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Junkyard Moot

June 21, 2002

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *settles for the moot...looking for the idiot ticks guy...hummm he bugger off?*

Cindy Ramirez: *watches 2moons quietly*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *waves to Linda, noticing her and tossing a friendly grin her way*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *nods* Ht..he looked like a reject right outa a bad 70's movie

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing around at the folk gathering* Syd..?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *nods to Riley*

Alexander Goodwill: *Settles against the rust covered hood, taking a few moments to let the flickering flame of a Zippo taken from his pocket to ignite the end of his cigarette. He exhales the thick lung full of smoke into the night air, his gaze taking in the sight of those within the gathering area, his features still a little hollow and tired but not extremely.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *grins* HT yup..cany mess up this pretty face o mine*smirks*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She quietly comes trotting out of the rituals area the belt around her waist now more then a few little potches tired to her belt now~ Here, Danni-ryha.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (OK Anna is not on...who would be willing to archive?)

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She quietly takes her place, constrating for a moment, she glances about a little~

Elisa Apsara: *A small dark shape against the night sky circles the clearing for a while, watching those below. A little surprised at the amount of people tonight but then remembers it's a full moon....after her lazy circling, she begins to descend, picking her usual spot upon which to perch. Shifting her weight, the small raven gets comfortable before she has a look around, glancing to everyone*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *just watches*

Kylie Wallace: * she spies Alexander and heads over to him and smiles* Have we met yet? Jason spoke of you being a thurge?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *wiggles her eyebrows at Steel* And if I said Martin in that getup was prettier than you....?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks around wondering who the Master of the Howl is*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Softly speaking to the two* When I was younger, I was taught that everything happens for a reason. It may not make sense at the time, but it does eventually. I believe...the reason you were both taken from us when you were, was to show the rest of us that we could and would survive without you. For your sacrifices...I thank you both. *stands after that little soliloquy-type thing, heading back to the general area*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): You about ready ta do this thing? *looking to Sydney*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Notes the Hrafn and raises an arm for a perch.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *chuckles*..he was prettier *G*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: ((ohh ohh let me let me pretty please pretty please *BG*))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *watches carefully*

Elisa Apsara: *She tilts her head, a little surprised but not going to turn down the offer...hopping off the junk pile and flapping over to Jube's arm, settling their for a moment before looking up to him* ~VotM~ Hallo, Mr. Wade, how does the evening find you?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Anyone willing to archive...just say yes and you have the job..otherwise I'll try I just can't make garentees about the quality)

Alexander Goodwill: *A thick eyebrow archs a little at the woman making her way towards him, glancing her over for a moment in an attempt to place her before extending one large hand.* I dont believe we have. *He doesn't smile politely, still to tired for that but does extend his hand outwards, his voice gruff and deep as always.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *sits down against his Pile O stuff*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Nods to the bird.* Very well, noble Hrafn. And you?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): ((Archivin' *G*))

Kylie Wallace: * she smiles taking his hand* Alexander> sorry to bother you you sound real tired....but I just wanted to meet more theurges in this caern....I'm Kylie

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *chuckles and nods to Steel* Damn straight...toldja I should have gotten a camera. Taking pics of course, my face would probably crack the lens. *sits down and stretches out a little*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She nods slowly at Danni~ Yes, i'm ready whenever you are....Master of the Howl begins it I belive. ~She says with a small smile, her hands behind her back, ready for what lies ahead~

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Looks at Danni, then Syd, waiting for the signal to get thine collective ass to the Penumbra*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she nods to Sydney, then looks around, raising her voice* Ok, anyone who's doin' this, get yer asses flipside. And somebody better be volunteerin' for Master of tha Howl!

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Thank you)

Elisa Apsara: *Glances around and then back up to Jublain, the raven tilting her head* ~VotM~ Fairly well, I just stopped by to see if the gathering was for tonight and what that would entail. Is the state of war officially going to be over tonight?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Looks up, then sticks the burgers back into the bag, gives Roxanne a kiss on the forehead.* Moot's startin' *and walks over to the others.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *steps sideways*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Well. That didn;t take long....heads over to his packmates to head umbral with them as a group*

Alexander Goodwill: *He gives her's a decent hand shakes, shaking his head a little at her comment about him being tired.* A pleasure, Kylie. *Still no smile, his hand falling away.* What can I do for you?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she steps sideways*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *follows the others into the umbra*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She disappears into the umbra, with the nod to Danni~

Elisa Apsara: *She didn't think it'd start up quite yet, but noting that it's just starting, she bobs her head to Jublain, her tone polite as always* I'll watch the proceedings begin, and let you be with your pack. *hopping off, letting the Garou do their thing*

Alexander Goodwill: *He gives Kylie a brief nod.* Im sure we can speak more after the Moot, Miss. Kylie. *And then he pulls a small object from inside of his coat, a faint click being heard by the woman and then he begins to vanish into the Umbra.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *steps umbral*

Kylie Wallace: Alexander...oh nothing for now..I just wanted to meet you...maybe we can talk some more another time when your not so tired..and anyway it's moot time.* she grins*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She gets up and steps sideways*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Speaks up.* I will. Elisa>>It is. Go ahead and Reach or hop off, so I don't drop you. *And once she does, he fades across the Gauntlet.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods* Let's do this, folks. *Makes his way Umbral*

Kylie Wallace: * she follows suit after grabbing her bag and sidesteps*

Elise Hunts-Truth: *is here*

Cindy Ramirez: *goes umbral*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Shifts to Hispo once across. In this form he's much larger than the average wolf, but looks much more like some freak wolf than the pony-sized Hispo of other Garou. He steps out to the middle of the circle, used to walking on three legs by now, and waits for the others to finish gathering.*

Elise Hunts-Truth: *is here too* ((player is spending time with my sister... so I don't think I'll be in much))

Elise Hunts-Truth: ((oops, lost other tag, heh... Lotus Heals-Dual-Worlds is here, too.))

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *once umbral he finds a spot to sit and watch*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *shifts to Crinos grinning a toothy grin*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Elise...noted)

Elisa Apsara: *She remains airborne for a few moments, watching those stepping sideways gather before choosing a perching point again*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She glances around curiously once having stepped umbral..having taken some time to finally get across*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Takes his normal spot at the general pack/tribal kinda area*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *stays in homid, waiting for Jube to get the ball rolling*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *after sitting down he shifts to crinos*

Jennfer DeMaris: *Has been in the umbra nearby for quiet sometime, she shuffles up to the group, ready to take part~

Alexander Goodwill: *He seperates himself slightly from the gathering people, just enough to not be mistaken as being part of anyone's Pack. Moments later, his form grow's and he takes to his Crinos form, pitch black fur sprouting all over his body, a pelt definitely not that of a natural Glass Walker.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *And once they're all gathered, he takes a deep breath, filling his one lung before raising his muzzle to the sky. He waits a moment longer, then belts out his howl across the Umbra, a cry of relief and celebration--but one of mourning, as well, and a touch of a warning growl.*

Cindy Ramirez: *looks over at 2moons*

Elisa Apsara: *Her gaze lingers on the form of Lex a moment, hoping he's taken some time to rest....looks like he needs it still. Turning to look at Jublain once the howl begins*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She quietly lets out a roar of her own, having shifted to crinos before the howl, putting everything she has into that one~

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She sighs a little at having to go Crinos but does...her form small even in warform though her howl certainly not diminished in size*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): (x the quietly there)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, getting ready to let some folks know that their bad night just gotta a little worse, as the Warrior/hippy is back in town*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *lifts his head and roars*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Joins it more or less the Gnawer equivlent of an..."I'm a bad ass mother that don't take no shit off of anyone"...if such could be conveyed by one howl*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *listens to the howls...then adds a small one of her own, still remaining in homid, though her lower voice carries well with the group*

