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Linda's 'Adventure': Part 2 The Recon

February 17, 2003

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *The apartement itself is basicaly a 3 storie high Lost building. the first floors occupied by Linda and other packmates. the third floor opens up to a Mix of housing and studio with computer lights and camera equipement. IN the back of the place there is a large make up table and mirror with mounds of hangers with Costumes of all kinds.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *exits* Martin, spiked arm guards, chains on the THIS how you see me?

Kylie Wallace: * she looks around* o Marty had no ideal you made pornos...* she giggles*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *hangs out in Marty's place... just waiting for the others to change cause there's nothing his size*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Marty shrugs as Linda goes for the bathroom. Charlie probably with Danni at this hour. Marty looks over and instead of going for the costumes goes for a bamboo made shift room where he digs in a drawer and start pulling out clothes and starts changing. in plain view.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda's body thankfully is not bad looking...atheltic is a good word*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *wolf whistles at Linda with a grin*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She goes to change into the new stuff she bought as well. Being as how there isn't a bathroom, she looks for the first semi-secluded place she can find and starts stripping.

Kylie Wallace:  * she is currently dressed in her outfit not opting for changing. Juust a basic black leather skirt which reaches her shoes .black biker boots ,black leather vest buttoned up to her neck and a long black leather dress jacket *

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Looks to Kylie.* I make a living. I make pornos if needed too school photos. When you are Garou. you go with what is available to get you the next buck. Supermodels dont come rushing down my door to take there pictures sadly.

Kylie Wallace:  * she slides the black leather bag off her shoulder and looks in it and smiles as she sees everything is there and slings it back over her shoulder*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at Kylie and nods* You'll pass.

Ianthe Rumshoe: "I will!" she calls from her not exactly concealing changing place.

Kylie Wallace: * she grins at Linda* I know* although she smirks she doesn't reveal how she knows she'll pass*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): I don't want to know where you got experience with this.

Kylie Wallace: * spies Ianthe and starts to make that chickabowbow prono noise*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val is, uh, suited up appropriately. I leave it to y'alls' twisted minds to come up with the details*

-Greg subtly recomends a black leather corset with O rings over the nipples, black leather miniskirt, black leather thigh high whore boots and a borrowed spiky Jurg collar.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Once completly Changed he is basicaly wearing a pair of deep dark leather pants wich almost molds his body. He wraps chains to his arms and locks them in place with padlocks. his belt Consists of Handcuffs. Over his neck he takes out a verry large and seriously spiked collar with a D ring at the front. He then grabs a leather styled bandane wich he wraps around his forehead to cover his face only his eyes able to show trough. And then he pulls out a series of chains and sadly only his shoulders can be seen shuddering in laughter.*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She flings her sports bra at Kylie.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *looks at the others* Damn I feel outta place...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  (( Val has ben offered a Lether german SS trench coat only and there is a box with a Snake inside. there is also a german leather styled SS officer hat. and a pair of leather boots.))

Kylie Wallace: * she giggles* Take it off woooo !!!!

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): OK who are the tops and who are the bottoms....for looks you might need to hurt the bottoms....*looks serious* This place isn't the kind where you can sit, be a spectator and not be noticed.

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((LMAO))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *And Val does look appropriately appalled at her costuming*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Linda.* Bottom.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Martin...I'm afraid someone hurts me in there I might lose it. That is why I opted for the top last time.

Ianthe Rumshoe:  From behind her not-exactly hiding place. "Can't I just grab a nice slave on the way?" The sounds of struggling into her outfit can be heard.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): You need a leash...*looks at Ianthe and Kylie* work it out...unattached tops and bottoms happen but it was....rare.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks to Linda.* I ment i will be Bottom.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  Could....though having one of those disturbed little dwebs in tow is a pain in the ass. But thats what I did last just "borrow' one from a bored "owner".

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *crosses his arms over his broad cheast and wonders what his part in this is gonna be*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She calls out at Kylie "Which one you wanna be, Irish?"

Kylie Wallace: * she looks over at Ianthe* I be your slaveeeee * giggles* I be good slave for youuuuuu

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at Brad* You WAS dressed as an accountant.....on a leash.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): A submissive I mean.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *GRabs the loose chains and clips on end to the Dring of his collar and then give the other to Linda.* By the way. No matter what we need to do for the mission. I have told Charlie. And she has complete trust in you and so do i. So no hold barred if the succes of this mission is to work.*Turns to Ianthe and Kylie.* Do i make myself clear. we do what we need to and lets try to respect our laws as well. But as far as i know for this mission. WE are the mission and that is all.

Ianthe Rumshoe: "That might work better. I think that if Kylie or I had to do any smckin upon each other there'd be weirdness later."

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): A submissive I mean.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *quirks a brow* you sayin I need a leash?

Ianthe Rumshoe: *she pokes her head over some object and raises a brow at Kylie* "you'e sure."

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at Martin* You might get a few bruises, surface scratches...if you scream good we can get away with just that.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Or stay outside as backup. Without leather or something you won't pass for a top.

