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Junkyard Moot

March 16, 2001

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *enter*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he begins making preparations as usual for the moot*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *smiles and waves to David*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *DD: He is a large, stocky and musular bald man, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. He stands 7' tall, 4' broad in the shoulders, and 3' thick in the chest. He has hard, piercing, bright Topaz eyes, and a thick, black handle bar mustache. He weights about 400 lbs., and is averagely attractive (App:2). He looks to be about 22 years old. He is wearing black leather army boots, black and dark grey cammo pants, a black leather belt with two pronged buckle, a black cotton tank top, and a large knife in a black leather sheath strapped to his right thigh. He is sitting on the hood of a wrecked squad car.*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *waves to Pop, snuggles MORE to Mac*

Mac McKnight: *a small smile at Jo* Hey, are you taking any lamaze classes or anything?

Mac McKnight: *chuckles at Lucy and gives her a special big squeeze*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *settles back onto a car hood, just waiting*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sees a relatively small turnout and frowns...* I will hold of for a few minutes to see if more show.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she shrugs to David* Maybe they don' wanna get out in tha cold...

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): Mac>> Umm.. no I'm not. I don't exactly have a partner to go with.

Mac McKnight: Well, you do now. *grins at her* I've done this once, and the classes'll help you. *looks to Lucy* Would that be ok?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Sense when is that an excuse to miss a moot...the last one was colder.

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *she looks up at mac* you can go with Jo, love? ( Mira, the guardian-tobe Janie Boyer is here, just I am not actively playing her )

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she grins* It's tha day before St.Patty's day, Dave...half tha folk're probably piss drunk by now and can't find their own ass, much less tha junkyard.

Sonya Cole-Mason: *enters the meeting area .. sees her sister and goes over to her*

Mac McKnight: *hugs Lucy* Great. *then looks* If there's going to be some kind of meeting, should I be heading out?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Puck drops out of the Umbra.. He's in his normal clothing, with the lock of Joey's hair braided and tied to his headband. He has a bit of a somber look, loghter than lately, but still quiet. He sits near Dave* Here for the moot, Davie. *Smirks a bit*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): And they know they can get piss drunk after the moot. *grins*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: Danni > kin stay, right, danni?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *waves to Puck*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *she blushes a bit* Thanks Mac... but only if it's ok with Lucy.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Hugs her sister* You came ...

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *shrugs to Lucy* If they want.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Smiles a bit to Danni.. She can tell Puck's still not 100%, but getting back to normal.. slowly*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Ahem I don't even see Dwid.

Sonya Cole-Mason: *gets hugged* urfffffffff

Mac McKnight: *grins at being able to stay* Cool!

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Takes another swig from the now two thirds empty jug. Then sets it back on the car hood.*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: Jo > of course I am okay *S* *then she frowns a bit seeing Puck*

Mac McKnight: *quirks a brow at Lucy's frown, following her gaze over to Puck, wondering what the guy did*

Mac McKnight: *late 20s, 5'8", wiry frame mostly hidden under his heavy winter coat, short spikey red hair, blue eyes, wearing blue jeans and scuffed sneakers, with a backpack over his left shoulder*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *smiles at both Lucy and Mac*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Strokes the lock of hair a bit as he sits next to Dave and Danni, just being somber and quiet... At least the sparkle's back in his eyes*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Is there a Galliard who would take our missing Master of the Howls place tonight?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *nudges Puck with her elbow*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *note the woman with Shayla*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Walks out of her den to join the moot*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Pitches his voice so the words carry*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *she lets go from Mac, relaxing, getting ready for the opening howl*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she nods to Bethany*

Mac McKnight: *just looks around, noting the people he doesn't know...which is almost everyone*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Bethany knowing her moon* Bethany of the Thieving Smile would you take the place of our Master of the Howl tonight sense he seems to be late?

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *Ruby walks in homid wearing cameos (jacket and pants) that are obviously to big along with moccasins of much the same complaint, carrying a deer hide bag, she has wild red curl hair and though she's short, (Diminutive size) she seems very quick (Agile and Swift), she seems athletic, with an all over tan. Her most distinguishing feature is the strange curl tat hangs in the middle of her forehead, blood-red, and like a Ragabash Glyph, and the scars of feral life*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Been a-whle since I played Werewolf, so just correct me if I screw up. Obviously Logan would now what to do, and how to do it. ))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Ruby here?)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((Edit above, ))*Stands outside*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((You don't want to know...or maybe you do))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *She has also a hunting knife and dagger sheathed at her bealt*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It's a moot night, warning)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): DD> *Puck is a young-looking man, about 6' and 185 lbs. His bronzed skin and back-length raven-black hair make him appear almost fully Native; the silver streaks on his temples and solid emerald green eyes suggest something more. He wears a Phoenix Coyotes jersey, #42, with his name on it, ratty blue jeans with leather boot moccasins, and black fingerless gloves. He carries with him a wooden staff with a silver tip and a silver Kokopelli tied to it, and also wears a black backpack with the Nuwisha glyph on it. He sports a silver hoop in his left ear, and under the right sleeve of his shirt, he has a tattoo of a bar code. Also, he wears a choker around his neck with a bone medallion in the center with the BG and Nuwisha glyphs intertwined, a small medicine pouch around his neck, and a leather headband tooled with Apache symbols, with a pair of blood-stained and charred hawk feathers tied to the back, along with a braided lock of brownish-black hair.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Bethany awaiting her answer*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *nods to Danni then turns to David* Sure, but what exactly do I have to do, David?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *hearing the pack send up a din at the gate, she sighs and gets up* Don' start without me, I'll be right back, I swear.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *gives poor Bethany a piece of paper* First lead our opening howl young Galliard.