Alexander Goodwill: *He puts as much of himself as he can into the opening Howl as well, his muzzle lifting towards the Umbral Sky. He howls for a fair amount of time before beginning to trail off into nothing, crouching down on all fours.*

Kylie Wallace: * she slowly shifts to crinos herself a pretty short one at that and her fur is black as midnight with three clawmarks which marr her side and lets her howl go as well*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Her howl enthusiastic, carrying it on for as long as she can and letting it join with the others, though wondering a bit at Dannirhya staying homid. She lets hers fade at the appropriate time and shifts back to homid*

Jennfer DeMaris: ~She remains in homid strangly enough, letting out a little bit of a roar, but well nothing ground breaking~

Lotus Heals~Dual~Worlds: *Lotus, having taken her breed form, is a strange sight. Her starkly white fur envelops her war form in an unnatural brightness. She closes her reddish-pink eyes to join in the howl with a melodic cry of strength.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Lets the howl fade off, then takes a few steps back and turns before moving to the spot where his pack normally sits. The rest of the pack isn't there, but behind it is a massive Wolverine spirit, watching.*

Cindy Ramirez: *joins in*

Kylie Wallace: * after she's done she slowly shifts back to homid glancing around seeming to be content in this place and it shows on her face as she looks peaceful*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *smiles broadly...*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *lets her howl close when jubs does and watches*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *lets her howl close when jubs does and watches*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She falls silent as Jublain stops howling, a little out of breath from that~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *falls silent*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *lowers head..*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *finally notices Elise after the opening howl is done an nods to her*

Elisa Apsara: *Head tilted, the raven listens to the howl though she settles more against her perch once it fades, glancing around to note who's absent as well as present....not quite as comfortable as she would be at a Glass Walker moot, but considering the circumstances she thoguht it polite to at least show up*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Turns his gaze to Sydney, with one thought running through his mind: "Don't choke"*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *After the howl fades, she just looks around expectantly, for once silent and not joking around*

Alexander Goodwill: *He slowly straigtens himself back up as his form reverts to his Breed form, clothing melding out from where his pitch black pelt stood moments ealier. He simply waits, his chest raising and lowering swiftly as he catchs his breath from the howl.*

Kylie Wallace: * her little furry companion does appear next to her as Fred the raccoon observes the going ons and she smiles at him so as not to inturrupt the events*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks around*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She appears calm and collected, she is still watching the Master of the Howl, waiting for the litany to be recited~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Sydney*

Elise Hunts-Truth: *After the howl she shifts down to homid... smiles and nods to Matthew*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *From his spot near the edge of the circle, he continues, a long drawn-out howl reciting the Litany. Typical of the Get, Not Mating with Another Garou and Combatting the Wyrm is emphasized, while Not Challenging a Leader in War and Respect Those Beneath You is almost skipped over.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG, Denfather): *Is here... somewhere.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *snorts...where are the damn Gnawer Galliards when you need them*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smirks a little as she always does when the Get take over the Litany amuses her*

Kylie Wallace: * she of course looks as if she's about to fall asleep when Fred paws at her leg and she yawns and snaps out of it*

Elisa Apsara: *A little bored with the recital of the Litany...c'mon, everyone knows it already, fast forward. Though she tries not to appear too restless*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She nods quietly as the howling and the litany is recited, she stands there quietly, her hand slowly removing a pouch from her belt, as people fall silent she steps forward slowly, closing her eyes for a moment~ We are here to Honor Rat, for defending our caern....we thank you for your protection...~She says opening her eyes and then opens up the pouch, cheese popcorn falling into her hand, she tosses it towards the middle of the circle~ Please except this offering as our thanks....

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches and listens*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *nods a little...different tribes, different styles*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (and that was for Riley, oops)

Elisa Apsara: * may not be the kind of moot she's used to, but it's still interesting in it's own right, and she watches Sydney while the Master of the Rite does her part*

Alexander Goodwill: *His lacking gaze rests completely on Syndey as she begins, watching her actions closely as he remains near the edge of the circle.*

Kylie Wallace: * she watches Syd nodding a little as she is handeling her master of the rite moot for the first time rather well*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She then quietly closes her eyes and begins speaking softly outwards, her voice very soft as she chants quietly to rat, reciting some things she has learned to help her summon rat when she is in the heart of the caern, her hands moving slowly infront of her, then motions her palm towards the middle of the circle and opens her eyes slowly, crossing her fingers mentally~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *watching Sydney*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Her gaze on Sydney, watching her curiously and with more interest than the recital of the Litany, arms crossed*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Watching and waiting, no choke, no choke...c'mon...*

Kylie Wallace: * and then looks ..well ....blink is a pretty good description*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches Sdyney thinking, it's swim or sink time*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Energies build and then in the center of the gathering a great whitish glowy rat's dark eyes pinpoints of glittering appears*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Makes a grunt of approval and settles back on his haunches.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *looks to the Rat*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG, Denfather): *Walks up behind Twomoons and smiles over his shoulder to Syd.*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smiles a bit, seeing Rat*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *The Caern energies build...a tingly sensation even to the most insensitive....and rat speaks in the HT* It has been a time of siege. You have protected this Caern well. I will be honored to protect it further. *then the mass of rats spirits...the lesser host clamor in on the cheesy poofs..devouring them and then they vanish...and rat fades*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *stares at the Rat in awe and curiousity, ceasing her restless movements*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *smiles and relaxes fractionally, seeing as how Syd managed not to choke*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *relaxes some...glad that Rat is happy*

Elisa Apsara: *a slight shudder at seeing the rat spirits, glad she's high up on her perch and not having to be too close, unlike the rest*

Cindy Ramirez: *watches*

Alexander Goodwill: *A slight nod of his head as the Caern Totem seems pleased or atleast tolerant if nothing else. He remains still, arms crossed over his chest, simply watching.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *bows head to Rat..smiles*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Rat bows to the particular it seemed where the Gnawers were thickest in the crowd near Danni before departing...well rat does have it's favorites.*

Kylie Wallace: * blink blink blink* Wow

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *bows her head in return to Rat before it disappears*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She looks about slowly and nods her head a bit~ We thank you....~She smiles softly~ We also let our thanks be known to Stag, Cockroach, Trashheap...~She gives a mention to each of the packs totems, paying them all a bit of respect~

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Remains on his haunches and watches.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Inclines his head in deep respect to the totem*

Elise Hunts-Truth: *grins and nods to the departing rats*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *grins hearing trashy mentioned*

: *inclines her large furry head respectfully* 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She grins, watching the departing rats, turning her attention back to Syd afterwards*

Lotus Heals~Dual~Worlds: ((eek, tag spirits are displeased...))

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *drops a few pieces of cheesy-corn of his own behind his back, showing his respect without stealing his former students' thunder*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~Take a moment to also reconize Fenris, so not to upset nobody present~ .Now, it is time for the Cracking of the Bone. ~She looks about the gathered people~ I want to let it be known that our Truth Catcher is here, and anyone being distruptive will be removed by the guardians

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she nods to Sydney, and looks to the others* Haul it back t'other side.

