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Untitled Scene

December 14, 2003 (date on e-mail)

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *for any who ride with Ari, she's absolutely silent for the trip despite any questions, hands white- knuckled on the steering wheel, and obviously NOT taking the street conditions into consideration, in her haste*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *nods a silent thankyou to the foresight that said "Install some oh-shit handles"*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *pretty sane driver... when not following someone who's driving like a soccer mom on a cellphone in an SUV...*

Edward Morgan: [HXAB4] *sits in the far back in lupus to take less space...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] It's overcast, foggy, and cold, the waning moon's rays too weak to punch through the brooding clouds. Ari drives to the edge of town, and once she starts checking addresses, it's clear where she's going. A decaying industrial area looms up before the group, and Ari's heading for an abandoned warehouse. A rusty gate hangs loose on its hinges in front of the entryway, and small, secondary buildings - more like shacks - pepper the area. A sheet of corrugated steel is propped up against a barrel, a red arrow spraypainted onto the side, pointing at a wooden door that seems to lead into the office of the warehouse.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *just hangs on*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Sits uncomfortably with the rifle under his trench. He doesn't travel with weapons often-and he doesn't like trench coats*

Vinny "Blindside": [6M5HN] *travels via bolthole, his own abilities giving him all the direction he needs* ((Sense of the Prey))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *quirks an eyebrow a little* It's not a gold-leaf invitation...Ari, slow down a little. *activates Resist Pain*

Edward Morgan: [HXAB4] *keeps the sawed-off in his shoulderbag for now...*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *kills the radio as he automatically starts looking for strategic entry and exit points, cover, and possible ambush locations*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *forces herself to slow down...then draw to a stop at a decent looking place, giving Twomoons a rather frightened look*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *piggybacks in Vinny's coat... he is her bitch after all*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *activates Resist Pain, and mentally castigates herself for having no more of those talens ready for use*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] Rane>>shoulda kept one Woo handy... *growls to himself and slows accordingly to keep with Ari*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Smiles at Ari* I'll be back soon, keep going. *and promptly cracks the door open and does a rolling exit from the scout*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] Rane>>this whole area stinks of ambush... I should've brough the NVs.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] You want to go in umbrally?

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] Rane>>probably be a better idea, but I'll wait on the CO's recon... *looking to the tuck-and- rolling TM as they pass and continue following Ari*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *ow ooh, ow, ow...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *her hands are shaking just slightly as she goes on as instructed, trying to decide where to it matters*

Soul(ST Style)2 -> 'Twomoons' Maier: [QI2E0] The damned fog is what's screwing everything up. As near as Twomoons can tell, there are eight to twelve places a sniper could have a perfect shot, and the fog itself is thickening enough that he couldn't see a full SWAT team a hundred yards away.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *looks for a location around the corner to park... something in the shadow of another building in case anyone on the roof decides cars make good targets*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] A light inside the window of the office flicks on and off, then nothing. Everything is eerily still and silent.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she stops the car, shuts it off, gets out...seeming heedless of her own safety at this point*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *pokes her head out of Vinny's coat* ~rs~ Want to bet on how many mutts get greased tonight? Or on how many just stand when the shooting starts and drool?

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *This sucks, this sucks this really, really sucks...finds a nice sniper-ey spot, crouches and hits the umbra*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *kills the engine, slowly opening the door and slipping out. Keeping the handle pulled as he shuts it again for optimal silence. reaches under his brown duster as he brings the rifle from its tattoo to his side, hanging from his shoulder by the strap*

Soul(ST Style)2 -> 'Twomoons' Maier: [QI2E0] Twomoons is REALLY getting the idea it was bad to go into the Umbra. Banes are crawling all over. Spider- like, they were clearly Weaver-spirits at one point. However, no longer are they pattern spiders. If they were, they would be perfectly symmetrical. These ones are not. They list slightly, and random growths extend on each side. Some have scorpion-like tails. The warehouse itself is surrounded by a cancerous-looking extension of the pattern web, and it doesn't take a genius to guess that the Umbral approach is going to be next to impossible.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Calls softly to Ari* Ari-careful!! *He rolls down his window and takes his rifle sight off the rifle and uses it to survey the place*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *follows Ashe's lead, also as silent as possible, ears straining for sound*

Vinny "Blindside": [6M5HN] *emerges on a rooftop, letting the other two take their own positions after their back in teh physical...*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *moves along the side of a nearby building, positioning himself to keep an eye on the other group without being a glaring target.* Rane>>you wanna check the other side and pop back?

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] I gotta go in, Sparky... *softly, and she takes a deep breath, then heads for the door slowly, giving nervous glances around*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *she gives Ashe a nod, and moves to a more sheltered position, opting first to peek across*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *stays in vinny's pocket... for now at least*

Edward Morgan: [HXAB4] ((Roommate needs comp. AFK under 10 min))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *And backs into the physical fairly rapidly, keeping low and careful, making his way to Ashe* Take left flank, Eddie and Sparky are going right, I'll backstop Ari. Don't go Umbral unless you're in deep shit, it ain't pretty.

