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Rebirth: Final Scenes

July 20, 2003

The Junkyard - Real World

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at Jublian* Is there any plans or information I can have to better direct my pack tonight?

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Shifts into Crinos, gripping Leash Biter*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *for some reason, doesn't share Gab's humor at Erin, only watching her one-time alpha*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): Linda>>Not yet. Apparently, not even the ritualists have seen the site yet.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to her Alpha. She's in Glabro. Fully decked out in her battle armor. Spike shin gaurds, the bezerkr gauntlets, and her very large, formidable looking war hammer*

Jeremiah Seymore: *watches Erin*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> The best distraction is done through meditation. But it's as dangerous as a physical encounter.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she calls Linda over to where's she's at*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *she nods to Valerie* I'm not afraid. How long is this necessary? Will I still be performing the rite with you?

Flea & †Nephi†: *Looks at Linda and lifts her head...In nothing but Hispo...Though glanceing at Flaw and Chad worriedly...* /// †Still out doing her duty...Sneaking..On alert†

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Takes the moment to step sideways as she watches her reflection from car window...She turns...looking for someone. *there he is...duh* Hey Steel...gotta sec?

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: We all have done well doing our duty to gaia, to protect this place. it has not been an easy path. lord knows how difficult it has been. tonight.. we fight to save our mother as we were meant to. we give our heart and souls to her. *sighs a bit* for all of those whom i am close with.. i wish for you to know that i love you. for those whom i am not close with.. you have my respect for putting yourself into this danger, and i pray for all our safty in this righteious venue. may gaia and god bless us all.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *she picks up one of the rifles and fits it with a dedicated strap she has, and takes some of the ammo* I see our requisition came in. *nods to the STAT pack in acknowledgment* Alright Cassy what was this about Martin wanting to be bait?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> That's the problem. I need you in the Rite and you could be incapacitated if you do this thing. ((BRB))

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): Gab, I gotta go talk to someone... *she heads toward Erin*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (Steel's in the Umbra, along with Riley)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *walking with riley.. turns hearing cassy* yea?? what yea need?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): Then I will simply have to NOT be incapacitated.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Cassy is in the umbra but will assume that was PS)) Linda>>PS-Marty wanted to be the decoy if they needed one. You know how he is. Jubs and Val know more about that plan then me.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods to Ari and smiles a bit understanding*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): (( yea they are riley-p...cassey went umbral))

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Approaches him, and leans into his ear*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (okay, wasn't sure)

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *tosses a salute to Erin and settles back in with his pack, gently carresing the Geode with his left claw as it hangs from his neck, right next to the ephemereal dog tags. Digs into his pocket for a cigar and lighter... an offering to the Goddess of War tonight*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Looks around once, satisfied with what's happening*

Gabrielle Tureck: Linda> * she motions her over to the car she's at*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Jublian....I heard something about a decoy tactic being needed. Can you tell me more about that?

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *quietly* Erin...

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks over at Val too motioning her over as well*

Justin "Sparky": *Whistling cuts through the air just next to the CoGvan, then the source appears a heartbeat later and Sparky appears with a smile.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *glances at Gabrielle finially noticing* What is it Gab?

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *returns Linda's nod and lights the Cigar, puffing it heavily to bring on large amounts of smoke... smelling of the Fog of War as it burns*

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *spots air and dims down into silence.. then calls over to twomoons* i know i've been nothing but a hassel for you to handle.. eh.. *grins letting his italian accent sink in* no hard fellins eh?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *comes on over looking at the thuerges*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nods to Linda*

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *looks down to ari* yeah ari?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *winks at erin* You're an Ahroun, dude.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): Linda>>It's already been done.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *her eyes flick from Gab to Val* Alright whats up?

Flaw: *Looks up at the Crinos Chad and then at the Garou*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she hands Linda a rugsack* I got some torches in case there's no light and a couple of flashlights...there's a can of lighter fluid for the torches and a lighter...

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy walks into the caern in full battle readiness, looking around for his pack*

Justin "Sparky": *Walks over to Twomoons and Val* Ahot there.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *just looks at Erin for a moment, then moves to hug him, standing on her tiptoes to do so*

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: yo jublain... be safe out there amano..

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Back)) Excuse me a sec Rane? *Walks to Gabrielle's summons*

Kylie Wallace: * she enters and is carrying a large box and heads to Jason*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((rudy..umbral *G*))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Excellent. *for once nodding at Gab with respect* Probably work better then the few mag lights I was able to scrounge.

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *looks at Jax, Swante and Ash* Wish Punk Rock was here. Remember them crazy ass speeches he used ta give before a battle? *clears his throat and his Aussie accent crosses the oceans to the slums of England* Right then you fuckin wankers. We're bein right fuckin stupid and gonna go try and kill more things than there are of us. If we fuck it up and kick the bucket, we better take a whole shit load of em with us to be our bitches in the afterlife. Cuz I'm tellin you if I don't have at least 5 hot broads servin me in heaven, I'll be comin back as a ghost to steal all of yers. *squints one eye and spits to the side to finish the emulation of the fallen packmate*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Rumbles to Nine Iron* ~ws~Umbra dude, catch up *Says the Hispo Flea*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *partial shifts his head to Hispo for the enhancements of senses and settles in to wait*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Nods* hey Sparky. Welcome to the party. *claps Sparky on the shoulder*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Slips umbral, getting a note in the Biter's area* Hey chief, Riley. Big night.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Chuckles.* Punk Rock was bloody cool.

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *grows quiet and leans down wrapping his good arm around the waif of a woman* be safe out there arizona... don't you dare die on me... *kisses her cheek and hugs her tightly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((I m,ssed while I was disconnected))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Nods to Erin with a grin.* That ain't my job.

Justin "Sparky": *Pats Twomoons's shoulder* So what have we got?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods to Linda* I thought about it and figured with us going underground there might not be any light.....i got Rane with the other one....

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *looks at Rudy*..yea.. you ready for this?...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Grins and thumbs up to Rudy* Oh yeah, big night...glad ya caught up. Ya know the plan, right?

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *his posture takes on the approximation of a slight feral smile at Austin's impression of Rock*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *nods to Erin, speaking quietly* Take care a you. *kisses his cheek in return*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Is that it? *said to's clear Linda wants to clear some things with Jub before they head out*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Smiles slightly at Austin's comment even though she never know Punk Rock*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Val* Okay I don't know what you got for binding material but I kinda like got all this adhesive bandage rolls...I kinda gacked em from the hospitial I gott'em all cleansed and stuff.....

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Nods, leaning on his nine iron* You bet, ready and willing. It's about time we get personal in the defense.. Front line too. *Grins*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *To Flaw* ~ws~You hit em low, I hit em high old friend.

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): Swante>>Course he was...he was Punk Rock *chuckles* Never did I see a more fittin' deed name on a Garou.

Gabrielle Tureck: Linda> oh yeah sorry I'm trying to get everything taken care of......that was it 

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Sparky>>Long odds, alot of weapons, and Gaia on our side. And I ain't gotten laid since this morning, so I'm about ready to kill something.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *figures Gab is done and goes back over to Jub* OK whats the details on the bait thing...Martin isn't being used is he?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Gabrielle> I've had some concerns that he can see into you by what the priest in Pangea said. But I don't think that'll matter once we're started because he'll know anyway. Now if we only knew when it's going to go down...

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax chuckles at Austin, but the mirth doesn't reach her eyes.

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *nods* rudy.. *serious tone*.. dont loose it...if you gotta fall back.. do it.. *places a hand on his shoudler*..ive lost to many packmates.. i dont need to loose anymore..

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *nods softly to ari pulling away batting her nose lightly with his finger* you too.. *steps back and calls out to Gabrielle* you take good care of her ya hear? *concern blazing in his eyes* get her home alive.. i'm countin on you. *looks back down to ari* goodbye.. *winces slightly at that before his form goes umbral*

Kylie Wallace: Jason...I got something for you

Justin "Sparky": *He chuckles* Well-take out your frustrations, Doc, there might be all sorts of time for it.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *smirks and nods to Rudy* Yeah, glad we c'n all make it, maybe this'll work after all.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *looks to Valerie* At what point do you want me to disengage, and rejoin the right?

Justin "Sparky": *He looks around to Dove and smiles with a soft wave*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Shimmer back across the gauntlet and stands again by her pack*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Gabrielle> And I have a binding also.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *nods in agreement with Steel* Yeah...of all the nights for ya to lose it, DON'T let it be this one. We need ya, a'ight?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Erin* ya got it * she smiles*

Flaw: ~Ws~Fair 'nuff Follows Bridges

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Kylie>>Is it alcoholic?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> *Quietly* Are you volunteering?

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *and sees erin appear* ..erin..*smiles*.. well gang..were all here..lets show those bastardsa what it means to be in a fight..

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): Linda>>No. It'll be some kind of meditation thing.

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puts his hand on Steel's* Don't worry chief, I'll be careful. We're here to look after eachother.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *walks over to Sparky next*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Moves to stand next to Linda* So whats goin down rhya?

Justin "Sparky": *Looks over to Ari* How are you doing, Ari?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *she nods to Valerie* I can do it. I just need to know when to abandon.

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove smiles and waves back to Sparky.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He Enters the yard running.*

Gabrielle Tureck: Valerie> * she frowns for a momnet* Yeah I thought about him being able to do that too....but his arrogance is gonna be his downfall even if he knows what were doing.....Umm I got some added protection too * she indicates the rather large kodiac bear tattoo on her arm*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods in a way relieved* Martin's a brave ragabash but one day he won't be so lucky. Huh wonder what last minute toys hes getting.... *notices hes not here*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Well I've officially got two hours to be here, so hopefully we can get this going quickly)

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): Doing ok. I guess. *a small chuckle* Sounds like you and me are in the same area, tonight...

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He runs towards his packmates.*

Justin "Sparky": Dove> You're going to be safe, right hun? *Smile*

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *steps over to the bane biters oddly at peace look* for just a moment... grant me this.. *walks over to riley and gives her a big hug.. smiling and kisses her forehead.. taking his roasary made from the gaia glyph and passes it before her in a cross.. then does the same to steel and rudy*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> I'll pull you back when the time comes. When he's been captured, is the time. ((Just a sec Rudy))

Kylie Wallace: Jason> no i got something for you to give to the person in charge of the umbral guard and I got something to protect the heart * she pulls out a bell and a gold little rod and a ivory whistle*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Nudges Dove* Go talk to him...*grins slightly*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Eye Dogs front and center. Sorry guys can't help that...been hanging with the Stats too much...but anyway gather round.

Justin "Sparky": Ari> Where are we going to be?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nod to Valerie* Then it is settled.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): ** Average height of 6'2", weight about 195 lbs. Has short spiked blonde hair. His eyes are amber green. They are usualy covered under oval shaped glasses. Around his neck is a small chain wich holds a small plastic toy dog at the end( picture Milo in the film the mask). His attire is of simplicity and comfort. He wears an old brown leather jacket over white tight cotton t-shirt. His pants are standard issue world war 2 army pants. His belt has a special insignia buckle, representing a shield with wings. His feet are covered in old black leather boots, The only difference is metal caps added over protecting the laces and tip of the boot. He carries with him an old army duffle bag. His expression is a rugged friendly kind of look, but his eyes seem to hide an incontrollable sense of danger in him. His smile simply shows a sign of brilliant cunning. **

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ((I'll archive the Rite thing...Auggy said he'll archive the Caern thing...that's got it all ))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Marty walks up to Linda.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Looks at the items* been busy.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She startled as Erin does that but hugs him back* Same goes for you, too, no loosin' it on us....ya'll got the stuff I sent?

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *points, for Sparky's benefit* Me, you, and Brad are handling ground defense. Figure it'll work better if I can dart in and cripple, leaving you and Brad for the kill.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Stamps out her cigarette, and stands quietly trying to focus her thoughts. Then in almost unconcious effort, she unclips the waterskin from her belt. Those in the umbra notice a red, firey rage spirit, obviously agitated, swirling around her waist. She flips open the stopper and shifts to Crinos then begins to poor the slightly bluish tinted water over her claws.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Is already Standing with Linda.*

Kylie Wallace: * she hands them to him and explians in detail how the spirit whistle works and then the santuary charms work* Yes beleive why I been a hermit * the marks or tiredness show on her*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *pulls out the bottle Kylie gvae him* ok folks..we need all the help we can get..*shifts up*..all take a swig..

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *nods to riley* yes.. and do not worry.. unless it is called for i won't. may gaia and god bless us and keep us safe this night.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> I know you're the right one for this. I'll be nearby healing you if you're hurt. 

Flea & †Nephi†: (*Gets music ready during said 15 minutes...Cackles and finds hardest stuff I can...*)

Dove Äase Larsen: She nods to Moony and moves over to Sparky. "As safe as I can be, I'm not going to be on the front lines or anything." She is scared to death, her hands are shaking.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods to Kayla, removes his K-Bar from its sheath, and holds it out to her.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Alrighty Eye Dogs. It's clear Jublian is the commander of this battle. We follow his lead. The ritual site is underground. Gab supplied us with torches, flashlights, and what we need for sight. *gestures to the bag* I know if we kill the human body of this bane...we are in for a world of hurt because it won't be able to be bound. I do understand some earth elementals have been called in to help us hold this thing. The rest unfortunately is us flying blind. Say your prayers, and lets hope we all make it through this alive and well.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *quietly* We're going on vacation once this is over. So don't croak.

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *shifts up into crinos and waits for the bottle*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Takes out his own bottle, toasts Ateel and the crew and drinks*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : Erin> *nods, half-salute* Amen ta that....*takes out her flask and eyes it carefully...takes a long swig*


Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : A'ight, guys...let's keep it together tonight, show everyone what the Banebiters can do. *grins, a feral light in her eyes...eager to begin*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Bobs her head to Linda...* ~ws~I love you...*Bats her Lupus eyes and peers at Marty...Bad bad Ragabash*

Justin "Sparky": Ari> *Nods* Good. We've got to keep an eye on the CoGgie's van to make sure it stays safe.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Now our requisitions are one other sniper rifle, and pistols. Martin...I prefere you at least take a gun. You are not the strongest on physical combat.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to Linda* Fuck it...dead or not, I'll see you in the homelands one day...*smiles. Swallowing her nervousness*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Linda and shows her his 2 9mm.s* Will these do boss?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): I prefer everyone take at least one...not to be used on our bane body friend but I bet he has friends who are going to be a bitch. Least we got some distance weapons if the opportunity presents itself.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): Leave healing as a last resort, Valerie. Your concentration will be needed elsewhere, and it takes a lot to get Wolverine's child down. *a dark smirk*

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: *comes out of his car dressed up in a vientam uniform* alright grunts are we ready?! whooooooooooo!!! i need ah sniper ta ride wit me in betsey

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Gasps a little, feeling that burn down her throat* Good Gaia, that's potent stuff....

Jeremiah Seymore: *just watching and waiting as he leans against the CoG van*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Looks at Linda, going back serious* ~ws~I can use this form, yeah? *Has been in Hispo for days..Practiceing and waiting...That and she'd shoot her own foot*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Twaps Cassy.* You aint Dying on my watch!

Justin "Sparky": Dove> *puts an arm around her waist and gently squeezes* You'll be safe, just keep your head down. We'll make sure nothign happens to you guys.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): There ammo thats been requisitioned for you at least.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *nods to Sparky, she understands*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Twomoons> Hey! *Chucks half a sparkplug*

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *shifts to crinos.. his arm still in the sling, then takes a long swig from the flask and lets out a howl* `GS~ good stuff!! (4 suxx)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *hands the bottle to rudy*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): OOC:heh.... who wants to be the one to reduce Krez to tears?

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Comes back out with Krez and heads to the Truck.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at Flea* Stay homid if we have to travel to the sight on this side of the umbra....I know it seems insane to worry about the veil this night of nights....but if we have a future it's best not to screw the pooch.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Gets thwapped and smiles* Thanks for the confidence Marty

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *grins at Erin* Glad I shifted before that or it woulda burned a hole in my throat...gotta thank Kylie later.