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *nods to to Rat before it disappears and then goes back to watching and listening*

Kylie Wallace: * she frowns hearing Stag honored but for her own personal reasons and looks off into the distance for a bit*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *stands and takes her place beside danni...activating truth of Gaia* Thats funny stuff. *grins in Crinos*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, and steps sideways to make with the discussion portion of the show*

Cindy Ramirez: *quietly moves over next to 2moons*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *steps back into reality*

Kylie Wallace: * she pets Fred and smiles to him as they depart company as she steps to the other side*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *shifts back down to homid and steps back to the real world next to the SR van*

Elisa Apsara: *This part always interested her a bit more, and the small raven cranes her neck a little to watch, paying more attention instead of just relaxing on her high perch*

Elisa Apsara: (after having crossed over again)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *returns to the real world*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Nods and Reaches again.*

Elise Hunts-Truth: *Slips through the Gauntlet near to Matthew*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *steps back into the real world*

Alexander Goodwill: *He's watched with a semi-impassive state on his features, nodding at the honor's given to the Tribal and Pack Totems. He glances for a moment towards Danni when the Cracking of the Bone is mentioned and then lets himself return to the physical realm when the Grand Elder commands as such.*

Lotus Heals~Dual~Worlds: *Steps sideways and remains Crinos*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She steps sideways and looks around for a place to sit, not minding this part though knowing there's not going to be any business directily pertaining to her. Still, it could be interesting..*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She is one of the last to return from the umbra, taking her homid form again, quietly watching over the moot~

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *returns to her place beside Danni*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Stands at the forefront of his pack, waiting for the business to commence*

Kylie Wallace: * she of course steps to be near the others in her pack*

Cindy Ramirez: *returns*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances around at everyone* Ok, I know there's a lotta shit ta cover here t'night. Just wanna let ya know that tha first person ta piss me off gets tossed over tha fence.

Cindy Ramirez: *blinks at Danni.... wide eyed*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *can't help but smirk at that, looking around as though trying to decide to bet on for the first one tossed over*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (typo, meant decide who...etc)

Kylie Wallace: * she grins* That's right noone pissed the beer goddess off

Kylie Wallace: ( pissed = pisses)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Bares his teeth in a grin.* HT--I'll be happy to help. Might not get you all the way past the barbed-wire an' the 'lectrified fence with the first toss, but hey, if at first you don't succeed....

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *grins*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *his lips quirk upward a bit, imagining the reverse dwarf-tossing in action*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Ahem...Cracking of the Bone peoples...*nods respectfully to Danni*

Elisa Apsara: *She stretches a little and the raven form shifts up to homid, the perch she picked being enough to support her weight as she remains up there, watching the moot unfold below*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles at Jube, then looks around again* And tha first thing, I guess, is to announce that we're liftin' tha at-war status. This does NOT mean that we're at ease. It just means that we're gonna try ta get back ta normal a little.

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *steps forward..but waits to speak til recognized*

Lotus Heals~Dual~Worlds: *scowls just a little bit... she is glad the Sept is safe... but feels bad she didn't help out*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, seeming more then a little pleased by the announcement*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Shifts her weight a little, looking downward...thinking the same as Lotus, besides getting some supplies, she didn't help out as much as she should have*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *and since Steel stepped forward first* Steel...

Elisa Apsara: *Nods slowly as the Grand Elder confirms what Jublain had stated earlier, rubbing at the crook of her neck and reaching in her coat for that thermos*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at Steel*

Elisa Apsara: *Nods slowly as the Grand Elder confirms what Jublain had stated earlier, rubbing at the crook of her neck and reaching in her coat for that thermos*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at Steel*

Alexander Goodwill: *He looks as if he is contemplating something, the semi-impassive state not being able to hide it. Those perceptive enough may pick up on a few flicks of his gaze towards the Grand Elder and Sydney but in the end, he doesn't step forward. Yet atleast.*

Kylie Wallace: * hey she helped......well helped in getting herslef amost beheaded .*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Yo Steel your turn to speak. *nods to him encouraging*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She tils her head up to Steel, having some of an idea of what this is about, at least if she's guessing right*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): ~She quietly listens, watching with intrest, she is still calm and collected for the most part~

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: i have no complaints..but i have two..i guess requests..first i ask for the being a guardian..staying at my post even though i wanted to join in the raids..helped to defend the caern. also i have aided quests in the umbra.. for this i wish my Honor to be noticed....also..i challange for the Postion of MoTC

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *relaxes a little more, waiting for Steel to get himself together and say just who it is he's gonna challenge*

Scratches In Public: *looks about feeling extremely out of place. It's been quite a few years since he's been to a real moot. His hand absently scratches his thigh*

Carolyn Monahan: Walks into the GA and nods to Matt and then notices all the people .*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She grins, glad that she guessed right, and wondering what he's going to have to do next, attention totally focused on him for the time being*

Elisa Apsara: *Taking the thermos out as she crosses her legs, sipping quietly as she arches an eyebrow at Steel's words.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods his acknowledgement and approval of Steel for the position*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *waits having spoken his piece*((im supposed to challange someone for the position??*confused player look*))

Carolyn Monahan: *stops in her tracks and looks on with interest at the ones in crinos,then looks to Matthew,walks over to him and whispers * " Did I interrups something? Why are they like THAT?( points to the crinos ones) >"

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Not when the last one in the position got killed)

Scratches In Public: *feels that staying quiet isn't the place of a ragie but he takes another look at Dannie and thinks twice before having any fun. He hits his forehead with the hand that isn't scratching and mumbles quietly to himself* Business...then fun

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *smiles and winks at Steel, then glances around for the next victim*

Kylie Wallace: * she shifts her weight as she folds her arms over her stomach watching the next matter*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Flashes a grin and a thumbs up to Steel, then looks around to see what else is going to happen*

Lotus Heals~Dual~Worlds: *Listens, crouching down with her Crinos hands touching the ground near her feet. The albino's pink-red eyes rest on Carolyn a moment as she notices her come in, then turn back to Steel.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): So Steel is Master of the Challenge....*mutters to herself quietly nodding*

Cindy Ramirez: *glances at Steel.... a Rite of Accomplishment huh..... she wonders if she'll ever be on the recieving end of onw of those....... prolly not... she sighs a bit*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *smiles at Steel and nods...thinking it's cool*

Scratches In Public: *fidgets a bit near the back waiting to speak*

Elisa Apsara: *Sitting atop her 'perch', she glances to the new arrivals, though it's just a glance instead of her usual intent stares, prefering to focus on the moot for now*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches as Steel steps forward and says his piece then types*~cv~ Danni-Ryha if Steeleyes needs to challenge some one i'll do the honor

Elise Hunts-Truth: ((I have to go now... Elise and Lotus will remain, quietly.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shakes her head at Matt* Don' think so. There's no one else ta claim tha position, so he can have it.

Kylie Wallace: * looks at Matt with a big question mark on her face*

Alexander Goodwill: *Arms still crossed over his chest, watching the interactions, a slight nod as Steel becomes the MoTC.*

Scratches In Public: *starts a bit...hearing the computer speak...looks to somebody nearby for an explanation*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *quirks an eyebrow slightly*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *thinks* Unless someone disputes his competance to hold the position...consider'n the other position holder got himself killed...I see no reason for a challenge. Do you dispute his ability to perform the duties of the position Matt? *acts as the TC and phily...interpretor of law*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *turns his mirrored eyes to Matt*..ehh..just wait til the moots done..and you can beat me up some more back at the Dojo

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: ((insert grins at the end of the post))

Alexander Goodwill: *A flash of a scowl flows along his features for a moment as Linda explains the previous holder of the position, still far from happy about such things. He doesn't say anything though, still simply watching.*

Kylie Wallace: * she then looks back towards the others*

Carolyn Monahan: *quietly sits by the SR van and listens to what is being said,but keeps watching those in crinos and hopees that no one notices her*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *nods to Alex* Unjustly killed if you prefer. *glances back at Steel and matt*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *slides out of the umbra knowing he's late to the moot.. but meh.. better late then never*

Scratches In Public: Casts a glance backwards over his shoulder, he sees Carolyn and smiles a devilish grin.*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *looks to Matt*..well?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Simply waits patiently*

Elisa Apsara: *frowns a little at Erin's entrance, taking a sip to hide it but like she'll be noticed where she is*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *he watches the others* ((sorry im late))

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *grins and types*~cv~ no i dont dispute it was just offering to help in case he needed to fight someone (truth in case lindas using ToG)

Alexander Goodwill: *And being pointed out like that only causes the scowl to form more on his broad, somewhat hollow features. He doesn't say a single word, only provides a very brief nod.*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he glances around and heads over next to matt folding his arms across his chest*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She takes her baseball cap off for amoment to rake a hand through her tangled sandy curls, absently doing so before replacing it, starting to get restless again*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *he makes his way to the others to take part in the Moot*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Matt, then, and looks around* Next?

