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Junkyard Moot

October 17, 2001

: *Jo Dee shows up with Cinnamon for the moot* 

Julian: *Scent of True Form: Garou Scent of the Wyrm: None, but he boy needs a bath*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OOC Are we ready to have a moot kiddies?

Joshua O'Connor~Fianna Ragabash, PB4~: ((DLP)) I have come to see if I could Join a Pack, or maybe even this Sept....

Julian: (( No prob, Jason. I doubt a scrawny 15yrold runaway kid is gonna be much of a match anyhoo))

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **pulls the steak off the fire, pokes it a bit, then walks over next to ike and sits down.**

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): Then come and sit until it we speak of new buisness. Enjoy yourself as much as you can during the moot.

: ((this be Em-p not at home right now but i will be in about an hour and a half or so sorry i missed everyhting)) 

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (New Fianna aren't accepted at this time. I'm sorry Josh the yard as too many still...please use another tribe)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *angeline* heh, it was an amusing diversion known the less.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *angeline* heh, it was an amusing diversion known the less.

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *laughs at Bella's comment about Tony* Should've seen it more when we sparred...*nods to Sydney, a smile quirking at her lips* Sure, since Jason just spread it early anyway...completed my challenge to Adren rank last night.

Joshua O'Connor~Fianna Ragabash, PB4~: *Nods*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * grabs Julian by the shirt and lifts him up and tosses him not gently aginst the pile of Junk* are you out of you fucking Mind Kid the dogs here dont play and neither do I, you told to come here there is a fucking Door!

: *Francisca will attend the moot as well*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *smiles at her and hold anya trying to comfort her* Hey ang would you hold this angel when I have to do my gig as Caller of the wyld..

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Look at character creation guidelines at and submit sheets to OOC ST like PMs please I will be STing a moot)

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): Jason> *Laughs a little* Of course- how long have you been married? // Kurume> Well- longer than I have.... on both accounts. Did you have any... if I may ask.... problems with the idea?

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **looks over at IKE.** IKE>>I'm sorry bout gettin' you in trouble.

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): (( Um..yeah. Alexi'll be at the moot too. ))

Anastasia Gourin - Dimitrov: *tries to wriggle down from Bella*

Julian: *grins, wiping a bit of blood from his cheek as it trickles out of his bruised mouth* Yeah...but that wouldnt be any fun, would it? *sees the look in Jason's eye* Listen...Im sorry...peace, okay? I was told to come here aiight. Someone said "they" could "help"...whatever that means...

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *squeezes Bella's shoulder* Go to it hon, we'll keep Anya safe.

: (Moot will be archived)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): Justin>> 'Bout three years. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get the niceclothes on...

Ike Atherton (The Ike-Man Comith): *Looks at Jordan, his emotionless body shrugs once and the lights up another Red*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (*bows to the archivist* Have I ever told you how kind you are?)

Joshua O'Connor~Fianna Ragabash, PB4~: *looks around*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: Anya>. no no hun too many big people about for you to wander I am sorry...

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume shakes her head no, writing "it took some getting used to but i'm very proud of my brother" * Angeline: Oh, sure.

Julian: ((Okay everyone...I'll email my sheet ASAP. Cool to continue RP? Ill defer on all roll calls since ya guys dont have my stats))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He enters looking somber* We Gather for the Moot! *his annoucement is carried forth as he takes his place at the lead*

Anastasia Gourin - Dimitrov: *frowns*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * grabs him by the back of His shirt* Come with me then kid, i hope you are smarter than this stupid stunt here is cause oif not you in for a long hard night * leanding julian by the back of his shirt to the gathering area*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *smiles at Teig* Yeah I should be back to get her before the big annoucements are made..

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Walks back into the light and stands with his arms crossed, looking over towards Cellura and Anya*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth comes out of her den*

Ike Atherton (The Ike-Man Comith): *SIts on the car hood. Woohoo*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): We gather again for another moot. I call forth the Master of the Howl to begin percedings.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Really? ~She laughs a bit~ Thats great! I should look into moving up the ranks...~She laughs a bit, shaking her head~ Yeah, I have a great plan for tonight with me...keep my mouth shut....~Nods a little~ Hope I can follow it....

Joshua O'Connor~Fianna Ragabash, PB4~: *walks to a dark corner and leans against the wall, in the shadows*

: (Thanks, Mira. *grin*)

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * coming out of the Maxe with Julian in Hand* hey david This Kid cut his way throught he feince he was told to come here not sure iof he knows why but he does belong here if you get me

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *All three walk in seperately and take their place among the others of the sept*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *His mouth snaps shout mid-sentence as David enters- and he moves quickly to exactly where Jason told him to be.*

Julian: *scrambling to keep ahead of Jason's rough pushes and tugs*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Hops out of the van, wearing a clean Bob Marley tie-dye shirt, hasily braided hair, sweats, and asics wrestling shoes*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *chuckles to Syd and nods encouragingly at her when she mentions hopping up in rank, though shuts up when the Grand Elder speaks*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * seeing David started the moot* shit

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *waves to Rose*

: ((:P have fun Peeps em's here watching it all from his van... Ill be In as soon as i can..)) 