Vinny "Blindside": [6M5HN] ~rs~ Stick to the physical.. way too many warped spirits... ((same AFK))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Ari sees no one, nothing. Sound doesn't travel far, thanks to the fog, and visibility is low. The whole thing just stinks of ambush.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *grimaces in obvious distaste at what she sees across the Gauntlet, nodding her agreement with Twomoons as her eyes focus on reality*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *reaches over and nudges Rane to get her attention from peeking as TM gives the orders* acknowledged, rhya. *waits for Rane before moving into position to break in from the left*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he rubs the back of his head after comming out the tail end of Vinny's bolthole as he moves towards the edge of the roof kicking in Darksight ((2 suxx))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Slips forward to the SCout* Sparky, you and Eddie go right and see who's waiting to nuke our asses.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she knows it is...anyone would know it is. But she's gonna go in anyway....she approaches the door, and at least has the good sense to stand against the wall on one side as she tries the knob*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *following Ashe into position, obviously letting him take the lead*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Grumbles softly as he hustles to back Ari up, undedicating Needletooth and keeping it low**

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The door to the office swings open. It's immaculately clean, and though it's in deep shadow, there doesn't appear to be anyone inside. Across the room is another door and a window next to it, probably so the manager could look out into the warehouse. A lone light is burning somewhere inside the warehouse, but it's concealed behind huge stacks of sheet-covered crates.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He keeps his rifle steady and nods to Twomoons's order. He looks to Eddie and nods in the direction where they are headed*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The outside of the building is likewise deserted. There are no secondary entrances into the warehouse, however - there was probably a delivery door, but it was bricked up a long time ago. There are also windows, but they are quite high up the building.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *continues to follow to the left catiously... looking for a second entry point, so as to avoid having to funnel after TM and Ari through the door to cover their left inside*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Heads right with Ed*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] OOC:well.. that answers that. BIC:*grimaces at the single entry point... moves around to the left side of the door... something slightly lacking with his complete confidence when in the presence of his pack*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] An intercom crackles to life from inside the office, apparently across the room next to the door leading into the warehouse. The sound is tinny, but a man is screaming across it, the sound agonized and terrible. After about thirty seconds, the sound abruptly cuts out.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] OOC:from his complete confidence, not with.

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *motins for Ari to get low before commencing very fast office rummage, looking for a pocket mirror, hairspray, or just general clutter. Hell, a flashlight...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she gets low, pressing a hand to her mouth not to whimper at that screaming from the intercom...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *flanking Ashe, a dark shadow, keeping an eye out for a rear attack as well*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The office is completely empty, even of carpet, and swept clean. After a moment, the intercom crackles to life again, and Ari recognizes the same voice from the cellphone, a deep, and obviously electronically altered, voice. "Inside. Now. Follow the row of crates."

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *keeps watching from inside Vinny's pocket, drawing the darkness around herself and others* ((1 sux on Darksight, 3 on Cloak of Shadows to cover herself, Vinny and LC if he's close by))

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *steps inside the door, moving along the wall for cover once TM gets into the office*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He walks right and keeps his eyes wide, wide open*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *kicks on Luna's armor as he and Sparky move...*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Nods to Ari before shifting to Lupus* ~ws~ Play along for now. I'm your new puppy.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *hits Darksight as well...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she glances to Twomoons, then starts for the door, staying low and to the side as she flings it open*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The inside of the warehouse is almost entirely filled with crates. Only a narrow path is free, leading ahead about fifty feet, then turning right and vanishing into shadow.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *crouches against a crate and waits for TM to go further in*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [607F2] ((Since the okay has come through with a chonk..)) *Following the Perch-o-gram trail, slips along through the Penumbra to her friends' and others' location.*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *moves up to hispo for the few moments he activates as well, dropping back down afterwards...* ((Holy hell... Eddie luna's armor(wp): 9,10,10,6,2,9,9,7,9, ...8 sux))

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *decides to shift up to Crinos while he's got the time sticking close to the elder rats*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she sinks her fingers into Twomoon's fur for a moment, just to reassure herself, then lets go and proceeds into that premade trail...shifting to Glabro as she goes*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Starts sniffing around, giving a little hitch as the Gift doesn't do what its' supposed to do...*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Makes for crinos as well, trusting the queen's powers to conceal them* ~rs~ Let's try their rooftop first... hit rodens if you can't climb walls...

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *he sweeps with Twomoons, keeping eyes peeled...*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *looks to Rane a moment before slowly following after TM, keeping as low as he can*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The trail winds, not a maze, but filled with potential sniper's nests. Eventually, the trail through the stacked crates leads the Garou inside the building to an empty area, filled with light from an overhead flourescent bulb. In the middle of the empty area, sits Ari's brother David, bound to a chair. A pool of blood surrounds the chair, and he's badly beaten, covered in a patina of blood. He's currently slumped forward and motionless.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ~rs~ Or jump it. *crawls out the pocket and hits Crinos herself*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *sniffs around alongside his pack, looking for any scents of humans, gun grease, or powder*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *sniffs around alongside his pack, looking for any scents of humans, gun grease, or powder*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *stays just behind the opening to the empty area... holding back a bit to keep covered and hopefully unseen*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *oh, she doesn't like this...her skin practically crawls, walking into something so obviously bad*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] David.... *a small strangled whimper, but she doesn't go to him, no matter how badly she wants to....forcing herself to stop and look the area over first*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ((How many feet was it again, Spuds?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Blocks Ari from rushing forward, sniffing intently for whoever's done this...not to mention a quick check to see if he's wired with things that go boom*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The area smells vaguely of chemicals, thick and pungent enough to conceal any other scent, which is probably their purpose. Whoever arranged this was obviously well-prepared.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *makes a hand gesture for Rane to watch the path behind them*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *he continues to keep himself on guard, back to his friends, front to everything else, rifle ready*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *doesn't have to be told, keeping her eyes on their surroundings, her ears open for sounds....*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ((At 15 feet per success with lotkr, it'd still be dang near impossible...))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] A voice comes from somewhere beyond the pool of light, the same electronically-disguised voice as before. It's actually physically present, however. "All of you, step forward. And you, whoever you are, look like a human. You aren't fooling anyone."

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *growls* ~ws~ They've masked all the scents here... *returns to hispo once more, now certain it's a trap*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *brings Doomsday out from under the coat, taking a slow sniff of the area* ((usin' sense weaver. one sec to roll it))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *backs off to Ashe, chuffing lowly* ~ws~ Tell me you brought a flare?

