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That Bad Penny turns up again...

 January 1, 2002 (date on e-mail)

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: "Germ, stick with me. Cover my back while I go get better guns?" She's standing next to her van still, keeping herself between the door and everything else. Looking a little more stressed then usual when it comes to battle.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *rouses a bit shifts crinos and sidesteps*

Justin "Sparky": *He glances to Dave as he growls and steps sideways, then looks back to Syd.* Ahhh... shit.

Jeremiah Seymore: *complies with Roxanne, knowing his handgun won't do sqaut to a Spiral Dancer*

Elandra: *Shrugs, confused for a moment, then sighs, and sidesteps along with everyone*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Happy Happy....D-did ya have a good time New Years? ~She gives Justin a small smiles~

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Backs into her van.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Who has ~not~ entered the umbra?))

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *umbraumbraumbra*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *once across the Gauntlet, shouts in the High Tongue* ~HT~ Some of you get your asses back Earthside! They might attack that way!

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Yeah, i w-was not pay atteion, b-but david is n-not in a good mood tonight, so c-careful w-what ya say. ~winks at Justin, saying it softly~

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *much like his previous visit Ben and his forces are arrayed in the Umbra just beyond the Caern's boundries...a swarm of Banes...the Green Dragon Incarnae at his side...and now 4 other Spirals...all heavy muscular looking Garou with the scars of MANY many battles ...the hide of the Wyrm protecting their skin...toxic goo dripping from their claws...Ben is once again standing quietly at the fore front one hand stroking the dragon's head the other resting on Havaragorn's hilt...* ((DD acoming))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (umbral...though David mindspoke some to as not to have eggs in one basket)

Sydney Milligan (CoG): (Syd is not in the umbra.)

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *sidesteps back this side looking frustrated but staying near the kin*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: DD- Well Ben certainly has changed...while he never was impressive physically and he still isnt now he walks with a bearing that very few Garou be they Spirals or Gaians achieve...there is no madness in his eyes just writhing hatred for all things living and the desire to bring the world and all of creation to a nihilistic his hands is that which brought him down Havaragorn, The Jagged Blade unsheathed and held in his naked hand ready to spill the blood of Gaia's Warriors...making up for his lack of physical prowess and giving him a much more intimidating look is a set of armor...specifically made for Garou ... 6 inch black steel spikes adorn the huge round shoulder blades protecting not only his arms and upper chest but his neck as well...smaller thicker spikes go down the length of his spine protecting his back and the rest is hidden by sheaves of black cloth with sigils of devotion to the Wyrm that hang from the shoulder pads and the neck brace...

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Hopes Jeremiah can handle an uzi. Grabs it and some clips quickly heading back out the van door. "Germ? Here. Quick." Offering him her new Mac -10.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David would call forth the Caern's protective generally a host of urban spirits are waiting with David...probably rat totem for his pack too*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: his crinos maw is no longer flesh and fur but covered in dark sickly green scales...showing his new allegiance ...his shadow however which always remained in Crinos no matter Ben's form...stays the baneklaive...and it seems to constantly be swiping it's crinos claws at if it too is disgusted with Ben's new way of life ...

Elandra: *Growls, sidestepping back, wishhin to stay/

Justin "Sparky": *He nods to no one in particular and shifts up to Glabro* Kin! Get somewhere safe!!

Jeremiah Seymore: Gwen- What's going on?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looking around trying to keep her ears peeled and taking inventory of where everyone is and such*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben once he sees the first Garou sidestep starts to whistle...calliope ...the tuine of the circus...*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Stands up slowly and looks over at Elandra, from her spot standing on the roof of the CoG Van~ W-whats da good word chica?

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *But David has set spirtual permeters...the defenses are spread out eveningly as possible*

Jeremiah Seymore: *takes the gun and shoves his colt back into its holster* What's the best place to be right now? *scanning the area*

Elandra: *Blinks, loking to Sydney* what? *moving bit looking around*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: JErmiah~ht~ The shit is hitting the Fan(she is in crinos)

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: "Staay here Germ. I have a four month old in this van. We have to protect her." Darting back intot he van quickly.

Jeremiah Seymore: Gwen- English please.

Justin "Sparky": *He quickly glances around and looks to the CoGvan... hey, makes sense.* All Kin, into the Child of Gaia van! Those with guns take a window, the rest, take cover under something!!

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- Where did you get a baby?

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben's forces are all gathered around him...well at least his visible ones...who knows what he has up his sleeve*

Elandra: *Blinks to Roxane*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: (what other garou are around?)

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean would then, in the umbra, simply say* Holy... shit. *he then shifts up into Crinos, praying to GOD he can live through this, that knife that Alexi gave him in an "icepick grip" like the Marines were taught to use*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben smirks at Dave* ~HT~ Ahhhh well the big dog himself...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Moving to play wideout for the group*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *blinks once...She'd heard rumors, but seeing it with her own eye is quite a different story. Stays silent, keeping her gaze fixed on Ben*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): You sound like s-such a wanker. ~Teases Justin as she looks about, she reaches to her back again, removing her knife~

Elandra: *Looks around, goes new Gwen, a bit nervious, but trying to remind aware of anything wierd*--- what we do?

