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Ben's Final Moments

March 21, 2003

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): *breaking the stillness of the evening, Ben bursts into Pitor's little wanna be throne room and storms right up to the Elder*

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr looks up from where he chats with the alpha of his guardian pack, the Doom Guard, rather surprised. "Can I help you, Ben?"

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *hauls back and makes a five knuckled statement against Piotr's jaw, reverting to Crinos afterwards and roaring so that anyone within range can hear* ~HT~ I AM Ben Hawking. Years ago I fled this place because I feared you would find out about myself and Medea Rage Like Fire mating. I was so afraid of what you would do with your stupid grasp on the ancient obsolete words you call law that I abandoned the sole person I loved. I rectify my err now. Piotr Claws of Thunder I challenge you to a duel of honor. A duel to the death.

Soul(ST Style):  The alpha of the Doom Guard starts towards Ben, eyes blazing, but Piotr holds him back, touching his jaw. "I am your elder, Ben Hawking, and have no reason to accept your challenge. But if you wish death tonight, then you will find it here. Wyrm-breaker, bring me Lawgiver and meet us in the challenge warehouse." The other alpha nods once, then steps sideways rapidly. Piotr stands, gesturing stiffly for Ben to follow him as he makes his way to the warehouse that houses the challenge circle.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *follows, his nervousness easily readable in his scent...this is the battle he's feared and longed for all ends tonight, one way or the other...*

Soul(ST Style): The challenge warehouse is a flat, wide, empty space. Large lights are set up around it, casting harsh light on the circle itself. The area is swept clean - not even dust mars the vast, empty building. Piotr steps into the circle, and gestures for Ben to do the same. "Now, we wait for Lawgiver to arrive. I suggest taking a minute to prepare yourself, for there is no honor in striking down an unprepared Garou."

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *walks into the circle and says nothing...his fur gaining a silvery sheen, the armor glowing gold and axe starting to burn...a hideous stench comes out from him and fills the circle and finally he looks at Piotr and snarls ... all of his hatred bottled up over the years...right there and then*

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr starts to glow softly, an armor forming around him resembling plate mail made of moonlight. The alpha of the Doom Guard steps out of the Umbra, handing Piotr a cloth-wrapped bundle. Piotr reaches into it, and pulls out...Lawgiver. The flawlessly made klaive is covered with glyphs, and shines in the harsh flourescent light. Piotr steps forward, closing his eyes for a moment, then opening them again. Ben suddenly feels a terrible chill, and feels his anger starting to drain away. Piotr assumes his war-form and smiles wolfishly. ~HT~ "Make ready. No quarter."

Soul(ST Style): ((Initiative: Wits 4 + Dex 4 + 10 on the die + 10(SotF) = 28))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): *to answer, he starts humming*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  ((Yeah I aint even calculating after I saw 1...spending 4 Rage for extra actions splitting normal action 3 ways for 3 declared parries))

Soul(ST Style):  ((Klaive-dueling maneuver - also spending two Rage.)) Piotr lashes out with Lawgiver, aiming for the area right above Ben's eyes. ((4 successes on a Blind maneuver.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): ((3 sux on the parry))

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr's klaive skids across Ben's forehead, opening up a wound that bleeds profusely...Blood pours into Ben's eyes, partially blinding him. ((3 silver damage, and Ben's at +1 difficulty on all attacks, parries, and dodges.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *snarls and charges forward aiming the spikes at Piotr's midsection, but the blood gets in his way and he trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face...he gets back up but loses the speed advantage he had*

Soul(ST Style):  With a speed no human could hope to match, Lawgiver flashes outward in a deadly arc, going for Ben's exposed back. ((2 successes on the strike. soak 6 silver damage.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): ((Soaked 4 of it)) *the Klaive clanks against the armor and spiritual armor striking a thin wound...Ben roars in pain and whirls around charges again with the spikes on his shoulder*

Soul(ST Style): Piotr easily slips out of the way of Ben's Rage-filled shoulder charge, staying eerily silent.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *Ben charges again, missing due to the blood in his eyes, but the next one hits, the spikes driving into Piotr and the golden glow flaring as the engraved mongoose on the armor reaches out to bite the Shadow Lord*

Soul(ST Style): Piotr hits the floor rather suddenly and rather unconcious.