Katie Ann : *slips quietly into the gathering area, keeping to the edges*

Julian: *stands in the gathering space, an indignent look on his dirty face, brushing dirt off his clothes. Knowing to stay quiet, for once*

Lacey Jane Owens: Makes her way into the junkyard, through the maze and out to the clearing, waves to those she know and goes over and sits in the door frame of Em's van*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth shifts to Crinos and walks forward to howl*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at david for a moment then glances about a bit then moves over quickly to Jason as david starts the moot~

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Joshua Fianna...kindly remove your character from is unsanctioned, and won't be approved at this time.)

Joshua O'Connor~Fianna Ragabash, PB4~: ((ok))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume and angeline look towards david and nod respectfully*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * looks to julian8 ok you know why your here?

Lacey Jane Owens: (*hugs Em-p*) *Lacey is sitting with Em*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: 8moves through the crowd taking anya to her father*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **offers ike some of his steak...**

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *takes a half kneeling kinda position, looking to Dave expectantly*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She notices Katie Ann arrive and smiles, not moving from her spot near Angeline and Bella, though*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *watches Bethany*

Ike Atherton (The Ike-Man Comith): *Hungrly grabs the steak and tears into it. A sickening ripping sound coming as he shreads the meat with his teeth*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *angeline shifts up to crinos*

Katie Ann : *takes note of Jason's pack and moves over to them quickly*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *shay sits near Kurume... Rose sits near Bella, doesn't wave to Teigan (she is blind)... Sam sits on a car*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *hands Alexi his child and hurries back to her place to be in time for her role*

Julian: M-my friend, Disel....she said to come here. Said you guys could help with the...the wierd stuff. The dreams and all that shit. Said to give someone this...*hands over a folded up piece of paper* Told me not to look at it.

Lacey Jane Owens: *watches Bethany*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Carries Anya to Celluras bus and steps inside for a moment*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *stand near Teig, ang, rose, and the rest shifting to crinos*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She smiles a bit as she looks around almost excitedly glances over at Jason for a moment then focuses her atteion on the moot again~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang watches bethany, waiting*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth finally starts to howl*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *snaps his fingers a couple times, getting the cubs to kinda get near him...*

Forgotten (( the Unamed Cub)): * slumps hioding near jason*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *her throat fills with a howl..tinged with sad tones*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he shifts up to Crinos and joins her howl, his is the howl of duty alone, determination, but there is no joy or vibrance in that howl*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She stands up fully, shifting to Crinos as well, joining in the howl, her tone deep and rich*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She blinks a bit as the cubs get a bit closer to jason, syd scoots away a bit, not wanting to be seen to close to the cubs, she has to like prove a point~

Ike Atherton (The Ike-Man Comith): ((Damnit. Every moot Something else happens. This is such crap. Ahwell just use Ike as an example of badness, as needed and an NPC if needed. I gotta run. Hopefully Ill be back later))

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Steps out of the bus in crinos and joins in the howl, not as loud as it usually is*

Julian: *notices the picture on the paper* Thats Desil...

Matt Rimmer (GW Kin Extraordinare™ Limited Edition Action Figure): Desc.Drop:* Nearby you see a new siver SUV pull up. The driver parks and gets out; he's about 25, 5'11", and 195lbs. He wears khaki cargo pants and a black button shirt that is slightly loose. His short black hair is gelled and his ice blue eyes have a friendly gleam.(App: 4"Captivating") With a slight grin he enters.(Char:3) (Mortal, no enchantments or the such)((pic-->

Ike Atherton (The Ike-Man Comith): *Ike doesn't howl, and on that note he doesn't make a sound*

Julian: *jumps as the howl begins* Shit...sound like some big dogs, man.

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *-that-'s what Jason consider's formal? He chuckles and figures he should probably be in shirt and tie.*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Shay and Rose go to Crinos and start to howl... Sam howls in Glabro*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *softly to Justin* Yell like a banshee *before he takes his own advice, remaining in homid while he does so*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * a NPC Guardian comes up to Jason Two -Moons and whispers to him*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Dutifully attends to Jason and moves to him.*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She sort of closes her eyes as she shifts up to crinos slowly and finally joins in on the howl~

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang's howl is filled with a mixture of sorrow and joy *

Matt Rimmer (GW Kin Extraordinare™ Limited Edition Action Figure): ((wait...crap..DLP))

Lacey Jane Owens: *this part of the moot is always leaves her ears ringing*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *listens to the guardian, wondering what in the high holy heck could be important enough to pull him out of a moot*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth allows everyone a chance to join in the howl, then slowly brings it to a close*