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Devin meanwhile is still standing and blindly staring at the gate...hands opening and closing in a calming rythem*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT Ahh the traitor...still like to hear your own voice I see.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Sticks her head out and yells to Justin. "No. Kinfolk in my van. I have weapons in here

Justin "Sparky": *He looks up to Syd* Shift to Crinos, I need to keep in a form where I can talk to the Kin. Anything comes out of the Umbra that ain't one of ours, attack it.

Elandra: *To Roxane* hide the baby, just to stay shure, but keep an eye on were she is

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean says nothing... he's rather.. wanting to either kill something and live, or.. take one for the team. EITHER WAY.. he's going to make SOMETHING fall*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben smirks* Always Dave...Always...and as for the traitor I told Angeline before I carved her up like a Thanksgiving turkey since Gaia created the Wyrm...serving the Wyrm is still in essence serving Gaia...

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Her eyes dart to Elandra. "I can't leave her alone! They might hear her cry. I have to stay with her. I'm sworn to protect her." Back into the van again.

Jeremiah Seymore: Gwen- I'll see what I can do. *gets in Roxanne's van, waits for everyone to get in before closing the door*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *opens her mouth to say something, but stops herself, staying behind Dave*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She was already begining to shift and nods to Justin~ *HT* Thanks Captian I can handle ~She stands ready~

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *slowly moves to stand next to medea while David and Ben are talking*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT *looks contempious* Talk talk talk.

Justin "Sparky": ((All Kin in the CoGvan yet?))

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean then, silently begins to pray to Fenrir, for his first ACTUAL life or death fight is on his hands. This is for all the money. This isnt a test, or... evenmoreso, this is FOR FUCKING REAL. He readies himself, opening his eyes. He doesnt make a single sound.*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: Elandra~ht~ stick with me the kin must take care of the child but we ahve to take care of the whole cearn

Jeremiah Seymore: ((All both of 'em.))

Elandra: *Shrugs* then hide with her... *sighs, not sure of what to do herself, just what thinks is better, looks toGwen then aorund, waitng for something to happen*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (sean you umbral?)

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((Justin. Nope. *G* They're in Roxy's.))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Wait, they got in roxanne's van....))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: (okay just to be clear Gwen , syd and elandra are the only garou in the caern right?)

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *smirks again at Dave* ~HT~ Well at least I do something...oh that's right you do perform your duties as Grand Figurehead...oh wait that's Grand Elder riiiight *coughFigureheadcough* pardon me...the smoke from that dumb fury's buring face gave me a little cough...

Elandra: *Nods to Gwen, moving to stay near her, looking around, all aware*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): *HT* Grr, I wanna be umbral for this....~She leaps off the stop of the Van and lands onto the ground with a thud and looks around the gathering area slowly~

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Devin the prisoner and his two NPC Guardians are not Umbral*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Nudges Medea gently, and flicks his pinky at Ben's shadow*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *isn't getting riled at all...*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: Syd~ht~ stay near the van we might need yo to heal we can't have you getting hurt..

Elandra: ((think so...)) *Shrugs, glancing to Syd*...

Justin "Sparky": *He watches the Kin go into Roxy's van and shrugs as he strides over* Stay in there, and watch out. Either of you got a gun?

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben's shadow is doing nothing...neither clawing at Ben nor acting in sync with him*

Elandra: ((aint's Justin garou to?)) *To Gwen* do you think they will actually come this way?

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- *they're laoding a pile of assault rifles* Uh..... yea...

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *doesn't even notice Twomoons' nudging, staring straight forward...Every muscle in her body is tensed*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben continues* I mean seriously...every major decision you've made has been really made by others...

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT We aren't going to surrender why don't we get this show on the road eh?

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Sticks her head out the door, looks to Justin. "I'm like a fucking shop in here. Yes, and explosives. No silver though.."

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Gwen for a moment and sighs~ I appreate that thought gwen...~Holds up her knife in her much to large clawed hand~ But I can rip some shit up pretty good with this....used to go one on one with, well sorta. ~She shys a bit back towards the Van, but not to close~

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Syd* Keep here with me, please? Someone needs to be able to talk to the Kin, and I can't do it Crinos. Just hang on and don't worry so much. Your time will come.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>~HT~ Ohhhh I didn't come here to fight Dave...I want Sykgrin...

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT We aint done with him yet. *uses create*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: I heard they pulled a fast on on us last time and David don't wanna be caught unware..

Sydney Milligan (CoG): *HT* Yeah yeah, i'm on it Justin. N-not going anywhere just s-sharing how I feel. ~Stands around, crossing her arms infront of her and waits~

Justin "Sparky": *Looks back to Rox and Jer* OK, I'm gonna stay like this *in Glabro* unless something comes through. If something does, and it ain't one of ours, shoot it. I won't get to far from the van but I won't be able to talk to you if I have to shift up.

Elandra: *Nods, looking aorund*... ok.. I'm gonna climb some car of pile of yank... see if I can see something...*moving some little to climb a pile of rubble*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *well Ben get's burned a little...the armor protecting him from most of it...and in response 5 gouts of Balefire slam into Dave emitted in tandem from ben and the 4 other Spirals...* ~HT~ Now that wasnt very nice...just give him'll just kill will I ... but I'll do it in a much more fun way

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looks over at SYd*~HT~ and you forget to use to watch those two hit fights..stay near the kin..Please

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (2,5,7,1,5,10,) 1suxx cubic foot...hopefully in Ben's face*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: "I'll shoot. Don't worry." Nodding to Justin then going back into the van proper.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (this roleplay or rollplay?)