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): No need. I would request to speak Danni~rhya...but I can wait for others if you desire. *resumes her place*

Scratches In Public: *sneaks over and pokes John Little in the ribs*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *walks over stands next to in MoTC mode*

Scratches In Public: *timidly raises a hand at Danni's request*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shrugs and looks to Linda* Go for it.

Carolyn Monahan: * (whispers ) am I the only kin here? are all these ,and you Garou? " the pauses a bit,and " if I am ,I am going home!"

Scratches In Public: *shrinks back into the crowd, now scratching his behind.*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): Danni>> *he sees you and you being the only one here he Trusts he makes his way to your local visinity*

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': ~She watches Danni as she moderates, content to listen~

Scratches In Public: *his ears perks and he looks back around again. His mouth forms words slowly.* Calm down. Kin are sacred. No one's going to hurt you.

Elisa Apsara: *The small Hindi woman in business dress most definitely not Garou but she's too far up to hear the kin woman anyway, her attention lingering on various folk as they speak, an expression of detached interest*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *nods to Erin seeing him then lookks around and types*~cv~ looks that way at the moment Carolyn

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Thank you. As truthcatcher I bring a charge against one Little John Growls at Ticks for the breaking of the veil. Witnesses to this were the Guardians Bob and Bubba. This Garou upon his return to this sept did walk down the sidewalk in Lupus in the full daylight of the mid afternoon sun. Witnesses were tracked. Most were kin thankfully and oncoming traffic didn't notice. He walked down in Lupus form and was noticed pissing on the electric fense. *keeps a strait face*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *has to pause a moment to not laugh at that last part, but nods to Linda finally* Ok... Growls? You wanna speak on yer behalf?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She tries to supress a snicker at Linda's statement against Little John but can't quite help it*

Scratches In Public: *can't help but hum a few bars from Ren + Stimpy*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): I can fall forth these Guardians as witnesses upon request...and Little John may have his say in the form of explaination or defense.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Stands a little straighter now, as the crime'n'punishment part of the show is being started*

Elisa Apsara: *She just rolls her eyes a little, still listening and nursing that caffeine addiction*

Alexander Goodwill: *The scowl that had formed is broken a little at the news of the "new" Garou's crime...well more so the last bit, hardly a crime but fairly amusing. He doesn't chuckle but a smile is cracked for a moment, shaking his head.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Snorts in amusement.*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *shakes his head a bit hearing the charage* he must have gotten the light up of his life.. *muttered softly*

Carolyn Monahan: * a startled look to Matthew and listens to Linda speak about the peeing of the fence and tries not to laugh but a snicker escapes her lips,and then looks gratefully at Scratches for the words of wisdome*

Scratches In Public: *looks back at Carolyn and smiles a comforting grin...* you alright?

Kylie Wallace: * she just watches of course interested as she was there for most of it*

Carolyn Monahan: *stares open mouthed at Jublain,never having seen him in Crinos*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Yes this is a serious charge. Little John...please step forward. You will be heard out if you have anything to say.

Carolyn Monahan: * nods to scratches and smiles softly * "Yes" she mouthes*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Linda is in Galbro...has taller and stronger...but has understandable speech*

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': ~She watches the happenings with a serous look, breaking the litany is not a funny thing, espically to do something so stupid~

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he shifts his weight from one foot to another.. and then his form melts down to lupus content with only needing to hear what's going on*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *waits, patiently*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *In Hispo, not Crinos. Larger than any wolf, but he looks much more like a freak wolf than the pony-sized Hispo of most Garou. He's covered in thick, light grey fur, except the numerous places where there are streaks of white or missing fur to mark scars. One ear is missing, and one eye stares a blind, opaque, unblinking white.*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): Danni>> It was careless of me to have not thought about the after effects of doing such.. in the Children of Gaia's Homeland there is no such veil and it was a Grave mistake on my behalf.. I will take what ever punishment you have for me.

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *types*~cv~ yeah i was here that day he came in Linda didnt mention he also howled his intro inside the maze *G*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She's still smirking, thinking this oughtta be good, and looks to Growls, wondering what he could possibly say in defense*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Linda after Growls speaks*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Is it not true you were a former member of this sept as well as a Guardian?

Kylie Wallace: * she blinks as John answers and then looks at Jason and smirks*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): And you currently hold the rank of Fostern?

Elisa Apsara: *She's more annoyed at the idiodicy of it than amused, muttering something under her breath, though her gaze remains focused on those involved*

Scratches In Public: *He starts a bit, listening to Linda...he'd known that John was a member of the Sept before...but a Guardian.*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *hears linda again and winces* ~ws~ idiot.. *his lupus body rests against matt's leg*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *crosses arms..looking all least as much as a crinos can*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): Linda>> Yes, as well as Den Father

Carolyn Monahan: *shakes her head in disbelief at the stupidity of a wolf peeing on an electric fence,thinking she had seen it all,but this taketh the cake*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *nods* How long were you in the umbra?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *raising an eyebrow at that, this guy was the Denfather?? Some example...*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *crud. Of course the twit's gonna try and blame ~his~ tribal veil in the friggin electric fences neither...*

Scratches In Public: *chokes* Holy mother gaia *luckily he says it under his breath as to not to disturb the proceedings*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): Linda>>yes...

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *starts to shake his head*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): Linda>>amost a year..

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *types*~cv~ i agree, im curious as to what thier gonna do to him though considering his rank and former postions in the sept

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': ~She eyes Twomoons a bit for a moment, her look saying it all, not happy bout the comment of the CoG tribal land, thats not a good excuse~

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *blinks and chuffs* ~ws~ almost a year and he managed to get back out? *looking as shocked as a lupus can*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at the sept* How long must one be in the umbra to get so addled they forget the basic litany? Please any theurge...or experienced umbral traveler...educate me.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Looks to Kylie for an answer*

Kylie Wallace: * looks at Jason with a what you looking at me for look*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): HT--Three-Paws-Bloody of the Fenrir once spent three years tracking a Bane in the Umbra. He had difficulty getting out and adjusting again, but there are no tales of his forgetting the Litany.

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': I don't know anything about the Umbra making someone forget something so important. ~She looks over at Linda~

Carolyn Monahan: * is grateful that her law firm doesnt represent wolves peeing on electric fences in broad daylight*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): Kylie>>*softly* Give Linda the benefit of your wisdom, so that she may be just in her decision.

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *calls*~ws~ i concur with Jublain-ryha.. while a year is a long time and the disconnection is great, the litany is burned deeply into our minds.. a year would not be long enough to be able to forget such things.

Kylie Wallace: * she raises her hand* I don't think being in the umbra makes much difference as he did a basic howl of introdution ..which what I always thought that meant you knew there was a caern

Alexander Goodwill: *He glances towards Jub, a flicker of his Inner wolf appearing briefly but he nods in agreement with the man.* As Jublain-Rhya's example state's, it would take quite sometime to forget our most known and base law's. Though I know little of any Homelands and how they would effect the mental state of a Garou.

Scratches In Public: *ducks and does his best to throw his voice* Give him another one noticed!

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *nods* Trouble adjusting perhaps...but to endanger a sept he was former Guardian of? Guardians are trained first and formost not only to protect the sept from the wyrm...but to ensure sept saftey by upholding the veil. So you would agree with me completely forgetting the litany is too severe to be a usual adjustment upon returning from a prolonged umbral journey.

