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Justin discovers he's a little excitable.

Dramatis Personae: Justin Lombardo, a college student.
Date: Unknown - Part One and Two

 Auggy-"ST" mode: ~KKKEEEERACK!~ *Your eyes open, to see the rather unsmiling face of your Biology professor interrupting this weird daydream you were having about a bottle of King Beer...the label was melting and the logo was on fire, and it smelled like some sort of poison.* Well, Mr Lombardo?

Justin Lombardo: *Blinks blankly, confused. That was... wierd... Make something up Jus...* eh.... The endoplasmic reticulum?

Auggy-"ST" mode: "That was the answer 20 minutes ago, Mr. Lombardo. See me after class." *He turns, leaving that miasma of stench lingering behind him as he calls on another student, as snickers and titters wash over the class in a low wave. Idiots. Sheep who have no clue what it is to truly be alive, to feel the grass fly underneath your...paws....*

Justin Lombardo: *Shakes his head, trying to snap back... paws? What the hell... He looks at his hands and makes sure they're still hands... this is wierd shit... Justin gets up and makes his way towards his room across the grassy quad as the autumn creeps into the cooling air.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The walk is refreshing, soothing almost. The trees sing, a song of sorts. Sorrow at what they see in the future, but filled with the thrill of life still. Winter comes far too soon for the trees. In your room, the usual clink and rattle as you open the door, hitting bottles that are carelessley strewn about. Your roommate belches* Yougeddanythin' fer me las' night?

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs as his time outdoors is cut short by the rude intrusion of Gardener's alcoholic haze.* No, they're not thrilled about me getting things on weekends, you know that- they can sell it and make a profit. *kicks a bottle and tosses down his bookbag, landing on a bottle of... Coke? What the hell, only one in the room and he gets a soda bottle? He kicks another beer bottle aside.* When are you going to do work... *You damned slob, he thinks. I just want to smack you, just once....*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Slob art major, even. Bastard. Your eyes fill with a vision of claws rending him, in two, his intestines spilling out like thick spaghetti...his hearts' blood drizziling over it. It'd be a mercy almost, keeping his future wife from a lifetime of dissapointment...* Aw, c;mon man, is not like *BRRaaaaap* I'm asking fer the world here, jussa lousy case. Fuck man, you dunno how to treat a roomy, doya? * Your eyes swim for a moment as a heat rises up and through your body before....the phone rings*

Justin Lombardo: *Startled by the vision, Justin jumps as the phone snaps through his bloody revelry. He spins and snatches up the phone.* Hello!?

Auggy-"ST" mode: *It's Mom, that wonderful caring voice from afar* Justin? You sound upset...Is something wrong?

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs at the sound of a familliar voice.* Mom... whew... I... *Looks to gardener and steps out into the deserted hallway to talk.* I think class is getting to me.... or maybe I need more sleep... I've been... having the strangest daydreams.... *A little plea* Could you make me another care package?

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Mom's voice sounds like she's relieved* Are they not feeding my Justin enough good food at that school? *she tsks, you can hear her pulling things from the cupboards as she talks to you. It's a different warm feeling from her, like a fuzzy blanket* I think my son needs someone to talk to...have you met a nice sorority girl yet?

Justin Lombardo: *Blushes a little, and it's in his voice* Mom... I... *sighs* no... I just don't think they want the time of day I give them... *Chuckles* They don't quite live up to the standards of home. I miss you mom.

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Mom tsks some more* For shame, my son going to college and no one to speak with...Don;t worry, you'll have...time, before you settle down and meet a nice girl that I can teach to cook while you go and be a good doctor....

Justin Lombardo: *sighs a little* I don't know what I want yet Mom.... I dozed off in bio today... He wanted me to stay after but I didn't want to deal with that... ugh...

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a hint of unhappiness in her voice* Why don;t you listen to the professors...*you can hear a mixer whirring as she begins making...something* Wihtout them, you'll never get a good education. Did you talk to that Doctor Maier I told you about when you left? *You checked up on it. J. Robert Maier, MD, is a pediatrician.*

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs* Mom, I'm too old to go to a pediatrician- you know that. There's got to be someone better around here than that. I stopped by the clinic on campus and they gave me the number of another doctor in town. If this doesn't work out in a little while, I'll go and see her.