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Coughs and grits his teeth in a smile* (2 sux)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *leaves the guns for the pack to take*

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: *grins widely and looks over to twomoons* so hauss who's commin wit me.. or ahm ah flyin solo?

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *looks at his pack* Alright everyone bust out the cash. *pulls a 20 out of his pocket* High kills this time. *some pack ritual...betting on some aspect of battle* This time the pot is mine.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *bats the sparkplug down, twiddling his fingers slightly* ~ps~ Love you too. You packed for a vacation?

Justin "Sparky": Ari> What if we get split up? Should we station ourselves around strategically-especially against multiple opponents.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Linda.* I am gonna need to prepare some rituals before we go.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *heads back out with Cap, grinning ear to ear as he brandishes Chainsmoker and the 9mm... looks around left and right before digging into one of the crates for a clip that fits*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Removes a needly folded 20 from her pocket. She never wins these things, but hey...its tradition and it aint like it's her money*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Chuckles and pulls out a twenty.* I'll bloody see that bet.

Kylie Wallace: * she pulls out another bell and attaches it to her staff with the candle firmly attached to the staff*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Bobs her head* ~ws~That mean I have to use the gun? *Eyes nervously slide back to Chad and Flaw...Chad has Leash Biter...Left Chad to guard the pups and the metis cub...And theres her damn mate demanding he help!*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Do it now....we could be heading out any moment.

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *cracks his neck muscles* PS.. lets do the old boss proud...*placea hand out*..for Danni

Dove Äase Larsen: Sparky> "It's kind of hard to keep my head down when I'm using a bow." she gives him a slight grin.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): I think, once it begins, strategy's going right out the window, Sparky. *a small smile* But we've got at least one sniper covering our ass, and there's explosives all around. With any luck, what reaches us is gonna be in sorry shape.

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *he nods shaking his head* ~gs~ yeah must thank kylie later.

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Chuckles, getting shells out and filling a second cylinder, ready to pop in in place of the other in his Pistol.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods with Marty* Yeah I do to...Be right back. *Heads off in the direction of the Caern's Heart.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Nevermind point having you shoot your foot....*shakes her head*

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: ((why would i cry?))

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *already had the twenty tucked in his kevlar. pulls it out with a claw and pops it into the pot*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Nods to Linda as he goes to into a van and closes the door.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((linda were in thr umbra))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *takes a deep breath, her face still totally tranquil*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *smirks at Rudy* Good stuff, eh? *nods to Steel determined, a small smile* We will, just ya watch...*places a small (relatively( hand over his*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Slips her 20 into the pot as well*

Justin "Sparky": Dove> Try not to aim at us. *chuckles*

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puts a hand on Steel's* For Danni

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *and it's that simple ritual of arrogantly betting on who's gonna kill the most that's the source of inspiration...if the Ahroun believes they'll all be alive to collect then it must be so* ((Blowin that Gnosis for Gift: Inspiration))

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *places a hand on steel's* for gaia.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Sheathes the kinfe and slings the rifle.* I'll be up in my position.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Accidentally killed my window)) Twomoons> ~PS~ No, should I be? And I love you too. And your brother, maybe, but don't tell him I said that.

Justin "Sparky": Ari> Yeah-just in case I think your plan was pretty good.

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Jason* I already know where I'm heading when this is over

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): * and HOWLS..*(( anyone in the umbra can tell its.. a COME GET SOME howl))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He spends an incredible amount of time in the van. but when he comes out no one would have known. unless specificaly watching him.*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Looks to Swante* Good luck mate. and make sure you check in with me when you're up there so I know you're radio is workin.

Erin ~Titanium Fist-Glass Jaw~ Williams: *lets out a howl echoing steel's though more low pitched*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *lifts her muzzle and howls along with Steel*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax dishes out 20 bucks. "Can you count that high?" she winks and chuckles at Austin.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods.* Got it, mate. *Trots to the crane and climbs nimbly up to the top. The armor doesn't seem to slow him much.* Comm check.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *focuses her will (-1 wp) and banishes pain for the night...for the upcoming battle*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks over her rugsacks the two that remain who knows what's in those things*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He walked over to Linda and even cocked his gun. No words no sound nothing was even made as he moved. Only Silence followed in his wake.*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): OOC:*switches Winamp to "Cowboys from Hell"* heh.

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Joins in on the howl*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Sits, nearly trembling with impatience, waiting.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods to Martin shes experienced his silence thing before*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looks at Linda.* PS: You guys are the best. Always remember that.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *settles into the back of the General E Lee... rumaging through another box in the back for a moment*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *She removes her fangdagger from it's dedicated shealth and seems to prey to the spirit within it*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ps~ yeah. We're going west once this wrecks' done. Call it a week of R&R.

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: *nods to everyone* well.. this is it ladies.. ahn gents.. only fools wanna live fereva.. *and he moves across to the umbra*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((And this time the server lost my name.))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Remember we are one pack...let us fight as one.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Comes back from the caern heart. Her eyes a little glazed over and twithy.*

Kylie Wallace: * she finsihes tying the bell to the staff* I hope this works

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Remember we are one pack...let us fight as one.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Comes back from the caern heart. Her eyes a little glazed over and twithy.*

Kylie Wallace: * she finsihes tying the bell to the staff* I hope this works

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *steel looks to the moon.. and intone a pray to luna.. and his body begins to glow.. surrounded by the bright light of her blessing*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: Continues to stand with her pack. Austins side bet having made her feel oddly better about the situation and its enough to keep her hands from shaking*

Dove Äase Larsen: Sparky> "I won't shoot you gys.. unless you walk into the path of the arrow."

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *just sits, and waits*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She does likewise, not one for subtle tonight*

Soul(ST Style): ((Alright, everybody ready?))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (yup)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *casts a small smile toward Jublain, sensing his impatience*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Kylie>>It'll work.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Gives Twomoons the "Thumbs up"* By the way, *aloud* Puck'll be joining us at the Rite as you know. I won't risk a brawl by bringing him in here, but he'll be outside of the Bawn, just so you know.

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *then drags his claws on the gorund.. they begin to sharpen to a keen edge..*.. ok pack.. lets do this.. spread out.. i want warnings given if you see anything

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Ready))

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Jason* I hope....

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ((yuh yuh))

Justin "Sparky": Ari> You ready for this?

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *pulls out one massive-assed Rebel Flag, unfurling it and jamming the pole into a holding bracket in the corner of the cab.. grinning proudly*

Justin "Sparky": ((*crack nuckles* Ready))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): OOC:good to go.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Hi Soul! Ready as we're gonna get, I think.))

Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy nods, cracking his neck and flexes his paws*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: (( Yup. ))

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): OOC:yup

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Nods to Val* Gotcha gotcha.

Lisa ~Agony~ : *waits underneath the car...a red eyed chromed rat...*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looked at Cassy and then at Linda and nodded.* PS: this is where i would have loced to have a nightshade.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Locked, cocked, and read to rock))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *nods in agreement with Steel* Yeah, withing shouting or howling distance, folks...

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((lets dance...cranks up Ozzys Bark at The Moon))

Soul(ST Style): ((Okay. Here's how this is going to work. I've turned off ICQ because I don't want to mess around with it right now. If anyone really needs to ask me something, then feel free to PM, but remember I'll be running two scenes at once. This scene is lethal, and please bear with me, as I'll be trying to run two rooms at the same time. Now, without further ado...))

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Grins, checks the pistol again, and reholsters it.* Chainsmoker ready, son?

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: *on the umbra side.. he lets betsey free from it's place of binding.. which causes him to faulter for a few seconds.. shaking his head slowly.. then stands.. pulling out a big can of dip.. and plops a load under his cheek.. then moves to betsey and starts her up.. the sounds of helicopter blades chopping through the air is heard.. then a few seconds later the hugey helicopter is seen moving through the umbral sky.. to start patrolling*

Flea & †Nephi†: (Ready! *G* *Will be room hoping like a mofo*)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *goes over to Val* No harm will come to him at the rite. If we survive after it. He had best disapear immediately. But I won't go looking for him until 24 hours after all is settled. He'd best not be able to be found. Call it my concession to him if this manages to save our asses.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (*prays for comp connection to hold*)

Kylie Wallace: ( should we head to dyn 1?)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *goes and rejoins her pack*

Georgia Hooper: *Makes her presence known by walking up to Wields and looking up at the flag* Oh yeah...

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Boy is this going to be fun to room hop..)

Slick (Agony's Daggers): *another set of red eyes in a car* OOC: 3 succ on dark sight

Jeremiah Seymore: *opens the side-door of the CoG van and sits on the threshold*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *sits on her hands to keep from fidgeting*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Stands beside Linda arms crossed over her chest, Looking like a little Jurg with all his armor on*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Carryign his bag of tricks.* PS: I have the Flamethrower!

Soul(ST Style): ((Also, I'll need someone archiving in each room. Whoever does it, please be sure to let me know so I can reward you appropriately.)) It begins quietly. Three trucks pull up outside, and the Get packs hop out. They stand in front of the gate, waiting quietly. At the same time, the six earth elementals rise in the middle of the gathering area in a cloud of dirt. Speaking to no one in particular, they say, "It is time. We will take those going to the ritual area now."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: I gotcha Linda, and thanks. *Sincere grin*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): ((Alright, the umbral side--once the introduction part's finished, everyone to ))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *walks to the earth elementals*

Justin "Sparky": *he looks around* I think I'm going to shift to war form. *gently kisses Dove* I'll see you on the other side.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *quietly looks around, concentrating once, then a second time, then a third time-his skin takes on a fairly pale glow once he's done*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ((I'm archiving in the Dynamic Room))

Flea & †Nephi†: (4 suxx on Lunas Armor) *Flea's glowing now...A bit...And just waits now*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *grins to Cap* ready! *shifts down to Glabro and pulls a tarp over the BFG but doesn't fasten it down... sits in position to fire if need be*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Turns her head, to see the Elementals and takes a deep breath* Here we go...may our claws strike true, and gaia grace be with us...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (OK...where is the Eye Dogs going?)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Elementals> ~SS~ We're ready. *Steps into their presence to go.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Shifts to Crinos*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *watches the Elementals appear and grins* Looks like it's almost time. Who's got music duty tonight?

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *stands up, as the theurges start to depart, and shifts up to Crinos, a fairly non-descript lanky form*

Jeremiah Seymore: *watches the elementals curiously*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: (( Eck. Booted. )) *Stands ready when the spirits appear, waiting*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Nods and heads over there.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Stays in homid for the time making sure his guns are in easy acces.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grabs her two rugsacks and heads with Val*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Sighs and looks to Val.* Can we take th'Truck?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): ((My bad. I mean the Umbral Caern defense only.))

Kylie Wallace: * she holds her staff tight and heads over to join the other theurges*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nudges Linda* I think thats our ride...c'mon boss. *begins to head over there*

Dove Äase Larsen: ( back) Dove returns the kiss and nods..

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Stands high on a pile along the way and waves to Puck across the street* Come fast, and straight to me. We have to go this way!

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *holds up the MP3 player and jacks it into the comm unit* OOC:current music: KMFDM's "Search and Destroy"

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *heads following with her pack*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Linda and follows Cassy not too sure.*

Soul(ST Style): The elementals look between each other, then speak again. "He is coming. We must go." And true to their word, the elementals take all those who are going to the Rite with them, even finding Puck wherever he may be to transport him. They make several trips - it is not a pleasant trip, as the traveler is literally pulled through the earth, but it is over before long. And when it is done, all who are going to the ritual site are gone, including two packs of the Get. ((If you're going to the Rite, please go to Dynamic Room 1.))

Justin "Sparky": *His Crinos isn't terribly special, he looks simple and strong, focused...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Puck better be further then the street...thats in the bawn...the bawn extends a couple blocks around the yard itself)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *sences the change((hell six elementals appareaed*.. HT ok pack.. its started....*activates sence wyrm*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Flea follows on Linda's blind side...Casting one final glance at Flaw....Calling* ~ws~Fairwall...Flaw....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Cap> I don't know. Ask the Elementals. *Takes a pack from the Nova and rejoins the group*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax shakes her head, glad she use to hear music in the com.

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puck blinks as the procession goes on and rushes towards Val.. He's dressed in his usual Phoenix Coyotes jersey, but with a buckskin breechcloth and leggings, ritual gear and his staff*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Whistles once* Saddle ~up~...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *And pulled right on through.*

Georgia Hooper: *Takes her place to guard and provide support*

Pistol McRaven: ((Alright, just in case--everyone on the UMBRAL CAERN DEFENSE, to ))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((and is gone))

Flea & †Nephi†: †Nephi is still guarding and scanning the streets...Speed of Thought up for boltage...Moveing like a shadow and silent as a cat...Alert as ever...†

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *rises to his feet, settling the nght vision goggles around his neck in case power gets cut. throws his hispo head back and tosses out a powerful howl as the pack gets locked and loaded*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *rises to his feet, settling the nght vision goggles around his neck in case power gets cut. throws his hispo head back and tosses out a powerful howl as the pack gets locked and loaded*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *just waits...not that waiting was ever her strong suit*

Soul(ST Style): The Get make their way into the gathering area, wordless and grim. And then it begins in earnest. It starts simply - a nondescript man with sandy hair walks towards the gate of the junkyard. But this one doesn't knock. He doesn't call out for help. He simply grabs ahold of the gate and yanks it apart, the scream of rending metal carrying through the night air. He then throws his head back and shouts, "KILL THEM ALL!"

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Stat looking like a group from out of a movie.. covert ops..

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Murmurs softly to Perch* ~ss~ You're my eyes, friend. Let me know if I am needed

Jeremiah Seymore: *climbs into the Van and waits for Dove to get in*

Pistol McRaven: *Waits((3 suxx Darksight.))*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Settles his own Night-vision goggles around his neck, ready, and watches the gates and other entrances through his scope.*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove gets into the Van, but kneels at the door so she can use her bow.

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits there with his gun drawn*

Georgia Hooper: *Smiles grimly and shifts to Crinos. This is what she's meant for!*

Soul(ST Style): And then, they come. There are ten of the things. Vaguely humanoid, they were clearly once human, but now, they are monsters. Covered in chitin, they have six arms, two of them wickedly barbed blades. They lope with a disturbing grace out of the shadows, trilling bizarre and chilling war cries as they move.

Flea & †Nephi†: †Nephi being the guarder sees the man as a stranger and as he yanks lets a howl rip† ~ws~HEADS UP!

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Reports to her Bunker, flips open her moniter, and makes sure all comm and surveylance is up. Veiwing the gate camera on her moniter she reports over the ling to all those with Comm systems* We got bad guys at the gate, bearing this way...this it people *Cocks her gun and readies herself*

Justin "Sparky": *Takes a deep nervous breath, then begins to flex his hands while waiting for the arrival of... that...*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Night goggles are a pain but need, off with Ash and 'Tox she goes or is.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *settles. This is it*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *mutters* Doesn't anyone know how to knock any more...*scrambling quickly to the top of the CoGgievan and undedicating Needletooth to get in the approved position for shooting and drawing fire*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *reverts to his Crinos birth form...all black fur from the dedicated clothing...the kevlar shirt and web harness growing to accomidate his size...AS-115 held easily in one hand while The Unraveller glows softly in his other*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Ready, Leash Biter griped*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Takes aim, figuring this guy is going to be more trouble than he looks, and fires.*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Reports over the comm* I count Ten bad guys...all with multiple arms, and some kind of dark to tell...*Has set up surveylance cameras all over the maze and is reporting what she sees from them*

Flaw: *Snarls at the howl, backing up in the den more but no retreating*

Soul(ST Style): The fomori lope through the twisted wreckage that's left of the gate, not even stopping at the guard shack, and into the maze. Unerringly they move towards the gathering area, but being not too bright, are likely to set off any traps the Garou have wisely set...