Kylie Wallace: * looks at Marty* oh lighten up man

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Looks at Linda and grins under the mask.* I been to these types of clubs before. And Charlie isnt all misses goodi two shoes either.

Ianthe Rumshoe: "Can't we just pour liquid latex on Brad?"

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *shrugs* I'm alright not bein a top...

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val murmurs something about wanting to have a chance at beating Marty. Which has nothing to do with the outfit she's currently wearing. Really.*

Kylie Wallace: * looks to Ianthe* Sure..I ain't got much rage and I am little'd be expected * she only 5"0 *

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Then get a leash your my backup man...unless one of the girls want you....and one can go unattached.

Ianthe Rumshoe: "Allright. I apologize in advance for any smacking I might have to do, nd you can pay me back later, pound for pound, cool?"

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Marty>> *looks at you* Leash me *G*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): And you might get smacked a bit. This is a sick place. If you can considering it like sparring in your mind you might be able to stomach it.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Turns to Val. Then looks at Brad and thinks.* This is gonna be a problem. Seriously. I dont have much for his size. and the latex i got is for special effects. no coloring.*Thinks scratching his chin. His right arm for those who tend to notice does have a Tattoo on it.*

Kylie Wallace: * nods to Ianthe* no problem....* grins*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *grins a disturbing grin* hurt me

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Give him a tie....let them think hes a themed submissive.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *takes Brads leash*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Brad and laughs.* No i will not leash you. and for good reasons. This is your choice girls cause i dont want to have to teach brad the meanings of S&M; nights.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): Val: "I think I can manage that, Brad..."

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Girls? Anyone want a brad slave?

Ianthe Rumshoe:  She finally appears, tugging on the top of her left boot through her flared pantleg. (she's wearing the outfit pictured at without the hat.))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *hands brad to Val*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): MArty>> I know what I'm getting into...

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *chuckles at Val*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): OK....*grabs her coat* Lets go....everyone have IDs or fake ones?

Kylie Wallace: * she nods*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *shit... ID* uh... I don't...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Looks to Linda.* PLain ID.*Goes to his coat rack and takes out a long black leather coat with the sleeves rolled up. And pockets his items for the night.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): If you go into the back room...there is a hooded guy...sort of a door guard...I have suspicions about him but wasn't able to see him seperate from the humans. Just do some sick but not really damaging shit...act. Go in once or you stick out. The back room is hot. What you are looking for is someone who doesn't sweat or something. Then I'll ping them gifts if possible.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( sadly Marty has his limits.))

Ianthe Rumshoe: She pulls out her regular ID, having not wanted to use it but willing to do so.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  We ID them....try to remember what they look like....better yet get care liscense plates, or track them to a home. Val can look for her ....poor innocent souls there against there will. *looks doubtful on that one* Any questions? Tonight we scout tomorrow we kill.

Ianthe Rumshoe: She winds hr hip around her waist like a belt, ala Catwoman in Batman returns.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Low key tonight folks....if one can be low key in there.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Nods to Linda. And wonders if he should grab his pocket sized camera.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): If we find nothing....then we wright the club off as a sick human place....that I nailed to Leeches at by luck.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *follows behind Val since, well... she has his leash...... just realizes that she's never gonna let him live this down*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She glances at her rent-a-slave. Does she have a leash or appendage she's supposed to grab?

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Submissives never make eye contact or speak unless spoken too. You cower like whipped want to please....oh geez...*looks at Martin* You really play at this crap with Charle? *looks at the others* Handcuffs yeah but...all of this?

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val does jerk brad's leash, perhaps a tiny bit harder then necessary*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at everybody. and as he work around the place he looks at the,.* By the way this is for the books.*And turns around and takes a picture at Kylie and Ianthe and grins.*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Ianthe* You got a leash for me?

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Martin...find another leash.

Kylie Wallace: * she grins and does a peace sign for the pic for Marty*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at linda and kneels infront of her.* I only wish to obey mistress!

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> *grins evilly* Watch it... we ain't in the club yet...

Ianthe Rumshoe: She leans her head cutely on Kylie's shoulder for the picture, then looks for a spare leach. "Marty. I need a tug rope for my bitch here."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *And goes to find another leash for Linda.*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *listens to Linda... nodding occasionally*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *KNeels back at Linda once he has the leash and bows his head and extends the leash to her silently.*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *slight mutter from Val..."Lucky for you..."*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at Brad* Act like Martin. *hands the leash to Ianthe*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *takes a whip*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *nods... letting his smile drop* Yes ma'am...

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Martin* Hmm this is a new and very disturbing side I never wanted to know you posessed Martin * she smirks*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): You say mistress or master.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at all of them* I learned all this in one night. Thankfully you hear enough on the streets....ooooh lets go.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Linda>> *looks down... time to get in character ((... how ironic is that? *G*))* yes mistress...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Waits on Linda to mentions for him still kneeling.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *picks up the leash and walks*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Drive Martin.

