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Fun on Mother's Day?
A "BBQ?" and more...

May 7, 2003

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *walks into the gathering area from the direction of the street*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* It ain't all. Still, it's something to work on.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *she nods* Yes, rhya.

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *The young man carries an air of wild confidence about. His gait almost gives away his adventurous to a fault attitude, much like one of an extreme athlete. Raven black hair cut short adorns his slightly chisled face, two sapphire blue eyes set in perfect symmetry on either side of his average sized nose glow with the energy of youth untamed. While his build is athletic, the just over 6 foot frame is hardly lean nor is it covered with slabs of muscle. Over this fine tuned body is a pair of pre-mud stained jeans and a plain black t-shirt supplemented with an unzipped slightly ragged looking brown leather jacket. Black motorcycle boots adorn his feet, buckled up to just above mid-shin.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* From what I seen, you ought to start a little lifting. If you smack him a dozen times before he lands a punch it won't matter, if all you're doing is tapping him.


Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Looks over to the obvious Fang, nods, and turns his attention back to Rane.*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *pauses when he sees Jublain and rolls his eyes* Hi..rhya. *looks around the damp junkyard* Hasn't anyone ever thought about making a bar or something across the street?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glances over to Aaron, but only briefly, returning her attention to Jublain* Yes, rhya. *obviously taking that as an order*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *5'5", 18-ish, with curves that go for miles, though most people would be leery of mentioning to her. Raven's wing hair, falling straight to mid-back when it's not up in a French braid, with one dark purple lock falling over her right eye. That colored streak almost hides the thin scar running from that eye up into her hairline. Her eyes are near-black, and her skin amazingly fair, giving an unintentional goth appearance. She wears black jeans, lace-up black combat boots, and a purple silk t-shirt under a tightly laced black leather vest. Out in public, she also wears black kid-skin gloves, though around other Garou, she's more than proud to show off the stigmata-type scar on her left hand, marring it front and palm, though the hand appears to be undamaged.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Snorts.* Right across from the gate? No, and if anyone does I'll personally kick their ass. We're trying ~not~ to attract attention, not to gather a bunch of apes 30 feet away from the main entrance.

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): Jesus, I don't mean for other people. I mean for us. To gather in a place that has heat and a roof and isn't a thigh deep mud puddle. *he scowls and looks around*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *smirks just a bit* I'll bet this is just hell on your dry-cleaning bill.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods, thinking.* Never had to work out before, although I might start some time, but I'll ask a few folks about it.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Snorts.* Well, you can do what the rest of us do and find a warmer place to sleep. *Gestures to the DoW Compound.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *nods as well* Thank you.

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): I did. I have an apartment downtown. But come can't tell me that some industrious person could clear out one of those empty buildings that surround this place and put a bar up in it. *glances at Rane, then back at Jublain* Oh..but this is one of the infamous Dogs of War I'm talking too and they are always right, so I'll just shut up and mind my own fucking business. *he scowls again and kicks at some mud* Why the fuck I even bother...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Don't worry about it. *Looks over at the pile of logs next to the FMT Van and shrugs, not sure he even wants to know.* I have the Hrafn out looking as well--later tonight, perhaps, there'll be a little action.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *a half smirk* Then I'll apologize in advance for getting my ass kicked.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *frowns slightly and quirks a brow at Aaron*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts.* If you think setting up a bar near to a caern is a good idea, then you ~do~ need to shut up and mind your own fucking business. If you want alcohol, there's plenty of places to buy it--and if you want a warm place, there's enough material around that you can make one easy.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Rane>>*Chuckles.* Ever the optimist....

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): Uh huh. *he just leaves it at that and looks around the clearing again*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *muttering under her breath, in Swedish*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Shrugs and keeps leaning against the pile.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Snobbig liten skit... *still muttering*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Hmm?

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): Maybe I will put that club together. Just to piss you off. *turns and looks back at Jublain* Rhya.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quietly* I said he was a snobbish little shit...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts and turns to face Aaron.* No, you won't. If you do, I will take it upon myself to protect the Veil, first by tearing the place down and then by killing any humans who I believe have seen too much, and then I will find you, take your spine out from the back, and put it back in from the bottom. When ~that~ heals, you will be speaking to the Warder about why you thought putting a Varthi in danger to piss off one of its Guardians was a good idea. Am I understood, pup?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *has to pause a moment to ponder what kind of fetish one could make from a Garou spine...and smiles softly, probably one of the few true smiles you'll see from her*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): How about we make it so that no humans get into it and its a few blocks away from the caern anyways? It doesn't have to be across from the street. *he stuff his hands in his coat pockets* How would it be any more dangerous than all the humans that are around here during the day when junk gets brought in and out? When an average Joe walks by and hears one of us whoopin' and hollerin'? Anyways, there's rites and shit to cover up where we hide and you know it. You just don't like the idea because someone smarter than you thought of it. And you hate it when people disagree with fact, you rather like making them dead, don't you? Rhya. You and your fucking're what's worst about the Garou. Belligerent, old minded, blind fools.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks another brow at Aaron...she should have added suicidal to that description*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Snorts.* If you just want a place where people sit around and drink, it happens here just fine. The humans around here during the day are here, during the day, when most of us are asleep. Likewise, we don't do much 'whoopin' and hollerin' when the average Joe is around. And finally, you're not smarter than me--and you just proved it by running your mouth and earning yourself an ass-beating. Get over here.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *and that gets a grin from her, she goes to snag a beer and get a good seat*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): How about no? *he stays put*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts.* Did I stutter, pup? I said to get over here. You're getting a beating already, how much worse do you want to make it?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *climbs up onto the hood of a car and waits, this should be interesting*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): And I said no. I don't want to end up like Danni. *he starts to back up, but doesn't run, knowing it would probably be useless*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *who is Danni?*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Shifts to Crinos, pausing for a minute to activate Visage of Fenris. Suddenly, as if he didn't seem like a warrior already, he's much more so, the very embodiment of a Get of Fenris. He glares at Aaron for a moment, then lets loose with a fearsome snarl, one that grows from low down in his chest, turning the marrow of Aaron's bones to jelly. ((Snarl of the Predator--Jublain SoP Cha 4, Int 4, PB 3: 3,8,10,9,6,1,7,7,10,5,8,--diff is your Wits + 3, and every suxx is one die less to your pool next round. What's Aaron's Wits?))*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* -1 diff for the VoF, so actually Wits + 2))

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): ((Wits is 4 but with that roll...)) *he blinks a couple of times and suddenly falls down to the muddy ground, quivering up at the Crinos Get, not saying a word*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *smirks a little, raising her beer in a toast to Jublain, then downs half of it*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* He wouldn't fall down, but he'd completely freeze with fear. It only lasts one round, though. and that roll was frickin' great. Too bad I don't get rolls like that when my characters really need 'em...)) *Wastes no time, crouching to set the hammer down and loping to there Aaron is--to pick him up with one huge paw around the waist and carry him over to the firebarrel.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * in she enters 5"7 of her short blonde hair brushed back.Purple octogon shaped sunglasses on the bridge of her nose.She is sporting a pair of mulitpatched overalls and stell toed boots and a beat up biker jacket and a puke army colored small backpack on her shoulder and ciggarette smoke surrounds her*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she takes a drag and quirks a brow coming upon the scene* hmm

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *paralyzed with fear from the snarl, he is like a rag doll in the crinos Get's grasp, until the effect wears off. He then snarls himself* Put me down, asshole.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she peers a bit forward to see who Jub is carrying and she rolls her eyes as it's the rebel without a clue *

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Growls and instead stuffs Aaron head-first into the fire-barrel.* ((*G* What would the roll be for that anyway.....?))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *laughs*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shakes her head and finds something to lean against as she watches the scene*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *Twomoons' old Scout pulls up in the parking lot, and the caern's resident cheerleader gets out, waving to the Boys as she passes through*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *barely gets a scream out before he is thrust down towards the fire barrel. Instinct rules over reason and he shifts to his white-furred crinos self as well, his undedicated clothes ripping around his body. But his build is no match for Jublain's. There is a pained scream as his head is driven into the flames*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *walks into the clearing in time to see Jublain apparently torturing one of the Fangs* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grabs the Garou by one furred leg and jams him farther in, then with a speed borne of Rage he pushes the firebarrel over, plants one foot against the side, resisting the urge to wince as the head begins to sear through the pads of his foot, and with a powerful shove of his leg sends the barrel rolling across the Gathering Area.*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *as she dodges the fire barrel* Jublain! *oh she is SO going to get her ass kicked now* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *tilts her head as that blond little chit yelps* 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Jublian* Your self-control is improving * she smirks * 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts at Ari as he follows the barrel at a walk.* HT--I'm busy. Wait. 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Ari* It coulda been worse....* chukles and just smokes her smoke* 

Morgan Black: *flies in* 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *shakes her head at Jublain* No, NOW. I don't know what he did, but you have no right.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glances up, seeing the Hrafn, and offers her arm* 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *his kicking legs stop the barrel in mid roll about 10 feet from Jublain and he struggles free of the fire. He turns and snarls, screaming at Jublain, Rage winning over instinct for now as most of his upper half smolders and burns, the burning fur melting away to expose his Crinos flesh*

Morgan Black: *sees a comotion and caws, about to land on jurg, but she sees he's busy with...the fire barrel?? so she lands on rane instead*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Walks past, picking up his hammer as he passes it, ignoring Ari.* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Advances quickly, sending a foot into Aaron's midsection.* ((Wanna roll it?)) 

Morgan Black: ~votm~what's going on!? who insulted jub? *bounces a little* 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *shifts to Crinos herself, this is going to get nasty if the Fang can't hang on..she's not even sure which one it is*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((*G* Damn, someone wanna archive this shit?)) 

Morgan Black: ((i can)) 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: That Fang got mouthy... Jublain-rhya is teaching him some of that etiquette they're so fond of. *a satisfied smirk, then looks up at Morgan* By the way, who is Danni?

Gabrielle Tureck: * clears her throat* I thought we had a challange circle for this shit? 

Morgan Black: ~votm~danni was the head of this sept...she and jub had a challenge that went badly, and she died in it. 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): ((Naw, there'd be no dodge.)) *he whimpers and snarls as he's kicked firmly in the gut, causing him to stagger backwards. He tries to regain his balance, but effectively blind and unable to hear or smell where Jublain is coming from, he drops to his knees. His face, chest, and upper arms aren't on fire any more, but the horrific burns are very evident, as is the smell of burnt fur*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Ah... *nods a bit, that explains a lot* Then why isn't Jublain-rhya the new Jarl? 

Morgan Black: ~votm~what did he say? it must have been really, really bad...what did he say? 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ~ht~ Jublain!!! *moving to step in front of's not the first Get she's faced down unwisely...probably won't be the last*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy walks into the GA from the maze, holding his club on one shoulder... Quirking an eyebrow when he sees the conflagration* Right.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Rane and her eyes widen* uhhh * she heads over to Aaron and gets in front of him* Okay Aaron it's me...