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *takes an aiming stance with Doomsday*

Justin "Sparky": *He flexes his hands and bristles, slowly advancing at the incoming attackers*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *takes one glance toward Sparky, noting his location in relation to her*

Soul(ST Style): Swante fires - a perfect shot, it would've dropped anything human or Garou. Unfortunately, the man at the gate is neither. He merely steps out of the way of the gunshot and shouts again, this time in a language that makes the ears of any listeners hurt. All the Garou hear something approaching now - how could they not? The source is unclear, but its noise is not as it approaches, thunderous from somewhere in the distance.

Georgia Hooper: *Digs down in her ambush place*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Takes aim ans she looks at the moniter, and see that they don't seem to be attempting to bypass any of the traps* c'mon you bugger mother fuckers...c'mon thats it. *she says in a whisper.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax is down on one knee taking aim with her rifle ( not yet named).

Justin "Sparky": *He's heading toward the entrance of the gathering area, his back toward the CoGvan, not obscuring line of sight*

Flea & †Nephi†: †The Strider bursts forward, Speed of Thought activated....Hispo form heading towards the gates to advance after the attackers...† (*And waits for ST say and such...*)

Soul(ST Style): And then it starts in the Umbra as well...((Ken, if you haven't started it there already, feel free.))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Waits patiently...first one there is just the first of the night...*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Grunts and switches his aim to the fomori, trying to take a couple down before they reach.* ((Lemme know when to roll.))

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Waits, ready-...*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *A few whoomps, squeals of ohshittyness as the less then brilliant fall into punji pits, some rigged with napalm at the bottom...Mmm...crispy fried fomori, just like mama used to make*

Soul(ST Style): The first fomor looks at the Garou moving towards it, and screeches a challenge. ((Nobody bother rolling just yet - these guys are just the warmup.)) Flea takes one down, its blood acrid and foul in her mouth, a thick black fluid that makes her gag but does no damage. Two more fall to Swante's gunshots - the chitin is thick, but not impenetrable, and they fall.

Jeremiah Seymore: *takes a bit to find his aim with the scope of his rifle and fires*

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Whistles* That 3 down...comfirm 3 down. Nice shot mate...

Flea & †Nephi†: (*G* Soul>>This is Nephi, Flea is in the other scene...*S* Sorry for the mix up though *Is horrible with two scenes*) †The Strider keeps trying to harry them forward to get them into closer aim for the others, or into the bomb traps...Gaging on the black foul liquid in her mouth*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *with practiced discipline, waits with the core of STAT, aiming Doomsday... waiting for the first to come through the maze and for the various heaps to get blown and force the fuckers to come over the top*

Justin "Sparky": *he brathes, waiting for stragglers to make their way into the gathering area...*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *waiting to see what makes it through the maze to get to her position, if anything*

Soul(ST Style): There are only two or three left by the time they make it to the entrance of the gathering area. Slavering, they look between the Garou, howling out another chittering cry of challenge. One of the few remaining falls to Jeremiah's gunshot. The Devourer, meanwhile, looks around for a moment, then finally screams once more, and then starts into the Junkyard himself. Behind him, the defenders can hear the Symphony of the Abyss ringing out.

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Waits for the survivers to get into the gathering area to pick them off with Leash biter*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Nods once, Needletooth without the normal silencer on the end, trading silence for accuracy. They know he's there anyway, so...*

Georgia Hooper: *Growls deep in her ambush spot*

Swante Taggart (STAT): Bloody hell.... *Picks one out and lets 'im have it.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *nasty bad bug-things...with a snarl, she moves to engage one, meaning to disable first, kill later*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *takes a single shot for the eye of one of the fomori that get through, Clashing Boom Boom's bonus ensuring its not impossible*

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Doesn even bother commenting on the approaching second wave. They all would have heard that* Shit...

Flaw: *Snarls at the stragglers*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *with a roaring HOORAH!, Zeus barks out thunder as a burst of high velocity rounds fly twords the head of the first one into the gathering area*

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Turns, and begins to make selected bursts at any baddie in her sights*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax aims for a head shot, if it does blow their head off then it will at least blind them.

Flea & †Nephi†: †Nephi leaps forward at one of the ones entering the gathering area, hopeing to catch a back bite and finish it off...Winceing at the second wave howling its attack†

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Yells* Fuck me...We got MAJOR problems...Large Bane...Bus Size...headed this way Trains her gun in that direction* Coming from 3 o'clock

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Blinks at the thing comeing, looking down at Flaw* ~ws~Bye old friend. *Griping Leash Biter, starts steping forward*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ((Is it's head visible from the gathering area?))

Soul(ST Style): The fomori fall, but the Garou can now hear the sound of the junk heaps being smashed into bits. The Symphony rings out one more time, but Swante sees something interesting. The Devourer, striding so confidently towards his sniper position, stops suddenly, frowning. He looks like he's starting to speak, then rather abruptly, six pairs of hands reach up out of the earth and grab him. He doesn't even have a chance to scream before he's pulled into the dirt.

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Curses* Shit...I just lost moniters 1-3. It's plowing through the heaps like they were paper *all this said over the comms*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "Holy shiiiiiit.." is all Jax says.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *ho-ly shit...she's never seen anything that big*

Flaw: *Stays near the den to guard, bristled and snarling. This is going to be like fighting and really really big bear*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Grunts and fires a grenade with the M203 at an eye. Impossible? Not for a child of Clashing-Boom-Boom.*

Soul(ST Style): ((Its head is quite visible. We'll be rolling initiative very shortly, folks, so prime up the WW die roller if you'd be so kind.)) The massive Bane, an engine of destruction, is nearly to the Gathering Area. It rampages with an eerie silence, not crying out like the fomori or the Devourer.

Georgia Hooper: ((back))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Cindy's voice can be heard in Jere's Ear* All of em, hit all those switchy-things! *as she does the same with hers*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *reaches a hand out and channels his numen* OOC:popping control electrical system to try to set off at least one of the detonators as the thing passes

Dove Äase Larsen: "Bane? " she switches to one of the Bane arrows that was given to her. (How many did she get btw? and I have no clue what they do.)

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ~HT~ Crikey. *pulls up the AS-115 and aims for an eye* ~HT~ Bigger they are, more fun it is ta pop! *holds down the trigger, emptying the clip...the Totem of War itself guiding his shots*

Flea & †Nephi†: †The Strider turns to face the thing comeing their way with hopefully Chad and any other stray Garou....Fuck heeeeeeer!*

Jeremiah Seymore: *throws his switch the second he hears cindy*

Justin "Sparky": *Straightens up as the beast approaches, trying to make himself look slightly more intimidating...* ~ht~ For Gaia!

Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Continues firing cooly, Aiming for weak points...root of the mandibles, its' mouth, take your pick*

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Opens up on the Bane with a full clip of bullets.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Eye shot from Jax as well, thanks Clashing Boom-Boom for her aid.

Soul(ST Style): Explosions ring out all over the damn place. Chaos reigns. The tremendous Bane lets out a howl...But keeps coming. Its six legs, thicker than its arms, propel it over the collapsed stacks with ease. In places, its hide is cracked and a sickening-smelling grayish fluid leaks out, but the Bane itself isn't slowed down one bit. It finally steps into the gathering area and lets out a howl...((Everyone roll initiative, please, but note the Bane goes last automatically.))

Swante Taggart (STAT): *With the grenade fired, aims quickly and keeps firing.*

Justin "Sparky": *Tries to get into a fighting mindset, and wanting to do anything that he can do pretect this sacred place.*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *Empties his entire clip at the thing, keeping his stance in the hopes that the meleers are keeping it busy*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove look for the soft spot on the creature, neck area and prays for Unicorn to guide her hand.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): (( 6 damage to the naughty arm ))

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Empty and entire 30 round banana clip into that banes leg.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ((failed)) *takes a swipe at the creature, feeling her heart sink when her claws do nothing to it*

Soul(ST Style): Twomoons' bullet catches the beast directly on a chitinous plate. It ricochets off somewhere, and the Bane isn't noticeably the worse for wear.

Swante Taggart (STAT): ((Swante Fire eye Dex 4, FA 5, diff 8: 6,2,2,1,4,9,7,9,2,--just barely hit. Swante damage Damage 8, 2 eye: 6,6,3,6,4,10,10,6,10,5,--dunno what the diff'l be for that.)) *Eases his breath, centers the crosshairs on the critter's eye, and fires.*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): ((9 damage to the eye on the first full auto...then with Rage spent to do it again with a fresh clip only 3 damage again to the eye)) *unloads with Zeus, and moving faster than hell he drops the clip and slams in another one before unloading that too at the same eye*

Justin "Sparky": *He lunges at the creature, claws out as he strikes at the base of the swiping arm* ((3 succ-what's the difficulty to damage?))

Soul(ST Style): Austin's shot makes the beast jerk its head out of the way, which is probably why his second shot does very little, and it's entirely possible that's what ruined Swante's shot as well. Pretty much all the bullets richochet off the thing's hide - if only tanks were this strong.

Georgia Hooper: *Georgia waits for the huge thing to cross over her hiding place and surges upward claws first for its stomach, trying to literally carve herself a path into its entrails*

Soul(ST Style): Ashe's shots catch the thing in some of the cracks in its hide, apparently, because it keens in pain. It doesn't slow down, mind, but it's definitely unhappy. Georgia's claws, on the other hand, scrape across its hide, and she feels like she's trying to cut into pure steel. The Bane continues rearing back, heedless...

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *okay, maybe time for a new plan...starts looking around for what's behind or around the big nasty overgrown earthworm*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *slings the rifle on his back and then holding the steel ball in one hand gets ready to charge...the prismatic glow of the Wyld Fetish growing as it senses that it's time has come*

Soul(ST Style): ((Everyone gone, so I can do the Bane's thing?))

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (2 suxx on first bite, 0 on the second...Spending 1 Rage....4 agg) *The Strider leaps and just bites where she can...Hispo jaws flashing* /// †Fire shifts into Crinos, readying herself and remaining hid...†

Soul(ST Style): Sparky does nothing to the Bane, not even scratching its hide. Nephi does roughly the same thing - it feels like she's biting metal. There is no give at all in the thing's hide.

Flaw: ((3 suxxx, 5 lethal on a bite attack)) *The scared wolf kin leaps and snaps at anything his small form can get ahold of. Just hopeing it stays away from his cubs. This isnt no fucking bear*

Soul(ST Style): Even the Fang Dagger does nothing to the creature - it seeks to dig into some weakness in the thing's hide, but there is no weakness it can find in time. ((Anyone else, or is it the Bane's turn?))

Soul(ST Style): And then, the thing rears back and slices with its arm. It's wide enough that anything standing in front of the Bane is going to be in serious danger. ((Is anyone dodging?))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((How close do you have to be?))

Justin "Sparky": ((Please...))

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *is thankfully not in front of it*

Kayla~Silent Witness~ Marks: *No Dodge. Just dives for cover inside the half burried bunker she is in*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ((will use rage action to dodge))

Swante Taggart: *Watches from above, hoping like hell they make it through.*

Georgia Hooper: *Not dodging. She's under its butt.*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *TA platform with Jax*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ((Ari Dodge: 1,3,5,9,4,6,))

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (No dodge..) *Braces herself...Hopeing the kin makes it through...Normally would leap and take damage for it, but the fuckers to big...*

Soul(ST Style): Sparky, owing to his preternatural speed thanks to his Rage, manages to fall flat at the perfect time. Ari nearly does so, but gets caught across the chest. Everyone else who didn't move is suddenly cut very badly or flung out of the way. ((Everyone who didn't dodge, soak 9 Lethal. Ari, attempt to soak 7 Lethal.))

Lisa ~Agony~ : ((Wow...well Flaw's dead as fuck isn't he...))

Flaw: *The goes flieing backwards and lays in a bloodied heap. No longer moveing or breathing, his death quick and painless*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *crumples at the base of a junk heap, but is still moving, barely*

Soul(ST Style): The Bane howls in triumph, seeing the Garou scatter before it, falling down, some badly wounded and perhaps dying. It pulls back for another strike...And then stops in mid-strike, arm still pulled back. Something is happening, the Garou sense. The huge creature stands stock- still.

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Opens up on the thing again, not waiting to find out whats going down*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Still making a fast scan, making a note to haul ass and heal cheerleader tootsweet*

Justin "Sparky": *He flips over, and springs to his feet-ready to strike at something that looks squishier than it's hide...*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Perhapes the kin dieing, or just the wounds. The first time in his life he goes bat shit and leaps forward on the thing and tears in, tooth and claw* (( Spending 2 Rage. ))

Lisa ~Agony~ : *with a keening screech the Queen pops from under the car...shifting to Crinos with Pain Dagger in one hand and Backbite dagger in the other...she runs...faster than anyone currently around right twords the bane...halfway there she leaps a Gift powering her jump to carry her upwards...the pain dagger is reared back to strike and then she's gone...with a flash of light she appears BEHIND the bane and slams the dagger into it's neck* ((Rollin now))

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *slaps in a fresh clip and opens up with a series of three round bursts* ((rolling))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *taps twice on the top of the CoGgievan, leaping off the top of the Van and hauling ass to smack Ari*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Now Jax open fire full auto.

Dove Äase Larsen:  Dove get the Bane arrow shoot.

Swante Taggart: *The upthrust head is too good an opportunity tomiss, and Swante unloads the pistol, sending 20-something bullets into the creature's eye--in a space, actually, that could be covered with a plate and cover all the holes.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *manages to feebly lash out with the claws on one foot, kicking at the nasty thing* (2 suxx for 3 damage)

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): (( Twomoons heal Ari: 10,1,5,3,4,5,9,2,3, ))

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: ((Kayla Shoot full clip: 5,7,2,7,2,2,1,1,5,4,7,10,3,6,9,10,6,9,=7 sux Damage>>5,3,1,9,10,10,4,5,7,9,= 5 lethal))

Lisa ~Agony~ : ((11 aggravated damage))

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: †The scream of a Ratkin and chainsaw begin in unison....And the Twitcher leaps from hideing, rushing for the bane...†

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Jere fires his rifle: dex 3 + Firearms 1+ scope 2+ aiming 1= 10,2,7,2,7,8,7;...... Dmg 1,4,9,9,6,3,3,8,1,8,4,5))

Justin "Sparky": *Tries to clamber around the mandibles, striking at the eyes while trying to avoid the snap-in-half zone between the mandibles.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi clamps onto the thing again, snaping* (1 Rage...)

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *runs twords the Bane...the steel ball exploding in prismatic light and melting...reforming into the shape of a Naginata...'Tox run right at it's stomach and jams the weapon inwards* ((7 lethal damage))

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): OOC:Burst #1 2 succ, burst #2 5 succ, Burst 3-5 succ, burst 4-2 succ. Damages: #!) 4 lethal, #2) 7 lethal #3)7 lethal #4)3 lethal

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (3 suxx, 5 agg)

Soul(ST Style): Something is definitely different now. The Garou and Ratkin striking it note its hide is no longer hard as steel. It is spongy, and seems to be growing insubstantial. The monster, still reared back for another strike, is frozen, helpless.

Justin "Sparky": *Plunges his claw into the thing's eyes.* ((5 suxx, 4 agg))

Pistol McRaven: *Charges out with a squeal of glee, double-barrelled shotgun letting loose at a chink in the armor at point-blank range and then tail whipping forward, scorpion-like, to thrust the dagger it's holding into the space.* ((6 suxx, 9 lethal for the shot, 7 suxx, 8 agg for the knife.))

Slick: *leaps from the car, shifting to Crinos as he moves... his CSBL coming into his hands faster than should be natural (3 succ on a diff 9 reflexive fast draw roll) and opening up with a saw blade for the thingie's back* OOC: rollin stuff.

Lisa ~Agony~ : ((It's soaked Soul)) *the beast's spikes strike sparks against the chrome skin of the Queen as she stabs it*

Slick: *oh sure, it looked cool. it looked DAMN cool.. but he missed* OOC:failed the roll to hit

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *and coughs up some blood as her wounds, both in and out, heal under Twomoons' touch*

Georgia Hooper: *Reaches right into its anal opening with her claws to rip hard at it ((Claw 6,10,5,9,6,6,2, / Damage 9,2,8,3,3,10,7,))

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Rushes from her bunker, and walks toward the beast, firing bursts now, and changing the clips as needed as she presses foward*

Justin "Sparky": ((That's disgusting, Georgia. Ingenious, but disgusting.))