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a sigh* Yes I know he is a pediatrician, Justinito, but he and your third cousin served together in Somalia not so very long ago. He is family, and he would be so very dissapointed if family did not come see him....for mama, please...I send you extra cookies...*Meanwhile your roomate continues muttering about how a roomates gotta hook another one up...*

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs at Gardener's rambling, but caves into mom.* All right, Mom.... I'll call him on Monday. *Jokingly* For cookies. I'm still coming home for Thanksgiving?

Auggy-"ST" mode: You thinking about not coming home for Thanksgiving? I don;t care that you're 6 inches taller then me, if you are not at the table when Papa says grace, I come and box your ears...*and you know she will*

Justin Lombardo: *Chuckles, happy to be talking to Mom but knowing that slob boy will be starting soon...* I'll be there with bells on, Mom. Look, I need to get some cleaning done before Gardener sets into his weekend. I'll give you a call on Sunday, all right?

Auggy-"ST" mode: Of course, my boy...and you will tell me all about the nice girl you met Saturday night, right?

Justin Lombardo: *Laughs* Sure thing, Mom.... Sure thing. I love you, Mama. Say hi to Dad and Jessica

Auggy-"ST" mode: *as soon as the receiver clicks, your ears are filled with noise. Gardner griping, music down the hall, a soft scratching under your feet, a guy trying to score in a whisper 5 doors down from you....* Hey man, how about I give you a ride to work and while we're there you can slide me some of that new beer I heard about huh?

Justin Lombardo: *Ugh... where the hell did this noise come from. That guy down the hall is an ass, hope that girl is ugly. Looks to Gardener and sneers* Gardener... ever think of trying to have one weekend that you remember in your freshman year? Besides, Sam Adams Light is a little above your usual fare of swill.

Auggy-"ST" mode: Hey, now....thas nah nice....And I was gonna give you a ride to the generous guy that I am, and all I ask for is a case in return...Geez, man, cut a guy some slack? I mean, first class at 2 pm...dude, weekend comes and I get to sleep in...

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs and just looks at him, wanting to smack the ungrateful bastard seven ways from Sunday.* If you were a friend, you'd take me to work because it's a nice thing to do, not because you get something out of it. And don't talk to me about being tired.... You take 8:30s four days a week and -then- you can bitch, all right? So are you going to be a good friend and give me an altruistic ride or not?

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Blinks a little bit* Yeeeah....sure, why not...C'mon ~beeeellllllCH~ keys are still innit....

Justin Lombardo: *Rolls his eyes and grits his teeth at the belch, then follows Gardener.* You know, if you weren't belching all the time, you might just get sober girls sometime....

Auggy-"ST" mode: know sober girls don't put out...*scratch....sniff(?)...* I get poon every weekend...I think.

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs again, annoyed by his roommate's cavelier attitude* For God's sake... it's not about putting out, it's about enjoying spending time with someone... it's not that hard....

Justin Lombardo: *Unless it's with you, you ethanol-soaked wasted piece of perfectly good carbon.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a snort* I enjoy my precious moments with the female of the species...*as he launches into his longwinded tesosterone and alcohol powered speech about his legendary King Beer fueled prowess, you would swear, you see a dark mist flowing out of his mouth, to curl and pool around his, and your feet. His skin almost begins to sag and slough from his bones*

Justin Lombardo: *Justin begins to look wide-eyed at the mist and starts to get scared at it, then the skin.... Justin can -feel- his own skin absolutely -crawling- at the sight.... what he hell is this.... he reaches out to poke Gardener's shoulder.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *your finger sinks into his jacket, and he turns, his eyes empty sockets with liquid ichor running down his cheeks. You can see the musculature of his jaw working as his voice comes out* hey....whyfor you interrupt the masters' instruction? Dude, I keep telling you...all you gotta do is slip some Effervescents and some X in on em...and they go down and do things you won;t see in a porno....

Justin Lombardo: *Justin's gut turns, looking into Gardener's eyes and starts to back away in fear. He looks down at the mist and tries to back away from it.* What.... are.... what's hapenning to you, man? I..... your eyes....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The mist kinda clings around him, and Gardener looks a little surprised...well, he would look surprised if his face were whole* Dude....oh....I know what it is...Mr Goody aint so goody, and he got a hold of some bad vitamin A...Tell you what, this'll be a freebie. C'mon, let's head back to th' pad....*somewhere between one eyeblink and the next, his face became normal again*...and we can call your work and tell 'em you gotta big midterm on Monday and you're pulling cram weekend, yuknow?