Morgan Black: ~votm~because it wasn't a challenge for being the new leader. some other, old argument. that's another story that jub would do better at telling than i would, i don't know enough detail for it.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: The Fang was babbling about opening a bar, nearby, and Jublain-rhya told him it was a shitty idea. The Fang said "you don't like it only because someone smarter than you thought of it". Jublain ordered him to come over for an ass-beating, and he refused, saying he didn't want to end up like Danni. Which didn't make sense at the time, but does now.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *He rubs his forhead* For the love of God, this is not what I wanted to walk into. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Backhands Ari in the chest--with the hammer, he heavy head cracking into her ribs--then with a burst of Rage slams her aside with a shoulder and just ~punts~ Aaron's head.*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *And THAT just sets Rudy off* HEY! Elder than me or not you don't slam someone trying to stop this crap! *Club ready for swinging, Rudy runs over to where Jubes is*

Morgan Black: *whistles, stunned*~votm~that was a really, seriously stupid thing to say, but jub should be stopped before this goes too far. it'll only put jub into more trouble...*worried tone as she watches*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *gets knocked aside, the breath rushing from her lungs with a whoosh... But from the ground, she activates Scent of Sweet's not going to hurt Jublain, but might provide a bit of a distraction*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *unable to tell what is coming, fire being as ruthless to Garou as humans, he takes the hit square on the muzzle. There is a resounding, sickening sound of breaking bone and a spray of blood and fangs as he goes flying back into a wrecked car and slumps down. He barely moans, blood pouring from his burnt face*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Gets between Aaron and Jubes, club ready* Come on! *Flips off Jubes* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks a brow as the prom queen gets her ass kicked...that amuses her...but she nods to Morgan, getting off the car and shifting to Crinos, activating Resist Pain* ~ht~ Jublain-rhya!

Vivian Weiss: Wanders into the gathering area.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ~ht~ Rudy! Back down! 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Whirls to face Gabrielle and Rudy, Hammer at the ready.* 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she backs up in time to escape the punt and grimaces and now stand in front of a blocking Jub from doing anything else*

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *The SR van door slides open.. and out steps erin.. blinking suddenly* what the hell... *his heavy form shifting to crinos as he charages twords his pack beta* ~ht~ ari ((rage shift))

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Growling in Glabro, looks almost ready to frenzy off himself, Rudy stands firm between Jubes and Aaron, club swinging around his head to keep the Get at bay... hopefully*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Jub her arms outstretched* taught him a lesson... 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *moving forward, as lithe in Crinos form as she is in homid* ~ht~ Rhya...this is not a battle worth fighting...

Morgan Black: *screeches and takes off from rane, circling around the group* 

Vivian Weiss: "What the...." blink, blink.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Rudy and Erin* make sure Ari is okay....this issue is it not Jublian- rhya? 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Faces the both of them.* HT--he has been punished--do not heal him. *Grunts as insects start coming out of nowhere--and all to him.* Ari--HT--I will speak with you later of this.

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *his form settles down to a slow walk as he nears Ari.. kneeling down next to her* ~ht~ are you okay? *eyes watching jublain*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *getting to her clawed feet again, wincing even as the cracked ribs heal... And slowly, insects begin to filter in, a few buzzing around Jublain's head, at first*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *lidless eyes roll about, burnt white by the fire. The jaw begins to reset on its own, fangs working to grow back, but the burns do not go away, giving his skinless, furless face a sick look as the bloody fangs grow back*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ~ht~ I'm ok, alpha. *and looks to Jublain* ~ht~ Damn right you will. 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Ok, let's make a little Rage check here, let's hope it's not going to go royally bad..) 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *wrinkles her nose slightly at that...sickly sweet smell* ~ht~ What IS that...?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods and points with the hammer to the practice area.* HT--We will speak of it in there. *Heads off into the Maze, enough insects surrounding him that a slight buzzing sound announces his coming.*

Morgan Black: *starts to fly around jub, helping herself to the insect buffet. may as well take advantage of the situation* 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *he pushes ari back* ~ht~ shift down now Arizona Ford!!.. *moves before jublain* as her alpha.. i accept full responcibility for her actions.. you will deal with me.. not her.. *firm but not harsh*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *melting back into homid, a rather disgusted look on her face* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): ((DLP that.)) 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ~ht~ Leave it, Erin. This isn't your fight. 

Vivian Weiss: Hell if she knows what happened.. she remain the the maze entrance, until some semblance of order is back.

Gabrielle Tureck: ( *Sniffles* and I had a perfect healing roll tooo *L*) * she looks to Jublian* I had no intention of healing him...* she looks to Ari while she stands over Aaron a bit protectivly*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Woo, lucky.) 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts, eye squeezed shut, paws clenched into fists, shaking. The left arm clenches for a moment as he strains to hold in the Frenzy, but an instant later, the muscles slack and bulges move underneath the fur as the muscles, still powerful, pull loose from the bone.*

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *glowers at ari* ~ht~ shift down now.. i am not going to tell you again. go to the van and wait. i will call you over when i am ready for you. *commanding*

Vivian Weiss: ( *chuckle at Morgan*)

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *he gives up on trying to move and just lays back against the car, his muzzle retaking its normal shape. Blood and burnt flesh covers his entire upper body, the burns deep enough that they will certainly leave some scarring*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *For a very brief moment, Rudy's eyes slack to near red, and his feet shift.. But at the last moment something takes control and with a deep exhalation, the Ahroun backs down, shaking his head* Whoof.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks a brow at Jublain...then spies Vivian near the maze, walking over that way* Now is the time for kinfolk to be elsewhere.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Ari* Listen to your alpha....this will be settled at another time 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ~ht~ I shift down when he does.

Steeleyes(MotC): ((reading Bubba the Redneck werewolf))..*steps from the maze looks around* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts, breathing a bit harshly, but the driving urge to destroy seems to be under control.* HT--Before you do so, Glass-Jaw, know that she was warned very specifically about doing exactly what she has just done.

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *glowers at ari* ~ht~ NOW!!! AS YOUR ALPHA.. GO!! *points forcefully twords the van* 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *glares at Erin a moment longer, then turns and heads back to the van. She doesn't shift down though*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks down at Aaron now kneeling next to him speaking softly* Aaron? 

Steeleyes(MotC): *walks over * WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? 

Vivian Weiss: Rane> "I'm gone in a heartbeat if thing don't calm down really quick-like. That why I stayed by the entrance."

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *turns his head towards Gab, sightless eyes staring at her* 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *eyes go back to jublain* ~ht~ i accept the punishment she has wrought upon herself. 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grins at Steel* Just another lovely day in the neighborhood....would you be my neighbor? 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *turning to watch the spectacle, leaning on the junk near Vivian* Things may be settling... 

Morgan Black: *eating her fill, she arcs upward and flies over to vivian, landing on her shoulder* 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Loosening the grip on his club with a crack of his knuckles, Rudy looks to Steel* Jubes went apeshit on that guy there.. *Points to Aaron* Ari tried to stop it and got nearly folded in half.. We hadda get in the middle before Jubes went totally off.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): HT--Steele>>The Fang ran his mouth and was punished. Ari tried to step in, but that matter will be dealt with later. These others have done nothing yet.

Vivian Weiss: Rane> "what happened?" she asks quietly.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *from near the SR van* ~ht~ It isn't YOUR place to punish anyone! 

Steeleyes(MotC): *shakes head..* what he say Jubs-rhya? 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she doesn't touch Aaron not knowing how harsh his injuries are* Aaron it's me Gab...just take it easy and heal yourself..take you time..* her voice is soft and soothing*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Shakes his head* Seems to be an awful lot of punishment for "running of the mouth' lately.. 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *looks over to ari* ~ht~ shush.. now.. please.. arizona ford.. just sit down.. be quiet.. and wait. 

Morgan Black: ~votm~bad, bad business... 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: The Fang got a bit mouthy, Jublain-rhya attempted to educate him, the prom queen from hell butted in, and then I believe you saw the rest. Don't know where the bugs came from, though.

Vivian Weiss: "Hey Morgan." reaching up to give her a little petting. "We're out of here if things go crazy again."

Morgan Black: *grunts*~votm, quietly~they won't now. really, i can't believe that anyone would be stupid enough to mention danni to jub like that.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Remind me to ask him about that, when he's not in such a bad mood, eh, Morgan? 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *he growls softly, his own anger, his own Rage obviously still burning, but he stays put, letting his body work at healing itself.*

Vivian Weiss: Rane> "Ahh.."' she nods, "I couldn't tell you where the bugs came from either, but Morgan here sure got her fill of snack time."

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts.* Erin--HT--When next you speak to her, explain the concept of Rank. She doesn't seem to understand it. Steele>>He questioned my motives when I called his idea to set up a bar near to the varthi foolish. Called me foolish and blind, said that I am what's worst about Garou. "You and your fucking pack" if I remember right. Still, it would have gone easier for him had he come to me when I demanded it of him instead of continuing to curse me as I went to him.

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *nods to jublain standing there waiting quietly* 

Vivian Weiss: She blinks at Morgan, "Oh you're kidding right... he did not bring Danni up.." shakes her head.

Steeleyes(MotC): *shakes head..and sighs*..what a wonderful way to start the evening..did he challange you rhya?*arms crossed looking at Jubs*..or your pack names like a cub ?

Gabrielle Tureck: *she sees his healing progressing well* Aaron....are you ever going to learn * her voice is soft* you can be pissed but you only got yourself to blame for this harsh lesson

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Walks to stand next to his Beta to be* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: He did. He refused to come when Jublain-rhya ordered it, saying he did not wish to "end up like Danni."

Morgan Black: *nods to rane and laughs quietly*~votm~the bugs are a thing that the little blonde does. she did it to jurg before, and she was warned not to do it again.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *piping up* ~ht~ He doesn't need a challenge, he is the judge, jury and executioner, remember?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Shakes his head.* HT--No challenge. He just offended like a foolish pup. Had he the sense to shut his mouth, he would be in better shape right now.

Morgan Black: *flinches* 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Sighs* Oh lordy. When did this place become an Orwell nightmare... 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *snarls again and lets his head roll to the side, eye lids starting to grow back ever so slowly. It will be a few hours, maybe even a day or so, before his natural healing takes care of all of the burns as best as it can*

Steeleyes(MotC): Ari Ford BE QUIET..*looks at Erin* silence her while i do this...please 

Vivian Weiss: Rane> "Bad move on his part." --- Looks to Morgan, "The blond does.. some kind of gift I'm guessing."

Steeleyes(MotC): *jublian:*sighs* of cuffin you would a disobediant mauled him?? rhya..come on..

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: ARI!!!! *swirls to face her* YOU'RE MAKING THIS WORSE FOR ME.. *snarls* NOW SHUT YOUR HOLE!!! WEASEL WOULD BE VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR FOOLISHNESS!! *turns to gaze back at jublain* i apologize deeply for her.. *bows his head deeply*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *finally shifts down, still just fuming* 

Gabrielle Tureck: *she shifts up to Crinos* ht~ Aaron I'm gonna take you to the medic'll be able to heal in peace..I'm gonna carry you there okay? * she gently reaches down and lifts him up *

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: Oh for fuck's sake, Erin, just let him kill me! It's what he'd love to do anyway. 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy just gives Ari a "sorry..." shrug* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Grunts.* A disobedient pup who called me an asshole--which he did, but that was among the minor charges--gets cuffed. One who accuses me of murder and insults my entire pack gets beaten severely. One who adds disobedience to it gets stuffed into the firebarrel and rolled across the yard.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Oh yeah, that sounds fair. Jeebus Crust.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): *emerges from the maze after his patrol in homid*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *waves to Jurg-rhya* 

Vivian Weiss: She glares at Rudy, wanting very much to tell him to shut the hell up.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): *quirks an eyebrow taking a look around. grins and heads for the DoW van* 

Steeleyes(MotC): *crosses arms*..why do i feel like im suddenly a cop at a traffic accident..*rubs forehead*...ok rhya..i understand why you did what you did...well have to have a talk with him to teach him how things get run around here..

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Just quirks an eyebrow at Vivian* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): *nods to Rane and Jubs as he opens the door and fishes around for something* 'sup, Bro? 'sup, Chica?

Vivian Weiss: Bumps Jurg's arm with her own.

