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Junkyard Moot

March 1, 2002

Jay Carver: *snaps his head up to see who Twomoons is yelling at and watches*

Jeremiah Seymore: Linda- Yep.

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *still moving towards Threat-seeker, getting warmed up for one helluva speech* Did I stutter, Worthless? I distinctly recall saying 'drop'. Now that does not mean stand there and drool like a 'tard, that means ~drop~!

†Threat-Seeker†: **shifts down to homid....**

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): He done something wrong Moony? Wes got like the my attension to it...then....

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Nods to Linda* Eddie's got the official punishment, but as one of the guys who has been hearing about his little fuckup for the last week or so, I'd like to let him know, in my own way, just exactly how amazingly unhappy I am with him. *Nods in response to Jube*

: ((Um...Threat better not have BEEN in anything other than Homid before that...) 

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): OK. *sits back**looks at Jer* This moot should be interesting.

†Threat-Seeker†: *slips his feet under himself, sliding down into a 'indian' postion' on the spot he was just standing on**

Jeremiah Seymore: Linda- *shrugs* I've never been to a caern moot, just a GW one.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (High Ban if you recall...homid only unless umbra...)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((Shifted DOWN to homid? This might get very bad...))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): You won't see much being kin...most is umbral...but I think tradition here is that the Cracking of the Bone...time when everyone says grievances and this side cuz kin might have grievances or something.

†Threat-Seeker†: ((he was in Glabro...he was trying to shift down as he was walking to the car...2moons interupted his consentration))

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *grumbles a little* Now, I wanna hear, in your own words, just what the fuck it is that made you think you could be so disrespectful to the ~spirits~ and get away with it. Peyote fuckin' melt what was left of your brain, or did you just switch to crack? Spill it, inquiring minds wanna know dipshit...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (He have fair Glabro or anything of that nature?)

Brenda Maier: * she quietly enters into the gathering area*

Jeremiah Seymore: Linda- *shrugs* I wasn't expecting it to be a good time.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *nods*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((Yup, the shit has gone from his knees to his hips...))

Jay Carver: ((something tells me the shit gonna get mighty deep to night))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (*looks* Ouch no he does not have fair Galbro.)

: ((Ya'll have no idea...)) 

†Threat-Seeker†: **his gaze straight matter whats in that direction** I wasn't looking any further then my Curiosity....

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((Lurker>>Oh, shit, it gets worse?))

Brenda Maier: * she glances around and yawns a bit and she smacks her lips as she looks as if she just woke up or something*

: ((Trust me, it always gets worse)) 

Jeremiah Seymore: Hey Brenda. *waves*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *enters through the gate, walking with Scott*

Jeremiah Seymore: *waves to Danni & Scott too*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *rubs her eyes* (To be fair rolls on WW diceroller per+alertness...6,2,6....2suxx...) He did not just shift down from something...I did not just see him like totally ignore the GE's order for High Ban.

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *walks in with Danni*

Jeremiah Seymore: DD- *He has short, dark brown hair and green eyes. He looks 20 or so years old and has put on lots of muscle recently. He is wearing khackies and a burgandy-red sweatshirt with the word "Veritas" across the front in white letters.* Char Page-

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Jer* He shift?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((1 suxx on mine.)) I b'lieve he did...

Brenda Maier: * she blinks a couple times and gives Jeremiah a slow nod and then she rubs her eyes*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): What, you wanted to see just how much you could piss off the spirits? You waste of a good orgasm, that is the ~most~ pathetic excuse I have ever heard for being an abusive pissant I have ever heard in all my years....get the fuck outta my sight till your punishment, you disgusting little pathetic excuse for a theurge...

Jeremiah Seymore: Linda- I wasn't paying attention.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow, seeing Twomoons going all drill seargeant on Threat* Oh joy...and the fun starts...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Twomoons* Did he shift? *she knows what she saw...but desires collaboration*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Enters the yard with a smile to Bob and a walk through the maze.*

Brenda Maier: * she then heads to a car and slides on the hood and takes a lotus position *

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Nods to Linda.* He did.*

Kinsey Lash : Comes in through the Umbra.

Jay Carver: "it looked like it" (1 suxx on perc+alertness roll)

†Threat-Seeker†: **mer seconds after 2moons says "get out of my sight" he slips into the Umbra**

Jeremiah Seymore: *waves to Kinsey* Heyas. *s*

Kinsey Lash : Nods to Jeremiah, giving him a slight smile.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing around at all present* Did I miss tha start of tha festivities?

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): Linda>>I unno, maybe. I know he's in a pile of shit about yea high...

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *stays by Danni's side.... looking around*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Nods to Danni.* Not yet. But it seems there's goin' to be a few, an' that one *Gestures to the spot where threats was a moment ago.* is goin' to be hatin' life.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Tell me Uktena...I don't even know what you did to the spirits that has Moony all pissed....but are you gunning to be the moot fool? Steamrollers standing orders have been...sense someone got their ass caught in Lupus and shook up the veil...High Ban. That means Homid only this side of the Guantlet unless the wyrm rocks the veil first. Homid ONLY. Ah hell why do I waste breath...moot time will have you dancing on the frying pan.

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Looks over the assembly, smiling to friends.*

"Twomoons" Maier (CoG): *Having gotten the reaming out of his system, he heads over to Brenda, and just kinda sits behind her, rocking a little*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Once he fleas umbral* Oh......this moot is going to be interesting. *evil grin*

Brenda Maier: * she slides the small pack off her shoulder and sets it in her lap*

Kinsey Lash : ((I sure do lurker. Meet yah there.))

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *whistles low* Damn... what'd I miss?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow, listening to Linda...wondering if they're just going to have to string Threat up and get it done with... Smirks a little to Jube* Works fer me... *moving to take a seat*

Brenda Maier: * she starts to grimaces a bit at the rocking* Jason please no rocking it uhh makes me well you know* she tells he with a low voice*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Hi Bosslady. *she goes and sits down sipping at a milkshake*

Jeremiah Seymore: *watches all the people argue*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Heya, Linda... *nods*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Leans against his van, thinking.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He heads over to the Maiers* Good evening all.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods and promptly stops with the rocking* I'm sorry hun...I just...Gaia...little twerp...curious, so he shovces 50 spirits around without so much as a by-your-leave...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *glances at Julian...looks for the other Fenrir unconsciously*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Fifty?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): What he do with em?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Smiles a little* Heyhey Sparky. You comb your fur for the moot yet?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *kicks Scott when he's too quiet*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): Linda>>Talens, fetishes...*shrugs* Who knows, but apparently he was a rude fuck about it...