Mac McKnight: *quietly to Lucy* So, uh...what exactly is going on?

Sonya Cole-Mason: *Sonya leaves* ((can't do 3 windows right now))

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *another busy moot.. she hides a slight grin*

Josh Lurk: *The Joshman Lurketh* So, are Ratkin allowed here?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *heading out to the gate at a trot*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: Mac . its a moot. we gather to recharge the caern, celebrate and re-unite. its part ceremony, part rite, part party.

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((Well crap... I guess Ruby's gotta sleep in the street...))*clears throat, which obviously hasn't spoken much like this*

Mac McKnight: Ooh, I like the party part. *grins at her*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (On a Moot night when Garou rage is wouldn't be wise...on regular days yes depending on the ratties actions)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she approaches the gate, seeing that there's someone there...* Hey, we're closed...!

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *takes the paper and looks at it then looks up to David* Do I howl now or do you tell me when to start?

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((Thanks Gaia shes not with the new Owl pack!!))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~Eng~ I am Ruby, Ragabash Adern of the Red Talons. I request hospitality. *looking down as she speaks*

Josh Lurk: Ahh.. didn't see that it was moot night. Heh, ok. Gnawer can come, right?

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): You may open our moot acting Master of the Howl.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): (More than Welcome, Josh)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *blinks at Ruby, then sighs and rolls her eyes, opening the gate* Boy are you lost...c'mon, get in here, don' be sayin' stuff like that out here where folks can hear you...

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): (fair warning... the scene is being archived)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *enters* Thank-you.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (all sept members can come...there are other tribes here to some degree)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *Sense Wyrm* We're just about ta start a moot, better step quick. *makes Ruby enter the maze ahead of her, she doesn't like strangers at her back* 

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro) -> Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): (Cool, then I can prove I was here.)

Josh Lurk: Ok, : ) I'll bring him in in a few mins. And no worries bout it being archived, I'm not a twink

Mac McKnight: *hopes he can get by with NOT howling*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (No Wyrm/all Wyld) *enters and trys to find her way to the sacred heart*

Josh Lurk: Wait, I might bring him in AFTER the moot : )

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to Bethany she may realize the hole moot is waiting on her*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Puck pops his neck and slowly begins to shift into Manabozho for the opening howl*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Good luck this takes a few hours usually)

Stray: *a familiar looking stray slinks in to lay away from the others but quietly watching the precedings with a nod to DAVE*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *she guides Ruby, telling her when to turn and such, until the reach the gathering area* Gotta guest, ya'll!

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *shifts to Crinos and waits*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *enters in homid*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *moves to David's side, giving herself a shake to get ready*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): (the warning was just a joke... *chuckle*... but the scene is being archived and will be posted on the JY Web page))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *smiles at David then shifts to Crinos and takes a really deep breathe then howls loudly*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Shifts to Crinos, stands and waits.*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Puck's relatively lax with his form being in a familiar caern. His form is a coyote-style Crinos, about 7' and lithe and slender.. His Phoenix Coyotes jersey stretches over his top and his golden fur blows a bit in the breeze*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he joins the howl that begins the second true moot of the JY sept*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *raises her face to the sky and howls, in homid, a softer version of the bellow they all know she's capable of in Crinos*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *reverst to natural crinos*

Stray: *the Warder notices the Stray slipped past him but in looking at her world worn eyes, she doesn´t look like shee´l bother anyone. ((no Wyrm either))

Josh Lurk: Ahh.. ok, hmmm few hours... I don't think I'll be able to make it before the middle, gotta make new char : )

Mac McKnight: *watches all of them shift...and thinks he will never ever get enough of seeing that*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *oh... here's the loud part*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Closes his eyes and lets out a yiping howl familiar to those who know him, but different in the meaning this time*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK...Josh)

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Shifts to lupus and gives a melodic howl which compliments Bethany's*

Josh Lurk: : ) I'll let you do your thing now : )

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *she points her muzzle to the sky in a long dissonating SO lupine howl*

Mac McKnight: *glances toward Jo, to see if she is as fascinated with all this as he is*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he listens to Bethany and howls...for her sake when her wind is running out Dave gives a hand signal to draw it to a close*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *He howls loudly in a heavy, deep bass voice, with a think cajun accent.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: I don't think howling HAS an accent... *ponders that*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (lag, sorry)*enters the howl in homid...sitll in homid...why would a TALON be in homid???...but a wyld howl escapes her all the same, joining the others*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( *Shrugs, I don't know either. ))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *when she sees David give the hand signal, she brings the howl to a close*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *lets her voice die down after Bethany's*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): Mac>> * Jo looks like she see all this many times*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he ends his and then conferences with Bethany a bit*