Julian: I hope so...wanna tell me what this is about? Desil said you could help with the dreams and the time I trashed those pigs and dont even remember it...stuff like that.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He breaks off a heartbeat after Bethany*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Ends the howl a second or two after Bethany*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She's one of the last to stop howling, hers enthusiastic and long*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *let's her howl slowly fade to nothing shifting to homid again*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *when her howl ends her eyes are brimming with tears*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *all stop howling... Shay and Sam revert to Homid... Rose stays in Crinos for the moment*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She quickly ends her as the howling stops finding no reason to keep doing it, she sort of waits a few moments, then shifts back down to homid~

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Remains in crinos*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Finally breaks off his yelling, making motions that the cubs really shouldn;t do more then blink till he gets back, then follows the guardian to the maze*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang shifts back down to homid, wiping the tears from her eyes*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang shifts back down to homid, wiping the tears from her eyes*

Julian: *shrug, trying to appear casual and calm but failing misrably. He peels off his patched black hoodie revealing a silkscreened shirt thats says "Tough Sissy Boy" on the front*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She reverts to homid, looking over her packmates before turning her attention back to David*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth then goes into the recitation of the litany... sounds a little upset as she talks about the Garou not mating with Garou part*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *close her eys trying to muster her focus and enthusiaim for what she will need to do..steeling herself against the saddness*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * the Guardian lead jason two moons to where jason Wolf, and julian are stand. as jason 2M comes jssaon wolf hands him the picture (( pm julian about what on ther paper and picture)08 hey man sorry but Thought all the Howl dog's could startle the kid here, did not want to start a problem, hewas told to come here, he has been having weird dreams, and shit he is Family, so its in your ballpark now.

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): Julina>>What's up, yo?

Katie Ann : *Leans aginst Teigan a little, hoping the ringing in her ears will subside enough for her to be able to know what's going on*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *after Bethany is done David speaks* I now call upon the Caller of the Wyld. *nods to Belladonna*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Nods to the guardian* I got it covered. Thanks much.

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *shifts back to homid and takes a seat*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She looks back to Bella with a sigh, watching her go up and squeezing Katie Ann's shoulder gently, mouthing a 'hello'*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Freezes dutifully in place- he's not stupid enough to piss these people off.*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * nods to Jason @M looking to julian* next time use the door not the feince kid * looks to two moons* ok its all your * walks for tyhe clearing*

Lacey Jane Owens: *quietly listens to Benthany, leaning in to Em, grateful she doesn't have to worry about that law*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *shayla growls under her breath as the litany is recited... Sam yawns and watches*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *makes her way to the center of the moot circle, calling the four winds as is her custom alone this time*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * walking out as he comes out into the clearing head to where his pack is and hugs katie ann putting her in front of him and then watches*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *Smiles to Jason as he makes his way back to them, then settles back down and watches Bella call the winds*

Katie Ann : *watches Bella, though nods letting Teigan know she did see the greeting*

Julian: *watches Jason go and says under his breath* Whathafuck...abdication of responsability much, asswipe?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *walks into the clearing...*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *reaching in to her pocket she pulls forth a handle full of oat and hold them above her head*"We thank thee, our spirit brothers and sisters! Oh Venerable Rat Spirit! Come to we who have, like you, sworn with our lives to defend this sacred place of Gaia! Come and give us your acceptance, your blessing, and your favor!"

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Makes due note of all things said- learning what he needs to.... Learning something new every day isn't an option tonight.*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Stays in crinos, perched among the shadows on a Celluras bus,outside of the firelight*

Katie Ann : *snuggles back into Jason*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *she leans back against the pile, watching bella act as the caller of the wyld for the first time*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): DD: *a young man of 17 or 18 years... yet he appears older... and though he's on his own, he seems to be doing well enough... his latino descent is apparent in his constantly tan skin, he has brown eyes and his black hair is a mess, he also has the beginnings of a goatee on his chin... he's sporting platinum hoop earrings in both ears... he's wearing a beat up leather biker jacket over a black t-shirt that says "I do what the voices in my head tell me to" and jeans... around his neck hang an old iron cross, a celtic knot on a black leather cord, and a vampire fang from a leather string...* ((

Julian: *sits on a rusted car roof and pulls out a packet of rolling tabacco and starts rolling a ciggertte*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Rose shifts to homid and listens*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I'll do the rat spirit description and stuff upon request)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Raises an eyebrow at the picture, before simply nodding* Welcome to the party, kiddo. You're going to have to trust me for right now, just watch and don;t say much, if anything. Now follow me, and don;t be surprised by anything. *he smiles* We'll get through it okay.

