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Linda's 'Adventure'

February 14, 2003 (date on e-mail)

*Note: Minior Editing, I removed the times posted.

Linda: OK Linda has no idea where to look for vampires but would touch base with the rabble to see if any homeless are suspiciously weak or turning up missing*

Auggy (ST): Hmm...valid start...What's Linda's Charisma+streetwise?

Linda: (OK...: 4,3,2,2,6...1suxx)

Linda: (OK whats that get me?)

Auggy (ST): *The Rabble mostly closemouhted, one obviously young one mentions something about a freaky new club Somewhere on the east side. Linda does catch some muttering about 'forgetting where she come from" as she walks away...*

Linda: *looks at them* When rat calls I go.  *to a BG rabble obviously and walks away*

Linda: *She will check out this club place*

Auggy (ST): *Grumblegrumblebitchbitch, but they lower the volume so that Linda can't hear (or can politely ignore) what's said*

Linda: (did she get the name of the club?)

Auggy (ST): *The club, named Club Marquis, from the flyers, is an exceptional BDSM type of place, advertising nothing but an address and a cover, promises "Exquisite Pain" for it's patrons. $50 to get in for the men, $15 for women*

Linda: *figures the curse will help her out here...bums some money off her mate*

Auggy (ST): *Money is handed over with a grunt and a "what da fuck ya need money fer" from Spike*

Linda: *A promise of him getting laid is enough to convince him*

Auggy (ST): *he's a guy, duh. The walk to the east side of town is slow, the bitter cold making life difficult*

Linda: *Once she has the money she heads to the club*

Linda: *Shes Garou and used to this....more like shes Gnawer and used to this...doesn't like it but is used to it*

Auggy (ST): *The club has an exceptionally long line, with approximately 1 in 3 people being turned away for various reasons...* (perception+Streetwise, dif 7).

Linda: : 10,4,1,4,7, ...1suxx

Auggy (ST): *Not sure why, but there's a reason some are getting turned away and some aren't-it's definitely not random chance. Eventually Linda's turn comes up, and she's looking at a 6"3' slab of shaved-bald leather, with a lot of scarification on his arms*

Linda: Hiya there.  Need ID?

Auggy (ST): *a low rumble* Yeah I need ID.

Linda: *has a fake one through her mate**hands it to him*

Linda: And I saw an add....15 bucks.

Auggy (ST): *The door bouncer gives the ID a very cursory glance, then looks at Linda* You a top?

Linda: (a what?)

Linda: (player IC doesn't even know that)

Auggy (ST): ((I hang out with too many weird people, apparently. top=dom, dominatrix. Bottom = sub.))

Linda: (OK Linda would know this) Course I'm a top.

Linda: (Linda can cause pain LoL)

Linda: My buttom though...she too damn sick.  No fun.  Maybe it's time I find another.

Linda: *smiles*

Auggy (ST): ((*Snickers*)) *a nod, and a hand extends for the cover* To the left.

Linda: Thank you.  *goes to the left*

Auggy (ST): *The left reveals a fairly nice cloakroom, gently scented. Walking into the club is dance club Linda's exer been in. The floor is small, tiny even. The theme, is leather. Lots of leather. The lighting is almost nonexistent, and the smells of blood, stale sweat, and other substances hangs like a low cloud over the main room. Metal rings of varying sizes line the walls.*

Linda: *She will try to get in and keep an eye out for crap thats even stranger then S&M*

Linda: *she looks for a cloak she could borrow...or something*

Auggy (ST): *Eyeballin the main room, there are a few people who have, well, spare outfits. Not much in Linda's size, most of it seems too small*

Linda: *She looks around carefully*

Auggy (ST): The place seems very, open. Person A walks up to person B, words are exchanged, and person C who was leashed to person A is handed over to person B.

Linda: *Shes looking for an outfit*

Linda: *or at least some chains or something so she can look the part a bit*

Auggy (ST): ((Ah)) *After a lot of looking and a couple sneezes, Linda sees someone who has the look accountant, maybe? He's got a collar and leash around his neck, and something that appears to be about Linda's size.*

Linda: (?) I'm looking for a spare outfit here.

Linda: ?

Linda: (don't ask where the icon came from)

Auggy (ST): ((It came from The black Lagoon. Apologies for not describing it very well,  basically spare outfits are being carried around by people if their primary outfit breaks a trap or gets, uh, messy. *ahem*.))