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ~rs~ Let's go already. Keep up. *crouches down and propels herself forward speeding her progress with the Gift*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ((Not if they long run to the building and then leap up on it's roof))

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((DLP...)) *Steps up to Glabro, his homid form being so slight and handsome, he hopes to be able to pull it off...*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [607F2] *Activates the totem gift of disguise to appear as a scab bird while pasing between two buildings*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] ((5,4,10,8)) *shakes his head to TM* didn't have time to prepare.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *follows promptly, not wanting to get left out of the shadow...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she glances at Twomoons, waiting for his go ahead before she steps forward*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ~ws~ *rises up on his haunches, crossing one foreleg with the other in a good imitation of a rude human gesture*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ~ws~ bummer.

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he follows after the elders*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Hits on resist pain as well, unable to thank Gaia enough for having it now...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] "Fine. I think you forget who's in charge here." Out of the shadows comes...One of the figures Twomoons recognizes. A pair of red goggles covers its face, a black hood its head, its body clothed in black military garb. A machine gun is slung within easy reach, and he's holding a shining knife, advancing towards David.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she moves into the light slowly, immediately moving to the side to have her back agaisnt something, and let the others through*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] No!

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The Ratkin are able to make it across to the building in good time, and, if they have the proper Gifts, they're able to leap up to the rooftop. There's only one vent up there, the grate hanging open.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] TM>>this place stinks of stasis... much worse than normal... *glances to the location the voice came from a moment ago and stays crouched*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He wheels and trains his shouldered rifle on the man, aiming slowly* Don't move!

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Aiming at the man advancing on David*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *a silent snarl on her least now they have a target*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Irritating bastards, yep. Finally goes to homid, undedicating Needletooth and snugging it up tight* We really must stop meeting like this.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *looks at the Vent...then at Vinny and LC...then points at the Twitcher then the vent* ~rs~ Go check it out. *the hell of being the lowest Ranked and least liked*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [607F2] *Comes to roughly to the front door while still in the Penumbra and peeks*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ Trap... gotta be.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The black-clad figure crosses to David in a few steps, then drives the knife into his stomach. The doctors can easily recognize that he was aiming for a spot where nothing vital would be hit. The black-clad person then looks up and speaks, voice still diguised. "I have a tracker surgically implanted, being monitored by a team in a safe location. If my vital signs are disrupted, then this whole building, and half the block, goes up. So don't get any ideas."

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] David!!! *jerks forward*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *mutters to Vinny* ~rs~ Probably...that's why the Twitcher goes first.

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he narrows his eyes slightly, but leaps up, first not holding onto the ledge but to see if there are any obvious traps, and if not leaps up again and grabs the ledge*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ One sec... better idea...*starts to look around*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *frowns again* fuck... *shifts to Crinos* Rane>>~HT~ those goggles're spiritually powered. can you do something about that?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: [607F2] *Activates her Phoebe's Veil and abruptly departs the Umbral landscape invisibly*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *shrugs and waits* ~rs~ I could get an Engling to go down there.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Thinks* ~rs~ Yeah, maybe. I can only take one person along with me using Squeeze.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Keeping his rifle trained on the guy who just stabbed David.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The man with the now-bloody knife looks up. "All of you, into the light. You're being watched by snipers. Say hello, boys." A suppressed rifle sounds from somewhere behind the Garou, and chips of concrete are launched into the air, as the bullet impacts an empty spot of ground.

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Time to start flipping through the possibilities* So...Is this going to be second verse, same as the first?

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *lands and looks towards the Queen* ~rs~ Looks like some sorta bomb with trip wires, feesible to get around, but looks real hard like.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ Wait a minute... why we need to go in there? We're here for the silver... *hits on Sense of teh Prey... sensing tracking onto 'men with silver ammo with rifles'*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *softly, to Ash* It'll take me time to you want me to try?

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He lowers his rifle at the sound of snipers and sighs*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *moving forward as much as the man will allow her, trying to get within touching distance of her brother*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] Vinny>>~rs~ Because we're a few thousand behind the Calcutta nests?

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *sighs as well, noting to himself to pick up jam tech next week...*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ Right.. but why wander when I can go straight to teh source... *he stands upright a bit, still trying to get a lock on*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ Twenty... ten in, ten out... let's get their cover out of the way first, eh?

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] "No. It's time to end this charade. Hello, Arizona." The figure reaches up and pulls the mask off his face, dropping them to the ground. He would be a handsome man, if his face wasn't utterly ruined, covered by a row of ugly scars that not even massive surgical restoration could fix. He's blonde, with brown eyes, hair a closely-cropped crew cut. The left side of his face, far more ruined, is covered by a strange-looking tattoo.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *nods and draws her Backbite and Pain daggers* ~rs~ Lead the way oh mighty bloodhound rat.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *slowly lowers his rifle back beneath his coat, looking a bit distant*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *cocks his head, paying special attention to the tatt*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *freezes.........and shakes her head slowly.....* No....oh no..... Oh Steven.....

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] What are you doing...? What.....What the HELL are you DOING?????

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *well...this is interesting...*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *growls a silent warning to his eletricity elemental to retreat or hide in his gear if necessary, snapping his attention back to the situation at hand worriedly... hoping he doesn't feel the twinge from hsi companion that she can't escape*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He blinks and mutters softly* what the hell?

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *does the same and follows the tiny fetishes held in her rodens mouth*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] "What am I doing?" Steven grins. "What I am doing is my purpose. You don't get it, do you? Do you know what you took from me? EVERYTHING. But it was given back to me. I have a purpose know, Arizona. Something you couldn't imagine."

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *and as usual follows the elders in suit*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *having apparently lost all fear, seeing that it's her brother, she moves forward to attend to David* You're out of your fucking mind!

