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Rebirth: Part One

May 7, 2003

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Grunts.* I was born in Nebraska, not Kentucky.

Soul(ST Style): ((Aaaand....)) One of the Guardians steps out of the Umbra. The young cub looks very confused, scratching his head. "Umm...Guys? You might want to come take a look at this." With that, he steps back across the Gauntlet.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Frowns, not quite catching what he said, but follows anyway*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): you weren't born. you were spawned. You budded off yer aunt's ass. They thought it was a bunion 'till she got it lanced and it ripped the doctor's hand off.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Meditation broken. What else is new. Stands, sidestepping at the same time*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Snorts* What is it with you and the idea of being attached to someone's ass? I swear, Cole's been an-- *Stopsand looks at the Guardian, then grabs Jurg's shoulder and ganks him intothe Umbra. Where he promptly falls on his ass, because thechairsthey were sittin on have no umbral reflection.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): I'm too much of a gentleman to say *nods and gets yanked sideways. falling flat to his ass with a grunt*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Grunts, shifts to Crinos,then to Lupus, andheads off.*

Soul(ST Style): The Guardian waits for the Garou in the Umbra, then quickly leads them through the maze, beckoning them to the front gate. When they arrive there, the assembled Garou see an amazing sight. A literal herd of urban animal spirits is passing by the Junkyard. Raccoons, birds, dogs, cats - anything urban is passing by. Even a few more abstract spirits are recognizeable - here and there can be seen spirits of Garbage, and flitting among the flock are many, many Electricity Elementals.

Gabrielle Tureck: * her mouth opens a bit in wonder* Oh wow

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Eyetwitch, an emphatic "yes"*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *skitters along behind, blinking a little. Now all he needs is an old guy building a boat. Calls out to one of the spirits* ~ss~ Hey guys...what's the rush? *Looking back and forth to see what they're running from or to*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Pauses for a moment, then works his throat and speaksto one of the raccoon-spirits--not inthe spirit- 0tongue,but in the language of its mortal children.* ~Racoon~ What's all this fuss about?

Soul(ST Style): One of the spirits, a smallish dog-spirit whose ribs are plainly visible through its patchwork coat, turns to look at Twomoons. "It is not safe anymore here." The raccoon spirit tilts its head at Jublain, responding in the same tongue. "We can't stay here."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *blinks, watching the procession* ~HT~ if the cockroaches start bailin', I think its a good sign we're fucked.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Holds back just a little and thereafter, is a pigeon spirit to all eyes*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): ~Raccoon~-why not? somethin' after you?

Soul(ST Style): As if responding to Jurg, a swarm of cockroaches filters through the crowd of animals, rushing to get ahead of them. The spirits are numerous - not as numerous as they would be around the Glasswalker headquarters, but a huge amount nonetheless.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): ~HT~ if a Fianna comes by about five minutes later, hobbling with his pants ankled, I'm gonna be outta here too. *looks back and forth a few times*

Soul(ST Style): The raccoon chitters at Jublain, frustrated, prancing back and forth, clearly wanting to go. "Not just us."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *watches as they pass... looks to Gab* ~HT~ yup. we're fucked.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Well. That's just a ray of fuckin' sunshine in his day. Skitters along to keep pace with the dog-spirit, his little rat-form still having the distinctive markings of his lupus form-scars, black diamond on the tail, all that* ~ss~ All places have dangers...what makes this place more dangerous? *Please don't say it's because of the dreams and the theurges getting horked up...*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she frowns*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Moves along in the direction it's headed, so it can move and talk at the same time.*~Raccoon~~Who else? What is the thing?

Soul(ST Style): The dog-spirit chuffs at Twomoons. "It is coming." With that, it turns and joins the procession of the rest of the spirits.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Hanging out as one of the throng, straggling and listening to them*

Soul(ST Style): The raccoon gladly starts to move. "The thing is the end. It is free now. It comes for all of us. In time."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *pops alongside Jubs' side, covering the alpha's blind spot*

: ((Uhh.... is the scene closed now?))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *moving to follow, keeping track of where he is* ~ss~ It? What is "it"?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she is quiet following the others* ss~~ what is free? a spirit ? a bane? a what?

