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Foggy Mountain Throwdown with BFGs

March 16, 2003

Vivian Weiss: (ok.. I goofed then) Hears some one, "or maybe we aren't alone."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *keeps a'rollin*

Michael Stevens: Viv>>*nods*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Grunts.* Shouldn't have asked. You ain't a Garou. Now you shut up an' listen to me. You damn near caused more damage than your life is worth. If you're going to drive that thing around, you need to learn how.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *grunts and moves to the side, grabbing under the side*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *shuts up... but hard to tell if he's actually listening...still scrabbling backwards ending up with his back against a junk wall*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): OOC:whoohoo. never made a feat of strength roll before. 10, 1, 2, 7, 5, 10. effective str 8. BIC:*begins lifting the truck up onto two wheels with a steady growl as he gets his back into it*

Vivian Weiss: "It like camping out.. layong out on the grass and looking up at the night sky.. only with out the grass and the stars." She smirks.

Michael Stevens: Viv>>*quietly* we're just missing the sleeping bags and fuzzy handcuffs.

Michael Stevens: *is face down... so presumably facing Viv*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): Now, I'm going to head out for a hunt, and you're going to get that damn shitheap away from my vans. I dont' know how, I don't care how. *Grunts--seeing the guy who pissed you off about to piss himself has an irritating tendency of taking the edge off one's anger. He turns and heads to the umbral vicinity of his Vans before concentrating again.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *with a final grunt, gets the truck onto its side, though makes no effort to trash it. not yet anyway. Dusts his paws off and drops to all fours to look for the guy to pop back through*

Vivian Weiss: Doesn't want to know why jurg is growling like that.,

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *pads back to the vans with a snarl*

Michael Stevens: not... a happy sound *hearing the creaking metal and the growling*

Vivian Weiss: Michael> "The other night you were talking abut whips and tonight about fuzzy handcuffs... Should I be worried?" Yep he's faceing Viv.. and visa versa.

Michael Stevens: everyone needs a hobby... *cuts it short as the growling and rasping gets a little bit closer*

Vivian Weiss: "nope not happy at all... and closer to a full moon too."

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Fades across the Gauntlet, looks to where the truck ~was~, then nods to Jurg.* Damn.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): Jubs>>~HT~ what happened?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): Damn near pissed his pants. I told him to get the truck away from my vans and left it at that. *Looks at the truck and shrugs.* The way he damn near worships that thing, the rest should be punishment enough.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): whoops. *insincere as possible. shrugs* he say anything understandable?

Vivian Weiss: remains quiet

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): Other than "don't touch me"? Not much. *Looks around.* We were going to go hunting?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *nods and reverts to homid* yeah, let's go. kill 'em down to one and spend 20 or so minutes homid-beating the last?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Nods.* Sounds like an idea. You said you know where to find them?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): I know general spots. I'll get specifics as we go. *shrugs*

Vivian Weiss: Just waiting for the Fenrir to head out.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Nods.* Let's go, then.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Heads into his van, checks on Annaliese, then comes back out, speaking quietly.* I think it woke her up, but she's about to fall asleep again. Ready?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Shrugs.* Who knows? *Keeps on movin'.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *heads out and ***Gone***

Vivian Weiss: She wants to speak up... oh hel she does speak up, "What if he put himself between me and possible harms way!"

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW Beta, PB3): *grunts as a response if any and still gone*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *Takes a quick look, decides that investigating further would mean more struggle not to do hurty things, and heads out without a word.*

Vivian Weiss: "bah" She sits up on the groud. leaning her back aganst the couch.

Vivian Weiss: (my typing is getting wosre by the second... must get some sleep)

Michael Stevens: *doesn't sit up, instead resting his head back in Viv's lap as she sits up, resting his feet on the armrest* they gone?

Michael Stevens: OOC:*nods* alright, Anna

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3; my computer blows goats): *GONE*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *comes rushing out from under the van as soon as they're gone, sprinting for the truck and shifting up to homid with near-tears in his eyes* GENR'L LEEEEEE!

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): (('Nite, ma'am.))

Vivian Weiss: Viv tell him the coast is clear.. .. they chat for a while then head out .. Viv going to Mere place. (Sleepy time for me.. Good night guy!)

Michael Stevens: ***gone***

Vivian Weiss: *gone*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Stumbles onto his front porch, rubbing sleep from his eyes.* Naw, Daisy, just takin' a... aw, hell....

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *reaches up to grab a tire and starts pulling*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *sidesteps a few minutes after the Fenrir leave...a small trickle of blood coming from under his ball cap...he looks around for the Fenrir then sees the truck...his jaw drops and his brows draw together in pure unrestrained fury* Sunovabitch...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Just stares, stunned, then hops down off his porch. He shifts to Crinos, then down to lupus, and moves around the truck before he even touches it, picking up the scent.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): OOC:*LMAO* wow. think I just found a great FMT quote for the page: "They'd never come to see me in this dive... where bikers stare at cowboys, who're laughin' at the hippies; who're prayin' they'll get outta here aliiiiive"

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Growls.* Some bred bastard.either the Fang or the Get, and my money's on one of the Get... Th'hell'd they do that t'th'Gen'l for?

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): ((*G* David Allen Coe... Actually, I was thinking on "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother" too.))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *unable to do it alone, drops back down. drops to his knees, throws his arms up and his head back* KAAAAAAAAAAAHN!! *no really.. where the hell's he get this shit?*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): OOC:just don't call 'im "Wieldsy Nelson"... Though he smokes enough pot for the name

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Shifts back to Crinos.* HT--Easy, boy. Let's get th'Gen'l back on's wheels first. Gimme a hand.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *growls and sniffles, shifting up to crinos to grab around the tire again with a surprising amount of gentleness*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown):  HT--Get it by the frame, so you dont' have to shift your grip. *Gets hold of the frame, and with the help of another Crinos manages to get the Truck upright.*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *looks at the DoW van and then walks twords his packmates...shifting to Crinos and helping*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Notices Joe-Bob, then takes a look at the nice round hole in the hood--more than a foot across and deep enough to have certainly cracked the head and likely even the block.* HT--Who did this?

