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Junkyard Moot

November 12, 2001

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he exits from the Caern heart in Crinos...walking to the head of the moot circle*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: (ang) katie>Sure. *she walks over to katie and sits there beside her* so what have you been up to?

-Sydney Milligan (CoG)-: ~She yawns a bit as she glances over at Jason for a moment~ H-hey Jason....hows things?

Shayla Cole-Mason: I try to be in a good mood whenever I can Eric ..

Jordan Crawford: **fidgets a bit nervously..**

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Looks to Jason.* Hey Doc- I can't call if I'm in trouble, can I?

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *kurume waves to the gaurds, friendly, and waits for them to let her in before she wanders through the maze in her silent way because.. she's mute*

Katie Ann : Remodling one of the apartments, so I can turn it into a communal nursery for the pack, maybe even the caern.

Eric Mason: *Nods and grins* Right.. I hear ya on that..*Plops back down in his spot and looks up at Shayla* My old packmate gonna show?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Steps in from the Umbra.*

Rajah: *walks back into the clearing, muttering to herself, locates the other cubs*

Edward Morgan: ((No way you could do a bow faster than a bolt action... at least, not if the shooter knew what they were doing. Some random guy with one, maybe... but not anyone with a Firearms of at least 2, I'd say... bolt-actions aren't as slow as most folks think. I'd say the comparisons are not-too shabby for turn time overall, though at the same time the game doesn't really take into account that you can empty a semi-auto handgun in about 4 seconds... *when turn time is given to be 3 seconds- one minute, situtation depending*))

Cindy Ramirez (BG/UM): *walks into the clearing*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: Katie>> ok, I'll have to check it out *notices Dave come in and shifts up to Crinos*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He says in a loud carrying voice...he shifts down to Galbro for kin to understand him* It is moot time again. We call forth Bethany Thieving Smile...the Master of the Howl to begin the moot proper.

Shayla Cole-Mason: I dunno Eric ... I hope so ... she didn't mention skipping the moot

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *He stands in the shadows.... The shadows do not embrace him. The shadows do not wrap themselves around him. The shadows do not acknowledge him as master, recognize him for one of their own, or flock to him. In fact, the shadows don't give a shit. They're just shadows.*

Cindy Ramirez (BG/UM): DD: *she walks in and looks around... she looks to be about 18... her blond hair is cut short and she has no makeup... she's wearing a sleeveless top that shows off her flat stomach, and loose fitting brown jeans over black boots* ((

Shayla Cole-Mason: *clamps her mouth shut*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: (ang) that's great. it'd be nice to have a community nursery.. *she smiles at the thought*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *softly* Let's roll...

: ~~~~~archiving~~~~~

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Tucking the rabbit's foot into the pocket with the CD from Rajah and the phone in the other, he holds the blade- pointing down- and smiles to Rajah*

Katie Ann : *falls silent as the moot starts*

Rajah: *spots Justin and Forgotten and walks over, in homid*

Eric Mason: *nods to Shayla* Alrighty *Then turns his attention to the center where David is standing and falls still and quiet, after slipping off his jacket*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): (Or if the bowman knew what they were doing. A lever-action could be fired faster than a bolt-action--there's just less movement necessary--and many indians were known to be able to fire several shots from a bow faster than a man could with a rifle.))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: (kuru) *she hears david and quickly sits down hearing that the moot is about to start*

Mitch Williams (Guardian/ROM): *shimmers in from the umbra*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *walks up to the front in Crinos and starts to howl*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Walks into the caern, pausing in the shadows to look around carefully before entering. He wears almost-worn-out clothes: jeans, t-shirt, cowboy boots, and a straw hat that has definitely seen better days. He's only about 4' 10", but you get the feeling he doesn't hear many jokes about it. Something--maybe his walk, or his bearing (GoF PB 3), or the scar that seems to add age and seasoning to his face (app 2), or maybe the way the muscles pack his chest and shoulders (Strength 4) sends a clear message to trouble-makers---Leave this one alone. ((Pack page at*

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *is sitting with her sister Diana*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *His right forearm bears 4 parallel scars--apparently, he pissed off something with claws, and by the look of it he pissed it off pretty bad. His left arm is... well, screwed. It looks alright at first, but to a second look it's just... off. The muscles bulge, but not ~quite~ in the right places, and the bones seem bent in places they shouldn't be. It hangs limply at his side, useless.*

Mitch Williams (Guardian/ROM): DD: *Mitch is about 6'2" and around 250 lbs, mostly muscle... he wears a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans. Black, fingerless gloves cover his hands, but a simple gold band is visible on his left ring finger... on his feet are a pair of black cowboy boots. His hair is brown with white streaks in the front, and he is rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses.* ((

-Sydney Milligan (CoG)-: ~She smiles a bit as she watches the moot begin was not really saying much in the first place, she looks about at everyone else~

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Shuts the hell up, and nods to Jason. The butterflies in his stomach are having a field day right now.*

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *shifts to her lupus form *

Katie Ann : *plugs her ears so that she dosn't loose ear drums during the howl*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Currently, the poor guy's just-plain messed up. He's covered with nasty-looking cuts, and the left side of his chest has an odd sunken appearance. He shifts to Hispo and raises his muzzle to the heavens. The cry he releases is nearly not a howl, a song of Rage and Triumph.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OOC Ok if this room goes down...we will jump to the alt chatroom at for the moot.

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Fran, Lacey and Livvy are here in the background*

Jordan Crawford: **standing next to forgotten.**

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Bethany waiting*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *diana sees sam shift to lupus and does the same. angeline shifts up to crinos. kurume.. well.. kurume sits there and quietly ponders the fate of her MIA big brother*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *walks in*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *looks around for someone*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Somewhere else, he might be a prom king. Dark-ish Italian descent shows on his skin, and in his brown hair. His eyes are a shade deeper than his hair, and seem filled with warmth and depth that goes beyond simple "nice eyes." Standing at just about 5'11", he's not the tallest of people, and is well-proportioned at around 150 lbs.*

Edward Morgan: ((That's have to be to the rifleman's being unskilled... A generally proficient lever-action rifleman, bolt-action rifleman, bowman and crossbowman would have pretty obvious differences in speed... in that order, I'd imagine. I could see a well-maintained bolt action being as fast as a lever-action... maybe faster. In all fairness, there's a man right now who can shoot four perfect bullseyes at 20 meters, holstering between each shot, and still do it faster than the human eye can register motion.))

Rajah: *shifts to lupus*

Jordan Crawford: **shifts up to a emanciated glabro.**

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Opens his mouth and howls, a low tenor in a soft volume*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *has already started the opening howl*

Forgotten (( Rage Filled Cub)): *shift to lupus for the howl*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Bladow))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He shifts up to Crinos joining it*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR & Gatekeeper): *Emerges from the rituals area, a brown patched duster draped over her again-lean frame. Her red hair is tied back with a black bandanna from her face, its bright shade a contrast with her dark skin and multi-racial features. Under the big duster she's wearing a blue sweatshirt and gray cargo pants. Around her neck are her two necklaces - a short silver-looking chain, and a long leather thong with a pendant.*

Eric Mason: *Smiles and lets himself shift to Crinos, partially at first, then lets the change over take him*

Rajah: *howling with everyone*

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *howls along with Beth*

-Sydney Milligan (CoG)-: ~She shifts up to crinos almost as soon as she sees david come to the moot circle, she lets out a good sort of roar but nothing ground breaking~

Cindy Ramirez (BG/UM): *joins in the howl*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Justin shifts to Hispo.*

Mitch Williams (Guardian/ROM): *shifts to crinos and joins the howl*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *is there in Crinos and howling right away* ((Remember guys moots are held in the Umbra...or at the very least the Opening Howl adn Calling of the Wyld...))