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): ~Raccoon~ Death itself? How is it freed and when does it come? *Not exactly expecting a road-map and brochure, but...*

Soul(ST Style): ((Green>>> No. Come on in.)) The dog-spirit gives Twomoons a reproachful look. "Names have power. You know better."

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *SLowly makes his way towards the yard his sickness in the usual state as he walks silent into the GA.*

Soul(ST Style): One of the spirits, an electricity elemental, turns to regard Gabrielle. At least, she thinks it does, as she has no idea where it is looking, as the spirit lacks a discernible anatomy. It buzzes as it speaks. "It is ancient. It is powerful."

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ss~ I ask not for a name...I know not what you run from.

Jeremiah Seymore: *walks on in*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods to the spirit* SS~~ is it what the lady ghost was keeping from being freed

Soul(ST Style): The raccoon gives a gesture akin to a shrug. "It is not death. It is dissolution. Decay. Entropy. It comes...Soon. None among us know when. But no one wishes to chance it."

Jeremiah Seymore: *Jeremiah is a dashing 20-something with brown hair and green eyes. He is wearing a pair of pricey jeans and a preppy polo shirt.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Moves along the side of the mass near the Garou, still a dark little pigeon with a white chest*

Soul(ST Style): The dog-spirit barks at Twomoons. "A dark power. That is all I can say. It listens."

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Nods.* ~Raccoon~ Where does it come from?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks around at the commotion. and everybody around.((if they are around that is.))*

Jeremiah Seymore: *scans the GA* Hey?

Soul(ST Style): The elemental flashes at Gabrielle, clearly growing a little aggravated, resembling a purplish cloud of leaping bolts of electricity, but says nothing.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Inwardly running through...possibilities* ~ss~ Can you not stay, and give aid to those who will need it? This place will be sorely in need of your collective assistance, if it is what you say it is.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at the elemental and frowns* ss~~ it is isn't it? oh gaia what did we do at that island?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *'waddles' next to the rat that is Twomoons and speaks quietly to him* We should backtrack.

Soul(ST Style): The raccoon makes its shrugging gesture again. "The ancient days." Behind the mass, the Garou can hear a loud buzzing drone start to commence. The droning sound is far off in the distance - probably a city block or two as the crow flies - but grows closer rapidly.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walks into the mass of people and then to the others raising his hands shrugging and looks around as in. what the hell?*

Gabrielle Tureck: ( we in the umbra)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *still continues alongside Jubs... looks at a few of the spirits, trying to recognize if any are actually regular residents of the junkyard itself... specifically the ones that would recognize _him_ as an ally. There's more to communication that the spoken word*

Jeremiah Seymore: *gets a cup of coffee, leans against the COG van*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: then again..

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Nods.* Racoon~~We coulduse your help, friend. *Turns with his packmate back to the others, to face whatever'smaking that damned sound.*

Soul(ST Style): None of the spirits look to be residents of the surrounding area. Judging from the length of the trail of spirits, they are coming from quite a distance.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she starts to ring her hands a nervous habit she has and she stops walking *

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *nods, flicking his tail rapidly* ~ps~ One sec.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *rises to his hind legs, looking towards the droning sound with both ears swivelling to focus*

Gabrielle Tureck: ss~~ where did you come form? where is the evil that drives you away ?

Soul(ST Style): The raccoon turns to look for a moment, then skitters off. The source of the sound is unclear, but it is advancing rapidly. A buzzing drone - not quite the sound of a swarm of bees, but that is the association that immediately springs to mind for the Garou.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Seeing as no one is in the mortal realm of the GA he smiles to Jeremiah and waves to him.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Waits for a one-count, before whipping around and getting ready to move as necessary*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she starts to head towards the sound of the buzzing dron ing noise*

Soul(ST Style): The elemental flashes again at Gabrielle, color turning to more of a blue. Its voice crackles, "We left it in the dark."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Checks around quickly to see if Rat, herself is going to make an appearance here*

Jeremiah Seymore: *waves to Martin* Hey, what's up?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods to the elemental* ss~~ thank you for your help * she keeps walking*

Soul(ST Style): The source of the drone continues moving closer. The Garou notice a blackish stream advancing rapidly along the ground. However, the most keen-eyed note a strange sight. As the stream of blackness touches the herd of spirits, they fall and become obscured by the mass, whatever it is.