Brenda Maier: * she smiles as the rocking has stopped* Thank you ..Good evening Justin

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *runs his fingers through his hair* Of course not, I've been in Homid, remember? *chuckles* How are things going for you two?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Oh.....

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Danni>> Mmf? What?

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Smiles to Brenda* How are you, ma'am?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (No one be surprised if a RP missing moot officials LoL)

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He smiles to Danni* How are you doing, Danni?

Brenda Maier: Justin I amn well as can are you doing?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Wake up, Pepe... *muttered to Scott*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shrugs to Sparky with a grin* Shit, I'm still breathin' ain' I?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Danni>> I'm awake... an' don' call me Pepe

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Danni* Breathing...*nods* Whatever you say bosslady.

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): Twomoons> *nods* You've seen worse too, don't worry about it, Doc. Things can always be better, but they can also be worse. *smiles* It's a good day when you can complain about it.

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *just keeps looking around*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): Danni> *chuckles* Viva life. Ya got spunk, kid. I don't expect ya to stop breathing for a good hour or two. *All in jest.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): You said it not me. *Danni realizes shes being trapped in a wordgame*

Jeremiah Seymore: *walks over to the fridge and takes out a cola*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *just quirks a brow at Linda and shakes her head a little. Looks to Sparky* How you doin'?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *smiles...shes in a strange mood*

Jeremiah Seymore: *walks back to the GA, sipping his coke*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *snickers a little at Linda and Danni...mentally betting 5 bucks that Linda could follow Chimera well, with the right guidance...*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): Danni> It's goin'. Wife, kid on the way, and all that jazz. *smiles* You ready to get this place a rockin'?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((Are Spuds and Soul goin' to be here tonight?))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *She crosses over into the umbra, knowing thats where the ceremonies are held..except for the Cracking of the Bone*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *rolls her eyes a little at Sparky* Hell, I'd like ta have one night where it AIN' rockin'... *glancing around, seeing who's there, who still needs to be there...*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Enters the clearing, dirt on his face and a shovel over his shoulder*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (I don't know....hopefully Spuds if his characters are involved with anything)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Gives brenda a little kiss before heading across*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *is almost afraid to ask what Eddie's been up to with the shovel* Heya...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Once umbra she goes Crinos showing her scruffy black-grey Crinos many Gnawers her Crinos is scraggly looking*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *stands up, looking around* All right, ya'll, anyone who's doin' this, meet me on tha other side... *and steps sideways*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Nods politely to Danni, leaning the shovel against his workdesk by the crossbow and going to the faucet to wash up*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *steps sideways*

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: ~~archive starting~~

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Flexes, slipping into Crinos. Relatively, handsome. Buncha battle scars including one more from earlier this week...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *gives a toothy grin and settles down on all fours...instead of aloof and irritated last time...this time shes excited*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shifts to Crinos once across, her almost totally black fur hiding most of her scars*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Dries his face with a towel, then steps sideways*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He steps sideways, and once their shifts to big ol' Supersized Blender of Death form. He's only got the one battle scar- across his forehead above his right eyebrow.*

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: *shifts to lupus and sits next to where Danni is*

Jay Carver: *stands up and slips sideways following the others*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits alone in the yard after everyone has stepped sideways*

†Threat-Seeker†: **is in Crinos, sitting & waiting in the Umbra**

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Sandy of course is there standing somewhere near Danni*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Concentrates for a moment, then fades across the Gauntlet and shifts into Crinos--in addition to the normal collection of scars are some fresh wounds, not yet healed.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *resists the urge to pat Scott on the head and call him Pepe, but just barely*

Kinsey Lash : Ruffles Jeremiah's hair. "I need to talk with you later babe.." And with that she goes Umbral too.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Maybe I have lost track...any Master of the Howl here?)

Jeremiah Seymore: *waves to Kinsey* Seeya.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((MotH not online...))

Jay Carver: *once across he shifts to crinos like every body else and then finds a place to sit*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Didn't inform me...and I recall them missing from last moot...I won't NPC...they are simply not here IC)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks around waiting*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Shifts into a mangy brown crinos, standing smaller and more compact than most of the others around him. The jackalish wolf-creature shows no signs of scarring or any other rigor of battle*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *raps his toes against the ground with a smirk.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Who IS the Master of the Howl? Website has no one listed))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Danni*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Then time to ask for volunteers.)

Kinsey Lash : Shifts to Crinos, is quite scarred indeed. More than most of the Ahrouns around, still doesn't beat Jubes.

Alexander Goodwill: *He's been here but already beyond the Velvet Shadow, having been speaking with a few of the local spirits. He arrives at the gathering area though within moments of people beginning to slip past the Shadow.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *crickets*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((Caller of the Wyld's Bella...))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *gives Sandy the nod to get things going*

Alexander Goodwill: *An old military trench coat rests about his large body, helping to prevent the chilly winter wind from reaching his body too much. Looking to be somewhere in his early-thirties at rough estimate, dark green eyes taking in the sight of his surroundings. Medium length dirty blonde hair with small streaks of premature gray hair rests just above his ears while a roughly kept goatee rests along his chin bones, also streaked with spots of gray hair. A thin scar can be seen slipping along the right side of his face, just barely missing the eye socket. *

†Threat-Seeker†: ((**kicks boot gremlin**))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): SANDY> We have no Master of the any Galliard, or hell anyone willing?

Jay Carver: ((player doesnt know any thing about the postion, sorry))

Alexander Goodwill: *Once he reachs the circle, feral eyes gazing about for a lingering moment. Not noticing a single member of his Pack evident tonight causes a slight scowl to slip along his lips before he lets himself flow into his Crinos form. Pitch black fur sprouts out along his body, only a few faint strands of gray mare the image of his black pelt, showing his age.*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Steps forward.* HT--I will.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (One leads the opening howl...which just means a communal howl...and then the litany is recited...which for times sake we describe being done and then move on)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): SANDY>*nods* Thanks Jublian. It's all yours.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *softly tacks onto the end of the Litany* "Create and purse peace wherever you can."

