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The Florida Trip

September 27, 2002

Auggy (minordeity mode): (( God miracles their asses there)) *The landing is a bit...rough. The umbral grond is soft, and...sludgy, when they land, and they collectively begin sinking up to about their shins*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *wrinkles her nose a little, feeling stuff (not Stuff) begin seeping into her shoes* Oughta keep the socks for us...

Kylie Wallace: * she grimaces* oh shit don't tell me we've hit quicksand?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *off in the distance, there's a low roar, kinda like an airplane on final approach.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Mmmm sludgy goodness. *Pulls feet, trying to find solid footing*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *grunts and scowls at Perch* Nice landing ya winged rodent...

Kylie Wallace: * she lifts the backpack up a bit ajusting in on her back as she starts to move very slowly *

Valerie Karydikrotos: C'mon Perch knows what's good. I love swamping. Smell the life.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Perch flies a couple circuits around Bens' head* ~This as firm as it not in Kansas anymore~

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *follows Kylie's lead and starts to try to find firmer ground*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *sticks his tounge out at Perch* So where are we goin? *looks around*

Kylie Wallace: * she looks around squinting her eyes to get a better look of her surroundings as she slowly wades through the muck*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Squelches toward the nearest hummocks of plant life kowint the footing is always firmer where roots hold the muck together*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((knowint=knowing))

Auggy (minordeity mode): ~thisway...~ *perch materializes briefly, and flies about 100 yards in a southerly direction*

Kylie Wallace: * she observes Perch and heads his way* Lovely

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Hoys off after Perch. Seems to be quite happily in her element*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *follow the little birdy!*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The footing becomes less firm as they trudge along, and those Star Wars fans may feel a bit like they've been dropped into the Trash Compactor. There's something alive in here...*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *grumbles and gets a better grip on the TV before moving out...would shift to Crinos but his armor would make him sink*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *as they're walking* Ya know we shoulda used our fuckin heads and brought flashlights...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Mind racing in semi-delight wondering if its eels, bass, even dare she hope, Gar?*

Kylie Wallace: * she stops moving veerryyy fast and looks around not budging and if someone is behind her they run smack dab right into her**

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *runs right into Kylie*

Valerie Karydikrotos: What is it Kylie?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The airplane roar gets a little louder, and there's a slight light in the distance, reflecting off the low fog*

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Okay, who's got more then 4 dice for perception+alertness?))

Kylie Wallace: * you can see it in her face she doesn't like this one bit and she looks at the muck below her* Ummm don't know somethings not right

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((5 here!))

Kylie Wallace: ( waves hand mememememem)

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((6 dice over here...))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((Damn, we're an alert bunch! *L*))

Kylie Wallace: ( yes kylie is very alert to asskicking that may be done to her ..nods nods)

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Kylie, Ben, and Ari see in the reflected moonlight, a small, tubular shape, with a pattern of horizontial rings around it, making ripples in the sludge as it heads toward them...very rapidly*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Shoves the herbs inside her shirt so they can't get dropped and wet*

Kylie Wallace: * she blinks and does a soft gasp but doesn't move hoping this one is attracted to movement and nothing else*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: SNAKE! *puts the beer rings in his mouth and draws his axe ... taking a few steps back ... somethin ben's afraid of it fucked is that*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Heads up... *very softly, watching those ripples she makes sure to have one hand free so she can shift and slash if she has to*

Kylie Wallace: * she holds her hand out to Ben* Don;t move

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Kylie, being the veterinarian, can hear the small voice in her head reciting the vital statistics. Coral snake. The dealiest venom in North America. The Croc Guy'd try to make a pretzel out of it.*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Snake? Well I suppose there are some here. So? *Hasn't yet seen it*

Kylie Wallace: * she gulps* Oh shit oh shit oh shit * sounding as if a chant* Val... do not move

Valerie Karydikrotos: Oh fer God's sake. Toss it off with a stick. No big deal. It's just a snake.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *flips the knife around so she's gripping the sheathed blade, and lowers her hand into the water slowly* I'll get it...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *intending to get the snake over the knife hilt and toss it away, as Val said*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Fuck this fuckin muthafucker! *down comes the axe*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *the snake keeps approaching, sliding past and darting between Val and Ben, making a torpedo-like wake in the black water*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Ben! Fuckdamn!

Kylie Wallace: * she waves her hand but before she can open her mouth to protest every's moving* Stop! this one will kill you damn it

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Holds still and seeks to not cause the snake to want to strike at her*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *does her best not to move, fighting the urge to cringe away from Ben's flailing axe*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *the axe comes over and buries itself in first snake, then watyer, then muck. Anyone for snakeburgers?*

Kylie Wallace: * she sighs deeply* oh lovely....* she looks around for more in the area*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *pulls the axe back up and puts it away ... a slight shudder* I hate snakes...I really hate snakes...Perch can't you bridge us closer to the damn Caern?!

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *sighs a little, giving Ben an annoyed look, swamp water now dripping from her* Anything ELSE you'd like to splash on me tonight?

Valerie Karydikrotos: Poor li'l thing. You know, snakes just might be important here. What's the Caern Totem?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *well, that was an interesting diversion....and indeed it was defini9tely a diversion, because the airplane-roar is very loud and a spotlight is arcing towards the group*

Kylie Wallace: * she isn't budging till she doesn't see anymore of them* I don't know Val...hopefully it's not..

Valerie Karydikrotos: Kylie> Yeah, hopefully. *Wry look at Ben*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *perch...giggles?* ~Polite...must be polite and not just pop in~

Kylie Wallace: * she loks towards the spotlight* Seems where spoted

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Val>>I guarentee it isn't snake...Rat and Snake do NOT get Gnawer would ever follow Snake...willingly or otherwise...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Nods and shields her eyes against the light*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Ben> Well maybe it's big Florida-Bug then.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: C'mon, Kylie. *trudging forward, spotlight or no*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Val>>Probably Gator or maybe Panther or hell even a fish totem...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The roar, cuts, and the wave action gets a little distracting...a short looking guy stands up and rather loudly hollers* ¿Qué usted está haciendo aquí?

