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Anja Delivering Jürg's Punishment

February 24-25, 2003

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *folds his arms over his chest, being rather careful of the spiky armor on his arms*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: SPARKY> Yeah. I hadn't bothered you with it so far but I should have. Should have told you the other day when you were talking to Dove.

Jeremiah Seymore: *drumms the arm of the couch which his fingers more*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *nods and closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them and takes her war-form, her tone slow and ritualistic* ~HT~ Jürg Beast-of-Garm of the Fenrir, I have been called upon to mediate in the grievance of the Warder of the Sept of the Talking Junkyard. After working to interview those principally involved, I have reached my verdict. *pauses for a moment, mainly for dramatic effect* ~HT~ You have dishonored Jason Twomoons of the Children of Gaia, your better and your Warder. When given the chance to explain your actions during the spar in question, you chose to compound your dishonor by denying that he is your better and insulting his honor in myriad ways. You have thus proven yourself unworthy of holding your current Rank. The Satire Rite will be performed upon you at the Ritemaster's earliest convenience so that word of your shame will be remembered and passed down through the ages. This is my verdict as Judge of Doom, and it is binding.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((It would be hard to be cool if Jurg poked himself on his armor right now. So I can see why he's careful. *Nodnod* *G*))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): Val> *He nods a little* It's been getting everybody a little on edge, I take it.

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks to Val for a translation*

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Listens to the judgement*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: *raises both eyebrows* The hell did he do? Piss in the guy's mouth?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *shifts up to crinos as well. Pops his neck very very slowly, eyes Anja for a long hard moment* ~HT~ I have one question for you, Judge... *spits the word*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Strained wince* Yeah, you could say that..

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : ~ht~ Ask your question as you wish.

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He shivers at the shiftings- he's seen that far too often.*

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Glances from the Jurg and Anja to Phillipe for a brief moment*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~:  Val>>What did he do? Exactly...please tell me before I slap my companion over there for arrogantly ignoring me like she is...

Abel Dunn: *Listens, not knowing enough to exclaim "holy shit!"*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *steps directly into Anja's face.* ~HT~ how does it feel to be the pawn instead of the queen? *snarls* congratulations, you've just been played. *Snarls again and turns his back on the Lord* now if you'll excuse me.. hell, even if you won't... I think I'll go do somethin' that ain't a game. *turns his back and begins walking for the maze*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *without looking back at Phillipe* ~HT~ Phillipe, I said I would explain to you when possible. I am rather busy right now.

Abel Dunn: *But does know enough to take another step back--better yet, make that two.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> Ripped off the Warder's arm after beating him unconcious and used it as a club on Jublain who alreeady had the other one.

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *without looking back at Phillipe* ~HT~ Phillipe, I said I would explain to you when possible. I am rather busy right now.

Abel Dunn: *But does know enough to take another step back--better yet, make that two.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> Ripped off the Warder's arm after beating him unconcious and used it as a club on Jublain who alreeady had the other one.

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Grins at Jurgs reaction as his...liking of Jurg just raised about a quarter of a notch*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: :  *watches Jürg go, heart pounding, all her will going to keep her from looking or sounding frightened* ~HT~ Do not compound your dishonor further, Beast-of-Garm.

Jeremiah Seymore: Alright, can I get a translation here?

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Looks at Val for a moment and blinks*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Anja>>And I said you need to tell me now so I can do my job as a Ragabash...something you are disrespecting by ignoring me and acting as if you're my superior...

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Val>>Holy shit...*blinks....a couple of times* Off? What the fuck for?

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Sighs and rubs his forehead.* so much violence... it's so much easier with an outside problem.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> It was a spar.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Sparky> You can say that again.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Val>>Well...that's uhhh...that's going a bit too far...what were the rules for the spar?

Jeremiah Seymore: *and Jere gets ignored... he makes eye contact with Abel and shrugs*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): Val> If I were a literalist... *looks over and slowly wrings his hands, drawing the CoG glyph in the dirt*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> Gifts were okay, I remember that much. Frankly, I just wanted it to end as quickly as possible. I didn't want to be in it in the first place because I know the Fenrir get carried away, but I never expected that.

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *still without looking back* ~HT~ Valerie has informed you about the most pertinent details, Phillipe. Suffice it to say he compounded his dishonor during our interview.