Ianthe Rumshoe: She takes the leash from Linda, looking to clip it onto Kylie's collar. If she was lacking one before, Ianthe finds her one..she is sure there are some around.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *As the leash is picked up. Marty takes cue and follows proudly behind Linda. The sheer effect of THis is my Mistress and she chose me gleams off him as he walks.*

Kylie Wallace: * she feels wierd doing this but figures it's something she can write in her dear diary I was someone bitch today ...ahhh isn't life grand*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val seems satisfied that Brad's learning how to treat a woman. If only temporarily*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *does his best to act like Marty does*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Nods to Linda.* Yes mistress.*take the time to open her car door and for the others as well. and gets himself in once every body else is in. and then drives off.*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She glances at Kylie, taking the fore and letting her trail behind. "Okay, remember, you get to pound me back later, okay?" she reminds the Fianna.

Kylie Wallace: * she follows behind Ianthe *

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks grim...Linda doesn't like this shit*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Drive....park your care a small bit aways. We don't want to draw attention to it.

Kylie Wallace: * she giggles* Ianthe...just take me out and get me drunk after this and we're even....we can even sing kumbya too

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): care=car

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *For a reason Marty fit just right in.*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The drive is...well, mostly silent. Linda brooding, Kylie giggling, Val grimly determined, Marty looking like he does this all the time...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *And with perfect precision of thought he was allready working on parking the car a few blocks away.*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She grins a bit at Kylie. "Deal. okay now. I'm gonna go all Story of O now and you hould too." she gets her stoney 'my shit does not stink, and I wouldn't let you smell it if it did' look.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  When we get there, there was two lines...tops to the right, submissives to the left....but if we arrive with leashes going...they'll get the idea who is together with...who. If anyone asks you to trade say no. Borrowing is done but for our own safety better to decline. Just say your bitch pleases you or something.

Kylie Wallace: * she nods to Ianthe and quiets down*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Looks to Linda.* IF they want to borrow. i sugest that we stick together. sometimes you can find more stuff out if you share. And i am shutting up now.*Smirks under the face mask.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *glares at Martin and says nothing* Shut up.

Auggy (Recon is your friend):  *There is, once again, a fairly long line to get into the wonderful land called Club Marquis, with appoximately one in ten being turned away for some reason or another*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *once out of the car she leads the group to the club*

Ianthe Rumshoe: Shge pulls Kylie along. She looks aloof without effort.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Follows Linda.*MS: if you want i have a 100 dollars bill to tip the bouncer.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): If you are turned away....remain outside as...backup. If we don't come out in an hour or so...go umbral...peek and find us.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Or go get help.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *follows Val... looking intimidating, yet... culled*

Kylie Wallace: * she metally pepares herself for this thinking must be like Jere must be like Jere*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS Didn't need it last time.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Actualy before Linda gets out of the car. Marty takes extreme care and precaution of letting every one out and helping them from the car. closing the doors after for them as well.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS Wait I did...*looks at the groub before they get there* Get some cash there is a cover.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The door bouncer is a different individual this fine Monday night...a few small flyers advertise a "Presidents' Day Special" of some kind*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *the fact that Val bagged Brad's huge ass should earn her brownie points inside*

Ianthe Rumshoe:  She pulls out her platry amount of cash. It should get the cover, but damnit, she's gonna have to find someone to mooch off for Kylie's beers.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *lets his top cover his charge... heh heh...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Nods to Linda and works the wallet.*MS: this is going out of the yard funds. Cause Charlie is definately going to be angry when she sees the bills.*Smirks under the mask.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  *yanks Martin's leash suddenly...her demeanor changing...her look of contempt for the line and everyone is the same she had last time...pity it fits so well*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Marty will actualy take out the money for each member of the mission. and adding a good amount of tip for the bouncer himself.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *keeps in her "top" line near Martin in his bottom line*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The door guard looks at each of them carefully, nodding to Linda* These *waves to the rest* with you?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Comes to steps with Linda and lowers his head. He flows at the slight nudge of the chain.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): My bitch is better...and yeah...they are with me.

Kylie Wallace: * she starts to mover into her role as best she can sticking close to Ianthe so she doesn't get her leash yank cuz Damn that kinda hurts*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Nods* Pity. *extends his hand for the cover, counts it, and waves them in* Tops left, bottoms right.

Ianthe Rumshoe: She holds her leash like it belongs in her hand, examining her fingernails.

Ianthe Rumshoe: Stays to the left.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Goes to the right only once Linda motions him too.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *pays it and enters**looks at Martin* Meet me inside. If you aren't there before meI'll have to punish you.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *enters going to the left like last time*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Goes in to the right and bows to Linda.* Yes mistress.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *goes with the other bottoms*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *goes through the drill...ditching her coat, going inside and looks for Martin*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to the guy and does a sent of true form*Kylie sent of true form: 6,5,10,7,4,10,

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Ditches teh coat as well and makes sure that everything is appropriately in place. and makes sure that Kylie and Brad are in as he goes for Linda.*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *gets in and looks for Val*

Ianthe Rumshoe:  She leans in and mutters to Kylie loud enough for others to hear, but not too loud, and never losing her lilting tone. "You too, and no speaking to anyone else or the mrks on your ass won't fade for a week." she lets go of her leash.

