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Story Night in the Yard

May 4, 2003

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Everyone thinks twins are the same, and most times they're not. Andrei was a jock, the kid that was getting laid before he was 12 and letting the teachers catch him smoking just because he knew he'd get away with it. Kevin was the quieter type, but typical of the Fenrir, anyone hunting trouble with him disn't have to go far to find it. Andrei probably ended up in more fights than Kevin, but Kevin didn't have a bunch of ass-kissing teachers to back up the Team Captain.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Wala.

Michael Stevens: *shakes his head'no' to Viv at the question, remaining safely on the hood*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *listens to Jubs story*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *grunts* Jurg, not Kevin

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to Linda* Alright...

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Gives Jurg a Mental poke*Jurg>>MS- Ahhhh...he called you Kevin...thats so cuuute. *that oughta make him squirm a little*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *looks at Jurg* Not sure why you don't like your birthname. *said to Jurg*

Vivian Weiss: Listening to Jub tell the story.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *shifts his eyes over to Cassy*~ms~ call me that and I'm carving "dyke" in yer forehead. try gettin' layed then

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): It's always difficult before your First Change--people can sense danger in you, and they look for trouble just to prove to themselves that they're not scared of it. Andrei was weak, and it's not surprising that he broke first--scattered a bunch of goth-kids all over the locker-room. I don't know for sure who's behind it, but likely it was either Jurg's father or his grandpa that organized it--Andrei was "murdered" and no one found a trace of him. Jurg was officially the killer, a modern-day Cain and Abel, and he found out the pigs were after him.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Linda>>'cause Kevin died a long time ago

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Winks at Jurg. Payback for the can*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *listens*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Whoa....yer father set you up? *looks at Jurg*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nudges Linda a little*PS- common...let Jubs tell the story boss...hehe

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *grunts to Linda* who knows? Dad didn't care enough to ask where I was at night, doubt he'd make that kinda effort to ruin my life.

Vivian Weiss: That would explain why their grandfather wouldn't tell Viv's parents what happened.

Michael Stevens: *crosses his ankles, lights another cig and listens*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *nods*

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *listens*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Lights a smoke, and Listens*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): They're still looking for him, technically, but I doubt anyone remembers. For awhile, though, he had to lay low, and when he started hanging out with the gangs again to make a living, Andrei decided to correct him on it. His gang-members--closest thing to a packmate anyone non-Garou can know, really--were found ripped wide open or scattered all over the city. When he finally found him.--well, what did you do the first time you saw a Garou? Took him about three days to recover from that, and eventually he went hunting with a cross and a gun and a Bible.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *grumbles* Yer brother was a dick and a veil breaker.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *and as Jubs mentions his bros getting killed.. fortunately in minimal descriptiveness... Jurg's eyes do flare with a bit of the beast within, growing silent as his folds his arms over his chest, fingernails digging into his palms*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to Linda, and whispers* I gets way better...

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Linda>>*grunts* it gets better....

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): (( I = It)) *Watches Jurg with a little bit of tension in her eyes, she'll never get used to seeing him like that, but least it's not a full moon like last time.*

Vivian Weiss: Her gaze shifts from Jub to Jurg and back again.

Michael Stevens: *keeps a straightface, chuckling inwardly at the dumbass trying to hunt garou with christian icons*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Greg>> Theres yours pack mentality rubbing off on Cassy again...))

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *glances at Jurg*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): He found Andrei again, and this time he Firsted--and if Andrei had been alone that would have been the end of it. But that Sept was a weak one, without discipline or honor, and no one bothered to teach him. So Jurg took matters into his own hands--chunks of Andrei's teammates from high school, his old friends, even his dog, were piled into Andrei's den. He wasn't able to find the bastard alone again, but eventually Andrei dropped sword and fled. We still don't know where he was killed or who killed him, but for certain he died in the Purge. The damned Auvarthi he was in didn't give him a Rite of Passage for something like three years, so he did it himself--and that's where I found him and we formed this pack.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): When the haze cleared, his fucking cunt-haired muzzle was grinning. *disturbingly cold, unlike last time. looking a little distant* I still had bits of his teeth stuck in my arm... thought the red in my eyes was hate.. was also his blood. Was bein' held down by three guardians.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): This was a Fenrir sept? Sounds more fucked up then Whispered word was if it can be believed.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Linda>>not a fenrir sept. mixed. Auvirthi. a waste.