Justin Lombardo: Uh.... *Shakes his head. That was one of the wierder daydreams recently...* Nah... let's just head to the store, I've got to get to work- they'll have my ass in a sling if I don't show up. *Heads for the car.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a nod* Your funeral man...*the trip to the store is relatively uneventful, and you find yourself looking up at the moon in the late afternoon sky. It's always been a secret, your own very special little secret, how the moon always makes you feel better. More then better, it fills your soul with something. A yearning, a certainty that the universe is indeed better then it looks from the ground*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Once at the store, Gardner begins his wheedling again* Hey man, c'mon....we're here, you're early...hop on in and slip a case from teh stock? No-one's gonna care, dude, these people turn a 285% profit on every beer they sell...c'mon, you're a guy...I'll even save you one for when you get home...

Justin Lombardo: *Not even about to patronize, they've covered this already tonight...* -No- Gardner... You're not getting anywhere with this- knock it off, all right? I'll see you back in the room later- try not to hurl on my bed this time.

Auggy-"ST" mode: Aawwww...maaan, here I thought you were a guy....shhesh....*he slips the car into gear, and fills the air with a noxious, oil-enhanced exhaust. When you get into the backroom, you find your boss there with an envelope, and he don;t look pleased. He seats himself on a case that groans under his weight and begins his own tirade.* 'Justin, you've been a so-so employee. Your shrink is far from acceptable, and you've been warned. And you've promised to work a little slower, a little more carefully. And I listened, and I believed your promises. But what do I see on this months report? Would you care to explain?

Justin Lombardo: *Sighs* Sorry, Mr. Odvacar.... I've just been a little slower that slow lately. I never really expected exams to be so bad.... College is tough sir, especially when your roommate is an incosiderate prick who's idea of romance is a drunken hook-up after only two beers. *sighs* Sorry about that...

Auggy-"ST" mode: *he continues, his sallow jowls joggling as he didn't even seem to hear you, or even notice you....* I'm tired of hearing excuses from you college boys. Exams are tough, but real life is tougher. *Oh, to slap this slimy vision begins to cloud a bit, red tinging the periphery* I worked my way up by being dedicated to the product, by caring. *the hypocrisy of the man stuns you, considering the only time you see him move from his desk is to...* Since you cant seem to care for more then 3 days, the losses calculated as belonging to you have been deducted from your final pay. *The red haze grows even further into your vision field...the last thing you see is a check for a dollar and 53 cents, before the universe becomes blood red...*

~~End of Part One

Auggy-"ST" mode: *, cheap wine and blood mix in a puddle in front of your field of vision. The sightless eyes of your former boss stare at the ceiling. There's a check shoved in his mouth, and blood slowly drying on your hands. Almost a secondary concern is the cool breeze blowing across your body*

Justin Lombardo: *Justin's hands start to shake as he looks at the corpse... sure he was an asshole but he wasn't quite -that- evil... Justin almost kneels down in the alcohol and blood almost to a pulse, but knows that it's not really going to matter soon. Goosebumps raise up along Justin's body making him realize that he's not quite clothed right now and that sends him looking around- scared shitless at the dead body that he just caused. He looks around the back room for the promotional items, hoping to find one of those stupid promotional sets of clothing... his bloodied hands still shake, trying to forget what just happened.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Checking the back room reveals a very limited selection of clothes. Such as they are. A huge beer bottle with an insipid grin on it's front seems like the best bet*

Justin Lombardo: *This has got to be the most humiliating thing in the world, but Justin slips into the beer-bottle and goes over to the phone. His shaking hands reach to dial numbers, but he becomes paranoid that someone will trace the call. He can't call Mom, he can't call Gardner... but... who... He mutters to himself.* What do I say... "Hi, I just lived out the American Dream?" *He looks around and tries to find a yellow pages... to find that Dr. Maier person that Mom talked about... he's the closest thing to family Justin knows about in this place.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Well, the yellow pages....ain't. You think you can make out a number, but it's iffy.