Kylie Wallace: * she bows her head and nods to Ianthe waits a min and heads to the right*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The Club has two fairly well-appointed coat-rooms, for people who wish to change after they get there, or for various...extra items*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She goes in and thrusts her coat expectantly at Kylie.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Finds Martin once inside taking the Leash* PS I like screamers...or that was my excuse last time.

Kylie Wallace: * she takes Ianthe's coat bowing her head to her*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((*erases last post, PM's result*))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Lowers his head at Linda and goes to stand next to her. as his eyes start to scan the room.*MS: well your in luck. cause Jurg has tought me good enough to scream.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *heads over to Val*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  MS You MUST be into this shit. What ever pocessed you to spar with him? *jerks the leash**turns to her "top" friends* The excerise room is back there. Remember what I said we looking for. *jerks her bitches leash**lashes the whip for effect, not to hit Martin* Don't lag.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Looks around.*Ms: do you want to start at the bar and if so. I can horse back ride you there. It looks good and it gives you a chance to parade me and at the same time give you a chance to claw me if you want.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val takes up the leash with a slightly larger then normal smile*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS I ride on your back?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Follows Linda at the tug.* Yes mistress. As you order my mistress. i live to Obey.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): On all fours dog....I will be carried properly! *lashes martin a real one on his behind*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS Ummm how do I do this?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  MS: yes. like i was a horse. i get on all four and you just sit cross legged and let me walk you around. Its extremely painfull on the knees and not alot of Bottoms can actualy do it without much complaint or pleasure.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *doesn't meet Val's eyes... he knows she's enjoying this tho*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She looks around as though taking her time to ecide what to do first, lesuirely. Inwardly of course, she has no idea what to do.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): Val: "Well...?"

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Gasps at the lashing.* Yes mistress.* And gets on all fours and makes himself sturdy as he can to carry Linda to the appropriate room.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *gets on Martins back*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She strides with a powerful yet blithe gait towards the excerscise room, pulling poor Kylie along.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *smacks Martins rear* To the bar.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> *.....?* yes mistress? How can I serve you?

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The folks with 4 or higher Rage get...shunned, somewhat*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (Good)

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val looks at Linda, then Marty, then Brad*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Walks on all fours with Linda on his back. Giving her a smooth sensous ride towards the bar. as if she was riding a Lion.*

Kylie Wallace: *she unexpectidly gets dragged making gagging noises and rushes to try and kepp up with Ianthe*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  *once at the bar she dismounts*! *sets her ordered drink on Martins back* PS Interesting....transportation and furniture. the people besides our group that exit the bar....tell me if they aint sweaty.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS Bar I mean that thingy.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Makes himself to Lindas Orders as asked.* MS:Its kinda hard to look at people when i am looking at the floor with cold drinks on my back.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *digs her fingernails into martin...nothing serious though*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Not that table...kneel your head is flat. Face that door. *sets the drink on your head* PS Better?

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *pretend lashes you for making the wrong table*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *He moans softly and growls lightly as a good wild animal tammed.*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): The "exercise room" is still done in Late Inquisitor, roaring fireplace with bright red irons, rack, spiked chairs, Iron Maidens...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Obey immediately to Lindas commands and start working hard as not to have the drink fall.* Yes mistress. I am sorry my table was not sufficent mistress. i will expect the proper punishement later mistress.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *goes wherever Val leads him... glancing around occasionally, looking for anything abnormal....... well, MORE abnormal...*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val glares at Brad* A-~hem~....

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> Yes mistress... how may I serve you?

Ianthe Rumshoe: She pulls Kylie in after herself, glancing around lazily.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val looks at Marty again, pointedly*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *looks at Marty.... ooooh... he kneals*

Kylie Wallace: * she glances around while holding her head partcially down and does a another sent of true form on the person next to her* ( fails roll)

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> I'm sorry mistress...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As he is punished by Linda he takes the time to scan with his eyes for any one who doesnt seem to react as one would normaly do in a sweaty bar as this. Looking for light skin, no sweating, and maybe if lucky someone with longer teeth then usual.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): I'm thristy...*lifts her drink* We'll play later.

Ianthe Rumshoe: She watches perceptively for signs of anything. She waits to see how many people are back here and the types of things going on, getting the layout of the room.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Nods* Very good. *Val sits crosslegged on Brad, smacking him lightly with his leash* Bar.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Stands still.* Yes mistress. Your desires and needs are mine.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (OK Moony shes looking for the same set of signs she observed last time...tell me the roll if it's appropriate)

Kylie Wallace: * she then does a scene wyrm as he last attempt failed her*

-Val-p enters at this point to take over the leash from Aug... err. you know what I mean

Auggy (Recon is your friend):  *There are several people back here, making good use of the equipment in the room. The wails and whipcracks are fairly loud in the enclosure*

Kylie Wallace: Kylie Secne wyrm: 10,9,3,4,1,

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *waits for them to exit*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *carries Val over to the bar*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): ((Val>> *G* Brad's your bitch... enjoy it :P))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The enclosure is, well, moderately tainted, with no single source*

Kylie Wallace: ( she's just getting a scan of the area not going to attack or anything tonight)

Ianthe Rumshoe: She looks for some structure to bend poor Kylie over.