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: (( 3 suxx to bite, 5 agg. 5 suxx to claw, 8 agg. )) *Keeps hacking through his frenzy, clearly a very pissed puppy*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Time to motor, shifting to Crinos on the fly and making for the opposite side from Sparky to shred and do hurty things*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove Dex/Archery7 diff 7: 10,10,9,1,2,2,5, 2 sux // Dove re-roll for 10: 2, // Dove dmg: 6,1,6,8,6,2, 4 dmg? With a Bane arrow

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (Rage actions being free, one from each) †Fire brings the chainsaw down onto the bane...Keening loudly...† /// *Nephi clamps her strong jaws down for another bite*

Soul(ST Style): ((Okay, everyone. No need to roll.)) Its hide is now unable to hold back the assault. It is torn to shreds - the gunshots tear away huge pieces of flesh, the Garou tearing away more with their natural weapons, even the Ratkin's blades hurting the thing awfully. Even this titanic beast can't take all that. It wavers for a minute, then begins to topple forward.

Justin "Sparky": *Emboldened by the sight of Twomoons-he kneels on the left mandible and leans in to plunge both hands into one of the thing's eyes.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *scrambles to get out of the way of the plummeting beast*

Jeremiah Seymore: *Jere fires again* ((10,5,3,6... dmg: 9,5,7,2,8,8,10,2,5,9, ))

Justin "Sparky": *Hmm... toppling forward.... wait, that's in Sparky's direction! He pushes off of the mandible as the beast keels forward, tucking and rolling to the side of the beast*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *looks up* ~HT~ Crap...*the Unraveller returns to it's steel ball as Tox runs like hell to avoid it falling on top of him*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ht~ Hold on to yer lugnuts Sparky, this is gonna hurrrrrrt...*Still wailing on it*

Soul(ST Style): And everyone who really tries can get out of the way in time. The creature's body slams to the ground with a huge thud and a puff of dirt and dust. It doesn't move an inch, and seems to be growing more insubstantial by the moment.

Lisa ~Agony~ : *yanks her Pain Dagger out and pushes off the spikes on it's back...easily sailing through the air to land in a crouch some 20 feet away*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (7 suxx, 8 lethal on Fire's chainsaw attack *Blink blink...Best I ever got*)

Jeremiah Seymore: *jumps out of the CoG van and watches the thing dissipate* Holy Mercy, I think we did it...

Swante Taggart: *Grins, loading the buckshot charge into the M203 and letting the sucker have it.*

Slick: *leaps into the air again, firing off another sawblade for the thing. going up as Lisa goes down*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Doesn Howl in victory, merely changes her clip again and wheels around...looking for another target*

Soul(ST Style): And then...The thing is gone. Portions of its hide, still physical fall to the ground, and one whole arm remains in the Real for some reason, its huge taloned blade still covered with blood. But the rest of the spirit fades away into nothingness.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax out of harms way, switches out her empty clip for a full one.

Justin "Sparky": *He dashes back to where Twomoons was to be crushed* ~ht~ Doc?! DOC! *Tries to tear through the fading beast to find the Uber-Hippie Coggie.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *she stands up, watching the thing fade, then looks to Twomoons* ~ht~ The umbra...

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Keeps tearing at the thing even as it falls, roaring in Rage*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove stares wide eye as the thing disappears, not moving from the coggie van.

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *stands and lifts his maw to unleash a howl of victory*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *A low rumbling* ~ht~ Pah-TOOIE! Fuckin' bitch with ~no~ fuckin' game...

Pistol McRaven: *Watches with a grin as it collapses.* RS--had to save their asses again.

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *switches clips again, bracing Doomsday in his left arm and drawing Wayne with his right, scenting the air for more*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi stands, shifting to Crinos* ~gs~Someone wanna help me knock Chad out before he hurts himself? *Winces...*

Jeremiah Seymore: Dove-Did you see me take out one of those bug things that came first? That had to be one of the luckier shots in history. *grins*

Slick: *lands on a junkpile with a chitter*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Scanning the area for more bad guys.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Muttering in Spirit Speech* ~ss~ S'up...

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: †Fire shuts the chainsaw off...Looking at the goo on it and chitters† ~rs~Why do we call em mutts? Should call em pussies...*Glances around, makeing sure Mamma's place is really saved...*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (DD Upon Request): ((*arrives fashionably late* Can't wait till I can use my own computer. Won't be any more of this sharing shit.))

Lisa ~Agony~ : ~rs~ Hmph. *sheathes her two blades and shifts to homid, sitting on the heap*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *waiting for Twomoons' word before she goes charging across the gauntlet*

Georgia Hooper: *Shakes gunk off of her arms and hands*

Pistol McRaven: *Not having the cool leap Gift, he just jogs over to her other side.*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks around for incoming bogeys*

Swante Taggart: *Grins and grabs the handle, sliding down the Zipline.*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Takes a heavy sigh, and shoulders her rifle, her face creasing into a grin a she approaches her packmates*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ht~ Ari, Sparky, go. *Making a fast scan for anything rude coming in...there's still that damn Templar unaccounted for as yet...*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove just nods to Jere

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *nods and slides across the gauntlet*

Soul(ST Style): The spirit isn't in the Umbra. Perhaps it dissolved - whatever caused it to freeze also destroyed it utterly. Perhaps it is returned to whatever black Wyrm-pit spawned it. But whatever the case, the spirit is gone. The only remnants of its existence the broken body of the wolf-kin and the pieces of its body it left behind.

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *shifts down to homid and unslings the rifle to hold in his hands just in case then heads over to his previous position*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits back down on the threshold of the CoG van and waits for the others to return*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *raises his hispo head* ~HT~ WOUNDED?

Lisa ~Agony~ : *stands again and looks down at the physical remains of the Bane...puts her fingers in her lips and whistles loudly and sharply...rats swarm from everywhere to devour the remains within seconds* ((Ratkin Gift: Devour the Dead...leaves nothing behind...just for the Bane's physical remains tho))

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi moves over to clock the frenzied Chad a good one in hopes to knock him out* (ST's call...I need to roll?)

Soul(ST Style): The night itself falls entirely silent. There is no sign of the pack of Black Spiral Dancers - wherever they might've been, apparently they broke and ran. There are no more assaults - the night is still and calm. Somewhere in the distance, dogs are howling.

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *pulls a slim cigar from inside his boot and lights it* Jax>>Told you she'd be apples. *grins and winks*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks around, trying to calm down* It can't be this easy.

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: (( No roll needed. *S* )) *Being nearly half out, the punch sends him down in the middle of the rat spirits. Slowly shifting down into homid*

Swante Taggart: *Chuckles, drops from the line, and checks his slung rifle.* Not bloody bad...

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Shifts it down to homid, growling softly* Fuckin' ~pussies~...Georgia, Jere! C'mon, we gotta get the fence fixed and this place hid, ~move~!

Georgia Hooper: *Snatches a piece of chitinous shell before the rats can eat it all* Mine.

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *reaches with a claw for the MP3 player again, popping through a few tracks to send Korn's "Got the Life" out over the comm channel as he looks for anyone needing a little healin'*

Jeremiah Seymore: *drops his kevler vest so he can move and runs to turn off the power to the fence so they can fix the fence*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax grins at Austin, "You did..." she nods, "so who won the pool?" she chuckles.

Georgia Hooper: ~HT~ Right! *Comes to Twomoons' call*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *takes the money out of his pocket and holds it out to Swante* Swante...bastard *grinning*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi quickly scoopes Chad up before the spirits decide to make a snack of him* ~ss~Sorry small friends...*Makes her way over and lays him next to the car he was defending and also retrieves the dagger he was weilding before approaching the battered body of the fallen wolf kin. Crinos ears flicker back as she lifts the body and moves it to lay it next to Chad*

Swante Taggart: *Chuckles.* I had the extra time for it. *But sure as hell doesn't refuse the money, even if it's mostly likely going to pack beer anyway.*

Lisa ~Agony~ : *the rats finish their meal...and most dissapear back into the heaps...some going to sit by the Queen*

Slick: *tucks his weapons away and reverts to a red-eyed roof rat once more*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Starts hustling, checking for wounded, then some duct tape* Nephi, Get Chad over to Ashe, and then find some gloves, we still got work to do...

Justin "Sparky": *Remains in Crinos to try to toss the innermost garbage/wall back into place one piece at a time.*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *reholsters his weapons, slinging Doomsday to his back once more and leaps from the platform, landing on all fours hearing the Warder's call*

Kylie Wallace: * a bridge opens hopefully not in the middle of anything going on and she steps out of it looking around*

Jeremiah Seymore: Gabrille-Drile posts into the ground while your still in that form. I'll try to find something for a makeshifr fence. *Jere goes to look for barbed wire or sheet metal... anything to make a good fence*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi holds up her hands, bearing black fingerless gloves as she shift to Homid*These do, Rhya? *Picks Chad up and blinks* Excuse me...Whos Ash?

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: she chuckles, "Grog's on Swante."

Lisa ~Agony~ : *frowns* ~rs~ Dammit. They actually did something right this time. No Apocalypse yet. *is quite dissapointed*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *growls to Nephi* ~HT~ I am. *starts padding in their direction*

Pistol McRaven: *Puts his own knife away, watching.*

Kylie Wallace: * she grips the staff and looks for any people in need of healing*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *pops back into the real world* ~ht~ Theurge needed umbra-side!

Slick: *grooms himself quietly* ~rs~ don' worry, Lisa... how often can they do somethin' right? they'll fuck up nex time for sure.

Pistol McRaven: *Nods.* RS--Pa was sayin' we shoulda throwed a few surprises out.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Enters with the proceedings of Garou. he carries the remains well actualy both parts of Gabrielle into the yard.*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks towards Ari and heads that way running*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Enters with the rest of the ritual crew, blood streaming down her chizzled torso from a large gash in her stomach*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *points at Ash, already fading into the penumbra*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((oops, that wasn't to gabrielle, it was to Georgia!))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *emerges from the bridge, in Crinos, bearing the impossibly wizened body of an old man*

Kylie Wallace: * she then steps into the umbra to see who needs healing*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: †Fire Bringer stands, chainsaw in hand still....† ~rs~It will come my Queen...It will...Then it will be Momma's time...*The Twitcher twitches...Sighing...Must go blow shit up or something*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Enters untouched but looking sad....glances at the fallen Gab...*

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *Turns to regard those just entering and watches, shaking her head softly as those carrying the dead make their way through*

Georgia Hooper: *Applying her strength wherever it's needed for repair of the fence*

Lisa ~Agony~ : *gets up and dusts her still chromed body off* Maybe. *walks off to the Nest* ((Closin this window))

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (DD Upon Request): *arrives , looking like she's mentally kicking herself in the ass for showing up late...('cause player still is)*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *her dark eyes sweep the clearing, noting the damage a bit absently, but looking for one face in particular*

Slick: *fades into a junkpile*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks around* healing?

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi moves to Ashe* Sorry *Obvious Strider blood, hinting shes not around much*...Can you heal him? *Lays the unconsious Chad down*

Kylie Wallace: * make that in the umbra*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *takes Jax's hand* Cmon lets go wash the dust of battle off while Ash is otherwise occupied.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *heads back across the gauntlet AGAIN, hopefully with Kylie following*

Swante Taggart: *Nods.* Not quite. Ash promised to pay for the grog this time. *Grins.* Hope he's got something to bloody mortgage...

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: (( 4. ))

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Gazes about the broken Junkyard, but is amazed to see so many still left standing, enemy bodies?* Shit...

Kylie Wallace: * okay following Ari *

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda emerges from the moonbridge looks at Martin* GS Thats the first time I ever had to fight like a ragabash.

Jeremiah Seymore: *Jere uses wire he finds to stitch the chain-link fence back together as Georgia props and bends, or whatever needs to be done*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Appears behind Kylie at some distance and does a quick look-around to orient herself to the situation at hand here.*

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *rubs his hands together, fur beginning to stand on end as spiritual energy charges. Places his hands to Chad's chest with a jolt of gnostical electricity* OOC: 1,5,4,5,5,

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *ah...there he is...once he's located, she turns her attention to her burden, looking toward Valerie* ~ht~ Where should I lay him?

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (DD Upon Request): *immediately sets to finding TM...she can at least help with the clean up crew*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks around for Twomoons*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He walked to the main area and rested Gabrielles remains together with a bloodied look on him. his face was drawn as he looked around for the first time.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nephi smiles and quickly jogs to go help build the fence back....Fire Bringer moves back on guard....*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Eye with the healing, cleanup, or whatever your skills lend yourself too.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Is in the penumbra at the moment*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Moves to Linda's side and with a practiced flick of her wrist she hoists the war hammer onto her shoulder then slides it down her back where it fades away in a shimmer* I take it back...Marty is good for something...*snickers a little*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> Over here, in a place of honor. *Points to the Ritual area*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Swante> "Don't know if he'd get much for his car." ---- Austin> She chuckles.. "We got clean up to do.." she smirks.. but isn't really ressisting.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Time to tend to the living needs, the dead will be honored later.

Wields-Plastic-Death: *comes in with Cap, and promptly heads to the General E Lee*

Austin "DeTox" Baxter (STAT Beta): *drags Jax away* ((Closin this one too for a few minutes while I write somethin))

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Ari*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove hasn't moved from the van, though she is sitting down now.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nods to Valerie and goes to deposit her precious burden, reverting to homid once that's done, still covered in Gabrielle's blood and gore*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *She shifts to homid and goes to find Twomoons*

Georgia Hooper: *She'll steadily work away with Jeremiah as if this is the most important job of all, seeming to have already put the fight behind her.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Georgia-*once the fence is jerry-rigged into standing under its own power* This looks good. You better get inside before anyone sees.... *scans the empty street*

Justin "Sparky": *Is quickly rebuilding the innermost junk fence where it was torn open by the monster* ~ht~ Anybody want to try on the other walls?

Kayla ~Silent Witness~ Marks: *With blood still streaming down her torso she walks around to inspect the damage and offer what help she can*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Off with Austin she goes.

Flea Bitten Mongrel (DenMomma, S-E-D): *Last to step off the moon bridge....Moves off to look for the wounded when Linda says help..*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda notices the other walls damaged...going Galbro she begins to help with repair...her quest for Twomoons forgotten for now*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks back to the CoGvan as he continues the rebuild/junk-tossing-into-a-pile, looking for Dove. He forces out a word in English* Dove?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *coming out of the rituals area, she walks directly toward Swante*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looked at Linda and Cassy.* No comments!

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (DD Upon Request): *notices those working on the walls, she approaches Linda* Need any help?

Swante Taggart: *chuckes.* Maybe a case.

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *healed three HLs on chad... since he wasn't dead, that's probably good enough to be prudent. Stands againn and turns to look for other wounded*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *With blood still streaming down her torso she walks around to inspect the damage and offer what help she can*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Well...we couldn't really fight it for fear of killing it's I figured the best we could do is bug the shit out of it....guess it worked. *fixes wall*

Justin "Sparky": Dove> *He smiles to her as he rebuilds, and gives a thumbs-up, another english phrase* I love you!

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Twitches a bit, feeling like he was hit by a mac truck or something and opens his eyes*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He walked towards Linda.* Lets do this.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods to Rabbie* Yeah...stablize that section there with rods or something...whatever junk is handy.

Jeremiah Seymore: *walks back in with Georgia*

Cap Rountree: *Smiles, heading to the Truck.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Shes already working*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Heads on in, quite a bit calmer.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *stops, a couple yards from Swante, just waiting, her own skin barely visible under the drying coat of blood*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Works with Linda in repairing the damage*

Rabbie Metal-And-Blood (DD Upon Request): *nods & goes to look for stuff that can be used to stablize the walls*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda is helping stablize a wall*

Dove Äase Larsen: Dove lips move but there is no sound. she wan't quite redy to see what she saw.