Soul(ST Style)2 -> 'Twomoons' Maier: [QI2E0] The tattoo is a confusing mass of whorls. They're ever-so-vaguely into the pattern of a spiral, however - but Twomoons is one hundred percent and positively sure it's not the Black Spiral glyph. For one thing, it meets in the center, a large black dot.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ They must have infrared scopes or soem such to be watching in this weather... keep your eyes open... *starts directly up the wall, moving for the first crow's nest...*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *nods and lets LC go ahead of her so she can watch their backs*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] "Ah, ah, ah!" The knife flashes down again, scoring viciously across the David's face, who can only manage a whimper of fear and agony. "No! I'm not crazy, Ari. I have PURPOSE! After you...After you turned into that THING...Everything changed."

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ~rs~ Orders, queen? Split up and take them all at once, or overwhelm them one at a time? ((How many nests are there?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Tries to hide the "Thank you, Captain Keen" look on his face at Ari's pronouncement*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *resumes scanning the roof for the snipers... sure that he can take at least one before getting nailed if he can spot him*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ~rs~ They're packing silver so one at a time. No mistakes. No noise. Lung and throat shots or immediate deaths.

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he looks up seeing how high up it is, knowing very well it would take too long for him to climb seeing he doesn't have that particular gift yet*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ~rs~ And no Twitcher chaos explosion insanity.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *freezes again* Steven, stop it... David didn't do anything to you.... Let him go, you can have me, but don't hurt him anymore.

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *stands slinging his rifle* There's a difference, you know.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *takes LC on his back, his rat form more than strong enough to carry another rat, oddly*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *glances at LC* ~rs~ I'll toss you to Vinny when he reaches the top.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ((DLP))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Steven snarls, "NO! I CAN have you. I can have him, too. I've GOT all of you, you dumb bitch! You're NEEDED! We need your blood."

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Slips a little closer to the building as cover will allow while the fetish lasts.*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Pauses just beneath the edge of the nest, waiting for the other two to get ready as well...*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he moves to position himself to takeout whomever the elders don't or make sure they don't scream*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *steps forward again, a few precious feet closer to David* David's just like you, Steven, you don't need him. Let him go.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The sniper in the crow's next is concealed ingeniously, under a pile of rubble and newspaper. He's got a perfect line of sight into the warehouse, the Ratkin can roughly guess.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *and seemingly out of nowhere suddenly looks like a caged animal... raising his rifle again, though at no specific target*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *twitches his whiskers once.. twice... three times and he explodes over the edge into Crinos...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Steven snaps, "You take one more step, the snipers will splatter your brains all over me, big sister. No. We need his blood. ALL the blood. Our lord demands it."

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *follows suit, bringing the Pain Dagger down into the newspaper*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] Your...what?

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He blinks slightly*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Activates the fetish again and moves into the building trying ever so hard to think like Ratkin. Sneaky.*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *bursts into Crinos himself, jaw opening wide for his mode of attack*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] ((Val>>No no no...not sneaky think "How can I best manuever myself to attack them in the back or balls while either not being seen or having someone real close by to blame if I get caught?"))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *blood cults. Kids these days. Whatever happened to going out and getting drunk and trying to score?*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Up in the tower, the sniper doesn't even have a chance to gasp before he's murdered, blood spraying into the air. Back in the warehouse, Steven grins. "Our lord. I was part of a team, Ari. A special team. Black ops. We were after a drug cartel in South America, some vicious motherfuckers. They ran into the jungle, and we pursued them. We found Its temple there." The look on the scarred Kin's face is one of religious ecstasy. "It spoke to us without words. The Prince of Oblivion, the Inevitability."

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *licks the blood off her dagger and grins* ~rs~ Next?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Amends that thought to "W.W.L.D.--What Would Lisa Do"? and works her way a little closer while shifting up to Crinos.*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The sharp ears of the Ratkin hear a faint squawk from near the man's body, concealed under rubble and newspaper.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *gives Ashe an odd look, and nudges him slightly*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *looks at the squawk...then at the other two* ~rs~ Scatter...take as many of em as you can. Don't be seen. Point me to the next one Vin.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Hits rodens again... the rifle can be gotten afterwards. He makes a full-speed break for the next...*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Hits rodens again... the rifle can be gotten afterwards. He makes a full-speed break for the next...*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *Christ, he really HAS lost his mind....*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *seems to be listening thoughtfully*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *the look Rane gets is one indicating Ash is on the verge of possibly doing something very suicidal and stupid. whispers urgently* ~ht~ can't step sideways... She's over there... not responding. pattern spiders may've got 'er.... not leaving without her.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *softly, to Ashe* I'll help you, after.....focus, alpha! *pinches his arm hard*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he hits breed form and follows after Vinny*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] "We're Its army now, Arizona. The Army of the Unborn. And Its' close. Its' so close. Days away from his resurrection. He'll need a blood sacrifice, and so Its sister, Its handmaiden, sent us."

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *once the red glint catches his eye, his own rifle centers on it.. not thinking with full capacities right now*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((*DLP* )) *Points Lisa to one, LC to another.. and continues to his own* ~rs~ Check the radio.. see what's going on inside... *takes off at full tilt, knowing once they're seperate he'll have to get the rest short of what he pointed...long-running in rodens*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *there's an almost audible click as it all falls into place for her* The Unnamed....

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] ((DLP)) *Hits rodens darting towards his appointed target*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((Oops.. knock that post over to Vinny... my bad.))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *quietly* need blood. Ours. And you're willing to blow up this building to make that happen. Of course if you do, there's not going to be much blood for your sacrifice.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *moves, staying in Crinos for the pure speed it provides, her black fur and Cloak of Shadows hiding her better than the other two rodens form can manage*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He puts a hand on Twomoons's arm* Remember where sarcasm got you in Idaho?

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The look of religious ecstasy is reaching a fever pitch. "Oh, but It has a name! It is the Prince of Oblivion! It is That Which Is Inevitable!" Those burning eyes flick to Twomoons. "We can always get more. The blood of your tainted kind is stronger, but we can make do with other blood."