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Leads in the howl, a definitely martial tone, although his wounds tell on him.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *chews on his fingernails idly as everyone is out*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Tacks the same to the end of the litany.* Create and Pursue Peace Wherever you can.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((little higherpitched then usual? *snickers*))

Martin Kurst: : *Walks slowly from the maze into the main area.*

Martin Kurst: : ** Average height of 6'2", weight about 195 lbs. Has short spiked blonde hair. His eyes are amber green. They are usualy covered under oval shaped glasses. His attire is of simplicity and comfort. He wears an old brown leather jacket over white tight cotton t-shirt. His pants are standard issue world war 1 army pants. His belt has a special insignia buckle, representing a shield with wings. His feet are covered in old black leather boots, The only difference is metal caps added over protecting the laces and tip of the boot. He carries with him an old army duffle bag. His expression is a rugged friendly kind of look, but his eyes seem to hide an incontrollable sense of danger in him. His smile simply shows a sign of brilliant cunning. **

†Threat-Seeker† (twice booted): ((mother just puked up blood...laters))

Jeremiah Seymore: DD- *He has short, dark brown hair and green eyes. He looks 20 or so years old and has put on lots of muscle recently. He is wearing khackies and a burgandy-red sweatshirt with the word "Veritas" across the front in white letters.* Char Page-

Kinsey Lash : Joins the howl, more primal energy then most would think of a Walker, Theurge and surprising considering her human birthing.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Geez, God go with her, Threat!))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Martin Guardians direct you to the moot in the umbral side of the Caern)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *howls, the deeper tones of her voice carrying below most others*

Martin Kurst: : *Hears the howling and listens to its meaning. and tries to remember wich one it is at first.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (I think that is what hes doing...damn *Blinks*)

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *howls*

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: *howls along*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Actual Moot takes place mostly umbral)

Alexander Goodwill: *His muzzle lifts, joining the others in the howl. Just as gruff and deep sounding as his homid tongue, crunched down on all fours, sleek black fur glistening slightly in the silvery light of Luna.*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *That tenor howl...fades after a relatively brief period*

Martin Kurst: : *Bows to the guardians and grabds the first reflection he can find and jumps in.*

Jay Carver: *joins the howl* (brb nature call)

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *A rather mellow howl and fairly calm.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sips a coke and flips through the latest issue of Time while sipping his coke*

Martin Kurst: : *After a few moments hye is fully into the umbra and looks around listening.*

Martin Kurst: : (( my typing is awfull tonight.))

Jay Carver: ((ok back))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Howls*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Lets his own taper off and steps back slightly.*

Martin Kurst: : *Picks up on the sounds and join with out anyrecognition to the howl. better late then never he thinks.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *totally unaware of the happening in the umbra, he quietly sings some part of Handel's Messaiah to himself in his deep bass voice, while reading Times magazine*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *lets her howl fade, and just stands, watching*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *falls silent having watched Jub for cues...eager for the moot*

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: *finishes his howl right before Jub does*

Alexander Goodwill: *His own howl trails off as the others do, remaining crunched down on all fours, his massive head remaining pointed towards the center of the Gathering area.*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *stops howling.*

Martin Kurst: : *Looks at everybody and has absolutely no clue so he searches for familliar face to tag along with.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((Blaarg))

Jay Carver: *lets his howl fade out as the others end thiers*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Once the howling part is completed, he stands and waits for parte dos*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): ((Dang... thought Ed could win it by default *g*))

Jürg Kreigzeug: *has been here.. Player got off later from work and will be out of the shower in a few minutes*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((*snort* You only wish)) *is there was there blah blah*

Kinsey Lash : Is in Crinos, so Martin would know her friendly face. Settles back on her haunches, observing.

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Is still there, being very respectful of protocol.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *walks over to the sofa Eric brought in and sprals out on it, still flipping through that magazine*

Martin Kurst: : *After a few moments thinks for a few seconds. And notices the distinct marks on each one of them distinguishing one from the other for those all in garou form. He takes the time himself to change as he smiles.Walking softly and silent toward Kinsey.**

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *The litany having already been recited Fenrir style by Jublian the acting Master of the Howl, Sandy steps forward...she looks for Bella the "offical" Caller of the Wyld but she is not here** SANDY> I'll take place as Caller of the Wyld. *She begins the Inner Sky rituals* I call forth the spiritual protectors of this Caern. Tonight we honor mother Rat who has guarded this Caern faithfully. *takes out some cheesy popcorn* With this small symbolic offering we do pay homage. *everyones skin prickles as the Caern seems to come alive...a powerful looking glowing white rat spirit appears...a hoard of rat spirits take up the Chimerage offering*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Watches, muttering his own respects to Fenris and Wolverine.*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He smirks at the cheesy popcorn, but is more than reverent otherwise, observing protocol.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *watches the rat spirit, always glad to see it...*

Martin Kurst: : *Thinks to himself. Things to do list. Please spirits. Find a team. Eat the sandwich before it goes to waste. Should have gone to the bathroom first.*

Jay Carver: *just watches*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *a smile of pleasure, thankful that they rats are still guarding the caern..*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Rat accepts the offering...thank you. *Sandy bows to the totem and it nods...fading out but it's presense not gone* Rat accepts to further protect and defend this sept. We also give honorable mention to Cockroach, Pegasus, Fenrir, Stag, ...*pretty much all the tribal totems of sept members**she then brings the rituals to a close*

Jeremiah Seymore: *pulls a jumbo bag of M&M's out of his back pack and eats them one by one while engrossed in an article about Tom Dachle*

Alexander Goodwill: *Remaining quiet after the howl as well as staying in his war-form for the time being, not exactly standing near anyone at all. A visiable shiver runs down his body at the feeling of such power radiating through the Umbral air, a brief wolfish grin crossing his muzzle.*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Thinks... "Sorry, Unicorn and Chimera."*

Martin Kurst: : *Settles himself next to Kinsey and makes himself comfortable. having no clue as what to do next other then be silent and listen.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): SANDY> Now Grand elder Danni Steamroller and the Truthcatchers Edward and Linda will oversee of the Cracking of the Bone. With the Truthcatchers present, none shall interrupt a speaker without permission or be removed from the moot. Let no lies stain these procedings. *nods to Danni*

Kinsey Lash : Listens, observes.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Sandy, and looks to the others, shrinking back down to homid* We'll go back to tha real world for this part, so everyone can have their say... And first person that speaks outta turn gets chucked over tha fence. *smiles sweetly, and steps back to reality*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Shifts to Homid, then steps sideways himself.*

Jürg Kreigzeug: *half-assed descrip method:* *is presumably standing by Hadrian and Jublain, in Crinos, attempting to look his least-rabid and most somber*

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks up when Danni slips back across and stuffs the magazine and bag of M&M's back into his backpack*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : *homid guantlet boom*

Jay Carver: *shifts to homid and goes back to the real world*

Alexander Goodwill: *He lets his breed form over-take him when others do so, hands briefly dusting at the sleeves of his coat before he too steps back across the Velvet Shadow.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *crosses back over and returns to Homid*

Jeremiah Seymore: DD- *He has short, dark brown hair and green eyes. He looks 20 or so years old and has put on lots of muscle recently. He is wearing khackies and a burgandy-red sweatshirt with the word "Veritas" across the front in white letters.* Char Page-

Jürg Kreigzeug: *and on that note, shifts to homid and follows Jublain through the gauntlet*

Kinsey Lash : Goes back to homid and the real world.