Auggy (Recon is your friend):  *If it causes pain, it's in here. The guard, a fairly beefy gentleman in a black hood, looks at Ianthe* Decisions, decisions, eh? *he seems to be, amused by the apparent indecision*

Kylie Wallace: * she inwardly is getting frustrated as she can't make eye contact with people and her gift keep misleading her*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Shit...Linda, perception+Alertness diff 8))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Marty looks around the room from his standing point of view.*MS: How am i doing for your standards boss?

Ianthe Rumshoe: She looks at him and crooks her brow. "I don't like getting my things dirty." she pulls on Kylie's leash a bit for emphais, running her fingernails along the other girl's collarbone with a truly sadistic grin in place. She finds a suitable thing for Kylie to get bent over and points. "there. as in the air, slut. don't pretend I didn't see you look me in the eye earlier."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( should i roll as well?))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: (Okay, hastily ready)) Brad> Do you see spurs around here anywhere? Get them for me.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *looks around whenever he can sneak a glance*

Kylie Wallace: * she bows her head* Yes..mistress yes * she looks up a little bit just to see what she is pointing out*

Kylie Wallace: * she does a sent of true form on mr. dungon master*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> Yes mistress... *carries her over to where Ianthe is picking something out for Kylie*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (woot! : 8,8,10...3suxx)

Auggy (Recon is your friend): Marty>>If you're looking around))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Hmm... *Looks at Ianthe* I sense unruliness. We don't like unruliness. Would you hand me the Spanish Inquisition style spurs?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( i am looking around. if i have a better score on investigation could i use that or should i stay with alertness?))

Ianthe Rumshoe: Some..thing. some raised thing. She looks around for something she can weild without actually making Kylie come looking for her later, behind her mask of rightous irritation. After all, shouldn't this girl be trained by now? Actually she seeks to look for the absence of sweat.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Linda sees 3 people who fit the initial...description. One of them being the gentleman who loaned Linda his toy last week*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Looking into any reflective surfaces to see what's behind them, if anyone's watching them.*

Kylie Wallace:  * she frowns from what she picks up and keeping her head bowed she await Ianthe to direct her wishing she learned that resist pain gift when she could*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): ((Martin inspection: 3,5,7,5,5, if only alertness i am blind as a bat.))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Alertness))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *uses SoTF on gentlemen*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Roll it.))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks around.*MS: i see lot of pussy and some really fine asses from down here boss. And the girl sitting at the table accross me doesnt have underwear.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Marty's a bit too preoccupied with being a table*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (a failure)

Ianthe Rumshoe: Ianthe leans over and hands the spurs to Val, eturning to Kylie. She crouches a bit by the other girl's head, taking a handful of her hair to pull her up so she can whisper vauge threats into her ear.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): ((Brad perception Alertness : 7,8 = 1 sux for when he glances around))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *takes the drink off* PS I see three potentials.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *He fits the bill, but he could be just weird. After Last week, it's hard to not think of him in anything resembling normal terms*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Stand up "boy".

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((*shoots that "not" out of the last post))

Kylie Wallace: * Kylie grimaces and groans a bit but doesn't move letting Ianthe whsiper to her ...she starts to occupy her mind of of all things getting laid with Colin*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *turns her attention to the others**spending wp this time*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *uses SoTF on the next one*

Kylie Wallace: * she nods to Ianthe* Yes mistress yes

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((roll for Sotf))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Still on his knees. and unmoving.*MS: Cool. i cant see pretty well from here. sorry boss. But at least you got a better slave then Val. Take your time scanning them. maybe if they are bottoms or tops we could figure a way to get close to them.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (1suxx this time)

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((1 + WP ?))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Yanks Martins hair* What do you fear "boy?"

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (used a wp pt to get the 1suxx)

Ianthe Rumshoe: She releases Kylie's hair roughly. "well good! and rember it for next time, Goddamnit! She goes again to peruse her choices in beating equipment.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Pinches Brad's ear* Put me down here and kneel til you're told to move.

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((shoul have been a " after 'goddamnit!'))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at Linda.* That i will not please you as you desire mistress. PLease do not allow me to fail for you. I only wish to Obey mistress! Please allow me to make you happy.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda isn't as....hard or abusive as her attentions "look'*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> yes mistress... *kneals, allowing her to get off... and waits*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Ick. Nada.)) *Suspect #2 appears...normal. Could be he's from the tropics*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Beg.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *looks at number 3...once again wp in use*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (with wp thats 2suxx)

Kylie Wallace: * she has her hair leg go and takes the opportunity to look up to eye at another nearest person to her namly one of the ones Linda is trying to detect*

Kylie Wallace: ( okaye delete that)