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): * did not hear julian as he was walking of over the Howl good thing or Jason two moons would be teaching the Cub first aid first as to fix his broken bones*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **moves slowly till he's standin' bout a foot behind and to the right of alexi, knowin' whats gunna happen.**

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: (please youare so very good at it*smiles*)

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *shayla watches kurume*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *GA/BG Cliath*: *Beth watches the proceedings but with less awe than usual*

Julian: *finishes rolling his ciggy one handed, hops off the car roof still cradling his burnt palm. He smiles, lights up, and begins to follow Jason, leaping from car to trash pile to car with ease. His energy seems boundless, and he hardly touches the ground*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *start to stare at teh firebarrel a bit worried the oat still held over her head holding her breath now*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume is sitting quietly, watching the moot from her spot by thr firebarrel*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She smiles a bit at Bella for a moment as she watches~

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *As Bella does the more complex motions of the ritual the Caern energies change...the place awakens...making the hairs on the backs of peoples necks stand up, making a part of their souls stir...this-place-becomes-spirtually-alive. The fire flares and the ghostly white image of rat appears in the smoke of the firebarrel. The spirit looks at the gathered Garou...the offering as it is thrown on the ground is answered....a swarm of rats comes out eating it...and then vanishes again...the spirit wisely nods, it's black eyes glinting...and then it departs honored and satisfied*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Motions Julian to kinda get behind him, and then returns to his place at the head of the cub grouping*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She stretches just slightly but doesn't move from her seat, untensing more when the caern spirit accept their offering*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *stays near the back, looking around... he missed the opening howl.... good*

Julian: JASON 2M: So, anytime someone feels like telling me what*cig tumbles out of his mouth as he enters the gathering...eyes go wide and he numbly follows 2M to his spot, then plops down on a car hood again looking around speechless*

Katie Ann : *relaxes a little when the rats apear*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Does an "Ooohh...." at the rat spirit, but shuts up quickly.*

Lacey Jane Owens: *watches, fascinated*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *finally breathes and sighs with relief*Thank you, Venerable Rat Spirit. In the coming month, may Gaia's blessings be upon us all! May we be found worthy of you favor!

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *walks into the clearing... having just finished his rounds*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Breathes a not quite invisible sigh of relief, as the spirit accepts the offering. Hopefully Mama Rat's not ticked that he missed most of it*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): DD: *Mitch is about 6'2" and around 250 lbs, mostly muscle... he wears a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans. Black, fingerless gloves cover his hands, but a simple gold band is visible on his left ring finger... on his feet are a pair of black cowboy boots. His hair is brown with white streaks in the front, and he is rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses.* ((

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *turns and nods to David and Beth and walks back to her pack mates*

Jimmy Maia ~SH~: (moot tonight?)

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *glances to Mitch as he enters and nods to him, sitting with the rest of the pack*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *at the front gate, a small owl spirit flies about a city block away from the caern, in hopes to not be plucked again by the rat spirits*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian, R-O-M): (( * slaps the no shit sticker on Jimmy maia's head*))

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): Julian>>*softly, but in a rather firm tone* You've managed to show up at a good time. Please hold your questions until we're finished. If you listen more then you speak, you'll probably have many questions answered.

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *says a silent prayer to the owl spirit for a dear friend* (BRB)

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *nods to Teigan and goes over to the pack quietly... not wanting to disturb the spirits*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *rushes into the caern, swearing under her breath*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : (brb as well)

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **climbs up onto the top of the bus, alexi's on, and sits down a couple feet away from him, watchin' what's goin on.**

Julian: *watches the gathering in shocked quiet, not understanding but it speaking to something very deep within him anyway*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: She stands about 5'6", a tightly bundled ball of energy in female form. She's fairly pretty, with straight, shiny black hair to her shoulders, and black eyes that smoulder with barely-concealed rage. She's quite wiry. A subtle aura of menace pours off of her at all times, giving the impression that it would be a bad move to upset her. She wears a black turtleneck, a pair of cammies, and a pair of black combat boots. She looks different somehow from before. Her eyes are harder, colder, and her posture and body language are far less inviting than they were before.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): The spirits are so honored. Rat stands Guardian on our Caern still. I now call forth the Cracking of the Bone. Before the floor is opened to all...there is grevice violations of the litany that must be addressed here. The Caern of the green has broken diplomatic relations with have other minor Gnawer septs. Why? It is rumored we harbor Charachs. Proof has been presented that some key tribes...Lords, Fangs, maybe Fenrir...are "concerned" with these rumors and may act if we are indeed so corrupted. *looks around* I say that these rumors were in part true...but no longer shall that be. It will be known that this sept upholds the litany before the Garou Nation. It will be known we enforce it.

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Looks over his shoulder at Jordan as he climbs onto the bus. Bares his teeth for the briefest of seconds befor turning back to watch the goings on*

Katie Ann : *looks puzzled, she didn't know anyone had broken the litney*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *stands fully now*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang feels a tightening in her chest hearing david's words*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *closes her eyes*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *stands at the edge of the gathering area, frowning as she hears David's words*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She blinks as she listens to David, wow maybe she has not been around much lately...~

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I call forth Alexi and Alexa of the Striders. I call forth myself and Danni. *looks steely eyed* I call forth Bethany and Scott.