Edward Morgan: *Shifts up to glabro, his throat making an additional degree of alteration... he joins the howl, though his voice doesn't carry very strong among them.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *diana kinda gets the idea that she's supposed to howl and her voice joins her sister's in a higher more sing-song pitch. angeline's howl joins the others, low and full of mixed emotions*

Eric Mason: *As soon as his vocal chords change, he joins the howl*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *shifts to crinos and counters Beths howl with as beautiful a howl as she can do in Crinos*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR & Gatekeeper): *As soon as she's within the circle, she shifts down to hispo form - a large, rangy, and slightly canine-looking red-furred wolf with a thick, rough coat - and joins in the howl with a high, clear toned voice.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *just watches everyone... staying near the back... for now*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Which neatly explains how the neighborhood doesn't notice howls...kin usually only see the Cracking of the Bone...which is the only part of the moot they'd participate in)

Katie Ann : *nods hello to Scott*

Jordan Crawford: **crys out his howl floating through the air to join with the others, shifts up to crinos, and it the howl deepens.(( ))**

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *continues howling until the others have had a chance to join, then breaks it off*

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *stops howling when Beth does .. boy this is fun ... following the leader is a great game*

Forgotten (( Rage Filled Cub)): *stands between Jordy and Rajah*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Pauses to take a breath--seems his injuries are taking a toll on him--and then continues.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *stops howling content to listen to Beth recite the litany*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *stops a note before Beth does*

Eric Mason: *Lets his howl die out when Beth stops, and levels his gaze with those in front of him*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *does the recitation of the litany, and as always only touches lightly on the garou not mating with garou part*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Lets his howl fade away slowly*

Dana Strikes-Sparks (GW Mule): *The massive (and massively ugly) hooved metis Ahroun stands in her gray and black mottled Crinos form, joining in the opening howl.*

Jordan Crawford: **lets the howl die on his lips, his emanciated((for a crinos.)) form stands beside the other cubs.**

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *shuts up looking at the only one who didnt join in the Opening Howl...a slight narrowing of the eyes at Scott and then a grunt as he watches the rest of the gathered Garou*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *And fades off.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks around for the Caller of the Wyld bella when Bethany is done* Is the Caller of the Wyld among us?

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Stands with the other cubs, near Jason. Smiling a little as the howl ends, knowing that at least... soon... it'll be upon him.*

Forgotten (( Rage Filled Cub)): *Jason Wolf is staying with the pack, quiet mostly*(need to do rite with forgotten)

Edward Morgan: *His howl slowly wanes off, a bit earlier than most's... He lifts a hand, trying to shield his eyes from the red glare of Anthelios...a rather somber sight..*

Shayla Cole-Mason: ((looks like Bella need to be NPCed))

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy waves to Scott when she catches his attetion, Fran smiles to Mitch, Lacey is sitting in Em's van*

-Sydney Milligan (CoG)-: ~She stops howling as soon as she notices everyone else stopping, taking that moment to shift back down to homid~

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *takes her seat again and shifts back to homid*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di and ang stop howling when the others stop*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR & Gatekeeper): *Stands in her hispo form next to David, watching over the large gathering, especially the cubs she does not know as well.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((talked to Bella-p... she had company coming over and isn't able to get online))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I've done that once time IC she is missing...a couple of times I'm happy to NPC...but I didn't get an e-mail saying she couldn't come...thus shes missing period this time)

Shayla Cole-Mason: ((also play your blind metis TC .. shes around .. somewheres ... oh look there she is near David))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang returns to her birth form, and di sits in lupus,. watching the whole thing in wonderment and curiousity*

Katie Ann : *remains quiet*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK...I'll NPC her one more time...after that she begins loosing reknown for missing moots)

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *stays in lupus*

Edward Morgan: ((BRB))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *motions to Ed and Twomoons to come have a seat near least for the moment*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *goes to her homid form ... don't make me post her dd*

Eric Mason: *Grins as he looks around in his Crinos form, then slowly shifts back to homid*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Bella comes up performing the four winds or calling the winds as is her Fianna touch to the ritual. Then she performs the moot rite that calls forth and honors the totems...reconnecting the Caern with the umbra. She offers grain to the rat totem of the Caern, the totem answers with a burst of the umbra this isn't a shadowy image...the blazing firey image of a white rat excepts the offering before sinking back into the ground of the Caern that it is bound too.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Shifts back to Homid.*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *makes his way over to his pack alpha, wwaiting*

Jordan Crawford: **stays in crinos..**(( ))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *She mentions that the totems are so honored and consent to protect the Caern still*

Sandy Blue Canary (MotR & Gatekeeper): *She dips her muzzle respectfully toward Rat at the totem's appearance.*

Rajah: *stands with Justin, Jordy and Forgotten, in lupus still*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *The general feeling of power arrises tingling over paws and the parts that touch the's a tangable power*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *watches Bella in awe as usual*

Katie Ann : *takes a deep breath, mentally getting ready to stand and speak *

Edward Morgan: *Sits near Ben, watching the rites in silence.*

Eric Mason: *Bows his head at the sight of Rat respectively and smiles as the he feels the power spread*

Samantha Edmonds *UM Alpha*: *feels the Force(TM) ... er .. gaia thru her paws*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *little fistpump action at that*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *shifts down to homid puffing away on a cigar stub*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di, looks at the rat spirit with wide eyes. she's in awe of its awesomeness.. she wants to talk to the spirits too! she looks to sam and then back at the rat, trying to be respectful*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Stands three-legged, hair standing on end.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Shivers at the feeling of power... remembering that there is something bigger out there than whether or not he makes it tonight... But he still wants to make it.*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang nods respectfully to the caern totem*

Cindy Ramirez (BG/UM): *watches*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *Once the totem departs and all is properly honored David speaks* The totem protector of this Caern is honored. Thank you great rat. May we continue to be worthy. Now I call forth the Cracking of the Bone. Truthcatcher Rose Layton is presiding. Let no falsehood taint your tongues...for it shall be known. I call forth first the pressing manner of Tiegan of the Fianna. Who was made to remain outside the bounds of our sept because she dishonored the position of Warder. The terms of her re-admittance was a formal true apology to the Warder. Come forward. (Teigan is NPC'd with permission of the player) *she comes forward looking to face Ben*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *puffs out a cloud of smoke and gets up walking to meet Teigan half way and waiting*

Forgotten (( Rage Filled Cub)): Jason Wolf>>*not attempting to get in the middle, Jason stands behind Tiegan, as a show of support, nods respectfully to ben*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *stands solemnly next to Ben, listening to David speak*

-Sydney Milligan (CoG)-: ~She watches this part closely, sending a look over at Jason Wolf every now and again, before looking back to Ben~

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *slips into the gathering area, standing near the back, swearing a blue streak*

Shayla Cole-Mason / Rose Layton: *Rose turns on Truth of Gaia*

Shayla Cole-Mason / Rose Layton: *DD: Rose is an attractive 19 year old lady (3 app/ 4 cha) with blue eyes and medium length blond hair. Rose wears a short blue dress, boots and rose-colored John Lennon type glasses. A celtic knot ring is on her left hand. She speaks with a southern US accent. She enters an area testing the ground with her white cane. She walks with as much grace as is possible towards where she is going.* (Character homepage is at ))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang notices medea and nods to her tribe sister before returning her attention to the cracking of the bone*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy, quietly watches... finding this rather different from a GW moot*

Eric Mason: *Watches and listens quietly and patiently, not knowing the past but wanting to see how it turns out*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Sits on his haunches and watches.*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *watches her packmate, Teigan*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *repost recap what have you...: Teigan comes forward facing Ben...(I have permission to NPC her folks)..while probably somewhere buried deep she recents this, afterall she was defending the honor of her pack...or so she thought against an asshole...but regardless this is how things are..she sighs* Ben-rhya I apologize for disrespecting the position of Warder and yourself.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *watches silently, arms crossed over her chest*

Katie Ann : *just watches*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *doesnt even bother to glance at Rose for acknowledgement of the truth of that statement...just moves the cigar stub to the other side of his mouth and nods* Alright yer banishment is repealed...BUT...if I have even the slightest problem with you in the how matter how minor ... yer out the door again for good...

