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Junkyard Moot

August 22, 2003

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((now)) *looks arouns and sighs, guess this is all we're getting.... he calls out* Alright y'all... Umbra... *steps across*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *sidesteps*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> yes, it's good... but he's ostracized now tho... *then hears Jacob* see ya on the other side *steps across*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *glances over at Jacob, then sidesteps obediently*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *umbra bound*

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *sees all the people disappearing.... cool*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *slips to the umbral side*

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: *umbra? oh heck...makes his way across really slowly*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *smiles to Rane right before he sidesteps* Good.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *looks around* OK... opening howl?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *once umbral, she moves to stand near Wolverine's usual haunt, just waiting*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((are we still NPCing Lex, BTW?))

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *settles near Brad, shifting up to Crinos*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: ((Until there's another MotR yeah Lex is still an NPC)) *looks around to see if anyone else is gonna start the opening howl*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): (last I you need me to do it? I haven't in a long ass time but still am more the capable of making a few roles and descriptive posts)

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *also shifts to crinos, crossing his arms*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: ((I'll do it this time...))

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((Mira>> sure, thanx *G*))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *goes to Crinos form*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): (OK)*shifts to Crinos*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((or Spudz can, that's cool too))

Lex-o-Rama: *stands waiting in his black furred Crinos form...all broody and mysterious and theurgy*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *stays homid*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *goes crinos* ~HT~ no Galliards? I guess I'll start it then... *he tilts his head back and starts a long, low howl*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *reverts to his breed form* ~HT~ Jaxob>>I'll be the master of the howl tonight if there's no objections rhya. *his grin showing that he'd love it*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((DLP)) *nods to Volgar to go ahead*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *grins at Rane and then sucks in a deep breath letting out a howl that makes up in volume what it lacks in tone doesn't have the Rage that Jubes' does...nor the jaded quality*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *raises her voice after Volgar's, adding just the right harmony/cacophony*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *Joins the howl....hers, showing fortitude in it's reminds one of one's strong and clear*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *joins in the howl*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *her high clear voice joins the rest, a faint thread of relief running through hers...she's glad to be home*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *joins in, in homid*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *throws his head back and howls*

Lex-o-Rama: *howls in that uber slick dark throaty way he has*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *keeps going to the point where he comes close to asphyxiating himself...ending and panting but grinning like a madman*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *seems breifly amused by the enthusiastic Fenrir...*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *ends his howl as Volgar does*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *ends his howl*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *had already stopped a while ago*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *trails off*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *lets her voice die down*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *then nods to Lex to go ahead*

Lex-o-Rama: *once the howl ends he steps forward* ~HT~ Tonight we again give thanks for surviving and being able to protect this holy place another month. We thank you Rat for your tenacity, Wolverine for your ferocity, Chimera for your wisdom, Great Trash Heap for your knowledge, General E. Lee for your ingenuity, Clashing Boom Boom for your prowess, and Gaia for your lifeblood. We do this to honor you, ourselves and the ageless pact between the Broods and the Warriors of Gaia. Let all those who would show their thanks step forward and contribute to the health of this Caern. *spreads the usual carmel and cheezy corn and other accoutriments along with a healthy dosage of Gnosis*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *steps forward to offer up her spiritual energies as always*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *steps up*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *steps up... pulling some crackers out of her pocket*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *steps up, grabbing some popcorn from his pocket*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *steps forward and offers some Gnosis and chunks of bones from his two hunts*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *gives her own offering as well*

Lex-o-Rama: *rats swarm from every corner of the yard to snatch up the food and trinkets tossed to the ground while the offered spiritual energy flies to the truck trailer that holds the Caern's heart, the giant red eyed, white rat crawling to sit on top of the trailer for a few moments as Rat gives her approval once more of the Sept's Garou*

Lex-o-Rama: *and when it's done Lex stands away and goes back to being the most stylin Garou in the 'Yard*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *looks around* OK, go real side for the cracking...