Mac McKnight: *grins at Jo*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Howls until bethany ends hers*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *with pack instinct closes her howl*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Ends his own with a soft yip and shifts back to Homid*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *looks displaced in general*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *now, she'll eye Ruby a little, trying to figure out that story, crossing her massive arms over her chest*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Slowly his howl dies down.*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *gives Mac a grin*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *ends the howl in the right time*

Stray: *throws back her head and howls with the rest* ((Puck, Shay, and Dave would recognize that howl))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *talks with David*

Stray: ((ops. Slow server slow post. Just shove that sucker up there with the rest))

Stray: :)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *still submissive in general, fresh (day old really) blood from silver, though she carries none

Mac McKnight: *stays close to Lucy's side*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *the next part of the moot begins. Bethany as Master of the Howl for the night states the litany, a selected ragabash plays the fool and mocks it, others say why it is important. Violation of the Caern and the veil are the litany parts stressed. Others are almost ignored just mouthed with no true response from the crowd though*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *after that part is down Bethany is allowed to take her seat her part of the moot done*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Speaks passionately, in proper place.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *remains silent*

Stray: *etiquette rating tell her she can´t yawn*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *she watches the Fool play it, knowing she will never receive that honor. shifting homid, she holds to Mac*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *she bearly breaths*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *talks about the litany, especially the important parts, barely mentioning Garou not mating with Garou, then takes a seat*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Just sits next to Danni, keeping his own counsel during these parts*

Mac McKnight: *he smiles and hugs Lucy close with one arm, watching the whole proceeding with interest*

Stray: *watches the Galliards spin thier tales wistfully*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *leans over to blow in Puck's ear, lightly*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *like she usually does, she remains quiet and listens*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *wonders if the Talon is gonna pass out*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Nods to the stray (in lupus)*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((DLP))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *the spunk she is most commenly known for is repalced with apperahention*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Nods to the stray (in lupus)*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Now is the time for the Inner sky. Now is the time brothers and sisters that we reafirm ourselves, honor our totems, and strengthen our Caern again.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Looks to Danni with a raised eyebrow*

Stray: *nods back at Beth, something familiar about those eyes*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *shrugs broad shoulders at Puck with a little smile*

Stray: ((OK))*Nods at Shay too*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Chuckles softly*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *the usuall confidance and defiance is gone for now, she takes a breath, quietly, bombarded by the noises and smells, even in homid*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *watches Ruby now...getting a bit concerned about her...she stands up and moves to stand nearer the Talon...just in case*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *conciders Coyote, Trickster, and Hunts-the-Monkeys and this innane challenge*

Lucy Anne Geraldine: *she goes to the Inner Sky very unnoticeable. still too much remembering the moots at Silver Moon, where she was barely allowed to stay far in the back and be careful to not offend anyone*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Into the firebarrel David throws something and the flames flare begins the rituals that bring the umbral ties and strengthen them to the Caern ground...during this a white rat...large and ghostly appears in the fire of the firebarrel for all to see*

Stray: *looks over at the Talon Ruby and Huffs using Body language in lupus form to let her know she´s welcome and to relax*

Mac McKnight: *whispers to Lucy* What's going on now?

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *DD: He is a enormously huge, stocky and musular Crinos garou, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. He stands 10'6" tall, 6' broad in the shoulders, and 5' thick in the chest. He has hard, piercing, bright Topaz eyes, and thick, black/dark grey shadowed fur. He weights about 1,200 lbs., and is terrifying in appearence (App:0).*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): Hopes Coyote's song is sung, noticing the Nuiswisa when she looks up for the breifest moment.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *watches David, amazed*

Mac McKnight: *his eyes go wide, seeing the rat in the flames....oh wow...*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (above in Astriks please)

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *watches Poppa*

Stray: *wonders what Raccoon is up to*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: ((dd and homid pic at .. there is a link there to get to her lupus pic))

Lucy Anne Geraldine: mac . caaling of the totem spirits... to honor them and reinforce the caern bonds to gaia and the umbra...

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *smiles, feeling so detached from Gaia in the City.*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *watches the floorshow*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Great rat honored this Caern at it's birth with her protection. Her spiritual eyes have watched this Caern from the umbra as our living eyes guard it in reality. These offerings of grain(actually crackers), of nuts(peanuts from a airplain), and other choice morsels are given as tribute to rat and her children. *lays out the offering and suddenly a swarm of living rats take it in the totems name* The offering is accepted. *looks at the image of the seems to nod, grow look at the gathered sept and then to fade away* Rat is pleased and will protect our Caern again.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((dd / pic at ))

Mac McKnight: *murmurs very softly, to himself* That is so cool...

Stray: *howls softly in respect*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *listens closely to Dave about the rat spirit*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *the more perceptive especially theurges can feel the Caern seeming to come alive somehow*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *has her raccoon spirit give her respectful words to the totem spirits*

Stray: *stands and pads slowly over to Ruby, limping slightly from a nasty scar on her left hind leg. She´s aged white with silver eyes. There´s a dark smudge on her shoulder that´s hard to make out. She sits by Ruby´s feet and Nods to the Warder Danni that things are allright*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): We also honor in name here the Cockroach, Coyote..(runs throught the names of the totems that represent the tribal structure of the sept)..thus concludes the Inner Sky.