Justin Lombardo: *Looks for an address, while trying to think of other things he can do. Still in shock from the fact that his boss is lying -dead- ten feet away, all he wants is Mom but knows that she might not like it.... and he's not supposed to call long distance from here, business rates and all- it'll show up on the bills besides and..... can't call Mom.... He calls Dr. Maier's number, or what he thinks Dr. Maier's number is.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The address is 825 South M....very odd, because the southern part of town is not exactly what you would call the upper class part of town. When you dial the number You get a voicemail, with a number to call is this is an emergency.*

Justin Lombardo: *Emergency... emergency.... Just had my vision go red, killed my boss, and came too naked and bloody.... killed my boss... killed... Justin shudders again.... this guy is a doctor, right? He might be able to help.... Mom called him family, so he should know who I am, at least.... With still-shaking, still-bloody fingers, he reaches to dial the emergency number.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a slightly distracted, youngish voice answers* Yah?

Justin Lombardo: *Justin's own voice sounds even younger right now, like a lost child as it shakes a little.* Dr.... Dr. Maier?

Auggy-"ST" mode: Speaking...who's this?

Justin Lombardo: Th-this is Justin Lombardo.... Audrey's son.... You were in s-Somalia with my uncle Buddy....

Auggy-"ST" mode: yeah, I remember Buddy. *you can almost hear his smile* How can I help you?

Justin Lombardo: Uh... well... *What the hell.... This man's nothing more than a stranger to me... Mom said he's like family.... but.... He's torn apart inside and isn't sure how he can get help from this guy....* I'm sorry.... it's just that.... my mom said you're like family and I need.... I.... uh.... I mean.... yeah....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *a slight pause, for something. In the background, you can hear friendly cionversation, and something beign torn* What kind of trouble are you in? Is it something serious?

Justin Lombardo: Yeah... I.... *Tries to sound like it's not as bad as it is, but his nerves aren't helping at all.* There's.... been sort of an accident.... see, I'm at work... and my boss.... hurt himself and.... uh.... I mean.... *sighs in defeat, thinking that he just went psychotic* I need some help....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *you can hear the 'yeah right' in his voice* An accident. What kind of help do you need?

Justin Lombardo: *Breathing shakily.* I.... think I hurt someone... he's not breathing... I think.... I got mad at him and.... I..... I'm sorry to bother you, but I can't call my roommate and I don't know anyone else here and I.... I....

Auggy-"ST" mode: Can you call an ambulance on this one? You said you're Buddy's cousin, right? *You can hear pages being flipped*

Justin Lombardo: Uh.... *looks at the dead body.* No.... I think I did it....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *his voice sounds, soemwhat flat* Ah. Uhm...Justin? Can you tell em what happened? *He's still flipping pages*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *You hear a muffled voice, presumably his* Shay, I think we gotta job here.

Justin Lombardo: *Shaky voice* He.... showed me a check.... $1.53.... for a month's work.... then... everything got red.... and... I... woke up... naked with..... him on the floor.... and..... *wailing suddenly* Oh God... please..... I.... I didn't mean too..... I really didn't....

Auggy-"ST" mode: Justin, could you hold on a sec? *a pause, then softer* Syd, could you please bring your car around front? We gotta boogie.

Justin Lombardo: *People coming here...? Oh God....* I... really I didn't.... I mean.... I don't mean to bother....

Auggy-"ST" mode: *then louder, his voice getting a soemwhat commanding tone from somewhere* Justin. Listen to me. Right now, I need you thinking clearly. Your mom called me when you came out here, just in case. Are you in a safe place right now?

Justin Lombardo: *Thinks* Uh.... my boss is on the ground.... the place is still open and.... people could come in.... I'm at Odovac's Liquor Store... in the back room.... I.... don't know where else I can go right now....

Auggy-"ST" mode: Go to the back room, lock the doors, and don't open 'em until you hear 'shave and a haircut'. We'll be there in about 15.