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] I wasn't being sarcastic in Idaho, I was being a dick.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Creeps to another shadowy spot between objects if possible.*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *The thick man stands by his alpha, keen eyes traveling through the shadows looking for their captors... Chimera's blessings helping him slightly, but by no means nightvision..*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *keeps his aim leveled... praying the fuckers don't have silver and just waiting for shit to hit the fan. Uncharacteristically just waiting for an excuse*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *the decision is made* Whatever you've been at least won't live to see it.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Vinny's fast... almost as fast as his species comes. He darts up the wall and over teh edge, hitting crinos in stride and sliding a shortsword into the throat of the sniper, placing a tight hand over his mouth as it drives in...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The Ratkin reach the next snipers. Likewise well- concealed, they are nonetheless where Vinny said they would be. Again, their bloody work goes off without a hitch. The radios squawk once, however, and are silent. Back in the warehouse, Steven hauls David out of the chair, which tips over into the pooling blood, knife to his throat. "Come on, Arizona. Don't do it. Think of all the people you'll be killing."

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *inspects the radio hurriedly.. looking for any extra wires he should worry about...*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *crouches and then after looking around at the rooftop that is to her as bright as noon, heads to where she best guesses the next one will be*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] We're dead anyway, if what you say is true.... At least I'll get to remove the biggest mistake of my bloodline from the world when I go.

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *after finishing off his target he decides to check out the body for anything that might be useful to finding other snipers, not really smart enough to figure out patterns of positions or anything of the sort*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Steven grins at Ari. "Do you REALLY want to be responsible for murdering your own brother, Arizona? Hmm?"

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *this standing and waiting is starting to irritate her*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *grumbles, figuring they'll be made soon enough, but more won't make it worse.. might as well finish the job. He drops off the edge in rodens once more and continues at full tilt... if it takes them a minute to get worried, that'd leave the kin with half a minute of easy breathing on their pile of corpses...*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] Rane>>got to cross _now_*spends a willpower for an auto succ to cross the gauntlet. (1,3,6+wp... no breach Im guessing)*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He whispers* Ari please... we need you.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] Looks to me like I already did. The day I firsted.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *hisses* Ashe!

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *and once the next one is dead, she continues until the full count of ten is reached or she bumps into Vinny again*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *desperation wins out over reason... (4,10,4,1wp) and he tries again... Ari's little family squabble taking a back seat in his priority list*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *she crouches down, into a three point stance, and swells up to Crinos* ~ht~ Twomoons....the second he lets go of David, heal him.... And tell Joseph I love him. *readying herself*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Activates the fetish again and assesses the situation, looking for an opportunity to snatch the kinfolk.*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Grumbles at the lack of brian power on this one.. but gets ready to break into a full run should the order to fire be issued.. not wanting to give those snipers the benefit of a practiced headshot*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *cussing quite virulently, albeit quietly, in Swedish...she attempts to go after Ashe* ((10,6,8,4,7,7))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] In one smooth movement, Steven shoves the battered David forward towards Ari, bringing up his machine gun. A burst of bullets sprays out, suppressing fire more than anything else.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *he prepares to pounce as well, shifting to Crinos*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Rane starts to fade, but the Gauntlet is barely porous.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Jumps up and graps the hidden sniper with Crinos strength for a floor-slam*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *catches David, rolling at the same moment, sheltering his battered body with her own*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] Scatter, make for the walls, Sparky kill that light ~now~...*shit, this is gonna be ugly-bounces forward , shifting to crinos on the fly to grab David and motor forward*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Swings his rifle up and blasts out the light*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *maintains the running slaughter until he's got every corpse accounted for...*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] Slurp. Slurp. A cup of noodles dissappears down the seemingly unfillable gullet of the Galliard, then, the gunfire roils out of the building like so much summer heat. The cup-o-noodles is tossed away, and he glances back to his Beta, the line of bottles are lit.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Sniper shots ring out, but as the Garou dart faster than the snipers anticipated, the shots go wild. Steven's hood and goggles are gone, one might notice - apparently he grabbed them while diving backwards. The sniper Val just grabbed strikes the ground with a thump, headfirst. Something cracks. ((Ratkin, Umbra-bound people, we'll get to you in just one second.))

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [DG6EK] Burp. The cup clatters empty on the floor and Leon takes a match from between his lips and strikes. The bottle in his hand is lit and he nods to his Alpha. He's ready.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *reflexively activates Luna's Armor* ((And rocks a big 0 suxx))

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] "Wait to see 'em..." Eddie speaks in the low- cant of the Gnawers, then, ignoring his own advice, moves to pick up a high life bottle, wry grin spreading across his face.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The warehouse is cast into absolute darkness, as the sole source of light is shattered by Sparky's bullet. Meanwhile, Vinny's danger sense starts to go off like a bell. He's been spotted, and a sniper rifle is aiming at his head...

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert: [DG6EK] Leon, chewing on the wood end of the snuffed match, scowls at the warehouse, holding the bottle still burning in his hand.

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *her arms wrapped around her older brother, she uses Mother's Touch, deliberately ignoring the gunfire and chaos around her* ((2 suxx))

Kayla Marks (STAT)2: [BPPO9] ((I imagine it's way to late to bring Kayla into this scene?))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] ((Vinny, you'll be able to dodge at difficulty 6. Loose Cannon, make a Perception + Alertness roll at difficulty 9.))