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *she shrinks to homid, and gives Brad a grin as she returns to the real world*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *nods and steps back across*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *shifts to homid and returns to the world of flesh...but not before nudging Rane and grinning at her* I was master of the howl! *all kinds of pumped up about that*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *chuckles a bit as she follows Volgar back to the real side* So I saw.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((oops, just assume we had the recital of the litany in there too *G*))

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *goes real side*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *returns to the physical side and to Cap's chair*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *steps back across, staying in crinos*

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *sees them all coming back*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *waits for someone to step forward for the Cracking of the Bone*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): alright, anyone with buisness, step up...

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *is damn near vibrating he's so happy to have been master of the howl*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> ~HT~ you gonna announce our pack today?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *staying near Brad, though she flashes Joseph a grin across the clearing*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: Might.

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *smiles and winks at Ari*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *trying not to snicker at Volgar*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *stands* I notice Ari Ford is back among us. She departed with the Lone Wolves rather suddenly. Except for some hurried references from Twomoons about some sort of spiritual sign....we really don't know why they departed so quickly. Perhaps she can enlighten us.

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *stands* um, if I may, sir?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *well...didn't waste any time, did she... She sighs and steps forward*

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): ... or I can wait too *G* *sits back down*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods to Linda, then looks at Ari*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *leans against a car... watching Ari*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *listens*

Brenda Maier: * she enters the area glancing around carrying a small purse pack slung off one shoulder*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: The Lone Wolves, and Elisa and I have been in the aetherial realm... I'm not sure, on a lot of it, I'm not a theurge, but there was a prophecy involved, we found out, and we all had a part to do to fulfill it.

Brenda Maier: * she quietly finds a place to stand and watch the others*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> What is this prophecy?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): How did the prophesy run? What did it say?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *quirks a brow, listening silently*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *nods and goes silent in deference to Jacob....shes neutral at the moment...her attititude....of reserving judgement until she hears what there is to hear*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: Oh geez, I can't say it all... I'm not a galliard, either. But, the Cliff's Notes version is that we're supposed to go visit the planet spirits that we kinda...belong to... And get something to give to Luna.

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *listens to Ari... also curious*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: I was able to do my part, and it was heavily indicated that I should return home, to fulfill my duties here.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> What is this something? Why does Luna need it?

Brenda Maier: * she listens to Ari and looks to Linda and Jacob and then back to Ari*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *whispers to Rane* Isn't Luna a Celestine?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: I don't know, rhya, I'm sorry. We'd only done Valerie's part and my own before I returned, and she and I had different things to give, so I'm not sure I know the trend yet.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *nods absently to Volgar, listening to Ari more than him*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> *nods a bit* so no clue when our former Warder will bring his pack back?

~b-fly~: (All characters in attendance, except Charlie and Simone, watching and listening.)

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *whispers again while scratching his head* Errr...why can't a Celestine get what it wants by itself?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *taps her claws on a car hood*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *she shakes her head* No, rhya, I'm sorry.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *quietly* She has her purposes, I'm sure.

Brenda Maier: * she frowns and leans against the nearest thing that will support her weight *

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> *nods* alright.... well thank you at least for keeping your promise to me...

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *thinks about it then shrugs...he's no Theurge*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *she nods, then glances to Brenda and kinda meanders over that way*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *looks at Ari* (Linda Truth of Gaia, Linda truth of gaia: 2,3,8,2, ) All that time, less then 24 hours notice of departure, and you never once asked the specifics of the mission you were on?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *she stops and looks to Linda* When someone drops a meteor on your head as a sign, you go. *that's the truth*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *looks confused and frustrated*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: Rhya, WE didn't know the specifics. We just knew we were called. I'm sorry I can't explain it better than that.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> Thank you... we'll discuss this later... *nods to Linda*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *calms* Forgive me Grandfather Jacob if I seem to interrupt. I've been trying to understand the mystery of the Lone Wolves departure sense they left. would be kinder if you could tell the story from the beginning to the best of your ability instead of dropping little details on us piecemeal...don't you think?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Or....should this wait until later?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: Later, Linda, please? I'm sure there's more to do tonight than this.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *just silent, brow creased in thought*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *clears his throat* Can I ask something regarding this rhyas?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *looks at Ari with barely conceiled impatience...bordering on the deadly anger she is known for*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Linda>> I think later would be best... we can discuss it with Arizona privately...