Valerie Karydikrotos: Ben> All of those are fine. Hopefully not razorback hog.

Kylie Wallace: * she grimaces as she knew she should of taken that semester os spanish instead of sex ed * No speak el spanisho

Valerie Karydikrotos: Um...*Hopes someone speaks Spanish*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *raising her voice* Solo hablan un poquito de espanol! Somos amigos!

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *muttering to the others* And we just exhausted my range of spanish.

Kylie Wallace: * she looks to Ari* well fuck me ..damn it we're saved

Kylie Wallace: * then she's crest fallen* Or not

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: I told him we only speak a little spanish, and that we're friends... *then frowns a bit* Though I messed up my verb in the first sentence...shoudla been hablamos... Dammit...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The man frowns a little, before speaking some rapidfire, heavily accented english* I say what you doing here, eh?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *still muttering to herself* And maybe estamos instead of somos...Senora Vera would throw chalk at me.

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Do all Spanish teachers whip chalk?))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *stays quiet...keeping his eyes out of the light...along with his palms and back...just in case it's a human*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((They all seem to. *Rubs chalk scar*))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((*nod* It comes with the Spanish degree)) *she raises her voice again* We're visiting! Seeing the wildlife.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Waits for Ari to do the talking*

Kylie Wallace: ( did i take spanish? high school is one of drug induced blurs*G*)

Kylie Wallace: * she just stands there looking to Ari her feet really feeling grossed out*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *wishes now that she'd learned Scent of True Form*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *chortles a little* I think you meesed the last tourista boat. *Nods absently* You got another reason for being here? ((Who's got scent of true form?))

Kylie Wallace: ( oh damn i need to wake up..i know that one duhhh) * she does that sent of true form on the guy*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *a line from the "Princess Bride" springs to mind..."Well, I wouldn't want to build a summer home here, but the trees are quite lovely." She bites her lip hard not to giggle*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Another one of those drug indiced hazes eh? *L*))

Kylie Wallace: ( nah this time it's sleepytime tea one *G*)

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Yes, he rings up as a Garou)) *he looks at each of the group, smirking at Ari* Weeeel, come abord then. Watch out for Elvees though, he don' like strangers...

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *speaks even tho his face is still hidden by the fedora brim* Well...I know we shouldn't but we're campin out ... ya know braving the elements and all that...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Who's Elvees? *hopes to Gaia it isn't the snake*

Kylie Wallace: * she doesn't have to be told twice but damn the snakes her make her ansty and she quickly moves to get on the boat*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The guy is...well, a little odd looking. Scraggy clothes, a leather flight helmet and goggles. What he's standing on is a flat-bottom boat with a ~huge~ propellor on the back. There's a small framework with seats for...maybe 5 people, and one thin looking cayman.*

Kylie Wallace: It's probley there pet gator or something

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *following behind Kylie*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Waits til last to board, being far more comfortable with the swamp than the plane. Ah, planes and I don't get along too well. Is there another way I can get to where we're going?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Smiles, showing all 14 teeth, pointing at the cayman* Elvees.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *grunts and moves over to the airboat climbing up*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((DLP. hought it was a plane))

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Val* Val..get your arse on this boat

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *glances at the reptile, then the stranger* Is he friendly? I mean, can I touch him? *innate curiosity surfacing*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Nice caiman. *Boards and moves around the thing with respect, no sudden moves and no fingers near its face*

Auggy (minordeity mode): Val>>Joo can sweem, but I don' reccomend eet. Gators like fleshy weemen.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Fleshy? *Minor irritation*

Kylie Wallace: * she snickers* Oh Val don't worry your just big boned

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *giggles a little at Val*

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ari>>Oh, he friendly, but he theenks your little wiggly things are hees deener...Seedown, eet could be a...buhmpy ride. *strapping himself into the control area and firing up the motor*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Yukk it up ladies. *Sits down wondering if she looks fat now*

Kylie Wallace: * she just eyes the little pet making sure she doesn't have anything wiggly to snap onto*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *grunts and sits down...holding onto the side of the boat with a deathgrip...already looking a little green...motion sickness sucks*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *finds a seat, wishing she could have pet the cayman, but that disappointment fades in the wake of excitement at getting to ride the airboat*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods to Val* Fleshy. *And with that, he slams the controls forward. Those who've ridden with Twomoons in his Scout feel an odd sense of deja vu, as his piloting is nowhere near what would be considered safe, or reasonable*

Kylie Wallace: * she promptly gets seated as the boat takes off and with a offff she's seated*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Holds tight because getting thrown into the water at high speed hurts.*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *keeps an eye on Ben...and decides they're probably gonna lose him...*

Kylie Wallace: We are going to die!!!!! *she looks at Ben* Ahhhhhhhhh

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Conversation becomes difficult, honestly, because this particular motor seems to not have the optional muffler attachment*

Kylie Wallace: * she then giggles as she holds on *

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *laughs, partly at Kylie, and partly in sheer delight...raising her voice to be heard* This is awesome, we gotta get onea these!