Swante Taggart: *Nods to Rane.* I told you you'd do fine.

Ashe Shock-to-the-System (STAT's Alpha): *makes his way back to the platform slowly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *With dogged regularity, she takes the cleansing tools from the Nova and begins the sad, and all too often performed Rite of Cleansing on the dead.*

Chad "Follows-Bridges" Ranson: *Winces and rolls up, coughing and shifts into Crinos. Then blinks and looks around. Healing, since it was lethal, darts for where Flaw is and plops down. Inspects the dead kin and then pulls it in his lap with a sigh*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nods back to Swante, just standing there, still*

The Ritual

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *materializes once the elemental ride is over with spitting dirt out of her mouth...if theres room she shifts to Crinos and turns on a flashlight*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): ((I is here.)) *Grunts and shifts to Crinos.*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Shrugs, shaking off some dust, and checks his gun again.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *And Joshua Puck drops onto his knees, his staff knocking out of his hand* WHOOF!... Damn, spirits have no aim.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Materializes in the light of her Alpha's flashlight, and growls slightly as she prepares her rage...((Resist Toxin))*

Kylie Wallace: * she doesn't shift to crinos is still in homid *

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *stands, brushing herself off slightly, and activates Resist Pain, totally calm*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): ((Not going to repeat the rules. If there are any questions, just PM me, but make sure they're pretty crucial. Also, make sure all rolls are done on the WW die roller. Thank you, and now...)) The Garou arrive in the ritual area. At first, they are plunged into darkness, the cavern utterly lightless. But then, their eyes pick out something strange - softly glowing fungi, a soft illumination about as bright as moonlight. As their eyes grow adjusted to the dark, they see the cavern in whole. It is large - about the size of a football field. The dominant feature, taking up nearly half the room, is a pool of clear, icy water, in which swim small phosphorescent fish(with no hint as to how they survived here).

Gabrielle Tureck: * she does the offa noise and quickly looks around*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Shakes and blinks, becoming familiar with the Elementals' soil experiences.*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Activates Resist Toxin, just in case, and waits.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Nods, looking for ways in and out as he activates Resist Pain.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *shakes himself off and rechecks everything* OOC:assuming the FMT grabbed the BFG to bring with them since I doubt the truck went?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *turns to look at Jublian for orders*

Kylie Wallace: * she glances around and looks for a place to plant her staff as the santuary bell is attached to the staff*

Flea & †Nephi†: (Just the before posted Luna's Armor with 4 suxx activated...) *With her pack...In hispo...*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Looks around, and nods* PS- I dont think we'll have a problem manuevering in here...*Reaches back and pulls the overly large war hammer over her head. This thing is obviously only meant for Crinos use*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Dusts himself off* Geez. Back in the saddle again.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Gets his flashes ready. hands at the attention. using the darkness of the Underground field to his advantage.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *looks to Valerie, waiting for direction*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Nods, checking the BFG.* (Nope, it's along.)) Where to?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He moves slowly. Silent ,oderless and barely visible. He observed the place slowly taking time to dig in his bag to take out a pair of low light goggles.*

Kylie Wallace: * she heads over to the water* hmmmm this must be the place to bind him?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Alright how should we set up?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Looks to Val.* Where will you be setting up?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks around and looks to Val and Rane* Suppose we should get started

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *shifts back to Crinos, the trenchcoat looking right at home in the dark and dirt... rubs his hands together a moment and gets a little gleam to his eyes, feelin' lucky, punk.* OOC:2 succ for the luck pool (as per rules for Jupiter Rising merit)

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The two Get packs mill around nervously, speaking mostly to themselves as the preparations for the ritual are made. There is a terribly oppresive sense in the air - the Garou are well aware that their caern is under siege even now. And yet, they are strangely calm. This is a holy place, a reminder of Gaia's grace.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Nods to Rane and looks at the Elementals* ~SS~ Rane can distract him through meditation, I believe. Unless you wish to take Martin to him.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Linda.* PS: Search points of entry and check to see if anything can come in from anywhere. and block the way in.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods* GS Lets look at the parameter....see what points of entry there are...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods to Martin acknowledging is good idea*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Stays quiet after his initial chuckle, leaning on his staff and realizing the feelings of most about him, he just shrugs and knows he's here on buisness*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Gabrielle and Jublain> Yes, over here. *Starts walking*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *shifts to Crinos then, and moves to a likely looking area, settling to a knee*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Growls, and looks around*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *She begins walking the parameter of the cavern space shining her flashlight into corners and whatnot*

Flea & †Nephi†: *Waits for orders*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Follows Val* Hey, thanks for asking me to help out, Val.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she carries the rugsacks and follows Val*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The elementals look at Val. "He will be distracted. Begin."

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Nods and looks for any other ways in and out of this place.* Throwdown, you stay in the Physical side. Stonefangs, you and your pack too. The rest will come with me.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looked around with his low light goggles searching the environnement for any signs of movement other then those around him.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Follows Jubs into the Umbra.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *pauses* GS Alright we go with Jublian. *shrugs and breaks off her exploration*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *follows Jublian with a command for her entire pack to do so*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Nods to Puck, acknowledging and honoring his help. Then to the Elementals* We begin. *As she starts pacing the practiced parameter of the ritual circle*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Turns to Linda and nods and follows.*

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *moves to Cap's side, cranking Chainsmoker to a slow idle*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *waits for Val's signal*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Val* I got some salt if you wanna mark the circle better?

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Sets up the gatlin on its tripod, looking around warily.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Smiles to Gabrielle* Lay it out, Theurge.

Kylie Wallace: * she firmly plants the thick staff with the candle and the santuary charm in a place near then.It will protect them from any spirits to 100 feet unless the spirit is invited and takes a deep breath*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puck makes some personal prepearations, straightening out his buckskin and makes a few prayers in Apache, lighting a sage and cleansng the participants* Never hurts to have some preperations from other cultures.

Flea & †Nephi†: *Follows on Linda's blind side still*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grins and drops the rugsacks and digs in one of them and pulls out the canister of salt and starts to mark the area to be able to see it better and she hums a tune* may be going to hell in a basket but at least i'm enjoying the ride ....hmhmhmhm * softly*

Kylie Wallace: * she mumbles to herself* what a hell of a time to give up drinkin

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *once with Jublian* GS Alright. Martin thinks it would be a good idea to explore the edges of this cave for entrences...I half agree. However that is only a suggestion...what are your orders Wyrmfoe?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Reaches, then shifts to Crinos as Morningstar drops from its place with a rattle. Blood beads on the ends of the ball-and-chain's spikes, and thick fur seperates among the warts and callousses (Only 3 suxx on TS Jublain Trollskin Sta 8, P-U 3, 1 WP: 2,1,1,5,4,8,4,9,5,10,8, ))*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The elementals look at Rane. "Start soon, wolfling." And with that, they melt back into the earth, swimming back towards the Junkyard.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Waits silently next to linda in a small crouch when not moving. making himself as little seen as possible.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nods to the elementals, and her black Crinos eyes close, her mind becoming still and quiet as she's practiced most of her life....and once that's done, she sends it reaching, feeling for Him...*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she continues to mark the area with salt and then when finished she goes to the other rugsack and pulls out the torches and start to plant a torch at an equal distant apart on the salt*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): HT--Wait and keep your ears open. *Grunts as something fails, then tries again--his blue eye darkens and his left goes from opaque white to opaque black. ((Jublain Venom Blood Str 8, Med 1--again: 9,7,10,1,4,10,6,4,9,--diff 8 since it's a second try, so 3 suxx))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *In a well practiced voice, she begins the eerie tones of the chorus they've been rehearsing daily and cuts into silence abruptly at startling points not usually expected in a chant.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she then proceeds to light the torches and slowly forms a circle to light the area the theurges will be for the defenders to see them as well*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Stills clutching her War Hammer she glares about the umbral side of this place. Waiting tensely...*

Kylie Wallace: * she proceeds to activate the fetish *( 8,6,7,6,5,)

Flea & †Nephi†: *Tense...Its quiet...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *keeps watch* PS Talk about flying blind....Rat let us survive this night.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *the only sound Wields makes is that of the idling motor of his custom weapon*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): With a sudden loud noise, someone new falls into the ritual area in the physical world. A non-descript looking human male with sandy hair, he looks around, frowning. "What the hell?" He frowns even more deeply, then reaches out and encircles the too-slow earth elementals in his arms. In moments after being touched by him, they are tiny humanoid statues of chalk, and even those statues begin to blow away, as if in a spectral wind.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she then proceeds to active her bear tattoo fetish* (10,4,8,10,)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *silent, completely still in her crouch*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *As he waited silently he watched around him Crept and lowered. Listenning quietly. No sound made from him.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she then starts to join Val in the ritual her voice becoming in tone with Val's*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puck brings his voice into the riutal with Val and the Theurges*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *and her eyes open with a snarl, saying aloud what she'd projected into his mind moments ago* ~ht~ Surprise, mother fucker.

Kylie Wallace: * she steps over to a side of the circle and starts to chant as well*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Hold him down. *Quietly, but in the cavern it's loud*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *getting to her feet to join her sisters and Puck at the circle, returning to homid to raise her voice with theirs*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she motions for the bear to follow her and she proceeds to hold his arms down behind him as if she was going to put handcuffs on him but proceeds to start bandgaing them like hand cuffs while putting her weight on his back**

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Aims his pistol at the thing, but holds for fear he'll disrupt the Rite.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Puck just smiles as he continues the steps and songs of the ritual, amused at the reaction*

Gabrielle Tureck: * tackles him first.......yeah that's always gooD (*L*)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: NO ONE KILL HIM *so they ALL know*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *waits umbral with Jublian waiting for something to happen and/or orders*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): HT--Wait for it.... *Watches and listens.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Crouches to a springing position...watching...waiting*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Silent watching.* PS: I have a bad feeling about this.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *revs Chainsmoker, laying down a layering of homemad napalm between the devourer and the rite.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Takes the fine bluish chain from around her neck and unwinds the end, settling it over her arm for ease of use as she approaches*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): He screams wordlessly, an ancient rage. Gabrielle tackles him, and feels her shoulder splinter. She only has time to marvel at how incredibly strong he is before he grabs her and...Puts his hand completely through her chest, then to add insult to injury, puts his other hand through her stomach.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *her voice loud and clear, she could do this in her sleep anymore...hell, for the last week, she's pretty sure she has been*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS No shit. *amusement* If I go....check the pack car glove box. I left something there for you all. Lets not be afraid...think of it like subway surfing. Dangerous but one hell of a ride. *grins Crinos style at her pack*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Oh shit. *Puck blinks, but stays resolute, his staff ready as he walks with Val*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Fires the pistol at the thing's legs.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she starts to scream and that gurgly noise that people make when it's not good happens and the bear spirit she summoned dissapears*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods and grins*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Hits the chant in earnest, as she comes toward where he's being contained.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *advancing with the other ritualists*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Garou in the Umbra note a shredded spirit, looking something like the earth elementals, float by them and vanish into nothingness. Back in the physical cavern, the Devourer yanks his arms, and all those approaching him are rather suddenly covered in Gabrielle's lifesblood as she's literally pulled in half. He screams wordlessly, leaping towards the next person he sees, who just so happens to be Puck...

Kylie Wallace: * her eyes widen and she gulps and in an awed whisper* oh shit

Flea & †Nephi†: *Flea stands ready...*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Grunts.* It's starting....

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Ah no you don't... *Puck tries to sidestep and use his staff as a bat on The Devourer*

Kylie Wallace: * she screams to Val* the ritual...say the words!

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *keeping up the chant, loud, guiding the others in case they falter*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods, and takes a breath* Phase 1. The kicking of the ass...Phase 2. The taking of names...I'm ready

Gabrielle Tureck: * gurgle gurgle gurgle *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Wonders why the big tough ones aren't tackling him*

Kylie Wallace: * she starts to say the word chanting*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): ((All the ritualists, please make a Wits + Rituals roll at difficulty 6 to keep chanting in time.)) The Devourer howls as he catches Puck's staff and yanks it out of his hands, tossing it away. He then advances towards Puck, murderous rage filling his eyes, an insane god.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looking at Linda and Flea and Cassy.* PS: you guys realise i am not incredible in battle here. My guns wont do a thing and all my tricks either. *Starts shifting to crinos.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Chanting loud and proud, his warrior Apache blood burning in his veins as he tries to protect himself*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at Jublian for the signal*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Saying the words already. *L*)) *Continues, just like in rehearsal and takes her place waiting for him to be held down, staying out of his reach as such*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Continues to wait. ((They're in the Umbra, remember?))

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *grimaces, says a silent prayer and hopes his luck holds true as he rushes for the Devourer from behind... a distraction if not an asskicker*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks ready to go* GS If it's starting what are we waiting for?

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): Marty>> PS- I got your back Marty...just aim well, and trust your claws...gaias strength is with you. you are a warrior before all else...

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Startled a bit as his staff is yanked, but keeps his composure on the chant, dancing around to avoid the Devourer* (10,7,7,10,8,5, - 5 sux)

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): One of the Get, who just so happened to be Peeking, suddenly gags, then returns perceptions to the physical world. "We have to move now!" Without waiting, the brash Cliath steps sideways, followed by his pack. Back in the physical world, the Devourer locks eyes with Puck. The Nuwisha has a moment to see the depth of madness and anger in the ancient's eyes as he reaches out, taking Puck's head in his hands. His strength is starting to wane a little, all the shapeshifters can feel it.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Whew! 5,5,5,2,3,7, And sorry about lag. My modem's hella slow tonight)) *Raises her voice to be heard by Gaia and Everyone! And to remind herself of the tones and words*

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): HT--Wields! *Heads closer, ready to distract or make another shot.*

Kylie Wallace: * she doesn't move doesn't budge just keeps chanting*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Grunts at Marty* ~ps~I'll drop before you drop....

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Looks around quickly, seeing if anything's approaching through that side, and nods.* Reach. *And follows their example.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Stays the course, grabbing the Devourer's wrists to try and break the grasp, locking his eyes and yelling out the chant in time with the ritualists*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *She quickly goes to charge across the guantlet*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He blinks and at the mentions of going back through the gauntlet he blinks at first and looks at Linda.* PS: Right behind you.

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *tries to get a nice tackle at the back of the Devourer's knees and prays for the best*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (whats the guantlet here?)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *And rips himself a new hole into the gauntlet as he goes through.*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer snarls at Puck, "YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED! IT IS THE TIME! I AM THE END OF DAYS!" Instead of taking the time to deal with the other ritualists quickly, which he undoubtedly could, he is lost to his madness. Puck feels himself aging, growing older...Everyone can see his body slowly wither and become decrepit. First he is 40. Then seconds later he's 50, and screaming on towards seventy, hair whitening, muscles suddenly vanishing.

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea follows Linda, still on her blind side...Blinks when she gets across*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Shimmers in from the Gaunlet with a snarl, and hammer in hand*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *charges across to join the battle...whatever there is to fight*

Kylie Wallace: * she gulps at the display and despite her wanting to flee she stands her gound blows a wp and keeps chanting knowing this is the only way to weaken him*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *she has fangdagger in hand*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Once on the otherside of the gauntlet he doesnt wait long as he frowns and works himself down from Crinos once more regain his human heritage.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Yeah... well... fuck... the end.... *Puck strains with the strain on his body, still trying vainly to break the grasp, trying to weakly kick him between the legs*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Mentally prepares himself, he's just glad he's providing plenty of distraction*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer simply screams in inarticulate anger, and continues draining Puck's essence. He hits 70, then 80, then he's one hundred and he can feel the weight of years on his bones. And his heart....Slowly, ever so slowly...Simply stops beating. No pain for Puck. He simply slips into the darkness, wearing the body of a someone probably 120 years old at the youngest.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Lets emotions be held away for now where they cannot distract her, chanting the ritual as the mantra that it's become in these past weeks.*

Kylie Wallace: * she starts to wonder where the earth elements who agreed to hold him down and starts to wonder where all the denfenders are*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea keeps herself from chargeing the bastard...Trembleing with Rage...Rumbleing lowly*

Kylie Wallace: * she tries not to look at Puck or Gabrielle lifeless bodies *

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *tries to scramble some distance in as the tackle attempt was useless, Puck goes down and defenders start coming through*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): And then, the Devourer shakes his head. He looks at his hands, unbelieving. He turns towards the onrushing Garou, eyes wide and terrified.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF Pb 3): *Races in, Morningstar swinging at a hip.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at her pack making a decision herself...* GS Mass taunt....we harrass him...insult him...distract him from the theurges!