Brenda Maier: * she folds her arms over her chest and deep breaths once *

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *glances toward the new voice...and blinks...and blinks again...holy shit...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): (crap I can't be on to late tonight...might be around tomorrow evening then)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *nods and sits back down*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *smirks slighty at the prom queen's reaction to Volgar*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods to Volgar*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: (Is the moot still going on?)

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *glances toward Brad, wide-eyed after seeing...what the hell is that?*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): (yes)

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> *subtley shakes his head 'no'*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: (Thankies) *Was there the whole time...The jackal just sitting silent and alone, watching the going on's*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *takes a step forward, lookin more than a little nervous* I know this is usually the job of the Ragabash, and that I don't know who these Lone Wolves are, but does this *gesturing to Linda and Ari* serve Gaia or the Sept in any way? Or address the Ravagers? I mean if they did something wrong sure they should be punished, but if they aren't here how can you do that? Shouldn't this wait until these Lone Wolves people are present to explain themselves in whole? *holy shit wisdom from the cliath*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *The jackal gives a tilt down and up of her head...A nod to Volgar's words...Aye, he speaks true wisdom...Has never seen him and indeed he is strange, but a smart one...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *silent...reminding herself to fill Volgar in on the situation later*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> No one's punishing anyone yet..... we're all just curious...

Brenda Maier: * she glances over at Volgar quirking a brow wondering why it takes a cliath to make others see logic*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *takes the moment of distraction to head to Brenda*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Asking a report is neither a sin nor a waste of time.

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Well I mean it just seems like there's more important things to be dealt with...the Ravagers ~are~ here...I saw what they did to Iron Ridge first hand...whoever the Lone Wolves are aren't here. Just seems like the wrong focus to me...but maybe I'm just thinking differantly. Sorry. *steps back*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *goes silent again though*

Brenda Maier: * seeing Ari she smiles a bit but doesn't speak *

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *gives Volgar a small smile and nod*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *rests a hand on Brenda's arm, to whisper to her briefly*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Is there with her pack, has been for the entire moot though not having anything to report just listens silently* (though not sure how long I'll be around, just making an apperance)

Brenda Maier: * she glances to Volgar and tilts her head making a mental note to speak with him at some point*

Brenda Maier: * she leans over next to Ari to listen to her*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> you must understand... our Warder left for this, we're naturally curious as to what would pull him away with the Ravagers in town.... but we should address them also.. *looks at Linda* Warder, would you fill us in?

Brenda Maier: * she then looks to Ari and smiles and whsipers to her back*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She turns to listen to Linda about the Ravagers, taking a swig from her flask*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *turns her attention to Linda*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Sleek muzzle points at Linda...The apointed Warder and her ears perk to catch the information...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *stands* First thing I did when left with the knowledge that the Ravagers had returned was to assemble a small scout force. The ratkin told us there was activity at the old abandoned hive, Cassy and Martin went to check it out. They found an empty hive however the ritual fires and the throne had evidence of disturbance. The very next day, the Ravagers came here to the edge of our bawn. There was a confrontation, and a general warning from them to leave their hive be.