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *is mouthng the sam ething over and over to herself not out loud..*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *an eyebrow raises, as concerned to those tribes generally means "start playing by our rules or we'll come in and slap you around"*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *walks to the front...*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She shudders and the relaxed smile dissapears, at David's words*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *leans closer to Bella to try and hear what she is saying*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Drops from the bus and walks towards David, slowly reverting from crinos into the homid form*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang bites her lower lip trying not to cry for her friends and for david and danni as well*

Beth DeJesus: *walks to the front to join Scott*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Charachs? Ask Jason later... This seems to be an... interesting place.*

Rajah: *steps into the clearing, sitting hurridly with the cubs, dropping her head when she hears what's happening*

Julian: (( Crap, crap, crap. Sorry about the disturbance I caused, but the computer lab is closing down like NOW. I gotta jet. Assume Julian stays for the moot, and crashes at the caren, is that cool?))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OOC Spuds had a whole SL plotted out for the punishment of Alexa to be an illusiion...using a Fetish of Chimera. One of her packmates in theory will be clothed in it acting this out. The real Alexa should be on her way to establish a new life and identiy at another sept. Under that new name she will return for visits and under the new identify eventually be fitted back into the sept...I'll be describing this sense Spuds isn't here to ST it...just keep this OOC in mind)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *crosses her arms over her chest as she walks further into the gathering area, gnawing on her lower lip, almost hard enough to draw blood*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **solemnly watches alexi walk to david.**

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *A "seeming" of Alexa steps out from the crowd...coming forward with the others*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (For the outside world of rumor...Alexa will seem to be cruely punished here.)

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *tears well in her eyes*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *blinks in confusion at what Bella is saying... then turns his attention toward the front... placing a comforting hand on his Alpha's shoulder*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *hears another mentioned* Sam and Shayla please step forward as well.

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She stiffens at seeing 'Alexa', taking a deep breath to calm much for the elation of last night*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **brows crinkle in confusion at seeing alexa here.**

Katie Ann : *curles back into Jason even more*

Rajah: *sitting in homid form, she bites her lips, watching, trying to keep from crying*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran watches her brother, a little worried about him*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *all three listen to and/or watch the scene unfold*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: * leans closer to her pack mates trying to draw them closer to her her hand on mitch's shoulder*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *the tightening in ang's chest worsens when alexa comes out, she still fights back her desire to cry*

Katie Ann : *scoots over to Bella with Jason*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She leans into Bella, as much for support as hearing what she has to say*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *places a steadying hand on Rajah and Justin, looking back at the other two to make sure that they're okay*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She just looks down towards the ground, frowning to herself shoving her hands inside of her hoody~

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (NPCing TC)David: "Truthcatcher. I doubt that any here can be proven innocent of this violation myself included. *looks at Alexa* But on couple reveled in there love, cried it out to all the word so greatly...Fangs learned of it and have brought shame on our sept. One of them Rat hath claimed. But we have NO claim to the Strider.

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Doesn't look at "Alexa". Instead he keeps his gaze straight forward*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Jo Dee takes Cinnamon out of the area while the punishment happens.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang moves to bella, knowing she's having as hard a time as alexi and anya are*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Sam hops off her car and meanders up to David... Shay slowly walks up to the front and glares at David for a moment*

Rajah: *looks at Jason thru the tears in her eyes, then back, unable to take her eyes off the scene*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Glares at Shayla.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *stands there... rigid... defiant... watching Dave*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *clutches on to Mitch*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *averting her gaze, can't bear to look at 'Alexa' anymore*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **sits on the bus wondering how the hell alexa is here, when she left days ago.**

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang places a hand on bella's shoulder, letting her know that she's there for her*

Beth DeJesus: *Beth grits her teeth, but shows no deiance to Dave... she is upset, but respects him too much for that*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *puts one arm aound Bella's shoulders... and a hand on Teigan's shoulder... being the strength his pack needs tonight*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *looks at Teig her eyes filled with pain*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Lacey, averts her eyes, kind of hides her face in Em's shoulder*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *gives a gentle squeeze on Rajah's shoulder*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): TC> It is known each here has broken the litany Garou shall not mate Garou. The Alexa and Alexi have done so to a far greater degree by advertising it and bringing shame down on this sept. *looks around* But all here have brought shame to themselves. *turns on Alexa with a silver dagger* You are hearby exiled from this sept for the corruption of yourself, and for the corruption of the youth for flaunting your violation. *seems to slash her face* You are marked as Charach...begone or face death. *the "seeming" Alexa runs out and goes umbral...vanishing*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran, stays close to Mitch and his packmates*

Rajah: *starts crying*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Most hear have heard a rumor that this is only a show for outsiders)

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *stares back sadly at Bella, nodding gratefully to Mitch, though...glad of the pack's support tonight*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Smiles for a moment to Jason, before returning his full attention to the moot.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *jaw clenches... watching Dave*