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): ((((Jubs Trollskin: 6,2,10,8,5,1,2,8,4,1,9,--2 suxx)) *Concentrates a moment andshifts to Crnos, then lets the thick fur of his form seperate into tufts around the callousses and warts Morningstar drops from its place wth a rattle and a thump, and blood startsto bead on the spikesasthespirit awakens, ready for action .*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she moves closer to the noise squinting her eyes *

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Taped his neck softly as he shrugged.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Martin-Uh, lost your voice?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): OOC:Jurg Trollskin: 4,10,8,8,8,8,5,4,7,1-- sheeet. 5 succ. BIC:*activates the gift, getting a helluva lot more callous, wart and yes, stench than Jubs. Even has a couple of knobby ridges on his forehead, vaguely resembling something from norse mythology.* OOC:and since we're having to share the comp... also activates Inspiration and Resist Toxin. Resist Pain comes shortly after.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *blinks a little* Okay, that is ~not~ something I like to see. *starts hauling towards it to flank*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Withdraws from the column a bit* ~ps~ We have to help them.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Nodded to Jeremiah.*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): ((Jublan Spirit Ward (w/ WP: 4,9,10,3,10,9,--5 suxx)) *Pauses for amoment, then draws a complex symbol inheair. It burns in the thin umbral airfor a moment,then fadesaway-- althoughthe spirits can still see it.* ((-5dicetoany spirits not totems orcaern spirits)

Jeremiah Seymore: Martin-Hm, that's too bad.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Notes he felt the same way before she said that, and parallels him as backup*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ps~ yep. Follow-flank-recon

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *looks to Jubs a brief moment, finishes activating things and drops to three limbs, the spiked blade from his right fist held near his chest to keep from hindering movement, sprinting along the line of the noahic caravan*

Soul(ST Style): The mass continues to move closer. It is about 50 yards away from the Garou now. It no longer resembles a simple mass - the Garou can see it writhing, squirming in a loathsome, completely repulsive way. They also see and smell something horrific. Where the animal spirits fell to the black mass, only an ephemeral skeleton remains, strings of ragged flesh clinging to ancient-looking bones. A smell of cloying, overpowering decay is in the air, the smell of ancient corpses and uncovered graves, strong enough to turn even the most cast-iron of stomachs. The line of animals suddenly splits and flees in all directions - they assist each other when they can, but just as often trample each other in their mad rush to escape.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she reaches it and gulp and whispers* Ohhhh shit * she now backpedals* bad thing bad thing

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *kaffs once* Holy Prussian ~ratfuck~! Herd 'em away, bridge it!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Shifts to Crinos as she rushes along the two-Garou formation and reveals herself as herself again*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she starts to say that prayer she did at the island the only thing she can think of to help her*

Jeremiah Seymore: Martin-*stretches* I wonder where everyone has run off to.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she even pulls out the cross necklace with the baby ring from the child of the islnad*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Blinked at Jeremiah and looked woorried all of a sudden and imediately went to the coffee pot to look at himself and Sidestepped.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *rises up, not backing away just yet. Lets loose with a massive bellow towards the approaching mass... i tmay not stop it like normal, but might just buy the others time* OOC: Jurg True Fear. wp: 9,7,10,1,9,4,10,6,4,3,1,4. no clue what kinda willpower this thing has, or even if it'd affect it. 1 succ at diff 10. 3 at diff 9

Soul(ST Style): The black mass rushes onwards towards the spirits, heedless of the Garou. As more and more spirits fall, the horde begins to glow. Softly at first, slowly growing brighter, the mass of squirming creatures starts to shine with a blackish energy, the looks of it somehow oily and unclean.

Jeremiah Seymore: *blinks at Martin's odd behavior, shrugs and sips his coffee*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): OOC:Jubs Call of the Wyld: 5,7,6,8,6,7,3,4,9,10-- 7 succ BIC: *Lets loose with his own snarl at the encroaching mass as Jurg does, a snarl that carries literally for miles.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Blinks seeing the Mass hoard. For once he is glad he cant speak. he goes to grab for his guns and would probably scream his head off as Linda took them away from him and hasnt returned them. He looked around for the others.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Starts talking to Perch quickly* Get a moonbridge open about 50 yards ahead, get 'em towards and Val'll herd what we can, go-go-go..