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *a small shrug to Brenda, and a grin as she answers, then heads back toward Brad*

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *watches Ari*

Brenda Maier: * she nods to Ari*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *she flashes Joseph a smile again as she crosses the clearing*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *spots the prom queen making eyes at that friend of Swante's...and may be sick*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Jublain convinced me that a pre-emptive strike to cleanse the hive would weaken the enemy and perhaps ruin some of there plans. So he took a hunting party consisting of Flea and a few others to do so. The Ravager pack seemed to appear to block there attempt. There was a conflict between Jublain and the Ravagers Alpha...ending in the hive entrence collapsing. It is reported that it seemed as if the Ravagers had staged this. We have serious doubts the Alpha got harmed in the tunnel collapse. We have however lost access to the hive.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *nods, frowning...remembering hearing some of that before*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods, listening*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Sense that time as of a week or so ago I've not heard of any Ravager activity. Theories are there is something else, perhaps another enemy that is keeping the Ravagers distracted. I believe our priorities should be, finding whatever other entrences of the hive these Spirals are using and if possible finding out WHAT is keeping them so occupied as to leave us be.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Beyond the end result of killing these Spirals and eliminating that hive.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Linda>> *nods* any news from the STAT?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): I will be consulting with Trash heap my totem for any information.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): I understand they have been out scouting but as of yet nothing new has been reported.

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *looks at Ari.. then Joseph... then Ari.... then Joseph... growls softly*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Linda>> *nods* very well... keep on it, Warder *smiles*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *kicks Brad in the shin*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *Clears his throat again* Being one of those on the mission to destroy the Hive, there was no pack it was just Rahzoreg. Him and him alone. He specifically stated he was just stalling us.

Brenda Maier: * she notices Brad and picks up his tennis match and quirks a brow making a mental note to speak with Ari*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> ~HT~ what?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): Then Rahzoreg is more dangerous then I first thought...thank you Volgar. Being sept bound much of my information is not as direct as I was used too.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She nods to Linda, glancing to the Volgar when he adds to her information*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *quietly, to Brad* Quit it. *trying to pay attention to the Ravager conversation, her eyes serious. She remembers them, oh yes*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> *grunts softly*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): *sits back down when she is sure no more questions will be asked*

Brenda Maier: * she blinks a few times thinking of that name seems somewhat familiar to her but she can't remeber where she's heard it before*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): (I need to go to bed now....I work blasted early)

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): And also... Linda needs Guardians... if you or anyone you know is able... go to Linda, Cassy or Brad...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (Warder): GONE

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Jacob>>I know I haven't been here long, but if Guardians are needed that badly, I'll do my part.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> *nods* once yer here a while longer..... and if you do join the DoW you'll be a Guardian as are the rest of them

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *blinks...the cyclops dude is gonna be with the Get? What else has she missed?*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Lalalalala...No Guardians over here...*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *grins* My becoming a Dog of War is only a matter of when, not if. *then remembers who he's talking to and gets a little red around his cheeks and the base of his horns* err rhya.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> *grins and nods*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She smiles a bit at mention of Guardians and nods, already been spoken to about that*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *chuckles at Volgar*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *looks at Joseph* I believe you wanted to say something?

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *nods to Jacob and stands* Yes, sir... I just wanted to officially introduce myself... I'm Joseph Kuoha, Children of Gaia him *waves at everyone* Aloha ahiahi, all! *G*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *grins a bit toward Joseph again, then raises her chin to catch Jacob's eye*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods to Joseph* welcome again..... then looks at Ari* yes?

Brenda Maier: * she glances at Joseph*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Tilts her head at Joseph, a Crinos grin on her face...But looks back at Jacob and raises a hand to speak sometime*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *grins and nods to Joseph* Greetings!

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *grins at Joseph, met him before but good that he's introducing himself to eveyrone*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: I want it to be known, rhya, that I will be forming a new pack. If anyone is interested, they should come find me.

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): ((DD is at so y'all know))

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> *nods* Who all do you have right now?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: Only myself and Brad.

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: *still just hanging back quietly, mostly watching and drinking from an insulated bottle*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> *nods* Ok.... *looks around* anyone else?

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *sits back down, smiling*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Jesus>> *points* you... I haven't met you...