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Cocks is head slightly, watching Tiuegans' body language*

Shayla Cole-Mason / Rose Layton: ((don't have the reknown loss tables with me .. I happen to be away from home base .. player is not trying to weasel out of assigning any reknown losses, etc))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *she bites her tongue...well theres always the GE if she has problems...with great difficulty and suppressed rage she manages to speak calmly* Yes I understand.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Good...*turns around and walks back to Jason and Ed*

Eric Mason: *Rubs his chin as he watches, taking everything he sees and hears in*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Takes a little breath, hoping to get through this with as littl pomp and circumstance as possible*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OOC OK folks this lag is too annoying. WW might crash any sec...lets move to alt room and have a descent stable room at you there.)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((uhhh I'm not having any lag))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((And the alt room is a helluva lot slower than this one is))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *THERE*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): (*Not having any lag either*)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Better yet, I'll open up another window there.))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: ((*only lagging every once in a while*))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): ( the lag just me then? If so I'll battle it out here.)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((I ain't gettin' any.... No bad jokes, y'all.))

Jordan Crawford: ((Lag is the devil, I am laggin' hardcore here.))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: ((I'm getting horrible lag here... maybe it's netscape))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Welp let's move then *poof*))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): ((Laggless))

Jordan Crawford: ((got the page unavialiable twice.))

Shayla Cole-Mason / Rose Layton: ((netscape is real slow tonight))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Yeah, laggin' now. I'm there, mang.))

Shayla Cole-Mason / Rose Layton: ((what I have for a browser is fine))

Sydney Milligan (CoG): (*L*)

: ;o) 

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((*heads over* WE'rea movin on uuuup...))

Eric Mason: ((Moving to alternate room **GONE**))

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moved to Alt Room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): test

Jordan Crawford: ((I think the WW chats are gettin' a bit laggy))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Yup...which is why I am in both rooms..

Jordan Crawford: ((ditto.))

Jordan Crawford: ((oh yeah I am only here for another 90 min tops.))

Jordan Crawford: ((as in 11 cst.))

Jordan Crawford: ((lag is the devil))

Rajah: *watches, going over everything she knows in her head*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ((mews))

Edward Morgan: ((Geez... I thought it was my computer, so I restarted. I've got a fast connection, so whenever a server is lagging I usually get "Server unavailable" pages instead of just being annoyed by slow response.))

Forgotten (( Rage Filled Cub: *stands with Jordy and Rajah*

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al : ((test)))

Jordan Crawford: **still in crinos still next to the other cubs.**

Elandra: ((late, sad, and with LOTS of computer programs... what I have been misssing??? ))

Katie Ann : *getting ready to stand up if given the oportunity*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((here))

Elandra: ((programs=p´roblems))

: One or the other folks, two rooms makes it VERY DIFFICULT to archive.

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((I'm only gonna keep this window open... assume Mitch and Cindy are still around))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Feh))

Eric Mason: ((I'm up for either, waiting for everyone else to decide))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: ((*follows everyone else*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): (Alright, we're here.))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Okay everyone's here let's move along))

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((Waits for it*))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): ((Here))

Eric Mason: ((Ready to go))

Jordan Crawford: ((ready, but only here for about an hour.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Here and I am not going back to WW...restarted my connection and couldn't even reach it anymore)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: ((here))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Yup. Where was we?))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK where were we....Teigan thing done...)The floor is now open...does anyone have business they wish to bring before the sept?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *after the thing with Teigan is over Ben looks over the gathered Garou* Any other grievances?

Katie Ann : *bites her lip and looks at the ground*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Yes... *starts toward the front*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*dropkick to the comp*))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *stays quiet, watching Scott*

Eric Mason: *Looks at Scott when he steps forward, then back to David*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *watches Scott walk forward*

Elandra: ((As is still lost))....*moves tot he gathering, silently, respectfully and sits were the cubs should go((if there is any place for it, if not with looking for Shay))*

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: *is near Eric*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *all three of them, watch and listen from their respective places*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alrighty Scott speak your business...

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *supresses a groan and sits back down next to Jason and Eddie*

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: *watches Scott*

Eric Mason: *Turns his attention back to Scott*

Sandy Blue Canary: *Sits down on her haunches, content to remain in lupus form as she couldn't for so long.*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy watches Scott*

Elandra: *Silently takes sit, trying to catch up*

Jordan Crawford: **in crinos next to the other cubs.**

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (nudges Scott)

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She just watching all of this, sort of smiling after a bit~

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Watches Scott, waiting.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Dave>> I don't know if you know or not... but I run the House of Rightful Justice... so it's my job to take care of tWyrm threats.... along side the Warder *glances at Ben*... and the Wyrmfoe, my Alpha... one such threat is some bug lookin thing that inpregnates women and possesses them... causing them to eat people until the creature has grown enough to dispose of its "host"... any pregnant female is a risk... I know of two... one should be in custody by now... the other I need to get... Jo Dee Montgomery... I need to take her to our Iso ward in HQ... for her protection as well as ours...

Elandra: *Shrugs and looks around, expectantly, still catching up... man is alwasy late to everything.. lately*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *cocks his head, waiting for scott to say what he's gotta say*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((sorry *G* was typing))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *clears his throat to hide a snicker* Scott>>You Tribal position is just carries no weight in a Sept that isnt a Walker Sept...

Rajah: *eyes huge she watches Scott*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang is waiting with "baited breath" for scott to speak*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (That SL wasn't supposed to be launched yet...oi)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((You Tribal = Your tribal))

Elandra: *Listens*

Eric Mason: *Blinks a few times at this news.. and more at the mention of HQ, he thought it was all shut down, guess not, thinks he needs to head over there soon and see what's up and runnin*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *listens to Scott... so that's why Jo Dee has been so strange lately*

Elandra: *Blinks looking from Scott to Ben*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Ben>> Fine... you know now... you fuckin deal with it then... I fuckin tried... *starts to walk out*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Makes the mental note not to get anyone pregnant for a little while.*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *An eyebrow raises, a bit*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: (I know it was slowed down, to give way to Spuds SL)

Katie Ann : *suddenly glad she and jason decided to wait for an indefinate amount of time*

Edward Morgan: *Scribbles details on his notepad, figuring he should be able to find a few clues in his books later as to the nature of this creature*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks sickened by this bit of news*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): The Warder and Guardians defend the Caern...that is the way things are everywhere. Your house sounds like an excellent one to aid the Wyrmfoe if he allows it. But that by no means gives you authority over the Guardians and defenses of this sept. No about these Bane things and women? Are you certain?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *gets back up* Lemme ask ya somethin scott...why are you here at all? Yer bout ta walk out on the Sept...ya didnt join in the Opening are quite clearly showing disdain for this why do you come back?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): ((huh? I didn't know that))

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My computer Froze up on me, so a number of post are missing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: ((the ST for the wyrmy thing told me he was holding off on it .))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (No need to can take months for the Bane to develop enough to be detectable as anything different then an infant)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Now this moot continues as is)

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: ((we can slow it down bfly some more .. sigh ... it goes as planned as per Spuds wishes .. tryed to help .. sigh ... :: shuts up ::))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK dick waving contest can continue)

Edward Morgan: ((Excellent!! *unzips...*))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Scott and Ben, obviously having missed a prior conversation*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Crusher>>*ziiiiiips* I see your scwartz is as big as mine lets see how well you use it))

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She sort of watches, sorta intrested, but seems to be almost daydreaming~

Eric Mason: *Quirks a brow at the tension rising, but keeps his mouth shut*

Sandy Blue Canary: (Put those away, dammit!)