Steeleyes(MotC): Rudy: *looks over hisshoulder* your not helping 

Morgan Black: ~votm~i'm glad i didn't miss the event of the night. woulda been disappointed. 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *he doesn't resist Gab picking him up, but he does hold his burnt head as proudly as he can, letting everyone see Jublain's handywork. It looks almost like someone skinned his upper half with all the blood and what not. But it's nothing a Garou can't handle...he'll most definitely live*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He walks into the place slowly feeling the tension of it as he walks in and almost immediately starts to twitch but doesnt seem to stop him.*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *An audible grinding of Rudy's teeth is heard, using all his will to not add a comment to Steel's last sentance*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: You missed the festivities, rhya. *smirks a bit at Jurg* 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *looks to jublain then to steel* ~ht~ excuse me for a moment please.. *he turns and stalks twords ari.. shaking lightly, his rage showing the surface*

Vivian Weiss: (add to the last post) When he passes her at the maze entrance.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): ** Average height of 6'2", weight about 195 lbs. Has short spiked blonde hair. His eyes are amber green. They are usualy covered under oval shaped glasses. Around his neck is a small chain wich holds a small plastic toy dog at the end( picture Milo in the film the mask). He is covered from head to toes. A basball cap is pulled low covering his head. A large red scarf is wrapped around his face. He has a long large brown leather trench coat on him. he wears a long sleeved shirt. a Pair of thick leather gloves are over his hands. the shirt is tucked into them. His Pants are the World war 2 millitary issude pants. His boots are covered in metal plates. He walks around with a dull aura of uneasyness. But strangely no smell come from him. **

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Nods.* HT--Steel, the pup is Silver Fang, he knows ettiquette even if he refuses to use it. I don't expect anyone to bow and scrape, but his behavior is something which I will ~never~ accept.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Clears his throat, gives Steel a smile and leans against his club like a cane* 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *looking up at Erin, holding her chin firm, but keeping her voice low* You know this is bullshit...

Steeleyes(MotC): thing IS did go a LITTLE over board..stuffing him in the firebarrel???*frowns*.. 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): *pulls out a roll of Duct tape and heads to stand at Jubs' left. grins to Viv as well. Chucks the roll to Erin* this might help ya. *props an arm on Jubs' shoulder and listens to the details*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He looks at them all as his eyes glow red.*

Morgan Black: *her caw sounds supiciously like a laugh after hearing steeleyes. can't help it* 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she huffs a bit as even though she's got the stregth carrying around another crinos is heavy and she heads to the van and looks down at Aaron* Ht~ I know I call you's that sound? * she tires to keep things light and gets to the van and opens the door and heads in and gently lays Aaron down on one of the makeshift bed and looks for a sheet to cover him with*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks a brow as that other fellow who just entered seems to be a bit on edge* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): Jubs>>you stuffed him in the fire barrel? *snickers* score, bro. *looks over to Steel* oh please. he'll live.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Sighs and rolls his eyes at Jubs, muttering*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Er, make that Jurg, not Jubs) 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): *backs away from Jubs at the insects* did you kick Ari's ass over that yet? *takes a few more steps away*

Steeleyes(MotC): Jurg: remind if im wrong..didnt a certain AXE wielding former member of this sept say that alot..*looks over at him*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Steel>>HT--Possibly. But I do not believe so. I made it clear that I found his behavior offensive--as if he could believe that his comments were not--and he deliberately continued. He pissed me off to see what would happen, Steel. He saw.

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *lays out on the bed, staring up at the roof of the van, making no sound* 

Vivian Weiss: Viv is watching Rudy... and he's ticking her off in a hurry.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Checks his leather glove and works his neck a little as he lowers his scarf. A most terryfying grin on his face. he looked at the all silently. before walking slowly.*

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *stops before her.. his voice a grating hush tone* ~ht~ you may feel that.. but he is of higher station then you.. and another of higher station asked that you go silent.. ~I~ am your alpha.. also of higher station then you in our pack structure. you're unrelenting mouth is going to cause me to pay dearly. as your alpha.. shut up. as your alpha.. we WILL talk on this later. is that UNDERSTOOD?!

Gabrielle Tureck: Aaron..I'm gonna let you rest..I'll be back to check on you 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): Steel>>probably. But a certain flail wielding member of this sept has yet to attack someone from behind or use a fetish to immobilize them so he could attack. He also doesn't talk to himself in different voices.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: Yeah. I understand perfectly. *biting off each word* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Jurg>>Not yet. Erin's taking responsibility for that act, but considering the air currently, we may just demand a philodox see to it.

Morgan Black: *she sees marty, and tenses as usual, her claws digging a bit into viv's shoulder* 

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): *he grunts and waves a slightly burnt right paw at her, still staring at the ceiling* 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she frowns as she shifts down to hmid* Damn it gotta stop this * she mumbles and heads out of the van closeing the door behind her*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *keeping an eye on Martin* Morgan, Vivian... be ready to leave. *moving to intercept Martin's path*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): Jubs>>seeing as how I already dealt with it once and she did it again, might have to. *shrugs*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she heads to the others and lights up a cigg*

Morgan Black: *bobs her head*~votm~viv won't get hurt, i promise. 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Jurg* Yeah you dealt with it real good...everyone deserves a broken nose......and yeah everyone deserves a hammer upside the head....

Steeleyes(MotC): Jubs:*sighs* no judge..just a warrior...but next time.. ..just cuff him..or ..beat him a little.. ..stuffing him in the firebarrel..IS a bit extreme

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Seeing Rane walk slowly towards him he rolls his shoulders slowly with a smile. Clenching and un clenching his fist. Then looks at her.*

Vivian Weiss: She nods in reply to Rane but is still watching Rudy.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *smiles a bit at Martin...ok, so it looks rather cold, but she's making the effort* Good evening... 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *nods once.. his rage causing him to shake violently.. he turns.. and upon seeing marty.. with that look.. he mutters lightly and starts twords the guy*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (beer good! fire BETTER!): Gab>>nah. not everyone. just ones dumb enough to try and pull that shit. There's somethin' to be said for writing checks your ass can't cash, y'know? 'course, if you got a problem with me, we can handle it here and now. *points to the challenge circle* or you can blow it out your ass and suck it up. Your choice.

Steeleyes(MotC): *shakes head*..this sept needs a ..UNBIAS TC..and i doubt well ever find one..

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Geez, it's like reading an issue of Maxim. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): HT--I will consider it, Steel. But let some dumb pup accuse you--AND your entire pack--of murder, call you and they a disgrace to the Garou, and see how calmly you react. I'm going to go do something about these bugs--and Ari's fault in that matter will be taken to a half-moon, if that makes you feel any better. *Heads for the Maze.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Tilts his head to Rane.* ITs a good evenning? You lie terribly.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *looks over at Rudy, folding his arms over his chest* meaning? 

Morgan Black: ((gonna end the archive unless anyone has any objections?)) 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Gee, this is the perfect oppurtunity* Well Jubes, I'd take it in stride. Because I have the ability to ignore things.

Steeleyes(MotC): *chuckles* pack HAS ben called thast already...or should i former ALPHA was.. 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *muttering to herself, probably only Erin can hear her* Oh hallelujah, he's remembered what a Philodox is for.

Gabrielle Tureck: Jurg> Yes I have a problem with how you and Jub dole out "justice " as you put'll never work to handle the situation...just mak'em more arrogant...beating lower ranks ain't the answer when they need to learn....and fine I'll go in the cirle and you can use your nifty little gifts to beat me down cuz I know I can't beat you up...but hey you wann beat up feel free...if that'll help....

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Can we say "ignore" boys and girls? Sure, I knew ya could. 

Vivian Weiss: Viv takes a step toward Rudy.

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): ((No prob here, Morgan.)) 

Morgan Black: *hisses*~votm~nine iron, careful.... 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Steel>>yep. and it was proven true, so there can hardly be too much complaining for your former alpha getting the deserved reputation.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *shrugs to Martin, still blocking his path* It's a skill I'm working on acquiring. 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): Rudy>>Like honor, apparently. Steel>>And it was proven true, both in challenge and by Twomoons himself. That makes a difference. Nor did I extend the charge to your entire pack.

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *calls over to jublain* ~ht~ i am taking her fault as her alpha.. *then steps up to marty in crinos* ~ht~ a fucked up evening is it not Mr. Kurst? How are you?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *looking up at the Crinos towering over her* 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Listenning to the Buzz still feeling the tension of the place. He licks his lips wich are cracked and split. his nose is slightly running. But he doesnt seem to take notice.* Can someone Tell Ari to come see me please?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *snorts to Gab* its not about gifts or beating someone up, kid. Its about dominance. We're wolves, not lawyers, not cubicle-monkeys. Unfortunately, most around here got a pathetic lack of instinct. You try to step above your place and you get knocked down for it. deal with it. *points to the circle again* so like i said, move it or shut it.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: See? I ignored that remark. What a wonderful ability. 

Steeleyes(MotC): Jubs...and killing her as she stood unmoving really shows alot..*shakes head* OK people.. break it up..head back to your seperate have any grievences..wait til the moot..OR challange that person..

Vivian Weiss: "Morgan you better take flight.." she stocks toward Rudy.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy just chuckles to himself* 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Jurg* okay...* she heads to the circle* it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in theneighbor won't you be mine

Steeleyes(MotC): Rudy*looks at him*..hush.. 

Morgan Black: *grumbles*~votm~jurg, you might wanna keep an eye on your cousin...*takes off from viv, and circles, uncertainly*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Steel>>*snorts* obviously she deserved it since whatever she was doing fucked up. *shrugs*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy dosen't back away when he notices Vivian's stalking* Yes? Can I help you? 

Steeleyes(MotC): *watches Gab shakes head*..and for our next contest...*heads to the ring* 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glances over toward the prom queen from hell, then back to Erin...and decides to let him deal with the ailing fellow, instead turning her attention to what Vivian is doing*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *stops and looks over to Viv and Rudy* Vivian, leave the kid alone. I'll deal with him myself. *starts walking for the circle*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Steel* no contest ..ain't doinf shit...jurg wants to beat me up so be it...* sheruggs and stands in the cirle and doesn't move*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Makes his way in from the penumbra quietly, pigeon on shoulder and all* 

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3): *Growls.* HT--Tell me, Steel, what do you think she had the silver out for? If you wish to accuse me of murder, you can do it before a philodox--*gestures to the challenge circle*--or in there, it matters not to me. *Turns again, heading for the Maze.* ((And I got to head out for a bit, y'all.))

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *eyes marty raises his hand to Ari telling her to stay put* ~ht~ marty>> no as her alpha i wish to know as to why.. and if it is for punishment or even talking.. it will be told to me.. and i will tell her.. is that clear?

Gabrielle Tureck: ( and I can not type*L*) 

Steeleyes(MotC): well..*steps between them..* seems Jurg DID challange yea Gab.. means YOU get to set the challange 

Morgan Black: *lands and shifts to homid, not wanting to perch on anyone just now. she watches marty, seeing him as the most dangerous one here currently*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *He slowly makes his way to the SED car.* IF i must get her to come see me. I will. 

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *walking over to Vivian* 

Morgan Black: ((so who would like the archive? send me an email addy. :) 

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *currently banished to the SR van* 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Hands sweetly on his club, watching Vivian, chuckling at his last few comments* Can we say "ignore" boys and girls? Heh heh.. Who says Ahrouns can't have a sense of humor..

Vivian Weiss: Rudy> "Yeah," (do you want an intiative roll?) She stomps on his foot with the heel of her boot, then punches him in the face. "Shut the hell up!"

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *watches marty* that sounds like a challenge there Mr. Kurst.. i told you no.. she is not allowed to see you.. as decreedance of her pack alpha.. and an envoy was given.. myself. deal. *watches him arms folded*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Turns to Erin and grins.* Oh do not worry my friend. This is not punishement. THis is going to be a talk. DOnt have me ask twice. I would hate to spill my blood tonight. I just know how much this place likes to bathe in it.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *sighs and holds a finger to Steel and Gab, jogging to Viv and Rudy* 

Vivian Weiss: Or not if she's stopped.

Steeleyes(MotC): *watches Viv* oh hell..the wrong person to do that too*follows Jurg* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:Anna>>Jurg told her to leave him alone. Not sure if you saw that post before the stomp or not

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *oh shit... She moves to grab Vivian's wrists from behind....pulling her away from Rudy* And speaking of manners...

