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Software Company Raid

October 24, 2003

-Physical World-

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Leads them nearly to the edge of the Bawn, before stopping and letting them gather around.* This isn't going to be easy, and it's not going to be fun--not unless you like the situation a whole hell of a lot better than I do. We're doing it anyway, because we have to. *Gestures towards the Gathering Area.* When we finish, those people out there are going to owe their caern to our efforts, and their lives as well.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (here)

DeTox: Yeah yeah, nice speech. What's the plan? *is all kinds of impatient*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *silent, standing with Volgar*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Tox>>We go kill shit--that sound good to you? We'll be heading to one of their strongholds. We're going to break in and start with the major carnage. They're going to respond with a ~lot~ of force, and that's when Rahzoregh's coming.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax nudges Tox with her elbow.

DeTox: And what about the Kin?

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Does not express her disapproval regardless of the situation, and for once empathizes with Detox*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): They'll have to be on the physical side. Ash, you'll want someone to stay with them, I think--not that they need babysitting, but two Kinfolk and a Garou are going to do a whole lot better than two Kinfolk.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: she quirks a brow at Tox.. "My aim isn't that bad, you know."

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *nods to 'Tox, reocnfirming he's staying with Swante and Jax*

DeTox: Jax>>Yeah but you can't sidestep. *nods to Ash* Right then. Jax go get the van.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, seeing as it'll be a whole lot faster than walking.* We could take a Bridge through the Umbra to the same place, but it would be much better if we could hitch a ride in your van.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She nods, "keep me informed of the plan." assuming they do have the ear pieces for communication.

DeTox: Everyone? Too many people.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *subtley scratches at a crackle of electricity upon his forearm*

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Shakes her head* Aint gonna do mate. That van barely holds all of us with all the tech stuff in it.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* I was hoping otherwise, but that's alright--we can still use a moonbridge.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: she heads back to the yard to get the van, she can pick up a few grenades from her stash.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax returns some minutes laters, not driving like a crazy woman for once.

DeTox: So where are we going?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, waiting for her to get back.* Ash, you know the way. We'll give you a few minutes head-start, and show up by moonbridge--it'll be quicker than driving, so we should be pretty close to the same time. From there, those of you going Umbral will Reach and join us.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): Jubs>>*Nods* yes sir

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *opens the van door and slides into the shotgun seat*Jubs>> See you when we get there, rhya.

DeTox: Wait a minute. Ash is goin with you all I thought?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Tox>>The physical side is a software company of some kind. The Umbral side is more of a fortress, where several spirits reside.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Tox>>Ash will be with us on the Umbral side, but I planned for him to show up with you. Either way's alright--Ash, if you're coming with us, let Jax know the way.

DeTox: It'd be better if he went with you now that way we can crash the gates and not have ta fuck around with him sidestepping through that thick Guantlet. ((And outside the Bawn the Guantlet is currently 10))

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): OOC:DLP then. didn't realize the gauntlet was 10.. ugh. BIC:*gives Jax the directions*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Oh, yes, ~that~ lovliness...)) Save time. Ash, Kayla, to me, then.

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Just stands quietly waiting for the logistics to get worked out*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Listening, wait her orders.

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Approaches Jubs*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "Will be be going full on crash and slash?"

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *steps to the DoW and nods to the other three STATs* Drinks are on me when this is done...Good luck, you three

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* Ash, get the directions to Jax, and then we'll give them a few minutes' headstart.

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *looks to Jubs for confirmation of Jax's question*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *just silent, waiting with her packmate*

DeTox: Jax>>Don't see why not. Back up to the gates and I'll start it...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods to Jax.* Basically. What I call "Reach and rend."

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): *yep, gives Jax directions since player don't know*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): *her eyes only flick once to Swante*

Volgar 'Grasps-The-Past' Doomhammer: *shifts from one foot to the other... not understanding the need for all the damn questions*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't move, shoot it just in case. And you three keep an ear out for sirens.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods to Rane with a smile, waiting with Tox and Jax.*

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Taps her rifle and looks around a bit, waiting to follow Ash*

DeTox: *takes shotgun of the van, pulling out his pistol and laying it in his lap*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "Gotcha.." she nods.. and will head out as soon as she gets the go sign.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Climbs into the back and shuts the door.*

Ash Graham (STAT Alpha): ready? *looks back and forth a couple of times* Jax>>Come back in one piece...

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: *Nods* Lets do this

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She grins, "No Worries, sir.." she says to Ash and then off they go.. "Get ready to party guys."

DeTox: ((Physical side group hit DR 2))

DeTox: ((Or not))

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (going that way)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): ((DR 2 is occupied))

Swante Taggart (STAT): ((I think it's being used. Wanna hit up one of the Open Rooms instead?))