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Glances at Ben and fears the hurl* Hey Ben, you'll be fine. Trust me on this. *Shouting over the motor*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *just grunts and keeps his eyes closed...which of course makes it worse*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *According to the sign nailed to a random tree, the speed limit is 75. Their pilot takes his hands off the controls long enough to bring a small rifle up and take a shot at it*

Kylie Wallace: * she is enjoying this as much as Ari and does some yelping and hollaring* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Clench jaw at that*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *answers Kylie back with a whoop of her own, though she flinches a little at the gun shot*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *After about 20 minutes of lefts, rights, and the occasional stolen roadsign, the motor cuts out and the spotlight flashes leftright a few times...*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *the stop after so much speed and moving is too much...and Ben let's loose into the swamp with some projectile vomit*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *And as they slow, there's a definite spirituality about the place, a feeling of...palatable warmth and comfort.*

Kylie Wallace: * she quiets to see what's happening and looks to Ben to se if he's hurled yet*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Ugh.... *wrinkles her nose at Ben* Well, at least he didn't puke on me...

Valerie Karydikrotos: Holy..! *Pulls away from Ben*

Kylie Wallace: * she nods* Ayep

Auggy (minordeity mode): *their pilot cackles loudly* Touristas...

Kylie Wallace: * she smirks at Ari* He's probley not done yet

Kylie Wallace: * she glances around and takes deep breath and lets out a sort of content sigh* Ahhhh feels good here

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Good, YOU take care of him. *stands up, find her balance on the boat with a natural grace*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Kylie> You're right about that. Smells good too..except for the hurl.

Kylie Wallace: Ehhhh hehe...what do I look like a nursemaid.? he'll be okay

Kylie Wallace: Val> and the fishes will eat well tonight * she grins*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *looks to their escort now* What's your name? You never said.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Kylie> Euuu hell, that's gross.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Elvis waddles over Ben's calves, looking between Kylie and Val for a moment or two, and as everyone's eyes adjust, their guide hops out onto a planking* My frens, welcome to thee sept of the blacktop swamp...

Kylie Wallace: * she giggles at Val and then looks to there tour guide* Cool.....

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The caern itself is like...a small flotilla of various grounded boats and walkways. Old rotted pilings, oil-drum floats, and a constant creaking sound. A signpost with a bunch of arrows pointing in various directions with different destinations on them marks the center of the caern. One lonely boat, apparently christened the Gators Tail, is the only one not connected to the other boats. The breeze carries the scents of still water...humid, rotting vegetation and...other things, stale sweat, seawater, and something vaguely resembling cooking meat. Almost everything has been draped with alligator hide. The two dozen or so residents seem to wear some sort of alligator talisman on them, whether it be a Florida Gators shirt, a tooth, or a scar from a bite.*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Their guide smiles a little* Joo never asked.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *groans and pats the caymen as it crawls over him* Oi Perch I'm gonna hurt you for this...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *To the guide* Thanks. *Looks about and inhales appreciatively for the most part*

Kylie Wallace: * she slowly stands up and looks at the sights and listens to the sounds and looks to Val* Welll I'm gonna take a lucky guess and take Croc as there totem..whatcha think?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *grins at the escort* I'm asking now...

Valerie Karydikrotos: Kylie> D'ya think? *Grins* I bet Steve Irwin is a notable name here.

Kylie Wallace: * she looks over at Ben* Hey i got some of the pink stuff in my bag..curls all that ails you....or is that ail all that kills you...or oh never mind it just works

Auggy (minordeity mode): 'Ector 'Slays-Weeth-Airboat', Adren Ahhhrooon Warder. *flashes a smail* And joo are?

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Smail=smile....where the hell did that come from...))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Kylie>>Not on me it doesn't...drugs don't work on metis...

Kylie Wallace: * she looks at Ector* the warder? oh cool

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((You simply will not believe this site. It's all legal herbs as of uet not controlled by law. ))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Ari 'Quick Fingers' Ford, Cliath Phillie, Beta of tha Street Raiders. *grins a bit* And if you're the Warder, I have a present for you!

Kylie Wallace: Ben> well it's home remedy....the pink stuff is just for's mostly herbs and crap..totally drug free...

Auggy (minordeity mode): For me? Wha' for? *has a suspicious/avaricious look as he lifts his goggles up, showing a farly thick raccoon-crust of dirt and gunk around his eyes*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Kylie>>Doesn't matter...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: It's from our Warder, Jason Twomoons Maier. *presents the blade to him*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Blinks a little, but tucks the knife in his belt* So who ees joor frenns?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Guys, intros. *glancing at the other three*

Kylie Wallace: * she steps out of the boat and looks around*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *stands up and gets off the boat...pretends he didn't hear Ari...*

Kylie Wallace: Oh sorry ..I'm Kylie Heart heart and Soul Wallace..Cliath thurge of the Fianna

Kylie Wallace: ( heart= heals ..oy i need sleep)

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Steps up for intro* Valerie Karydikrotos, Crescent Black Fury, Cliath camp member of the Order of the Merciful Mother.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Slides a hand semi-protectively over his package as he hears Val, and looks over at Kylie* Joo got cerveza?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *glances to Ben, it's his turn next*

Kylie Wallace: * she snickers and pulls off the back pack and takes out three bottles of a green bottles* Very good cervesa...* hell alchol is universal*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Wonders why guys always do that when they first meet her*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *grunts and turns around...lookin the Warder guy right in the eyes* Ben Hawking, Remembers the Pain, Cliath Ahroun of da Gnawers member of the Lone Wolves...

Kylie Wallace: * she snickers and lowers her voice* Cuz they all know you're a ball buster Val

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Smiles subtly at Kylie's perceptiveness.*

Kylie Wallace: ( oh dam dlp I read it as she said it....okay okay 5 mins and i'm going to bed &L*)

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Nah, that's ok. She's just real perceptive. *L*))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *His smile disappears right quick as Ben introduces himself...he jumps back about a foot, a different bowie knife in his hand, and some serious rapid-fire spanish...Ari does make out 'puto' and something about Mother*

Kylie Wallace: * she then quirks her brow* You always seem to have this effect on people?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *quirks a brow at Ben* Your reputation precedes you? *then looks back to the Warder* It's ok...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Stiffens and watches for any sign of what's to follow*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector definitely maintains that stance, a serious white-knuckle grip on his knife, before he forces himself to relax* I am sorry...but thee storiies...we tell them to our cubs now when they meesbehave...