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Nah, 'sok) *Totally not expecting that, Rudy reacts too late and gets the full brunt. He goes down ladies and gentlemen, the club drobs and he cluches his nose* Mmmmmgph! *Twists a bit to catch his fall, but still lands on his side, nose trickling a bit*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Steel* hmm let's see..challange..oh yeah let's see about I just stand here and he beats me up or maimes me...I mean this is his way of handling things...gaia forbid things can be handled another way...if he feels the need to assert his whatever over me assbeating won't change anything and will solve nothing ..and that's what I'm willing to prove......but wait ..we got a medic?

Morgan Black: *squawks when nine iron gets hit*dammit...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *looking down at Rudy* And I commend your restraint. 

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Calls out* Yo * As he heads over to grab some coffee* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *growls to Viv as he stalks over, stepping between her and Rudy* 

Steeleyes(MotC): *helps Rudy up*..keep it inside ....focus... 

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods as Jason answers her* okay cool 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Erin.* So a friend of your pack is denied to speak with his friends now? Am i so terryfying to you that you think of me to the point i wish harm to all here?

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *sitting in the van, fuming to herself* 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Luckily in the right frame of mind, he still chuckles* Wow,didn't know a nose had that much blood. See? No fur. *Chuckles* no grr. *Chuckles* I even forgive her.

Vivian Weiss: ( Missed it sorry) -- gets grabbed by Rane. "I wasn't the one throwing verbal jabs out there, the fuck nut was."

Steeleyes(MotC): *looks at Rudy a little in shock* do have it in control tonight.. 

Morgan Black: *shifts back to corvid and flies up to watch from a junkpile*((brb, coffee's done)) 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *shakes his head* ~ht~ not at all Mr. Kurst.. it is simply put.. Arizona is being punished currently for her actions, or once again do you question my command as Alpha of the Street Raiders? Tell me and I shall inform her.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Shoudla seen me earlier.. *Chuckles, looks down at his blood-trickled shirt* Dammit, I keep getting blood on this damn shirt.. Probably that's what I get wearing a target on my chest..

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quietly hissed into Vivian's ear* That fucknut can remove your internal organs without breaking a sweat. *gives her a little shake* Remember your limtations. *and lets her go*

Vivian Weiss: almost growls right back at Jurg.. she wanted to punch the since the first time she saw him... he gave her an openning so she took it. Shaking her hand now cause it hurts like hell.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *stands with his arms folded over his chest, looking down at Viv unhappily* I told you to leave the kid alone, Vivian.....

Gabrielle Tureck: * she stands in the challange circle* Okay any day assbeating awaits 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *glances over to Jurg.. not looking very happy at all* ~ht~ maybe we should throw them all into the prison cell.... no one seems to be listening to thier supieriors tonight.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She walks in, grocery bags in both arms, heading straight for the fridge* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *grunts back to Gab then turns his attention to Vivian again* get.. in the van.. I'll be dealing with you in just a minute.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: DD: An extremely petite (4' 6") woman of indeterminate age. Her boyish figure would place her in her early teens, but those grey-green eyes seem to carry a wry wisdom beyond those years. Tangled sandy curls with reddish highlights are barely kept in place by a worn brown leather cap. Her facial features are sharp and foxlike, and her large mouth almost always quirks in a grin. Over whatever she's wearing is her ever-present multicolored patchwork jacket that reaches down to her knees. She usually also has on an olive green army T-shirt, extremely worn blue jeans with holes in the knees, frayed high top sneakers which look a size too big, and leather fingerless gloves.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at him.* I do not challenge you. You have your rights and reason to hide her. It is completly understandable. Simply pass on the message that she will be asked not to watch over my daughter. Untill she can prove to me that she has a clean mouth. I sugest to use soap in this matter.

Steeleyes(MotC): Gab: SHUT IT..*does NOT look happy right now*.. 

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *sips his coffee, wondering just what the hell he missed whilst across the street* 

Vivian Weiss: Yanks her arm just aas Rane releases her. "Then somepone should teach him to shut up.. I know Jurg will deal with my punishment for over stepping my bounds."

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She crouches down enough to place the bags on the ground, opening the fridge as she starts unloading the groceries, glancing around*

Gabrielle Tureck: * hey she may not be able to back up her opinons with pysical asskicking skills but she take an assbeating over her views anyday*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rubs his nose again, shifts back to Glabro to stop the bleeding* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): Viv>>Its not _your_ place to teach him. now get in the vans and stay there until I come get you.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Be thankful it will be him, and not me. *rolls her eyes in disgust and goes to grab another beer. She needs it*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Steel* What..I want to get this over with... 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *A sudden frown when she notes Rudy, Jurg and Vivian, looking to the first with a 'what the hell' expression*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Riley: Steel's holding Rudy up as he rubs his obviously bloody nose- blood again at his t-shirt. Aaron is in the med van looking well done, and half hte sept is pissed for something or other*

Vivian Weiss: She turns and heads for the van, going inside to wait for Jurg. ( player has to check on dinner. Morgan, e-mail the archive to me.. I'll added it to the archives.)

Steeleyes(MotC): Gab: turns and stalks to the ring..body getting larger as he goes*.. 

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Erin.* If you will excuse me. Please pass on my displeasure to your packmate. And i sugest the strongest soap to be used. and more then one bar. If she wishes to guard my true born daughter. I will only tolerate one wich has manners to do so.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:nice timing on dinner, Anna *G* BIC:*growls and watches Viv, then shakes his head and heads back to the challenge circle*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Mellow Sunday. Yep. Okay.* 

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *sighs and throws up his hands shifting down to homid* okay.. *mutters and turns moving back to the SR van and slides open the door* now as for you. *leans in to whisper* ((turn on your aim kari))

Morgan Black: ((okies))

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Spits out a glob of blood on the ground away from anyone close and goes for his golf club* Whoof. Fun fun fun.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Unloads the groceries at record speed and heads on over to Rudy and Steel* Hey, guys...*an inquiring tone in her voice*

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: ((It is on... *ponders that the problem must be with hers, and not with someone else's...* Hmmm... Hang on.))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *steps into the circle and cracks his knuckles* 

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Coughs a bit and chuckles* Hey Riley. 

Morgan Black: *shakes her head*tch tch tch. 

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *raising an eyebrow, smirks* What trouble'd you get into this time, eh? 

Steeleyes(MotC): Gab: now can we PLEASE be serious for a second..Jurgs has challanged you((ok..what rank IS jurg?..steel even though he hates the get..currently would still call them ryha if they are higher in rank*))..what IS the challange you desire.. and dont say let him beat my ass ok?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she stands there not moving looking at Jurg* 

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): OOC:Jurg's on the upper end of Fostern.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Wipes the blood from his face, streaking it on his arm* One of the Get kin punched me in the face.. *Motions over to the grumbling Vivian as she heads for the Get van*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walks over silently towards the challenge circle. Eyes gleeming red.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *glances to the Get and turns back with a sigh...* (lv) Why'd she go and do that?

Morgan Black: *flies over to the challenge circle too, as this proves to be the next bit of entertainment. she lands on a stable looking junkpile and shifts to homid again.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Steel* I am serious...he thinks this will shut me up and my views of things...this is going to rpove nothing excpet this is how him and Jub feel they can solve the problems of this place by beating people senceless.....what happens here now will not change anything but I am willing to stand up for what I beleive in as Jurg wanted....that challange? first blood

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *chugs the beer she grabs that time, just growling and muttering to herself, mostly in Swedish*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Ah 'cause I was tryin ta tell Jubes he should learn how to ignore words. He beat the shit out of him *Points to Aaron* and stuffed him in the firebarrel while it was still lit.

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *looking up at Erin, she whispers back*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She glances to Steel and Gabrielle, not caring if they overhear*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm (DoW PB3): *quirks an eyebrow and waits*

Steeleyes(MotC): *sighs turns to Jurg* shes not gonna fight back..*shakes head*..still gonna beat her to prove yer right..or can we just ..say her opionins a lil different then yours?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> And how'd that lead to you gettin' punched? *smirks at mention of what happened to the Fang*

Gabrielle Tureck: ( she's a cliath)* she looks to Jurg* without gifts,fetishes and in homid

Morgan Black: *shakes her head, scowling down at gabrielle.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Steel.* More hostilities yet again?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Morgan and sticks her tounge out at her and smirks*

Aaron Trayer (SF PB 3): ((Gonna go. Aaron will regenerate in the med van overnight. Cya guys later. *G*))

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *clenches her jaw but finally gets up, doing that immature little shoulder shove to Erin as she passes by him, stalking into the maze, and futher, out into the parking lot to get into her car and head home*

Steeleyes(MotC): Marty:*shrugs*..story of my life aint it

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *waves to Martin, a little annoyed at the tension*

Morgan Black: ((laters aaron))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *sigh, makes his way over to the firebarrel and start talking to the fire quietly* ~ss~ Dude...what the ~hell~?

Morgan Black: *eyes narrow, unamused.*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Jurg. And steel.* If i may. I wish to Champion Gabrielles words. As she is not in right to Challenge Jurg.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Let's see. She said she wanted to pop me from the beginning so I guess my words just sent her off. *Shrugs* All I said was this. *He clears his throat remembering* Jubes had told Steel that *In a really stupid Jubes voice* "How would you like it if someone accused your pack of being an embarrasment to Garou" so all I said was "Well, I have the ability to ignore things, so it'd be fine. Can we all say 'ignore' boys and girls? Sure, I knew we could.." So then Jubes goes "ignore things like honor" and I said "Yeah, see? I ignroed that remark. See how easy that was?" Jubes left and I was just chuckling at myself when Viv came and POW it's like Tyson vs Holyfield without the ear biting.

Gabrielle Tureck: Martin....uhhh jurg challanged me

Ari Ford ~Quick Fingers~ {SR Beta}: *~*~*gone*~*~*

Vivian Weiss: ( actually no she didn't say that Rudy it was her thought.)

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Blinked.* He did?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Ah sorry, delete that part)

Erin Williams ~SR Alpha~: *he turns and makes his way out of the maze after closing the SR van door*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Jurg.* Then i ask to have this challenge be proper to represent Gabrielle in this. Being as a mediator.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Otrolig... *shakes her head in disgust* Otrolig skitsnak...

Vivian Weiss: ( no prob.)

Gabrielle Tureck: Martin...Jurg said If I had a problem with him...let's go to the circle...I'm not gonna talk shit behind his back.....I'm gonna tell him how I feel....he wants me to back up my words ...and here we are....i'm gonna kiss the ground but I'd rather get my ass kicked backing up my beliefs then hiding behind them

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:got booted. repost?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: It's not MY fault this place has become a Orwellian nightmare where you can't say anything without pissing someone off.

Vivian Weiss: Viv waits in the DoW van.. her hand killing her.

Steeleyes(MotC): *sighs turns to Jurg* shes not gonna fight back..*shakes head*..still gonna beat her to prove yer right..or can we just ..say her opionins a lil different then yours?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Steel.* Jurg going against Gabrielles words as a Cliath is unfair. I wish to take her place as the challenge if allowed. If Jurg wishes to keep his challenge and pass it onto my shoulders.