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Tries to shield David and Ari(zona!) from gunfire-but mostly David*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *the well trained paranoia of a Queen makes her stop suddenly and duck, scuttling along on all fours now and low to the ground*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Breaking forward towards Steven to try and catch him and carry him through his target, that being, well...the nearest wall*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] ((L.C. Seeing Doom: 3,3,7,4,1,9,9,9= 2 suxx))

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *drops to rodens... keening instinctively in case the others are in similar straights. He drops through the earth... into the sewers... as though through air* ((using Squeeze...and has more dice than the dif *g*))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The bullets continue to spray, too well-aimed to be just random - these guys can see in the dark. The muzzle flashes cast a stacatto illumination on the floor, freezing things in time - one flash, Ari is covering her brother. Another flash, Sparky is shielding her. Another, and a small, circular object is clattering to the ground...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Activates the fetish again*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *scuttles along and then pushes herself off the roof with as much force as she can muster, her red orb eyes fixing on her target...and halfway there the Backbite dagger glows, flashes and the Queen is gone, reappearing above the next and driving both knives into the body she hopes is there*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The sniper isn't where Lisa judged. He's actually about ten feet to the right, and quite surprised. The tremendous sniper rifle swings around, as a rifle cracks somewhere nearby.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *hisses and her red eyes pierce the darkness of her concealment, boring into his mind and filling him with the terror of facing The Queen* ((Paralyzing Stare))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] ((6, unless my count is off.)) In the Umbra, Rane and Ashe step into the middle of a warzone. Ashe's Numen, glowing with blue electricity, is in the middle of one hell of a combat, surrounded by tainted Pattern Spiders. The spirit is bleeding little drops of electricity from a score of wounds, but the smouldering corpses of five of the Banes lie around it.

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *breaks into a full run in hispo, snarling as he bears down on the nearest gunman... if those bullets aren't silver, there's no chance in malfaes they'll touch him... hell, maybe even if they -are- ...*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He tries to help Ari and David move out of the room, still shielding them*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *the small clattering thing...on instinct, she burns rage to snatch it and throw it upward as hard as she can*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ((Ari throw: 7,7,5,2,6,10,9))

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *immediately launches a triplet of three round bursts at the first spider with an uncharacteristic roar, eyes narrowed with fury*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The object Ari just picked up explodes as they throw it, the light exceedingly bright in the enclosed space. Those on the ground are peppered with burning shrapnel, and there's now a hole in the roof, and something beeping inside the vent high above...((Everyone on the ground, soak 3 Lethal.))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] (umbral) *bursts into Crinos* ~ht~ Free her then go, Ashe, we can't take them all!

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ~ht~ Grenade! *kicks in some serious speed on the way to breaking whatever's in his way*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *in the sewers, he doesn't skip a beat.. returning to cirnos and making a full out run for a manhole near the base of the building of the next sniper... his uncanny sensings leading him the most efficient route in existence..*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((Soaked all.))

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ((soaked 1))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ((Well, that was a late post....soaked two))

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] ((Sparky Soak: 10,2,2,10,10, Makes up for the failed Luna's Armor roll. *nodnods*))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] ((LC, you take 4 agg. from silver, unless you have a way to soak it.)) Loose Cannon, as he's going through the sniper's pockets, rather abruptly gets a tingling sensation. He tries to hurl himself down, but can't quite make it. The bullet strikes home, passing through his abdomen. The burning immediately tells him that it's silver.

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *Slightly less skilled than he'd be with his pack here, but nonetheless, Clashing BoomBoom and Doomsday make up for his own flaws as the gun releases a hail of bullets at anything and everything threatening his spiritual sister*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *grins as the man is frozen by terror...sauntering up to him and taking a cube of moldy cheese out of her coat pocket and stuffing it down his pants, carressing his cheek with her tail and kissing it before backing up* ~rs~ Dinner time! *and here comes the Swarm to devour cheese, man and the bane that was trapped in said cheese*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The sniper Lisa is facing stops for just a moment, freezing in fear.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The spiders in the Umbra are wounded by the bullets, but don't turn from the numen. Their scorpion tails flash forward, scoring the numen again. The spirit is wounded, and very, very close to discorporation. Its flickers dim, its struggles weaken.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *she moves into the battle, claws carving into the tainted spirits*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *she moves into the battle, claws carving into the tainted spirits*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Ari's action probably saved everyone's lives, but the danger is now obvious. The beeping is increasing in speed from the vent, as something prepares to go off. Out front, people pour out of the warehouse, all dressed in the black military garb.

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *continues his charge on the gunmen, completely unscathed by the gernade as his giant maw opens to take its prey..*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] (umbral) ~HT~ Reform! *clicks the AS115 to full auto and let's the rest of the clip scream out for the banes* OOC:I'll roll soon as ya want me to

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *he groans painfully, hitting rodens deciding to get the hell out of the nest and at least keep moving, either for a sewer entrance or for a sniper... cause he can still kill*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] One of the gunmen, an unlucky sniper who's just coming out of his perch, looks towards Edward. He scrambles to raise his rifle...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Since the Kin seems to have been gotten, she starts for the exit hoping the others will too. Ducking for cover along the way.*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Since the Kin seems to have been gotten, she starts for the exit hoping the others will too. Ducking for cover along the way.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ~ht~ Get OUT!!!! *scooping up her brother's form, she scrambles for the exit*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Sparky, while still with Ari and David, mutters under his breath as Luna's Armor doesn't work again.*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] War whoops and an announcement of El Hermanidad's presence in the High Tounge fill the air as a bottle speeds towards the military-garbed figures from an alley across from the warehouse.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The sniper Lisa was facing dies in agony, devoured by rats, his screams carrying even through the fog-shrouded night. In the Umbra, the spirits seem intent on their prey with single-minded obsession, probably an artifact of their personalities from before their corruption. They're getting carved up, but Ashe's numen just can't seem to reform, some kind of spiritual venom apparently weighting it down.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He keeps up the rear, covering Ari and David, dragging his rifle as they leave*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert2: [UT0EX] Leon hefts the Molotov and hurls it across the front of the warehouse, aiming for the black-garbed soldiers as they pour out.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *He keeps up the rear, covering Ari and David, dragging his rifle as they leave*

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert2: [UT0EX] Leon hefts the Molotov and hurls it across the front of the warehouse, aiming for the black-garbed soldiers as they pour out.