Soul(ST Style): ((Make that "eyes wide with unrestrained Rage, but apparently unable to move."))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): *reaches down and grabs a pawful of Piotr's mane, lifting his head up to stare right into the Shadow Lord's eyes* ~HT~ I ... win. *sets down his axe for the final time and takes lawgiver in his free hand...drawing it sharply across Piotr's throat not enough to kill but only to leave a scar*

Soul(ST Style): The alpha of the Doom Guard steps forward IMMEDIATELY, taking his Crinos form, growling low in his throat.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *ignores said Alpha and places Lawgiver down, sitting in a lotus position and watching Piotr while not leaving the circle...humming quietly*

Soul(ST Style): After roughly a minute, Piotr regains the ability to move. Ben feels completely drained of his anger, while Piotr's lupine nostrils flare widely. He gazes at Ben with undisguised respect. ~HT~ "You stayed here. That was brave. Foolish, but brave." The Shadow Lord scoops Lawgiver back up into his hands with one fluid motion, turning to face Ben again, ready for a renewed assault.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone):  *sits there with eyes closed and a smile on his face, continuing to hum...some song that he perhaps sang to Medea during the hard nights after the city was retaken...perhaps the song he sang quietly as he watched her sleep on the night he abandoned her and set himself on the path that's led him back here to this place...he looks up at Piotr with no more hatred in his eyes...seeing the Shadow Lord as just a tool of fate ... we each play our parts*

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr looks at Ben for a moment. Perhaps the old Philodox knows what he's thinking and accepts it - perhaps he doesn't care. Whatever the case, the next action is quick, but brutal. With a diving tackle, Piotr slams into Ben, driving Lawgiver through his ribcage and impaling his heart.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~ (Like a Stone): *the voices fade, the insanity ends...and Ben meets his release with a smile on his face*

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr stands cleaning Lawgiver off on the fallen Ben's fur. With a snarl of pure Rage, he looks over at the hapless alpha of his guardian pack and snarls, ~HT~ "I want a moonbridge to his city. Now. If the Lunes ask any questions, remind them who I am. Prepare your pack to move out." And with that, the extraordinarily pissed-off Philodox stalks out of the warehouse. Within minutes, the moonbridge is open, and Piotr and the Doom Guard are through. ((Switching to the JY for a short moment.))

*******meanwhile..... in the JY *******

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): ~ps~ you think Val intentionally fell through on the fetish?

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): Fell through? She didn't do it?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): ~ps~ not yet. said she's waiting on Nik to get done with his part.

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): I doubt she will. She's pissed, of course, but I doubt they'll pull anything. They can talk a good game--and they've got to, after all. Nuts or not it was one of their pack. But they can see reason.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *snorts and turns his head towards the salt-watered van. turns his head back to Jubs and raises an eyebrow*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): *Grunts.* Eventually.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *flicks an ear*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): And that's just something else to make those hicks fix. Frosts my ass, that. Hold talon and this is how we get repaid.

Soul(ST Style):  Jurg and Jublain notice it. The sky above the caern starts to fill with clouds, and the scent of ozone fills the air. Lightning crackles...Somewhere. And in front of the Junkyard's gates in the Umbra, a moonbridge opens, and Piotr and the Doom Guard, a pack of five immense-looking Garou, step out. They enter the physical world, and pound on the gate. One of the gate guards steps out of the shack, starts to say something, but Piotr cuts him off. "Open the gate and take us to the highest-ranking Garou present. Now." The gate guard, looking entirely cowed, does as he's ordered. Piotr and the Doom Guard, all of them in Crinos, stalk into the gathering area.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *shifts to crinos as the war-formed shadderlords step into the GA, standing sharply as he doesn't recognize them*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe):  *Steps down off the porch and shifts to Crinos himself, Morningstar falling from its place on his shoulder with a rattle.* HT--Who are you, that you enter the Varthi of another Sept, unannounced?

Lisa ~Agony~ : *comes out of the heaps blah blah*

Soul(ST Style): After a moment, Jurg and Jublain DO recognize the Shadow Lord in the front - they've heard tales of Piotr Claws-of-Thunder, the Athro Judge of Doom, whose prowess with a klaive is near-legendary. The Doom Guard isn't recognized, however. Piotr looks around, Rage pouring off of him in waves. "Who of you is higher-ranking?"