Michael Stevens: *rubs his arms a little, getting a bit of a chill from the cold rage felt from the vans*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): No. Several different tribes. A ShadderLord ran the thing, with a Silver Fang he owned. The was the Truthcatcher, and there were at least two fixed trials that I knew of--one when the Shadderlord violated a challenge, and a second over she who was my sister.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Oh.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* I'd like to know who killed him, but we don't know where he went to.

Vivian Weiss: Viv shakes her head, she never thought she'd hate her grandfather.... she always gave him the benifit of the doubt, even when he refused to let her come to visit him.

Vivian Weiss: "Thank you Junblian.."' viv stand and walks over to Jurg... giving him a hug -- what do you know Fenrir can be gentle.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to Jubs, then give Jurg a reassuring smile* Beers Anyone?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): Yeah I could use one.

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *sees Viv hug Jurg.... awww... a Kodak moment....*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *pauses a little at the hug, the rage very palpable on him, the only reason he's not tearing stuff apart is a combination of effort from knowing Viv might get hurt, and the early moon phase. takes a moment, but returns the hug, leaving a little blood on the back of her dress from his palms* he's who ruined 'drei.

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): Cassy>> Ya, hit me

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Cassy>>Grab me a whole six pack.

Michael Stevens: *lights another cig*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* Yeah, please?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): In a way my beginnings were simpliar...well my family didn't screw me at least. Though my dad...I think he was Gnawer but he'd been gone sense I was eight...and my mother. Not a very smart woman or very loving. Worked alot and didn't have time to know where the hell I was. I did all the hood stuff. Dropped out of school, dated the wrong men, joined a gang. You can take a wild guess where my future was going. Probably was gunna end up like my ma.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Looks at Jurg, and tosses him her newly filled flask* It's 151, better than a six pack. *heads to the fridge, and grabs beers for all those that asked, and dishes them out appropriatly*

Vivian Weiss: She release the hug, "I wish I'd known.." she step back, his rage making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* I was a bit better off. Whipped half my high school before two Cliaths came to get me. Got me alone in one of the garages and beat on me 'til I Firsted. After that, I went through my Rite of Passage and headed to the Amazon.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): I'm shall we say not the type to just let myself be another gang ho. Oh I mean gang dudes girlfriend. But the way they break up and cheat well really they let themselves be passed around like hookers...they just doing it for free for the gang prestege. Harsh to say it now...but I was just a dumb girl. I didn't know any better. But I wasn't the kind to let myself get hit or pushed around. Matter of fact thats why I learned to fight early. Wasn't long before I was accepted as one of the homies. Girls can get into mainstream gang...just aint as easy as it is with the boys. I got my colors and all. Then the Bloods started honing on in the territory. Got pretty bad then, alot of gangwars and killings.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *N ods, listening.*

Vivian Weiss: Not that she tryng to void Jurg... but she moves back over to where Michael is.. taking a seat beside him again, rubbing the back of her neck.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): I got caught alone and off guard....but I had a gun. Problem was back them I couldn't aim worth shit. Ran outa bullets and three Bloods cornered me in some back alley. Worse I heard them talking. They knew I was Chuck's girlfriend to boot. They was going to each have a piece of my fine ass, and then kill me and leave me as a calling card for the Lions. Nice guys eh? Well they moved in and thats when my rage got going.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* That would about do it.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): I don't remember specifics but I do remember the alley painted with their blood and me in rags and alone....really I was like in shock. Til this bum named Jed among the rabble found me. He brought me to a nearby gathering of the family and they took me aside and told me all about what happened. Once I understood things...and it wasn't immediate...took a month or so...I was actually happy. Of all the bastards I had to firstchange on they were thems that deserved it. Thems nearby covered it up...not the entire truth. Word was out on the street that somehow I killed them...but the specifics were muddled enough that the veil was in tact. Police weren't an issue. They had been avoiding the hood for ages. Who cares is three bloods disapear?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:Booted. again. BIC:*catches the flask from Cassy with a nod of thanks... and if you thought he drank like a fish before? uncaps it, puts it to his lips, turns it upside down and drains it until his eyes are watering and he's straining not to growl at the burn*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Makes his way back in quietly through the maze*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((I was gonna post Cassy's history afterward...seeing as how it's such a sensative moment...*S*))