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Damn double post, most evil of fiends.))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *nods to Hector a little, glancing at Ben..she tries very hard not to think about it* He's ok now. *and hopes she's right*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *smirks* No shit? Ya say Slays the Song will come get em if they're bad?

~Anna: (Darn it lost some post with that 'Timeout')

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *kicks at Ben's shin with a half frown* Quiddit.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods, sheathing the knife* no sheet.

Kylie Wallace: ( and will have kylie do something at the caern as I need some sleep)

Kylie Wallace: ( waves and poofs)

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Glances up and down Ben and wonders if that hurt or if it'll give him a swollen ego*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hector>>Well Slays the Song is dead...

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Nite Kylie))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Val>>*it's only cuz she's pack that she can tell that yeah it hurt...alot*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *glancing around, taking in the surroundings again*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods* Jes he ees. *steps forward and embraces Ben briefly* Pleese. I must ask joor beeznees here?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: We came to visit, seriously. *nods* Our Warder said he knew some folk from down here, and that it'd be good if our septs got to know each other on friendly terms.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *lets Ari tell em why they're here...turning around a minute and lowering his head...the fedora brim hiding his face...*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods* Twomoons...he ees, known. A leetle soft in thee head, but he has a good heart. Eef not for heem, we would have been at war weeth the Glasswalkers een Miami...

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((and I need to take about 10 minutes to make a coffee/smokes run. Just realized I'm on my last pack, and the store closes in about 20 minutes))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she grins a little, proud of her favorite mentor* Cool...!

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Holds back a smile at Twomoons being described as soft in the head*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((Addict! *L*))

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((He's making a coffee run to the store when I just sent him bags of coffee and coffee accompaniaments. Must go through it real fast.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((Wacko...))

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((No doubt he's a wacko. Look at the company he keeps. Us!))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((Hey, I resemble that remark!))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((*chuckle* ))

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((*kills the intermission music*)) *Hector turns, and walks carefully down the planking* Walk on the left side...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Steps to the left side and comes along*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *following Hector, walking on the left side*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *picks the TV back up putting the 6 pack on top of it and follows Hector*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *the reason for walking on the left is painfully clear shortly, as an apparently young metis is being chased by a woman with a rolling pin, both of them shrieking rather the metis hits the right side of the planking, it begins to creak dangerously and finally give under his weight, dunking him up to his neck and creating a vaguely unsettling feeling that the walkway is not entirely stable*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *blinks a little, and hesitates like she'll help the metis out of the murk...then thinks maybe she shouldn't interfere...and as a result, she stands there for a few moments, blocking the good side of the path*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Well...*Raises an eyebrow and keeps firmly on the left*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *looks at the chaser and chasee...a sad smile on his face remembering his one and only attempt at a novel...and Medea's reaction to being the main character in a trashy porno romance novel*

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((And under normal circumstances, I would reference the Grenade-like Effects of a Crinos Fallinmg Into Swampwater Chart...)) *hector reaches down and pulls the metis out, scolding him in Spanish, and thumping his head once before sending him on his way*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *relaxes a little when she sees the cub sent on his way, and grins at Hector*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Her eyes follow the Metis until he's some distance away.*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *In due course, they make their way to a relatively solid looking boat...apparently a nice fiberglass Bassboat, with a good-sized shack built on/around it* Thee grant Elder ees waiteeng...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *glances at the others, then heads on inside when Hector indicates*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Steps in behind Ari*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *shifts the TV in his hands and heads onto the bass boat*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The interior is spartan, and almost every inch is covered in swamp-gunk...chairs, tables, the gas-lamps even have a slightly greenish hue to them, casting the place in a very...unnerving light, for those who remember what balefire looks like*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she remembers...she got a face full of it at one point. She shudders lightly*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Dominating the sole chair is an older-looking man, of sorts. This man hasn't bathed with soap since he was Cliath. A surprisingly chunky fellow, his hair is some indeterminate shade of...maybe it was red once, but it's currently a matted offgreen. His beard dangles to about his knees, it'd probably give him a nice Santa Claus kinda look if it didn't have a baby alligator crawling around through it. He's...dressed in something that would appear to have been culottes, no shirt. What teeth?*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *remembers what that looks like rather vividly...and has to literally smack his head against the top of the TV to push Havaragorn's memories out of his fore mind*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *'s what happens when Santa and the Swamp Thing have a child...*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Makes herself expressionless, except for polite attention*

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((*L* Sick Ari))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *He stands, tossing aside a well-worn copy of The Cat in the Hat and extends a slime and grunge-covered hand* Papa Joey 'Swamprat', Athro Galliard, 'n Grand Elder here. Please...sit, or stand, or do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Does a nice non-commital and non-bodily contact nod/bow and stands back, arms folded over her torso*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *puts the TV down and shakes the GE's hand with his own getting this outta the way first* Ben Hawking, Remembers the Pain, Cliath Ahroun of da Gnawers and member of da Lone Wolves...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *without even flinching, she reaches out to shake his hand...she already smells like beer and swamp, what's a little more grime* Ari 'Quick Fingers' Ford, Cliath Phillie, Beta of the Street Raiders, from the Sept of the Talking Junkyard.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Valerie Karydikrotos, Cliath Theurge Black Fury, and part of the Order of the Merciful Mother at your service