Elisa Apsara: *Her Umbral experiences rather limited, she actually appears to be interested when she listens to Jublain speak....not that she can imagine forgetting the basics, no matter how much time passed. She just leans back a little and watches, detached but mildly curious*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *listens to the various answers and waits to hear Lindda's judgment*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She snorts a little at Growl's excuses....not having traveled to a Homeland herself but not thinking that it would make a huge difference...glad that the other folks apparently agree*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *just waiting, arms crossed over her chest*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): HT--Much too strong. After all, are we not expected to uphold the Litany while we are in the other world?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *grunts in agreement with Linda*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): My judgement is this. For a fostern, a former Guardian, a former Den Father he has shown neglagence unbefitting one of Fostern rank. At best he acts like some Claith barely through RoP...and thats one foolish Claith. My sentense is the Satire rite. His continuance in this sept is the Grand elders decision...but hes proven he should not continue as a Fostern.

Kylie Wallace: * she does a bad beer face hearing that rite* ooooooo ouch

Carolyn Monahan: * (whispers ) the umbra? that spirit world ,right? he was there a year and i take it the litany is a set of garou laws? So,he is using the poor excuse that he "forgot?" ?"

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: ~ws~ even a glasswalker would come up with a better excuse, perhaps more cryptic.. but each of us know.. that the litany and viel are repeated like a subliminal message in our minds since cubhood, and being a guardian makes his claim even more unlikely to forget..

Elisa Apsara: *She doesn't wince...the guy deserves it after all, and she thinks Linda's being rather fair with this*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *closes his eyes, knowing that that's gonna be a swift kick in the ego*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She smirks a little but nods with Linda's assesment...and pondering learning that Satire rite someday, sounds like fun*

Scratches In Public: Carolyn> *lv* right, right, and right. It's a poor excuse...but no harm no foul...he doesn't deserve a drop in rank

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods a bit*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *nods a bit at the punishment*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (OK we have a few options here, the Satire rite....basically the most prominant demeaning story remembered is the pissing on the electric fense...I can roll or people can RP this out but it may take awhile)

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *mentally winces hearing Linda's Judgement then types*~cv~yes the umbra is the spirit world and i agree his defense is very very weak

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (I'm rolling anyone...but I can summerize this in a few posts...or do you want the audience participation?)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Summarize. *grin*))

Kylie Wallace: ( 2nd the motion)

Carolyn Monahan: * ( whispers to Scratches) is he being demoted for his stupidity? is that what all that fostern slash Satire stuff was about?"

Alexander Goodwill: *He takes a step back after saying his peice, having stepped forward in order to do so. The Rite is fitting in his own mind even with the possibility of the deep Umbra effecting the man.*

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': [*Player has to go soon*]

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): ((Summarize. Twomoons assists.))

((Posted to the listbot-to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies.))
Come'n'listen to my story bout a Gnawer named Pissant
Dumb motherfucker, barely kept his head attached...
Then one day, while a-pullin on his wood
He tripeed and he fell and found himself all good...
Homeland, that is...Children of Gaia...Unicorn...

When the next thing y'know a whole years gone by
The Animae said "Pissant there's a war doncha see"
Said "Sept needs some folks to show 'em where to pee"
So he drank a buncha water and got the shocker of his life...
Electric fence that is...singed fur....achin balls....

Well now it's moot and everyone has heard about his sins
I'd like to thank you all for kindly dropping in
You're all invited back next moot to this locality
Pissant's gonna mark a runnin' saw fer territoryyy
Moron, that is...Take yer brain out...Y'all come back now, hear?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): ((*G* I'd say to summarize it--a Satire rite takes a long while.*))

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: ((summerize please *G*) ic: *just listens and watches at the moment*

Scratches In Public: Carolyn> And embarresed in front of the entire caern. He'll carry this mark with him forever.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (OK...5,8,4,5, ...1 suxx suxx and the rite would be backlashed on Linda...that would have sucked) *She does the rite by once again reciting his crime...this time with all mocking detail...others add different things...scorning that this Garou could have been a Guardian and the like. These mockings become elaborate humiliating stories that strip Ticks standing in Garou society back to beginning Claith. reknown can be re-earned...but in the face of the's a hard time*

Carolyn Monahan: * smiles broadly* " Good! I hope he remembers not to piss on any more electric fences either! I hear they can leave nasty everlasting scars!"

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *OK Linda is done...allows the embarressed Growls back into the crowd and resumes her place*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *chuffs and sits down on his haunches amused at the satire*

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': ~She watches, not adding anything to the story, she just seems disapointed~

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Linda when she's done, then looks to Scratches* I believe you were next, but...I don' think I know you.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She certainly has fun with this part of the moot, having no qualms about it since anyone that dumb deserves to be mocked, a little disappointed when it's over though*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *More than happy to take part in the satire, he returns to his place, wiping the trickle of blood off of Morningstar's spikes from where he knighted john as "Little Pisser".*

Elisa Apsara: *She watches with mild amusement, though there's still that lingering annoyance at such stupidity*

Scratches In Public: *walks through the crowd looking timidly at Danni and offering a sympathetic smile to Little John as he passes*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *grins hearing the Story, he didnt realize Linda could be so creative in her story telling*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *No Linda has the street punk gift of making fun of people...but it works for the rite*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *he steps back and nods to a Good Judgement*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *watches Scratches gives him an honest look of sympathy at having to come after the show*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Damn. Didn;t realize Linda could say so much about the poor schlemiels' mama.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at Scratches*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *Thinks that if some laughter can be heard at his expence in a time of war its not all in bad*

Scratches In Public: *He begins scratching his belly slowly still looking at Danni. He appears in his early twenties. His clothes are ragged and though some time long ago they may have been some other collor, ot they are pure black. He stands about 5'10 and looks extremely slim. He hasn't shaved for about three days and his knotted black hair falls to his shoulders. However, his glowing forest green eyes hold something strange. They are haunting but at the same time captivating. Looking into those's clear he would be a handsome man if someone could just convince him to bathe.*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches as Scratches steps foreward * (player cant remember what he did)

Scratches In Public: *he clears his throat and say softly* I'm, uh, *he pauses...* Scratches In Public, Homid Ragabash of the Gnawers. *he waits*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *waits for Scratches to introduce himself at the very least*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods as he does so* And what do you have ta say?

Cindy Ramirez: *sitting quietly... she glances at 2moons*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *arms folded, still a little steamed from Pissant's little defense...*

Scratches In Public: *He looks about...obviously not entirely used to being infront of crowds* I'm obviously new here. A cliathe. I would first like to join your sept.

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *watches Scratches*

Carolyn Monahan: *wonders what this one did*

Scratches In Public: *quickly* I know it is a time of war...but I need a place where I can call home...and someone to help me fight.

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *tilts his head and listens*

Kylie Wallace: ( and player is about to faceplant..night everyone)

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *he stands arms folded, cold faced and emosionless*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *tilts her head at Scratches, then looks to Linda questioningly*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *a curious glance to Scratches...thought he already intro'ed himself. but oh well...*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *waits to see what happens*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): He aint done nothing boss. Came the same day Pisser came but they weren't like a pack or noth'n. Other than that don't know much about the feller.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): He aint ly'n.