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *cracks his knuckles and activates Resist Toxin and Visage of Fenris ((lemme know if you actually need a roll))*

Soul(ST Style): ((No need. This is just a quickie, 'cause I need to pass out very shortly. *s*))

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): I am Hjarta-Villtnur, Jublain Wade. Vissman to the Fenrir, Alpha to the Dogs of War, Wyrmfoe to the Talking Junkyard Varthi. You are Claws-of-Thunder? Your granddaughter is perfectly safe, but I know not where she is.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *flicks an ear to Jubs in answer*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe):  I am Hjarta-Villtnur, Jublain Wade. Vissman to the Fenrir, Alpha to the Dogs of War, Wyrmfoe to the Talking Junkyard Varthi. You are Claws-of-Thunder? Your granddaughter is perfectly safe, but I know not where she is.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *flicks an ear to Jubs in answer*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): *ANd does indeed fire up the Visage of Fenris himself.*

Soul(ST Style): The old man snarls, "IS she safe? I send my granddaughter to you as a gesture of goodwill, and you send me an ASSASSIN in return?" The Doom Guard fans out behind Piotr, their Crinos faces utterly impassive. Thunder peals off in the distance.

Lisa ~Agony~ : * THIS is going to be amusing...even if she can't understand a word said*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe):  HT--The nut tried to kill someone else? I should have known. I know not your aim, but I tell you now that we sent him with no intention of seeing anyone killed. *Pauses and looks the other Garou straight in the eye.* Test my words, Claws-of-Thunder, if you feel need, and I will tell you again.

Soul(ST Style):  Piotr looks back at Jublain, his voice thundering as he channels a Gift...He is suddenly looming and terrible, the very embodiment of everything the onlooker fears((Icy Chill of Despair)). "His body will be returned to you. But that is better than your sept deserves. It is only my mercy that stayed the hand of an invasionary force the likes of which you have never dreamed of, and my mercy is a very limited thing. Know this, Fenrir - I will return tomorrow, and I WILL speak to the Grand Elder and the Warder. This insult - this attempt on my life - will not go unanswered."

Lisa ~Agony~ : *a handful of rats pop out of various places and crawl up and around Lisa...each one watching a differant Garou*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr):  *reaches down and adjusts his fly.. its probably not often that Piotr runs across someone who shrugs off that gift* OOC:once again. the Bear Shirt gift.

Lisa ~Agony~ : *takes a step back and hisses eyes narrowing slightly*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe):  *Grunts with effort, and resists the urge to shake his head to help clear it.* HT--His body? His pack will take the news, and it is his alpha who you will be speaking to. I am certain they will be honored to handle any arrangements. *Growls.* HT--As for invasions, we have faced invasions before, and those who thought to take us left in haste; if they could.

Lisa ~Agony~ : *snarls and calls out* I think I found a mutt I hate more than you Jube. Someone tell this big black moron it's time to leave until he can grasp who's house this is...

Soul(ST Style):  The Doom Guard all lock eyes with Jurg nearly in unison - they might as well be ebon statues for all they're saying, but their luminous yellow eyes are quick to catch any motion. Piotr's hand is on Lawgiver's hilt as he glares at Jublain, the beautiful klaive flashing in the dark. "No. I WILL speak to your Grand Elder. This is not a request. I will return tomorrow so your sept can make appropriate funerary arrangements for the assassin. If there are any further attempts on my life, I will unleash suffering on this sept." With that, the group turns and filters out, two Doom Guards in front of Piotr, three behind. They return to the Umbra, and with a whispered command, the Moon Bridge is opened again and they are gone. ((And now, I'm going to bed. G'night folks.))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *looks to whoever Piotr's right-hand man is and rolls his shoulder, waiting*

Hjarta-Villtnur (Awe): *Watches until they fade into the Umbra, then shifts to Homid and looks to Lisa.* I assume someone's got an eye on him?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (Shock: MOAB: Modi Ordinance and Berskr): *snorts a chuckle*

Lisa ~Agony~ : He's gone now...*snarls and drops a knife into her hand before sending it to bury itself where Piotr was...a few minutes ago* I think it's time for a house call on my behalf...

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