Soul(ST Style): The mass of creatures continues rushing towards the Garou, completely heedless of the Fenrir attempts at intimidation. Fortunately, most of the animal spirits are out of the way of the mass of creatures by this point, either hiding or running fast enough to escape it.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *As she runs, any spirits that can be punted, swatted, or tossed from harm's way, are.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she packpedaling alot quicker now*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *falls back, moving into position to cover Val. Literaly getting between her and the thing*

Soul(ST Style): The mass continues pouring towards the Garou, the droning becoming almost intolerably loud. And then, suddenly, as one final small cat-spirit falls to the horde with a pitiful, heart-rending 'meow', the mass simply...Stops. The droning ceases abruptly.

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Moves in that eery similarity of movementthat packmates share, starting hisrun at the same time Jurg does,andoccasonally pausing to punt , swat, or golf (Via Morningstar) a spirit out of harms's way.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Sweeping spirits along as best she can butting them like a bull now, running on all fours*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she stops backpedaling as the noise stops and has half a notion to try and dive into the mass *

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Okay, that's not right.* Val...quick, go grab the shit for Cleansing.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Skids and snaps around to see what the mass is up to, chest heaving and teeth bared back to the throat*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *shifts to hispo, bolting to catch up with Val by using the path she clears, assuming she's moving slower by having to knock the spirits aside. Which Jurg does also, though not as thoroughly.. if they get in the way, they get shouldered like a train*

Gabrielle Tureck: * since she is probley the closest she tries to speak to the thing* ss~~ who are you?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Sidles, keeping it in view, then dashes off to do as ordered*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Snarls as the thing disappears, and goes to investigate the damage, picking up whatever scents he can.*

Soul(ST Style): The unwholesome glow around the spirits begins to intensify. All the Garou can feel the energy of dozens of fallen spirits building, their fur standing on end from the sheer magnitude of the spiritual energy present. The Theurges can also feel that energy being tainted - it is turning from the energy of Gaia to something far darker, something that feels somehow...Corrupt, dark, vile. The most spiritually sensitive Garou present feel a little nauseous suddenly, bile rising in the backs of their throats.

Gabrielle Tureck: * and she does just that gags and coughs and holds her stomach*

Soul(ST Style): ((It didn't disappear. Just stopped. They're not moving at all.)) The sharp-eyed start to pick out the forms of the creatures that make up the swarm, as that is clearly what it is. Whatever the little things are, they are horrid-looking. Insectoid, they combine the worst traits of scarabs, ants, grasshoppers, and bees, all gnashing pincers and twitching legs and gleaming carapaces.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *follows along with Val to do the bodyguard thing, leaving Jubs to do his more helpful stuff.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looking at the thing he smirks. The sickness of his body having been tormenting him for months now simply dont even react as he is allready sick more then he can be. He shifts to Crinos and looks at the others.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Speed dash into the Yard, to the Nova where the twigs and bowl are kept. Luckily, it's been raining a lot and rainwater is sloshed up in it quickly from the reserves kept in a bucket*

Gabrielle Tureck: * her eyes widen at the bugs* oh go

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *The little furry Twomoons gulps a few times* Oh...fuck me sweetly in the talltallgrass...

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Screeches, almost,to a halt, watchin, listening, and sniffing from where he's at.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *watches the huge crinos run around calmly* Hmmm...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Bucket, twigs, bowl and all are speed dashed back the way they came while she barely notices Jurg nearby and recrosses the Gauntlet*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *speed-follows back.*

Soul(ST Style): The energy continues to build. The air feels somehow electric, and that is reflected in the fur of the Garou, which is now standing fully on end. And then, suddenly, it is gone. A cloud of dark, coruscating energy suddenly erupts from the horde of tiny spirits, and speeds off, far faster than the Garou could ever hope to go, even running at top speed in Lupus. And then, suddenly, whatever force is animating the horde leaves it. The insectoid monstroties fall over, legs curling inwards, and begin to dissolve slowly, breaking down into a foul-smelling mess at an extremely slow rate.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *fur standing on end, he doesn't leave Val's side... if he's shaken up, it doesn't show. not right now, anyway. his nose crinkles at the stench, though lacks the spiritual sensitivity to be truly hammered by the atrocity of what's going on*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Stood there smelling the air. looking at the things. concentrating on them.*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *moves forward and investigates the insects, trying to control the urge to puke*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she on the other hand lets go and pukes *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Too embittered to say much of anything right now. She merely starts the ritual to cleanse the area; dipping the bowl into the rain water, drenching the twigs to toss water across the ground*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *And gab ~had~ to hurl...great...skitters of to a corner and does some ratlike dry-heaving*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Spending a WP to not puke and finish the Rite))