DeTox: ((Not allowed... Umbral group hit Umbra room))



Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (okay, stays put)

DeTox: *on the drive over* Alright here's the deal. Jax you back up to the gate. Soon as I start the trouble you hit the gas and slam the back into the front doors. Swante when that happens you kick the doors open and start shootin. Clear?

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods.* Reckon.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "yes, sir.. I got it. There some extra grenades in my 'toy box' if you want to grab some."

DeTox: I'll snag em on my way out. Soon as Swante starts firing we move to advance.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She follows the directions she got.. as they near their destination.. "Get ready guys..."

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods to Tox.* Can you activate the woo-clip?

DeTox: Yeah give it to me. You'll have to load it immediately tho.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Sheas the nears the gate, she does a U-turn, then hits reverse to bring the van to the gates.. not through the gate.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (As they near)

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods and hands it over.*

DeTox: *activates the Talen as Jax does her U-Turn... a security guard with a hand on his tazer walks up irritably and says "What the fuc- Oh shit" as he sees Tox's face then the Metis lifts the pistol and puts a few rounds into the man's head*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods and slaps the sucker into the rifle, bracing himself.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "bye bye buddy.." she says under her breath.

DeTox: Jax>>GO!

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Backs up to the gate.. checking side mirror to see if anyone is in the gate shack.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Or backs through to the front door.

DeTox: *not anymore there isn't... the back of the van crashes through the glass doors and they can hear shouts from behind... Tox is already moving, grabbing two of the grenades and waiting for Swante*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Kicks open the doors and sprays fire down the hallway, full-auto.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax will be the last to get to the back door, as she gets out of her seat she looks out the side window to see if the place has any back up out side.

DeTox: *quite a few screams of pain as Swante lays down the hammer, and when he's finished two orbs go flying past him as tox hurls the grenades, hitting Crinos as he hits the doors and shielding the two Kin from any shrapnel*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: If she see nothing outside she not far behind Swante. Grabbing she weapon and has it ready to fire.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Waits until the two go off, knowing full well the hallways are going to channel the explosions--and the shrapnel--then steps to the side so he can fire past Tox and lighting up anything he can see moving.*

DeTox: *as the smoke clears and the few pockmarks on Tox's arm heal they can see that there are no hostiles... about a half dozen bodies lie unmoving in the hallway... all of em unarmed security guards...*

Swante Taggart (STAT): Either there's nothing here or it's a bloody trap...

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "Should of got Kayla to set up the computer in here to emergency frequencies.. so I could track them"

DeTox: *reverts to homid for a second* Well don't just stand there. Swante go up two levels and find a window facing the gate. Jax, set a bomb at the other elevators in case there's more in the building. I'll watch the front from here.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods, moving quickly for the stairs.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Shifts her weapon on her should so it's out of her way.. and is at her 'bomb' case in the blink of an eyes.. grinning like a crazy woman.. so glad she has a few bomb a step of to from being armed and ready.. bombs in hand she starts down the hall, mindful of the bodies she has the step over.

DeTox: *swante runs into no difficulty, the second floor being a mass of cubicles and break rooms... all identical and designed to suck the individuality from the workers... the windows don't open... but hey who needs a latch when you have a gun...//Jax finds 3 elevators, all pneumatic instead of cable... which means she'll have to send em up, open the doors and plant the bombs on the pneumatic lifts*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "Shit... it's going to take me a few." she goes to the first elevator, pushing the button to open the doors.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Busts out the window at a good distance, then pauses to listen. Checks the cubicles near to his window before taking his position.*

DeTox: *The cubicles, or rather the computers in them, all show the same complex fractal being created over and over... it's mesmerizing almost* ((Roll yer WP diff 7))

Swante Taggart (STAT): ((Frickin' ones... 1 suxx.))

DeTox: ((Good nuff...)) *it takes 5 minutes but eventually he pulls his gaze away from the screen saver to look outside and see approaching Range Rovers... 5 of em*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: If she has not problems she sets the first bomg is elevator shaft one.. then the second one in shaft two.. she'll have to go to the van for a third bomb... then set it up in the third shaft.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *That shit ain't good... Lays on with the M203 first, dropping a grenade onto the windshield of the lead car.*

DeTox: *As Jax runs back for the third bomb, the earpeice crackles as Tox yells out* Contact! *and his AS-115 starts spewing rounds*

DeTox: *As Jax runs back for the third bomb, the earpeice crackles as Tox yells out* Contact! *and his AS-115 starts spewing rounds*

DeTox: *the grenade plows into the windshield and explodes ... the car goes a few more feet before 6 figures get out wreathed in flame... they walk a few paces before falling... the other 4 park and the 24 Men in Black step out, pistols in hand... they all speak at once* Surrender/Submit.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: " Have one more bomb to set.. can you guy handle this?" she does not want to the leave their back side exposed, so to speak.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Lets his rifle do the answering--a purely impossible mass of bullets sprays the group as Swante literally pours pounds of lead at them.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax wastes no time.. she graba a third bomb.. and hauls ass down the hall to get the bloody things set in the shaft.