Ianthe Rumshoe:  She slapps Kylie on her rump abruptly and seeths at her. "Get up. Get onto the rack. I suddenly don't give a damn how dirty it is."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Brad> Wait here. *Takes off her "Gestapo" coat and hat (since it's warm in here) to reveal the merry widow with schwasticka leather stick-ons over her nipples. The jack boots gleam while she clicks off toward the back looking for a restroom..and if anyone dares to laugh. . .*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Bend at Lindas feet and kisses them boots.* Please mistress. I do not wish to fail you. I beg you. please teach me to be your perfect toy. I beg mistress. Do not let me waiver from pleasing you in anyway you desire. I urge for punishement if i waver from this task. please oh mistress.*Kissing and oggling at Lindas leg as if she was a unnatainable goddess.*

Kylie Wallace: * after Inathe lets go of her hair she takes the opportuinty to act as if it was rougher then it was and linches her head back a bit and looks at the nearest person to her and uses sotf on them*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (anything on the last guy? Had 2suxx if it matters)

Kylie Wallace: ( failed rool again)

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *#3...cha-CHING!...female, slightly asian-looking, black hair cut severely short...and has The Accountant on a collar*

Kylie Wallace: * she gets up and scurries over to where Ianthe indicated whispering * Yes Mistress yes

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Has a wedgie and is starting to truly feel like beating someone for the uncomfortable wax job.*

Brad Mullins (SR thug):  *hears Marty... jeezus... laying it on a little think aren't we?.... He glances around again quickly to see if he notices anything* ((Brad perception Alertness : 9,9))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Stand up "boy". I will give you the opportunity to please me. *jerks martin around so he can see who she is looking at* PS Nailed one. That chick over there is vampire...alittle too dead to be walking...get my meaning?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Seeking anything that might be a legitimate restroom.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Stands at her tugging witha grin.* Oh thank you mistress thank you!*And smiles.*MS: Asian Girl, Black hair cut, Short. Guy in a suit as her toy. Got it.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *meets Vals eye...jerks Martin roughly in the direction of the chick she Id'd....the indicates carefully it's the "top" in the group*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *There's a nice restroom for the ladies, to the left. Brad sees two people that might fit the bill*

Kylie Wallace: * as she scurries she takes another second to do another sotf one the first person she sees as she bends over the whatever contration*

Kylie Wallace: kylie sotf: 8,10,6,2,9,5,

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (oh wait Val went to the bathroom....ummm....Brad got signaled then)

Brad Mullins (SR thug):  *spots the people.... glances at Linda... subtly waiting for her to look... when she does he looks at the 2 he spotted so she can ID them yes or no*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She is one severely pissed off looking Dominatrix, stalking around like an angry lion. She glares at Kylie while glancing around to look at any others in the room she can see. "I think I might have to find me a new toy soon. This isn't going to become a trend with you, is it?" she growls at Kylie, snapping the retraints shut in a way that looks more firece than it is. Her overly dexteriuos hand slip a finger in between Kylie's skin and the restraints as she closes them so that it looks like she's hurting Kylie more than she is. she stepps back, unfurling her whip nd waits her answer.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Nods to Linda just enough to let her know she saw. Then goes into the restroom to the left and prepares to see what there is to see behind the Material side.*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The two that Brad noticed are #1 and 2 that SotF declared to be normal*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *looks at the one Linda signaled to... bingo*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda finishes her drink and pays then jerks Martin towards the play room* PS I'm going to check back here. The least harmful think i saw last time is the cage. Get in it...I'll use the whip or poker sticks...unheated...just scream alot. Make it look good.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *pauses on her way across to the play room* Beg louder. *looks at the two new ones*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Val peeking or sidestepping?*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (OK doing S0TF on Brads two)

Kylie Wallace: * she inwardly is really gonna hate this next thing and figures she's not gonna be able to sit for a few dyas *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Shitty roll, 2,1,10,3,7, What's the gauntlet?))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Reroll, diff 7 due to prior failure))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Peeking))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (fails both rolls) *she looks confused and shrugs then shakes her head...expression basically saying she can't tell*

Ianthe Rumshoe:  She toys with her wihp handle, stepping up next to Kylie for second, and muttering yet another vauge threat, her lips curled with creulty.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((gauntlet 6.))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Vall, roll Willpower at 6))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *With that last look to Brad she leads Martin into the play room*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *As she speaks Marty picks up.* PLease of mistress of delight. PLease i ask of you.(( will activate persuasion here as well.)) I ask i need i beg. please let me show my devotion. I wish only to please. I beg dearly. Give me a chance to make you satisfied of your toy.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Gauntlet, that is. Rolling WP now))

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *subtley watching the girl Linda pointed out... not staring tho....... god damn he wants to kill shit right now*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((WP=8,9,6,4,3,))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  *Leads Martin into the room and places him in the "cage" if it's empty...leaves some bruises, a couple lash marks ....and has him scream alot*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *while in there she looks for other potentials*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *A path is cleared for Linda as she makes her way to the back room of delight(?)*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *c'mon Val.... get your ass back here.... keeps acting culled*