Linda: *goes over to the accountant* (this is going to be the weirdest night of Linda's life...remember she has rage4)

Linda: Whose your top "boy"? *talks to him like a submissive*

Auggy (ST): *the Accountant shivers, and lowers his head* Mistress is playing with someone else, Mistress.

Linda: I outfit got ruined...both of them.  I want your spare got it "boy'?

Auggy (ST): *hands it over, his hands are shaking slightly* M...mistress? May I know your name, so that Mistress knows who has Mistresses' clothing?

Linda: Fuck off.

Linda: Maybe we'll actually do that later.

Linda: *heads off*

Linda: LMAO this is sick.

Auggy (ST): ((*snickers* But does she get the outfit?))

Linda: (oh man)

Linda: *should say heads off with the outfit if she can*

Auggy (ST): *The outfit is grabbed, the accountant-type just nods numblooking as Linda  walks off to change*

Linda: *She changes feeling fucking wierd...oooh Twomoons will get pay back for this*

Linda: *Thinks Fangdagger stows her clothing carefully and heads into the club*

Linda: *Linda is looking for...anything odder then the usual S&M stuff*

Auggy (ST): ((The lengths people will go to for one of those...)) *the outfit isn't much more then a series of straps of leather for, well, not quite modesty, but apparently effect. Scanning the club as she walks out, there are one or two quick glances, and an appreciative nod. Participation appears to be paramount, with a few people heading to an unmarked door, about one pair every 15 minutes.*

Linda: *she looks around for a top that looks bored and has a submissive she can overpower easy...for looks*

Auggy (ST): *It takes a few minutes to determine enthusiasm for boredom, but eventually, Linda sees a pair that appear to fit the bill. The bottom is screaming for his life, seemingly*

Linda: *goes to the top* My buttom is sick...I was wondering if I could borrow yours. 

Linda: *stands arrogantly immitating the behavior of the others*

Auggy (ST): *The top raises his eyebrow slightly* A pity, indeed. *Hands over the whip* Perhaps Juaqin could use...a womans' touch. (Perc+Alertness, dif 9.)

Linda: (failed)

Linda: *looks at the submissive* Shut up "boy".  Why thank you.  I'll give him back in a little while.

Linda: *takes the whip*

Auggy (ST): *Juaquin is released from his shackles, and coughs once. He's bleeding from several dozen cuts, and the top has a very...disinterested air*

Linda: Well come on "boy" Don't keep me waiting. *jerks the leash and walks off with him*

Linda: *thinks this place is sick*

Auggy (ST): *he stumbles along, shivering slightly from one of those weird cold pockets* ((Okay, Linda's got an outfit, a whip, and a sub. Not a bad nights' work so far...))

Linda: *She studies her submissive*

Linda: *She then yanks him along looking around for anything odder then the rest of this*

Linda: *She figures she will have to do a token abuse the guy in a bit*

Auggy (ST): *in the dim light, features become sort of tough to discern. He's got his eyes toward the ground and seems to know a little bit about the layout of the place. Both finger and toenails are painted black, and flouresce when they walk through blacklights*

Linda: *tries to get a closeup of the if arrogantly looking for something*

Auggy (ST): *his voice is a bare whisper* How may I serve thee, Mistress?

Linda: *looks at him* Anyone around here like biting?

Auggy (ST): *a nod and a whispered* Many enjoy biting, Mistress.

Linda: *toys with his ear inwardly hating this* Anyone particularly good at it?

Linda: *she twists his ear* You like that don't you?

Linda: (causes alittle pain)

Auggy (ST): *a slightly excited whispering* Yes, yes Mistress...shall I scream for you? Master Johnathon does not like it when I scream...

Linda: Maybe later.....answer my first question "boy".

Auggy (ST): *blinks* Oh, yes Mistress, there are many here who are good at biting. Master bites better then anyone I've ever known.

Linda: You like that "boy?".

Linda: Your Master seems to like drawing blood....*touches the wounds with intent to cause pain sense it is what is expected*

Auggy (ST): *He's...not quite smiling, but his general attitude conveys pleasure at what Linda's doing* Yes Mistress...

Linda: *any of the wounds particular?*

Auggy (ST): Master feels bruising is undignified, Mistress.