Auggy (minordeity mode): *If the old guy has a negative reaction, it doesn't show* Remembers-the-Pain...the stories are true. Your pack is a good one.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Cocks his head at Ari* I don't know that name. How did you come by it?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *snorts* Say that after you have to live with them...*whistles and calls Perch to him* This here is Perch...he'll be good...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Semi-grins a bit at Ben's quip about the pack*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *a small smile* My RoP. Had to lift something from a shop.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The gator takes a protective position at what is probably Joey's mid-section* Valerie...*noncomittal, really*

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>I've heard the stories. Any other pack woulda waltzed into the Silver Record for what you folks done in Seattle.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Yeah but who really wants to believe a Gnawer metis a Fang metis and a Gazer Lupus could do anything other than run errands for the "Important Garou" ... I used to be bitter but now I don't really care...the deed itself is more important than the recognition...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *quiet, seems that Ben has more to offer the conversation at the moment*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods* The deeds' done, and the folks who give a care remember. Now...what exactly brings you four here fropm Kansas?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Our Warder, Twomoons, thought it was a good idea for our septs to be acquainted. He said he knew some folk from down here.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Well aquainted does he want our septs to be?

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Reaches inside of her shirt and takes out the bags and small jar*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she shrugs* I'm guessing good terms. He thinks we have a lot to offer each other, in terms of aid in times of trouble, things like that.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *grunts* Very aquainted then. *looks over to Val* Is that what I think it is?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *grins a bit, stepping aside so Val can give her gift*

Valerie Karydikrotos: It probably is. *Slight smile as she holds out the offering of Awakened Cannabis* And these others are Awakened Mugwort for visions and Comfrey-Lavender tea for childbearing ills.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *holds out the TV* And this here is a battery powered idiot box for ya...can watch the humans be stupid on that Survivor show...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Shakes his head* No wonder yer Warder's soft in the head. No disrespect, but the night before he left, he was imitating somebody called the Croc Hunter...goin' on about how tickling it was dangerous, and how we were supposed to watch as he slapped it around with his dick...*smiles at the memory* Alice almost made him a eunuch.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *busts out laughing, even as she blushes darkly*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Blinks and swallows a smirk*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Accepts the TV* Hellyeah...the kids been telling me about these things...*a definite gleam in his eyes at this point*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *with his Mimic Gift he whips out Steve Irwin* That one's a real beaut! Now watch carefully as I really piss her off by stickin my thumb right up it's butthole!

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *snickers at Ben, too*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *back to his own voice* I reccomend staying away from sitcoms other than the Drew Carey show...they'll make ya wanna kill every human just ta put em outta yer misery...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey points at Ben, laughing hard* That's it right there...*sets the bribes, er, gifts on the table, chuckling softly*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Sides jerking in silent laughter*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Oh, and one more thing... *pulling the socks out of her jacket pockets* Useful. *sets those with the other gifts*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Sets the br--gifts on the table*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods* Yep. Useful as hell. Now then...why's yer Warder want to have a moonbridge here?

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((The ones not handed over yet..bags))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: Toldya... For mutual benefit. We can help each other out.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Miss Quick Fingers...we both know there's more to it then that. What do you need that we can give, and vice versa?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: I'm pretty sure we both need stuff. There are always gifts and rites to be exchanged... Fighting forces to be borrowed in times of need...

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *since this is Ari's part and not his...* If'n ya don't mind I'm gonna go find Hector and yack with him ...

Valerie Karydikrotos: And would it be all right if I wandered and met your Theurges?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods to Ben*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey nods to Ben* And if you don't mind...I'd like to hear a few other stories, about your packmates. Time permitting.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Val>>Please do...look around for the smiling women and the guys trying to put jockstraps on.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Joey>>Sure not a problem...*heads out and looks for Hector*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *settles himself back down in the chair, focusing on Ari* What's being proposed sounds attractive, but we got a few other moonbridges, and we can get that sorta stuff already.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Rarely caught offguard, this leaves her with a confused blank look which changes to a polite nod and she backs out of the place*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector's feeding a few crocodiles in a small pen of some sort*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she remains standing, almost in an at ease position, and nods a bit* There's always unique things to each sept, though. That one person that knows that ONE gift you need... Or that one talen that no one else knows how to make... What is it you need?

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Walks out and steps off into the trail taken by the young Metis in the hope this'll lead somewhere suitable.*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *walks up to the pen but stays outside it...Perch hanging out on top of his hat* Hey somethin for ya...*reaches into her serape and pulls out a jaegermeister bottle half filled with some thick gold colored liquid* From the Fenrir in our place...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey shifts a little, getting comfortable* You came to us, Quick Fingers. What do you need from us that the other septs you 'bridge with ain't got?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector seems a little surprised* Joo haf Fenreer in joor sept?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *a small smirk* You would be our first moonbridge, I think.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hector>>Yup...4 of em...a single pack...if it weren't fer them we wouldn't be around any more...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Eventually, Val's wanderings take her to a small shack that radiates of herbs and teeth*

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ari>>You've been around for how long, and you ain't 'bridged with one other sept yet? *shakes his head* Gaia...I'd heard you guys were bad off in some ways...but that's shocking.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Whoah..*Stands with her thumbs in her jeans beltloops and admires the scenery* S'cuse me? I'm visiting from Kansas and would like to discuss a seed and plant exchange.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>Do they...reeely bite each other beefore battle?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she shrugs* We took some major hits earlier this year, lost a lotta good people. We're just now building back up to where we're fully functional again, with a Gate keeper and all.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The curtain parts, and Val is regarded by soemone who would quite easily passs as Jimmy Buffet's long-lost brother* Visitor? From where?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *laughs* Nah they do it whenever the hell they feel like it...seriously tho they're just as close to each other as Gnawers are...they got our own family ideals ...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey nods again* You got some good people leading you. I take it your main goal is to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. How you guys set for winter?