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Leaps hard, kicking up broken bits of the stone floor as the 800 pound dire wolf goes for his head, jaws coming down with crushing force. Dead or alive, the armored wolf continues to the next... certain that the human's no longer a threat...*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *crouches down and picks one of the lip licking rats up, petting it gently before commanding the swarm* ~rs~ Kill them. Kill them all.

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Moves up to the street level again, not bothering to shift down to rodens again... instead running straight up the side of the next sniper's building as though it were a shallow hill... leaping over the edge and swinging in mid flight, already turning for the next building at rage-boosted speed before landing...*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *snarls, burning her unlimited supply of rage, shredding through anything she comes in contact with*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *switches clips and does the unusual... rushes in head-first. Raging with a purpose... One claw lashes out to grab ahold of a bane, heedless of his own safety... the rage fueled other arm ajms the barrel of Doomsday as hard into the thing as he can as he squeezes the trigger, a long steady snarl in his throat as desperation drives him on*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Is officially ~motoring~*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] One of the men in military garb is struck by Leon's flung molotov, and screams as he burns, lighting up the outdoors, burning away some of the fog. The others scatter, running for the gate and other prepared exits. Meanwhile, in the inside, the beeping is rapid now, almost one continuous tone. Edward slaughters the first sniper, and another trying to escape falls to his jaws...

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Busting ass out of there and still hoping everyone else has her good sense...oddly, thinking that's what Lisa would do. Hopes this kind of thinking stops soon.*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Growls a warning to any others not already on their way out... making for the exit with his pack.. taking the rear in case any trigger happy strays want to take a shot at them*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *running on three, her other arm holding her brother against her chest like an infant, barreling out the exit*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *and since she can see everyone leaving, just sits and watches the aftermath*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] ((Ari, David, and Sparky were already on their ways out, and I believe Val was as well. Twomoons and Edward, make Dexterity + Athletics rolls, difficulty 8, to get out of the building in time. Three successes are needed.))

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] ((Molotov roll = 7,2,3))

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *ignores the fleeing soldiers about... it;s the snipers that have the prize he wants... and he doesn't let up on his high- speed circle until they're all accounted for... they can aim for hi if they want..moving faster than most cars, he'll know if any manage to get close before it even happens..*

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((4 after WP, and in hispo for the x1.5 speed... can he grab TM as he passes him?))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Eddie doesn't hit anyone with his molotov, but does block off an escape route. However, most of the men are gone, vanished into the fog through preprepared routes. In the Umbra, Rane and Ashe manage to shred the last of the Banes, but more are incoming, FAST. Ashe's Numen is barely corporate, merely a tiny ball of blue light.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Eddie doesn't hit anyone with his molotov, but does block off an escape route. However, most of the men are gone, vanished into the fog through preprepared routes. In the Umbra, Rane and Ashe manage to shred the last of the Banes, but more are incoming, FAST. Ashe's Numen is barely corporate, merely a tiny ball of blue light.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *she grabs Ashe* ~Ht~ Haul ass, Cliath! *retreat is the order of the day at this point*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] ((In Hispo? Nope. *s*)) Eddie manages to get out, but it's only too late when he realizes his alpha is still inside. Twomoons is still in the building when it suddenly goes up like a roman candle, the explosion illuminating the night even through the fog, leaving nothing but a crater where the building was. Twomoons is rather rudely ejected, sailing through the air. ((Twomoons, soak 8 agg.))

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *grabs Her without thinking of anything else, cradling the shapeless ball of electricity to his chest as he hauls ass for an exit.*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] "AHOOOA!!" Eddie's homid howl of triumph at his packmate catching the soldier turns into a roar/howl as he's replaced by a massive, black hispo, burnt with blasphemous glyphs, most of its left ear missing, charging the soldiers whose escape route Eddie blocked off.

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert2: [UT0EX] ((Can we catch any of those suckers? Maybe smell them out in the fog?))

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ((Soaked 5. I love the diceroller. *Hugs it and pets it and names it George* ))

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *snarls, making a break for his alpha's side...* ~ps~ We're gonna need Val over here, quick...

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((LOL.. DLP))

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The warehouse doesn't really have a spiritual presence, but its outline is done in cancer-ridden webbing, weeping sores dripping ephemeral fluid onto webbed floor. It looks like something Giger would have painted when he was really depressed. The Banes scuttle with amazing ease across the webbing.

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *smiles at the explosion* ~rs~ Pretty. *and then being as that's usually the cue to leave for any Ratkin, starts the Opening of the Bolthole*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] ~ht~ YYYYyeeee-HAH! *Shades of the Millenium Falcon...*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Eddie and Leon manage to take down three all told, but the majority have already escaped. Lisa's rat spirits report back in disappointment, the snipers having been long gone when they got there.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *races for the way out, it'd take too long to step back to the physical*

Lisa ~Agony~ : [GZ9TA] *isn't worried...tells the swarm to return to the Nest, grabbing the devoured sniper's gear before entering the Bolthole back to the JY*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Grumbles at the lost opportunities, but makes anotherquick round to collect the rifles and equipment of the few they managed*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *the huge Crinos crouches where she is, whimpering softly in her throat as she once again uses Mother's Touch on her brother* ~ht~ David.... ((1 suxx))

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *drops to three limbs for speed, trying to make it for the umbral location of his car to give Her something to reside in while they make an escape*

'Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *after seeing the explosion he decides to look for Vinny figuring he might need some extra hands hoarding the looted goods*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] Eddie rips at last of the soldier's left legs while Leon tears at the other, wishboning him, while the man screams, Eddie reaches down and shakes enough to snap several vertebrae, then, hops away from the building and rushes towards the other Garou.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Ashe and Rane manage to burst some of the webbing, which heals up right behind them. The Banes don't need to break through it, however, simply phasing through it. They move in eerie silence, dark, soundless things, listing slightly to one side as they run. However, Rane and Ashe are free of the web, and the Gauntlet feels thinner...Back in the physical realm, David is there. He coughs, weakly, as his wounds close yet more, but is still in tremendous pain.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Somewhere, off in the distance in the fogbound night, sirens can be heard, approaching quickly.