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((NO rolling tonight guys...just straight RP))

Jeremiah Seymore: *is sitting on the floor of the van, loading ammo while the door is open* Justin- Sure.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She gives the best Crinos smile she can manage to Gwen~ *HT* To true....i am, no worries, but I will fight if they come here.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *looks up, watching Ben for a moment* ~HT~ Still quite the coward, I see. You never COULD do anything without somebody backing you up. Me. Your familiar. Your pack. *snorts*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *he gets hit...hes singled now himself...and not smelling so great anymore*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *nods to elandra* ~ht~good idea..*she stands there in crinos flexing her clawed hands*

Elandra: *Looking around, tryin g to see if anything is arpoaching/or passing the gates*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: Looks at the little baby in the carrier, sleeping blissfully. For a moment she wishes life was really that peaceful, this thought coming to her while she's backing another Glock into the front of her pants. Which makes, three Glocks on her body so far.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *shakes his head to Medea* ~HT~ That isn't's intelligence...all the other chess peices exsist only to protect the King...

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean WANTS to move.. SOOOO badly wants to move. He has to hold still, until he gets the order from the Head Honcho to get em.*

Elandra: *on the pile of rube*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT Drive them from the Caern.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): HT Kill them.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He unshealths his dagger...pathetic in comparision to a Banekliave I realize*

Elandra: *Frowns, trying to see as far away as she can*... how do you think thing are going umbral?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Moves his arm around Medea, to tug briefly on Daves' fur and lay on some healing*

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean pops his Crinos neck, howling as he starts to charge forward, he snarls as he readies himself for the fight of his life*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *nods to syd*~HT~ I count on it sister..

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits there with his uzi aimed out a window, not in the mood to talk*

Justin "Sparky": *He leans against the van with the Kin in it, talking to Jeremy and Roxanne.* So... what'd you do for New Year's?

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David impells the outer spirit defenses forward fight the Banes*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben sighs and lifts Havaragorn...his fur taking on a silvery tint* ~HT~ Alright then a fight it is...*he turns to his new pack and nods...they nod in return and stand ready...the Green Dragon spirit backs off and keeps in the distance...*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {in van} Looks around, trying to figure out where to put the little one, chewing her bottom lip.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ~HT~ Always with the chess metaphors. You always tried to hide beyond those. Fool. It's easy to whip up a quick chess metaphor to explain your cowardice, isn't it? Rumor has it you couldn't even take that sword you're so proud of without help. *spits on the ground* You're pathetic. You always have been. Always been in such a hurry to prove you're something MORE than just a Urrah who takes up space.

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- *blase* I helped out at an old-folks' home near my house.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *He actually backpedals briefly, he knows where he's more useful*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Okay this is how this is gonna work...I'll post the actions of the badguys...and you all post in response...and back and forth it will post per series ))

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She simply waits now, her weapon in hand, wondering if a fight does break out if they will make it this far~ Gwen, if they g-get this far thats like bad news for us, huh?

Danny Walsh: *he comes back into the clearing after looking for pallets to build the fallen fury a pyier via Jub's punishment of him in crinos with his huge arm's filled with wood he sets them down in the dirt*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *his Fetish is activated when he removed it from it's sleaht...the next thing he does is activate gift of the procupine...then comes forward*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {In van.} "Got my pelvis shattered and almost became a cripple while I was on a killing spree." Carefully tucks a blanket about Annaliese.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (alright)

Jeremiah Seymore: Danny- *the yard is nearly abandoned*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Gwen and Syd* Don't underestimate our chances.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((That go for everyone Spuds?))

Elandra: *Jumps bit first at seeing Danny come, then just nods to him, looking again around to see if anything is coming*

Justin "Sparky": *He nods, eyes still on the clearing.* Nice of you, Jer....

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *nods her head grimly* ~HT~Yes very bad.. but I am not giving them an inch they don't earn...there are four of us free to fight and the Kin with guns that si nothign to scoff at..Damn it wish Tiny was here..

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Justin for a moment~ I'm not, j-just thinking about the people in da umbra dats all.

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- I guess.

Elandra: *to Gwen* Danny's coming

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *the battle begins...the spirits colliding with each other...the Spirals and Ben howl out the Cacophony of the Wyrm and then once more unleash gouts of neon green flame from their mouths...buring Garou and spirit alike...they charge forward...ben signaling out Dave while Medea and Sean each face off against two Spirals...*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Nope just the Garou in the Umbra))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David manages to dodge the flame...and then faces to confront Ben*

Justin "Sparky": *He shakes his head to Syd.* We've done it before, we'll do it now. *He looks up to the top of the piles of junk around the clearing.* Want to shift to Hispo or Lupus and look around up there, just to make sure they don't get a jump on us from behind.