Katie Ann : *looks at the procedings in utter shock*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Winces as the Truthcatcher slashes Alexa. Other then that, he remains motionless with an expression of grim determintaion mixed with hatred*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *her knees go weakleaning heavy on Mitch and she almsot cries out but bite he lips drawing blood but a muffles cry is heard by those close to her*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *balls her fingers into fists as she watches what happens, only barely managing to stay calm...Stays silent, squeezing her eyes shut*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She jumps a bit at the slash and looks up for a moment with his almost glare on her face, pulling her hands out of her hoody, sending a not so nice look over at David~

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *Her dark green eyes smolder with anger, though she keeps it in check for Bella's sake, knowing she's needed*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang fights back her own tears and the urge to chase after alexa*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *pulls teigan closer into the 'group hug.. puttin his arm around her shoulders as well... not fully understanding why they're upset (never met Alexa, doesn't know how close they are)... but understanding their need to be comforted...*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Lacey and Fran flinch, Jo does too though she does actually see what happened*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Winces at the slash across Alexa's face and as she runs... she broke the litany.... rule one, he thinks to himself- don't break the litany.*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **davids words cut jordy's confusion and he growls low, a low animalistic sound even in homid, at what happens.**

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): TC> All of you others. Even you...*to David* will face the the Stone of Scorn for your shaming of yourselves. Because Rat has claimed protection for you..*to Alexa* you will face the same punishment as others truly of this sept.

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *shayla takes off her jacket, revealing all 6 tattoos on her arms*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *good thing Mitch is as tall as he is and Teigan slumps a little, grabbing Bella's hand and squeezing softly*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *reaches as much as he can, tapping Sydney on the shoulder with a 'this is not the time' kinda look*

Beth DeJesus: *stares straight ahead*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): (( *Assuming he meant "Alexi" )) *Nods once*

Katie Ann : *scoots away from the pack, somehow feeling less of a part of it*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The stone of Scorn ritual is done on each one they lose appropriate reknown (even David) (-8 temp honor...-2 wisdom)*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *watches Dave... standing next to Alexi... the man he sees as a brother... and Beth on his other side.... standing defiantly*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Whispers very softly to Jason... very softly.*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *tries to stand on her own but hold on to her pack memebers*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (The TC(insert appropriate PC who is currently not here) said that stuff NOT David...he is suffering the punishment with everyone else)

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Jason for a moment and shrugs a bit and looks down again, frowning still~

Beth DeJesus: *unhappily accepts the ritual*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *returns the whisper, lowly*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **the growl descends in pitch becoming more guttural, and hateful at the sight of his friend's punishment.**

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *remains still and silent during the rite....*

Rajah: *weasels close to Jordy, offering physical support, whispers*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran puts her hand on Bella shoulder, and the other on Mitch's back, lending what support she can*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): TC> In future let it be further litany violations of this nature will be tolerated....publically. (stresses the word) Thus is justice done.

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *tries to breathe and not cry be brave like she said she would*

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): *glances at Fran with a look that says 'thank you'*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *smiles just faintly at Francisca and her support of Bella, she'll need all the aid she can get*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Mentally translates, and is satisfied with the judgement*

Katie Ann : *stands up moving away from them*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Observes the rite and nods to Jason. This is kind of harsh.... He supposes it's only just though.*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran nods to Mitch and offers a nod to Teigan as well*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *nods slightly at the rite, relaxing as she does so...Hands still curled into fists, but less tightly*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *glances at Katie leaving and raises an eyebrow, wondering*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Shayla does tai-chi breathing exercises to relax... sam takes her punishment quietly.. those who can tell notice shay's rage is almost at it's peak*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Now...*looks tired hanging his head shamed by the ritual he just had to undergo* We open the floor for the Cracking of the Bone. All grievances and business may be heard. Honor the speakers, interruption of them will result in your removel from this moot.

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: 8doesn't look around at anyone but stares at Alexi*

Katie Ann : *finds a place to sit at in the back, generally clear of the majority of people*

Rajah: *moves close to Jason, still crying*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Walks back towards the bus and leans against it with his arms crossed and dspite the punishment, his head is held up with a stern look upon it*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *turns on his heels and heads back to the egde of the clearing*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Hmm... he thinks. Robert's Rules would do wonders for this meeting...*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang just stands beside bella, not saying or really doing anything*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Waits as new grievances and business are called for...taking the time to comfort Rajah quietly*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *almost morriors Alexi's mannerisms... as he glares straight ahead... more mad than shamed*

Beth DeJesus: *heads to a car away from as many as she can get... sits on the car and quietly looks down at her hands*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume is just about in tears, she's hugging her knees to her chest, she didn't think that they were actually going to hurt alexa*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran look over at her brother* Micth, I'm going to see to my brother. *she whispers*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *stares on, silent and tense and for the moment forgetting her other reason for coming to tonight's moot*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *He looks to Rajah, and sighs as he reaches to put his hand on her shoulder. He hasn't known her long, but.... she seems to need as much help as she can get.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Is there any other business? Challenges? *looks around*

Rajah: *trying to calm down, if Alexi can looks so tough, surely she can stop crying...*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume remembers that she does have something, standing up and nodding*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Stands* I have something of note for the sept....