Valerie Karydikrotos: From Kansas. I thought that since there's going to be some kind of greenhouse in my home Sept soon, maybe we could do a plant exchange.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: We're ok for winter, as far as food and shelter and stuff goes... We got a new pack who's doing a ton of hunting for us right now. *grins a little* How about you guys?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector seems...not quite confused, but uncertain* But they are not can they understand Rat?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey shrugs* We'll survive, as Rat teaches, and Gator provides.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Val gets a blank look* Kansas Realm? I never heard of it. What's it like?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: They don't...but ya don't gotta understand Rat to understand family...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector nods, slightly* Do they...theenk of themselves as the Important Garou?

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Quirks one eyebrow and tries again* Kansas, the state. Kansas where they get tornadoes and stuff up North.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Yet another blank stare for Val* What's a state?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods to Joey* I think Twomoons-rhya is mostly wanting to make sure we have ties in place, allies and friends to call on, when we need it again.

Valerie Karydikrotos: A . . place. North of here. *stalls out*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: In a way...they're very proud...very firmly set in their ways ... they get arrogant when it comes to how badass they are in a fight but they can afford to be because frankly they are the biggest baddest fuckers to walk the earth when it comes to fighting...more balls than brains tho...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey kinda smiles* He's a smart one. What's yer Grand Elder think of this?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *winces slightly and grins* Honestly? I'm not sure he told her he was sending us down here... They're...the Warder and the Wyrmfoe, I mean...getting kinda protective of her, and I think they try to keep things from her. She finds out, and she's gonna smush us all.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Val's new friend nods, apparently satisfied* I'm 'Blank-Stare', Adren theurge, and Ritemaster/Gatekeeper. *Steps out into the flickering light, and the Jimmy Buffet image is solidified by the red bandanna keeping his hair back, the "Wasting away in Margaritaville" shirt, khaki cutoff shorts and flip-flop sandals*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector nods agreeably* Thees, I have heard. How does your sept...survive, truly? So many tribes...eet must be like Friday night at thee beeech every week.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Blank-Stare> Good to meet you. I'm Valerie Karydikrotos, Cliath Theurge member of the Order of the Merciful Mother *tests to see if this one has the usual reaction* A Black Fury Camp.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey shrugs* It's within his right, but yeah, I'd shit a brick if Hector went and did something like this without telling me. He must have a lot of faith in you. So...hypothetically, if we were in a world of hurt, and had mebbe...10 minutes to get a warning out, how much help could you throw us?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Good question that...*leans against the walls of the pen and uncaps the bottle...taking a sip and blinking* damn that's really sugary...*holding the bottle of mead out* We survive cuz we're usually beset by some enemy...yeah we do alot of squabbling and arguing at each other...especially when the Rats get involved...but when the Wyrm rears it's ugly head at us again even the Rats grudgingly pull in and everyone whips that ass...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Yep, the reaction is there, both hands moving to cover the Family Jewels* Ah...uhm, well, c'mon in.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: It'd depend on who was in at the time, but... Considering that I think the Get are ALWAYS there, you got an entire pack of ass kickers right off the bat. *she shrugs again* There's always SOMEone to send, and they're more than willing to help out. *a small chuckle* Some of the Ahrouns get antsy when there's nothing to flatten.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector takes a slug and coughs a little* Ees ver' sweet. What about when there ees no enemy?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey's eyebrows arch slightly* You got a pack of Get that'd come to help?

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Thoughtful look, even a little troubled, but she follows him inside*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *chuckles* When that happens I'll let ya know...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods* I think there's...four? the pack. Our Wyrmfoe is their alpha.

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((brb))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *smiles again* Verdad, Recuerda el many tribes are there at joor sept?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Lemme think...Gnawers and Walkers...the four Fenrir...the one Fury...the trio of Fianna...a Strider an Uktena ... couple Children...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey whistles low* Damn, that's like...a pack of them, whaddyacallem, tac-nukes or something? Well, we ain't got nothing like that...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods* They're good folk, for the most part. Different than us, but...good. They keep us in contact with another Fenrir sept, that owes us.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector cackles slightly* If I do not die in a battle, I would see thees sept.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey shifts in his seat again with a slight squishing sound* So...really, what does Twomoons expect we can provide?

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hector>>Ya'll have lots of problems here? Seems like an easily defended place from natural geography...*his old Warder skills coming out*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she shakes her head a bit* I'm honestly not sure. He kinda sprang this trip on us tonight. If I had to guess, I'd say he has nothing specific in mind, other than making sure our asses are covered, in the future. I know that we also need people to help train... We lost mosta our higher rank people, and a lotta knowledge with them.

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Back after performing hardy pioneer woman tasks))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector shrugs* A lot, a little. The eevil ones do not attack from the /físico/...the ground makes eet deeficult, and Alligator gives us strong protection. The Umbra, they make attacks from there. Many of our theurges have died this summer.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *nods* What do ya'll do for spiritual protection?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Blank-stare shows Val in. his place is cleaner, sort of. The weeds are dried, and there are a lot of driedor drying alligator parts* So...what, makes a Black Fury run with a Gnawer bunch?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey frowns slightly* We ain't got too many higher-ranks ourselves. Mama Salida, but she's about to give herself to Gator soon.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector grimaces* For now, we pray. Ees it hard, keeping the Veil in a city?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *tilts her head* "Give herself to Gator"? *surely that can't mean what she thinks it means*

Valerie Karydikrotos: Blank-Stare> I work at a Presbyterian Church as part of my Camp's directive and be "suggestion" from an Elder within. The Church is located in that part of Kansas and there are no other Caerns to go to. I wasn't sure what it would be like, but I've gotten to know a lot of the Gnawers there and they're good people. Reliabe Garou, too. And there's a pack from out of the city that I've gotten to like in some ways. They may eat cats, but they're some of the most solid Garou I've ever met. I've found ways to be useful there, and it allows me access to a Caern. Oh, yeah, and my Pack Alpha is an old friend.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Nah not when fucking up means death or exile...and geezus Hector if I wasn't a Cliath I'd thump have no Guardian Spirits?