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *turns to see who Grandfather's pointing at...she hasn't met that guy either. She gives Brad a questioning glance*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Keeps her pawish hand raised...Silent*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): Ari>> *just shrugs a bit... he only saw him a few hours ago*

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: *calls out from where he's at* Jesus Almarez. *looks at his palm briefly* Cliath Galliard, Bone Gnawer, and the real name's Graffiti.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She turns to glance at Jesus, a grin in welcome*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods to Jesus and then looks at Nephi* yes?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *mental note on Jesus, and settles in for the next part*

Brenda Maier: * she glances at Jesus and then looks up at the sky for a moment*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *smiles and grins to Jesus* Greetings! *so damn friendly it hurts the player*

~b-fly~: *chuckle*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((*LOL@Spudz*))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Steps forward, nodding to Jacob* ~gs~You are...Gaia's Drunken Fist, correct? The new Grand Elder? If so, I'd like to introduce myself....I am Nephi, deedname Faster Then Leech....New Moon Cliath of the Silent Strider *Quickly before shes shot or something* Ally and friend to the Sept of the Talking Junkyard and many more...

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: Uh...yeah...*Not exactly sure what to make of this one-eyed one-horned wonder*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *nods to Nephi... wondering where she's been the last couple months* nice to meet you...

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: (*Spews Pepsi at image of Volgar...Say no to Fenrir on Smack...*)

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: ((two horns...))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Nods...Jacob may have noted her defending the sept during the devouring incident...He wasnt here the other times....Steps back, silent again...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *silent...Volgar should definitely be the PR front man for the DoW*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): anyone else?

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *glances toward Joseph, and gives him a grin again*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *and looks back to Grandfather* If I may, rhya? If there's nothing else?

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> go ahead

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *glances to Ari when she has something else to mention, another swig from the flask*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: I wish to be recognized for my honorable actions... ((RoA for honor, please? *grin*))

Heather Payton: *parks her truck a few blocks away this time, then walks the distance to the Junkyard...Heads through the gate and follows the guide through the maze, working on memorizing its twists and turns...Finally emerges into the gathering area, looking around, staying very, very quiet* ((*will post DD in a bit*))

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): *spots Heather and smiles... waving her over*

Brenda Maier: * she yawns a bit and clears her throat *

Heather Payton: *waves back at Cindy and smiles, heading over in that general direction in the least instrusive fashion she can*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Ari>> *nods* we'll get to those.... anyone else got anything for the cracking?

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Cocks her head, pondering if its time to step forward for the Rites of Accomplisment....Tiny crinos smile...Gets ready to step forward for her own honor...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *this place never ceases to amaze her...welcome to the mini-moot*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *Riley will of course step up for her RoA when it's time, for Glory...first looking around to see if anything else is going to be brought up*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): alright... step up for RoA's ((just post them OOCly, por favor *G*))

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): Heather>> *smiles and speaks quietly when she's close* hey... how ya been?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *steps forward* ((Glory here, go me!!))

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: (Honor here)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (Glory)

Heather Payton: *nods at Cindy, speaking quietly* Good...Real good. How about yourself? *watches the Rites of Accomplishment curiously...She's seen them before, but it's still interesting*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Stands again, looking towards Jacob and slowly raises her hand again...A grin pulling on her slender muzzle*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): Heather>> pretty good *smiles... waiting until the moot is officially over to strike up a conversation*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Nephi>> yes?

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *stands there.... in crinos.... watching Joseph*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *She steps back to be with her pack, watching the rest of the moot as it unfolds..*

Brenda Maier: (player falling asleep character will quietly slip out)

Heather Payton: *nods at Cindy, staying quiet as she watches the moot*

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *The grin remains* ~gs~Well, Rhya...I mainly wanted to ask a question to the atendee's in general...Is there any Fostern or higher Rank New Moons present..?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and Riley will stick around though closing this window)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and Riley will stick around though closing this window)

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Nephi>> *looks around* I don't believe so...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (or in just a sec) *She nods to Nephi,smirks* Over here...