Auggy (ST): *None appear to be very deep*

Linda: Lets go have some fun.  Come on boy. *jerks the leash*

Auggy (ST): *He follows wordlessly*

Linda: My pet likes biters...she was good.  But shes disapointed me lately...I might trade her.

Auggy (ST): Will Mistress and Master be trading slaves?

Linda: Doubt are just because I'm fucking bored.

Linda: *pulls the leash*

Linda: *goes into the funny little room*

Auggy (ST): Yes Mistress *His voice remaining at a whisper, following Linda with his eyes downcast.*

Linda: *Once in there she takes a good look around...figures fingering his wounds and whipping him will be enough...*

Auggy (ST): *If the main room was weird, stepping into the backroom is downright unreal. Medieval would be one way to describe it. There's several small bowls under burners, and the heat in the room is incredible. It looks like part foundry, part Inquisitors' dream. A man standing at the door with an executioners' hood looks at Linda, then Joaquin who nods. Music here is only felt through the walls, not heard.*

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Auggy (ST):  *If the main room was weird, stepping into the backroom is downright unreal. Medieval would be one way to describe it. There's several small bowls under burners, and the heat in the room is incredible. It looks like part foundry, part Inquisitors' dream. (more)

Auggy (ST): A man standing at the door with an executioners' hood looks at Linda, then Joaquin who nods. Music here is only felt through the walls, not heard.*

Linda: *nods to the man and jerks the leash as she enters*

Linda: You will sceam.  I like screaming.

Linda: *looks around for something that will mark up the fool submissive alittle without killing him*

Auggy (ST): *Joaquin looks like a bobblehead doll* Yesyes mistress, I will scream to please you...*Most stuff here looks like it will permanently damage someone if it's used for more then a few minutes. An oversized birdcage seems to have the fewest sharp objects*

Linda: Get in the cage...*lashes the whip hitting his but enough to motivate...she hopes, and really damage him*

Linda: (You just had daydreams about Linda doing this haven't you.)

Auggy (ST): *He hops into the cage with a speed and vigor that seems a little odd*

Auggy (ST): ((*snickers* Nope. Never thought about introducing the gangbanger to an S&M club.))

Linda: *shen studies the submissive again*

Linda: *pretends to look at all the sharp objects like shes deciding*

Auggy (ST): *He's...quivering, from what though is uncertain. There are several sharp objects, mainly pokers of various sizes, spiked collars with spikes on both sides. about half a dozen sharp poker-looking things are in the fire, glowing a brilliant red*

Linda: *takes a none glowing poker*

Linda: You've been a bad need to be punished.

Linda: *cracks the whip feeling like an idiot*

Auggy (ST): *the scream is far from commesurate to Joaquin's suffering, especially considering he hasn't been hit yet* ~punish Meeeeeeee~, mistress!

Linda: *She jabs him with the poker* Scream!

Auggy (ST): * A high, keening wail almost sets Linda's teeth on edge as Joaquin gets poked with a cold poker* (Perc+Alertness, 7)

Linda: (1suxx)

Auggy (ST): *As Linda's looking around a little, she realizes the guy in the executioners' hood has probably been here all night, but he's not as ripe as would be expected*

Linda: *notes this and spends a good ten for 15 minutes torturing the him a few good marks, bleeding ones...not enough to really damage him*

Linda: Pity your a loan.  But your master probably wants you able to stand. *sneers*

Linda: Get out of the cage "boy". 

Auggy (ST): *a slight nod* Yes mistress...*his voice is choppy and raw-sounding* Master would like me to stand. *Both him and Linda are fairly sweaty at this point*

Auggy (ST): *He extracts himself from the cage with some difficulty, wobbling slightly*

Linda: Oh come on. *lashes the whip...but not striking him this time*

Auggy (ST): *He manages a respectable screech, but doesn't yet move*

Linda: *lashes him a good one now just wanting to dump the dweb off*

Auggy (ST): *Screeches a little louder, but still doesn't move*

Linda: Whats your fucking problem "boy"?

Auggy (ST): *whispers* Mistress does not have my leash.

Linda: *gets the leash**smiles* Don't you like the whip?

Linda: *has the leash now*

Auggy (ST): *whispers* My screaming pleases Mistress.

Auggy (ST): *Once the leash is in Linda's hand, he follows wherever she leads*

Linda: Yes it does.