Abel Dunn: *Shrugs himself--at this point, he's rather happy to be ignored. Although his eyes near bug out as he hears about the little spar.*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Val>>If you didn't want to do it why did you agree to it in the first place?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Checks the kin guys with a glance*

Jeremiah Seymore: Val- Can we get a translation here?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *burns another wp. pauses... turning his head to look over his shoulder* Anja>>~HT~ a tribemate of yours once told me honor is a joke. Apparently mine's a real big joke to someone else here. You've been played like a harmony flute.*turns more fully, opening his crinos-form jacket and parting the fur to reveal several black and red dyed silver scars* ~HT~ I earned every one of these.. many for this sept. I've stood my ground against hunter spiders to protect sept mates, I've bled to near death and continued fighting long after most around here woulda fallen. Honor ain't a number, its a way of life. A philodox oughta know that. You can take my rank, but real honor can't be taken through politics. *turns back to the maze* good luck finding out how you've been played.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> I don't like it. Doesn't mean I won't do it if my Alpha wants me to spar for some practice.

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks back when Juerg growls somemore to Anja*

Theo MacLloyd: *Theo just glances around, taking everything in for future reference.*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Val>>Ever heard of the word no?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> Tell one's Alpha no over something that's supposed to be instructional?

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: *starts pacing* Were they being malicious with his severed limbs? Laughing and joking with them?

Jeremiah Seymore: *sighs and wanders over by Abel*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Val>>Yeah...we aren't mindless automatons...I mean you can be respectful and polite and explain why you said no but noone can force you to do something you don't want to do...

Theo MacLloyd: *Eyes widen a little as the description of the problem causes mental images. Remembers his little tiff with the Get.*

Abel Dunn: *Shrugs, speaking quietly to Jer.* At least they didn't pull the "Me Kill!" part...

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Leans against a pile and bites his lip a little, watching the arguemnt*

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- Heh, the night is young, and they could be talking about it right now.

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Is glad they were never that pissed with him*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: :  *points one talon at Jürg* ~HT~ I ask that you stop right now, Beast-of-Garm. Your judgement has been rendered. Do not make me levy further punishment, as I do not relish seeing such a capable warrior brought so low.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Phillipe> They were having fun, I suppose. I mean, no one scratched balls with them. They just beat each other with them. And it does seem a bit cheeky to refuse to learn better fighting skills when one's Alpha asks.

Abel Dunn: *Nods.* Sometimes I wish I could understand them... other times I'm glad I can't.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Glances at the kin* Oh, sorry guys. It's a bit intense...I promise to translate some later.

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- I wish I could, I tried learning the garou language once. Doesn't work for non-garou it seems. *shrugs*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *growls and turns back again* Anja>>~HT~ what? you gonna do it now? figured you'd have the decency to call a moot or wait for my alpha to be present. And if ya don't relish in it then maybe you shoulda looked into some background. So unless you got more formality to cover, we're done.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~:  Val>>Yeah but by making you fight two Get of Fenris? That's not a lesson that's just an asskicking...*shifts to Crinos himself, all black fur with crow's feathers braided into his pelt all over and walks over to Anja* ~HT~ Let him alone and listen to me...because now it's my turn to do my job...and if you don't I'll tell your grandfather about your arrogance in thinking you are so superior you don't need the advice of a New Moon...

Jeremiah Seymore: *nods to Val absently*

Abel Dunn:  *Nods to Val, then to Jer.* I guess you could learn small parts of it... but most of it's probably like dolphin-song or something, where we can't even hear it.

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : ~HT~ You are a warrior, Beast-of-Garm. That does NOT make you immune to retribution if you dishonor yourself. My method of rendering the verdict was as it should be - this matter needed to be resolved with all due haste. Rest assured, your alpha will be punished when he returns. Now, I do suggest that you take your leave before you say anything else.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Oi

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: ((Actually the Rite of Satire is ALWAYS done at a Moot))

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- Yeah, and I hear there's a spiritual aspect that humans can't comprehend regardless. Same with glyphs.