Kylie Wallace: * she nods answer Inathe* Yes mistress ...yes * looks up quickly to who she;s indicating doing sotf*

Auggy (Recon is your friend):  *The Umbral-side is flocking with Pain-spirits, all gleefully screeching in a high, nauseating keen of perverse delight. More then a few Banes are around as well. Val isn't quite shaken, but, whoa...*

Kylie Wallace: kylie sotf: 4,6,9,7,10,8,

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Surprisingly, sort of, nobody comes ~near~ Brad*

Ianthe Rumshoe:  (good roll! you get a treat!) She gives her whip a shake to knock the bedns out of it, and heaps a good but carefully one lash across poor Kylie's back.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Once inside of the Cage. Marty does not go for simple show he goes for the whole nine yard.* Oh yes mistress!. I have been an evil toy. PLease punish me for your delight! graaaaah! gah! yes harder! I have displeased you mistress. Vent graaaaah! your anger upon my body for your pleas graaaaah! gaaaah! sure!

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (No more potentials in the fun room?)

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Cha-CHING! The grim, skeletal-looking individual is not a regular person. Okay, he's more irregular then most people here, being as he not sweating, or...well, breathing...*

Kylie Wallace: * Kyle grimaces and bites her lip as she's hit jerking a bit*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *actually kinda surprised no one approaches him... you'd think these people would be attracted to the slightly-more-than intimidating...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos:  *Withdraws that perception delicately as if they could sense and spill out--which they could, of course. Comes back out of the bathroom straigtening one of her schwasticka pasties.*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *looks around again* ((Brad perception Alertness : 2,9))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *2 potentials in the back room, the executioner noited previously, and a gaunt male*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She all but roars at Kylie. "are you hearing me, bitch? you should be smelling shit! shouldn't you?" And what kind of shit? ah, go secret message, go.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (Linda per alertness: 2,9,3...1suxx)

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (OK)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Brad> I saw that. *Kicks him in the ribs not too hard, but he can feel it.*

Kylie Wallace:  * she wonder what the hell Ianthe is trying to say* and does the usual submission answer but really feeling that whack* Yes ...mistresss yes!

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (another wp used...2suxx for one...gaunt guy)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): ((marty inspection of the kinky: 8,2,1,2,10,))

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *No others in the room, other then what have been previously noted*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (last roll for SoTF)

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> I'm sorry mistress.. kick me again...

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Marty's uh, a little too wrapped up in his role as whipping boy, apparently-Linda confirms Kylies' diagnosis of Leech*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): PS Martin...gaunt guy in the corner....Leech.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Brad> *Low and dangerously* What? How dare you demand like that. *Spits on his neck*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (only 1suxx doesn't ID the hooded guard guy)

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *after 10min she lets Martin out and drags him off back into the bar* Goooooood boy.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda does her best to remember details*

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Val>> I'm sorry mistress....

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Follows batter and slightly tired out Linda but wouldnt dare let his strength fail.* Thank you mistress. Thank you.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda is looking real tired now...(well pumping a shitload of wp into rolls does that)*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  *feels the joint has been caused as good as she can do it...wants to consult with the others somewhere safe now* *goes over to Ianthe* You bored now? I think I want to go. Can you tell  Val?

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *Meanwhile...Marty's the perfect little slave.*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She lashes her poor submissive again, and then she sighs, and flipps open Kylie's restraints, letting the poor girl go free. She tuggs on the leash. "I want a drink. You get to guess. get the fuck to stepping. I want it when I get out there and woe betide you if I don't like that you get." She tosses her leash contemptusly.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Brad> No you're not. But you're going to be. *Pulls the belt off of her coat and doubles it, makes a loud snap and smacks it on Brad's shoulder. Then she leans down and puts her hands under his jaw to pull his ear close to her mouth*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *goes out to Val* I'm bored. Lets go. Unless you have a real good reason to Play some more? *jerks Martin along*

Ianthe Rumshoe: At Linda. "I am so bored. I can't even beat her until her knees are weak. then I'll have to drag her ass out. I want to go home and really leave some marks. I'll tell Val."

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *winces a little at the lash... that's mainly an act tho*

Kylie Wallace: * she rises from her place feeling it and grits her teeth and nods to Ianthe* Yes Mistress yes* gee is there anything else she can say *

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((delete last part of last post then))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *nods* I'll wait at the door girl.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Linda> The bathroom sucks. And my slave sucks worse. Sounds good to me.

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): Go to the changing room and meet us outside. *releases Martin's leash at the changing room entrences*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *Linda enters and grabs her coat*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Whispers to Brad* So many pain spirits and a few banes, I could barely see through them. *Pulls him along by his eartoward Linda*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She scowls as she replaces her belt-whip and strides out towad the bar to collect her "bitch".

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): (Martin can regenerate all his minor injuries in one minute or less in other forms)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Moves to the dressing with a grin* Yes mistress as you wish mistress.*And starts to get himself ready slowly. whistling lightly.*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): *gets her coat back on and goes outside to wait looking very tired*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The bar has a fairly short line(

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *gets pulled along by Val... ready to go now*

Kylie Wallace: * she is waiting at the line at the bar wanting to kick one of these people just for the hell of it and she does ....

