hand to Danni*

Anastasia Gourin: *lays her head aginst mommy's shoulder*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *shrinks down to homid finally* Dave...If I can... I got a couple announcements I need ta make...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *lets Alexi help her up, smiling at him*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I told you it's a moot SL SL interferes with this having cops chasing you to a Caern is interferance)

Alexi Dimitrov: *smiles* Thank you

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *looks over to Danni* that is gonna smart hun...

Francisca Timmons: *yep, it's gonna take a while to get use to this sort of thing.. finishes off her third beer*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): Damn good fight, Alexi.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to Danni* Go ahead.

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He glares at the inside of the yard, watching the flitting shadows from where he stood at the gate and listening to the vague traces of conversation that reached him from his position.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Any other time you can run it Black but not while the moot is in progress...)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smirks at Bella* You think it doesn't smart now? *looks at those assembled* I have several who have asked me to be guardians. For the last month, they've been acting as such, and I've been watching them, evaluating them to see if they'd work out on a permanent basis.

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((seems more like a char's introduction than an SL to me... but... whadda I know...))

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *His anger snaps and he kicks the gate savagely, several times before the wail of the sirens comes closer. He snarls in anger before turning to flee the opposite direction.*(SL?)

Alexi Dimitrov: (( Got to go in like....5 minutes ago ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Maybe I'm too tired...Black you promise no cops crashing a moot?)

Tala Hearkens-to-the-Alley-Spirit: ((StoryLine))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Storyline)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (This is an urban Cearn...a moot is a Garou sacred gathering)

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *walks over and kisses and hugs him* YOu did so well my proud warrior..daddy...

: ((I can play gate guard if we're goin' through with this)) 

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): Jason Wolf, Alexi Dimitrov and Duo Bluewolf will be permanent guardians. *fixes Duo with a look, he knows he's got some shit hanging over his head already*

Anastasia Gourin: *hugs mommy's neck, not sure if daddy wants to pick her up again*

Alexi Dimitrov: *Hugs his kisses Alexa and kisses Anastasia on her cheek*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *chuckles* Sorry Danni ....

Francisca Timmons: Aftert he announcement from Danni, Fran decides she better head home before she get too drunk to get there on her own*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (I know what a moot is and no, no cops'll come and crash your moot.)

: ((Black?)) 

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (hummm Cracking of the Bone is almost long as cops don't crash the JY we'll let him do his intro SL)

Alexi Dimitrov: *Smiles at all he's managed to accomplish. First he becomes a daddy overnight. Then he gains rank and becomes a Guardian*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods* Anything else before we end the Cracking of the Bone?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *rubs her left shoulder gingerly....and then wonders if having a fight in front of her parents like that was such a great idea*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Anya>> daddy just got a promotion sweetie...*bounces her a bit smiling*

Alexi Dimitrov: (( Thanks guys....It's been fun but I really need to scoot. Alexi will stay there with Alexa and Anastasia until the moot is over and through the revel*

Francisca Timmons: *of course she'll make sure her brother is either with Beth or comes home with her*

Francisca Timmons: *and Fran is gone*

gate guard guy: *a guardian finally comes over to the savage beating of the front gate... seeing the stranger was more persistant than anticipated to be. Guard guy shines a flashlight into Black's eyes* Awfully late... why ya wanna get into a junkyard so bad, son?

Alexi Dimitrov: (( Is like..gone 'n stuff ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (lurk could you run the gate Guardian?)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: I gotta go, ya'll, or I'd stay and play the gate guard...

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK thanks)

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *jo comes out of Max's RV... having fell asleep on his couch... her daughter craddled in her arm*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The moot moves onto the stories and songs...probable stories are the Galliards telling Bella's deeds in some sort of song and renditions of some embarassing moments...etc*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: (hugs alexi-p and send him off)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smiles a little at David* I'm gonna go with Ma and Dad back to tha shop and recuperate...see you at home?

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (Okay. DL ic P) *He waits like a caged animal outside the front gate. There is a brief moment of tenseness as a black and white rolls past, but he sees them coming and is out of sight before they make the corner. He steps out again as the continue their patrol..*

Anastasia Gourin: Bebe !! *her eyes fall on Jo Dee*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alright Danni.