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean nimbly hops to the side, ready for the charging Sprials* C'mon fucker! Come get your THROAT CUT! *he snarls* Ima enjoy making you bleeeeed. *he says, waiting for them to come at him*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looks over at danny she is standing in crinos tense as a strung gitar string* ~ht~ welcome to the party shift up and stand ready..

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((*grins* Goody.. thanx.)) {In van} Sits down next to the baby carrier, armed with her Glock a Remmington to her side.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *oopse Balefire...gets burned again...his natural hardiness taking it...but burns show on his skin*

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: ((my last post was in refrence to the Balefire, Sean hopped outa the way of the balefire.. ^_^))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *rolls out of the way of of a gout of balefire, channeling her Rage into her natural weaponry, preparing herself to hit these bastards fast and hard*

Elandra: *Shrugs, making a face, still looking aorund from the top of the rubble pile, trying to see anything out the common*

Danny Walsh: *glances to gwen in his red,purple,green,blue, and pink splotched crinos form* ~ht~ i am already shifted up.. what's going on?

Justin "Sparky": *He looks up the pile, and notices Elandra and winces.* Sorry 'bout that, didn't notice you up there.

Danny Walsh: *glances to gwen in his red,purple,green,blue, and pink splotched crinos form* ~ht~ i am already shifted up.. what's going on?

Justin "Sparky": *He looks up the pile, and notices Elandra and winces.* Sorry 'bout that, didn't notice you up there.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): ((D'oh. True. Eliminate the "rolls out of the way" part, and replace it with "Is burned by the balefire, but manages to absorb a good deal of the damage"))

Elandra: *Smiles just little bit to Justing, shaking her head* no worryes... we all nervious...*blinks* or something..*bites her lips and goes on looking around*

Elandra: *Smiles just little bit to Justing, shaking her head* no worryes... we all nervious...*blinks* or something..*bites her lips and goes on looking around*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She waits quietly for all of this to happen, little does she know whats happening in the umbra~ S-shouldn't someone go check on them? ~Looks to gwen~

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Well then, Sean would then snarl, cause that shit HURTS, and he would still go forthwith the assbeating he is about to give out*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: Danny>>~ht~ there is umbral Attack and we are making sure the caern doesn't get wiped out in the mean time..

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- {van} So, that guy is your brother, huh?

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looks at Syd*~ht~ nothing would make me happier than to know what the hell is going on but we are told to be here and litany says we don't question leader in wartime I mine came for th big man himself so I am staying here..

Danny Walsh: *nods a bit his features growning concerned* ~ht~ man.. *he starts to climb up a pile of junk to help look out*

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- {van} Nope

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben comes right for Dave Havaragorn held high in preperation for a sweeping stroke ...the two Spirals facing off against Sean circle around in front and one behind...waiting for the Get to act like one and make a foolish move....the two facing Medea however are much more crouching low and slashing for her ribs while the other leaps high Patagia spreading*

Justin "Sparky": *He smiles up to Elandra* It'll be all right. If they get through, we can handle what makes it this far. Just be careful, they can come out anywhere.

Justin "Sparky": *He pokes his Glabro head into the van* Not yet.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {in van} "Yeah. That's my older brother." Nodding a bit, changes her grip on the gun. "Damn. Wonder what's going on."

Elandra: *Srhugs, watning to know what is happening in the umbra, looks at Danny, nods to him, and still looks around, glances once at were Devin is, making sure things there are calm, then around again*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Now for the fun...sort of...a brief mental call to Chimera, as he moves forward and steps behind Medea and emerges as Ben, complete with armor, devilishly handsome face, and what looks to be a nasty pigsticker* ~HT~ The Furybitch is mine...

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David spends rage...he obviously intends to dodge Slays blade and come in with his dagger...*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Syd* No, stay out here. If they make it through, we'll need everyone we can. 

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Devin apparently ignored by the other Garou in the clearing moves one hand up to rub at the silver collar around his throat...staring with his blindfolded eyes at the Umbral battle he cant really see*

Jeremiah Seymore: *gets a "Well that explains a lot" expression, then looks out a window*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Nods her head a bit at Gwen~ I know, just a thought thats all. ~Waits~

Elandra: *nods to Justin* I'm bing carefull...*shrugs* or as carefull as I can... just... wish this either pass of things happen,.. to wait is killing

Elandra: *nods to Justin* I'm bing carefull...*shrugs* or as carefull as I can... just... wish this either pass of things happen,.. to wait is killing

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *the Anthem of War rips itself from her mouth again, the sound becoming sadly common...She deftly spins to the side of the Black Spiral Dancer who slashes at her ribs, catching a glancing blow that nonetheless draws a fair amount of blood, but Medea doesn't even appear to notice as she slashes her claws downward in a deadly arc*

Danny Walsh: *he glances around and slides back down the pile of junk going to the pickup where devin is at, jub told him to watch and guard this guy.. so he's gonna do just that*

Elandra: *frowns, jumps some to Gwen side, wishpers to her*.. the guy we trapped is palling something, thing... has his hand om somethin at his neck

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean does the sensible thing, he WONT let one of them get behind him, he'll counter circle, ready to fight* C'mon BITCH! Come get some.. *he says* Im alll Gaia, and all you gotta do is come claim my head! *he says*

Elandra: *Sees Danny, frowns, goes back up the rubble pile... keeping at eye on DAvin case he tryes something, and still looking around constatnly*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Devin, then to Syd* Syd, help the guardians keep an eye on him.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {in van} Glances to the baby as she begins to stir a little. Reaches out and rocks the carrier very gently, trying to keep the baby asleep.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *looks over at the the captive and the NPC guards* what are your orders if we are attacked?