Cap Rountree (Alpha, FMT): *Holds the pistol, ready to let loose again if the thing comes near his packmate.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Eye Dogs...ring him! Taunt!

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Pauses at one place she can afford to* HOLD HIM DOWN. DON'T KILL HIM. *And slips right back into the chant without missing a beat*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): There seems to be some sort of miracle - Jublain hits the Devourer. Yeah, it still feels like he's hitting something he shouldn't be hitting, and there's no noticeable effect, but the man can't get out of the way in time. He cries out in pain and steps back, then notices Jublain. He smiles, a mad smile. "You! I know you! You went to my temple!"

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *the deaths may as well not have occurred, for all the reaction it gets from her, her young voice ringing loud and true*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Wheels around him, encircling him with her pack, hammer held at her side*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *rushes in at the bane-human but remains out of reach...begins her taunt* Hey not looking so good eh Devourer? Not so scarey! Your a bag of bones who can't even get it up! You inpotent piece of shit! (Linda taunt: 9,5,3,10,4,3)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He nods to Linda diggin in his bag taking out his Flash. he starts setting the timer on his Camera adjusting the light to maximum exposure letting the flash charge for multiple successive poses.*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Cassy Taun>> 6,2,2,8)) *Feins attacks, then leaps back, beggin him to come at her*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looks at Linda.* PS: When i say now. Warn people to close there eyes.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Raises her hands, holding the blue chain at the ready, singing out at the practiced pitch.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (taunt manuver p. 211...(diff opponets wits+4....or whatever is socially comparable on a bane-human...for every 2suxx -1 to his dicepools...if a pack does it the effects are cumulavtive)

Kylie Wallace: * she keeps her chant going *

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): He shouts at Jublain, "Now! You gave part of yourself to me! Bound yourself to me! Do as I say! Kill them! Kill them all!" And to Jublain's unutterable horror, he finds himself complying. Rather suddenly, he is nothing more than passenger in his own body. ((Ken, Jub's going to be attacking whoever's standing closest to him with whatever's in his hands.)) The Devourer then turns towards Linda, taking another step back. He looks noticeably weaker, less robust.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS The Fenrir mace hurt you? Oh come'n what sort of fucking world-ending bane are you? In like a Lion and out like a whisper? *dances in a demeaning manner* Come on you wart on the hind end of a leperous she mules cunt!

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Turns to Jubs with wide, ragey eyes.* NOOOOO!!!!!....*Rushes to Jubs as fast as her rage and legs will take her, trying to smash his arm with her hammer before he hits Linda*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Eye Dogs tell this jackass bane what he really is! *is focuses fully on the pack manuver*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *HE looked at the Flash of the Camera and took aim. and in utter silence he flung his prized object towards the monster knowing that its end was comming.* PS: Linda Warn them Now!

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (roll for taint man+expression/intimidation...diff whatever Soul declares)

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): *oh this is gonna suck.. opens fire with Chainsmoker at Jublain's feet* OOC:won't roll unless asked.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Close your eyes!

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (taint=taunt) GS Come'on cunt face!

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea rushes forward to help taunt, not sure how that works in her form*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): ((The Taunt roll will be at diff. 8.)) The Devourer rushes towards Linda, then stops as the chanting continues, staggering back a step. Instead, he turns, looking towards Val. He sees the chains in her hands, then suddenly starts to scream, a scream of pure terror. Not merely a man's voice now - there is something deeper there. The Garou can see the human shell's flesh start to shift, harden...

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Yeah...she's gonna go for his arm with her war hammer but wont roll until told))*Still racing toward him*PS- LINDA!!! JUBS!!! Watch your BACK!!

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Jube and metally starts to grimace still keeping the ritual going knowing this should be working sometime here*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Eyes snap shut as she dances with her pack mates* ~ws~Wassa matta, wakelin? Cat gotcha tounge?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Insult him...tempt him...make him mad enough to strike at you but don't let him...distract him Flea!

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Snarls helplessly, smashing at Cassy's stomach.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Closes her eyes at Linda's order*

Cap Rountree: *Grunts, firing at Jublain.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *eyes shut, on command*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Martin do your shit!

Kylie Wallace: * she closes her eyes*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *The slows her down, but not before she can bring the full force of the hammer against his one good arm...shattering it if she can ((are we not rolling?))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda dances away from Jubs but dares not turn her gaze away from the bane-man*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The ancient Bane then grasps at his eyes, but he never stops screaming. His voice is starting to get a little hoarse, and the cavern is getting almost intolerably loud. Above, one HUGE chunk of the ceiling falls to the earth, smashing down behind the Devourer. Bizarrely, there is no logical explanation for that - it shouldn't have broken off from the ceiling. The screams are loud, but NOT that loud.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *The Camera explodes in a succession of Flashes filling the near area of the monster in repetitive snap shots of the scene. the flash exploding light into the room as the camera take picture after picture in the total darkness. making it a harsh strobe light for those unprepared.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Watch for falling rock! And distract the might have one last hurrah in him. *looks at the bane-man* Fear? I thought you were chaos and fear incarnate! You are nothing! Some spirit the wyrm shit out and then forgot! You are a no account spirit that will be buried and forgotten! Gaia will go on! (Linda taunt2: 6,9,9,9,4,5, )

Wields-Plastic-Death (FMT Pyromega): OOC:roll the shot at Jubs' feet as well?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Takes the chance after the flash to whip a length of the chain forward and to the left attempting to wind it around him with its own momentum. And trusting to the Metal Jaggling to share its armored strength.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (2 suxx on taunt) *Keeps howling out her insults*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS Hey donkey dick! I fart in your general direction!

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *She dances out of reach of the bane-bane keeping him away from the theurges if she can*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): (( martys flash camera distraction. Marty Manipulation expres: 10,7,10,2,3,5,5, using speciality Photo to reroll 10's Martys reroll: 5,1, Also Adding will power to the whole mess. End result 3 succes))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : ((Soaked 7))

Kylie Wallace: * she keeps chanting hoping the torches will keep the area lit*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): ((Yeah, everyone who was attacking/taunting, roll it.)) The Bane staggers towards the chanting Theurges, hands outstretched. Then, it falls to its knees. The chain Val whipped at it snags its arm, and impossibly, begins to crawl up it, whirling around and around as it snakes up the godlike Bane's arm. The Devourer's screams turn to high-pitched shrieks, half-human, half-insectoid keening, as he tries to yank it off his arm. His back bursts, chitinous claws popping forth and stretching on long arms towards the ceiling, but they simply wave ineffectively.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Morningstar cuts into her and she snarls at the bite of pain. It's enough that her own attack only glances off of him, and for now, she just positions herself in between Jubs and Linda ready to strike again*

Kylie Wallace: * she starts to relax seeing the chain do it's thing but still keeps with the chanting*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Moves backward like a quarter horse in a calf roping to keep the chain taut and the bane at length*

Cap Rountree: *The pistol whips up, and two heavy lead slugs fly into the midget Get's chest. ((Cap damage Doublebarrel 16, suxx 1: 1,2,7,2,3,3,6,5,9,8,2,4,1,5,7,3,3,--5 lethal, and possibly my absolute shittiest roll tonight. 2 suxx on the attack))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS *laughs in a mocking manner at the arms* Whats that? You waving hello? Lovely chain by the way you have such a lovely fashion sense. What happen to you a fly throw up on your back?

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (1 suxx on taunt) *Howls along with Linda* ~ws~Wow, look...Its a puppy fucker on a leash!

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): Jubs...Fight him gotta...please. *She pleads as she draws back the hammer again.*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The chain rather abruptly yanks itself out of Val's hands, winding around the Devourer. They have him nearly fully encircled now, his arms stretched to the sides in a pose slightly reminiscent of a someone being crucified. Then the chains begin to pull the Devourer back towards the huge rock. Jublain feels his body becoming his own again.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *every word, every tone issuing from her mouth in perfect clarity*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Growls, opening his hand as soon as he can to let the fetish go flying, then struggles to remain still.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looks at the Devourer and Grabs at the ground and throws a rock to his head. a small one for that but hard enough to sting.*

Kylie Wallace: * she follows closely to the chains pulling chanting still*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Lets the chain slip free and again raises her voice in surety for the binding, for those who sacrificed.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): PS Good....Eye Dogs do it together...keep him so distracted he can't think. *outloud* GS End of the world my ass! Just another bane with delusions of grandure. Just another bane we Garou put down for mother Gaia....may you live a long long long time with nothing but the rocks for company! Because nobody wants your ugly ass!

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer's no longer capable of screaming. Bloody flecks blow past his lips as he is dragged towards the rock. The chains then fix him to the stone. He looks around, wild-eyed - he still hasn't heard the sound of his True Name, so there is struggle left in him, but he is bound to the rock, a dark Prometheus half-man and half-insectoid horror.

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Val as she was the keeper of the head*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Draws the head, that alien looking thing with the bound lips in one hand, and a bottle of pure water in the other*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *turns her gaze to Valerie now, waiting for the coup de grace*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Relaxes a bit* C'mon Jubs...thats it man...fight that cunt...fight him goddamnit!

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Linda taunt: 2,9,4,10,5,1, ......1suxx) GS You can't destroy us! So long as there are Garou left to fight you will be inprisoned here to rot! You have no place in our fucking will yourself into oblivion you useless piece of crap!

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He thinks for a few moments and dismantles his super soaker as he empties the contents and refills it with water.*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer whispers. Somehow, its hoarse sound carries across the cavern - perhaps the acoustics are just great, perhaps there is something else at work. He whispers, "Please. Do not do this. Don't send me down in the dark again. Please. All of you can rule the world at my side. Please. Just release me. Please..." He's begging by the last word, the sound truly pitiful. Tears roll down his cheeks, washing away trails of blood and grime and revealing chitin beneath.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *And at the proscribed moment, when their voices have reached a mad creshendo, she pulls the thread that holds shut the mouth of the severed head and prepares to hear that which is the Devourer's doom.*

Kylie Wallace: * her eyes soften as she hears him and as she has listen to the story of his begining she does feel for him but knows this must be done for every being's sake and she swallows and keeps chanting*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS No way in hell! I will never consent to be your puppet. What rule the world like those spirits you took? We aint stupid you piece of filth. *taunts*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Stands upright, shaking his head.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *When the super soaker was ready he pumps it up as he goes infront of the creature itself pumping the soaker. and when he is ready. he shoot out a stream of water straight into the things mouth and face.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: (2 suxx to taunt again) *Stops infront of the devourer...But a distance* ~ws~How about no....No longer the Almight, are you...Wyrm shit...

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Braves a step inward, toward Jublain. Resting a hand on his shoulder* You did it beat him...we beat him. *nods and turns to watch as Val seals the fate of their enemy*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *The water probably not as effective he drills it into the creatures face as best he can at least keeping it from seeing clearly.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Jub will see most of the Eye Dogs surrounding the bane-man's rock prision taunting him...obviously keeping him too distracted to lash out at the thuerges if he still can.....shes using a classic pack manuver of taunting the enemy to distraction*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Snorts at the devourer and shakes her head* What a bitch...I didn't even break a sweat man...*grunts* Have fun getting bent for the next few millenia...

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): As the binding string is removed from the head's mouth, the head begins to whisper. Its lips move, and its voice rises, the sound seemingly carried on some unseen wind. It speaks a name that has no Earthly translation - a name of the thing before the Garou. Its name tells the tale of a good-hearted spirit brought low by the jealousy of others of its kind, a spirit that turned dark and evil. The name tells the tale of the death and torture of an almost infinite number of spirits and Garou and humans, a tale of blood and agony and the death of the world itself, a death of everything that is. And, enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most shell-shocked Ahroun, it tells the tale of the tiny spark of innocence that still burns within this horror before them, a tiny piece of goodness smothered by darkness that might one day be free again, a spark that not even millenia of evil could undo. The name is all that and more - a sound, a song, a smell of flowers, fresh and decaying, *m*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): the feeling of a lover's touch and the feeling of one's flesh rotting on one's bones. And then the head is silent, and so is the Devourer. He hangs there, stupified, in utter silence. A hush falls over the earthen tomb.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *STands stock-still, listening.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS May you rot here for etenity. *now backs up looking to Val, if hes still doing the ritual she won't dare distract her but if shes done....*

Kylie Wallace: * she stops and her eyes well with tears for the creature before her and she stands there not being able to move*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Listens, mouth half open, watching in awe*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (he=she...damn typo)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *stands, in silence, for a heartbeat...then raises her homid head and howls until her voice runs out, it's gonna be a good week before she can talk again after this*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *In the silence surrounding the tale spoken by the head, she remembers the tale told by The Mourner, and the images seen while meditating over the chain, and kindles a tiny spark of hope for an eventual return to innocence. Spreads the pure water around the base of the stone where he's bound with an almost motherly care.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looked at the thing silent tear rolling down his eyes. He stood in front of it and in all his glory. he gave the departing devourer the 1 man Salute. Turned around and mooned him.*

Kylie Wallace: * she shifts to crinos and howls a mournful howl showing what the fianna are know for .....the passion in her howl is evident noone has ever heard this howl emit from her deep inside she closes her eyes*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Nods solemnly, waiting.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *turns her dark eyes on Jublain now, her gaze almost feverish*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *has no tears* GS You aint the first the wyrm used and twisted. If there is anything left of value in you creature....I'll leave it and you here. Maybe it can win the fight for your soul. Because I feel little pity for you. What happened to did to yourself.

Kylie Wallace: * she slowly ends the howl and shifts back to homid and wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Then he looked at Linda and then the mess wich has been created. Mostly the remains of Gabrielle. He closed his eyes and walked slowly towards her. tears flowing from his face.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea stands in silence now....And then howls....Just howls....A quiet, sad howl..*

Cap Rountree: *Waches, slightly downcast, holstering the pistol.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *With finality, the last drop of water comes from the flask and she folds her arms in front of herself with a small nod to the rest* It is finished.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : HT--Someday, perhaps.... *Shifts to homid, and removes his hat.* Spanish~~Señora Escobar, you are avenged.

Kylie Wallace: * she heads over to her staff and takes it out of the gorund and heads to the bodies*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Clenches her jaw. She's done enough crying this month. No more, not yet. Just nods silently before looking up to Jubs* We did it rhya...*nods*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer looks up at Val, and whispers. "The bindings. Please. At least leave me the bindings. The others wrapped my head. Please. I beg you."

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at the dead Gab and Puck* GS The Yote finially redeamed himself. *looks at Gab* Damn girl, I once wanted you to stand beside me....I'm sorry things never worked out.

Wields-Plastic-Death: *silently cuts Chainsmoker off*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *he kneels down next to the remains of the torso of gabrielle and looked at the body as he closed her eyes gently. Slowly he finished off the ritual breaking the eerie silence around him.*

Kylie Wallace: * she then heads to the rugsack and takes out some rols of bandages and heads to the devourer* why do you wish this?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): GS You died well. *said to Gab, and then gives a howl of mourning*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Nods to the Devourer* Sleep, once-dear spirit. *Takes the bindings that Gabrielle brought and starts wrapping them securely around his head*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Turns to Gaze at the remains of Gab, and Puck though any emotion she could have spared for them has been recycled into rage for the night...*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The Devourer looks up at Kylie, eyes half-compound, half watery blue human eyes, and whispers to her, "I can't. I can't...They come and I can't see them. Please." It falls silent as Val begins to wrap its head. And then it is done. The spirit's head is bound, and it speaks no more, though tears stain the bandages. The cavern is silent now, the echoes of the Devourer's last screams ringing for a few moments longer before they, too fall into a hush. The Devourer itself is now chained to the rock, clothes shredded and gone, a sexless half-human insectoid chimera, head bound.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Kylie> We'll need what you brought too.