Valerie Karydikrotos: Well, he's Warder too.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey nods, sadly* We had an attack, bout a month ago. She lost her legs, and she can't see. She gets...fits, almost every day now. When she's coherent, she tells us stories, and begs us to let her die.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Val>>Makes sense to me. You, uhm, gotta lotta theurges?

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *frowns in concern* Healing didn't help? What happened?

Valerie Karydikrotos: Blank> We have a fair amount now. There's *mental estimate* Five or so. How about you? Are there many Theurges here? And if so, I wass wondering if you have any Rituals specific to this location.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>Wee have many Guardian spirits, for now. But we have...only 1 theurges, and one cub. Blank-stare ees...almost overwhelmed.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hector>>So in other words ya have no generals ta run tha troops?

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ari>>No...we tried, but Blank-stare can only do so much. He's a good theurge, but he ain't no miracle healer. We thought about askin your sept if you could spare Twomoons, but when we heard he'd become Warder, that thought went south. 3 Dancer were on her, spoiling attack. Just rotten luck, only kind Gnawers got.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: But Kylie's with us... She heals, she fixed Danni-rhya after Linda went apeshit on her... Or we could take her home with us, and let Twomoons-rhya look at her... Probably can't do anything about her legs, now, but her eyes, maybe, and these fits...

Auggy (minordeity mode): Val>>I'm it. One cub, about ready to be Rited. We had a ritual or two, nothing really strong. Only Mama Salida knew 'em, and she's almost lost to us. *nods to a curtained off bed*

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>That eees...about the situation, in a nutshell. Cherish your theurges, amigo. They are strong in ways we cannot know.

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Looks to the curtain and back at Blank* Lost?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Joey hunkers back a little...looking very, very solemn* If yer Kylie could take a look at Mama Salida, and fix her...That'd be good enough for a deal right now.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hector>>Well I had the same problem...I found a temporary solution if yer willin ta hear it...

Auggy (minordeity mode): Val>>I tried. But...we got attacked, about a month ago. 3 Dancers, jumped her while she was off gathering coral venom. Bit her legs off, and the coralsnake bit her in the eye.

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>I've never been too proud to hear wisdom.

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods to him* Definitely, Kylie will look at her. But like I said, if she thinks Twomoons-rhya could do better, we'll take her home with us gladly. *she's nothing else if not compassionate*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hec>>What ya do is get a couple Incarnae if ya's hard work but if ya can get em ya set THEM as the Generals to watch over the spirits and run em until ya got the Theurges to do it themselves...helps if yer gettin ones that are part of the Caern Totem's Brood...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Eyes narrow with a subtle wince* Is there anything I could do? *Already picturing the potential necrosis from the venom, the atrophying stumps.* I'm not bad with herbal medicines, but I can see you're probably as good or better. Have you tried any Awakened ones?

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ari>>Good enough. *stands firmly* Lets go get Kylie, then.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *Perch coos and whispers in Ben's ear*

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: *she nods to Joey and lets him lead the way out* ((On that note, since Kylie's not here and I'm about to fall over anyway... *grin* I think I'm gonna duck out))

Auggy (minordeity mode): Ben>>Blank-stare...suggested it, but the consequences of failure...Alligator is not kind when he is angered foolishly.

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((*Nods* Night Ari!)) *Papa Joey, Ari, and Kylie make their way to Blanmk-stares' boat in due course*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: Hec>>Would things be easier if the one who got hurt real bad was better?

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Good night Ari))

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ((G'night!))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((Bye Kari))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Nods* Much. mama Salida had great wisdom, and she was a powerful theurge. Now...*a sad shrug* She speaks a lot, when she is not siezed with madness.

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *nods* Take me to her...

Ari Ford {SR Beta}: ~*~gone~*~

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Well, ain't this about a coincidence. *G*)) *Blank-stare's boat is rather quickly filled with visitors, Kylie biting her bottom lip nervously and looking at Val, as Mama Salida's condition is revealed* ((If you guys need to run and take a leak or something, go for it. Next post is gonna take a few for me to whip up.))

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Oh, I just know he's going to gross us out. *Grabs the Dramamine*))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((*chuckles* ))

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The dark rust of what were once white sheets, is the first thing they see. Two bandaged stumps, one at the knee, one at the hip. Mama Salida moves, and the bandages seep something not entirely blood, and the stench of rot is almost overwhelming. Her tissues are slowly eating themselves, finishing the damage done by the attack. In her homid form, she's barely a wisp, she might be as old as 40. Her light mocha skin fouled irrevocably by the stains of infection, she thrashes slightly against the ropes used to tie her down. Her face...the top half is covered in weeping bandages, a tuft of dark hair poking out here and there. Only the fact that she's Garou has enabled her to live even this long.*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Her lips move in a whisper, as if chanting a mantra, and Ari visibly weeps as she translates* She's saying 'kill me'...over and over...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Breathes shaallowly with a closed expression *