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: *shifts back to homid and steps back to reality*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glances around to make sure everyone has come back*

Martin Kurst: : *Looks at everyone shift back. He sighs softly and shifts himself back to normal. at least he had a few more moments like he wants. the real form. And he steps the gauntlet.*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Does like everyone else* ((This is gonna be the only time I say that, for the record *g* Assumes if you don't see me do it, that I'm sparing the room one of the two-dozen "Steps sideways", "Howls", "Shifts", etc. posts...))

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits up straight, putting on that profession demeanor he usually reserves for work*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Steps it back to the real world, used to having Unicorn as an also-ran. One horn=pillar that doesn't get noticed until it breaks. On the other hand, it's a caern dedicated to Rat, thus the also-ran status is deserved. Could be worse.*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He shifts back to Homid, then heads back to reality.*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Is someone recording this?))

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *In homid, of course*

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: ((yes, I am))

Martin Kurst: : *As he is back to his form in the world he opens his duffel bag and pulls out a sandwich unwrapping the paper softly and eats it quietly offering a piece to Kinsey.*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Fabelhaft))

Kinsey Lash : Shakes her head at Martin, just slightly. Pats his arm as if for thanks and settles back to listen.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing around* All right... State grievances, in an ORDERLY fashion... Ya may not be first, but ya WILL get heard.

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Is grievance-free.*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Waits for the bumrush to begin*

Jay Carver: *just listens, cause he has no grievances to air*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): ((Hmm... what should we do about Threat-seeker? He's supposed to get punished today, but had to bail...))

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks around to see who's unhappy*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((Actually Threat Seeker is ICly not around to be punished))

Alexander Goodwill: *He simply remains quiet and slightly distant from the different groups of people, arms crossing over his large chest as he stands upright, not leaning against anything.*

Martin Kurst: : *Raises his hand to ask permission to speak.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (I'd say timewise we assume it was done at the moot...but lets RP that out on the be fair to player did look like an emergency to be sure)

Scott Timmons “El Lobo Furioso”: ((he was here ICly before... but his mom puked up blood and he had to go))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (He was...his mother was coughing up blood and he left...That is not just ditching to ditch)

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): ((Well, he was here for the beginning of the moot, but his mother got sick...))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((Well he told me a few days ago he wasnt gonna be around but whatever))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *mutters something to the effect that this is the first time she hasn't seen these people tripping over each other to bitch about someone... Nods to Martin* You.

Kinsey Lash : ((Say what? Yes he is Spuds. And Threat-Seekers-p had to go. His mother just came out of hospital and is gravely ill. Threat is here ICly, NPC mode. He was here before.))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (This time...ST time warp, trial will be done on list and it will be assumed to be at the to the list later the charges and such...)

Kinsey Lash : ((*kicks connection*))

Martin Kurst: : *Stand up cleaning his mouth and smiles.* Uhm i wasnt to sure if this was the time or not. But I am pretty happy to meet you all. My name is Martin. Also known as Quickflash. Arrived in town a few days ago. Wanted you all to know.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (Now to the IC Cracking of the Bone stuff we can actually do)

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): ((*Nodnod*))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods a little to Martin* Thanks fer sharin'...

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *nudges Sparky, since he'd be next up.*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: *Waits and watches.*

Martin Kurst: : *And starts wondering if this is what he is supposed to do. They should have shown him more he thinks. Darn there agendas.*

Martin Kurst: : *Smiles and settles himself back down smilling and goes on eating softly.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *glancing around for the next person*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Wants to say stuff about Fenrir behavior but remembers Hadrians talk about some Fenrir elder...oh well she did have a private off the record with Danni*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Clears his throat, looking to Danni and stepping forward, acting all formal and such.* I would like to challenge for the position of Denfather.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : *blows a snot rocket and remains silent waiting for the challenge and what not*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Sparky* Ok... *and looks to Jace*

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks at Justin with blase expression*

Jürg Kreigzeug: *scratches a nut... wait, he's not jubs. Scratches both nuts through his jeans*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((*snicker* ))

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): It is a honorable challenge.

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: ((YEah, Hadrian scratched Jublain's nuts for him....))

Martin Kurst: : *Turns to Kinsey and resist the temptation to ask a few question and simply digs in his duffel bag grabbing his sandwich with his mouth.*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He looks like he just asked to kill Bambi's mother.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Jace and Sparky*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((Well at least he didn't swallow ))

Kinsey Lash : ((*Snickerfits* sick, spuds, sick.))

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: ((Yeah, but Jublain might have to have a talk with Twomoons about putting ALL the parts back before you start sewing....))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*prays for a few IC posts*))

Martin Kurst: : *Pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and starts writting on it. he chomps on the sanwich and grabs it as it falls.*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((small favors. *ahem*)) *Makes his way to the challenge circle, being Bambi to Sparky's shotgun-toting hunter*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((Tho he did wonder what that funny taste in his mouth was the morning after))

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Spuds- Gag, blech!))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *crosses her arms over her chest, settling in to watch...this should be...interesting*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (This IS Archived) *watches* Anyone want to take bets on who wins?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Oooh, my stomach does NOT need those images...))

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:hey, Roxy should thank Had... means she'll have a little less to fear with that lupus thing *snickers*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *gambling on challenges...a Gnawer tradition*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins at Linda* What're we bettin'?

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Turns to Jace, ready to get on with it. He walks with determination of a sort.*

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:and on the note of archival.. *shuts the fuck up* BIC:*mumbles to Jubs* bet ya twenty on the challenger...