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (g'night Danni-p)

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: *chuckles and blushes at the stories told*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: Night, ya'll... BIC: *still favoring her left shoulder, she and her parents depart*

Belladonna Cellura "Caller of the Wyld" Fianna: (night Danni-p)

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (Okay nevermind.) "Cuz'....I'm ina bad way man. Trouble on the streets and.....and I ain't got no place t'go." *He states to the guard as stands shifting on his feet slightly.*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (g'night Alexi-p)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): #gone#

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: *walks with Anya in her arms closer to Jo and Cinnamon* Hello

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David leaves the revel and goes towards the gate...spirits feeding him info on the visitor*

Anastasia Gourin: BeeBee *smiles at Cinn*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Unless anyone has a story we might as well assume the revel is going on)

gate guard guy: *Runs the flashlight down and back up Black's form, getting a better look at the guy. Does a Scent of True Form and Sense Wyrm.* Ya heard 'bout the guy that runs this place at all?

: (the archive will be post sometime this weekend.. a note will be sent to the listbot when it is available*)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *now stands behind the Guard in the darkness watching...he observes this one is fleeing from the cops...he frowns*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: it is okay... glad to have you here regardless..

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He looks to the guard, turning his head to avoid being flashed in the eyes.* "I'm new town. Don't know to many people yet.."(Garou/clean)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK Butterfly)

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (oops wrong windo) *she smiles to Alexa and Ana* Hello... I guess I missed most of the moot.. *she chuckles*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *a voice out of the darkness sounds* You run from that police cruiser....why?

gate guard guy: *The guard takes a step back into the shadows, leaning a raspy whisper to Dave over* You gonna take charge a this, sir? Guy's clean...

Anastasia Gourin: *tries to wriggle out of Mommy's arms*

gate guard guy: ((insert last post above Dave's))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Stay nearby.

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: Alexa> I duck out of sight when that rather upset ratkin was here... I kinda fell asleep with Cinnamon.

gate guard guy: *The guard steps forward again, standing still beside the gate. Watches Black.*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (ducked)

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Well children can take it ou of you i am learning* trying to control ana*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He movement quickens and there is a slight edginess to his voice.* "Trouble with the ATF." *He rumbles softly, barely audible over the sounds of the revel and the noises from the streets.*

Anastasia Gourin: Up *points at the ground, still trying to wriggle free*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (He=his)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): ATF? *the figure in the shadows isn't tall...yet authority he seems to carry*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *she chuckles* Yes they can... those feeeding at midnight, 3am and again at 5am can really drain a person.

gate guard guy: *crosses his arms with the flashlight still on and waits for any signal*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): "Yeah, the cops.....sorta." *He runs his spidery hand over the top of his clean shaven head. A street light flickers on and off sporadically, casting his face in writhing shadows as he stands through their questioning.*

Alexandra Gourin ~moves like water~: Jo>> yes I sister is here helping , she has been great.

Anastasia Gourin: Mommy beebee *wriggles more*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I don't take sortofs. Why are they chasing you and who are they. I have all night. But do you?

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: alexa> I'm glad you have family to help... I know I sure needed it a little while ago.. Lucy and Mac have been wonderful.. especially Lucy. She took care of Cinnamon when I really need the rest.

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *****end archive*****

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *His patience is worn paper thin by the constant questions and quick, ahroun blood.* "Look, I killed one of 'em aiight. He Stunk. I could smell it a block away y'know what I'm sayin'. He was doin' a shake down on my turf so I took care of 'em, simple as that."*He looks to the two carefully, judging how his words would weigh on their decision.*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *she smiles to Ana* Yes, baby... *gently rocking Cinn in her arm*

Anastasia Gourin: *reaches out wating to touch the baby* beebee?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Let him in...we'll deal with his lack of subtlity in my territory later. *the stress on MY broadcastes rank*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: Ana> Baby's is sleeping.. right now.

Anastasia Gourin: Peeee *bats her big brown eyes, usuing that magic word Issa makes her say*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He sighs, not realizing he was holding his breath until now.* "Thanks. So what do I gotta do to earn my keep here?"*He moves to stand in front of the others.*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG): *Moped. motoring down the street, powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). On it-that one guy who wears that surgical stuff like on MASH*

gate guard guy: *The guard shows no reaction (it's part of the job to be impartial that way) until Dave says to let him in. He raises a brow at the unknown Garou and unlocks the gate. He watches Black while he swings the gate open.