Lucy Anne Geraldine: ( BBASAP, I hope. Lucy plays her part on all, stays with Mac )

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *shrugs a little to the stray...she'll stay where she is*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *perks up at the mention of her pack's totem*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Chuckles a bit at the mention of Coyote* ~Nuw~ Old fuzzbutt.

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~cys~Puck> thats Trickster to you. *quietly, relaxing, regaining her spirit*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Now is the time of the Cracking of the Bone...the Truthcatcher persiding is Joshua Puck. All who disrupt the speakers or this moot will be made to leave. Respect will be given to the speakers. Now who has business or grievence to bring before this sept and moot?

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Is reminded that Coyote is her disorganized pack totem and thanks him*

Stray: *speakes in garou to Ruby and Danni. May I speak with the Talon? *to ruby* yes I know you are a Talon by your uneasiness. Your reluctance to be here even among gnawers. I can almost smell your longing to be running free of this form...*looks to Danni... may I?

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *swallows, hopes they'll ignore her*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *gives the stray one of those "like I give a shit who you talk to" looks*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Smirks at Ruby*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (they the moot, not Stray)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *tries to catch David's eye, nodding toward the Talon, hoping he'll call on Ruby to speak*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *smirks*

Mac McKnight: *looks around, half hoping someone has a grievance, this is interesting to him*

Stray: *snorts at Danni, but knows the Warder has no idea who she is and leaves it at that* RUBY>> If you are more comfortable in breed form, be so.....*leads her over to puck and Shay and beth*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *watches Puck respectfully*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sees the Talon* Stranger (wouldn't recognize Ruby) were allowed in, so you are Garou. What brings you here?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): *Clears his throat* If nobody has one, I will begin with a case pending already.. .One of Skoal the Ratkin, accused of attacking a shifter unprovoked.... I have heard testimony from Bethany and from Skoal himself... Based on the evidence presented, I make my ruling htat he is not guilty and was acting in self-defense.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Watches her fearless leader lead Ruby over then turns back to Dave*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (wait, to whom do I respond)

: ((Any Bone Gnawers around?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *stands back, watching*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *listens to Puck allowing him to speak over the matter of the stranger...the ratkin case was more important* So there is nothing against Skoal for which we should be barred from this Caern?

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *quietly listening*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((no no Bonegnawers here)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((only Talons...))

: ((*frowns* Got some information to pass along to them *G*))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC): (Only us chickens.)

Stray: ((Umm All Stray did was bring her over to where Puck is and Puck is by Dave, and Dave asked her a question))

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( And of course, the lonely Get. *L* ))

Stray: ((heheh yeah everything BUT BGs here... *LOL*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It was a dumb question lurk of course theres Gnawers here...this is a moot...if you got something important you can do it IC hopefully...the Cracking of the Bone is a good time to do that...with a Garou or kin character of course)

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Listens for anything regarding Skoal*

Johnathan Willis : (( Is a Gnawer, but not here IC yet))

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): (*chuckle*)

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *pads to within 5 feet of stray and sits*

Johnathan Willis : *Walks up to the gate and looks around a little, having heard the howls of a moot, he wonders if he is too late.* (( If you sish a DD right now, just say so))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): If the Truthcatcher says that Skaol is innocent of fault in that unfortunate situation. He will be welcome at this sept. Next...*looks at the Talon* What is your name and why are you here on the eve of a moot?

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): If there is no more to the matter, I hereby respectfully and officially as Truthcatcher declare the matter closed...

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): Dave>>~Gs~I am Ruby-Runs-with-Laughter, Ragabash, Adern, Red Talon, and Alpha of pack Hunter's Red Moon who's Totem is Coyote... I am here for a challeng to attain the rank I will in 7 suns time prove I deserve.

Mac McKnight: *finds a seat, and settles in, still with Lucy*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): What was the challenge and by whom?

Mac McKnight: *wishes he understood the garou's speech*

Stray: *doesn´t coment, she´s never met Skoal, but then again she doesn´t have a very charitable opinion of Ratkin in general*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Raises an eyebrow at Ruby's reason for being here... His eyes increase in green to a leight jade... And he's internally laughing at Coyote's choice of challenges*

Johnathan Willis : *An NPC warder comes to the gate.* "Junkyard is closed..."

Johnathan Willis : (( Oops, Guardian *frowns.* Don't know why I said Warder, sorry : ) ))

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *out of the loop on that conversation*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): David>>~Gs~Hunts-the-Monkeys, Raggabash, Athro of the Talons, Challenged me to remain in homid for one week in the sca- city.