Edward Morgan: ((*Leaps up and twist at the waist, waving his dick in front of Spud's face* Enguard... *And so they battled... the fate of entire kingdoms resting on the angular momentum of their fallices...*))

Elandra: *Tuggs her legs near her chest and hugs then, watching still Scott and Ben*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: ((*watches*))

Rajah: *looks at Jason, not thinking this was how moots went, but not saying a word*

Jordan Crawford: ((40 min till I'm outty..))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang watches the mess and keeps her mouth shut, whereas diana looks from ben & scott to sam and back again, confused about this whole situation*

Jordan Crawford: (( eye.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): So...Scott you worry Jo's pregancey is not natural...fine she will we watched. Hell i didn't know she was with child. And these others. *nods* So you told the Warder of this danger...and what?

Edward Morgan: *Looks up from his notepad at the pair, an obvious look of displeasure on his face. He keeps quiet, though... his position far too low for him to dare speak during their confrontation.*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *snorts at Scott's silence (i will only wait so long for posts) and goes back to Ed and Jason motioning for Dave to go ahead and call for whoever's next*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *sighs softly...This is going to be a LONG night*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Dave>> I dunno... you tell me... I don't fuckin know what I'm supposed to do... I'd take her to our Iso for her protection... but obviously my opinion isn't shit....

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks between the two* two are done then?

Katie Ann : *remains slightly withdrawn and silent, studying the ground*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *The butterflies in his stomach have finally started to settle, giving way to simple waiting.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): See if shes willing to go...and have her see me later...maybe I can investigate the matter spiritually.

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: *ciinfirms via ~ms~ with Dave that Sonya seems to be in the same mess that Jo is in * ((doing to many things right now to do more than that icly))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck slides into the maze from the Umbra, and silently sneaks into the proceedings*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): If Ben doesn't require your help...serve the ARE of his pack as I recall. Now I'd suggest Scott you think on how your actions look at times. Think hard...other then that...let us move on.

Elandra: *Blinks, having thought Ben and Scot may splote anytime andn ow thins going.. or seeming to go calm, keep watching and listening*

: (Okay I can slow things down some more.. and a side note. I lost part of the Archive when my computer Froze up on me.. it will be NOted in the archive it's self)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK...shit happens)

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Dave>> So do I have "permission" to leave then? Or is Ben gonna jump on my ass again?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck looks to Dave, clearing his throat*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OK next order of business...Jason Twomoons, Denfather please bring forth the pack of cubs that will be sent on the Rite of Passage.

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *starts mentally gauging how fast he can get between Scott and Ben if it comes to that*

Shayla Cole-Mason, et al: *Shayla, Rose and Sam stick around while player takes off for parts unknown*

Elandra: *HEad perks hearing DAvid and looks at Rajah and the others*

Jordan Crawford: **in his emanciated(for a crinos) crinos steps forward with the other cubs.**

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Settles down near Dave and everyone and watches the proceedings in case he's needed*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): *steps forward with Jordy and Rajah*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Scott* You do have leave to sit down again. *isn't giving Scott permission to ditch a moot...his wording shows it and tone also communicates the fact...hes alittle offended at the thought*

Eric Mason: *glances at Puck when he clears his throat, nods to him then looks back to the center of the cricle*

Rajah: *looks at the boys, then steps forward with them*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di looks encouragingly to her fellow cubs and offers them a thumbs up and a comforting smile, she hopes they will succede and she silently wishes them all good luck*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: (players i dutifully shamed for beign horridly late..) *Bella stand with her packmates and watches the proceedings*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *nods, motioning the cubs to his side* Four cubs, Dave-rhya. Justin has his own Rite, he will be seperate from Forgotten, Jordy, and Rajah.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: (oops DLP)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *gets back up and waits for Jason to make his speech before taking Sparky aside and telling him what needs to be done for his RoP*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *sighs... the longer she's out... the longer she's at risk... clenches his jaw and moves to the egde of the maze... ready to ditch AS SOON as the moot is over*

Elandra: *sighs and simply watches, hugging lil more her legs*

Rajah: *looks expectantly at Jason and David*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck nods to Eric*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at the cubs* Your test is to seek out the wyrm creature known as a Leech. You are to retrieve it's fangs as proof of it's death.

Jordan Crawford: ((Np))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Of course, he steps forward with the other cubs.))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Watches, wide-eyed. THAT easy?*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: GWEN: *walks in the place and looks over the assemblage the finds a place next to Beth*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy watched the exchange between him and Ben then him and Dave, but remained silent*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck chuckles*

Elandra: *Stils lietne atently, silently*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *smiles at Gwen*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *blinks in utter shock at the Rite of Passage...Looks to the Get of Fenris, then looks back at David, mouth wide in surprise*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): *looks at justin, motioning to the pocket wit the cellphone in it*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: (thank you. :o) )

Eric Mason: *nods once in agreement with the cubs test, depending on the leech, it can be difficult, or extremely easy*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *stands near the edge... brooding*

Edward Morgan: *Has a rather strange look on his face as the elder speaks their right. Three cubs, and all they have to do is kill a single leech? Hell... Forgotten alone could have been assigned to kill two and it wouldn't have been an unjust expectation...*

Jordan Crawford: **Nods, shifts down to homid,looks to see if the others are ready**

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: BELLA: *stands with her pack mates*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): If you break any part of the litany during the rite you fail. If you fail to find a Leech in 14 days you fail. You are not permitted any help from any Garou or kinfolk of this sept in the task. If it is proven someone has broken this condition you all fail.

Edward Morgan: ((right=rite))

Rajah: *nods to Jordy that she's ready, shifting to homid as well*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *And Medea notes the same "I ain't ~believin'~ this shit..." expression in Jublain's eyes.*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *an eyebrow cocks at what the Rite will be...*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck smiles warmly to Bella*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy edges her way over to Scott since he is on the out skirts of the main happenings*

Rajah: *nods understanding to David*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Two weeks? If anything, his eyes get wider. Any more shocks and they might fall out...*

Elandra: *Looks at David*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks at the cubs and half smiles, thinking that the test will prove their worth but... it might be either too easy or too hard*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Personally folks...I think finding Leeches is far too easy in this game...the cubs have no gifts, nothing to help them...and the Leech isn't going to jump out and say the Leech we have in mind is no pushover)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *actually chokes on his cigar smoke at the 2 week time limit coughing and spitting the cigar stub out*

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *isn't really bothered that they are doing less on their RoP than she did... after all they went through in boot camp, they deserve something fairly easy*

Jordan Crawford: Yes, poppa david. We'll leave immediately. **looks to see if the other cubs agree.**

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Looks quizically to Dave, and glances for an instant at Jason. Also gives a brief nod of acknoledgment to Forgotten.*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *nods in agreement to Jublain, barely resisting the urge to spit on the ground in disgust...Instead watches the cubs, incredulous*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): *nods in homid*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks suprised at this 2 week time limit, 2 weeks?! in this city for only one leech? *

Rajah: *nods to Jordy and Forgotten* We go.