Morgan Black: *snorts*little miss noble.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods to Rudy, plopping down on the nearest junked car/whatever, rolls her eyes* (lv) Yeah, well, we're Garou so getting pissed off happens, but that -is- going too far....hell, it's gone too far way too often.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Steel>>*shrugs* she had a problem, she came to the circle. If she's gonna waste my time, I'm gonna make it worth it. besides... *shrugs* I don't need to draw blood to prove a point here. Let's go ahead and get it over with

Gabrielle Tureck: I said first blood, homid, no gifts or fetishes and in homid

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Join the club. I feel like I'm back in St. Louis when I was still fourteen, beating people up for supremacy.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *Glances to the challenge circle, shaking her head at Gabrielle...agreeing with her, but knows how the challenge is likely to go despite ideals*

Steeleyes(MotC): ok..*steps back*..get yer agressions out Jurg...not gonna prove a damm thing ..but.. go ahead...BEGIN

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Martin>>I gave her the opportunity to take it to the circle like a garou or shut up. she came to the circle instead of walking away muttering like a whining child. I give her credit for at least following through like a Garou, though I'm not going to back down. On the plus side, this is a minor event, so unless she's an idiot, this is gonna be nothing

Gabrielle Tureck: * looks to Morgan and smiles* nope just me.....Martin> thought is appreciated but

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Steel>>can't turn off spirit of the fray, but cool. *steps in and darts a hand for Gab's throat* OOC:rolling or RP it?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Might as well watch the sensless beating.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *grabs another beer, but hangs on to the empty can from her other, so she can smack it good against Jurg's head, later*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Walks with Riley to the side of the circle*

Morgan Black: *picks up a bolt from the pile, ever so tempted to throw it. but she lets it plink down into the pile again instead, and watches the 'fight'*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:*G* Rane's learning *nodnod*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *smirks, nods* (lv) I guess this would feel like a flashback to that, then...and just as senseless. *frowns a bit* Wish Linda wasn't goin' away yet, she'd still be the best to speak at the moot.

Morgan Black: ((*lol*))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *walks along with Rudy, taking out a Guinness and handing it to him if he wants, otherwise taking it for herself*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Looks at Gabrielle then looks at Jurg. CHuckles.* I was just comming for the fact that i see 2 friends fighting from different views. I wish both of you luck.

Mira: OOC The tribe pisses and moans about the lack of a in higher rank so what does Linda do? She challenges and goes for it...and then they piss and moan because shes not here to speak for them. :P)

Gabrielle Tureck: ( we can rp it) * she sees the hand and ducks*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Turns to Riley* Why do you think I'm not fond of gangs? Linda might have the know thy enemy thing down but she still seems pro-gang.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Mm thanks. *Takes the beer*

Vivian Weiss: ( *chuckle* glad it's Jurg's head she wants to crush the can on.)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: ooc: *grin*

Steeleyes(MotC): ((Mira..hey steels tryin..heh))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC;alright. then comparative stats. Str, dex and dodge 3. Sta 5, Brawl 4 and Mars Rising. BIC:*seems generally impassive, not grunting and breaking a sweat, making another rush to clutch for Gab's throat*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (Riley's not complaining about the challenge thing, just hopes she can be back in time for the moot...)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *nods, shrugs* I thought gangs were overrated too...some of my brothers got into them, but they didn't last long...I kinda wanted to have more of a life than that. *shrugs* Never asked Linda about her past, so I can't say...

Mira: (*sniff* They like Linda's take no shit attitude and then diss the gang culture that spawned her...*sniff* I'm hurt)

Morgan Black: aww, thought you were gonna just stand there and take the hits, miss noble! *cackles, in her corax element as she gets to heckle from above*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: ( Oh Pbbbbblllttt :P~~)

Mira: (Going to go to NB now....after Linda's in Seattle...have fun *winks*)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (*smirks* Riley has a good reason to dislike that...)

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): ((*snickers* Ya love the irony. Admit it.)) *Muttering quietly to the fire spirit, finally he sighs, rolls up his sleeve, and sticks his hand in the fire, grimacing slightly*

Gabrielle Tureck: ( occ here's her sad stats*L* strength 3 dex 4 stam 3 dodge 2 brawl 2 ) * she kicks at his kneecap with her steel toed boots when he approaches him*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *She glances up, hearing the Corax but returns her attention to the challenge quickly enough, a small frown as she knows more or less how this is going to end*

Steeleyes(MotC): ((goes back to reading about Bubba at the comic con))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walks back away from the Challenge circle and walks for Rane.*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Who knows? *Sips* She might just find the chink in Smaug's armor there.

Steeleyes(MotC): *raises an eyebrow* thought Gab wasnt gonna fight back

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *chuckles and easily lifts the leg to take the boot to the armor* not gonna fight back, huh? *makes another quick open-handed shot for the throat*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Morgan...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *shrugs, takes out her flask* If she does, she can have some of this....but being the awesomely powerful psychic that I am, I can tell ya how this is going to end up...

Morgan Black: *looks at rane innocently*what? *smirks*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Reminds me.. Gotta find a copy of Return of the King before the movie.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walks up to Rane and looks into her eyes about 2 feet from her.*

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *finally draws a slightly toasted hand back from the fire* ~ss~ Happy? Coool. Or something.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Come sit with me...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *turns to look at Martin, quirking a brow, causing the scar above her right eye to pucker*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *raising an eyebrow* There's a good used bookstore about three blocks down...or if that's too much, then lemme know and I'll get ya one anyway.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grins as he holds her boot* what gotta try at least .....your still gonna kick my ass...* she lifts her other foot up for the manly part as she pulls her head back trying to dodge the neck jab*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *glances to Martin, wondering what he wants*

Morgan Black: *pouts, and then shifts to corvid, flying back over to rane and lands on her shoulder, though very nervously because of marty's proximity*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Smiled.* If you ever need help with learning how to bluff. I would be happy to teach. I am after all the worst person to ask here but i am willing to try.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Nah, I'll borrow one from the library. If I remember the records it's going to be due in the next couple of weeks.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:he never grabbed her boot. he raised his leg so she'd kick his shin armor and made a shot for the throat. BIC:Whatever. *quickly drops to kick her unraised leg out from under her*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *a half smirk, the closest she usually gets to a smile* Thank you, I think. *reaching her scarred left hand up to stroke Morgan's feathers*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods, takes a swig* That works too, I the way, never asked..where are ya staying?

Morgan Black: *leans around rane to watch the challenge*~votm~hrrrr, she'll be paste if she kicks him in the balls...

Gabrielle Tureck: ( oh okay read it wrong *L*) * she drops to the ground with a thud and groans a bit*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Smirks* The library. Haven't been called a Frankenwieler for nothing. I've rented out from the night watchman for a few bucks one of the storage areas.. As long as I help him watch the place when I'm awake and don't cause too much havoc, he don't care.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *takes his time walking around to the end her head's at* do you submit? *pops his neck*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *chuckles a bit at Morgan* You survived...

Morgan Black: *gets into watching the fight, and noisily cheers for jurg, cawing*

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Smiled* NOW IF YOU WILL EXCUSE ME. I MUST RETURN AS I HAVE OVER STAYED MY WELCOME! I received a new TOY! Gonna be working on making EXPLOSIVE!*Cackles as he sets the scarf back up and slowly walks out of the place laughing.*

Morgan Black: ~votm~that's because he wasn't mad at me. not the way he's mad at her.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:oh lord... Mike should never have given Marty that....

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Marty. Explosives. Mental note: Track down Flea**

Gabrielle Tureck: * she gets up rather quickly and backs from him out of arms reach* Submit? no * she takes up a stance*

Morgan Black: *blinks, looking sheepish from marty's shouting*~votm~was i really being that loud?

Vivian Weiss: ( Martin's getting scary now. *nods*)

Steeleyes(MotC): *looks over a Marty*...oh..somethings gonna get blowed up*grins*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *grimaces, watching Gab get nailed like that...though so, but wishes she weren't right* Rudy> That's a nice deal ya got there..though I'm sure Steel or Mitch wouldn't care if you crashed with them, I'm divided half the time between the two...or doing my own thing.

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): *Walks out of the yard laughing.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: gab>>don't worry.. you will. *he's just so damned casual about it all so far. Approaches again, raising a leg in a feint for a kick to get a reaction*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *glances to Marty and smirks* Yeah, no kidding Fuzzbutt...hope he doesn't lose it.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *blinks a little at Martin, not quite sure what to say to that*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she does move back a bit *

Morgan Black: ~votm~we should take bets, make this more fun. how long do you think gab will last before she bleeds?

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): ((Now i have explosives. HO HO HO!))

Morgan Black: ((*lol*scary boy.))

Martin *Quickflash* Kurst (S-E-D): ((Gone.))

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *Marty. Explosives. Cackling. Meanwhile, he's still not getting a raise. Oh well. Least he got to watch Steel Magnolias again*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:what's really scary is who has access to the information to have given it to Marty *G*. granted, he's not nuts enough to use it

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: I'm gettin tired of this crap. I know we're Garou and we're supposed ta be fighting. FIghting's damn fun, a real kick. But this just seems useless. Even wolves don't fight for stupid reasons.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: I don't have anything to wager.

Morgan Black: ~votm~so rane...what's a fenrir sept like? i should visit one sometime and see.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods to Rudy, placing the flask back as she watches the fight* Exactly, just seems pointless...sparring's one thing but this is just...*shaking her head* so not worth the time.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: It's not like this place, that is certain.

Morgan Black: hrrrrrrrmm. ~votm~no, i suppose you don't. you dress darker than my feathers. hah. *preens rane's hair*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:yeah. *nodnod* here you don't get to watch Jurg get beat down by a pair of silver-armed fostern ahrouns *G* 90% of the sept would pay mad cash to see that, I think

'Twomoons' Maier (warderdude): *finishes the coffee and heads on over to the platform, and starts heading up the rope*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *glances up to Rudy, smirks* Speakin' of which...if ya want to spar some time and gimme pointers, I'd like that...been working with Steel and used to with Danni I ain't a total loss. *grins*

Morgan Black: ((*lol*probably. field trip!!))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *a small chuckle* It matches my hair. *tucking the purple lock behind her ear*

Morgan Black: ((brb again))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC;aah. missed Gab's post. BIC:*plants the foot, taking a few more steps* what's wrong, kid? afraid to go toe to toe with me? you're runnin' like OJ in a bronco. *brings another leg up and holds it there, ready to kick*

Gabrielle Tureck: ( did i miss apost?)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (brb)

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Nods* Sure, I'll see what I can do.. Not used to teachin someone how to fight, though.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she smirkes to Jurg and moves a few feet up and jumps at him to takle him*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *chuckles as she takes the bait, rotating his body to take the tackle and bring them both to the ground for some good ol' fashioned wrasstlin', trying to work his greater weight on top of her*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *grins widely, shrugs* Teach by example, eh? I'll get the idea, hopefully without gettin' beat into a pulp in the process....but if I do well hey, I asked...

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grunts and wiggles and starts to try and slips her arm to his side to push him off of her*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *drives a knee to her ribs to try and put a stop to that as he works his arms for her throat, keeping his body higher up to try and keep leverage (and to prevent headbutts to his nose. those suck)*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *just sipping her beer, watching*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: True. True. Wanna spar after chuckles is done? I'll even do it without the club. *Smirks*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Steps back into the gathering area, in Crinos. In one hand is his Hammer, in his jaws is a 55-gallon drum he scrounged out of the Maze.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grabs his leg and starts to pull on it andthen slips her foot on his other leg trying to make him do the splits seprerating his legs* ( does that sound right?)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *smirks, shrugs* Sure, why not...don't need to use weapons or shift, just showin' ya what I have...*looks to Jublain when he enters the gathering area like that, then back to Rudy* Lovely...

Morgan Black: *cackles*~votm~she was so determined to stand by her opinions, and said she wouldn't move. guess this shows how much she really values those opinions, doesn't it.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Nods to RIley* Sure.