Leon "Screams-Rat's-Litany" Javert2: [UT0EX] Leon lopes about the corpse, blood dripping off his jaws as he snarls, triumphantly, the light from the Molotov fires glinting off his eye. He tarries a moment, and then runs along with his Alpha.

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *with Ari and David clear he turns back to see if he can retreive anyone from inside the building.*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ~ht~ Twomoons!!! *not knowing that Val was even there, yet*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Lets the Fetish de- activate and becomes visible* Who needs a medic?

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Returns to glabro promptly* ~ht~ Wrap-up, people.. is EVERYONE accounted for? *takes a survey of the lot of them*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] ~ss~ can you follow along or rest in something for safety? *rises up to his hind legs as he nears the location of the car, using his free hand to slap in another clip in case*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] "Sky-wrap twolegs!" Eddie barks at the other Garou, "Go back to sacred space! Move on hunt! Fast!"

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ~ht~ Val, here! David....! *anyone ever seen a hysterical Crinos? Want to?*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *lopes over, singed fur and blood making for a wonderful combination* ~ht~ We gotta go. I call shotgun. *touches David Gently, neato healing gifts coming into play*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ~ht~ Twomoons!!! *not knowing that Val was even there, yet*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] *Lets the Fetish de- activate and becomes visible* Who needs a medic?

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] *Returns to glabro promptly* ~ht~ Wrap-up, people.. is EVERYONE accounted for? *takes a survey of the lot of them*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] ~ss~ can you follow along or rest in something for safety? *rises up to his hind legs as he nears the location of the car, using his free hand to slap in another clip in case*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] "Sky-wrap twolegs!" Eddie barks at the other Garou, "Go back to sacred space! Move on hunt! Fast!"

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] ~ht~ Val, here! David....! *anyone ever seen a hysterical Crinos? Want to?*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *lopes over, singed fur and blood making for a wonderful combination* ~ht~ We gotta go. I call shotgun. *touches David Gently, neato healing gifts coming into play*

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] *Hands the leftover stash to LC and makes another bolthole, figuring the Queen is probably already having dinner in the JY by now...* ~rs~ That's it.. let's go.

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The spirit tries to bond with Ashe's equipment, but hemmorhages Essence as it does, waves of energy exploding from it. The venom is powerful and strange, nothing Rane or Ashe have ever encountered before. The spirit, little more than a flicker of light, does manage to bond with Ashe's weapon, however.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] ~ht~ Back across, Ashe, we have to go! *and she tries to duck across herself* ((5,1,2,6,8,8))

Loose Cannon' MacLloyd: [ZUM3G] *nods following the elder through the bolthole*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] Twomoons' touch does manage to heal David's wounds. He still moans in agony, however - apparently, something's still acting to cause him pain. His eyes are closed, and he's completely unconcious. The sirens grow ever-closer, the Veil ever more in danger...

Vinny "Blindside": [8LHMO] ((Whee... human-stomping is fun *g* Thanks Soul! ))

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] Eddie snarls, circling around Twomoons, Ari, David, and anyone still left, then, takes to homid, "Come the FUCK on, people! The houra's comin'..."

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] Time to blow-Ari-Keys me! You get in the back with David.

Edward Morgan: [EL7BT] ((Anyone missing that wasn't seen crossing already? If not...)) *Gets in the back of the car* Roll out.. we're out of time...

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *crosses the gauntlet (dropping yet another WP to help).* ~HT~ Rane, we're going. *damn near rips the door off the handle before reverting to homid. Cranks the car up and stomps it in reverse, slamming on the brakes near the others in case anyone needs a ride. just a little bit in a hurry by this point*

Ari Kuoha ~Quickfingers~ (ULS Alpha): [UUY0C] *tossing her keys to Sparky, gladly*

'Twomoons' Maier: [N28WK] *Nods, heading for the SCout at a runshifting to homid and looking merely shitkicked*

Eduardo Hernandez: [5JZSN] Eddie shakes his head, and runs hard into the alley from whence he and the molotovs came, back towards the Junkyard.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *dropping to homid between strides, she slides into Ashe's car*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Catches and sprints to the car while shifting down to Homid. He leaps into the driver's seat, and brings his rifle to drop beside him with the safety on. He cranks the ignition*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *guns the engine... driving to leave about like Ari did to arrive. fortunately for Rane, there is in fact an oh-shit handle*

Justin "Sparky": [G78VV] *Catches and sprints to the car while shifting down to Homid. He leaps into the driver's seat, and brings his rifle to drop beside him with the safety on. He cranks the ignition*

Ash Shock-to-the-System Graham (STAT Alpha): [DPTZL] *guns the engine... driving to leave about like Ari did to arrive. fortunately for Rane, there is in fact an oh-shit handle*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos2: [VQOZM] ((OMG! That was an awesome roll...7 successes to activate the fetish.)) *She disappears but not from crossing the gauntlet.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~ (DoW): [1POJA] *that's ok, the ride home will only serve to stoke the fires of the anger already simmering...Ashe is gonna get a piece of her mind, when they get home*

Soul(ST Style)2: [QI2E0] The Garou pull out, tearing away into the darkness. Apparently, nobody sees them, and they make it. Assuming they take a roundabout method, they'll have no trouble getting to the Junkyard. But Ari is left with one gnawing thought - she never saw Steven's body...

~end archive~

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