Cassy Nix(S-E-D):  *Upon entering the GA she gazes at everyone present and immidiatly senses the tension in the area. Slipping silenty to the fridge to grab a beer before turning and watching without retort*

Abel Dunn: ((I think he meant deliver the verdict at the moot, but yeah--there has to be a crowd around.)) *Nods.* Wouldn't be surprised... Although I didn't know glyphs were spiritual.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Anja>>~HT~ no it doesn't.. and just because I don't play politics and games doesn't mean I'm immune to backstabbing and dishonorbale actions of others either. *looks around* if anyone needs me, I'll be patrollin' while the shrink gloats. *cracks his shoulders again and heads for the maze, shaking his head*

Cassy Nix(S-E-D): *Watches Jurg go with a heavy heart. herself being torn between her friends, and her mentor.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Exhales and watches after Jurg's disappearance with tension and regret* He thinks it's that... It's for his own good, poor bastitch.

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : ((That's why it's not being done now. *s*)) *turns to Phillipe and shakes her head* ~HT~ I was selected as the judge, Phillipe. Not you. I have rendered my verdict, and it is not open for debate. You are not privy to the details of the case as I am.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *nods to Cassy* 'sup, yuf? *doesn't wait for an answer as he dissapears into the maze before he runs out of wp*

Jeremiah Seymore:  Abel- Well, we can understand a few glyphs here and there, enough for it to be worth the time learning, but in the end it's like a nearly deaf guy listening to the radio. He can understand the loud glaring stuff to some extent, but mostly is just incomrehensible murmuring.

Abel Dunn: *Nods.* Makes sense, I guess.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~:  *crosses his arms over his chest and frowns* ~HT~ And you have done so without allowing anyone to speak in their defense? Without allowing a New Moon to question their wrongs or why they were wrong? That is railroading as the humans call it. That's not justice or wisdom but simple can they learn from their errors if they know not why what they did was wrong? Are do you like so many other Judges of Doom merely look for silent aquiscence instead of understanding and wisdom...

Abel Dunn: *Nods.* Still might be useful.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: ((Or not Are))

Theo MacLloyd: *Theo gets bored and shifts to Rodens. He heads off for the nest.*

Cassy Nix(S-E-D): *Gritting her teeth as Jurg disappears she looks down for several seconds, before setting her unopened beer back into the fridge, and leaving back into the maze herself. Sprinting after him when she is out of site*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Night Theo.

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- *shrugs* possibly.

Theo MacLloyd: *The rat turns back to give a harty wave to Val before leaving.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Smiles* You know, I like that Rat despite better judgement.

Abel Dunn: *Nods.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- Well, it looks like the coast has cleared.

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : ~HT~ They spoke in their own defense, Phillipe. I am not a human prosecutor. They need no character defense. Their actions were clear and self-admitted, and their alpha even agreed that they were dishonorable. Beast-of-Garm compounded his own dishonor with his own words.

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- *chews his fingernails* From everyone else's reaction, seems the punishment was nasty. Whatever it was...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Ok. *Sits between Jeremiah and Abel* What did you want to know about?

Abel Dunn: *Nods.* Which means if I were you I would step quiet for the next couple days. Being the Consigliari won't put your guts back on the inside. As for me, I can find a couple buckouts out Arkansas way for the next couple days, I'm sure.

Jeremiah Seymore: Val- Start from where they started talking in that crazy langauge you people have. *smiles a bit*

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~:  Anja>>~HT~ And that is not how a Garou trial goes and you know it. The Galliards tell relevant stories of the past to bring the crime into perspective, the Ragabash questions the laws that were broken so they can be brought into perspective and understood...and then and ONLY then the Philodox makes his judgement based on the wisdom of the past, the testimonials at hand and the individual consequences. THAT is Garou justice. What you did today was nothing more than to validate the vicious witchhunting inquisitor sterotypes of your camp. Tonight I am ashamed to call you my Tribe-sister. *turns his back on her symbolically and shifts to homid walking away*

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- Juerg has had it out for me for a while anyway.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Oh, well in a nutshell, Jurg's sentence has been laid out and it's a harsh one. Satire rite. The most humiliating, degrading punishment this side of Jackal's Voice. He'll lose Rank over it. He, of course was less than pleased about this.

Abel Dunn: *Nods to Jer.* In that case, I'd step ~real~ quiet. Val>>From the sound of it, Jurg got punished... how?

Abel Dunn: ((*G* Satire is ~far~ worse than Jackal's Voice))

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *returns to Homid as well, watching Phillipe* The testimony was given at the moot to another Truthcatcher. I simply acted as final arbiter. You are not privy to half the information you think you are in this case, Phillipe, but feel as you wish and I will not try to change your mind.