Alexander Goodwill: ((*LOL*))*He simply shakes his head at Linda's question, showing he isn't placing bets. He still remains silent, simply watching and listening to the going on's.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Dunno I'm dirt about a hotdog? Might be able to cover that.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*exorcises the demons of genitalia jokes*))

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Steps over by Danni and Linda to watch the challenge. He's got a small smile on his face...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles* Ok, that's a deal. My bet's on Jace.

Kinsey Lash : Personally thinks Sparky will win.

Martin Kurst: : *Sighs as he writes down daring a to speak.* I think i wont be allowed to take pictures as souvenirs for those who might be interested?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): I'll go for Sparky...hes got spunk...if he can get over the guilt. *chuckles*

Jeremiah Seymore: Kinsey- Nah, Jason's a shoe in. *s*

Jublain “Hjarta-Villtnur” Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?)r: ((Don't flatter yourself, Hadrian ain't that good.)) Jurg>>Hell, man, I ain't got twenty. If it cost me a nickel to shit I'd have to throw up.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *He sits, crosslegged in the circle* To gain this position you seek, you must give a riddle I cannot answer. Thus it begins.

Kinsey Lash : Glances to Martin, irritated by his comments, looking back to the challenge in progress.

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He glances quickly at Danni, then back to Jace.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((*can't resist one last comment* Sparky has more spunk than more ways than one...))

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): Jere>> I'll take that bet if you've got something to wager... This one's going to Sparky. *Glances at Jason, grinning a bit to himself*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Martin* Camera happy...just watch the veil dude. Those could get out.

Jürg Kreigzeug: Jubs>>neither do I *shrugs* didn't say I'd give it to ya tonight. *grins slightly... between the state of Luna and his own high rage, its a bit on the forced side*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *gives Martin the same look she gave him last night..."don't you fucking dare"*

Martin Kurst: : *Shuts up and looks at the challenger and the challenged. he starts working at the sheet and makes a few movement with the pen. the writting silent on the paper.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Ed- Neh, I'm not the gambling type. But I'm still rootin' for Jason. *s*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Shrugs to Jere* Who you want to win and who you think will win aren't always the same thing... *smirks a bit, then sighs as he goes to watch the match, betless*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *After all the bets are made, the challenge begins, with a little work from each side. Sparky's apparently good at this. But Then, so's Twomoons. After roughly 15 minutes of riddle upon riddle upon enigma upon ku'an...Twomoons' face finally goes blank...* I yield to the better.

Jeremiah Seymore: Ed- Makes sense. *watches the challenge*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He nods to Twomoons and thinks for a moment...* There is a fishmonger in the middle of western England. He's 6'2" tall, his shoes are size 12 1/2. He has a wife and two children- a boy and a girl- and a chocolate lab puppy. His father was a fishmonger, his mother was a fishwife. He lives in a two bedroom raised ranch. What does he weigh?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Some with those notes...don't let em get out. *glances at Kurst**Has no clue why the newcomer is taking notes but whatever*

Alexander Goodwill: *He moved a little bit to get a better view of the challenge between the familiar Twomoons and the man he's only seen a few times, quietly watching and listening to whats said around him.*

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*raises his hand* I know!))

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): ((D'oh... too slow.))

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): Fish.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((no worries, call that one round one of...god knows how many.))

Jürg Kreigzeug: *bites back a comment about it depending on when the train leaving denver meets with the train leaving Houston*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): ((The last round being "how many hairs on my ass?"))

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:heh... *knows the answer* Martin

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (my character can't read...just knows your writing)

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *After Twomoons yields, he bows his head politely.* You competed honorably, Twomoons-rhya. *Turns back to Danni.*

Kinsey Lash : Gets a smug, self satisfied look as Sparky wins. She knew it.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((Gee, Martin is like a male werewolf version of Ally McBeal. *snicker*))

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): ((*Doesn't wanna know how Jurg found out how many hairs are on Sparky's ass*)) Kurst: *Writting on his pad if one could see the notes who be with the tittle on top. "What not do in a meeting."Theres some small drawings and the first comment: Do not think of your bosses wife.the second after: Do not think about the boss wife thinking about you.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Ha! I won a meal...yeah!

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles at Linda, nodding* With all tha fixin's...

Jeremiah Seymore: *leans back in his seat* Glad I didn't bet on that one.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Stands, nodding his aquiesence* Good luck...*mutters* Yer gonna need it.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Sparky* Congratulations, DenFather.

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:Its as many as are on his stomach... I'll jes' pull them out one at a time with a pair of pliers to keep count... *G* Unless you want to just trust my guess on it....

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:right, I'm shutting up for the archive. BIC:*waits on the next one, hoping one of them gets a little more interesting*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He beams to Danni, nodding.* Thank you.

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Gives Justin a hearty pat on the back, grinning broadly* Congrats!

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks up now waiting for the next order of business (sense her speaking about Truthseekers little breech of the high ban will wait for the list)

Martin Kurst: : *He sets down the pen and smiles to both adversaries. Was fun but then was long. *

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *seriously thinks Sparky won't be thanking her later, but...* Ok, next?

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Now it's his turn to step forward for acknowledgement*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *He pats Ed on the back with a smile.* Thanks Ed.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Jace?

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): I wish to challenge Vincent for his position, Keeper of the Land.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : : ((After talking to Josh recently he told me that Vinny would step down from KotL should anyone challenge ... which means Twomoons gets it without havin to do nuttin but ask))

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Chuckles a bit, wondering how many more positions his pack can absorb today...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to him* Be my guest, though he doesn't seem to be here at tha moment.

Alexander Goodwill: *He reachs into his coat pocket, drawing out his pack of smokes and lighting one of them up. His feral gaze remains moving about from time to time, studying different people but always returning to the center of the gathering when business is being spoken.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *listens*

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Nods* ((Presumably Vinny yields in the challenge, etc))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (LoL anyone have a faxed answer...that would be Vinny's style)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *can't help but grin at that, she had very little use for Vinny anyway*

Jürg Kreigzeug: OOC:AFK for a few

Martin Kurst: : (( e-mail trough a palm pilot maybe?))

Martin Kurst: : *The sandwich finished he rolls up the paper and put it away in his duffel bag.*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Chuckles again, whispering to Twomoons after the succession of the position to him* Now if we can just get Ashe to be Warder... *snickers*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Ok, next victim?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Danni...did she really say that...grins*

Justin “Sparky” (CoG): *Smiles to Twomoons* Congrats, Doc.