Linda: *leads him along jerking now and then on out of the room*

Linda: *is there a bar?*

Auggy (ST): *a very small bar, barely wide enough for two people side-by-side, the Executioner simply nods as they leave*

Linda: *nods back and brings the dweb back to his master*

Auggy (ST): *Going back into the main area is like walking into a walk-in freezer from a sweltering summer day, Joaquin's master is idly pressing a cigarette into the palm of someone*

Auggy (ST): ((There should be a period in there somewhere...))

Linda: *looks at the master* I didn't break your pet.  Thanks for the loan. *hands over the leash*

Linda: *said in the same meaning as break your toy*

Auggy (ST): *a discreet nod* I am glad he served you well. His screams were excellent?

Linda: Yes.

Linda: Thank you.  *figures now that shes done the dog and pony show she can get a drink...and observe awhile*

Auggy (ST): Pity. *Looks over Joaquin as if examining a poodle*

Linda: Oh don't worry he got punished he walks too slowly.

Linda: *orders a drink...uses some of the loaned money*

Linda: (don't ask where she stuffed the wad)

Linda: *She watches the door with the hooded guy...looking to see if anyone coming out of there does not sweat*

Auggy (ST): *a touch of a smile* I shall correct that fault. *Getting a drink is a fairly simple task, as most people aren't here to get drunk. Surprisingly, most of the drink selection seems to be wines and other low-alcohol beverages* ((And I don't think I want to know where the cash came from))

Linda: *pretends to get pleasure from the occasional screams that come from the room while shes observing*

Linda: (I think shes acting demented enough for this to not draw attention)

Auggy (ST): *It takes a few hours of nursing a drink, but finally a rather unique group of four go in and walk out about 45 minutes later. Two of them appear to be sweating fairly heavily, and the other two don't have a bead of anything on them.*

Linda: *pegs them...she then goes back to the changing room once her drink is done...she returns to her regular clothing and exits the building...she looks for someplace she can hide and watch for those that didn't sweat*

Linda: *Oh and she drops off the outfit back with the accountant in an arrogant fashion*

Auggy (ST): *theres' a dumpster out back. The accountant-looking dude squeals slightly when the outfit is returned, and when he thinks Lindqa isn't looking, sniffs one of the chest-straps*

Auggy (ST): ((You may cringe. I just did.))

Linda: (uh yeah)

Linda: *She hides out to wait for her targets to exit...*

Linda: (what a werewolf will do for a hunting)

Linda: (can we stop here?)

Auggy (ST): ((I scare myself.)) *Communing with the dumpster isn't all that bad, it hums a gentle tune and says nice things about Linda's pack until a group of four finally does exit around midnight*

Auggy (ST): ((Well, I can freeforall the combat. 15 minutes max))

Linda: (Uh OK)

Linda: (OK on with it)

Auggy (ST): ((*Switching to fast-combat mode. Linda coming out in Crinos or what?))

Linda: *She waits for them and makes sure theres no one in sight besides them*

Auggy (ST): *Quick check, all's clear*

Linda: *She goes Crinos...whatever doesn't sweat in there isn't human*

Linda: *Yes shes going to kill them in several nasty ways*

Auggy (ST): *The two who were sweating when they came out promptly scream and ball up into a nice collective fetal tuck. The two that didn't sweat or scream quickly split up to flank Linda*

Linda: (shit forgot the submissives)

Linda: (That IS what I was looking for you avoid a veil break)

Linda: (That was the point of looking around)

Auggy (ST): ((Ahhh. Backpedal slightly. The two that weren't sweating go on way, the two that were go in another direction.))

Linda: *OK follows the two odd ones a bit...and at a good place goes Crinos and attacks*

Linda: *away from the submissives*

Auggy (ST): *Once it's clear, it's, ahem, rude. The two are good and know how to fight, sort of, but they move slowly compared to a pissed Linda in full on fur, fangs, and beertab necklace*

Linda: *yup bet shes burning rage*

Auggy (ST): *Not to mention that the two have absolutely no reach whenLinda extends her arms fully, shoving one against the wall for safekeeping while dealing with the other one*

Linda: *She tries to leave there heads in tact for now*

Linda: *the can take a wild guess*

Auggy (ST): *ooooh...Garou dentistry....impressive. Trash heap, uh, takes care of the now slightly rotted corpses in bondage-gear*

Linda: *She doesn't insult heap with such taint...she throws them in the sewers like any good Gnawer*

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