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Krez's Journal

Entry: July 28, 2003

after such a battle of apocolyptic porportions i had to think, about those whom are younger then myself. i look upon them with pitty for they will never know the blessings of what life truely means. for the apoclypse still comes steaming forward. i sit atop a skyscraper and gaze below on the humans. so funny for they have the luxery of going to bed thinking that tomorrow is just another day.

i wish i had that luxery, to go to sleep knowing that tomorrow will just be another tomorrow. not possibly the end of the world. that is why i am so sad for those young ones here today. it's funny though, i assume that jublian or twomoons looks at me and thinks the same. what does it all mean? if the call goes out tomorrow and we fight the apocolypse. what if we were to win? what would that mean?

would it be that the wyrm would return to it's role and bring balance? that would still mean much destruction because the world is out of balance. could it also possibly be that the wyrm cannot return to what it once was? that we do this all in vain? if so it would be the greatest trick that no ragabash could ever surpass. for we would only set back the wyrm, and it would rush forward again only quicker as we are a dying race. would the world be reborn anew? back before the great devide? would we, that which is two in one be ripped apart into two seperate beings. a wolf, and a man? could it mean that the world would be destroied anyways in the rebirth of the before times of the great devide? i must go and seek these answers out. i must find a realm that represents what the world was before the great devide. i must have answers to my questions. because in truth, defeating the wyrm sets a fear in me greater then anything i've ever fought of it's birthing.


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