Vivian Weiss: Waiting in the DoW van.. not so ticked off any more, but her hand still hurts.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Sets the barrel down, nudging it into place with his foot, then takes out two chunks of wood and goes to the ruins of the old one.*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:yeah, I know what ya mean. Wrestled in 7th grade. used to piss people off that I was flexible enough to laugh when they did it. Not that I was going anywhere at the time, but at leaast I was laughing *G* BIC:*oh sure, it hurts... but then again, as her arms are busy, that gives him the chance to get his thick forearm over her neck and jerk back roughly, keeping the pressure in an attempt to cut off oxygen*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *oh good, Jublain-rhya is back*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods, thumbs up* Cool...(not sure how much longer I can be on though)

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (I got about 45 minutes myself)

Morgan Black: ((*watches amazed as at the stroke of midnight, riley and rudolph turn into pumpkins...*))

Gabrielle Tureck: * she isn't going to let go and keeps pulling his legs apart until she passes out or he lets go ....which ever comes first*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (*smirks* not midnight over here)

Steeleyes(MotC): *just watches the spar.looks over at Twomoons* hey ref shirt show yet?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Yeah, try living on the Left Coast. I gotta to to work myself.)

Morgan Black: ((i was using creative license!))

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (*chuckles* I know....)

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *yawns, looks to Steel* Wanna patrol some after me'n' Rudy spar? Or ya gonna stick around?

Morgan Black: ((:P))*sighs and watches jub*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *with Stamina 5, there's a pretty good chance she'd pass out first*

Steeleyes(MotC): *riley shrugs*..havent decided yet

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Uses the pieces of wood to pick up the trash and wood that fell out of the old fire- barrel, dropping it carefully into the new one.*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *finishes that beer, her third of the evening, and stacks the cans in a little pyramid*

Morgan Black: *whistles*~votm~nice view we have from here, jurg! you could be in the ballet!

Gabrielle Tureck: * yeah and that she does as her face starts to turn that smurphy blue and she lets go of Jub's leg and stops struggling*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods to Steel, shrugs* That's cool, think I'd like to spar with ya later too, but not tonight..*smirks* Some of us ain't built like tanks and c'n do that forever...

Gabrielle Tureck: ( damn make that jurg *L*)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:well no WONDER! she shoulda been grabbing Jurg's leg *G* BIC:blow me, Morgan! *once Gab's out cold, Jurg rolls her over, straddles her waist, locks his legs under hers and places one hand to her throat again, smacking her cheeks a bit to bring her around* Steel>>see, there's a method to my madness, here.

Steeleyes(MotC): looks down* ok Jurg shes out..let her go

Morgan Black: *cackles merrily*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she coughs and puts her arms up flailing* Mommmmmm...I'm waking up

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Quirks an eyebrow* What's that Trogdor? Burninating is fun?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *just watching her tribemates in their various endeavors*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>not mom... two questions. First: you alright?

Steeleyes(MotC): ((ixnay post))..Jurg *shrugs*..

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *watches Gab pass out, shrugs* Not too mature to say 'I toldja so' *smirks up to Rudy*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Finishes that up then touches the torn-up barrel to see if it's cool enough to handle before picking it up and carrying it off into the junk.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she blinks a few time trying to focus her eyes * Ugh ..yeah yeah...

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>good. question two: you submit?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods* Yeah...but I stand by what I said to bring me here.....

Morgan Black: *snorts*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *With that done, he dusts off his hands, picks up his Hammer, and heads over to Twomoons.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *starting to get ever more restless for this upcoming moot....too many things need to be addressed*

Steeleyes(MotC): *shakes head looks around* NEXT!!

Gabrielle Tureck: * she rubs her neck * Ahh man I gonna have a headache

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>have yer opinions all ya want. But when you start runnin' yer mouth about people that've earned their rank for a reason, an' they tell you to shut up, you do it. no questions asked, or you challenge. The lesson here, which I think Steel might need to learn, is not all challenges are formal. So let's try again.. Do you submit?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((DLP that last part, seems Twomoons headed out.)) *Has a seat, watching as the few coals that were still burning start to light up the rest of the wood-scraps and newspaper he'd tossed in there.*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: (10 min warning) *frowns a bit, hoping Gab won't have to take too much more and will just let it be for now*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *moving nearer Jublain-rhya* Is everyone here so mouthy?

Gabrielle Tureck: Jurg...fine I submit....

Morgan Black: ~votm~there's so many different sorts, with different backgrounds. you shouldn't be so surprised about people not agreeing...

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Looks to Riley* Remind me again, this might just be a St. Louis Gnawer thing...But I thought we kinda didn't go for the whole Rank thing except for formalities.

Steeleyes(MotC): *snorts and steps from the ring*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Rane>>Sometimes. Got to remember, the moon's getting full too. And with Ari stirring up the tribe, they're looking for confrontation more. And including the fact that we had a history of going easy on folks and then getting fucked for our troubles, they're finding it more.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>then show me.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Ari is the blonde...

Gabrielle Tureck: * she takes a deep breath still trying to clear her head and she tilts her sore neck to do that neck thingy they love so much* there ya go...

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Rudy> *shakes her head* We don't, least with our tribe. But some folks here ain't, and they're more formal...*snorts at that*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* It was her mate that tried to kill me.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Ah. *Nods* Gotcha. Just making sure it's not a regional thing. *Sips his Guinness again*

Steeleyes(MotC): *heads to his packmates* gettin another of my headaches

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: I remember. She's young though, I'm guessing not more than Fostern, if that?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Well, you wanted to be Master of Challenge, chief. *Offers a drink of the Guinness* Cheeseburger in a can?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>there ya go. remember that next time and it'll be much simpler for both of us. *dusts his hands off and stands up* and by the way, just in case you didn't know. Had that been my jaws on your throat and you hadn't submitted, I woulda been well within my rights to rip your throat out and kill you. *smiles* have a nice day. *heads from the circle to the van whistling.* and next on instinct 101, we learn the lesson of not hitting a war machine, no matter how obnoxious, when you're squishy.

Morgan Black: *takes off from rane and flies over to jurg, being the nosey little thing that she is*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she gets up and looks at Jurg* You missed the whole reason I did this.....* she rubs her neck*

Steeleyes(MotC): Rudy: nahh..ill just get gass*smirks*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she takes a deep breath and heads to her pack and lights up a smoke *

Vivian Weiss: Chilling in the van.

Anja Stormbringer: *walks through the gate and maze and into the gathering area, looking around quietly*

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *nods to Steel, smirks* Well, you asked for it....

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Looks to Gaby* And you're surprised by this?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>if you had a reason, you bombed it. *shrugs and starts to open the door to the van, pausing as Morgan lands on his shoulder* um. Morgan? this is kinda private. think you can perch on Jubs 'till I'm done?

Anja Stormbringer: A willowy young woman, Anja tands six feet tall and is muscular for her delicate frame. Her features are sharp, but pretty in a severe sort of way, and tanned, as if she's been spending a lot of time in the sun recently. Her full lips are accentuated by dark red lipstick. Her black eyes flash around quickly, very little escaping her icy gaze. Thick, shiny, stylishly tousled black hair tumbles down to just below her shoulder blades, her long bangs frequently falling to conceal exactly where she's looking. She wears a short, lowcut black leather halter top, revealing a toned abdomen and surprisingly voluptuous body, a pair of tight black slacks that at flare outward at the bottom, and a pair of flat-bottomed black leather shoes. She also wears a thin-banded wristwatch on her left wrist, a white gold bracelet with faint etchings on her left, a steel ring set with a ruby on her left hand, and a shiny steel chain around her neck.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Rudy* Do you know why I did it?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *nods to Jurg with a smirk* Have fun.

Steeleyes(MotC): Riley:*chuckles*...yea.. must be more nuts then i thought

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Rane>>Oh yeah *grunts* the joys never cease

Morgan Black: *grumbles, and flies back to jub, landing on him*~votm~well, it was worth a try anyway.

Gabrielle Tureck: Jurg...I may not have physically proved my belielf but I'm willing to stand up for it..even if I had to do it your way

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Nods* Oh yeah, We all know. Riley knows, Martin knows, Steel knows. But the problem is this. *Taps his temple* The learner can't seem ta learn.

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: Steel> *shrugs* Well, ya were Guardian and then saw how you couldn't go out...but yanno, I think ya do a good job now, even if it is a pain in the ass.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Chuckles.* True. But he needs to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Gab>>you didn't stand up for it or prove it. You proved one thing... that you don't have a lick of instinct in ya. *opens the van door, sighs and heads on in*

Vivian Weiss: she looks up when the door open,, closes the magazine on her lap when she sees it's Jurg.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: What, that she dosen't stand up for her beliefs? She dosen't exercise her right to disagree?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *shuts the door behind him*

Morgan Black: *looks at gabrielle*~votm~except that you didn't stand up for it like you said you were gonna. i'm just gonna stand here, you said, and let him kick my ass. that's what you said. and you moved all over the place...what does that say about your beliefs?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shakes her head and takes a drag of her cigg * Rudolph> let it go....

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Sighs.* Easy, Morgan. Gabrielle, what statement did you intend to make?

Riley ~Coat of Many Colors~: *shakes her head, snorts* There's more ways to prove something than with fists...but I've had enough of this. (Riley will stick around to spar,then leave)

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Geez, times like this make me understand why Don Quixote went mad trying ta be the last knight on the planet.

Morgan Black: *huffs, puffing her feathers out and getting comfy on jub's shoulder, muttering to herself*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *Gaia, they just KEEP talking...!*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy heads to the practice circle to spar with Riley*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Morgan she looks a bit defeated* what do you care ?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Chuckles at Rane's expression.* This is nothin'. It's only when it gets extreme that we do anything about it--else we'd be beating pups 24/7.

Morgan Black: *laughs a little, and puffs up in the raven version of a smirk*~votm~actually, i don't.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: You have the patience of a saint then, rhya.

Anja Stormbringer: *rolls her eyes when she hears Jublain, looking around and focusing on other conversations instead*

Steeleyes(MotC): *growls* will you all DROP it already.. *clutches head* my head hurts enough already

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Then shaddap, birdbrain before ya end up in a pie with four and ninetieen of your cousins.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Jub* I don't have a problem with higher rankers ..enforcing there rank try and get the younger one to respect them..but how can you earn respect when you beat to excess...? the firebarell I had no problem with becuase I know how mouthy Aaron is but the hammer was too excessive.....I want to beieve there has to be another way to disipline the younger ones ....

Morgan Black: *straightens up, and hops off of jub, shifting to homid angrily*what was that, nine iron?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rolls his eyes in the circle, holding Riley up* You heard me, don't even play that. All I'm saying is if you don't care then then shut up.

Gabrielle Tureck: Jurg complains people won't face him in the circle....I wanted to show him..I may not be strong and beat him physicaly but I'm will to defend my beleifs..* she looks at Morgan * Well then stay out of it if you don't care

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods to Gabrielle.* I understand, although I don't agree. *Gestures to the moon.* It's also my time of the month, so that might explain it. *Grunts as Rudy's comment hits him and stands up.* Excuse me, Rudy?

Morgan Black: i can talk all i damn well want to! *flips off rudy, pissed off*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:actually, Jurg just wants 'em to shut up when he says. circle's the next best thing *G*

Steeleyes(MotC): *shifts up to crinos* I SAID DROP IT!!! *SNARLING AT RUDY*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *throws up her hands* Suicidal, then entire tribe...

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Blinks at Steel* Eeerp.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Too late, Steel. *Heads to Rudy.*

Morgan Black: HA! *crosses her arms, looking smug*

Anja Stormbringer: Gaia. Here we go again. *turns to watch Jublain and Rudolph, frowning*

Gabrielle Tureck: * She smokes her smoke and softly sighs* Jublain...I understand that you and Jurg come from a different view that what your doing is the right way to handle mouthy young ones...but this is not those kind of Sept. you won't earn respect that way here.....I know you probley feel if you show weakness as not hitting a lippy young one that they will never learn to respect you...but can you honestly say you way thusfar has brought you any respect?

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Looks down at the ground* Sorry Steel.

Steeleyes(MotC): *gets in Jubs way* ht wrong rhya..NOT your concern...