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **he ceases the growl and nods to david, then looks down and offers his hand to alexi to help him up onto the bus.**

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *breathe deeply and wals with teigs hand in her forward* My Beta has challenged and found worthy of the Rank of Adren...She is a credit to my pack and this sept.

Mitch Williams (GW/TH/ROM/GiT): ((BRB))

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((BRB))

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *A bit startled when Bella suddenly speaks, thinking her still 'out of it'...and her cheeks take a red tint at Bella's words*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Jo Dee comes back in to the clearing with Cinnamon, sitting off to the side keeping her daughter amused, therefore not interrupting the goings on with screams for attention*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Doesnt even notice Jordan reaching down. He stares ahead, looking at nothing but seeing everything. Images dance through his mind which only leads to more anger showing on his stern expression*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I've lost some posts..please repost all sept business browser skipped ahead on me)

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *hugs teig and walks back to her spot*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Shayla goes and sits near Bella... Sam sits on her car again*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Lacey, ever quiet, listens to the happenings*

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *a man dressed completely in black..gloves, hat, socks (no boots), and jacket all black walks down the dark street towards the Junkyard. Not much of his flesh is visible amongst the clothng, though he tries to stay out of the streetlights*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *waits his turn, befoer stepping forward* This evening, I was called away, because a new cub had arrived, as our opening howl began. The information I have indicates he is a Glasswalker. if any wish to speak with me further after the moot concerning this, please do so.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang notices kurume writing in order to explain her idea and acts as her voice once the others are done* Kurume has started to create an interactive Computer program that will act as a refence tool as well as an educational program for new cubs as well as to aid the denfather with his duties, she acts that is anyone has any advice or suggests for the program to make them and she'll do her best to add them

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *watches the goings-on distractedly, brooding*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to bella and looks at Jason*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran makes her way over to her brother, seeing as Mitch has thing in hand with the other and her brother is alone*

Beth DeJesus: *pulls her legs up to her chest and lays her head on her knees*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *hugging back and moving back to sit with the rest of the pack, listening to the rest of the news*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *shakes head* No programs. It's dangerous to have anything in the Weaver confines that could revel information about Garou. I'm sorry I see that as too great a risk to us.

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: *next to shadow, a woman, bearly recognaiable as such wearing nearly all brown- brown indiana jones stule hat, brown leather jacket, brown leather pants all well worn and a white shirt- her hat is pulled low to hide the hideous scaring that covers the right side of her face, showing that she has no right eye. a pack is sling diagnally across her chest resting on her hip easily*

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *looks over her pack one at a time a steely resolve comes to her eyes*

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *waits for Celeste to catch up with him*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume nods, understanding the position*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (This really is not a good time to introduce any new characters. Please go to and read over character creation guidelines, and then submit the sheet to Introducing a character during an organized SL event isn't the best. I would suggest trying in a couple hours or later if you want the full RP attention such deserves)

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: *She sticks close by shadows side*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Is there anything else to set before the Cracking of the Bone? (If you are interacting from SM nevermind...thought you were newbies)

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): (( I dunno...seems like a perfect time to introduce new characters. When hearly all the "normal" characters are here to witness it. ))

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **raps his knuckles softly against the side of the bus, still offering his hand to alexi, not saying anything just offering.**

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (From an ST prospective...NOT a good time)

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Clears his head at the sound of the rapping. Looks up at Jordan and shakes his head no*

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: ((*nips david -p and PMs him to jumpstart his short memory *G*))

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Shayla hangs her head... Rose listens... Sam idly watches the whole thing*

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: ((Not a newbie. *smirks)) *he nods to Celeste, then starts across the road to the gate, waiting for the Guardian, unaware of the night's proceedings.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume, walks over to shayla and gives her a reassuring hug before she sits back down, she had to propose it*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (PM me details you two)

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: *hope they can move on to the getting drunk part already*

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **nods to alexi, and retracts his hand, and returns to watching.**

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *makes his way back to the gathering of the cubs and Syd, waiting for the next portion of the show*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *if Teigan knew what Bella was thinking, she'd heartily agree about getting drunk...unusual in and of itself for her*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Rose takes a swig of pure alcohol from a flask*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She casts a small glance over at bella and the rest of the RoM pack and kinda frowns a little as she looks over at Jason, she just pulls her hoody up and listens to the rest of the moot~

Beth DeJesus: *wishes she was drunk enough to forget about tonight*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Very well...I then close the Cracking of the Bone. Our Talesinger Ben Slays the Song (not here tonight) has many a good tale...sense with us theres really no seperation between the revel and the stories...theres a vat of my special moonshine for those of...*looks at his hand* certain breed conditions. A kegger some Claith stole from a frat party of brew...and plently of junkfood...and man do I need a fucking drink.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang moves back to her spot by her pack, still standing*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *softly and in a dry tone* Hear, hear..