Gabrielle Tureck: * she groans and holds her stomach being the closest to the crap and the horrible smell*

Soul(ST Style): The insects are all quite dead, their carapaces hard and brittle where they are not breaking down into the oily black goo, crumbling at the lightest touch.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *finally, with a miniscule 'ptui'...heads back to the mass of...bugs*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): ~HT~ Puke and Rally! get it out and do what we gotta... I don't like bein' out here. *speaking of cast-iron stomachs, he manages pretty effectively not to puke. Spits some nasty shit from the back of his throat, though*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Muzzle is crinkled but tightly closed and her nostrils are even pinched barely letting in enough air to keep going. Ears have disappeared somewhere in the large hackles that have fallen askew every which way, some standing. The sprinkling of the ground and the mass goes on as the Rite builds*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks down at the mess* we need samples.....see what affects it..* said in that after puke horse voice*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *OKay, round 2...Cleansing's being done, now to check on where the spirits who survived this wreckage went to*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Grunts, steeling himself and then sniffin lightly to catch the scent of the creature before exhaling qickly to clear hs nostrils and looking over them carefully, as well as any victims.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walked silently over the place and looked at the things with a disdain. sniffing the area. Looking to the Direction they went. The ritual simply coiling like crazy in him as he walked around the mass of death and dead spirits.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she frowns as her eyes well up from the loss of spirits and she blinks a few times*

Soul(ST Style): The 'skeletons' left behind by the horde(certainly not a natural occurence, leaving skeletons as they did) are all gone. Simply vanished - none of the Garou know where they went. The survivors seem to be scattered to the four winds, hiding themselves very effectively.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *When the appropriate time comes ((7,7,4,8,6,6)) *Cuts into the air with a howl that carries on long and penetratingly*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *A slight whiff of nostalgia as the 'puke and rally' cry goes out. Ah for the days when he was 20 and able to do that and more...*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she just kneels as she feels such a tremendous loss *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Stands there, still, silent, eyes closed and nose in the air for some time afterwards hoping for any kind of hint where the thing went. Dead calm seeming, herself. Of course, some know this is not a good thing necessarily.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *doesn't quite understand all that just happened... and sure as hell isn't interupting the cleansing to ask, so simply remains more or less quiet while he watches Val*

Jeremiah Seymore: *yawns*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *lets the disguise go and shifts to lupus, padding over to Val* ~ws~ Went which way?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she slowly stands and sees Martin is here* Martin....I need to speak to you.

Soul(ST Style): There is no hint of where the energy went to, no hint as to where the source of the horde lies. The Umbral night is still, almost unnaturally so, and very, very quiet.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looked around slowly snarling silently looking at the others.*

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Keeps movn around, investigating any scents or sights he can, but generaly stays out of the Theurge's way.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *One ear tip unfolds from the mass of hackles and rises to half-mast* ~HT~ Too many are gone. There's no background noise any more. I always hear them and now they're gone like night without stars.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *nods quietly* ~HT~ you okay, Val?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods in agreement with Val* Now I know why they were hiding

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ws~ I know. We're going to have to try and get them back, entice them. Which means whatever that was, needs to get itself the hell outta here. We may have to push it a little though.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ~HT~ It's not there or anywhere.. Nothing's left. *Looks from Twomoons to Jurg and nods*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at the others* We set it free..she told us.....gaia what did we do? * she starts to head back to the yard*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ~HT~ We need its true name. It's too big for the usual ways of dealing.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Twomoons and crosses his neck with his thumb. Then nods to Gabrielle.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ws~ I take it this name thing is going to be something a little more complicated then "Bob."

