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Banebiter's Raid and the Death of Mitch

July 15, 2003

Note: PM's were removed.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She picks up the pace a little, though doesn't know exactly where they're going* Lead the way, Steel...

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (9ok ill archive .. and well folks.. it IS lethal..)) they head threw the umbra.. lunas light shines down fully on them..

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She doesn't blur yet, too many people with her for the subtle approach*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Intnetly following with his pack, ready for action*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *his large warform looks aorund.. leading his pack to where he saw the banes*

Mitch Williams: *once they're close to where Steel thinks the van is... THEN Mitch peers across to the real world to look around*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She shifts up to Crinos, though will revert if they go across the Gauntlet, don't need anyone to see them like this*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steels own bbody begins to glow.. as the light of luna wraps itself around him*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Shifts up only to Glabro, no need in going to warform just yet*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Luna's light also about her form, seems as ready as she'll ever be...practically twitchy with anticipation*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (9stupid dice roller..1 succ))..steels body doesnt glow as much as rileys

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: the closer they get to the area.. they start to spot banes whirling around...

Mitch Williams: *peering into the real world* ((does he see anything?))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *looks around*.. HT saw at least 5.....but looks like theirs less now..((everyione..percept + alertness.. dif 8..if you have sence wyrm..dif 6))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((mitch sees about 6 people.. some are armed.*2* others are in lab coats..their standing around medical stuff..*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (3 sux there)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Peering around at the banes, waiting for Mitch to relay back what he sees*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (1 sux) *Rudy looks around, ready for anything*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *she growls at spotting the bane, not taking her eyes off as she speaks to the others* ~ps~ Bane over there, looks like its gonna ambush us...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (um, was anyone archiving this?)

Mitch Williams: *pulls his gaze back to the umbral side* there are armed individuals on the physical side...

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ps.. agreed..get ready folks.. we may be fight..*pauses* INCOMING!!! ((the other banes**theres a total of 3 plus the lurker the three close in on th pack))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((i am))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : ~ps~ So what's the plan then? We got folks on this side too....and Steel can't go to the physical side.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She gets ready as Steel calls out though she saw them coming, claws out and ready*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (15)

Mitch Williams: *reverts to crinos, ready*

Mitch Williams: ((8))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((steel 25*heh* banes DO you roll inits for banes?))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (um,not sure...I can look in the book)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((ill use their rage..banes init 14..mitch declare))

Mitch Williams: ((burning one rage..... slashing the nearest bane))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: the banes are gonna attack each of each..riley declare

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (gonna burn a rage, attack both times with her claws)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: steel*going first* raors and leaps at the nearest bane..claws slashing at it..his clawws slaice into the bane.. but it still there.. part of it dissapates*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((riley your action))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She lets out a loud snarl, slashing into the bane that's approaching her* (four sux to hit, rolling on damage)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (waiting for rage actions for her second attack)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: rileys claw slashesinto it.. but barely gets noticed..the banes all slash at the garou with their claws

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (9does anyone DODGE?))

Mitch Williams: (( sorry *G*))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (nope, currently trusting in Luna's Armor...besides, can't use the rage action until everyone's gone)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: Bane 1 attacks Mitch((4 sux...soak 6))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: bane 2 attacks riley(1 sux..soak 2))

Mitch Williams: ((holy crap! Mitch soak: 1,2,1,5,1,1))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (soaked)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: Bane 3 attacks steel(1 sux..soak 4..steel soaks 2(( the banes claw slashes into steel..he howls in pain

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She growls but the banes don't seem to dent her much*

Mitch Williams: ((no penalty for the botch?))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (nope, can't botch soaking)

Mitch Williams: ((ok))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: * the banes claws SLASHES int Mitch.. burying its claws deeply into him((well your at - 5 dice mitch..but you can attack))

Mitch Williams: *HOWLS in pain..... then buries his claws into the bane's head* ((Mitch slash (after dmg penalty): 10,7,5=2 sux))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((mitchs claws do seem to hurt it.. steel ROARING at the bane slashes at the bane that hurt him and..does nothing))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((riley..rage action))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She continues the slash at the bane in front of her, claws digging deep*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((the bane howls as rileys claws slash at it.. and it dissapears))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *A howl of triumph at that, then goes to help Mitch out (next turn)*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((mitch rage action))

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch slash #2 (dmg penalty): 5,9,7=3 sux))

Mitch Williams: ((err... delacring slash *grins and tucks the roll away for later))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (9he sorry man)) your claws bounce harmlessly off its hide..steel((haveing spent 2 rage attacks) his claw slashes at the bane.. and somne more of it dissapates.. but its still there..