‘Twomoons’ Maier (CoG): *Snickers a little* That'd be about fun...

Martin Kurst: *Looks around and thinks. his toughts lost to the world as he sits quiet and watches.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Looks around as well.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (If thats it for the Cracking of the Bone...stories and songs are next)

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Coulda sworn he knew about two other things happening tonight*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Well, guess it's my turn... *stepping up a little* We've got someone here t'night who's gettin' a Rite of Accomplishment.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Well before the stories and songs is the finals of the Dominance game...but that would come dead last in the Cracking of the Bone))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): How 'bout the final part of the Dominance Tournament?

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *His eyes turn to Danni*

Jeremiah Seymore: *listens*

Martin Kurst: *His smiles dwindle a little. He listens to the moment and looks from left to right.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Jube* We'll get ta that, too. *looks to Justin* Get yer butt up here, Sparky.

Latisha Sturgis: ((Tish would have been here the entire time... but player just got on *pouts*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Nods and simply waits his turn again.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Scampers over to Danni*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Also lines up for the Rite of Accomplishment...*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": ((ARG!! My comp is giving me the finger... can someone else archive?))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins at Sparky, then looks to the crowd* Now...honest truth, this is tha first time anyone's asked me ta do this, so bear with me.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *lines up behind Sparky for the Accomplishment Rite*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He nods, smirking* It's the first time I asked anyone to do it, so don't worry.

Alexander Goodwill: *A faint smile touchs his lips when the Grand Elder says that, a amused look flickering along his features before it fades back into his impassive look. One finger idly flicks the hot ash from his cigarette before he takes another long drag from it, watching.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": ((thanks 2moons))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (So to final round of the tourniment?)

Latisha Sturgis: *Tish goes for the Rite of Accomplishment, as player tries to figure this out*

Martin Kurst: *He goes at looking at the caern from head to to toe so to speak. seing from his sitting place vantage points. Place for good pictures good snoop corners and such. Going trough his notions and sighs.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *clearing her throat a little, and extols Sparky's virtues and honor, at her own unique style*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Steps forward again.* I also have actions to call forth.

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He blushes a little at hearing others talk about his accomplishments.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *And--when it's his turn, of course--details Hadrian's service as ruthcatcher, honorable challenge of Medea, and victories in tournament, before stepping up to get one cast for him.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *And has no qualms about performing Danni's for her.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (When you send sheet updates keep inventory on what you spend XP on and if gift or tite, where or who you learned it from...if it's outlandish we'll say so, if it's logical it gets approved)

Jeremiah Seymore: ((A'ight))

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *steps up for his own rite of accomplishment*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Sandy of course would be helping with the Acomplishment rites*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *has GOT to get out and start killing shit as a pack again. Eagerly looks forward to his rite of war*

Kinsey Lash : Ditto. ((gotta reboot))

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *just stays where he is... Danni's silent shadow*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Ahh... rites galore. Steps up for another one if he can- for glory.*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sits there looking like he's paying attention*

Alexander Goodwill: *Watching the Rites of Accomplishment performed on each of the people with a close eye, having long put his cigarette out and ignited up another. One hand briefly passes through his hair before both arms cross back over his chest, taking a moment to once again glance about at the others present.*

Martin Kurst: *Listens to the announcement and just simply gets down slightly. Wallpapering.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, smiling a little as all the groovy fun goes on*

Martin Kurst: *Then stop looks around and smiles. trying not to snicker.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *grins a little and looks to Jube* And who's fightin' tha final Dominance contest?

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *gets comfy, waiting for all the rites of accomplishments to get over with*

Latisha Sturgis: *Gets her Glory, sits back down*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): ((Wow that's... a large... time.))

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Winces, stepping forward a bit and raising a timid hand at Danni's question... He looks over at the Get, a look of dread in his eyes*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): Danni>>Ain't sure--I ain't the one runnin' this, I'm afraid. I know Hadrian's one of 'em, don't know who he's facin'.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *finally something to be interested in ... Hadrian rouses himself and steps forward a rather threatening grin at Eddie*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *practically giggles at Edward's look towards Hadrian. settles for a "whoohoo! VIOLENCE!" grin.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *she quirks a brow at Eddie, then chuckles*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Steps back, and looks to Twomoons.* Would it be wrong to put on cheerleading skirts?

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods to Hadrian and Eddie* Ok, boys, have at it...

Alexander Goodwill: *Again an amused look passes over his broad features, his feral gaze focusing on Edward for a moment. He remains quiet though, as usual and simply watchs.*

Jeremiah Seymore: Kinsey- Now that they're just getting into the tourney stuff, what did you have to talk to me about?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Gets a little growly next to his packmate* A'ight Eddie...ya go in there, an ya hit 'im an ya don' stop hittin' 'im till 'is ass is onna mat ya hear me Rocky....

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *His heart drops into his stomach... this is gonna suck.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *steps sideways for the contest*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Grins, watching.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): You can wear a skirt, Sparky, but Jace ain' got tha legs for it. *chuckles*

Kinsey Lash : "I'm heading away for a while, in the Umbra." She tells Jeremiah, quietly.

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *waits for Jubs to go sideways so he can hitch a ride to watch*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Puts a hand on Jurg's shoulder, the contact necessary to act as Opener of the Way, and fades across the Gauntlet.*

Latisha Sturgis: *looks at Kinsey, raising an eyebrow*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Follows into the Umbra, stretching a bit as though it will help. Before they begin, he walks over to the massive Get* ~lv~ Can I speak to you a moment before we begin?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *blinks* Eddie? You.....gunna fight the Fenrir? Damn....good luck. *looks at Hadrian, thinks rabid dog*

Jeremiah Seymore: Kinsey- For how long?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): Danni>>Feh. I got better legs for it then you...*Yeah, he knows he just insulted himself* Fity bucks on Eddie, who wants to cover it...

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *runs his hand with mock-vain over his leg.* These legs are like those of a god.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *steps sideways*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *steps across the least she can offer some healing to Eddie when this is all done*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *once in the Umbra he reverts to his birth form and quirks an eyebrow at Eddie speaking in his normal volume which is to say loud* ~HT~ What do you want?