Scratches In Public: *He flinches when Linda says the thing about the pack...but then quickly wipes emotion from his face, hoping no one noticed*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Sneak in lurk)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, stepping forward*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *remains silent*

'Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D)': ~She looks over at Twomoons as he steps forward~

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *goes to step forward but see's twomoons and steps back conceeding to the higher rank*

Alexander Goodwill: *He too glance's over towards Twomoons, having not moved much at all from his spot along the gathering.*

Cindy Ramirez: *watches 2moons*

Elisa Apsara: *She raises an eyebrow at Twomoons stepping forward, knowing about his trip and his presence, wondering if he's going to elaborate on that*

Carolyn Monahan: * feels guilty that she hasn't contributed anything*

Elandra((CW =P)): ((Ergggg)) *silently, knowing she is late, sneaks in, staying a bit appart and trying not to call atention*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She looks to Twomoons along with the rest, a little curious but wondering what else has to be done at this point...just about everyone spoke, it seems. A small frown as she didn't have anything to add, maybe next moot..*

Ike Atherton: *Quietly enters in overalls and hemp. Looks around slowly*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): And...? *prompting*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *softly, in a formal tone* I would ask for an accomplishment rite, for honorable actions of late.

Ike Atherton: (better late then never) *has no clue, or atleast seems not to, that he is late*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at Scratches*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *he just keeps a watch over the others*

Scratches In Public: *He looks about knowing this is gonna cause an uproar* I asked...Little John to be my Alpha once he forms a new pack. He didn't reply but...*He pauses again not sure what else should be said here*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he shifts a bit in lupus and heads over to elandra having smelled her enter and brushes against her leg in greeting*

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *walks over next to Danni*

Ike Atherton: *Quietly makes his way to his normal car and sits on the hood*

Cindy Ramirez: *smiles at 2moons...*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *buries her head in hands**shakes head remain silent*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *leans against Steel a little,even as she stands and listens*

Carolyn Monahan: * nudges Matt in the ribs gently) (whispers* Alpha? as in wolf pack? the leader?"

Elandra((CW =P)): ((it0s getting lost... hehe)) *sits, smiling at Ike when sees him enter, but stayin quiet*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Scratches* I can' dictate who you pack up with. Though, since nothin's formalized, I might suggest ya think long and hard about it first. Next? *looks to Jace*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *His jaw doesn't quite drop, but SCratches just went way down in the CoGgies' estimation*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *goes back to normal...frowns but thats just her*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She rolls her eyes at mention of that, hoping the new guy shows better judgement than that, but it doesn't matter to her either way and she looks back to Twomoons when he starts to speak*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Snorts, glad he's in a wolven form so he doesn't have to hold back laughter.*

Sydney Milligan (MotR, S-E-D): [*Player needs sleep, Syd is there in NPC land, sorry]

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (No pron later Syd)

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *types*~cv~ yes *then watches the procedings again*

Elisa Apsara: *Her expression doesn't change, just glad for the change in subject when Twomoons is next*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): ((*coughs* ahem.)) *softly, in a formal tone* I would ask for an accomplishment rite, for honorable actions of late.

Scratches In Public: *Nods. He turns to leave the center, casting a glance at Little John as he walks by...and then he looks back giving him an impish grin. He whispers* I need somebody who can keep me out of trouble. hook up with me and then give me a week, no body will remember about any electric fence. *He continues to walk away...standing at the back again.*

Ike Atherton: *Silently slides off the hood and walks over to the couch*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *listens as Twommons ask for a RoA*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): *his stone cold expretion seems to crack a grin at the side coment*

Elandra((CW =P)): *blinks, paing atantion to wath is going on*((though I think me got lost))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins at Jace*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances at Steel for a moment and smiles at him, too*

Elandra((CW =P)): *waits till Ike is close to wishper* hi

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: *grins*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Request completed, he steps back, waiting for whoevers' next*

Ike Atherton: *Nods a charming hello to Elandra. The new polite Ike not interupting the moot*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Guys, I'm gonna have to bail... I'm fading fast here.))

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *erin steps forward in lupus to speak.. his body wavering up to homid to make it more clear*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: ((night danni))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *steps foward* I'd also like ta present myself for a RoA, for honorable actions.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((*grin* Put Danni's thingie after Erin's...I'm out!))

Ike Atherton: ((Night Night chica))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Got it...NPCing Danni just to keep the moot going)

Elandra((CW =P)): *tilds head bit to Ike, and taps sit for him to sit, going to pai attention again*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): ((nite Danni))

Elisa Apsara: *Frowning a little as Erin moves to speak, also at the fact that the coffee's gone cold. Bugger*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *smiles a little, as everyone seems to be getting up there*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches as Erin steps forward to ask for something, and all the others asking for RoA's*

Elandra((CW =P)): ((sudenly realises she needs to re read the werewolf)) *silently listening, glances bit to Ike, temted to stick her tongue out to him for staying up, but doens't.. is not going to be very proper*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *FF Rites of Acomplishment are done...does anyone have any more Cracking of the Bone stuff before we continue?*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): ((*G* Oh, yeah. Almost forgot.)) *Steps forward, shifting to Glabro so the Corax and kinfolk can understand.* I have an issue.

Cindy Ramirez: *grins at 2moons*

Elisa Apsara: *She raises an eyebrow as Jub speaks, having a fair idea of what this is about and sighing softly*

Little John Growls at Ticks(OG): ((nite nite all.. latter Old Man))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at Jub**Danni gives him permission to speak*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he turns to face everyone* my fellow garou.. i may be out of place concidering i was late to arrive, but i wish to give credit to the guardians of this cearn. we have gone through many contriversies even in this short time.. long grueling hours on patrol. defending off a few attacks on our cearn, the loss a few memebers.. and finally the loss of our warder. through it all, we have stayed strong.. even after losing Media-ryha, gaia bless her soul, we stayed strong and kept with our duties, and as a guardian.. i wish to formerly welcome our new warder to the fold... *bows his head to Jublian* Jublian-ryha *with that said.. he shifts back down to lupus and heads back to the crowd*

Alexander Goodwill: *And so does he, his gaze shifting towards Jub, assuming what the man is going to be speaking about and thats more then enough to let his Inner Wolf become present a little more in his gaze.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *the breech is allowed sense it is something many want to hear...Danni nods to Jub*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): I wish to bring charges against Alexander Goodwill, who endangered this varthi by summoning several Weaver-abominations to the area and asking them to patrol. He did this without consulting the Warder of his actions, and without informing the occupants--including the Guardians--that these... ~things~ were present.

Ike Atherton: *hmm, interesting Medeas dead the Get is Warder, hmmm*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Smiles and nods to Erin.* Thank you.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Linda steps*

Elisa Apsara: *Her intent gaze lingers first on Jublain and then to Alexander....considers speaking but is sure that the latter can defend himself. Even so, she shifts down to raven form in order to fly off the junked pile, reverting to homid once she reaches the ground, and strides over*

Elandra((CW =P)): *blinks, frowning so slighlyt, looking form Jub to Alexander and back, tilding her head bit, glances bit around and ends up mocing to the edge of the couth, beeing more close to Ike, looking at were Jub and Danni are*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): to you answer to these charges?

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *nods to jublain before heading back over Elandra and bumps her leg with his head again*

Elisa Apsara: (Lex-p needed to reboot, will brb)

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *turns back around and listens to the charges being presented*

Scratches In Public: *he looks about him as things start getting boring...walks back to Carolyn* Uhm...*his tongue falters* drink?

Alexander Goodwill: ooc: Is back now *Beats comp*

Ike Atherton: *Looks down to Erin with a nod*

Elandra((CW =P)): *blinks, looking to Erin, tilds her head, wihspers* hi...* reaching to touch him*

Carolyn Monahan: * looks around desperatly for Marty to appear,and clears her throat* "drink? of what?"

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *chuffs a greeting to Ike feral eyes on him for a moment before going back over the cearn*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *leans into the touch elandra gives.. loving social interaction* ~ws~ hi

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches as the Charges are brought up against Lex*

Alexander Goodwill: *He too steps forward, still being more then tired enough to have his potent Inner Wolf become present when these charge's are brought forth. Gaze directed towards Jub while the man speaks and then towards Linda.* The Warder-Rhya is correct on some parts. I did not speak of my Summoning a large Pack of Hunter-Spiders with either himself nor the Grand Elder, who I have spoken to about this. This Sept was in no danger from these Spirits due to the Spirital Pact formed between myself and these spirits.