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Oh, the poor thing. She's struggling with her femininity, it seems. Androgyny does not cling to Sofia Carbucci; she clings to it. It is not to say that she is self-conscious about her looks, but her dress and manner seem to be outright denials of what she is. A ratty flannel over-shirt obscures a modular tac-vest that almost entirely flattens two of the more impressive things about her underneath. It's a shame what past compliments can do. Her hair is matted and short enough to be masculine-either that, or she's making a passing attempt at emulating Tank Girl. Opaque brown eyes flicker about too quickly and too often to really be admired. One might wonder if she's perpetually nervous or shooting up on espresso. Even more noticeably, she carries herself exactly like a man. (cont'd)

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: Certainly she has the height enough to be a short man, but her frame isn't right. The only trump to this is her soprano voice, which she tries to sound gruff with, but fails miserably in doing so. Sofia is not ugly by any means, but whatever might lead someone to call her pretty is obscured beneath an artificial masculinity. Fortunately, it makes her more dismissible than freakish, and this has its uses. Lontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore.~

Morgan Black: call me a fuckin magpie will you....jerk. *stomps over and sits down on the couch in a huff*

Vivian Weiss: ( and I still have the archive going.. *s*)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Holds up a hand to Gabrielle.* In a minute. Steel>>It IS my concern, Steeleyes. I'm not going to harm him unless he presses the issue like that moon-calf Fang pup did, but I am going to speak with him, and explain an important matter. This is my right, Steeleyes; unless you want me to drag him off to the challenge circle and pound him to a pulp instead? Step aside.

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: I like to sing-a, about the moon-a and the stars-a and the spring-a, I like to sing-a...~Softly singing off-key, Sofia saunters into the GA. Another lovely evening..~

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods to Jub at least he's willing to discuss things*

Steeleyes(MotC): Jubs: HT is Morgan a packmate? she our laws do not concern her...she is an ally and friend i will not deny that...

Morgan Black: *pouts, and takes out a half eaten lollipop wrapped in a baggie from her pocket, and unwraps it*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks over to Morgan and snickers*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Am I a jerk? Yes, sorry, Morgan. The pie thing was a bit far.. Though it's blackbirds, not magpies.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *wonders if Jurg is being anymore successful with Vivian*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* She is an ally to my tribe, Steeleyes, and that fool brought threat to her. I will explain, without bruising him if he allows, the ramifications of that action. This is my right, Steeleyes, and to prevent it is not your right. Step aside.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Jubes, I wasn't going to put her in a pie, it was a saurcastic remark.

Morgan Black: *looks up, hearing the horrible singing. oh not good. she puts the red lollipop into her mouth, looking hurriedly away from sofia*

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Sofia comes to a halt in the vicinity of the long named Fenrir, the trademark smirk falling across her face.~

Steeleyes(MotC): and hes to be a future packmate of mine*shifts down* do understand why i stopped you though ..*steps aside*...

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Upon noticing Morgan, she represses the urge to let out a loud "caw." Instead, she just laughs. Quite a bit. For no discernable reason.~

Morgan Black: it was a nasty, mean thing thing to say. i'm not a blackbird either. they're small and not very bright. they bump into windows. *resumes trying to get a sugar rush*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Rudy eeps a bit when Steel stands aside.. And as he knows from the streets.. Fear and respect may be equivalent but they're two different species.*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Steps forward, right up into Rudy's face, and speaks softly.* The Hrafn are the allies of the Fenrir, Nine-Iron, and have been for Millenia. The two here are the allies of the Dogs of War, and we are proud to have them. If you ~ever~ threaten them again, even joking, I will find you and we will have a very short and unpleasant discussion on the matter. I will ~not~ see the Hrafn threatened. Do you understand me?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to the situation with Rudy and Jub and shakes her head*

Morgan Black: *blinks in confusion at sofia's laughing*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks to Morgan* Ignore her...she's a little in the head department

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Does NOT like looking into those eyes considering those eyes don't seem to care much about the difference between a stern talk and stuffing someone into a fire barrell,, but trys to make a good show of it* Sure..

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~She looks pointedly at Morgan, stopping.~ 'Ey.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods, turns around, and heads back to where Morgan and Rane are at.*

Morgan Black: *nods to gabrielle, smiling a little*

Steeleyes(MotC): *arms crossed watching*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *slams open the door to the van, stepping back out and looking downright pissed. Jubs's probably the only one that knows him well enough to know he's not pissed at any person in particular. at least not for another minute*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Only caring that he royally ticked off Steel though, Rudy walks up to his future Beta* Sorry Steel, I got stupid again. I guess my temper bleeds out into my tounge too.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she finishes her smoke and flick the but on the ground and steps on it not sure how she feels about Morgan smiling at her....she's kinda grown acustom to there taunting relationship*

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Although it might be in her better interest to do so, Sofia does not back away when Jublain comes closer.~

Anja Stormbringer: *just shakes her head, muttering to herself in Russian*

Morgan Black: *sighs, wanting to be tiny. she jumps when jurg makes all that noise with the door*

Steeleyes(MotC): *sighs*..Rudy...what i tell yea

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *folds his arms over his chest and watches Rudy, keeping his back to the van*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: I know, I know. Stupid words plus Get equal head the shape of a pizza.

Steeleyes(MotC): look their touchy about their firends...*lv*..just remeber they dont have the same sence of humor we do*smirks*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *MAkes a deep conviction sigh* I promise on my honor as a future Banebiter I'll watch it in the future.

Vivian Weiss: Several minutes later Viv steps out of the van, her eyes a bit red and her arm crosses onver her stomach. She stands with hse back straight and walks toward Rudy.

Gabrielle Tureck: * her eyes dart to Viv and she quirks a brow *

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks a brow, watching Vivian...even as she picks up all three beer cans and sidles toward Jurg*

Morgan Black: *also watches viv, because everyone else is*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Easy, Morgan.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *cracks his knuckles and falls into step beside Vivian, heading for Rudy*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Sighs, watching Jurg fall in line with Vivian*

Steeleyes(MotC): *spots to Rudy*..stay calm..

Morgan Black: *gets up and goes to sit with jub and rane again, just plonking down on the ground next to jub's chair*thank you, jub.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she digs in her bag and brings out a silver colored large thermos and unscrews the top and looks inside*

Steeleyes(MotC): *turns to face the approaching Get*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Hey if this is about "Rudy, shut up" then Jubes already drummed that into my skull.

Morgan Black: *gets distracted with gabrielle's thermos, staring at that instead of viv. though she's listening*

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: Evenin' Jubey...~Said nonchalantly, from several feet away.~

Anja Stormbringer: *spots Gabrielle, then shrugs and heads in that direction* Gabrielle, do you have a moment?

Morgan Black: *twitches*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *says nothing, letting Viv do the talking*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Steps out of the Umbra, into the gathering area near the fire*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods to Sofia.* Morgan>>Don't worry 'bout it.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she then digs in her bag and pulls out a silver colored spoon and pours some soup into the cup covering the thermos*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *waits*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks up at Anja and smiles* Oh sure...

Morgan Black: *still watches gab with her pretty silver things*

Vivian Weiss: she stops a few feet away from Rudy, looking him in the face. "I'm sorry I took matters into my own hands, being kinfolk I was in the wrong and should of left the situation in the hand of a turn born." She say this loud enough for everyone to hear.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she does look at Sofia wondering if she's trying to suck up to Jub for some reason*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *looks over, spying Valerie* Valerie. *heads that way*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Casts a sidewise glance toward Vivian, wondering.*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: Uhm, ok.. I would like to mention that I don't care about you punching me in the nose. It's perfectly fine by me.

Anja Stormbringer: *smiles* Good. I was wondering if you'd had any time to think about my tattoo? I am...Rather eager to get the process underway, you understand.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Hello Rane. How's the state of the union tonight?

Vivian Weiss: Lowers her gaze after she make her apology, so as not to seem like she is challenging him to a stare down.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *gives Viv a little pat on the shoulders as he heads back to the DoW and allies* okay Viv... now just walk away from him

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Gee, it doens't look like she's sucking up to Jube. Her words and tone might seem somewhat contradictory, considering the look on her face is just asking for trouble. But then, her face seems to often have that look on it. Maybe it's just Sofia.~

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Shrugs* Uhm, I accept your apology though.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Though if a Kin did win a staredown, that would be awesomely...awesome.))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: You truly don't want to ask. *shakes her head, but points to the case of chicken she left near the Nova* My part of our bargain.

Vivian Weiss: She doesn't reply to Rudy's comment, she simply steps away since he accepted her apology.

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: *Looks to Steel with a shrug and then goes to the practice area to continue his spar with Riley*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: (Ok, I'm late to work again, so Rudy's gonna spar with Riley and split later. Seeya all latah)

Vivian Weiss: ( *chuckle* Viv doesn't need to be punished again tonight..)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> As I suspected, but truly, would it be normal if it were smooth sailing for once? *Takes a look over at the case* That's perfect. How would you like to get started tomorrow morning?

Morgan Black: hm. what a bizarre night. *with the lollipop in her mouth, it comes out more like 'wha a basah nigh'*

Rudolph "Nine Iron" McMurdo: ~(GONE, like, extinct, baby)~

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Bye Rudolph-P))

Morgan Black: ((laters 9!))

Steeleyes(MotC): *flops down rubbing his head*...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: I would like that very much.

Vivian Weiss: She moves back over to the DoW van sitting somewhere near Jurg.. not saying a word.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> Have you been able to meet the Master of the Rite yet?

Gabrielle Tureck: Anja...oh sure... I got some drawings..I thought of basically a tattoo of a salmon * she sets her soup filled cup down with the sppon hanging out of it and digs into her pack and pulls out the sketches and hands then to Anja* ( one is pretty good gab tat: 9,1,9,9,8,4,3, but the second one is even better gab tat: 1,8,7,9,9,7,7, and the third one is good as well gab tat: 4,6,9,6,7,9,3,)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *takes a seat to Jublain's left. That being the honored position, as opposed to the right* okay.. so now that that's over with. whatsup? oh, and good news. Viv ain't knocked up *nods*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *chuckles.* Good to hear. *Pauses, thinking, then starts to sing in a deep bass voice, to the tune of an old Crash Test Dummies song.*

Vivian Weiss: ( If she were, she ain't now.) She shoot a glare ar Jurg, though it's brief.

Morgan Black: *coughs*

Anja Stormbringer: *nods* Excellent. Truly wonderful. *holds up the second sketch, looking it over with a critical eye again, then nodding once more* I think this one will do nicely. Spectacular work.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *nods a bit, frowning slightly* He seems to believe that I am not able to do the Rite of Fetish.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *grins to Jubs*

Steeleyes(MotC): *stands and heads off..rubbing his forehead..*>>((night guys and gals))

Morgan Black: *gives her own glare to jurg, though it's not so brief*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Once, there was this Chaaarach,// Was hitting on our kinfolk and we warned his ass to stay back,// But wheeen, he didn't seeee us,// Jurg, saw, the charach groping at her knee...// So when he told the Dogs of War we beat him into groouund chuck...

Morgan Black: ((nite steel!))

Gabrielle Tureck: * she smiles* Okay....oo wait... here let me give you a card of the address of the shop * she digs into the front of the bag and hands it to her* Just come by when your ready for me to do the work...I gotta pager my uncle makes me carry so I can be there anytime your ready

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *chuckles*

Morgan Black: *noisily crunches the candy, glaring at the space between jub and jurg*

Morgan Black: ((*lmao*))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: I see. He's a rather conservative guy. But he was all right when I told him about the Rite of Summoning. You do already have the Gift of Spirit Speech, don't you?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Morgan>> *grins*I'm so proud. I inspired the last what... four songs Jubs' done?

Vivian Weiss: She gingerly runs her hand over her midsection, she's gonna have a bruise the size of Jurg's fist on her stomach for the next couple of weeks........

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Later Steel))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm...