Elandra: *Stares at Rajah and the othere, then to DAvid*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: BELLA :*returns Puck smile with on of her own*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *A bit non-plussed at those who thinks Dave's just handing the RoP to the Cubs*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Fuck that one...thats for singular cubs...*is rethinking* We haven't had a pack in awhile.

Sandy Blue Canary: *Looks more than a touch surprised herself at this, though she hides it fairly well.*

Edward Morgan: *Eventually brushes off the surprise, giving the cubs a warm smile from his seat, glad that they should be so fortunate. Besides, giving them a more difficult challenge wouldn't change what state their in... having worked so closely with the cubs for so long, he knows they're worthy... and that's all that matters.*

Rajah: *stops, looking to Poppa david*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: GWEN: *almost snickers at Ben's Reaction*

Eric Mason: *looks around at all the reactions, then back to Dave when he speaks of changing it*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Dave>> I have an idea... if you care...

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Chuckles at Dave, hey it's his perogative*

Jordan Crawford: **looks back to david.**

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *looks to Scott*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): *looks at David*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck looks to Dave* I also have an idea if you're interested.

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy frowns slightly at Scott's attitude, but still remains silent, though is is now near Scott*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Doesn;t have a reaction*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Meekly raises his hand* Grandfather David-rhya?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *becons to Sparky*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I got it...theres a particular nasty place I've been meaning to attend to in the umbra...a blight. You cubs are to kill the wyrmies out of it. Then we will send a theurge or ritesmaster in to cleanse it properly. You alone must do the fighting though.

Rajah: *nods to David, then looks at the other cubs*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): That old test aint gunna work with these got for more training then we used to give.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Blinks and coughs.. Wondering if Dave's intentionally going to extremes*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *nods slowly...Now THAT'S more like it*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Quickly nods to Ben.* Yessir, Ben-rhya?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *raise her hand* Father may I go...with them..

Edward Morgan: *Grins, liking the Grand Elder's new idea much better... indeed a fitting challenge for a band of would-be heroes. He smiles again to the cubs, not haughtily- but confident they'll prove themselves worthy*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Fran and Lacey quietly observe*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *And his eyes crawl back into his skull.*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (bella does that)

Eric Mason: *His brow furrows slightly, but he then nods in agreement with David's words*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Raises an eyebrow at Bella's request*

Jordan Crawford: **nods to dave.**

Elandra: *Looks around, with a frown, decides not to ask, knowing what is gonna be answer... and not seeing who to atend to, moves lil bit, backwards, staying stil but keeping herself appart for now, all that she is allowed*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Old way was when the tribe was scattered still...lone cub at best. Usually not trained for near as long. was a test of city tracking skills just to find a leech much less tackling it...*shakes head*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): *nods to David*

Jordan Crawford: ((need to get a time, unfortunateldy, I'm outty in 15 min. and not online for the next 2 days.))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Sparky>>You ready ta take off for yer own Rite?

Rajah: ((after 9 cst, thurs or fri?))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Bella* If you want to be the ritualist that goes with them fine...but if you help those cubs battle anything...they fail. The blight size isn't so massive they couldn't succede if they tried...truly tried.

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Nods* Yessir, Ben-Rhya. *Glances for a moment to Jason, for some sort of look of encouragement.*

Jordan Crawford: ((that'd work, but can only stay till...11cst.))

Rajah: ((ok... may need to go 2 part, start on thursday?))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *nods and leads Justin off...then comes back alone a few minutes later*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *nods her head* It will be as you say Father.. I go only to cleanse.. to test my skills..

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I can gage how many Garou it would take to succede. The cubs can do it. And danger is the point of the rite.

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *A nod from Jason, and a whispered* Have at it.

Jordan Crawford: ((if that's what it takes. can only stay till 11 cst latest both days.))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *smiles at Gwen, then turns back to the others*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): I'll send a spirit to guide them to it...but it won't help them in any way beyond that for the task.

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): ((cool with me))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (dang it, that was bella)

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang nods, a much better idea for a pack of trained cubs*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK...Jason-p is STing the thing...though I want to be onhand to assist...what is the time you peeps have settled on?)

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *A little boost of morale from Jason, he follows Ben boldly.*

Rajah: ((9 thursday, may need to continue to fri 9))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: BELLA:*looks at the cubs* I put my life in your hands I will not defend myself as that would aide you..

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((necro time, I'm online from 7 pm till 1 am.))

Eric Mason: *Taps his hand on his knee absently, growing antsy for a cigarette, but won't light on during a moot*

Rajah: *nods to bella* You will be safe.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Goodluck Justin...~She says after she sees him move with Ben~

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((9 Central time?))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Nine Thurs & friday is fine...I can be online then to assist then...central time right?)

Rajah: ((yes))

Elandra: ((leaves for now)) *STays appart*

Forgotten ((Rage filled cub)): ((yes))

Jordan Crawford: ((yup same time as the moot started..9cst.))

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *di looks at her friends and smiles sadly, she knows that they can do it but..the idea that if they die.. she shakes her head. she has to wait and hope that she will be able to succede in her own rite*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((S'all rock'n'roll to me. Moot continue?))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG Cub): *Off to his Rite of Passage....*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): order of business...Puck you indicated you wanted to say something?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (works for me..)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck nods and stands, clearing his throat*

Katie Ann : *continues to look at the ground, listening but not saying anything*

Jordan Crawford: ((well that's it for me, I'll see yah thursday...too dooo lllloooooo y'all.))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: GWEN: *chuckles and blushes*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): Ok, listen up, gang... I've been Truthcatcher for I dunno, a year maybe, but I gotta pass it on. My sons are coming almost at age to go through their own First Changes and that's why I've been gone a lot, so I can take care of 'em and make sure that they're set up if I'm not there. So I tried this last month but Vinnie's tussle at the moot kinda fubared it.

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): So if anyone wants Truthcatcher, challenge me and we'll see if it can't get passed on.. I'll set up about fifteen or twenty minutes right now, but after that we'll have to take care of it later so we don't disrupt the moot.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Sydney remains rather quiet for the rest of the moot just sort watching and not really saying much~ (Have to take off for a bit, sorry...)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *nods to Puck* there any philodox being more there anyone who has the training and abilities to take up the assistant Trutchcatcher position?

Eric Mason: *Listens to Puck, so much has happened since he was gone.. damn.. relaxes a little, and looks around to see who will ake up the challenege*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): To challenge for it?

Edward Morgan: *Sighs. He'd love to be truthcatcher- to have his own part in helping the sept run, cub training aside... He looks around at the clearing. He can't bring himself to stand... not when he's just some Cliath, so new to the caern. He hopes someone good will stand and take Puck's place*

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang keeps her mouth shut, she's definately doesn't have the training or the ability to train as a truthcatcher*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy watches Scott a bit nervously*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Frowns a bit, crossing his arms over his jersey. He liked being TC but some things are more important..*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *waits*

Eric Mason: *Looks around, waiting for someone to stand*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *silently waits.... jaw clentched*

Edward Morgan: *Looks around again, wishing someone would stand and end the silence- wishing someone more qualified would do it, so he won't have to feel the guilt of his cowardice*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Watches, waiting.*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): *grunts* If noone takes ya up on the challenge I'll just put someone in the position...Truthcatcher does fall under da auspices of Da Warder after all...