Mac McKnight: *looks toward Jo to see if she's getting any more of the conversation than he is*

Stray: John´s color reminds me SOOOOOOOO much of a Skittle. I have no idea why. Maybe it´s the insomnia setting in))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *chuckles a little...damn, that must suck*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (Mmmmm.... Skittles.. *Drool*)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: *goes in search of Pixie Stix*

Stray: *nods glad Ruby didn´t shift when she asked her too. She grunts respectfully*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Just remember what Skittles are. *L* ))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Contentedly sits in her spot in lupus*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *laughs just laughs* If you need witnesses to back your claim of the challenge Ruby of the Talons...I'm sure the sept of the Talking Junkyard will be happy to do so. You may stay within the Caern for the duration of your challenge. *grins* Thank you...I was merely curious. You can be seated unless you feel you have more to say on the subject.

Stray: ((*whines at all the Candies* I don´t got any here...... Grrrrr. I need a care package of junkfood sent to Spain))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *feels slightly hungry and pulls a bag of Skittles from her backpack*

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): *she gives Mac a shrug and a grin... she's clueless to the current conversation*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): *looks toward Shayla, nodding that she might wanna speak up now*

Mac McKnight: *chuckles at Jo*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~Gs~ *smiles* No more to say, Thank-you. *sits*

Johnathan Willis : *Frowns at the Guardian.* "Even to me?" *Walks closer to the gate, talkign very low.* "I uhh... heard the howls... that mean anythign to you?"

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at the assembly* Is there any other business?

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (Awwww, poor poopsie.. You knew what you were getting into when you moved to Spain...)

Johnathan Willis : (( Sorry was booted))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: *grumbles* Dammit, ya'll, I'm gonna have to bail. Danni stays for the rest of the moot, and gets slightly tipsy at the revel afterwards...and donates green beer to the cause.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Bye Danni)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (*waves*)

Johnathan Willis : *The guardian raises a brow.* "No howls here, don't mean anythign to me.."

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Looks around* Anything at all?

Stray: *sits near Ruby* I am sorry I didn´t understand why you were here. I will Shift to Homid if you are more comfortable speaking that way. I only wanted to talk since it´s not every day I find a Talon in the City.

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Have fun Danni-P. I'll miss the RP. *L* ))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: *dashes around pinning shamrocks on everyone, then bolts out* Bye!

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (Danni's not green! *PINCH as she leaves*)

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Hey! I want a Guiness with that. ))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~Gs~Stray>> I will speak to you in any form, I was worried about my reception here.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: ~WS~ David I was thinking earlier the yard needs to get training in gifts, rites and skills organised

Stray: ((*THWAPS A JOE with a Pillow*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): ooc: Yipe!!! Hey, no pinchings!

Jo Dee (5.5 mos. preg.): (bye Danni-p)

Mac McKnight: *~*~*~*~* gone *~*~*~*~*

Johnathan Willis : (( *waves* )) *He frowns, wondering how to get this across without shreading the viel...* "Umm..." *Taps his chest, then howls, not too loud, but convincing enough, even in Homid.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (Warder): #gone#

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (LOL)

Johnathan Willis : *The guardian gets a look of understanding and scans him for Wyrm and sencing none, he is let in and led to the meeting. He stays near the outside not to disturb anything.* (( anyone need DD now?))

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Either now, or when you interact, please. ))

Stray: *Stays in lupus* Ruby>> If you don´t mind I feel more comfortable here in this form. Do you know any Talons by the name of Firesnout or protector of wolves. (her voice is hushes no not to disturb Dave)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Then in this last long moon...we have lost a member of our sept at the claws of a BSD. Her name was Joey Paints Luna of the Bonegnawers. She served here in her time as Warder, and used to even run with my pack. Her body now rests within the earth of this Caern and shall be remembered. Her name shall be inscribed upon the wall of the Fallen. Does any wish the honor of leading the rite of the gathering for the departed...if not I shall.

Johnathan Willis : (( Ok, DD now then, it's short. *Enters a big man, though not huge. He is about 6'9" tall and well muscled. He has brown hair that is sort of greasy and dark brown eyes. He is quite average looking. He is dressed in a pair of loose fitting black pants and a gray t-shirt. His leather boots make almost no noise on the ground as he walks.* ))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): Stray>> ~Gs~ I knew...

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ~ws~ I'm willing to do that rite David

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((( DLP )))

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *When Dave mentions Joey, Puck gets a hollow, pained look in his eyes, as he tries to bolster his strength*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: ~ws~ I'm willing to do that rite David

Johnathan Willis : *Watches the goings on quietly.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *sees two willing to do it* Both Bethany and Shayla wish to perform it...can you two jointly lead us through the rite for our fallen...or come to a compromise?

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: ~ws~ Puck there was also a matter along the same lines the other night with Hope .. could you plase say a word on that?

Stray: *was going to say something to Dave but shuts up. She didn´t know Joey, it would be wrong of her to form a Rite for the departed if she didn´t know the Garou. She might say the wrong thing.* -Garou_ I will help if you need it Ryha....

Stray: (( DLP))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *looks at Puck*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): It will be you then Shayla...please lead us through. *bows head* Also...added to this right...Hope...she is Gnawer...lost her child to birth complications...we morn also the loss of one we shall never know.

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Closes his eyes and grits his teeth, a "Do I have to" look now...* *Lets out a squeak then clears his throat* Hope had our cubs that she was carrying the other night... One of them was stillborn.