Justin Lombardo: *Nods and goes to close the doors, not realizing that Jason can't hear him nod. The sounds of deadbolts locking signal Justin's compliance.*

Auggy-"ST" mode: Right. *you hear him getting into a car and giving directions* WE'll be there in a bit, hang tight. *The next 15 minutes, are the longest of your life. Worse then SAT's. The fact that your boss is congealing about 3 feet away doesn't make it better.*

Justin Lombardo: *The bottle outfit isn't helping. If he could wear his own clothes, it might be better.... if he could -remember- what he did, it might be better... if his boss weren't -dead-, it -would- be better.... He doesn't stop shaking for an instant.*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *hops out of the Neon, in front of a liquor store that looks like it's seeing the usual amount of activity for a Sunday. Trying the door, and finding it locked*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *is right behind Jason and to his left .. checking the activity on the street*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): It's what we all went through not too long ago, Syd. Can you check around back for a door?

Harmony Keeler: *she hopps out of whatever car they all crammed into*

Auggy-"ST" mode -> Justin Lombardo: *Meanwhile, the door leading to the cooler rattles *

Shayla Cole-Mason: *looks at Harmony who musta got into the car when shayla was zoned out thinking*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Not so very long ago-20 minutes or so-Jason received a slightly confusing call from this location. He's gone on a (pretty good) assumption that the caller is a Garou who has just gone through his first change after receiving a rather small paycheck. Jason told him to sit tight in whatever back room there is.*

Shayla Cole-Mason: ~ms~ (Syd) appears to be a first change situation

Harmony Keeler: *having arrived in the car with all of them but run out of room, the trunk opens (assuming the driver would open it on arrival) and she rolls out, looking around , grinning about the fun of riding in a trunk. she finds Jess, who also arrived with them, and they follow Jason towards the building*

Shayla's Cellphone: *RING RING*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *Shayla is a 5'8", 130 pound beauty [App: 3/ Char: 3] of 31 years with base of neck length black hair and silver-blue eyes (PB: 0). Her usual attire is black leathers [jacket, pants, gloves, and boots], a black t-shirt, a wolf's head necklace, shades and multiple ear piercings including microchip earrings.* ((pic at ))

Auggy-"ST" mode -> Justin Lombardo: *Opening the door to the cooler reveals a face. It's your fellow employee, Christina*

Justin Lombardo: *A slight scared yelp comes from the back room.*

Auggy-"ST" mode -> Justin Lombardo: yeah, I'm ok-what the hell are you wearing the bottle for....

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Heading for said back room, running around to the alley for a door. Finding one, promptly hammers out "Shave and a haircut"*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *follows Jason*

Auggy-"ST" mode -> Justin Lombardo: I came back here to get...*her voice trails off as she sees the dismemberment of the guy who pays her*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *The yelp is followed by a rather piercing female scream. *

Shayla Cole-Mason: *keeping the cell up to her ear she watches Jason*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *opens her jacket*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *sighs, muttering* Aw, fuck me gently with a chainsaw....

Shayla Cole-Mason: ~low voice~ want some back up Jason?

Shayla Cole-Mason: ~low voice~ locked door jason?

Justin Lombardo: *The back door unlocks upon an eighteen-year-old male wearing a beer-bottle suit- the kind they use in promotions. Standing nearby is a female staring at the dismembered remains of a rather unpleasant boss-type man.*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Blinks at the beerbottle wearing kid* uhm...I think we have a new problem.

Shayla Cole-Mason: Hmmm .. yeah I can see that *Jason*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *hangs up the cell phone*

Justin Lombardo: *Stares at Jason* Dr.... Maier?

Shayla Cole-Mason: *zips the jacket up*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Nods to Justin. He sure doesn;t ~look~ like a doctor* Shay, can you handle the woman...I'll see what I can do with...uhm,..Justin.

Ike Atherton (Guest Apperance): *and after however long Jason thinks it'll take Ike enters, staying in the umbra, waiting but watching. Hating ever second of being in this place*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *takes of her shades and walks over to the woman*

Justin Lombardo: *His jaw is shaking, his hands shaking, his knees shaking... he's a wreck* What.... what happened?

Shayla Cole-Mason: *does Scent of True Form on the woman and does a scan around the area for extreme taint from a spot 5 feet from the woman*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Quite simply, she's freaking. Like most people do when their boss has been unzipped and the contents strewn about the area*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *She's human. Nothing special. There's a higher-then average amount of taint from the area, seems to be coming from the spilled alcohol, and the boss, to a lesser degree*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): Long story. I'll explain when we get a little ways away from here.