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Looks at Riley and nods* ~gs~Ahhh...Don't believe we met...As before stated, I am Nephi Faster Then Leech...I would like to challange you for the rank of Fostern...*Nods*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): *looks at Riley* or maybe I'm wrong...

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *touches Brad's arm for a moment, then moves to go sit by Joseph*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : *thumbs up to Nephi* Cool....will try ta think of something soon then fer ya to do.

Nephi ~Faster Then Leech~: *Bows slightly to Riley* ~gs~Thank you, Rhya *Nods to Jacob, showing that was all she wanted...*

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *looks at Ari... then watch her head over to Joseph.... represses a growl*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~ : (and now I'll leave Riley to enjoy the rest of the moot)

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): alright.... is that it from everyone?

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: ((*throws ST hammer down for a minute* Hold off on Nephi's rank challenge actually...))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *glances toward Volgar, wondering if he finds these moots as odd as she does*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): ((*gets hit by the ST hammer* oww! careful with that thing!))

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *blinks his one eye* That's it?

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *smiles at Ari*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *smiles at Joseph*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): alright... grab a beer and revel however you want....

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *smirks at Volgar* This one was positively dragging on...

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *sees Ari and Joseph smile at each other and wants to gag*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *blink blink* What about like the fighting and drinking and singing and general unleashing of the wolf and such?

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: *Drinks*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): They drinking they can handle... We wanna fight, we're on our own. You want a beer? *heads for the fridge*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> *grins as he gets a beer* do that during your revel if ya'd like

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *to Joseph* I'll be back, again... *and gets up to head toward Jesus, since they seem to be dismissed*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *shakes his head* No thanks. No point to me drinking anything but awakened mead. I'll take some juice tho. I like the juice they got here.

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): *nods to Ari*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): Heather>> Soo... whachoo been up to? *G*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> *nods* we do things a mite different here

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *blinks at the prom queen's toy, but finally nods and grudgingly goes to get another thing of juice to take to him*

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *approaching Jesus* Hey!

Heather Payton: *looks over at Cindy and laughs softly* Just workin'. How about you, Cindy?

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Rane>>Practicing. Sleeping...the summertime always makes me tired for some reason.

Brad Mullins (Guardian thug): *reverts to homid... heading toward the fridge... he nods to Rane as he grabs a beer for himself*

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): Heather>> same here *G* been busy?

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Jacob>>I figured rhya...what about food tho? I can't wait to try out more human food beyond those MRE things...

Jesus 'graffiti' Almarez: *Looks up from his little insulated bottle* Uh...yeah?

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: ((*removes the ST hammer from blocking Flea's Rank Challenge*))

~b-fly~: end of moot?

Heather Payton: They keep me runnin'. Which is fine, because it keeps me in shape. *grins*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *she nods briefly to Brad, then takes the juice to Joseph*

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> we got stuff here... check the fridge or any of the various coolers...

Ari Ford ~Quickfingers~: *grins at Jesus* Hi! I'm Ari... *offers her hand* Also called Quickfingers, Cliath Phillie Gnawer.

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Jacob>>It's all cold tho...don't humans eat hot food too?

Cindy Ramirez (FMT protege): Heather>> *nods... she'd definately agree* so.. um... have you thought about lunch any?

Joseph Kuoha (CoG kin): Rane>> *takes the juice* thank you *S*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *looks to Volgar* I'll bring you some dinner, tomorrow night. Hot dinner.

Grandfather Jacob McDaniels (GE): Volgar>> *chuckles* I think there's a grill around here somewhere...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *just looks Joseph over for a moment, then heads back to her tribe-mate*

Heather Payton: Yeah, I've given it some thought. *inclines her head to the side* We don't know much about each other, do we?

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: Rane>>*grins* What kind? The two fat guys at the gate keep eating that pizza smelled kinda good...

~b-fly~: ~end archive~

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