Eric Mason: *Eventually decides to hell with it and stands* I know I am not worthy, but if no one else will, I will respect Puck's wishes and at least try to help him

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Blinks, wonders if he's been too good or something*

: ((Forces Ed not ed-p to stand then realizes a lurker can't do that)) 

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *He's already Denfather, wearing two hats when there's other half-moons around, would be bad...softly whispers to Ed* You got it?

Angeline Rose (Artemis of Twilight), Diana Edmonds, & Kurume Shiroi: *ang looks at ed and fights the urge to throw something at him to get him to challenge puck for the position of tc*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *hopes Scott doesn't break any teeth with his jaw clentched so tightly*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck nods to Eric* All right. *Motions to the challenge circle*

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian,R-O-M Alpha): * stands watching*

Sandy Blue Canary: *She looks up at Ben.* ~Garou~ Easy on the delusions of grandeur.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Eric>>Ehhhh I'd wait for you to actually be in the Sept for more than a few days at a time before ya try that chuckles...

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: BEllA: *is relieve someone broke the silence*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck smirks at Eric* Hey, chum, I'll even let you pick the challenge.

Edward Morgan: *Glances at Jason* ~whispers~ Wha? ... ... I.. I guess...*Slowly gets up, timidly lifting a hand, looking between Puck and Eric* I guess i will, too...

Eric Mason: *Takes a breath to relax his nervous self and lets it out slowly, then nods to Puck and heads over to the circle*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Goes over Ben's head and looks to Dave to see if the challenge is valid*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: Gwen:*looks over at Ben and grins*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): We have two challengers?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *glances at Dave... wonders if this is his show... or Ben's...*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *notes Gwen and follows her gaze...Gives her a momentary glare that would burn through steel, then looks back at the proceedings, jaw set tightly*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *looks at Scott this is his ballcourt*

Eric Mason: *Stops when Ben speaks, and then Edward* If there is one more worthy than I, let him challenge.. I am a philodox and only recently returned back to the city.. I am only trying to help someone who has helped me way more than he should have in the past

Edward Morgan: *Nods slowly to David, his skin crawling as he finds himself standing, eyes creeping over him... the umbral breeze somehow finding its way up the back of his tucked shirt, taking advantage of his new stance*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *sees Dave look his way... then starts toward the circle*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Dave>>No we got one...I vaugely remember dat dude *motions to Eric* And he's been gone for months and months and was only here for a few days anyways...he can challenge after he's hung around fer abit...*and there is no going over Ben's head on this...the Warder has total authority over the Truthcatchers*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *His eyes closing is the only sign of his displeasure at Ed's timidness*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Shrugs to Ben and Dave, motioning to his two challengers* Hey, look, I'm just trying to give the position to someone who a) is actually someone who knows the whole rigamarall of protocall and all that and b) who's gonna be here more than me. Hell, one day a week is more than me lately..

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Well...Eric don't doubt your abilities...but you barely been here yet. Edward...we've seen what hes done for the cubs by assisting Jason...hes got more service built up to the sept.

Eric Mason: *Nods with Ben* I understand and will respect your words *turns and walks back to his seat*

Edward Morgan: *Looks back at Jason and Ben, unused to the new reaction from the Denfather... the man whose usual lessons to him involve foots, asses, and their general relations to one another. He clears his throat, stiffening his posture and expression as he looks back to the group.*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: GWEN:*doesn't notice Medea's look*

Eric Mason: *Nods to David as well* Yes David-rhya.. *Reseats himself*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Chuckles and shrugs* I'm surprised I haven't been impeached or challenged by now..

Sandy Blue Canary: (*clears throat* Spuds - quote me page on that one.)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OK Scott...oversee the challenge between Puck and Edward and all that.

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Eric>>Just hang round a lil longer then go for the job if'n ya want it

Eric Mason: *Looks around, not disappointed at all, smiles a little as he waits for what's next*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Fran wonders if Ben likes to hear himself speak.............. and the thought goes on.......*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *barely nods to Dave then looks at Ed and Puck* OK what'er we doin? Combat? Gamecraft? Or Staredown?

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *watches to see what will happen*

Edward Morgan: Puck>> *Smiles, though keeping his newfound resolve on his face* Well, I suppose you're just too likable a fellow? *Grins, taking a step forward* Either way... I challenge you for the position of Truthcatcher.

Eric Mason: *Looks over at Ben and smiles* No worries, I wasn't doing it for me.. I understand what Puck is asking, was just going to help, and if I succeeded and someone more worthy wanted the position, they could have it..

Katie Ann : (BRB Company)

Edward Morgan: *Glances to Scott* My strength lies in my education and intellect... but the choice of game lies in Puck-rhya's hands... *Glances back to Joshua, a confident smile covering his discomfort*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck smirks at Ed then looks to Scott* Ok, Scottie 2 Hotty, I'll let you pick.. *Chuckles* Never did think of what I'd do once it happen, and since this is your deparment, I'll let you have some fun.

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Livvy watches Scott and company*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*stands corrected on the Warder having "ultimate authority on the TC's* At least until I find where I read that))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *Bella sniggers at Puck's new nickname for scott*

Francisca, Lacey, Olivia: *Lacey goes into Em's van, out of sight*

Sandy Blue Canary: *Looks somewhat disinterested in the proceedings, though she keeps up a pretense of watching.*

Eric Mason: *Watches Puck and Edward, hoping Edward wins so Puck can be with his family*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Puck I'm not in the mood... pick one...

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *waits to hear what the challenge will be*

Sandy Blue Canary: *She snorts softly in disgust at Scott's comment.*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *BLinks at Scott, and frowns* Well, I tried. *He looks to Ed* Ok, Eddie, I'll do this. It's the first thing taht came into my mind, and since I suck anyway.. *Sighs* No shifting, first blood, no gifts no weapons?

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Wonders if the TC can tank a cha;llenge*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): Sorry, I'd come up with some really great riddle but at the moment I can't think of one.. *Shrugs to Ed* (That, and the player is a complete idiot just coming off of work so who can think?)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((I thought it was GUardians of the Caern but it isnt ... ill look it up later till then it doesnt exsist))

Edward Morgan: *Shrugs* It's your choice as to the nature of the challenge... Admittedly, combat doesn't strike me as the best means of chosing a Truthcatcher, but such is politics *Smiles lightly, taking off his suspenders as he walks to the challenge circle. He tosses them down, taking the taser from his pocket and adding it to the pile.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): Ed>> Combat... homid... no gifts or weapons... do you agree to the terms?

Edward Morgan: ((We could just do some Enigma rolls... 11:20 is a little late for my to come up with riddles, m'self *g*...))

Edward Morgan: *Nods to Scott*

: ((players guide 2nd edition maybe .. ))

Sandy Blue Canary: (It's less RP-intensive, and a bit cheaty, but Ed's makes more sense to pretend there was a riddle and make some rolls...)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Takes off his fingerless gloves and makes sure he's in regular shoes, then reaches under his jersey, taking off his holster and wraps it in his jersey, packing everything in his pack. He's now in a white t-shirt, showing off the couple of tattos he has on either arm as he walks into the circle*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (*Frowns a bit* Uhhh... I dunno, but if everyone else thinks that should happen, I guess..)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I'm going to as ESKemp on that one)

Sandy Blue Canary: (Just a suggestion, seriously, do whatever y'like.)

Edward Morgan: ((*does a momumntal shrug* STs' call, I guess. Should Ed and Joshua just duke it out, or should we under-RP a riddle contest? *Saying under-RP because Ed is awesome at riddles, but I myself hate them IRL...*))

Eric Mason: ((Players Guide 2nd ed. pg 89, sll answer answer to the Warder, including the council, on issues directly relating to the Caern))

Eric Mason: ((Says nothing specifically about Warder's authority over TC's))

Edward Morgan: *Stops, nodding* That sounds much more appropriate, rhya. Agreed. *Smiles, picking up his things...* You're invited to go first...