Jeremiah Seymore: {van} *sits there patiently*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She looks over at Just for a moment and frowns a little~ What do you want me to do? ~She moves, halfway to Devin, halfway to the CoG Van~

Justin "Sparky": *Pokes his head into the van again and smiles to Rox, speaking softly* Forgot to congratulate you on the baby. Congrats.

Danny Walsh: syd>>~ht~ keep your eyes peeled i'll help the gaurds to watch over him.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben slams Havaragorn into the tiny in comparison Fang dagger...slamming the spiked shoulder blades into Dave's chest...his armor both physical and spiritual protecting him from Dave's quills...*//Sean>>*the Spirals just stop circling altogether...blowing more Balefire into the Fenrir...*//Medea>>*it becomes readily apparent that these are not dink ass Cliath her opponent slams his forearms into her wrists to block her blow and sends his jaws aiming for her throat...*//Twomoons>>*Twomoons may LOOK like Ben...but he does not have the bearing...the sheer PRESENCE that Havaragorn grants...and the gliding Spiral folds his membranes into his sides and dives with his claws aiming for Jason's face*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: ~ht~ not that I want to get beat up but this waiting sh%t is killing me..

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} Looks to Justin, smirking a bit. "Thanks. I'm not a miracle. I'm still a virgin." Her eyes sparkle for a moment. "She's Jublains, the Warders. He's my mate now, she's under my protection now."

Justin "Sparky": *Pulls his head out and looks back to Syd.* Uhm.... *He glances over at the caernheart and the garden* Maybe it'd be best if you kept an eye on that, in case one of them comes out and makes a run for the heart.

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *OW! That shit hurts, he weakens a little, finally just going bezerk, he'scharging one to claw his face, eyes hopefully, and then gut him with that knife*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Gwen>>*Mikey and Johnny* Uhhhh we weren't given any clear orders on that one actually...*they trade looks and nod*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~ She nods a little at Gwen~ *HT* Tell me about it, its worse, and they can peek and see where we were and ambush us. People p-put dare backs against something if they can.

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *jerks her throat out of the way just in time, lashing out with a vicious kick at his lower leg while feinting a swipe at the Dancer's face*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Only the Umbral battle is closed off))

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Looks over at Justin for a moment and frowns~ Who put you incharge, Justin-yuf? I'll stand my ground here thank you.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David grapples for his life...looking for a chink in Ben's armor...the spikes hurt like hell...David struggles to plunge the dagger into Ben*

Elandra: *Glances at the CaerHaert, then aroun, then to Gwen* who goes to the CaerHeart?

Danny Walsh: *looks to the npc gaurds* ~normal tounge~ kill anything, that big an ugly, come from umbra.

Tyler Chambers: (( Word. So I can get involved in the Caern battle? ))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *lookso ver the the guards* Fan-f#cking-tastic.. well boys i sugjest you decide amoungst yourself what they hell you are gonna do cause well.. I don't have the rank to tell grass to grow..

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Tyler>>There is no Caern battle...the only battle is in the Umbra))

Jeremiah Seymore: Tyler- ((There isn't one))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *A cute little Rat-spirit does a forward roll, hoping the divebomber faceplants*

Justin "Sparky": *He speaks in a calm tone, but tries to be a little commanding in it.* If you're standing there, and in the mean time a Spiral comes out and runs headlong into the Caern heart, I wouldn't want to be the one responsible, Syd-yuf. *A little pleading as well... she did have a point, but no one else seems to.* Just keep close to it?

Elandra: *Shrugs. moves to a junkpile closer to the CaerHEart, to keep guard around, and to It*

Justin "Sparky": *Looks to Danny* No, better idea. *Looks to Devin's guards.* Protect him. If we didn't want something from him, he'd be dead already. Don't let anyone get near him.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>*The blade scratches against the armor...finds a small chink and only because of it's power as a Fetish does it manage to draw blood...Ben snarls and slams Dave upside the head with the hilt of the Baneklaive pushing with his shoulder at the same time...*//Sean>>*this is what they were waiting on...the mundane knife scrapes against the Spiral's Wyrm Hide and Sean feels the sharp lancing pain as claws enter his stomach and back* //Medea>>*her kick slams against the rubbery skin of the Spiral and he sends his claws once more slashing across her ribs...* //Twomoons>>*another burst of Balefire slams into the rat while the Spiral lands on all fours and launches into the air again*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} Uh oh, little Annaliese begins to wake for her overdue feed. Being totally out of her territory, Roxy looks a bit stressed. Puts down her glock and very carefully picks up the child when Annaliese begins her quiet wail.

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean coughs up some blood. But he wont give up. He just drops the knife, completely frenzying with all his might to take those two bastards out. He's slashing, slicing and generally going crazy letting the inner beast run free*

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- {van} *looks at her freaking out over the baby* Everything alright?