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *winces*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Our Truthcatcher was the father. *now steps back leaving the ritual to Shayla*

Johnathan Willis : *Watches quietly, but is saddened at the loss of the gnawer and the pup.*

Stray: Ruby>>*hangs her head a bit saddened* Gs- It is dissapointing, believe it or not they were 2 fine Talons I came to know. And they had come to see the city or at least my tribe in a new and better light.

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Sits, wavering, as he fights to maintain... Maintain... Pull yourself together..*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: `ws~ Puck .. I know it was hard to speak about that

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: `ws~ Puck .. I know it was hard to speak about that

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((DLP)))))))))))

Stray: *howls softly hearing of the losses*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Begins the rite*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Goes to crinos and howls appropriately*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he joins the howl of sounds entirely different then the opening howl*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *head bowed*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *joins in, the voice added in reflection of her own pain.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Does the part that calls for any audience participation..*

Stray: ((sorry forgot to post this, the Stray only has one eye working, the left is noticably diliated and stares in one direction))

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (DLP) *Puck joins in the howl, tears streaking down his cheeks as they go, his feelings echoing in his howl as the rite is perfomred to two he had such a close bond to*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Joins the Howl of Mourning, his Howl solid, and unyielding even at the loss, though definately respectful of the Rite and the grief.*

Johnathan Willis : (( *thinks* I dun remember and I have no books with me, am I supposed to join in in this?))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (whoops a little anticipatory there wasen't I.)

Stray: *howls softly herself, the deep underlying tone*

Jo Dee: *very quiet*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (sense your character never knew Joey it isn't offensive if you don't join the rite)

Johnathan Willis : (( Ok, thought so, but I only asked, but If I do join it is not offencive, correct?))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *eyes fall on stray for a sec*

Stray: *rests a grizzled paw on Puck´s knee in comfort*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (It isn't offensive if you join LoL)

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Joins in the howls*

Johnathan Willis : *Joins in the howling, shifting to Crinos first though.*

Stray: ((Will join in any Gathering for departed....... she just so good at sad hoiwling. :) ))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Finishes the rite*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ((We ALL have departed, and if it is in a sim. circumstance...))

Johnathan Willis : *stops when apropriate.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *fin*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Leans against the stray a bit, glad for anything at the moment.. Especially with hsi furutre with Hope up in the air*

Stray: ((Damn typo bane...... *flicks the I out of Howling*))

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *allows a pause of silence* And thus concludes our Cracking of the Bone.

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Fittingly is the last to finish*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Stops howling when Shayla does*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Stops when appropriate.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Takes a deep breath, wipes eyes, and sighs*

Johnathan Willis : *Shifts back down to homid after the howl*

Stray: *lets her howl fade out into the backround*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Now gather around we lack a Talesinger...but that means all must sing there own tales or tell their own stories. Puck do you have one to share with us?

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *looks at her oversized clothing, wondering if she and anothercould trade for both a better fit.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Looks up to David almost in slow motion* Do I.... *Blinks a bit, can't refuse the invite... He takes a sigh and pops his neck* Sure...

Johnathan Willis : *Moves a little closer when David says to gather around.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *smirks*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *approches*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Takes a small flask out of his pack and takes a draw off of it, and clears is throat again as he pockets it and stands for the story time*

Stray: *looks at RUBY MS- I am sorry to hear that. I truly hope they are simply hiding somewhere. Firesnout had a litter last I saw her. One was a Garou Pup I believe.

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *lets out a breath, expelling things and stands* This concerns something that happened not too long ago... In a place near here.. *He gets a glint to his ey... One Ruby might recognize*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *listens to the stories intently*

Johnathan Willis : *Listens.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *perks*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *He takes a pouch from his jersey and throws a little powder on the fire to provide some flash* THere I was... just minding my own buisness at the Indpendence Mall... See, it was a wee bit after hours, I was looking around, just, y'know... window shopping without all the hubbub.. *Chuckles softly*

Jo Dee: Is aready sitting remains quiet for the tale*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Listens to the story intently, but never seems to forget he's in a strange place. The air of relaxed watchfullness hanging over him as he listens to these tales.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David rolls out a beer keg and opens a basket that has been warming by the firebarrel...there is MacDonald's food in it*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *is still less relaxed then Logan*

Johnathan Willis : *Chukkles at Joshua's story, but listens intently.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): I was turning the corner when all of a sudden.. *Is a great storyteller, using his hands and tones of voice to express the story and build it* There was these huge, ominous growling hulks staring at me with beadly little glowing eyes... I'd run into a pack of three Spirals.. And boy.. Were they Uuuuuuglee!

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *grins at Puck...glad his instincts were right*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *looks anything but hugry*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Quite probably Ruby-P. Logan is confident and secure in himself whatever his form. A Red Talon in Homid would be much less relaxed, understandably. *L* ))

Johnathan Willis : *Glances at David, but pays attention to the story, still standing.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *realizes somthing*

Johnathan Willis : *And to the back of everyone.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): It was three to one odds... So what else was there to do? I shucked whatever excess baggage I was holding and made like the zephyr wind.. But I wasn't alone... The sounds of running uberhulks was following me.. I knew Iwasn't gonna get outta there alive.. So I decided to use a litle strategy.. *Grins* I leaped off of the second floor I was on, and caught myself in the fountain.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Sniffs and looks at the french fries*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): The idjits decided to split up... So a bit after I was fishing myself out of the agua I ran into the first spiral. Dumber than dirt and twice as dirty... He takes a swipe at me.. I take one to the side, but I manage to get the best of him.. It was a vicious fight.. Blood everywhere... But I managed to lunge at his artery and BOOM down goes one spiral.