Alexander Goodwill: ((*And lets Lex go to NPC mode, since all he's gonna do is watch and listen, as normal.*))

Kinsey Lash : "I don't know. As long as it takes.. " Pats Jeremiah's shoulder. "I'm going to watch the tournament final." And goes Umbral again.

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Speaks to Hadrian in a low voice so the others can't pry...*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *He steps sideways with everyone else to watch the finals, rubbing his hands, prepping the touch in case he needs it.*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Snorts as he steps across* If the god you're talking about is Heaphestus...

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *promptly shifts to crinos, once in the umbra. His clothing remaining except for the shirt, which melds with his fur. The spiky hair becomes spiky fur running between his ear and down his neck. Drops to all fours, eagerly watching.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *follows Danni*

Jeremiah Seymore: *sighs as once again he's alone in the GA. He takes his magazine out and flips though it*

Martin Kurst: *Smiles and waves hello to Jeremiah and smiles. He gets up and Sidesteps.*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): ~HT~ 20 bucks on Hadrian.. or a bottle of Jack. Or both.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *points at Jurgen* I'll take that action...

Latisha Sturgis: *Steps sideways*

Jeremiah Seymore: *waves to Martin before he slips over and resumes reading the magazine*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *quirks a brow at he nuts, betting against Hadrian*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *nods in acknowledgement to Twomoons*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Doesn't bet* This aint even funny.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *nods agreement with Linda*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Bet established. You bet on your packmate, no matter what.*

Justin "Sparky" (CoG): *Keeps his money, but does a little cheer.* C'mon Ed... you can do it.

Martin Kurst: *Looks to Ed and wonders. if he was able to get this far is to choice either is is stronger then he looks or realy damn lucky. Looks at the adversary and reconsiders. And finaly declres insane.*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): May luck go against the Fenrir...maybe he'll trip...or some other miracle will happen...*mutters* yeah right.....shit.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *His mood...seems to have lightened a lot since the challenge section for some reason. He's standing a little straighter, looking less like he's got an overloaded duffen on his back*

Latisha Sturgis: *Stands next to Kinsey*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *looks to Linda* Hey, Eddie's made it this far...maybe...

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *snorts and growls slightly...the little Auvirthi is trying to save himself from the asswhipping as should be expected...bah First Blood matters not to him...* ~HT~ Fine then the first to draw blood wins ... *like that's going to stop him from shoving his claws down Eddie's throat...and in response Hadrian shifts down to Hispo and the warty hide seperates the fur and protects his body as the knowledge of the For-Eldra fills his mind* ~HT~ I am ready when you are...

Kinsey Lash : Leans her shoulder, lightly, against Latisha's.

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Glances back at the encouragement with a weak smile... the question definately lingers as to how he got here, and only a miniscule few truly understand. Still, he's his own strategy in this battle... and it's hopefully that strategy that will keep him alive*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *gives a good solid look at Danni* Yeah maybe if he was you.

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks terribly bored as he reaches the end of the magazine, flips to the front, and starts scanning it all again*

Latisha Sturgis: *leans back, speaking quietly* Where you goin' Alpha?

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods, first least he won't have to heal too much damage*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *has to nod to Linda on that one...well maybe it'll be over quick*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *sighs as Eddie talks Hadrian into a stipulation. that's never good... must have something sneaky planned.*

Martin Kurst: *Looks at the camaredire and the teasing and talking. He gets up and settles himself a little further and watches not just the mathc but everything in its all.*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Nods to Hadrian, stepping back to his side of the circle, the thin little man shifting up into a jackalesque crinos, bearing mangy black and brown fur. He turns to Hadrian and nods he's ready...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *mutters* Hope he don't get overeager and "forget" that first blood thing.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): Jurg>>Don't worry 'bout it.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *softly, to Linda* That's what we're here for.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((And roll init))

Kinsey Lash : Murmers quietly with Tish, watching the tournament.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Nods a little, smiling and nudging Sparky with his elbow...Eddies' definitely got a plan here...*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *settles down watching...scrowling*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *settling in to watch, near Linda*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *stays near Danni*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *kicks Scott lightly in the shin, because she can*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Danni>> oww... what was that for?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Grins, watching.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): You looked bored. *grins at Scott*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *looks at Scott and says dryly* Probably because the bosslady wanted to here you say oww....whats your name again...Pepe? *honestly things thats Scott's name* Hi,I'm Linda.

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Danni>> *shrugs a bit*

Martin Kurst: *Blinks for a few moments. He closes one eye and smile as he looks the tournament over. he boxe his hand and smiles.* Click. Ah perfect kodak moment.*And grins to himself.*

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Linda>> *glares when she says 'Pepe'* Scott... I'm Scott... nice t' meecha

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *grins alongside Jubs... sadly, he's probably as tall at the shoulders on all fours as Jubs in homid.. not that I've done the math*

Jeremiah Seymore: *munches a few M&M's*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Scott? Then why does she call you Pepe?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": Linda>> Cause she's a pain in my ass... *smirks*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Hadrian leaps forward and slams his jaws down on Eddie's throat ... scoring only slightly the first time missing completely the second due to Eddie's block but the third however latches on tightly and with a ripping sound the Hispo Fenrir tears out Eddie's throat completely...first and last blood all in one swift move ... all in all it lasted less than 2 seconds*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *And waits for the blood to flow. Or squirt, or escape in clouds of steam--he's not picky.*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles* It's a LONG story, Linda...

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): bloodbloodbloodblood.. c'moooon, blood. Daddy needs a new pair of underwear. wait.. daddy doesn't wear underwear. Daddy needs a new pair of jack daniels...

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *Eddie drops gurgling and reverts to homid before he hits the ground...Hadrian spits out eddie's throat and moves away reverting to Crinos*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Holy shit! Medic!

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Grunts.* coulda played with him a little...

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *blink, booghie, baseballslideforthe healin...*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *rises up onto his hind legs with his hand-claws in the air* WHOOOOOO-YEAHBLOOD!

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *sees Hadrian rip Eddie's throat out and shakes his head*

Latisha Sturgis: *blinks*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *winces...that's the second person Hadrian's ripped the throat out of in the course of this thing*

Latisha Sturgis: *Just nods a little*

Kinsey Lash : Frowns, just a bit. But that's what happens when you play with Get. She knows, she's got an ass whipping from Jubes and Cole.. he's just a crazy mother. Never give that guy a spear.