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *tells them both the whole story from start to finish...all in a deadpan emotionless tone*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *shifts down to glabro to give the truck a walk-around inspection. whimpers as he picks up the broken off passenger-side mirror. Very gently and reverently sticks it in the front seat* OOC:y'know. its kinda sad. Wields is the ballsiest one of the pack right now...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): HT--So you but a scratch in that beat-up ol' van an' they did THIS?

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *nods* ~HT~ Yup. Wields...go look an make sure ain noone in them vans...Cap.......go get the BFG...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): HT--You sure 'bout that? You 'member what they done to th'Warder?

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *looks nervously at the vans.. then shrugs since Joe-Bob said to, it must be okay... starts heading for the vans*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : Cap>>~HT~ Yeah and they'll probably do tha same ta us...but...we gotta do's tha Genral...all I want is an apology fer what they did...they give it an I'll fix their damn vans ... but we can't let em go...I'm scarit outta my mind but I know what I gotta do fer tha Genral...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *The Vans, of course, are three of them together. On one side is Jurg's shit--whiskey, antifreeze. blankets. On Jublain's side is the blankets, a couple books, a space heater, and the crib with Annaliese in it.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *carefully starts opening doors and looks back to Joe-Bob and Cap with a shrug* they got cub in der

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Nods... proudly?... and steps into the Van. One can hear him speaking quietly, and a woman's voice replying, before he comes out bearing the ultimate rurally ethnic lead propulsion device.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): OOC:hell, I know what's in Jurg's side of the vans, Ken *L*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): ((*G* Hell, I don't.))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): OOC:couple of Pantera CDs, a small camcorder on loan from Marty, a surprisingly good stock of JD and Vodka with a couple jugs of antifreeze, a matress, no carpet, four heavy chains bolted to the floor in the sleeping area, etc

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : Wields>>~HT~ Well...get her out and take her ta Bubba an Bob...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): ((*G* ~That's~ adding insult toinjury....))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *oh hell... goin' into another garou's territory... let alone homocidal ones... blinks and steps into the vans*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *comes out real quickly with Annaliese held awkwardly with blankets trailing behind as he sprints for the guardshack*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : ((Is not! Hell Bubba aint stupid...he'll turn the porno off with the infant around)) *pops the hood on the truck and looks at the damage estimating how quickly he can jury rig it so they can make a getaway*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): ((And with at least 12 dice of damage applied to the engine? That sucker's gonna take a lot of work...))

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) :  ((Not to fix...just to jury rig...and Jube just dropped the (unactivated) morningstar on the hood...he didn't slam it down with his strength))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *comes back without Annalies or the blankets, lookin' real worried as he goes to take a look too*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): OOC;you gotta figure the General woulda activated Armor as soon as the shit started going down

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): ((Well, he did hit it, but he didn't rear back and try to smash the thing.)) *Sets down the BFG.*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Peers in as much as possible without getting in the way of the others.* Looks like th'head's cracked. Drivable, but not too far....

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *nods and shifts down to homid* Yeah...I can make a quick solution to get us to where the rabble Gnawers hang...then can probably fix it there...pile up what we need ta take in the bed...*grabs a pencil and notepad from the cab and writes something*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Nods, goes back in, and comes out with a small bundle--and his pistol, now strapped to his side.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *starts retrieving his stash from the various places around Cap's van*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) :  *gets various tools and parts from the toolshed van and jury rigs the engine to run for a bit...then heads over to Cap* Let's do it...aint right that they did this...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Nods and sets the gun up on the tripod.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *fires up Chainsmoker*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *thinks for a minute* me...this way if the shit really comes down I can take all the blame...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Stops and just gapes slackjawed at Joe-bob.* You serious?

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *cuts chainsmoker off since this isn't gonna be an unload session. Lets the modified chainsaw hang at his side again and gets up in the bed of the truck*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *nods* aint right what they did...but conciderin what they done least you two could say ya had no part of it...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): The hell we will.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *nods* Scent all over pup any'ay *nodnods*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) :  *looks at Cap and smiles slapping him on the back* Thanks Cap...*then back at the van with narrowed eyes* Still...I wanna do it...

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown):  *Nods.* Alright. *Steps back and helps Daisy into the back ofthe truck, wrapped in blankets.* ((Hate to NPC her, but no way in hell would he leave her to the Gets' tender mercies.))

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) : *gets behind the BFG and shifts to Crinos...growls...probably for the first time ever and unloads on the DoW vans...*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *reaches into his coat with a slightly shaky hand and pulls out a big fat swisher blunt. lights it up and coughs a little, watching the carnage to be*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown):  *And the effects of the BFG can be truly appreciated upon such a wide expanse of metal. The familiar roar echoes through the 'yard, and within seconds the side of the van looks something like a heese-grater.*

'Colonel' Joe Bob Sanders (FMT Beta) :  *stands there for a minute before going back into homid* Let's pack it up and get out before they come back...*helps Cap pack up the BFG and all before driving to the gates...leaving the note with Bubba with instructions to give it to the Get when they come back...then off they go*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, Foggy Mountain Throwdown): *Hops in to the passenger seat, trying not to smile.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Omega): *sits down in the bed, puffing away with Chainsmoker settled in his lap, keeping a comfortable distance from the heat of the BFG*

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