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): ~HT~ fear didn' touch 'em. Visage probably woulda... since it looks like it was a fuckin' swarm.. *grunts and thinks*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ~HT~ Umbral quests, meditation, bargaining with things we never wanted to bargain with, ...Uktena maybe could help.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she steps back into the yard and even goes into the fridge and grabs a beer ..something she's never done here before and she lights up a smoke her hand a bit shaky*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ws~ We're fresh out of Uktena, unfortunately.

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Nods as he investigates.* HT-- Nor did other attempts to instill fear or unnerve them. I think it--it as in the whole collective of 'em--is mindless. It's like trying to scare a rock.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Starts padding, making a fast patrol circuit before coming back to the main area*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Jere* your a walker right?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ~HT~ We have to work fast. Can't handle hearing another little cat..*swallows hard a few times and blinks*

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-*nods* Yup.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Gathers up the cleansing tools stiffly*

Gabrielle Tureck: Jere> I need you to find some info for me....someone in your tribe from long time ago....Martin tried before to get info and he couldn't get it..

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-What for?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ~HT~ Like I want to see your butt now. *Snuffs hard and follows looking rather diminished at the moment*

Gabrielle Tureck: Jere> seems this man's past is now affecting our present and future...and I need to find out what this guy did

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): ~HT~ better'n following the little black starfish. *drops to all fours and escorts Val, not liking what happened*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Jurg's comment causes a self- concious drop of her tail.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-Alright, information about who?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Better then looking at some other stuff.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *reverting to homid as they go* No dingleberries at least.

Jublain Hjarta~Villtnur Wade (GoF PB3: Awe): *Grunts.* HT--I'll have to ask and see how much a real locust swarm is actually natural

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): TM>>~HT~ so stop staring at my nuts. *ears swivelling left and right, and while that troll skin smells pretty damned bad, its still nowhere near as by as insta-rotting spirits*

Gabrielle Tureck: Jere> a Alexander Willaims.....seems Martin tried to ask about him and got some hostile shit from the elders of your's not something your gonna find in the history of your books or however you guys keep track of your'll be hidden somewhere...maybe hmm ....

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *As he is forgotten he moves to the SED car and hearing the comments and teh words he settles himself on the car hood and closes his eyes.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-I don't know, why should I help you against a member of my own tribe?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *flicks his tail a few times before reverting to homid* ~ps~ Meditation tomorrow. Now, review.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *fuck homid reversion. stays in lupus, moving on three limbs*

Gabrielle Tureck: Jere> becuase this member of your tribe I suspect fell to the wyrm and if you value you own life I think you would want to help

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Yeh, that. *on replaying everything she saw, bad as it was.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): Val>y'all inspectin' the place more? or headin' to safety?

Soul(ST Style): ((I'm going to step away for a moment, folks - I'll be back if anyone has any questions, but I'm only staying on for another fifteen minutes or so.))

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-I'm not even sure if I can help you since my only source would be the people Martin already asked.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Jurg> It's been cleansed and the Warder did a circuit. Maybe if you and Jublain want to give it a once- again, that wouldn't hurt. And if you find any spirits hiding, bring them to me right away would you?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *After a moment he shifted to Homid and digged into his things and grabbed something and threw it at Gab to get her attention.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): Val>>~HT~ will do. stay safe... *turns and heads back to Jubs*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shakes her head* Jere> then so be it I'll do it........forget I even asked * she gulps some of the beer and belches*...

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks over at Martin* wha? * she heads over to Martin*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Jurg> You guys too.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Wrote down on a piece of paper and showed her the paper.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabe-*shrugs* Good luck.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): *glances over his shoulder* ~HT~ oh, and Twomoons. If this is as bad as it seems, think you can handle a truce until it gets worked out? this seems a bit more important than you winning "round 2" or however you're viewin' shit these days.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Pours coffee* They couldn't describe it. They didn't say it was Wyrm. It has a name, though. *Doing the mental flip- flip-flip*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (GoF PB3; Shock): Val>>*shrugs* ~HT~ I'm not gonna argue. Its just last I know, it was referred to as a round. It doesn't matter... y'all just figure out where you need us to stand to keep things from getting by, and let us know.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Used his fingers and whistled hard as he blew in them. and started to write on his note pad and pointed to Gabrielles neck.*

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