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Eulogy for Dave

January 2002

I stand before this assembelage, to give homage to one who has passed. Lost-n-found was undesirable, even his conception was an unpleasant action. Yet he overcame the trials that Gaia burdened him with, becoming a theurge that all would be proud of. Outcast again, and again, he persevered and gave of himself whenever it was needed. Making peace when needed, making war when necessary, always walking the Umbra to forge the bonds that hold Garou and spirit together. He walked the long road, making the necessary bonds to carve a new home when the Bone Gnawers were to be cast from SilverMoon. Accepted as fully as any Garou can be by Rat, and her children.

It shames me to say that I know so little of his life before I came to this sept. I must defer to others, if tales are to be told of his life. What I see before me, shows me how many he has touched, and how much he gave of himself. Whenever there was a need, he would sacrifice for it. When this sept needed, he was there. When we became unruly with our words or love, Dave stood and bore the punishement with the rest. When we needed a teacher, Dave would either find a teacher, or take the task himself. Dave was...the father, few of us had known.

We say goodbye to his physical body this night, returning it to the body of Gaia which gave him to us. But we will not say goodbye to the stories he gave us, the lessons he taught. Nor will we hoard them, miserly and greedy. We will share them, with our new septmates, our new packmates. Otherwise, he will become a forgotten memory, and then he will truly be dead.

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