Vivian Weiss: quietly listening... she leans against michael without thinking about it.

Michael Stevens: Viv>>you too, huh? *rubs some of those hairs on the back of her neck*

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *sips his beer, listening*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *recaps the flask and chucks it back to Cassy with a slightly strained* Thanks. *don't think him less of a man. you ever try to turn bottle of 151 upside down?*

Vivian Weiss: She looks at Michael, "Yeah, it's time like this that staying away for Jurg is a wise thing."

Michael Stevens: Viv>>which is why I'm over here

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: *Comes in, still in a grey blazer, dressed nicely in a grey blazer and white collarless shirt and grey slacks rather than in a flannel shirt and jeans, smelling of Vanilla Fields perfume* ((Why the tag is different too. *G*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((*G* Only done it once.))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Linda>>your boys ever need backup... lemme know.

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): My rite of passage was nailing some vamp that was feeding on the homeless. Though the other cubs I ran with parted ways soon after that. I tried to go back to the gangs but where before the firstchange my rage only put people off now and it was bad. I got a rep for being physco-chick now. Seems they think I ritualistically shreaded those Bloods into itty bitty pieces. Sense then I have kinda kept the rep going by doing some enforcer type stuff for em now and then...but I realized I really can't hang with the homies no more. I'm still gang but I am really really fringe. Think I still got the colors because they are afraid to try to take em from me. I gave up after awhile and ran with the rabble...oh I tried Cearn life once before this...but Lords are enough to drive any Gnawer off. Rabble camps were my life until the Spiral war and here. I came out of curiousity and stayed because unlike other places I feel I can actually effect things a bit. So there you go.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Looks around. Nothing's blown up. Cool.* Hey Linda, I'm back and all that. *heads over to the Van for some coffee*

Vivian Weiss: Michael> She chuckles a bit.. but the amusement doesn't reach her eyes.

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *blinks at Val* the fuck? when'd you become respectable? *G*

Michael Stevens: *double takes at Val and TM* TM>>how'd it go? *looks to Val* you feel the sudden need for a cigarette?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): And yes I did bash the Leeches head in with a lead pipe. *grins*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *drinks her beer* The end.

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: Brad> I've always been respectable, but now I look like it too. // Michael> What you talkin' bout Willis?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Michael>>We got a little drunk, I told him, he said something about me being part of a cult, I persisted, he wanted me to prove it, I did, he fainted.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *pulls the bandanna off his head, running a hand through the sweaty spikes, smearing a little bit of the blood on his palms, then rerolling the edge and folding it back over his scalp*

Michael Stevens: Val>>nevermind. TM>>what happened when he woke up? he okay?

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): (need to go to bed)

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *chuckles at Val*

Linda ~Hits heads with pipe~ (S-E-D): *Linda stays for awhile...drinks and then crashes*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:night. Mira

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods* And thats why her and I are packmates....*swigs her beer* My dad was a missionary, at least thats what he lead my mom and I to believe for 7 years before he came home one day and told her he had a little girl my age over in the phillipines with one o'the local girls. *spits* My mom was never the same, after that she found her love at the bottom of a bottle of JD. Kinda left me to raise myself. I rebelled, was strung out on drugs, and involved with the nastiest gang in L.A. county until i was 16.

Vivian Weiss: Just listening..