Kylie Wallace: * her eyes begin to well up again as she listens to the creature and she nods and grips her staff*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *shifts to Crinos again, and moves to gather the withered remains of the Nuwisha into her arms. She at least will see him honored for his sacrifice*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Val* Bring?

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Looks at the two dead....Afraid to go home now....Ears finding a resting place against her skull*

Wields-Plastic-Death: *shifts down to glabro and fishes for his crayola box, pulling out one actual whole pack of marlboro reds. Opens them up and with the utmost of reverance and thankfulness, offers it out to Cap*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Kylie> Just making sure there's enough bandage..*Also troubled by the pitiful state of the Devourer and his long dark, desolate future.*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea looks at Rane...Glade someone will help with Puck...Ears remain against her skull...*

Kylie Wallace: * she nods* Val> oh yeah we can wrap him well ...there's rolls of this in two rugsacks over there

Cap Rountree: *Takes the cigarette.* Thanks, son.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Nods.* Get the dead and the wounded, make sure they're alright.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Turns to Wields...smelling the tobacco...thinks...thinks somemore. Ah fuck it...she deserves this. Heads over to him* Hey wields...can I bum one of those?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He then picked up the remains of Gabrielle in his arms as he looked at Linda.* She faught to her best. We probably had our difference. But the girls did what she had too. Lets take her back and give her a proper burial.

Kylie Wallace: * she plants her staff and starts to wrap the creature up*

Wields-Plastic-Death: *absently holds up one of the smokes to Cassy and begins walking towards Gabrielle with a frown*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *can feel her voice healing up, in this form, looks to Valerie* ~ht~ What's the plan for getting home? *still sounds raspy as hell*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Continues wrapping, and makes room for Kylie to do so also. Ensuring he's covered as completely as can be in the hope his memory of this smallest of kindnesses will have some effect, millennia hereafter.*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Val* you think perch'll help ..I got my moonstaff if not

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *turns to her pack* GS Good job guys....our taunts definately seemed to have an effect. *turns to Jublian* OK...I know you lost control. I'm glad Cassy protected my back...I was too close to the man-bane to risk looking away. I also heard it say you gave a bit of yourself to Jublian what the hell was that all about?

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Shifts down to glabro, and lights the smoke with her spare lighter. She inhales deeply from it, and almost smiles at the immidiat effect it has* Ahhhh....*exhales, then opens her eyes, and heads to Marty and Linda*PS- Good one guys...really good. We did it....*smiles, then looks to Gab* She will be honored for her sacrifice, and her story will be told for lifetimes to come...I'll see to that...*nods, but again, sheds no tears. Just enjoys her smoke*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : Long story. We'll tell it when we get back. *Retrieves Morningstar.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> Yes, home and remembering.

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Nods hollowly to Linda.....Staying alert though*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods* GS Her and the Yote. Ironic was declared he would die if he ever returned to the protectorate....judged so for mucking with Danni's head and effections...that he would die. And die he did...but in a manner that has me forgiving his past jackassness with my family. Hes earned a descent send off as well.

Kylie Wallace: * she finishes her wrapping and grabs her staff *

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Kylie> We may have to do that. The Elementals may not be back.

Wields-Plastic-Death: *very, once again reverantly, pulls one of the smokes and pokes it in Gab's lips unless someone stops him.. then backs away respectfully*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *as calm as she was before the rite, now, she fairly reeks of impatience to be gone....for the first time in her life, there's someone she has to check on*

Kylie Wallace: * she nods to Val and activates her staff that will lead them back to the junkyard*( if that's okay ?)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks around* GS How do we get home?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Looks for a way out, hoping he won't have to burrow.* If we have to made a hole we'll have to find a way to seal it too.... *Checks where the stream's coming in from.*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): Kylie's staff activates with greater ease than she expected, and the path is laid for the Garou to return to the Junkyard.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *follows the thuerges*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Doing a search and cleaning of the place with pure water so there will be few traces of life left in the cavern.*

Kylie Wallace: * the moon bridge opens and she leads the way with the candle lighting itself *

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods in responce to Linda* Things always have a way of working themselve out...*steels glance back at Jubs, then turns back to the dead*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea follows on Linda's blind side....Ears flat on her skull, reluctant to return home to see what she may find...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *sets foot on the bridge, headed for him, bearing Puck's body*

Kylie Wallace: ( and poofs to the junkyard)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Follows Linda Carrying the remains of Gabrielle with him.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade : *Leads the way in Crinos, just in case.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (Poof to the JY)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Leaves last, or if not allowed, one of the last, to see that all is done in accordance with the precautions against his escape.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *)(*poof to the JY*)(*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Follows Linda. War hammer still in hand in case the battle for the JY still rages*

Kylie Wallace: * the moon bridge opens and she leads the way with the candle lighting itself *

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods in responce to Linda* Things always have a way of working themselve out...*steels glance back at Jubs, then turns back to the dead*

Flea, Nephi & †Fire Bringer†: *Flea follows on Linda's blind side....Ears flat on her skull, reluctant to return home to see what she may find...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *sets foot on the bridge, headed for him, bearing Puck's body*

Soul(Pulling Double Duty ST Style): The last Garou out can see the fungus slowly losing its glow. The cavern seems to grow smaller. And then, the Garou are gone, and the Devourer is locked in the dark.

Spuds (My Archive Hand Is Strong) : ----------------------END ARCHIVE----------------------

The Junkyard - Umbra Side

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Room claimed for scene*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (here)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *searches the umbral...*..

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: ((here))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She follows along, sensing for the Wyrm's presence*

Krez ~Night Flier~ Harrington: ((brb))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((back))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy walks alongside Riley, watching her back and ready for anything*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin follows loosely behind steel and riley, eyes glancing about. krez is flying above in betsey patroling the bawn*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *looks around* spread out..we cant stay to close together

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *nods to Steel* Just close enough within shouting distance out, folks. But not too much...

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin nods as steel gives the order.. sweeping off to the left.. staying within basic visual contact of steel*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (in Crinos)

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Mutters to himself, reciting a few passages of Don Quixote to himself mentally so he can clear his mind from frenzy*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright, folks, ground rules. I doubt anyone here needs 'em, but at least the formalities will be done with. 1. This scene is lethal. In fact, as Soul's already noted, it's more lethal than usual, and there IS a chance that your character will die. 2. There are four major battles going on just for the JY game, so the Dice Roller's going to be a clusterfuck. With that in mind a) don't roll dice unless I ask for them, and I won't always--you empty a clip into a caterpillar, and I don't give a damn what the dice day, it's DEAD--and b) I will be making a lot of rolls on my own dice, so if you don't see 'em on the roller, I didn't make 'em up. 3. the usual--wait your turn before posting actions and such. 4. I currently have 6 windows open in various parts of this battle. Response to PMs WILL be slow. 5. Have fun, folks. This is gonna be fuckin' great...))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *The beginning of the attack is... rather undramatic. A whistling sound, something flying overhead, then a ~splat~ and a lesson learned--weak creatures are not suitable for relocation via catapult. Then some wit screams out "ALL YOUR CAERN ARE BELONG TO UUUSSSS!!!!" and the more than a dozen... things... come flying in. In accordance with the first law of gravity--impact sucks--most of them splatter--in face, the Garou can feel a surge of essence in the air as the spirits are destroyed. They can also, however, smell something that might be perfume--it seems artificial enough, but it's a horrid stench, seeming to combine the essence of beer-breath, rotting plants, and fetid meat. Only three are left alive to mindlessly attack the Garou--which they immediately attempt.*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Not just a surge of essence, but each Garou GAINS one Gnosis.))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy growls and sets up a swinging blow towards any critter that comes after him*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She notes the three left and growls low, ready swipe at the nearest one as soon as it gets into range, keeps her ears open in case Steel wants them to do any particular pack tactic thing*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright, who's archivin'?))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (since my connection might be unstable, probably shouldn't be me...)

~Anna: (Me, I'm archiving)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *These things are horrific-looking, like some kind of maggot about the size of a small collie. They're also puny. They go down like Lewinski during a military briefing, but more are flying in. This time, 7 are still alive, and the Garou can hear some kind of wierd clattering noise.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (coolness)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((ummmm.. i suppose i could))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Thankee, ma'am.)) ((Alright, folks, init.))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez spotting the incomming spirits being slingshot in.. begins to move his helicopter in the general direction*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((steel pack inti please.. i think it would be appropriate considering the use the die roller is gonna be getting))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (pack init is fine with me, if the ST doesn't mind)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((umm i go first heh...init 27))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((8 inti for krez))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): (( well steel is the only one with Spriit of the how we do that??*rolled a 10))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Lucky 13)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Not a'tall. But if it's pack init than the SotF only adds 1 to the total, not 10.))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (13, if we're not doing it...up to you)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((ok..uses pack init then.. rolled a 10..+ 1 from Spirit of the frey))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((It's fine by me.)) *Krez, higher up, can see what's coming. A black mass of something buzzing, not a trace of light escaping. And before them.... some kind of insects, centipede-like creatures.... and skeletons. Rat-skeletons, dog-skeletons, and a few human here and there to match. All marching in, and there are a shitload.*

Archiver note: (I missed a post or a few)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((18, then? That'll be enough--Krez, declare. It'll be three or four rounds before they reach.))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((init 18 for the pack))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez menuvers the helicopter twords the group.. reading the bombs that cap made for him*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She looks to Steel, shouts over* Plan, Alpha?

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *shouts* take um down..any that get close.. dont get surrounded

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((readying*))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin begins to tighten up his formation moving back to rejoin his pack*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Riley rejoins as well, allowing for room but wanting to stay near the pack*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *These larvae, no stronger than the others, go down as easily, although some spit a damn painful acid--painful, but the damage heals. The next round leaves no survivors, but the reek is almost thick enough to choke now, and the... army, really, is approaching. Perhaps 20 of the skeleton things, now in sight, along with perhaps a dozen things that look like mixes of various inscects--except standing about 6 feet to 10 feet tall--and behind them are three gigantic centipedes--of some sort, at least. They don't look happy.* ((Krez, you got an action before they close.))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((NP.))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *places the Spirit whistle in his mouth* BANEBITERS.. GET READY..

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *the helicopter flies over head.. grabbing a napalm bomb.. he drops it out the side of his cockpit aiming for the group of skeletons and hoping he doesn't miss* jesus christ fucked us good.. *spits his wad of dip out in the process of dropping the bomb. this is going to take complete focus*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Snarls, ready for the waves to attack*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *ready as she'll ever be, claws out and waiting for them*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin snarls loudly moving to the left of steel so that his right side. with the withered arm isn't as vulnerable* `gs~ cover each other.. we may have to fall back early!

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* Alright, gimme the stats from those bombs.))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Thanks.)) *The bomb, made of auto-parts and duct-tape, hits--flames fly everywhere, coating at least six of them--but, burning merrily, they continue on. Wounded, a bit, but not out of the game by a ways.* ((Alright, everyone. Init again.))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (just Steel-p rolling for it?)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (since we're still doing the pack init, I thought)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((init 13 for the pack))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (k)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((And Krez?))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((13))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (*wonders if this is an evil omen, all these 13s..*)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((looks at the raging horde comming twords them* you think?))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright. Krez, declare.)) *This... smaller swarm simply races for the Garou, clawed hands and teeth bared. Erin, in front, is the primary target, but there's easily enough to put four or five onto to every Garou. The huge centipede-things take their time, but they'll be here soon enough.*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez snarls* ya fockers!!.. *grabbing an armload of the ANFO bombs (2)* and tosses them down at the large centipede thingies* ((6 dice of dmg each))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* Declare first. Bane-biters, declare.))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy will run forward with his club, to deflect a skelton away from his packmate*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((i know just wanted to give ya the dmg in advance XD)) *erin taking the brunt of the horde, and only having one arm.. crouches down into a more defensive stance.. swinging low for the things legs*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((steel blows the Spirit whistle.. threw packspeak..any that dont run and get close..drop um..and make certain i stay up long enough to drive some away))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (Sorry, computer hiccuped. She's guarding Steel, attacking whichever ones don't drop and manage to get closer, spending a rage for another attack)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright. Roll for your attacks.))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (diff normal?)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): and steel blows the spirit whistle at the largest group of attackers..*gnosis roll (can i spend a WP on this ken?))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Dex + Melee for the club- 10,1,9,8,2,6,5,6,4, 6 sux)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((erin slash 8,3,8,7,7,9,1,1,2 3 suxxs to hit))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((You can. *G* What's the thing do? And roll through to damage. They're trying to overwhelm with numbers, not duel. Diff is normal to attack, just post the roll for damage because it differs depending on the spirit.))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (attack9,10,4,8,10,6,2,5,8,1, reroll for Dex speciality (swift), got a 7. so that'd be 6 suxs)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Swift wouldn't count for attacks. *G* But 5 suxx will work. Roll on through.))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (okay)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((10,7,10,5,9,8, + wp from Rat = 4 sux)) the whistle emits an intence scream as steel blows it..causeing all spirits in front of him tremendous pain ((all spirits must make gnosis roll dif 8 and get more sux then steel ..or they run away))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((erin dmg 7,4,8,3,5,5,8,4,7,8,10,6, =7))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((How is Riley attacking, claws?))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (yup)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((doobie do wap shabang shabang))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Steel, at least, has some success. The whistle makes an unearthly howl, and the spirits--stiffening for the skeletons, apparently-- scream out and flee. The skeletons, however, are apparently mindless, and keep right on comin'. Both Riley and Erin have disturbingly little effect on their attackers, their claws mostly passing through hollow ribcages and nicking bone. Rather than fleeing, the skeletons swipe at the Garou. Riley gets caught in the teeth of what used to be a rat (3 agg) and another is airborne and headed for her throat before an accidental swipe from another's arm knocks it aside. A fourth attacker manages to strike her again. *4 agg.)) Steel is almost pushed back by the very weight of his attackers thrusts of claw and tooth tearing at his fur. (5, 2, 1, and 3) Erin recieves a massive blow from what was onece human (6 agg). what was once a squirrel gnaws at his leg (2 agg) and another swipes wicked-lookign claws for his throat--before a large blue tick hound s

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): slams into the thing, bearing it to the ground.* ((Soak 'em, folks.))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Uh, what about Rudy?)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Krez has problems of his own--those catapults are active, and while the aim, naturally enough, is crappy, at least some are aimed right. One is headed straight into his windshield before some fool launches a second larva right into the thing--hope you got windshield wipers. Another, however, slames into the side of the craft, knocking it out of line. ((Dex + Pilot to keep it in the air, diff 8 because your windshield's covered.) The other dozen fly past, but thankfully miss.*

Archiver note: (I may hav missed a post ot two here)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((6 agg soaked 3, 2 agg soaked 5)) *the clobber to the head nearly stuns the boxer.. as he stumbles backwards from the blow letting a gritted whine of pain*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((soaks: 3..7..6..8)).. excepot for a slight twinge as a claw nicks him.. the armor from luna blessing him.. steel hardly seems hurt ((took 2 lvs frpm the look of it))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((1,9,5,9,6 1 suxxs.. and yes it has windshield whipers))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : Keep blowin', Steel! C'mon guys, let's make 'em go where we need to...*Riley looks unhurt, for now, Luna must be helping her out there*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* Knew I missed somebody. What'd he attack with?) They sure didn't forget him, nearly buried alongside the others, slashing and clawing. A rather nasty one catches his arm (3 damage) and another his thigh that would have run him through if his aim was an inch off (2 agg), but right now they're almost getting in each others' way.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Heh, What else? His golf club, he got five sux)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Rudy, by comparison, has better luck. His club smashes into the creature's skull and bones scatter.*

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Firk- Blow a WP to avoid Frenzy check) *Rudy snarls, taking a few scratches here and there, but holding it together to back up his packmate.* (Soaked 2 and 1, two damage taken)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((And init again, folks.))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((12))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((ken.. rileys got a rage action))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((I know--just tol' her to use it. *G* But get them inits ready.))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((init 15))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright, Krez, then Banebiters, declare.)) Riley manages a decent swipe of the claws among the mass of attackers, but it does no more damage than the last. They press on as the large Blue Tick hound whirls to face another of them.