Elandra((CW =P)): *smiles bit and shift place, going rather down the couthc to sit next Erin, giving him a light hugg*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *gets hugged and responds by licking elandra's face*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Simply watches and waits, this one seeming to be a bit more balanced, but...that's what the judges are for*

Elisa Apsara: *She nods at Alexander's words, waiting for him to continue...her hands shoving into her coat pockets as she steps close enough to listen but not enough for anyone to think she's going to step forward yet*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): I am not a theurge. These weaver spirits? Where were they summoned and what pact was made?

Steeleyes(Guardian,Banebiter)*IN Crinos*: ))player doing header into keyboard...gonna hit the sack folks..night))

Carolyn Monahan: *blinks twice* " drink? of what?"

Elandra((CW =P)): *burries her face for a second on Erin for not to giggle, then back out, trying to pay attention, but keeps a hand on him*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *and Riley continues to listen, blah blah...* (closing this window)

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *looks twords to where the acusation was issued.. so mr.perfect has fallen*

Scratches In Public: *he looks about frantically he knew there was a cooler around here someplace. Clumsily, he throws off the top.* Uhm, beers and coke.

Elisa Apsara: *A good thing Erin's thought wasn't uttered allowed....though she's paying him no attention anyway, her only focus the two involved...well, Linda too since she's the TC*

Elisa Apsara: (allowed...aloud, player getting tired)

Alexander Goodwill: They were summoned outside of this Septs Territory in a safe haven of my own. *He speaks to Linda, having turned to face her.* Yes, these were Spirits of the Weaver. Potent spirits that I had summoned in hope's of dealing with the Spirits the Fallen Theurge has had. *He continues, describing the Pact now.* The Spirits were under a Spirital Pact to not harm any Gaian Garou, nor any Gaian/Sept Spirit. To not enter the Sept's Territory and there for, not disrupt the delicate Spirital balance of this Sept's powers.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *frowns* Truth. Did you have any doubts about the pact controlling these spirits?

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *looks at Scratches and points to the Fridge and types*~cv~ beers and assorted drinks in there

Elandra((CW =P)): *listens, tilding her head a bit, leanind do little on Erin, though Scratches doing makes her glances his way a bit, to look back to Alex again*

Elisa Apsara: *Crossing her arms, she just hangs back and nods, most of what he's saying she already knows by now....*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *nuzzles his snout into elandra in affection before looking back twords the group*

Scratches In Public: Carolyn>*At this he smiles* Neither do I. *He pulls out a coke and hands one to her. Then pulls out one for himself* Why are you afraid of us?

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks towards Scratches...ahem**basically one doesn't disrupt moots (keep it to whispers she won't do anything)*

Carolyn Monahan: * looks around for Martin to show and thinks that this late in the meeting he will not,then watches Scratch rummage in the fridge*

Elandra((CW =P)): *now retaiing a lil smile, puts hand in Erins furr, agian paying attention*

: (( did i miss the moot?)) 

Alexander Goodwill: *He shakes his head slightly, his gaze still on Linda.* Very little doubt what so ever in my skills to control this Pack of Spirits under the arranged Spirital Pact. They agreeded to it of their own free will.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (still going on)

Carolyn Monahan: " I am glad you do not drink" * she opens her drink and takes a small sip,then chokes on the soda,spewing soda * ( in a high pitched voice) "Afraid?? Who said I was afraid? I am new here to this world of the wolf...I am not afraid,I am learning..."

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): You know rat don't like weaver right? *even she knows that much*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *looks at the talking* Silence this is a moot.

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *glances over to carolyn and in a very lupus manner* ~ws~ shhhhhhh.. *comes out as a growl*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He sneaks in slowly lying on his stomach. He thinks need to praise Syd for her nightshade as he reverts to normal sitting next to Linda.*

Elisa Apsara: *She tucks a strand of hair, an irritated glance at those disrupting before she returns her attention to Linda, Lex and Jublain*

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *still just watching at the moment thinking*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Oh wow...newbies' testing Linda. Looks to Jube, waiting for the signal for a reverse dwarf-toss*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Linda is standing playing TC roll*

Alexander Goodwill: Yes, I am well aware of that. That is another reason I placed them outside of this Sept's Territory and gave them strict orders inside of the Spirital Pact to not enter the Sept.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Looks at Scratches, tenses slightly, and waits.*

Elandra((CW =P)): *glances at the choking woman, frwons, then as Lind and Erin both said something, goes back to look forward*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Seing Linda working her powers and authority. He melds himself into the crowd instead.*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he glances up to Jub's nodding his snout awaiting for the signal to toss someone out on their ass*

Carolyn Monahan: * startles as she is growled at* " OH!" Then whispers to the wolf " I thought you couldnt hear me," ( was whispering to scratch player forgot to post that)

Elandra((CW =P)): *Is sure one of them is going to take a caress form Jub*

Scratches In Public: Carolyn> (LV) Look, I can put my whole foot in my mouth. sorry...I didn't mean to offend you. But you felt *takes a few moments to think up the word* Uncomfortable being the only kin here.

Carolyn Monahan: * spots martin and wishes for a hero*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Shifts smoothly into Crinos* HT--Excuse me for a moment, please, Linda. *Walks over to Scratches.* HT--You!

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Sadly Martin has his own dilemna. being late it one.*

Carolyn Monahan: * whispers) I am! i mean... I dont want to be . ravaged... I am new to this*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): I can not fault your motives, nor your percaustions with such spirits. You did not endanger the sept with them. The problem I can see is that you failed to notify and discuss this with the Warder and the Grand elder. You show some lack of wisdom there my friend. Matters of sept defense are the Warders domain...but I can't fault your intensions. (-2 wisdom) In future remember this.

Elisa Apsara: *Sighs a bit as Jublain breaks off, was hoping for a quick resolution but it's 'that' kind of night, it seems*

Elandra((CW =P)): *blinks, looking to Jub going to Scratches, and jsut waits for the innevitable*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *hops off the couch* ~ws~ excuse me elandra.. *pads up next to jublain* ~ws~ i can handle this, you are in the middle of something, just tell me what to do.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): And I'm thankful you were very responsible with such spirits dispite this.

Carolyn Monahan: * steps back from the Crinos and sees the blackness engulf her, fighting it off,she steps close to Matthew and sits down,...begins to whisper the Rosary*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): Erin>>HT--Knock him in the head a few times, remind him he was told at the beginning and reminded again to not disrupt the moot, and let it go. If it happens again, we start tossing. Thanks. *Goes back to Linda and Lex.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, seems to be fair. Doubt the Fenrir'll see it like that, though. But, eh.*

Elisa Apsara: *Frowns a little a the penalty handed to Lex but can't fault the reasoning....and nods to Linda, stepping back since it seems her account won't be needed*

Alexander Goodwill: *Linda's words are well choosed it would seem, atleast in his mind. He himself had admitted to the Grand Elder that he should have informed her of him doing so.* I will do so, Hits head with Pipe. *A formal title for a formal punishment, taking a few steps backwards now.*

Ike Atherton: *Looks to Carolyn as she starts mumbeling to her jewlery. Glad to know he isnt the only one here with a few screws loose*

Elandra((CW =P)): *nods to Erin, wathing him go*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he nods to jublain and shifts up to crinos looking to scratches grabs him by his collar and goes to drag him off somewhere private so as not to disrupt the moot*

Elandra((CW =P)): *glances to Ike, then back to keep and eye on Erin for if any, though done'st think so, winces a bit fro Scratches*

Carolyn Monahan: * gets up and takes her soda,and moves away from the man,and the big,scarred Crinos man, goes to sit near the maze entrance,or in her case, exit*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Nods to Linda. He doesn't agree with the judgement, that much is clear from his expression, but he makes no comment as he heads back to his place.*

Ike Atherton: *Fights looking bored*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looking at Carolyn he grins to her. Waves a motion for her to come sit next to him.*

Elisa Apsara: *Well...that's resolved. She waits for a few more moments, to see if anything else noteworthy is going to be mentioned.*

Elandra((CW =P)): *smiles bit to Ike*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Scratch -1 honor)

Alexander Goodwill: *Another nod is given to Linda at her second comment to him, no smile is given but his potent Inner Wolf is indeed calmed somewhat. He remains silent, glancing towards Jub briefly, seeing the expression clearly.*

Ike Atherton: *Smiles to El and pats her shoulder*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks around and waits for a moment to speak up himself by raising his hand when all is quiet and seem to be finished.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Danni> Anyone else?