Johnathan Willis : *Listens to the story.*

Stray: *her nose is pulled like a magnet for the food, but she forces herself to watch Puck instead*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): So I high tail it outta there... Now I met the second spiral at the tobacco shop... Some reaon it was open, I guess they'd broken in earlier... He was just looking around, but me and my clever sneaking walk right into the shop and I pick up the biggest kinfe... And I get the drop on the windbag... Skinned 'im in five seconds flat...

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Goes and grabs her fetish electric guitar which is nearby*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): Now, I gets this idea... Kinda offa The Empire Strikes back... I take the stanky skin I had and wear ig, getting big and fugly like the guy, I'm walking as evil Spiral, when I run into the leader... He looks at me and asks where the dumb coyote got to... I just shrugged my shoulders and the moment her turns his back, I whip out my Glock... And BANG! Give him a silver enema. *Grins*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): And that... Dear readers....

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): Is why you should NEVER... Listen to a Nuwisha. *Shit-eating grin*

Johnathan Willis : *Smiles at Puck's story, but remains quiet, listening.*

Johnathan Willis : *Chukkles quietly.*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Smiles and shakes her head at Puck*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *stands*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Good one Puck. *grins* And yes everyone the food and beer are open to the public.

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Laughs, and takes a bow*

Stray: *chuckle huffs*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Grbs a handfull of the burgers, and one of the fries after the story is finnished, eats, and waits for the next story to start.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Anyone else got stories...*grins*

Johnathan Willis : *Glances at David, then looks around at the others, smiling slightly, but not realy likeing to be in a new place.*

Stray: *doesn´t go for the food*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Takes his share of the food and munches a bit... Distraction works wonders sometimes*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~Eng~ do you who like amongst the Weaver always think you are the only ones to weave? I have a story, if you are intrested.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Takes some cotton out of her ear which she placed in there while getting the guitar* Did you say something about listening Puck?

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *waits*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ...It is a story of a wounderous prank...

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): Ruby>> Go ahead, chere. Logan, he always interested in listening.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Walks over to get fries and beer*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Grins, listening to Ruby*

Johnathan Willis : *Glances at the food, but doesn't take any, or any of the beer. He sits on the ground, away from everyone else, not too far away as to be noticably the loner, but away from everyone none the less.*

Stray: *ponders stories..... She´s a bit rusty.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *laughs* OK Ruby...OK we got a rarity a Talon story. *smirks*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): is from the Old know. The Silvery one... and about a kin that was too good to play by the rules...

Johnathan Willis : *Listens to Ruby.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (It's ok, lurker... Jo's cataloging it all.)

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *Takes a swig from the jug, and hold it in silent offer towards any that would take some.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): a homid Shoadow Lord kin... who is still alive, unless she is dead.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *studies Johnathan*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): She decided she was more imprtant then other kin because of her looks... so guess what happened

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ... old prankster, an Adern I know, she pulled a delvilish prank...

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Has shifted to homid btw .. forgot to post it*

Johnathan Willis : *Notes David as the leader and gives him a smile and a nod.*

: (the lurker is Jo... *chuckle* my browser went wiggy)

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): You know of the Gift, Blissfull Ignorance? Well, this Garou, she spent the time to learn how to put it on others...and mad the kin dissapear!

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): She was still there alright, but no one could she or hear her, unless she moved... she could not even see herself.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *watches Ruby*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *frowns looking at Ruby his look asking...can a ragy really do that* I know some folk it would be nice to make some cops we all know by now.

Johnathan Willis : *Listens to Ruby's story with a slight smile.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): Boy she thought she was crazy, looney, they say. But thats what happens when looks are everything to you... They go away. *poof* ~Activates BI~

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *looks at David .. nods in agreement*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~deactivates BI~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *gives looks to Johnathan..he smiles slightly*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Chuckles softly*

Stray: *smiles Shifting Crinos. Some may recognize the Garou as LC*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): Did you not learn anything from the Nuwisha? I'm no-moon born and Totem bound to Trickster... but it happened, but has the unfortunate side-effect of wearing a day or so. *smirks evily*

Johnathan Willis : *Chukkles at Ruby's story.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *heads over to David* Of course...if you keep reactivating it...*bows without ever actually telling you how it truly ends*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Talons can talk...wonders never seise tonight. Good story Ruby.

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): ~eng~I speak english and *begins sigining* Sign Language called Signed English.

Stray: *chuckles* I have on last one if I may David. Just something I heard and thought I´d share..... food for thought you could say.

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): Ruby>> Dat a good one, chere. Logan, he remember dat.

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to Stray (AKA LC)* Very well...tell your tale.

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *smiles and sits*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Smiles to LC*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): (Well, I gotta get going... I have a few things to do.. May be back in an hour.)