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: ((Later Mira))

Vivian Weiss: ( night Mira)

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): He's okay, just a little tipsy and shocked as hell. He was zonked out before we left the house.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Looks to Linda, and sighs* I on the other hand, was very insecure, and had no friends, so I did become a "gang ho" I guess you could say *the shame is almost tangeble in her voice* But I was tough, and I didn't take shit from noone, thats the gang mentality, always something to prove. I guess thats how Jose, the leader of 18th street at that time noticed me...whatever. Anyway...I thought i was the shit cause I was his lady, and he took care of me for a while, free clothes, free make-up, free drugs...*sighs, and shakes head...struggling to maintain her composure* I was a fuckin wreck inside, and when the dreams came, I didn't really pay much attention to em, just figured it was all that acid coming back to haunt me...

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ((Night Mira))

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): 2moons>> Who passed out?

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): Thats until Jose got smashed one night with his homies, and figured he would be generous and share me with em...Fuckin cocksuckin bastard *spits the words* Thats the last thing I remember until I came to and found myself standing ankle deep in the gooey mess that was left after I painted the walls with him and his friends....I freaked...first time in my life i remember being scared. Tried to run, but Jonah was waiting for me on the street. I guess she had noticed me a couple years earlier, and had been watching me since...

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Brad>>My older brother. Fianlly got around to telling him he's Kinfolk.

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): 2moons>> Older brother? God, what is he.... 50? *chuckles*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *nods distractedly at Cassy's tale, fumbling inside the van for a bottle of JD. something else in there hits the floor with a thud, ignored. Jurg rips off the seal and twists the cap off, chucking it inside. apparently not planning on stopping until the bottle's gone. Starts on a few healthy swigs*

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: *pours half a cup of coffee and stands just holding it and lookinf over at Flea's place to see if Eisen-Stark's still awake*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): She was a Fury philodox who ran a self defense class for the kinfolk of the Arrowhead Lake Caern just outside the city. Taught me how to fight, how to control my temper...*snorts* somewhat....and like Linda...that was the first time in my life i remember being happy...I met some cool people at that Caern. I had a friend...Sammy ~Rides the Lightning~. They called him that cause thats what he called his street bike. He loved that thing. Anyway...he was killed a couple months before I got hear on a mission that i still don't know anything about...sounds kinda shady to me. I kept his bike, He would have wanted it that way...*pauses, and thinks for a few moments...wiping a tear from her eye* The past still haunts me though, I guess thats just how it is...thats why i'm here...figured i needed to start over, find my own way, make my one knotch in the tree trunk....

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): He's 30. Smartass.

Michael Stevens: *glances to TM and Val* any chance of us hearing your stories when they're done?

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Michael>>Which stories are we talking about?

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): *chuckles at 2moons* Oh 30.... riiiiiight *winks*

Michael Stevens: TM>>first change and history, sounds like.

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: *Takes a drink, having assessed the cub went to sleep and casts a wary glance at Michael*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Lights a smoke, and looks up shrugging* And thats it...thats my story.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *kicks the sliding door open a bit more, motioning with his head for Cassy to take a seat there so they can share the bottle*

Vivian Weiss: Nods... viv's awfully quiet...

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Moves over and sits next to Jurg...When he gets around to handing her the bottle she chugs deeply until her throat hurts to bad to keep going*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): Oh. First change...*pauses for a moment* I was out in the woods, saw these 3 guys skinning a wolf they'd poached. Their bodies were never found. Anyway, after that I went here and there, caused an assload of trouble for Sarah-rhya, went here and there some more, met Brenda, got married, went here and there yet again, wound up here.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods, thinking.*

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: *One corner of her mouth twitches in appreciation of Twomoons' glossed-over telling*

Michael Stevens: TM>>next time, give us the short version... *takes another sip of beer, slipping an arm around Viv and getting comfortable*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Making light of the heavy air around the Van* Yah know...we could all make a shrink, a very, very wealthy person

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Nods seriously* Sorry about that. I'll work on it.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Cassy>>the first time the fucker said I had unresolved issues with my mother, he's be smeared across the room.