Elandra: ((Damm!!!... need to fade for half an hour... I'll try to get back.. Elandra stays making guard to tell if anything comes by))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *startles at the babes cry*~HT~ we need to stay together.. atleast with in sight of each other..

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *his natural hardiness kicking in...David is a tough fucker...he struggles aiming his blade towards Ben's throat and face area with his next stab*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *apparently Devin has had enough...moving frighteningly fast his hands tear the collar off his neck his muscles bulging with the effort...the scar on his chest showing the glyph for Rebirth shines and he yanks his blindfold off his eyes healed by the Fetish's power...he's in the Umbra in the next eyeblink...all before Mikey and Johnny could even shift to Crinos to stop him...*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): (if you really need to Know what He looks Like, go look at the Legbreakers in any Mafia Flick)

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *the next blow from the Spiral to her ribs catches her more deeply, but not deep enough to put her out of action...Without a sound of any sort, she snaps at the Spiral's face at the same time she brings her claws down low, going for the groin, all of her natural weapons strengthened by her Gift to the point where cutting through steel would be simple*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} "I don't have much experience with kids." She tells Jeremiah quietly. But sure enough she holds Annaliese delicately, very careful of the small limbs. "There's formula around here and bottles, but don't we have to heat it up or something?" Begins to rock Annaliese gently.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): ~ht~ My ~ass!~ *Coming up and over as his normal self to clip some wings*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sees Matt throug the window and jumps out of the van* Heya, Matt, it's been a while. *s*

Danny Walsh: *blinks noticing Devin flair into the umbra* FUCK *he snarls and heads for his pack pulling out his mirror and sidesteps* ((providing spuds will let him))

Justin "Sparky": *He growls as Devin splits and almost punches the nearest object... but stops because it's the van the Kin are in.* Dammit.... Let him go. If they come out of the Umbra, we're going to need everyone here.

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Yeah Daze kept me busy *he grins*

Elandra: *Yells* the prisioner is umbral!! ((and needs really to go.. beeing back as sson as can))

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- *while getting out of the van* Yea, I guess. Don't look at me, I don't know anyting about kids.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *watches th garou sidesstep turns to the guards* ~ht~ BANG up job guys..go after him...

Justin "Sparky": *Looks to Jer* Stay in the van. If they come out of the umbra, you need to be somewhere defensible, now get in.

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- You should come around more often, this place is getting boring without some Glass Walkers.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} "Fuck.." As Jeremiah deserts her with a crying four month old. She picks up her glock, using her arm to support the back of Annaliese with the gun in her hand instead, other hand cradling the baby's backside carefully. Looks to Justin. "How do I fix up a baby's bottle?"

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *spots Mattt* TINY....

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>*his neck protected by the Malfean armor Ben steps back to avoid the blade yanking the spikes from Dave's body with a wet sucking sound...bringing Havaragorn back up ...and damned if he isnt grinning...* //Sean>>*the frenzy while not exactly surprising to the two Spirals still catches them unawares and The Broc deals out a little damage of his own to the one in front of him...however the one behind slams it's claws into his back again* //Medea>>*her claws tear through his abdomen and his claws thrust INTO Her maw moving back and tearnig through the back of her throat* //Twomoons>>*Twomoons showing why he isnt an Ahroun doesnt do much but annoy the Spiral who wheels to avoid the claws before diving down again*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*lol*))

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jeremiah>> well I got this job gaurding a Kinfolk over on the east side... makes it hard to get time off...

Jeremiah Seymore: Justin- Just a minute, I will.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((Who ya laughing at Zach?))

Justin "Sparky": Jer> Now. You don't know when they'll come through.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *gwen is standing in the gathering in Crinos* Tiny where the hell have you been?

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He snarls at his injuries and dances back...circling warily looking for more chinks in that armor*

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- Really? Do you like it?

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Danny>>Feel free...//Elandra>>Nope...))*a new warrior has entered the Fray...the Crinos larger than even Medea with golden brown fur he roars out his immense Rage and beelines for the two Spirals jumping Sean his claws gleaming with Silver his howls calling for the Wyrm's blood*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>> kept busy somewhere else *matt spits and frowns*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} Again to Justin, voice a bit more urgent over Annaliese's cry. "How do I fix a baby's bottle?!" Still rocking the baby, glock in hand. Fenrir kin, go figure.

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jereniah>> nope but it needs doing..

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *gags loudly, the pain more intense than anything she's ever felt before...She knows she's only seconds from dying, but is intent on taking this bastard with her as she grabs a handful of some internal organ with her razor-sharp talons and yanks, raking her talons through the other arm at the forearm, hoping that the prenatural sharpness her Gift grants her weaponry is enough to sever the bastard's arm before she's dead for certain*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((The situation Roxanne is in. :p )) Justin- Yea yea, I'm gettin... *drags his feet back to the van*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>*if there are any chinks...the black cloth hides it*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~Frowns softly for a moment and contiunes to watch her surrondings~ Wonderful...