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo chuckles a bit... at the "Peeee" from Ana... it takes her a moment to figure out she is trying to say "please"* be gentle so you don't wake her up. *moves so Ana can touch Cinn*

Anastasia Gourin: *sets her juice bottle ontop of the baby and pats it on the head softly*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): You said I'd allow you to remain? *once inside* What tribe are you...and rank?

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo grins and Cinn turns her head a bit*

Anastasia Gourin: *she puckers up her lips and tries to give the baby a kiss*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *she leans a bit close so Ana can kiss Cinn*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Name helps too....

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *He blinks at him suddenly, a snort of disbelief escaping him. He jams his hands into his pockets, speaking in a low, rumbling growl. * "I'm a 'Walker , uh...cliath. This is your joint?" *He looks about at the scrapyard not needing to know what Tribe He was from and he had to be pretty tough to be leader of the city Wolves.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David is a guy somewhere in his early middle age. Hes on the short side only being 5'8". He is thin but with that stringy kind of toughness. His features are rather plain, brown hair with one white streak, dark eyes, unshaven stubble. Also a more recent change, a scar down the middle of his forhead to his nose bridge, and his nose is crooked at if broken once. Then your glance settles on the eyes...dark eyes gleam with intelligence, and some say his gaze can be unsettling. His clothing is normal enough, work boots, ripped worn out jean shorts, and a variety of witty T-shirts. His favorites being "Shit Happens". As your gaze drifts to his hand you can't help but look. His hand is deformed, something like a clubfoot, bent in on itself and useless. A visable scar runs down his neck and vanishes into his shirt collar.*

Anastasia Gourin: (( woops Alexa is gone, will assume she takes Anya home ))

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): "My people call me Black. Don't ask my real name, cuz' that's the realest name I got."

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG): *parks it about 2 blocks from the junkyard, and then hoofs it to the gate*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (yep it appaear she was boot.. )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Yes. Poppa David deedname Lost'n Found Gnawer theurge, Grand elder of the Caern of the Talking Junkyard. And I'm not pleased at any Garou who brings police in a search pattern in my Bawn during the night of a moot. *raises a brow*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *leads you to the gather area where whats left of the revel is winding down* That...and you made me miss the revel.

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): *Black looks to his boots and the wet pavement beneath them. He was a Bone Gnawer but it was his Caern. Best show him respect..* "Sorry, I didn't know where else to go is all." *He begins to say more but decides against it. He stands sullenly, accepting his scolding stoically.*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *Jo goes and get Cinn diaper bag and her carrier from where she had left it... glad she woke up when she did, she didn't mean to fall asleep in his RV. She'll have to tell him why she was in there next time she see him... he'll know she was there after all*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (Err..while walking to keep up with David.)

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *waves to Poppa and the stranger as get ready to go home*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): said you killed a wyrmy cop...Formori at least? Vampire? At least tell me you nailed a descent wyrm minion. As for tainted...just tainted. *snorts* Theres more subtle ways of dealing with them.

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): "Fomori, I think it was Spiral kin, I ain't to sure about that part though." *His gaze flickers towards David and then around to the junkyard again.* "I wouldn't have wasted my time on 'em if he wasn't really somethin' that was worth puttin' down."

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Now....human wise...they have your picture? Fingerprints? Or were they just chasing a shadow?

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (get=gets)

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *she secure Cinn in her carrier pick her and the diaper bag up and heads for the maze*

Black (Bull Dawg/Mr. Leatherface/ The city is mine): (See ya black lurk) "I'm like a John Doe to them. Never been in trouble for doin' any kinda dirty."

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: (grr, I keep missing the "s" key)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Do they know what you look like....did they get a good look...were you dumb enough to leave fingerprints after kill'n the Formor?

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *waving a good night to Dave and company and off she goes to her home*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG): *speaks to the guard for a few, before walking in*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: **Jo and Cinn are gone*

Jo Dee and baby Cinnamon: *****really ends the archive now*****

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