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((It's not in 2nd Ed PG...Guardians of the Caern was after's a moot point at the moment let's not dwell let's move on ... ))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (rephrase that Eric?)

Eric Mason: ((Thought'd I'd make myself useful and see if it was in there *G*))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (How's this work, Enigmas plus Int?)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK)

Eric Mason: ((I'll type it word for word, gimme a moment))

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian,R-O-M Alpha): (( but the next line is On the Matter of Cearn Safty and who the Truth catcher is seem to be very arguable on if that is directly cearn safty))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((It's not in 2nd Ed PG...Guardians of the Caern was after's a moot point at the moment let's not dwell let's move on ... ))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Riddle contests are Wits + Enigmas diff 6))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *looks immensely bored...Waits for her turn*

Eric Mason: ((The post is seperate from the Council of Elders, as the Warder concerns himself purely with with the Caern's well being. However, all answer to his orders, including the Council, on issues directly relating to the Caern. The Warder has complete say over the Caern's safety, and Sept politics be damned if he steps on a few toes.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (drop it for now peeps. For now Warder has no power over TC unless he can prove its direct Caern safty issue. I mean obviously direct..I'll be bugging game developers don't you worry)

Eric Mason: ((*L* Alrighty bro))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Well, ok.. Puck's got a 4 wits and 4 Enigmas.. Here's the roll... 3,2,7,6,4,3,3,8)

Edward Morgan: *Walks over to his scrap-metal work desk, getting the stool he crafted from old coffee cans and setting it down across from Joshua, fetching a regular stool for the elder...* Ready, rhya?

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Just standing as he crafts his riddle*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *Gwen sits picking stufff out from under her nails tapping her foot*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Okay Ed has to get 3 Sux or he loses...then Ed rolls and Puck has to match him or he loses and so on and so forth))

Eric Mason: *Listens, having always been a fan of riddles, only never too great with them*

Edward Morgan: ((Just a sec... having trouble loading up the dice-roller...))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (That's why I found MY dice, Ed. *Smirks*)

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *watches the contest interestedly, having never seen one before*

Edward Morgan: ((*L* touche... I keep forgetting about solid objects. *g* Here's the roll. Ed's got -2 dif from the Chimera totem for riddles(Unless that's changed in Rev.): 4,9,8,1,9,5,0,0,2.))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Yes that changed in Revised...ya get +1 Wits and +3 Enigmas ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Nice roll.)

Sandy Blue Canary: (Nope, it's still -2 diff...)

Edward Morgan: ((Okay, Spuds says they did get rid of the -2 dif thing, so that's regular difficulty.))

Eric Mason: ((Either way he made it))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*grumbles and re-checks Chimera in Revised* ))

Sandy Blue Canary: (Dammit, Spuds, yer making me look bad. Page 296. Each pack member subtracts two from all difficulties involving riddles...)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: ((Nope. They still get -2 Difficulty.))

Edward Morgan: ((Want to do just one set, or best out of three contested rolls? Five? It's you're call.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (They still have -2 diff)

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Hell, I can just ASK him if it takes so we don't have all this arguing..)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((*whistels dixie*))

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Grr my book doesnt have a -2 but Mira and Kristen's do...))

Edward Morgan: ((*Grabs a pen and scrawls it into Spuds's book* Better? *g*))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Should we just ask so people aren't yelling at eachother?)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): P. 296 Chimera: Ability to cloth themselves with illusion in the umbra. +3 enigmas +1 perception, -2 diff on riddle contests etc.

Sandy Blue Canary: (We're not yelling, just arguing in a friendly manner. But it's odd that his book is missing a sentence...)

Eric Mason: ((He can either keep the roll, or roll 4 more dice, either way he has enough successes))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (My rolling as Head ST -2 diff who won here?)

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian,R-O-M Alpha): (( My revised says -2 as well))

Edward Morgan: ((Friend of mine once had a Sabbat book missing the back of a page that mine had. *Shakes his head* poor guy... Anyway, how far we want to take the contest, or can we just call it? They have the same dicepool it looks, though Ed's got the -2 difficulty bonus.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Majority lets shut up now...I think it's safe to say Edward won...unless they want more rolls?)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((It's my book I seem to be missing a whole damn sentance...*punts the book* ))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Well, let's try this next round.. Puck may blank on this. Roll it.)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Watches, trying not to fall asleep.*

Edward Morgan: ((4,5,6,8,9,2,3,7- total of 6 successes at dif 4.))

Edward Morgan: ((4,5,6,8,9,2,3,7- total of 6 successes at dif 4.))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *yawns, looking around the moot*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (2,8,8,0,0,3,5,2... Damn. Puck comes up with a really groovy WRONG answer.)

Edward Morgan: ((Sorry for the DP... the server wasn't refreshing. /// Whoa... I just noticed I rolled a straight, if you shift the order around. That's kinda cool... in a really pathetic way. *g*))

Sandy Blue Canary: (But it's a really groovy one, of course. *grin*)_

Eric Mason: ((heh heh))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *bella watches trying to stay up in all this but wishing it was all over already*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Puck nods to Edward in congratulations* The title is passed.

Edward Morgan: *Smiles broadly* Not quite, rhya... the answer was 'a thimble' *Grins, rubbing his hands on his pantlegs to hide the sweat from his palms*

Eric Mason: *((If only this was D10 Yahtzee Ed-p *L*))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Smirks at Ed* Damn, I was thinking that, too.

Edward Morgan: *Extends a hand to joshua as he stands* Thank you, rhya... it was a pleasure matching wits with you. *Smiles broadly, the euphoria of having a title bubbling underneath the surface of his expression*

Edward Morgan: *Extends a hand to joshua as he stands* Thank you, rhya... it was a pleasure matching wits with you. *Smiles broadly, the euphoria of having a title bubbling underneath the surface of his expression*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *a nod, and a little smile as Ed takes the Title and the Belt*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Smiles at Ed and shakes his hand* Now what were you all worried about?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Okay now that that's done...anything else or can we move on to Rites of Accomplishment?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *nods* Ed's the new TC... congrats...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Stands up, waiting.*

Edward Morgan: *Gives Josh a slight smile, wondering if he threw the contest... the man -was- trying to pass on the position, after all. That riddle will never be answered, he supposes...* Thank you again, rhya...

: *WWF-like fanfare erupts from some speakers as Ed wins courtesy of Shayla Cole-Mason* 

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *blushes bright red*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): *Gives Ed a trademark Nuwisha smirk in answer to his mental question* You're welcome.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alright thats settled...anyone else?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *heads back to the edge of the maze... now that the challenge is over*

Eric Mason: *Smiles and nods with the end results, supresses a clap, and turns his attention back to David and Ben*

Edward Morgan: ((*Throws his hands up as the music plays... Leaps up onto the ropes and cheers to the audience... smashes a chair over Spud's back... blinks* Oh crap!!! *bolts*))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: *Gwen huckles at beth*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *sits up at the mention of Rites of Accomplishment, paying attention again*

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (LOL)

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*drops the Death Spud on Crusher's head...splat* Dumbass))

Sandy Blue Canary: *At the mention of the Rite of Accomplishment, she straightens and makes ready, shifting up to Crinos form, waiting to make sure there is nothing else before that can begin.*

Olivia Blackburn: *Livvy is still right where she was before*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (missed Jubs post) The ritesmaster is here...