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *At the person who probably takes care of the coat.* This is a fun place. And to think she picked me.*Grins*

Ianthe Rumshoe: She gets to the bar and takes her drink, sipping at it. She rimaces and look at Kylie with a raised brow. She examines her fingernails and speaks into them, lifting her eyes only at the last part of her statement. "We'll discuss this at 'home'." she grabbs the lash and starts pulling Kylie out of the place, allowing her stride to slow only enough so Val isn't left behind.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((*L* @ Kylie)) Brad> Are you looking at me? You stop looking at me til I say you can look at me, bitch boy. *Joins Linda then*

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder):  (OK....Linda would have them watch the door from a distance until those two come out and try to get the liscence plate number of a car, or if the walked...track them to a dwelling location...and nothing more for now, that and of course compare notes on what they saw...if you care to RP the rest without me thats fine. Unfortunately I need to turn in)

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *watches the ground....* ((burns a WP))

Kylie Wallace: * she grins at the person she kicked and quickly bows her head to Inahte* Yes mistress

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((nighty, Linda-p))

Kylie Wallace: ( night!)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): (( Marty would definately attempt to track down one of them and also get pictures if he can of them and there slaves if they had any.))

Ianthe Rumshoe: She leans in to whisper another vauge threat.

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((Got it. License number, et al Available upo request tomorrow))

Linda ~Hits head with pipe~ (S-E-D, asst Warder): GONE

Auggy (Recon is your friend): ((I think we can call it here...tomorrow they get to act on the recon action. if you want to email requests for info))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Looks at the others.* So how did you guys enjoy your night?

Kylie Wallace: * she ties to hide her grin and she then even decides to play rouge slave and punch the person in front of her* He insulted you mistress!

Ianthe Rumshoe: She draggs Kylie out and to the car.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Wraps the leash around Brad's neck tightly just for show before they're out of sight and releases it when they're ready to leave the building entirely*

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((LMFAO @ KYLIE))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Bitch Boy Brad's gonna want paybacks now.))

Ianthe Rumshoe: ((cn't/.breathe))

Kylie Wallace: * she gorwls and plays hold me back as she acts like an attack dog while Inathe drags her away*

Auggy (Recon is your friend): *The guy in front of Kylie looks at Ianthe once and instantly drops to his knees, pleading for mercy without a word*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *As everybody is back at the car and the info to be grabbed has been grabbed he grins at them all.* You guys want to go to the house and wash down the evening events with good drinks and a change of clothes?

Ianthe Rumshoe: "Good! he's too beneathe me to punish myself!" She gets the other girl to the car, looking nervous only when they are out of the sight of others.

Ianthe Rumshoe: (in the car) "I want to wash my eyeballs. and hands. Kylie, I'm sorry about your ass."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *In the car* Martin> I want to flay myself alive and grow a clean skin. *Rips off the pasties under her coat by reaching in past the lapels*

Kylie Wallace: * she gets put in the car* Well that was fun * she groans a bit*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Drives whistling.* I had fun tonight.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Ow, God Fuck!

Kylie Wallace: * she grins to Inathe ..* it's okay it's why I punched that guy

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Martin> I'm not surprised.

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Marty* My gods Marty you were too seriously into this shit....

Ianthe Rumshoe: "Well, he deserved it anyway. I think. Well, he acted like he did!"

Brad Mullins (SR thug): *resists ripping his collar off.... he simply takes it off instead*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Looks at Brad and waits for him to say something, expecting it*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Smirks to Valerie.* And by the way. IF i hear any of you talk about what i did this night. I did take photos of you comming with me. And you did the same.

Ianthe Rumshoe: she shruggs at Marty. "No judgement here, man. Black white, cherry striped, kinks or vanilla, I don't give a fuck."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *SMiles to Them.* You guys need to learn. Raggabash are good for acting and making things up. Heck i am surprised you guys didnt blow our cover.

Kylie Wallace: * she giggles* I'm gonna ask Jason to heal my touchie when we get back to the junkyard......

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Smirks at Martin* Hey, that's ok. My Tribal Sisters would say it's about time. *Bluffs*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D):  *Drive to his appartement* I have some smirnof ices at home if you guys want to relax a little before heading back to the yard. And just make yourselves at home for a few. dont worry. about changing. after seing all of you tonight. I have good memories for a life time of jokes.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Kylie> He'll have to touch it for that.

Brad Mullins (SR thug): Marty>> I'll take one... *or 6*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *Laughs at Kylie. *That bring a new meanning. Heal my ass!

Ianthe Rumshoe: "It shouldn't be too bad. I tried to use my mad skillz not to leave any seriuos damage."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (Fool,S-E-D): *To brad as he drives.* Only one thign for you Brad boy. Swasticka stickers and no bra.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Brad> You okay?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Would hit Martin of she could reach him*

Kylie Wallace: * she giggles at Marty* Yes Jason the mighty ass healer! * she looks at Ianthe* Nah it's not bad

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