DeTox: *most of the Men in black fire at Tox, who being behind cover is rather safe... but a few shift their aims to fire at Swante*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Crouches down, resting his rifle on the windowsill--unless it goes to the floor, in which case he lays down--then curses himself for a fool and starts spraying bullets into the Land Rovers--through the backseat and into the general area of the gas-tanks. If even the fumes reach to the one that's already burning....*

DeTox: *Swante gets another one of the Range Rovers to explode, but with the Men in Black outside of it, the damage is minimal... with a howl that Swante recognizes after long association as "Cover Me", Tox breaks from his own cover and charges the Men in Black, the steel ball in his hand and melting*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods and starts simply spraying fire, trying more to get them to duck than to actually hit anything--this with his right hand, while his left digs out an incendiary grenade and loads the M203*

DeTox: *Jax meanwhile sends the elevator up... only for it to immediately come back down...there's a ding and she's staring into the 8 electric blue eyes of a Materialized Pattern Spider*

DeTox: *having no sense of self preservation they don't duck... for a second they're confused by the impossibility of Tox's Fetish but when the first is struck down by a spear dripping prismatic goo that ends and they start to fire at him*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: "F*ck" One handed she clips the last componate of the bomb together.. back petalling as she tosses the bomb into the elevator car under the spider.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Launches the incendiary at the Land Rover farthest from Tox, then starts a more careful fire with the AS-115.*

DeTox: *another Range Rover goes to the great used car lot in the sky, and one of the MiB scores a shot into Swante's shoulder... Tox meanwhile is happily in frenzy, tearing them apart with what is now a naginata... injecting chaos into their perfection*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: shifting her shoulder to bring her AS forward and into her hand... however the Pattern Spider's reach is rather long....she screams in pain, as her leg is sliced open and she goes sprawlling on the floor... weapon moving to get a shot at the spider..

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Gasps as the armor saves him from death but still allows a couple broken bones, and snatches his last incendiary, this one going to another car--ideally, one with MiBs next to it.*

DeTox: *Shooting something that big is pretty easy... then again it is standing on top of a high explosive device... maybe that would work better*

DeTox: *the last rover blows up and takes the last Men in Black with it*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She's got the get further away be for she blows the bomb, then again that spider's right there too... she'll detonate the bomb.. and crawl out later.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (sorry about the typos.. my cat decided to help me type.)

DeTox: *Jax presses the button and a trio of explosions rock the building, knocking Swante to his feet... the Pattern Spider is quite simply obliterated and it shields Jax from the worst of the blast tho she is thrown into a wall hard enough to crack her ribs*

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Staggers and for a horrifying moment he thinks he's going out the window before he steadies himself, then staggers back down the hall towards where Jax was screaming.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She's buried, but she alive.. it's a few moments before she can get past the pain to start digging her way out.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: If her Com still work, she speaks up.. "I'm alive." though she won't be able to hear them with her ears ringing from the blast.

DeTox: *Tox, covered in bullet wounds, limps back to the van and asks into the coms as he hits homid* Did we win?

Swante Taggart (STAT): Looks like it. Jax is bloody buried... *Heads a little way up the hall one way first, then the other, to make sure something won't come up on him, then slings the rifle and starts moving rubble.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: Jax, hears nothing, but ringing in her ears.

DeTox: *Tox limps over and starts helping unbury Jax, wincing with every movement*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She wedges between what's left of a pattern spider and the wall.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Not exactly comfortable himself with a bullet somewhere in his shoulder, but he clears what he can.*

DeTox: *the pattern spider is gone... dematerialized as it's corporeal form was wasted*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: she spits.. blow dust away from her mouth.. and groan as she help push the last bits away from her so she can pull herself out of the rumble.

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: (I stand corrected. *s*)

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Chuckles, but leaves the two be for a moment.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She wince when Tox lift her up... "F*ck!!" One arm holding her ribs and blood dripping off her leg..

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: she can't hear very well but she knows that grin.. "Fun for you..I aint dancing any time soon." she says loundly.

DeTox: *grins and picks her up, taking her to the van* Swante drive us back.

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods.* Yes sir. Do we want to down the bloody building? *Heads back with them.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: *Clean up is gonna be a b*tch."

DeTox: Nah, fuck it. Let the Weaver clean up the mess. *carries Jax into the back of the now bullet ridden van*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: She blinks seeing the swiss cheese van.

DeTox: ((And that's it... XP will be sent to the list tomorrow at sometime... back to the Yard))

Swante Taggart (STAT): *Nods, climbs up, and gasps as he moves his wounded shoulder too quickly, muttering as he starts up.* Bloody steering wheel on the wrong bloody side of the... *Peels out, and hurries the hell back.*

Amber 'Jax' Jackson: *to the yard*

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