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Time to break contact and boogie...burns into the little candle of flame Gaia gave him to bodycheck the one trying to assram the Broc...without even the goddamn common courtesy of a reacharound...*

Elandra: ((risking been ripes out in pieces by parents, now do goes, coming back later))((remember I'll yell if anything comes near.. still making guard from a pile of junk))

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Medea>>>*Strangely enough the Spiral doesn't take the easy deathblow...hopping backwards to avoid her attacks and snarling at her*

Danny Walsh: *he runs on all four to catch up with Devin screaming and jumps up to pounce the other spiral* ~ht~ i cannot stop you skygrin, but i will fight by your side and protect you, you bastard.

Jeremiah Seymore: Roxanne- Just heat up some formula and put it in the bottle I guess.

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *walks over to Matt so glad to have him here* ~HT~I have missed you my brother..I am glad you are here this warrior thing is not my bag..

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean hacks up a little more blood. He cant take this kind of punishment for very long. He spends a rage, then sinks into the one in front of him, full blown need to kill this fucker with 2 more rage blows into him, and an extra willpower to KILL THIS FUCKER*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *He rushes in again with his Fangdagger stabbing whereever he can*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks in to Rox* Uhm... formula, heated to body temp, I think. Never had a kid.

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((*Chuckle* Poor chick, 'eh?))

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- Anything interesting happen GW wise lately?

Justin "Sparky": ((The NPC guards still in the Caern?))

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} "I haven't had a kid either. This is my first 24 hr experience." Grunting softly, very unhappily. "Shh shh.." More gentle to Annaliese, rocking her. She stuffs the Glock into the front of her jeans again and goes about searching for a bottle.

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jeremiah>> not since the daze...

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Twomoons>>*pain flares across his back as the Spiral lands with his claws dragging deep furrown from his shoulder blades to his hips*

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- The "daze?"

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} Looks relieved as Jeremiah comes to the rescue. "Yeah, there." Nods towards a bag. Rocking Annaliese.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Sparky>>Yup...they're having problems sidestepping...1 Gnosis does that yanno))

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jeremiah>> Prometheon Daze..

Justin "Sparky": *He smiles a little at Rox and the baby, then pulls his head out of the van looking about again*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): *Matt Hugs Gwen*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Sean>>*his attacks are halted as he's backhanded by the Spiral's fist...*

Jeremiah Seymore: *rummages around in the bag and produces a kettle and a church-key. Hey opens the can and pours the formula into the kettle*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Damn it, you w-want me to go after da prisoner person? ~Looks to Gwen and then to Justin, frowning a little~

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>> so whats the commotion?

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} Definately does not look like a very maternal mother with the crying infant in her arms, but she's doing her best.

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to the NPC Gurads* Guys, stay here. We'll need whatever muscle we can to keep this place safe.

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- You mean that Hursk thing?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *It's of course, one of those days., lacing his hands together for a homerun swing on someone*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *The two spirals gangraping Sean look up and turn to the new combatants...Devin leaps at one his silver claws raking downwards sliding easily through the Wyrm Hide and the Spiral's flesh...damn near tearing the Garou in two...*

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean stumbles backwards. He's NOT doing so well, He wont leave, Fenrir wont let him. However, he's going to play smart. He motions the spiral onward* C'mon fucker.. FINISH ME OFF! *he says, knowing theres one behind him, he smiles, at him... like he was awating the end*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jeremiah> Nope prometheon daze is Kinda like the Gw Christmas

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} She moves over to watch what Jeremiah's doing so she can do it herself next time. Rubbing Annaliese' back while rocking her. "Shh shh. It's okay Annaliese. Your pa will be back soon." Surprisingly soft voice.

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Syd* No, Syd. Stay here. We'll need whatever we can if they come through. Stay here.

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>*Ben growls out* ~HT~ You never could beat me ...*as he smacks the Fang Dagger away again and drives the Baneklaive into Dave's shoulder THROUGH his shoulder even*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: ~ht~ stay here.. we need you all here..

Jeremiah Seymore: Matt- Hmm. *while warming the formula on the fire* ((Would he have heard about that?))

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Repost)) Medea>>>*Strangely enough the Spiral doesn't take the easy deathblow...hopping backwards to avoid her attacks and snarling at her*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>>Whats going ON?

Sydney Milligan (CoG): ~She kicks the dirt and frowns and just stands there waiting still, yawning a little~

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean takes the moment the other spiral is distracted to jump him, clawing into his hide, and into his neck and back of his head, since he's now facing away from him*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Sean>>*the two Spirals are otherwise occupied by Devin and Danny*

: (I guess now wouldnt be the time to walk on in, huh?) 

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Jeremiah(definately the don got everyone really expensive gifts, like $$5000 gifts))

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *roars in pain...he bites his muzzle into Ben's shoulder (rat bonuses too)*

Danny Walsh: *he tries to leap and pounce apon the other spiral that devin isn't fighting to pull him down into the dirt, into a ground fight*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Oh, was it a RPed scene? I didn't hear anything about it....))

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: Matt>>sprials... Ben and his group..

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): ((nope it was posted to the List))

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((*grins@PMing lurker* Great!))

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Twomoons>>*the batter's swing connects to the gliding Spiral's jaw sending him back and to the ground...for about .0001 seconds and then he's up again and running right for the Denfather*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Gwen for a sec* Elandra seems to have popped off, mind getting up on the heaps and keeping an eye out from there 'til she gets back?