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (My declared action- Rudy is going to slide back to protect Erin now that he's nearly down, swinging for the bleachers. I will declare two rage as well, will use any of those actions to try and parry an attack on Erin, but any free actions will be used to golf club the hell out of skeletons)

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((ken.. question.. whats left..just skeletons or other spirits too?))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Erk, a bit out of turn there)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *with a gruttal growl and now seeing the swarm where the Bane Biters were... he curses and heads low.. really low.. low enough to start clipping away at anything on the ground.. and yes the windshield whippers are turned on before all of this*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (Riley's going to back up to help protect Steel while Rudy's with Erin, attacking whatever comes her way*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Just skeletons. The whistle drove the others out, but the skeltons are apparently to mindless to run from pain.))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((erin declare- snarling he begins to motor forward in a stright up bullrush.. spending 2 rage))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and yeah, spending rage...sorry, should've put that)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((NP, Riley.)) *And the Swarm approaches. A black, buzzing mass, like an angry cloudbank, moving at what might be described as a run--straight for the Caern's heart.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): (( got it.*action* . PS pull back.. gaurds each others sides.*steel attacks any that gets clse with his claws..spending 3 rage as well))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((krez wp spent to change action))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Echoes the call to fall back, next to Steel as she lets out a roar, slashing with her claws*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Alright, Krez' action?

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Banebiters roll--all the way throug to damage.))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((krez new action- tips the copter twords the swarm.. and begins giving chase.. menuvering the helicopter so that the blade will begin to minz up some bugs*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((erin attack bullrush 3,5,10,9,3,4,4, 2 suxxs dmg 5,2,5,1,6,8,2,1, 2 suxxs))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *steel slashes with his claws *4 sux* damge 7*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (damage, claws: 4,5,4,8,7,8,1,10,5,10,9,7)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((*cries* steeeelll the die roller is being mean to me again!!))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Action one: 8,8,1,7,8,4,7, 4 sux, damage: 5,2,9,10,4,3,2,4,)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (The die roller is mean to everyone, Erin-p. *pats shoulder*)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Erin, Riley, and steel do little more than before--nicks and scrapes. Rudy smashes the arm off one, but it's not dead either. Two of them rear their arms back to strike.... and stop, quivering. Before this stroke of good luck can be acted upon, more spirits smash into the phalanx like battering rams made of pure darkness. A Skilsaw blade buries itself in the skull of one skeleton, who marches on before one of the spirits literally shatters it with a charge.*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* NP, Rudy.)) *Krez isn't so lucky, as the small insects swarm around him, too thick to really disrupt except for a few moments. Hundreds, thousands, cling to the sides of the craft--those that don't come inside to bite.* ((Soak 1 agg, and another pilot + Dex roll, diff 9, to get the fuck out before you crash.))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Gracias Ken!)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((can't soak agg in homid.. poilet roll 2,2,7,3,9 1 suxx))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((just want to keep it steady don't want to pull out yet ken))

Joshua Puck/ Rudy "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (And Joe bows out OOCly, cheering on the 'Biters. Night all)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *The copter just starts to lift, some of the weight shaking off of it as it shudders.... and (just because your ST is cool like that) tilts to the side, sending the payload of bombs rolling out the door to land with booms in the middle of the swarm, the napalm opening up a space where everything that enters dies. But the swarm, too, is stopped, looking almost... uncertain.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : ('Night Joe, might not be that far behind you...*curses storm*)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((thank you!!))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *seeing rth swarm hesitant..ROARS* DROP THEM * and having spent 3 rage.. turns into a pounding machine

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Between the 'Biters and the spirits, the skeletons, still standing dead-still, offer only a few moments' entertainment. The Swarm itself, however, screams in pain. A.... clean pain, almost a ~good~ pain, something like the pain of childbirth.*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *hears steel.. and leaps back using his rage.. using one of the skeletons as a boost platform.. then turns heading for the swarm* ~GS~ WITH WHAT?! I DON'T HAVE A FLYSWATTER!!

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((can picture a garou fighting with a flyswatter with a pain spirit bound within.. ohhhhhh.. *krez's neck fetish weapon*))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She uses that rage, trying not to let the scream of the Swarm distract her as claws into the nearest skeleton*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Other skeletons inside--apparently the reinforcements--stand baying at the sky. the Swarm grows... dimmer, indistinct, like a spirit that's been killed and is waiting to either reform or be absorbed.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *looks at the swarm* ERIN STOP...

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *stops as commanded.. and turns back heading to riley to give her a hand*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez circles around in his chopper.. utterly confused as to what's happening*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *narrows her eyes, wondering what's going on with the swarm, if she has the time to wonder about it*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *The Garou can feel as some of its essence is drawn off, and the swarm grows smaller... maybe by a tenth or more. The pain-cries don't rise in intensity so much as expectation.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *and look out, ya'll the marines are arriving...allbeit in the initial form of a Crinos'd cheerleader*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): dammit we need a theurge..*pauses thinks8 SCREW IT.. DROP THE SWARM..ANYTHING YOU CAN.. CLAWS WEAPONS.. JUST DO IT..SOMETHINGS DRAWING OFF THEIR ESSANCE

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez taking advantage of the somewhat stunned swarm tries again.. sweeping in low.. and tilting the copter forward so the blades are exposed to the brunt of the swarm*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *But how do you drop a swarm of insects with claws? They swish around, not even knowing their being attacked. ((Everyone roll Wits + Primal Urge))*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *snarling at the command.. erin drops to all three's and makes his way twords the swarm.. planning on using his mawl to do some damage* ~GS~ make up your mind alpha!

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *And in moments Krez can't see a thing. And with the size of the swarm he could be doing this for hours to even make a dent.* ((Dex + Pilot again, diff 8))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: erin>>((6,6,4,3,2)) Krez>>((8,10,1,1,8, ))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): 2,6,2,9,10,

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (wits and primal urge: 10,6,6,1,10,2,4) *She heads where Steel points, trying to do what she can with her claws, they're all she has*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: krez pioleting wp ((8,6,2,6,1=0 *wince*))

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ((Not sure if she'd be able to take action yet, but: wits + primal urge: 6,9,3,2,4))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((and rudy-p didnt post his primal urge so wont roll for him))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *concentrating a moment, she turns and growls to the rest in hearing* Someone's takin' their juice...

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): THEN SQUASH UM.. GRAB UM.. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES * turns hands into big fly swatters*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *And it happens again, maybe a fifth of the Swarm's mass drifting out.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): (( do i see ari .ken??))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((I believe so.)) *The screaming rises in volume and intensity and... expectation?*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *she grins ferally, not going to question a good turn of luck, following Steel's orders while they're weakened*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin leaps into the group pushing himself into frenzy* ((beserker merit))

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *the bug things are being sucked dry by something*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *yells at Ari*..WE NEED A THEURGE NOW!!! *and squashes more bugs*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *rudy swings his club like aman possessed.. bashing any that he can*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *nods to Steel, and ducks back to yard*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez having nearly wrecked his copter thrice.. lands the dang things and climbs out as it begins to power down.. and runs for the spirit of the burning barrel.. chittering in spirit speech*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *mental note, have Rudy teach her how to fight with something more than her claws...doing what she can for the mean time, which is slashing at whatever she can*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): ((heh hope so))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Moving with a purpose from the yard to find out a little more...*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *returns, possibly with Kylie in tow*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *YELLS* RHYA..SOMETHINGS *squash* DRAINING THE SWARM

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin is currently in the very middle of the swarm looking like he's gone ape shit.. again*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Riley's avoiding getting in Erin's way or going anywhere near him...better to let him use that energy on the swarm* (need to go afk for a few, be back asap)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Whatever was, isn't any longer, but the night-spirits swarm around it, reducing its size by increments until it was maybe half its former size and returning to wherever they were--mostly satisfied.*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez speaks with the spirit of the and nods shouting out* draw off their gnosis.. get them away from here!!.. *and he moves twords the swarm.. drawing off their gnosis.. and begins to step away spending some of his gnosis to them to try and lure them away*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Raises his voice* Fall ~BACK~!

Kylie Wallace: * okay sorry didn't get the addy til now*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): PS ERIN FALL BACK.. FALL BACK*..grabs rudy ..pulling him*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((Krez, roll Gnosis.)) *The howls of pain rise--the skeleton spirits standing there, some exposed by the Swarm's shrinking, seem to be a writhing mass--like things under the surface of the bones struggling to escape.*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin doesn't hear anything.. nor feel.. nor see anything beyond red.. he's in the full thraw of a beserk frenzy*

Kylie Wallace: * she appears staff in hand wondering what she's got herslef into*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((2,4,9,7,4,))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Krez can feel essence trying to leak out--but whatever thin barrier's there is too much for him to draw through... on this try, at lest.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): C'mon Kylie...*shifting to Crinos just in case, moving to use himself as a ground to drain the...things and pour it into the ground of something*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *looks atTM* i gotta get my packmate..*looks to erin but doesnt want to disobey the Warder*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Jason and rolls gnosis as well to help*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *calls out to twomoons* my copter is fueled offa gnosis!! gonna try ta use dat ta syphine da energy!

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* the character rolls Gnosis? GGo ahaed an' throw them bones.))

Kylie Wallace: kylie gnosis: 8,3,7,2,7,

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *he grits his teeth as he begins to focus again on the swarm* ((4,4,1,6,1, ))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ((Twomoons gnosis: 10,10,6,4,3,10, ))

Kylie Wallace: ( ack ack...ya know what i'm saying *L*)

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *just standing back, letting the theurges do their things*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *calls out* everyone try ta syphione dere gnosis ta mah chopter... // *erin finally pulls out of his frenzy with a snarl.. and moves back out of the swarm*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Kylie can feel Gnosis slip from the swarm into her, and it decreases a tiny increment. Twomoons, on the other hand, drains off about a quarter of the bastard.* ((Kylie gain 1 Gnosis, Twomoons gain 5)) *Krez, unfortunately, just can't quite get it again.*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: ((i can't ever get it.. so what's changed? *L*))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *focuses again saying a slight prayer in the process* ((3,8,9,10,10,))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): ((*G* I was really trying to resist that pun....))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *Erin, unfortunately, fails as well. Even about dead, the sucker's still a behemoth.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *closes eyes concentraiting* steel gnosis: 9,6,9,5,10,1((woot))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *oooh, hey...that felt good. Not as good as this morning but pretty good otherwise* Ari...get over here and...imagine like you're activating a fetish, or something...

Kylie Wallace: * she does her thing again*nosis: 10,7,1,6,6,

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *erin hearing twomoon's command to ari tries as well* ((oh this should be fun erin gnosis 2, ))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ((Well...didn't botch.))

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *And the sucker shrinks, jsut a bit, as essence flies into Kylie (1 Gnosis). The bones the skeltons are made up of start to split, and the howls of pain rise.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *moves to obey Twomoons* ((Ari gnosis: 5))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *One...more...time...* ((Twomoons gnosis: 7,3,4,10,2,7, No comments about Coggies and their ability to suck))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Any excess gets channelled towards' Krez' chopper*

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *And Twomoons doesn't do so well, this time. no response at all.* ((*G* This is like the after-scene, folks. Just pop out the rolls.))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *sending the excess to the chopper* steel gnosis: 8,3,7,9,3,8,

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez tries yet again* ((: 3,8,6,5,10, )) *as does erin* ((8))

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *she tries again* ((Ari gnosis: 10))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *slurp* ((Twomoons gnosis: 9,10,9,9,2,5, ))

Kylie Wallace: kylie nosis: 8,8,8,9,1,

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ((attempt #4 Twomoons gnosis: 2,7,10,5,10,8, )) *When Krez' chopper looks...full, the extra gets sent directly into the umbral ground for the caern*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez tries yet again* 7,1,10,3,1, /Erin on the other hand starts scrambling through the trash looking for an old road sign*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *and again, directing the surplus into the caern* ((Ari gnosis: 9))

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: Krez yet again* ((6,9,5,10,3, ))

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *sending to the caern* steel gnosis: 2,10,7,2,5,1,

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): (( Twomoons gnosis: 3,5,8,10,9,2, ))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (back) *Riley will help out too, as it seems to work* (rolling)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: krez drains yet again putting the gnosis to the cearn* ((8,5,7,6,3, ))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (2,9,2,6,6)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *And between Twomoons, Krez, Kylie, and Ari the thing is entirely dissipated. (2 for Krez, 1 for Ari, 1 for Twomoons, 2 for Kylie) The screams rise--somehow, not something to draw panic or even concern, and the hundreds of skeleton spirits still standing as if rooted to the ground burst--not into shards of bone but some thick, reddish, membrane-like thing. The doctor among the group would recognize the eerie resemblance to placenta. Where they were standing stand a multitude of spirits-- a small number of Ancestor-spirits, squirrels, pigeons, stray dogs... and, of course, Rat spirits in their multitudes. Exhausted, govered with goop.... but alive.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and again, if she has time...2,4,10,2,10)

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *lets out a Crinos whoop of joy and exuberance, seeing the spirits returned to themselves*

Kylie Wallace: * she grimaces and and heads to the spsirts and looks them over*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *krez lets out a whoop of celebration.. and has a sit somewhat exhausted from all that effort.. erin stop routing through the trash.,.. and comes back twords the group*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *looks at the new spirits then the TM*..what just happened?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Blinks a little* ~ht~ okay....that was weird as hell...*his nice, shiny, Luna's-Armor-enhanced fur now thoroughly a wreck*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She blinks as the skeleton spirits burst, staring fo ra moment before she joins Krez and Ari in that whoop, turns to Erin after* What're you lookin' for?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (*kills typos*)

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *looks to riley* i was looking for a sign to begin swatting them... *shrugs a bit* seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ~ht~ Ok...can I go home now...? *a weary chuckle*

Kylie Wallace: * while checking over the spirits she infuses them with any gnosis they need although she looks like she's gonna drop from all the gnosis gain and loss from the evening*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *forces air from his nostrils in a rather un-civil manner. Martha Stewert would definitely have fainted* ~ht~ If I had to guess...I'd say the spiritual equivilant of an abortion. I need a shower.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *chuckles at Erin* ~ht~ Might've worked...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : ~ht~ I know the feelin', Ari...

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *rubs the back of his head where he got clubbed.. comming back with a hand covered with blood* so that is why my ears are ringing. /*krez watches everyone with a satisfied grin.. then stuffs his jaw with a celebration four fingerfulls of dip*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *grins* .. HT that mean we won?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Anyway, we still got cleanup...*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): ((Gotta bail, guys, I'm pooped.))

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Steel* we lost 3 in the process

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *shudders at the stentch* ~ht~ That was...gross. And yeah, Steel....looks like it. *large, feral grin*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ~ht~ Yeah. Let's do some other stuff. *slips back to the physical*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *turns to Kylie* ~ht~ Who did we loose?

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *nods*.. i drovemost of the spirits off..*raises the whistle*.came in handy

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *then krez pushes up to his feet and moves to kylie to begin to aid her with the task of taking care of the spirits*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (lose, even)

Redneck ST ((All Your Ass Are Belong To Me)): *The goop dissipates easily enough, and the spirits wander off--some to their homes, some to the Caern heart. All is well, and all is well, and all manner of things are well.*

Steeleyes(Banebiter alpha MotC): *nods to TM and steps back*(9gone to main room)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (*waves* later, Kari)

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ (TC): *~*~*gone*~*~*

Kylie Wallace: * she makes sure the spirits are okay and she stands up* We lost Gabrielle , puck and Flaw

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *steps back, will hear that answer from Kylie when they're on the physical side*

Erin Williams/ Krez Harrington: *then both erin and krez slips back across the guantlet*

Kylie Wallace: ( poofles back to the junkyard)

~Anna: ~~ End Archive~~

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