Matthew BlueMoon {SR Alpha}: *watches as Scratches gets hauled off by Erin for disruting the moot, then watches Carolyn's reaction to seeing Jub in Crinos*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Linda>*steps back into her place*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he comes back out from where he took scratch a few instances later shaking his fist and muttering to himself about needing to hit the nose not the jaw*

Carolyn Monahan: *stands up to go sit with Marty,then sits back down as he draws attention to himself,wanting the JY to swallow her whole*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He stands at Dannis comment.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *nods to Marty to speak*

Alexander Goodwill: ((And since player is damn tired on this end, will be splitting unless otherwise needed.))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He waits to be recognized before he speaks.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Night)

Ike Atherton: *Then notices Martin, a slight sneer comes over his face. Quickly wipes the emotion from his face and smiles a bit*

Elisa Apsara: *And unless there's further business, she makes her way out of the gathering area, to the maze*

Elandra((CW =P)): *grins to Ike, glancing to Erin coming back/*

Elisa Apsara: (or, she leaves when the moot's over...*closing this window as well*)

Carolyn Monahan: * watches as Elisa approaches her and she moves out of the way,putting her Crucifix in her suit jacket pocket,and moves to the side. smiling a little to the woman


Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Danni: Marty you can speak.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He moves forward and kneels on one knee.* I am know to all of you as Marty. I approach you all in petition if possible to be recognized for the actions i have done for this sept. I have proven more then once my wisdom. May this be possible. please?

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he comes back in shifting down to lupus once again and hops up onto the couch nuzzling into elandra.. glancing back out across the gathering area, wondering what he missed*

Scratches In Public: *walks back out mumbling softly* anybody get the tags off of that semi?

Carolyn Monahan: * silently looks up to the heavens in hopes that he doens propose or do anything like that*

Ike Atherton: *Moves a bit over giving Erin and El more room*

Elandra((CW =P)): *smiles and leans to Erin again, wishpering* Martin just came in to talk and Alexander left

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: (no complaints here) *he leans over as ike moves and nuzzles him as well to say hi*

Carolyn Monahan: * focuses her attention on what the strange looking woman is saying, looks at her hard,to try to discerne who she is*

Elandra((CW =P)): *looks to Ike, like is saying, just sit down with us*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *chuffs a bit and nods softly* ~ws~ i see..

Ike Atherton: *Startled at the touch he looks down and smiles a bit, scratches Erin lightly behind his ears*

Carolyn Monahan: *realizes it is Linda and pays attention to what is being said*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (OK rites done) Danni> Anyone else?

Ike Atherton: *smiles back at Elandra playing innocent*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *leans into the scritches.. ohh in lupus he likes those*

Scratches In Public: *after regaining himself he walks back over to Carolyn...* you see, *he says in a matter of fact tone* We're all just a real friendly bunch. *he rubs his jaw a bit*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Remains quiet, he's gotten what needed done done*

Elandra((CW =P)): *nods bit, and leans to Erin, listening*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Sits back down and smiles looking to the others.(( sadly comp is screwing up. i know it is cheap friends. But i aint at home. sorry if i dissapear but marty will be there for the rest i can promiss.))*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Gives Scratch a warning look.*

Scratches In Public: *ponders deeply over giving Jube the finger...but he doesn't*

Elandra((CW =P)): *looks to ike and pulls him by the sleeve to sit, staying quiet*

Carolyn Monahan: * looks askance at Linda...and nods silently at Scratches....then back to Linda. a helpless look in her eyes*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *glances over to jublain.. knowing this time around it'll be the get that pounds the shit out of him*

Ike Atherton: *As El either grabs his overall strap and pulls it off, or his skin Ike quickly sits, slightly embarassed as he coveres himself up. goes back to idly scratching*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Danni> In that case, lets move on to stories and songs. And to the revel. Theres a couple kegs back there and pizza, and chips. This is the warning for kinfolk to leave seeing as we can get a bit roudy.

Cindy Ramirez: *perks up hearing pizza*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): DLP. *looks at Carolyon* You may speak.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (realize I am NPCing Danni the GE)

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *tounge lolls out of his tounge at the scratches.. and well all the attention he's getting.. still sits there.. glancing away from jubs back over to danni and linda.. trying to stay as focused as possible*

Carolyn Monahan: * then,hissing up at Scratches* " sit down!"

Elandra((CW =P)): *just grins bit to Ike, and now settles betwen them, going to pay full atention again*

Carolyn Monahan: *realizes that she was called upon and states in a firm voice" " I have noting to say at this time."

Ike Atherton: *Looks to Carolyn as she has the outbusrt. His emotions or thoughts unreadalbe as he stares blankly at her*

Scratches In Public: *looks at Carolyn wide eyed. He sits down slowly at her side* Sign-language> sorry.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): Danni> My misunderstanding. *smiles kindly* Onto stories and songs. Cracking of the Bone is over.

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *winces and looks to carolyn.. it's a good thing she's leaving.. otherwise he would escort her out*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (OK...Danni of course hangs on for the stories and songs...and eventually the revel...but NPC Danni is being put away...)*Linda leaves her post hearing that and goes to join her packmate*

Carolyn Monahan: *walks over to Martin and hugs him and then dashes out of the maze before anyone can stop her,losing a shoe along the way,and drops her soda as well...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Looks over the group.* Hey, Martin! got that little machine yet?

Elandra((CW =P)): *smiles and stretches a bit*

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *he stretches a bit out across elandra and ike* ~ws~ mannnnnn.. i'm beat.. how about you two?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Leads the revel, signaling the run to kill shit with "C'mon, you slackass apes wanna live forever!?" *

Scratches In Public: *Looks at Jube and Erin...disgusted...*

Elandra((CW =P)): *grisn and poke sIke softly* were have you been? *snuzling Erin*

Ike Atherton: *Coveres his mouth to stiffle a chuckle at the kin that bolted out of here for no reason*

Carolyn Monahan: *stops as she is intercepted at the gate of the maze...*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): *Watches Carolyn run away* Guess if she comes back we better school her on moot ediquette. *looks at Scratches* Somes otta know better.

Erin Williams ~Guardian, SR~: *glances to scratches* ~ws~ if you have a problem with justice.. challenge me scratches-yuff.

Ike Atherton: *Said so only El and Erin can hear him* I never sleep. *He looks to El and shrugs* Don't know

Elandra((CW =P)): *smiles to Erin, tyring to look all well and awake, but is tired too* I'm goo, but won't hert resting a bit *grins*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (AKA Mira ST): (Linda will go on the revel but sense you said you had to go to bed Twomoons...lets just leave it in summarized form)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): ((But until then...)) *grins a little, happy to be back and looking around like he thought he'd never see this broke-down dysfunctional family circus again*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mead GOOD!! Weaver BAD!!): *Oh, yes. Goes and runs about the Umbral city-scape with the others, and asks his question when the tired group comes back.*

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