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>> Where?? *matt slowly Shifts Up to Crinos*

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *spits up a whole lot of blood, knowing that she's only going to last a few minutes if she can't get to Twomoons...Takes a step backward as if to go get help, then dives forward again, one final burst of speed, slamming into the Dancer in front of her like a black blur of claws and fangs*

Jeremiah Seymore: *dips his finger into the kettle to make sure the formula isn't too hot, then puts the top back on and walks back to the van with it* Roxanne- Do you have a bottle?

Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Dave>>*And Dave bites down on a mouthful of spikes...*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: ~ht~ they are all umbral david ordered this group to stay here with the kin and defend the caern.

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>> they Umbral In the Caern??

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} She nods her head towards the baby bag. "In there Germ. And thanks.." Rock rock, soothing crooning to the baby.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): (Now that was a bad idea)

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Danny&Sean>>*the Spiral sneers at both of the Gaians and leaps upwards spreading it's Patagia to avoid both of their attacks*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Waits for it, before trying a wickedass chopblock, with any luck, there's 2 less Spiral knees when he's done*

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: ((Pming lurk-- Great! *grins* Want me to open another browser for a meeting near HQ?))

Jeremiah Seymore: *pulls a bottle out and pours the warm liquid into it, then puts a nipple on it and hands it to Roxanne* There.

Dylan Ford: (well..since the fight is in the Umbra) *he walks through the maze into the clearing.*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to the NPC guards, sending one to patrol the high piles, the other to look over the entrance to the clearing in case something should try to come in the conventional way.*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: *nods to matt* you gonna stay here with us?

Dylan Ford: (oh, take that back...Yeah Mel.)

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>>~ht~ where?

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean is REALLY getting his ass handed to him, he's banged up but good. He then reaches up, grabbing for a spiral ankle. He's going to grab one and pull that fucker down with him*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Devin moving in a blur of released Rage bats away the pathetic attack of the dying Spiral in front of him and sends his claws into it's throat almost taking it's head off...with one opponent dead he starts racing for Medea next ... his eyes on the Spiral she faces*

Danny Walsh: *lands down into the dirt as the spiral advoided his attack looks up with a snarl then back to where devin is located at to make sure of his postion*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): Gwen>>~Ht~ I want to Help them...

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: Medea>>*The spiral with a snicker turns and steps to the side still not taking the easy kill*

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David uses rage and tries cutting Ben with the dagger again*

Gwenivere ~Crash Overide~Burne: ~HT~They just sides stepped and they were there..

Roxanne Brocato {Fenrir Kin PB2}: {van} "Thankyou Germ." Takes the bottle and sits down on the bed in the van. Looks at screaming Annaliese, wondering how the hell to do this. Gently sticks the bottle into her mouth, holding her a bit awkwardly.

Sydney Milligan (CoG): *Contiunes to grumble under her breath, as she stands there her arms crossed, she looks around the gathering area frowning~ *HT* Great....just great.

Danny Walsh: *he sees devin racing twords medea and notices sean's pathetic shape, he can't let the battered warrior fight alone and just waits for him to yank the damn flying bastard down*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): ((where Would I end Up in that mess If Matt tried to step there Spuds??))

Medea Rage-Like-Fire(Wyrmfoe): *snarls, the sound coming out more like a wet gurgle, knowing that this Spiral is out of her league, at least with her wound slowing her down...Stands and takes a battle-ready position, prepared fully to die*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Ben feeling the loss of one of his packmates frowns...and then whistles sharply...the Spirals dodge the current attacks upon them and rageshifting to Lupus run back twords Ben...the Green Dragon spirit which had kept out of the fight until now roars and a Moon Bridge opens...the Spirals and Ben step into it and with the Dragon following they're gone....the Banes perform a fighting retreat leaving some of their number to stay behind and delay the Gaian forces so that the majority get away*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits back down in the van and waits*

Justin "Sparky": *He looks to Syd, his voice gently prodding* C'mon Syd... It's our job to defend the Caern. Defense may be boring, but it keeps scoring down. Consider yourself Goalie of the Sept or something.

Grandfather David ~Lost'n Found~ (GE): *David is bloody...really messed up...* HT You fucking bastard!

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: ((Branden>>In the aftermath of it ))

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean screams* COME BACK HERE! You sunofabitch.. *he leaps after the flying fucker he tried to pull down, he falls down face first.. unconsious. He DID get his ass handed to him*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): *Matt Slips Into the Umbra Just as the spirals depart....*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG, Denfather): *Motors to Medea imediately after his would be lineman move flops, doing what he does best*

Sydney Milligan (CoG): Look....~She looks over at Justin and frowns~ I don't need a leture, i'm not a cub....

Sean /Face of Fear\ Brocato [pb2]: *Sean is out.. covered in green ooze, clawed to shit, and... is NOT a very happy camper at the moment in time*

Matt Bachalo(Cameo Appearence): *the eight fot tall gleaming steelfurred form of matt bachalo appears In the Umbral battle feild a Large Metal bar Held Loose In one Hand...*

[Spuds] ~Slays the Song~/Devin Glistening Fang: *Devin running now for Medea instead of her opponent and moving quicker than shit through a goose lays one finger on the back of her throat...and much like with Twomoons a smurfy blue glow emits...and some of the grevious damage is healed*

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