Jeremiah Seymore: Val- Lessee, if he was anything like Juerg usually is, it went "I deserve respect from everyone but I don't have to respect anyone myself"

Jeremiah Seymore: Abel- I will.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Anja>>*without looking back* Oh? Who was the Galliard that sang the songs of the past? Who was the Ragabash that Questioned the Ways that were broken? You give me names and I'll prostrate myself right now and beg for forgiveness.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Depends on individual perspective. *L*)) Abel> It's not been done yet.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Jeremiah> Well..ah, he respects Jublain.

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~:  ((Uh it comes..."I think it's time we blow this place, get everyone and the stuff together. Okay now 3, 2, 1, Let's Jam!" *ahem* Sorry it's been a few days since I've seen the intro ))

Jeremiah Seymore: *rolls his eyes* I'm gonna get home. See yeh guys. *waves and makes for the maze*

Abel Dunn: ((*G* Possible, but JV is -2 Glory and -5 Honor--temp. Satire takes away ~permanent~ renown, and quite a bit of it. I'd say it's probably the harshest punishment that can be inflicted in a case where someone wasn't killed.)) *Nods, thinking.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:lesse... he respects Jubs, Linda, Cassy, Val, Marty and the Hrafn. umm... yep, that's it.

Abel Dunn: ((huh?))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Good night Jeremiah.

Abel Dunn: *Nods.* Good luck, Jer.

Jeremiah Seymore: Night. *enters the maze*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *shakes her head* Our ways are not their ways, Phillipe. If you are offended, then perhaps you should think about it. You haven't been here. You haven't the faintest idea what's been happening around here. And you are willing to question the honor of a Philodox, a Judge of Doom and your tribe-sister, with scarcely half the story? Again, feel as you wish. I deal in justice. I don't expect my rulings to be popular. If they were, then there wouldn't be a need for judges at all.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((And most of them probably don't even know it. Jurg's such a bighearted guy. *G*))

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Just stands there quietly listening to the others*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:Lesse, this equates to -14 wisdom, - 37 glory and -24 honor

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Holy Guacamole!))

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: (( Some damn good guacamole ))

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Still waiting for those names Anja. If you're unable to give them because they don't exsist your honor deserves to be questioned. Justice is not punishment just as killing someone is not victory. Blind yourself as much as you want but don't wonder later why you're so distrusted.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Night folks! *waves and goes to bed*))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Night Zach))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*sups on the guacamole of Juerg's humiliation* Hmmm...justice....*drool*))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((That's just mildly creepy Zach, and I don't even know why. *LMAO*))

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : If you question my honor, then question also the honor of the Truthcatcher who originally heard the testimony. I acted exactly as was requested by two Philodox, both of them your elders, Phillipe. If you don't have the stomach for that, then fine. But don't presume to tell me how to do my job, just as I would never dream of instructing you.

Aleksei Dimitrov ~Survives-Atrocities~: *Small wave to Val befor turning and heading into the maze* (( Gotta go for a bit. Hopefully be back soon ))

Phillipe Genovese ~Pluma Ligera Del Cojinete~: Oh don't pass this off on someone else, you could have easily done this the way it SHOULD be done instead of railroading it. Your decisions are your own, you aren't a robot. You can't tell me how to do my job because apparently you don't know what my job is. Or if you do you don't hold it in very high regard. I'm leaving before I get even more disgusted and choke on the injustice in the air. *turns and walks out*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Later Aleksei.

Abel Dunn: *Watches, holding back the urge to say "daaaamn...."*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Puzzled look after Phillipe. Never knew he cared so much.*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: :  *watches Phillipe go, then shakes her head, looking genuinely hurt for a fraction of a second before her mask of icy detachment is restored...After composing herself, she looks around* Are there any others who wish to question my ruling?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Anja> No. You okay?

Kearney "Dances With Rednecks" McRaven:  *He awaits in the shadows. The shadows do not embrace him. The shadows do not caress his frame. The shadows do not wrap themselves around him, acknowledge him as master, recognize him for one of their own, or cling to him like a jealous lover. In fact, the shadows don't give a shit. They're just shadows.*

Anja Stormbringer::ST:: : *shrugs at Val* Of course. Justice was served.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos:  Right. *Nods* Of course. *Breathes* Anyone ever tell you much about Hadrian? He was a hell of a Truth Catcher. No one gave him flak like that. He dispensed justice, delivered it with broken bones, and that was that. I miss him.

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