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *a sigh which turns into a low growl...Ben turns and tells Ari to go wait in Papa Joey's Den...his tone and body launguage brooking absolutely zero arguement...once she's gone Ben says firmly without taking his eyes off Salida* I want it to be clearly understood that what happens here now is to never ever go beyond this room. Tell your Sept it was a powerful Fetish in my possession that healed her but the truth is to die with you. Understood? *only Ben could so calmly order around two Adrens and an Athro...and sound so good doing it too* That goes for you too Kylie, Val...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Nods to Ben, but waits to see what this is about*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *papa Joey nods, as Ari rushes out, glad to be gone from the scene* {Joey} Twomoons, has been noted for his prowess with the spirits, an' healing. Something like that wouldn't be beyond possible.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Blank-stare, well, stares blankly*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *walks to the bed and kneels down...taking one of the old woman's hands in his...Perch still sitting on his hat and staring sadly at the wounded Garou...* Hec?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector straightens* I will stand guard. *Makes his way outside*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *nods and kisses the old woman's palm* Go ahead Perch. *the pigeon flies to land right next to the bed...the fat ugly little pigeon begins to glow...the light blinding and pulsing ... each pulse and the shape changes...gets larger...when the Garou can see again it's no longer a pigeon in front of them...but something with the head and wings of a dragon...the horns and rear legs of a goat...the forebody and tail of a leopard...the joining of the differant body parts is seamless not jagged or strange looking...the childish innocence of the pigeon is non exsistant in the eyes of the Chimera spirit in it's place...but holy shit does the power roll off the spirit...*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Can't help but soak in the sight of Chimera rather than the wounded Garou for a time*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Papa Joey's eyes widen slightly, and Blank-stare has a ~realllly~ blank stare as he feels the wash of power...Kylie's eyes widen a lot, but she reaches out with what (relatively) little healing power she has*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: * his true form lays a paw on Salida's chest...whispering to her fevered mind ... Ben repeating it openly for the others to hear* You have served Gaia well Salida and your place has been assured in Her paradise, but She has need of you still. Your wisdom, your strength, your spirit is needed still on this world to protect Her holy place and her very flesh. Peace will come for you soon and I apologize that it must wait that much longer...*Ben openly sheds tears as Perch leans opens his reptilian maw and breathes a gentle mist over the Theurge's body...*

Valerie Karydikrotos: *The entirety of witnessing this goes beyond emotional content for her. Just focuses on and beyond the scene*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Salida's form...wavers, under the mist. The first noticable effect is the whispering stops, replaced with a relaxing of the facial muscles, and the whispering stops. The constant seeping ends, and a stretching sound is heard as first bone, then muscle, and finally, skin is regrown from the powerful mist...the ropes fall slack as Mama Salida ceases her struggles, and the mist dissipates slowly. A silence stretches for an eternal moment before it is broken with a single, gentle whispered lilt* Gracias...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Turns away respectfully*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *The leg bandages hang, unneded, from where they were torn by what could only be described as a miracle...Kylie whispers a 'wow' before looking around, almost guilty, while the Grand Elder and Ritemaster simply let out exultant howls of joy*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *Perch glows again and returns to his pigeon form...flying up and landing on Ben's hat again...the childlike innocence returning with the form...the pigeon yawns and proclaims* ~ht~ Perch tired...Gnawer lady better now Perch go home?

Auggy (minordeity mode): *During all this, a fat pigeon settles itself on Ben's fedora, preening and looking rather pleased with itself* ~You funny Ben~

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((Err DLP...)) *Ben smirks and stands up reaching a finger to gently stroke the pigeon's back* Better than bein funny lookin like you Perch...

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Fixes a look on Perch* ~SS~ You know, all our kind owe you for that. Thank you.

Auggy (minordeity mode): *perch coos a couple times, getting himself back into pigeonish* ~Perch like Ben, and Val, and Kylie, and Eddie, and Ashe, and Softhead Twomoons~

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *Perch looks at Val and blink* ~SS~ Owe what? Perch got hungry go find bug ... *the pigeon actually pouts* Perch miss something again! No fair Perch always miss neat thing...*pecks Ben on the head* all yer fault Ben!

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Papa Joey smiles softly, cutting the ropes and hugging Mama Salida, as Blank-stare just...looks at Perch with a "I have ~got~ to find me one of those" expressions on his face*

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((OKay, Ben gets to run Perch...I got enough NPC's to have fun with...))

Valerie Karydikrotos: *Eyes Perch with affectionate suspicion and makes a note to find out if the Spirit actually has a split personality or if this is all an act*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *just chuckles and heads out ... smiles and winks at Hector* Problem solved Hec...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Hector nods* Gracias...we will dance a great deal tonight.

Valerie Karydikrotos: Excuse me.*Walks out*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *shakes his head* No Hec thank more life saved to make good for those I've taken...

Auggy (minordeity mode): *Papa Joey heads out, 100% business, clanging an old ships' bell a couple times to announce that Mama Salida's...alive, and well. Proof of that comes as Mama Salida walks out to stand next to him. The dozen or so Garou gathered begin howling madly, cheering and crying, a couple falling into the swamp and wrestling spontaneously...Papa Joey goes back in to talk to Ari, and she comes out to report that as soon as there's a gatekeeper in the JY, there'll be a moonbridge between the two septs.*

Auggy (minordeity mode): *A simple nod and a smile from Hector, and then he rushes to join the cheering masses* ((And with that folks, I think we can call it a scene.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: *stays by himself afterwards...sitting with legs dangling over the swamp and just staring over the Glades...*

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((Yup yup...XP/Renown?)) *returns yadda yadda boom boom boom*

~Anna: ~end archive~

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Oooh...candy time...Val, Ari, and Ben, call it 2 xp, 3 Wisdom, 2 Honor...Kylie 1 xp, 2 wisdom, 1 honor))

~Anna: (adds that to the archive too.)

Valerie Karydikrotos: ((Nice one. It's as good as a double tall caramel latte with one inch of velvet foam and a whisper of nutmeg.))

Auggy (minordeity mode): ((Remind me not to show this archive to my TT group. They'll freak and beg me to ST for them again.))

Ben Hawking ~Remembers the Pain~: ((That was a badass scene))

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