Edward Morgan: ((Ahhh!!! *Screams as the Death Spud twists reality around him, impaling him on a large metal prong and microwaving him for 8 minutes on high before cutting him open and pouring in boiling butter* Oh sweet... WHY?! WHY?!))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((Which post?))

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Don't forget the sour cream!)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Alright...any other business before the sept?

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): Dave>>After the Rites of Accomplishment da Walker don is gonna show up and play me in chess...((Which me and Branden already rolled out and set up))

Edward Morgan: *Returns to his seat with a proud smile, the new position still sinking in. He waits patiently for Rites of Accomplishments to come up....*

: ((heals ed-p and ghouls him)) 

Joshua Puck (Nuwisha TC- for now): (Heh... Ok, now that that's done, I gotta go get some sleep. Ugh. work sucks. Night all.)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Oh alright...whos up for Rites of Acomplishment?

Sandy Blue Canary: (Night Joe.)

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: BELLA*looks over at Puck and smiles*

Edward Morgan: ((*is now a radioactive ghoul, covering in butter and sour cream* Well... I can definately say when I woke up this morning- I did -not- see this coming...))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Steps forward.* WS--I am, Rhya.

Edward Morgan: ((Night, man...)) *Smiles, raising his hand at David inquiry* I am, rhya...

Sandy Blue Canary: (Okay, normally, the Ritesmaster is the main person listing the deeds of the honored Garou, but since I, as player, don't know what you did, you can list them, or your friends and packmates can. Okay?)

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *sinks down... sitting on the ground with his back to a car*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*has a Exemplar of Quibbolithic Prime remove Crusher from Reality*))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *steps forward after Jublain* I am as well, rhya.

Sandy Blue Canary: (And/or we can just pretend we listed them. *wry grin*)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((*Looks at Ed* Hulk smash baked potato?))

Eric Mason: ((Nighters Joe))*At the mention of the new Walker Don, sits up a bit more*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((I vote for fast forwarding unless anyone is gonna dispute the Rites))

Olivia Blackburn: *sits down beside Scott*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((I don't plan to. FF sounds fine.))

Edward Morgan: ((*sulks in oblivion* Feh... *plays chess with the Kraken*))

Eric Mason: ((No dispute here, all for moving forward))

Edward Morgan: ((*Agrees with the FF*))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Seconds the notion...FF it is)

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((*Votes yea, cause he should be in bed right now.*__

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian,R-O-M Alpha): (( i Object ken is I am carring Kens baby..oh wait wrong Bad))

: ((Fast Forward noise is heard oocly))

Bethany Ann "Thieving-Smile" DeJesus *ROM/MotH*: *stays to watch the rest of the moot then walks home with Gwen* ((gotta get some rest before work, night all))

Jason Wolf ( Fianna, Guardian,R-O-M Alpha): (( decides to stop drink on the second two leter of Mountian dew))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *after the rites are concluded David looks at Ben* Is your game gunna be a Cracking of the Bone event or can we move on?

Sandy Blue Canary: *Sandy performs the rite for each of the honored Garou, listing out their deeds for all to hear (though she didn't have much time to come up to speed after being gone for several weeks), as their friends and packmates chime in with praises. Each ritual is a success, as no one has any words against the now greater Garou.*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (seconds the moving forward part..)

Eric Mason: ((nighters Joanna))

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *glances at Livvy... sighs... then rests his head on his hands*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((Okay moving right along...Branden has said I can NPC Julius)) *After the Rites of Accomplishment...Julius "Big Town" Marconi the Glasswalker Don shows up and him and Ben settle down in the middle of everyone and get to the chess a sort of an anti climax the game is over in 14 moves...and Ben annhilates Big Town and checkmates the Elder...but Marconi does lose graciously and him and Ben have a good chuckle and laugh at the game before Marconi moves on out of the moot back to his own buisness* ((It was 21 successes to 8 in 3 rolls by the way))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): OK...nice game Ben...anyway...lets move on to the storys and songs...wes got a beer keg curtusy of industrious Claiths and muchies curtusy of the kinfolk.

Eric Mason: *Watches Marconi the entire time he is present, storing everything away to memory*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (ouch)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *sits, looking around...Already starting to plot out which Elder to challenge so she can regain her Rank*

Edward Morgan: *Quietly gives little nods and hand motions to those who hand money riding on the game, indicating their ticket stubs are in the lockbock on his desk...*

Olivia Blackburn: *lays her hand on Scott's arm, there's not a lot she can do a the moment*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): hell if I care...this one sure did drag on...*gets up and lights another cigar stub*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *looks up at Dave... wondering if he can go yet*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): hell if I care...this one sure did drag on...*gets up and lights another cigar stub*

Sandy Blue Canary: *She slides back into Homid form, watching the game, and snickering softly at the outcome. AFterwards, she takes a seat in a nearby tire sitting on a pile of junk.*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire: *remains silent throughout the rest of the moot, lost in her own ponderings*((She'll stay here. I gotta sleep. *s* G'night all.))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: GWEN:*pulls her pack and lights up just loungeing near beth being all casual like*

Edward Morgan: ((Night Medea *and others I may not have noticed creep out*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *nods.* WS--Now is the time for tales?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso" (MotC): *hops up suddenly... glancing at Livvy* I'll be home later... *dashes out of the clearing*

Ben Hawking ~Slays the Song~ (Warder): ((*is going back to the WW chats* These chats are killn me...I have ta refresh the damn page to update...*poofs to WW*))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he remains...he listens to a few stories...smiles at a particulary good satyr one about Fangs*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): Yup...if you got one...go ahead. It's my tribes tradition to honor anyone thats got a tale.

Olivia Blackburn: *Livvy nods to Scott and head home*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): And you'll figger by now...Tale telling and revel go hand in formal structure from here on in...except when the Wyrmfoe leads the riled ones off to go kill something.

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): ((And I gotta go sleep...))*Nods, highfiving both his packmates for their mad skills in chess and riddles and all that*

Edward Morgan: *Has a few drinks, enjoys the munchies a bit, though ends up getting his carrot sticks from the fridge, and listens intently to every story he hears... sometimes rubbing on his earring and listening to more than one at a time. At the end of the moot, he heads back to his table and resumes poking at designs for new weapons to help the next batch of cubs in training.* ((Alright, it's 12:15am and I still have Chem to study. *Grumbles, hating his prof* 'Night all... see ya tomorrow.))

Eric Mason: *Enjoys the drinks, food, stories, etc..*((Heading back to the WW chats **GONE**))

Sandy Blue Canary: (*is also tired, and can't multitask anymore* Night all.) *Stays for the stories, but eventually retires to her van, having left little Dantae with his aunt for the night.*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (I'm going to bed. There is no point wasting time on the WW chats when they suck for me tonight...good moot everyone...alittle long...but oh well)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods and steps to the center of the gathering area, shifting to Crinos.* HT--I've only told this one once before. *His voice carries well, and he activates Persuasion* It happened back when I was a part of the Silvermoon Auvarthi. Argus-rhya, the Wyrmfoe who later defeated the Dishonorable One to become the Grand Elder, led an attack against a factory.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK I'll stay for a story)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* How 'bout if I send the story to the list?))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne/ Belladonna Cellura ~ROM! Fianna: (heads to teh other room misses her color)

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (That would be cool)

Sandy Blue Canary: (Do that, Ken...that would be really nice. *wry grin*)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* That way folks can skip through it if they want.))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (OK in that case off to bed I go) *Dave listens to the songs, parties...brings out Gnawer moonshine...and wakes up the next morning with an evil headache like after every moot*

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