Johnathan Willis : *Listens to Stray.*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): *Puck settles down, eating and drinking..*

Stray: *wanders over to the center and speaks loud and clear* This is a Story of a Metis. I have heard of this story, and many parts are missing to my knowlage, but in it I found a lesson. Something many take for granted in how they see Metis.. ((Activates Shadows by the Firelight))

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): (waves)

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Laters)

Jo Dee: *Jo Dee quietly listens to the tales, huddled in her coat*

Joshua Puck (Booten Nuwisha TC): ~(GONE, like, extinct, baby)~

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *settles eating frenchfries curious*

: (bye Puck)

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *eats, drinks, watches*

Johnathan Willis : (( Laterz)) *Listens.*

Ruby(Rt,R,3 challenging for Athro): *opens her bag and shows its innards to David*

Stray: This story takes place not in a city, but the edges of one where they hold traveling festivals with animals in tents and humans so strange you have to use Gifts to be sure they are human at all. Some of you have probably seen these before. *in the fire one can almost see in thier mind´s eye a Circus tent and ferris wheel forming*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks in the Talon's bag*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Plays circus-type music on her electric guitar along with LCs story.. there is no amp or battery btw*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: ((LC=Stray))

Johnathan Willis : *Listens and watches.*

Stray: (8sorry if posts are slow server is slow)) This is the story of a Metis Called Fruit Lopy and his story starts in a cage. When he awakens he takes the wolf form but he cannot escape his cage, the bars are silver and make him sick. He cannot remember how he got there or what he was looking for. But a Man spoke to him softly and knew him for what he really was. Perhaps he was kinfolk or a Mage. But he knew. And he talked with loopy Kindly softly, and it was something no one had ever given loopy before... Kindness.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Watches, eats, eats, drinks*

Johnathan Willis : (( *growls* I gtg, just say Johnathan stays till it's over, though doesn't eat or drink anything, and is not super social, but is polite and talks when talked to. Then after its over he leaves.*

Johnathan Willis : ))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Plays more appropriate music*

Stray: *for such kindness from the ringmaster he submitted to the most degrading thing a Wyld creature can ever do. He became a Sideshow. people paid alot of money to see the 'werewolf' but would leave disbelieveing what they saw. Loopy would pretend to be ferocious and jup through hoops and pas through mirrors and shift on command. All for the carress of the Human hand that treated him well. Now it wasn´t Garou that learned of lopy in the circus, no... it was Vampires. leeches who had taken in Loopy before when he was on the streets, only he had forgotten all about them.

Johnathan Willis : ((*Waves and poofies* ))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *Music turns dark in tone at this point as Stray talks of Vamps**

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *almost growls instinctually at the mention of Leeches*

: (bye Jon)

Stray: They watched his act and pitied him, but loopy was probably the happiest he´d been in years. When the Show was over they killed the ringmaster and his helpers and took Loopy away with thier powers forcing him to remember them and be thier once again. And So loopy lives to this day perhaps.. Abandoned long ago by his own people and falling so far into lonliness that being in a circus was his greatest joy, only to have it taken away and live as a pet to leeches.

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: *a Dark circussy sorta tune comes from Shaylas guitar*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks discouraged and depressed by LC's story*

Stray: Now I know very well the litany states that Thou shalt not Mate with Garou, and this is so Metis are not born to suffer. So perhaps the Story of Loppy best serves here as a Reminder that even Metis, they still have feelings and deserve a better fate then Sideshow Fruit Loopy.*the fire flares into a lonely image of a howling Crinos with a writered claw*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Good story. *bows his head* Will there be any other tales for tonight?

Stray: *looks to all silently asking how many Metis they know as friends*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: *Walks over and gives david a reassuring hug*

Stray: *moves over to sit alone thinking*

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: Very good story LC *Looks at Stray* .. I have no tale to give David

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): *His face inscrutible to that silent question. Whether thinking, or remembering it is hard to tell.*

Poppa David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks around* If there are no more stories we shall move this moot on towards the revel. OOC OK now Gig the wyrmfoe isn't here which means no revel hunt SL was planned. We can assume he lead the troops somewhere to express their rage after the moot. The Caern is recharged etc.

Stray: *grunts nodding to Shay and revert to more comfortable Lupus form*

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Great. After fully participating, and partying Logan walks off into the night. Player has to go. It's been fun. Farewell all. ))

Stray: ((Subtracts Gnosis points needed for revel))

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: (bye Logan-p)

Stray: ((LC doesn´t come back to the JY, she goes directly for CH))

Stray: ((Laters all=))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: (shayla will head home)

Shayla Cole-Mason *Weaverbitch*: (shayla will head home)

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((dlp)

: (here ends the archive)

Logan Rogard (( Mark of the Predator, 2 pt. Flaw. )): (( Farewell all. *Gone.* ))

Stray: ((Anyoen wanting to RP I´ll be there))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus: ((david-p is having comp trouble and will not make it back ... David will conclude the moot in his own style))

Jo Dee: *Jo goes home before the hunt, she's very tired, besides the fact the she is kin*

: (okay, now ends the archive)


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