Anja Stormbringer: *takes the card...Reads it once, committing all the information to memory rapidly, then pockets the card* Thank you. Would tomorrow be too early?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shakes her head* No...anytime would be fine..just stop by...

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: Well, Christ, it's fuckin' boring tonight. ~Sofia mutters, mostly to herself.~ I think I'll go get drunk.

Morgan Black: yeah, i think it is up to're his muse, jurg. *sticks her tongue out at him*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): And once, there was this nuuuutcase,// Who got so drunk one night he grabbed the ass of a Black Fury// And wheeen he finally caaame to,// He, found, duct-tape all over his body...// Jurg had left him taped in the shack with both the gaaaate guards....

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *she nods* Of course.

Anja Stormbringer: *nods* I will. Thank you. *indicates herself* Where would be the appropriate place for the tattoo? I should like it to be spacious enough for the spirit to be comfortable in.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glances toward Jublain-rhya at that last verse, then quirks a brow at Jurg*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm-mmm- mmmmmmmm...

Vivian Weiss: ( *snikers* keeps the archive going.*)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *grins to Morgan then slips into belching the humming part for Jubs*

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ((Hey...that familiar...*L*))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): And once, there was this duuumb broad,// Who talked some with the ratkin, tried to have my packmate murdered// And wheeen, it finally caaame out,// We, had, a little challenge about it....// Thought I didn't plan to kill her sometimes Gaia puts a haaaand in....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Turns her back directly to the Fenrir, trying to hear as little as possible of Jublain's song. Rane>> Did Alexander talk to you about anything else? Anything concerning we Theurges?

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grins* Uhhh your ass? * giggles* no that would hurt way to much..but she touches Anja's shoulder blade area* this place usualy works well can cover it up with clothing and it doesn't hurt as much as the more fleshy areas of your body....but really it's up to you....

Morgan Black: *tenses at that last verse*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *One shoulder rises as she looks over the other at Jublain and then Jurg rather less-than-civil*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm-mmm- mmmmmmmm...

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Only that it seems everyone here has Rite of Fetish and he would rather see me learn...something else. *is obviously not happy about that conversation* Why?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: I think the gloves are coming off...

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Raps his knuckle against the handle of the Hammer along with the singing.*

Anja Stormbringer: *slips the thin strap of her top down, craning her neck to look at the area, frowning slightly...Then pulls her strap back up and nods* Excellent. I think that would be for the best.

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~Upon hearing Jublain's last few lines, Sofia tilts her head, snorting.~

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): And once, there was this Faaang pup,// Who thought that he was tough enough to talk shit to the Fenrir// and wheeen, he said way toooo much,// His, ass, was stuffed into the firebarrel,// Maybe the fool learned but we're hoping that he diiiidn't....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Turns back to Rane* Maybe he has some other plan to see you learn something the rest of us don't know. He might see some quality in you the others don't have and wants to foster it.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *busts out the belches to accompany again*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she nods* I'm serious...whereever you would like it would be fine for me to do....I mean I know the spirit has to be happy with it but so do you as you're gonna be wearing this thing a very long time

Morgan Black: *laughs*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: You and I both know I can't be a decent Theurge if I can't make fetishes.

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *cuts in* Once, ther was this hiiippy// had issues with healin', couldn't stand to see a wooouund.//and when... I wouldn't let him.// He. told. his fury to leap in// I told 'em not to get close, but she went in haaaaaand fir... *grunts* fuck. outta words for the verse.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm-mmm- mmmmmmmm...

Vivian Weiss: Viv would chuckle if she were in a better mood.

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Snorts.* We'll work on it. I know of at least one more verse I want to do.

Anja Stormbringer: *shrugs* The comfort of the spirit is primary. It is not as though I am horribly scarring myself or anything. *shrugs* Though your concern is noted and appreciated.

Gabrielle Tureck: * smiles to Anja* As you wish....

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> I don't doubt that he means for you to eventually learn it. Just that for now, there could be something else I don't know about involved in his decision. Besides, there are plenty of Theurges who are far more than decent, who've never made a Fetish. We're more than that, after all. And more than handy-healers.

Morgan Black: i like the tune. rumbly. it's nicer to listen to...

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ~She laughs softly, nudging Morgan.~ Cornuto's got a nice song, eh?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods to Morgan.* And ~so~ easy to work with.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: I want to learn it ALL, Valerie. *ambition, thy name is Rane*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods, thinking.* I'll call it JunkYard News....

Morgan Black: *looks up at sofia, startled. didn't see her getting that close.*uh. cornuto? what's that?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *grins and poitns to Val* Handy Healers! holy fuck, Val.. I don't think I've ever heard you make a better timed pun! *grins*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* Yeah, Sofia, what's "Cornuto" mean?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> I don't. Maybe that's what he sees in you. Maybe he wants you to lay each foundation solidly because he senses that potential in you to want to learn it all.

Anja Stormbringer: *nods* Tomorrow, then, so I can be on my way to have the spirit bound as soon as possible. I do appreciate this, and am in your debt, Gabrielle.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Look Jurg! It works again! *Flips off Jurg with the hand he bit off and was re-attatched.*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she sits back up in her seat and picks up the soup filled cup and smiles at Anja* Is no problem

Vivian Weiss: she covers her mouth and coughs, glancing at her palm before moving it back to rest over his stomach.

Morgan Black: i have a story to tell you later, val, when you're not busy. *mischevious grin*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glancing between Valerie and Jurg, and shakes her head a bit*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Morgan> Indeed? It must be good. I'm looking forward to it.

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: It's kind of like "elder." To tell you the truth, it's not "respected elder." Would you prefer that instead?

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): Kind of like?

Morgan Black: *nods to val, and looks mistrustfully at sofia*what language is it?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *grins to Val* Rane>>heh. I'll tell you the story about that sometime. She played Tyr to my Fenris by trying to heal me when I was a bit ragey on a full moon

Gabrielle Tureck: * she starts to eat her soup and grimaces as it's really cold being in her back pack for too many hours*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *quirks a brow at Jurg* Fun.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((That seems to happen to Gabrielle a lot. *L*))

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: Yeah. ~The discocerting, large, toothy grin remains plastered across her face as she talks.~ It's slang in Portugese or somethin'. My gramps told me about it when I was little and such, 'cause he was a quarter Portugese.

Gabrielle Tureck: (hehehehe)

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *and back to Valerie* I don't take kindly to being told I'm not good enough to do something. He doesn't even know me.

Anja Stormbringer: *nods at Gabrielle* Excellent. Tomorrow, then. If you will excuse me. *heads over towards Val*

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ((It's disconcerting, too.))

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: I suppose it was better than playing Zeus to his Uranus.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks at Rane curious* Can I help you with something?

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Rane> What I meant was not that he thinks you're not good enough, but that he finds some greater quality in you that he hopes to see fulfilled first.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she snickers at Val*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* So if I find someone who knows Portugese they'll know what it means?

Morgan Black: *says 'portugese' softly, as if tasting the word*

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Val>>....... huh?

Vivian Weiss: (Random thought: Ya know I don't recall if a Kinfolk has ever been Disciplined in the JY game, before tonight.)

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((Jenna Talks-Too-Much was, but that's the only one I can remember.))

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: If they know old world slang, I figure. ~She shrugs.~

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: Then he should make himself clearer.

Gabrielle Tureck: ( roxanne ..i think by hadrain....jermiah by hadrain)

Vivian Weiss: (Ahhh.. I didn't know that.)

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Ahem, Vivian! What about Acacia?)) Jurg> Nuttin'....*smirks facing away from him* Hello Anja.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Hadrian disciplined everyone. ))

Anja Stormbringer: *nods at Val* Good evening, Valerie. I trust the night finds you well?

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ((A couple people got close enough to being disciplined. Acacia, Niklas...))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *glances at Anja, having not met this person before*

Vivian Weiss: ( Don't recall Rox and Jere's Disciplined either.... Good to know that the kin do get punished for doing the wrong thing.)

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shruggs as Rane is preoccupied and eats her soup*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she shruggs as Rane is preoccupied and eats her soup*

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((Jere has been before, but I don't remember if Roxanne has besides the time Jublain took away all her guns.))

Morgan Black: *moves a little bit away from sofia, not trusting her one bit. it's the grin. makes her nervous*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: Anja> Well enough. *Pulls down the end of her sleeve over the faint scar Jurg seems to find so amusing.* Yourself? Enjoying the storms only the Midwest can provide?

Morgan Black: ((aww. so cruel, jublain.))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): ((*G* Actually, she was devastated.))

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:can't remember if Jurg ever smacked Jere around or not. BIC:Val>>Oh... *shrugs* kay. *grins to Rane* so you met Wolverine yet?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: ((ThinkI missed the post, Gab))

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *looks over to Jurg, and shakes her head* We have not yet be introduced.

Gabrielle Tureck: ( oh okay...she just asked if she could help you with something)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: Jubs>>wanna step sideways and make introductions?

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *and looks to Gabrielle* We have not met, either...?

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: I forget. What's your name, birdy? ~Upon noticing Morgan's distress, she does, of course, become a bit more interested.~

Gabrielle Tureck: * frowns at hearing that totem metioned*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *grins a little at Rane* Everybody's making sure you know everyone.

Gabrielle Tureck: * she looks up to Rane and swallows her ice cold soup* Ummm nope.....I'm Gab Tureck....theurge of the gnawers...but I think your tribemates wanna introduce you to there totem

Morgan Black: morgan....

Anja Stormbringer: ((I believe Medea disciplined one or two in her day, but that was a long time ago.)) *shrugs at Val* Of course. Every storm provides an opportunity to commune with Grandfather Thunder. *pauses for a moment, looking down at her nails absently* I am unsure if you had heard that I was returning to Seattle or not.

Vivian Weiss: She watches Sofia..

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Nods.* Sounds like an idea.

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: *Subtly concerned look at Anja* For how long will you be there? You're not going back permanently are you?

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: *plants a hand on Jubs shoulder so he can open teh way*

Gabrielle Tureck: ( come to think of it i think jere's been the mostly discplined kin in the game*L*)

Jürg Beast-of-Garm: OOC:actually, I think Acacia holds that record

Morgan Black: *looks worriedly as jurg and jub move to go away...and leave her with sofia! she chews on the lollipop stick and sighs*

Valerie "Rolling Blackout" Karydikrotos: ((Jere just brings it out in people))

Anja Stormbringer: *shakes her head, smiling slightly* No. I am certainly planning on returning. I should not be gone long - it is at the whim of the spirit. I am going to have a spirit bound into the tattoo I am recieving tomorrow.

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *nods to Gabrielle* Soon, then. *and walks over to her tribemates*

Morgan Black: ((so be proud paul, you've got a record holding character...))

Jublain "Hjarta-Villtnur" Wade (GoF PB 3; Mr. Popularity): *Concentrates for a moment before fading across the Gauntlet.*

Michael Stevens: *heads on in from the maze*

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: ((Jere's just been here the longest, that's not a fair comparison. *L*))

Sofia "Crawling-Roach" Carbucci: ((Nah. I don't think it was so much discipline that Acacia got as outright antagonism. *L*))

Morgan Black: *when they cross over, she gets up and takes jub's seat*

Gabrielle Tureck: * she frowns as they go to meet ...that totem * Ack...this is terrible and she pours the soup back into the shiny thermos and screws the cup back on and shves it back in her backpack*

Vivian Weiss: ( *grins* thanks everyone, I'll have to record any future kin punishments on the JY chronicle page.. )

Rane Christians ~Andiskr~: *crosses over, as well*

Morgan Black: *waves when she sees mike*

Morgan Black: ((*lol*the hall of pain....))

Gabrielle Tureck: * she grins and points to Mike* Sofia....sick em

Michael Stevens: OOC:don't feel like digging for the descrip. lemme whip out a pic

Morgan Black: *GLARES at gabrielle*

Vivian Weiss: (end archive, that's a long one.)

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