Belladonna Cellura ~Alpha of the ROM~Fianna: I'll drink to that...

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I would of announced a challenge with Tiegan and Jason but I don't have enough info...I request that they announce it to the list with the details...It can be assumed it was announcend properly at the moot)

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : (I'll let Jason-p know about it and send in the details)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Nods, heading back to his van and returning with a couple cases of cold sodas for any that choose not to get drunk*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *sam grabs a couple of beers and a good plate of food... Rose finishes off her flask*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Like usually pretend the Wyrmfoe eventually takes the riled up pack to hunt down some wyrmies)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume goes to get a soda for herself, not wanting to get drunk, hoping she'll hear from her brother soon*

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Justin is quite surprised by Dave's language, and it shows on his face.*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *When they finishand get to the drinking. Alexi "hires" a kin dog to watch over Anya. He then heads into the maze and exits the junkyard. Gone to patrol the bawn at the septs weakest his mind*

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: *waits by the gate* (hopint he reaaaly busy Davidd p got my PM) *glancing to shadow* are you sure this is the place?

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *stands at the gate, waiting for the Guardian to approach, glancing back to Celeste some*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He grabs a flask of his "moonshine" (think Gnawer version of Fianna brew)*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Looks around and wonders if he just missed Medea in all the fun and excitement or what*

Shayla Cole-Mason/ Rose Layton/ Sam Edmonds: *Shay just looks at the ground and makes no move for food nor drink at the moment*

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *nods* Yes. This is the place.

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): *Exits through the umbra*

Rajah: *walks over to Jordy* You kay?

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I'll RP Guardian Bob for you folks)

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: **hops off the top of the bus, and turns to alexi** I couldn't think of nothin' tah help you out...I'm sorry, I failed you my friend.

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *glances to the beer and grimaces slightly, looking to Bella* I don't suppose we got anything stronger...? *not having tried the moonshine and not sure she wants to, at least she knows what's in Fianna brews*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *talking to the cubs once the riled up pack has left to hunt shit* Okay, guys...questions?

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Teigan* It is said Gnawer moonshine can make even Fianna go blind. Have some.

Jordan Crawford {return of the boot}: ((well I guess I'm a tad late with my post.))

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: (gracias)

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Jo, makes a quick round of her friends before heading home with Cinnamon*

Alexi Dimitrov - Survives-Atrocities - (Guardian): (( Just a tad ))

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *nods to David respectfully, then eyes the moonshine* Thanks, rhya, I might as well...could really go for a drink also. *looks to Bella* And she needs it more than I.

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *looks back to the gate* Something must be wrong.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *ang has left with the pack to go hunt shit*

Beth DeJesus: *climbs off the car and goes to her den to grab a bottle of something strong and brings it back out to the clearing... takes a long swig from it*

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: *she raises her good eyebrow at shadow* wrong? *she glances about sence wyrm isn't the best thing to do int he middle of a city*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Bob recogizes Shadow> What da frig....*uses scent of the true form on both anyway* Place is*whispered* moot. It be almost*whispers* revel now...this important?)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume sits down again, sipping her soda*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *Fran stick close to her brother for a while, she does drink some but will leave before this get wild, meeting Mitch at home later*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The Carn begins vibrating with renewing energies. Even mortals in the Bawn have a funny feeling they can't quite place...for Garou...definate spiritual activity of a Caern scale*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She moves over to Bella slowly and tugs a bit on her sleeve of her shirt and smiles a bit~ Hey bella, um...*Whispers*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Waves Kurume ove briefly* I'm sorry that your idea got shot was a good idea, don;t be afraid to keep coming up with them.

Rajah: *looks around, then to Jason* What that... feel? *eyes big*

Celeste ~Hunts the Zombies~ Zacillia: *She looks to Shadow, feelign the energies then shakes her head no* we'll try back later

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): Jason> *Shakes his head* Not now.... *Smiles to the other cubs.*

Jo Dee, Lacey and Francisca: *lacey stays, until she has to go, doesn't drink*

Shadow Hunts the Many Worlds: *he blinks and turns back to Bob. His face remains hidden in the shadow of the hat, hard to make out exactly* I am sorry to intrude. I just came to let the Elder know that we will be entering the territory to hunt a few things. Just the formality.

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume walks over to jason and nods, writing quickly, "it's just one of those things." *

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight) & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume walks over to jason and nods, writing quickly, "it's just one of those things." *

Justin Lombardo (CoG Cub): *Feels that... feeling too and nods in agreement with Rajah, pointing a thumb at her.* What she said.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Bob decides it's important enough and lets you enter)

Rajah: *grins at Justin, trying to put the past behind her for now*

Teigan O'Ifearnain (ROM Beta) : *She gets good and drunk, joining in the revel until it's time for her to leave*

: ***So ends the Moot Archive***

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