Ike Atherton: *Waits watching*

Harmony Keeler: *she's staring at the scene in a sort of detached puzzlement*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *goes over to the human female*

Auggy-"ST" mode: Female: Y-y-y-yesss....? Whowho are yu-yu-you...*She quickly looks from Shayla to her ex-boss*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *to the female* Names Sonya ... heard some action in here ... who are you ?

Justin Lombardo: *Nods quickly and repeatedly to Jason, eyes wide, wondering who all these people are now... so many questions....*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *looks around at the boss guy* Geez looks like some gang got in here and whooped that guys ass but good .. musta been a mob hit...

Harmony Keeler: *looks at Justin, smiles a bit, reasuringly, for a second, then adopts the puzzled look again*

Auggy-"ST" mode: Female: KuhkuhkuhChristina.....

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Turns to look at Harmony* Couldja do me a favor, and grab my bag from the front seat?

Ike Atherton: *Gets tired of waiting and looks around for an area to get the fuck out of the Umbra*

Harmony Keeler: *she goes to get the bag, getting the keys from whomever she must,returning with it a few moments later*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): Justin>>C'mon man, we'll go to the hospital and talk to the cops. *takes him around the the back,. calling to Harmony* And the clothes!

Justin Lombardo: *Still staring, looking around blankly at everyone, confused beyond confused.*

Ike Atherton: *Looks around for something to hide behind as he gets out of the Umbra*

Harmony Keeler: *and the clothes, she comes back with all*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *looks at the human female*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Catatonia, kinda nodding* Yeee-ess. That's....that's....*she turns and retches*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *not unkindly* get dressed man.

Justin Lombardo: *His jaw chatterring, being led by Jason* b-b-b-b.... but.... I.... but.... what... what happened?

Shayla Cole-Mason: *helps the female out .. eases her discomfort*

Ike Atherton: *and after a bit he has succesfully found a place and crosses over. Quickly walking back, looking at shay, with a "sorry, couldn't wait" look*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Smiles at Harmony* thanks. *Takes the kit over to Shayla* I think there's somehting in there you might like.

Harmony Keeler: *at Justin* We can deal with that in a bit. I promise you'll have answers. but really, we must hurry. please do as he asks.

Shayla Cole-Mason: *nods to Ike ... takes a hypo from the kit while the femal is preoccupied*

Ike Atherton: *Looks around* Need help? *said to anyone*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *gives the female the fast acting sedative in the hypo and hopes the laady forgets this bit happened*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *Female, chaaters and then, falls very fast asleep*

Ike Atherton: *Watches the girl with a sigh of how pathedic that was*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *waits till it's clear, then talks to Ike softly* Yeah. Need to make this look like a gang hit, and not what it is. Think you can help?

Shayla Cole-Mason: Yeah Ike you can help ... we gotta do a good covering up here ... stay away from that alcohol on the floor .. ~lower voice~ its a bit on the wyrmy side ...

Harmony Keeler: *she listens*

Ike Atherton: No prob I can do it *Grins in a sadistic way*

Justin Lombardo: *Steps out from behind the boxes, wearing normal clothing now but his face still blank and white as a sheet as he looks around at... just... what the hell... he's still like a little lost puppy.*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *is careful .. looks at the bottle on the ground to figure out why it has such a level of taint*

Auggy-"ST" mode: *the label says "King Extra Dark Malt-For those nights when you're feeling...dark."*

Harmony Keeler: ((Harmony helps ut in any way asked. player must go for a bit..isn't doing too well ATM))

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Quietly to Shay and Ike* Can you guys catch up? We gotta get newbie here back and questions answered.

Shayla Cole-Mason: We'll catch up *Jason*

Justin Lombardo: *Teeth still chatterring- from fear, not cold as he looks to Jason.* Nnnnnewbie?

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Nods* Thanks. C'mon Justin. Car's around front.

Ike Atherton: *Looks at everyone and waits for them to leave, silently*

Jason 'Twomoons' (CoG, Denfather): *Gets Justin, Harmony, et al into the car, stopping briefly at the hospital where the girl is checked in for a possible OD. Then, to the Junkyard.*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *looks at Ike*

Justin Lombardo: *Dutifully follows the good doctor and heads around front.*

Ike Atherton: *Glances at Shay almost looking happy to do something*

Shayla Cole-Mason: *sets about making the scene look like a mob hit*

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