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: inits

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (17)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (Mitch didn't roll damage, did he? just to hit...though if they're too hard to hit, might not matter)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (( thought that was damage..sorry&ldots;roll damage mitch))

Mitch Williams: ((11))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (steel 23 banes 13))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((mitch declare))

Mitch Williams: ((ok, STR+2=10... +3 sux to hit = 13... Mitch dmg: 7,10,8,8,10,1,1,7,6,9,6,2,5=7 sux))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((ok repost)) the bane seems to dissapaite more..but its still there.. mitch..delare next round

Mitch Williams: ((slashing again.... burning 2 rage))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (9the banes are gonna attack..duh.. riley declair))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (attacking, burning a rage for an extra action)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: steel ROARS and BITES at the bane.. having enough of it((invokes rats blessing)) *steels bite seems to snap the bane in 2..and it dissapates...riley your action..

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Riley turns to go help Mitch out, slashing at his bane, just barely managing to hit, though her claws dig in once she does*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (riley your claw barely seems to effect it(took 1) the bane seems to glow for asecond..then slashes at both of you..))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((mitch the dice roller does NOT like you..roll dodge...riley your missed))

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch dodge: 1,7,3))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: (( ow) Mitch weakly tries to get out of the way but fails.. the bane buries its claws into him *sighs..soak 6))

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch soak: 2,5,8,9,4,9=3 sux.... and that's all folks))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (can roll rage to get up, right?)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *the banes claws slash into mitch..((roll rage to see if you dont die?))

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch rage: 9,7,10,4))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((and mitch frenzies..roll attack))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (woohoo...)

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch claw: 2,3,5,6,2,2,9,4=2 sux // Mitch claw dmg: 4,2,2,9,3,4,8,6,6,10,10,9=7 dmg))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((and the claw does it.. the bane howls and goes POOF...Rudy NPC heads over having killed his bane as well))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (cool)

Mitch Williams: ((still frenzying?))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((you can roll wp to come out of it))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and that's it, except for rage actions?)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((yup..but all the banes are gone))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She rears back to strike again, but Mitch seems to finish the job and she lets out a whoop, glad they all survived*

Mitch Williams: ((Mitch WP: 2,6,3,7))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: snarls..looking aorund.. seeing mitch in frenzy..

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((and mitch comes out of it))

Mitch Williams: *shakes his head a bit..... clutching his severly wounded stomach..... he staggers away a few steps*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She looks around, to make sure that there's no more, then goes to Mitch once he snaps out of it* We should get ya back, you need to get healed...unless you want me to track the van, Steel. (if it's still there)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: looks ok mitch?

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: gotta go real side if you do short stuff

Mitch Williams: I..... am not entirely well....

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *snorts, that's an understatement* Yeah, so go back and get healed....I'll take over tracking, no big assault tonight, okay?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *sighs* Steel, mental note...more of us gotta learn Mother's Touch...

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *nods* i agree short stuff.. one gift we all need

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *nods* I'd suck at it, least it wouldn't just be him. *peeks across, checking to see if it's still there*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *as she peeks she sees that the vans getting ready to leave*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She makes sure that she'd be at a place where no one can spot her and then would step sideways...enacting Blur of the Milkey Eye though she doesn't get close at all, doesn't need to to track*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *watches Riley vanish*PS where you going?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : ~ps~ What? But it's just saw what they had last time...we need to find out more about where they came from...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (seeing as how we don't have Erin or Rudy and Mitch has to go get healed, makes more sense to scout instead)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ps..mitch said stop it...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : ~ps~ *sigh, obviously not thinking it the right move* (and goes to Jam Tech the van then)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((ok mitch..roll soak)).. i bane hidden threw the entire fight.,. suddenly appareas next to mitch and slashes him

Mitch Williams: *slowly gets to his feet to face the bane* ~PS~ regardless of what you hear or feel.... do not allow that van to escape... it has harmed enough people... this cannot continue.....

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (dont' have much time left before I get incoherent, just letting you know)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((riley you realize this IS the base of the van))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She growls, trying to summon the will to stop the van before it can go...engine, breaks, whatever's good*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: the vans engine shuts down.. the men pile out...wonderting what the hells going on..and..steels there..roaring..

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *steels claws slash two of the men((hmm not supernaturl..that means dead))..riley one guy on your side.. mitch.... the bane  attacks again..soak (ouch)..6

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (okay, in that case) *Since Steel's charging ahead, she's not going to abandon her packmate, following with and attacks the one closest to her before he can get a chance do likewise*

Mitch Williams: *some time during their fight.... the pack feels their connection to Mitch wink out*(soaked 3)

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: roars ..the men all die.. but then ..HT mitch..* and goes umbral*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *she checks the men and their equipment as Steel goes umbral, ready to take anything interesting if it needs to be inspected later, leaving before there's the chance of folks seeing*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: ((riley you find a few seringes..and weapons..but.. it looks like the van stocks here.. but..where does the stuff come from??))

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: PS SHORT STUFF.. UMBRA NOW!!!

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She frowns, grabs as much as she can, no time to check carefully and steps sideways*

Mitch Williams: *Mitch lays motionless, in crinos.... in a pool of his own blood*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *standing over the body of mitch...howling*..NOOOOOOOOO

 Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She looks on, stunned...and lets out a howl*

Steeleyes(MotC)*IN Crinos*: *scoops up mitches body and races off*((heading back to the yard an ends achive))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *she follows Steel, not sure what to think*

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