Vivian Weiss: chilling with Michael... well not really, she actually quite tense at the moment.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Chuckles.* Or depressed. Mebbe I could think up a story...

Michael Stevens: *looks to Val* how about you? or maybe give your version of Dr Maier's? *grins* this is your chance to give the whole unadulterated story plus commentary. you know you want to

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Jubs>>time we went to Iron Ridge? er. no that's depressing. Time we went to the homeland to see Hade?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *takes another several chugs, clanging his head back against the doorway of the van and handing the bottle to Cassy*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Looks up at Jurg* thats good told me that one a month ago.

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: I'm not that easily led into temptation. Actually I was going to pull what our fine Warder just did, but he did it first, so I'll give you the lowdown on my change. But it's boring, I warn you.

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Chugs from the bottle, welcoming the numbing head change.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): We'll be here listening to her till next week if she does. She's trying to get her mind off the fantasy that once Dan comes around, he'll realize she's the soulmate he said he was looking for.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Chuckles.* Except he wasn't there. Maybe about the wound that almost killed me twice, but I've told that one before....

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Thinks...the looks up* Hey Jubs...the Flea's're better at it than me i imagine...the one about her challege, and wolverine

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): ((Errr..."the" should be "tell"

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: In midwinter, tracks appeared around the house every time I was alone at night, while my parents were out. Big tracks, stopping at the windows that disappeared before they got to the road. Out in the barn, something bled to death all of my hens and left the bodies in a neat design for me to find first thing in the morning. I had raised most of them from chicks like my own kids. Then, there was the dream about the things creeping in through a velvety wall...

Michael Stevens: Tm>>don't worry... I'm sure she'll realize he can fill the void in her. um. heart, yeah. heart.

Vivian Weiss: she just shake her head at Michael's comment.

Michael Stevens: *turns his attention to Val, listening intently*

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: *Pecks a sparkplug at Twomoons from off the stack of boxes at her elbow and continues* In the dream, weasels came in through the wall without leaving a mark and would crawl up the bedcovers leaving black oily tracks. I knew those tracks shouldn't touch me so I threw the covers off and ran out the door into the woods.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* I'll have to talk to Flea about it first, get all the details. *Listens to Val.*

Vivian Weiss: ( would anyone be willing to take up the archiving, I'm about to fall alseep. If not I'll stick it out a bit longer.)

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: Out there it was different. Ran all the way to the base of the mountains faster than should have been possible and along the way animals ran along. Odd, intelligent animals. Not all of them looked quite right even. It was all right then, away from the tainted weasels, and an old black wolf waited on the hillside to tell stories about Greek Mythology, one of my favorite school subjects.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:B-fly>>II'll do it.

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *smirks a little and settles back*

Vivian Weiss: ( thanks Greg.. I'll get the post up till my last post.)

Brad Mullins (SR Thug): ((I gotta get to bed y'all... I'm fallin asleep here.... night!))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:alright. sleep well, Anna. you too, Ryan

Valerie L. Karydikrotos C.P.C.: I still htought it was all a dream, and when he finished I thanked him for telling me these things and went home. The next night, the mustelids were back, but this time the Skinner was with them. I still don;t know, nor does the Metis Uncle who talked to me, what he was, but he attracted corrupted fishers, weasels, even wolverines to him. The change came on conciously that time and the other, clean spirits were still close.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((Y'all have a good night.))

Vivian Weiss: Viv stays for the story telling and leave after the stories are finished. (with that said I'm heading off to bed. Good night everyone.)

Vivian Weiss: ( Last post) *gone*

Cassy Nix (S-E-D): *Nods to Jubs. thinkin he already knew it...* Ok....*Hands the bottle back to Jurg, and stands up* Imma go for a run, and head home...I'll see yah'll tomorrow. G'night....*Heads off into the maze* ((Gotta get some sleep. Tis Cinco De Mayo tomorrw, and because my roomie is Mexican, then by unwritten law my association with him requires my pressence during the binge drinkin in the morning...))

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