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *looks at Eddie... ya, he knows that fucking feeling... he glares at Kinsey for a second.... then looks away*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shakes her head* Poor Eddie.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *sort of grinning sort of snarling* ~HT~ First Blood...

Kinsey Lash : Snorts at Scott, not her fault he's shit. He got his ass kicked by a lowly Claith too. Snickers a bit at that thought.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Shakes head*

Latisha Sturgis: *Just looks*

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Blinks back awake again, a hand going the the still nasty condition of his throat. He gives Jason a weak smile, but unfortunately can't muster the faculties to speak the witty quip that comes to mind...*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Well....that was pointless... *sighs and stands up, preparing to go back to the other side*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *holds up his fist to bust knuckles with Jubs* Sweet...

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *looks at Kinsey when she snorts at him... calmly gives her the finger*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Grins and busts knuckles.* That's 50...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): *Steps across*

Kinsey Lash : Just chuckles at Scott, and turns to Tish. "One sore loser. I always thought that our betters were supposed to be mature.." And fades back to the real world.

Jeremiah Seymore: *looks ap as Linda crosses over* Who won?

Scott Timmons "El Lobo Furioso": *follows Danni*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *Puts a finger on Eddies' lips* Don't try talking just yet. *Stands up* that this competition is over, I'd like to know who got the ball rolling, because somebody ~distinctly~ owes the healers around here some serious shit.

Latisha Sturgis: *Crosses to the real world and chuckles* Well...

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *reverts to breed form, sighing in annoyance as he does so. Missed being on all fours.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Helpshis packmate across the Gauntlet.*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *retuns to his packmates* ~HT~ I have no use for the ape currency ... you two can have it ...

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Fenrir...*says unenthusasically* Ripped out Eddies's OK Eddie will live through it. *voice is flat

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): Not a fuckin' clue, Jace, but ya got my blessin' ta find out. *steps back to the other side*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): Hadrian>>you sure man? hell, we can buy you something with it... Hell, you can have the bottle of jack I won from the guy's packmate.

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *heads back across* Lessgo boys...

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((Actually it wasnt hidden that it was Anthony Capelli and Erin Williams who came up with and orginized the tournament ... Erin's idea Anthony's authority as Master of the Challenge to get it rolling))

Jeremiah Seymore: Linda- This tourney was about the stupidest idea ever y'know.

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Still smug despite the constant roar of pain, he touches gently by his throat and winces. Eying Jublain, he puts a hand over his own groin in concern...*

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *shrugs to Jurg* There is nothing the humans create that I cannot procure from the wild...however perhaps the two of you should think to buy a few oak barrels ... if I am to make mead I will need them for the fermentation...

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *puts a hand on Jubs' shoulder to break them both through the gauntlet*

'Twomoons' Maier (CoG): *heads over to his van where he pulls out a couple 50's and an economy size (Read: mondohuge) bottle of Jack Daniels, and heads over to the Fenrir* Here ya go guys...*he's smiling as he says it tho*

Kinsey Lash : "I don't see why it's a stupid idea." She mutters. "Dominance is a large part of Garou society." Shakes her head a bit.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Kept the Ahrouns busy...stupid was certain Garou willing to participate. *gives Eddie a look of pity*

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *assuming he's already back through the gauntlet to keep talking to Hadrian* hell yeah, man. had planned on something like that...

Latisha Sturgis: *She chuckles and keeps quiet... after all, she wasn't part of it*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *shrugs to Linda* I'm Ahroun, you didn' see me in that mess.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): OK...Kept the Fenrir busy? *shrugs*

Jeremiah Seymore: Kinsey- It became stupid when the "game" came to nearly killing people in these little matches.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): *Nods.* Not a bad idea. But don't let Jurg give you advice on the stuff.

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): *Looks back at Linda, still grinning despite himself. He made it to the finals, damn it... He knew the best he could ever dream of was second place the moment he heard the Get enter. To him, he went as far as he could. He won, damn it...*

Jeremiah Seymore: *is chatting while flipping through that magazine*

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): *chuckles and nods* I'll buy that one.

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : *shrugs again* It is both of yours to do with as you wish...I care not how it is spent

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *accepts the jack and money so Twomoons isn't standing there holding them out while the pack rejoices. Gives him a nod of respect for taking a losing bet to back his packmate* Thanks.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): Is the Cracking of the Bone over?

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *and passes the money to Jubs, definately..*

Kinsey Lash : Looks to Jeremiah. "Dominance is no game. Being Garou isn't exactly a dance with the fairies, Germ. We almost get killed all the time, even walkin' down the street. I'd like to know who I can count on if I was in the shit. I'd feel better knowing I had warriors like Hadrian -Rhya at my back next time I go to battle."

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): Jubs>>now you can shit all ya want, bro... *referencing the earlier comment about nickels and puking*

Kinsey Lash : Shakes her head at Scott's comments. Like he had a problem giving her a battle scar and almost killing her form good afterwards, lucky she got that throat shot.

Jeremiah Seymore: Kinsey- *giving up without a fight* Yea, I guess you're right. *flipflipflip*

Kinsey Lash : And NPC mode. ~gone~

Latisha Sturgis: *looks at Jer, Scott and Kinsey* Hey... can I make a request? We're still in a moot... can we leave the backbiting and the sniping for later?

Jürgen ~Tier-vom-Garm~ Kreigzeug (Flaufig Sterb): *smiles a little* That tournament thing was the best fucking idea ever... I've gotta get in on the next one.

Jeremiah Seymore: ((*does the "I'm sleeping till noon tomarrow" dance*))

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (TC): (OK then, the moot is into stories and song and revel...pretty much party time or whatnot, eventually the revel hunt..yadda yadda yadda)

Edward Morgan (Truthcatcher): ((*G* Seeing as how there's little else Ed can do *or more specifically... say...* for the moot, I'm gonna leave him to NPC mode and start assembling to Ratkin for tonight's after session. Anyone who plays in both games can jump in late without penalty... *Goes to character change* Lil' Ed can say any pieces he has or get in any arguements headed his way later... when he is capable of speach.))

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((G'night!))

Jeremiah Seymore: Latisha- Yea, sure sure.

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): #gone#

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Wanna see my new Battle Scar?): ((Where's the Rats?))

Hadrian ~Judges the Vándr~ : ((*is going to go get some food and then sleep* )) *and Hadrian heads out* (*Got to the Gone*)

Danni ~Steamroller~ Cross (GE): ((Guys, I'm gonna bail, I need the sleep))

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